Liselle found herself lying naked in the bed of a woman she had just met. Although she still had some alcohol in her, her head had begun to clear a bit, and her embarrassment at being fully nude, having just had sex, in a strange place with a beautiful raven haired vixen, was quite unbearable. Unfortunately, she was so exhausted that she couldn’t really get up from the fetal position that Danny had left her in. She looked down to watch the trail of saliva and her own sexual fluids still flowing slowly from her engorged and slightly sore vulva. Although she found it immeasurably enjoyable at the time, her sex was now a little bit worse for wear. She couldn’t really blame Danny, however, since she was the one that had, quite insistently, pushed her body to the boundaries.

Okay, so she’s now had sex with a sorority girl. Is that kind of like having sex with a frat boy? She couldn’t really be sure if it could be equated to that, but she certainly hoped not. There were some pretty unsavoury things that are said about girls who fraternize with frat boys, and she could just as easily forget about that sort of thing being said of her. On the other hand, even though she had been seduced by one of the most beautiful women she’d ever known, she hadn’t really done any of the things you’d normally consider crossing the boundary if you were that type of girl. For instance, she reasoned, she didn’t make love to Danny, Danny had made love to her. Not that she wouldn’t return the favour if given the chance, but she was on the receiving end of the deal, not the giving end. That definitely made it less unsavoury in her mind.

Another few minutes had passed, and Liselle finally regained enough strength to crawl up to a sitting position. Her head spun a bit with the sudden movement, and she found herself lurching out of bed on a pair of long, lovely but ungainly legs. The glass of wine, which she’d abandoned after Danny’s kiss, sat half full on the desk, and she now took it into both hands and had another sip of it. The wine warmed her belly, and she felt a little better, having regained a bit of mental strength. She drank the rest of it, and after a few moments, she was on her feet again.

However, after she’d looked around her, she realized that the clothes she’d worn up until Danny had stripped her were no longer in the room. Liselle looked around the bed, under the covers, and over the sides of the bed just to make sure they hadn’t all slipped down there somewhere. Somewhat more desperately, she got on her knees and crawled around for a good minute, trying to peer under Danny’s bed in search of, if not all her clothes, then at least her underwear, but nothing could be found. Danny had also been gone for quite some time now, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Should she dig through her drawers in search of something to cover herself with? What about the other girls that she’d mentioned were in the house waiting for her? Liselle turned her situation over in her head a few times, then finally decided that she’d try to peek out of the doorway and see if she could beckon Danny back to help her. Warily, she tiptoed to the door, and pulling the handle back, opened a little crack. The door creaked as though it was on a pair of rusty hinges, and Liselle winced at the noise it made. She opened it a bit more so that she could poke her head out. After turning this way and that, and seeing no one, she whispered as loudly and as quietly as she could. “Danny?” Liselle’s green eyes darted this way and that, searching the corridor. Three doors, presumably leading to the other girls’ rooms, stood to her right, and at the end of that hallway stood the staircase that they came up on.

No one answered. Darn it! She couldn’t believe that Danny would just leave her like that. Fuming, Liselle went back to the bed, and dug under the bed one last time in search of her clothes. It was dark down there, and she groped around blindly, her hands bumping up against random knickknacks. That was when something wet slid up her butt, and she yelped like a kicked dog and bumped her head against the bottom of the bed. Her head stung as she tried to crawl out from under the bed, feeling extremely exposed on her knees with her ass hanging up in the air like that, waiting to be assaulted. However, a set of hands prevented her retreat, and she heard a mischievous giggle coming from behind her. Something wet touched her butt again, but this time it came must closer to her butthole. Oh my god, she thought, what the heck was Danny doing?! Despite herself, her body began to respond to another lick, this time right over her puckered hole. She could feel herself tense up for a moment, and then that tongue began to rim her asshole, making light circles around the sensitive skin there. Liselle shivered from the contact, and that set of hands which prevented her retreat started to massage her labia. She could feel herself becoming extremely wet, and she tried to reach behind her to stop Danny’s assault to no avail. “At least let me get out from under here first,” she sighed through heavy gasps of pleasure.

Liselle closed her eyes as she let Danny have her way with her behind. It was so lewd the way she was exposed, and yet it turned her on so much. Plus, Danny was really starting to probe her bumhole with her tongue now, lapping and tonguing the sensitive opening. The hand that had been going to work on her pussy now concentrated its contact with her clit, and once again, she could feel an orgasm building inside her body. Liselle wasn’t sure what she should do – should she just ride it out and let Danny have her way with her, or should she try to buck her assailant and get out from under that bed? In the end, her body made the choice to stay where she was, and she couldn’t really argue with that decision much as her breathing became more ragged with each combined stroke of Danny’s tongue and hand. All she could do was close her eyes, and absorb the sensations that were filling up her flawless body.

As she verged on her climax, she felt a second hand suddenly tickle the bottom of her foot! Liselle tried to jerk her foot away, but all that did was scrap her knee on the floor and she cried out with a loud, “Ouch!” She moaned in both pleasure and frustration, feeling so helpless in a situation like this, bent over with her ass in the air and with no way to protect herself. Each time she got close to the orgasm that was rumbling deep in her belly, that hand would inevitably tickle one of her feet so that she would lose just enough concentration to prevent her from cumming. This went on for about 10 minutes, each tickle driving her wild with sexual frustration. Her pussy was sore and on fire, and her body shook with unreleased tension. “Please! Let me cum!” Liselle pleaded with her assailant, but nothing came except for another giggle. Why was Danny being so mean? Liselle thought she liked her!

Liselle became more and more frustrated to the point of verging on tears as her ass and pussy was attacked relentlessly by that hand and mouth. “I can’t go on!” she pleaded one more time, trying to shrug off her attacker, if not the finger tickling her feet, then the hand and mouth that was filling her with so much pent-up pleasure. It was at this point that her assailant stopped, and she shuddered with a weary relief. Sweat poured down her brow and slender body as the toll of the licking and massaging came to bear on her. Her knees and back were tired from the strain of staying in that position for so long, and she finally tried to crawl back out from under the bed. However, those hands held her back once again, preventing her escape. A frustrated moan escaped her mouth, and it was all she could do to stop herself from kicking out her feet, but she really didn’t want to hurt Danny.

Just as she was considering her options, that mouth started to work away at her butthole again, and she felt herself being spread wide by Danny’s hands, but this time the licking came with a vigor that had lost all of the previously teasing quality to it. It was ferocious, and Liselle felt her loins responding involuntarily. Although that tongue felt fantastic, she needed more to finish, and so she reached back to rub her clit with her right hand. And right when she was about to reach back, she felt someone holding her hand down. Through the foggy haze of her pleasure-saturated mind, she realize that with the two hands spreading her ass wide open for the tongue, and the other hand preventing her from rubbing her clit, there were 3 hands! She had little time to consider that fact, however, because the hand which had been holding her back was now intent on spreading her sopping wet pussy open. And a second mouth closed itself over her clit, slowing suckling her love button with something akin to languid pleasure. Oh my god, she thought, there were two girls eating her out at the same time! Liselle began to writhe with the combined pleasure on two of her most sensitive spots, her face flushing with the intensity of the sensations. Closer and closer she rode those two mouths towards her climax until she came with what felt like an explosive force. All that pent up sexual energy released itself, and she groaned from both the intensity of her orgasm and the relief she felt. Liselle wriggled her hips this way and that, with both those lovely mouths still working on her sex like there was no tomorrow. When she thought she’d had enough, she tried to pull away, but again she was prevented from doing so. What came after that was a bit hazy, but as those mouths worked her towards a second, even stronger orgasm, her mind began to blank from the unrelenting pleasure she was receiving…


Jenny turned to look at her twin sister Jenna. They were both standing in Danny’s room, wearing nothing but skimpy negligee’s and almost entirely translucent, white panties which were made even more transparent by the wetness of their pussies. Their large but perky breasts (whom everyone thought were fake, but the girls took that as compliments) could be seen through their essentially non-existent clothing. Jenny and Jenna had a playful streak, and they always took whatever chance they could to tease, bother, and irritate the other girls of the house with their devilish ways. Case in point – Liselle laid on Danny’s bed, her eyes closed, face completely flushed red, gasping for breath. After Jenny and Jenna had their little fun, they helped Liselle out from under the bed, but when they turned her over, they found that she had blacked out.

“Do you think we hurt her?” Jenna asked her older sister doubtfully. Her cute baby face framed a set of deep brown eyes that were filled with concern. This trick that they pulled on the unsuspecting Liselle had been done to other members of the house before (but never to Danny, since they were both too in awe with her), but they had never gone quite that far with the other girls. They probably should have stopped after Liselle had finished the first time, but the girls were so filled with a lust for the lovely and irresistibly sexy red head that they couldn’t help themselves. They were also kind of afraid that Danny would look upon this quite badly, as they didn’t know whether Danny had finished having her fun with Liselle yet. Danny was quite adamant on the fact that she was to have Liselle to herself when she first came over, which was already unusual considering the fact that the girls always shared with each other, no matter who it was that brought them in. Admittedly, Liselle was an extraordinary and unique beauty that none of the girls have had the pleasure of encountering before; this was, of course, excluding Danny, whom herself was just as stunning, but in a different manner. The combination of that crimson hair, the pale and freckled, but perfect complexion, those legs that seemed to extend forever and ever into the sky, even that cute little bush of red pubic hair made her an irresistible mark. When they saw her so exposed and vulnerable, groping under Danny’s bed with her shapely butt wriggling about, they simply couldn’t control themselves. Adding to the fact that her girl cum tasted like the forbidden fruit of the gods, and they couldn’t help but try to milk just a little bit more out of that delicate pussy.

“I don’t know,” Jenny said doubtfully. Her face was a little red from lying upside down for so long, eating Liselle’s clit like a piece of delicious candy. Liselle had squirted like a fountain when she orgasmed; it was all Jenny could to do to drink down everything that dribbled out of her love canal without wasting a drop. Even in her comatose state, she looked like a red headed angel lying on a bed, albeit an exhausted naked angel that was glowing with a layer of sweat. “She’s probably just resting, I don’t think we hurt her or anything.” This was said with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

A set of feet padded up from behind the girls softly as they tried to figure out what to do, and they shrieked fearsomely as a gentle hand tapped each of their shoulders. Danny stood directly behind them in the nude, her face made up gorgeously and her body like that of a goddess. Her hair had been let down out of the bun, and she eyed them with a quizzical look in those ocean blue eyes. “You were having fun with Liselle without me, I presume?” She said this in a matter-of-fact tone, giving no hint to the girls as to what she was thinking. They looked at her warily, trying to determine whether or not she was mad that they had taken advantage of Liselle.

After giving them an adequate amount of time to brood on their behaviour, Danny suddenly laughed, that musical tone in her voice filling the room. The girls smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I think we got a little out of hand. We might have tired her out entirely. Maybe we can try to wake her up though?” Jenny asked hopefully. Her eyes began to burn with that smoldering fire of lust that was so easily recognizable in the twins. They both had that evil little look on their faces again.

“Oh, you girls are hopeless,” Danny laughed, giving each of the girls a wet, kiss and their asses a pinch before going to her drawers. She pulled out a bag full of toys, selecting one that seemed to be a long, purple dildo with an attachment at the bottom. It was maybe 7 or 8 inches in length, and its girth was larger than what one would call average. “Do you only think about sex?” she asked wryly.

The twins nodded in gleeful unison. “Is that the one that spins?” Jenna asked. Danny gave her a little wink, and the blonde came over immediately to take the dildo from her. “I love this one. It makes you feel so good and twisted up inside,” she admitted, flicking the switch at the bottom so that it started to spin in a slow, undulating rhythm. Jenna pulled down her panties, and began massaging herself with it.

Danny hit Jenna’s wrist with a playful slap. “Guests first, Jenna. Remember your manners?”

“I was just trying to get it wet for her. Look how small she is.”

Jenny nodded in agreement with a sagely air. “Is that thing really going to fit inside her?”

“I am certain that, with a little persuasion, Liselle will be more than accommodating,” Danny replied, her eyes wandering over Liselle’s still unconscious form. The way her eyes smoldered said it all.

The three girls propped Liselle on her back with her head comfortably on a soft pillow. Danny put another pillow just under her lower back, propping her hips up a bit so that she could get easier access to her pink vagina. Without another word, Jenna and Jenny began to suck and nibble on her neck and earlobe, which immediately elicited a moan from her, while their hands roamed all over her body, tugging and teasing her puffy pink nipples when they came to her breasts. Danny snaked her way down to that little firebush, lifting up Liselle’s legs in the process. Even after two bouts of sex, Liselle still smelled like heaven, and Danny’s mouth watered like she was about to feast on the greatest banquet the world has ever known. There was no hesitation as Danny first probed that fragrant pussy with her mouth, wetting Liselle’s pussy lips with her saliva, and sucking each of them in turn into her mouth. Liselle began to respond slowly by gyrating her hips to the rhythm of Danny’s sucking, and Danny’s efforts were rewarded with another deep sigh from Liselle that heaved her chest. Everything about Liselle was so genuine and sexy that Danny couldn’t help but feel her heart melt for the beautiful girl.

Next, she went down to start licking Liselle’s love button with the tip of her tongue, then flattening her tongue, stroked up and down, and finally dipped inside Liselle’s little pink flower. Danny repeated this action until she could fit two fingers into her lover’s pussy, and each time she lapped at her little nub, she could feel Liselle’s muscles clenching down on her fingers. By this time, Liselle had wrapped her legs unconsciously around Danny’s head, her ankles crossing and uncrossing at the sensations her tender body was receiving. The twins continued to play with her upper regions, and as the three girls got into a rhythm, simultaneously moving their mouths and fingers and hands, this finally woke up the lovely redhead. She took one look down her body at the three beautiful girls pleasuring her and closed her eyes while a grateful smile crossed her face. “That feels so good,” she groaned in a sleepy voice as her body climbed up that plane of ecstasy. Even as the twins started to nibble on her nipples, turning them even puffier and redder, she couldn’t help but moan her intense pleasure, her body writhing to the rhythm of their stimulations

As Liselle climbed that first wave of sexual tension, she felt Danny’s fingers slip out of her, and she was filled with a sudden emptiness in her loins. However, that didn’t last long because as soon as Danny had been satisfied with a quick taste of

her fingers, she began to push the purple dildo gently but insistently into Liselle’s love channel. Her eyes flew wide open, and she was suddenly filled with apprehension. Even though she couldn’t see it, she could feel that the dildo was much larger than anything else she’s ever encountered.

“Relax,” Danny cooed to her, taking a small break from eating her pussy, “I’ll take care of you.” Danny’s hands kneaded and massaged Liselle’s thighs, and she soon felt the fearful tension melt away into a more pleasurable type of tension. Taking her clit into her mouth, and gently easing the dildo forward, Danny watched as Liselle’s thighs shook from the way she was being filled. Slowly, gently, one slow inch at a time, Danny moved her way forward as she continued to pleasure Liselle’s little love button with her mouth, taking it in and rolling it around with her tongue. As she watched in fascination the way the large purple dildo was slipping into Liselle’s tiny pussy, opening her lover up in ways she’d never felt before, Danny quivered with the satisfying knowledge that she was going to be Liselle’s first. This realization only added to her passion for the innocent red head, and she redoubled her efforts to make Liselle’s first time as amazing as possible. When the dildo was about 4 inches deep inside Liselle, Danny looked up to watch her lover’s face. It was contorted and flushed with sweat and she was biting down on her lip, but she showed no signs of pain. “I think this as far as we can go for now. I’m going to turn it on now, so don’t be afraid.”

With that, Danny flicked the switch to the lowest setting, and the length of the dildo began to turn. Liselle felt as though her nether regions were being churned from the inside, but it was something so unique and pleasurable that the dull pain it caused her was overwhelmed by the continued efforts of the three girls. Even as the dildo’s speed was turned up, her pussy began to adjust to that gyrating turn, and she ached with a dull force so strong it made her head spin and her arms grip the bed sheets for dear life. Liselle grunted with the effort to endure both the pleasure and the pain, her body wet with perspiration. It was all she could do to stay conscious through the experience, which was overwhelming her senses in a manner she’d never before experienced. Her belly began that slow familiar rumble towards a huge climax. This time, however, she didn’t cum like she had before, but instead her orgasm continue to crest up a hill that didn’t end. Danny carefully controlled the rhythm of her tongue and her dildo, maintaining Liselle’s pleasure at fever pitch without bursting it. Liselle shook and shuddered in that bed as sweat poured from her glowing body, and her cries of animal pleasure rose goosebumps on the other three girls. Minute after minute passed, until Liselle felt that continuously edged orgasm racking her tender body relentlessly. Some indeterminant amount of time seemed to pass as Liselle fought the orgasm that tried to burst forth from her pussy, trying to make it come as it dipped and to hold it off as it rose like the tides of the ocean. Her anguished cries continued to fill the night for a very long time as the three girls pleasured her, and they became a mass of tender, young flesh intent only on fulfilling Liselle’s glorious, quivering body. Even after Danny removed that lovely tool from her pussy, and as they rested their exhausted bodies on the red headed angel, Liselle’s orgasm wore on as many hours of that sense-dulling pleasure continued to make her writhe and moan in gasping ecstasy. The girls cuddled together, stroking and caressing Liselle as they basked in the happiness and radiance of their youngest recruit. Her unending orgasm finally subsided hours into the dawn of the morning.


Chapter 21

The Marathon Man: Finished?

Note: The descriptions and accounts in these stories are fictional and do not portray any actual people or events.

Wednesday marked the start of the last three days of class for this semester, and then there would be two official ‘no class days’ before final exams kicked off next Wednesday. Oiler, who was developing a nasty habit of forwarding supposedly humorous emails to a ‘recipients undisclosed’ distribution list that included me and other unfortunates, sent one this morning saying that in College Station, every day was a no class day!

Suzanne and I would run today at lunchtime, a full fifteen miles with a longer sprinting finish according to the official Pliskin Pre-Marathon Physical Training Plan that she had developed for me. I tanked up at breakfast, as always, anticipating no lunch and doing the run instead. As I had diligently since Saskia gave it to me, I entered everything into the exercise and food diary app on my phone. It found the physiology department servers via Wi-Fi or a cell site wherever I was and kept them instantly updated. It was easy to use, and had drop down lists with all the dorm food and almost all commercially available foods built in. My classes were all review for the exams, but in Rhetoric and Composition there was no exam and I had already turned in my final paper. Sarah was there: she smiled at me vacantly but said nothing. I kept having the feeling that I had forgotten something important, but I checked my do to list and all my class prep notes and didn’t find anything left hanging. Still, there was that vague feeling.

In Engineering 101, Professor Lillehammer led a brief review of the entire course, which in his mind also covered the entirety of engineering thought and the history of man, and then did ten minutes on choosing an engineering discipline for those that had not yet done so, with a few pointed looks at me. After he dismissed class he asked me to stay for a moment and reminded me that I needed to turn in the paperwork for the ‘distributed engineering education’ program by the last day of class. I told him that I already had. He also said that with the program’s normal schedule that meant I would work this summer and then I would also have to work rather than attend school next spring semester and then do summer school, and that scheduling all my required classes became more difficult because of pre-requisite requirements and fewer course offerings in the summer, so finalizing my major soon was even more imperative.

I went up and quickly changed clothes, wearing my cold weather running gear even at mid-day because it was pretty chilly out. Suzanne looked ravishing in her all white with stockings running outfit, and we started toward the track. “Let’s do the Town Lake Loop instead, my Animal, because the track is a little bit boring by comparison.”

“Nothing is boring when I am with you, Suzanne.”

“Oh, my! Cold weather must make you extra charming.” She affected an exaggerated southern belle accent. “Be still my heart. My heavens, this smooth talking gentleman may make me swoon!” We went south on Lavaca, weaving our way through the traffic on the street and sidewalk.

“And then he will have his way with me! I will be a just another poor defenseless young girl, forced to give in to his animal nature and unnatural desires!” This outburst got us a few sideways glances from other people near us.

“I’m pretty sure most of my desires are pretty natural, beautiful, but I’m not so sure about yours.” We crossed First Street and turned east, taking the little ramp down and then running under the ‘bat bridge’. All the bats were in Mexico, and I was beginning to wish I was too. I glanced over, and she had a smug and satisfied look on her face like I had just walked into her trap.

“So let’s review, my Animal. It’s perfectly natural for you to want and to have two or three girls at once, as I have seen you do enthusiastically several times, but it’s unnatural for me to want to try having two guys even once? I have to admit you do it pretty well, so I really can’t fault your performance in such a situation. But I like to think I would be good at it, too! In fact, I think I would be very, very good at it!’

I didn’t doubt that either, damn her eyes, but I really didn’t want to think about it.

We plodded along in near silence for a while, until we got onto Longhorn damn and headed south across it. There was a fire and police department training center nearby, and a gaggle of twenty or so burly young candidates was just finishing an apparently taxing training run, pulling up to a walk with red faces, soaked sweat shirts, and expressions of incredulity as Suzanne jogged by in the other direction six feet away. Nobody noticed me at all. They were like a living gallery of cartoon figures, staring open mouthed and slack jawed at the Amazing Pliskin moving in their midst. It looked like a series of those cartoons where the reader is supposed to supply the caption below each image. In my mind’s eye, they almost wrote themselves: from the relatively polite looking male face that said ‘That’s what I want to protect and serve’ to the frankly predatory ‘Slice me off a piece of that’ their prurient interest was obvious.

Was that the kind of attention what she craved? “You might have a chance right there, beautiful, but it looks like more than a dozen to me.” She snorted.

“That’s not my style, Robbie. I would want to play with them for weeks and build up the suspense, so to speak. You can’t do that anonymously or on the spur of the moment. It has to be someone you know, and I only want two guys, or maybe three.” She held her tongue up to her upper lip and leered at me. Damn her.

“You really taught me something about myself, too, Robbie, and you started this whole journey of exploration for me. When you lured me into helping you get Lara excited, I had thought about being with another woman, and been propositioned by some of the soccer girls, but I never really seriously considered actually doing it. Then you made it seem almost safe and sound. I thought I could dominate some little bitch to get myself off, and if I didn’t like it just forget about her and even you if it didn’t work out.”

That brought me up short. Had I been that close to losing her?

“Then Lara turned out to be wonderful, just like you. In my first appearance as a dominatrix I discovered that my ‘sub’ was a very superior human being and I fell for her. I think you did too! You do seem to have a way of finding good women, Robbie. Why is that? And watching her with you turned me on, like I was sharing her pleasure and yours. Watching her with you still turns me on, and being with her right after she has just had you really turns me on, too.”

I saw my opening. “But I am certain that watching you with some other guy is more likely to turn my stomach, not turn me on, even if I know you are enjoying it. Maybe especially if I know you are enjoying it!”

We ran on silently until we reached IH35. The afternoon traffic was merely congested, not impossible like it would be in five hours or so.

“I’ll admit it will probably fire me up to see you and Strelsa go at it, but because I know you: you are both wonderful and exciting and trustworthy and not because you are two random sluts that I just get to watch.”

“So you are not like every other guy who just wants to bang some sluts? You can’t understand that I might just want to bang some studs?”

“I don’t really know for sure what other guys want, but loving real women that I know and care about is much hotter for me than banging random sluts I don’t even like that much. Banging some semi-anonymous drunken slut is just one step up from fucking an inflatable doll!”

She looked mad. “So you would rather see me make it with someone like Günter, who you know is a good guy rather than just letting me pick up some random dicks?”

“Yes, damn it, for your safety alone! Somehow having you fuck Günter with some sort of emotional connection seems superior to just random sex. But in all honesty I just want you to do me. Seeing you with Günter will not turn me on, and I certainly have no desire to mess with Günter myself, and I am most assuredly not excited by the idea of having you right after Günter.”

Another few minutes of silence; this was very unusual for her. Then “Do you hope I do you and Günter a few times and then the novelty wears off and I will go back to just doing you?”

I guess honesty is the best policy. “Guilty as charged, your honor. One time would be preferable to a few, and zero times would be best!”

There followed another unprecedented period of silence. This must be some serious shit for her. “So that’s why you can let Millie go after her training period, without keeping her around as a ‘bang slut’, huh?”

“Yes.” I tried not to smile.

“You son of bitch! You know you can booty call her anytime and she’ll do anything for you.”

I had no answer. That was true. It was going to be tough for me to have to give Millie up when Erminia’s training was complete. We plodded on until we went under Mopac and back to the north side of the river. My wariness grew with every additional silent step.

“Well, Robbie, with that subject still completely unresolved but with it as background, then what about Millie’s so called graduation party this Friday? Let’s talk about that. Do you know what she wants to have happen at her party?”

I thought about it, and recalled her carrier and the images it had carried last time I tapped into it. “To be spanked, whipped, and fucked by all three of us, and then sent to her fuck rug to be used by anyone else that wants to have her?”

Suzanne snorted. “That’s just about it, but do you know who else she wants to be there to have her?”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t have to, because she continued “Not two girls, not two guys, not even five! More like ten!”

That was a little too close to Melanie meltdown territory for me. I really cared for Millie, not like Suzanne or Lara, but, as Millie herself had described it, “love with a little L”. l only wanted the best for her. Was it hubris for me to think that she would be better off with me than with a bunch of other guys? Wasn’t I the one that had told her that she was a complete slut and fuck toy? But didn’t I have a responsibility to protect her from going the way of Melanie? What if she just was going the way of Tessa, and she was happily adjusted to it?

We made our way past the high school and then took a loop around the Congress Avenue Bridge to add some miles to our total so we could get to 15 before the final sprint. I was feeling very good, and would have been physically able to talk animatedly like Suzanne throughout the route, had I wanted to. As it was I just ran silently and thought frantically. What should I do for Millie? Should I arrange for a cast of ten to bang her like she wanted? Could I handle watching that? Did I want Suzanne to get even more ideas? Did I want Lara to get any ideas at all? I thought this was just going to be a party, not a morals quiz! I had to make some decisions in the next 48 hours or so, not to mention for the future in general.

After the added loop, we crossed over under Mopac again, turned east and then headed north on Lavaca. Just as we passed the Governor’s mansion, Suzanne broke into a sprint. “Catch me if you can my animal!” I stayed right behind her, surprised at my obviously improved wind. She may be a vexing lover, but she certainly was a great running coach! When I caught her at the economics building, she reminded me that she was also a great kisser.

When the kiss broke, she said “You know I love you Robbie. I just need to know if I need other lovers or not. I know I want you, and that I’ll always want you. I hope you can let me experiment a little.”

I sighed. “I know I promised to be your meat puppet and take you anyway I could have you. It’s just that now I have higher aspirations than that.”

She kissed me again, and looked very thoughtful. “That’s a pretty damn good answer, Robbie. You are such an intriguing man!”

She jogged up the back stairs, leaving me staring at her magic ass in those white iridescent tights. I just had time to run up to the room and grab my back pack, but not to change. I went to my two afternoon classes in my running gear, clearly a step below even dressing ‘campus casual’. I did spot a couple of coeds checking out my legs, even though they sent no Suzie. What good was that? No surprises in those class sessions: I was ready for the final exams, and the last class ended early. But I might not be ready for Millie’s party.

I was certainly ready for Lara. She had invited me over for ‘a very early supper’ so I could get back to Belmont Hall at 6 PM for my stress test, but still be fully fed and watered. I hoped that she had some other things in mind, too. I took a very quick shower and left early: it was clear and cold as I made my way south from campus to her high rise apartment building. I was due to arrive at 4, but I was already hungry and unless I took a detour, I would get there more like 3:30. I didn’t mind appearing eager for Lara, because I clearly was. She must have spotted me on her lobby cam, because her door opened before I could knock, and Lara had on a white terrycloth robe and a clear plastic shower cap over her blonde tresses.

“I was just about to get in the shower, early boy! Dinner is already in the oven, but it needs to cook for a while. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back out in a few minutes.”

I noticed some brightly colored elastic isometric exercise bands on a hook on Lara’s closet door, complete with a tablet computer on a fold down shelf at eye level, on which an exercise video was paused. Lara did seem to be a little more buff looking lately, if that was even possible. There were some text books on a bookstand at her little bedroom study desk, and a yellow legal pad with a handwritten checklist of review items for a class, with most of the them checked off with a flourish, in bright pink Sharpie marker, along with a tablet computer logged into the ‘blackboard’ software that administered most ESU classes.

I wandered into the kitchen and caught a tantalizing whiff of tortillas, chicken and hot peppers. A recipe card was displayed on a little stand next to the cutting board, and it detailed her recipe for ‘King Ranch Chilaquiles Casserole’ complete with elegantly penciled end notes that said “Robbie – add 1 ch. large Anaheim pepper, 1 ch. med. Jalapeño with all seeds, and 1 tsp. Xochil XXX Habenero hot sauce”. That sounded perfect, and how could a little hand written pencil note make me feel so damn good? The oven was on: I clicked on the oven light switch and saw a cheese and sour cream covered casserole beginning to bubble slowly.

Lara swept into the kitchen accompanied by a little steamy humidity, her perfume, and a hint of sandalwood and leather. I closed my eyes and took in the aromas, then looked up at her. Her long blonde hair was up in a tight bun with that magical leather and chopsticks thing that I liked so much, and even without the matching leather boots, it was already having its usual effect on me. Then I took in the rest of her outfit: a set of pink ‘footie’ pajamas like a little girl would wear, but Lara was most assuredly no little girl. They were old and thin and well worn, and looked like a layer of pink bubblegum poured over her spectacular body. They had a little pink zipper down the front which was open all the way to her navel, and her amazing breasts seemed to defy gravity as they pushed against the thin fabric, holding the zipper aperture wide open and displaying a verdant fleshy valley between them. Her nipples were easily pushing their erect outlines through the pink fabric.

She did have a way with clothes. Suzanne said you could drop Lara off naked in a Wal-Mart with a $20 bill and she would come out looking like a million bucks, having put together a super-hot outfit from the cheapest stuff on the discontinued and sale racks and still have some change left over. She hadn’t just taken those fashion electives and made A’s; she had devoured the subject, read all the reference materials, bought the classic books, and mastered her own special spin on haute couture. Monthly she scoured the vintage stores, of which Austin had plenty, and magically found the hidden gems and perfect combinations that others had missed. Not to mention that only one woman in ten thousand had the looks and body to challenge hers.

Suddenly she was glued to me and me to her. I hugged everything I could find, and kissed her enthusiastically. Her hands found my cock through my jeans, and she giggled. “I thought you would like this outfit Robbie!”

“It makes me want to chew some bubblegum, beautiful!!” She didn’t call me ‘Master’ so often now, but the way she said ‘Robbie’ made it sound even hotter than ‘Master’. When she did call me ‘Master’ it meant she needed a spanking, and now more and more often she let me know her need that way even before her Suzie signal revealed it to me, despite our now almost hard wired connection whenever I was near her. She put her arms above my shoulders and around my neck and jumped up and crossed her legs behind my back, Indian wrestling style. Why did that turn me on so much?

I was enjoying myself so thoroughly that I saw no need to move, but she broke our kiss and hissed “carry me to the bed, Robbie!” I could never refuse a lady. I put her hands up on the headboard, with the ‘magic ropes’ now being understood between us when I did that. She stretched and pulled against the headboard with her arms, the result being that both her perfect breasts popped up and out of the front of little pink outfit and begged for attention. Her nipples were much tastier and more satisfying than the best bubble gum I ever had, and they got harder and tastier as you chewed them, not softer and blander. I plugged into her melodious Suzie signal and devoured her perfect nipples, listening for her responses and trying to push her excitement forward. It was a very functional feedback loop and soon she was twisting under me and pushing her hips up against my weight.

A growling Suzie sliced through my head, and I realized she was about to come just from the nipple stimulation. Her neck arched back and her strong legs lifted me about a foot off the bed with a pelvic thrust that signaled an orgasm, just as her Suzie signal pealed through my brain like she was ringing a giant bell. She broke our kiss and hissed in my ear again. “Fuck me Robbie, fuck me hard and fuck me now!” I put my weight on my knees and used my hands to pull the fleecy pink pajamas down and off of her completely. I pushed her legs together a little and entered her already frothing wet pussy, and then she pointed her toes like a ballerina, and I put my legs outside of hers, trapping her between mine. I could balance my weight on my knees and her pelvis, and control our motion completely. I don’t know what this position was called in the Kama Sutra, but I called it perfect: I could penetrate her deeply and still watch her face and kiss her.

We found a rhythm and thrust together joyfully. She was making a giant and very fragrant wet spot on the bed. I broke our kiss and watched her face, as her Suzie told me she was about to come again. Her neck was flushed red and goose bumps covered her shoulders. She began to turn her head from side to side and her breathing accelerated. Then she threw her head back and her pussy clamped down on me. She was so beautiful! I stopped moving for just a second and it grabbed me three times, and then relaxed, and I started my motions again.

She smiled up at me, and I heard that challenging little Suzie signal. “You did hear me say hard, didn’t you, Robbie?” I took the hint, summoning up my inner John Henry and concentrating on slamming her against the headboard. We quickly built up a little layer of perspiration between us, and it worked like a slip and slide, letting me slam into her faster and harder. It seemed I could feel her individual abdominal muscles corded up and supporting me like the wet rollers on a boat trailer. She closed her eyes and put her tongue up against her upper lip, almost Suzanne like, and came again, grabbing my buttocks hard and growling. I was moving inexorably toward my own release, and I took no break; showed her no mercy. Then she looked up at me wide eyed as she realized I was about to come. She reached her fingers down between my buttocks and pulled my ass cheeks apart, and urged me even further into her.

I was now absolutely frantic to come, and determined to do it as far up inside her as humanly possible. A dozen more thrusts had me right on the edge, slamming into her and sliding along that sweetly sweaty lubrication layer between us. I watched her eyes and then let loose with what felt like a voluminous and high pressure shot. Her pupils got a little wider and then her eyes rolled up in her eyelids and she just froze all motion for a moment. I continued to push and thrust, filling her as much as I could. She drew in a big breath and then smiled up at me, her Wedgewood blue eyes beaming like lanterns.

The timer buzzed on the oven and we got up to have our early supper. It was fantastic. By the time I helped clear the table and loaded the dishwasher, it was time for me to walk back to campus. She put an arm around me and said “Can you come back after your stress test? We need to talk.” Lara had never, ever said that to me before. I hope it wouldn’t be a second stress test, this one of my emotional resolve rather than my physical endurance. She gave me a two liter bottle of water to take with me, and I drank it all as I walked back to Belmont Hall and up to the fifth floor lab, arriving right on the dot at 6 PM.

Saskia Graendel was waiting impatiently; Duke Knorr was just standing there. Saskia spoke first, of course, and loudly. “Well if it isn’t the mysterious Mister Roberts. At least you have been diligently updating your food and exercise diary for the last day or so, but the state of your body still doesn’t make any rational sense to me. You are either radically over reporting your caloric intake, under reporting your exercise, or somehow transporting kilocalories into some other parallel universe, because they are not ending up as body weight. First we thought you weighed too little because you had a bone problems, but your bone density is just fine. And although your legs are relatively well muscled, your upper body is sorely lacking in bulk: you don’t have enough muscle mass to have a BMR that would even come close to accounting for all the energy you seemingly burn up. It’s a physiological mystery that I will solve, Roberts! And during the next semester, I will build you a proper chest and shoulders, too!”

She was pretty worked up, and I just couldn’t resist having a little fun with her. My beautiful Lara had just boosted my confidence and testosterone levels to the maximum, so I decided to act the cock of the walk a bit with Saskia.

“Well, in the interest of science, Saskia, I think you should spend a weekend or at least a full 24 hours with me every minute, observing me very closely as only a trained scientist like you can. Stay right next to me as I eat and exercise, sleep with me and for good measure, put your hands on me at all times and try to figure out what is happening with my body. Although I must admit that the presence of a woman like you would certainly stimulate me and change the results from my normal resting state. But I am willing if you are!”

Duke snorted and laughed uncomfortably, but Saskia actually looked confused for a minute. Then she recovered. “Let’s hope that I am proficient enough at design of experiments to get the proper data without having to make that kind of personal sacrifice, Roberts.”

Ouch, that cut me to the quick, but I kept pitching. “A weekend spent with you, Saskia, would be the perfect blend of art and science!”

Duke Knorr couldn’t remain silent any more. “It’s getting pretty deep in here. I should be wearing hip boots instead of my vintage Converse All Stars! Let’s get you hooked up for your ultrasound action movie debut, kid!”

He led the way up to an 8th floor lab, and told me to strip down to my underwear, socks, and running shoes. A very fancy looking treadmill sat there on some sort of big pedestal, festooned with cameras, keypads, test leads, and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t identify. He put some very cold clear gel from a squeeze bottle on my neck and shoulders, and then strapped on something that looked like a pair of football shoulder pads with a wiring harness attached to a bunch of equipment in a big tall floor standing rolling rack. He put some sticky electrodes at several points on my chest with another little grey box of clip leads that that led to the same rack of equipment. He then put a blood pressure cuff on one of my arms, strapped some sort of metal thing with another lead attached to it around one ankle, and clipped some sort of if little thing onto my earlobe, and another to a finger. He put a red rubber ball in my other hand and told me to hold it.

He had me stand still and blow as hard as I could into a little tube, then breathe through my mouth as hard and fast as I could. The he attached a little mask over my mouth and nose and had me breathe through that for a while. He watched a bunch of squiggles and numbers on three big monitors on the wall, and then repeated all this stuff again with me squeezing the rubber ball as hard as I could. Then he seemed to go through every possible permutation of all this stuff: breathing from the mask or from the room air, squeezing the ball or relaxing, breathing hard or easy, inhaling as deeply as I could and holding it, or breathing shallow and fast, ad infinitum. I lost track of it all and just tried to do what he asked. All the while he moved a trackball around and clicked red marks on the monitors and made cryptic little notes.

Finally Saskia’s voice came over the some speakers saying something like “okay for phase two.” He took the ball from my hands and took the mask off of my mouth and nose.

“Put your hands on the guard rails, kid, and get ready to start walking. After we record baseline data for a few minutes, the treadmill will start to go faster. Speed up your walking pace as the treadmill does and don’t fall down. The after a few more minutes the treadmill will tilt up like you are climbing a hill. Just do your best to keep up the pace and don’t fall down. Your heart rate will get way up there. Try to keep going until I tell you to stop. It may hurt but we will be monitoring everything and will not let you do any real damage to yourself. You might think you are in good shape but you are probably not ready for iron man competition or astronaut training. This will give us a very good assessment of where you are and let us set goals for what to try to accomplish next semester.”

He moved over to a little chair next to the equipment rack and put on a headset with a microphone. Then he reached up and touched a button on the side of the headset and said “Wait a minute, I forgot to check one thing!”

He walked back over to me and pricked my finger again. “When and what did you eat and drink last?”

“I had some chicken casserole about 5 o’clock and drank two liters of water as I walked over here.”

He stuck the little meter in the spot of blood on my fingertip, and said “Ninety one. That’s cool. We are ready.”

The treadmill began to move at a slow walking pace. This continued for about a minute and then it speed up, to about my normal walking pace, which was pretty fast. Then it bumped up again to something just short of a jog. No trouble so far and plenty of wind. Duke put the breathing mask back over my mouth and nose. I looked up at one of the monitors and saw what appeared to be a x-ray view of my beating heart on the top of the screen and a trace like an EKG machine on the bottom. There were also numbers and labels all along the left and right sides of the screen. I recognized “HR” and “BP” but did not know what to make of “ST”, “QT”, “PQ” and a bunch of others.

I didn’t have much time to think about it because the pedestal under the treadmill suddenly tilted about 5 degrees, and it took a bit more effort to keep up the pace. I forgot about trying to figure out the monitor and just concentrated on breathing and walking. Then it tilted again and soon I felt like I usually did at the start of one of our runs. It tilted again and again, and I began to breathe harder and faster. One more tilt had me very aware of my leg and chest muscles. I did catch a glimpse of the monitor and saw “HR” was 170. The damn treadmill tilted again, at some ridiculous angle, and I did my best to keep pace. I think I saw 200 on the monitor. Duke said something like “all symmetrical” and then the damn treadmill tilted again. Soon I was feeling just about the way I did when I passed the chili parlor on my little marathon trial, and I think I saw 220 on the monitor. The Duke said “VO2 something” and then “it looks good to go for 240.”

The treadmill tilted to almost vertical, or at least it seemed like it, and every muscle I had in my body was screaming at me. Darth Vader began to breathe in my ear, competing with the tom toms thumping out my heart beat. Now I was really feeling it. I couldn’t take another tilt, but then I don’t think the damn thing could tilt any farther. Tunnel vision started and then a sort of little mini runners high.

About that time, Duke said “OK kid, good job. We are going to gradually tilt the thing back to horizontal and then slow it down. Take it easy and keep moving, I’ll tell you when it is about to stop.”

It seemed to take forever, but I felt a lot better as soon as the tilt was back to something reasonable. Horizontal was literally like a walk in the park, and then Duke said “Get ready to stop.” Even with that warning I almost stumbled when it did actually stop, but I felt pretty good.

Saskia walked in. “I suspect there is no history of heart trouble in your family, Mr. Roberts, so we won’t have to observe any limitations on your exertions next semester. So I can work your lazy ass to the max to try, and I am only promising to try, to get your horribly weak chest and shoulders into shape. You aren’t exactly Lance Armstrong at moving oxygen, either, but then you don’t have three times the normal number of erythrocytes on board, do you?”

I wasn’t sure if I did or not, but I was sure I still wanted to have some fun with her. “Does this mean you will go out with me now?”

She snorted derisively. “No. But it does mean we won’t need to do the MRI, and my budget has been cut anyway, so we are done with the testing for now. But keep up the food and exercise diary, because I need more data to figure your strange metabolism out.”

“I promise that I will keep the diary acutely and promptly, but if you still can’t figure it out, I want you to promise that you will spend a weekend glued to me.”

“I’ll figure it out Roberts, don’t worry.”

It was almost 9 PM by the time I left Belmont, and it was cold out. I wrapped my coat around me tightly, and texted Lara that I was on my way. She responded immediately. “Just come in the door. I will be on my knees with my leather hood on.” I quickened my pace to a jog. I was not up to a full run, as the stress test had taken more out of me than I wanted to admit, but I was hoping that Lara was about to take something out of me too. I went up to her door, and pushed it open. She was kneeling, naked, with that wonderful electric blue leather hood on, her two long blonde pigtails emerging from it. She was breathing hard and looking spectacular.

“Good evening slut!” He Suzie responded. She was feeling naughty and in need of some punishment. I walked to her and took her head in my hands. “It’s time for you to suck my stinking, sweaty cock! They made me run and breathe a lot, and it just made me horny.”

The hood gave me a good grip on her head, and I slipped my cock between her full lips, fucking her face. Her Suzie sang! She liked it more than I did, if that was possible.

“You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you slut?” I watched my cock slide in and out of her mouth, and realized it did stink, along with most of the rest of me. I had built up quite a bit of sweat during that stress test, and as I shed my clothes, it was coming off of me in aromatic waves, quite a contrast of the smell of the candle Lara had burning on the coffee table. “You deserve a stinking cock, don’t you slut?”

She hummed with her mouth full. “And you better suck me dry and swallow every drop, you little bitch. But I am still going to have to spank you!” I was really getting in to this, as was she. I grabbed one blond pigtail with each hand, and used her shamelessly. Or perhaps I should say shamefully, which was what she was responding to. Her excitement burned on her Suzie signal like burning gasoline on the surface of a lake. I stood on my tiptoes and forced my cock down her now almost vertical throat. She sucked and licked like a dream, and it did not take long for me to come. “That’s it slut. Every damn drop! Now lick my sweaty balls!” She sucked them into her mouth, and I got hard again almost immediately. I could feel her Suzie singing some strutting slut pride at my almost instant response to her yeoman service.

I pulled her up roughly to her feet and then threw her across the couch, bending her up double with her knees over my shoulders and penetrating her pussy quickly. She was almost as stinky and fragrant as I was, but hers was pure sexual excitation and no perspiration. It was elemental magic. I fucked her like a madman, and she responded like a thoroughbred. She came before I even got my rhythm established, which made me feel even nastier. I spun her over, exposing her perfect pink bottom, and spanked it hard, then plunged my tongue in, sucking it for all I was worth. Spank and suck, suck and spank. It drove her crazy. Finally I plunged my cock into her ass. Nirvana!

I pushed her around until she was doubled over the back of the sofa, with her waist bent over it, her hands down on the floor, legs wide, and her feet stuck in the space between the cushions and the back support. I pounded into her ass, her bountiful backside undulating as I slammed into it. The sofa would have tilted over with every thrust, except she was using her strong arms at just the right time to keep us from tipping over in a heap. I bellowed like a bull and shot again, just as far up her tight little butt as I could. It was perfect for me. Finally she did let the sofa go over, and we tumbled in a heap on floor. She giggled.

“Thank you Master, I needed a good spanking and an ass fucking!”

I laughed with her for a moment. “You are lucky I can’t resist your hot slut ass! Never forget that ass belongs to me and me alone. Now go draw me a bath!”

That got me that tight little smile I loved so much. She ran to draw my bath. She was spectacular. What did I care about anyone else in the world when I had her? If I never won another tennis match in my life, I knew I had already won a prize better for me than anything Wimbledon or Forest Hills could ever offer. We washed and kissed and tickled each other for as long as the hot water lasted. She put my stinky clothes in the washer and heard my stomach growling and invited me into the kitchen and she pulled out a fruit salad for us to much on. I was waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop’ with regard to her saying that we had to talk earlier, and it did not take long.

“Robbie? I wanted to talk about something that makes me uncomfortable.”

I smiled at her and munched some cantaloupe and strawberries. I was listening.

“It’s about Millie’s party, sort of.”

Once again I waited.

“Do you know what Millie really wants to happen at that party, Robbie? “

“Well, I expect she wants to be spanked and whipped and fucked, and then put on her fuck rug to please anybody that wants her?”

“Yes, but do you know how many people she wants to use her?

“Too many for comfort, I am afraid.”

She looked very troubled. “Exactly!” She moved her chair over right next to mine and put her head on my shoulder. “It scares me, Robbie. I know we are supposedly sexually liberated and all that, and I certainly enjoy getting all crazy with Suzanne and you and Millie, too, but the idea of so many people with her makes me nervous, a lot more nervous than excited. I can get into the fantasy aspect of it, but I can’t get into her actually doing it.”

“I understand. I was the one that told her she was a fuck toy, and to embrace her inner slut. Now I feel like a hypocrite because I want to tell her to take it easy and take care of herself. But I would also feel such terrible guilt if anything bad really happened to her.”

“I don’t know if I want to see her do that, Robbie. It might turn her on, but I am pretty sure it is going to turn me off. I just can’t imagine actually doing something like that myself.”

“Let’s you and me get something straight, Lara. I never want you to get anywhere near doing anything like that. You are mine, and mine alone. No other guys, not even one!”

She looked up and riveted me with her electric blue gaze. “Really, Robbie? Just how do you justify saying that to me?”

“Because I love you, and you are to be a slut for me and only for me!”

At least six different expressions played across her face in about two seconds, but a clear and very happy Suzie sang out. “As long as you keep taking good care of me, that’s exactly what I want! You can have other women, sometimes, and especially somebody like Suzanne that we both fall for. I will date other guys, too. Socially speaking, and kiss them goodnight, and never, ever have sex with them. But you better keep figuring out how to get me hot and get me off, boyfriend, or I might start looking for some male action on the side. Do you hear me?”

I smiled. Was she perfect for me or what? “Nobody knows your little secret slut nature like I do Lara, and no one loves you like I do. If you ever think you ought to start looking around, give me 90 days notice to correct the situation.” I was borrowing a phrase from all those lawsuits I was reading up on for Engineering 101.

She smiled. “I might give you 9 days, Robbie, if you are lucky.” I think she meant it. But then she said “You know you are the only guy to ever really turn me on and get me off. Now that I know you really care about me, I don’t even need to get spanked and humiliated to get turned on anymore, but sometimes I want you to treat me dirty, like tonight.”

I took her in my arms. “One other thing, beautiful: I don’t think I want to submit to anyone anymore, even you and Suzanne, who I trust completely.” I had been thinking about last Friday night a lot. It got me off all right, but that didn’t necessarily make it a valid life plan for the future.

She pushed back a little with her arms and looked at my face. “I wondered about that. You did get really hard and lasted a long time, but I felt a little uneasy about it. I think it told me that you truly trust me, and you only needed to show me that once.” She giggled and tried to suppress a smile, but I wasn’t sure why.

Something suddenly made sense to me. Mrs. Douglass, my so far almost prescient sex teacher, had told me to try submission once, to see if I liked it. She said she tried it, she didn’t like it, and she never did it again. But Millie had taught me to parse words like a politician, and Oiler had taught me how much parsing mathematical expressions differently could change their meaning radically. What Mrs. Douglass had definitely not said was that if you like it you should keep doing it. I tried it, I liked it, but I still don’t think I want to do it anymore.

“It did get me off. But if you two had tied me up and shot me up with heroin, that would have got me high too and felt good for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for me to do again. I could never even think of doing something like that with someone I didn’t trust like I do you. Even if it gets me off, it still may not be a good idea.”

She giggled again. “Well, you may be missing out on a few things. Suzanne and I did develop quite a plan for you. She called it a ‘monotonic progression of sexual stimulation’ and said you were the one that taught her about it.”

My heart began to beat faster, for some reason. “Just what is in that plan?”

She grinned, and I swear she put her tongue on her upper lip with an expression just like Suzanne’s! “The only way you can find out is to let us carry out our plan on you, Robbie, meaning trusting us to take care of you again. Didn’t you take good care of me whenever I submitted to you?”

Except for that time when I got your nude video and picture and address on an improper photography web site for the entire world to see, I thought. Suddenly I felt shame and humiliation like no sexual situation could produce. I hope to God she never found out about that. And I realized that Suzanne had played a big part in saving my bacon on that deal. I said nothing.

She smiled. “I thought I had figured out that letting someone else be in control really got me off. But it may have been just because it was you, my love. I might have discovered that submitting to some other guy would have left me cold, and then I would have had all the humiliation without any of the satisfaction.” She kissed me, perfectly. “But you know you can trust us. We would take care of you. We would do things that excite you, but never anything that would actually hurt you.”

I needed to change the subject, fast. “So then how do we take good care of our thoroughly Modern Millie? How do we excite her and get her off without hurting her?”

Lara looked thoughtful. “I think I have an idea. Let me work it out in my mind and make a few calls and then let’s talk about it later. Won’t you ‘see’ Millie Thursday night at Erminia’s, Robbie?” She smiled. She knew damn well I would, and why, although she didn’t know the lurid details. “See if you can figure out what it would really take to fulfill Millie’s fantasies at the party so she knew what it was like to have them come true. Maybe I can enlist a few trusted helpers to see if we can do it without any harm coming to her.”

As I walked back to the dorm, all this was percolating in my mind. I knew exactly what I wanted with Lara, I told her and she wanted the same thing. I knew what I wanted with Suzanne, and I had pretty much told her, but she had not agreed, plus I had promised to be her meat puppet and to take her on any terms she wanted. I realized that I had to let Millie be Millie, and I was not going to be in her life in the long or even medium term, but I also still wanted the best for her. As for Nora, I told her with complete honesty what I wanted, and I was certain she knew what I wanted, but she was only ‘considering’ a relationship with me and I had no answer from her. I hoped to have an answer from her when she returned for spring semester. I decided to just not worry about all that right now and concentrate on doing well on my exams. I had more control of that. I could not shake the feeling that I had forgotten something: probably an exam question that had occurred to me that I had not written down to follow up on.

When I got back to the dorm, I updated my diary app with our fruit snack and late night ‘sexercise’. I didn’t think there was anything really wrong with me, despite Saskia’s contention that my metabolism ‘made no rational sense’ but since I got so hungry so often I had decided to be completely accurate about everything in that diary, even the sex, just in case. Amazingly, my stress test had already been entered in by Saskia; apparently they monitored the actual energy output and put it in the database. I was surprised to discover that the pull down activity lists in the app had lots of different categories of sexual activity, with a calories expended estimate for each. I decided that what Lara and I had done was best described as ‘vigorous intercourse’ of ‘one hour duration’ and chose that from the pick list. Then I decided to log some ‘deep sleep’ until breakfast. I was already hungry.


Thursday morning I was amazed to discover Nora waiting for the breakfast line to open. Hallelujah! She looked tired, with slight circles under her eyes, no makeup, and no smart looking business outfit: but she was still totally stunning in just a tee shirt and jeans. She may have looked even better without makeup. Her skin was so clear and unblemished that makeup only hid its true beauty. I was overjoyed to see her nipples move a little bit through that thin tee shirt when she saw me. Hot damn! She might be able to suppress her Suzie signal, but maybe not some of her other signals. Life was good. What a wonderful Texas morning it was. We started through the serving line together.

“Good morning Nora. It is wonderful to see you. I have missed you!”

“Hi, Robbie. I have been going crazy trying to get everything finished for this semester. I wish I could go to Dallas to watch you run that Marathon, but I just can’t fit it in and meet all my academic commitments. Scratch Eldee’s ears for me, will you?”

That answered one of my questions: she and Suzanne were still actively communicating with each other. “I’ll do it, but I am sure she would much rather see you in person. I think I’m ready for my finals, and I have completed my class registration for next semester.”

“Me, too. I only need 9 semester hours of required classes to finish all my degrees, so I am taking two electives purely for fun. It seems so out of character for me to have some blow-off classes!”

Given her super brain she was probably taking Symplectic Topology and Astrophysical Gas Dynamics, like my buddy Ralph just got permission to register for them as an undergrad. “When do you leave for home? Can we spend any time together between your last final and when you have to go to the airport?

She shrugged. “My flight is two hours after I have to upload the exam grades from the Econ 101 final, which I also have to proctor, and it’s chock-a-block with the exams I have to take before that. I am afraid we won’t have a chance to talk much again until spring semester starts.”

“Well, it turns out I might be in your neighborhood over Christmas break.”

“Really? Well you have my cell, email, and Skype, so let me know your schedule as soon as you know. I suppose it might be best if you met my parents, although it might turn a bit dramatic when you do!”

“Truth is truth, beautiful. At least they will see I don’t actually have horns and a tail.” I gave her a hug and we both headed out for class. Something got in my eyes, and I had to rub them. I had that feeling again that I had forgotten something.

My Thursday classes were completely unremarkable. I walked over to the UDP house and asked Oiler the one math question I was still unclear on. He straightened me out and then we double checked the old test files and I had already worked through everything that even touched on the classes I was taking. He convinced me to stay for lunch, not too difficult a sale since there was fried chicken on the menu, and as we sat down, Cisco joined us.

“Hi Robbie! Mei Ling tells me we are going to a late night party in Millicent’s honor at Lara’s place after the ZZZ party Friday night. It sounds kind of mysterious to me. I think she wants me to help her act out some fantasy scene for Millie’s benefit. Do you know what that’s all about?

It seemed that Lara had already started ‘making some calls’. I wondered what she had in mind. I also realized that Lara was a prime party mover. Now that I thought about it, most of the ‘big ideas’ for the addicted to Austin party had been Lara’s doing: Suzanne and Cindy Nelson, nascent party planner to the stars, had mostly been implementing and extending Lara’s ideas. Mei Ling was Millie’s sorority sister and close friend, so it made sense Lara would enlist her help. Who else would she press into service? What exactly did she have planned for Millie? Two plates of chicken and a big piece of pecan pie later, I hugged the comely cook and headed for my afternoon classes.

They were completely as expected. I had a final exam in one, and not the other. Grades were already up on blackboard for the one with no final: I got an A!

As I was basking in my first official college grade, my phone beeped with the distinctive tone for an incoming email from someone on my “VIP” list. It was from Barry Fermy, Sales VP extraordinaire and contained a brief summary of two trips he would require me to make: one before and one after Christmas. The first was to London to meet with Abelard Peters and some of his people, with a side trip to Milan, then back to London and then to a meeting in DC and then back to DFW. An e-ticket would be waiting for me at the Admiral’s club. He included a USPS Express Mail label with an address on K Street in DC, which I was to use to drop my passport at the post office before 4 PM today so visas could be attached for the second and now somewhat mysterious trip. It would be sent back to me at my home address in Prosperous before the departure of the first trip. He gave me the dates of that second trip, but not the destinations. There followed a lengthy discussion of the business entities related to Abelard’s firm, and Barry’s estimate of their insurance needs and current suppliers. I was to memorize this information and brainstorm ways to break through and get some of the action, and also memorize the included cast of executives listed and figure out how to schmooze them. I dashed back to the room to get my passport and print out the label, and then walked to the on campus post office in the WMOB. It took about 30 seconds to fold up the little envelope and stick the label on, and drop it in the box.

My feeble brain suddenly put some things together. Maybe I could see Peggy AND Nora on my trip to London. Then I remembered: what about that ‘report’ on the USB disk that Sapiento’s money man Brujo had given me? I hadn’t even read it yet. I went back to the room, dropped off my backpack and books and grabbed my laptop, inserting the USB drive and heading for the dining hall. I was enough of a multi-tasker to chew and read at the same time, and my stomach was growling.

I loaded up my plate and headed for a corner table so no one could look over my shoulder while I read.

Just as I sat down, Lizzie Faye Reagan and her roommate Orinda walked over to me. “Hi Robbie. We wondered if you wanted to come to our AKA last day of class party tomorrow night.”

Suzie signals pinged in my receiver: two lovely girls with two lovely signals. “I wish I could, but I have promised to go to another party, and then a celebration for a friend of mine that is graduating. But let there be no mistake: I would love to spend some time with you two. Maybe when we get back from break we could all three do laundry together?” They gave each other a scandalous look, and while so distracted I stood up and hugged them both, with not so subtle crotch to thigh contact with each of them. I did so enjoy being a dirty young man. And damn but they looked good, especially as they walked away, and I don’t think that was their normal gait.

I began chewing and turned my attention back to the laptop. I tried to open the big PDF file and found it was password protected. There was only one other file, a ‘readme.txt’ file with an oblique password hint, and it took me several tries to figure it out, but it referred to Speer Overtop’s Halloween party, and I finally got it: ‘Fiat MILF’. It took a few seconds for the big PDF to open, and the first page was almost covered with one of those ‘electronic sticky note’ things in florid script handwriting, which I assumed was Brujo’s.

“This information may be useful in your upcoming travels. You may read this report and use the information in it to make decisions. You may not show it to anyone, or even hint that you have it or have read it. As far as anyone else is concerned, it doesn’t exist.”

The report was entitled “The Future European Landscape in Industrial Risk Mitigation” with a formal cover letter in Italian from Brujo to Sapiento. It described the report as containing “the basis for the following recommendations to you” but those recommendations were all blacked out and completely unreadable. The report was in English had three major sections: from the different footers on the pages it was apparently put together by three different and very famous big consulting firms; probably each was unaware of the other’s work. The first section was a summary of the last 30 years or so of the industrial markets in Europe: market sizes and trends for various industries, regulatory changes, consolidations by mergers and acquisitions, and major casualty losses from weather, accidents and political instability, including nationalization, revolutions, and wars.

The second section was a very comprehensive competitive analysis of the companies Sapiento either owned or did major business with, and their direct competitors. It included reports on each firm from many big investment banks, discussion of their strategic priorities, and ten year forecasts of their results. The third section laid out in summary form a judgment call on the expected big winners and losers in each industry, the most attractive acquisition targets, and the ones that might suffer significant losses because of their exposures in various industries and countries. It would take me two weeks to get through this thing. Then I noticed something else: there were little yellow dots on each page, and when I clicked them, they popped up to reveal more ‘sticky notes’ handwritten in Italian, in the same hand writing as the cover note. These looked like crib notes from Brujo to Sapiento, or to someone else on their team. One, in a paragraph about the expected management change at big shipping firm said “this guy won’t last 3 months much less 3 years, and the agreement we are working on won’t be worth a damn when he leaves” The whole document was littered with such comments. “May be useful” was putting it mildly! After my last final exam this PDF was going to be my textbook for a while, and I was going to have to brush up on my Italian. What was it that Brujo said about “taking pride in gathering information and anticipating problems”? I reckon he did, I reckon.

I got one more plateful of food and then headed upstairs for a quick shower and change of clothes. The limo picked me up downstairs and then we picked up Millie at the Bi Phi house. She looked stunning, dressed up in a charcoal grey ‘power lawyer’ style suit but with a frilly pink blouse underneath. To me it said “Fight me or fuck me, I can handle either one!” But could I handle watching other guys fuck her?

I turned my attention to Erminia’s training, reviewing where we had left off last time as the limo pulled into their riverside complex. Construction was continuing on the two new flanking houses, and even more planting had been done and despite most of the new trees and shrubs being dormant in winter, you could tell the place was going to look fantastic in spring bloom. At the end of our last training session, Erminia had made somewhat of a breakthrough: being able to totally concentrate on fellating me without thinking about herself at all, and taking pride in her ability to please me without it triggering the guilt that had repressed her sexuality and soured her marriage to Sapiento for years.

The next step was to try to distract her with whipping and spanking, forcing her to concentrate completely on me and my pleasure and ignore her own. If we did it properly, we could then transition from un-pleasurable to pleasurable distractions, forcing her to continue to concentrate on me, and perhaps her body would respond naturally to the pleasure, without her mind stepping in with inappropriate guilt over having survived her first husband.

She greeted us at the door and she looked markedly better than our last visit. I even saw a hint of the shyly smiling young girl she must have once been. I was very pleased to see that, but I acted cool and when the guards closed the door to our training room, Millie took over, all business. “On your knees, slut, and lose those clothes!”

Erminia stripped, dropped to her knees and dropped her eyes to the floor. I stood right above her and slapped her face with my suddenly firming cock, then offered it to her mouth. She took it automatically, and began a much improved routine — she had been studying and doing her homework. Millie found little to criticize, and neither did I, having to actually fight to not come too soon. Ermie began to take me even further down her throat than ever before, and I realized she had completely mastered her gag reflex. She was now a masterful and thrilling cocksucker. My leg vibrated a little bit involuntarily, and I heard a note of proud Suzie from her. Excellent! Her tongue flicked and lingered right on the opening at the tip of my dick, and she sucked mightily and suddenly I was done for. Just as my first spurt filled her mouth she looked up and right into my eyes, her eyes smiling in triumph, and sucked even harder. Even Mille was speechless for a moment.

Somehow Ermie increased her suction, and her tongue strongly strummed the bottom of my cock. I certainly could not deny her even a drop: I gave it up and she sucked it down. She got it all.

Millie went to the next phase perfectly. “Not bad, trainee. Now let’s see if you can keep your focus while enduring some distractions. Ermie did the small displacement tango with her lips and lungs and I stayed hard. She began her progression again, mixing things up and surprising me with her virtuosity. Mille pulled out a cat o’ nine tails and began to slap Erminia on her ass. At first I could feel Ermie flinch with each blow, but soon she stopped anticipating them and concentrated on my cock. I noticed subtle variations in her tongue work that she could not have managed without real concentration. Damn she was good! Millie expanded her target area to Ermie’s legs, and then to her back and shoulders. Her concentration remained virtually perfect, and I filled her mouth again.

It reminded me of the way I was taught to teach bite training with our dogs. Once the dog learned to bite the bad guy, you strengthened their resolve by trying to distract them: banging pots and pans next to their head, hitting them at first lightly and then strongly with sticks and ropes, and pulling on their coats, and finally firing a starter’s pisto right next to them. They learned to hold on until they were commanded to let go, and not to let anything else affect them. Their bite got stronger and more reliable, and a dog with a strong will would never give up.

Once again she kept me hard, then switched to sucking my balls. I’m not sure I had ever had it like that. She must have been a very good researcher. And I suspected she had a very strong will.

Millie said “Now back to that cock. No matter what I do to you, keep your focus on that cock. That cock belongs to you and his come belongs to you, make him surrender it to you, and suck it out through his balls so hard he’ll wonder if they didn’t shoot out of him too!”

That was kind of scary. Millie dropped the whip and began spanking Ermie, hard. I knew it would take me longer to come this time and that Ermie would really have to work for it. She was concentrating totally. Millie’s blows changed to spanks follow by a quick caress. I don’t think Erminia noticed it, at least consciously. Millie began pinching Ermie’s nipples fiercely. They got red and hard, but she kept up her amazing pace without any hint of distraction. Millie went back to spanks with even longer caresses. Ermie sucked on, but I detected a change in her Suzie signals. There was pleasure, but no guilt! Maybe this was going to work after all.

Mille moved behind Ermie and spread her butt cheeks and began pinching them, then caressing them. Her concentration on my cock remained total, and I was starting to feel the boil right down at the bottom of my balls. Millie’s hands went under Erminia where I could not see them, but from their motions I could guess that she was pulling on Erminia’s outer lips. A few weeks ago that would have triggered such guilt that she would have run crying from the room. There was no hint of that now. In fact, I even detected a whiff of Erminia’s distinctive sweet pussy perfume in the air. That was incredible. Millie, I presume now acting as a loyal pack member, began with her own pheromones and perfume, and the smells drove me further toward a third and final orgasm. Millie then put two fingers inside Ermine and frigged her so strongly it must be painful, but her sucking remained constant. I honestly think that Ermie did not know that she was now dripping lubrication like a young girl. She smelled wonderful.

Mille stopped short of making her come. That would have been too much, too soon. But she put her hands on her shoulders and neck and caressed them as she spoke seductively to her, while my cock still filled Erminia’s mouth.

“That come is almost yours! You are in total control. Make him come like he never has before and make him know it was you who did it!”

I felt the first wave rolling down my spine and threw my head back. I looked back down just as Erminia took me down deep one last time and then stopped with just the top of my cock in her moth. I felt a pulsing, demanding sucking motion and then she locked her eyes onto mine. She smiled like Suzanne did when she knew she had me. Erminia had me too. She sucked and snorted, breathing loudly through her nose, and Mille praised her like a puppy.

“That’s it! It is yours. Suck it out and enjoy it!”

I couldn’t look any more. My head snapped back involuntarily and I wondered what really had passed out through my dick. A strong and unmistakable Suzie signal arose from Erminia: pride, pleasure and arousal, but no guilt. Two or three more sessions might do it. Millie began to kiss Ermie’s neck. Then she turned her head toward her and stuck her tongue in Ermie’s mouth and then sucked some of my residual come out of it. She broke the kiss and said, “You did get it all didn’t you baby!”

Tears ran down Ermie’s cheeks, but I still detected no guilt. She got up and left room, still sobbing.

Millie hugged me. “She got so wet! She almost came! It’s working!” It sure was Millie, it sure was.

“That makes me so happy. I just love the idea that can we give that back to her! Not to mention that Sapiento is going to start getting some of the best blowjobs on earth! When are we going to teach him to take care of her?”

“That’s the final thing, but first we have to teach her what she really likes, and how to let herself like it, and then she can let him know. I am so proud of you. You were fantastic with her!”

She smiled, but then said. “I was sort of hoping you were going to punish me a little.”

“Come on into the shower. We are going to play a little game of truth or dare.”

I was so caught up in how wonderful Erminia and Millie had been that I was almost afraid I would forget my primary assignment: find out what if would really take to get Millie off at the party tomorrow night. We got into the shower and soaped each other off quickly, then dried each other off. I stood behind Millie and hugged her, cupping her breasts gently with my hands, leaning down to speak in her ear.

“Do you remember what we did for those other women on stage at the ‘addicted to’ party?” She tensed up a little bit.

“Yes. You made them reveal their true desires to everyone, and you caught them out if they lied about it. How did you do that, Robbie?”

I hugged her again. “You are my student; you just need to know that I can always tell when you are lying. Because this is your final exam: you don’t have to reveal your desires to an audience on stage, but you have to be totally honest with your Master. And you have to do it now!”

She shivered a little bit. “Well, you already know I liked to be spanked, and whipped, and fucked everywhere. What is else is there?”

I tightened my hands around her neck a little bit. “You will tell me, slut.”

She shivered again. “I want….”

She literally almost fainted, but still she did not speak. I tried to reassure her. “Nothing you will say can embarrass me but lying, and nothing can make me stop caring about you except not telling me the truth!”

She drew in a deep, shuddering breath. “I have some dreams, Robbie, dreams that I have over and over again. Two dreams, actually, and I have them both with equal frequency.”

“Which one did you have first?”

“The one I call the ‘good dream’. They actually are both good dreams in that they are pleasurable and I enjoy what happens in the dream. But in one of them I am being very good, and in the other I am being very, very bad. But they both feel wonderful.”

I waited, making it clear she should continue. Finally she did.

“In the good dream, there is a wonderful man who loves me and takes care of me, and I take care of him. He makes love to me, takes me in every possible way, and we have children, four of them, two girls and two boys. I love them, I love him, there are always with me, and every day is a wonderful day.” I hear a pure and soaring Suzie from her.

She sniffed back a tear. I waited for her to continue.

“And in the other dream, he is not there, nor are there any children. But lots of other men are there. They all want me, and they all take me. They stand in line waiting for me and they all do things to me. All the things you do to me, but there are lots of them, two and three at a time. It feels so good!” I hear a strong and raspy Suzie signal from her, but no Melanie meltdown overtones at all. I wonder if that’s what Tessa is like. “And they all feel good too. I am the center of attention, but then…..”

She sniffed again, and drew a deep breath. “But then, they all go away, and I am by myself, until the next dream.” She sobbed a bit more.

It was my turn to talk. “What is different about the sex in the two dreams?”

She paused, as if trying to visualize it. “Well, in the good dream the man does everything I want, and he makes me do what he wants. It’s so good.”

“Does he spank you and punish you?”

“Yes, but he knows I like it!”

“In the other dream do the men do anything different?”

“Only that there are several of them instead of one: there is one for each of my favorite orifices, much of the time!”

“Do they spank and punish you?”

She got excited. “Yes! But they don’t care if I like it, they just so it because they want to, they just use me and that makes it better!

“So the difference is that in the ‘good’ dream, the man knows what you want, and in the ‘bad’ dream the men don’t know and they don’t care?”

She got a very distant look in her eyes. “Maybe it’s more of a thrill with more men?”

“Have you ever been with that many men?”

She laughed. “No Robbie. I am a nice sorority girl! I have only been with two men before you, you big dummy, and only with one other woman before your put me in your harem, and never with more than one person at a time until you made me your sex slave. Not that I didn’t love every minute of it!”

She got a faraway look in her eyes. ‘Which dream is the best, Robbie? Which one is the right one for me?

“Only you can decide, Millie, but I might be able to help you with that.”


When I got back to the dorm Thursday night, I was wiped out. I was happy for Erminia, but torn for Millie, and hungry besides. I had to make a decision and get the word to Lara and Suzanne about the final plan for Millie’s party. Should I just do what I think Millie wanted, or do what I thought would be best for her?

Tomorrow morning would mark the start of the last day of classes, and the start of one of the busiest high pressure weeks of my life. I really didn’t feel that much pressure about school, I thought I had it handled. Heck, even if I bombed all my finals completely I would still pass everything and have two A’s and 4 C’s, something lots of other freshman would kill for. I had three girlfriends and two pretty hot prospects, and I was invited to three parties, but could only go to two: the ZZZ end of school toga bash and Millie’s so called ‘graduation party.’ Then I was traveling with all three of my ‘current girls’ to run the Marathon, and had to decide whether to submit to them again Sunday after the finish, and then come back to school and take four final exams. The other aspects of my life were another story.

I wanted to do right by Millie. I wanted Suzanne to want only me, not two or three other guys at once. I wanted Lara to stay just like she was, forsaking all others while I fucked around, and I wanted Nora to spend the upcoming spring semester in bed with me and both other girls, and then pine for me and behave like a nun all through whatever grad school program she choose. Gosh Robbie, you don’t want much do you? Totally realistic goals, man. You fucking idiot!

I might as well bite the bullet about Millie tonight, so we had a little time to react. Maybe in the process of talking to Suzanne and Lara I would realize the right thing to do. I called Suzanne, then I conferenced in Lara.

“So we have to decide what to do for Millie’s party, but I’m still not sure what it is!”

“What do you think she wants, Robbie?”

“Well, I think she wants two things, but she thinks she has to choose one, and she is having trouble doing that!”

“Hello!” Both girls said it in unison. “Every girl’s dilemma, Robbie!”

“Really? What two horns form the dilemma you are caught on, every girl?”

“Come on Robbie, you know this. Fuck toy or fine young lady, which should I be?”

“But all three of you are both, that’s why you are so wonderful!”

“Aren’t you a nice man, but maybe naive? We can’t stay that way. Maybe we could if all men were as interesting as you. But for the most part, we have to pick one road or the other!”

I thought about what Millie had said. What if she tried all those men and found out it wasn’t as big a thrill as she imagined? And what if she found a good man who would treat her bad sometimes, just like she needed?

“Okay you two. We need to give Millie a chance to experience her fantasy, or at least something like it, with the least possible risk of hurting her. Lara, you said you had some ideas?”

She did. Suzanne had some suggestions and some ideas about who could help the most. I wasn’t totally comfortable with it, but I couldn’t come up with anything better, so I agreed to it. Now if I could just stand to watch it. I wasn’t so much worried about Lara seeing it anymore: she had told me about her fears and had designed her plan to avoid them for Millie. But Suzanne was already planning for at least two guys: me and Günter. Would this little scene inspire her to go for three?

Come to think of it, I also had to worry about how easy it was for Lara and Suzanne to dream this stuff up and pull it off. This has to something they had thought about before now. The Bi Phi pledges were certainly on board to do anything for their sorority president Millie, and they got so turned on at baring it all at the addicted to party that they were looking for another thrill. And those girls could get their hot little boyfriends do to just about anything; especially get naked at a party with them. But I felt more than a little trepidation about Big Liz, Marilyn and my cosmologist in training old junior high buddy Ralph helping out. Was that designed to help Millie, or just to help Suzanne visualize and vicariously enjoy one of her own fantasies? I guess we would find out tomorrow night. Maybe I should have a talk to Ralph myself, before Millie’s Midnight Madness actually took place.


Elena Roberts was excited about getting a ‘bonus’ pre-Christmas break visit from her grandson Robbie so he could run the Marathon race downtown on Sunday morning, but she had some preparations to make if she was going to serve him and his friends the kind of Saturday night meal that Robbie really liked. She had planned her Friday shopping excursion carefully. A long drive south for few stops in the old neighborhood for spices, special teas, and then lunch with an old friend who still grew sassafras, atomic fire style chili petins, and some other esoteric herbs for the special horehound drops that Robbie liked; then a quick trip to an older North Dallas urban area shopping center to visit a ‘hippy’ natural food and herb store, followed by the long drive north and back home. All her travel would be in daylight, all in between rush hour peak periods, and all on regular streets, not any newfangled high speed toll ways or old decrepit freeways with dangerously short entrance ramps. Google maps had proved very useful to her.

She didn’t mind that almost everyone in her life except her oldest friends called her ‘Grandma’, and she was actually hopeful that she would get called ‘Great Grandma’ a few more times before she slipped this mortal coil, but one did have to plan more carefully these days. The old light yellow diesel Mercedes with the dark grey leather interior was a trusted friend with almost as many miles on it as Elena herself had, but her son Ronnie always made sure it was perfectly maintained and with those big new modern tires it drove like a dream. The newly installed navigation system that spoke directions out loud made it easy for her to get where she was going — Ronnie showed her how to download her trip plans from her computer to a USB stick and then upload them into the fancy aftermarket in dash system in the car. He even put in a special garage in the new house with radio operated overhead doors front and back so Elena never had to back up, and didn’t say a word about it to her. She must have raised that boy right.

Elena had planned her layers of clothing too. It was barely 18 degrees F in the DFW ‘Metroplex’ this December morning, and windy to boot, and was not expected to get much warmer during the day. She was prepared for any climate eventuality. Eldee was going along too, but her wardrobe required little thought. Her rough double coat was good down to zero with all by itself, and if she had some shelter from the wind, like being in the car, she was happy as a clam down to 30 below. She flowed into the back seat enthusiastically and almost became invisible, her brindle coloring blending in with the dark grey leather. She liked to ride in the Mercedes as much as Elena liked having her along.

Elena’s health problems had flared up two years ago, and her doctor recommended a service dog that was trained to sniff her and alert on keto-acidosis or other abnormal metabolic states. Elena got her back up at that, telling the doctor “We don’t buy working dogs, we raise working dogs!” The dog training outfit was at first hesitant to try to teach her to train then 9 year old Eldee, but the old war hound took to it like a duck to water, breezing through their training program and amazing them all. Elena didn’t think it necessary to mention that Eldee was already trained in search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, and bite work, and had won several regional tracking competitions against ‘professional’ police dogs, or that nine of her pups were actively working military or police dogs. They also did not need to know that Elena had gone beyond their training to teach Eldee to detect low blood sugar levels and press the med alert bracelet if Elena was unconscious. No need to draw unnecessary attention, you know. She did have a secret motivational trick — giving Eldee bite work as a reward for learning new things. It was a maximum motivator for her. She had liked to chase little Robbie’s tennis balls as much as any pup when she was young, but when she began training with the puppy tug, her love affair with tennis balls was over. And when she was finally old enough to go find the bad guy and bite him she was truly in her element.

By 9:30 AM the traffic on Preston Road was only moderate, and she made her way south steadily, driving carefully. She remembered when Alpha Road was the absolute northern limit of Dallas civilization, but not anymore. It took her 30 minutes to get that far south. Another 30 minutes got her to Lover’s Lane and into the old neighborhood, passing by the old theater where Robbie saw his first movie. At each stop, Eldee stayed in the car, looking out the windows until she got bored, and then curling up in the back seat to rest and stay warm. Just before lunch, they made a planned stop at a dog friendly park, giving Eldee a chance to relieve herself, jump around a little bit, and drink some water.

Lunch was at a high end neighborhood café chosen by her friend for good food and its nearby location. Eldee stayed in the car parked nearby with the rear windows cracked a bit for ventilation. As they were shown to their seats, Elena nodded to the recently retired US senator from their old neighborhood at the next table, a woman Elena had known since their days working together at the local Parent Teachers Association many years ago. She suddenly wished she had taken the time to make more introductions for Robbie — sometimes it could benefit a young man’s career to know such people socially. She liked this place and she once again ordered the Queen of Hearts salad, her favorite.

After a wonderful lunch and wide ranging conversation, her friend gave her a paper bag with the specially chosen harvest from her garden, just the stuff she needed to prepare the things Robbie liked for Saturday night’s dinner. They bid each other goodbye and Elena sat back in the Mercedes.

“We just have one more stop, old girl!” She knew Eldee would happily ride with her all day long in the old yellow taxi, so named for its coloring that resembled the taxicabs in Berlin. Elena went back to the ever comfortable Preston Road, and then north to Northwest Highway, then east toward the shopping center, studiously avoiding any contact with the dreaded Central Expressway. She drove around in the parking lot until a spot opened up near her target destination, a spot on the edge that would be easy to get out of. Her son Ronnie had pestered her to get a handicapped sticker, but her pride wouldn’t let her do that until she absolutely needed it. Until then, the walk was good for her.

She cracked the back windows and locked the car. Eldee was a little more animated than usual, watching several groups of people hanging around the parking lot like she was about to go bite the bad guy. But none of them approached Elena or the car, so Eldee eventually settled down in the back seat. Elena walked around in the mall a little bit, window shopping and then planning to make the herb store her last stop before carrying her stuff back to the car.


Justin “Richard” Simmons thought this shopping center looked like a place to score some decent bucks. He had just been released early this morning from the Preston E. Smith unit in the west Texas town of Lamesa due to the overcrowded conditions there, and had caught a five hour ride east with another released inmate’s brother. They dropped him near downtown Dallas off of IH30 and they continued on to Terrell, where another brother was ‘staying’ at the state school. Richard had been in Smith unit twice, which was pretty predictable, since he had been charged with ‘state jail felonies’ and Smith was surely a state jail. He was lucky his latest asshole lawyer had dealt carjacking down to auto theft, too, since that qualified him as a non-violent offender and got him in the early release pool.

He knew he was lucky, but he also knew he was a whole lot smarter than the average bear, and he had learned some good stuff from his ‘fellow students’ at Smith unit. Richard was into cars: stealing them, jacking them, and selling them: hot cars for cool cash. Thanks to his recent schooling, he knew a couple of places in South Oak Cliff that would pay quick cash for clean cars. The Ford F-250 pickup truck was the big prize and cash cow, as it had the cargo and towing capacity to bring lots of people and dope back from Mexico, before being parted out and shipped to South America. But lots of other cars were sellable too, and Richard needed some walking around money, and fast.

He had walked north until he found this place: it was high end enough to have late model cars, but not so fancy as to have the new engine killer alarms and GPS tracker systems. It was right on the expressway for a quick getaway, and it had a big open parking lot that made it easy to spot a target from a ways off and plan ahead. It had a few cameras, but not very many and he could spot the dead zones near the edges of the lot. Before his most recent incarceration he used to target young guys with nice cars, using his girlfriend to distract them by flirting with them in the parking lot. Once he had scoped out the car and the keys and a clear escape route, he would sucker punch the kid and they would jump in the car and take it to the chop shop for cash, then party for a day or two and do it all over again.

But he got caught because one of his girls ratted him out to deal down her own dope charge, and he had now learned that ‘do it yourself’ was a better plan. The guys at Smith taught him to target senior citizens: they often didn’t notice you coming, they didn’t react as fast, and they couldn’t chase you at all. Sometimes they didn’t even remember what you looked like. One punch and they were down and out. He was also anxious to try out a new wrinkle: if they looked like they were really loaded, you made them drive you back home so you could ransack the house, too. Just get in the back seat behind them, stick the butt of a knife or something in their back, and tell them you have a gun on them, and maybe you pick up a much bigger score than the car alone.


Elena found several things in the other stores she just had to have. The herb store had exactly what she needed and when she finished there she started toward the parking lot with two big shopping bags and two boxes of herbs. She was a little pre-occupied with getting everything back to the car without dropping it, and the cold breeze wasn’t helping any. Eldee could do a lot, but she couldn’t carry packages. Elena spotted the car out of the corner of her eye and walked unsteadily toward it, balancing her stuff.


Richard spotted a perfect target: a tall and elegant looking old lady struggling with several bags and packages. He plotted her path and realized she was heading toward an older model Mercedes diesel. That was great: very sellable in Mexico and South America, so it was also very fence-able here. If he remembered correctly, this model had electric locks, but not a wireless key fob. When she opened the driver’s side door, the other three doors should be unlocked by the electric motors on them. So he should wait until she unlocked the door to make his move. If it has been upgraded to an aftermarket security systems that could only open the driver door and not the others, then he could still reach in and pop the back door manually — luckily she had left the rear windows cracked enough so that he could reach in easily. As she passed close by, he noticed a big old engagement ring, wedding ring, watch, and the kind of purse his last girlfriend was always begging for, so he decided to go for the trip home and the big score, not just the car. He fell into step a few paces behind her, and began to count a stack of folding money in his mind.

He was surprised when she remote started the vehicle from some distance away. Aftermarket remote start might mean a better alarm, but maybe she just wanted to keep warm. It also meant she had a key fob to unlock the door. Sure enough she popped the trunk only; leaving the other doors locked, and dropped her packages in it. She closed it, and only then hit the key fob to unlock the front door. Somebody had taught her how to be security conscious. As she moved into the car, he stuck his hand in through the back window to unlock the rear door. Despite her caution, this was going to be an easy score.


Eldee never slept very soundly — she was always listening. Through the cracked open windows of the Mercedes, she heard the distinctive noise that Elena’s key ring makes from some distance away and fully woke up, ready for a happy reunion. A few seconds later, the car started up, and she knew Elena was almost here, even though she had not moved from her resting place on the seat yet. Then, things changed. A strange and funny smelling hand came through the window, with a knife in it!

Eldee knew exactly what to do, and she did it faster than human reaction time. Bite the wrist just behind the hand that is holding the weapon. Bite as hard as you can to make them drop the weapon, then pull the wrist down to the ground and hold it there until she hears an ‘out’ command from someone she knows and trusts. She had never actually done this inside the car before, and she couldn’t just take the arm down and press it to the ground. But, she would do her best, and she dropped down to the floor of the car on the passenger side, determined to pull that arm down towards the ground as hard as she possibly could, and through the floor of the car if she had to.


Suddenly pain shot thought Richard’s arm like it was on fire. He instinctively pulled hard to try to get his arm out of the car and found he could not — in fact, his arm was being steadily pulled further into the car! He turned his head left and forward just as the right side of his neck banged up against the car window and he heard a pop from his right shoulder. He could not feel his hand anymore, he did not know if he still held the knife or not. He looked at the little old lady, and she was calmly talking on her cell phone with a funny little smile on her face! What the hell?

There was a damn dog in that car, and it had him by the wrist. It felt like there were fifty or sixty teeth buried in his arm. The dog was tugging even harder and his feet were now lifted off the pavement and part of his surely dislocated shoulder was being pulled past the narrow window opening and into the car. That dog was a lot stronger than he was, especially when his feet were not touching the ground. Someone was screaming. It wasn’t the little old lady.


Senior Sergeant Sam Same normally didn’t enjoy working private security, but he did like the overtime pay and the Christmas presents it was going to let him buy for his grandkids. This shopping center had some crime problems splashed in the newspapers in the last few months and they wanted to have a visible and credible security presence to reassure Christmas shoppers that they could come to here to shop in safety. So at least one off duty officer was in uniform and on hand here at all times. He heard the call on his radio and only had to drive around to the other side of the center to respond, which took less than a minute.

As he approached he heard a blood curdling scream and he was very much afraid that a woman had been mortally wounded and was in the process of dying. A tall and well-dressed grey haired woman waved at him and put her cell phone away. She looked calm and collected, and she was actually smiling a little bit. Then he saw two legs wind milling wildly out of the back window of a yellow Mercedes. He got out of his car and took in the scene. There was a dog inside the car, trying to pull the would-be car thief into the car through a window opening only about 4 inches tall. If someone didn’t call a halt to the process, it looked like the dog would to it eventually, but it wouldn’t be pretty. He hoped to hell it wasn’t a pit bull and that it had been trained to release on command. The guy let out another awful scream. Sam added a request for an EMS unit to his response to the call.

The woman approached him. “Hello, Officer. I didn’t want to out her until someone was here to restrain him, but you may not want to handcuff that right wrist until someone looks at it.”

Her use of the word ‘out’ made him feel a lot better. The dog was trained. “Is the dog reliable?”

The woman looked highly insulted. “Are you?”

Touché. He put one side of his cuffs on the perp’s ‘good’ arm. The guy probably didn’t even notice. He nodded to the woman and then she said “Eldee, Those Lawson” or something like that, and the dog immediately let go.

She said something like “Eldee, Higher” and the dog pushed down on the handle with both front paws and opened the car door on the passenger side! Then she trotted proudly around the back of the car and to woman’s left, her little stump of a tail wagging, and sat watching the guy intently as he tried to stand up.

The woman said “Bay Wake Him” or something like that, and the dog stared intently at the wounded and very miserable would be car thief. It appeared certain to the Sergeant that if the guy didn’t stay perfectly still; the dog would cheerfully bite him again. Still the tail wagged, as if to say ‘go ahead, buddy, give it a try’. Sam liked this dog. It was smaller than he first thought. The way that guy was suspended in the air, he would have pegged the dog at 120 lbs or more, but now he could see that she was not that big, maybe 75 lbs at most.

Sam sat the guy down on the payment, and handcuffed his left arm to his left leg. The woman suggested having the guy hold his right arm up over his head to discourage any bleeding, although it didn’t seem to be bleeding that much. The guy actually looked at the dog first, as if to ask permission, and then moved his arm. My, Sam thought, but isn’t he is suddenly so very well behaved?

EMS arrived and began working on the guy. The woman walked a few feet away and called the dog over to her, patting its head, giving it something from her purse, and saying “Bravo Eldee” or something like that. The dog wagged its tail even faster. The woman looked up at Sam and said “I suppose you have some paper work to do?”

Sam smiled. That was the only thing he liked about this private gig. Somebody else did the paper work. A DPD unit showed up to process the guy, and that officer spent some time talking to the woman, and then the perp. After a few moments the officer motioned Sam over and said “This mutt just got out of Lamesa early this morning. Didn’t take him long, eh?”

Sam snorted. “He sure picked the right car, though!” Both cops had a good laugh, probably their only one for the rest of upcoming night shift. Sam asked the woman if he could pet the dog, and when permission was granted he offered the back of his hand for a sniff. The lady laughed when the dog wagged its tail.

“She likes you, sergeant, and she is pretty picky, especially about men. Her name is Eldee.”

Sam scratched the dog’s ears gently. “Eldee, I wouldn’t mind having you ride with me. I bet you would be a lot more useful than my last partner!” She looked him right in the eyes and seemed to smile, like she actually understood exactly what he had said. What was it with this dog? Sam was still chuckling to himself as he drove away.

As they left the shopping center, Elena knew she had to add one more stop on her way home. Luckily the Whole Foods on Preston Road sold really nice calf liver. She usually baked it and then dried it to make the little training rewards for Eldee and the other dogs. She had been making the treats more often since Ronnie had made her start training the youngest dog to sense her metabolic states and do the medical alert thing, just in case Elena happened to outlast Eldee. But sometimes she just fried some chopped up calf livers in a skillet and poured it over Eldee’s supper, and this was one of those nights. She glance in the rear view mirror and saw that Eldee was laying calmly in the back seat with her eyes closed.


A couple of hundred miles south in Austin, nobody was thinking about liver, although lots of people on Sixth Street were actively working on pickling theirs. But on campus, there were some raspy and conflicting Suzie signals making their way through the ether in anticipation of Millie’s so called graduation party, and one highly perceptive but very worried freshman. It didn’t affect his appetite, though, and he had called his buddy Ralph to come down and eat dinner with him. Ralph wasn’t going to the ZZZ toga bash, but he had been enlisted as part of ‘the cast’ at Millie’s party. They went through the line together and sat at small table in the corner. Robbie was pretty sure neither one of them wanted to be overheard.

“So, Ralph, how are things with Marilyn and Big Liz? Are you still up to the task of satisfying the two girls?”

“Robbie, life is good. I never would have believed I would have things this good. I am so happy the Cal Tech thing didn’t work out; I have all the academic challenges and resources I need here. Thanks to you, and those two amazing beauties you found for me, I have the perfect ‘bed life’ as my Granddad used to say. I have also discovered that all that sex and satisfaction makes me think better and more creatively. When I win the Nobel Prize, I will have to cite your babe spotting talents as making it all possible.”

“How would you feel if those two suddenly wanted to try two or three guys at once?”

He laughed. “Oh, they probably do, and this party is sure to give them some ideas. After all, Suzanne explained everything to them before they explained it to me.”

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

“It drives me completely crazy, but I can’t let them know that!”

“What if they try it and they like it? What if they like much more than with you?”

“Well, my emotions got so crazy that I had to resort to pure Aristotelian logic to figure out how to handle this. First, I can never let them try it on their own. I have to be there: do my best to please the girls and to throw the other guy or guys off their game. Second, if they really do like it and plan to make it a regular thing I am better off without them and it’s better to learn about that sooner rather than later. Finally, if they try it once and then decide that it was no big deal, nowhere near the thrill they thought it would be, then I have two wonderful women thoroughly devoted to yours truly for a long time, maybe forever.”

“What do you think the odds are?”

“I make it 80/20 in my favor, and those 20% girls are too risky to be with long term anyway! So now I just wait and see, and when the coin is flipped and hits the turf, I can deal with either outcome.”

“That seems very cool and collected, Ralph?”

“I really don’t have any other way to influence the outcome Robbie, so I might as well be cool about it.”

“What it there was a way to influence the outcome?”

“I just don’t see one.”

“If I show you how, can we help each other out?”

“This I have to hear!”

“Did you ever watch on old movie on Netflix called “Strangers on a Train?”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to kill anybody, Robbie!”

“You won’t have too. But what about a little reciprocal buzz kill?”

We talked for about half an hour before I had to leave to meet the girls at Lara’s so we could go to the ZZZ party together. Sometimes we guys have to stick together, for the long term good of civilization, don’t you know.


The ESU chapter of ZZZ had a reputation to maintain as hardcore party animals, and they worked at it. Besides the special punch made from grape juice and grain alcohol they called ‘instant stripper’ because if often had that effect on girls, they also had some ‘traditions’ to liven up the final party of each semester. One was that all the pledge class’s girl friends had to strip and dance for everyone, ostensibly a direct consequence of consuming ‘instant stripper’. This heated up the party atmosphere markedly, sometimes encouraging other girls to do the same, and led to some campus rumors that helped in recruiting the next pledge class. It also meant that Lou Baby would be displaying her smooth and ample charms for us, and I wanted to see Suzanne’s reaction to that. Also, this party had become the unofficial ‘let it all hang out’ end of class party of the Greek crowd. Lots of other houses had parties this weekend, but it was widely known that if you really wanted to let your hair down and get your freak on, the place to do it was at the ZZZ last day of class bash, and it was sort of like a little bit of New Orleans in Austin: the normal rules of civilization did not apply for this night. This also meant that lots of independent girls and even some goody two shoes coeds from Baylor and Trinity, some with an entire semester’s worth of pent up lust, often showed up at the party intent on having one of those legendary wild, wild nights that they could tell their friends about later.

Suzanne was wearing her “roman negligee’ costume from that first magical ZZZ toga party we went to on our “first date” and she made up similar ones for Lara and Millie, too. She also had saved the roman robe thing she had made for me, and I put it on. Each one of the girls looked incredible, but the total effect of all of them arrive together was really going to turn some heads. Lara had arranged for Rodney Driver to pick us up in the limo, and he whistled as he held the door open for us. The girls really did look even better than ever. Maybe they were just a little more mature, or well rested, or maybe, like professor Lillehammer’s wife Dorothy had so perceptively said, they were all getting their recommended daily allowance of “Vitamin D for Dick”, thanks to yours truly. It was my sacred duty.

As we moved toward the entrance of the ZZZ house, I saw Lara and Rodney standing beside the limo, engaged in an animated conversation, which was just winding up.

“So, we aren’t going to get to actually do anything with her, but you want her to think we are?”

Lara laughed. “Well, you never know who else y’all might run into at the party, Rodney!”

“This could be the start of my acting career!” Rodney laughed. “Midnight, right?”

The ZZZ party was already rocking when we got there. They had a DJ with a decent setup and everything sounded damn good. I saw Kevin, Lou Baby, the Prez, and Ms. Super Body at a table near the front, and they waved as we entered. Millie danced with several guys who asked her, and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. It didn’t take long for things to get interesting. There was a ceremonial pouring of the punch, and then all the pledges and their dates had to imbibe deeply. The DJ put on something with a rocking beat and turned the bass way up, and as if by magic, several of the pledge girlfriends began a fairly showy strip tease. Suddenly Suzanne and Lara were on either side of me, talking to each other as if I wasn’t there.

“Lara, did you know Robbie is somewhat of a stripper connoisseur? He has spent lots of time in Dallas going to strip clubs to watch amateur dancers.”

“Really, Suzanne? Do you think any of these girls will catch his eye?”

I couldn’t resist setting the hook. “I’ve actually only been once. I only watch the best; I don’t want to waste my time. There doesn’t seem to be too much in the way of hot competition here: nobody near as hot as oh say, Alley, or Nora Upton. Now those two can really take it off!” I heard a couple of competitive sparking Suzies emerge on either side of me, with Suzanne sounding especially raspy. “But maybe Lou Baby will surprise me! I would like to see how that smooth cocoa butter tan has held up thorough all this winter weather and I’d especially like to see without it the little plum purple bikini in the way!” Sure enough, Lou made a big show of chugging one of those big red plastic cups of the punch, and instantly began to strip.

Slowly and tantalizingly: she looked like she was really enjoying herself. Kevin looked really nervous. When she took her bra off I realized there must be some tanning lamps at her sorority house, because her tan was spectacular, now competitive with water skiing Candy, setting off her red and nicely erect nipples on a pretty light pink bikini sized background, surrounded by some gorgeous and deeply tanned breasts. I could smell the cocoa butter from here. She must have been working out a little, too, because they seemed to riding a little higher and prouder on her pectoral muscles. “See what I mean, girls?”

Lara’s Suzie sparked with competition but also some adoration, and I was sure neither one of them would kick the other out of bed. That might be very interesting, but I had to take pity on Kevin. Suzanne, on the other hand, was sending a rasping and buzzing mixture of attraction, competition, and a deep desire to dominate. It was a heady brew indeed, and it acted directly on my dick.

Suzanne strutted over to the punch bowl, her heels clicking loudly on the hard wood floor. Every male eye in the place was glued to her, as were Lou’s and most of the other women’s. She picked up a red plastic cup, dipped it full in the punchbowl, and held it too her lips, then raised it to toast Lou. “You look beautiful tonight, Lou, and seeing you makes me want to put on a little show myself!” With that she chugged the entire 12 ounces or so of ‘instant stripper’, her eyes never leaving Lou’s.

Lou looked like a mongoose watching a snake, as Suzanne slithered over to her. Her light olive skin was uniform in color all over, no tan lines or markings of any kind. She made a quite a show of taking her light green panties off out from under her diaphanous and semi-transparent Roman costume, and offered them to Lou, holding them out about a foot from Lou’s face. I thought she had made a miscalculation there, because Lou made no move to take them or otherwise acknowledge the gift, leaving Suzanne hanging and symbolically somewhat ‘dissed’. Or so I thought. But Suzanne was ready for that.

She moved a little closer to Lou and used the panties to gently tease Lou’s nipples, and Lou was mesmerized! She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the sensations. Several male voices behind me muttered, and a few females, too. I heard male and female Suzie signals spring up from every direction. Males wanting both girls, girls wanting both girls and a big chorus of that old time female herd envy hatred for both these showoff alpha females. Suzanne suddenly draped the panties right over Lou’s head, like she had done to Lara the first night I got them together. Lou’s eyes were closed, and before she could move she drank in the aroma, and suddenly was frozen, except I saw her nostrils flare as she took another deep breath.

Suzanne moved back, every eye on the room on her. Lou could throw those panties on the floor and stomp on them now and no one else would notice. They were left only with the image of them draped on Lou’s face. Suzanne twirled and swirled, the centrifugal forces making her ‘skirt’ ride up higher and higher as she spun around to the music. Lou opened her eyes, but she could not take them off Suzanne’s body, and she did not move a muscle. Suzanne suddenly reached down and quickly raised the gown over her head, swung it around on one finger for a moment and then let it slip off and fly away. I could not believe her. Wild college days indeed! I knew it wasn’t the alcohol; it was her desire to get a little wild, and to dominate Lou.

I looked over at Kevin. His jaw was slack and his face was completely white. You could have heard a pin drop, and it seemed like no one in the room was even breathing: except Lou and Suzanne. Both of their nostrils flared and Suzanne moved toward Lou like one of those attacking Flamingo dancers. The DJ must have been a genius with a hell of an MP3 collection; he quickly switched the music to a tune I had endured for years of my mother’s required ballroom dancing classes: “El Choclo.” It was music for dancers who were either going to have a knife fight or a fuck, or both. I think it meant something like “Sin in the mud”, and I had never seen it done with this much tension, and only one dancer was moving, so far.

Then suddenly Suzanne took Lou in her arms and swirled her around, totally the leading dancer of the pair. It was artistic, it was erotic, and it was downright nasty. Gasps arose from the entire audience, and the cacophony of Suzie signals almost made me dizzy. Lara gripped my arm so hard I was starting to lose feeling in my hand, but the circulation to my cock was a-okay. After a few passes back and forth, Suzanne performed a perfect ‘dip’ laying Lou out horizontally, and kissing her hard, right on the lips. The she dropped her on the floor and walked away. I could not tell if Lou was awake or out cold.

Kevin went over to check on her and she had clearly fainted. He helped her up, as Suzanne came back over to us and Lara helped her put her costume back on. Lara nuzzled Suzanne and whispered ‘I was afraid you were going to fuck her face!”

Suzanne looked matter of fact about it. “Maybe. If she begs for it.” Holy shit!

A few other girls then got up and stripped, but even the ones with visions of an epic wild night knew they could never top what they had just seen. Lou avoided Suzanne for the rest of the night. I heard all sorts of Suzies, some sending for me, but I was thinking there was already too much sex in store later tonight, and I didn’t really want to look for more. Rodney picked us up about 11 and took us back to Lara’s place. The girls said they had a few things to get ready before the other guests arrived.

They had already decorated the trapeze in the bedroom, and now lit lots of candles in the living room. Then they took some kind of metal and plastic thing out of a box at put it on Millie’s fuck rug at the end of the short hallway that led from the living room, past the bedroom and to the storage closet. Lara had ordered it from someplace called Kinky Katalog on the web. It looked like a cross between one of those kneeling chairs with no back and the old fashioned stocks that I had seen on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, with some kind of thick black spider web stuff thrown in for good measure. I knew that Millie would end up on display restrained in this contraption by the end of the night, but I also knew that the party would start with a smaller number of people in the bedroom, and Millie on the trapeze.

Lara and Suzanne wanted to make sure Millie was suitably excited, so they had positioned this whole thing as some kind of initiation ritual that Millie might well not survive, and told her she could have one trusted friend to act as her ‘second’ to help her if she got in trouble, or claim her body if she did not make it. But that could not be Lara or Suzanne, since they would be conducting the rituals, or me, since in my role as Master I would begin her testing to see if she was worthy of graduation. She chose Mei Ling, and I wondered if what Mei Ling saw tonight would further stimulate her own dark desires, sending her on to depths that Cisco had not yet been willing to plumb. Mei Ling would certainly have all her questions answered about just exactly what I had been doing to Millie for most of this semester.

The first set of rituals, conducted in the bedroom, would be 100% authentic. Some of the later stuff might be dramatized a little. But I was betting Millie would be pushed to her outer limits and maybe just a little bit beyond, not to mention Mei Ling. How close would I get to my outer limits?

The girls closed the bedroom door while they ‘prepared’ Millie. When they opened the door and signaled that they were ready, I would come in as Master and begin Millie’s ordeal. We would start with all the basics, titillation, teasing, spanking, tender caresses, whipping, kissing, pinching, and licking, all moving toward greater and greater excitement yet denying her permission to come for as long as possible. Then we would allow her to come several times, then tell her this was the demarcation point, where she would go beyond out little loving circle to the kind of stimulation and excitement she craved. And then it would get pretty funky for a while.

Outside the door, waiting to do their part, were several people that I knew well: Mei Ling, Cisco, Big Liz, Little Marilyn, Ralph, Rodney Driver, and Little Hollywood. There were also eight Bi Phi pledges and their boyfriends that I only knew in passing. That made for quite a little party in itself, and they had some time to kill while we worked on Millie. Lara had set up appetizers and drinks, and had some pretty good tunes playing, and the atmosphere was naturally a little charged up. I listened with one ear to the pledges tell some stories, and tell their boyfriends that they should just go with the flow. I wasn’t sure what that meant, and I wasn’t sure they did either.

The door opened about six inches and Lara crooked a finger at me and at Mei Ling, who was standing right next to me. She drew in a big breath as we went inside. Millie was strapped to the trapeze, totally naked, and covered with a thin sheen of some kind of oil. It emphasized her erect nipples and smooth skin, shining in the light of several dozen candles arrayed about her, and smelled faintly of some musky perfume. Her pubic hair had been completely shaved, and her hair had been cut to only two inches or so long. A black blindfold covered her eyes completely, but she was already breathing fast and shaking a little in the restraints. I put on my Master garb, and then Suzanne removed her blindfold, letting her see the scene around her for the first time. She had on no makeup at all, and I realized I had never seen her that way before. She looked somehow more real and more beautiful at the same time. She made eye contact with me and shivered. I did too.

Suzanne motioned for Mei Ling to join her at Millie’s side.

“Millicent, you have chosen this women to be your second. Are you sure you can depend on her?”

“Yes, Mistress, I trust her with my life.”

“You are, trainee! What is your safe word?”

“River Oaks.”

I knew that was the name of the elementary school that both she and Mei Ling had attended.

Suzanne turned to Mei Ling. “Do you promise to help this trainee in any way you can, but not to interfere with anything that is done to her unless she uses the safe word?”

Mei Ling shivered. “I promise.”

Suzanne gave her an evil look.

“I promise, Mistress!”

Suzanne put a hand on Millie’s hips, and spoke right in her ear. “Do you give yourself freely up to us, Trainee, to use anyway we choose?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“You realize you must be punished for your slutty nature, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“And you understand that if you pass the initial tests, you will then be placed on your fuck rug for all to see and use?”

“Yes Mistress!” Two excited Suzie notes arose from Millie: one pure and clear, the other raw, raspy and funky.

Lara and Suzanne went into an expanded version on the same kind of ‘contrast therapy’ they had used on me. Gentle caresses and kisses on Millie’s shoulders, and then swift little pops with the little short whips. Smooth massage on her thighs, and then sharp spanks on her hips. Millie’s body was flushed red, and her breathing was labored. Mei Ling looked on with widening eyes, and when one hard blow landed on Millie’s ass, I saw Mei Ling’s nipples pulse through her silk blouse. That certainly told me something.

I stood in front of Millie trying to look foreboding as the two girls worked on her. I caught Mei Ling occasionally staring at the silver and gold metal cock piece of my costume, and I liked that. Things quickly progressed to flogging the inside of Millie’s thighs, and as they turned red, her enticing pussy smell became apparent in the closed bedroom. Mei Ling’s eyes took on a wild look, and then she spun her head to look as Suzanne spoke.

“Remember you may not come without permission, slut, and you do not yet have permission!” Suzanne nodded at Lara. Lara dropped down and began kissing Millie’s buttocks. Suzanne began kissing the front of her thighs. Millie’s nipples got even harder: I reached out and began twisting them, and she began to mumble and quiver on the trapeze. I watched Mei Ling’s eyes shift as Lara stopped working on Millie and kneeled in front of me and began to remove my cock piece. She looked away twice, but then stared openly when Lara lifted it off of me. All the attention had excited me, and I was as hard as I had ever been. It occurred to me that I was even more excited than when I had submitted to the girls, and I filed that away for further consideration. I shook my hips a little bit, and delighted in watching Mei Ling’ eyes follow the tip of my cock. Millie’s eyes were locked on my face.

Suzanne used the little remote control and lowered Millie down to just above a kneeling position: her feet touched the floor and her legs bent at the knees, but most of her weight was still supported by her arms tied to the trapeze. Millie’s eyes focused on my cock, and Mei Ling’s never left it. I slapped Millie’s cheeks with my engorged dick, hard enough to sting a little. Then I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth just as roughly as I possibly could. Mei Ling’s breathing became labored, and Millie’s breath whistled through her nose. Millie was desperate to get my cock down her throat, and her Suzie exploded with lust. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth with roughly the same motion I used to masturbate with; I just had Millie’s head in my hand. I realized I was just about to come, and looked over at Mei Ling just as I began to shoot and groaned, pushing myself down further into Millie’s throat and letting her suck it out of me.

Mei Ling licked her lips as some ‘glug, glug’ sounds emerged from Millie as she finished off my last little droplets. She used Suzanne’s little trick and I stayed hard as a rock. I pulled my cock out of Millie’s mouth and pointed it at Mei Ling, and delighted as her lips parted involuntarily. Maybe someday, sweetheart; but not tonight, especially with Cisco in the next room, although come to think of it, he was waiting to possibly fuck my Millie, so maybe turnabout was fair play. I spread my legs and hunkered down a little bit, rubbing my cock against Millie’s nipples.

“You may not come, slut!” I told her, and Suzanne used the remote to move the trapeze up until Millie’s waist was level with mine. I slammed myself into Millie. She was dripping wet, and her Suzie told me she was desperate to come. She would not get that for a while. Lara donned a strap on and entered Millie’s ass and Mei Ling’s eyes got even bigger than saucers. Suzanne climbed up the ropes like a gymnast, and shoved her pussy in Millie’s face: Millie devoured it. Her Suzie signal reached new peak amplitudes, and warbled and woofed with overtones that were new to me. Lara and I switched positions, and I heard Millie’s Suzie signal morph as the plastic dildo in her butt was replaced with my warm cock. I hope she liked it as much as I did. She shook and chattered in the restraints: if she didn’t come soon she would pass out.

I motioned to Lara and Suzanne, pulled out of Millie’s ass, and got ready to come in her mouth again. Lara reentered her ass with the strap on, and Suzanne put the handle of her whip in Millie’s now sizzling snatch.

“When you have completed sucking everything out of Robbie, you may come!”

Millie’s mouth sealed itself to me desperately, sucking like a woman possessed. I hoped not fully. Then I was over the edge, and launched everything I had into Millie’s throat. She got every drop, and then exploded in a series of seizure like orgasms that threatened to pull the trapeze out of its moorings. Lara sucked on one nipple, Suzanne took the other, and I knelt and began to eat Millie’s pussy. Mei Ling reached out and gently touched Millie’s ass. Her pussy tasted like never before: both sweet and sour, both salty and tangy, and it was dripping at an almost alarming rate. I synchronized with her Suzie and tuned for maximum stimulation and she ripped off three more quick orgasms like a well made assault rifle set to fire a three round burst.

Then we all stood back a foot or so while Millie sobbed on the trapeze, tears running down her cheeks. Mei Ling was crying too. Suzanne kissed Millie gently for a moment then said “You have passed your first test, Trainee!”

Millie drew in a shuddering breath and began to sob in relief.

“You may now call yourself a proud graduate rather than a mere trainee. You have surrendered completely to a close circle of trusted people who care for you, and you have proven yourself worthy of our love. “

Millie stopped breathing almost entirely, and Suzanne continued. “You may stop now, but if you do, you may never know the complete truth about yourself. Are you ready to submit yourself completely to all the people waiting for you in the next room?”

Millie’s voice sounded like a very young girl. “Y, Yes, Mistress.”

“You realize that your safe word will no longer have any effect. They will take you and use you as they want, until they are finished with you. Do you understand?”

The raspy Suzie dominated, driving the clear one into the background. Her voice was even softer, but clear. “Yes, Mistress!”

Suzanne and Lara began unhooking Millie from the trapeze, and then put a little black mask, like an old Lone Ranger mask, on her face. “Everyone may see you, slut, but you will never know who took you, or how many!” This mask was part of the plan, and it was Lara’s idea. It was brilliant, but I found it more than a little disturbing, too. She had really thought about this stuff. The mask was from the same Kinky Katalog, and actually did not block Millie’s vision completely. It allowed her a very narrow cone of vision, so that she could only see things that were almost exactly in front of her. Too much to the left or right, or too much above or below the plane of her eyes, and she could not see it at all.

They opened the door and frog marched Millie out into the living room. All conversation stopped, and there was a massed intake of breath, then almost complete silence. They turned and walked her down the little hallway, Suzanne’s and Lara’s high heels resounded on the tile floor and the sound echoed through the hanging silence. I suddenly realized I was standing there in my Master costume, with the hood on, but with my cock hanging out. I also noticed, somewhat disappointedly, that no one was looking at me. The little procession of the naked and strikingly rubifacted Millie, being handled by Lara and Suzanne in their contrasting red and white sex suits, with the still bug eyed Mei Ling following meekly behind them, was attracting every eye in the room.

They reached the end of the hallway, and began to strap Millie into the Kinky Katalog contraption that had previously been placed at the end of the hallway. Although the audience probably thought Millie’s body was being positioned for maximum exposure and accessibility to the hopeful gang bang group, they were actually carefully positioning and locking down her head so that she could only see a narrow portion of the middle of the hallway right in front of her, and nowhere else. Once they were satisfied with that, they began to spread her limbs and further restrain her with the spider web like straps built into the device. The audience’s interest was piqued as they twisted her nipples and slapped her butt, and her wetness and excitement was made apparent to anyone with eyes and/or a nose.

As if on cue, and as they had been prompted to do, the Bi Phi pledges and their dates queued up in a line down the hallway, and everyone else lined up behind them, obviously getting ready to take their turns with Millie, muttering everything from “Oh, boy!” to “Watch this guys!” to “I’m gonna fuck that bitch blue!” Millie’s respiration rate tripled, and the raspy Suzie signal soared, taking on some desperate overtones. The couple in the front of the line stripped in a matter of fact manner, and the guy said loudly “How about a little hand job to get me hard for this slut, girlfriend?” Rodney and Little Hollywood joined the line behind the Bi Phis, and Little Marilyn, Big Liz, and Ralph joined up behind them.


Millie had chugged some instant stripper, too, and was also was in a complete fog or hormones, pheromones, and endorphins: high as a kite on raw sex. She couldn’t move her head or body at all, and when she squinted she could just focus on some people lined up right in front of her. They were saying some pretty wild things, but she could only see them from about their waists to their knees, and nothing to either side, and the ones toward the back of the line were very much out of focus. The guy and girl in the front of the line took off their clothes, and the girl put her hand on the guy’s cock and gently began to frig it. Millie could see it was getting hard. The next guy in line took off his pants too, as did the girl next to him, and then the entire line shuffled forward and closer to her.

Millie heard Suzanne’s voice take on a silky but aggressive and domineering tone. “Look at all those hard dicks and wet pussies lining up for you, slut! You are going to finally get your fill, aren’t you? Your pussy, your mouth, your ass are all open for them. I hope you are ready!”

The first guy in line walked right up to her and slapped his cock right against her cheek. His date said “You are about to get fucked by my boyfriend, you slut! If he likes it, I might let you eat my pussy!” The guy laughed and moved around and slapped Millie on the butt, and then she felt him spread her butt cheeks and enter her doggy style and start thrusting. It drove her crazy, and she couldn’t deny it. The girl moved her pussy up just out of Millie’s reach, but she could see it perfectly in the center of her vision, and smell the glistening wetness. “Show me you want it, bitch!” Millie couldn’t deny that, either.

The girl behind the first couple spoke to her boyfriend. “It won’t be long, baby! I used to date this guy and he won’t last two minutes. You’ll be able to get in there real soon and fuck this slut!”

Millie hoped she was wrong, but even if she was right, the line seemed to disappear into the distance, and there were lots of guys ready for her. Lots of girls, too.

He was pounding away but quick and shallow, not slow and deep like she really liked it. But she was gradually getting into it and it he kept if up for a while she was going to get off again. But then the guy began to grunt and swear, and then said “I am going to come in this slut, girlfriend!”

The girl, her pussy still just out of Millie’s reach, replied “I want to see it, pull out and come on her ass, baby!”

He said “Oh, Yeah!” and then grunted and Millie felt something warm and sticky on her ass. The girl said “Yeah baby, that looks good!” and then moved around behind Lara, too. Millie looked up to see the next guy in line step up towards her and shake his cock a little, and just off to the side at the edge of her vision, she saw her friend Mei Ling with a completely awestruck expression on her face, watching the scene. Then just behind her the first girl said, “Watch this boyfriend!”, and then began to slowly lick the come off of Millie’s ass. Millie quivered. Holy Shit but that was hot, and Millie came the third time the girl’s tongue touched her. She wondered what the next couple would do to her. Mei Ling’s face was frozen in an unreadable expression.


The first Bi Phi pledge and boyfriend in line had followed the script perfectly, taunting Millie, and then moving beside and behind her, spanking her ass, and waiting to deliver the rest of their lines. Suzanne reached down and spread Millie’s red butt cheeks, and beside her Lara picked up one of the four various sized didoes that were on the table to her side. She pushed it into Millie and began moving it in and out of her pussy, rapidly and not very deep, just the opposite of what she liked, and she presumed it wasn’t Millie favorite technique either. Mille was very wet, and this really didn’t give her much of a thrill. Then Suzanne smiled at the boyfriend, and he made a loud grunt and said he was going to come. The girl friend told him to come on Millie’s ass. Lara got out one of the little envelopes of honey from the fried chicken place and tore the corner just a little, then squeezed it until some shot out on Millie’s ass. Millie jumped. She kept rolling up the end of the little envelope until all the honey had dribbled out onto Millie’s ass, and then the girlfriend leaned down and licked it off. Millie came! This was going to work just fine. Mei Ling almost fainted.

The other seven pledge couples carried out variations on that theme. Some guys pulled Millie’s hair while Suzanne used the dildo on her, and then two guys went behind her at once and bumped their legs against her while Lara and Suzanne gave her the old DP with two new and different sized didoes. Millie came again. Lara ended using more envelopes of honey, and some mustard and mayonnaise on Millie’s back, ass, and neck, and the pledges and some of the girls and even one of the boyfriends licked Millie clean, while she shivered and came several more times. Two of the girls really did make Mille eat their pussies, and one served up her ass, and Millie was feeling a wicked buzz.


I had to admit it was getting Millie off like crazy, and it was much less risky than just a plain old gang bang. I was a little concerned about how well thought out this all was, and how much Lara and Suzanne were enjoying the passing parade of dicks, giggling and whispering comments about them in each other’s ears. I was struck by all the different sizes and shapes, but I lacked their apparent appreciation for the artistic merit of any of them. It was a very nasty scene, but Millie’s Suzie had not yet touched the Melanie range. Rodney and Little Hollywood were certainly hamming up their act, though.


Millie lost count of how many guys and girls had passed by, and her own orgasms, but she looked up and noticed two very muscular black guys that she could only see from the waist down having some kind of argument over whose cock was bigger and harder, all the while holding them about six inches from her face. She though they both looked quite nice, and saw no reason to waste any more time arguing. She decided to say so. “Shut up and fuck me, you idiots!”

She heard two guttural laughs, and then watched both guys walk around behind her. She felt two sets of hands on her ass, and felt her heart rate skyrocket.

“Say, cuz, do want the ass first or the pussy first?”

“I’m gonna have ‘em both, so the order doesn’t matter!”

Millie just wished they would stop talking and start fucking! They did.

Lara and Suzanne took the two biggest dildos they had and pushed deep and slow into Millie’s twitching twat and ass. Slow and steady wins the race! Mille soon came, twice, and then a little improvisational theater took place.

“Say, cuz, this is some fine pussy! Are you ready to switch?”

“This is some fine ass, too, but I guess I could use a little variety!”

Mille sobbed, and Lara and Suzanne switched the two big dildos clumsily and Rodney and Little Hollywood put their hands all over Millie, a little more than I was strictly comfortable with. I was next in line, having taken off my costume so she wouldn’t recognize it. The girls got both didoes well established inside Millie again, and Rodney and Little Hollywood began making some noises in time with the motions.

“Say buddy, we are taking care of the ass and the pussy, seems like you could help out with that mouth!”

We knew Millie would recognize my voice, so Ralph, waiting right behind me, said gruffly “Don’t mind if I do!”

I was only ‘authorized fucker’ who was allowed to come in Millie tonight, so I pushed my cock in between her sweet little lips. She sucked me down like an electric milking machine running on three phase 440. Suddenly Millie had a big rolling orgasm, and then another.

“Oh Boy, cuz, this girl can come! Did you feel that pussy rock and roll?”

Little Hollywood sang “Super fine honey bunch!”

“Don’t hold out on her pal, she is sucking you perfectly, so you should give her what she wants!”

For some reason I made eye contact with Mei Ling, and she looked at me incredulously, and suddenly I couldn’t hold out another second. I pumped my come into Millie’s mouth, just as I noticed Lara, Suzanne, and Mei Ling all staring at me. Mille made some very enthusiastic suckling sounds and my knees got weak.

Big Liz, Marilyn and Ralph were all behind me in line, and suddenly they give me a round of applause. I turned around and saw big smiles on the two girl’s faces. Lara and Suzanne looked on with funny expressions. Millie polished me off and then I pulled out of her mouth, just as Suzanne and Lara took the dildos out too. Millie took a few deep breaths and tried to recover her sanity. When her head cleared a bit, she looked up to see Marilyn and Big Liz beginning to take off Ralph’s pants.

Suzanne leaned over to Lara and, perhaps thinking I could not hear her, said “You know that Robbie’s friend Ralph is a physicist right?” Lara nodded yes.

I started to speak, but hesitated. That wasn’t strictly true, as Ralph had explained to me in excruciating detail. He considered himself a cosmologist, technically a mathematical physicist, but so far exalted over other physicists that it should be a category of its own. There was a strict hierarchy in physics, you see. Cosmologists at the top, of course, at the absolute tip of the advance of all important modern thought. Next were the ‘hard working blue collar’ physicists who ‘hand us cosmologists the rifle’ in the fight against ignorance: mathematical physicists, radio astronomers, solar theoreticians, and string theorists. These people could be very helpful in supporting cosmologists, and usually knew their place. There were a bunch of other practitioners under that, many disciplines that I had never even heard of. At the very bottom, the most unclean and unthinkable caste, were the materials scientists, trying to put on airs as if they were physicists when they were really lab techs or chemists, or even worse, chemical engineers, especially the ones at the horribly overstaffed, underperforming, and over politicized national laboratories west of the Mississippi. But for the purposes of this discussion, maybe all this wouldn’t matter.

Suzanne went on. “Do you know why those girls call Ralph ‘AJ’, Lara?” She shook her head no.

Suzanne giggled, just as Ralph’s underwear came off. “It’s short, so to speak, for Atomic Jawbreaker!”

Lara said “Oh! I used to love to suck on those hot candies. I would keep one in my mouth all day!”

Suzanne pointed at Ralph, and Lara said “Oh Shit!” and then they both giggled like schoolgirls, which of course they were.


Millie’s eyes were out of focus, or so she thought. She blinked her eyes, but the picture didn’t change. Two female hands daintily reached out and stroked this giant cock that couldn’t be real. But it was, and it got even bigger.

One of the girls used her other hand to grab Millie by her new short hairdo, and said “I hope you are fully relaxed now, you slut, but let’s give you a chance to get ready for what awaits you!” She reached up and licked the giant cock, now only inches from Millie’s face, keeping her eyes on Millie’s. Millie looked cross-eyed as she tried to focus on it. She was surprised that those two girls could get their mouths around it.

Ralph walked around behind Millie and then Liz and Marilyn put two condoms on him. He positioned himself to enter Millie, with Liz and Marilyn and Lara and Suzanne all looking on with great interest. Millie was amazed that the thing didn’t split her apart, and she felt genuine relief when she realize that it was all the way in her and she was still okay.


I knew I had agreed to this in theory, but I did not like it in practice. Ralph took his time, I guess he had learned that he had to, and Millie’s abundant wetness made it possible, I suppose. Realistically, I knew that if little Marilyn could take him on, most any woman could. I just didn’t want to think about it anymore than I had to. He worked slow and deep, and I heard Millie’s Suzie signal move from alarm to relief to pleasure, and then she came on more time.

Soon everyone left, except Mei Ling, who sent Cisco home and stayed to take care of Millie. We all took Millie into the bathroom and shampooed her short hair, which didn’t take long, and washed her and each other and then dried off. I could not help noticing that Mei Ling was almost perfectly structured, with long ropy muscles that I knew were trained in advanced martial arts, and beautiful honey brown skin and surprisingly light brown hair. We surrounded Millie on the bed, and kissed and held her. She cried a bit, and hugged everyone desperately.

Finally she said “Robbie, I know I told you the truth about my dreams, but now I’m not so sure I wanted to know myself.”

‘You know about one dream Millie, and you still have to try to find the other.” She put her face into the crook of my neck and snuggled into me again, and I stroked her short hair. I liked the new hair style, but before I could tell her that, she was asleep. Mei Ling kissed her on the cheek and got up to get dressed. I was kind of sorry to see that fine body back under cover. She waved goodbye to me silently and Lara walked her out to the door.

Lara and Suzanne came back into the bedroom and beckoned me to come back out to the living room. I gently disengaged from Millie and laid her head on the pillow: she never even got close to waking up. I tiptoed back out, closing the door behind me.

Suzanne spoke first. “Let’s let her sleep here tonight. We’ll drive her over with us to meet you and Alley at the dorm in the morning. Okay?”

I nodded. Lara got up to finish putting the party stuff in the dishwasher.

Suzanne snuggled up next to me. “Did you know that guys like Ralph are like New York City?”

I must have looked uncomprehending, because I was. She smiled at me. “It’s exciting, and a girl might want to go there once, and maybe even go back for a show every few years if she had nothing better to do, but I would never want to live there!” She kissed me sweetly.

We went in to help Lara finish up in the kitchen. It didn’t take long. Lara walked me out to the lobby.

“I heard what Suzanne said to you about Ralph. I just wanted you to know that don’t even want to go to New York, although it was interesting to see the movie, so to speak.”

I had a lot to think about on the way back to the dorm.


We had all agreed to get an early start on the trip to Dallas Saturday morning, and it turned into a highly organized caravan with a social structure like the wagon trains that brought people out west in the old days. Millie was looking strangely subdued, or maybe just hung over. Nora Upton was actually there for the sendoff, but was not making the trip to Dallas. Damn she looked good. Nora and Alley had bonded, maybe in their shared stripper experience, or they were just somehow simpatico, but they seemed like best buds now. Since Lara needed three suitcases for an overnight trip, it was impossible for all of us to fit into her ‘Baby Beamer’ with all our stuff, even though Suzanne, Millie and I just needed a backpack with a change of clothes. So we had formed a caravan with Alley and her Suburban to get everyone there and back. Jay Kincaid was catching a ride up with Alley, apparently for his grandfather’s birthday party on Sunday, and he had another big duffle bag full of dirty laundry with him, too.

Ever the planner and sewing buff, Lara had made up “Team Robbie” race paraphernalia: gimme caps and shirts. These were no cheap tee shirt shop silk screen specials — they were nice caps with embroidered logos and near NFL quality stitched jerseys with an embroidered Team Robbie logo patch on the front and numbers and titles on the back. Mine had number 1 on the back and the name above it just said ‘Robbie’, but the others were symbolically intriguing. Suzanne’s #2 said ‘Trainer’ which was true but also had Freudian implications for me; Lara was #3 and ‘Event Planner’, Nora was #5 ‘Academic Advisor’, and Alley was #6 ‘Transportation Captain’. Millie was #4 and had wanted to be ‘Fuck Toy’, but she and Lara had reached a compromise with ‘Groupie’.

Jay had never met Millie before, and after introductions and the requisite hugs, kisses and other sendoff rituals with Nora, we finally piled into the two vehicles: Alley’s Suburban took Jay and Millie, and then Lara and Suzanne urged me to ride in the Suburban, too, saying they “had some planning to discuss” and they piled into Lara’s Mini Cooper and led off, with Nora waving goodbye from the curb in front of Jester Center. I dearly wished she was going along too. Alley pulled the big Suburban in behind the accelerating Baby Beamer and the caravan was on. I was in the front seat with Alley and Jay and Millie rode in the back seat: the third seat was folded down to allow for more cargo area in back. After we dropped Jay off in Waxahachie, Bigun Jackson was going to meet us at my parent’s new house where we were all invited for lunch and dinner. My mother and grandmother insisted that we use our guest rooms and spend Saturday night at the new house, and they were excited about having guests. Suzanne had announced an official training rules ‘abstinence policy’ for the night before the race to conserve my energy, which would also allow my mother to keep up appearances.

I was too wired to sleep, and I fondly remembered the last trip in this land yacht where I had the opportunity to listen at length to Nora’s unsuppressed Suzie signals while she slept, and much to my delight had discovered her longings for me and Suzanne. I didn’t need My Only Talent to discern Jay’s interest in Millie; he was staring at her like a high school sophomore pining away for the hot senior cheerleader. She didn’t seem to mind his attention, either. I feigned sleep, leaning my head against the window, and tried to tune into Millie’s signals.

The images in her ‘black box’ sexual event data recorder were fresh and vibrant, and I soon learned her reaction to last night’s gang bang — her first. I soon concluded it would also be her last. There had been rabid excitement and scores of orgasms, but there were also lingering fears of disease, disappointment, and scorn. She had just experienced one of her two recurring dreams of being absolutely the center of excitement and attention for many men and women, and having them take her all at once, and the excitement had been galvanic, but not as satisfying as she had hoped. She was not anxious to do it all over again: in fact, she was terrified that she had disappointed us or that we would all shun her. Maybe it was just the perversity of human expectations, like buyer’s remorse, but suddenly the other dream of one faithful lover looked much more attractive. Her fear of disease was pervasive: intermingled with all the other feelings was a feeling of dread about future disease and infertility. The longer I listened, the sadder I became: remorseful was not a strong enough word to describe her feelings. But there was also a clear and pure Suzie signal, for Jay, that seemed all the more harmonious for its stark contrast to the other, darker signals. Also interesting was that even at the height of Millie’s most intense sexual experience ever, there was no evil, cancerous tone like the Melanie Meltdown.

I tried my best to shut down my receiver and leave Millie alone, but I could not miss Alley’s signals so close by, and they told me that Bigun had some hot buttered lovin’ coming north up the road towards him. Using the 130 toll road meant we were north of Georgetown in a flash, and then we made the obligatory shopping stop at Salado. Millie was suddenly fired up and embraced the distraction to stop thinking about her sexual future. Jay followed her around like a baby duck, while Alley dished her shopping secrets to all three girls, interspersed with tales of Sam Bass and other outlaws that hid out here in the past. The cargo area of the suburban easily absorbed all our purchases, and we got back on the road. Was it my imagination, or were Millie and Jay sitting a little closer together back there?

It didn’t take long to arrive at those big ranch gates with the stylized W on top, and Jay’s grandfather, John Jacobin “Cactus Jake” Warner, came out of the house to greet us, just behind the herd of younger siblings and dogs that was already running toward us. He stared at Millie in much some the way Jay had been doing. Perhaps there was some kind of genetic coding for attraction? Jay’s mother and grandmother emerged from the house to give Millie, Lara, and Suzanne the same tour we had last time, and Cactus Jake, completely out of character, joined them. Jay hung back to talk to me.

“What’s the deal with Millie?”

“She is a wonderful young lady. Let me tell you three things about Millie, Jay. She is wonderful, she likes you, and she is the marrying kind, but….”

Tiffany was a little anxious as she looked around the room. Roughly two dozen naked men and women sat around the expansive common room in the fraternity house. Almost everyone had a beer in hand. Her friend and senior sister, Jennifer, had assured her this game would be fun, and the booze had helped convince her. There were only a few rules, she had explained. A senior sister or brother would pick two or more people and challenge them to a sexual act. No orgasm challenges the first time a person was picked. That was pretty much it.

The game had been going on for a while, and Tiffany had not yet been picked. Despite her anxiety at being chosen, she could not deny that her pussy was soaking wet from watching all the challenges. She had watched Jennifer get finger fucked by a football player. Her pussy had to stretch wide to fit his three chunky fingers.

She had also seen her friend Amber take a pounding from two frat boys, one dick in her pussy, and another in her tight asshole. Both boys were disappointed when they were denied the satisfaction of giving her a double creampie. Right now, a hot young brother was pumping his cock hard into another sisters’ shaved pussy. Bent over on all fours, Hannah moaned loudly each time he thrust all the way inside her.

“Time!” Jennifer called, clicking a stopwatch. The frat boy reluctantly stopped fucking Hannah as she slumped to the floor, spent and panting. “Don’t go anywhere Rob,” Jennifer said, looking over at Tiffany. “You’re up Tiff. Go suck Rob off until he cums, and then swallow it all down. It shouldn’t take long, from the looks of it.”

Tiffany’s heart pounded as she hesitated. Jennifer knew Tiffany had never let a guy cum in her mouth, and she was apparently willing to exploit that knowledge.

“Come on Tiff, let’s go!” Jennifer egged her on, her large breasts bobbing slightly as she waved Tiffany toward the middle of the room.

Tiffany slowly stood and walked over to where Rob stood waiting. She could see a bit of precum glistening on the end of his throbbing cock and thought Jennifer was right – this would not take long. Figuring she would just get it over with, Tiffany knelt down and took Rob’s cock in her hand. It was still wet from Hannah’s pussy juices. Another first for her, but she pushed that thought aside as she put the tip of the cock in her mouth. The mixed flavors of precum and pussy juice were slightly sour, but not unbearable.

She swished her tongue around the tip, before sucking gently and taking Rob’s length into her mouth. He had a large cock, and she felt it bump against the back of her throat. She suppressed a gag as she pulled her head back, sucking harder as she did. Rob moaned, eliciting a cheer and a clap from Jennifer.

Without realizing it, Tiffany started rubbing her clit as she bobbed her head up and down on Rob’s cock. Despite what she was about to do, she was so horny she could not stop herself. Rob started moaning more and tensing up. She knew he was going to cum soon. The thought pushed her over the edge herself and her pussy pulsed with a strong orgasm. Seeing her cumming while sucking him off was too much for Rob.

Tiffany tasted the hot tangy cum from his load just a second before his cock started convulsing, pumping more and more of it into her mouth. His cum had a strange texture that clung to her tongue. Just as she thought he would never stop, Rob pulled his cock out of her mouth, breathing heavily.

Tiffany sat there with a mouth full of cum, uncertain if she could bring herself to swallow. With an expectant look from Jennifer, she tried not to think about it and threw her head back. She gagged a little on the thick fluid as it went down, but was glad to have the worst of the flavor gone. She opened her mouth wide, tongue out, to show Jennifer she had done it and the other girl smiled.

“Good job Tiff, but that got me way too wet. Now it’s my turn. You get to eat me out until I cum all over that pretty face.”

Tiffany grinned and felt her pussy tingle at the thought. That’s what she had been hoping for.

Chapter 33 — Kathleen’s hard lesson

After breakfast, Burnside officially transferred custody of the pledges back to Pledge Mistress Tracy. Along with the pledges she handed over a diskette describing the women’s training schedule and her own observations about the pledges’ health, study habits, openness for sexual adventure, and what they did during the three days they spent at her house.

Tracy passed out the pledges’ uniforms that she had brought with her from the sorority house and ordered her group to get ready to depart for the university. Each pledge had to get on her knees and thank Ruth Burnside for letting her stay at the house before going out the front door. Tracy drove the freshmen to campus, while Lisa went with Burnside and Halsey.

Burnside said nothing about what had happened the night before, but Lisa did notice a subtle difference in her behavior. For the first time Lisa had held power over her professor, which somewhat changed how the two women would relate to each other. The professor would not say anything openly, but Lisa could tell that she was very grateful for her student’s quick and tactful response to what had happened when she was over the younger woman’s lap. Lisa had been astute and observant enough to understand the professor was sexually aroused, and gracious enough to let her escape before anyone else in the room realized what was going on.

The problem for Burnside was that Lisa’s knowledge about her vulnerability gave the girl some power in their relationship. Allowing Lisa to have any influence on what happened in their interaction with each other was not what Burnside had wanted. She had hoped to exert absolute authority over Lisa similar to what she held over Mark, but felt that she no longer could do that if Lisa knew her secret. There would have to be an unspoken agreement of trust between the professor and the student, an uneasy partnership that would tie the two women’s fates together over the next several years. Lisa was not Mark, and Burnside would have to treat her very differently.

The professor’ personality made it very hard for her to express emotions that conveyed vulnerability. She did not feel comfortable talking to Lisa about what had happened, but at the same time trusted that her student would not tell anyone what she had discovered. Fortunately, the way she handled the spanking the previous night demonstrated that Lisa could keep a secret. It also was obvious that Lisa cared about Burnside’s reputation in the fetish community. Yes, she had wanted to turn the tables on Burnside by putting her over her lap, but what mattered was that she knew when to stop. Burnside also realized that Lisa Campbell was a person with whom she could have a personal relationship that would start out as mentoring, but over several years could develop into a real friendship.

That morning, after Lisa had stripped and was standing with her legs spread and her hands behind her head, Burnside went over her plans for that week. Then she surprised Lisa with some news about a couple of Four-Beta juniors who were taking one of her summer classes:

“Seems there’s a bit of a problem with their midterms. It looks like they tried, but they’re just not getting the material. They’ll get the bad news in class, but I figured you’d want to know about it first, in case the sorority has anything to say to you about it. If they don’t shape up real fast, I can tell you they won’t be passing.”


While Lisa continued to work in Burnside’s office in the afternoon, Pledge Mistress Tracy and Junior class leader Shannon entered her office with the two unhappy juniors. Burnside repeated what she had told Lisa, that unless the two students could score at least 90 percent on the final exam, there was no way the professor could let them pass the class. The two sorority women turned white, because getting 90 percent on one of Burnside’s tests was very difficult. The professor snapped:

“Well, I hope you don’t expect me to pass you if you don’t perform, because I won’t. It’s a numbers game around here, and right now your numbers don’t add up. The final is in four weeks, so I’d suggest you use that time wisely and learn the course material, instead of just looking at me with those sad eyes.”


Tracy and her pledges walked back to the sorority with Shannon and the two juniors. The situation for the sorority was dire, because both juniors already had taken Burnside’s class and had flunked out. If they flunked a second time, they would go on academic probation, which in turn would be a huge embarrassment for the entire sorority and for President Alexandra in particular. As Tracy always quoted from the military “shit rolls downhill”, because Alexandra in turn, would blame Shannon for not making sure her two class members had properly studied. If Alexandra was pissed at Shannon, she had the authority to blackball her from participating in any future sorority elections.

As they walked across Old Campus, Shannon began questioning Lisa about what she knew about Burnside’s classes and the course material. It turned out that the pledge’s knowledge was quite comprehensive, which gave the three juniors an idea. Why couldn’t Lisa tutor the juniors and get them ready to pass the final? In fact, what was to prevent her from setting up a study group to help everyone taking economics classes? Lisa knew the material, so what right did she have to not share her knowledge with the rest of the sorority?

Tracy drew a deep breath, not at all happy about the turn of events. Lisa was still a pledge, and under the pledge program rules she was not authorized to lead anything, let alone a study group. Furthermore, she had not completed her Four-Beta training, nor passed all of her pledge challenges. Now, on top of everything else she had to accomplish over the next month, she was being tapped to run a study group for two women who were in trouble due to their own stupidity. Tracy was very irritated with Shannon, because the junior class leader was pushing her problem off on a pledge instead of trying to take care of it herself. If it wasn’t Pledge Lisa’s fault those two juniors were failing, why was she the one who had to fix their situation?

Lisa’s obligations only became even more complicated when the pledges dined with the sophomores. The conversation focused on her position as Burnside’s student aide and the fact that she had tutored dorm residents in Huntington Hall during the spring semester. Already a rumor had spread among the younger women that Pledge Lisa was going to tutor everyone taking Burnside’s classes. That was great! One of the sophomores became especially interested in Lisa’s knowledge about the material presented in Burnside’s Theory of Economics course, because the previous year she had flunked out and was eager to get help from the sorority’s new pledge. She was not yet on the verge of failing, but was determined to get a better grade on the final than she got on the midterm. Suddenly Lisa was faced with several excited sophomores beseeching her with questions about economics.

Finally Lisa held up her hands:

“Look ma’am, I can’t do anything for you unless it’s cleared through Pledge Mistress Tracy! She’s got the final word on this, not me. If she asks me to help you, then yes, I’ll do what I can. But, she’s got to approve any study group!”

Her companions quickly volunteered to talk to Tracy, but again Lisa held up her hands.

“I need to ask about this, not you. I’m under her orders right now, so I’ll talk to her.”

Following dinner Lisa found Tracy, who, as usual, was sitting in the sorority library with her textbooks. She knelt and explained what the sophomores wanted from her, which added to the expectations Shannon had for her two failing class members.

Tracy was tempted to tell both Shannon and the sophomores to forget about exploiting her pledge, but the truth was the tutoring frenzy had taken on a life of its own and backing out no longer was possible. Besides, Lisa did not have any objections to tutoring her fellow sorority members. However, she would have to set some restrictions. She knew from experience that unless she controlled the study sessions, the arrangement very quickly would degenerate into her being on-call to provide assistance at the convenience of the other Four-Beta members. Even though she was just a pledge, Lisa needed to establish her own rules and remain in control of any tutoring arrangements in which she was providing help to others.

There was one other condition Lisa wanted:

“Ma’am, since I’m a pledge and I can’t wear anything in the house, then can I make my study group strip down too? I mean…I think it’s important because if I’m naked and they’re not, I’m worried they’re not gonna take me seriously.”

Tracy thought for a moment, and finally nodded. “I don’t have a problem with that. I agree that if you’re gonna lead a study group you ought to be in charge, and I see your point on the clothing issue. I guess that’ll also separate who’s really interested in your tutoring and who just wants to get her questions answered and not work. All right, when I make the announcement about the study group I’ll explain there’s gonna be a nudity requirement and that you’re the one running the show. If there’s any other conditions you want, let me know, and I’ll add those to my announcement.”

A few minutes later the members of the Four-Beta Sorority gathered in the sitting room for an emergency meeting called by Shannon. The junior class leader ceded the podium to the Pledge Mistress, who ordered Pledge Lisa to stand up and join her. Tracy announced that Lisa had taken and passed Ruth Burnside’s dreaded “Theory of Economics” course and was proctoring the same class during the summer semester. Therefore, she would set up a study group that would meet for an hour each week on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights, and spend part of each Sunday night reviewing assignments and answering questions. The Pledge Mistress added that because Lisa was a pledge and prohibited from wearing any clothing in the sorority house, anyone joining her study group would have to obey the rules of the pledge uniform by attending the sessions in the nude. During the meetings Lisa’s subservient status as a pledge would be suspended and she would be completely in charge of anyone seeking her help.

Lisa was very nervous as she stood beside the Pledge Mistress and listened to the formal announcement about the study group. Then she noticed something that made her much more nervous, the look on the face of the Sergeant-at-Arms. Heather was not pleased at all by what was going on and was watching the Pledge Mistress with a very disapproving expression. Obviously there was going to be a problem between Heather and Tracy over the study group idea.


Lisa spent a busy week as she pursued her numerous academic responsibilities. Besides dealing with her own classes, she proctored Ruth Burnside’s exams, helped grade papers, and assisted her mentor in her office in many other ways. Time became a very scarce resource in the professor’s office as the stress of coursework overrode the developing personal relationship between Burnside and Lisa. The pressure was on to cram as much material as possible into the few weeks of classes that remained.

No sooner did Lisa get back to the sorority and have dinner than came her second round of academic responsibilities. Tuesday and Thursday nights she led a total of seven naked sorority members at a table in the sitting room, going over assignments and making sure her companions understood the basic formulas and theories presented by Burnside. The problems of Lisa’s study group varied, but it seemed that the women who were good in math and understood the formulas couldn’t apply them to theory, while the women who could grasp the theory couldn’t deal with the math.

Lisa competently addressed her group’s concerns and felt real satisfaction as the material and its application began to make sense to her companions. As they began to get caught up and feel more confident about learning, Lisa’s study group members began accepting her leadership and often totally forgot that she still was just a pledge. Already the study group saw Lisa as one of their equals and a person with huge leadership potential for the sorority.

While Lisa was working with her study group, Tracy was with the three freshmen, exhorting them to study, forcing them to constantly exercise, and leading them in house chores. Because Lisa was tied up with her study group, Tracy took her place working around the house. She led by example, frenetically cleaning and challenging her charges to keep up.

Pledge Mistress Tracy’s behavior became more and more of an enigma for the other members of the sorority. By the middle of July she had become little more than a pledge herself, spending all of her time with the newcomers and ignoring the other seniors. Her behavior confirmed her odd reputation in the sorority and her status as an outsider. However, her actions were ensuring that the current group of pledges was completely ready to join the sorority. On top of everything else was Pledge Lisa Campbell’s study group, which held out hope to several sophomores and juniors that they could avoid failing Burnside’s classes and keep themselves and the sorority out of trouble.

By the middle of July, both Elaine, the leader of the sophomores, and Shannon, the leader of the juniors, had decided that they would support Tracy for the presidency of the sorority. Elaine and Shannon agreed that if Tracy were elected chapter president, she would be a nice change from Alexandra, who was a good public speaker, but somewhat self-centered and not a very dynamic or imaginative leader. They both decided that, unless there were any changes between July and the August election, they would formally back Tracy for chapter president and vote to keep Heather in her current position of Sergeant-at-Arms. Neither much cared for Tracy as a person, but it was obvious that she was driven and her harsh no-nonsense attitude was what was needed to “get things done”. Above everything else, Tracy was much more concerned about the well-being of the people around her than herself. She was totally fair and even-handed in her dealings with other people, and willing to make sacrifices for other women in the sorority.


The second Saturday of July was a filled with an event that, for 24 hours, took everyone’s mind off academics. It was time for the summer semester’s “Skins and Shirts Ball”, when all members of Tri-Alpha Fraternity would fulfill the previous month’s forfeit by attending the dance in the nude.

Throughout the afternoon the sorority’s women cheerfully got ready for the formal dance as they prepared their hair and makeup and made sure their most elegant gowns and dresses were properly cleaned and pressed. Part of the fun would be the extreme contrast between the formally dressed women and the naked men. The more the women could make that contrast obvious, the better.

While the other women were getting ready, there was a furious debate among the sorority officers concerning what to do about the pledges. Tracy argued that they should be allowed to dress up, given that it was the pledges that had won the scavenger hunt. Sergeant-at-Arms Heather argued the opposite; that because they were still pledges, the newcomers should attend the dance in the nude, regardless of what had happened during the hunt. Finally, disgusted with the conflict, Alexandra issued her decision. The pledges simply would wear their pledge uniforms: no formal dresses, but no total nudity either. As for Pledge Lisa, she would wear her thong, since that was what she was wearing on campus.

Tracy was furious at Heather, but knew better than to argue in front of Alexandra. She felt bad for the pledges, but at least they did not have to attend the ball in the nude. To register her disgust, however, she returned to her room and pulled out her own pledge uniform. If her pledges had to wear their uniforms to the dance, then she would wear hers as well.

The ball itself was held in the Alumni Center on Old Campus. The Alumni Center was an old mansion, the original residence of the university president. A large fancy room used for conferences and social events complete with bathrooms and a restaurant-style kitchen took up the entire first floor, while the upstairs bedrooms had been converted to offices and meeting rooms. A rich benefactor of the university who was a Tri-Alpha alumnus had paid for the renovations and the building’s upkeep, with the understanding that the Tri-Alpha fraternity could use the Alumni Center for its formal social events.

The evening started at 8:00 p.m. when three air-conditioned buses arrived at the sorority to pick up the women. Although the Alumni Center was only a short walk from the Four-Beta house, walking there in formal gowns in the hot weather was not practical. The women were the honored guests and thus would ride to the ball in comfort.

When Lisa got on the bus, she was surprised to see that the driver was naked. He was a junior in the fraternity and the bus ride was considered part of the formal event, hence his lack of covering. Lisa later learned that the fraternity members already had ridden over to the Alumni Center in the same buses, leaving their clothing behind at the Tri-Alpha house. According to tradition, the losing side of the “Skins and Shirts Ball” had to travel to the dance naked and be completely cut off from any clothing until the dance was over.

Once the sorority members got off the buses, they filed into the Alumni Center by class, the seniors going first. The only exception was Tracy, who, as Pledge Mistress, had to go in with the pledges so she could formally introduce them. Following the seniors, Shannon and Elaine led their respective groups into the building, followed by Tracy’s group. As they entered the main room, the pledges faced the officers of the fraternity, all of whom were completely naked.

Tracy formally introduced her pledges one by one. As dictated by tradition, each fraternity officer stepped forward to kiss the hand of each pledge. Although the fraternity officer already had interacted with the pledges and had seen plenty of them over the summer, the greeting was an important part of tradition, an official recognition of the pledges by the most important members of the fraternity.

The men and women paired off by class. Each Tri-Alpha presented a corsage to his female counterpart, and then posed for an official dance photo. The photographer was the same student who had taken the official pledge ID pictures back in May, Lisa’s friend Suzanne Foster.

The Tri-Alpha and Four-Beta pledges were not paired with each other, but instead with officers. Of course, Tri-Alpha VP Jacob took Cherine for himself, and Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms Heather picked the poor guy she had been tormenting throughout the summer. Tracy paired off with Ken, Lisa got Pledge Master Arnold, and Kathleen got the Tri-Alpha president.

Bernadette was paired off with the Tri-Alpha Sergeant-at-Arms and looked longingly at her partner’s stocky muscular figure. She knew that having sex with him was out of the question because of the prohibition against sex between Four-Beta pledges and Tri-Alpha members.

Lisa noticed the hungry look in her fellow pledge’s eyes and could tell the night was going to be a real torment for Bernadette, being surrounded by all that naked male flesh and not be able to enjoy any of it. All those male organs on display, nearly a hundred of them…

It was at that moment that Bernadette set a goal for herself. She wanted to make love to every man in the fraternity. Her eyes were feasting on all those penises: long-short…circumcised-not circumcised…light-dark… All those penises…all those variations of male organs…and she wanted to see what each one felt like inside her.


Apart from the novelty of having all the males spend the night in the nude, the “Skins and Shirts Ball” was not very different from any other formal fraternity-sorority dance event. The evening started with a seven-course meal that included three choices of entrees. The food was extremely good and the pledges totally stuffed themselves. Once the dinner was finished, there was a bathroom break for the sorority women while the fraternity members cleared the room, and finally two hours of slow dancing to music given by live musicians. Throughout the night Suzanne ran about the room taking volumes of pictures, both posed and un-posed. Also, Lisa noticed several couples taking breaks to go upstairs. As always, sex was encouraged for everyone apart from the pledges.

Lisa took advantage of her time alone with Pledge Master Arnold to find out as much as she could about the Tri-Alpha pledge program, partly so she could find out more about what Ken was doing and what he had gone through so far. She never asked Arnold anything specific about Ken, but she knew that at least she could get a general idea about what he was doing. Arnold turned out to be quite chatty, inadvertently giving up a lot of personal information about all five of his pledges. It also turned out that he was gay and had been quite interested in Ken. His voice reflected real disappointment as he reflected about Ken’s situation:

“You know…he had a lot of fantasies…came in with a lot of homoerotic thoughts on his mind… But, I guess one thing that he figured out after he started pledging was that his fantasies and his sexuality were two different things. That’s a real shame, ’cause I think he’s really cute.”

Lisa got Arnold to talk about the Tri-Alpha sexual training program for pledges and then to talk about what he thought of each of his charges. She was not particularly interested in the others, but she was desperate to get more information about Ken. Arnold opened up, confiding quite a bit about his pledge’s most inner thoughts to his former girlfriend. Among other things, he confirmed Lisa’s suspicion that Ken had enjoyed being her sub, but that she had made a serious mistake in the way she had treated him. Although she constantly savagely punished him, she had considered the punishments as nothing more than sexual play. Lisa had not attempted to take control of Ken’s life outside of their sexual adventures. She considered him her friend and her equal, and it turned out that was not what he really wanted.

She realized that Arnold’s observations matched what she had suspected about her former boyfriend. Ken needed to surrender himself to a loving mistress, someone who could control him and punish him when necessary, but who would mostly concentrate on running his life and making him feel protected. In other words, what Ken needed was the exact same thing Kathleen needed. The problem was that he could not figure out how to express that need to her. Lisa wondered if his sexual experimentation with the fraternity and his fantasies about Jason Schmidt actually were a subconscious plea for help and understanding.


The following evening President Alexandra presented one of the strangest seminars of the summer, called “Dildos, vibrators, and the joys of inanimate penetration”. With an air of total seriousness, the chapter president demonstrated and talked about various sex toys, how they were used, and how they needed to be sterilized and maintained. The presentation was accompanied by a PowerPoint slide show with very graphic photos and diagrams. However, the slide show was nothing in comparison with what followed, live demonstrations from two members of the sorority.

When the slide show finished, the chapter president’s two male attendants entered the room. Both were completely naked. The two young men set up a massage table as Alexandra ordered the nervous, blushing pledges to stand. An equally naked Four-Beta junior entered the room, hopped up on the table, and immediately got on her elbows and knees. With the assistance of one of the males, she inserted a vibrator up her bottom and turned it on. The woman massaged herself from the front with a second vibrator as Alexandra’s other attendant rubbed her shoulders. Within seconds her consciousness shut out everything else in the room as she immersed herself in extreme sexual pleasure.

As the junior gasped from a series of orgasms and the males quietly watched, Alexandra calmly explained the technique the demonstrator was using to stimulate herself. She glanced at Kathleen as she commented:

“What you are now watching is a masturbation technique that focuses on anal stimulation. Those of us whose center of pleasure is concentrated in their bottoms will get the most enjoyment out of what you are watching now. You will notice that stimulation of the clitoris is part of the experience, but the main focus in on penetration and stimulation of the sphincter.”

Kathleen’s face turned quite red, but she continued to watch the demonstrator with intense interest.

Once the first demonstrator came down off her orgasmic high, Alexandra’s attendants helped her off the massage table and escorted her out of the room. The two young men came back in with another naked junior, who lay on her back on the table. The attendants covered her body with massage oil before handing her a large dildo and a smaller vibrator. The young woman pushed in the dildo and used the vibrator to stimulate herself. Alexandra continued:

“This technique focuses mostly on the vagina, although our demonstrator will also use the rest of her body to enhance the orgasmic experience. You will notice that she knows her body very well and knows where to place her hands for maximum effect. Keep that in mind, ladies. Your experience will be different from what you are seeing here, because all of you have different bodies. The better you know where the pleasure centers on your body are located, the better you will be at achieving total orgasm, even if you happen to be without a partner.”

The sight of a second naked young woman enjoying an orgasm had its effect on the two attendants. By the time the demonstrator was finished both of them had erections. Lisa noticed Bernadette looking longingly at Alexandra’s two males and remembered that she had not had the chance to make love to anyone for nearly a week.

“OK, now it’s time for your practical exercise. We are opening four rooms for you, the guest room and three bedrooms upstairs. Each of you must select two items from the collection you see on the table, use them to achieve orgasm, and write an essay on your experience. This practical exercise will test not only your ability to give pleasure to your own body, but also to follow directions and express a personal experience in writing. Do you understand?”

“Yes, President Alexandra.”

“I expect a two-page essay on your experience. Two pages? That’s right, ladies, two pages. There’s plenty you can write about in those two pages. You should include what sexual fantasies enhance your orgasmic experience, how using sex toys differs from using just your fingers, and what other experiences in masturbation you’ve had. There’s plenty to write about, so I don’t want any of you telling me you can’t think of what to say.”

Alexandra excused herself at that point, taking her two attendants with her. The pledges looked at each other, deeply irritated by the unfairness of the situation. Alexandra gets two guys completely to herself, and here we are, having to make do with a bunch of stupid plastic toys.

Lisa was surprised to see Kathleen approach the table first and quickly select two vibrators and a large dildo. Of all the women in the pledge group, it was Kathleen who had the most experience masturbating. She had a very active sex drive, but it had been frustrated throughout her life because most of her real-life encounters had resulted in hurtful, disappointing, or humiliating experiences. Masturbating was something safe that she knew how to do quite well. As much as she would have preferred to make love to Lisa, she knew that Tracy would not allow it and she would just have to make do with toys.

The other three women approached the table much more reluctantly. Bernadette was outright hostile to the idea of masturbating or using a vibrator. For her the only way to have an orgasm was with a male lover. I don’t need plastic, because a man’s real dick is the only thing I want going inside me. She let out a sigh as she picked out a penis-shaped dildo and walked away from the table.

Lisa was as reluctant to pick up a dildo or vibrator as was Bernadette, but for somewhat different reasons. Lisa was used to masturbating whenever she did not have a partner, but preferred to use her fingers instead of foreign objects. She happily anticipated taking advantage of a room to herself to relieve her sexual tension, but then would fill her two pages writing about her preference to use her fingers instead of sex toys.

Cherine blushed as she approached the table, never having seen sex toys up close before, let alone pick them up. This was a chance for her to experiment with something new. She selected a vibrator and a massager and tried to hide the fact she very much was looking forward to trying them out. Ordinarily she would not have dared let anyone see her touching sex items, but the fact she had been ordered to do so took away most of her inhibitions.


A few minutes later Lisa was alone in a bedroom lent to her by one of the seniors. She had been directed to lay a sheet over the top of the bed and not touch anything else in the room. Upon finishing her orgasm she would exit and close the door, take the sheet downstairs, and report to the sorority library to write her essay.

Lisa looked at the two vibrators she had selected, rolled her eyes, and set them on the senior’s nightstand. She lay on the bed and turned out the light, quite happy to have a few uninterrupted minutes to herself in a silent dark room. For a few minutes she simply lay quietly and allowed her thoughts to clear so she could enjoy herself. She began moving her fingertips up and down her stomach and thighs as the first part of her assignment in self-pleasure.

For a while Lisa’s mind tried to find a topic; a personal experience or a fantasy, that would arouse her enough to work pursue a sexual climax. She tried to focus on Kathleen, but for whatever reason thinking about Kathleen did not excite her at that moment. Her thoughts moved to Ken, but that didn’t work either. Finally she allowed her thoughts to wander to her experience in Burnside’s class a couple of weeks before, when she was ordered to stand with her back to 150 classmates so they could study her bare bottom and satisfy their curiosity about her thong. The experience may have been humiliating, but to Lisa it also was extremely erotic. She wished that she could have been forced to stand in front of the class totally naked, or better yet, naked with her legs spread and her hands behind her head, just like she had to be when inside Burnside’s office. Or better yet, naked with her hands behind her head and her legs spread in the middle of the courtyard of the Student Memorial Center. Yes, right in the middle of the SMC on registration day, when the entire university converged in that one spot and would see her. Everyone would take pictures with her and everyone, male and female, would satisfy their curiosity by touching her and exploring her uncovered body with their hands…thousands of hands seeking her body and exploring…

Lisa massaged the inner part of her thighs and teased her vulva as her mind continued wandering through the erotic labyrinth of her fantasy world. Her thoughts suddenly shifted from her fantasy of extreme exhibitionism to Ruth Burnside and Jim Halsey. Lisa had become their naked servant, officially collared and having signed a contract handing over her life to the two professors. Her purpose was to bring them pleasure and cater to their needs. When she knelt to show her submission, she knelt in the style of a Danubian criminal, with her head on the ground, her knees spread, and her back arched so that her vulva and bottom-hole were totally exposed and properly displayed. Her bottom and thighs were covered with whip-marks, because constant punishment was an important component of her daily life. Her purpose in life was to serve, and to suffer…

Lisa sat up with fright as she suddenly came to her senses. That second fantasy terrified her because it was so vivid, and yet also was quite plausible. It already was the life Mark Gertz led with Professor Burnside, a grueling painful existence on ongoing humiliations…was that really what Lisa envisioned for herself? Couldn’t she do better? Wasn’t she worth much more than that?

She lay back down and began massaging her sweaty body. She had to start from scratch because the sudden scare had canceled her impending climax. She cleared her mind and began letting the physical sensations of her own caresses fill her consciousness. Now she was ready to fantasize about her own life: about Kathleen, and also about Ken.

She pictured them kneeling together, both of them completely naked. Lisa had become the mistress, the object of total devotion and affection from her two servants. She was seated while Ken massaged and licked her right foot and Kathleen massaged and licked her left foot. Together they looked up at her, silently asking her for permission to start massaging her legs. Kathleen and Ken gradually moved up Lisa’s body together. Their movements were perfectly synchronized because she had taken the time to properly train them. Each was responsible for half of her body; Ken for the right side and Kathleen for the left.

By now Lisa’s two servants had worked their way up to her breasts. In unison they kissed and licked their mistress’s areolas and nipples as she gasped and came closer to orgasm. They kissed her bottom and took turns stimulating her vulva…

Finally it was time for Lisa and her two servants to give each other extreme pleasure. Ken lay on the floor on his back as Lisa lowered herself over his very erect penis. Kathleen positioned herself over his face, because he needed to satisfy her needs as well. As Ken’s penis pumped semen into Lisa’s vagina and as his tongue worked its way around Kathleen’s vulva, Lisa took the girl’s face in her hands and kissed her. Lisa’s tongue explored Kathleen’s lips while Ken’s tongue explored the lips of her vulva. They climaxed together, three lovers and three synchronized orgasms. It was a perfect lovers’ triangle, but one of love and pleasure, not one of hurt and envy.

Sweat trickled down Lisa’s body as she finally climaxed. Ken and Kathleen…Ken and Kathleen…

She came to her senses and sat up in the dark waiting for her heart rate to go down and breathing to return to normal.

Ken and Kathleen…two lives dedicated to her…two lovers to satisfy her body…two souls under her protection…

Now Lisa Campbell knew what she wanted. She did not want be forced to choose between Ken and Kathleen. She wanted them both.

Lisa also understood that both of her lovers needed her. It was her destiny to create a meaningful life for them, a life in which they could fulfill their purpose to serve and obey her.


As she exited the room and returned her unused sex toys to the sorority’s sitting room, Lisa remembered Kathleen’s little adventure at Burnside’s party the previous weekend. She had been so busy with the tutoring crisis that she had forgotten about her lover’s infidelity, but she still wanted to address it. She doubted the adventure would affect how she felt about Kathleen, but it did give her a welcome opportunity to inflict real punishment and move much closer to establishing complete control over the young woman’s life.

Lisa had noticed that her lover was very nervous on Tuesday, but as the week progressed she seemed to calm down. As the days went by and nothing was mentioned about the party, she began to hope that perhaps Lisa would not discover that she had sex with Ken. For the first, and the only time, she attempted to keep something that she had done hidden from her partner.

The two women sat down next to each other to write out their essays and turned them in to Tracy. Then, Lisa told the unsuspecting girl to follow her to the pool area. As soon as she saw that no one else was outside, she abruptly grabbed Kathleen’s arms and pulled her face-to-face. She stared hard into the younger woman’s shocked eyes as she held her tight:

“I know all about what you did at Dr. Burnside’s party, Kathleen. Do you really think I wasn’t gonna find out? Did you really think you could keep something like that a secret from me?”

Kathleen’s face went white and she began trembling from shock and fright. She automatically looked away, but Lisa shook her.

“You look at me! Don’t you dare look anywhere except straight into my eyes!”

Kathleen’s body began shaking in earnest as she struggled to force herself to look into her lover’s eyes. Lisa tightened her grip on the unhappy girl’s thin arms and stared hard into her terrified face:

“The only reason I didn’t talk to you earlier is because I was hoping you’d have the decency to come clean on your own! I just wanted to give you a couple of days to think about ‘fessing up, but I guess you weren’t gonna tell me, were you?”


“What do you think I am, an idiot? Did you really think you could pull that shit on me and get away with it? Did you really think that?”


Lisa shook Kathleen again and snarled:

“Answer me!”

Instead of Kathleen’s trembling voice, Lisa heard the splatter of liquid hitting the pavement. Then she felt a warm wetness gathering around her feet as the smell of urine hit her nose. Kathleen was so scared that she had lost control of her bladder.

Lisa let her go.

“You clean that up. And while you’re cleaning up, you can think about what your punishment ought to be. Think real hard about how you’re gonna make it up to me.”

With that Lisa left Kathleen on the patio. She deliberately stepped into a puddle of pool water to clean off her feet. Without looking back to see what her lover was doing, she unceremoniously went back into the house.

Lisa had taken to heart Ruth Burnside’s lessons in establishing total dominance over her lover by using her own emotions against her. Only through submission and pain could Kathleen find forgiveness and redemption. The sad girl faced cruel punishment, but whatever punishment she was destined to endure she would have to choose for herself. She would be a willing participant in her own subjugation as she begged for the right to be punished and the privilege of surrendering her body.

Lisa still did not have a clue about what Kathleen actually did Monday night or who she had been with. For the moment that detail did not really matter, because her only goal was to use the incident to her advantage to exert absolute control over her lover’s life. Not knowing a particular detail was not a major concern, because she figured that she would find out soon enough.

Of course, Lisa had carefully worded what she said to make Kathleen believe that she knew exactly what had happened, even though the opposite was true. That was another of Burnside’s lessons; a dominatrix should always try to give her subs the impression of infallibility.


Kathleen trembled and cried as she selected a mop and cleaning bucket from the supply room. She cleaned up her mess, wrung out the mop, and continued to shake as she went into the storeroom where the discipline supplies were kept. She shuddered as she felt various cruel discipline implements in her hands. Heavy flexible straps, floggers, switches, canes, paddles of varying weights and thickness, all had their advantages and drawbacks. She had to think about what position would be best for Lisa: should she be cuffed to the ceiling so she could be whipped, or should she be bent over? How long would Lisa want to punish her? Should she subject herself to other indignities such as an enema?

Chapter 40 – An afternoon with Pledge Ken

Upon settling into their room the night after they swore in, Lisa needed to work out the details of her relationship with Kathleen. Living as pledges had restricted the affair considerably, which in a way was fortunate for Lisa because she had some time to think about what she wanted from her lover. However, as of August 14 the two women had their own room and were free to develop their lives in private.

While still pledging, Lisa had decided on the long-term goal that she wanted to pursue with Kathleen. She couldn’t have explained why, even to herself, but Lisa had become fixated on the idea of making Kathleen look upon her as her owner. Ultimately she hoped to take command of Kathleen’s existence, not through cruelty or fear, but by making the girl understand that she knew what was best for her. Her idea was to exert total control over her companion’s time, emotions, and behavior through a combination of love, emotional support, sexual pleasure, guidance, physical discipline, and expression of approval or disapproval. The fact that Kathleen was so desperate to please her would help, but Lisa understood that the relationship she envisioned would be extremely complex and take a lot of patience to create.

On the other hand, Lisa also wanted Kathleen to behave normally in public and encourage her to have her own aspirations and responsibilities. In keeping with her sorority’s protocol, she had no desire to make a spectacle out of the relationship in front of other people. Whenever anyone else was nearby, Lisa always spoke to Kathleen in a normal conversational tone of voice, never gave orders or did anything to embarrass her, never talked about sex, and never used any cutesy terms of affection.

When working with the new pledges, it was clear that Kathleen was taking orders from Lisa, but no more so than Lisa was working under the guidance of Tracy. Anyone observing the two women in public would not have seen very much that indicated they were anything more than friends.


Once the door of their bedroom closed and Lisa was alone with Kathleen, they way they interacted with each other changed completely. Lisa’s long-term desire was to have Kathleen kneel whenever she spoke to her alone and automatically ask for permission to do anything. However, she did not want to have to order Kathleen to behave submissively, but instead mold the girl’s character so that Kathleen would decide on her own that it was her duty to venerate her lover. Lisa would take her time, knowing that the journey of her lover’s soul was every bit as important as its destination.

From the very beginning, Lisa knew that her partner had a very strong sex drive and used that knowledge to her advantage. Kathleen’s orgasms from Lisa were almost a nightly event and a major motivation in the freshman’s desperation to please her. Kathleen knew that if she was a “good girl” and did nothing to annoy Lisa, before bedtime she would be rewarded with an orgasm. If she did something that “disappointed” Lisa, she wouldn’t get her orgasm and was sent straight to bed. If Lisa was in a playful mood and had decided that Kathleen had been “a naughty girl”, their time together would include an erotic spanking before love-making. Usually the spankings were very light, but they lasted a long time and allowed Kathleen’s sexual desires to build for the final release that always came afterwards.

Lisa’s orgasms from Kathleen were much less frequent. Of course, Kathleen desperately wanted to sexually satisfy Lisa to demonstrate her love. However, Lisa’s feelings about sex were more complicated than those of her lover, because the emotional part of the relationship appealed much more to her than the sexual part. Instead of receiving oral stimulation from her, Lisa preferred holding the younger woman, controlling her through physical contact, and working on her long-term goal of getting her to totally submit. Sometimes Lisa did encourage Kathleen to give her an orgasm and allowed herself to climax, but often did so simply because she wanted to boost the younger woman’s confidence in herself.

There was one ritual that both women enjoyed whenever they had some time alone. Kathleen totally loved to lie over Lisa’s lap, even when she wasn’t being spanked. She simultaneously felt protected and vulnerable as she lay quietly with her legs spread slightly and her bottom-hole exposed to Lisa’s soft, sporadic touches. Lisa got into the habit of studying with Kathleen lying over her thighs, using her lover’s back as a place to set her textbook or class notes. Meanwhile, Kathleen closed her eyes and sighed with happiness while Lisa’s free hand absent-mindedly caressed her bottom, in the same way a pet owner might spend a long time stroking a purring cat while reading or taking notes.

Lisa made an interesting discovery as she focused her attention to her lover’s backside. By patting and massaging her buttocks, eventually Lisa could put Kathleen to sleep. However, if she touched or teased her sphincter, Kathleen became aroused. Sometimes when she had Kathleen over her lap, Lisa lubricated a finger and slowly moved it back and forth through her lover’s bottom-hole. Whenever she violated Kathleen’s body in such an intimate manner, her lover tensed up with arousal. Often Lisa teased Kathleen by caressing her bottom to make her sleepy, then touched her sphincter to arouse her, and then explored her vulva before finally returning her attention to penetrating her from behind and bringing her to orgasm.

Lisa and Kathleen had another nightly ritual that became an important part of their bedtime routine. Lisa kept a rectal thermometer in the room and always measured Kathleen’s temperature before they went to sleep, to “make sure my silly little girl is nice and healthy”. As the fall semester progressed, Kathleen became so accustomed to lying over her lover’s lap and having the thermometer inserted that she couldn’t get to sleep if her temperature had not yet been taken.


There was one exception to the private nature of the relationship, and that was what Kathleen was allowed to wear. Lisa was a nudist and determined to convince others to adopt nudism as a lifestyle. Accepting that part of Lisa’s values was an important condition of being in a relationship with her. On the very first day they were full members of the sorority, Lisa made Kathleen understand that, to stay her lover, she would have to join her as a full-time nudist. Whenever in the house, whether they were relaxing, studying, training the pledges, or attending meetings, Lisa and Kathleen would make it a point to leave their clothing in their room. Lisa instructed her lover to tell everyone that she had become a nudist by choice, which was true, in a way:

“It’s your choice to be with me, and if you’re with me, living naked is part of the package.”

Lisa’s influence on Kathleen’s attire extended beyond the Four-Beta house. Kathleen learned that when she dressed to go on campus, she was prohibited from using underwear. Under no circumstances did she have permission to wear a bra, ever. Lisa pointed out that Kathleen’s breasts were small and did not need support; so wearing a bra served no purpose. Lisa would allow Kathleen to wear panties during her menstruations, but that was it. When she was not having her period, she would be required to “go commando”.

Lisa’s definition of what constituted appropriate clothing for her classes made Kathleen even more nervous than the thought of becoming a nudist in the sorority house or giving up underwear. To remain Lisa’s lover she had to totally change her style of dressing. Up until her internment as a pledge, Kathleen’s clothing was a mis-match of oversized items that she wore to hide her body. She had made a half-hearted effort to adopt a Goth style of dressing, but with her that fashion didn’t work. Kathleen simply did not make a convincing Goth chick.

Lisa went through her lover’s clothes and sorted out unacceptable items that would have to be donated to charity. Kathleen surrendered her three swimsuits, her bras, several long skirts, her collection of leggings, a couple of baggy blouses, all of her jeans, a soiled jean jacket, and several oversized men’s sweatshirts that she had worn in high school.

“These are just dreadful,” commented Lisa. “If you wore this shit in high school, no wonder everyone hassled you.”

Once Lisa purged her lover’s wardrobe, she laid out the rules for what Kathleen was allowed to wear on campus. During hot weather her skirts would have to be above the knee. Shorts were OK. Light blouses were OK. Summer dresses were OK, as long as the hem was above the knee. T-shirts were OK, as long as they fit properly. Any clothing with a Four-Beta logo was OK, as long as it properly fit.

Lisa’s favorite cold weather pants were low-rider jeans that barely covered her bottom, even when she was standing up. She wore them without underwear, so when she bent over or sat down, her pants pulled halfway down her butt. She loved the looks she got from passers-by as she showed off her hips and the top half of her bottom, pushing herself to the very limit of the city’s indecent exposure laws.

Lisa knew that low-rider jeans were not something that went well with Kathleen’s personality. However, she did expect Kathleen to buy slacks and jeans that complimented her figure once the weather got cold. All sweaters and sweatshirts would have to properly fit, no large or extra large items allowed.

“You’ve got a nice body, and I’m gonna teach you to be proud of it and show it off.”


As August progressed and Labor Day weekend approached, Lisa’s main concern was to figure out how to structure her time with Kathleen so that she could meet her lover’s needs, and yet keep the girl busy enough to prevent her from demanding too much of her free time. The best way to keep Kathleen from becoming a burden was to give her plenty of her own responsibilities and duties. Lisa warned her lover that she needed to do a good job with her portion of the pledge training, or else she would be “disappointed”.

Appointing Kathleen as her assistant was a perfect set-up, because she could delegate many of the more routine and time-consuming responsibilities of pledge training. The arrangement freed much of her time, while giving Kathleen something to worry about other than her fixation on Lisa. Not only was Kathleen tasked with familiarizing the pledges with the Four-Beta Pledge Manual and Membership Manual, but also she drilled Brittany and Erin on the history of the sorority. Before long Lisa’s assistant was preparing examinations for the pledges and writing her own training log entries. On the Wednesday following the Four-Beta swearing-in ceremony, Lisa issued the pledges running uniforms and for the first time sent them out jogging with Kathleen.


There was one issue hanging over the relationship that unfortunately could not be resolved during the weeks following swearing-in. Kathleen knew that Lisa still planned to punish her for the incident at Burnside’s July 4th party. However, the whipping had to wait because Lisa didn’t want her lover running around the Four-Beta House with her shoulders, bottom, and thighs covered with welts. For Lisa, disciplining her lover was a personal matter and not something the rest of the sorority needed to know about.

Lisa figured that she would have to wait until Kathleen could spend at least four days away from the sorority house, which was the amount of time she estimated it would take for the marks to heal. Another reason she had decided to wait was that she wanted to know with whom Kathleen had cheated on July 4th before chastising her, but was unable to ask her directly.


Wednesday morning, while Kathleen was exercising with the new pledges, Lisa went over to her old dorm room with Bernadette and Cherine. The room had a lot of memories for her, all those nights she had spent with Mike in the fall, and Ken in the spring, her uneasy relationship with Cecilia Sanchez…

Cecilia…yeah…that’s right. She hadn’t heard anything from Cecilia since May…whatever happened to her? And Jason? And Mike’s friend, Cynthia Lee? Whatever happened to all of them? Lisa’s heart skipped a beat as she realized that three months had gone by, three months during which the paths of their lives had totally diverged from her own path in life. Lisa figured they must still be in Upper Danubia…but…

Maybe Dr. Burnside knew something. The next time Lisa saw her she’d have to ask.

The room transfer went very quickly, because the women had six Tri-Alphas helping them carry Lisa’s items out of the room and Bernadette’s and Cherine’s items in. Within an hour the room’s appearance was totally different, covered with Cherine’s music posters and Bernadette’s curtains and linens. Lisa left her two group mates to organize their new accommodations, and returned to the Four-Beta house in one of Triple-A vans. The guys helped her move her possessions into her room in the sorority. It would be up to Kathleen to put everything away.


Another issue that Lisa needed to resolve during the final weeks of August was what to do about her relationship with Ken. She now had some time to think about that, because the Tri-Alphas did not have their swearing in until the Saturday following the Four-Beta ceremony.

Lisa planned to talk to Ken before swearing in, and set aside the day after her move to spend time with him. After making sure that Kathleen had a full day of planned activities with Brittany and Erin to keep her busy, Lisa put on her tennis shoes and skimpy summer dress and walked over to the Tri Alpha Fraternity.

It was strange to see the fraternity as a Four-Beta member instead of as a pledge, stranger still to see Cherine walk out the front door, dressed in her favorite cargo pants and holding hands with the Tri-Alpha vice-president. Weird to think, already Cherine had put the pledging experience completely behind her and had moved on.

Lisa wondered about Bernadette. She went out to the pool area and sure enough, there Bernadette was, cavorting in the water with several naked fraternity members and a Four-Beta sophomore. Obviously, Bernadette had moved past her pledging experience as well.

Lisa suddenly felt an odd nostalgia, because for the first time she truly understood that the members of her pledge group had split up and were going their separate ways within the sorority. In some ways she had enjoyed being in such a tightly-knit group with the other three pledges, in spite of the personality conflicts that inevitably arose from being under such intense pressure. Undoubtedly she still would have ties to Bernadette and Cherine, but it wouldn’t be the same as it was over the summer.

Lisa took a deep breath and focused on the reason she was visiting the fraternity, to see Ken. She spoke with Pledge Master Arnold to see if he could release Ken for several hours. Arnold shrugged his shoulders:

“You can have him as long as you want. We’re pretty much done, except for exercising and PT training.”

A few minutes later Ken showed up, a bit surprised to see Lisa visiting the sorority in her dress. Lisa snapped:

“How come you aren’t on your knees? Where’s fucking your manners, Pledge?”

Oops. Ken had forgotten that Lisa now was a full member of the Four-Beta sorority, while he still was nothing more than a pledge. Quickly, he got on his knees, but not quickly enough.

“I don’t appreciate the disrespect, Pledge! I don’t appreciate your ignoring my authority over you!”

Already Ken’s penis was starting to get hard.

“Tell you what, Pledge! You go to your Pledge Master, and you tell him that you actually had the nerve to disrespect a member of the Four-Beta Sorority! You tell him that! Then you tell him that you’re very sorry, and we’ll just have to figure out how you’re gonna make it up to me! Now stand up!”

Before Lisa released Ken to find Arnold and make his confession, she gave his penis a squeeze to make sure he had to walk around the fraternity with a full erection. Yes, indeed, it looked like things with him were getting back to normal…

Two minutes later Ken came back with a hastily scribbled note:

Pledge Master Arnold agrees to release custody of Pledge Ken to Four-Beta Lisa Campbell.

Lisa gave Ken’s penis another squeeze before leading him to the fraternity guest room. She had a full afternoon of activity in mind, both fun and serious. Her first priority would be a round of sex, then some spanking, then a second round of sex, and finally some serious conversation.

Lisa had learned a lot over the summer and began her sexual encounter much differently than she would have during the spring. She took her time with Ken, realizing there was no need to rush the experience. She told him to place his hands against the wall and bend over slightly so she could massage his bottom and tease him in the front. She told him not to move, spending a very long time both stimulating him and enjoying the feel of his body.

“You are such a naughty boy…such a naughty boy…what am I gonna do with you?”


“Don’t you be talking out of turn, bad boy. You talk out of turn, and I’m gonna have to smack that bottom of yours…but I bet that’s what you want, bad boy…to have that bottom of yours smacked…”

Once Ken was totally desperate and his penis was throbbing with desire, Lisa got on her hands and knees on the floor. This was her favorite position, her bottom spread and turned up and the most intimate parts of her body lewdly on display to her lover. Ken entered her and thrust very hard.

Oh yes…oh yes…she had missed him so badly…

She still owed Ken a spanking, but wanted to experiment with not punishing him so savagely as she had during the spring. Instead of using any implements, she simply sat down on a sofa and ordered him to lie across her lap.

As she ran her hand over his backside, Lisa lectured Ken about the need to always show her respect. Then she began probing him with questions that implied a future relationship such as:

“OK Bad Boy, from now on, what’s gonna happen if you don’t show me some respect?”


“This is where you belong, right across my lap, isn’t it? Of course bad boys like you need lots of loving spanking, don’t you think?”


“You’re such a bad boy. You know that, don’t you? But that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? To straighten you out…”

When Lisa finally did start spanking Ken, he was more than ready to receive her attention. She spent a very long time, much longer than she had spent in the spring on a single spanking. Between slaps she massaged his backside, partly to stimulate him and partly to prolong the experience as much as possible.

Lisa’s time with Kathleen had taught her a lot about erotic discipline, and now she had the opportunity to use that knowledge to redeem her relationship with Ken. Before long, his erection had returned, and Lisa was back on her hands and knees with him safely inside her, thrusting and performing his duty in life to give her pleasure.


Lisa and Ken cleaned up, but their time together was far from over. For the first time since the hiking trip she had him to herself and was free to spend some time talking. She ordered him to set up a massage table and give her a massage while she talked to him about his summer of pledging. He filled in the details about what he had done over the summer since that trip, including various episodes of sexual training and how he related to his fellow pledges. Lisa gave Ken a summary of Brittany and Erin and talked a bit about their training. She talked about Kathleen’s role as her assistant, and noticed something interesting. Ken seemed to become very nervous as soon as Kathleen’s name was mentioned.

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