soft domination

Ch. 5: Brent and Giselle


“Honk! Honk!” I pressed on the horn of my midnight blue, 4-door, 2006 Ford F-150. Giselle should know better. I wasn’t about to walk to Jase’s apartment to get her. She better get her sexy ass down here and quick.

Just then, she appeared. Her hips swaying as she pranced to the car, her gigantic breasts were flopping in a frenzy in her top. Her shirt stopped midway down her stomach, displaying her bejeweled naval. The white shorts she had on hugged her curvaceous hips. Delicious, I thought.

She hopped into my truck with her overnight bag and leaned over, about halfway to me, for a kiss. Her pouty lips caused a jump in my pants. I kissed her and put my truck into gear and started on our way to the party.

Giselle scooted to the middle of the bench seat in the cab of my truck and laid her head on my shoulder. She was affectionate like that I see. I rested my arm along the top of the bench.

We made small talk. Well, she talked and I halfway listened. Her voice came in and out between my thoughts, something about not wanting to live so far away and the cowgirl boots she had on were a gift from someone. I liked Giselle, I really did. But, she had to understand, I wasn’t the touchy feely type. I wasn’t interested in how your day went. I didn’t care if you were glad, sad or frustrated. I just didn’t care, period.

She said something that caught my attention,

“Can I suck your cock?” She answered.

“W-what?” I stammered.

“That got your attention. You were completely tuning me out.”

“Calm down baby, I was just thinking about how hot you look” I scrambled for an excuse. Wait, why was I searching for justification about why I hadn’t been listening? Normally, I’d just come back with a witty reply. But this time, I actually looked for an explanation.

“Oh my gosh, such a pathetic save” She giggled. Even I had to laugh at that. Her eyes lit up when she smiled. She truly was beautiful. This girl was getting to me.

The party was mediocre. Of course, Giselle was the most attractive girl there. All eyes were on her. We danced, had more than enough drinks and made out occasionally.

Giselle was chatting it up with some blonde bimbo. The blonde had a nice pair of tits on her. Probably fake, I reasoned. Giselle’s eyes darted from the blonde’s tits to her eyes.

“And who might you be?” I asked slurring my words.

“This is Megan”, Giselle said introducing us, “Megan this is my, uh, friend, Brent.”

I’m not sure why or where it came from but the fact that she called me a “friend” offended me. Technically, we really were nothing more than friends. But, to hear it out loud, for this Megan to hear, touched something inside me.

“I’m ready to go” I said, partly angry.

“Uh, okay” Giselle said hesitantly. I marched straight to the door. Once I got to my truck, I saw Giselle about 10 paces behind me, making fuck me eyes at some guy passing by her on her way to my truck. She stayed true to being a slut at every moment it seemed.

I got into the driver side and turned the key in the ignition. By the time I had it in gear, she was just opening her door and climbing in the passenger side. I had to give Giselle a lesson tonight. As “friends” we should be able to learn from each other.


We arrived at Brent’s apartment. It really was around the corner from Jason’s. I was beginning to understand the brotherhood of their friendship now.

Brent was nearly silent the entire ride to his place. Was it something I did, I thought. He parked and hopped out the truck. I followed quickly with my belongings.

“Can you slow down” I said to him. He turned to face me and smirked. He put his arm around my waist and pushed me ahead. I had to double my footsteps to keep up. Something was definitely up.

I walked into Brent’s apartment. Its layout was similar to Jason’s. Spacious and neatly furnished. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and removed his shirt.

“Take your clothes off” He said after swallowing a hefty gulp of his beer. We were both tipsy and buzzed from the alcohol we consumed at the party, yet he continued to drink more.

He walked from behind the half-wall of cabinetry dividing the living area and the kitchen. His eyes red; his gaze intimidating. I hesitated but eventually complied. This had to be leading to some great sex.

“Sit on the floor and spread your legs.” I did as I was told. My pussy was already oozing.

“Rub your tits.” He said as he came and sat in a chair directly facing me. Groping my breasts, looking down at them and then up at Brent, I moaned. My nipples were swollen.

“Play with that tight ass pussy, stick your fingers inside and I want to here it gushing.” I lowered my right hand to my pussy, spread my lips with two fingers and rubbed my clit with another. Spreading my legs wider and laying flat on my back, I glided two fingers in between my swollen, soaked lips and inserted them into my scorching cunt one by one.

I started to gyrate on my fingers and grope my tits again. I brought my fingers up to my face while resting on one elbow and slowly licked each finger clean.

“Hey, I said play with your pussy! That’s it!” Brent yelled, startling me. I thought he was enjoying himself. I inserted my fingers back into my pussy and laid back. I worked my slit until I was panting and inching toward orgasm.

“Stop” he said calmly. I sat up as he walked over to me and opened his zipper. To my surprise, his cock was still soft. I assumed my position on my knees. Brent loved to grab my hair and force his cock down my throat. But this time, he allowed me to stroke and lick him until his dick came to life.

I licked his shaft and sucked his cock slowly. He never grabbed my hair. He never forced his way deep into the depths of my throat. He just stood there as I fucked my own face with his delicious cock.

“Sit on your ass” he instructed. I sat down; he kneeled to the floor and grabbed the backside of my thighs. He pushed my legs up and I kept my knees bent as he pushed my knees as far back as I could stand. He entered me to the hilt and I screamed in pain. The pleasure completely overwhelmed my body.

Brent slammed into my pussy for more than an hour. I had come at least four times, coating his slick cock with my frothy sweetness and was near exhaustion. My pussy ached from the beating he gave it.

He reeked of alcohol. He didn’t make a sound except for when I yelled out my orgasm and would mutter “yeah, look at you” or “that’s my fucking pussy”. Brent was well, a savage.

“Turn on your stomach.”

I laid flat on my stomach and he spread my legs open. My pussy felt like someone poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. Fire consumed my wrecked canal. He buried three fingers in my used cunt and lathered up my juices. He took one finger and worked my ass. I knew it was a matter of time before he went there. From what he told me, he had a knack for destroying ass with his enormous cock.

But, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have my ass destroyed but before I knew it, I felt the tip of Brent’s swollen cock penetrating me. The pain from the stretching of my ass hurt like hell. It had been awhile since I had cock in my voluptuous ass.

Soon, Brent was pumping wildly in my ass. Panting and sweating, my heart pound in my chest. I screamed from the pain but basked in the pleasure. I needed to rub my clit to force my building orgasm over the edge. Brent kept squeezing my bouncing ass cheeks and ramming in and out of my stretching hole.

He then grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back. I definitely couldn’t get to my clit now but I didn’t need to. My orgasm came so fiercely that my mind went numb. I felt my ass fill with Brent’s load and he grunted loudly.

“Like I said before” Brent said in between pants, his chest heaving, “You’re mine!”

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