The sun was shining and the Laguna Beach air was clear. She saw that the thermometer read a nice 81 degrees. Natalia loved her days off. Sunday had been a fun day. She played online and then went to the beach with several friends. It was a normal day at the beach and she giggled to herself at the heads she turned. She did like that new bikini. She was a good looking girl, she knew that. What amazed her was the number of blatant stares and catcalls she got. She didn’t see anyone who really caught her eye but she did like the attention. In her most exhibitionistic thoughts, she giggled.

Her job at the spa was not ideal but it was all she could get in this economy. The pay wasn’t great but there were benefits. Some days there were additional benefits that never showed up on a pay stub. She had Sunday and Monday off. Today, she had very little to do. She padded into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She went back into the bedroom and looked at her young body in the mirror. At twenty-three, she was proud of her 5’6″ frame. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders and framed her pretty face. She looked critically at every feature and assessed it as a voyeur would. She loved attention and always made sure any lookers were satisfied with whatever view she gave them.

She assessed her lips. They were full and sexy. She was so proud of them. She knew that most men dreamed of sliding their hard cocks into these lips. She loved sucking cock and she was damned good at it too. Women were also drawn to her lips as they imagined her licking their sweet pussies. Natalia loved the taste and scent of a woman. She could lick a woman for hours.

Her D cup breasts were firm, luscious and topped with the sweetest, sensitive, hard nipples. Damn, she loved to have them licked and sucked. Her flat stomach, adorned with a lovely bellybutton jewel led to her erotic hips. She had a lovely shape, not perfect but sexy. Her pubic hair, trimmed to a small, perfect arrow aimed directly over her luscious slit. Natalia laughed as she looked at that small pointer that just screamed — ‘Lick me, yes, lick me right here and don’t stop’. Nothing on earth feels better than someone who really knows how to make her cum on their face. She lives for that.

She finished her assessment by slipping on her heels and looking at how they shape her long legs and her ass. She loved wearing her heels when she was naked. It made her feel so sexy. Her naked body looked so good. She was pleased. Natalia walked into the kitchen and poured a coffee. It was a gorgeous morning. She took her laptop and walked out to the pool. The sun felt good on her skin and she wanted to work on her tan.

She logged onto her favorite video chat rooms looking to see which of her horny friends were online. This morning was slow and none of her friends were on. She did, however, find a new video and she started to watch. It was a hot video and Natalia started to play with herself as she watched. She laid down on the chaise and put her feet up. Her knees parted and her long manicured fingers began to caress her breasts and nipples. She watched intently and pulled her erect nipples wickedly. It felt so good and this movie kept getting hotter. She stroked her stomach then sank her hand between her legs.

She ran her hands along her thighs and her pussy began to flow. It didn’t take much to make this lovely lady wet. She knew it and she loved it. Her friends online also knew that she was a total sexual being. They loved her for that as well. The men adored her and the women craved her. All in all, life was good. This movie just kept getting hotter and her pussy was flowing like mad. She ran two fingers beside her long, sweet clit. It felt so good. She was blessed with a larger than average, sweetly hooded clit that just craved a hot tongue. She was usually disappointed as most guys, if they tried at all, only gave it a passing glance. The women were much more attentive and she had better orgasms with them.

This movie, however, showed a guy licking a woman deliciously. Natalia wanted to be her. Her fingers began to stroke her own pussy wonderfully. Before long, she came with a crushing orgasm. She kept cumming as she wasn’t finished stroking and pleasing herself. She loved being naked outside and when she could cum outside, it was always spectacular. She pinched her nipples and came again. Life was definitely good.

She reached for her coffee and stopped dead when she saw him. A man was standing near the pool. He appeared to be Hispanic and he was fucking gorgeous. He stood about 6’2″ and wore only a familiar bathing suit. Natalia recognized the suit as the ones the pool service guy wore. This wasn’t Tuesday, it was Monday. Why was he here today? She knew he had seen everything. She knew it because he had one of the prettiest cocks she ever saw in his hand and he was stroking it. He appeared to be about twenty five or so and he had rock hard abs and terrific pecs. He was exactly what Natalia needed this morning.

It seemed that he was unaware that she had seen him until she called to him.

“Excuse me, why are you here today. You weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow?”

He slammed his hard cock into his bathing suit and began to stammer, “I am so sorry Miss. I really am. I had no idea that anyone would be home and I, uh I, I am so sorry senorita. Am I going to lose my job?”

“Why are you here today?”

“They changed all the schedules. I have this route now and I will be here on Mondays from now on, as long as I still have a job,” he replied.

“Come over here. Don’t worry; you’ve seen me naked from a distance. I only get better the closer you are. What is your name?”

“My name is Jose.”

“Jose, did you like what you saw? Obviously you did. I saw you stroking your cock. Has anyone told you that you have a very nice cock Jose?” she said as his bulge was becoming more apparent.

“Yes I did like what I saw. You are a very lovely woman. I really liked watching you.” He replied.

“That is becoming more apparent. You have a nice cock Jose,” She said as she reached into his trunks and wrapped her hand around his inflating organ. “Oh Jose, I want to see it up close. Can I Jose? Hmm can I?”


Natalia pulled him from his suit and was surprised at not only its length but also its girth. This was a very decent cock attached to a very good looking man. She stroked his long cock and watched as he assessed her hot body too. She pulled him closer and kept stroking his very hard cock. She cupped his tight balls with one hand and stroked him with the other.

“Jose, would you object if I put this between my hot, lips? I think I would really like to suck your cock, if you don’t mind. Is that alright Jose?”

“Oh miss, yes, please.”

Natalia licked the head of his cock and put the tip in her mouth. She held him there and looked up into his handsome face. She looked into his eyes and held her gaze as she took him in. The look on his face was one of complete joy. As his beautiful cock passed her sweet lips he began to swell. She teased him. Her tongue rode under his soft skin and began to lick him as she sucked him. Damn she was a talented girl. She held his balls as his cock hit the back of her mouth. Oh how she wanted all of his cock. She kept looking into his eyes as she opened her throat and took him inside. He watched as his cock disappeared and his balls rested on her lovely chin.

She took her hands away and he began to fuck her face. Natalia began to rub her breasts. She tugged on her nipples as his cock deliciously invaded her lovely face. His strokes became stronger and she took him in sweetly. She loved the feel of this fine cock but she wanted more.

She pulled him out of her mouth and bent him down to kiss her. He returned the kiss passionately. Jose’s hand began to fondle her tits as their kiss lingered. Natalia’s hand was stroking his hard shaft gently. Jose bent and kissed her right breast and then her left. His tongue felt so good on her taut nipples. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it very well. The thought that he had seen her masturbating had her so turned on. Now this hot Latin was sweetly kissing her flat tummy and she was so fucking horny.

Jose’s lips kissed down and onto her pussy. He licked and sucked her puffy lips. Natalia loved the feeling. She was pleased that Jose seemed to know what he was doing. His mouth covered the hood of Natalia’s clit as he took her long clit in his mouth. His upper lip stroked the hood while his tongue caressed the sweet underside of her clit. Natalia went wild. This man was fantastic. He continued and she felt a large climax building. Natalia went wild. She felt his hands caressing her tits as he brought her to the brink. Her stomach tightened, her breath slowed and her legs began to quiver. Jose’s mouth and tongue continued and she screamed as this massive orgasm overtook her. She rocked and rolled on his face and Jose kept the pace. She came again and again. He kept sucking and she kept cumming. Natalia squeezed her legs around him and came again.

Jose took his lips from her clit and slid up to kiss her nipples. Natalia felt his cock glide along her luscious pink pussy. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her silky sleeve. He gazed into her eyes as his strong manhood entered her hot, greedy pussy. His cock felt so good. He began to move inside her and she simply adored the feel of this fine man. The tightness of her pussy and the strength of his thrusts had her cumming again and again. What she wanted, she got. His cock picked up speed and he gave her the fucking of her life. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rode him through many massive orgasms.

“Fuck my pussy baby, oh yes, that feels so good. I love your cock, fuck me baby. Oh, oh yes that feels so good. Oh yes, I love this, I can’t stop cumming, fuck, oh fuck, oh yes, Fuck Me!”

Jose felt her massive orgasms and he was not yet finished. He pulled his hard shaft from her and dove back into her sweet pussy. He licked her and held her legs wide. His tongue slipped between her cheeks and he rimmed her tight sweet asshole. Natalia moaned ever so loudly when Jose flattened his tongue and brought it fully across her puckered tight hole. She felt him do it again and then his tongue began to poke into her.

“Oh dear me, Oh yes, I love your tongue. Oh that feels so good Jose, mmm, yes!”

He turned her over and brought her to her knees. His cock slid into her still twitching pussy and he stroked several times. He brought the head of his cock to her tight hole and pressed it in. He was gentle and he gave her the time to adjust. He caressed her clit with his fingers until she was ready. Jose pushed against her tight ring and she opened for him. Slowly he began to sink in. Natalia was moaning and shrieking wildly as his cock became buried deep inside her. She loved it. She relished it. She couldn’t get enough of this man.

Jose began to move as her tight ass gripped his hard shaft. He began to fuck Natalia’s ass harder and she began to feel such a different feeling. This wasn’t just her pussy cumming. Her entire body began to spasm. Natalia was shaking and cumming, cumming and shaking and it would not stop. His body filled her completely and he drove into her relentlessly. Natalia had never experienced an orgasm like this in her life. Jose knew he was going to explode soon. He pulled out of Natalia and he brought his cock to her lips.

She attacked his cock hungrily and swallowed him fully. Jose fucked her face wildly and Natalia wanted more. He slammed into her lips repeatedly, deeply with lightning speed. He felt it begin and pulled out. Natalia opened her mouth and held his cock in her hands. She felt it swell and licked the head. The sensation she felt as the flood slid down his cock was amazing. Her eyes were fixed on the head of his cock. She watched the first glorious stream shoot from his fabulous dick. She felt every spurt, she saw it cumming at her. She tried to catch as much as she could in hungry mouth. He kept cumming, more than she had ever seen. Sticky, sweet, glorious cum dripped from Natalia’s face, hair, tits and teeth. She was so happy.

He picked her up and walked her to the edge of the pool. They dove in, hugged and kissed some more. He entered her and fucked her sweetly again.

She was so glad they had changed the day that they cleaned the pool.

Tuesday morning came and Natalia dressed before heading to the spa. It was an upscale place with lots of very sexy customers. The money was terrible but the tips were excellent. She couldn’t survive without them. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She was hot and she knew it. The short white skirt looked good against her tanned legs. Her white heels made her ass look, shall we say, delicious. The company tee shirt hugged her breasts and accentuated her curves exactly. Her nipples popped as she thought back to yesterday. She was going to have to quit thinking about that or her nipples would be hard all day. That was not necessarily a bad thing. Hard nipples usually brought larger tips. She giggled at that thought. Fuck, she was horny and it wasn’t going away.

As she drove to the spa, she wondered exactly how long it would be before her boss; Pam would see how horny she was. One night, while they were enjoying after dinner drinks at the bar next door, Pam and Natalia had become friends. Pam was a forty six year old divorcee who was tired of being alone. Natalia had told her that she was surprised to hear her say that. Pam was a striking redhead with a great body. She told Natalia that she had tried the bar scene but found that to be a disaster. The last thing she wanted was a bunch of cheating husbands hitting on her. She told her that she was online and had met a few men but that she got bored easily. She was more of a visual person. She admitted that she loved porn. It helped her satisfy her bisexual cravings. Natalia listened and they drank. By the end of the night, Pam knew that Natalia was highly bisexual and that she frequented a porn/chat website. She gave her the address and told her to meet her online. Pam enjoyed it. She could watch porn and chat with hot men and women. Ultimately, she and Natalia became occasional lovers. Yes, life was good for Natalia.

Natalia walked through the door and smiled at Jill, the receptionist. Jill had just turned twenty. She was a short honey blonde with a fantastic smile. When she smiled, she lit up a room. Natalia had learned that Jill took this job because she loved being around sexy people, even if she didn’t feel sexy herself at all. Jill had small boobs and she felt guys only wanted big ones. Natalia tried to tell her she was wrong but it was a hard sell. Jill had confided that she really, really liked men but had had more experience with women. Natalia was trying to help her out on the men front.

“Good morning Natalia. How was your weekend?” Jill asked as she walked in the door.

“I had a great weekend thanks, you?” Natalia asked.

“Same old shit. It was boring as hell. Oh well, maybe someday it will change,” she said as her smile faded.

“I know it will, Jill, I know it will.”

Natalia walked into the spa and Pam motioned her into the office. “Hiya. Where were you on Monday? You were very late getting online. Did you get lucky on Sunday or what? I want details girl, all the delicious, wet, horny details.”

“Why do you think I got lucky? I know you. You’re just another horny redhead who wants to lick my pussy. Now you tell me exactly why you think I got lucky,” Natalia smirked.

Pam got up and closed her office door. She turned and looked at Natalia wickedly. “How do I know, your sweet nipples preceded your entrance into my office a full minute before your ass did. Look at you. Fuck girl. Look at your nipples.”

Natalia looked down and laughed, “I have tried to get them to go down but yesterday was pretty special.”

“You sit your pretty ass down here on the sofa and tell me all about it,” Pam said as she held Natalia and kissed her lovely lips. She rubbed her back and her ass. Pam’s hands lifted her short skirt and gently pulled her panties down. Natalia kicked them aside and sat down. Pam knelt and began kissing her thighs. “Tell me; oh tell me all the details. I have been so horny all weekend and didn’t have anything to lick or fuck.”

“Ut oh, who were you chatting with? I bet I know. I’ve only seen him in action once and it was hot. Am I right?” Natalia laughed.

“Oh it’s okay if you won’t occupy his time, which leaves him free for the rest of us. Now, details,” she said as her lips began to lick Natalia wonderfully.

Natalia gave her all the wonderful sexy details of her chance encounter with Jose. It apparently turned Pam on greatly and she licked and sucked with abandon. When she told her about his perfectly carved cock, Pam went wild. She then told her that he was without a doubt the best pussy licking man she had ever encountered, Pam came right then and there. Natalia told her how he fucked her deliciously and she came hard on Pam’s soft tongue. Pam licked her viciously as she learned that Jose had had broadly licked her ass and then tongue fucked her tight hole. The both of them were cumming wildly as Natalia described in minute detail how he fucked her tight asshole and the total body orgasm that brought her. Pam screamed into her pussy when Natalia told her that he had taken his cock from her ass and fucked her face then came in her mouth, on her hair, face and tits.

“You lucky bitch! I should bite your clit right off. I wish I could get that lucky,” Pam said as she looked up, her face was soaked and her makeup definitely fucked up. “Damn, I am soaked myself.”

“Here baby, let me help you with that,” Natalia said as she licked her lips wickedly.

“No hon, you have an appointment in room seven. I’ll take care of it myself.” Pam laughed as she hit the intercom. “Jill can I see you for a moment please.” Natalia laughed as she watched Pam sit down on the sofa and smile.

Jill came in with a bright smile as Natalia left to head to room seven. She looked at the schedule and laughed when she saw the name of who was inside.

Natalia was not a masseuse. She didn’t have the training. Even if she did want that, she sure didn’t want to be like the one that worked here. The ‘thing’, most of us called her. She was the most asexual person any of them had ever seen. No one could pronounce her name. She was from Wales and there were so many letters in her name that it was just impossible.

Natalia was responsible for aroma therapy and oil rubs and hot rock therapy basically. After the massage, clients would spend an hour soaking in beautiful sensations in total luxury.

Natalia flashed back to her first encounter with Tom. He had completed his massage and when she walked into the room, he was asleep on the table. This happens a lot after the ‘thing’ is finished with them. Natalia was quiet as she lit the various scents and began to warm the oil and the rocks. The rocks were her favorite as their warmth soothed and relaxed the muscles.

She looked at Tom as he slept. He was in his late thirties and very nicely put together. He was on his back and covered with only a small thin towel. She couldn’t take her eyes off the towel. Under that towel, right there, lying on his flat stomach was a long, lovely impression of a nice thick cock. Natalia couldn’t resist. She had to sneak a peek. She gently lifted the towel and saw a glorious, long cock. Her mouth watered instantly. Her mind raced as she thought so many nasty thoughts of the wonderful things she would do with it, if only she had the chance. She carefully put the towel back in place and turned to check the oil.

“Did you like what you saw?” Tom asked.

Natalia was busted. This was going to cost her this job. There was only one thing to say, “Yes sir, I did. You have a very impressive piece of equipment there. Very, very nice.”

Tom was a gentleman and let it drop right then. “I must have drifted off. I really need those rocks on a couple spots on my back.” He turned over and Natalia placed the rocks where he wanted them. She picked up the oil and began to rub his shoulders and arms. She worked down his back to his waist and then down his strong legs. She unintentionally lingered on his thighs as she thought of what she had seen. Tom turned over and she replaced the rocks with new ones. Natalia oiled his chest and stomach. The towel had become fuller and more pronounced. She rubbed his thighs and the towel began to rise. Tom lay still as she stroked his legs. The towel rose higher as his strong cock firmed and filled. Natalia didn’t know what to do. She watched in amazement as the towel tented.

“If you would like to continue, I won’t tell a soul Natalia. In fact, I would enjoy it immensely,” Tom said reassuringly. “You seem like you might like to do something but you don’t have to do anything.”

Natalia looked at that enticing tent and her oiled hands stroked higher onto Tom’s thighs. She felt her fingers scrape against his tight scrotum and that thrilled her. Her touch caused Tom to lengthen and become taller. She removed the towel and saw his fantastic manhood at full attention. Oh it was a glorious sight. She smiled to herself as she thought that he could have been the model for the new dildo she bought the previous week. His eight inched, thick cock was veined heavily and it looked fantastically similar to her new favorite toy. Her well oiled hands caressed his ball sac and his large pole twitched. She felt her pussy getting wet as she felt the weight of his lovely balls. She wanted to kiss them but she didn’t dare. She picked up the oil and drizzled some on his long cock. Her hands tentatively touched his cock and then she oiled it deliciously. Her hands began to stroke him and his response was so sweet.

“Natalia, I can’t describe how good that feels. Your hands feel so good. Oh I never thought this would happen but I am not complaining. Oh this is good.”

Natalia stroked and toyed with the head of his cock. She saw a large glob of precum form on the tip of his cock and she ran her finger through it. She rubbed it into the soft velvet head and went back for more. Tom was leaking so much and she really wanted to taste it but she knew she just couldn’t. Her oiled fingers wickedly stroked the soft, highly sensitive underside of his cock. She felt him swell instantly. She began to rub his stomach while she erotically stroked his cock and balls.

Tom was becoming so excited at the delicious ministrations of this very sexy woman. He knew his cock was going to erupt. He knew it would be soon too. His legs began to quiver. His stomach muscles contracted as Natalia expertly rubbed his oiled cock so well. She felt it too. She felt him become excited and she truly wanted him to cum in her mouth but there was no way she would do that. She kept stroking and Tom was fighting cumming. He wanted this to build to an earthshaking orgasm. Natalia stroked while her other hand caressed his balls. She wanted to feel him from the very instant that he blew to when he was finished. Her fingers stroked the base of his scrotum and one finger slipped down and she pressed it against his ass.

That was it. Tom began to convulse and Natalia so wanted him to cum in her mouth. There was no way. Oh hell yes there was. Natalia leaned over and took Tom into her mouth as he unleashed a solid torrent of sweet, hot cum into her wildly sucking mouth. Natalia licked and sucked Tom’s fine cock and she never missed a drop. His cum was sweet with a slight salty taste and Natalia loved every last pearl.

She kept sucking until his soft cock fell from her lips. He was drained yet satisfied. Natalia became so embarrassed that she could not look at him.

“Natalia, thank you. From the first time I saw you, I just knew that you were a very sexy young woman. I had no idea just how sexy you are. That was fantastic. I can honestly say to you that no one has ever made me cum that hard before. That was exquisite, just like you. When you took me in your mouth, it was so much better than I ever fantasized it would be. Thank you.”

With that, Tom stood and walked his shining naked body to her. He bent down, lifted her chin and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss warmly.

That was a year ago. Today, she walked in and saw Tom laying on the table with the towel covering his ‘to die for cock’. She raised her skirt and dropped her panties. Natalia climbed onto the table and lowered her pussy right onto Tom’s loving tongue. Not only did he possess a fucktadelicious cock, he could suck pussy with the experts. She loved the feel of his tongue as he licked her pink slit. Then his tongue invaded her lovely tight asshole.

She leaned forward and ripped the towel aside. His now, very familiar cock slid delightfully down her very hungry throat. He loved when she did this. She had become so accustomed to him that once he entered her lips she slid him right into her throat. He licked and she sucked and together, they each experienced fantastic orgasms. His still hard cock had another destination and that was her pussy. She moved and fell onto him and their bodies became one. She felt every inch, vein and groove of his cock as he slid deep into her. Their union completed as lips met in their usual erotic way. Tom was a wonderful lover. She felt him thrusting harder and she rode him with passion. He held her tight and she felt him swell. She spun around and swallowed him as he erupted into her wanton, greedy throat.

She held him until he softened. Her tongue was dancing on his cock as she cleaned every tiny drop of his pearly goodness. She loved cock but his cock was her favorite.

He held her and kissed her cum covered lips. Life was good at work too.

Natalia’s next appointment made her pinch herself. Was she at work today or was this the best wet dream she had ever had. Her next appointment was Jenny. She is a super-sexed slim, dirty blonde with an insatiable appetite for cock and pussy. They shared a mutual love of porn and Natalia had introduced her to the site she loved so much.

Jenny and Natalia had become intimate one day when Jenny made a comment that most men wanted a woman with bigger tits than she had. Natalia told her about a guy she knew online who said that small breasted women were more tuned in with their bodies. He told her that small breasted women were special. They were, in his experience, more responsive, more passionate and simply wonderful lovers. He had said their breasts were so much more sensitive and that hr thought that their nipples were directly connected to their clit. He had told Natalia that, if a man knew what he was doing, he could make smaller breasted women cum just by licking her nipples. He also had said that a small breasted woman’s clit was a thing of wonder. He said that it was highly sensitive and loved to be touched, licked and pleased. If a man properly pleased a smaller breasted woman’s pussy with his lips, she would come back for a hell of a lot more. Smaller breasted women invariably came harder and longer. She said she had been told that any man who gets to make love to a smaller breasted woman is in for the ride of his life. He didn’t know the reason but smaller breasted women just seem more closely connected to their orgasmic center and they love a hard cock and the orgasms they can bring. Most men, he had told her, were selfish and they never took the time to please a woman. He also told her that many women are shocked to hear a man say these things.

While this conversation was taking place, Natalia had been massaging Jenny’s sweet, small, lovely breasts. Her fingers had been circling and teasing her hard nipples deliciously. She had no idea she was actually been doing it until Jenny simply exploded under her fingers. She literally jumped off the table as the orgasm took over her entire being. Jenny was embarrassed but Natalia just smiled.

“I’ll have to be sure to tell him that he was right,” Natalia laughed.

“Fuck that, introduce me to this guy!” Jenny exclaimed. “Well dear, you’ve proven one of his points. Do you want to try for two?” she said with lustful look in her eye.

Natalia hadn’t needed a further invitation and she leaned over and kissed Jenny deliciously. She kissed her nipples and down her stomach. When her face fell between wide spread legs, she saw a wonderful clit that closely resembled her own. She possessed a lovely puffy, pink lips and a long, meaty, hooded clit. Jenny danced as she felt Natalia’s breath on her twat. When her tongue began to open her up, Jenny came very hard. Natalia had many loves but pussy ranked right up there. Jenny was soft but her pussy was hot. Natalia teased her and pleased her relentlessly. Jenny came repeatedly and Natalia kept licking her sweet dew.

“You must introduce me to this guy. He knows. He’s one of the few who does know,” Jenny cried.

“Life just isn’t fair hon; he lives on the other side of the country.”

“Thank God you don’t, Natalia. That makes me happy.”

That was eight months ago. As she walked into the treatment room, Jenny was laying naked, no towel, fingering herself in anticipation of Natalia’s arrival. She walked in and leaned over and kissed Jenny deeply. Jenny held her shoulders as she kissed her. She looked and saw something on Natalia’s tee shirt.

“What is this?” Jenny asked. “Why it looks like, it is, ohmigod Natalia, this is fresh cum.” Jenny tasted it and laughed, “Damned good tasting too, I might add. Get your ass up on this table and tell me all about it. You talk, I lick today baby.”

Natalia stripped off and assumed the position while she regaled Jenny with all the lovely details. Jenny licked her deliciously and within a couple of minutes she had Natalia cumming like a fire hose. Jenny could not get enough of Natalia and she let her know it.

“Every time I am in your pussy, it looks like I am licking my own. Oh how I wish I could do that. I’d never leave the house. Cum again for me Natalia, I really want more of that lovely cum on my face.”

Natalia did not disappoint her and she came harder and harder. Jenny had driven her tongue deep into her and with every thrust, Natalia came again. Both women enjoyed having their own desires being met so nicely.

“You know, I am getting pissed at you Natalia,” Jenny said as she was dressing. It’s been eight months since you got me onto the site. You have yet to tell me who that guy was. I’ve tried to figure it out but I just can’t. Are you ever going to tell me?”

Natalia kissed her again, held her lovely face in her hands and said, “You talk to him all the time. Frankly, I don’t think you like him much so it is no big deal. I can’t understand why because he is so nice and you’ve actually played with him a time or two. I look at it this way, I know you. You’ll figure it out someday.”


“I love you too! Talk to you online tonight. Luv ya,” Natalia smirked as she left the room.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Normal involved Pam and Jill taking every available chance to either lick or get licked. Much of the time, that also involved Natalia and of course, she was never anyone to say no to a good pussy licking.

Saturday morning came and Natalia asked Jill to come into Pam’s office.

“Do either of you have any plans this weekend?”

“None on my end,” Pam stated.

“Me either,” Jill replied.

“I have an idea that I think you’ll enjoy. How would you both like to come and spend the weekend at my place? We can lay naked by the pool and fool around all weekend. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am into some serious pussy all weekend. What do you think?”

“Oh that sounds spectacularly wonderful. What should we bring?” Pam asked.

“Bring whatever you want to bring dear. As far as clothes are concerned, I have only one rule at my place. Clothes are not to be worn unless we are going out. Inside or out, the only thing you must wear is high heels. They turn me on and I plan on being turned on all weekend. Oh yes, any kinky toys or videos would be good.”

“This sounds like my kind of weekend,” Jill blushed.

Sunday turned out to be another fantastic day in Laguna Beach. The sun was shining and the warm California breeze just felt wonderful. Pam and Jill had arrived and were enjoying their drinks by the pool. Jill looked delicious with her tiny breasts and her long, lovely nipples. Her shaved pussy revealed nice folds with a sweet clit peeking out. Natalia rarely had a go at her at work but here, it was another story.

Natalia walked over and kissed Jill deeply. She felt this little blonde’s hands as they traveled her shoulders and held her neck. Her lips were soft and sweet. Her kiss was gentle and exciting. Natalia lingered on her lips and began to lightly trace them with the tip of her tongue. Jill moaned and opened her mouth. This kiss was so sexy. She felt her pussy moisten and her nipples harden. Natalia’s tongue kept lightly circling her widening lips and the effect was so erotic. Jill had never been kissed like this before and she loved it. If nothing else, Natalia was expert in all things erotic. Jill’s mouth opened wider and Natalia placed her hands on her cheeks and held her face deliciously. Her tongue circled her lips and licked her teeth. Jill was so excited that she started to moan wildly. Natalia kissed her forehead, her nose and chin. She placed a finger, lifting her face and began to kiss under her chin and down her neck.

Pam sat watching, playing with her own body as Natalia made sweet love to Jill.

When Natalia’s lips began to kiss Jill’s sensitive throat her moans became louder. The only thing touching her was Natalia’s lips and sexy tongue. Jill was thrilled with the sensitive, sweet sensations Natalia bestowed upon her tender body. Natalia licked between her breasts and then under each one. She slowly licked from the base of one breast, drawing a line with her tongue to her taut areola. She circled it lightly, teasing it and forcing Jill’s nipple to harden fully. Natalia used her tongue to tease every nerve ending Jill possessed. She closed her mouth over Jill’s nipple and began to stroke it with her tongue. The moans became louder and deeper. Natalia lavished the same attention to her other breast and Jill was flowing like a river.

Natalia kissed her stomach, licking it broadly with her tongue. She tongued her bellybutton teasingly and the moans got louder. Natalia had Jill soaring with feelings and sensations of pure bliss. Her tender body was being treated to something she had never known. Natalia traveled over her hips, tongue tracing her hip bone and down onto her thigh. Natalia saw Jill’s lovely, wet furrow in front of her eyes. She licked the inside of her thighs and tasted her sweet lust that had wet her lovely flesh. She began to move into Jill’s pretty wet folds. Jill’s moans became intense as Natalia’s lips peeled her tight folds open one by one. One pink petal after another opened revealing Jill to the world of unbridled excitement and pleasure. Natalia softened her tongue and snuck into the creases, savoring her luscious liquid greedily. Jill was flowing and Natalia was absorbing lovingly.

Natalia spread Jill’s legs and spread her wide. Her tongue began to circle the opening to her sweet tunnel. She traced around her gaping hole with her tongue and the sensation whipped Jill’s mind. Her fingers spread her wider and Natalia tongued her lasciviously. Jill began thrashing and screaming with Natalia sweetly rimming her tight pussy. She kept stroking her long tongue deep into her wonderful friend. She licked the recesses of her silken sleeve and Jill exploded in a wild, furious orgasm. The passage of her love was fast and furious.

Natalia was soaked and yet she kept sucking on her tender flesh. Jill was in a hard frenzy and she loved it. Natalia sank her fingers into her tight twat and began to finger fuck her deliberately. Jill kept cumming, moaning and flowing. Her body was in total blissful spasm as Natalia raised her face and began to lick her clit. Jill flew off the chaise, wrapped her legs around Natalia and came stronger than ever. She sprayed Natalia with a solid stream of love and rode her pretty face into oblivion.

As she started to calm, Natalia threw her a curve by licking her steamy ass. Jill discovered what only our astronauts have seen. Later, as she re-entered the atmosphere, she fought for breath. Her body had been wracked with more pleasure than she had ever known. She grabbed Natalia and she held her so very tight. She kissed her repeatedly, kissing, laughing, struggling for breath and more kissing. She fell back onto the chaise, totally satisfied.

“That has to be the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Pam whispered. “I came so hard, so many times that I lost count. Look at me, I’m fucking drenched. I’m drained and all I did was watch. Holy fuck girl, ohmigod!”

Jill, on the other hand was at a loss for words. Actually, if the truth be told, Jill had lost any and all ability to even form a word. She touched her own breasts and her vagina contracted massively. She was beet red and her breathing was intermittent to say the least.

They poured more drinks and they licked and sucked each other for hours. Pam saw stars and Natalia circumnavigated Jupiter’s rings. Each woman set personal records for orgasms and that was accomplished before the sun went down. Massive amounts of liquor were consumed.

The party moved inside as the sun went down. Chinese was ordered and wolfed down quickly by three women who had, it seemed, competed in every Olympic event in modern history.

“You said kinky and I brought kinky,” Pam said as she held up a bag filled with DVD’s and toys.

There was a lot of ooh’s and ah’s as they drunkenly explored the DVD’s and then the toys. More liquor was consumed as the DVD player began to play. They decided to match the scenes with their own actions. There were toys of all sizes, shapes and descriptions including strap-ons. They giggled and knew that their pussies were going to be stretched as well as their asses.

The evening continued with hooting and hollering, moaning and screams of pure ecstasy as these three women pleasured themselves in the nastiest ways imaginable. They passed out smiling.

Natalia woke early as usual. She looked at her friends and giggled. She looked in the mirror and burst out laughing. She truly looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet. In fact, that is exactly what had occurred. She padded into the kitchen, made a pot of coffee and hit the shower. She had to have the girls up and ready, even though they had no idea what was about to occur. The smell of freshly brewed coffee actually did wake the dead as two very used women staggered into the kitchen. Natalia laughed and handed them each a cup.

“Fuck me, you two look like shit. You’d think you got lucky last night or something. Eat, shower and make yourselves pretty. I’m not fucking either of you looking like that,”

They ate and killed the pot of coffee. Natalia put on another while the gals showered and became somewhat human again. Three very naked women walked out and sat by the pool, laughing and giggling over the previous days adventures. Natalia looked up and smiled.

“Good morning Jose. I’d like to introduce you to my friends. Come here my gorgeous hunk of Latin flesh. Give me a kiss my darling man.”

She introduced Jose to Pam and Jill. The women were naked and Jose was hard as a rock. Natalia pulled him close and kissed him while her hand caressed the huge bulge in his bathing suit. She slipped her hand into his suit and pulled out his gorgeous boner.

“You weren’t kidding me were you,” Pam said.

It was Dove’s birthday, so I decided to do something special for her….

We met for drinks downtown after work at a quaint little bar called the Mango Grove. It was an intimate underground speakeasy with cozy booths, low lighting, and a pumping electronic beat that the hip local crowd was grooving to. After we were cosily tucked into a comfy corner booth by the maître’d, Dove asked for something sweet, so the server brought a key lime martini along with a tall and tasty Belgian ale for me. She looked more ravishing than usual today, and I couldn’t take my eyes from her. Dove was wearing a very stylish suit jacket, which opened to hint at a sexy lace camisole underneath, and short matching skirt – very business-like for the office, but also exuding immense sexual power.

After a quick toast to her birthday, we sipped our drinks and then Dove leaned in closer for a quick kiss, and thanked me for planning the evening – even though she was a bit cautious about the events of the night, as I hadn’t actually told her much.

“Don’t worry”, I reassured her, “It’ll be fun and relaxing”, then I leaned in for a second kiss – this time lingering and playing my tongue softly against her lips and teasing the tip of her tongue. Dove’s hands ran up the length of my inner thigh to express her approval, but stopped just prior to making contact with my bulging groin – such a tease, I thought – but her coy looks betrayed that she must have know she was in for some good loving later in the evening.

After some light banter and playful caresses below the table, we finished our drinks and I hailed a cab on the street to take us to our next destination, opting to avoid the cold November rain for the 8 or more blocks to our destination. On the way we chatted some more, loosened a bit from the drinks, “Thanks for the story you sent me this morning, Mr. Sexy”, she whispered into my ear in the back of the taxi, “I had to save it for lunchtime, and it got me so wet.” Of course this delighted me, to imagine her squirming in her office chair unable to take care of her sexual needs amidst the open office area with her co-workers, and the idea that I had caused her such sexual distress with just a simple story. As she kissed me again with increasing depth and passion, Dove tucked something into my hand – It was her moist panties from the day, providing me with proof of the affect that my story had on her. The thought that she was now not wearing anything beneath her skirt brought my already erect member to a new level of firmness, and I was glad of the extra room the front of my causal work slacks afforded me to grow in.

Soon enough we arrived in front of our destination, a brick heritage building in the older but still happening area of Hastings Street. The business was unmarked except for the street address, but local business men have used this facility for close to a hundred years – and guarded its secret well against becoming over popular. By the time I paid the cab and ushered her into the reception area of the grand building, Dove was decidedly pleased with the opulence of this strange place, yet still confused by the lack of any signage indicating its function.

Several men, and perhaps a few of the women, passing through the foyer caught Dove’s eye, and returned lewd and admiring glances, feasting upon her with their eyes and wishing to change places with me. This made my partner a bit self aware, but caused me to swell with pride for having this delicious vixen on my arm. My reservations were in order and so we were assigned a room number and I proceeded to lead Dove down a sweeping set of stairs leading into a catacomb of hallways to the private area set aside for us. Locating the door to our assigned room, I began to finally explain the history of this place to satisfy Dove’s curiosities.

“This is the oldest private bathhouse in Vancouver, originally set up by Greek businessmen”, I began to explain. “It’s a bit of a well kept secret,” I expanded, “and we are not allowed on the lower levels – those are off-limits to hetero couples,” which raised Dove’s curiosities, but I cut the explanation short as I explained that we had the steam room booked for 60 minutes, then some time for relaxation afterwards.

As we entered the antechamber of the private boudoir, Dove could see that the front of the room held exquisite lounge sofas which perfectly matched the lush carpet, while the walls were hung with one of a kind imported tapestries depicting ancient Greek spa scenes. Beyond this a series of archways separated the three areas of the room; through the first arch was a tiled area with open showers; beyond that lay a glass wall and door accessing to the steam room, which was lined with benches for relaxing.

As I turned to look deeply into Dove’s eyes, I could see that she was pleased, so I pressed her into my arms and gave her another deep, wet kiss – our lips and tongues enfolding into each other. Then I stepped back, and began to undress – slowly so that she could watch, and proceeded to the shower area. As the water splashed around my lithe body, I let the warm liquid wash the workday away down the drain, and after a little while, I could sense another body nearby. Dove had followed suit, and was now enjoying the second shower across from mine – her delicious body lathered in soap foam. I stopped to watch her caress her own body, glistening beneath the heat lights in the shower room, and making me yearn for her even more.

My erection began to rise again as I gazed upon her body, pointed directly at Dove, and showing itself to be an amazingly intuitive homing beacon. I turned my shower off and crossed the room slowly as she lathered her breasts and stomach with her back turned to me. As I softly drew her into my arms, she leaned back into my embrace, and I could feel my chest warm against her skin while the hardened shaft of my erect cock cradled itself vertically between the cheeks of her luscious buttocks. As my arms encircled her, her own hands reached back to feel my firm thighs and buttocks, and she let out a gasp to signal her pleasure as I nibbled at her ear. My own hands caressed her body with the soap, skilfully and playfully exploring the features of her stomach, thighs, arms, and breasts. Once she was fully lathered, I allowed the water to rinse her thoroughly before I turned off the wall faucets and retrieved some towels and bottles of cool water for us, then lead her into the steam room, but not before one last embrace and deep kiss, my firm cock again pressed between our wet and glistening bodies.

Drying then wrapping ourselves in the soft white towels, Dove took my hand as I led her into the steam room – closing the door behind us to keep the heat in, we made our way to the benches. As we lay out Dove began to tell me about her own fantasy that she had this afternoon, after she finished reading my story. As she spoke, she closed her eyes and I watched her begin to caress herself – perhaps not even knowing that she was doing it. Her fantasy began with waking up in bonds; blindfolded, tied up with bolts of silken sheets, and roughly manhandled into position and being commanded to obey. As her story unfolded, I became extremely aroused – both by her story, and also by watching her hands slowly play across her skin and allowing her towel to fall open to reveal her nakedness, one inch at a time.

I was so hungry for her now, as she kept telling of her dream of being forced down to the ground and taken from behind. As we sweated in this hot room, I kneeled on the lower bench, and encouraged her to part her thighs to make way for me, and begged her to keep talking. As she described the feeling of a fantasy cock penetrating the depths of her pussy, I softly nudged her fingers away from her swollen clit and replaced them with the soft caress of my tongue. Dove continued with her story of being fucked from behind by a dark and mysterious lover, as I began to make love to her wet pussy, drinking in her sweet juices with my mouth. My tongue slowly grazing the long edges of her pink lips, up and back and up again on both sides. Locking her clit between my lips and alternately sucking and flickering my tongue across her tiny nub Dove began to moan softly, and wove her hands through my hair, encouraging me to quicken the tempo.

I led Dove down from the benches in the humid hotness of the room, and pressed her up against the cool tiled wall, facing her and gazing into her eyes. As we kissed her hands sought out my swollen cock, slowly caressing its length, yearning for it inside her, and threatening to make me spurt my milky seed all over her stomach and breasts as we stood there embracing. At long, I pushed her back hard against the wall and began planting kisses down her beautiful body, longing to taste her delicious pussy again on my lips. As I reached the delta of Dove’s fertile pussy again, she arched her back and threw one leg over my shoulder to give me better access to her tight little cunt, and resumed telling me her fantasy as I recommenced licking her towards ecstasy.

As the intensity of her story increased, we became enwrapped in the hot hot steam, and my tongue began to probe the depths of her pussy, I could tell that Dove’s story was getting her to her destination just as much as my own skills were, as she recounted the tale of her mystery lover roughly fucking her and pulling her hair and head back in a hot fury. As her moans increasingly replaced the words of her story so that she was barely even speaking, I began to work a finger gently around her hot little pink fuck hole as my tongue worked at her clit, soon to be joined by a second digit once she was ready to receive it. Eventually I could feel her body beginning to convulse and yield alternately as she strained to tell me about being fucked hard and violated from behind, and in her story she began to cum just as her assailant let loose his own thick juices deep into her, and I knew these words were bringing her to the brink of her own, real, orgasm, so I kept up my pressure on her swollen clit until I could feel every muscle in her body constrict simultaneously as she moaned out her first wave of orgasm and her pussy tightened around my finger, flooding my waiting mouth with her sweet liquor. Fully three waves rocked her body before she crashed down from her pink cloud, and I had to hold her up in my arms to prevent this sweet, sweet bird from collapsing onto the cold wet floor tiles.

Once she had sufficient recovered, Dove wrapped her arms around me in a lovingly embrace and thanked me for making her cum so hard by planting yet another deep kiss on my mouth and tasting her own juices there. As we gained our composure, she took control by grabbing my still hard cock and leading me out into the shower where we lovingly wiped the sweat and her cum juice from our bodies.

Towelling off again, we now noticed that the room had been rearranged somewhat to include a new massage bench which was not there before, and our sudden realization that the servants who brought it into the room must have had ample view to our lovemaking – but rather than make us feel awkward, it only aroused me more to know that we had been observed – something that is probably commonplace in this establishment, but erotically heightening to its patrons nonetheless.

With renewed arousal, I helped Dove to arrange herself on the narrow bench, laying face up, then I located the array of oils which had been delivered with the bench and I set to work on her newly relaxed body. Beginning at her feet, I oiled up her body and began to work my way slowly upwards on a journey past her thighs to her glistening midriff and luscious breasts. As I caressed her nipples, Dove asked for some oil and I soon realized that she wanted to stroke my cock as I caressed her. I stood beside her amazing body while she oiled my entire shaft and pumped away at it lovingly, giving me ample view of her glistening and lovely body – how I would love to paint that fine canvass with ribbons of my milky white cum; watching as spurt after spurt landed across those amazing bare breasts and nipples, and fill her belly button to the brim with my musky seed. But I knew that Dove would be disappointed if I didn’t cum inside of her tonight, and I had yet to impale her with my engorged member and hear her squeal as I pumped that wanting cock in and out of her like a ravenous fuck machine.

Releasing my cock from Dove’s grip, I directed her to turn over on the bench, having to swat her hand playfully away from my cock several times – she needed it so bad by this point. Now I stood in front of her and began to work on her shoulders, which provided a perfect angle for her to take me into her mouth. Dove’s lips lovingly enveloped the head of my cock as she stroked it and caressed my shaven scrotum with her free hand. After a few minutes experiencing her expert mouth, I again felt my cum welling up ready to spurt forth – but not yet – I needed to gain control again, and I the desire to fuck Dove’s sweet pussy in a real bad way was overwhelming.

Disappointing her as I drew my swollen shaft away from between her moist lips, I moved around the table and rearranged Dove so that her feet were planted on the floor and spread wide to give me ample access to her wanting wet pussy, then I got behind and began rubbing my oiled cock against her slick firm buttocks and began teasing her pussy and clit with its tip. I held Dove’s hips firmly in my hands, pinning her down to the massage bench to keep her from backing up onto my cock as she begged me to slide my cock into her. Reaching forward, I grabbed a fistful of hair and forced her head back to look at me, and as we gazed into each other’s eyes I eased my cock into her tight little twat, watching her eyes flutter with pleasure as I glided all the way into her, making her gasp and moan again. Keeping her roughly pinned to the bench I slowly fucked Dove’s wet cunt, in and out, watching my cock as it rammed into her sweet, warm moist hole.

As I fucked her from behind like that, I began to use the thumb of my free hand to rub around her anus. Gently at first, then more firmly, getting the oils penetrated into the skin around her rim and making her moan anew. I could feel her body push back against my hand as she yearned for me to penetrate her twice over, but I kept teasing her puckering asshole with my thumb until she squirmed, and it became a game for both of us and she laughed sinisterly each time I pulled away when she wanted me to run my thumb full length into her ass.

Eventually I caved in and eased my thick thumb slowly into Dove’s waiting anus, simultaneously running my cock from tip to base, driving it into her pussy – making her call out simultaneously in pleasure and pain. I worked her ass slowly like that for a while, adding more oil to ready it for more, then I eased my cock out of her pussy and slowly but firmly pressed it against the rim of her anus until she moaned and begged me to fuck her ass. As I press it firmly, Dove let out a loud moan as her asshole yielded to let me ease inside. Her approval was openly displayed by now, and she begged me to keep fucking her ass as she reached down and began to play with her clit. As I thrust into her again and again, Dove’s inner animal was taking over and unleashing her own personal orgy. After a about minute, but what seemed like eternity at the time, Dove ‘s body began to rock again and she brought herself to another climax – my cock buried deep into her ass I thrust into her harder, and felt my own orgasm coming brought on by her body spasms. I pulled her hair back again, just as Dove started to cum in waves, holding off my own orgasm with much difficulty until she was well into the throes of her own – by this time the whole room was filled with the sounds of our animalistic lovemaking.

When I finally collapsed on top of her we were both spent, and had likely exceeded our allotted time for the room, but we quickly recovered and showered up and then hit the town – searching the city’s seedy underbelly for a postcoital drink or two before making love again in my big cozy bed and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Here is an orgasmic little nugget I wrote for fun. It’s a bit more explicit than what I normally write. I hope you like it! Gray


It was six months since Mitch had separated from his wife of more than twenty years. It had been difficult a time, but he was finally free of a relationship that had been stifling and bereft of love, passion and sex. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d dipped his penis into a honey pot of love, let alone one he enjoyed. A tall good looking man, who was, thanks to a recent and vigorous fitness program looking and feeling great.

Living in a swish new apartment by himself, with frequent visits and stay overs from his adult kids, he was enjoying the freedom and starting to feel more like his own person rather than the indented slave of his domineering ex-wife. He still loved women and had had the pleasure of meeting a couple of beautiful women at recent social and business functions. He had felt a strong attraction, but was very hesitant to place himself in any position that might lead to a sexual liaison, feeling great uncertainty about whether he would still remember what to do.

Today was Saturday, which brought the weekly chores, including the grocery shopping. He had started the day with his favorite Eggs Benedict washed down with two double strength lattes at Mario’s, a cafe to which he had become a regular in recent months. Feeling satisfactorily sated he moved onto the weekly shopping, the butchers, the green grocers and finally the supermarket.

He trundled around the store with his trolley selecting his needs for the week. Cereal, milk, butter and all the other usual things. He had almost finished, when turning into aisle eleven he caught the glimpse of a woman with a very taut arse, as she turned the corner into the next aisle. The owner of the great butt was wearing a tight skirt, stockings and monster heels.

“Who the fuck wears stockings and heels to the supermarket?” he thought. “Looks amazing! Amazing! But what the fuck!”

Intrigued, he accelerated down the aisle and did a fast tight turn into aisle twelve. He just made the corner and was straightening up when he nearly cleaned up the owner of the beautiful arse, who had apparently done a U-turn.

“Oh! Sorry!” he said, more the little embarrassed as he found himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful brunette who was wearing a deeply scooped red top, the lace trim of a black bra just showing a little.

“That’s okay,” she smiled back, meeting his eyes directly, revealing great self-confidence. Mitch could now see that the skirt was made of leather and was short enough to reveal her long slender legs with a hint of of the lace stocking top.

“A leather mini-skirt to the supermarket? And stockings too!” his mind screamed whilst his dick hardened more than a little.

He smiled lamely as they passed, his cheeks flush red with self-consciousness. He continued on collecting the last few items he needed before heading to the cash register. He took his place in the shortest queue when he noticed the beautiful brunette was at the next register. He found himself gazing at the her when she abruptly turned and again returned his stare. He flinched and turned away lacking the confidence to hold her gaze and reveal his attraction to her.

She paid the cashier and Mitch watched her elegantly curved butt sway out the sliding doors, oblivious to the cashiers calls of “next”. The woman behind him angrily poked him and pointed to the cashier waiting for him to unload his groceries. Snapping out of the hypnotic trance that the brunette had cast over him, he hurriedly placed his groceries on the moving belt. Paying the young girl standing at the cash register, he wheeled his now bagged items out to the car park. Strolling outside, the warm sun struck his face, the clear blue skies making him feel better and forget about the unwanted involuntary reaction in the face of a beautiful woman.

He made for his car, a new Subaru WRX, a sign of being free from the constraints of a long term relationship and no longer having to conform by driving a family sedan. The WRX smoked and he loved it. He had parked in the back corner of the car park, due to the Saturday morning congestion.

As he walked his thoughts turned to the beautiful brunette, her image burned onto his retina, brought a smile to his face. He turned into the row where had he parked his car when he was shocked to again be confronted by the elegant figure of the gorgeous woman. She was standing behind a red Mercedes coupe, her trolley parked adjacent to the boot, but she wasn’t loading her groceries into the car, instead staring at the rear of the car.

“Our planets seemed aligned today!” he laughed to himself as he sauntered up to her car, for some reason feeling a lot less nervous. As he approached she turned and smiled.


“Hi,” she replied her beauty now clearly evident to Mitch. Seeming to be in her early forties she possessed high cheek bones, smooth clear skin, and luscious lips.

“Have we got a problem?” he asked.

“I’ve got a flat!” she cried. “Can you believe it! A bloody flat!”

Reaching the car he could clearly see the that right rear was deflated.

“A flat it is,” he agreed as their eyes again met. He did not flinch this time, enjoying the fluorescence of her green eyes. “Would you like some help? You’re not really dressed to change a wheel.”

“Oh, you did notice,” she bantered playfully.

“It’s a bit hard not to!” he laughed. “Would you like me to change it for you? By the way I’m Mitch.”

“Hi Mitch. I’m Darcey. I would love you to. I rang the auto club and they said they’d be two hours!”

“Two hours! I’ll see what I can do. I’ve never changed a tire on a Benz before. I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

“That is very true,” she agreed but Mitch got the feeling she wasn’t talking bout changing tires.

“I suppose it has one of those dinky emergency wheels.”

“I think it does,” she replied as she popped the boot.

Sure enough, wedged in the side of the boot was a skinny wheel which was designed to just get you to the nearest service station and not much else. He set to work and twenty minutes later the skinny wheel was secured to the sexy little red car, making it look rather odd. He stowed the flat wheel in the boot.

He had been rather self-conscious working away under Darcey’s watchful eye, but he did manage to get a perfect view of her lithesome legs as he knelt on the ground tightening the wheel nuts. He was sure he could see suspenders!

“Holy fuck!” he thought. “I love suspenders!”

Whilst he worked, they had chatted, Darcey told him that she was a PR specialist by trade and divorced with a grown up family who were living in Europe with her ex-husband. Mitch too revealed his marital status and day his job as a marketing manager.

“Jobs done,” he had told her as he tightened the last wheel nut. “That should get you to the tire store.”

“Why thank you. You’ve been so sweet,” she told him and she leaned over and kissed his cheek causing him to blush with embarrassment.


“I hope it’ll make it to the store. I think there’s one up on the highway.”

“I know the one. Would you like me to follow you to make sure you’re alright,” he offered knowing he would do almost anything to spend a little bit longer with this magnificent woman.

“Would you?”


Mitch walked to his car and loaded his groceries in the boot and drove back to where Darcey was waiting in her car with the engine running. He flashed his headlights and she carefully reversed out in front of him, exiting the car park very tentatively with Mitch on her tail.

They drove the three kilometers to the tire store and Mitch parked next to her and looked over to admire her stunning good looks.

“Will you come in with me?” she mouthed.

“Sure,” he replied.

As Darcey walked into the store there was an almost universal turning of heads by the mostly male staff. At the counter, with Mitch standing beside her, Darcey explained her predicament to the salesman. It became obvious that she wasn’t going to get a great deal of satisfaction today. The clock on the wall showed to quarter twelve and the salesman delicately explained there was not enough time to service her car before their Saturday closing time of twelve.

“Shit!” she cursed.

“You could come back on Monday morning,” he offered.

“I’m not really comfortable driving it the way it is.”

“Well, you could you leave it here and pick it up when we ring you on Monday.”

“That’s fine, but how do I get home? I mean don’t need it tomorrow, but the boot is full of groceries.”

“I could drive you home,” said Mitch instinctively.

“Would you?” she asked appreciatively.

“Of course.”

Darcey signed some paperwork and handed over her credit card and keys and was now sitting in the passenger seat of Mitch’s car. Driving towards her house in East Brighton he grabbed a glance sideways at the very attractive passenger in the front seat next to him. He couldn’t help but notice her lacy stocking tops were again peeping out from beneath the hem of her skirt. Again he felt a stiffening in his pants.

“God I love stockings!” he again thought to himself.

As he drove they happily prattled, Darcey telling him how much she loved her little red SLK Mercedes and he telling how much he loved his WRX. At her house he pulled into the driveway and he helped her carry the groceries inside the very neatly renovated workers cottage.

“Very nice,” he observed as he followed her through the front door and past the original part of the house into a large open living area which had been recently extended. He placed the groceries on the kitchen bench.

“Would you like to stay for lunch,” she asked turning to face him.

“Are you sure?”

“It’s the least I could do for you after all you’ve done for me.”

“Why not?”

“Good!” she replied, walking around to the kitchen side of the bench to grab a little white lace apron from the pantry and whirling into action.

“There’s a couple bottles of white wine in the fridge. Do you want to pick one? Glasses are in the cupboard next to the fridge.”

“Sounds good.”

He selected an Australian Petaluma chardonnay from a number of other quality bottles before selecting two beautiful Riedel glasses in the cupboard moving back to the other side of the bench to pour the wine as Darcey prepared lunch.

“Beautiful wine,” he commented as he read the label on the bottle

“I like the best,” she said matter of factly.

“Not a bad thing,” he chuckled opening the fine wine and pouring two generous glasses. Passing one to Darcey then raising one for himself.

“To unexpected connections.”

“To lovely connections,” she smiled, taking a sip as Mitch took a serious gulp from his. “I was thinking smoked salmon bagels. How does that sound?” “Excellent.”

“Good,” she replied. Mitch took a seat on one of the stools that stood at the island bench. He watched Darcey quickly and skilfully assemble the bagels, enjoying a perfect view of her amazing breasts as they bounced spontaneously against the restraint of her low cut red top, the lacy apron making her look incredibly provocative. Suddenly she looked up.

“Enjoying the view?”

Mitch hesitated and struggled to form words, his mouth frozen.

“Ah…..yes,” he choked, more than a little flustered. Diverting his eyes downward.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m flattered that you like my breasts.” she said kindly.

“I think like is a bit soft. Worship is probably more accurate.”

“OK. Worship it is,” she smiled. He wasn’t used to women being so open and direct. His marriage had been a minefield of ambiguity and irrationality, never knowing what his partner really meant.

“Whilst we are being honest, can I ask you a question?” he ventured.


“Stockings, leather skirt, revealing top and high heels for shopping at the supermarket. Isn’t that a little unusual?”

She laughed.

“It’s my little joke,” she explained


“When I’m feeling a little mischievous I sometimes sex it up a little.”

“A little?”

“OK a lot. I go shopping and see if I can stir things up. It’s great fun watching peoples reactions. Men trying not to be caught looking.”

“Like me.”

“Like you.” she agreed. “And women hitting their husbands for looking. It’s very funny!”

“That’s a bit wicked isn’t it?”

“Of course!”

They laughed together loudly, Mitch realising that he was enjoying himself immensely.

“OK. Bagels are ready,” she announced, displaying two plump looking examples stuffed with cream cheese, lettuce, smoked salmon, Spanish onions and capers.

“They look fabulous.”

“Thank you. Could you be a darling and set the table for me?” she asked as she pushed, plate mats, crockery and cutlery towards him.

“Sure,” he replied,. Standing, he carried the tableware over to a long wooden dining table that ran perpendicular to the kitchen bench. He neatly set out two place settings, one either side of the table. Darcey arrived skilfully carrying the two plates containing the bagels in one hand and the bottle of wine in the other.

“Could you get the wine glasses?”


Sitting opposite to each other, Mitch topped up their wine glasses before they hoed into the delicious bagels, the conversation again flowing freely and easily, the revelations about themselves steadily growing in depth.

“That was great,” he told her as he finished his last mouthful. “Thank you very much.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she beamed. Suddenly She stood and walked around to Mitch’s side of the table. Standing next to him she bent over deeply to pick up his plate, giving Mitch another clear view of the two beautiful orbs inside her red top.

“Enjoying that?”

“Oh yes. But I think I like this better,” he said as he delicately slid his hand up her stockinged leg, under her skirt, over the stocking top and tracing the suspender to the top of her satiny thigh which he stroked smoothly, enjoying the silken texture of her skin.

“Holy fuck! Why did I do that!” he thought to himself, half expecting a swift slap across his face. Never before had he reacted so audaciously and instinctively to a woman. This was unknown territory to him.

“Ooh,” she groaned. “Yes. I like that.”

She moved her mouth towards his and he automatically joined his lips to her, savoring the sweet tenderness of her mouth. She reached across to grasp his other hand and guided it to clasp her right breast. Gently he squeezed her delicious bosom, Darcey responding with a gentle bite of his lips.

“Oh yes,” she groaned as they gnawed at each others mouth. He moved his hand from her smooth thigh to the sheer lace of her G-string, delicately stroking the material that shielded her mound from his searching hand.

“Fuck!” she sighed as she assaulted his lips, their tongues entwined in a passionate wrestle. She let her hand roam across his thigh, searching for his cock, which was now pointing skywards, its swollen tip peaking through the waist band of his jeans. Finding her target she grasped the crown of his generous sized rod between her finger and thumb, gently rolling them up and down.

“Christ!” he cried. “I won’t last too long if you do that!”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

“I’m sure you do,” he agreed. Reciprocating, he slipped his finger under the flimsy material and caressed the lips of her pussy, slowly tracing the sweet crevice they created downwards. Darcey shivered at the sensation of his touch. Repeating his action he then squeezed his fore finger between the soft folds of flesh, dipping into her moist honey pot of desire. “Oh Mitch,” she sighed before turning her attention to his ear, seductively tracing the ridges of his ear, inciting swirling sensations of desire through Mitch’s body.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered. “But first I need to suck your cock.”

Mitch had never experienced such forthrightness or willingness to please.

“Can I suck your tits first?” he asked in a throaty voice that was effected by lust.

“It would be my pleasure,” she told him as he stood, she released the belt and button his trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor. His meaty dick sprung into the open. Responding to his request, she slid her red top over her head to reveal a sheer lacy black bra that barely wrangled her juicy breasts. Stepping free of his jeans after pulling them over his shoes he moved over to stand next to her. He stroked her left tit before taking it in his hand and leaning down to kiss her gently on her eager lips. They lingered with their lips joined for a few moments, Mitch then dipped his head to envelope her delicious nipple in his mouth, having deftly removed the protection of the lacy bra.

He swirled the hardening tit with the tip of his tongue, she reached down to grasp his meaty sword. He lavished attention on each of her fulsome orbs. She tenderly stroked his hard cock.

“Fuck!” he gasped between mouthfuls of tit. Darcey gently rocked her head backwards, savouring the delightful sensations that Mitch created with his tongue. Reaching backwards her she turned the dining chair behind her. Still holding his cock she slowly sat on the chair, putting her mouth dick high. Leaning forward she flicked the throbbing tip of his rod with her tongue, a small drip of fluid oozing from its tip.

“You’re teasing me.”

“Of course,” she giggled looking up at him. Dipping her head, she slid her mouth over his cock and glided all the way down the length of his shaft, reaching the hilt where she paused for a moment for sliding up again.

“Is that better,” she asked gently.

“Amazing!” he told her, wishing she would stop talking and continue sucking.

He didn’t have to wait long with Darcey quickly re-acquainting herself with his cock. With great diligence and less teasing she feasted on his meaty pole, alternating between long deep strokes with her mouth and delicate tongue work up the length of his cock. Deep grunts of pleasure escaping from his throat. Not stopping there she held his rod upwards by the tip and ran her tongue down the underside before deftly licking and sucking his balls.

“Christ Darcey!”

“That means good?”

“Of course!”

“Well I’ve had meat, I think you should have dessert now?” she told him.

He looked at her a little confused as he watched her stand and let her leather skirt drop to the floor. She lent against the dining table and slid her butt so that she sat on the table, and lifted her legs so that her monster heels pointing towards the ceiling. Reclining on her elbows she slowly opened her legs, in a deep V revealing her luscious love canal. When her legs were at ninety to degrees to her body, completely exposing her heavenly hole, she slid her other hand over what Mitch could see was a perfectly “Brazilianed” mound. With two fingers she spread her juicy lips exposing her clit to Mitch’s gaze.

“This is for you babe,” she moaned.

Mitch moved the chair to position himself in front of her beautiful display. He couldn’t believe how she had so willingly opened herself for delightful pleasuring. His marital experiences had always been full inflexibility and unbending demands. He was enjoying the openness and search for mutual gratification.

“Is this what I’ve been missing all these years?” he thought.

He enjoyed the scent of her perfume, leaning forward to probe her pulsating clitoris, luxuriating her sweet taste. Her hips flexed involuntarily as he aroused her pleasure zone with deft movements of his tongue.

“Oh yes!” she cried, her juices freely flowing down his chin. He stopped a moment to wipe it clean, before continuing, Darcey’s pleasure groans escalated into shrieks of orgasmic delight, electrifying sensations pulsing through her body, forcing Mitch to pause from his task.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, as her reactions subsided.”You’re talented.”

“Thank you. I enjoy my work,” he quipped.

“It’s time for dick,” she proclaimed as she again stroked the opening to her luscious gorge. Mitch didn’t need any further encouragement, standing from the chair and holding his thick member in hand he slid it along the delectable opening.

“Who the fuck is the tease now?” she laughed as her desire for the thick cock heightened.

“That would be me,” he declared as he eased inside her, her streaming juices allowing him to enter her with the full length of his cock in one smooth motion, causing her to draw breath sharply.


“Is it shit?”

“No! No! It’s fucking wonderful.”

He stood their for a few moments delighting at the exquisite sensation of again being inside a woman. He thrilled as she gently squeezed him with her inner muscles. He moved slowly, probing her deeply with his thick rod, marveling at her sensual responses. She squeezed his buttocks, nipped at his neck and gripped him by wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Yes honey, yes!” she cried as she urged him on, her bright red nails digging into his back.

“Fuck! You are amazing!” he muttered as he fluently moved his cock within her, glad that he had quickly remembered how to pleasure a woman. Steadily he increased the speed and power of his thrusts, but he was in no hurry, planning to make this erotic encounter last as long as possible.

Steadily her growls of enjoyment built, from a low hush to deep moans.

“Fuck that is so good! Will you pick me up?” she whispered into his ear, reaching up to put her arms around his neck and tightening the wrap of her legs around his waist. Slowly he stood, Darcey entwined around his body, he continued thrusting so as to not miss out on one delicious moment.

“You’re keen!” she giggled, hanging on tightly as his lunges into her wet pussy increased in intensity.

“It’s been a while and you’re fucking fantastic,” he grunted as continued with his upward strokes, her entwined position allowing him deep penetration.

“I wouldn’t have guessed,” she said honestly. “You must be getting tired holding me up like this. Sit on the chair and let me look after you?”

“Okay,” he snorted, his lungs heaving from the effort of holding her in the air for a number of minutes. He took a couple of steps over to the dining chair, sitting down slowly. She was now astride him, her arms around his neck, her legs split either side of him, his cock embedded deep within her. She kissed him deeply.

“I’m in charge now!” she announced with a smile. “Will you suck my tits?”

With a hand under each breast, she lifted each in turn, allowing Mitch to devour them vigorously.

“Oh yes!” she sighed. “That deserves a reward!”

Tightening her grip around his neck, she lifted her weight by pushing down on the balls of her feet. Slowly she slithered up his rigid meat. Reaching its peak, she paused for a few moments, hovering on it with little up and down movements.

“Shit!” he cried, at which she again slid easy down its whole length. “Fuck!”

He just about exploded as she caressed his dick expertly with her pussy, repeating the deep long movements three of four more times. This again stirred the fires of orgasm within her, ripples of ecstasy surging through her body, causing her to writhe with urgency upon his cock. Mitch held her waist tightly, ensuring she stayed firmly implanted on his throbbing knob.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried.

It took a couple of minutes before Darcey regained her composure.

“My god Mitch. What are you doing to me?”

“Making you come I think.”

“That is for sure!” she laughed. “But I think it’s your turn to come……….. I can’t believe you’re still hard.”

“Me neither,” he replied.

“Come with me , ” she told him. Standing and taking him by the hand she led him to stand and follow her across the room to a large leather couch. She released his hand and knelt with one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor , her hands on the seat of the couch.

“Come on babe,” she said.

Standing behind her, he maneuvered his throbbing cock so it nestled against mouth of her pussy. Gently he slid it up and down before easing into her delicious grotto.

“Oh yes,” he sighed. Darcey pushed back against his cock. Twisting her hips, she gently aroused his long pole with her pussy as she sort mutual climax.

“I’m glad you like it,” she purred.

Unexpectedly there was a click at the front door causing both of them to freeze mid-coitus, staring at the door as it slowly opened.

“Hi Darc!” came a sweet woman’s voice through the opened door where a tall blond now stood. Standing six foot one in tall in white sparkling Jimmy Choo pumps, her large and fulsome breasts pressed against the clinging material of a white skin tight dress. The neckline was deeply cut revealing she was not wearing a bra, the hemline short to the extreme and the back almost non existent.

“What the fuck!” he cursed.

“Hi Jamie,” greeted Darcey.

“Well who’s having fun?” asked the luscious woman who looked in her early thirties, her blonde hair scooped up in a bun as she closed the door behind and and walked to the centre of the room. Her figure was sweet and curvy, not skinny and shapeless.

“Who’s this?” asked Mitch, who could feel his dick softening rapidly.

“Ah. This would be my housemate Jamie,” she replied, his cock still buried deep within her. “I thought you weren’t coming home until tomorrow night.”

“Mick turned out to be a dick and so I decided to come home. I didn’t mean to interrupt your fun! You just keep going. I don’t mind. Now who is this?”

“This is Mitch.”

“Hi,” he said, more than a little embarrassed. “I’m not sure I can do it in front of another woman.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll just sit here and be jealous of Darcey getting some nice cock,” Jamie told them as she quickly took out her smart phone and took a photo of the impaled Darcey.

“Don’t do that?” scolded Darcey.

“It’s just for fun,” laughed Jamie. “Maybe I should just join in, then Mich won’t get self-conscious. What do you think Darc?. Can I share?”

“If Mitch’s happy, Why not? I’ve had plenty of his lovely cock. What do you think Mitch?”

Mitch was stunned and as try as he may couldn’t make words form in his mouth. Never in his life did he think that two beautiful women would want to share him! The word “okay” finally tumbled from his mouth.

Jamie put down her phone and walked over to where Mitch was still cock deep in Darcey’s wet pussy. Standing next to him, she slipped her arms out of the sleeves of her dress, pulling it down to her waist, revealing two beautiful mounds of breast, her puckered nipples surrounded by deep coloured areolis. “Suck my tits,” she demanded.

Mitch did as he was told, leaning over to suck Jamie’s succulent nipples, licking her areolis each in turn with a circular motion before inducing rapid hardening of the nipples by sucking them voraciously. She growled with satisfaction as she pulled her dress up to her waist, revealing a smooth and hairless vulva. Panties were obviously an optional extra for the delectable Jamie.

“Touch me,” she instructed, pushing her hips forward to entice him to arouse her. Releasing her nipple from his mouth he tentatively reached out to fondle her luscious mound, sliding his finger along her lusciousexquisite slit, titillating her delectable clit, his dick quickly becoming hard again.

“Mmmmm,” she cooed.

“Can he finish fucking me now that Jamie’s feeling happy?” asked Darcey feigning irritation.

“I think need she wants your dick Mitch,” she told him, laughing at the unintended rhyme. She gently removed his hand form her yummy hole and walked to the other end of the couch where she slid her butt onto the couch and swivelled her hips so that her naked pussy was now directly under Darcey’s mouth. Slowly she spread her legs to allow Darcy full access to her pussy.

Without hesitation Darcey leaned forward a little and dipped her tongue into Jamie’s honey pot. Mitch took this as the cue to re-start proceedings and placed his hand back on Darcey’s curvaceous butt , giving her a number firm and deep thrusts whilst Darcey expertly flickered at Jamie’s pulsating clit with her tongue.

Mitch searched her pussy deeply and firmly with his cock which quickly tipped her over the edge of ecstasy.

Sighs of desire morphed into shrieks of delight as orgasm again pulsated through her body.

“My God! What are you doing to me Mitch?” she asked as she attempted to recover her composure.

“Making you come again I think,” he chuckled.

“Now that you’ve finished come and give me some,” pleaded Jamie. He eased his stilled rigid rod from Darcey’s now sodden passion pot and walked to the end of the couch where Jamie was positioned, legs spread wide open. She turned on her butt to sit on the couch. Mitch stood in front of her and she took hold of his cock, leaning forward to wrap her mouth around the tip of his cock.

“You have a lovely dick,” she told him between mouthfuls of cock. “I want to have it.”

“You certainly seem to know what to do with it,” he commented.

“I try,” she smiled.

She stood and reached up to kiss his lips, her hand holding his cock, gently squeezing it. Instinctively he put his hand on her arse, pulling her to him, enjoying the pressure of her breasts against his chest.They stood embracing for a few moments before she released his lips and slipped from his grasp to turn and place her hands on the arm rest of the couch. She leaned forward and spread her feet.

“I want you now,” she sighed, bending down a little further, fully exposing her heavenly hole.

Mitch slid behind, grasping one of her rounded buttocks with one hand and his cock in the other. He slid his cock into the mouth of her moist pussy and eased inside her, sliding all the way in.

“Oh yes!” she cried as the size of Mitch’s cock made her gasp involuntarily. Now grasping both of her buttocks he pumped her hard with his dick, her juices flowing freely as she pushed against his motion.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried with each thrust. Mitch merely grunted as he again thrilled with the sweet sensations of being embedded deep within a beautiful woman.

“Let me stand,” she told him. He paused briefly, allowing Jamie to stand more upright by placing one of her glittering heels on the seat of the couch. She leaned back so as to again kiss him. He grasped the soft flesh of her left breast, holding her firmly as they tangled their tongues.

“Mmmm. That’s nice,” she moaned. Mitch drove deeply within her, his legs slapping against her arse.

“Fucking beautiful!” he yelled.

Darcey looked on, more than a little bemused. Having fully recovered from her passionate tryst, she found her phone on the kitchen and turned the tables on Jamie as she snapped shots of Jamie eagerly accepting Mitch’s cock.

“You’re a porn star Mitch!” said Jamie as she turned to smile at the camera.

“Hold my leg up,” she instructed turning sideways to lift her right leg for Mitch to hold, his other hand gripping her side beneath her armpit. This gave him leverage to penetrate deeply into her pulsating hole.

“Holy fuck!” she cried as he rammed his cock home firmly and deliberately, triggering flashes of ecstasy like lightening through her body.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she squealed, causing Mitch to re-double his effort, pounding her with his throbbing rod.

“Come on her tits,” she told him as she beckoned Darcey towards them with her eyes. Mitch began to shake as orgasm erupted through his body. Darcey knelt beside him as he withdrew his cock from Jamie’s dripping hole.

“Yes!” he cried as his load exploded from his cock coating Darcey’s beautiful breasts. They both collapsed on the couch overcome with passion, Darcey making her way to bath room to clean her self of Mitch’s creamy load.

Part Two

The three lovers sat in bubbling spa which was located in a court yard of Darcey’s house, luxuriating in the steamy hot water. A naked woman sitting under each arm, the warm bubbling water rejuvenating their bodies after what had been a most amazing sexual encounter. Mitch found it hard to believe that the two beautiful who had just shared his cock were now sharing a spa and a bottle of wine with him.

“What did you mean when you said ‘you hoped you remember how’, before?” asked Darcey.

Mitch smiled ruefully.

“Do I have to answer?”

“I’ll suck your dick if you do?”

“That’s very enticing.”

“I’ll join in too,” promised Jamie.

“Now that I can’t refuse,” he chuckled. “It means I haven’t sex for eight years and I was worried I’d know what to do.”

“Eight years!” exclaimed Jamie. “You’ve got some catching up to do fella!”

“Well I have to say you passed with flying colours,” Darcey told him smiling at him.

“Yes. flying colours!” agreed Jamie.

Darcey reached into the water to give his dick a stroke.

“You can certainly keep a hard on.”

“That’s easy with two beautiful women like you,” he explained. He leaned to one side to first kiss Darcey and then Jamie on the other. This time they were soft sensuous kisses, the lustful urgency having dissipated.

“Sit on the pool edge,” Jamie told him.

Mitch lifted his arse to sit as instructed, Darcey still holding his thick member.

“Mmm,” moaned Jamie as she leant down to lick its tip. “Delicious dick.” She slithered down the hard shaft whilst Darcey locked her mouth onto his.

“This is like heaven!” he thought as Jamie sucked at his cock like vacuum. “I’ve never felt anything like this!”.

Darcey released herself from the connection with his mouth and bent down to join Jamie in dining on Mitch’s meaty cock. They took turns at ravishing his engorged member. Licking, sucking, swallowing and ball eating, bringing his cock to the edge of exploding orgasm.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” is all he could say as he watched the two women excite his dick. He managed to reach across Darcey’s back and around her butt to find her delicious sex, dipping his finger into her divine nectar.

“Oooh!” she moaned. “you had better do what your saying.”

She stood as Jamie took one last long suck of his dick before moving aside. Standing in front of him, she allowed him to suck her nipples, revelling in the sensation of his caressing tongue. Wanting more, she turned her back to him and placed her feet either side of his legs. Taking hold of the swollen member, she rubbed it along her clit before slowly descending on it. Inch by inch.

“Oh yes,” she sighed, enjoying his bigness. She sat there for a moment allowing Mitch to reach and hold her shapely breasts. Pivoting on her knees she rose up his cock in one smooth motion before balancing on its tip with little up and down strokes.

“My god!” he groaned, at which she suddenly dropped down the whole length of his pole.

“Shit,” she cried as the nucleus of sexual pleasure began to explode within her. Wildly she plunged up and down on his cock, overtaken by delirium.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she shrieked carried away in lustful euphoria, eventually dropping into his arms, overcome with pleasure. Mitch held onto her firmly until she was able to recover and turn to kiss him deeply with passion.

“You’re wonderful,” she told him sincerely.

“So are you.”

Slowly she stood and sat on the pool edge and rested against his shoulder.

“It’s my turn now. Come on Mitch. Do me,” demanded Jamie, kneeling on the the side of Mitch, he move behind Jamie’s shapely arse. Taking a firm grip of her flesh with one hand he rubbed his cock along the dripping wet hole with other.

“That’s beautiful babe but I need a meaty main course not a teasing entree.”

He pushed firmly passed the gentle resistance of her lips and slid in his sabre of love, nice and easy

“Oh yes!”

He moved smoothly inside her, the moistness of her pussy making his movement highly pleasurable. Jamie was a woman built for comfort not speed. She was like a Rolls Royce of sex. Luxurious and opulent.

“Fucking beautiful!” he cried. Delirious with pleasure. He took little notice of Darcey going into the house and return a minute later with a couple of things in her hand, before she splashed back into the pool.

“What are you doing?” he asked as she disturbed him from his delightful work.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she replied holding up the two objects in her hand.

“What are they?”

“Your surprise!” she told, opening her hand a long red phallic object and a tiny squeeze bottle.


“Trust me,” she told me. “Do you want something special Jamie?”

“You know I do.”

Darcey took the little squeeze bottle in her right hand and leaned over Jamie’s butt and squirted a little on her arse hole and with her finger rubbed it gently around her its ring before pressing gently against the resistance it offered before allowing her finger to slip inside her just a little.

“Ooh,” moaned Jamie in a low voice.

“Now it’s your turn,” Darcey told Mitch, removing her finger he replaced it with his own, wiggling it a little which allowed it to slide in easily.

“Oh fuck babe,” muttered Jamie. Adopting a gentle motion he eased his finger in and out of her arse, matching the movement with his cock, which was still buried deeply within her.

“Now we need to move it up gear,” Darcey told him as she watched on. She dribbled a little more lube on the slender vibrator.

“What are going to do with that?” he asked.

“You’ll see. Take your finger out.”

As he slid his finger from her butt she gently inserted the red vibrator and with an oscillating motion she worked it in three quarters of it length causing Jamie.

“Christ!” she groaned.

“Jamie loves this,” she told him. “Don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah!” she cried as Mitch gave her a couple of thrusts with his cock.

‘That’s good,” Darcey told him. “Now hold on for a ride.”

She held the vibrator and turned the dial at the end of the vibrator and a low bussing sound filled the air. Mitch squeezed Jamie’s buttocks and increased the force of his blows as Jamie’s body began to shake violently as she writhed with desire and screamed with pleasure as the assault on both her holes created an orgasmic blast.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried. Mitch held her waist firmly to ensure their exquisite connection was not broken.

“I want you to fuck my arse!” she told him urgently. Mitch froze with his dick inside her, unsure what to do. He found it difficult to get a good fuck let alone have a woman demanding him to fuck her in the arse. This was unknown territory to him.

Darcey, still holding the red rod deep in Jamie’s arse, slowly extracted it.

“Sit on the pool edge and Jamie will do the rest,” she told him, having detected his uncertainty.

He reluctantly removed his throbbing cock from her soaking pussy and sat on the of the spa. Jamie stood a little shakily as she recovered from her orgasm and backed up to where Mitch sat. Bending her knees, she lowered her body over the straining pole. She reached down to grasp it and slowly guided it into gaping butt. Wriggling onto it, she sat on the tip before gliding it in most of the way in.

“Christ!” he gasped, having his first experienced of having his dick in a woman’s arse. It felt like his cock was being squeezed by a boa constrictor.

“How’s that feel babe?” asked Jamie.


“Good,” she replied, leaning back to sensuously lock with his lips. They played with each others tongues whilst Darcey made busy with her finger on Jamie’s clit. “Put your hand under my butt and help.”

She spread her legs a little further so that they were either side of his and with his assistance, she moved on his cock with definite action, causing them both to moan deeply, with Darcey still arousing Jamie’s love spot.

Meeting Jamie’s grinding action with upward pumps, he drove his cock into Jamie’s arse, a crescendo of euphoric sensations roaring through his cock.

I sat in the hotel room trying to rub the soreness out of my neck and shoulders. This was day five of a five day corporate training seminar and the daily agenda was pretty intense. It didn’t help that I had overdone my attempts to get back in shape and was now paying for too many hours in the gym with an aching body.

My company put me up in a nice suite in a Manhattan five star with a per diem of $500 so I didn’t have much to complain about. Still I was really having trouble relaxing after the long days at the seminar. I’m not much for sitting and typically am up and about all day encouraging my sales team or making presentations to clients. So I was glad I didn’t have another day of sitting on my ass and watching power points as the presenter droned on about market trends and ROI. Nope, tomorrow was my day to relax a bit before heading to the airport for the trip home.

My cell phone chirped and I picked it up only to find another text from my recently ex-girlfriend. Why the hell won’t she just leave me the fuck alone? The relationship was bad for both of us and we mutually agreed to go our separate ways but she insisted on checking in on me. As usual I just deleted the message and tossed the phone on the bed while I looked over at the pile of tourism and entertainment magazines I had picked up the day before. Maybe I could find something interesting to do tomorrow.

As I sift through the pile one caught my attention. It’s a thin, maybe 40 or 50 page glossy magazine on adult nightlife activities. The cover shows a couple of strippers, oh excuse me ‘dancers’, swinging from the pole of some neon lit club. Strip clubs are definitely not my thing except on rare occasions when I have to take a group of clients who are into silicone and stilettos.

Usually I have to hold back my laughter as some chick, soaked in body spray, tries her sales pitch to lure some twenties out of my wallet for a glimpse of her kitty and a grind. “So what brings you into the city? Is this your first time here? What do you do for work? Are you ready for a private dance? Do you want to go to the VIP room?” I know a few of the other sales execs play the game and usually get off on knowing sales psychology on a level these girls can’t even imagine, seeing the angles before they’ve even occurred to the dancer. I don’t play games like that, even with my clients, so why do it with a stripper. It seems so pointless.

As I keep flipping through the pages I notice a section on massage spas. Now, I would have to be pretty stupid not to have an idea about what goes on in these places but at the same time…….the thought intrigues me. I haven’t been with anyone since I left my ex and I really could use a massage, not that I’m too sure these places are known for their massage skills. Maybe it would be fun to combine a bit of relaxation with some stimulation?

An ad catches my eye. It’s a bit smaller than some of the others but features what looks like a candid picture of a very attractive Asian woman standing next to what I assume is the entrance to the spa. The other ads all have what are obviously stock photos of Asian models and the fact that this one seems to be genuine makes me want to go check it out.

I call the number in the ad and a woman who sounds like she might be a bit older answers with a thick accent. “I’m interested in getting a massage. Do I need to make an appointment?”

“Appointment not necessary but sometime we busy. When you want come?”

My mind processes that as “when you want cum” and I smile to myself. “Well, let’s see it’s about 7pm now. Would it be possible to get a massage at 8:30pm?”

“Sure, what you name?”

“Uhm, Sam.”

“Ok…..Sam….we see you then.”

I’m not sure why I gave the false name. I mean it’s not like I live in the area so why should I care? Again I laugh at myself, feeling a bit silly but at the same time like I’m embarking on a bit of an adventure.

I decide to have a shower before I go so that I’ll be fresh. Wow, what am I doing? Preparing for a date or getting ready for a massage? I step into the large shower stall and enjoy the soft rain-like stream from the massive showerhead. As I lather myself up with the French boutique soap the hotel provided I start to become aroused, my cock lengthens at the subconscious inklings of what is to come. This reaction surprises me a bit since I don’t normally get too excited unless I’m anticipating a night of……..well, I guess I am anticipating…something.

I put on the pair of jeans and t-shirt I packed in the off chance of getting time away from suits and ties and head down to the lobby. The doorman flags down a cab and once inside I give the driver the address to which he raises an eyebrow. I wonder what he is thinking as he pulls out into traffic and we’re on our way. I’m used to cabbies making small talk but this guy is silently smiling. It kind of makes me feel a little creeped out as though I’m doing something very illicit and he’s in the know. Which…I guess I am….and he is.

After weaving through the evening traffic and turning down several avenues we pull into a narrow street, not much more than an alley, and the cab comes to a stop in front of what I recognize as the spa in the ad. I pay the driver and hop out onto the pavement noticing the place looks surprisingly clean for it’s less than inspiring location. Looking up and down the street I notice most of the other businesses are securely gated for the night.

The glass front door has a painted image of an Asian woman in that familiar geisha make up and the hours and phone number for the business. Above the door I see one of those rolling security doors like the locked neighboring businesses. Next to the door is an intercom button with a sign that says “please ring for service.” I press the button and here a faint buzzing.


“Hi, I’m Sam. I have an 8:30pm appointment.”

“One moment.”

Through the glass door I see another door inside open and an older, maybe 50-ish, Asian lady walking towards me. She presses some kind of button inside and I hear a click and then the door opens out to let me in.

“Hi Sam. I glad you come to see us.”

Whew! I’m glad she said ‘us.’ For a minute I thought she might be the masseuse, although I still don’t know that she isn’t. It’s not that she’s not attractive, but I was hoping for the 30-something beauty from the ad and not her mom, or boss, or whatever.

“Please you follow me.”

I follow her down the hallway and through the inner door which she closes behind us. This door seems more intended at keeping people from looking into the interior of the business than at keeping anyone out. We stand in a small office/waiting area with several comfortable looking chairs, none of which are occupied.

“How long you want massage? Thirty minute, one hour? Or you want special 90 minute?”

Ninety minutes would have me leaving around 10pm and that should give me plenty of time to relax and…maybe….have some fun. “How much is the ninety minute massage?”

The lady smiles. “That one $100 but I know you will be very happy.”

I reach into my wallet and fish out a hundred dollar bill and hand it to the older lady hoping I’m not making a huge mistake. She smiles and takes the bill from my hand and then motions me to follow her down another hallway, this one lined with doors on both sides. I follow her until she gets to the next to the last door on the right and opens it into a bedroom size space with a large massage table, a chair, and two tables against one wall. On one table is a stack of towels, some lotions and oils, and a small, clear zippered bag. The other table has a row of coat hooks and some hangers above it and appears to be where customers place their clothes. In a corner I see one of those electric waterfalls that stand about three feet high and are supposed to be very soothing.

“I go get Lilly. She give you massage. You want Lilly give you shower?”

I was about to say that I just had a shower but the thought of having ‘Lilly’, whoever she is, give me a shower sounds very interesting. “Yes, I would like that.”

This draws another broad smile from the older lady. “OK, be right back.” With that she closes the door and I’m left alone in the room. I take off my shirt and jeans and drape them over the chair. Next comes off my underwear and socks which I place on top. Standing in the room naked I suddenly become self-conscious at the thought of a strange woman walking in. Wow, that’s pretty strange given that I’m in a massage parlor about to get more than just a massage, hopefully. There is a towel on the massage table and I was starting to think about wrapping it around myself when I hear a knock on the door and it opens almost simultaneously to reveal the same gorgeous woman from the ad.

My naked body doesn’t seem to faze her a bit as she steps into the room, smiling at me as she looks me up and down. “Hi Sam, I’m Lilly.” Her smile is absolutely stunning with perfect white teeth, ruby lips, and almond shaped eyes that smile along with her mouth. She is even more beautiful in person than her picture. If I had to guess I would put her age at around thirty, kind of the perfect age where a woman leaves her youth and enters maturity but has not yet truly aged. Her silky, black hair falls several inches below her shoulders and her perfect skin has a sort of café au lait tone. I can’t see much of her body since she wears a terry cloth robe that ends about mid-thigh, but her legs are gorgeous and toned. Unlike the older woman there is only the slightest hint of an accent which makes me assume she grew up in the US. I feel like I want ask her a dozen questions to get to know her. Is that appropriate? This is a business appointment, not a date. Why am I feeling this way?

“Nice to meet you Lilly. By the way it’s really Jason. I told the other lady Sam because I was a bit nervous. Should I wrap this towel around me?”

“No Jason, it’s OK, you’re our last customer tonight. And you have nothing to be nervous about. I’ll take very good care of you. You might want to put your wallet in that bag to take with you to the shower.” She points to the clear, plastic bag I had seen on the table. I guess this is to make their customers feel safe that they have their money with them when they leave the room. I remove my wallet from my jeans and place it in the bag then zipper it shut.

“Follow me to the shower.” Lilly takes my hand and leads me out of the room and down the hall to where it opens into a larger area that has bathrooms on either side and what looks like a laundry room on the end. She has me go into one of the bathrooms and as I step inside I notice a tile covered bench running the length of one wall with a foam mattress on top and a large bucket next to it on the floor. A faucet with a hose attached is on the wall next to the bench or table.

Lilly takes the bag with my wallet and sets it down on a shelf next to some more towels. She then turns on the water and waits a moment for the water to come to an agreeable temperature before spraying the vinyl covered mat. Once it’s sufficiently wet she pats it to indicate I should lie down.

“Lie on your stomach first please.”

The mat is nice and warm from the water and I lay with anticipation, my chin resting across my folded arms. Apparently that is not what Lilly wanted as she moves my arms to my sides and then begins spraying my body with the warm water. I close my eyes and hear the water shut off followed by a sloshing sound which has to be the bucket next to me.

Lilly takes a sponge and starts to lather my back and legs, coating me in a nice, lightly scented soap. After I’m covered in suds I hear the sponge being dropped into the bucket and then feel a new sensation as Lilly scrubs me with what feels like a face cloth. I open my eyes to see she has put on a glove that seems to be made of terry cloth and which she is using to gently scrub my body from head to toe. The feeling is very soothing and I’m starting to feel incredibly pampered. Why couldn’t I have a beautiful woman bathing me this way every day? This must be what it was like to be a sultan or maharajah.

Once she has given my back and legs a thorough cleaning I feel her bare hands return to my skin. What had previously been a soothing scrub now turns to very arousing caresses. Her hands massage my feet and then travel up my legs until she reaches my ass where she raises her hands off my body and lightly drags her nails across my cheeks causing goose bumps. Her hands move up and down my back in a very light massage and then down my arms until she reaches my hands which she softly rubs in hers.

Next I feel Lilly’s fingernails trailing erotically up my arms and down my shoulder blades and back until she once again reaches my ass sending chills throughout my body and causing my cock to stir beneath me. I jump slightly as Lilly’s fingers travel between my cheeks and down towards my balls.

She gently rubs up and down my crack, her fingers brushing my sack each time as my cock starts lengthening and a moan escapes my lips. Lilly’s hand slips between my legs and under my body to cup my now hard shaft, giving it a gentle squeeze. Her fingers play briefly before she tells me it’s time to turn over, which I do somewhat grudgingly at the loss of her touch.

I move to my back and as I lay flat I look down to see my stiff pole sticking straight up from my abdomen. Lilly notices this too and smiles broadly then turns to look me in the eyes. “Does that feel good?”

“Oh my God. It feels amazing.”

“Good.” She laughs in a way that displays more satisfaction than amusement. Again she uses the sponge to soap me up, only this time I keep my eyes open so I can watch her. She moves so fluidly, like a graceful dancer, looking up at my face and smiling from time to time as she goes about her work. I want to take her then and there but am resigned to let her set the pace even though my cock is telling me otherwise.

Soon the sponge is back in the bucket and Lilly slips on the terry cloth glove. She works from my thighs down to my feet and then slowly back up my sides and shoulders. The feeling is relaxing and my erection fades as I cool down. I’m sure this is the intended effect, causing the customer to start a slow simmer.

The glove is pulled off and Lilly starts teasing with her finger tips, moving from my stomach to my chest and then down my arms. My erection returns just as Lilly’s hands move to my thighs and this brings a satisfied grin to her face as she watches my cock slowly rise up off my body. Her hands circle around the shaft putting light pressure on my public bone causing my member to pulse upward.

Her soapy fingers slowly stroke up and down the length of my hardness and I gasp involuntarily. It feels so good I’m afraid she is going to make me cum then and there but after several strokes she releases me and reaches for the bucket. Lilly pours the warm water over my body rinsing some of the soap off then asks me to sit up. She grabs the hose and checks the water temperature then proceeds to gently rinse the rest of the soap off asking me to stand at the end to get the remainder.

Lilly picks up a towel which I thought she would just hand to me but instead she starts to dry me off, asking me to lift my arms over my head. I have never felt so pampered. Being bathed and then dried off by a beautiful woman is an incredible experience and one I’m sure I will repeat if the opportunity arises.

After getting me dried off Lilly hands me the bag containing my wallet and we make our way back to the massage room. My semi-hard cock is leading the way and I see the older lady watching us from the office with a toothy smile. I’m sure we are quite a sight, a naked American with a boner following a sexy Asian woman in a robe down the hallway in a massage parlor. Not a scene I ever expected to be in but you only live once as they say.

Entering the room Lilly asks me to lie face down on the table and place my face in one of those donut contraptions that all massage tables seem to have. She then pats me dry one more time and asks if I want oil, which she assures is unscented and good for the skin. I agree and soon feel the trickle of oil on my back. As the oil runs slowly down my back I hear a click and then soft music starts playing from an unseen stereo or radio. It’s the typical New Age stuff you hear in massage studios and definitely sets a relaxing tone.

“Do you want hard, medium, or soft pressure?”

I’m surprised that she asks since this is a question I wasn’t expecting from a ‘not so therapeutic’ place. “Medium please.” I tell her hoping for the best.

Lilly truly knows her stuff and goes about giving me an incredibly good massage. She even notices the stiffness in my shoulders and inquires about what had happened. When I tell her about overdoing it in the gym she starts doing some sort of trigger point massage that soon has the knots released and my back feeling a thousand percent better.

After at least an hour I just start to drift off to sleep when I feel a change in the massage. Lilly was working on the back of my legs and the pressure moves from medium to very light. I once again feel her finger nails being gently scrapped along my thighs then up my sides and down my back. She repeats this pattern several times until my breathing increases and I can’t help but shift on the table. What an erotic feeling, like small channels of electric current coursing through my body.

When she reaches my ass I find myself rising up to meet her hands. Again my cock starts to lengthen under me and I moan loud enough for us both to hear. Her fingers tickle my ass and then one hand reaches to cup my balls making me lift my ass off the table in anticipation. Lilly’s other hand finds my shaft and her fingers encircle me causing my cock to pulse. Two, three, four gentle strokes and then she withdraws her hand leaving me wanting more. So much more.

If the strippers had no luck selling me on their dances, Lilly could have asked me to mortgage my house and at this point I probably would have. I have never been so filled with lust, especially over a woman I had just met an hour earlier.

I first catch a very faint whiff of Lilly’s perfume, which I previously had not detected, as she leans close to my face. Her warm breath tickles my ear and I want so much to turn and kiss her ruby lips. “Are you ready to turn over for me baby?”

“Oh God yeah.”

“What do you want baby?”

“What?” I’m temporarily confused as to what she means.

“What…do…you…want?” Lilly says again in a soft, sexy voice emphasizing every word.

“I want you.”

“You want me? Hmmm, you’re naughty. Do you want…all..of me?”


“I was hoping you would say that. I really like you and that cock of yours looks delicious.”

I can’t help but groan. This is too much. It may be her job and just some sort of fantasy she creates for her customers but I’m hooked and filled with a desire I have never before experienced. I turn over onto my back and Lilly places a pillow under my head then steps back away from the table.

Her delicate hands move to the tie on her robe and slowly undo the knot holding it closed. When she opens the robe and lets it fall off her shoulders I’m truly stunned. This woman is a goddess. Standing in front of me in black lace trimmed burgundy satin panties and a matching bra Lilly is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Not the plastic, silicone enhanced Barbie dolls in Playboy, but a woman who looks like God’s blueprint for femininity. Soft, but toned, with curves to die for, Lilly is my ultimate fantasy in every way.

Her stomach has that slight feminine curve that gets lost on the hard body fanatics I see walking around the gym trying to impress the gym rats. I’m sorry but I really don’t want to see a well defined six pack on a woman. As Lilly turns to show me her ass I nearly faint at its beauty. I’m a diehard ass man and Lilly’s is a perfect apple shape which looks absolutely amazing filling out those taut, shiny red panties.

Ali and Cloud were relaxing in the warm, bubbling water of our spa while I popped open another beer in the kitchen. As soon as Al and I had installed the new attraction the girls had decided to spend some together and Cloud had appeared on our door step. The first week had been nice and quiet but with tonight being Friday night they had opened a bottle of champagne before their swim. Laughter and the sounds of relaxed chat could be heard as I left the house to join them.

I knew I was lucky to be with two girls so gorgeous. The mere thought of their tiny bikinis had sent a surge of blood that stiffened my penis and there was something of a bulge in my pants as I approached the spa. Unfortunately it was obvious enough the girls began whistling and cat-calling me as I crossed the patio and I had to hurriedly hop into the warm water.

“You can’t blame a guy for admiring beauty,” I laughed. Noticing for the first time how close the girls were sitting together in the corner.

“Hahaha” laughed Ali sarcastically. “I’m sure the sight of your old wife still turns you on.”

“Honey, we have all seen you photos on lit. There’s nothing with a pulse that doesn’t get turned on by you.” Cloud said patting my wife’s knee under the water before turning her attention to me. I was surprised she had touched Ali so intimately but I was shocked as she glided around the spa to sit next to me. “And if his cock is this big without being turned on, I can’t wait to see it at its full size” She added as she grabbed my cock through my boxers and gave it a quick squeeze.

I felt my face turn crimson as I watched the small waves of her movement crash against me. I was a flirt. Hell we were all flirts and I knew Ali and Cloud talked about sex but I never thought anything would happen. As Cloud settled back down next to Al I moved my eyes to my wife’s face and saw her lips curve in a little smile. Her left eye closed in a wink and I read the look on her face. Everything was happening as she wanted.

The kings of Leon were playing on the stereo inside as I slouched in the warm water. The bubble jets combined with the warm water were relaxing and as I watched Ali whispering into Cloud’s ear I felt anxious tingles in my belly. Things were transpiring and it looked like I had no control over it. The whispering back and forth continued broken only by giggling every time I tried to inject myself. Despite the cool air I was perspiring and it felt like my sex was on fire.

Finally the whispering stopped and I saw Cloud’s lithe figure climb out of the spa as Ali swam over to me. With her hands on my thighs she climbed up into my lap and through her arms around my neck to give me an enthusiastic if not reassuring kiss. “Mmmmm, that feels nice.” She cooed as my hard member was pressed against her soft little ass.

“Wait here for about 15 minutes, then come looking for us in the bedroom”. She gave me a quick kiss and wiggled her bum again before leaving me alone.

Those next 15 minutes were the longest minutes of my life. I was a married man. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking about doing, but I was more than ready to do it.

Finally I stepped out of the spa and stripped out of my soaking boxers, wringing out the water as I walked toward the house. Coming down the hallway I could see the flicker of candlelight. It was emanating from the darkened spare bedroom Cloud was staying in. Softly I tip toed toward the source of the light and the door wide open. Inside on the bed I could clearly see Cloud’s naked body lying spread-eagle on the bed, while my baby lapped at her pussy. Ali’s luscious ass looked incredibly inviting as she knelt between Cloud’s legs.

Cloud’s eyes were closed and her hands were twisting her nipples as she wriggled her hips under Ali’s care. Opening her eyes she saw me standing in the doorway and her mouth drew into a big grin. She crooked her finger and between moans of pleasure motioned me to join them. I slowly walked across the room. The sweet smell of sex was mixing with the scent of vanilla from the burning candles and it causing my cock to get even harder.

It appeared that Ali was so engrossed in her efforts that she didn’t even hear me as I stood completely naked behind her, a sense of disbelief and appreciation sweeping over me. When it passed, I knelt behind my love and I could see the moisture glistening from her pussy, mere inches from my face. Stretching my tongue out, I licked Ali from her the beginning of her moist lips to her tight little asshole. I was expecting her to be at least somewhat startled, but she only moaned with pleasure. I needed no more encouragement and continued.

My nose was pressed against the crack of her ass as I licked and sucked on her dainty lips. My hands massaged her ass cheeks and thighs as I slid my tongue into and out of her pussy, occasionally drawing back and giving her bottom a quick lick or two.

Cloud’s moans were getting louder and louder. To me it sounded as though Ali knew exactly what she was doing and it amazed me it was her first time with a woman. The bed was bouncing under the combined weight of our three bodies and it felt like our pleasure was joined into one. Perspiration covered our bodies and the scent of sex had even begun to over power the candles when I heard Cloud scream out. “I’m cumming!”

I could feel Cloud’s feet drumming on the mattress as she writhed in her orgasm, but Ali never paused in her licking. Cloud was screaming as her oversensitive clitoris was being tortured in exquisite ecstasy. It was fantastic. I had never been part of a love making so passion as the one involve the two women and it caused me to increase my efforts as I drove my tongue deeper into Ali’s slit.

Ali was wiggling her ass in rhythm to the strokes from my tongue, when she turned her head and said: “Fuck me baby, I need your cock”, before turning her attention back to Cloud’s bare pussy.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I rose to my feet behind her and lined my rock hard cock up with my wife’s sopping wet pussy. Her normally tight tunnel was well lubricated and with the first push I had half of my cock inside. Pulling out I grabbed Ali’s hip and thrust thrice more before I was fully one with my wife. I heard her muffled moans radiating out from Cloud’s pussy as I began to slide my prick through her slick channel.

I could now see Cloud and I watched as her eyes roll up in her head when she began to climax again. Ali was suckling on her clit and as she thrust three fingers through her sopping hole Cloud was bucking her hips obscenely. This time though, when Cloud’s orgasm had subsided, Ali backed off. She arched her back to allow my cock to penetrate even deeper into her and focused on her own pleasure.

“Fuck me hard. Fuck me!” she screamed as I rammed my cock into her faster and faster, my balls slapping up against her clit with every down stroke.

I grabbed Ali by the hair gently and spanked her ass as I fucked her harder and harder. Cloud was watching on from her seat on the pillows and I found it incredibly sexy to have an audience. I pulled her back toward me by her hair so that I could grab and squeeze her large, soft breasts. Squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger I heard her moans intensify. Three more thrusts and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick as she came hard. I slowed my pace as Ali collapsed forward between Cloud’s legs.

“I want to taste her juices and swallow your wild oats, Dave” Cloud cooed.

With that, I slipped from my wife’s pussy and moved forward on the bed. I walked on my knees until my cock was right in front of her best friend’s mouth, Ali’s juices still dripping from its length. Cloud began like the tease she is. Long licks made me feel like a lolly pop before she finally took the head of my dick into her mouth. Opening her lips wide she allowed me to slide my dick into her small mouth until I felt the head pressing against the back of her throat.

“Mmmm” she moaned as she sucked and licked Ali’s nectar from the length of my shaft. Cloud gave my balls a quick squeeze as I slid my cock backward so that only the head remained in her mouth. I held her by the ears and slowly began fucking her face as she sucked and slurped it in with each stroke.

Ali had apparently regained her bearings and crawled around behind me, lying on her back between my legs as I fucked her friend’s face with my dick. Ali then began licking and sucking my balls as I slid my dick back and forth, in and out of Cloud’s mouth.

I felt my balls tightening as Ali sucked one into her mouth, and I grabbed Cloud’s head tightly between my hands and she took my dick into her throat as I shot my first load straight down her throat. I could feel her throat contract around my dick as she swallowed every drop. I pulled back a little and let my second shot fill Cloud’s mouth as I felt her tongue swirl around my head, again swallowing each drop of cum. I felt my cock pump at least three more times before my cock became so sensitive I had to pull it free.

Exhausted for the moment I sat back onto the mattress. Ali sat up and took my place as she kissed Cloud square on the mouth. With hands all over each other they began to kiss. Exchanging fluids and swapping the last remnants of my sperm between them.

Even exhausted the site of my sperm being swapped brought life back to my member. I realized with a start that I still hadn’t tasted Cloud yet. I decided to end that drought right away, sliding down the bed and lowering my head between Cloud’s legs I started slowly licking her outer lips very softly, noticing the tremendously musky, yet sweet scent leaking from her. Her bare pussy was so smooth and soft as my tongue delved deeper, tracing the outline of her inner lips.

As I tasted Cloud’s pussy lips, Ali tasted the lips of her mouth as they continued their make-out session. The assault on Cloud’s senses must of been overwhelming as she fell back on the bed and spread her legs wider, providing me easier access. I continued to lavish attention on her pussy, as Ali was massaging Cloud’s small, firm breasts. She was beginning to suck on Cloud’s nipples, causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure.

“Ooh, that feels so good.” “Don’t stop.” “Don’t stop.” Cloud commanded as my partner and I tongued some of her most sensitive areas.

Just then I noticed Ali begin to move down Cloud’s body, tracing her tongue across Cloud’s flat belly. Circling her navel with kisses, and continuing down, placing soft kisses on Cloud’s hip bone. Before long Ali was lying next to me, straddling Cloud’s right leg and she moved her face next to mine.

“Kiss me love. I want to taste the storm on your lips”, Ali panted.

With that, I leaned into her and pressed my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and our tongues met in a frenetic dance within our mouths. As we kissed, Ali and I slipped our index fingers into Cloud’s tight pussy and began massaging her G-spot together. We began taking turns, kissing, licking Cloud’s lips, and clit, and tongue fucking her slit until her hips were thrusting to meet us.

Within a few seconds, Cloud let out a scream: “I’m CUMMMMING!!!!” as juices gushed forth from her pussy.

We disengaged from each others mouths and began lapping up Cloud’s juices which were liberally distributed across her inner thighs and all around her pussy. One thigh each, we met in the middle, swapping the small girls clit between our mouths. I still wasn’t sure of what to do next when Ali whispered in my ear. “I want to watch you lover. Show me how you make love to me.”

Ali sat back to watch as I slid up Cloud’s body. I was sexual heaven, completely uncaring of my marital vows as I left a trail of kisses from her clit to her chin. As our lips met in a soft kiss, I could feel my again hard cock brushing against Cloud’s wetness.

“Mmmmm” Cloud moaned as Ali’s hand aligned my dick with her dripping pussy. Gently I pushed the bulbous head through her slick opening.

“Yeeesss” she called out as with one smooth, slow stroke I slid the entirety into her. The tip of my dick pressed against her cervix and my balls were flat against her tight asshole. She was tight and if I hadn’t just already came I don’t think I would have survived. She was tight in her youth but also strong in her fitness and I felt her amazing muscles gripping me.

Cloud’s legs were wrapped tightly around the small of my back and we rocked back and forth in a slow, leisurely motion. Ali’s hands moved to my bum. Gently pushing Cloud and I back and forth, setting the rhythm for us. I was completely engulfed in what I was doing with Cloud and so I didn’t notice what the love of my life was up to, when all of a sudden I felt something wet and warm slide across my puckered star. I turned my head and saw that Ali was kneeling behind me, giving my ass a nice hot tongue bath.

I had never had anybody lick me there before, and I have to admit that the sensation was spectacular. I could feel my cock getting bigger and bigger as Ali lapped at my ass. It was a wonderful mixture of sensations as Cloud’s sweet walls massaged my cock and Ali’s tongue slid back and forth across my bum.

Ali’s saliva was covering my crack from top to bottom as I began to pick up the pace of my strokes inside of Cloud’s cunt. Cloud was begging me to fuck her harder as I continued my long, deep strokes into her steamy slit.

I could tell we were both close to orgasm as Cloud’s breathing was becoming ragged, and my balls were beginning to tighten and boil. I thought I might have another ten or more strokes in me when all of a sudden, I felt Ali slide her index finger into my well-lubed hole. At first I tightened up, but quickly I relaxed as I adapted to the feeling.

Before I knew it, my balls felt as if they were exploding and I shot the hugest load of my life deep into Cloud’s pussy. I could feel it splashing deep inside her, and backwashing out around my cock and down my balls.

“Aaarrgghh”, I growled out as I had the most intense orgasm of my life, collapsing upon Cloud as her own body thrashed in the throes of her own climax.

I rolled off of Cloud and lay in between my wife and her best friend, trying to recover all of my senses. I could hear their soft rhythmic breathing on either side. Their soft skin under each of my palms and the warmth of their flesh against me. I was a happy man.

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