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“I SAID NO LARIA!” Brian snarled at a pouty Laria. “And DON’T think that since we’re separated by a few thousand miles and a view screen you can get away with what you’re about to do.”

“And what is it that I’m about to do?” Laria pouted, acting innocent enough to give someone diabetes.

“Laria, you just said that you all just saved some people from a wreck that in all likelihood someone wasn’t supposed to walk away from and you act like I don’t know what you’re about to do?” Brain groaned. “Okay Laria. “He sighed. “So what if they’re supposed to be dead, they aren’t, YOU saw to that! DON’T let me find out that you’ve gone and ran wild with the mod pods,.I’ve got to go get ready for our run-in with the Palaricilon, Ciao.” And with that he headed off the bridge. “Hey Atherian, how close to overloaded is this transport?” Brian asked as he barely squeezed through a gap in the equipment as he neared the armory.

“The transport is at it’s maximum weight limit BUT, it is riding high and smooth all the same Captain.” Atherian said as Brian reached the door to the armory and it slid open revealing a normally spacious area filled to bursting with weapons, armor and the wide array of armaments that normally wouldn’t be exist much less in an occupied transport.

“Also there ARE enough battery packs and ammo canisters to allow us to make use of Tiff’s Flechette Cannon more than once aren’t there?” Brian asked as the suit was sealed around the squirrel’s body who started chittering when she saw the helmet that would seal her in the metal coffin. “Easy big girl, we have NO IDEA what those bugs are going to do or throw at us so we ALL are going to be in-cased in these things. You’re just going to be packing more hardware than most of us will be.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her nose.

“Theoretically we SHOULD have enough battery packs and ammo packs. We have also taken the initiative and also created a number of canisters that will deliver a number of small but powerful charges. They should be helpful in eliminating or at the very least slowing down a large number of following adversaries, opening or closing doorways or just saying ‘Hi, how WAS it going?’ to the Queen’s chambers or any of the possible hatcheries that we may come across.” Said the animorphic deer that had been helping Tiffany into her armor.

“Better safe than sorry, even though I WOULD prefer to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with the bugs.” Brian said as his own armor was pulled from underneath a pile.

“That wish might be a prime example of what is referred to as a ‘Pipe Dream’ Captain.” Atherian advised him. “Though onto things that are very much not Pipe Dreams, we have started ‘REEDUCATING’ some of the so called ‘Warlords’ or whatever they’re referred to in the Congolese Republic. A large enough contingent of the chosen leader’s palisade should be ‘willing’ to help with the subjugation of Africa by the time you have made up your mind on what to do with the Palaricilon. As it is, you are there!”

“Oh doody, fun in the sun and sand. Granted the suits are meant for just about everything in this quadrant but how well do the sims run with sand?” Brian asked as he slid his helmet on and locked it into place. “And remember, no turning Kilimanjaro into a base! Granted that mountain would work but it’s a symbol of a continent and it would get most of the world turned against us if we messed with that.”

“It would be inadvisable to rely to heavily on the shields or cloak with the technology that we have at the present time.” Atherian advised him as the transport landed at the base that had been setup within fifty feet of the pit that had been dug down to the Palaricilon tunnels. “Anyway, it was only a suggestion to use that mountain as a base.”

“About time you got here.” Athena laughed as Brian slipped out of the ship. “We’ve ascertained that were dealing with a downed star-craft. PRESUMABLY Palaricilon but we’ll have to wait until we get inside and access a data-port to find out for certain.”

“Excellent, most excellent indeed! So, how far down does the pit go and what do we have to deal with the hive if we’re allowed down to the core with their intent on us to be turned into queen chow?” Brian asked as he turned to give a hand with the unloading. “Out of curiosity, just HOW do we get IN?”

“Hatch. We got lucky and hit an edge to one.” An animorph said excitedly. “We’re in the process of fixing up a external barrier, that way we can move all the stuff that’s to be taken in and and maintain a barrier between atmospheres. As to the backup safeguard, we decided on Clartarium explosives since that will also detonate the battery packs and flooding the tunnels with an agent that that gunk known as VX Gas wants to go up into.”

“How are the plans for the matter boosters?” Brian asked as another case of battery packs was unloaded. “It’ll help relocating all that tonnage.”

“Are you SURE that you want to feed the Palaricilon unpoisoned fruits and vegetables?” Atherian asked exasperatedly.

“Considering that we’re TRYING to get them to JOIN us, yes. IF we were going to eradicate them, there are much safer, EASIER ways to go about it than go down in their own tunnels WITH them.” Brian said with a smile. “There IS strawberry rhubarb pie in the replicators isn’t there?” Brian couldn’t help but laugh at the stunned silence that his question immediately caused. “WHAT? I like that stuff.”

“How can you so totally go off subject like that?” Atherian asked. “I have NEVER been around ANY commander that could do that as easily as you seem able to.”

“Momma’s boy.” Brian laughed. “It takes skill not to get whiplash doing that let me tell you.”

“I’ll take your word on that.” Atherian said. “And yes, there is that strawberry rhubarb pie in the banks. You spent nearly three hundred dollars getting pie after pie to find the one you wanted in the replicator food bank, remember? As to the matter of the transport boosters that you wanted to take down, it will take some experimenting and tinkering with them but they should work.”

“You weren’t to bad on THAT course change Atherian.” An animorph laughed moving to Brian’s side. “We should be about ready to move the barrier into place in about three hours. The Sentinels that were sent with the first wave have sensed that the Palaricilon have stopped using the tunnels in the immediate area so it’s a safe bet that they KNOW we are here and that they’re about to have company.”

“DAMN! I had HOPED that we’d be in the tunnels before we were noticed, EVERYONE that’s going down is bonded with a blade aren’t they?”

“Yes, and I’m not the only one who doesn’t fully understand why, since you want a peaceful agreement with the Palaricilon.” Athena said.

“Simple, they AREN’T going down with us! They’ll be up here where it’s safe and if ANYTHING goes wrong and our bodies are destroyed hopefully by our own hands and not the bugs. They’ll rip our minds free through the link and place them into the replicators control systems which will then create new bodies for us around our minds. Theoretically, saving us from my stupidity.”

“No matter what my arguments are Captain, stupidity DOESN’T include the attempt at peaceful contact with sentient beings. It does though include ignoring RECORDED past events.” Atherian said as a contingent of heavy battle droids filed out of the open cargo bay. “The power systems on all the battle droids that you wished here, have been modified to run off of multiple styles of energy fields as well as radiation leaving the actual battery packs at maximum charge for combat or other necessary functions.”

“Excellent! Let’s get a move on, I want to be ready for them before they’re ready for us and start moving up here!”


Thirty six hours later.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to knock first?” Atherian asked hopefully.

“Atherian PLEASE! Just seal the barrier and watch the door, would you?” Brian groaned as they finally set off down the tunnels. “I KNOW how you feel about this attempt but we need to at least get access to their history files! If there is one anthill you can ALWAYS count on there being OTHERS, so even if peace isn’t a possibility we STILL come out ahead by knowing about the others, am I wrong?”

“Following that logic, this attempt is justifiable! Very ill-advised but justifiable.” Atherian said before falling silent.

“He IS right you know.” Athena said softly looking down the dark tunnel. “It’s a good thing that we were able to modify all our equipment to draw off the excess energy that the Palaricilon’s power jell produces.”

“I’m just happy that Tamara is going to be okay, it was a seriously lucky break that she was in her suit when she took that electrical arc when she found that opened that juncture panel.” Said an animorph behind Brian.

“No truer words, no truer words.” Brian said with sigh. “Considering the state of the power system, this solar system is lucky the power grid hasn’t degraded any farther than it has.”

“Peaceful conclusion to all of this or not, we CAN’T allow this much jell to be used in such a degraded power grid.” Athena growled looking around her. “While the night vision settings on our helmets allow us to see, I’d still like to know how this place really looks.”

“Well we CAN’T take our helmets off in this place!! It’d be safer to take a swim in one of those vats of toxic waste in one of those Sci-Fi movies where earthworms or something takes a bath in the stuff and comes out a monster and tries to destroy the world!” Brian sighed. “Everyone DID leave DNA samples up top, didn’t they?”

“Yes My Lord Remaker we did.” Tiffany laughed. “You shouldn’t need to be repeating these questions all the time, you were there when we all gave samples since you also gave one.”

“About TIME you started talking.” Brian couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why should I start talking? You knew what I wanted or needed and YOU are the only one that matters.” Tiffany said. “Anyway all this talking is going to distract us from paying attention to motion detectors and other instruments.”

“Got a point.” Came a laugh from the back of the column. “Luckily nothing happening back here and everything seems to still be good with the relays.”

“Okay then, pipe down unless necessary, people. Let’s get this over with.” Brian said as he hefted his pack and kept walking.


“Base camp you there? This is Captain, come in.” Brian called over the com. “YO, ANYONE MINDING THE STORE??”

“Indeed there is! How may I be of service.” Came a laugh from the other end of the com.

“By answering the phone next time.” Grumbled Athena. “That first void on the scans turns out to be what appears to be a food storage area, either long vacant or recently cleared out.”

“Noted in the log. Any contact to report?” Came the reply.

“Not that we know of. Haven’t gained any bodies or droids so I guess we’re doing okay.” Brian said smiling.

“Yeah I guess that can count as coming out on top, for now anyway.” Came the reply. “Anything else to report?”

“Not for now, we’ll be in touch.” Brian said as he turned to the rest of the group. “Well fifty feet farther there’s a three-way, suggestions on which way to go?”

“Well right is the one closest to the outer walls or whatever, left goes through the heart of the place and straight is more or less down.” Said one of the Sentinels that was along for the extra fighter.

“Yeah, so which way? This is beginning to get heavy even if the suit is taking the weight of the cannon.” Tiffany complained.

“She makes a good point.” Brian said as he looked around the storage area. “Do another scan of this warehouse, I want all in and outs mapped. IF there’s another way in or out I want to know about it! If there isn’t, is there a tunnel close by that we can get into quickly and easily while sealing the way behind us.”

“Rest stop?” Tiffany asked hopefully something others were anxious to hear about as well.

“Good as any isn’t it? Who knows when the NEXT defensible cubby is going to be found. Anyway it’s been four hours walking, no time like the present for a rest.” Brian said as the equipment was again positioned to scan the immediate area.


“DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!! MASTER WAKE UP, THEY’RE COMING FOR US!!!!!” Screamed the animorph that was on watch. “I SAID WAKE UP YOU GOD DAMNED STUPID SON OF A BITCH!” She screeched as she kicked him in the head while looking at the screen of her motion detector.

“Well mom always did say she was a bitch so I guess the observation IS accurate enough.” Brian laughed as he and the rest of the group woke up. “So what’s it look like?” He asked as he peered over the animorphs shoulder and looked at the screen. “Ashilon, Icialan you two seeing THIS??”

“Indeed we are!” Ashilon said as he gave a nervous chuckle. “I hate to have to say this but I am SO glad I am not down there right now!!” He said as the screen on the motion detector turned more and more dark red where the corridors outside the warehouse were.

“How are the Claymore style antipersonnel weapons doing?” Brian asked as he grabbed and started flipping the safeties on his weapons off. “They still operational?”

“They are but they’ve been found and most have been moved or repositioned.” Said the animorph sounding thoroughly confused. “With the way they’re being moved and positioned they’ll all but clear the halls when they’re activated.”

“And WHY were they not set for motion activation in the FIRST place?” Athena snarled, justifiably ticked off.

“Deal with THIS now, THAT later!” Brain said as the droids started to switch to battery packs and weapons started being brought to bare. “NO ONE goes outside this room! They want a fight, let them come to US! We’ll have taken out hundreds before they are finally in a position to pry us out of here! Sarem is that back hallway clear? If it is, get ready to make an improvised doorway.”

“It is but I don’t understand why. They have GOT to know that we’d open up the back wall and get out of here.” Sarem said as he readied the explosives.

“Maybe, maybe not. Give me a few minutes to try and scout the bug mind set. Everyone else get ready to squash bugs if they start to move before I get back.” Brian said as he settled himself against a pile of spare battery packs before reaching out with his mind and try to find out what and what the bugs were not about to do.


“Mistress, what do you thinks about to happen?” One of the animorphs asked Athena as the column of bugs stopped going by the entrance of warehouse in a single file hugging the far wall.

“Simple, we’re about to have company.” Brian said calmly as he stretched and yawned as his helmet would allow him. “Okay no matter what else happens today, someone take a note about altering helmets so you can stretch your jaw as large as needed to yawn comfortably. I nearly got a muscle cramp.” He said doing his best to rub his jaw.

“Define ‘company’.” Athena asked him as he started to get up.

“Why explain when you’ll see in a minute. Battle droids, in seconds there will be a single bug about walk to the middle of the hall on the far wall. He will then walk slowly towards the door, let him pass.”

“WHAT??!” Screeched Atherian over the com making them all jump.

“Well hail and well met.” Brian laughed as he rubbed his ears as best he could. “No, I’m not crazy! Believe it or not the strongest feeling I got from them is fear, dread and apprehension. While that makes them unpredictable and trigger-happy, they won’t be the one to make the first move. Also, you update all our translators yet?”

“I have uploaded the quote end quote language that you had Ashilon give me into the computer banks. Your translators are being updated now, I will send it along to all instillations at a later time.” Atherian said as the droids started to move so that the approaching bug could pass but still be turned into mush if it made any hostile movements.

“Good, now if you’ll excuse me I’m trying to be nice to potential ally.” Brian said as the bug stopped in the middle of the warehouse. “Oh for crying out load.” He grumbled as he hit the side of his helmet as the bug started speaking in a series of grating hisses and clicks and what sounded like tongue clicks. “Hello, sorry to barge in without an invitation but we needed to make personal contact as soon as possible.” He said hoping what he said came across better than what the bug had said. “Atherian, we need those translators updated NOW!” He snarled into his com after the Palaricilon had jerked like he had gotten a serious jolt of electricity to his balls and after several seconds of what appeared to be pondering something tried speaking again.

“I am sorry Captain but I HAVE, whether you believe it or not, downloaded the language I was given.” Atherian said defensively. “If you can keep it speaking the translators will eventually unravel the language enough that all concerned will be able to understand what is said.”

“DAMN IT!” Brian snarled as his arms twitched. “No no sorry, I’m not pissed at you!” Brian started yelping as the Palaricilon reacted to the floor around Brian suddenly freezing over and promptly bursting into flame.

“Remaker, I must advise you to get your temper in check. The temperature is dropping dramatically in here!” One of the animorphs hollered to him as the Palaricilon backed towards the doorway.

“Alright, alright.” He grumbled as he sat down in the middle of the flames. As the flames died down and the temperature began to rise again the Palaricilon slowly began to move back towards the middle of the room. As the Palaricilon returned to where it had stood before, the cloak that Brian had activated to hide his suit failed revealing the battle suit that he wore. As the Palaricilon took in this new development it began to speak again this time in what amounted low almost awed tone. “To hell with THIS!” Brian snarled as he mentally lifted himself straight up off the floor and stretched his legs underneath him. As he took a step towards the Palaricilon, the Palaricilon seemed to take a deep breath and matched his step forward.

“Well isn’t THAT interesting!” Athena said as the Palaricilon lowered its head when Brian and the Palaricilon were close enough for them to touch. “Be CAREFUL!” She hissed when Brian reached up and touched the Palaricilon’s head. “Brian??” She hissed when the Palaricilon jerked when Brian lightly touched its head but after a moment it firmly pushed its head back into Brian’s palm.”So, what now?” She asked when Brian finally lowered his hand from the Palaricilon’s head.

“Shall we try this again?” Brian asked after several minutes had passed.

“Can you humans not even let us die in peace?” Came husky growl over the translators. “You must even hunt us when our species is all but extinct?”

“Well with ANY luck we can keep that from happening.” Brian said as he took a step back. “While what little we know of the conflict between the Palaricilon and Humanity says we aren’t the ones who started the war, I would very much like too know what your records say about the matter.”

“Most of the records that our computers contained have been either corrupted or destroyed as our power grid has steadily degraded over the passing millennia of being underground. What little we have been able to save of our computer files are just glimpses and garbled words. All that we have left of our civilization are ancient records that were inscribed with our most ancient prophecies.” The Palaricilon said as it looked around itself.

“DAMN! I had hoped too be able to find out for certain if we were to blame for the hostility between our peoples.” Brian said dejectedly. “Okay, listen I know we came down here equipped for a fight and I’m pretty sure you Palaricilon were expecting a fight BUT why really we came down here for is to see if you Palaricilon would be willing to join us. Humanity has been exiled on this rock for about eighteen thousand years, your people have been down here much longer. I and those that follow me whether they be human or otherwise are about to return to the stars, would you be willing to join us?”

“I want to face the people aboard this ship. So we go to the bridge and have the Captain arrange an introduction in the training hall, it is the largest open area on the ship. I need to have them with me as a whole.” Perry said.

As Perry topped the landing, he stopped. Perry waited till the Captain noticed him and said, “Welcome to the bridge, Commander. This is now your ship, you’re welcome here anytime. You need no one’s permission to enter here again.”

The whole bridge crew agreed by clapping their hands, I was introduce to each one, starting with the First Officer Lanac Grerut, a young man of some years, he had been aboard for three hundred years. Chief Engineer Poe Lancher, Science and Medical Officer C’lie Utt, and Communication’s Officer Alica Platt, all of them seem to know their positions well. For now he would have to trust them, as he would soon learn he would trust them with his life.

Perry asks the Captain, “Can we organize an introduction to the full crew and others aboard the ship in the training room. Is that area large enough to hold everyone aboard a one time, or will I have to make two speeches?”

“No, I think the training area will hold everyone in rank and file. That way we can account for each person. I will have them in uniform and at attention in two hours.” He said, “Alica, make the announcement that there will be a mandatory assembly in two hours at thirteen hundred hours in full dress uniform and rank and file formation.”

“Yes Sir” Alica said and turned to her mic and made the ship wide announcement.

“The bridge crew will listen over the comm.” Perry said, “They need to be here, you Captain, I would like you at my side.”

“Yes Sir” he said.

“Captain, I will need new quarters large enough to handle me and several women. I don’t want your quarters, they belong to you. If you have a place in mind that needs to have work done to it to bring it up to par, then I can wait till it is ready, in the quarters I have now. If you do have a place in mind I would like to see it after the introduction to the crew. For now we will use the room I have, the women will keep their rooms till my quarters are ready then they will also move in with me. For now I will need to go prepare for the meeting, to see if I can find something among my outfits that will make me look like a commander. I will be dressed for battle as will the ladies.” Perry said.

Perry returned to his room, Lorie and Areka joined him. Perry pulled what he had out of his pack. A pair of heavy canvas khakis, a matching heavy canvas jacket, black leather studded vest, several ammo belts for shotgun shells, and a leather cap that he had made back on earth. The pants and jacket were tight fitting and the vest was large enough to fit over the jacket. Perry found some pieces of heavy leather in the pack, they were large enough to make forearm bands, and they went from my wrist to mid-lower arm. Perry cut some schact strips from a table to help shape the armbands. He riveted the schact to the ends of the leather to fit around the arm. From end to end he riveted four bars of quarter inch thick schact to the end cuffs that held the gauntlets in place, these gauntlets were about eight inches long. Perry added a pair of leather gloves with schact bars riveted to the back of them to match the leather of the gauntlet. To the leather vest he riveted schact bars vertically on each side of the chest and full length on the back. Perry attached leather and schact bars to the front, back and sides of the thighs of the pants along with a schact skirt just wide enough and long enough, front and behind to protect the tools and ass. Little did he know that this look would identify him forever, if he was to go into battle leading the forces, this uniform was his fear factor against the opposing forces. Of course there would be some modifications made to it over time, but the basic look remained the same.

The ladies had all their stuff with them as well. As each of them pulled stuff from their packs I watched, taking notice of what they each had. Both had black leather biker jackets that were almost identical, but not quite. This was good. Both were wearing blue jeans, they were a little loose fitting for my taste, they both had a set of leather bike chaps with them and were wearing black leather medium heeled boots. Lorie is white with black hair and a nice healthy tan. Areka is a light skinned black woman with African and Mexican descent, her hair is long, straight and raven black. Perry started with Lorie, he touched the jeans to make them fit tighter, showing her shape. She was wearing a button-up blouse that was also loose fitting, Perry touched it and made it form fitting. Perry touched her hair and turned it to a nature white-blonde color allover. She and Areka were in good shape from the training we all had been doing. Perry had her put on the chaps and the leather jacket. He touched them forming them to her body. He cut more of the table and put schact metal plating on the front and sides of her thighs attached to the chaps, He added plates to the calves of the chaps. Perry stripped the back of the jacket with one inch wide; quarter inch thick bars the full length of the jacket. To the front with the jacket zipped shut, he form three of the same bars over her chest and add shorter bars to the abdomen, make six strips of schact down the front. They both got this armor added to their leathers. The upper arms of their jackets got four bars each cut to length and they got the same style gauntlets he had. Each of our boots had quarter inch schact plates installed in the soles to prevent stepping on something sharp. This was our battle dress and for now our formal dress. Eventually, the whole military uniform would be fashioned after this look.

Perry walked into the training area; he made his way to the platform on the far wall. Lorie and Areka were staying with me. Perry had one of his walking sticks in his right hand, the other one was attached to the pack on his back as Perry pushed through the crowd of men and women. Some of them were seasoned crew members but most were new here like the three of them. As Perry climbed the stairs to the deck, He watched the reaction, some of the new people knew that he had come aboard with them and the main crew knew that Perry was a newbie. They didn’t know what to think about what Perry was up to.

The Captain stepped up and ordered them to form up and come to attention. They obeyed and it grew quiet.

“Now, I and the bridge crew had already submitted to our new Commander. He wants to talk to you about doing the same thing.” Captain Prichard said, “I will turn things over to him. This is Commander Perry Crager, appointed so by me. He controls more power than any or maybe all the Torpid together. Within hours of coming out of the chamber, he has freed this ship and taken the Torpid captive. He has asked for this meeting to get your response to one question. I will let him ask it Commander.”

Perry stepped up to the mic. He looked out over the lines of men and women that he was about to ask them to join him in a war against beings most of them have never seen or encountered. “As the Captain said, I am Perry Crager, until three days ago; I was nobody like you were. Today, we are something new, I know I am and these two Ladies feel the same way. We were nothing, now I am something I could never have dreamed of. I have powers that were dormant in me. The conversion has brought them to the surface; I freed you from the master that enslaved you. I will tell you, I have the power to do the same thing, but I will not now or ever enslave another human. I want to lead free men, if we are not free, we are not men. I need an army to back me, the more I free the bigger the army. Those who join me will not want. The people who don’t join the army will serve in other ways. We will start a civilization like we have never seen. I am told there are many trillions on the planets we are headed for. I am also told that Earth is not the only planet they are kidnaping humans from. We will be there soon; I am going to take the air space around the planets first. We need to control the space around the planets, we don’t want them running. I will then start with the outer planet and work my way in.

Now, I need your decision. Do I have a start of my military here on this ship? If you don’t want to remain in the military, we will find a position for you. I can’t return you to Earth with the powers you have, at this time you would use those powers for no good. I know I would. Even if just one of us returned to Earth, we would be unstoppable; they would not have any way to defeat us. So in or out you are still here, you are one of us, we will survive out here. If you want to serve in other ways then military leave the room.” Perry said.

No one moved they were looking around, after about five minutes Perry stepped back to the mic. “Great, Thank you. We will continue to train. We will need to be ready for anything. The Officer’s on this ship know what they are doing. Some of them have been here for centuries, listen to them they were where you are now once. They fought on the ground and in the air and space. They know the tricks, the in’s and outs of these masters. Captain Prichard and his crew will help out the newbies; there will be no more kidnapping runs anymore. So the ones we free will be the only back-up we have. We have to take ships fast, I have to kill the Torpid aboard each ship we attack as soon as I can. The one I took captive here says I am the most powerful being he has ever seen. He has been around since they started this. He was one of the first to take control of humans and he was one of the most powerful. If this is true, we have no worries. I freed this ship in minutes, if it remains this simple, we will have all planets freed soon. I have nothing else for now. Remember treat each other well, right now we are all we have for family. Train well and sleep well. Thank you.” Perry said. He stood there as they saluted and marched off.

“Do you really think this is going to be that easy?” Areka ask.

“I can only hope, but no, this is not going to be easy, these creatures are going to fight to the death. I am not going to die; I am not going to let others die for me either. If I have to board a ship alone to get to the torpid aboard, I will. I am learning more and more about my powers every minute. I have more capabilities than I ever thought of. Once we get into the system we are headed for you will see things you thought impossible.” Perry said.

“How soon will that be Captain?” Lorie asks.

“We should be dropping out of hyperspace within the hour. Once we are insight of the outer planet, they will start guiding us in. I will have to find an excuse to dock with the first battlecarrier.” Captain Prichard said, “It can’t be medical, we have a better infirmary than they do. We could fake damage and need help with repairs before we can land. Once we take that first battlecarrier, we will put you on a smaller ship, one that can go from battlecarrier to battlecarrier without problems.”

“That would work better than trying to explain why this ship is doing it. But how will you explain not coming to the surface?” Perry asks.

“Easy, the repairs to the drive will take some days, unless they want us landing with a leaking hyper-space drive core. That should hold them till you get to the planet.” The Captain said.

“How many torpid on the planet?” Perry asks.

“There is one for every ten cities; there are one hundred cities on the planet. So ten on this, planet, the others vary. There are two hundred battlecarriers out there, getting to them will be harder once they figure out what is happening.” Captain Prichard said.

“I have been testing my powers, I don’t think I will have to board the ship, just get close to it. My reach is quite extensive and I can just kill them, instead of trying to capture them, just to spend the time and effort to kill them anyway. We all know they are guilty and they wouldn’t show us any mercy.” Perry said.

“Perry, that is not right. You can just kill them, they have rights.” Lorie said.

“Rights, they give up their rights when they took ours. Anything or anyone who takes the rights of others gives up their own rights when they are caught. We are now the law here. I say that they should die quickly and on the spot I find them. I show no mercy to anyone who tries to take my rights away.” Perry said.

“He is right; they have not shown the humans any mercy. Why should we go easy on them? I say kill them where they stand.” Areka said.

“I agree” Captain Prichard said.

The ship shuttered slightly, “We just dropped out of hyper-space, and we will be in range of the first battlecarrier soon. I think we need to go to the bridge.” The Captain said as he turned and headed toward the bridge. We had to climb four decks to the bridge. The viewers showed four battlecarriers in front of us.

“Captain, they are hailing us; they want to know where the master is.” Communication’s Officer, Alica Platt said.

“Tell them it is where it always is.” He said.

She turned and looked at him, “Sir, really, that will not cut it; they are going to know something is up.”

“Buy me five minutes; I am going to try it from here.” Perry said.

Perry pushed out his power; it spread to each of the battlecarriers. He found four torpid; before they could act he killed them. Perry pushed his power wider out around him. Perry found two more battlecarriers within range. He killed torpid aboard them. Perry pulled back, the power came rushing in, he dropped to my knees; He caught the chair beside him and crawled up into it.

“Perry, are you ok?” Lorie asks. “Yea, I just pulled the power back to fast. The power stream hit me harder than I was ready for, but I killed six of them. There are two battlecarriers behind us. Broadcast a stand down, their masters are gone. They are to join us in the battle to free the sixteen planet of the Hersha system. “Give me an open channel, please Alica.” Perry asks.

“You have an open channel, Sir” Alica said.

“This is Perry Crager; the personal of this ship the “Eluchenn” has given me the position and rank of Commander. I am the one who killed the masters on your ship. I intend to kill all of them, stand with us. These planets are your homes, let’s make them free. You have witnessed my power, I killed the torpid aboard your ship before you or even they knew it. I am just a man like you, the conversion made my powers come out. I knew I had something but I could not work it like I do now. From here, I killed six torpid aboard six different ships at the same time. So I ask again join us, let’s remove these masters of ours, they are nothing but lazy slobs who use us as slaves and war toys. I await your answer, for yes move your ship in with ours. For no, you may take your ship and leave.” Perry said into space.

We waited and watched as the ships move into position around us.

First Mate, Lanac Grerut said, “Sirs, there are ten more battlecarriers moving in from three sides. There are more enroute; they will be here within an hour.”

“Thanks, I will meet them.” Perry said.

Perry pushed the full force of his power out in all directions. Farther and farther it went, Perry’ power met the battlecarriers and the torpid aboard. They were not ready for that, as his power moved through they died. Perry met and kills twenty-four in the first fifteen minutes of the battle. He searched for more battlecarriers, but found the first planet. He forced his power across the surface, torpid died like smashed bugs. Perry was engulfing the planet and keeping the air space around it clear of torpid. An hour later, we had control of one planet and sixty-five battlecarriers. Perry pulled back slowly, after he was back, Perry sat in the chair that he had collapsed by earlier.

“Captain Prichard, Sir, I need food and water. We have sixty-five battlecarriers and one planet. All in less than an hour, I will be good for more once I eat. I do not want to leave the bridge; I need to be here if more of their battlecarriers come to join us. we can start moving toward the next planet.” I said.

“Alica, order a lot of food here immediately. Our Commander needs fuel for the rest of this fight, if you want to call it a fight. He is slaughtering them before they fire a shot.” Prichard said.

“I am ordering a buffet cart to be brought to the bridge.” Alica said.

Someone handed Perry a protein bar. He gladly took it and eats it. He was given a fresh bottle of water. This helped till the food would get here.

“Five new battlecarriers moving this way, they are still two hours out. Wait, there are ten more coming in from ninety degrees to port, and seven more from seventy-five degrees to starboard. They are trying to surround us.” Lanac said.

“How far out are they?” Perry asks.

“It will take them about two hours to get here.” He said.

“Thanks” Perry said.

Perry pushed his power out in all directions again, the force wave plowed past the ships he had already taken. Farther than he has ever pushed it plowed into the advancing ships. Instantly the torpid died, they just didn’t know how to stop the power that hit them. None of them lived long enough to tell any others. Perry was eating off the cart that had been brought in. Perry swept the second planet, killing the torpid in each city. The Eluchenn was moving along the planets, along with all the battlecarriers. Perry was sweeping each planet within minutes of coming into range. Perry was still taking battlecarriers one after the other. We had only been out of hyper-space for five hours. With four planets and one hundred and fifty-three battlecarriers taken, I decided something should be done.

“We need to take the rest of the battlecarriers, so the torpid left can’t get away. Send our battlecarriers to hold them till I get there. we will skip the planets for later; send battlecarriers to patrol the planets to stop any ships from leaving. We need to hold them here so I can kill them.” Perry ordered.

Lanac said, “It is done, the battlecarriers are on route to cover the remaining planets and battlecarriers.”

With his power spread out toward the planets as the Eluchenn moved from planet to planet sweeping each one as we went by slowly. Any battlecarriers the got in the way was cleansed too. Eleven hours after exiting hyper-space, the torpid were gone. Perry was exhausted to the point that they brought a gurney to the bridge to take him to his quarters. Before He left the bridge He made a speech to be heard throughout the Hersha system.

“I am Perry Crager. I have been made the Commander of the military forces of the Hersha system. I have wiped out your former masters, the torpid are no more here on any planet or ship. I will remain here till things have settled. Two days from now I will meet with the top military leaders along with the top civilian leaders. We will start the process of setting up a government for the system. So if you can maintain peace and a good quality of control I will not have to deploy the military to police each planet. Know this now, I will not tolerate crime, you take away someone’s right for personal reasons such a murder, rape or the like. Such crimes get the death penalty to be carried out by the arresting officer on the spot. Lesser crimes will do time, third time offenders will get the death penalty. There will be no candy-ass lawyers trying to get you off. You mess with someone’s rights; you lose your rights and your life. I think that will do for now. Glad to meet you, I will be around. Thank you.” Perry closed.

As Perry was headed back to his quarters, Reka said, “Seriously, you will enforce those laws. The death penalty on the spot for a crime they commit.”

“Yes, I will enforce it, I believe it will stop a lot of crime plus the prisons won’t fill up as fast. If the USA would install these rules and enforce them the prisons would be empty. More criminals would think twice about what they do knowing that it would mean death when caught.” Perry said.

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