School suddenly became very tolerable for me. I continued to get teased by people, but nothing they said seemed to matter to me. I had just had sex with a girl I had fantasized about a thousand times over. Even better, she was extremely kinky. I barely paid attention to anything that next week at school because I was constantly thinking about Kayleigh.

It was wonderful and tormenting sitting next to her in class from then on. On one hand, I could look at her now knowing exactly what it felt like to have her ass tight around my cock. But, on the other hand, I couldn’t tell anybody. I wanted to scream it out loud in the hallways. I wanted to rub it in the faces of all the dumb jocks who gave me shit. Hell, I wanted my parents to know. It was the single greatest thing I had ever achieved, and I wanted the world to celebrate with me.

But, no one would believe me. Even worse, I could never have sex with Kayleigh again if I ever told. She had made it very clear that we weren’t in a relationship. I was basically her living, breathing sex toy. You might be thinking that that sounds really shitty. You might also be thinking that I was kind of her bitch. You know what? I was completely fine with that. When a hot girl tells you she wants to use you for kinky sex, we’ll see what your answer is.

I’m aware that I was being used. But, being used for Kayleigh’s sexual desires seemed very rewarding. I got to do all the dirty things she wanted to do with guys, but could never ask them for. Kayleigh didn’t want to ask other guys to do all the perverted things she wanted, and rightly so. Say she asked one of the popular guys at school that she normally dated to give her a rimjob. Everyone in school would know within a week, and people would call her a slut.

That’s where I fit in. She still continued to date other guys, but she always came to me when they failed to satisfy her fully. Of course, it took a while for me to fully satisfy her as well.

That first time that Kayleigh had come over to my house was the first time I had ever had sex, and, I’ll admit it, I got lucky that first time. I don’t know how I held out cumming for so long. I don’t know how I made a girl cum on my first try, but it happened. However, I wasn’t so lucky the next time.

It was only a few days after that first time with Kayleigh before she came over again. My house was perfect because neither of my parents were ever around that often. Kayleigh decided to come over one day after volleyball practice. She had sent me a text when she was on her way and I got hard just thinking about what was in store for me.

I opened the front door, and Kayleigh was standing there in short shorts and a t-shirt. Her hair was pulled back and her face was full of lust.

“Your room. Now,” she ordered. We were up the stairs and in my room in no time with the door shut behind us. Kayleigh took off her shirt. She wanted to get straight to business. She was wearing a sports bra underneath that I thought looked very sexy on her. My newfound love of sports was growing. I was sitting on my bed and decided to take my shirt off as well. When my shirt made it all the way over my head, I saw that Kayleigh was suddenly right next to me.

“I’ve been very naughty today,” she said. My jaw was hanging open in shock. “I think I might need a spanking.” Kayleigh slowly slid her shorts down around her knees and I saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath. She rotated her hips so that her smooth butt was facing me, inches from my face.

“What do you think, Dan? Does this ass need a spanking?” Wide eyed and lost for words, I managed to look up at her and nod my head. Kayleigh lay across my lap with her big ass sticking up in the air. I had a massive erection in my pants that I was sure she could feel rubbing against her. I almost forgot what I was doing as I continued to stare at her soft, appetizing cheeks.

“Dan?” Kayleigh said, snapping me out of my state of hypnosis. “I was touching myself all the way over here. I’ve been so bad. Teach me a lesson.” I had always wanted to spank a girl’s ass. I had slapped Kayleigh’s ass while we were having sex that first time, but this was different. I brought the palm of my hand down softly on one of her ass cheeks, barely causing it to stir.

“Oh, come on, Dan,” said Kayleigh. “You can do better than that.” I remembered how hard she had me slapping her ass last time and brought my hand down on her big butt again, harder. A quick gasp from Kayleigh told me that she enjoyed it, so I did it again. Then I did it again. I spanked her over and over as she sighed with pleasure beneath me.

Her ass shook with each slap. I loved the way it moved. I loved the way it felt. I loved…. I seemed to love it a little too much. I suddenly became aware that my erection had grown to the point of bursting. Slapping Kayleigh’s ass and listening to her sigh and moan was taking its effect on me. A sudden sense of dread filled me as I felt my balls start to contract and my cock start to twitch inside my pants. Oh shit.

I quickly froze, but it was too late. I involuntarily gasped and was suddenly cumming in my pants. Kayleigh froze for a second as well. I’m sure she could feel it on her hip. I was completely embarrassed, knowing that Kayleigh knew what was happening. ‘That’s it,’ I thought. ‘She’s done with me forever.’

Kayleigh climbed off of me and kneeled on the floor in front of me. She stared at me with a mischievous smile for some time.

“Did you just cum in your pants?” She said, amused.

“I… I….”

“You did. You just came while you were spanking me.” I was a deep crimson red. My second time with a girl and I had premature ejaculated. I felt pathetic.

There didn’t seem to be any point in hiding it from Kayleigh after that, so I finally confessed to her that I had been a virgin the first time we had had sex. I was sure she would think I was pathetic, but that wasn’t the case. The fact that I was so inexperienced seemed to really turn her on. She found the whole thing “cute” in a way. It was still very embarrassing for me, but, if she liked it, who was I to argue. Kayleigh gladly stepped into the role of the experienced teacher, and I was her eager student, doing anything she asked. She seemed to like the idea that she was “corrupting” me in some way.

Kayleigh pulled off my ruined pants and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning all of the cum off of it. Even though I had just gotten off, her mouth still felt wonderful. After she had licked off all the cum, and believe me there was a lot of it, she took off her pants and lay down on my bed. She spread her thick thighs and pulled my head down into her warm pussy.

I used my mouth and tongue on her for the rest of the afternoon, getting her off many times. At least I was good for something. She mostly had me lick her pussy, but sometimes she would turn over and I would stick my tongue in her ass while she fucked her fingers. Either way, I was eager to please her.

Eventually, I got hard again. Kayleigh wrapped her hand around my cock and started pumping away. Jesus, any way she touched me felt incredible. At first, I thought I was doing alright and that I would last. But, less than a minute later, I couldn’t hold out and shot a load all over Kayleigh’s hand. I went crimson again. I just couldn’t understand how I had managed to last so long while I was fucking her ass just a few days before, but now I couldn’t even get through a full hand job.

Kayleigh just laughed a little, licking her hand clean and putting her clothes back on. Thank God she thought it was cute. I mean, that in itself was a bit humiliating, but it was better than her being turned off by it.

Kayleigh had her clothes back on and was almost out the door when she turned around and said, “The first time I ever had sex was with Jack Murphy. He fucked me for about one minute, blew his load on my stomach, and then passed out for an hour.”

My embarrassment seemed to fade a little when she told me this.

“The first time I had sex with you,” she continued, “you gave me a fantastic rimjob, fingered me to orgasm, then fucked me up the butt until I came again.”

Suddenly, my embarrassment seemed to disappear.

“Are your parents usually home late?”

“Yeah,” I said, thankful that she was still interested in me.

“Good,” she said. “I’ll come over tomorrow.” Then she turned to leave. On her way down the stairs, she called back to me, “By the way, you’ve got a bigger cock than Jack Murphy.” I collapsed back on my bed, naked and smiling. I was so relieved at how cool Kayleigh was being about this.

That is, I was relieved until she came back the next day. Things were going about how I expected them to. First, she put my hand down her pants and had me finger her. Then she sat on my face and I alternated licking her pussy and ass. After giving her many, many orgasms (I honestly lost count) it was finally my turn. She took my pants off, revealing my throbbing erection inside. She spit into her hand and started giving me a hand job, telling me to say when I was getting close to cumming. After a few minutes, I was quickly approaching an orgasm.

“Kayleigh, I’m getting close,” I moaned and closed my eyes.

“Yeah?” said Kayleigh, very sensually. “Does that feel good? Do you want to shoot your load?”

“Yes. Oh God yes. I’m so fucking close.” And then suddenly Kayleigh let go. I opened my eyes to see what she was going to do, but I just saw her looking back at me, not doing anything. “Wha- What are you doing?” I asked frantically. Kayleigh smiled wickedly.

“You don’t get to cum until I say you can,” Kayleigh said. “Understand?” I wanted desperately to cum, but, by the tone of her voice, I could tell that she meant what she had said. I smiled, excited about this game she was playing with me. While waiting for me to calm down, Kayleigh climbed back on top of me, smothering my face underneath her perfect ass again.

I brought her to orgasm once again. Then she climbed off and recommenced jerking my cock. She pumped me in her fist until I was on the brink of cumming yet again. Then she stopped.

This continued on and on. She would bring me right up to the edge of an orgasm, sometimes using just her hand, sometimes using her mouth as well, only to deny me of it. Then she would make me please her, and then start all over again. After nearly an hour, my frustration was intense. I was jealous every time she had an orgasm and was soon begging her to let me cum. Eventually, my balls ached from such a long time of stimulation without being able to finish.

“Kayleigh, please,” I begged. “My balls feel so swollen I think they might burst.”

“Good,” she said. “Now, you get to cum.”

‘Of course,’ I thought. ‘Wait until I’m in pain to finally relieve me.’

Kayleigh took me into her mouth and started sucking me hard. She had brought me to the edge of cumming so many times that it actually hurt a little as she sucked me, but the only way I could get any relief was to cum. So, I clenched my teeth as she deepthroated me and gently cupped my swollen balls in her hand. I ground my teeth together against the pain, fighting for an orgasm. When I came, it felt like a dam had been broken, releasing a river of cum down Kayleigh’s throat. She drank it all down in large gulps.

I lay back on my bed, breathing hard from the powerful orgasm. Kayleigh got dressed, told me she’d see me tomorrow, and left, just like that.

This continued every day for the rest of the week. Kayleigh would come over, I would lick her pussy and worship her ass, and she would stroke me until I got blue balls. After it started hurting, she would finally let me cum after the long teasing, and then she would leave. Thursday, during class, I actually hoped that she wouldn’t come over. It was getting to be too much. I was sore just walking the hallways at school. I’m not the kind of guy who gets off on pain. If it were any other girl, I probably would have just put a stop to it. But, to be honest, Kayleigh could have been punching me in the face and I would still come back for more, so long as I got to worship her curvy body.

That day after school, I waited at my house, playing video games. Ahead of schedule, Kayleigh showed up. Apparently, she didn’t have volleyball practice that day. I let her in and started the routine walk towards the stairs to my room. But, Kayleigh grabbed me by the hand and led me away from the stairs, taking me into the dining room. Standing just inside the doorway, Kayleigh peeled off the jeans she was wearing, revealing a lime green thong underneath, which she moved to the side, exposing herself.

“Get on your knees and lick me,” ordered Kayleigh, giving her ass a slap. She wanted to get straight to business. I was nervous about this sudden change of location. I mean, we were out in the open in my family’s dining room. Even so, I was quick to obey, dropping to my knees and shoving my face in between her thick butt cheeks. I brought my tongue to her puckered asshole and lapped at it greedily. Kayleigh moaned in relief. She must have needed this badly. She pressed back against my frenzied tongue as it attacked her asshole.

Kayleigh reached down the front of her thong and slowly worked a finger inside her wet snatch. I pulled away from her crack for a moment to catch my breath and saw that the crotch of her panties was soaked through. As I struggled to catch my breath, she put her hand on the back of my head and shoved me back into her ass crack, and I started licking again. I could hear the sloppy sound of her fingers moving in and out of her juicy cunt. The sound was turning me on and I suddenly noticed that I was fully hard. I continued to lick at her sweet hole, moving my tongue in a circular motion around her brown pucker, then switching to a side to side motion. Her ass tasted sweeter and sweeter every day, like candy that gets better over time. I felt so perverted as I shamelessly and thoroughly ate out her ass.

“Take your pants off,” said Kayleigh, quickly turning around and standing me up on my feet. I undid my pants as Kayleigh worked my shirt over my head. She was moving quickly and breathing heavily. She needed something, and she needed it badly. I kicked my pants off to the side just as Kayleigh stepped out of her thong. With one quick motion, she had her shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. We were now both completely naked, standing in my dining room. Kayleigh walked over to the large table in the middle of the room and bent herself over it, her face pressing into the smooth wood. She reached both of her hands back and spread her ass for me.

“Fuck my pussy, Dan.” The sense of necessity in Kayleigh’s voice turned my cock to stone. Also, something about a girl using the word “pussy” has always turned me on. I took position directly behind her. I looked down at the gorgeous, oversexed nymphomaniac bent over my family’s dining room table; her round ass cheeks spread apart, her soft tits flattened against the wood beneath her, and her dripping wet pussy ready to be fucked. Jesus, she was so wet. She could have sat on my face and drowned me in pussy juice at that moment.

“Come on,” she pleaded. “Stick it in. Now.” I spat into my hand and spread it onto my dick. Every time I had been with Kayleigh before, I had been incredibly nervous. I don’t know why this time was different, but my confidence suddenly spiked. I heard a small voice in the back of my head say, ‘Do it. Fuck the shit out of her.’

I lined up my dick with her steaming hole and slowly worked my way inside her. Her pussy felt amazing on the bare skin of my cock. About a thousand sex-ed lectures were screaming at me in the back of my mind, but it just felt so fucking good. I began slowly humping into her as her juices covered my shaft until it glistened. I continued to pick up speed, encouraged by Kayleigh’s moans of deep pleasure. She grew louder the harder I fucked her, so I was quickly thrusting at a quick pace. Kayleigh started meeting my thrusts, forcing my cock inside her even deeper.

“Fuck yeah,” Kayleigh breathed. “Yeah. Yeah. Fuck me hard, Dan.” Do you know that feeling when you’re balls deep inside the girl you’ve been obsessing over for so long and she’s telling you to fuck her hard? No? Well, let me tell you that you start blinking a lot to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then you kind of just smile stupidly. It. Is. Fantastic.

I began slamming myself deep into Kayleigh’s pussy. Her ass was now constantly shaking with how quickly I was bouncing her off my dick. Kayleigh had stopped meeting my thrusts and was now just helplessly taking it. She put her hands on the table on either side of her head to brace herself for the incredible pounding I was giving her.

It felt amazing. I couldn’t believe how much I was laying into her, or the stamina that I suddenly seemed to have. I felt like a fucking stallion as I thrust into her again and again. What’s more, Kayleigh seemed to be loving it. She was moaning loudly, occasionally uttering nonsense words as she got her brains fucked into oblivion. I felt like I could fuck her like this all day long. I could feel the walls of her tight pussy gripping my cock as if she didn’t want to let it go. I could feel my balls slap up against her clit with each stroke. I could feel….

A sudden thought occurred to me: This shouldn’t be possible. A week ago, I had cum in my pants just from spanking Kayleigh. Now, I was fucking her like a pro. Then I put two and two together and realized what had happened. Kayleigh had desensitized me. All week, she had been giving me blue balls. Incredible lengths of time were spent hard and over stimulated. I had assumed she was punishing me for cumming too early by playing some wicked game with me. I suppose that was still somewhat true, but now I realized that she had been conditioning me. I was concerned for a minute as I considered the damage that had probably been done to nerve endings in my cock, but I quickly put that out of mind. If it meant I could fuck Kayleigh like this, I didn’t care.

I stopped thinking about it and turned my full attention back to Kayleigh just in time. I looked back down and saw that her ass cheeks were clenched tightly together. Then I saw that nearly all of her body was flexed as well. She was going to cum, and it was going to be big. Kayleigh grew hushed, as if her voice was stuck in her throat. I gave her just a little more and then I felt her body begin to spasm. Her pussy clenched tightly around my cock and she began to shake.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Kayleigh screamed through her orgasmic pleasure. I had to stop fucking her and hold her body down to help keep her still. Her knees wobbled uncontrollably and I could tell they were going to give out. Together, we slid off of the table and onto the floor. I somehow managed to stay inside her as we moved into a doggystyle position with Kayleigh on her hands and knees. Her shaking continued as her powerful orgasm ran its course.

The tight grip of her pussy around my cock felt incredible and I resumed thrusting into her slowly as her orgasm began to fade. I reached under and cupped her tits in my hands. I massaged the soft globes and felt her nipples harden into the palms of my hands. I felt my cock begin to reach its limit. I was getting close to cumming.

“Holy shit, Kayleigh. You’re going to make me cum,” I said, delirious with pleasure. Kayleigh began pushing back against my thrusts again and I took that as a cue to resume fucking her hard. I picked up speed with each thrust and was soon hammering away at Kayleigh’s juicy pussy once again. Once I reached a good pace, Kayleigh stopped pushing back into me. She bent herself down until her shoulders were resting on the floor, leaving her ass sticking up in the air. Then, with one hand, she reached under herself and began rubbing her clit, aggressively picking up speed.

“I’m going to cum again,” said Kayleigh in between quick breaths. I couldn’t believe it. She was already going to cum again. I began pounding into her as hard as I could muster. I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew I was going to cum as well. Each time I slammed against Kayleigh’s backside, her body moved forward. I continued to relentlessly fuck her and soon realized that she had buckled beneath me. Kayleigh fell forward and was now lying flat on her stomach on the floor, writhing in the grip of her second orgasm.

I continued my pounding, smashing down on top of her, shaking her soft ass cheeks. I loved the way she looked getting fucked hard in this prone position.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!” Kayleigh screamed. I felt the telltale signs from my cock that I was about to explode. I pulled out just in time. I grabbed ahold of my cock, drenched in Kayleigh’s pussy juice, and aimed it down towards her pale cheeks. A wave of euphoria swept over me as my cum shot out, spattering onto Kayleigh’s round ass. Long ropes of cum blasted out from the tip of my penis, emptying my balls and covering Kayleigh’s big butt. A few uncontrollable grunts escaped my throat as my orgasm took hold of me.

I fell backwards into a sitting position, exhausted and intensely satisfied. I had to place a hand on the floor to brace myself from falling over I was so worn out. I looked at Kayleigh, still lying flat on her stomach, completely naked on my dining room floor. I looked down at the massive load I had shot onto her ass just a few moments earlier. Most of it had landed near the center and was now collecting into a pool down in her crack. Kayleigh turned her head around and looked at the pool of cum on her ass. Then she reached back with one hand and scooped some of it up. She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked all of it off of her fingers. She did this several times, eagerly guzzling down my cum, until the majority of the sperm was gone.

Even though I had just recently cum, I was getting very turned on by watching this. I took about a million mental pictures to save for later.

Kayleigh then calmly stood up. Her ass and crotch were both still quite messy, but she found her panties and slid them on anyway. I continued to sit on the floor exhausted and watched as she methodically went about redressing herself without a word. Once she was fully clothed, Kayleigh picked up her purse from the floor and grabbed a small makeup mirror from it. She adjusted a few stray strands of hair, put the mirror back into her purse, said, “See ya,” and then left. I heard her leave through the front door, and then I was all alone sitting naked on the dining room floor like an asshole.

I was perplexed to say the least. I thought…. No, I KNEW that we had just had some amazing sex. There was no doubt about that. Yet, Kayleigh had just stood up afterwards and left like it was nothing. I know this is a pretty lame thing to say, but I actually felt dirty. I had just been used. Here I thought that Kayleigh was getting all wet thinking about me, but really she just wanted my dick. Maybe not even my dick. Maybe she just wanted A dick. Any dick would have worked.

I felt strange being used like this. However, I wasn’t about to let it keep bothering me. I knew what I was getting into when I started having sex with Kayleigh. She had made it very clear that I was just her boy toy. I smiled, picked up my clothes, and walked up to my room. The way I saw it, if Kayleigh just wanted some dick, it might as well be mine, right?

That was my philosophy for the next two weeks. Kayleigh came over almost every day. She would drag me into my room, or the kitchen, or the laundry room (on the washing machine during the spin cycle) and then she would basically give me orders that I would carry out with vigor. Most days, she had me eat her ass. I swear Kayleigh must have had a second clit in her asshole, because I have never met a girl who loved getting her ass licked as much as her. Then again, she may have just been getting off on the fact that she could make me do it whenever she wanted.

Kayleigh liked to keep everything interesting. We rarely fucked the same way twice in a row. During those two weeks, we twisted in and out of every position imaginable. Sometimes, she wanted it in her pussy, and other times she wanted it deep in her ass. Sometimes, she wanted to be spanked, and other times she wanted to sit on my face. She introduced me to a large list of sex acts: once, she wanted to be tied up; another time, she deepthroated me; on several occasions, she brought toys with her. One of my favorites was when I fucked her pussy and used a dildo in her ass, double penetrating her. She came especially hard when we did that, so I began putting a finger in her ass whenever I fucked her doggystyle from then on.

Kayleigh was amazing. She always wanted it, and she had incredible stamina. As for myself, I was getting pretty good at fucking her. I might not have been good at sports, but I was a very fast learner when it came to sex. With all the practice that Kayleigh was giving me, it was no wonder I was soon fucking her like a pro.

I felt incredibly lucky for a guy my age. Most men spend a lifetime trying to convince their frumpy suburban wives to do the sorts of things that Kayleigh seemed to naturally prefer. I was in heaven fucking her hungry pussy and her insatiable ass. She really was something special. Something was still bothering me though. The very first time I had fucked Kayleigh, she had said something that I didn’t understand. She had mentioned that her friends might want to give me a try. That sounded like it could only be a good thing, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. I soon found out.

After a couple weeks and countless orgasms, I got a text from Kayleigh. It was a Tuesday night, and she hadn’t come by after school that day. I thought that maybe she was feeling horny and wanted to meet. It seemed she had something different in mind. The text read, “Meet me tomorrow after school @ 8th and Evergreen.” That’s all it said. I was excited to find out what Kayleigh had planned. I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to meet her someplace new though. The corner of 8th Street and Evergreen was just down the street from the high school. What could she possibly be up to?

The next day, school went by incredibly slowly. I spent every second thinking of all the possible things that Kayleigh could have planned for me. I didn’t learn a damn thing in math class that day because Kayleigh was wearing a pair of tight short shorts that clung to her ass. They rode up a little when she sat down, showing off all of her thick thighs and the very bottom of her left ass cheek. I couldn’t even tell you what the math lesson was about.

After the final bell rang, dismissing all classes, I ran to my locker, grabbed all my things, and bolted out the front door. I quickly walked down the block until I was standing on the corner of 8th and Evergreen. And then, I waited. I waited and waited and waited. I must have checked the time on my phone a thousand times. More than a few times, I considered that I might be in the wrong place. I couldn’t see why she would want to meet me here. It was a simple residential street and nobody I knew in the high school lived in the area.

At about 3:45, I finally saw Kayleigh’s little white car approaching. She sure knew how to keep a guy waiting. She pulled up to the curb in front of me and told me to get in.

“What?” I said.

“Get in,” repeated Kayleigh.

“Where are we going?” I said. This seemed to annoy her.

“I saw you staring at me in math today. If you ever want to fuck me again, you’ll get in.” I was still confused, but the answer was clear: I got in. Kayleigh shifted into drive, and we were off. I waited for an explanation, but Kayleigh never offered one.

“So, why did you have me meet you on the corner if we’re just going somewhere else anyways?” I said.

“What are you talking about?” said Kayleigh.

“I mean, why didn’t you just have me meet you in the parking lot?” I said. Kayleigh laughed out loud.

“Are you serious? Me and you meeting up in the parking lot? So that everyone can see?” That actually hurt me a little.

“Well, I mean….” I said meekly. We stopped at an intersection and Kayleigh turned to look at me.

“Dan, don’t be fucking dense,” she said. “You’ve got a nice cock and one hell of a tongue, but you’re not my fucking boyfriend.” Kayleigh could immediately see that what she said was bothering me a bit. “Can you deal with that?” I was quiet for a moment while I gave that some real thought. Once again, the answer was clear.

“Yeah,” I said. “I can deal with that.”

“Good answer,” said Kayleigh. “Now, would you like to get some pussy?”

“I… umm…”

“Better give me an answer quickly, Dan.”

“Yes,” I spat out. “I would like some pussy.”

“Good boy,” said Kayleigh, and we were driving once again. We drove for a few more minutes until we reached the downtown area. I still didn’t know what we were doing, but I was learning not to ask a lot of questions. We pulled into the parking lot of Hank’s, the town’s local steak house, and parked. Kayleigh cut the engine and turned to me.

“It’s my friend’s birthday, so we’re meeting her here. You hungry?” she asked. I wasn’t. I looked around quizzically at my seemingly random surroundings. “Say yes and you get a treat.”

“Yes,” I said, hesitantly. We got out of the car and walked inside. I had never been inside of Hank’s before. My parents didn’t like the place, so we had never gone. It was a small chain restaurant in our area, so it was a strange mix of small business and corporate franchise. We walked up to the host stand and waited to be greeted. It was almost completely empty inside the restaurant since it was the slow hours for them. A hostess took notice of us from across the room and walked towards us.

As she got nearer, I realized that I recognized her. Her name was Shyla and she had graduated from my high school last year. I remembered her because it’s hard to forget someone who looked like her. Shyla was around 6’3″; very, very tall for a girl. She was the center for the girls’ basketball team when she was still in school. Everyone in her family was big like her; Scandinavian blood. She was tall, but not lanky. In fact, she was pretty well built. It’s hard to describe her to someone who isn’t familiar with Midwest Scandinavian-American families. She was big, but everything was perfectly proportioned for her height.

Shyla had been pretty popular at my school, hanging out with the same crowd as Kayleigh and all the other popular girls. Shyla was definitely hot. Personally, I think taller girls are very attractive. On top of that, Shyla had beautiful, shining blonde hair, a pretty face, and a pair of D-cup tits that always stretched her shirt out. She had a marvelous ass as well. It may have been a little flatter than Kayleigh’s, but it was also sized proportional to her body, making it big and juicy. It had a longer quality to it like Laci’s, which I had acquired a taste for. (pun incredibly intended)

Shyla smiled when she saw that it was Kayleigh who had walked in the door and quickly walked over to give her a big hug.

“Oh my God. Kayleigh?! What are you doing here?” said Shyla excitedly.

“I came to wish you happy birthday,” said Kayleigh. The girls hugged each other. Kayleigh playfully reached down and gave Shyla’s ass a squeeze, you know, like girls do. Shyla laughed.

“Oh! Is that my present?” Shyla said.

“Actually, funny you should ask….” said Kayleigh.

“Is that so? What do I really get? Did you get me something good?”

“I did,” said Kayleigh mischievously. “I heard you had to work tonight. So, since you can’t go out later, I brought him with me here.”

“Oooo, I’m so excited,” Shyla said. “Gimme gimme gimme…. Wait. Did you say him?” I too was curious.

Kayleigh gestured towards me like a model on The Price is Right. “This is Dan,” she said. Shyla and I both got confused. I looked first at Kayleigh, and then at Shyla as I began to put everything together. Then, maybe a little slower than I should have, I finally got it: I was the present. ‘Wait,’ I thought, ‘I’m the present? ME?’

“This guy?” said Shyla in a derisive tone. Apparently, Shyla and I were confused for different reasons. Clearly, she was disappointed in her present. I didn’t even know if I should be offended or not. Kayleigh put her hand on Shyla’s shoulder reassuringly.

“Trust me,” said Kayleigh. “Do you have time to go on break?”

Shyla looked me over. It’s strange knowing that a girl is looking at your body and trying to evaluate you. I found myself not sure about how I should stand. I put my hands in my pockets, immediately took them out, crossed my arms, and then let them hang at my sides all within a few seconds.”

“Ok,” Shyla finally said. “I guess I have to trust you, Kayleigh. Come with me.” Shyla took us through the restaurant to a door leading back into the kitchen. Even the kitchen was dead at that hour. There were a couple people standing around not doing anything, but that was about it. If anyone took notice of us, they didn’t seem to care. Shyla took us to the staff break room, a small room connected to the kitchen with one small table. There was also a door leading to a bathroom inside. Shyla opened the door and walked into the bathroom. Kayleigh followed right behind her. I paused for a moment, unsure if I was supposed to follow. Kayleigh turned around, though and motioned me inside.

Once we were all inside, Shyla shut the door and locked it behind us. It was a fairly large room for only having the one toilet. It was the sort of bathroom you would expect to find in a gas station — one toilet, one sink, and then just a whole lot of empty space. Thankfully, it seemed to be much cleaner than the average gas station bathroom.

“So,” said Shyla, “this is the new toy you’ve been telling me about.” Was she talking about me? I’m pretty sure she was talking about me. “The one who got dominated by the volleyball team?” Well, that cleared that right up.

“That’s right,” said Kayleigh. “And, he’s going to do whatever you want him to do. Isn’t that right, Dan?” Kayleigh looked at me as she said that and smiled. The way she said it made me feel… dirty… yet again. I was being treated like a piece of meat that Kayleigh happened to own. I was…. I was a whore. I panicked a little bit in my head as the realization occurred. I was a whore, and Kayleigh was my pimp. My first instinct was to be morally mortified. How did Kayleigh go from using me for sex to whoring me out to her friends? I mean, being her boy toy was one thing, but pimping me out whenever she wanted was something else altogether.

I almost said no. I almost just walked out the door. But, then I thought, ‘Why not? Why not do it?’ If I walked out right then, I would probably never get to fuck Kayleigh ever again. And, like I said earlier, she could have been punching me in the balls and I would have come back for more. She had that kind of power over me. Plus, it’s not like I hadn’t fantasized once or twice about Shyla. So, I decided to nut up and accept my new role as a whore, however degrading it might be. A guy like me doesn’t really have a backup plan for getting laid.

“The volleyball team always was a bunch of sluts,” said Shyla. “He looks a little scrawny. Whatever happened to Dean? I used to love fucking Dean.”

“Dean went to college in Oregon or somewhere,” said Kayleigh. “Trust me. Dan will surprise you. I’ve been… teaching him. You know, if you don’t want your present, I’d be happy to take it away and let you get back to your shift.” Listening to them talk together, you would have thought I wasn’t even in the same room as them.

“I’m sorry, Kayleigh,” said Shyla. “I didn’t mean to be mean. He’s just a little… different than your usual boys. OK. That’s ok. Let’s … let’s see what he’s got.” With that, she took off her shoes and tossed them aside. “Get on your knees,” she said to me. I did as she said. Then Shyla took off her work uniform. She stood tall above me wearing only a lacey black bra and a matching thong. She had a great body. She may have been bigger than me and… well, let’s face it, probably stronger, but she was very feminine in her own way. Kayleigh put the seat down on the toilet and sat down cross legged to watch. Shyla then turned around, facing away from me. She had to bend her knees to get down to my level, and then she pressed her ass into my face. My nose just barely caressed the fabric of her thong in the crack of her ass. The smell of her was warm and somehow soothing.

With her hands on her knees, she turned her head and said, “Lick my ass, boy toy.” It seemed that Shyla had similar tastes to Kayleigh’s. Having willingly accepted my role in all of this, I quickly reached up and grabbed onto her hips. Then I stuck out my tongue and ran it up the length of Shyla’s crack, starting as far down as I could reach and ending at the top. The sensation sent a small shiver through Shyla’s body. I did this two more times then moved on to licking her sizeable cheeks. With long, deliberate licks, I ran my tongue all over the soft skin of her ass, building up the anticipation as best I could.

Without being told, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of Shyla’s thong and slowly peeled it off of her body. I noted that she had no tan lines whatsoever. I put a hand on both of her ass cheeks. I spread her ass open and was only slightly surprised to see a fairly well-fucked asshole. It wasn’t gaping wide or anything, but you can usually tell when a girl takes it up the ass fairly regularly by the look of her asshole. Shyla’s was still pretty, but she was obviously a huge anal slut. I smiled to myself, realizing what that would mean for me later on.

I stuck out my tongue again and plunged it into Shyla’s hole. I brought my lips tight around it and started Frenching her ass passionately. Shyla started to moan and began lightly rubbing her clit with her hand. She pushed back against my tongue, urging it to explore deeper. I pushed the tip inside her hole. My nostrils were filled with the sweet aroma growing stronger from her pussy. It didn’t take a lot to get her going.

Shyla straightened up and turned around, standing over me. Still remaining standing, she lowered her pussy down to me. My head was engulfed by her large thighs as I started licking at her sweet juices with my head tilted nearly straight up. I lightly licked along her lips and teased her pussy. Then I attacked her clit in a battery of tongue lashes. Shyla’s legs tightened around my head in response. I could hear her breathing getting heavier as I continued to eat her out.

“Oh God,” said Shyla. “That’s so good. Kayleigh, did you teach him that?”

“No, I never had to teach him any of that. He’s a natural with that tongue. When he starts fucking you though, that’s all me.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Kayleigh had slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles and was rubbing her pussy gently with her fingers.

I reached up with my right hand and worked my middle finger inside of Shyla’s pussy. Her juices were really flowing now. I fingered her for a while, making sure to get my finger covered in pussy juice. Then I pulled it out and reached around to her ass. I found her asshole and slid my middle finger up her ass with ease. Shyla let out a deep moan. She grabbed the back of my head and began moving her hips back and forth, slowly fucking my face. We continued like that for some time. Shyla’s breathing became increasingly labored, and I thought she was going to have me eat her out until she came. But, Shyla suddenly pulled away from my mouth.

“Holy shit, this boy has got a tongue,” said Shyla. Then to me she said, “Stand up. Take off your shirt.” I got to me feet and slipped my shirt over my head quickly. Licking Shyla had gotten me turned on. Shyla attacked my pants with her hands, impatiently taking off my belt and sliding both my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Shyla got on her knees, reached out and grabbed ahold of my semi-hard cock, just holding it in her hand as if she was examining it.

In the last story I told you about how we had taken Carol “dogging” and how I loved seeing her being abused by several guys. She was under the influence of a drug at the time and she wasn’t aware of what was going on. The next morning she didn’t remember anything. It was fantastic watching her getting fucked, but I kept thinking about the time in Nigeria when she had been detained on trumped-up drug charges by black policemen and forced to perform degrading sex acts. She had been fully aware of everything that went on, and to me, this was far more sexually stimulating than seeing her perform when drugged.

I discussed this with Mike and Rob and we came up with this idea. How about getting some friends to play the role of burglars? They could get into the house during the night. They could threaten to physically injure me if Carol didn’t do what they told her. This way, I could watch her getting raped and humiliated and the guys could enjoy her body and have her in any way they wanted. Mike and Rob would not attend in case Carol recognized them, even if they were disguised. In return for all the times I had let them use Carol, this was the least they could do to repay me.

Rob knew a couple of black guys at his body building club who, he said, would be more than pleased to help when they knew there was free pussy to be had. However, they asked for $200 each and I thought it would be worth it. We decided that they would wait outside the house until I arrived with Carol on Friday night around 11p.m. Then they would force their way into the garage when I parked the car. They would be armed and they would pretend to want to rob us. I would give them some cash and they would then get interested in Carol. They would blindfold her so she couldn’t see my reactions and we would play it from there. They would fuck her and humiliate her and make her suck their cocks, but they wouldn’t hurt her. However, they could slap me around a bit to make it look more realistic. It seemed foolproof and I couldn’t wait.

Friday night we went out to dinner with a couple of friends and Carol was looking so beautiful. She wore a short tight red dress, black stockings and high heeled black shoes. I knew that under the dress she was wearing a black bra and panties. We had a good meal at the restaurant and a lot of fun with our friends. All through the evening I had an erection thinking about what was going to happen to Carol later on. I was once again going to see my lovely wife forced to have sex with complete strangers while I watched. She was in a very happy mood and I got so turned on thinking that very soon she was going to be crying out for mercy as the rapists made her submit to their perverted desires.

We got home just after eleven o’clock. I waited as the garage door went up and then drove in. We got out of the car and Carol pushed the switch to close the door. As it started to come down two black guys ducked under the door and confronted us. One of them was holding a gun and the other had a big, wicked-looking knife.

Carol screamed “Oh no, please, don’t hurt us.”

“Leave us alone please,” I cried, “I’ll give you all the money I have on me.”

The garage door was completely closed by now. “Get in the house and don’t make a noise or I’ll blow your fucking head off,” the guy with the gun snarled. He opened the door and pushed us through into the hall and on into the living room.

Carol was crying and he told her to shut up. I took out my wallet and gave it to him. He rummaged through it and said, “What the fuck is this? Thirty-five dollars? You’ve gotta give us more than that you son of a bitch, how much more you got in the house?”

“That’s all I have, I swear it,” I told him. He put the money in his pocket and told the other guy to take a look round. I put my arms around Carol who was now white-faced and trembling. “Please just go away, I won’t call the police.” I knew it was all a set-up but it was so realistic I was kinda scared myself, especially as I had never seen these guys before. Then a thought hit me like a rock; what if they really were criminals and not the two I had been expecting. My mouth went dry, but I was reassured immediately when he stood behind Carol and gave me a big smile and a wink.

The guy with the knife came back and said he hadn’t found anything. “Jesus Christ,” he shouted, “are we only gonna get thirty-five fucking bucks?”

His partner pulled Carol out of my arms and pushed her against the wall. Tears were running down her face and she was sobbing. I could see that she was terrified.

“Thirty-five bucks ain’t enough lady,” he told her, putting his face close to hers. “You’re gonna give us a lot more, but not in cash. We’re gonna make you pay us in another way.”

Carol gasped, “No please, don’t do that, please leave us alone and go away.”

“Guys, do like she says, for God’s sake. If you want you can take my car”, I pleaded.

“You shut the fuck up, asshole,” the guy with the gun shouted and slapped my face so hard it stung and brought tears to my eyes. He pushed me down onto the sofa.

Carol screamed out, “Don’t hurt him.” She was shaking like a leaf.

“We won’t hurt him sweetheart,” he grinned, “just as long as you’re a good girl and do everything we tell you. You understand bitch?” he shouted, holding the gun under her chin. Carol nodded and looked beseechingly at me.

“Dave, do I have to do it?” she implored, “I can’t believe this is happening, it’s like a nightmare.”

“Honey, you had better do as they say or this could get nasty,” I told her, “maybe it won’t take long.”

Both guys laughed. “Won’t take long? Listen you bastard, we’ll go when we’ve had enough, and looking at your gorgeous wife I don’t think it’s gonna be in a hurry!”

“Take the dress off,” one of them said. Carol unzipped her dress and let it slide down her body. She stepped out of it and stood there before us in her black underwear. “Now the bra babe, get it off and show us your tits.”

Carol looked at me, her face was wet with tears. I nodded to her, telling her to do as she was told. She put her hands behind her back and undid the bra. It fell to the floor and I heard the guys whistle as her superb breasts were exposed to them. One of them went behind her and put his arms round her, squeezing them and weighing them in his hands. He pinched her pink nipples, pulling them out and I could see them getting hard and red as he worked his fingers on them. God, this was good to watch, my cock was getting hard as I watched the black hands on Carol’s white tits.

The other guy knelt down in front of her and pulled her panties down. “Shit,” look at that shaven snatch,” he said, “just begging for some black cock up it.” He held the panties to his nose and sniffed them. “I just love the smell of white pussy.” Carol looked absolutely incredible, standing there in just her black stockings and high heels like a porno star. He stood up and put his hand between her legs, stroking her soft pussy, prising open the lips and inserting his long black fingers.

“Stop it, please,” she sobbed, “don’t make me do this, why can’t you leave me alone?”

He stood up and held Carol by the throat. “If you don’t do everything we say bitch, we’ll cut your hubby’s fucking ears off.” To show what he meant he went behind the sofa and held his knife over one of my ears.

“Want to see how he looks with only one ear?” he asked her, “or maybe with no ears if you give us any more shit! Now get your ass upstairs to the bedroom.”

He pushed Carol ahead of him and followed her up the stairs, feeling her ass as they went. The guy with the gun whispered to me, “You OK? Don’t worry, we won’t hurt her. Rob told me you like to watch her getting fucked by other guys and humiliated. We’ll give you a good show. He was right, she’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to screw her. I’ll blindfold her so she won’t see you jacking off,” he giggled. “By the way, I’m George, he’s Willy.”

We went into the bedroom. “Oh please, no, no, no, we’ll give you anything you want,” Carol wailed, “we won’t tell the police I promise.”

George waved his gun in front of her face. “Listen you stupid bitch. We don’t want anything except you, understand? And you, hubby,” he said, turning to me,” you get your fucking ass in that chair and stay there. You do anything to annoy me and I’ll have him cut your goddamm ears off. And don’t think I’m joking, he’s done it before!” Willy laughed out loud and brandished his knife under my nose.

“I won’t do anything,” I said, “but please don’t hurt us.”

George opened a few drawers before he found Carol’s underwear. He pulled out a pair of tights and told her he was going to blindfold her. This seemed to terrify her even more. He placed the tights over her eyes and tied them tightly behind her head. “Now get on your knees on the bed, babe.”

Carol did as he said and he pushed her head down until it was on the bed. He pulled her thighs apart and pushed down on her back, leaving her ass high in the air. Both guys stood behind her and looked at the beautiful view. I quietly moved beside them and watched.

“Holy hell,” Willy breathed, “look at that fucking ass. Jesus hubby, you’re a lucky bastard having a wife like that. Bet you don’t know how to treat her. Wait till you see how niggas fuck white girls.”

Carol was a magnificent sight. Her firm, round buttocks were slightly apart, you could see her tight little brown anus. Her smooth, bald pussy poked out below. Her white skin contrasted erotically with the lacy topped black stockings. Willy knelt down and sniffed her ass. “What a great start to the weekend,” he said, “sniffing a white ass; can’t beat it.” He held Carol’s ass cheeks wide apart and ran his long pink tongue up and down the crack. I saw her flinch as his tongue flickered across her asshole. She was very sensitive there and she always liked it when I rimmed her ass. He moved his mouth down and licked her pussy lips. She flinched again and moved away from his tongue. Willy got up and slapped her ass hard, causing her to cry out. “What’s the matter bitch, don’t you like a black man licking your cunt? I warned you, your hubby’s gonna get hurt now.”

George slapped my face a few times, whispering to me to yell. It sounded like I was getting roughed up. Carol screamed “Stop, don’t hurt him, do what you want but get it over with.”

George went over to her and said, “I want you to act like you’re enjoying it. What’s your fucking name bitch?”

“Carol,” she whimpered.

“OK Carol. Hey that’s good, just like the movie, OK Corral.” He laughed. “You ever sucked black cock Carol?” he asked her. She shook her head violently. I knew that this wasn’t true but she didn’t know. She had often had a black dick in her mouth, and in her other holes, but she had always been either too drunk or drugged to realize.

Both guys took off their pants and Willy knelt on the other side of the bed. His huge black pole was almost touching Carol’s mouth. He pulled back the foreskin and touched her lips with the purple head. She jerked her head back and George, who was behind her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. “I told you to enjoy it, for chrissakes. Now you suck that cock or I’m gonna beat your old man so you won’t recognize him tomorrow!”

Carol was sobbing and snot was running down her nose. She opened her mouth and Willy pushed his cock in. It was about 10 inches long and she gagged as it hit the back of her throat. He started to fuck her face and I watched in awe as the thick, heavily-veined penis went in and out of her mouth. She could only take less than half of it and he held her head tightly, trying to force it all down her throat. She gagged again as he shot a huge wad of cum. She choked as she swallowed some. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, the sperm dribbled out, dropping down in long strands onto the bedcover. This was wonderful, I loved seeing my wife taking a load of cum in her mouth against her will. I got my cock out and stroked it as I watched Carol being abused.

George had found a jar of lube and our dildo in a drawer. “Hey Willy, look at this, I’m gonna give her a double penetration.” The dildo was a pink plastic vibrating cock about 8 inches long. He put some lube on it, switched it on and pushed it into Carol’s asshole. She cried out in pain as he forced it into her rectum. “You’ll get a real cock in there soon honey, but this will get you in the mood.” He looked round at me and smiled, nodding his head as he saw me jacking off.

The dildo was now all the way into Carol’s ass. George put some lube on his cock and opened her pussy lips with his fingers. Then he slowly penetrated her cunt with his huge black penis. He held the buzzing dildo firmly in her ass as he started to fuck her, slowly pushing his cock all the way in and then almost all the way out again. I watched as he pulled his cock back until half the head was out, and then saw the greasy shaft slide all the way in. While he was fucking her I couldn’t help but admire his body. He was very muscular with big biceps. Willy was the same. They were both sweating and this seemed to make their muscles stand out even more. Their black skin was glistening in the light from the bedside lamps.

George started to fuck her harder, ramming his enormous cock into her tight pussy. Willy and I watched, pumping our dicks as we enjoyed seeing Carol getting raped. George withdrew his cock and went to the other side of the bed. He put his hand under Carol’s chin, lifted her head up and shot his load onto her face. It was such a turn on; my cock was throbbing. I stood beside Carol and jacked off into her hair. Willy did the same. Her silky blonde hair was full of our cum. This was something I had always wanted to happen; seeing Carol get lots of sperm in her hair. Other times I told guys not to do it as it is very difficult to get out and she would have wanted to know where it came from. George rubbed his dick in the cum on her face and wiped it off on her hair.

Now I wanted to see one of them sodomize my lovely wife. Who would do it? It was going to be Willy. He pushed his half-hard cock against Carol’s mouth and told her to suck it again. It soon swelled up to its previous size and he went behind her and said,”Now you’re gonna get a good fucking in that sweet ass babe.” He removed the still buzzing dildo and we all looked at her distended anus. He put some more lube on it and slowly pushed his cock in. Carol gasped as the thick pole went in.

“Oh God, it hurts,” she cried, “it’s too big, please take it out you’ll split me open.”

Willy laughed out loud and rammed his dick hard into the widely stretched hole. She screamed as it went in all the way up to his balls. I watched closely as he moved back and forth, faster and harder all the time. I could hear his balls slapping against her pussy. He put his arms round her and squeezed her tits hard, pulling on them and making her scream even louder.

“You like it, don’t you bitch. You love feeling my big black cock deep inside your tight little white ass.” She stopped screaming and just moaned with pain as her rectum was violated. This was incredible to watch. There is nothing I like more than seeing a thick black cock up my wife’s ass. It is so erotic, especially when she is wearing sexy stockings and high heels.

Willy finished sodomizing Carol and groaned as he ejaculated loads of hot sticky cum into her ass. He pulled out, stood beside her and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Her anus was gaping like an open mouth and I could see it was pink inside and full of white sperm. It slowly oozed out and ran down the insides of her thighs.

I sat down in the chair again. George pulled Carol up and faced her standing towards me. “Look at your bitch hubby,” he said, “filled full of nigga cum. I think she enjoyed that. White guys don’t know how to fuck a woman.” He took off the blindfold and Carol gazed at me through red, swollen eyes. Her mascara had run and she looked as if she had two black eyes. She was still sobbing and put her hands over her pussy, trying to hide her most intimate part from our probing eyes. The cum on her face had run down her chin and slowly dripped down onto her breasts. Her hair was wet with our jism and strands of it had dropped onto her shoulders. She looked amazingly sexy. There was cum on her stockings and shoes. I was so hard I needed to jack off again.

“Oh Dave”, she sobbed, “is it finished now? Have they hurt you, I could hear them hitting you.”

“I’m OK darling,” I whispered as I went to her and took her in my arms. She clung to me put her head on my shoulder. I could smell the sperm on her hair.

I looked at George, gave him a big smile and mouthed a ‘thank you’. “Please go now,” I begged, “you’ve had your fun and she can’t take any more, just leave us in peace.”

They quickly dressed and Willy ran his hands over Carol’s ass, working his fingers between her buttocks and penetrating her anus which was slippery with cum. “You’ve been a good girl Carol. We’ve had enough of you for tonight, but I’m warning you both that if I find out you’ve called the cops then we’ll be back, and next time it’ll be much worse.” He pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. George pulled her head back and kissed her on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her soft, full lips.

“So long baby. Any time you want some black cock I will be more than happy to oblige.” He patted me on the back and they went down stairs. I heard the front door close behind them.

It was several weeks before Carol got over this experience. We started to make love together again and one night when she had had a few drinks she told me that sometimes she thought about what had happened and it made her horny. She said that when I was asleep she would masturbate thinking about it.

I said that maybe she would enjoy having sex with another guy present, even a threesome. She agreed that maybe she would and agreed to try it one day. I had now achieved everything I had always wanted. I was going to see Carol being willingly fucked by other men while I watched and participated. This was really beyond my wildest dreams. I would start by trying it with Mike who I know she liked. Then, if it worked out, I could get Rob to join us. But all that is another story.

(c) 2012, Bbonz1

To the reader: Once again, there is little to no character development, except as it serves to help the story progress. There is lots of raunchy sex, vulgar talk and gratuitous violence. So, as always, if that’s not your cup of tea, better just head to another story. Don’t write me outraged comments. It won’t help.

* * *

Tom supposed that some men might feel outraged to have their wives fucking other men in the neighborhood. That one or two might resort to physical violence if they found their wives sucking a stranger’s cock in their house. And that a typical husband might shoot a perpetrator who had the audacity to bang his wife in the ass while in the couple’s marital bed.

And that was just what Tom was about to do. Shoot his wife, and her lover, just as he was about to penetrate her in her anal canal, the one place that was supposed to be reserved for a husband who has laid claim to a woman. He held his hand as steady as possible, centering the crosshairs on just the right spot. And then fired off a burst of about ten shots, the camera’s shutter drowned out by the piercing wail from Angela’s lips, as she settled her ass onto the massive cock below her.

He pulled back from the full zoom, framing the next shots to take in the man’s shaft, his wife’s vacant yet swollen pussy, and the way her anus puckered inward as the rod penetrated deeper and deeper into her most forbidden hole. As he watched, he imagined what it was like for the head of that cock, having broken past her defensive ring, now probing inside her bowels, in a world of dark that might only be illuminated if, and when, the cock left her confines and her gaping hole admitted some light. But before that would happen, there would be more invasions. Repeated invasions.

* * *

Angela lay on the bed with her nighty pulled up past her voluptuous breasts, and her panties pushed down around her ankles. She felt pouty as she slowly skimmed her fingers over her pussy. It felt good, but it just wasn’t the same. She’d asked… no, begged Tom to fuck her that morning, playing the coquette, then the slut, then the slave, but to no avail. He had a meeting and he wasn’t going to be delayed.

She understood his reasoning. Tom did have to keep his job. He couldn’t stay home all day and fuck, however appealing that might be to her. And even if Tom’s boss did know of her condition, he was unlikely to cut Tom any slack. The man’s wife Marjorie was a frigid as they come, and he surely wouldn’t give any quarter to a man who was freely getting what he couldn’t get himself.

All that didn’t mean that she didn’t have the right to pout. Tom got to go off and do interesting things. While she was stuck at home with an aching pussy, relegated to stroking herself for a few tingles of pleasure. She might try a toy and a porn movie. Maybe some big black cock ripping open a tiny teen girl. But she had the feeling even that wouldn’t be exciting enough. It was ridiculous! It had been almost two days since Tom’s friend Raj had visited for a free fuck. And the same two days since Tom had skewered her right after Raj. A woman shouldn’t have to wait that long for some well-deserved attention!

The doorbell rang and she had a thrill of hope that Tom had changed his mind and returned. No, that was dumb. It was his house. He didn’t need to ring the doorbell. It was probably some roofing salesman or delivery guy or maybe just a neighbor. Just as she’d decided to ignore it, the bell rang again. Persistent bugger. She’d need to answer it.

Hurriedly, she pulled up her panties and pulled down her nightie. It was completely sheer, of course, clinging to her breasts and hips like a second skin. Exactly what a woman wore to seduce her husband. Not that it had done any good. She threw a short robe on and cinched it tightly. No free looks at her tits. But whoever was at the door was welcome to ogle her bare legs and feet.

She opened the door to discover Tom’s friend, Sal. She knew instantly why he was on her front porch. The thought made her wet in a way that her stroking had failed to approach.

“Sal! Come on in,” she invited, holding open the screen door so that when he entered, he’d have to brush past her body. Sal stepped inside, his face unreadable except for the calculation in his eyes. “Tom’s not home, you know,” she said as she closed the door behind them and followed him into the adjacent living room.

“I know,” he replied in a warm, friendly way that did nothing to reveal his intentions. “It’s one of the perks about being in real estate. Don’t have to show up at the office at any set time. I’m free to go where I want and do what I want.”

Angela watched him closely, wondering if he was trying to make a point, or if he was even flirting with her. There was something strange about his face. And something very strange about his eyes. Almost like he could see into her soul, but he wasn’t revealing anything about himself. Like looking at a wall and wondering what it was feeling.

She wasn’t sure she liked this. Normally, she could read men like a book. Just looking at them she could see their wants, needs and desires. And then she would decide how to play it, whether she would be direct or demure, whether she would take the lead or allow herself to be led. But Sal already had her feeling off balance. And the conversation had only gotten started!

“Can I get you coffee, or, uh, something?” she stammered. She shook her head. What was going on here? She was usually so sure and smooth with men. So quick with the quip. So why couldn’t she get it together and get on with the flirtation?

“Robe.” Just that one word. It wasn’t a question, nor a demand. Just a statement. Not even an answer to her question. Just a word, thrown out there.

His presence seemed to fill the air, and her knees literally trembled as she finally met his cool gaze. She suddenly felt like a school girl, unsure of where to put her hands or how to stand or even who she was. In his face she read that he wasn’t going to say it again. Her hands, of their own volition, undid the tie so the sides fell open. No, that wouldn’t be enough, she knew immediately, without his face so much as twitching. Hesitantly, almost shyly, she shook it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

As she stood there, she was suddenly aware of her near nakedness. Her large breasts straining against the cups of her nightie, her areolas clearly visible through the sheer fabric, the nipples like pebbles at the top of each solid mound. The tightness along her stomach and waist, accentuating her womanly shape. The open cleavage and low-cut back blatantly inviting his gaze. The short, frilly hem that ended just below her pussy, a superfluous layer of gauze that barely concealed her now pulsating slit. She was aware of all that, but now, upon thinking about her panties, she became intensely aware. The high cut that revealed the flesh of her thighs and ass. The tight fabric between her legs, puckering and creasing with every shift of her body. The elastic that was the only barrier between covered and uncovered. And how, suddenly and unexpectedly, the thought of being uncovered felt scary and dangerous.

“Panties.” Again, just a single word. Neither hard nor soft. Neither demanding nor requesting. Just a word, spoken by that presence. She realized that she could no more defy it than she could order her own body to stop breathing. Even as she thought that, she found herself pushing her panties to the floor, joining the robe that had arrived there in the same fashion, as a result of his bidding.

The air felt cold against her bare slit, even though it was warming up outside. The fringe of fabric along the edge of the nightie ended just below the valley of her pussy, not covering a single thing from his penetrating gaze. Her ass, too, was more bare than covered, and she felt more exposed than if she’d been completely nude. Shockingly, she realized that his presence was so commanding, she would be standing there ready to do his bidding even if her husband hadn’t provided the approval. No wonder he was so successful in real estate.

Sal studied her, taking in every detail as she stood before him displaying some trepidation. He’d known that simple, direct and almost ominous orders would work on her. It was the way of big breasted women. They used their tits to draw in the weak-willed men, those who would allow themselves to be led, or those who couldn’t resist. And then the woman would play her games. She would direct the action. Offer her body. Or allow herself to be taken. Even in the throes of passion, she would take comfort in her ability to be in control. Because she had the tits. And the guts to use them to her advantage.

He’d watched Angela play fast and loose with men’s attentions during the pool parties they’d attended over the summer. The suggestive looks. The revealing poses. The outrageous flirtations that could so easily be explained away as a result of too much to drink. She was so easy to understand. And so easy to manipulate.

“Knees,” he stated simply. As she sank to her knees, he committed every movement to memory. He had an eidetic memory, not really photographic, but he could remember details of events well after they’d occurred. He still remembered, in exacting detail, everything he and his wife had done on their honeymoon night over eleven years before. Including her gasping orgasm when he’d entered her asshole.

Angela, he noted, was as beautiful nearly nude as he’d imagined her to be in her bikini during those pool parties. She’d shaved her pussy bare, save for a small, thin patch just above her dark slit. Her pussy lips were full, the soft mounds thick for someone that slender. He was pleased to see that her pussy was all contained inside; he didn’t care for the ones that stuck out too far. He found her waist very appealing, marking the perfect transition from the curve of her hips and the curve of her breasts. Her tits were most impressive, more than a handful that stood up and away from her torso, as if lifted by an invisible bra. That could be the result of implants, he reminded himself. But that was something he’d be checking, personally, in just a few short minutes.

She had a long face, enhanced with open, Midwest beauty, the kind you only found in girls born and raised on a farm. Her hair reached down to her shoulder blades, and he could easily imagine it swirling across his chest as she rode his cock to oblivion.

She knelt, arms at her sides, aware that he was inspecting her but unable to meet his eyes. Never before had she been this intimidated by a man. Not even her first boyfriend, all those years ago, when she was so young and innocent. He stepped up to her, his frame filling her field of vision, and nudged her breast with his knee. That was, she surmised, a signal to start.

With trembling hands, she carefully unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his jeans and pulled the waist down. His shorts followed his jeans down, leaving his cock exposed and quivering. He was uncut, the foreskin still concealing his cock head. It had been a long time since she’d had an uncut dick in her hand, since her college days, in fact. But some things were just like riding a bike, when muscle memory took over. Grasping the shaft firmly in one hand, she encircled his cock with the fingers of her other hand, then steadily pulled the foreskin back.

His cockhead was bulbous and red, almost angry looking at having been forced out of its sheath. Even as she held it, the shaft grew stiffer and longer. Though neither the thickest nor longest cock she’d ever seen, it had an impressive heft that made her wet with anticipation. Sal’s ball sac matched his cock, and the muscles in his thighs held the promise of a vigorous fucking ending with a huge load of cum somewhere on or in her body.

She felt his hand lightly tap the back of her head and took the cue, taking him into her mouth. He tasted slightly of sweat mixed with soap, but that taste quickly disappeared as she covered his rod with her saliva. Eagerly she ministered to his fuck stick, licking and kissing it, rubbing her lips along its length, striving to show that she was worthy of providing a temporary home for it inside one of her three tight holes.

At another tap of his hand she bent her neck and pressed her mouth all the way down to his groin, deep throating him. His cock filled the whole of her throat; if not for being able to breathe through her nose, she wouldn’t be able to breathe at all. She relaxed her jaw, trying not to gag, although her throat convulsively collapsed on the snakelike intruder. She held the position as long as she could, challenging herself not to pull away until the very last second.

Sal almost collapsed to his knees as he felt her throat convulsing around his dick. He could feel her tongue rasping along the bottom of his shaft, while the sides of her throat caressed the head as thoroughly as a woman giving him a handjob. He’d never been able to go this deep with his wife. Her gag reflex was just too strong. But Angela took him like a champ. He was almost ready to stake her to the ground and fuck the living daylights out of her. But there was a matter to be attended to first.

“Top,” he stated, pushing her head back and denying her any further taste of his cock. She understood immediately, pulling the offending top up over her head and negligently tossing it away. Standing over her, he could see that her tits were just as intoxicating as he’d imagined. He could barely keep himself from falling atop her and raping her writhing body.

Instead, he shuffled backwards and sat down on the nearest sofa, beckoning her forward. Obediently, she crawled forward, her tits swinging and swaying below her like udders on a cow. As she approached him, he bent down and grabbed a tit in each hand, jerking her forward and up into a sitting position. Then, wordlessly, he pulled her forward until her lips were once again in contact with his cock. With another jerk to her tits and he was back in her mouth, her lips encircling his thick shaft and her eyes glazed with a primordial pleasure.

He watched her work at him, pausing only once to invite her to lick his asshole, a task she performed with obvious pleasure. What would it be like to have a sex toy like this available to him every day, he wondered. Clearly, she would do anything he told her to. And there was clearly no part of sex that she wouldn’t do, especially if it got a cock in her pussy or ass. He liked women who got the idea of quid pro quo; if I do something for you, you’ll do something for me. And if what I’m doing for you makes me happy too, well, that’s great for me. Most women didn’t get that.

He stripped off his shirt, and with a nudge of his knee, indicated that she should strip off the rest of his clothes. She did so with a businesslike efficiency, then lowered her mouth back onto his cock, licking and kissing the tip before sliding her lips down the underside until she could reach his balls with her flaming hot tongue. He’d been pacing himself, reveling in the moment and the anticipation of things to come. But that time was over.

Using the big toe on his right foot, he nudged it against her swollen slit. “Lay back,” he ordered, smiling as she immediately rolled onto her back and spread her legs for him. His cock, already hard as a rock, seemed to stretch even larger as he dropped to his knees between her legs, then lined up his shaft just above her pussy, like a pole about to be fitted into a socket.

* * *

Tom watched as Angela’s ass took every inch of the man’s cock, as easily as if he’d pushed it into a bowl of butter. Now he could see, from the look on her face, that she was giving as good as she was getting. She had great control of her ass muscles, and was even now clenching and unclenching her anal ring, in effect massaging the hard shaft even as it plunged in and out of her dirty hole.

His wife grunted in time with the man’s frequent and insistent penetrations, her butt both accepting and resisting the snake delving deep inside of her. Tom wondered if she had properly prepared for the intrusion. Had she taken an enema to clean out her bowels? Or was that cock meeting the resistance of some hard packed shit? The first time he’d felt that, he’d been grossed out. But after a couple of times spent fucking her anally, he’d found that the idea of it kind of turned him on. He was fucking her dirty shithole. And like an animal, nothing was going to stop him. There were even times, after his cock had crammed itself into a wall of shit, that he’d pulled out and made her suck his cock in some ass to mouth action. He never asked if she tasted poo on his cock. But if she did, she would learn better to keep herself clean.

The man reached down and pried open her cunt so Tom could take some pictures of her split open pussy dripping above the cock buried in her ass. Despite not wanting to be photographed, the man did have some perversions that he would allow to be caught on camera. One of his favorite statements was that he came over for an ass fucking, and an ass fucking was what he wanted. If she wanted to get her pussy off, then she’d have to get some other man to do that for her.

Angela’s cunt literally dripped as the man held it open, her cunt odor wafting through the room. She wasn’t stereotypically fishy smelling, but she did smell and taste somewhat pungent. Tom knew that the more she got worked up, the sharper her tang would be. And she smelled very sharp already.

Tom leaned in and took a few super close pictures of the inside of his wife’s juice covered pussy. He already had plenty of pictures of it; he’d once spent an entire evening photographing her most intimate parts in all their spectacularly close-up detail. For the photo examination of her cunt, he’d used spring-loaded clothespins to pull her pussy flaps open, and kept them open with strings tied to the bed posts. Any movement by her would tug on her sensitive lips, giving her a sharp shock of pain. She quickly learned not to move at all, even when he inserted a clear tube to let him look all the way into her uterus. After thoroughly exploring her cunt, he’d jerked off and shot his cum down that tube, squirting it inside her without giving her the pleasure of feeling his cock ram inside. The pictures of her, spread open, with a cum smeared tube inside her cunt, even now caused her to beg for a fucking every time she saw them.

Tom wondered if the man would be interested in exploring Angela’s ass with that very same tube. He’d never thought of that, but made a note to try it one time. The thought of her, bent over and with a tube sticking out of her ass, was a very compelling fantasy indeed.

For now, though, he’d have to content himself with the sight of his slut wife bouncing her ass up and down on top of a slick fuck stick. Her tits jostled rhythmically with every stroke, and her long hair bounced with almost as much vigor. She had her eyes closed, a sign, Tom knew, that she was concentrating on the sensations of the cock inside her anus, touching its walls, stretching its muscles, punishing its rim. He laid aside the camera to watch for a while. Some things are just best enjoyed in person.

* * *

Sal wasted no time and slid himself into her steaming cunt until his pubic hairs ground against hers. No, steaming wasn’t the right word for it. She was volcanic. A blazing hot hole of slick liquids and throbbing walls, all conspiring to encase his manhood in a tight cocoon of pleasure. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, tilting her cunt to show that she was his for the taking, she wanted nothing more than to have his cock ramming into her.

She couldn’t believe how completely he filled her. How his cock, while not the biggest she’d ever had, so forcefully filled out the contours inside her cunt, taking her and telling her, without any words at all, that she was his to keep and own and use. Crouching over her, his mouth occasionally capturing a tit and sucking on it, he stroked in and out of her slit, causing her juices to sluice from her in rivulets and streams. Every so often he slammed his groin against hers, so hard that the slap of skin on skin sounded like an explosion. So hard that it pushed her body across the carpet, leaving rug burns along her hips and shoulders.

Chapter 25. George/Others. (October 2009)

It was a couple of months after my encounter with George and Kev, see Chapter 19, before my work took me to the town of P again and the short meeting proved to be as stressful as before. Heading back towards the motorway after a lunchtime snack I saw the turn off I’d taken on my previous visit and, curiosity getting the better of me, impulsively took it. There was the track, still looking as overgrown and unused as it had two months earlier, although the gate had disappeared altogether by this time.

OK, I’d seen the spot, just turn and head for home I thought. Turning into the gateway I stopped and was about to reverse when I saw the big old van parked outside one of the derelict buildings. It had been hidden from view as I approached the turn.

I knew the guys were at work on a large scale renovation project, George had told me as much when berating me for blocking the gateway, and seeing his van I paused, thinking. Then in an instant my resolve not to get mixed up with them a second time melted away and I changed from reverse gear to forward.

The guys had been rough with me before and I surmised that they would be again but despite that, or more probably because of it, I drove towards the building.

I felt very nervous, there’s no denying that, as I parked beside the van. Climbing out I hesitated, it was now or never. Quickly turn and go or face the consequences of staying. In some respects the decision was taken out of my hands when George emerged from one of the buildings and started walking towards one of the others. Spotting me he quickly came over to where I stood uncertainly beside my car.

“Thought you’d be back,” he grinned, taking my wrist.

“I’m only here to collect my property.”

“Your property as you call it is in here.” George said, pulling me towards the barn he’d been heading for.

God he was strong and I felt weak at the knees as I stumbled along behind the guy thinking that once in the barn I’d be completely at his mercy. He’d be able to do whatever he wanted with me and I’d be helpless to prevent it. The excitement I felt about that was weird, it was as if I wanted to be mastered and subjugated by this rough and ready guy dragging me towards the barn and almost certain violation.

It was as we rounded the front of his large van that I saw the two other vehicles for the first time and could hear the sound of hammering and voices. Stopping in my tracks I told George I’d changed my mind and was going.

“Oh no you’re not girl. You want it and you’re going to get it.”

He continued to drag me, roughly now, towards the door from where I could hear the noise increasing. Just how many guys were in there? What was I getting myself into I wondered.

George propelled me through the open door and I stopped dead, really frightened now as my eyes took in the 6 guys at work there. I turned to leave but found my escape barred by the powerful George who pushed me back inside saying, “Here’s the tart I was telling you about lads. Reckons she’s come back for her knickers.”

He pointed at the wall where I saw my panties hanging from a nail.

“What she’s really come for though is another good fucking so let’s not disappoint her lads.”

The guys crowded round and even in my alarmed and confused state I could see that Kev wasn’t amongst them.

“Help me get her knickers off to hang with the other trophy lads.” George said, hauling my skirt up.

“No, no.” I protested weakly and ineffectually as of course there was little or nothing I could do against the number of hands plucking at me.

In a matter of seconds my panties were off and hanging on a nail beside the first pair.

“I’ll have quite a collection if you continue your visits.” George grinned.

He was at my rear and holding me in a bear-like hug, arms pinned to my sides, and there was absolutely nothing I could do as the many hands explored under my skirt.

“No, no, let me go you beast!” I stuttered, feeling hands forcing my legs apart, many fingers probing inside me. “There won’t be any more visits.”

“You don’t mean that girl, you loved a bit of rough treatment the other week, wouldn’t have come back otherwise would you?” he leered.

I continued to put up a token struggle until he jeered, “You want it really. I bet you’ve had more pricks than a pin cushion.”

“You’re right there George, nobody’s holding the tarts legs open now and her cunt’s wet and gaping.”

“Be gaping even more by the time she’s had seven cocks up it,” another voice said amidst much laughter.

“There’s two ways you can play this girl. Either strip willingly so your clothes remain intact or the lads will take ‘em off for you, in which case I can’t guarantee the condition you’ll find them later.”

The guys were crowding round and I felt an incredible number of hands between my legs as I told George in a faltering voice that I’d undress myself. I felt defeated and at their mercy, but deliciously so.

“Good girl, you know it makes sense.”

He let go of me and the guys fell back a bit to stand in a circle grinning when I began undressing.

After hearing about the initial encounter hubby had encouraged me to revisit the place as he felt confident that no real harm would befall me. He couldn’t have known I’d be confronted by seven guys though and the excitement I invariably feel to find myself the object of men’s lust was tempered by a fear of the unknown.

I stood amongst them naked and watched in fearful wonder when George carried my clothing from the building with the words, “You’ll get these back when we’ve finished with you but that won’t be for a long time yet.”

He was only absent a few minutes but by the time George returned it was to find me on my knees holding two cocks while sucking a third.

“The tart didn’t need much persuasion George.”

There was silence then while a succession of cocks were presented to my lips and I must have sucked some of them several times as they kept on changing places.

“Up onto the old picnic table with her lads.”

Inevitably it was George directing operations as I was carried to what appeared to be the type of wooden table with bench seats fixed either side of it that you’d normally find outside a pub or at a country park. At least one of the guys had enough compassion to drape a torn and grubby blanket over the table before I was lifted onto it. After I’d been placed with my bottom on the very edge of the table George’s voice instructed me to spread my legs and I did so automatically. My legs were then tied to the bench seats while simultaneously my wrists were dealt with likewise and I experienced a delicious feeling of helplessness.

“There it is lads, the cunt me and young Kev had our cocks up a few weeks ago. Must have given her a good time eh, seeing as how the tart’s come back for more.”

I was fully exposed to all the laughing men, some of who now began taunting me about what they were going to do.

When I felt a tongue flick up the length of my slit I didn’t bother to raise my head to see whose it was, knowing they’d probably all lick me there before they’d done. A second tongue joined in from above while hands mauled my breasts.

“Nice succulent pair of tits,” someone said and a mouth fastened on a nipple.

Someone else nibbled the other and I could even feel a finger probing my anus by this time. Under the combined pressure of all the hands and tongues I was brought to orgasm again and again, the guys cheering each time.

“If you’ve all had a taste of her cunt lads turn the hot arsed bitch over onto her belly.”

Surprisingly George had done nothing but watch and give instructions so far, compounding my humiliation by smiling knowingly every time I was brought to orgasm. He knew I was loving every minute of what to most women would have been an ordeal!

George’s instructions were carried out and when hands roughly spread my buttocks I knew instinctively they were his. He began licking my anus and the only sounds now were my squeals! Eventually he moved back saying, “Who else wants a taste of her sexy little bum hole?”

Another tongue immediately flicked my anal opening and this time I felt fingers again probing my cunt and teasing my clitoris. As tongue succeeded tongue the sensations were phenomenal and I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced.

(When I told hubby later that 7 guys had licked my anus he had his own immediate orgasm!)

Still feeling shattered by the experience and by seeing George’s grinning face watching mine contorting with each orgasm, I found myself being turned over yet again. My legs were lifted at right angles to my body and far apart.

“This is it girl,” George taunted, waving his erection at me. “The seven of us are going to fuck you one after the other and I’m going first.”

There was a cheer from the guys when George drove his cock into me and I closed my eyes against the face grinning down at me. George fucked me as roughly as he had a couple of months earlier but didn’t last long. As expected his place was immediately taken by one of the others. My breasts were being mauled and George’s taunts rang in my ears while the succession of guys stood between my legs fucking me.

After the seventh had emptied his balls inside me there was no respite, I was simply turned over onto my tummy again.

“By the time we’ve finished with you we’ll know your body intimately, perhaps more so than your old man.” George hissed as he began to push his cock into my anus.

It was almost silent then as George fed more and more of his cock into my anus, his balls soon pressing up to me.

“There you’ve got my full length up your bum hole girl and there’ll be a few more cocks following on.” George hissed.

Another outbreak of cheering then as he did it to me, his cock drilling steadily in and out of my anus. It went on and on until a grunting George pressed hard up to me and hissed, “Here it comes girl,” as he ejaculated.

His cock was no sooner withdrawn than another drove into my anus and again a cheer rang out. I didn’t turn my head to see which of them it was, there didn’t seem much point, they’d keep going until they were all sated anyway, but he bum fucked me slower than George had done.

I was quiet now; I had no choice as a cock had been pushed into my mouth. I was being bum fucked by a third guy when the one I was sucking came in my mouth.

George’s face suddenly appeared close to mine.

“By the time we’ve finished with it your tight little bum hole will have been opened up nicely,” he jeered.

I was being sodomized by a fourth guy then but as it happened he turned out to be the last.

The rest of the guys had gone by the time I recovered sufficiently to ask George if there was anywhere I could take a shower, or failing that a wash.

“Afraid not girl, the renovation isn’t far enough on for that, you’ll have to go home to your husband smelling of our cocks.”

“He’ll probably be turned on by that.” My reply was automatic and George laughed.

“Well you can tell the sod that from now on you’re my slut, my sex slave to do as I want with, ok?”

I remained silent but when George told me to be at the barn on a particular date,

simply nodded before walking towards my car, his laughter following me.

He’d specified a Saturday so it would be possible, but would I dare to go? Well it remained to be seen.

Art that features anal intercourse always catches my eye; usually, it hardens my cock, too, for reasons that I have made clear in a number of essays concerning the topic, all of which are available, for interested readers, hereon Literotica. One thing about art–especially line drawings in pen and ink–that makes it appealing is the clear and distinct way in which it depicts its images: whether facial features, breasts and nipples, vaginas, penises, testicles, scrota, or buttocks and anuses, the anatomical parts are shown unambiguously. Even pubic hair is often indicated with a realism that borders upon the photographic. One can see, plainly, precisely where an erection enters a vagina or an anus, and all details are usually given equally clear depiction, so that foreground and background objects and even objects within the same plane but of different sizes are portrayed with equal clarity. The effect of such unambiguous representation is a heightening of the parts thus depicted and of the aesthetic and erotic appeal that is associated with the depiction of such sexual parts.

A still picture freezes time, so that the moment that such an image depicts becomes itself timeless: a woman, lying upon her stomach, one hand thrust between her parted thighs so that her fingers might fiddle with her labia, while she suffers her lover, who is arched over her, straddling her hips, to impale her anally, is sodomized eternally, for example, as is the look of intensity, of anguish (or, perhaps, arousal), upon her lovely, but grimacing face. And, again, all is depicted with a clarity and definiteness that elevates the art’s aesthetic and erotic qualities.

It is not women only, of course, who are sodomized in erotic art. Men, too, are anally impaled, sometimes by other men, sometimes by women who have donned strap-on dildos for the occasion. This art has a charm unique to itself, for the sexual organs, when both the impaled and the impaling parties’ genitals are shown, are not different, but the same–or very similar, in any case. The art of Gil Javier sometimes features demonic lovers. One such picture, depicting an erection as it rears forth, the testicles small in the gathered, risen scrotum beneath it, is a thing of joy and beauty, indeed: behind the risen penis, another, equally thick and rigid organ, its end vanished inside the man whose own penis juts into empty space, free to bob about and jostle about, performs the delightful task of sodomizing the anus it has penetrated! The erotic effect is enhanced by the presence both of a lean dog that licks the impaled man’s standing erection and by the look of true alarm upon the face of the impaled man, who, perhaps, imagines that, in being penetrated, he might be rent asunder by the massive penis that impales him. The same picture also depicts another nude man carrying a nude woman whose calves and ankles are folded back firmly upon the backs of her thighs and her upper body sprawls forward and downward, allowing her face to be licked y another lean canine, this one rearing upon his hind legs to gain access the woman’s face, thereby exhibiting his own erection, a thin, but robust ember half-sheathed in fur. Because of the angle of her profile, in which her jaw is at a right angle to her chin, lips, nose, and brow, her head appears, at first glance, to be a breast, which adds to the drawing’s grotesquery and to its erotic and aesthetic appeal.

In another painting, also by Gil, a small-breasted woman of androgynous appearance, despite her vagina, the labia of which she spreads while she rests upon her hips, her back against a strange horned figure with an oversize head that licks at the side of her face with an unusually long, thin tongue, French kisses the horned demon with pointed ears and a long tail that ends in an arrowhead shape who has fully penetrated her anus so that his member is “balls deep” inside her rectum. His tail is coiled around her left ankle, and a winged lion, its right paw draped over her foot, licks her toes with its scoop-shaped tongue. The art is well executed, and grotesquery of the imagery heightens its erotic appeal, as perversity frequently does.

In another picture, by a different artist, a woman rests upon the outside of her right thigh, her knee bent and her calf and foot lying before her upper leg; her other thigh stretches above its twin, parallel to it, and its knee is also bent so that the sole of her left foot rests upon the bed. Her right clutches her right thigh, perhaps for support and balance, and her left arm stretches out behind her, vanishing behind her right thigh, just above the knee. Her left breast–or the summit and erect nipple of it–show between her right calf and left arm. She wears only a pair of socks and a necklace made of pearls that are strung in two loops. Between her thighs, facing toward the viewer, her pubic hair, labia, clitoris, and mons veneris are displayed, as is the rigid penis that impales her wide-stretched anus, the front of the rim of which one can see clearly, as the point of entry. Nothing more of the man is seen except the very tops of his thighs, his lower abdomen, and his right hand, which reaches forth to touch the woman’s right hip. All of these details are faithfully and lovingly executed, as is the tormented face of the young woman, down whose cheeks tears course, whether of pain, or shame, or fear, to further delight the viewer of this scene, suggesting, as it does, one of the chief sources of enjoyment in the contemplation of art that depicts anal intercourse: the sadomasochistic nature of the act itself.

Another picture, by yet another artist, a man crouches above a woman, straddling her hips as, bent low, he thrusts his erection through her buttocks, burying half its thick, rigid length inside her bottom. Below her impaled ass cheeks, her hand straddles her vagina as her fingers play at her clitoris. She is on her knees, with her legs parted wide to make her lover’s target as accessible as possible, and she rests her upper body upon her right forearm and her head upon a pillow. Her eyes are closed, her features reposed, as if she is enjoying her ravishment–or, perhaps, she has only resigned herself to her fate. The man’s eyes are closed as well, although his face shows a certain intensity of concentration. His crouching position makes it seem almost as if he and the woman are one, and the mirror effect of his buttocks arched above hers is pleasant to behold, especially since their rough similarity is offset nicely by the utter differences in their respective genitals. It is an altogether delightful, well-conceived and well-executed drawing that makes the act of anal intercourse an almost sacred ritual that, eternally captured in fine lines, is worthy of reverent contemplation. The words “Encore,” “Encore,” Encore,” repeated, one above the other in diagonal parallel rows, helps one to recall–and to appreciate–that such this sexual act is not consummated in penetration; rather, each additional thrust of the penis between the buttocks, through the anus, and into the rectum is an “encore” of the initial impalement, just as each momentary retreat, in preparation for the next thrust forward (and inward) is an “encore.” This emphasis upon the repetition that intercourse–and, in this instance, anal intercourse in particular–involves aids the viewer’s appreciation of and meditation upon the wonderfully depicted act of what might be termed ritualized sodomy.

In yet another drawing by another artist, contrast is the organizing principle. A Black man, his T-shirt pushed above his belly, lies upon his right side, his hand holding his erection, a massive, thick organ, which he is in the process of shoving through the anus of the white woman who lies, half upon her tummy and half upon her side, her legs spread wide to exhibit her vacant vagina and to facilitate her impalement upon her partner’s penis. She wears nothing but a pair of stockings. Her left breast shows above her right hip and her right thigh, and, upon her face, she wears an expression of discomfort: the Black stud who impales her has, after all, a penis of unusually large dimensions.

In part, this drawing is erotic because of its subject matter and the way in which the characters are depicted, but it is also erotic because it portrays a still somewhat taboo situation: the sodomizing of a white woman by a Black man. The interracial union intensifies the sexual drawing’s element because, in a racist society such as that of the United States, where skin color remains, even now, despite the nation’s election of its first African-American president, a matter of controversy, debate, and strong emotions, a divisive issue, the depiction of a Black man, equipped with a member that would put many of his white counterparts to shame, having sexual intercourse–and anal intercourse, at that–with a white woman is a potentially volatile–and, therefore, erotically incendiary–issue for many Blacks and whites alike.

In another picture, by a different artist, a woman is shown from the front as, wearing only glasses, a torn shirt, and tightly laced boots that rise to the middles of her calves, she spreads her legs wide, straddling the thighs of the man who lies beneath her. (Only his genitals, his lower buttocks, and his upper thighs appear in the picture, making her, rather than him, the drawing’s focal point.)

Her eyes are half shut and her mouth is wide, her facial muscles relaxed, indicating that she is in an orgasmic state as, balancing upon her toes and, presumably upon her fingertips–her arms are stretched behind her, apparently in support of her weight and equilibrium, her hands thus lost to the viewer’s sight–she raises and lowers her buttocks upon the massive male organ that impales her anus. Above her penetrated buttocks, the slit of her closed, bald vagina–there is but a feathery tuft of pubic hair, neatly trimmed into a vertical strip above her labia–seemingly but a decoration. Unused and unneeded by the sexual act that she performs upon the male genitals beneath her, her vagina is redundant, if not obsolete, a throwaway thing, rather than the very essence of her femaleness and her femininity. She can choose to use it or not; therefore, she, not her sex, determines who she is and what she shall do sexually and, presumably, otherwise.

The picture’s message seems clear: anal sex liberates women from the destiny that their reproductive capacity, as represented–and, indeed, permitted–by their vaginas otherwise tends to impose upon them. Her sex need not be a woman’s destiny if her buttocks, anus, and rectum, rather than her labia, clitoris, and vagina are the means that she chooses to use to express herself sexually. Anal sex–the only avenue available for homosexual men as the medium for sexual intercourse–puts a woman upon an equal sexual footing with men, allowing pleasure, not reproduction, to be the essence of lovemaking.

An illustration by Bernard Montogueil shows that anal intercourse, especially when it is forced upon a male recipient, can be an equalizer in the battle of the sexes, making a woman, equipped with a strap-on dildo, the dominant sexual party and her male victim the submissive party. In one drawing expressive of this theme, a woman, fully dressed, holds the wrists of the nude man whose arms are raised well above his head, which she clamps firmly between her thighs, looking on as her fellow female accomplice, wearing a fishnet body suit fitted with both a hood and a leather bra, black leather high heels, and a harness equipped with a rigid dildo, penetrates the man who stands, penis erect, upon a raised platform that brings his backside level with the penetrating party’s hips.

The penetrating woman has placed the palms of her hands upon the male’s lower back and uses them, and her body weight, to press his back and his hips lower, both to subjugate him and to facilitate her entry into his anus. His upper head is lost to the viewer’s sight, between the other woman’s thighs, but, form the tip of his nose down, his features are visible in profile, and the observer can see that his mouth is agape. He seems to be struggling, possibly to breathe and possibly, at the same time, with the emotions of fear and shame that the women’s treatment of him have aroused within him, along with the lust that is evident in his erect state.

The women’s expressions, on the other hand, are matter-of-fact. It is obvious, by their neutral, even expressionless, expressions, that their treatment of the man whom they assault is as ordinary to them as it is horrific to him. The role reversal, showing a male as the victim of women, rather than women as the victims of men, suggests that, for women who are so casually assaulted by men, their fate is as appalling to them as this male victim’s is to him–and the horror of the women’s fate is made all the more horrific by the casual indifference to them that many men exhibit, just as the female victimizers here exhibit such indifference toward their male victim. Such turnabout may be fair, but, this drawing suggests, it is not always pleasant, even when instructive.

A close-up of anal intercourse, objectively rendered, in clear, fine lines, is a beautiful sight, despite its showing of an act that is, for some, an outrage to the recipient’s integrity and a manifestation of the penetrating party’s animal nature. For some, sodomy remains a sinful or unnatural act, despite its recent decriminalization in America by the ruling of the Supreme Court. Depicted impartially, even dispassionately, as simply the introduction of an erect penis into an orbicular muscle that happens to be located between a pair of spread buttocks makes the sight factual rather than emotional, eliminating hysteria in favor of objective representation: organs are organs, muscles are muscles, the act is merely an act. There is no frantic renunciation of the deed; it is represented for what it is, with the implication that it is not sinful or unnatural, but that it is simply what it is in itself, apart from social, psychological, and theological interpretations: a sexual act that is neither more nor less desirable or offensive than penile-vaginal intercourse or any other form of sexual congress.

Having freed the act from the often-negative cultural associations that typically plague it, the drawing of an act of sodomy represents the deed as it appears, in and of itself, for the viewer’s consideration as such. Anal intercourse, or sodomy, is depicted per se, unencumbered by opinion and prejudice. The viewer is free, too, therefore, to make of the neutral, decontaminated, refreshed vision of sodomy what he or she will make of it. Indeed, if anything, the objective, impartial, even casual depiction of this act invites a positive regard for it on the viewer’s part, for the sleekness of the buttocks; the way that the woman’s right hand, cupping her right buttock and thigh, helps to spread the cheeks of her derriere, as does her partner’s left hand, which he has placed above her own, to lift the same buttock; and the straightforward depiction of the penis’ entry through the anus that the woman’s arched buttocks points toward him, in an inviting manner, suggests that both parties want to engage in this act. The act is not a vehicle for dominance and submission, as charges against sodomy often declare anal intercourse to be, but the result of mutual interest and enjoyment on the part of both parties.

Regardless of which figure, male or female, penetrated or penetrating, recipient or donor, the viewer relates to or identifies with, the act itself, as depicted, is what he or she makes of it him- or herself; sodomy can be desirable for either party–and, therefore, for both parties. Stripped of the baggage of theological, social, and cultural censure, sodomy becomes a potentially positive and attractive alternative, once more, to penile-vaginal, or other form, of sex.

Depictions of anal intercourse as viewed from behind, doggy style, are attractive and erotic, but so are drawings in which the couple face each other, making eye contact as they engage in this pleasurable act of giving and receiving. One illustration of a man sodomizing a woman shows the way in which such eye contact can heighten the emotional effects of the act. The woman lies upon her left side, her head resting against her raised left palm, as, legs spread wide, she fingers her clitoris while gazing into the face of the man who, also lying upon his left side and holding the back of her bent left knee, plunges his penis through her anus and into her rectum as he returns her smoky stare, a look of concentration and intensity upon his face. She is receptive; he is driven, and their passionate gazes shows their respective emotional attitudes, their manifest feelings heightening the eroticism of the drawing that shows both their physical and their emotional attitudes toward one another as they participate together in this most intimate expression of their sexual and emotional selves.

A woman is a great many things to a man. Her eyes, her gaze, and her behavior in general make her a wonderful and fascinating individual, a fellow human being who is equipped with emotions and intellect, talent and skill, past and present, possibility and actuality, body and soul–but, at the same time, she is breasts and vagina and buttocks, she is nipples, labia, clitoris, anus, and rectum, hands and legs and mouth. The only way that a man can finally deal with the overwhelming possibilities and actualities of a woman is to fetishize her by fragmenting her, temporarily positing her to exist as but organs and appendages, as muscles and ligaments, as texture and density, as color and shape. The result upon her is dehumanizing and, some would argue, demeaning, although most men do not intend either effect to ensue from their objectification of women; rather, by their reduction of women to their body parts and the functions of these anatomical pieces, men are actually trying to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed by women.

God or nature has been too generous in equipping women with both physical charms and spiritual attributes; women, by virtue of simply being themselves, engulf and overpower mere men. Fetishism is men’s desperate attempt to survive the beauty and power of women. By reducing the glory and the wonder of femaleness and of femininity to a pair of buttocks, an anus, and a rectum to be mounted, impaled, and assaulted allows men to function sexually. Otherwise, the loveliness, splendor, and beauty of Woman, in all her surpassing glory, would overcome the weaker male sex, drowning and incapacitating him. Drawings of anal intercourse show this to those viewers, whether male or female, who are able to see beyond the surface and into the depths of sexual matters. In sodomizing a woman, a man may pretend to have gained dominant status, but he knows, deep down, in his heart and soul, that he has done nothing more than invade and occupy her innermost depths for a time that would be too brief even to remember were it not for the delight of orgasm and the violent passion of ejaculation that accompanied and marked this occasion. After the act, as before, woman reigns supreme.

Angel & Naughty: The Millennium Hotel Ch. 02

I left a hotel key for Lisa at the front desk.

Hours later, around midnight, she swiped the key and walked through the sitting area. Greeted by warm den-dim light, she halted in the bedroom doorway.

A fuck-nasty sight made her visibly shudder.

Her younger sister, Loretta-the vivacious, nineteen-year-old, dream-bodied kitten-pawed on all fours on the king sized bed. Lisa’s younger sister ground her fabulous ass in the air-a little post-fuck tease. The catlike Italian hottie reached back and smeared a thick film of my glistening ball batter over her butt cheeks. Propped lasciviously against the headboard, I observed Loretta’s cum play with an inviting smirk, a cigarette in one hand, my cock in the other.

I glanced at Lisa. She eyed back with murderous fervor.

I grinned deviously. “Hello doll.”

“Hi handsome.”

Although she had married my childhood friend and freshman roommate, Todd, Lisa was my girl. I admired her as she swanked into the bedroom-her dark brown hair dolled up in high curls, the craning rise of her neck, her glinting diamond earrings and Chianti lipstick (a shade that darkened her bitch-hot lips), matched with a deep hue eye shadow that accentuated feline slants at the edges of her eyes. She looked like elbow candy of the highest caliber, dick fuel that renewed my primal vigor; and she strutted in provocatively, dropping her clutch and gently undoing the belt of her ash-black, mink long coat.

Loretta rolled her head as she spread my cum over her pussy lips. “Lisa you came,” the cum-soaked sister muttered. “I was hoping you wouldn’t show. So I could have Steven all to myself.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Lisa said. She noticed the porno on the television. “You two have obviously started without me.”

“Mmmm,” Loretta groaned, hinting at a smile. “He couldn’t keep his dick out of me.”

“Your sister is a persuasive woman,” I answered.

“He fucked my ass so hard Leese,” Loretta said, her palm sliding up, caressing her ass. “Even when I begged him to stop, to wait for you like a good sister, he didn’t listen. He’s a very bad influence.”

“Indeed,” Lisa replied. “I know all about his . . . huge, bad influence.” Lisa glided across the room, eyeing my massive cock like a beast of prey on the fringes. She sat down next to Loretta, adjusting the mink underneath her.

Loretta continued her taunting: “He was so bad Lisa. I was just dancing for him. He must have liked it-don’t you ever dance for him?”

“Lisa and I have done all sorts of things Kitty,” I said.

“Is this true Steven?” Lisa asked. “You couldn’t wait for me? You couldn’t wait for the hotter sister?” Lisa shrugged the top of her fur coat over her shoulders, revealing the beginnings of a neck-high white fishnet body stocking. Her neck was charmed with an impressive array of low-hanging pearls.

“I have more than enough left for my angel.”

Daintily, Lisa ran a finger over Loretta’s upturned, cum-drenched ass cheek.

“Ohhh sis,” Loretta whined, closing her eyes. “See. I saved some for you.”

Lisa held her cum-lathered finger up. Like a little girl tipping icing from a cake, she plunged it deeply between her lips. She moaned and sucked her finger. Popping her finger out, Lisa scolded me: “All this gourmet cock juice, wasted on my dumb sister.”

This creature drove me nuts.

I spoke through my teeth. “You’re so fucking hot Lisa.”

“I know.”

Massaging the tip of my cock, my gaze reveled over her fur coat, imagining the lurid outfit underneath.

“Tell me,” I asked, taking a pull on my cigarette. “What bullshit lie did you tell your husband?” “You’d love to hear that, wouldn’t you?” Again, Lisa wet her fingers over the platter of her sister’s bronze, cum-glazed ass. “Simple. I told my poor, oblivious husband I had to see my sister. I told Todd that you had denied her, and I had to go and consol my favorite, cock-hogging younger sister.” Leaning back, Lisa put a finger under Loretta’s chin. “Did big bad Steven hurt you Loretta?”

“So hard Leese,” Loretta wailed back. “Daddy drenched me in his sperm.”

“Daddy?” Lisa traced her fingers across Loretta’s face, then down her neckline. “Are you Loretta’s big-cocked Daddy Steven?”

“Kitty’s my new pet,” I said, exhaling slowly.

“Do you want to ass fuck both your baby girls?”

“For you? Maybe I’ll skip Daddy and just play husband.”

Lisa turned to me. She spoke slowly. “Steven, my husband has work early tomorrow. I don’t think he’ll be waiting up.”

Loretta cut in: “You didn’t tell your husband sis? You didn’t tell him you were leaving to get royally fucked next to your sister?”

“By his college roommate?” I added.

“No Steven,” Lisa wooed. “I wouldn’t do that. You love it when I lie, knowing I’m so bad for you.”

I nodded, smirking.

Lisa continued: “You can play hubby all you want. Maybe I could cook for you while you fuck my sister?”

“I want everything on the menu Lisa.”

“And I just want the cream,” she said. Holding up her hand, she displayed her ring finger. The huge diamond glimmered like a star in the warm light.

“Yes baby,” I spurred. “Rub that rock in my cum.”

With a determined precision, she dragged her wedding ring up Loretta’s ass crack. With her chin on her shoulder, Loretta smiled at the sight.

“Oh sis, that’s so fucking hot. So bad.”

And Lisa scooped the largest, messiest glob of milky semen she could manage, using the expensive ring as a ten thousand dollar cum shovel. She held it up to her exquisite mouth.

“Eat it,” her sister prompted. “Eat it you evil hot bitch.”

“Not yet,” I interrupted, rubbing out my smoke in the bedside ashtray. I slumped back, stroking my staggering thickness. “Lisa, my beautiful doll. Tell me something dirty. Tell me the dirtiest thing that pops in your sweet, beautiful head.”

She grinned wickedly, delighted by the demand. “Oh, I like that. Hmmm. Well, after you sodomize my clean ass all over that god-cock, I’m going to call and check in on my husband. He might be sleeping, but I’ll wake him for you Steven. And while I’m the phone, I’m going to lie on my stomach and stick my ass up. And I want you to fuck your cock in me like I’m a mongrel dog.”

“God,” Loretta hushed, her fingers rushing to her pussy.

“Tell me more,” I said.

“While I pillow talk my dumb husband Steven, you will be filling my cheating pussy.”

“You guys are so fucking bad,” Loretta muttered, rubbing her pussy harder.

I nearly grunted: “I’m not pulling out Lisa.”

“I don’t want you to.”

“I’m serious, I’m going to fucking impregnate you.”

With her eyes fuck-fused on mine, Lisa lapped the frothy wadding of cum from her diamond rock. “Just don’t make me beg,” she said, then plunged her ring finger into her mouth.

I howled, cracked the knuckles in my fists.

“You fucking angel, kiss your sister’s asshole. French kiss your sister’s anus Lisa, with your dirty, sexy mouth.”

“Do it sis!” Loretta shouted, arching her ass up, her fingers like a blur over her clit. “Please, do it!”

“Mmmm,” Lisa sighed. Leaning over, she eased her sister’s butt apart, and like a serpent, her pink tongue swept along her sister’s cum-soiled anus. She angled her head to the side, wedging deeper.

Loretta wiggled her butt against her sister’s face. “Oh Leese, lick his sperm out of my ass. I’m keeping it warm for you.”

Lisa rummaged greedily, gathering as much goopy cum out of her sister’s butt as she could.

“Suck it out baby,” I hissed. “Suck my sperm out of your hot sister’s ass like a good little servant bitch.”

Lisa drunkenly opened her eyes. She watched me fist my cock.

“You like this Steven?” she asked, my cum stretching like a web from Loretta’s anus to Lisa’s luscious lips. “You like it when I eat your babies from my sister’s ass?”

My cock raged villainously for her.

She licked the stringy remains, coiling the sperm webbing into her mouth. “I worship your sperm,” she cooed. “I’m so fucking jealous you gave it to her. Don’t I deserve it?”

“Don’t worry baby,” I replied comfortingly. “You’ll get your helping. Did you wear your wings you lovely fuck doll? Are you my anal angel tonight?”

“You know I’ll do anything for my husband’s best friend.” Slinking backwards, she edged off the bed. “I hope you like it.”

She straightened herself in the shadowy room; her fur coat drooped loosely off her almond-tan shoulders. “Suck his balls Loretta,” Lisa instructed. “You selfish slut, you’ve gotten all of him so far tonight. Suck his big cum sack and nurture those nuts while I strip for Steven.”

Like a lap dog, Loretta circled towards me on all fours.

I spread my legs, and the nimble kitten nestled her face in a nook under my groin.

“Yummy,” Loretta cooed, nudging her mouth into my balls. “More food for Kitty.”

“Yes Kitty, come back to Daddy.”

The naughty sister slathered my aching nuts from bottom to top with her precious tongue. Whipping her dark hair to the side, she spit a hard wad of her saliva along the shaft. With her head down and her ass up, she engulfed my nut sack in her fiery mouth, drudgingly fisting the length with her hand.

As Loretta worked my cock, Lisa slipped the mink further off her body, revealing more of the white body stocking. The stocking could barely hold her explosive, Italian curves. The netting weaned over her fat tits-those heavenly made, devilishly inspired flesh bags. She wore no bra, and her majestic breasts jutted proudly from her chest like fuck trophies.

She traced over her pink-brown nipples lightly. “I’ve missed you Steven. Did you miss me?”

“A woman as gorgeous as you Lisa should never be out of my sight.”

My balls bobbed and stretched in her sister’s hungry mouth. Loretta’s lipstick left my scrotum red; once again she drooled her tongue slime over my cock head. I lovingly caressed her hair as she devoured the entire length. I felt her throat twitch and then relax.


“Is my sister sucking you good?” Lisa asked.

“She’s a hungry little cocksucker,” I answered.

“Do you like her? Do you like my sister?”

I patted Loretta’s head, adorning my cock. “She’s insatiable.”

“And me?” Lisa held her breasts up suggestively. “You like my tits?” “You know I do angel.”

She put a finger on her lip. “My dirty mouth?”

“Fuck. Yes.”

She then swept a hand under her fur coat, around the back. “Or is it my perfect ass?”

“I love your ass Lisa.”

“I know you do Steven.” Under the mink, she groped her butt. “Did you know Todd bought me a membership at the gym?”

“Oh really? Have you been working that ass without me?”

She smiled cutely. “I’ve been working it out extra hard just for you. Because I know you like it.”

I grinned. “Show me angel. Show me what I’ve been missing.”

Trailing her fingers over her neckline, she closed her eyes as if under some erotic spell. She swooned to the side and squeezed her elbows; the fur coat tugged and fell with a soft thud, down and off her body, presenting her in her unequalled completeness.

Lisa my girl. My doll.

My sublime Venus.

Her Italian body was more perfect than I remembered. Decked scantily in a full length white body stocking-braless with a white lace thong-her petite waist pinched against an embroidered white corset, laced up the back. As promised, small, frilly white wings jutted from her shoulders, slightly flattened from her jaunt downtown in the mink coat. Like a seasoned model, she struck a dynamic pose, kinking her fat ass to the side.

In another life, she might have been a queen or a goddess, slain and inspired men’s hearts, worshipped by a hundred thousand aching erections.

“My angel.”

“Did I do good Steven?” she asked in girly speak.

“You did wonderfully.”

“Do I look pretty?”

“You’re beautiful.”

Loretta released my cock with a wet pop, and I saddled over her, scooting to the edge of the bed towards Lisa. Lisa watched me approaching and slowly turned and knelt over the hotel’s circular dining table. She presented her plump, delectable ass for me, the fishnets like sinful gift-wrapping over her round cheeks.

My slut angel bent over the tabletop.

I loomed behind her, my cock seething. From the bed, Loretta sat up. “Lisa you bitch.” She whined like a baby who lost her sucker. “You always get the attention-”

“-Shut up Kitty,” I said, settling behind Lisa’s luxurious ass.

“Don’t worry sis,” Lisa said, eyeing me. “Steven just wants the first prize. Don’t you Steven?” She writhed her hips in front of me. Her fleshy cheeks ballooned from her corset.

“Just sit tight Loretta. I’m just going to butt fuck your older sister.”

Lisa smiled at my bluntness. She gyrated her ass, luring me. I knelt over her and ran my fingers along her stocking-clad body. My fingertips eased down her shoulders, between her wings and upon her corset. Reaching the globes of her ass, I moved over the string of her thong. I made a fist around the silky material, and with a ferocious tug that made Lisa wince and squeal in rapture, I tore an opening through the fishnet covering her ass. The remains of the thong hung there, over the crack of her ass.

“Ah! You bad boy, this stocking was expensive.”

“Did you buy it with your husband’s hard earned money?” I asked.

“Of course Steven.”

“Do you wear it for him?”

She held herself up from the table. Her wings mashed into my chest, and she stuck out her butt, digging over my groin. We were nose-to-nose, lips-to-lips. I licked her mouth playfully.

“I never wear it for him,” she said sultrily. “Todd doesn’t even know I have it.”

I laced my fingers around her throat. “You’re so hot baby. Tell me more.”

“When he tries to fuck me, I make him wear a condom.” I squeezed her throat slightly, and she panted gently, inching closer. “Sometimes, when he tries to have me, I make him sleep on the couch. It’s so pathetic.”

“You’re such a bitch,” I told her.

“I am Steven. I am.” I felt her breath on my lips, smelled the allure of her French perfume. “My husband has no idea, no idea at all that his bitch wife is a fucking slave, an anal slave for the best man at our wedding. The best man with the best dick.”

I hushed: “You’re my girl baby.”

“I am Steven. I’m your girl.”

And then I kissed her, a kiss hard and unrestrained, and our tongues swirled blissfully over each other. She tasted like mint leaves and apricot. I inched back slightly, and together our tongues danced illicitly in the space between us.

“Make me cum Steven,” she whispered. “Please make me cum.”

Turning, I beckoned for Loretta with my finger. “Come Kitty.” Without a moment’s hesitation, the naughty sister slinked from the bed. She sashayed toward us.

“Yes Daddy?”

With my hand on her head, I led her down, under and between Lisa’s legs. Loretta crouched on her knees. Lisa obligingly spread her thighs.

“Eat your sister’s cunt,” I told Loretta.

I yanked the tattered remains of Lisa’s thong to the side, exposing her pussy lips to her sister below.

“Eat that velvet cunt,” I growled. In front of me, Lisa’s tan ass bubbled from the ripped hole in her stocking. My stomach pulled anxious knots.

Lisa massaged her hips over her sister’s face. “Oh Loretta,” she whined. “Eat it. Eat it you dumb bitch.”

“Um,” Loretta murmured from underneath us. “She’s fucking soaking.”

“Wait until I’m inside her.”

Lisa pleaded. “Oh please Steven, just shove it up my ass-I’ve waited so long. I cleaned it, cleaned it just how you like it.”

“You want it raw my angel?”

“Yes Love. Raw and mean. Punish your angel for being so bad for you.”

Without any lubricant at all, I lined the head of my cock against her puckered asshole. The juxtaposition of her majestic, heart-shaped butt with my vein-swollen, nearly purple cock was pleasingly sinister-like a serpentine demon threatening some holy passage.

I felt wicked.

I felt vampiric.

Slowly, I applied pressure. Lisa’s anus recoiled against the mammoth, impeding mass. She strained and sucked air through her teeth.

“Who owns your classy ass Lisa?”

“Oh, Steven, you own my classy ass. You know it’s yours.”

“That’s right baby.”

With more force, I steadily pressed forward. The spongy rim of her ass flexed and revolted, then cowered quickly-Lisa yipped at the sudden plunge-and abruptly I sunk inside. The warm oven of her rectum flooded my cock head.

She threw her head back, crying out at the ceiling: “GOD, thank you!”

“You like it angel?”

She almost sobbed, “Steven, I love it.”

I leaned over her and whispered: “Tell me you love me. Tell me you love me before I fucking sodomize you.”

Lisa’s beautiful face was a tender mixture of desperate longing and submissive vulnerability. I felt as if I could have crushed her and she’d still praise me.

“Steven,” she said sweetly, pleading, “I love you.”

“Tell me angel.”

“I love you Steven. Please.” She braced herself against the table. “Please, sodomize me.”

I drove an inch of my thickness up her dry ass.

“Ah! AH!”

“Tell me again,” I said, holding her fast. Her anus sucked my shaft hungrily. I heard Loretta feasting on her pussy beneath her.

“I love you,” Lisa repeated asthmatically. “I love you. I love you.”

I jabbed another two inches into her wriggling butt-hearth. “Again!”

“I love you Steven. I love you! I love you! Oh my god Steve, you’re HUGE!”

I kicked my leg up on the table and grudge-fucked another two inches up her butt.


“Argh! You angel ass is heaven!”

And with a single plundering stroke, I planted my feet and surged forward, burying my cock inside her. She reared and roared like a stuck animal-my nine-plus-inches marauding her delicate anal cavity.

She screamed at the ceiling. “FUCK Steven! I LOVE you!”

“YES bitch-I love fucking your fucking ass!”

Loretta shifted underneath us, and as she licked Lisa’s pussy I felt her hand on my balls. The feeling invigorated me and I unleashed a relentless, unmerciful anal barrage. Lisa grabbed her butt and spread her cheeks apart, warping incoherently towards orgasm. I ran my hands from her neck, over her stocking-clad body and perfect, hourglass frame-I didn’t have enough hands to grope her. I fucked her like a rag doll back on me.

I sneered viciously: “You’re a bad, bad wife Lisa. But such a good, good anal slut.”

“OH! FUCK-cock bastard! You’re so good!”

“I only fuck you Lisa, because you’re so fucking hot. Because you’re such a fucking bitch.”


Grabbing handfuls of Lisa’s delectable, tan ass flesh, I battered like a thunder train. Wailing on the end of my cock, Lisa’s prissy angel wings floundered with the momentum. Grabbing the end of the table, she rhythmically fucked back, getting every fleshy inch as deep as she could.

“Sodomize your angel Steven. I’m such a cheating bitch for you! FUCK it! Fuck my tight ass!”

“You are Lisa, you are! A lying WHORE!”

“I am! I am! Make me cum!”

“But you’re so FUCKING FINE!”

“I’m a beautiful, cheating bitch! AHHH-you’re fucking my ass SO good. Fuck me! Fuck your brilliant cock up my ass! SODOMIZE your angel-AHHH! I’m so close, so close! Cumming-I’m CUMMING! So close. Ah, ah-don’t stop!”

Upon hearing Lisa’s words, Loretta grumbled with her mouth full of pussy from underneath us. Her hand speedily caressed my balls.

I grasped a fist of Lisa’s curled hair, felt the crisp hairspray loosen. Pulling her head back, I lengthened my movements. “Cum angel,” I spat, wild with lust. “Give your naughty sister your angel cum!”

Loretta lapped feverously.

Lisa bellowed: “YES! YES!”

I rabbit-fucked her beautiful bubble butt, a thousand miles a second; she squirmed ruthlessly. Her pinned hair thrashed in my fist, coming undone. I bereted her with foul praise: “You’re such a pretty FUCKIN’ angel! A sinful fucking angel, fucking your butt with the best cock!”

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