The next day, watching the match with my mates and girlfriend, I couldn’t help smiling to myself when I saw Andy Mills scoring the winning goal – taking my team through to the FA cup final.

As everyone in the pub was cheering and celebrating, my mind flashed back to the night before and Andy’s hot cock pumping spunk all over my mouth and face.

I felt happy. Partly because I’d played a small part in my team going through, but mostly because I knew Andy would be back in London for the final in just over a month. I couldn’t help hoping he’d come back to the hotel.

That night the horniness I’d felt while servicing Andy’s cock was finally unleashed with my girlfriend.

I asked her to wear the football shirt I’d bought her last Christmas while she gave me a celebratory blow job and then I bent her over and fucked her good and hard.

As we lay there afterwards she said she didn’t know what had gotten into me, but she liked it…if that was winning the semi-finals she couldn’t wait to celebrate winning the final!

I tried not to think about the “gay” aspect of what I’d done with Andy – in the end we were just two horny guys, helping each other out (or at least I’d helped him)… and it’s nothing different than what happens in boys public schools and prisons. Didn’t make either of us gay, just horny.

A month later, I had deliberately arranged to be running the night shift prior to the cup final, using the excuse that I wanted the next day off to watch the match.

Secretly hoping Andy would stay in the hotel and I’d run into him again. Not knowing really what I expected to happen but knowing I wanted to see him again.

I missed Andy checking in since he arrived before my shift started, but as soon as I got chance I checked the computer system – he had checked in alone and ordered food for one to his room. His wife must be away, maybe he planned this? I noticed on his bill he had already accessed the gym and WiFi, pre-ordered a wake-up call, breakfast , newspaper and had made a blanked out purchase on the TV system – usually that means porn, but could be something else.

I was a little disappointed, hoping to see him before the big game, waiting for an excuse to go up to his room. I couldn’t help thinking he didn’t want a repeat performance and was making do with some porn, I wondered if I had done something to offend him last time. At the same time I wondered why I was so bothered about this – it’s not like I had a crush on him.

Then at around 10pm, a call was put through to me from the front desk:

“Duty manager speaking, how can I help?” I answered

“Hi, this is Andy Mills in room 412, I think we met last time I was here”

“Yes, we did, how can I help sir”

“This is a bit sensitive, I need your absolute discretion”

My heart started to race as Andy continued:

“I’m not supposed to drink before a big match, but I’m having trouble relaxing, could you bring me a couple of bottles of lager up without anyone knowing about it?”

“Certainly, sir, you can rely on my absolute discretion, any particular brand of lager?”

With that, I headed towards the hotel bar, personally prepared a tray of two bottles of lager, glasses and headed up to room 412.

My heart was beating fast and my cock already stirring as I knocked on the door. I heard the answer to come in, and took a deep breath as I used my access key to open the door.

Room 412 is one of our best – a corner suite, King size bed with study, sitting area, bath and shower. Andy Mills was sitting up on the bed, naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. I looked up at the TV screen to see he was watching a blonde slut with big tits sucking on a big black cock. Wouldn’t have been my choice of skin-flick but I guess the woman was pretty hot and actually reminded me a bit of Andy’s wife.

Andy was smirking at me like a Cheshire cat. I put the beer down by the side of the bed and opened one, he picked up the bottle, took a sip. With the other hand I could see he was slowly massaging his cock, manipulating it in such a way that the towel slowly parted and I could see his length growing in his hand.

“I’m glad you’re working tonight. Somehow I knew you would be. After last time it seems like you might be my new lucky charm, so, what are you waiting for…you know what service I really want.” With that he gestured to his stiff 8 inches and looked up at me, sipping his beer.

I don’t know why, but there was something magnetic about him and his cock, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I positioned myself on the bed, took his thick cock in my hands and licked the bell-end, slowly kissing his knob and sliding my tongue around the shaft.

He breathed heavily, then I felt the weight of his hand on my head, pushing me onto his meaty cock. I closed my eyes and sucked him the best way I knew how. I could hear the slurping and groaning of the porno playing in the background, as well as Andy’s heavy breathing in-between him sipping his lager.

I looked up at him, I was pleased to see his focus was on me, and the performance I was giving bobbing up and down on his cock.

“You’re good at this, even better than I remembered” he said, I was strangely proud of my cock-sucking prowess.

He suddenly moved off the bed and stood up, I moved my head, trying not to let his cock be away from my lips for any longer than could be helped. Eventually I was kneeling below him, sucking on his cock from my position on the floor, I moved my head down and began licking on his balls, sucking and teasing – knowing how sensitive they were.

“Good boy” he whispered “do you want some beer? I think you’re earning it”

I looked up and nodded, expecting him to pass me the second bottle, instead he smiled and moved his own bottle down to the tip of his dick. Gently and slowly he tilted the bottle and began pouring lager onto his cock, letting it spill down his shaft onto my face and mouth as I looked up at him.

I licked and sucked eagerly at his beer-soaked cock, trying to catch as much as possible. My tongue went into overdrive, lapping at his groin like a thirsty dog. The taste of cock and beer was somehow manly and dirty at the same time, I loved it.

After this, I set to work trying to deep throat his eight inches again, it was easier this time, I controlled my breathing and forced myself deeper, not worrying about my eyes watering. Suddenly after about 3 minutes of intensive sucking Andy pulled his cock out of my mouth and started slapping my face with it. My hot cheeks were red and moist with saliva, tears and sweat, I wanted to get that cock back into my mouth and I also wished I could release my own cock and get some attention myself.

Looking over at the TV screen I noticed the big black cock was now fucking the blonde, at first all I could see was two black butt-cheeks pounding away at a bundle of white flesh and blond hair, as the camera repositioned I realised the guttural moaning of the slut was not just because of the mammoth cock she was taking, but that he was giving it to her in her asshole.

“There is something else” Andy started, I hoped at last he was going to offer some reciprocation.

“Last year before the European cup final, the missus knew how important it was so she let me brake the gaffer’s sex ban rules…in fact it was so important to me she let me fuck her tight little ass. I felt like the king of the world the next morning, scored a hat-trick that match!”

I continued sucking on his cock as he told me this hot story about his wife, I couldn’t believe she let him fuck her ass, but then I remembered that match, probably one of the happiest days of my life as a football supported when we won the European cup, Andy had been on the best form I’d ever seen.

“So, how about it?”

He said it so nonchalantly I didn’t quite connect what he was asking. As he lent over and started rubbing my ass through my work trousers I suddenly understood the full force of what he was asking.

“I’ve noticed through your uniform, your ass is pert just like hers, I bet it’s pretty tight too…the missus said once she got used to the sensation it wasn’t so bad”

“No fucking way, mate” I spat the words out: “Giving you a blowjob was a favour to help you out before the match, but I’m not gay and nothing goes near my ass, not even my girlfriends fingers”

“I was worried you might say that” Andy seemed un-phased pulling his cock out of my mouth, I watched him walk over to the study area, grab his laptop and bring it back to the bed, his big cock and low balls bobbing around as he did.

He use the remote to mute the TV and opened a file on his laptop:

“You might like to see a different movie I was watching earlier, I made it myself last time with the camera on my phone”

I watched in horror as I saw my own face bobbing up and down on his thrusting cock, my eyes were closed, I had no idea he was filming our last session – the camera must have been hidden on the bedside. He skipped the film forward and I saw my face covered in his hot spunk.

“What the fuck….Jesus, I had no idea…” I could barely form a sentence as my mind raced…what the hell is he going to do with this film.

“You can’t really tell who’s cock it is, but it’s pretty clear it’s your eager mouth…your face looks pretty sexy covered in my cum…I got off a few times editing this together.” He smilled and yanked his cock, keeping it hard.

“Come on, it’s obvious you love my cock…and you couldn’t get up here fast enough tonight. So how about you let me have a go at your ass? Secretly I think you want it, and I need this to be on my best form tomorrow. That way no one else needs to see this little home movie of ours.”

I thought about it carefully, my family, my girlfriend, my mates, my job…the damage to my life would be unimaginable if he were to put this onto the internet or send it to someone. I was hungry for his cock in my mouth and I’d even imaginged him sucking me off, but having him fuck my arse… the only thing worse would be that film getting out.

I looked back at him, he was smiling at me, his rugged face and curly black hair made him look like a mischievous schoolboy asking for a second helping of dessert, rather than a horny footballer blackmailing me into submitting my anal-virginity to him.

“Okay” I whispered.

He leaned forward, so his face was next to mine and whispered:

“I can’t hear you, tell me what you want to do?”

“I said, okay, you can fuck my arsehole” I spat the words out and closed my eyes in shame

“Don’t worry, I appreciate you helping me out, I’ll start off nice and gentle.”

He pushed his cock into my face, saying

“Why don’t you keep this hard, while you get your trousers off”.

I tried to get back into the rhythm of sucking him as I unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down to my knees. Despite everything running through my mind, my cock was still pretty hard. As Andy lifted me up by my arms and lent me over the bed I could feel my hard on pressing at my chest.

He grabbed a condom from his side-table and I heard him put it on, I looked over at the porn on the TV screen, the big black cock was pumping streams of white cum over the blonde’s face and tits. I watched it running again in slow motion and tried not to think about the image in this room. Andy’s naked muscular body and 8 inch cock, lining up behind me, bent over the edge of the bed with my trousers around my knees and my shirt held half way up my back. Waiting for him to fuck me.

I looked forward and saw his face and my own reflected in a big mirror, he smiled at me and licked his lips. He spat in his hand and rubbed his saliva between my ass cheeks, fingering my tight ring, moistening it up. He repeated the action, and then also spat onto the end of his rubbered up cock.

He grabbed a small bottle from the bedside and leant forward:

“Take a sniff of this – it’ll help open you up”

With that he wrapped his arms around my head, without warning he placed the bottle beneath my face. The smell of poppers I recognised from when someone brought them into school years ago…suddenly it filled my nose and went instantly to my head and I felt my cock soften slightly as I relaxed.

He slowly pushed his cock between my pert white ass cheeks, and positioned the head at my rim, he smiled again as I felt him lift his weight up and put his hold body behind that first initial thrust. I honestly never felt anything like this pain, the fullness in my arse was blowing my mind, the stretching of my ring was like all hell. I winced in pain, my eyes watering. I let out a guttural moan just like the blonde slut in the porno movie.

Andy kept on sliding himself forward and back into my hole, nice and slow as I got used to the feeling. His hands on the middle of my back, almost massaging me to take my mind off it. After about two minutes of this he leant foward and I could feel the weight of his body on me and whispered into my ear:

“See, not too bad…you’re a lot tighter than my missus too. I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

I have to admit the pain had begun to subside at that point, and in fact, his cock seemed to be causing a reaction within me that only seemed to make my own dick harder than it ever was before, stimulating it without even needing to touch it.

Now though the massaging of my back and the slow gentle strokes stopped, I watched him in the mirror as he grabbed my hips and started bucking faster into me, I could hear his groin slapping on my butt cheeks in an accelerating rhythm, the sharper thrusts were making his low hanging balls slap against my own as he forced my body down and my ass up into the air.

It didn’t hurt anymore and in fact I was getting turned on, my competitive streak felt challenged and I found myself trying to push back against his rhythm and take him deeper with each stroke to see if I could take all 8 inches of his monster cock.

Suddenly I watched in the mirror as his hand rose up and slapped down across my ass cheeks, the type of spanking motion you see guys making in rap videos or porn:

“Take it you dirty bitch, you love that cock in your naughty little ass”

He spanked me again and then lent forward, wrapping his arms around my body to squeeze my nipples. The sensation was amazing, I hoped he would go further and grope my 7 inch hard on, but he just kept playing with my nipples as he ground his length inside my ass.

Next he slipped his cock out of my hole and took a few deep breaths of recovery:

“I want to watch you bounce your ass on my cock” he announced as he sat on the bed and drank from the second bottle of beer.

I was already kicking off my shoes, trousers and boxers (which were now around my ankles. I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor, jumped onto the bed and straddled him, facing away from him toward the TV (where a new porn scene was now rolling with a brunette getting double teamed by two hairy muscle dudes – both with massive cocks).

Andy lent forward and spat out a spray of lager onto my asshole to help lube me up, I could also hear him tipping a little onto his hands and using it to re-lube the johnny that was still encasing his mammoth cock. He held his it up straight as I crouched over it and slowly lowered myself onto it. Not even thinking about how quickly I’d adapted to the role of anal-slut.

Looking to my side I could see him in the mirror sipping beer and watching my arse swallowing his manhood. I could see myself too, crouching, bouncing my ass up and down with longer and deeper strokes as I grew in confidence. He put down the bottle and grabbed my hips, controlling my rhythm and using me almost like a blow-up doll on his dick.

Without comment, he repositioned himself slightly and started going at my ass doggy style, he seemed to like this position and began fucking me fast and furious. I let one of my hands cup my cock and balls quickly and desperately wanted to bring myself off, but had to stop to balance myself against the force of Andy’s ass-fucking.

“Fuck yes, I’m so fucking close, we need to slow down, I don’t want to cum yet.”

He pulled out of me – I could see him in the mirror – stood on the bed, towering over me, finishing his beer. After the last 20 minutes of ass pounding suddenly I felt empty, kneeling with my ass in the air, desperate for more hard fucking punishment. I felt his fingers pushing into me, keeping me open, then I heard him laugh to himself and say:

“I think your going to like this old son, just relax”

As I felt something cold and hard against my ass cheeks. In the mirror I saw him, grinning broadly and playing with his cock with one hand as the other pushed the beer bottle into my arse.

My eyes widened in fear, but before I could do or say anything I could feel the glass inside me, filling the space left by his boner a minute ago, it was cold and hard and he had to be a lot gentler as he slid it into me but I was surprised at how easily I could take it.

Once it was in, he just left it there, I held it in me with my ass cheeks. Removing his condom he moved round to offer his cock to my mouth, leaning over to dildo my ass with the bottle. I took his cock in my lips and for the first time felt full from both ends as I sucked his meat. It was incredible, so dirty and weird but the hardness of my own cock told me it was the horniest position I’d ever been in.

Andy’s pace increased as he fucked my face and ass simultaneously, I was sucking him so hard I thought his dick would fall off. Slowly he pulled the bottle out of my ass and dropped it on the bed, as he did he pulled his groin away from my face

“I’m gonna cum all over your pert ass cheeks” he pushed me down and sat on back, beating his cock over my arse.”

“Oh my fucking god” he groaned and in the mirror I saw his whole body tighten and I felt the hot strings of spunk spraying over my buttcheeks.

He rubbed his cock around, smearing my fleshy cheeks with his cum, then he leant back and fed his cock into my mouth so I could taste him one last time. Since my first taste of cum I’d waited for this moment, and generously sucked and licked his softening cock clean. Looking up to his face, as he smiled and closed his eyes.

He lay back onto the bed, I used the bathroom to wash myself off (I didn’t have time for a full shower, and wanted to keep the smell of sex and him on me for the rest of my shift). I quickly pulled my uniform back on and left – he had already fallen asleep.

As the high of the sex and the poppers subsided I spent the rest of my shift with a semi-hard cock, and having to avoid sitting down due to the pain in my arsehole – thinking of how after all this I was definitely going to make Andy take my load next time!

Jason had left my house, and a very special gift for me to remember him by. Although his stinky underwear and socks were sufficient, he left his phone number as well. This meant that he wanted to see me again. And of course I wanted to see him.

I quickly picked up my phone and entered in his number. I texted him:

Me: Jason. Hey! It’s me, Cody.

He didn’t respond for about ten minutes but I sat patiently waiting.

Jason: Hey Cody. How did I know you were going to text me so soon?

Me: Idk you had to expect it I guess ;)

Jason: I had fun today, Cody. A LOT of fun. Sorry I had to leave so soon.

Me: It’s totally cool man. I understand

Jason: But look, I gotta go. I’m pretty busy.

Me: Okay okay :/

Jason: Dude! Haha. A group of us are going to the golf course tomorrow for dinner. Wanna go?

Me: Yeah sure! That sounds fun!

Jason: Sweet, see you there then. You can bring someone if you want.

Me: Okay! Bye! :)

He didn’t respond after that. What was I going to wear tomorrow, I thought. Did I wanna look sexy for him? Shit I don’t even know what he likes… I guess normal is fine. Thank god I actually get to see him.

That night I lay in bed not able to fall asleep. I was too excited to see him the next day. I remember his little gift he left me so I got out of my bed and walked over to my desk. I opened up the bag and pulled out his black socks. They had dried sweat on them, I could tell by the lighter coloring by the toes.

I brought one of the socks to my nose and took a big breath in through my nose. The smell took over my whole train of thought. I lost track of the real world, slipped my hand in my underwear, took hold of my rock hard dick, and started to jack off.

I walked backwards towards my bed and fell back on my pillows. I started stroking my dick up and down, pumping faster and faster. I continued to sniff the sock in my hands. His feet smelled absolutely amazing. It was everything I thought it would be and more.

Thoughts of this afternoons events started rushing to my mind. His sweaty, socked foot being pressed against my nose. His rock hard bulge coming out of his soccer shorts. His cock sliding in my ass for the first time. I still couldn’t even fathom that this was a reality for me.

I started pumping my dick faster and faster. Sweat started to bead up on my forehead and chest. I was so turned on and longed for Jason’s presence. I was so close to climax so I took a huge breath in of Jason’s foot stink and came all over my bed. I shot four loads onto my leg, chest, and bed sheets. I laid there for a couple minutes catching my breath. I took one last sniff of his sock and set it back onto my desk.

I walked back to my bed and fell asleep with my underwear at my ankles…

When I woke up my hand was clutching my cock. Morning wood. I smiled.

My underwear was no longer at the bottom of my legs. I must’ve slept so soundly last night because when I went downstairs my mom told me that it had stormed badly all night. Jacking off helps me sleep.

I texted Jason

Me: What time do you want me to meet you at the golf course?

Jason: About 7. We are taking a golfing lesson at 6 and it goes for an hour. See you there!

Me: Alright

Ugh everything he says and does turns me on.

I needed someone to come with me but no one knew that I was gay. I decided to ask my closest friend Kennedy. She’s really good with people and I seem to open up more when she’s around. I texted her.

Me: Ken! Wanna go to the golf course for dinner today at 7? Jason (from high school) invited me and said I could bring someone!

Kennedy: Jason Little!? I haven’t heard from him in forever! Sure I’ll go!

Me: Ok! See you there then :)

She didn’t respond.

I was beyond excited to see him again tonight. I wondered if he had anything ‘in store’ for me. Maybe another gift.

The whole day seemed to drag. I went to the store, got some groceries, sat at home and watched TV, and by that time it was 6 o’clock. I decided to get dressed so I went upstairs and put on some khakis and a nice shirt. Was I over dressing? Oh god this is too much pressure, I thought.

So I changed about three times until I found what I actually wanted to wear. I left and got there promptly at 7.

When I walked in I saw Jason sitting at the bar with three girls and two other guys. He saw me, smiled, and waved!

“Cody!!! Over here!” He shouted from the bar.

I walked over to him, he asked one of his friends to scoot over, and I sat down next to him.

“How you doin?” He said getting very close to my face. His voice was deep and smooth.

“I’m good” I laughed giddily “You?”

“Awesome since yesterday” he said slapping his hand down on my shoulder. He squeezed it and looked into my eyes with a mischievous motive.

“What?” I smiled.

“Nothing. Nothing at all Cody” He said shaking his head and smirking.

Kennedy arrived a couple minutes later and connected with some old friends. Before I knew it, the time was 8:15 and I had to pee really bad. I dismissed myself to the bathroom.

The bathroom was so confusing. There was a lounge, a changing room, urinals and stalls, and a sink with toiletries ranging from hairbrushes, to cologne, to toothpaste and tooth brushes. I made my way to the urinal and noticed out of the corner of my eye something black sitting on one of the benches in the locker room. I looked at it and thought it was a golf club cover. I ignored it and took a piss. When I went back to the sink I looked closer at it.

When I started walking towards it I saw that there were two of whatever it was. I got right up next to it and noticed that it was a pair of dress socks. Black and had the same sweat marks that Jason’s did. I picked them up and took a whiff of them. They had a faint foot smell, but I was intrigued. I heard the door to the bathroom open and I dropped them. I didn’t notice that I had been touching myself.

I turned around, holding my hands in front of my boner, and saw Jason standing there with his arms crossed.

“Well, well, well… We were all wondering where you were, Cody.” He smiled and walked slowly towards me.

“Sorry” I said blusing “I got busy… er… preoccupied.”

“Uh-huh… Are those socks I see behind you?” he craned his neck to look behind me.

“Ye- I mean, I don’t know”

“I think they are! Still can’t get enough of that foot smell, can ya Cody?” He picked up the socks and smelled them. “I don’t think they smell NEARLY as good as mine… Or do you need a reminder of what mine smell like?”

“Yes Jason. I completely forgot. Refresh my mind would you?” I said getting down on my knees.

“Okay I will, but not here” He said grabbing my arm and taking me into one of the private changing rooms. He slipped off his shoes and the smell wafted up to my nose. He stuck his foot up to my face and pushed me back against the wall. “Go on, Cody. Jack off” He winked at me.

I smelled his foot as he pushed it against my face. The pressure forced the smell up into my nostrils and that made me pump my cock harder.

“Suck my dick Cody! Don’t be selfish” He unzipped his shorts and slapped his dick on my face. His cock smelled like he wanted me to remember it. I was in awe of how perfect his stinks were.

I took his cock in my mouth and attempted to deep throat it. I gagged and he laughed.

“God damn Cody! This is what, your second time sucking dick? You’re starting to play with the big leagues.” I looked up at him and smiled. I then took his cock in again and deep throated It successfully. He moaned loudly through a laugh. “Nice job buddy”

He grabbed the back of my head running his fingers through my hair. He guided my mouth on his cock until I felt it throbbing.

“I’m about to cum Cody. You can stop now”

I looked up into his eyes with his cock half way in my mouth I grinned and continued sucking him until I felt his dick stop throbbing and shoot four large rounds of warm cum in my mouth. I tasted it for a while, and then swallowed it all.

“Damn. Let me help you out then.” He said getting on his knees to suck me off.

His warm mouth kissed my dick and started sucking rapidly. I told him I was about to cum so he pulled my dick out of his mouth and jacked me off til’ I came. He licked some of the cum off my dick and patted me on the back.

We pulled up our pants and he gave me his socks. “For tonight” he winked at me.

“What?” I looked at him half confused half embarrassed.

“Oh please Cody. Like I don’t know you masturbated to my socks last night” He put his arm around me as we walked back to the bar.

As we walked his hand went from my shoulder, to mid back, and then to my ass. As we got to the entrance to the bar he squeezed my butt and walked in.

“Come on, Cody. We can’t neglect our friends, can we?”

Warm wind pressed my shorts against my body, making my uniform tighter. I shot across the field, kicking the ball in and out of cones, panting and shaking. I never let the ball get away from me if I could help it. I did not want to let him down. With one final thrust of my foot the ball was in the goal. The front part of my damp hair hung low over my face and I pushed it back.

It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was keen to keep up with soccer. I had just gotten a new coach, who had promised he would help me win a game for the first time in my life. We had only been practicing for a few weeks but I knew I felt close to him.

Coach walked over to me and set his hand on my shoulder. The weight and size of his hand had always stood out to me. They were hardened by his years yet soft on the underside.

“Nice shot”, Coach said.

Coach had a way of talking out of the side of his mouth, a quirk I found annoying and yet incredibly sexy. He was tall and stocky in his red shorts, and his whistle hung low to his waist. His hat was backwards and I was sure his eyes were smiling behind his sunglasses. Every time I looked at him I could only do it quickly, and always looked away bright red. I hoped he thought my red face was from running.

“Thanks, do you think I’m any good?”, I said with a small smile. He turned me to face him.

“I think you’re a natural. The way you move across the field, It’s almost….” His words tapered. His hand left my shoulder and I panicked inside. I wanted to feel that warmth again.

From behind the sunglasses I saw the coach look me over. My legs, firm from running and dotted with sweat, shifted from nervousness. I was thin but firm, a little tall for my age but that was never a problem for guys. I don’t know what he saw when he looked into my eyes.

“Lets go to my car, I have drinks”, he decided. I followed him across the park and into the parking lot. He opened the trunk to his small car. The sun began to set as he handed me a drink and slammed the trunk.

“Want to sit on the swings?” I offered. I was still tired from practice. He agreed and we set out to the swings. I sat on the middle one and chugged the last of the blue liquid down. Coach was twisting his class ring on the his finger, watching me tip the bottle straight up. Oh my god. While my head was upturned I was sure that I had seen movement in Coach’s shorts. His hands hung over his crotch, concealing everything. My heart shook violently. He took his sunglasses and set them on his head. His eyes were usually the color of peridot, but now were dark and clouded by his thoughts. He stepped forward and leaned down. His lips were thinner than mine but fit my mouth perfectly. My dick was so hard it hurt as it pushed against my shorts, begging to tear the fabric. My dick was lost in Coach’s grip and I began to feel faint. His tongue slipped in and out of my mouth, around my lips, finding my neck. He squeezed and pulled gently at my dick through my shorts.

Suddenly, he pulled back, away from me. For a moment I thought he was leaving and I almost screamed. He wouldn’t, couldn’t do that to me. He looked me over again with a curious expression on his face. As usual, I didn’t know what he saw. A boy gripping the chains on the swings so tight his hands might break, probably. He always looked at me, his eyes inspecting every inch of body, every birthmark. I lifted my shirt and pulled it from me. He let out a little laugh, looking at my nipples, the small creases in my body.

Coach stepped forward and pulled down his pants. His cock flopped out and rested lightly on his balls. Even though it wasn’t fully hard, it was huge. The head was large and looked impossibly soft. He saw me suck in my breath and lick my lips. With a a little swagger he walked over and put his hand behind my head, guiding me to his hips. His cock rested in my mouth, responding to the small movements of my tongue. It swelled and took up the majority of the space. My tongue flicked underneath it like a small flame to a log. I wanted to touch all of it with my tongue and moaned as I hungrily shoved more into my face. I choked a little when the tip of my nose touched his pubic hair.

A small sound escaped Coach’s mouth as I pulled back a little and went for it again. His big fingers twisted in my hair trying to get a hold. I sucked as hard as I could and it wasn’t long before his hips were moving back and forth against my face. Coach grunted as I pulled my head off his massive dick to catch my breath. A small thread of spit stuck to the glistening head and my gaping mouth. He looked at me in disbelief. “Damn kid, where’d you learn to suck a cock like that?”

“I don’t know”, I smiled coyly and wiped my lips, looking into his eyes for approval. I found longing and hunger in them, small sparks desire crackling.

“Get to the slide, pronto.” Coach pointed a few yards away to a small slide. I looked at him confused. The sound of his whistle shot through the air like an arrow. I jumped up. I looked around to see if anyone had heard as I ran to the slide. Coach jogged right behind me, as if he thought I might run away.

He ripped my shorts off, leaving me standing there in my cleats and nothing else. He picked me up and lay on the slide, holding my weight up with ease. He crouched and put his face under me. His tongue slipped around my asshole, applying warm pressure and wet kisses. He let me down gently and I slipped down the slide to my feet. Coach spit in his hand wiped down his dick quickly. He picked me back up on the slide, his hands gripping the soft flesh behind my knees.

“Take deep breaths”, Coach said quickly as he aligned his dick with my pink asshole. I took a sharp breath when the tip of his cock pressed against the muscles of my sphincter. He pushed forward with his hips. I wanted to scream. Never had I felt such pain. I gripped his dick with my body and tried to breathe deep. Further and further he stuffed, and my breathing got shorter and more rapid. My ass was burning in pain. I looked into Coach’s eyes which looked distant, then caught my gaze and hardened.

“Deep breaths, remember?”

I shook my head in agreement and tried to steady my breathing. Coach began to massage my insides with his penis, slowly working the tension inside me loose. His cock felt enormous inside of me, impossibly big. I watched the muscles in his arms stretch as he held me up and I liked the shape of his mouth as he pushed in and out. My body began to feel limp rather than electrocuted. He pushed all the way inside of me and I shook suddenly.

Coach gritted his teeth. Faster and faster he fucked me, each thrust trying to reach new heights inside me. Groans and grunts escaped his chest as he tightened his grip on my legs. My head shot forward and I felt my eyes pinch close. I opened them and saw Coach’s face. There was aggression written all over it, but not anger. His eyes met mine and he bit his lip. Through squinty eyes he asked me if I liked having my asshole fucked. I wanted to respond but I couldn’t find my voice. I let my head hit the back of the slide.

Suddenly the thrusts weakened and I looked down to my waist. Coach’s cock pulled out of my ass and he set me down. I had never felt so empty when his dick left my body. He looked down at me with a sense of power and authority. His smirk would have brought me to my knees if I hadn’t already been sitting.

He pulled his shorts back over his hips and knelt down. He kissed me again, not with the same hunger but with gratitude. Coach kissed my neck and I almost purred. His hand lightly stroked my forgotten dick. When his lips kissed the head of my dick I felt the world spin. Slowly he began sucking me off. My dick, not nearly as large as his, was easily lost in the dark softness of his mouth.

I watched the top of his head, still covered by his hat, as it twisted and turned, up and down, on my shaking cock. Slowly something in me began to rise, begging to be released. My orgasm felt like it shook the ground like lightning. I felt my thick cum spurt out of me and Coach swallowed all of it as if it were water. His head lifted up to look at me and I saw his tongue slowly cross his mouth from side to side.

“You taste sweet. Like a peach”. I had to clear my throat to speak.

“When can I see you again?” My breathing had returned to normal and I looked up at him patiently.

“We practice three times a week, you know that.”

With a quick sarcastic laugh he turned and walked away. I sat on the slide, still stunned. I put on my uniform and then pushed my damp hair back away from my face and smiled. I had almost made it back to my car before I realized I had forgotten something. I ran across the park, across the field until I found the soccer ball we had forgotten. I dribbled it all the way back to the car with a new lightheartedness that I had never had on the field before.

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