I came home from my last day at school before spring break to find my mom doing dishes in our kitchen. She was 36 years old, twice my age, but she never looked a day over 25. She was hot. She had big breast that were at least a D cup that hardly had any sag and an ass that was tight and firm. She had long black hair too. You get the picture.

Anyway, as I came in I said hi to her as I always do.

“Hi David,” she replied, “You ready to go?”

She was referring to the trip up to the family cabin that we always take every year the week before Easter. This would be the first year we went up there without my dad, who left us for a girl half his age. Mom says he’s just having a mid-life crisis, but I think he just doesn’t want a family anymore. He’s a bastard anyway so fuck him.

“Yeah mom, just let me get my things,” I said.

I went upstairs into my room and grabbed my things. Which was just a backpack with a couple changes of clothes since I don’t really require that much. Knowing mom all her stuff was already in the car. My twin sister Chelsea wasn’t going to be coming with us right away, instead she’d be coming up in a couple of days. Until then she was going to a “sleep-over” which more than likely meant she was going to a three day long party.

When I came back Mom said to me, “My friend Sarah is coming up to visit tonight, I hope you don’t mind.” I told her that I thought that was fine. Sarah Fencer is the mother of two people in my class: Georgia, who I’ve always thought was kind of a bitch, and Fred who’s pretty cool. Sarah was also really hot, though not as hot as my mom.

Next I helped Mom get all her bags and put them all in the trunk of the car. Mom doesn’t like driving so much so I drove. The trip up there wasn’t that eventful really so I won’t go into too much detail about it.

We got there in record time. The cabin was a lot better than our other house. It had a pool and a hot tub and like 5 bedrooms, also a huge shower/bath that could fit four people easily.

As soon as we got there I helped Mom with all her bags and stuff once again. Once that was finished I suggested to her, “Hey Mom how about we go take a dip in the pool?”

“I’d like that.” She replied and she went upstairs to go change into her swim suit. I just went to my room and got my swim trunks out of my backpack and changed. So I was in the long before she got out there. But when she came outside it was amazing. She always just wore a one piece bathing suit but this time she busted out a two piece that was a top that really flaunted her large breasts and a bottom that was practically a thong.

“I’ve never seen you where that one before!” I called up to her.

“It’s new.” She replied, “What do you think?”

“It makes you look really hot mom.”

“Oh, you’re such a kidder! Really, what do you think?”

I swam up closer to her, “I’m not joking mom, you really are a hot woman, and that swimsuit really makes you very attractive.”

“Well, thank you David. That’s really sweet of you.” She then proceeded to go to the top of the diving board and make a perfect dive.

We messed around in the pool for about an hour. At one point we got into a splashing fight but mostly we just swam around and talked about what we were going to do the whole week. I hinted that maybe she could let me drink some beer or wine or something, but she didn’t seem too keen on that idea.

The doorbell rang and Mom got out to go let in Sarah, her friend. They both came out to the pool area so Sarah could take a dip in and swim around with Mom for a bit.

“How you doing sport, me and Mary were gonna swim for a bit. You don’t mind do ya thundercock?” Sarah said. I’ve never really liked being around Sarah for this reason, she always seems to bring attention to my cock. Secretly I think she’s a sex fiend.

“No, that’s fine, I was about to get out anyway.” I said.

Sarah looked a little upset as I got out of the pool. “Aww, now I only have your mother to play with.”

That confused me a bit, but I still left there and went to my room to be away from Sarah for a bit.

So I was up in my room unpacking my book bag when I heard my mom let out a loud scream followed by a lot of splashing and giggling. I glanced out my window and saw that Sarah had just pushed my mom into the pool. My mom must have seen me because she started waving up at me.

“Hey David, how’re you doing?” she yelled up at me.

I was about to answer when Sarah put in, “Yeah Dave, we were just about to go skinny dipping. Don’t you want to join us?” That just made me mad so I closed the blinds and lied on my bed thinking I might just read a book or something.

As I laid there I could hear them talking about me outside.

“You don’t have to embarrass him like that.” My mom said.

“I know, I just like it when he gets all flustered like that. Plus it’s so much fun making fun of virgins.”

Ouch, Sarah was right about that one. I did get a blow job once, but I’ve never gone all the way at that point.

“Plus,” Sarah continued, “I am kinda curious about how big his cock is.”

“Sarah!” Mom said “That’s my son you’re talking about!”

As I wondered if they realized how loud they were talking, I pushed one of the blinds down and glanced outside. I saw that Mom had gotten back out of the pool and was now drinking wine with Sarah at the picnic table.

“I know he’s your son,” said Sarah, “but he’s a pretty good looking guy. He’s tall and strong and I bet he’s got a big dick. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.

Whoa, I thought, I have got to stop listening to this. I reached out to my bedside table and grabbed the earplugs I had just put there a minute ago. But before I could put them in my ears I heard Mom say:

“Of course I’ve thought about it Sarah, but who doesn’t have incestuous thoughts every now and again.”

Holy Shit! I thought, my earplugs now totally forgotten, My mom’s thought about…about Fucking me! That’s so Wrong!

But even thought I knew just how wrong it was my dick was harder than it’s ever been.

I ran down the hall to the bathroom and as soon as the door was shut I started jerking off. All the time thinking about my hot mom sucking and fucking me. I came really quickly and then went back to my room to see if they were still talking about me, but they had left the pool area and were now drinking wine in the Jacuzzi tub.

So, feeling a little guilty after thinking about my mom like that, I got into bed and took a nap.


When I awoke it was after dark. I walked out to the hallway and down to the bathroom to take a piss. On the way I noticed that they were talking, even louder than they were before, downstairs in what must’ve been the kitchen area. I couldn’t really make out what they were talking about, so I just walked down to the bathroom for my piss.

Afterwards I decided to go down and get a drink and maybe make a sandwich while I was down there. Hopefully, I thought, Mrs. Fencer won’t try to embarrass me in front of my mom this time. I almost laughed out loud thinking this. Because I knew the only time I’m around Sarah and she doesn’t say sexual things to me is when her husband’s close by.

I made my way down the stairs as quietly as I could. Part of me thinking that maybe if I was really quiet Sarah wouldn’t even notice I was there. But as soon as I turned the corner into the kitchen Mrs. Fencer was sitting on the counter right across from the doorway. She turned to look at me and said, “Well look whose sleepy cock and balls finally decided to get out of bed.”

The first thing I noticed was that they were both still wearing their swimsuits and were still wet from being in either the pool or the Jacuzzi. The next thing I saw was that they were both still drinking wine, meaning they were both probably at least a little tipsy.

“H-hi guys,” I was feeling more than a little awkward at this point. I mean, these were two amazingly hot, half naked women. One of which was my mom, and me just an 18 year old virgin raging full of hormones. It was really hard not to ogle them so instead I just looked down at my feet. “I-I’m just d-d-down here t-to make a sandwich.”

Mom looked over at Sarah, “Sarah you’re embarrassing him.”

Sarah jumped down from the counter, “Oh, lighten up Mary.” She walked over and put her arm around me, “He likes the attention, don’t you Thundercock?”

I was trying to keep my eyes on the floor and off of Sarah’s boobs at that point, “N-n-no Sarah. N-n-not really.”

“See Sarah,” Mom said, “He doesn’t like it.”

“Come on Mary, it’s not like you weren’t just talking about how big you thought his cock was.”

What!? Did I just hear her right!? I looked over at Mom and saw her face go a little red and I realized that Mrs. Fencer was telling the truth and even though I was trying like hell not to, my dick was starting to get hard.

“Sarah, I was not talking about my son like that,” Mom said, “and I have never had any thoughts about his cock either.”

“Ha,” Mrs. Fencer responded as she took her arm off of my shoulder and walked over to Mom, “I know what you said about him and I’ll repeat every word to him if I have to.”

Mom looked into Mrs. Fencer’s eyes, her face was redder then I’d ever seen it. “Please, Sarah, don’t.”

“Then tell your son that you’d like to see his dick.”

At this Mom looked down at her feet, “I don’t.”

“Alright have it your way,” Mrs. Fencer turned back towards me, “Your mom was telling about this one time she walked in on you…”

“WAIT!” Mom interrupted, “Alright, David what I said to Sarah was that I was just a little curious about how big your, um, penis actually was. I didn’t actually want to see it in a sexual way at all.”

For some reason this seemed like a perfectly rationale explanation. But I kinda felt like a deer caught in the headlights, so my thinking wasn’t really going too great and all I could manage to say was, “Oh, okay.”

“There you go David,” Mrs. Fencer put in, “she’s just curious about how big you actually are. Now wouldn’t you like to show her?”

“What…I mean, uh, well, I, uh, I’m actually not that big.”

“Oh,” Sarah came up to me again, “so you’re saying that you’re small.”

“No, uh, no, about, uh, average, I think”

“Oh really,” Mrs. Fencer was looking at me funny, “compared to what? You been looking at a bunch of dicks lately David? Your mother have some kinda queer on her hands?”

“What!? No, no, no, no,” I was obviously really nervous, “I mean, I’ve just seen a couple of porno’s and my dick, I mean, my penis is only a little bigger than those guys, so you know, average…”

For some reason Mrs. Fencer had gone wide-eyed and Mom looked really surprised.

“Porno’s!” they both said together.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” I said, explaining, “I shouldn’t have watched them, I’m sorry.”

“No that’s not it David.” Sarah put in, “It’s just that, well guys in porno’s have enormous pricks, that’s why they put them in porno!”

“What, really?”

“Yeah, and you know what that means right?”

I thought I knew what was coming, but I said, “No what?” anyway.

“That means you aught to show us your dick.”

I looked over at Mom, but she was staring at my crotch which really wasn’t helping my semi-erect dick as it was. I looked at Mrs. Fencer but she was doing the same thing and licking her lips while she was at it.

“No, I’m not gonna do that.” And I started to turn away, but Sarah got in front of me.

“What if me and your mother showed you our tits? Would that get you to get naked for us?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I mean, I’d be the only one naked.”

“Oh, so you want us both to be fully naked, then you’d show us?”

I thought about that. Seeing them naked would be really cool, but this was my mom her friend.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Hmm,” Mrs. Fencer said, “what if we got naked first?”

I was about to say I don’t know again but Sarah already undid her top releasing her glorious breasts.

“I don’t know about this Sarah?” Mom said.

“Oh come one Mary,” Sarah said as she pulled down her thong bottom piece, showing her pretty blonde bush to the world. “It’s just for fun, and you wanted to see his dick anyway.”

“Oh all right,” with that Mom got down off the counter and in what seemed like nanoseconds got completely naked showing me both of the most perfect pair of tits I’ve ever seen and a shaved pussy! My mom shaves her pussy! How hot is that!

“Alright Davey,” mom said to me, “Your turn.”

“I don’t know” I said to her, feeling really shy all of a sudden.

“Hey, we held up our end of the bargain,” Sarah said and then she dropped to her knees and started undoing the fly of my shorts. While she did that Mom ran up and took the shirt I was wearing off over my head, causing me to bend over a little bit.

“It’s okay honey,” she whispered to me, “it’s just for fun.”

Once my shirt was off me I looked down and saw that Mrs. Fencer had gotten done with my fly and she took my shorts and boxers off at the same time.

My semi-hard dick was now staring her in the face.

“Oh wow it is big,” Mrs. Fencer said as I stepped out of my shorts. Mom seemed a bit spellbound by it and she got down on her knees too, next to her friend, “Oh wow Dave, you’re huge!”

I almost said thanks Mom, but I still felt too weird about it. Anyway, at that moment Mrs. Fencer looked up at me and said, “Can I touch it? Just a little bit?”

I didn’t know what to say but it didn’t matter. Mrs. Fencer reached up and grabbed my dick with both hands anyway and started to slowly stroke it up and down into a full erection. As my mom watched this she started moving her hands up and down my right leg.

“Wow, Mary,” Sarah said to Mom, “Your son’s cock is huge! You’re really lucky he’s in your house cause if he were my son I wouldn’t let this cock out of my sight.”

Mom laughed at this, “Oh come on Sarah, don’t get nasty now.”

I let out a moan as Mrs. Fencer started to stroke me faster.

“I’m being completely serious Mary,” she said, “this is one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen. Tell me you don’t just wanna suck on it right now.”

With that Mrs. Fencer engulfed half of my dick into her mouth and started furiously sucking me off. I let out another moan, I couldn’t help it. She also started fondling my balls, or so I thought. When I looked down I saw that Mom was actually fondling my balls while using her other hand to frig herself. She was saying, “Oh god, that’s it, suck my son’s cock you cocksucker. Oh, fucking god, suck my son’s motherfucking cock.”

Oh, god, I thought, this was hot.

At that moment my mom leaned in and started sucking on my balls, first one, then the other, then both. All the while Mrs. Fencer is still sucking me off as far into her mouth as she can take and then out again.

Suddenly, Sarah pulled off of me and pointed my dick at my mother. “Would you like some of this Mary?”

Mom pulled off my balls long enough to say, “I would love some thank you.” And then proceeded to engulf my entire cock al the way to the hilt. Holy shit, I thought, my mom can deep throat.

As my mom started working herself into a cocksucking frenzy Mrs. Fencer leaned back, spread her legs and started finger fucking herself with both hands all the while saying things like, “Oh fuck yeah Mary, that’s one of the hottest fucking things. Holy fuck! Suck you fucking son’s huge fucking dick! Holy FUCK!”

Mom stopped sucking me and started stroking me long enough to turn to her friend and say, “Sarah, stop playing with yourself and help me out with this.” Mom then turned back and started licking the head of my cock with her tongue. She then looked up at me and said, “David, you taste great.”

“Thanks Mom,” was all I could think to say and with that she started licking me up and down my cock.

Sarah joined her once again and they both started licking up and down my dick on the other side.

Then mom popped the head of my cock into her mouth while Mrs. Fencer just kept licking and kissing my shaft. Then they switched, then they both tried to suck on my cockhead at the same time, they both put their mouths over one half of it and started furiously started furiously trying to lick up all my precum which was leaking out of my dick in a steady stream. It looked and felt like they were making out with each other around my dick.

Mrs. Fencer then took her mouth off of my dick and Mom started to deepthroat again. Mrs. Fencer looked up at me and said, “David, I want you to fuck me with your Thundercock.”

“I’ve never had sex before,” I said which made Mom spit my cock out (though she kept stroking it) and say, “Really? If I were a girl in your class and knew you had this beast in you shorts, you would totally me my date to spring prom. But don’t worry about it Dave, sex is really easy.” As she was talking mom was guiding my cock down so I had to get on my knees with them. I was now staring at two really hot naked women in the face. Mom started to stroke me again once I got down there but she looked over at mre. Fencer and said, “Sarah, turn around. I want him to fuck you doggy style.”

“Alrighty.” And with that she turned around giving me a view of her gorgeous ass. Mom then continued to guide my cock to Mrs. Fencer’s pussy. “Have fun she said and let go and started to fondle her tits with one hand and with the other furiously frig herself.

I pushed my cock into Sarah’s pussy and all three of us let out a moan. She was fucking tight! I started to thrust slowly at first but I worked myself into a steady rhythm all the while she was saying “Oh my fucking GOD! Your cock is so huge! OH FUCK SHIT! FUCK ME!” and mom was saying, “That’s it Dave, fuck the shit out of her, Fuck her, SHIT!” All the while fucking herself with her hand.

Suddenly mom sat back up and told me to stop fucking her friend for a minute. I was a little reluctant but I did it anyway and mom pulled me back into her mouth licking her friends pussy juices off of me, then she repositioned my dick to enter Sarah’s ass. “Now push.”

I pushed, Sarah started saying more “fuck’s” than I’d ever heard her say as I entered her ass. Mom just watched as I started working a steady rhythm into Mrs. Fencer’s ass . and once I started going I would pull out every couple of minutes so that mom could suck her friends ass juice off of my cock.

After a few minutes of this mom said, ” My turn!” and turned around in the same doggy style position that her friend was in. I took my cock out of Mrs. Fencer’s ass and went over to mom. “Do you really want me to fuck you Mom?” I asked.

Mom turned her head back and looked at me. “No Dave, that would be incest. Just put it in my ass instead.”

Hmm, that didn’t quite seem right. But I wasn’t going to argue. I put my cockhead up to her asshole and I pushed myself in.

“Oh fuck Dave!” Mom moaned, “Fuck! That’s it! Stick your cock up my ass! Fuck your mother’s ass you motherfucker!

As I started really getting into it Sarah sat up and started watching us like mom was doing a minute ago and like with mom every few assfucking minutes I’d take my dick out and let Sarah lick my mom’s ass juices off my cock.

After a few minutes of this I told them I was going to cum and mom got off my dick and turned around, ” Cum in my mouth.” She said. So I got up and started stroking as mom sat there with her mouth open and her tongue out. I got my cock head close enough that it was practically inside her mouth when I started to cum giving mom a mouthful of semen. Then Mrs. Fencer came up and they started making out, sharing my cum.

After that they both looked back at me and Sarah said, “thank you.” Mom didn’t say anything. And I started to feel a little awkward so I went back to bed.

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