November 2010

It usually took many months to get a new temp job; and after the time I had with Sofia Vergara, I was in need of a rest. So naturally, the agency gave me a new assignment just three months later this time.

But when they told me they were sending me back to New York, I got a bit more energy.

After my time on “30 Rock” two years ago with Tina Fey, I would now get to work for Tina’s alma mater. “Saturday Night Live” needed my services for the week as they prepped for a new live show on Nov. 20. What’s more, it was an episode in which the lovely Anne Hathaway was the special guest host.

There was no way to get around how this might be a sign. Yet Anne Hathaway was at another level than the others I had encountered. As much as I loved Jenna, Tina, Christina, Kaley, Kristen and Sofia on and off screen, they were better known for being TV stars. Anne was an A-list movie star, a former Disney icon and an Oscar nominee who was hosting “SNL” for the second time. There was something a little intimidating about that, although it was probably illogical.

Nevertheless, since she hosted before and was a bundle of energy, it didn’t seem like she needed much help from me for the week. In any case, I was already planning to see her naked when her new film “Love and Other Drugs” came out next week and unveiled her getting down with Jake Gyllenhaal. So I took the prospect of sex completely off the table; despite how that hadn’t worked in the past; and just focused on returning to 30 Rockefeller to see “SNL” at work.

That helped me on Monday when I returned to Studio 8H, got my first glimpses of Anne and learned that the “SNL” schedule is quite different from the “30 Rock” one. Since they work so much later in the night, I had to be on standby for projects a lot later too. At the least, I was able to sleep in for much of the morning before going back to work in the afternoon.

I was still a little worn out when I got in on Tuesday, which didn’t bode well for the rest of the week. So I went to get coffee in the hallway, and was relieved that there was only one person in front of me. It was a woman whose back was turned to me, yet I saw the side of some familiar glasses behind her ear.

I then stepped over to see the even more familiar owner of those glasses. Since ’30 Rock” was filming here along with “SNL” I had wondered if I’d run into her again, and now I had my answer.”Tina?”

Tina Fey herself turned and almost gasped when she saw me, but she then broke out into a smile when she recognized me. I offered my hand to shake, yet it felt a bit inadequate after what happened two years ago, so we eventually settled into a hug. “Wow, what are you doing back here? Wait, am I your boss again?” Tina asked.

“No, I’m temping for ‘SNL’ now! I’m helping with the Anne Hathaway episode this week,” I filled her in.

“Oh….oh yeah, I recognize those blood shot Tuesday morning eyes,” Tina quipped. “I probably should have put that in a ’30 Rock’ subplot to warn you.”

“It’s all right, I’ll adjust. Or sleep all through Saturday night or something,” I reassured.

“Well, hey, at least you got Anne Hathaway for your week!” Tina pointed out before getting a bit quieter. “Have you….tried to get her in other ways too?”

I gasped a bit at her implication, before remembering why she would get such an idea. “No…no, of course not!” I whispered.

“How come? If you’re still temping, I’ll bet me and Jenna aren’t your only….notches by now,” Tina reasoned.

“I, um, I plead the fifth on that. And I couldn’t tell you even if I lost Constitutional protection. I know you wouldn’t tell, but I don’t want to betray anyone else’s trust.”

“That is cool of you. Oh well, I can just call the temp agency, see what you’ve worked on the last two years and fill in the blanks myself.” I supposed that wouldn’t hurt, since even Tina might not guess every actress I was with. “I’ve already filled in you and Hathaway, so I’m off to a good start.”

“I said I’m not going to try anything with her,” I insisted. “I can’t do that all the time, and she’s got enough to do here. Besides….it’s harder to imagine someone like me with a Hollywood star like her.”

“And it wasn’t hard with….other people? Other people were a lot more stressed out and attached, and they really liked someone like you. That someone is a real catch who can’t confirm or deny that he’s become an even….bigger help to actresses in need. So he should know that anyone can need help and would be real lucky to get it. Heck, they need something to help them stay up at 3 a.m. after 20 monologue rewrites.”

“Are you actually encouraging me to… Anne Hathaway?” I tried to clarify.

“I’m saying you wouldn’t have the worst way to help someone survive this place. Just because she’s in movies doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like company….any kind of it. Heck, you impressed new political icons, so the writer of ‘The Princess Diaries’ shouldn’t scare you.” Despite being less subtle than usual, I got Tina’s point.

“Well….there’s no guarantee she needs that help, or that I’ll have a chance to give it. But I guess if I do have the chance, I won’t be nervous about it. I haven’t been before.”

“Yep, you’ve proven that at least twice. And that was all you needed to figure it out, right? Or wrong?” I almost got trapped into saying it was more, but I just smiled teasingly before she got me. “Nerds….can’t blame me for taking a shot, right?”

I didn’t have time to, since we both had to go back to work shortly. So we parted once more and wished other luck, leaving me to carry her advice in my head the rest of the day. When I had free time that night, I made my way to the halls of the “SNL” stage, which would be busy with rehearsals and rapidly built sets before much longer.

This gave me time to geek out over being so close to the “SNL” stage and its classic history. But my memories of the days of Phil Hartman and Will Ferrell were interrupted when I heard someone nearby. By the time I turned, Anne Hathaway was already close by, although she stopped when she saw me.

“Oh, am I bothering you?” Anne asked, which was ironic since I usually wound up bothering the actresses at first.

“No, no, it’s all right. I was just taking a breather…steeling up for a long night and all,” I stated while remembering not to feel intimidated.

“I hear that. You must be used to it all the time around here,” Anne theorized.

“Not exactly. I’m just a temp for the week…but I do know my way around here. I temped for ’30 Rock’ in here two years ago, and I just ran into Tina Fey again today,” I confessed while leaving out…other parts of it.

“Wow, not bad!” Anne congratulated. “So this is your second time here, just like me.”

“Well, it’s my first time for SNL. You have two, so you win,” I conceded, before I slipped back into reminiscing and “SNL” envy. “But being in a place like this, I suppose it’s easy to win.”

“Yeah, it is a bit overwhelming here. I’ve already hosted before, but there’s still nothing like it. I guess you’ll find that out before the week’s over, if you haven’t already.” I nodded in easy agreement, as I found it easier to feel on her level than I had expected.

“How did you get through the first time? Got any tips for a rookie like me?” I inquired.

“Actually, you’ve got the right idea already. Taking time out to relax and recharge does help, that’s why I’m here too. And it comes in handy out of here too….at least by the 20′th interview about sex scenes for your movie.” On that I just laughed, wondering if that was something to follow up on or just let die. But Anne kept going and remarked “I’m surprised they waited a day before they came up with monologue ideas about it. The naked stuff, I mean.”

“Yeah….well, I guess it helps to play along with it,” I offered.

“I shouldn’t really complain. I mean, I got naked in the movie and for Entertainment Weekly too! I knew it would be a big deal and I accepted it, and I’m glad I did! I just hope that’s not the only thing they’re impressed by, that’s all,” Anne wished.

“I’m sure it won’t be,” I assured.

“Okay then, let’s test that out on you. Are you going to see the movie? If yes, my follow up question is why?” She was smiling and had a teasing tone to her voice, but I was sure there was a serious undercurrent. So I would have to be completely honest here; yet now that I had eased my way into talking with her and not putting her on a movie star pedestal, I could be truthful with her.

“Well, the nude stuff does have me curious, even though you have shown your breasts before. When an extremely beautiful actress is rumored to be more naked, it’s hard not to notice. But I still want to see you with your clothes on, too. I mean, you’ve been showing more of your clothed talent lately, with the Oscar nomination and your singing and your funny stuff here at SNL too! It took me a while to be a full blown fan of yours, but now I’m fully on board….and something like this sounds like another step forward, with and without clothes. Taking more risks helps fans see you in new lights, I suppose.”

Anne looked speechless for a few moments until she chuckled a bit. “Huh….I guess that bodes well for those risky things I’ve been looking at.” This as much as anything else would stick with me later; once when Anne was announced as the Oscars co-host just nine days after her “SNL” stint, and again when she agreed to play Catwoman two months later.

“You know, my quiet times here weren’t so chatty the first time. But I see the upside to it,” she went on. “We should have some of these chatty quiet times more often this week. It should help us stay awake, at least.”

“Yeah, yeah we do need to do that…stay awake, I mean,” I corrected.

As the week went on, we did that and stayed awake at the same time; albeit to differing degrees each day. Waiting around in the wee hours for something to do was tiring on a few nights, yet Anne did find me before I fell asleep. As I got more used to the schedule, I only threatened to drift off a few times before 2 a.m. by early Saturday morning. It did help that I had chats with Anne to think about rather than my sleepy eyes; and laughing at some of the sketch ideas I’d heard about gave me little bursts of energy.

With Saturday here and the “night live” part of Saturday approaching, I headed to work with as much pep as I could muster. This was me and Anne’s last day here, and with show time coming, I doubted there would be much room for intimacy. But although my streak seemed likely to end here, just getting to see this show made and getting to chat with a beautiful movie star like Anne helped balance it out. As such, I was free of any nerves, unlike when I first got here.

By mid Saturday afternoon, the cast, crew, set designers, writers and others were making their final tweaks before dress rehearsal. With this much chaos, I was kept busy with tasks as well, yet I finally got a break at about 6 p.m. Dress rehearsal would begin at 8 p.m., so there was a little time to settle down now. I spent that time standing around for a few minutes before I saw Anne coming down the halls.

“Way ahead of me again, eh?” she asked as she stopped next to me.

“In a way. I mean, you probably need down time now more than me. I have no right to complain compared to you and the others,” I admitted. “Are you complaining, by the way?”

“No, I’m getting more excited than nervous. That’s why I should cool down before dress. Come on, we can lounge in the guest room while we get cool.”

Either through willful ignorance or a desire to stay level, I pushed aside what usually happened when an actress invited me to her dressing room. In any case, with a live rehearsal hours away, I really doubted that was on her mind. I had been wrong before….every time out, as a matter of fact; but I chose to just look at this as a final bit of down time with Anne.

We got to her guest room as I let Anne sit on the couch while I sat across from her in front of her mirror. “You excited for your first time?” Anne suddenly asked, as I thankfully stayed quiet long enough to figure out what she really meant.

“Oh, first time seeing SNL live! Well, yeah, of course. You ready for your second time?” I asked, figuring she’d get my meaning faster than I got hers. “Just about. I think it’s going to turn out pretty cool.”

“That’s Vanessa’s line, not yours, remember that on the air,” I quipped, referring to Vanessa Bayer’s Miley Cyrus impression that would be alongside Anne’s Katie Holmes impersonation tonight.

“Right, I’m doing Katie Holmes and not Miley Cyrus, I thought so! There you go helping me out again. I am glad you’ve been doing that this week,” Anne conveyed.

“Don’t give me too much credit. I don’t know if I was that different from your average fan, except you got stuck in a building with me for a week. Heck, I doubt I had funnier words and ideas than anyone in this place,” I self-deprecated.

“I can still think you’re cool and fun to talk with anyway, though. You’ve been more than above-average in my book,” Anne promised.

“Well…’ve helped set the bar for me, too. Since my first time helping and talking with a major movie star helped so well, any others will have a lot to live up to,” I predicted.

“Once you get your scripts and books sold, I’m sure they’ll beat down the door for my sloppy seconds.” I chose to treat that sexual term as a friendly joke, if only to keep my pulse steady. “I’m serious, I am sure they will.” Those words and the fact that she got up and walked over to kiss my cheek didn’t help with the pulse.

I sat quietly for several seconds as she chuckled and went back to the couch. “Ah…..yep, there’s the awkward silence,” I spat out once I could talk. But I had nothing else to follow that joke, so the silence dragged on for a while.

“If you’re that nervous, you can balance it out,” Anne offered, as she turned her head a bit to show off her cheek. “No, no, you don’t have to offer that,” I offered back.

“And yet I am, so what does that tell you? Or suggest you should be doing?”

It suggested a few things, yet I tried to just focus on the least dirty suggestions. I attempted to assume she just wanted me to match her and not go further than she did. So I got up, walked to her, took a breath and bent down to kiss her cheek as she hinted. I lingered just a second longer than she did, due to the feel of her skin on my lips, but I broke off before dragging it out.

“There….now we’re even.” And yet the awkwardness still didn’t leave; if this was still awkwardness. I told myself to look away and step back to my seat; yet my legs didn’t move and even though I tried to move my eyes, they still went back to Anne’s big brown orbs and bigger smile. Once I tried to look at the wall for a third time, Anne said “It’s okay” and finally made my eyes stand still.

But they were soon closed anyway after she leaned towards me and I closed the gap to connect our lips. We kissed more softly and sweetly than hot and heavy, although we moved a little faster once I finally sat next to her on the couch. After our tongues started to meet, I broke off while I still had the ability to reason.

“Wait, we don’t have time, do we?” I asked. Although dress was a while away, Anne could be needed for updates or to go through new lines any minute.

“I told them I needed a half hour to rest,” Anne explained.

“So you….planned this out?” I asked incredulously.

“No….but it’s still a happy accident.” I could wonder how much of an accident it was; but there was little point. Even now, it still astonished me that I could be part of such a “happy accident” with these women, planned or not. Especially when I really had ruled it out this time; yet if I had to be proven wrong, I might as well follow through.

A half hour still didn’t leave much time, yet I had worked with less before. But although no one was seeking Anne out now, we still probably needed to keep it down. I couldn’t really go overboard, so I would probably need to go slow for a while; which wasn’t a problem when it came to Anne.

I could settle for just starting to touch her and feel around her body as I sat back and let her lay on top of me. I settled a hand on her back and another on her hair as she broke off to kiss down my face and neck. Her hands went to the bottom of my shirt and went inside it, although she needed to sit herself up to get more room to lift it up.

I helped out by sitting up and getting it off myself, trying not to feel self conscious. She did just have to do a lot of takes with Jake Gyllenhaal’s abs, after all. Yet just as I had stopped telling the difference between TV and movie stars, I was confident that Anne wouldn’t judge me for not having the six-pack of a Gyllenhaal. Indeed, she just smiled as she kissed down my chest; with the sight of her gorgeous face nearly halfway down to my groin making me strain against my pants.

Anne seemed ready to relieve the strain as her hand got to my pants. When it touched my clothed, engorged member, I groaned; and the sound must have triggered another concern. “Don’t make me go too soon….I really don’t have enough time to recover.”

“I figured that. So I’ll go easy on you at first,” Anne promised before getting off me and standing back on her feet. “Sit up now, please,” she requested, which I immediately fulfilled. With her standing in front of me, she unbuckled my pants with both hands but used just one to take down my zipper.

That same hand pulled my underwear down slightly, but just slightly enough to set myself free. Now she could grasp my cock without any pants in the way, and she did just that while stroking me to boot. Sadly, she stopped after several strokes; but only to use both hands to lower her dress straps.

When that was finished, Anne got back to jerking me off while using her other hand to pull down her dress. Somehow she managed to multitask and get it down while not losing a step in getting me off. Once the dress fell to the floor, Anne was left in nothing but a matching black bra and panties.

While she was passed off as an ugly duckling in the first half of “The Princess Diaries” 10 years ago, Anne Hathaway had the appearance of an actual princess in real life now. Her elegant figure was the perfect complement to her snow white skin and quasi-Disney face. In addition, the standing position she was in gave me an obvious view down her cleavage; and although her breasts had been bared in “Havoc” and “Brokeback Mountain” it had nothing on seeing them from this angle in real life.

I figured I owed them some attention while Anne kept paying attention to my cock, so I reached a hand up to brush her right breast. After finding her clothed nipple, I put two fingers on it to play around, then started to stroke the top of her boob in tandem with her stroking my dick. We stroked and moaned at the same time, although it was getting harder to groan as quietly as we could.

“Oh man….I’d say it’s time to get this out of the way,” Anne ruled as she took her hand off of me to focus on unhooking her bra. It was probably for the best so that my cock could cool down a little bit, as it didn’t need to go off so soon. So given that, I would need to work on something to distract me.

“Bend down a bit, please,” I asked as I leaned back onto the couch. She stepped forward and bent down as requested, leaving her round, dangling breast right up above my mouth. I went to work on it quickly as she placed her hands on the top of the couch, grasping it as I kept pleasuring her tits. My hand played with her left breast as I kissed over her right, but soon my hand left her chest to go down her stomach.

By the time I returned to suckling her left tit, my right hand had begun to brush the front of her panties. She had pleased me with her fingers, so I wanted to do the same. However, I teased her by not pulling down her panties, as I worked my finger in and out of them.

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