This will probably be my last story using CNAs as the main character. I know I haven’t filled all the requested scenarios, but I would like to work on different stories I have been thinking about. I would like to thank all the people that have written me or left comments (Good and Bad). I have listened to all, and I hope it has made me a better writer.


Jenny was excited to start her new job. At forty years old she never thought she would have to change careers so late in life. The factory she and her husband worked at had closed, and left them struggling to make ends meet.

She started out going back to school for nursing, but they needed money now to keep the house. Her husband Gary had found work right away, but it was nothing like they were making before. Jenny decided to cut back on the classes, and make some money.

Jenny was told to take a job in a related field to help her get a nursing job down the line. She got her CNA license as soon as she could. She was finally hired at a nursing home close to their home town almost a year later.

The first few days were spent with training and learning all the procedures she would be doing on the night shift. She took that shift so she could still do some day classes. Plus, she was told it was the easiest shift to get homework done when the residents were asleep.

After a week of training she was going to be put on her shift with two other women each night. The last day of training was done on second shift, so she could meet some of the girls. At the end of second shift the girls showed up.

They talked for a little while to explain how it usually goes each night, and how they split up duties. Being the new girls she got most of the grunt work, but she had expected that. One duty she was not sure of was taking care of a certain resident.

She blushed when it was explained what to do, and how to do it. The girls had to get to work, so Jenny left excited to see them tomorrow night.

The next day came and Jenny started to get ready for work. She put on her scrubs, socks, and tennis shoes, and went to work.

The first couple of hours were quiet, and not much happened. The girls finished most of their work early, and talked for a little bit. When the buzzer went off.

It was Mike’s room, and Jenny had to perform her rookie duty. One of the girls went in with her to help with her first night. Mike was laying on the bed with the covers off. He was scratching and swearing up a storm.

Jenny reluctantly went over and started to remove his bed clothes. When he was naked she grabbed the lotion and started to apply it like she was told. She tried not to look at him, but it was impossible.

He was almost completely bald except a few wild strands of gray hair on top of his head. His skin was wrinkly and lose on his body with splotches all over. Mike had a bit of a gut, but was not an overly large man. He was not a handsome man, and he always looked mad.

Mike’s penis was wrinkled with gray hair sticking out around the base. His balls hung low, and were also covered in gray hair. Jenny was kind of repulsed by this guy, and now seeing naked didn’t help with that thought.

She did his upper body first, and then went down to his feet. She worked her way up his legs until she was staring straight at his hard-on. Jenny looked away as she applied the lotion to his penis and balls.

Mike asked her to keep going and show her tits, but Jenny immediately stopped and turned around to grab his new bed clothes. She had no trouble putting on his shirt, and had a little trouble putting on his boxers and pants over his hard-on.

Jenny was embarrassed when she walked out, and asked the girl if this happens every night. The girl explained that most of time he does it just to get his dick touched. She was told just ignore his requests and get out as quickly as possible.

The next couple of nights was the same thing. Mike would buzz, and Jenny would perform her duty. Each night he would ask to see her tits, and to jack him off. She applied the lotion and ignored his requests.

The week went by quickly, and it was her last night before a couple of days off. She prepared for work with a shower. It was the night before her anniversary, so she spent extra time in the shower shaving.

Her husband liked the shaved look. She took the razor shaved her legs first, and then preceded to shave her public area. She finished by washing her short brown hair, and when she was satisfied with everything she grabbed the towel to dry herself off.

Once dry she went into the bedroom to get dressed. She stopped in front of the mirror to look at her handy work. Jenny was not in the greatest shape, but she didn’t care. Her husband loved the way she looked, and that was all that mattered.

She started at her feet and slowly worked her way up. Her legs were shapely, and looked great in heels. She had just bought some new ones for tomorrow night’s anniversary dinner. She decided to put them on one last time before tomorrow.

She put on the 3 inch heels and went back in front of the mirror. Her legs looked great in the heels. Jenny turned around and looked at her ass. In the heels her ass looked great. Normally it looked a little flabby, but now it looked nice and tight.

Jenny turned towards the mirror with her legs slightly parted. She looked at her freshly shaved pussy. Her lips stuck out a little bit, and had a slight part. She took her fingers and played with her outer lips for a little bit.

She was getting wet from her touch. She parted her lips and exposed her clit. A few well-placed touches had her wanting more. As she played with herself while her other hand and eyes wandered up her body.

Jenny’s tits were large. She was now wearing a 38DD bra with the extra weight she had put on. Her husband was a breast man, so these large ones suited him just fine. They hung down a little farther than she wanted, but she knew she couldn’t help that.

Her nipples were large. Even when she was not excited she needed to wear a thick bra, so they wouldn’t show through her shirts. Now that she was excited from touching herself they really stuck out. She loved it when her husband played with her nipples.

Jenny’s favorite part of foreplay was her husband licking, sucking, and biting her nipples. She would get so wet and turned on she would almost cum without him even penetrating her.

Her fingers were working up a storm before she realized that she had to get going. She took off her heels, and got into her scrubs. She made it to work in time, and got to doing her duties.

The night was like the rest. It was slow until the buzzer went off a little later than usual. The girls were about to take a break when Mike needed his treatment. The girls told Jenny to take care of him then take her break.

The girls went down to the break room as Jenny entered Mike’s room. This night was different. Mike was already naked on the bed, and his new bed clothes were already on the chair by the bed. Jenny just figured that he did it to make this go more quickly.

She applied the lotion as before, and got the same requests. Jenny ignored him until she was finished. She turned to grab the clothes. As she bent down to pick up his pajamas she felt her scrub bottoms and panties being pulled down to her ankles.

Jenny tried to move, but he had stepped on the scrub bottoms trapping her feet. Before she knew it Mike had grabbed her around the waist and flung her face first onto the bed. The top half of her body rested on the bed while her feet stayed on the floor.

Mike put one hand on her back, and stepped on the scrub bottoms again keeping her in one place. She kept telling him to stop, but all she got for that was a hard spanking on her bare ass. The pain shot her body as two more hit her ass hard.

Jenny was now crying and whimpering as one more hit there spot. Mike bent down and whispered in her ear that she should have showed her tits, and finished him off like the other girls. He told her she was to be punished for not following his requests.

With his free hand he pushed her top up until it was around her head and arms. Jenny was trapped, and was unable to escape. She pleaded with him to stop, and told him she would do what she was told next time.

She felt him work the catch on her bra until it popped off. Jenny continued to struggle, but her hands and legs were useless. She felt the hand on her back go lower on her body as Mike squatted down behind her.

She tried to get up with her upper body free, but quickly stopped when two hard slaps to the ass sent pain through her body. Jenny cried into her scrub top as Mike was able to continue with no more resistance.

His face was right at her ass and pussy. She could feel his warm breath as his free hand worked her pants and panties off. She tried to kick in one last effort, but another slap to the ass stopped her. With her pants and panties free Mike spread her legs far apart.

The hand on her ass worked its way into her crack, and she could feel a finger circling her asshole. The other hand moved up her spread legs until it found her pussy. She didn’t have a chance to say “no” as a finger penetrated her pussy.

A second finger joined the first finger in her pussy as they worked in and out with ease. Jenny couldn’t believe how wet she was getting as this old guy was playing with both her holes. As quickly as it started it stopped. Jenny was already on the verge of exploding.

Jenny felt his old body move up hers until his dick was at her entrance. He then pushed her shirt and bra off her body as the head of his dick entered her. She was now naked except for her white shoes and socks.

She begged and pleaded for him to stop as he drove further into her. All she could do now is cry as he pushed all the way in. Mike starting moving his hips back and forth as he picked up speed.

Her body was reacting. She felt herself getting wetter and closer as the old wrinkly dick slid in and out. Mike reached under her with both hands and started playing with her tits and nipples. This was all Jenny needed.

Jenny’s pussy gripped on to his dick as she came. The crying slowly turned into moaning as he continued to pound her pussy. He pinched both nipples and she came again. Jenny screamed into the bed as he buried his dick deep inside her.

When she realized he was about to cum, and begged him not to do it inside of her. Jenny struggled to get him off, but he placed all of his weight on her. She felt the first blast hit her pussy walls. Followed by several more. She started crying again as Mike became only the second man in her life to send his sperm into her pussy.

Jenny kept crying as he pulled his flaccid dick out of her. Mike turned her over to survey his handy work. He was greeted with a beautiful sight of her bald pussy still open, and dripping his cum.

The crying was subsiding as he scooped some of his cum up with his fingers and forced her to taste it. Jenny could taste the mixture of their different juices as he forced his fingers in her mouth. He moved his fingers back and forth in her mouth telling her to suck.

His other hand played with her pussy a little more getting more cum for her to taste. After feeding her three more large globs he drove his fingers into her pussy with his thumb playing with her clit.

As she got close to another orgasm he told her to keep her pussy shaven at all times. She reluctantly agreed as her body shook. He also told her to stop by tomorrow for another lesson in obedience.

He also informed her that quitting or going to the police was not an option. He had planned for that, and told her to tell no one of what had happened. He informed her that there were several envelops with her name on them in his locked dresser.

They contained money for the sexual gratification she was giving him. Jenny started to cry again as she realized he had her now, and there was no getting away. If she told anyone her life would be ruined.

Her husband would leave her, and she doubted she would ever find another job. She was defeated, and was now a sex toy for this ugly old man. It no longer mattered that she was laying naked and spread before him. She knew it would not be the last time.

He played with her pussy until she came again. Jenny was exhausted from all of this, and laid there with her legs spread. Mike just sat in his chair watching as more of his cum escaped her pussy.

Jenny finally got up and cleaned up Mike’s dick with a towel, and then used it to clean herself up. After getting him dressed she put on her clothes and ran to the bathroom. She spent several minutes trying to clean out her pussy of any cum that was left.

She had finally stopped crying and cleaned up her face and hair. When she looked presentable she left to join the girls. They saw she was crying and asked why. She made up some excuse of hurting her finger, and that seemed to pass.

After her shift she drove home thinking she had better go on the pill. This man was going to use her as much as possible, and even at their ages she didn’t want to take any chances.

Once home she showered and cried herself to sleep. Tomorrow was supposed to be a special day between her and her husband, but it will be shared with another. Her dreams were horrible that night.

She dreamt that she was held captive at the nursing home and was gang banged by all the old people there. When she woke up she was drenched with sweat, and even her pussy was sopping wet. She thought “What was happening to her?”

She got out of bed and showered again. Without even thinking she shaved her pubic area again making sure it was nice and smooth. She dried off and went to get dressed. She had picked out a nice pant suit to wear, but after last night she wanted to do something special for her husband.

She went to her closet to find a nice dress. She found her little black dress that was a bit too small, but it was the only sexy number she had left that would fit. Next she went to the dresser and pulled out a black thong and a very thin matching bra.

Before she started to get dressed she decided to put on the garter belt and stockings she was going to save for later that night. Jenny wrapped the garter belt around her waist and hooked it. Next she slid the stockings up each leg securing them to the garter belt.

Jenny ran her hands up her legs feeling the soft nylon that encased them. She then put on the bra. The black lacey bra didn’t hide a thing. Her nipples pushed hard against the thin fabric, and if her dress was too tight they would show all night.

The thong was next. Then Jenny put on her heels and walked to the mirror. She wanted to see what she looked like before she put on her dress. She looked straight head and slowly moved her eyes down.

When her eyes hit those 38DDs she could believe the bra was holding them in. Her nipples were getting harder and strained against the fabric. The bra was thin enough that she could see her areolas through it. Her hands went up to caress them.

After playing with her nipples for a little bit her eyes followed her hands down her body. She did not like her mid-section as her gut stuck out too much. Her hands went to her waist as her eyes went down farther.

First was the black lacey garter belt then the black thong. The thong stuck to her bare pussy. Her lips stuck out, and she couldn’t resist touching them. Jenny’s finger moved up and down parting her lips slightly.

Jenny kept rubbing as her eyes went farther down. Her bare thighs were tight in the heels. Farther down the stockings started. She turned around to get a good look at her calves. They were amazing clad in black nylon.

Jenny turned around and her eyes moved up to her ass. It looked great framed in the garter belt. The top of the thong was visible, but the fabric quickly disappeared into her crack. Then she did something she had never done before.

She took a finger and followed the fabric down into her crack. Now one finger was rubbing her pussy and another was playing with her asshole. Jenny was getting turned on. She needed to stop before she went to the point of no return.

Jenny stopped and went to the bed to get her dress. After pulling it over her body she return to the mirror. She looked hot. Then it hit her that she was not really dressing for her husband, but for an old guy that raped her last night.

She sat on the bed and cried for a little while trying to figure out how to get out of the situation she was in. Finally, after not thinking of anything she went to clean up her face and get some makeup on. Jenny was done by the time her husband got home.

He quickly got dressed and they were ready to leave. She informed him that she needed to stop by work quick before the dinner. He didn’t mind, because he was spending most of his time looking at her legs as he went out of his way to get her there.

He pulled into the parking lot, and she got out and walked to the back door. Her husband watched as her ass shook with each step. He was getting hard just watching her. Once she disappeared he rubbed himself for a little bit.

Jenny snuck in to the building trying not make any noise. It was hard in the heels, because they would click on the tile floor. Luckily Mike’s room was close to the door, and everyone was busy.

She went into the room locking the door behind her. She had every intention of ending it right then and there, but as the lock clicked all her bravery melted away.

Mike sat in his chair wearing only his boxers. Jenny hoped she would not have to fuck him before her dinner. She took a few steps into the room and waited. After eyeing her body up and down he nodded in approval.

She turned to get out when he stopped her. Her heart sank when he commanded her to take off the dress. Jenny turned and without a word pulled her dress off. Her nipples hardened and a wetness started flow from her pussy.

Her head dropped as she walked towards him. She was defeated completely. Mike’s hands started at her calves and moved up her legs feeling the nylon as he went. One hand shot up and opened her front closer bra.

Jenny’s tits exploded from the bra as the other hand touch her thong covered pussy. Mike leaned in and took a nipple in his mouth sucking hard. His mouth released the nipple and she felt a tongue circle her areola.

Jenny was getting wetter and wetter as he assaulted her nipple. His hand left her pussy, and both hands grabbed her ass. He was now alternating between nipples suck, licking, and tiny bites. Her hip were moving back and forth uncontrollably.

She was looking at the ceiling trying not to cry as he worked on her nipples. After a quick stop he continued with his sucking. His fingers dug into her ass crack as she felt a new sensation. Mike had removed his teeth and was gumming her nipples.

She was disgusted with the thought of an old man with no teeth in was turning her on so much. It felt weird as he rolled her nipples between his gums, but it was doing its trick.

Jenny’s pussy exploded soaking her thong with her juices. Her body trembled as her cum started to run down her leg. Mike stopped on her nipples and licked her cum off her thighs. His tongue started near the top of her stocking and worked its way up to her covered pussy.

Another orgasm shot more cum out, but he was quick to lick it up. Jenny was exhausted by the time he stopped licking. Mike pulled her soaked thong down her leg, and she stepped out of the thong. He took his tongue and cleaned all around her pussy tasting her sweet juices.

She was about to cum again when he stopped. It was now her turn. He stood up and pushed her to her knees, and she knew what was expected. She slid his boxers off, and her mouth went to his hard dick.

Claire was the picture of perfection. She stood 5’8″ and weighed around 120 pounds. She had medium length brown hair with gorgeous brown eyes. She had a very nice 34C bra size. Her legs were long, tan, and slender. Her smile captivated anyone who gazed upon her. She also had very beautiful feet. Claire was a virgin, until the man she had been with for the past year changed all of that.

Claire was wearing her hair halfway back that night she lost her virginity. She had on a cute baby-blue shirt with black pants that hugged her butt cheeks very tightly. She had on very sexy black hooker boots as well.

I asked Claire to lie down on the sofa. We went through our usual routine, I would suck her nipples, and then kiss down her stomach. I also put a finger inside of her, which made her go crazy and wet with wild excitement. I could smell her steaming hot cunt. It made me so horny; I just had to put my tongue into her for the first time tonight. After pleading with her, she agreed to let me eat her out. This would be the first time that she ever let a guy eat her pussy.

I kissed down Claire’s stomach very delicately. She had on sexy black silky panties. I kissed her pussy through her wet panties. It tasted so nice and wet.

“Oh my god baby…are you going to eat me out? Are you sure that it doesn’t smell bad?” she inquired.

The fact is that I loved the way her pussy smelled. The smell of her wet hot juices made my cock go crazy inside of my boxers. I dove my tongue into her steaming pussy and licked away.


Claire’s moaning was making me go crazy; I loved it when she talked dirty while we fooled around. I moved my tongue to her clit. I would give it a little bite every now and then. Claire especially loved it when I sucked on her wet and swollen little clit. I had finally nursed her to an orgasm.


Claire’s pussy juices exploded all over my tongue and into my mouth. It was the best thing that I had ever tasted in my life. I moved my tongue down her inner thigh to lap up the rest of her pussy juices with my tongue. I kissed slowly down her leg until I got down to her pretty little feet, which were still inside of her black boots. I proceeded to remove each boot from her leg. Claire had on the cutest little baby-blue socks around her feet.

I couldn’t resist women’s feet. I had the biggest foot fetish imaginable. Just the sight of Claire’s socked feet made my cock ooze pre-cum in my boxers. I took one of her feet in my hands and moved it to my mouth. I slowly kissed Claire’s foot and licked her sole through her wet and sweaty sock. Her sock smelled so fantastic. The leather from the boot mixed with her the sweat from her foot made an outstanding combination. I slowly pulled the sock from her foot and held it to my nose. I then licked began to tickle Claire’s feet playfully.

“Oh, sweetie, you are such a tease!!! Please don’t tease me! I want your throbbing cock inside of me soon; please don’t do this much longer!!! I am ready for you to pop my cherry!!!!”

I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing out of Claire’s mouth. I controlled myself, however, and went back to giving Claire’s feet more attention. I slowly removed the other baby blue sock from her other foot and took in its sweaty aroma through my nose. I moaned with delight and ecstasy. I licked between Claire’s toes, which drove her absolutely crazy with sexual excitement and anticipation. I kissed the bottom of her sweaty soles to drive her even crazier


I didn’t waste any more time. Without hesitation, I moved up my huge eight-inch cock to the entrance of Claire’s love hole.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I inquired.

“I love you baby, I want to lose it to you, and only you! Please fuck me!”

I gave her pussy a gentle push with my cock. She squealed in delight and pain. I pushed harder and broke the barrier that would never be there again.


I continued to pound Claire’s sweet little pussy with my huge rod. I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes the entire time that I was fucking her that night. I would kiss away the tears that would gather around them. I told her that I loved her and wanted to marry her. I never wanted another woman in that moment of extreme ecstasy.


With that, we came together. My hot seed unloaded out my throbbing cock deep inside of Claire’s pussy. I could smell our hot juices mixed together. It was the best smell that I have ever smelled. It was even better than the smell of her feet, and that is saying a lot. I remember that night like it was yesterday. Claire fell asleep in my arms that night. It truly was the perfect night with the perfect virgin.

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