Disclaimer: This is a fictional story involving gay sex between consenting adults. I am in no way suggesting that the characters involved, or the actors who play them, are gay. I have no idea of their sexuality. It is not intended to imply the true sexuality of the celebrities involved or any personal knowledge of their private lives. The characters involved are copyrighted by Yorkshire Television/ITV Studios/Emmerdale.


“Uhhh I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum!”

Adam shouted out as his orgasm ripped through his body. He was riding Cain’s cock as the man himself lay back and relaxed, not only did he have Adam Barton bouncing on his cock but he also had Jai running his tongue wildly along his throbbing shaft as well as occasionally taking his hairy balls into his mouth. Cain was in heaven and simply chuckled as he watched Adam stroke his cock until it sprayed spurt after spurt of hot seed onto Cain’s bare torso, coating him in hot jizz and all Adam could do was throw his head back in pleasure.

“Jai mate, think you’ve got some cleaning up to do don’t you?” Cain sneered.

Jai hated being told what to do by Cain but there was something oddly erotic about it as he followed command and took his mouth away from Cain’s balls and turning his attention to his blackmailers torso, tentitively licking up the remnants of Adam’s hot load from Cain’s body.

“Swallow it.”

Again Jai followed what Cain said, gulping the semen down his throat as he lingered on the taste. Certainly better than Cain’s he thought to himself. After a short while Adam dismantled himself from Cain’s raging cock and was about to put his boxers back on when Cain stopped him.

“And where do ya think you’re goin’? It ain’t over yet son, you can’t leave Jai hanging can ya now?”

Cain smirked as Adam dropped his boxers before dropping himself to his knees and taking down Jai’s 6 inches in one gulp.

“ohhhh fuck!”

Jai gasped in extreme pleasure at the sudden blowjob that had consumed him and although try as he might he just couldn’t keep up with Adam who was furiously sucking his shaft, bringing himself up to the head before gliding his way down until his nose touched Jai’s shaven crotch. Cain meanwhile simply sat back on his sofa and watched the action unfold in front of him, a single hand wrapped around his engorged cock, stroking slowly as he brought his middle finger to his mouth, coating it in his saliva before moving it down and sliding it inside his hairy arsehole. Cain moaned at the intrusion and due to the sweat coating him his finger slides in easy. As Cain practically bucked against his own finger Jai casually turned his head to admire Cain’s cock again but was stunned at the sight before him. Cain opened his eyes and saw Jai looking at him and threw him a dirty wink and for Jai that was all he needed.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Those three words only seemed to make Adam’s movements more irratic on Jai’s cock as a single hand moved to carress his balls and with one final glide down his shaft, Jai’s cock exploded.


Jai’s hot cum filled the young farmer boys mouth as he continued to suck on Jai’s cock, drawing every bit of cum he could out of the business mans now softening cock. Adam eventually allowed Jai’s cock to be released from his mouth as he held the cum inside his mouth.

“Come over here lad, you know what to do.”

Cain beckoned toward Adam who walked over to him and sat between Cain’s legs. Jai could only stand and catch his breath before looking on in amazement as Adam slowly let some of Jai’s cum dribble out from his mouth and into Cain’s steel shaft. Cain held his cock at base allowing the cum to roll down his shaft before turning his head toward Jai.

“Think it’s about time you finished me off mate.”

Adam took this as his cue and moved away from Cain, quietly putting his clothes on and slipping out of the door as Jai knelt in front of Cain’s dick. He stared at it for a moment but that was a moment too long for Cain who clasped a hand around the back of Jai’s head and pushed him down, forcing the young business man to take his throbbing weapon into his mouth.

“Oh yeah that’s it, suck my big cock, just like you did to Cameron”

Jai’s heart fluttered at he simple mention of Cameron’s name but it only lasted a second as the overwhelming taste of Cain’s cock took over him. Not only could he taste his own bitter cum that Adam had spat onto Cain’s cock but he also taste his arse. Jai wasn’t sure he liked the taste but it wasn’t like he had a choice as he continued to suck hard on Cain’s shaft who in turn was groaning increasingly louder and louder with each swift movement down his shaft.

“Keep going I’m close”

And close Cain was. It only took a few more solid sucks before Cain pushed Jai from his shaft and stood up over him, stroking his heavy cock quickly as he could, the pressure building until finally his orgasm struck him!

“Oh fuck mate here it comes! Ughhhh!”

Cain let out a loud groan and held Jai’s head in place as he aimed his flaring cock towards his face and fired shot after shot onto him, covering his face with seven shots of sticky hot cum! Cain sighed with satisfaction before slapping his still hard cock against Jai’s face, smearing his gloopy cum all over him.

“If only Charity could see ya now, she’d be in for a right treat ey!”

Cain laughed at his own joke but Jai wasn’t up for playing games, wiping the cum from his face using Cain’s discarded t-shirt.

“Hey we had a deal! She doesn’t have to know about this.” Jai replied.

“Oh don’t worry mate she won’t, and neither will our Debbie as long as you keep doing what I tell ya, understand?” Jai simply nodded “Now while yer here I got some business I need you to do for me….”


The next morning and over at Cameron and Debbie’s house the man himself had just woken up from his slumber. He slowly rolled over, scratching his heavy full balls as he did do as he turned to the other side of the bed, Debbie wasn’t there. ‘Must’ve gone to work already’ Cameron grumbled to himself, he was hoping for some sex this morning but now that plan was out of the window he casually brought his hand to his cock and started to play with it, but after a few moments he was distracted by a text incoming on his phone. Cameron looked over and grabbed his phone from the bedside table to see who it was.

“I need to see you today, are you free? Jai x”

Cameron couldn’t help but smile. Ever since that one faithful night when the girls were away and they fooled around the two men had grown much closer and if Cameron was honest with himself, he missed the joys of man sex. Since moving to the village he had been too afraid to act upon any instinct but when both he and Jai were drunk enough that night their true feelings came out and now Cameron was determined to find more similar like minded men in the village and unbeknownst to him there was plenty of them!

“Yeah I am mate, want a repeat of the other night huh? Haha come over whenever I’m free all day x”

Jai was quick to reply.

“No, meet me at my office after hours, I’ll make sure we’re alone. Jai x”

Cameron’s eyes lit up as he saw the message from Jai, sure the offices at the factory would be a little risky but he sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down another chance to mess around with Jai Cameron thought to himself. Today had just picked up!


Over at the other side of the village Andy Sugden was taking a jog whilst the morning was hot and sunny. Wearing only a pair of reasonably tight shorts that did nothing to hide the fact his dick was swinging around due to the fact he was not wearing any underwear, Andy smirked to himself as he could see a few heads turn, both male and female, as he jogged past them. His chest and abs glistened with sweat as he continued to jog through the village before coming to a stop just outside the wool pack and unscrewing the water bottle that was in his hand to bring it to his lips to take a drink as well as using a little to wash his face to cool himself down a little.

Little did Andy know however that someone was watching him intently and was concocting a plan. Carl King had been driving through the village to a business meeting when he saw the studly farmer and immediately pulled over. A wise move as Carl immediately started to rub the bulge in his suit trousers at the sight of Andy’s glistening torso. Yesterday the King brother didn’t act upon his impulse to finally bag Andy but today he was determined to. He watched as Andy jogged away into the distance before quickly pulling his phone from his pocket and ringing work. Making his petty excuses as to why he cannot make the meeting (His car broke down?) he hastily started his car back up again and sped in Andy’s direction. He only had to drive a minute or two to find Andy again who had stopped just outside his old farm and looked like he was out of breath, his hands on his knees as he poured some more water over his head. Carl simply glared at Andy’s arse for a moment before pulling up to the side of him.

“Ey up Andy, everything alright?”

Carl had rolled down the passenger window as Andy walked over to talk.

“Yeah Carl not too bad, just a bit worn out from my jog that’s all! Takes it outta yer when you’ve not done it for a while!”

Andy softly laughed and Carl joined in with him just for pleasantries before attempting to lure him in.

“So where you off to big guy?”

“Oh I’m just gonna jog back to my house now and grab a shower before I head out to the gym”

Carl’s cock stirred inside his trousers, just the sheer mention of Andy doing something that required him in little or no clothing made him lust over him that little bit more.

“You want a lift? It’s no trouble.”

Carl smiled at Andy. He was desperate to get him in his car.

“Oh nah you’re alright mate, I need the exercise!” Andy chuckled.

“Honestly mate it’s no trouble” Carl says as he pats on the passenger seat “Look I’ve got a few beers in the fridge back at my place, could always come over and chill for the afternoon eh? Can always use my shower too I don’t mind”

And that’s when Andy saw it in Carl’s eyes, the same look he gave him yesterday and this time there would be no stopping him.

“Ah fuck it, the gym can wait!” Andy smirked.

Carl smiled broadly. His plan had worked. Andy opened the passenger side and slipped his sweaty body into the chair. Carl thought for a moment how he was gonna explain the stains on the chair but he just didn’t care, right now he was more concentrated on the guy sitting there…


Today was just like any other Friday for Cain. After waking up and grabbing a bit of breakfast he swiftly headed out into the village, he had business to attend to today. But it was as he was driving into the village when he saw Carl’s car parked up on the side of the road with Andy Sugden leaning inside the passenger window. Cain hated Andy and the feelings were mutual with the Sugden boy, but what made it worse was that Carl was Cain’s regular fuck buddy and it was as he drove past he thought to himself he may need need to pay a little visit to Carl later on but for now his BMW roared into the village and he casually strolled out heading toward the cafe.

Inside, Bob Hope was going about his morning routine whilst the cafe was a little quiet but all that changed when Cain Dingle walked in. Bob gulped as his eyes met Cain’s, he knew what he was here for but despite this Bob tried his hardest to maintain his composure.

“Morning Cain, what can I get you?”

Bob gulped as Cain leaned against he work top and was mere inches from Bob’s face.

“Oh, I think you know mate.” Cain sneered.

“Cain I’m sorry I don’t have your money yet but I promise you I’ll get it to yer by the end of the weekend.”

Bob promised in a low voice, but Cain didn’t like to be kept waiting.

“Well then, looks like you’re gonna have to pay me with yer arse today instead eh?” Cain whispered.

“Cain please I can’t I-”

But before Bob could finish, Cain cut him off.

“Your choice Bob. You can either let me bend you over in the back room right now or I tell all these folk how much you like it up the arse as well as how much you owe me, now that’d go down a treat wouldn’t it?” Cain sniggered.

Bob slowly bobbed his head as he informed the few people in the cafe he had a family emergency and had to close before locking the door behind them all. When he turned he saw Cain was nowhere to be seen but knew exactly where he’d be. Slowly Bob walked to the back room and opened the door, Cain in front of him naked as the day he was born with his hand wrapped around his hard 10-inch cock as the head leaked pre-cum onto the floor but the bits Cain did catch he used to lube up his cock.

“Ready when you are mate.”

Cain smirked as Bob undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles before slipping down his boxers and turning to bend over a work top, his chunky arse on full display for Cain to see. Cain walked behind Bob and simply let his cock lie inbetween Bob’s lightly haired crack for a moment before steadily dry humping him a little, getting himself hornier by the second as he then started to line up the dripping bulbous head with Bob’s puckering arsehole.

“Wait a minute, aren’t you gonna use something?” Bob remarked, he didn’t like where this was going.

“I don’t think so mate, think its about time you knew how serious I was” Cain growled.

Bob was about to plead with the devious Dingle but it was too late, Cain had already pierced his hole with his thick cock. Bob could feel his arse stretch as he screamed out in pain.

“Ahhhhhh Cain pull out please I’ll do anything!”

But Cain ignored him and instead pushed further, 8 inches of his 10 buried in Bob’s hole as the cafe owner let out another painful cry but this time Cain clamped his hand around Bob’s mouth as he continued to plow into him. By no means was Bob Cain’s type but when it came down to business Cain would do just about anything or anyone to put forward his dominance. Cain picked up speed in fucking Bob, thrusting faster and faster as he used his spare hand to spank the older mans arse.

“You gonna get me that money Bob huh? You gonna pay up?!” Cain shouted.

Bob could only muffle a reply as Cain’s hand was still over his mouth. Cain loved to torment and this was no exception. He slapped Bob’s arse again.

“Answer me!”

This time Cain removed his hand from Bob’s mouth so he could speak clearly.

“Yes! Yes I’ll get you you’re money Cain just please stop!” Bob pleaded.

Cain smirked and started to increase his force, he could feel his load building in his balls and he knew it wouldn’t be long before his orgasm would hit.

“Alright Bob but here’s just just one last reminder that I haven’t forgotten how much you owe me!”

Bob turned his head, puzzled.

“What are you talking about?”

But Cain didn’t answer until it was too late for Bob to do anything.

“Uhhhhhh here it comes! UGHH!”

Shock covered Bob’s face as he could feel Cain’s cock explode within his arsehole! Shot after shot of fresh Dingle cum squirted deep inside him as he hung his head low in shame whilst Cain’s face contorted in sheer pleasure. Cain sighed contently as he waited for a moment before he pulled his softening cock from Bob’s arse and as he did he saw his cum trickle out Bob’s hole and down his leg. Cain smirked as he quickly started to get dressed before leaning over an ashamed Bob Hope.

“Now remember, get me my money by the end of the week or else there’ll be more where that came from, got it?”

Bob simply nodded his head in shame as Cain slapped his arse one more time before leaving and as he got outside, he remembered about seeing Carl earlier this morning…


Meanwhile, over at the King household Carl and Andy had already gone through half a can of beer respectively as Andy took one more sip before standing up. Still dressed in just his shorts from his jog he turned to Carl.

“Am I still alright to use your shower mate? Only I don’t have any clothes with me.”

“Yeah no problem, feel free to grab any of my clothes from my wardrobe to use. Boxers are in the drawers to the left and the towels are in the bathroom.”

Carl smiled at Andy. He couldn’t believe his luck!

“Alright cheers mate, won’t be long”

Andy smiled as he turned and started to climb the stairs toward the bathroom but as he did his smile turned to a devilish smirk, he knew full well that Carl was watching him and as soon as Andy was in the shower, Carl would be joining him. Meanwhile downstairs as soon as Andy was out of sight Carl quickly fished into his slacks and pulled out his hard cock, sighing at the release. Standing at nearly 8.5-inches and a good thickness, Carl was pretty happy with his cock as he wrapped his soft hand around his smooth shaft and began to wank. He softly moaned and bit his lip as he fantasied about the man using his shower.

Andy however had not even got into the shower yet. He had turned the water on to warm up but what stopped him was a pair of Carl’s worn boxers lying on the floor. Andy picked them up and inhaled deeply, smelling the unmistakable scent of man as he turned them around and smelt Carl’s arse through the back. He looked inside the front and could see a dried stain, Andy knew what it was and knew Carl had started to wank in them. The studly farmer continued to sniff them and even licked the pre-cum stain as he used his other hand to absent mindedly play with his cock that was getting harder by the second. Eventually Andy put Carl’s boxers down and peeled away his jogging shorts which had now also been stained from a generous amount of pre-cum squirting from his cock whilst he felt himself up. Andy steadied himself slightly and groaned as he felt the water wash over his tired muscles, standing like this for a moment before using some shampoo in his hair and then proceeding to soap up his muscled body.

Downstairs meanwhile Carl was frantically stroking his cock on the sofa, the only difference being is that his jacket is now off and the first five buttons of his shirt were undone as he tilted his head back and moaned, he couldn’t take this any longer. He rose from his seat on the sofa and took his shoes off before quietly starting to climb the stairs, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so and his cock still poking through his slacks. Once Carl got to the top of the stairs he quickly entered his room and shed all of his clothing, revealing his rather toned chest and torso that were lightly dusted with dark blonde hair in all the right places. His pubic hair was trimmed down and his balls shaved as he gave his cock a quick tug before quietly sneaking toward the bathroom and as he got closer he could see the door was halfway open! Obviously Andy knew what was coming.

Carl quietly peaked around the door and encountered a perfect view. Andy had his back toward the door with the shower beating down on him, water washing down his back along with the soap as it ran through his arse which clenched every now and then. Carl knew Andy was playing with himself and couldn’t help but touch himself aswell, wrapping his hand around his engorged member. Carl softly moaned into the door as he stroked, pleasure washing over him but it was short lived. Carl was desperate to get closer and in doing so stepped foot onto a creaky floor board, causing the floor to groan as Carl stood in fear. The young King brother froze as it looked like Andy hadn’t heard but Carl guessed wrong, Andy had.

“You just gonna stand there mate or are you gonna come help me wash me back”

Andy turned his head and smirked before winking toward Carl who returned a smirk back, fully appearing from behind the door and slowly tugging his cock as he joined Andy in the shower…

To be Continued

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