Essie shivered, the wind biting her bare cheeks as she scraped ice off the windshield. She hated Midwest winters. The cold was bad enough, but the snow and ice just made it worse. Especially when all three were together.

She never felt more depressed than during this season, too. It was difficult all year long, having no one to come home to after a long day of work. But in the winter, there was no one waiting for her to snuggle up with in front of a fire, to warm her up from the inside out. She had always longed for just that, but she’d convinced herself that it was just something she’d have to experience in her mind.

Today had started bad, and she was sure it would just continue to get worse. Days like these always did. Her boss had called her to come in despite previously agreeing to let her take the day off, and it had snowed six inches last night with more in the forecast. She was supposed to be sleeping in, buried under the warm covers of her bed, imagining she wasn’t alone anymore. Not clearing the car before fresh snow covered it again.

“But no, I’m freezing my butt off for the biggest jerk this side of the—”

The wind whipped around her as she slid into the driver’s seat, blowing a pile of snow off the roof and down the back of her coat. She screamed and slammed the door shut behind her, jerking the gearshift into drive. The car fishtailed once she reached the highway and barely missed the neighbor’s mailbox.

“If I make it through this day, I swear I’m going to quit! It’ll be my Christmas present for being good all year. Surely I deserve that.”

She had no sooner pulled into the lot at work and was climbing out when her cell phone buzzed. With her mittens on, it was difficult to flip open the phone and punch the green ‘answer’ button. She managed to drop it in the snow before succeeding.

“Hello?” she said, out of breath.

A gruff, male voice snapped back at her. “Ms. Smith, are you almost here?”

She tried not to cuss at her boss. Despite threatening to walk out on a daily basis, she needed to keep this job. At least for now. She forced a smile and managed not to raise her voice. “I’m walking in from the parking lot right now, Mr. Thomas. I’m sorry I wasn’t here earlier—”

“Get us some coffee. Not that cheap stuff, either. It had better be hot,” he said, and then the line went dead.

She screamed into her scarf and jammed the key back into the ignition. “Us” could only mean his two buddies were visiting, and they were no better than her boss. For a brief moment, she wished she were back in grade school and could have the gift of a snow day. Anything to not be right here, right now.


The muscles in her back complained when Essie sat back in her chair. She couldn’t help the deep groan when she kicked off her required black heels, flexing her toes. No matter what season it was, she also had to wear black nylons and a black pencil-skirt. At least she could wear whatever blouse she wanted. Today, it was a fitted, navy button-up that made her gray eyes stand out…as well as her 36C-cup breasts. And her brunette hair had managed to stay neatly braided in its bun.

Yet, despite how well she presented herself, she didn’t feel attractive. Then again, maybe that was because of whom she worked for. If you didn’t have a dick, he made you feel like the lowest possible organism on the totem pole. And he had no problem reminding you of it.

She didn’t know how she had survived the day. Running for coffee three times, dictating letters and case notes, filing all of last month’s paperwork again, all while answering the phone on the second ring…with a smile.

Being Mr. Thomas’s legal assistant had very few rewards. The paycheck was the only thing that kept her waking up at six in the morning, driving half an hour one way, working nine-plus hours a day, driving another thirty minutes, and then crawling into bed at night, sometimes without dinner she was so exhausted. A vacation would help, but that would mean Mr. Thomas would be without his left and right hands for more than one day, and he wouldn’t hear of it.

She still couldn’t believe he had told her she could have today off. Then again, he had retracted his agreement by calling her just after dawn. Some political big-wig in the city had been caught with his pants down on the wrong side of the tracks; the story had been plastered on the front page of this morning’s paper. The only reason Mr. Thomas hadn’t called her earlier, he’d said, was because he’d been consoling his client. She should consider herself so lucky.

Every now and then, two of his lawyer friends dropped by, like today. They holed up in his office, their raucous laughter sporadically exploding like gunfire, disrupting the blessed silence and any attempt to concentrate on her work. She knew full well that nothing serious—at least legal-wise—was accomplished behind that closed door during their visits.

It didn’t help that she’d found them corralled around her desk when she’d finally walked in with their first coffee. As usual, Mr. Thomas bragged to his friends that no one could please him like she did. They’d snickered, given her a once-over with a wink, and grabbed a cup before parading back to the “man cave.”

The whole thing disgusted her. She still expected her boss to come to her some day and proposition her…and then blackmail her to keep her job even if she rejected him.

A soft snort slipped out at that thought. Her mind always did imagine her being in undesirable situations with the worst outcome. Either that, or blissfully erotic ones where some handsome man rescued her from this nightmare and pleasured her endlessly…

Essie shook her head. The chance of either of those situations were less than slim, and with her luck, she’d find herself in the nightmare instead of the dream.

Loud footsteps made her sit up and pretend to be working on the computer. Mr. Thomas led the group of three men. None of them acknowledged her as they laughed over a dirty joke. The grating sound stopped abruptly as the front door closed.

She held her breath for a full minute, and then relaxed in her chair. After another five minutes, she pulled on her knee-high boots and buttoned her wool coat, stuffing the ends of her scarf inside the collar.

At least she wasn’t required to be back here until Tuesday due to Christmas Day being on Monday. Three whole days to just stay under the covers at home without a care in the world. To pretend her life was different and she wasn’t lonely anymore.

The wind had picked up, and the snow seemed to be falling harder as she hurried outside. More than an inch of the white stuff coated her car. By the time she had dug through to the handle and pried the door open, her hands were frozen, and the sleeves of her coat were soaked.

The engine died the first two times. With a groan, she slammed her hand against the steering wheel, accidentally hitting the horn, and screamed. When the engine turned over on the next try, cold air shot out the air vents and sent goosebumps prickling up her arms and shivers down her back. She wanted to cry, but she was afraid her tears would freeze right on her cheeks.

She let the windshield defrost and the thermostat warm up before she maneuvered the car out of the snow-packed lot. Remembering her deceased father’s advice, she tapped her brakes as she came to the stop sign before turning out onto the highway. The car skidded for a moment—the anti-lock brakes taking hold—before it came to a stop.

With the blowing snow, she wouldn’t be able to see far, but there shouldn’t be too much traffic. Everyone else was sane and was probably tucked away safely in their cozy little houses with their families or significant others. It would take twice as long to get home, if not more. But what waited for her would be just as cold and dark as the night around her. She took a deep breath and started out again, at least looking forward to a little peace and quiet.


The dashboard clock showed she’d been on the road for fifteen minutes. It was half the time it usually took her to get home, but passing by the old Anderson silo showed that she had only driven three miles. The windshield was icing up on the inside as well as the outside faster than the defrost and wipers could clear it. She cursed, gripping the wheel with one hand while she rubbed her mitten across the glass.

When the car swerved, she tried to correct it, but then the wheels spun out, sending the car sliding sideways off the road. The car slammed to a stop, and her head hit the steering wheel, cutting off her scream. Sharp pain pressed behind her eyes, there was a tinny taste in her mouth, and she was suddenly freezing cold. Her fingers automatically reached for the buttons on the door, but nothing happened.

“Got to close the window…”

Her hand fell back to her lap, and then she blacked out.


A dull throbbing in her head and the smell of clean sheets with a cedar undertone told her that she probably wasn’t dead. There was a faint memory of men ogling her at work; traipsing through snow to get overpriced coffee; taking notes while a heavy man with an equally bulbous nose swore to bankrupt the city’s journalism industry; driving home from work. And crashing.

Or maybe she had dreamt all of that and had never gotten up this morning. Maybe Mr. Thomas hadn’t called her. Maybe she had just imagined, once again, that the worst…

There was a loud exhale, then a deep, masculine voice said, “Good, you’re awake.”

Essie sucked in her breath and tried to open her eyes. Pain shot down the back of her head and she choked back a scream.


Large, warm hands rolled her onto her side and held her still, rubbing her back. Her bare back.

She gulped down air, unable to see anything as she strained to return to full consciousness. Who was this man? Where was she? She tried to sit up, finding herself weighted down by…blankets. She kicked at the layers while holding them to her upper body at the same time, remembering her nakedness.

“Damn it, woman, relax!” The hands pushed her back, pulling the covers over her again. When she stopped fighting, he released her.

Through the pounding of blood in her ears, she could hear his heavy breathing. “W-where am I?”

“I found you in my field. Well, your car that is. You were in your car. Now, just stay put, okay?”

She nodded, and the weight on the bed shifted.

“Your head is a little banged up,” he continued, his voice farther away. There was the sound of a faucet running, cupboard doors opening and closing. “Your car is totaled. So is the deer.”

“Deer?” She tried to sit up again and felt the blankets fall away. There was a loud gasp followed by a thump and a soft curse. She gathered the blankets to her and laid back down.

“Yes, the four-legged animals that run wild out here in the country. He probably stopped your car from flipping over.” His voice was closer again. He moaned, as if in pain, and then the bed shifted once more as he sat down. A dull light clicked on beside the bed, but his face remained above its reach. “Lie still, I’m just going to change your bandage.”

She wished she could see him. But then again, she figured he was probably just some creepy farmer who sounded all sexy when he was the farthest thing from it. Still… Her hand instinctively reached out as he leaned toward her. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” But he winced when her fingertips grazed over a slight bump on the top of his head.

“Sorry.” She bit her lower lip and tucked her hand under the covers again, trying to breathe slower.

His hand smelled of soap when he reached toward her head, and his touch made her skin tingle. As soon as the bandage was gone, so was his hand. Part of her longed for it to return. He granted her wish, but she cringed as he pressed a warm cloth to her forehead.

“You’ll have a scar. Nothing that needs stitches.”

Water trickled down to her ear, wetting her hair. He was gentle, dabbing at her wound and then at her right eye. The whole while, he never bent low enough for her to catch a glimpse of anything besides his hands. And those had a leathered texture, evidence of someone who worked outdoors.

“I was afraid to put an icepack on that shiner. You were so cold when I found you, I didn’t want to make it worse. But I did have to remove your clothes. Snow had blown in through the broken windshield and put a nice layer on you by the time I found you. Good thing I was coming home when I did.”

“Thanks.” She swallowed and nodded, her cheeks burning from knowing that he had undressed her. She wasn’t sure if she was completely embarrassed. Something deep inside sparked to life, and she wondered if he had liked what he’d seen, or if he hadn’t paid any attention at all.

He’s an ugly, lonely man. Of course he paid attention. Any naked lady would turn him on. The sooner you can get out of here…

“You’ve stopped bleeding.” He dabbed a fingertip of some ointment onto the wound, covered it with a clean bandage, and then turned away from her. “Are you hungry?”

“Not really,” she said. A loud growl rose from her stomach.

He chuckled and leaned toward her as he stood up. “Liar.”

She gulped down air, feeling that different, silent hunger stirring. His eyes were dark, flashing with his laughter. His hard jawline was darkened with stubble. His shoulders were wide, and as he straightened, she realized he would top her five-foot-six stature by several inches. What enticed her the most, though, was the thick blond hair softening the sharp contours of his face. Her fingers twitched under the blanket, wanting to touch it again. To pull him to her.

Okay, so he’s handsome. That doesn’t mean he’s not a pervert.

“I made some soup,” he said, and then he was gone.

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe. When she felt her heartbeat slow down, she rolled onto her side in the direction of his footsteps. A light snapped on, and she caught the first glimpses of her surroundings. Through the doorway, her rescuer stood in a kitchen, ladling soup into a bowl. A larger room lay beyond him, hidden mostly in shadows, but the visible walls and ceiling indicated that they were in a log cabin.

Her eyes returned to the stranger, imagining the muscles of his back and arms as they moved under his flannel shirt. The tightness of his jeans emphasized his ass when he dropped a towel and bent down to pick it up. She gulped again and looked away.

The rest of the bedroom was sparse besides the bed, a nightstand with the sole lamp, a dresser, and a chair in the corner. She could hear the wind howling outside the window and shivered, glad to be inside.

“Can you sit up?”

She gasped, jerking her head around at the sound of his voice. He stood over her, the light from the kitchen making his hair glow. The corner of his mouth twitched as he waited for her response. She nodded and pulled the blankets tighter around her, scooting up so her back was resting against the pillows and headboard.

“Don’t want to spill the soup.” He sat down beside her, his weight cinching the blankets a tad lower. His eyes darted down and then up to meet hers, a smile tugging at his lips again.

She reached for the spoon and bowl before realizing that she needed at least one hand to keep herself covered.

“Allow me.” The words were said casually, but they sounded sexy to her. Surely it was her imagination at work again. He was only trying to help.

She blinked to clear her head. He leaned toward her and held the bowl under her chin, dipped the spoon into the bowl, and then brought it to her lips. Her eyes stayed on him as he slipped the spoon inside her mouth, tipped it back to empty the contents, and then returned it to the bowl. She found the simple gesture quite arousing, and the heat of the chicken soup quickly traveled all the way down to stoke the fire between her legs as she swallowed.

They were both silent as he repeated the procedure, their gaze never wandering. When the spoon scraped the bottom of the empty bowl, he set the utensils on the nightstand.

“Do you feel better?” His voice was definitely husky now, and his eyes looked glossy. Maybe her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her.

She licked her lips and nodded. Her heartbeat picked up, and her grip on the blankets tightened as she stared at this strange, gorgeous man sitting only inches away from her.

For just a moment, she glanced at his mouth. Noticing again how a five-o’clock-shadow highlighted his chin and jaw. How full his lips were. How they parted, allowing his sweet breath to brush her face. His long, thick fingers gently brushed over her bandage, grazing her temple and then her cheek as he lowered his hand.

Her own breath shuddered as a wish flashed through her mind, and then he was making it come true without her speaking a word.

His mouth was warm and soft and controlled against hers. He moved with a purpose, gently plying her lips until they parted with a sigh. Then his tongue darted into her mouth, tasting her, luring her tongue into his mouth to taste him.

She moaned as he pushed her head back into the pillows. His fingers caressed her cheek again and then slid into her hair. It occurred to her that her bun and braid had long been released, that her locks hung around her bare shoulders, grazing the tops of her breasts.

The blankets pooled in her lap. Cool air brushed over her chest, hardening her nipples. And then she was falling sideways, twisting until she was on her back.

He lay on top of her, his arms framing her head. He continued the assault on her mouth, gently tugging her lower lip in between his teeth, licking at the spots he had nibbled. His fingers and then his mouth descended to her neck, teasing the sensitive skin behind her ear; around to the nape of her neck just below her hairline; down to the dip where shoulder and neck gracefully joined.

She shivered in delight, her hands rising to massage his arms through his shirt. Her fingers took on a mind of their own, sliding over the roughness of his cheeks and up into his hair. His luxuriously soft hair that felt like silk and curled around her fingers, as if holding onto her as she held onto him. After several minutes, she forced them to abandon their play and moved down to the buttons at the flannel barrier between them.

He gasped, stealing her breath when her fingers brushed the sides of the shirt open and touched his warm skin. His muscles rippled beneath her touch. Despite their firmness, they were still malleable under her fingertips. A muffled groan passed between them, his mouth moving harder against hers, his tongue diving in deeper as he pressed his pelvis against her.

She returned the favor, arching up to him, moaning her assent. He rewarded her by lowering his mouth to her chest, taking one supple breast in his work-roughened hand and enclosing his lips around her erect nipple. Her breath came out in short gasps, her eyes staring at the ceiling but seeing nothing.

He took his time, plying her breast as he had her mouth, moaning when her hands buried in his hair again. All thoughts slipped away. Her own hands had always aroused her when she needed release, but having someone else touch her breasts…and with reverence…

While he suckled one breast, he massaged the other, cupping it, squeezing it, and sending wonderful sensations straight down to her toes. He ran the flat of his tongue over her right nipple before kissing down the inside of her breast and moving across the valley to repeat the whole procedure on the other side.

She felt the warmth and wetness growing between her legs, and the desire heightened as his free hand grasped her side, slowly stroking up and down, his fingers massaging her back, her waist, the outside of her breast. Her body fluttered, rising and falling in waves at his touch. The sounds coming from her mouth were a mixture of moans and gasps and unintelligible words.

Any misgivings she’d had about their situation were wiped away when his hand settled over her bellybutton, his fingers grazing the top of her auburn curls below. Her body rose up in a guttural moan. She may have been lonely and single, but she was no novice when it came to knowing what it took to bring herself release…and when she needed it.

She whimpered, and he raised his eyes to hers. Without a word, he slid down her body, his fingers trailing along her skin as he went. She shivered, sucking on her bottom lip. Her legs fell open in invitation.

When he finally reached her hips, he blew against her skin, making her jump. He glanced up at her one last time before he slid his shoulders up under her knees and rested her legs over his back.

Essie had just inhaled when his mouth latched onto her pussy, his tongue flicking against her clit, making her scream and arch up to him. He spread her legs wider, giving himself more access to play. Her fingers clenched the sheets as she tried to remember to breathe.

His tongue played havoc on her. Short licks around her clit; long laps up and down her pussy; deep penetrations inside her. She shivered and squirmed below him. All the while, his fingers traced the sensitive skin along the line where her legs joined her body, over her hip, and in the curve of her waist. All the places that normally might be ticklish, but with the right touch, they made her body tingle in prolonged pleasure.

All she could do was moan and writhe beneath his torturous ministrations, his hair brushing the insides of her thighs. When he propped her pelvis up with one hand under her lower back and slid one thick finger in and out of her rapidly, she froze mid-air, releasing a choked scream.

The world was a dark ocean for a few minutes as she floated and came back down, coherent of his finger still stroking her—slower now—his other hand rubbing her stomach in circular motions. She whimpered when he finally slid out of her and lowered her legs to the bed.

“I’ll be right back.”

Her body shivered at his absence, and she bit back a sudden desire to call to him. What would she say? She didn’t even know his name.

He returned in a moment with an ice pack, the sudden chill against her eye eliciting a sharp cry.

“Shh. Go to sleep.” He brushed his lips against hers and then against her forehead before he pulled the blankets over her and tucked her in. And then he laid next to her on top of the covers.

She moaned and rolled onto her side, her sated body pressing against his warm presence behind her. Wondering if it had all been a dream.


Essie stretched and yawned. The layers of blankets shifted over her. When she opened her eyes, she froze, forgetting where she was…why she was naked. And then her memory returned and she sighed, snuggling the covers up under her chin. Pale gray light spilled from the window beside the bed, confirming her suspicions that it was morning.

Without looking, she knew that her rescuer was gone. There was an emptiness behind her, an absence of his pressure against her like it had been throughout the night. She remembered how he’d laid his arm across her waist, holding her to him while she drifted off. It had been an odd but wonderful feeling.

She rolled over and stared through the doorway to the kitchen, now dark and empty. The previous night slowly replayed in her head, and she squeezed her legs together to repress the desire slowly building inside.

A light flickered on. She propped herself up on her elbow. He was out there.

She was certain now that she hadn’t been dreaming. Her thoughts waffled between feeling an intense desire to repeat their little late-night episode and the guilt that she had let a stranger do that to her. Not to mention that she had probably ruined his holiday weekend. He had said her car was wrecked. How was she going to get home?

The sudden sight of him made her suck in her breath. He stood with his back to her. Although a sweater hid his upper body, she could imagine every line and muscle if she closed her eyes. He had shoved the hands that had memorized her body into the front pockets of his tight jeans. He started to turn toward her, stopped, ran one hand back through his hair, and paced out of her line of vision. He returned several seconds later and repeated the process.

After watching him for several minutes, she couldn’t stand it any longer. When he disappeared again, she slid out from under the warm blankets, biting back a squeal as her bare feet touched the cold floor. Her clothes didn’t appear to be in the room, but his flannel shirt was lying neatly folded across the arm of the chair. It smelled woodsy when she pulled it on, the cuffs fell past her fingertips, and the hem grazed her knees.

The air was warmer on the other side of the kitchen. A living room—with a massive stone fireplace at its center and a sparkling Christmas tree decked out with red and green balls and tinsel at the far end—filled this end of the house. She sighed when her feet sunk into a thick bearskin rug, and she tried not to laugh at the thought that, of course, there would be a rug of that nature in a place like this.

He didn’t seem to see or hear her as he continued his circuit, stopping at a window to look out at the snow, hanging his head as he shook it. He even seemed to look right through her when he turned. But then he jumped back and yelled.

“Damn it, woman!” He doubled over, leaning against the back of the couch. “Don’t sneak up on a person like that!”

Essie bit her lip, but she couldn’t keep herself from smiling. He just looked so good. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

When he raised his head, his jaw hardened and something flashed in his eyes.

Her stomach felt heavy at the look. He must be angry. Her accident had interrupted his plans, and now she was stealing the shirt off his back. She pulled the latter tighter around her. “If you would kindly point me to my clothes and a phone, I’ll call for a ride out of here and leave you alone. I don’t want to trouble you, especially on Christmas. Thank you for your…um…hospitality.” Her eyes dipped to his mouth on the last comment, but she pushed the subsequent thoughts—and memories—away.

He rolled his eyes. “Your clothes are still wet, and the phone is out. No telling when someone will get out here to fix it.”

“Out here?” She shifted her weight and crossed her arms, leaning against the other end of the couch. “I believe I crashed on Devlin Road, just about three miles from Benton.”

His eyes darted down, lingered for a moment, and then returned to hers. She could see his jaw relax, the frustrated look on his face dissipating. “Honey, just because you crashed on the highway doesn’t mean I live there.”

“But you said—”

“I said it was lucky I was coming home when I did.”

“But your field—”

He smirked. “I have lots of them.”

She threw back her head, groaning. “Where am I?”

“Heaven, at least you were as of last night.” He didn’t even try to hide his laugh.

Her cheeks burned, and she had to stop herself from stomping her foot. “I’m serious!”

“You’re about twenty minutes from Devlin Road…and the nearest house.”

The beams of the ceiling stretched high above her, glowing from the burning fire and the artificial lights on the tree. It wasn’t a large house, but it was more than enough for one person. And it wasn’t the worst possible situation. He could have left her in the car…or not have seen her at all. “So I’m…stranded? With you?”

“Trust me, I had other plans for the weekend.” But his tone belied that he wasn’t completely disappointed at her misfortune.

She closed her eyes, frustrated with herself now. His voice alone made butterflies dance in her stomach. Why didn’t she resist him last night? Just because they were attracted…

The back of his fingers stroked her revealed neck, and her eyes flew open. Icy blue orbs stared back, but they were anything but cold. It was suddenly hard to swallow. She staggered back and lost her balance. His arm slipped around her waist, hugging her against him.

He didn’t move for at least ten seconds. When she put her hand to his chest to free herself, his mouth descended on hers. His arms tightened around her, one on her waist, the other around her neck, his fingers buried in her bed-head hair.

She could only moan, feeling his body pressing against hers, the heat of him instantly warming her but also making her shiver. Her eyes closed again as she fell into the sensation, gasping against his mouth when he pulled her around the side of the couch and they landed on the cushions, him on top.

He broke the kiss to move to her neck, and she managed to find her voice. “I don’t even know your name.” She shuddered as he spoke against her skin, his hot breath and the vibrations of his voice mixing into a wonderful sensation. “I’m sorry…”

He pulled away and murmured, “Jake.”

“Essie.” She tangled her fingers into his hair and guided his mouth back to her neck.

He mumbled something else against her skin. She moaned, not caring what he’d said, and tilted her head to the side to give him more area to torture. At some point, she realized his hand had gone south, opened his shirt that she had pulled on, and was cupping her bare breast, sending delightful sensations down between her legs. Part of her wanted his mouth to join his hands, just like before, but she was thoroughly enjoying what his lips, teeth, and tongue were doing to her ears, neck, and shoulders.

She let her own hands wander, although his sweater was a hindrance to reaching what she really wanted. He seemed to sense her frustration and broke his onslaught long enough to remove the barrier. Free to roam, her fingers clawed at the thick muscles in his arms, his chest, and his back.

“Shh, Essie.” He withdrew again and stilled her hands. “Don’t rush it.”

He was one to talk. She looked up at him, feeling tears in her eyes. Damn her self-restraint. Her body pulsed with desire, every nerve ending on fire, wanting his hands everywhere all at once. Wanting him.

He brushed her hair back from her forehead and leaned down to kiss her temple beside the bandage. “Don’t move.”

She shuddered when he stood up, his muscles straining and flexing deliciously as he hurried around the room. He gathered and laid a pile of blankets on the rug in front of the fire. Several pillows joined them.

She had pushed herself up on her elbows to watch. Now, his eyes settled on her naked body, framed in his shirt. He groaned and then chuckled.

“Dammit, woman. You look like a present delivered on my doorstep, and I just peeled back the wrapping paper. I must have been a good boy this year.”

This couldn’t be real. Snowed in with a gorgeous stranger, and nothing to do but make out by the fire? Not in her lifetime. She slowly licked her lips, thrusting her breasts out to tease him.

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing. But right now, I’m feeling very naughty.”

“Oh, thank God.”

Jake was back at her side and scooped her up into his arms. Her skin prickled with goosebumps as he settled her on the rug and then crawled between her legs, tilting her head back to kiss her.

Their tongues teased back and forth, tasting and exploring the heat of each other’s mouth, grazing over the sharpness of teeth. Her hands stroked his biceps, feeling the taut muscles as he supported himself over her. Warm air slipped inside the open shirt and caressed her aching nipples. A soft moan was all the hint he needed, his weight shifting as he slid one hand down her side, cupped her hip, and then slid back up to massage her breast. Her sighs of approval only encouraged him to continue his play.

She didn’t know how long they were lying there half-naked before a fire and a Christmas tree, trapped by snow in a cabin, but she didn’t care. She was happy to stay there forever if the atmosphere remained the same.

He lifted himself up suddenly and slid a hand between them. Essie sucked in her breath, waiting for his fingers to touch her, but he didn’t. Instead, she realized he was undoing his jeans, and her heart raced at the thought. She looked away, struggling to draw air into her lungs.

“Are you okay?” His breath tickled her ear, making her shiver.

She nodded, biting her lower lip. It would be lying to say she hadn’t secretly hoped for what was coming next. The thought of giving herself to him didn’t faze her, but that thought did worry her a little. She must have hit her head harder than she suspected. Where were her sensibilities?

Despite her insistence to see this through, she was still scared. Scared that he might hurt her. Scared that she wouldn’t measure up to his expectations. Scared that this really was just a dream, that she was probably still crashed in her car on the side of the road, unconscious…

His palm cupped her cheek, turning her eyes to his again. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. “Do you want me to stop?”

She blinked slowly and whispered with a shaky breath, “No.”

“I’ll be gentle.” Jake pressed his mouth more firmly to hers, still holding her head with one hand. His other one slid down her body, taking time to heighten all of her sensations by teasing her breast, her nipple, her side, her waist, her hip. And then his hand moved between them, lightly flicking her clit and making her jump.

He chuckled into her mouth, licking at her tongue. His finger mirrored the action down below, delving into her wetness.

Essie moaned, arching her pelvis up to him, but he pressed her flat against the floor again. She closed her eyes and had to remind herself to keep breathing when she felt his fingers searching deeper than last night, realizing how tight she was—and why. But he said nothing, just continued kissing her, continued stroking her, continued stretching her open.

His fingers retracted for only a moment, his weight shifted on her, and then she felt his erection pressing against her. He grasped her leg, pulling it up so she had her knee bent and her foot was buried in the softness of the blankets. A little pressure against her inner thigh to make her legs spread wider, and then he gently pushed into her.

Her heart seemed to catch in her throat, her body automatically responding as she arched up to him, drawing the head of his erection into her. She whimpered and gripped at his arms, thankful that he had stopped, but also wishing he’d just get it over with.

Jake broke the kiss and stroked her temple again, carefully tracing her black eye. “Shh, Essie. It’s okay. I know.” His other hand slid under her lower back, cupping her ass. His eyes met hers and held her gaze. And then he shifted once more, pushing hard until he had fully penetrated her.

It hurt. A lot. She arched her head back and cried out, clenching her eyes closed, her fingers digging into his skin.

He was bigger than she had imagined. Then again, she hadn’t actually seen his cock before he decided to put it in her. He groaned when he twitched inside her and her body responded by squeezing around him. But he didn’t try to pull out. Pleasure slowly replaced the receding pain. Blissful pleasure she had never thought possible.

“Essie, look at me.” He waited for her to open her eyes. “Are you okay? I won’t move until you’re comfortable.”

She blinked, exhaled, and released her grasp on him. A sigh escaped when he slid his hand out from under her and caressed her body again, encouraging her to relax. His soft kisses helped, distracting her from the pressure of him filling her.

It took a few minutes, but her body took on a life of its own. Her hips pushed up to him, her other leg now sliding up to a bent position, providing a better angle for him, her knees hugging his hips.

Jake slowly pulled back, drawing a sweet moan from her lips. He pushed in again, and then pulled back a little more. He repeated the process until he was slowly stroking all of the way out until just the head of his cock was inside and then sliding all of the way back in, pressing against her inner walls and earning a groan of delight from her.

Essie couldn’t believe all of the sensations running through her body. Never had she felt so alive. Everything he touched seemed to shoot sparks straight to where they were joined. Her breasts ached, smashed between their bodies. In no time, he was stroking faster, her heartbeat thumping in her head as she panted to keep up with him.

He mumbled encouragement, his face buried in her hair, his tongue and teeth torturing her neck as his hands held her head tilted to the side. His breathing matched hers, his body covered in a layer of sweat, sliding against hers.

She wasn’t sure how it would end. Usually, she could feel the rise, the peak, and then she’d shake a little as she went over, writhing on the bed. Afterward, she’d curl up on her side as she came down from the high, sometimes falling asleep, content. But that was when she was by herself.

Nothing had prepared her for the explosion that culminated after the intense pressure inside. Jake was stroking steadily, his voice raspy against her ear as he told her how he loved the way her body molded to his. Suddenly, she felt him grow bigger, if that was possible. Her legs clamped around his waist and she screamed, pressing up against him at the same time he drove deeper into her and stilled.

Heat filled her. She shook, as expected, but she didn’t stop. Waves rolled over her, numbing her senses. Her grip loosened on him, and all she could do was lay there.

She whimpered as he wrapped his arms around her and rolled onto his side, pulling her with him. His cock slipped out of her and lay across her thigh as he pulled a blanket over them. She reached for him blindly, moaning.

“Shh, Essie. It’s okay. You’re safe with me.”

His voice was so comforting, his body so warm and firm, and she was so exhausted despite having just woken up less than an hour ago. She nuzzled her head against his chest and breathed in the woodsy scent of him mixed with soap and sweat and sex. She drifted off to the sound of the fire crackling behind her while his fingers stroked the small of her back.


When Essie woke again, the fire was out, casting the room into shadows with the tree providing the only light. She blinked, her eyes adjusting and slowly placing the shapes of furniture. She could hear the wind howling outside…and the steady breathing of another human. Her fingers brushed against a hard body as she rolled onto her back to sit up, and the desire to draw closer filled her.

She considered just snuggling back under the piles of blankets next to Jake—especially since she was naked and a chill brushed her shoulders when the blankets shifted—but nature called. Her nipples tightened to an aching point as she crawled to her feet, careful not to wake him. She found his flannel shirt again and pulled it on, wrapping her arms around herself as she hurried to the bathroom, her bare feet slapping against the cold, wood floor once she stepped off the rug.

Feeling guilty but hoping he’d forgive her, she rummaged through the bathroom drawers and cabinets until she found a comb to tame her hair. His fingers had tangled it all up, but she smiled, longing for the next time he’d do it again. Unfortunately, she couldn’t brush her teeth, but that hadn’t stopped him from kissing her earlier. Still, she made use of a bottle of mouthwash and felt a little better.

She was racing back to their makeshift bed when she skidded to a stop against the back of the couch. A fire was blazing in the hearth again, and a naked man sat on the floor in front of it, surrounded by the blankets and pillows. She had to bite her lip to squelch the moan of desire trying to escape.

“Did you sleep well?” Jake’s hair hung in his eyes. When he brushed it back off his face, her knees weakened and her heart thumped louder. She managed a nod. His gaze dropped and slowly slid up to meet hers again. “You look good in that shirt.”

Essie blushed, feeling her nipples harden for a different reason now. “Thank you.”

“Are you hungry?”

“In what sense?” She slapped a hand over her mouth as soon as she’d spoken the words.

“My, aren’t we a little horny?” He winked at her as he stood. She realized he had pulled his jeans back on, but she wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or not. “I was thinking more along the lines of bacon and eggs. Scrambled okay with you?”

She nodded and followed him into the kitchen where he set to making breakfast. Just watching him move about with such fluidity made her think of how he’d made love to her at dawn.

“I really am sorry about ruining your weekend. I’m sure you had plans for Christmas Eve tomorrow.”

He shrugged. “I live alone. I have no family close enough to visit. It’s a lonely life sometimes.”

“I still feel bad.”

“Don’t.” He smiled at her over his shoulder. “I’m just glad I was there to rescue you.”

She blushed, once again thinking of how it could have ended up if he hadn’t spotted her car. “Yeah. Thanks. Anything I can do to help you with breakfast?”

“Your clothes are mostly dry, but not exactly the best attire for keeping warm or sitting around here. There are socks in the top drawer of the dresser. And you should find a pair of sweatpants in there, too.” He gestured to the bedroom with the spatula. “Then you can help me by setting the table. Dishes and silverware are in the cupboard and drawer by the sink.”

“Thanks.” They both stared at each other for a moment, the sound of bacon sizzling in the background. Her lust reflected in his eyes, and she forced herself to swallow and look away. “I’ll get those socks.”

The sweatpants she found were obviously too big, but she wasn’t going to complain. With the legs rolled up, she could still move around, and she wasn’t freezing anymore. She wondered if Jake remembered that she didn’t have her underwear. Not that the black lace panties she usually wore would have provided much protection from her arousal if he continued to seduce her like he had been.

A small shiver raced up her back at the thought. She shook it away and chose a pair of thick, wool socks. Back in the kitchen, she expressed her gratitude for the donated clothes while she found the dishes and set two places at the rustic log table.

Her stomach rumbled at the smell of the greasy food, but it settled as she devoured the pile of eggs on her plate and took two more pieces of bacon. Neither of them spoke while they ate, but their eyes flitted back and forth from their food, to each other, away, and back again. Although she was full when she set her fork down, her stomach still didn’t feel completely settled.

Not when all she could think about was how last night had ended…how the morning had started…

“Hand me your plate, Essie.” Jake’s tone of voice indicated that it wasn’t the first time he’d made the comment, but the twinkle in his eyes showed he wasn’t irritated.

“Oh, sorry.” She shook her head and gave him the dish with the silverware stacked on top. Their hands brushed each other. Static electricity sparked between them, and they both jerked away. Thankfully, he had a good grip and didn’t drop anything, but she heard his own labored breathing and imagined that his wide-eyed look reflected her own face.

He cleared his throat and turned back to the sink. “So, tell me a little about yourself.”

How much did she reveal to this stranger? This fantastically-good-in-bed stranger who made her temperature rise and heartbeat race just thinking about him? He’d pulled his sweater back on before breakfast, and now she frowned, preferring his bare skin. How the muscles rippled under her fingers as he was str—


“I’m sorry. My mind wandered.” She ignored his chuckle and his ‘I wonder where’ comment under his breath. “I live in Calvin, but I work in Benton as a secretary-slash-legal assistant at Thomas Law Firm.”

Jake pushed up the sleeves of his sweater and scrubbed at the frying pan.

She resisted a moan at the sight of his thick, sun-darkened forearms. Arms that had wrapped around her, held her so tight. So strong. So safe. What she wouldn’t give—


“What?” Guilt stung inside. That he’d caught her not listening again. That she had allowed herself to feel for someone so quickly. That she didn’t feel one iota of that same emotion for having slept with the guy.

“How long have you been there?”

“Sixteen years.”

“Do you like it?”

Her gaze automatically dropped, feeling the guilt drive deeper. As if she were admitting how long she’d been an addict in some private meeting of peers. She pulled her legs up to her chest, rested her heels on the edge of the chair, and propped her chin on her knees. Her eyes rose, now meeting his face…and his scowl. “My boss is a sexist pig. It’s gotten worse the past two years.”

He just crossed his arms and leaned back against the counter. His dark gaze locked on hers.

“Just say it. I’ve seen that look before. You’re wondering why I would subject myself to being practically treated like a slave.”

“I wasn’t thinking that, because you haven’t really described your work environment. I wasn’t going to assume anything. But since you brought it up… You, of all people, should know sexual harassment in a workplace is illegal.”

She shrugged and stood up, shuffling her feet on the way to the couch. “I just wouldn’t know where else to go. It’s all I’ve known since I graduated college.”

“There are a lot of other things to do, especially with a degree.” He followed her and sat at the other end of the couch. “Give me your feet.”

She stared at him for a moment and then complied. He rested her feet in his lap and massaged them through the thick socks. A soft moan slipped out as she bit her lower lip and sunk lower into the cushions. The guy was getting under her skin, and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

“I think of leaving at least once a week, but reality always sends me a check: the job pays the bills. Besides, he usually stays in his office. He only really harasses me through the phone, which is tolerable. I have never seen the inside of a courtroom, despite my title. On the plus side, I’ve put a healthy nest egg aside. I just need a little more and then I can quit.”

“That’s what they all say.” Jake snorted and slid the socks off, his cool hands making her shiver.

She bit back a cry at the sharp pain when he pressed his thumbs into her arches. “I was supposed to be off today. Or yesterday. I knew it was too good to be true when he’d agreed to it. For as big as his ego is, he’s completely lost without me. But at least I can count on the hefty bonus at year-end that compensates for any actual vacation days I’m legally obligated to.”


“Not so hard!” she gasped, tugging her foot out of his grasp.

His eyes snapped up to hers and he stopped. “Sorry! I’m just a little…distracted.”

When she laid her foot back down and he pressed it into his lap, she realized what he meant and gulped. “Um…anyway, I was finally heading home when I had the accident. I was looking forward to having the holiday off.”

“So are you alone?”

She blinked, shook her head, and then nodded. “I mean, I haven’t had a roommate since college. And with my unpredictable schedule, a pet can’t depend on me being around to take care of it.”

“I meant a boyfriend.” The corner of his mouth twitched, and his eyes darted down to her naked hands in her lap and then back up to hers eyes. “Someone who might be concerned about you? Someone you were planning to spend Christmas with? Family?”

Heat rushed to her face, and she felt her heartbeat increase. “Uh, no. No one. Both of my parents are dead, and I’m an only child. No other family in the state. I guess I have the same lonely life as you.”

“What a shame.” His hair swished back and forth, glowing from the firelight as he shook his head.

She wanted so bad to bury her fingers in his locks, to have him hold her against him, to—

“Are you still hungry?”

“I think I’m good for now. The eggs were wonderful. Thank you.”

One eyebrow went up, and he pressed her foot into his lap again. “Are you sure?”

She couldn’t stop her body from shuddering. How stupid could she be? Seeing that his eyes had dropped again, and the way he was licking his lips… Apparently, whatever was wrong with her ability to think and act rationally, it was contagious.

“Come here.” His voice was a whisper and a command as he stood and held her gaze.

She rose and drew closer on shaky legs, her breath catching at the thought of what might transpire. The idea flickered in her head that if she hadn’t been rudely called to work yesterday morning, she wouldn’t be here right now. Wouldn’t be walking into the delicious trap of a gorgeous man, snowed in for Christmas and only God knew how long.

Jake’s hand tightened around hers, and then he yanked her close, wrapping his arm around her back, forcing her own arm to bend and wrap with his. Although painless, the motion pinned her up against his body, and a gasp escaped between her lips. He actually growled at her, low and seductive, before his mouth locked onto hers.

Essie pressed her breasts harder against him, her eyes drifting close. The man was an addiction. She couldn’t get enough of him, and she forced herself not to think about what would happen when the snow was cleared.

Stay in the here and now. Enjoy it while it lasts.

“We don’t really have a choice,” Jake said as he pulled away, “but I’d be happy to spend Christmas with you, Essie. I can thaw that turkey, and we can have ourselves our own little celebration.”

“Uh huh. Sounds great.” She shivered as his fingers slid over the shirttails, lightly grazing up her side to her breast. She wanted to collapse on the blankets and let him have his way with her again like the first time. To feel his mouth on her…his tongue…his fingers.

As if reading part of her thoughts, his mouth covered hers again. His hand traced the edge of her breast, down the curve of her waist, around to squeeze her ass, and then it slipped between them. She shifted her weight so she could spread her legs, giving him more access. His fingers pressed up, rubbing the material of the sweatpants against her raw flesh. Her muffled whimper changed to a moan when he pressed harder.

He broke the kiss again and stared at her, his whole body shaking as he gasped for breath. Her tongue swept over her lips, tasting him. He suddenly released his hold on her.

“Jake?” She had to grab the back of couch for support.

There was no response, but he retrieved one of the ladder-back kitchen chairs, positioned it in front of the fire, and threw a blanket over it. When he stripped, her knees buckled on seeing the size of his erect cock, knowing that had been inside her…giving her so much pleasure.

“Take off your pants and socks. Leave the shirt on.” When she hesitated, he repeated himself. He sat down on the chair and held out his hand. “Come here.”

“What are you—”

She grunted when he tugged her towards him to straddle his legs. He guided his cock below her and pushed on her hips until she sank down. It was easier this time, but the fit was still tight. She whimpered when he moved her around on his lap, trying to balance her, stretching her wider and sliding deeper into her in the process. He silenced her, their mouths melding, tongues teasing while his hands slid first over and then under the shirt, fondling her sides, her breasts, her back.

His hands crept up to stroke her neck before fisting in her hair. She wasn’t going to argue, the first stages of numbness relaxing her as his fingers massaged her scalp, brushed through her locks, tilted her head this way and that as he tried to kiss her from all angles.

He finally unbuttoned the shirt, pushing it open and down her shoulders. For a moment, her arms were pinned to her sides, and he used the shirt to hold her against him. When he tossed the shirt aside, the roughness of his hands slid over her, electrifying everything in their path, making her shudder. Their final resting place was on her hips, and he began raising and lowering her.

She moaned, breaking the kiss to arch away from him, supporting herself with her hands on his shoulders. When his mouth closed on one of her breasts, she gasped.

It was some time before he stilled, ending the continuous rocking motion that had her making her unladylike noises, and helped her stand.

“I have a little fantasy.” He winked and motioned for her to turn around.

The light danced off his abs, his cock raised tall like a flagpole—shiny with her fluid—and she felt her pussy contract at the thought of it absent from her body. When he twirled his finger in the air again and patted his lap, she moaned. Their eyes met, and the look in his was glassy, lustful.

“Sit, please.” He turned her away from him, placed a hand around her thigh, and then guided her until she had her back against his stomach.

She could feel his hand beneath her, and then he pulled her down onto him again. The different angle made her cry out, and she stopped mid-air.

“It’s okay, Essie. I won’t hurt you.”

With a shuddered breath, she slowly impaled herself, her body swallowing him until she was sitting on his lap again. His hands wrapped around and held her tight.

“Put your legs on the outside of mine. Yes, that’s right. Now, I’ve got you, so don’t be scared.”

But she couldn’t help a choked cry as he opened his legs, forcing her own open at the same time…and driving him a little deeper into her as she settled further into his lap. It felt like he was pressing against her back from inside. While pleasurable, it was a new sensation, especially since nothing was touching her clit.

Her very sensitive clit at this point.

“I just want you to relax, okay? I’ll do all the work. But it will be enjoyable for both of us.”

She nodded and let out a deep breath, telling herself to let go. She felt his firm body against her back, his strong legs supporting her, his hands gripping her hips now, and his cock buried deep within her, throbbing, begging to be stroked by her hot, wet pussy.

“Lay your head back on my shoulder.” He kissed her temple when she did, and then he whispered, “Close your eyes and just feel.”

She stared straight ahead for a moment, watching the flames dance. That’s when she noticed the mirror above the fireplace, tilted so it reflected what was below. She’d never imagined herself in such an erotic position, almost as if watching herself in a movie.

There wasn’t much she wasn’t willing to let him try with her, but being taped… Even if he wasn’t, just that thought made her hyperventilate. Another “worst case scenario” that she’d completely fabricated and had now scared her silly.

“Take a deep breath. There you go. And another one. It’s okay. You need to relax. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you.”

His voice did little to calm her. Whimpers built from within and escaped in short bursts. She gripped onto him, her body shaking.

Not a movie. Just a mirror. Not a movie. Just a mirror.

“Essie, close your eyes.” He kissed her forehead again. When she continued to watch their reflection, he took her chin and forced her to look at him, pressing his lips to hers until she gave in and obeyed him. “Now just feel. And don’t forget to breathe.”

At first, it felt awkward, trying to kiss him or nuzzle his neck as he rocked beneath her, his cock barely moving within her. But when he cupped and massaged her breast in one hand, his fingers playing with her nipple, and the other slid down and stroked her clit, she threw her head back and abandoned her post.

Instead, her mind focused on the here-and-now, the facts. He was behind her, and she could feel the heat of the fire on top of her, and yet he was creating all kinds of sensations within her. So much so that she rolled her head back and forth on his shoulder, moaning.

He changed tactics, lifting her hips up high, lowering her back down onto him, his hips briefly pressing up when they were fully joined again. Lather, rinse, and repeat. It was a deliciously slow process that left her gasping and begging for more. The creaking of the chair as their bodies rocked, the crackling of the fire, and the howling of the wind outside only added to the effect.

She lost track of time, unsure if the heat in her body was from the fire or from him, but it was wonderful. Especially when he would pay homage to her breasts, or nuzzle and nibble her neck, or just wrap his arms around her body, stroking her skin with this fingers.

Jake groaned into her hair, evident that he was enjoying it, too. She managed to grab onto his arms before she felt the pressure build. That special tingling that told her the explosion was just around the corner. He did not fail her, bringing her right to the edge and then letting her fall, although she could feel him still holding her.

Essie cried out his name, moaning and shaking in his embrace. Through the haze, she realized he had not come, too, but the thought escaped her as she floated through the abyss. At some point, she realized he had picked her up and laid her on the floor. He pressed his body up against hers and stroked her skin, whispering words of encouragement as she writhed in the blankets.

She moaned, rolling into his body, the last waves of the orgasm slipping away. Her head was fuzzy, and she felt flushed, but her body was sated.

“Wonderful, Essie. Absolutely wonderful.” He cupped her cheek and caressed the soft skin with his thumb before he kissed her.

She shivered when his tongue outlined her lips. Shuddered when his hand slid down and took her breast. Whimpered when he rolled on top of her and parted her legs.

Her body welcomed him in like a long-lost friend despite feeling exhausted and sore. He fit perfectly now, filling her, caressing her from the inside out. His presence even soothed the tenderness a bit.

He stroked very slowly, mumbling as her body responded to his. Her legs wrapped around his waist; her hands gripped his arms; her body arched up to his. This position had to be her favorite. He could be in control. She felt safe and protected, covered by his strong, yet gentle body.

She was lost in their rhythm when he stopped and rocked back, pulling her with him so she landed on top of him with a grunt. She planted her hands on either side of his head, and leaned in to kiss him.

He brushed her hair from her eyes and then traced her mouth with his fingertip. She sucked it in with a grin, twirling her tongue around it. He moaned and arched his hips up into her, hard.

Essie gasped. When she didn’t move, he held her hips and demonstrated what she should do, asking if she understood. She nodded, breathing hard, and rocked back and forth on his cock, feeling him slide in at yet another angle, creating a completely new set of sensations.

Jake couldn’t seem decide if he wanted a handful of breast or ass as he guided her according to her moans, sighs, and whimpers. His large hands slid all over her sweaty skin: outlining her ribs; the curve of her hips; her breasts; her shoulders; the length of her neck.

When his hands settled on the small of her back, stroking her skin as his cock stroked her pussy, she felt the edge calling her again. Her knees framing his hips, she braced herself with her hands flat on his chest and arched her back. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, concentrating on stroking at the right speed and depth to draw the orgasm closer.

She was almost there when he pulled her head down to his to tangle their lips and tongues again. Her firm, aching breasts were smashed between their bodies as he wrapped his arms around her, rolled her onto her back again, and then drove in deep and hard. Her body shook under his onslaught, and she screamed through the orgasm.

He continued to thrust into her until he let out a loud cry, and she felt a burst of warmth inside her before he stilled. They panted in unison, their bodies intertwined, covered in sweat and the smell of sex. She could hear her blood pounding in her ears, felt the ripple of his muscles under her fingertips as she tried to hold onto him.

“Thank you, Jake.” She cooed when he ran his finger up her side and then teased her nipple. “For everything.”

“My pleasure, Essie.” He brushed his lips against hers, his tongue darting out to lick hers. “And there’s lots more to come. It’s snowing again.”

Essie let out a contented sigh and closed her eyes, cuddling up against him as he pulled out of her, making her body twitch. She felt him pull a blanket over them, his arm wrapped protectively around her, his fingers stroking her hair. “Thank heaven’s for snow days.”


Every inch of her body ached as she stretched and yawned. But it was a good ache, especially when she reflected on why. They’d made love several more times—her on top until she came this time; him down between her thighs like the very first time; in the chair again, both ways. Afterwards, they’d curled up on the makeshift bed, necking in each others arms until they fell asleep.

That must have been a couple of hours ago at least. Although still snowing, she could see it was brighter outside the window. She rolled onto her stomach, wrapped her arms around a pillow, and inhaled.

“What is that wonderful smell?”

Jake stepped into sight, dressed only in jeans and a smile. “Lunch. But it will be awhile.”

She took another deep breath—partly to calm the shivers running across her skin at seeing his bare chest. A giggle escaped, and she pulled back the covers to reveal herself to him. “Come here then.”

His grin widened. “How are you feeling?”

“Rested. And sore. But it’s worth the price.”

“I’m sorry about that. The only thing I know to do to help just might make it worse.” He grunted as he joined her on the floor, cuddling up to her. His lips were soft and tasted of tomato sauce when he kissed her.

She giggled again, licking her lips when they parted. “Mmm. I could just eat you up.”

“My, my, Essie. Watch what you say. You never know what may result.”

She felt the heat rush from her feet right up to her head when he pressed against her leg, confirming her suspicions about his allusion. “I-I didn’t mean…”

“I know.” His mouth covered hers again, holding her head back so he could deepen the kiss.

It took her a few seconds to collect her thoughts after he pulled away. The taste of him lingered on her lips, and the smell of a man who’d just taken a shower assaulted her senses. She reached for him, but he batted her hand away and propped himself up on one elbow beside her.

For the next hour, she tried to follow his train of thought as she told him more about herself, and he in turn talked about his life, his land, the weather, anything. All the while, his fingers stroked her shoulderblade, her spine, down to her lower back, up her sides, grazing her breasts, up and down her arms. The warmth of the fire only increased the heat building in her body.

Her moaning and cooing blocked out his voice when he started massaging her muscles, and soon he ceased talking. His mouth joined his fingers, kissing all over her back. She closed her eyes, relaxing into the blankets. Every spot he touched seemed to feed the desire growing within her, but she didn’t have the energy to roll over and pull him to her.

He continued plying her skin until she was sleepy again. Just when she was on the edge of drifting off, he slid one arm under her stomach, lifted up, and pushed two pillows under her.

“Jake!” She tried to get up as fear quickly replaced the need to have his body wrapped around her. Only one thought filled her head now: her ultimate taboo. Just when she was beginning to trust him…

“Shh, Essie. Relax.” He gently pressed her back to the floor and stroked her hips, her ass, down the outside of her thighs. His lips brushed her temple, whispering words of comfort. “I’m sorry I scared you. I’m not into anal. I promise.”

Her heart beat loudly in her ears, and she struggled to breathe against the pillow. When his hand slid down between her legs and stroked her clit and pussy, she gasped, arching back against him.

“Good girl.” He pressed two fingers into her and echoed her moan, kissing her again. “Just relax. Trust me.”

A myriad of sensations flooded her mind. He would stroke at a different angle, at a different speed, add a finger, inside then outside, pulling moan after moan from her parted lips. He alternated between pressing his lips against hers and kissing her shoulders and back, his other hand caressing the side of her breast with his fingertips.

Usually, she longed to reach the point of release. This time, she just wanted to stay in this constant feeling of gentle pleasure. Her body writhing beneath him, pressing against the pillows, the soft blankets brushing against her legs, her arms. She was so lost in the moment that she didn’t realize he had moved until she felt him behind her, his hands gripping her hips.

Her body tensed, her fingers digging into the blankets as a cry of fear raced up her throat. Before it could escape, he pushed into her pussy from behind. A choked gasp finally broke free, and her body rocked back into him on impulse. He used his knees to spread her legs wider, and then he sunk in completely. His body went still except for his hands stroking her lower back.

“You feel so good, Essie.” He moaned as he withdrew inch by inch, pulling a litany of Jake, Jake, Jake from her at the prolonged pleasure. When he’d slid in at the same pace, he pressed against her, laying across her back. His hands searched and found her breasts. He kissed her shoulders, brushing her hair to the side, nuzzling the back of her neck, all the while sending shivers up and down her spine.

“No,” she moaned when he sat up, missing the feel of him against her. But she sighed when he repeated the process. After the fourth or fifth time, he began a steady rhythm, stroking in and out.

She gripped the blankets, the pillow, crying out each time he smacked his hips against her ass. It was impossible to think now. His hands were everywhere all at once. She whimpered when he didn’t linger long enough in certain places. He returned, blindly trying to find that special spot again, making her writhe even more in the process.

He was the first to climax, swelling inside her, thrusting until his fingers pressed into her hips and held her against him with a loud groan. Yet, he did not abandon her and continued to rock at a slower pace, caressing her body.

She didn’t want him to stop. Yet, she was so close. Her panting increased, and she had to turn her head on the pillow to breathe, her hair plastered to her sweaty face. “Harder…please…ohh…harder.”

“Come on, honey.” His strokes sped up, although they were not aimed with recklessness.

Eyes clenched, she focused on reaching that high point, unable to answer when he whispered for her to direct him further.

He slid his hands between her and the pillows to fondle her breast with one hand and stroke her clit with the other. After only a few moments, she cried out his name. He sunk all the way in and then pulled her up against him so they were both kneeling.

She went limp in his arms as pleasure took over her body. One arm tightened around her while he gently pushed her head back against his shoulder and brushed her hair away from her face so he could nuzzle her neck. He twitched, still buried inside her. A whimper escaped, and she dug her fingers into his skin as aftershocks rolled through her.

“It’s okay, Essie. Come back to me when you’re ready. Just enjoy it.”

It must have only been a few minutes, but it felt much longer before her heart and lungs returned to functioning as normal. His lips brushed hers, and then he laid her down, spooning behind her. He covered both of them with a blanket again and caressed her back while her shaking subsided.

“Please, whatever you do, don’t stop,” she managed to get out, pausing to lick her dry lips. Nothing seemed real now. If it was just a dream, she didn’t want to wake up. Not ever.

There was no sound except the crackling of the fireplace. After he shifted and slipped out of her, she felt his hard body pressed against hers, his hands cupping her breasts, his face buried in her hair and neck. The numb feeling of sated desire was starting to wear off, and she moaned, longing for its return.

He chuckled, his breath tickling her skin. “You’re insatiable.”


After lunch, Jake went outside to check for ice on the power lines since the lights had flickered during their meal. He pulled on layer after layer of clothes until Essie didn’t recognize him, and then he disappeared into a bright wall of snow before the door closed.

She shivered from the blast of cold air, but a warm sense of comfort came over her as she washed their dishes. It was much different from when she’d cleaned up at home in her little apartment. She paused, her hands buried under the sudsy water, remembering the mess that still littered her sink and counter. It was such a lonely concept, not caring what your place looked like since you knew no one would visit.

A tremor passed through her, and she had to close her eyes and take a deep breath. It helped to think about him holding her this afternoon, his raw, masculine scent mixing with that from the stew simmering on the stove. How they’d silently watched each other as they’d dressed and moved around the kitchen, preparing the table again.

The meal had been satisfying, a mixture of vegetables and pasta and beef in a tomato broth, accompanied by thick chunks of warm bread. The man sure knew how to cook. Another thought that made her sigh with longing.

Their conversation had been minimal. At least the verbal part. He seemed to enjoy the game of staring into her eyes until she blushed and looked away, giggling.

Only once was he the one to blush when she had played footsie and then slid her sock-covered foot up onto his chair to gently rub against him. His jaw had twitched and his eyes darkened. For a brief moment, she thought he was going to sweep the dishes off the table and take her right there. Her only objection was that she hadn’t finished her bowl, and she was starving.

With the kitchen straightened up, she set about to find the essentials to make coffee, trying not to think of the life waiting for her back home. She had just sat down on the couch with a steaming mug when Jake returned in a swirl of icy wind and wet snow.

“I hope you have enough for me, too.” He peeled back each layer until it lay in a heap by the door.

Her eyes followed each removal with growing desire…and a little despair knowing that this couldn’t possibly last. “I made a full pot.”

“Good.” He shook out his hair, disappeared into the kitchen behind her, and then joined her on the couch with his own mug of coffee. “Thanks for cleaning up.”

She shrugged. “It was the least I could do.”

For some reason, she felt nervous, much as she had last night when she’d discovered her surroundings. Something had changed since Jake had gone outside, but she couldn’t put a finger on it. As they sat quietly, sipping their coffee, staring at anything but each other, she contemplated what could have happened while they were apart.

The only thing that made sense was precisely that: they had been apart. He’d had time to think about what they’d done. Just like this morning when she’d found him pacing. He didn’t seem as agitated now, but still…

“We shouldn’t have any more trouble with the power unless we get more ice in this storm.”

“Oh? Good.”

“Thanks for cleaning the dishes.”

“You already said that, but you’re welcome.”

“Did I? Sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“I better put on some more wood.”

She glanced at the blazing fireplace but said nothing. Something was definitely wrong; it just wasn’t her place to get involved. She’d interrupted his schedule, whatever that might have been. Sure, they were forced to share Christmas together, but when the storm passed and it was safe to travel, she’d return to her own life and he would continue with his. And whatever was bothering him would be no more.

He grabbed a couple of small sticks, broke them in half, and then tossed them into the flames. He lingered, keeping his back to her. His expression was impossible to decipher as she watched him in the mirror. After several minutes, his shoulders relaxed under his sweater, and he exhaled loudly.

It’s not my place…

Pushing away the thought, she went to him and hugged him from behind. His body was cooler than she’d imagined despite the layers he’d worn outside and the heat of fire before him. He fit well into her arms, and she sighed herself, laying her forehead between his shoulderblades.

Neither said a word, but he covered her hand with his. His touch was icy against the her own heat. Sparks snapped in the fireplace as the logs shifted, and an idea popped into her head. If anything, it would be a parting gesture of thanks for his hospitality. An early Christmas gift per se.

“Jake, lay down.”

He chuckled and turned to face her, the shadow of deep contemplation fading. “Been too long, huh?”

She swallowed. “Just…just lay down.”

He raised his eyebrows but complied.

She made sure he was comfortable and then said, “Put your hands behind your head. Yes, just like that. Now, no touching, no matter what.”

“Essie?” He started to sit up, but she pushed him back down.

“No…no touching.”

“You don’t have to—”

“Shh. No talking, either.”

He frowned for a moment, and then he put his hands back behind his head and stared up at her.

After a big breath, she knelt down beside him and lowered her face to his. His chin tipped up, and their mouths met. The tip of her tongue slowly traced his lips, and when they parted, she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her hand caressed his jaw, her fingertips sliding up to bury in his hair as she waited for her courage to build.

Their tongues danced together, and for a moment, she wished she hadn’t given him the rule to not touch. She longed for his hands to hold her face, to bury in her hair as well, to control her. But this was her decision, and she was in charge this time.

She let the kiss linger a moment longer and then slowly pulled away. His tongue snaked out and brushed against her mouth before he licked his lips. She held his gaze as she scooted down to his waist and ran her hand over his stomach. The glimmer in his eyes told her he knew what she was going to do, and he was going to let her even if he knew she was still unsure.

When her fingers found the hem of his sweater and slipped underneath, she felt his heartbeat quicken. While it may have been cool only minutes before, his skin was quickly warming up. She smiled at the thought that it was partially due to her. At least she hoped.

She had to tear her eyes away from his just so she could concentrate. Her hand lowered and flattened across his abdomen, her fingers splayed out trying to touch all of him at once. He moaned when she sat up and flung her leg over him to straddled his legs so she could use both hands. She glanced up to see that he’d closed his eyes, his lips pressed tightly together. She tried not to laugh at his strained expression. She had only just begun.

Minutes passed while she stroked him beneath his sweater, outlining his ribs, massaging his sides. She pushed up his sweater and leaned down to lick his nipple. That made him gasp. She did it again but lingered, covering the small nub with her lips and sucking gently. This time he moaned. She tried to duplicate what he had done to her own nipples, licking, sucking, nibbling, and pinching.

His body shifted slightly beneath her, and she glanced up. His eyes were open now, reflecting the fire beside them and his desire inside. Sweat dotted his chest, and she helped him remove the sweater. When he lay back down, his muscles flexed under her fingertips, under her lips.

She scooted back, dragging her flannel-covered chest against his bare skin until she was laying between his legs, her head even with his belt. He held her gaze for only a moment before she forced herself to look away. Her courage was dwindling, evident of her shaky hands as they unbuckled and unzipped him.

They both inhaled sharply when her fingers brushed against his hardness. She did it again, but slower, biting her lower lip when he seemed to grow stiffer. His continued groans expressed his impatience as she stroked down, cupping him through his jeans. When he bucked under her touch again, she sat up and eased the pants down to his ankles.

Her hand returned to stroke the prize again through his checkered boxers, relishing the different texture beneath her palm. She could feel the contours of him; feel the throbbing now that he’d been released from his confines. She could wrap her hand around his cock encased in a thin layer of flannel. Her free hand went to her own flannel-covered breasts and mimicked her right hand as it squeezed and massaged the essence of his manhood. She didn’t object when he rubbed his leg against her, encouraging her.

Lost in the moment, she closed her eyes and licked her lips. Her motions became more forceful as the desire built inside, chasing away her nerves. If he hadn’t cried out, she might have continued forever…or at least until she achieved orgasm—his or hers or both, it didn’t matter.

“Sorry!” Her hand relaxed on him and gently rubbed away any pain she had caused. He blinked slowly, signaling that he was okay, and then he let out his breath.

Her fingers slipped into the slit of his boxers, finally touching him flesh-to-flesh. His skin was a mixture of velvet and leather, and it wrapped his cock like a sheath, moving with her hand. Wanting to draw out the torture, but as anxious as he probably was, she removed her hand and slid his boxers down over his hips.

Casting both jeans and boxers aside, she lay back between his legs. One hand circled him again while the other cupped his balls, and he groaned. His skin burned, and the hardness of him made her moan, remembering how he had stroked in and out of her so many times, bringing her so much pleasure.

While she had never done this to any man before, she’d read enough erotica to know what to do, or at least what was expected. Successfully carrying out those actions was a whole other story. But if she took it one step at a time…

She returned to stroking, changing speed and pressure—careful not to be too rough—but her arms grew tired of holding her up in the process. Shifting slightly, she found it more comfortable to lay her head on his hip, her hair falling across his thigh. Her mouth was in the perfect position to kiss the side of his cock. It jumped slightly as her lips grazed his skin, but she held it in place and tried again. It was definitely different than kissing his lips or his nipples.

Essie inhaled, smelling the muskiness of his groin, a mixture of sweat and pure manliness and desire. Her hand continued to stroke him as she kissed up the side of his cock and back down, nuzzling her nose in the juncture of his hip, nibbling gently. It was hard to distinguish just how he tasted, but it wasn’t unpleasant. His moans proved that he liked what she was doing, so she was happy to oblige.

His body flexed under her, and she felt him watching her. When she stroked up again and raised her head slightly, she heard his sharp intake of breath. Slowly, she brought the tip of his cock to her lips and brushed it against her mouth. He hissed, and she did it again. The third time, she parted her lips and darted her tongue out to lick him, tasting a wet saltiness, again not unpleasant. She actually thought she heard him growl.

Chronicles of Slave Nano No.7: Worshipping the Snow Goddess

Author’s note: This story deals with themes of domination and submission, mind control, female supremacy and Goddess worship. If you don’t get that then you’d probably better not read on any further. This story is based on a real task set by a dungeon mistress. Parts of it reference other characters in this ‘Chronicles’ series but it can basically be read as a self-contained story.

The advice about my Chronicles of Slave Nano series on my profile page is also relevant:- “The premise of these stories is that Goddess Nemesis sets me a mission. She describes a task that needs completing in a real time session, which usually involves the rescue of another Goddess. She lays out the setting, provides tools that can be used to complete the task and some of the challenges that must be faced. It is up to me to solve how I complete the mission and fill out the story and then return to Goddess Nemesis’s dungeon for her judgement on the success of the mission. This is to help explain the bizarre nature of these stories, which are BDSM fetish adventures and fantasies in which anything is possible!”

Look North News and Weather, 1 Dec, 10.28pm

“So, Kayleigh is there going to be any let-up to this cold-snap?”

“No Peter, I’m afraid not. As you can see, there’s another front sweeping over from the North Sea and this means we are going to get further falls of snow overnight. These flurries will hit the east coast in the early hours of the morning becoming heavy in places, especially over the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Wolds before clearing in the early morning. By tomorrow the snow will start to ease up a bit but commuters will face lots of disruption again tomorrow morning. Back to you Peter.”

I sat at home nervously watching the late evening weather forecast.

“Have you seen the forecast, you can’t go to York tomorrow in those conditions; that’s crazy.”

“Well, it’s a really important meeting and we’ve got somebody coming up from London to see us. I’d feel really bad about missing it because it’s me that’s called the meeting,” I reply, desperately trying to justify why I would need to take the car out in such appalling conditions.

The meeting was not so vital; I would have been able to cancel it and, to be honest, the participants would have been only to happy to do so given the weather conditions. No, tomorrow was an important day to me for other reasons. I had already been summonsed to attend Goddess Nemesis for an important ceremony.

There was a reckoning I had to face following my previous attendance at Goddess’s dungeon. She had me tied onto her hog-tie bench and left me for a few minutes and whilst I was restrained her dungeon was infiltrated by her enemy, Sister Domexia, from the cult of the Sisters of Mercy. I was subjected to seduction and then torture as Sister Domexia sought to persuade me, and then force me, to come over to her and act as a spy for the Sisters of Mercy. She failed, I am relieved to say, and my heart remained true to Goddess Nemesis and the cause of the Goddess’s against the forces of the new religion.

But, Sister Domexia had a final trick to play on me, to leave her mark on me. She attached a funnel gag into my mouth and squeezed some of the foul waters from her body into my mouth, forcing me to digest it so they became absorbed into my body. Then she climbed onto the bench, crouched over my body, and let a stream of her piss gush all over me. I was powerless to resist this humiliation. She taunted me that I would be tainted with the smell of her forever and that I would be permanently marked by her humiliation of me. When Goddess returned to her dungeon she looked upon her slave, a stinking sodden mess on her bench, de-fouled by the sinister cult of the Sisters of Mercy and their agent, Sister Domexia. I explained what had happened, how I had resisted seduction and torture and remained true to her, how I had taunted Sister Domexia that she had failed in her mission to bring me over to the Sisters of Mercy. Then, I had to describe my humiliation to her, how Sister Domexia had left her foul stain on me and inside me.

“Goddess, she said that nothing would be able to remove the stench from me and that I would forever be stained with the smell of her.”

“Slave Nano, I am surprised at you that you would believe that. You should realise that the strength of the pagan goddesses is greater than Sister Domexia’s and that I have the power to remove her scent from you. But, Slave Nano, I must warn you that you must be subjected to a cleansing ceremony to remove her impurities from your body and that will be a challenging ordeal for you because, as you know slave, there can be no cleansing without suffering for me. And, of course, you realise that you cannot be permitted back into my domain and serve me without being cleansed.”

I pleaded to her, “Please Goddess, do whatever is necessary. Whatever trial is needed to remove her foul stench from me so that I can return and serve you again, I beg you to do it.”

This was no ordinary attendance. The cleansing ceremony that I had faced and so desperately needed was an important ritual. Until it had been carried out I would continue to carry the smell of Sister Domexia’s waters on my body and carry them inside me. I had to pass through this ritual cleansing to be able to return to Goddess’s dungeon domain.

I reflected on the exchange of texts and voice mail messages, which were stored silently on my special mobile, my line of communication with her. They were all a testament to the importance of this ceremony and to why I had to attend her the next day.

Text message from Slave Nano, 18 Nov, 10.51am

If Goddess is able to receive her slave, I can make it on Thursday 2 December at 2.00. I will await your summons. I must see you soon so I can be cleansed of the foul stench Sister Domexia has left on me. Your devoted slave. Nano.

Voice Mail message from Goddess Nemesis, 29 Nov, 8.49pm

Hello Slave Nano this is the Goddess speaking to you from a cold wintry night in Leeds. Slave Nano, I require you at my dungeon on Thursday of this week at 2.00 pm where you will be dutifully cleansed of the impurities and scent of Sister Domexia of the so-called Sisters of Mercy who infiltrated my premises whilst you were there. Also Nano, you have some questions to answer as to why you didn’t resist a little bit better. After all, I’m sure you could have wriggled free somehow. She’s only a mere woman, not a Goddess like myself. Now Nano, I shall see you on Thursday at 2.00. I hope you can make it through the bad weather. In the meantime please find out the name of a snow goddess. I’m sure there is one, a goddess of the Eskimos perhaps, and we shall have to make devotions to her to clear the snow before Christmas. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Text message from Slave Nano, 30 Nov, 10.32am

Goddess. Thank you for your message. I will attend Goddess at 2pm on Thursday as you command. There’s been lots of snow over her — east coast had worse of it last week but is thawing this morning. Rest assured that your slave will do all in his power to serve you whatever the weather. I can still smell the stench of Sister Domexia on me and only Goddess’s powers can remove it. Your devoted slave. Nano.

Text message from Goddess Nemesis, 30 Nov, 10.07pm

I gaze out of my bedroom window at the snowy wastes, and reflect what an admirable and resilient Goddess, Goddess Freyja is; residing, controlling and patrolling her frozen lands, how the chill of the protecting wolf Algiz’s cry, must haunt the icy ravines…from Goddess Nemesis

Text message from Slave Nano, 1 Dec, 5.52pm

Still hope to be with you tomorrow. Will text you when I set off for your world. Your devoted slave. Nano.

Listening to the weather forecast that night I was getting very worried. It had already been snowing for much of the day and that was on top of earlier snow falls that hadn’t cleared. The conditions were already poor, and if there was a further snow fall overnight…..well, that could make things even more treacherous. My plight had been made worse by the pledges I’d made to Goddess to try and reach her tomorrow despite the severe weather. I could only hope that the overnight snow was not too heavy and my carefully laid plans were not ruined.


I woke up in the morning and anxiously looked out the window and was faced with a wintry scene. There had been a further snow fall and the road outside my house had a thick layer of snow, my car on the drive was covered. My plan had always been that I would be in York for 9.30 for this business meeting and when that had finished set off to Goddess’s dungeon to arrive at the appointed time of 2.00pm. I was still determined to make it and fulfil the pledges that I had made to Goddess Nemesis to attend her, whatever the weather conditions.

I went out onto the drive and started scraping the snow and ice off the car; I took up a shovel and started clearing the snow on the drive from behind the back wheels of the car. My actions were fast, frantic and desperate. I calculated that perhaps, if I could get the car out, the main roads might have been clear enough to make it to York and by then the weather might have eased and the snow less heavy further inland.

After I started the car I reversed back down the drive. As soon as the wheels drove into the thick snow it compacted into ice and the wheels span helplessly. I jumped out of the car and cleared some more ice and snow with the shovel and tried again. I went forward and tried reversing again but once again the tyres got caught in the ice and span. By now the car was spread-eagled across the pavement in front of the house, caught in the dip of the gutter. After several attempts I was able to get it back onto the drive.

I decided to give up, go back into the house and take stock. By now the others were up having their breakfast.

“You aren’t really going to try and get to York? You’ll never get there in time anyway in these conditions.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m still going to give it a try.”

Then my work mobile rang. It was the people from London who I was meant to be meeting. They were at King’s Cross station but the trains were all delayed and they were ringing to say they wouldn’t be able to make it.

“Well, there you are, there’s no point going to York now, is there?”

I sat in gloomy silence.

My mobile rang again. It was another work colleague saying he couldn’t get out of his house and wouldn’t be able to come.

“This is silly, you’ll definitely have to cancel, there’s not even going to be anybody there!”

A desperate sinking feeling overwhelmed me; my determination and optimism about seeing Goddess today draining away. My carefully laid plans to get to Goddess’s dungeon were unravelling before me and I had a crucial decision to make. I had never before had to cancel a session with her and I would do anything now to avoid it but my options were rapidly diminishing. The car was stuck in the drive and my cover for going out completely blown. I made a final desperate decision. I calculated that it was better to let her know as soon as I could that I was not going to be able to make it than risk having her go to the trouble of getting to her dungeon in this weather only for me not to show up at all. That would be even worse. I knew I’d be punished for this but I would just have to accept that. I might be fortunate and she might show me some leniency given the extremity of the weather conditions, but I was under no doubt that I would face some extreme punishment for cancelling a session with her. I took an intake of breath and made my fateful choice.

Text message from Slave Nano, 2 Dec, 8.38am

Goddess. It’s Slave Nano here. I’m really very sorry but I’m not gong to be able to get to you today. More snow last night; cannot even get my car off estate. Also my cover for journey in other world is gone and am in very difficult position. I don’t know what to say –when I texted last eve I was determined to attend but is just not possible. I’m very sorry. I have failed a test and can only place myself in your hands when next see you. Thought best to let you know as soon as I knew I wouldn’t make it. Please believe me that I would not cancel unless I really had to. I am still your devoted slave. Nano.


I set off for work despondently and determined that I would ring Goddess later in the day to make sure she had got my message and speak to her so that I could offer my apologies to her in person. When I switched on my mobile phone later in the day I saw that I had a new voice mail message.

Voice Mail message from Goddess Nemesis, 2 Dec, 12.19

Hello Slave Nano. This is the Goddess speaking to you. I did get your message Slave Nano thank you, but while I can understand that you cannot get your car out under these conditions, obviously you will have to pay a penance. I have been in touch with Goddess Freyja and she assures me that all her slaves and heroes manage to get themselves out of their snowy waste land even in 20 or 30 ft of snow. She says she cannot understand your predicament. Nevertheless, you must pay a penance Slave Nano, this is it. If you have access to your sacred symbols this afternoon you must put the cock ring around your balls at 2.00, the time you should have been with me, and leave it there for one hour. Also Slave Nano, and here is a very perilous task for you, but I want you to carry it out. Tonight, when you go to bed, when all the houses around you are quiet, when everyone is asleep, you must get up out of bed, let yourself out the house, take off your dressing gown and lay in the snow completely and utterly naked. This is a fair and just punishment for you Slave Nano and you will know the meaning of how insignificant it was of you this morning not to reach the Goddess. You will find how cold and disagreeable the snow is on your naked body. Lay there for maybe 10 or 20 seconds, turn over look up at the sky and contemplate the awesomeness of the Goddesses and their power. If you are discovered I think the only way out of that predicament would be to plead insanity, don’t you? I expect you to do this Slave Nano at whatever time of the night. Now, if possible, you must take a photograph of this. I shall leave now Slave Nano and shall wait to hear from you with the task completed to my satisfaction. Goodbye Slave Nano.

I listened intently to the message and played it back again to make sure I had taken in all the details of Goddess’s instructions. The first task was straight forward. The symbol that she spoke of, the metal clamp, that I put around my balls when I attend her dungeon, I keep at work and I didn’t foresee any difficulty in carrying out that penance, but the second task….! When I first heard her instructions it filled me with dread. Did she really mean that I should go out naked in the icy cold in full view of the neighbouring houses? I knew in my heart that she did and I also knew, after recovering from the shock of the nature of her command, I would have to carry it out to her satisfaction. The penance was perfectly fair and beautifully conceived. One humiliating task was to remind me of where I should be at that time whilst the other penance was ingenious and cruel. If the snow stopped me from attending her then it was fitting that the snow should form part of my punishment.

On the stroke of 2.00pm I went into the toilets at work with my cock ring, pulled my trousers down and put the cold iron implement around the top of my balls and tightened it. I was determined to screw the mechanism as tight as it would go so that my balls were squeezed red and tight and I could feel the metal digging into. Whilst carrying out that task I reflected on where I should be. I wanted to be in her dungeon. I should be there. I so desperately desired to be in her presence. I should be preparing for the special cleansing ceremony that I knew she would have had prepared for me.

I switched my phone on to let Goddess know that I had received her message and had carried out her first task to find that I had already received another text message from her.

Text message from Goddess Nemesis, 2 Dec, 1.50pm

Slave Nano, I hope you received my voice-mail message. I shall be sorely disappointed if you fail to follow My instructions….My Retribution upon you will, as you would expect be MOST UNPLEASANT…Goddess Nemesis.

I replied instantly.

Text message from Slave Nano, 2 Dec, 2.05pm

Goddess I have got your voice mail and text messages thanks and instructions for your just penances. I am wearing the cock ring as I text and reflecting on not being where I should be in your world in your presence and suffering torments for you. Your devoted slave. Nano.

I dutifully wore the cock ring for the full hour as directed; walked around the office and chatted with work colleagues all the time bearing the secret humiliation underneath my trousers. Who amongst the people at my work place could have suspected that I was wearing a cock ring around my balls as I went about my routine business? I reflected on where I should have been during that time before sending another text to let her know that I had completed her first penance.

Text message from Slave Nano, 2 Dec, 3.16pm

Goddess. Your slave has just removed the cock ring after 1 hour as you directed. I will now prepare myself for the challenging but just penance that Goddess has set for me tonight. Your devoted slave. Nano.

Text message from Goddess Nemesis, 2 Dec, 3.22pm

Nano, I am pleased that at least a small insignificant part of you is in MY World, now are you preparing yourself to commit to your icy Supplication, to reflect and give gratitude that this Goddess is just in her punishments? From Goddess Nemesis. P.S. while texting you a text has come thru from you, this is obviously the work of The Silver Thread, that links All Goddess’s to Their slaves….


Look North News and Weather, 2 Dec, 6.42pm

“Don’t put your long johns away yet Peter because we are in for another chilly night! The snow is already sweeping across East Yorkshire and these snow falls will be heavy and prolonged. We can expect about another four to five inches this evening, though this should start clearing by midnight. We can expect temperatures to drop to around minus eight tonight though and perhaps as low as minus ten on high ground, some of the lowest temperatures we’ve had in a long time. It will be clearer again tomorrow and we expect to see some sun but, once again, early morning commuters will face some icy and hazardous conditions. The met office has issued a severe weather warning and is advising you not to make any journeys. You know, Peter, it’s so bad out there that you begin to wonder if somebody up there hasn’t got it in for us.”

“So Kayleigh, It’s stopping in tonight with a mug of hot cocoa, is it?”

“Well yes, Peter, it’s going to be really cold out there tonight.”

I watched the local weather forecast awe-struck. The forces at the disposal of the Goddesses were conspiring to make the task that had been set for me as punishing and extreme as they could possibly be. Goddess Nemesis had called on Goddess Skadi, the Norse Goddess of winter and snow, to unleash this maelstrom to demonstrate her control over her slave and the Goddess’s power over the elements. Even as I watched the weather forecast a blizzard of snow was falling from the sky in giant flakes.

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