Lucas stood fully erect, with his wings extended as two crimson red snake like tongues groomed his glowing coat of fur. He felt their tongues groom his entire body of neon red fur from head to toe. Lucas extended his eight foot body majestically before them and fluttered his six foot wing span almost knocking down one of the beauties before him.

She wouldn’t complain. No one would. He controlled them all. They were his toys; his playthings. Casually he looked down at the sea of nymphs that would be his source of entertainment. There were a hundred or so of them occupying the enormous room below him.

The room was fully furnished with exquisite furniture. Each woman below was naked and had a tattoo between her shoulder blades with a number on it. They all pined to be one of the three chosen ones to satisfy his morning ritual. Small inaudible noises escaped his lips as the two beautiful women licked him clean.

This daily ritual was the way the eight foot tall glowing red beast began every day. The beauties grooming him, also did not wear a stitch of clothing. Their bodies were beyond perfection. One was cute and the other, Daphnia, was stunningly gorgeous.

Both women had huge breasts and their waists and buttocks were small and tight. It didn’t take Lucas long to achieve his full 10 inch, red, hot, erection. Within minutes a third beautiful nymph entered the room and positioned herself kneeling in front of Lucas’s enormous hard on, waiting for his command.

“Miranda, tap the head of my hardness twenty five times then bow your head.”

She extended her snake like tongue and did exactly as she was told. On the twentieth tease he grabbed her head and pushed it forcefully onto his enormous, red, cock. She dared not gag and willed herself to open her throat and allow his full length to invade her little mouth.

His cock was red and hot and seared her mouth on impact but still she showed no signs of discomfort. Being in Lucas’s favor was an honor and any bodily discomforts were ignored. Pleasing Lucas was what every woman in his den strived to do. He controlled them. He owned them. They were his toys; his playthings.

Her mouth opened wide for his two inch girth as he continued to assault her mouth with his throbbing, hard, searing cock.

There was only one way to transcend to the other world where equality was restored and that was through becoming the most attractive woman there, and staying that way for an entire month. At that point freedom was granted.

Until the women were able to achieve this goal they were controlled by Lucas’s lightening temper, and immense power, which could be used to obviate their existence at any turn. So they did exactly as Lucas instructed them. The alternative was to dissipate into nothingness when they reached a level of ugliness that was below the tolerable range.

This was Lucas’s task. He was the judge and the jury. One might ask if this was fair procedure, but it didn’t matter. This was Lucas’s world and he could do whatever stroked his ego at the moment.

There were two possible ways to achieve beauty. One, was by drinking from the red elixir that poured from Lucas’s 10 inch hard cock and they other was by robbing another woman of her beauty on Lucas’s command.

He shoved his hard cock into the beautiful woman’s mouth before him, then watched her head bob up and down in a steady rhythm. She released, looked up at him, and seductively circled her long serpent like tongue, around him, faster and faster.

Lucas watched as she placed his hardness between her luscious tits and held them around him. She then took him deep in his mouth while swirling her tongue around him.

“Suck me harder Slut! I’m not as aroused as I was yesterday.”

Miranda grimaced for a brief second then continued sucking his beautiful cock with renewed efforts. She knew with unfathomed uncertainty that today she would not be chosen but her efforts to satisfy him did not stop. Accidently she grazed his cock with her teeth, making him flinch. She cringed, but continued her efforts. Hopefully she didn’t displease him enough that he wouldn’t allow her to drink from his elixir.

The ritual continued as he gazed at the women below him. Lucas often felt like a gladiator looking on at his den of lions and humans knowing he controlled their fate like in the human Roman times. The woman below him were in different stages of beauty. Some were close to banishment, but yet they did not give up hope. It was a survival game and they wanted to win. They needed to win.

As the morning routine came to a close he turned to Daphnia and whispered in her ear.


While looking at her Lucas could feel himself drawn to her beauty. It was powerful, and he knew it made him weak. She had pleased him tirelessly and her ingenuity and obedience continued to amaze him.

Daphnia was two days away from fulfilling her month long quest for freedom. He would miss her if she was successful, but the game would continue, and another would arise in her place. There was always the chance her mission might be overthrown by a cruel twist of fate.

Miranda’s mouth was starting to look red and raw. She was cupping his balls now and inhaling and worshiping his cock for all she was worth.

Lucas was always amazed at what lengths his women would go. They were such temptious sluts. He harbored a belief that they enjoyed sucking his cock as much as he enjoyed controlling them.

At that point he grabbed Miranda’s head, held it between his hands, and started pumping her mouth at lightening speed. He continued for 10 minutes straight. Her lips were bleeding. Her mouth was chapped. Her beauty diminished.

Feeling a little sadistic, he pulled out of her mouth before his elixir could heal her beauty defects. He started pouring his red hot searing liquid all over her naked body and face. It hit her hair, soaked her big tits, and landed in the well of her stomach.

“Lay down slut!”

She laid her body on the floor and felt him continue to pour his wet liquid all over her tits, pussy, legs and stomach. It pooled in her navel and between her breasts. Lucas covered her with more than a litre of elixir. Her tongue circled her raw lips in search of the healing liquid. She was tempted to sit up, or raise an arm for a taste but that meant certain punishment. Disobedience was not tolerated.

“Drink my beauties,” Lucas gestured to the women who had so artfully groomed him to perfect.

Immediately Daphnia’s and he rival’s mouths landed between Miranda’s breasts as they gulped up the precious liquid. After a few minutes Lucas spoke.

“Stop now!”

They immediately stopped their thirst quenching activities and sat down on their pillows beside him while Miranda continued to lie before him. Daphnia soon began to feel the transformation beginning. She felt her tits getting even bigger, her nipples even tighter, her waist even smaller and her smile even brighter. Inside she rejoiced feeling more and more confident that victory would be hers.

“Take her downstairs!”

Daphnia put her hands under Miranda’s shoulders while her rival carried her legs. Down the stairs and into the center of the room she went. The long dark purple sex chair she was laid on became the other women’s obsession. A hundred or so women whose eyes were always lowered according to Lucas’s instructions waited for their cue to feast.

“Okay now.”

Daphnia stood back and watched as the women devoured Miranda. She had no time for compassion for her, since finding the woman whose number was 824 was all that was on her mind.

Lucas didn’t always soak the entire body of the woman sucking his cock, but grazing his manhood was unforgivable. He soaked her knowing the women would ravish her until she was bruised and red and cut and sore.

He watched and laughed from up above as the women devoured Miranda. After some time had passed, he called out below.

“Okay bitches, entertain me,” he instructed the women.

This was the part of the morning routine that turned the women in lesbians for Lucas’s viewing pleasure. They were use to this event. Some gravitated towards their favorites, while others found new skin to kiss and caress.

Lucas watched with sexual contentment as mouths touched mouths. Legs intertwined; pussies greeted lips. Most sex chairs were occupied and offered him an erotic view from up above. Soft radiant skin was being caressed by numerous hands, or sometimes one on one.

Some women took out their strap-ones. Couples soon fornicated aggressively, knowing how to arouse one another to an erotic extreme. They were hoping to capture Lucas’s eye so he would choose them as one of his daily three, morning wenches. The competition was fierce and the sexual playground visual was dynamic and exuberant.

And it was all for him. Lucas felt himself feeling aroused once more. Soon he would be fucking Daphnia if she could fulfill her mission in time. If not her over thrower would become his new toy.

Daphnia moved towards her mark. 824 was an exotic raving beauty and already had two women on her by the time she found her. One was sucking on her tits while the other was running her tongue up and down her inner thighs.

Daphnia moved herself into position and released her extra long snake like tongue so it landed on 824′s clit with a forceful slap. 824 looked up at her, then closed her eyes and moaned.

Daphnia continued her pleasure fulfilling techniques. She urged the others away with nudges and pulled 824′s pussy up to her mouth. Daphnia’s fingers slid in and out of her wet opening while her tongue slid around her clit with forceful resignation.

Daphnia knew the clock was ticking so she increased her speed and slid a finger in 824′s ass. 824′s orgasm pulsated into Daphnia’s mouth.

Upstairs Lucas watched and started to stroke his red hard cock.

As 824 lay helpless in the sex chair Daphnia slid her wet pussy over top of 824′s face and started rocking up and down on her tongue and lips. She slid lower and lower, sometimes pushing down lightly, then raising back up. The girl’s tongue responded by retracting and increasing it’s length.

Daphnia sensed that the time was almost up and with a determined push she planted her pussy over the mouth and nose of the beauty beneath her. 824 struggled and fought, hitting and pushing Daphnia to make her raise her pussy from her life giving orifices.

At that moment Daphnia let out a cry of release. Her orgasm was overwhelmingly strong and riveted her. 824′s struggle for freedom continued but she was no match for Daphnia. Daphnia held her ground and pushed down harder until the struggle ceased.

Instantly she could feel her transformation begin. Her already amazingly attractive body and features began changing to an even higher level of intoxicating beauty. Daphnia arched her back and stretched her arms up, signally her victory. Then she stood triumphantly and waited for the signal.

Women were pleasuring each other around her to please Lucas and didn’t notice what happened. Two women discreetly carried 824 to her room. There she would sleep for a fortnight and when she awoke her beauty would be diminished. Her radiant features had been instantly awarded to Daphnia but it would take time for her beauty to diminish.

Daphnia heard the now familiar whistle blow and proceeded up the stairs to be fucked by the beast, Lucas.

Lucas was overwhelmed by Daphnia’s beauty as soon she entered the room. She licked her lips and moved her sexy body seductively as he guided her approach. His red hard penis dangled before him. Daphnia looked at his power and strength and felt totally turned on. Maybe that’s why she won the beauty contest so far. She really enjoyed her role.

“Kneel down!”

She did as told.

“Part your legs wide!”

She did as told.

“Show me how wet you are! I want to hear it.”

Lucas watched as Daphnia licked his lips then slid them between her pussy lips and started pumping. Soon wet gushing sounds filled the room. He held his cock in front of her face so she could smell it. She resisted an urge to allow her snake like tongue to do it’s will and chose instead, as usual, complete obedience.

“Cum for me bitch!”

Her orgasm followed on cue. Swift vibrant currents with a powerful voltage rippled through her.

“Good girl,” he said obviously pleased at her display of pleasure.

He came up behind her then and proceeded to touch her g spot and go beyond, the instant his red throbbing cock entered her molten pussy. She could feel his searing strength rip through her; her wet pussy still pulsing and sensitive. He repeatedly grabbed her hips and pulled her sexy curves toward his hardness. Daphnia flipped her hair back and forth and pushed back on every thrust enjoying every movement of his cock inside her. It would be sad to see him go.

Lucas flipped Daphnia and started to fuck her face to face then. His strong chest moved up and down on top of her as if he was doing push ups. She felt him so deep inside her and had another orgasm. They tried many different positions, and then suddenly opportunity was upon her.

She was behind him pressing her sexy body into his when she wrapped her hair around Lucas’s neck and pulled back. He struggled in vain as she used all her power and strength.

Suddenly she felt the transformation as his energy released into hers. She felt herself getting taller and bigger. Her color changed to a bright neon red. Her blonde hair became red and so did her nipples. By morning she knew her wings would sprout and her fur would begin to grow. She moaned loudly to the air above her, feeling her raw power. Daphnia’s fingers reached down and touched her wet pussy while looking down at the women below her.

She was in charge now. The first thing she thought she might do was recruit some men for the playground. They would add lots of flavor.

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