Alayah was nineteen. She’d just gotten off the bus in front of her birth father’s home. She hadn’t met him yet, but he’d been sending her letters for about six months and they’d spoken on the phone a few times also. She’d been given up for adoption in the hospital when she was born. She’d went looking for her biological family and had found Darren.

Darren was tall from his photos. He had a deep dark tanned skin and silky blue eyes. His hair was dark and slightly wavy. His broad shoulders and muscular build made him look like a professional sports star. He stood bare foot on the porch wearing jeans and a tank top. His smile spread across his face and he opened his arms for her. She was happy to finally meet him and raced into his arms. Her skin was cool against his warmth. She felt a tingling sensation rise through her. She shook it off as excitement.

They went inside the house where he introduced her to her step-mother Kalandra and her three younger brothers, Aaron, Bentley and Calvin. Each matched her father in size and looks. She relaxed then, know she had found her family atlast.

After a three course meal, she was shown to the basement area of the home. It was a huge open space, a large sectional couch sitting in the center of the room, surround sound and a huge television, video games, a mini bar, pool table that converted to poker or ping pong too, board games and book cases of movies. On the far wall, a large curtain covered a back deck. Perfect for a fire pit and off to the side, a hot tub! She’d always wanted to have one. She loved it! This was her bunk for the week she was in town. Her father had told the boys that they were not to invade her space with asking or being invited.

That night, she saw how well they listened to their father. Not one of them had gone near the basement, talked about the basement, anything. With all the excitement down there, she couldn’t believe they didn’t even ask. When her father announced lights out, the boys hurried to their rooms quickly and she didn’t see them the rest of the night.

She talked to her father and Kalandra for a little while longer before excusing herself for bed. She went down and got her things, came up and showered. She emerged from the bathroom, her silky gown cascading down to her knees. The house was dark and the basement door was open for her, she tip toed quietly to the basement stairs.

When she got inside, she closed the door quietly and locked it. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she saw her father sitting on the couch. He had brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate their reunion. She sat near him as they talked. He told her stories of his youth, his relationship with her biological mother and his family. She told him about her adopted family, her childhood and her plans for the future. They found they had a love for Bon Jovi, cold pizza and driving. They talked for hours, before they knew it, it was four in the morning. He rose to leave and she got up and hugged him.

The sensation returned in wild force, her body tingled and his arms locked around her waist. She lay her head against his shoulder, his cheek rested against her hair. His breathing was fast and his body rigid. She was warm, her skin felt on fire and her mouth dry. They broke apart as fast as they hugged.

Her champagne glass was empty and she needed a drink. He made his way to the mini bar and poured himself a shot, then got out a bottle of water and took a swig. She smiled and asked, “Could I have one of those?”

His voice choked, he swallowed hard before asking, “Whiskey or Water?”

She giggled, “Both!”

He handed her a shot and the water. She took the shot and as she drank the water, he headed for the stairs. “Darren, wait!”

He turned toward her, expectantly. She pushed her hair out of her face as she moved toward him. When she got to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him again. “Thanks for having me visit! It’s nice to get to know you.”

He held her tight to him, the electricity between them sparking. “I’m glad you’re here too,” he murmured into her hair. His hands caressed her back, his erection pressing against her stomach.

She felt him growing against her, she gasped. Her real father, the man who helped create her, was hard as a rock for her. She found him attractive, no wonder her mother had gotten pregnant at such a young age! Her father was sexy!

He could feel her body tense with the erection pressing against her. She didn’t push him away. Her hands were locked around his neck, her face lying against his chest. She was breathing harder now too. Her warmth burning through her thin gown, he could feel it.

They both looked to each other, their eyes locked. So forbidden, so wrong, but this could be so good. They communicated their lust, their excitement and expectations to each other through their eyes. His were like darts of fire shooting into hers.

She was biting her lip, his pulse was quickening. She looked so innocent, so young, so incredibly illegal. He wanted to see her naked body, he wanted to lick her silky skin and taste her pussy. Yes, he wanted his own daughter in his bed.

Kalandra was two floors away and he’d seen Alayah lock the door when she came in. He decided to go for it, she would probably turn him away.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. She sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. He probed into her mouth with his tongue. Flicking it against hers, his hands sliding up and cradling her in his arms. Not missing a beat, he swooped her into his arms and carried her to the couch and lay her down. His body following quickly, he was on her. Their lips never seperated, their hands never leaving the other.

His hands rubbed down her body, stopping at her hips to hold her while he ground his length against her through the thin fabric. Her mind raced, she ran her fingers through his hair, matching his tongue flick for flick. They were teasing and touching, exploring each others body to know their new lover.

He lifted his weight off of her, pushing her gown up. She was wear a white lace bra with matching thong panties. He slid his pants down, releasing his cock. It’s eight inches sprang to life. Free to find her sweet hole. He lay back on her, his cock right over her clitoris. Nothing keeping them apart except for the slinky fabric.

His mouth left hers, trailing down her neck before pushing her gown up. She helped him slip it off and then met his mouth again. His hands caressed her breasts, teasing the nipples. His own daughter and he was handling her like he was an adolescent.

His lips made their way back down, finding her breasts. His teeth nipped at her hard nubs. She groaned and arched her back to meet his lips. He flicked his tongue across the tight stubs and suckled hungrily. She moaned and pressed her cunt to him. She was getting wet, he could feel the fabric of her tiny panties soaking up her juices.

His fingers slipped down and peeled her panties to the side. Gropping inside her panties, he found her clit. Slowly rubbing her in circles, she dripped on his fingers. He made his way to her clit, his mouth teasing and suckling it. She groaned and pushed her bare part closer to his hungry lips. He teased and tugged with his teeth and tongue. She gripped his hair as she came against his tongue.

He came up to tower over her body, her wet panties clinging to her. She arched herself against him, his hardness pressed between them. He whispered to her, “I know this isn’t right, but I need you so fucking bad. Since the hug on the porch, my cock’s been dying to be inside you.”

She grinned, “Can I call you Daddy?”

Confused, he replied, “You can call me whatever you want.”

“Oh Daddy, I’ve wanted you since I arrived. I thought I was a nasty slut for thinking such things about my own father. I just keep thinking my adopted father is my dad, so you’re not.”

“Baby, that’s okay. You are not a slut or nasty, you’re a woman who desires a man you just met.”

He slipped his hands down to her hips, holding her still. He ached for her, but he wanted to savor this. Hell, his family was just two floors up, sleeping.

He stood and slid her panties off. She had a tiny patch of hair, the entire rest of her pussy was bare and dripping. He stood before her and she leaned up and took his cock down her throat. He groaned and pressed into her. She sucked him, running her tongue the length and back before sucking again. She made gurgling noises as she sucked in all the juice from him.

“Oh baby, suck my cock!” His groans got louder.

Suddenly he pulled away, “If I don’t get inside you soon, I’ll have you drinking my cum.”

She smiled up at him, her big eyes were dark and forbidden. He pushed her back and his cock pushed at her clit. Slowly he entered her, she gripped his hips with her knees and took him all in. He moved out a little and pressed in more. Here he was, fucking his own daughter. A daughter he had never met before today.

She moaned and his fingers ran over her silky skin. He found her slit and parted her lips. His thumb finding her clit, he rubbed her swollen skin. She groaned louder and her hands found his ass cheeks. Her nails bit into his skin, forcing him deeper inside her. She wrapped her legs tighter.

This only made him rub her harder. Lightly flicking her clit with his fingers, he could feel her cum wetting his cock. He lowered himself onto her. His lips found hers and they teased tongues. Parting her lips to let him inside, she nibbled his lower lip. His hands caressed her breasts, teasing her nipples.

Without loosing a beat, he rolled over onto his back. His cock buried deep inside of her, she called out when she came down onto him further. “Oh daddy, you really fill me up!”

She rocked on his cock, her nails digging into his hips as she steadied herself. He found her clit again, this time rubbing against it with two fingers. She was soaking wet, his fingers instantly drenched. The lubricant she had made them forced him to rub quicker, brinking her on the edge over and over.

He didn’t want to fill her this time, he wanted to see his cum across her cheeks. He flipped her back over, pulling out of her warm pussy. He almost didn’t make it, as he pulled out, his cum began to spray.

It splashed across her tummy and over her breasts. She knew what he wanted and sat up closer, mouth open and tongue hanging out for the salty cream he was giving her. His balls trembled and sprayed more over her cheeks and lips. One gob hung from her nose, another ran down her chin, dripping onto her chest.

She pulled him close and licked his cock. “Let me clean you up, daddy.”

As she sloppily slurped up the last of the cum from his dick, he grew instantly hard. “Oh baby, Daddy’s really going to like having you around.”

Hi there. My name is Ricky. I’m 25, 6 ft 1. Brown short hair and I wear glasses. I’d be best described as a nerd. I play video games all day and avoid most social contact.

One day when I was 18 my mother took us all out to see her sister (our Aunty Terry) and our cousins. We walked for what seemed like a short time as we were there relatively quickly.

We entered the house and I took a look around as I was curious about them. Despite being young I was very mature and well educated for my age.

I had an oddly large vocabulary and knew things most kids my age wouldn’t. I had a good knowledge of sex as I once overheard some older kids at my school talking about it.

They seemed to know most of what went down, such as ejaculation, condoms, the different positions. I confronted my mother about it but she gave me a flabbergasted look and said I was too young.

Anyway, back to the visit. I met Jayecob who was a year younger than me and like me played video games. We were like brothers in a sense.

I then met Shannah who was also my age and had an interest in Pokemon like me. I took an instant liking to her. She was nice and pretty, I hung out with her a lot, we were like cheese and macaroni.

Last but not least I met Shontay who my sister liked. She was 3 years older than me and was the most mature so I could see why my sister looked up to her.

One day at night while everyone else was asleep, Shannah and I sneaked downstairs and talked to each other quietly.

At first the subjects were innocent, the more we visited the talks would get more and more serious. One day when I was 19, Shannah asked me “have you had sex yet?” I looked at her and shook my head, I knew a lot about sex, but lacked the experience. We spoke about it and as it turns out she was in the same position as me.

“Hey…how about we ‘experiment’?” I complied, curious and aroused, and we saw each others genitals.

She poked my penis and I rubbed her vagina. Suddenly we heard footsteps. “Lets Hide” I said. We hid behind the sofa, my mother went into the kitchen and we crept back upstairs and went to sleep.

That was a close call. Years later as we grew older and became more developed, we experimented more. When I was 20 and she was 22, she would tease me during the visits.

One day in particular she found an 18 rated DVD. “Hey Ricky, lets watch it” she said smiling.

“But its rated 18…what if we get caught?”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen, its probably just an action movie!”

“Oh, okay” I said excited. Nothing could prepare us for what we saw. It was a woman sucking a guys dick. We both looked in awe as she took it down her throat violently.

Suddenly I realized I was becoming aroused. I began rubbing myself. I noticed Shannah began playing with herself too. Then I had an idea. What if Shannah did that to me?

“Shannah…could you do that to me too?” I asked.

“Suck your dick!? I…I don’t think I can!” I stood up in front of her and took it out, my dick bounced down and hit her nose in its erect state.

“Please Shannah?” I pleaded. She moved her face closer and licked it once. She was rather cautious and began licking the head more. Before I knew it she took the entire penis in her mouth.

“Sh-Shannah…that feels so good” I moaned. She moved her head back and forth, taking short breaks in between so she didn’t choke. Finally it happened. My first orgasm.

“Shannah! I’m cumming!” Just like in the porn on the TV, I came on her face. Unlike the man though, it wasn’t a lot. My dick shriveled up and became flaccid. I looked at her, my breath was very heavy, like dog pants.

“Thank you Shannah. That was great” I said. On the screen the man licked the woman’s vagina. I looked at Shannah with an eager smile before I got on my knees and removed her pajama bottoms and panties.

I spread her legs and looked at her beautiful virgin pussy. “Don’t stare so much!” she said embarrassed. I stared anyway.

It was so beautiful. I spread her pussy’s lips and looked at it more before I sniffed it. It had an odd scent. Not bad to be honest…I loved it, and I wanted more. I began licking her vagina, base to clitoris.

“O-oh…Ricky…its so good” she moaned as she let out soft moans but tried to restrain herself. I sucked on her clitoris and nibbled on it.

She was being driven into ecstasy by me. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and went back and forth just like the video on the TV.

“Ricky…It feels too good!! Too good!!!!” She began to speak loudly now. She covered her mouth with a cushion as I continued. I continued, speeding up now. In no time at all, Shannah had her first orgasm.

She turned off the TV and leaned back on the sofa, exhausted from what had happened.

“Ricky…that was amazing…” she told me

“really Shannah? That’s great news. I’m happy you felt so good” I said with a smile. She noticed my boner hanging out of my unbuttoned pajama bottoms.

“Looks like your friend wants to say ‘hi’ again” she laughed. I had a stroke of genius!

“Shannah…I…want to have sex with you” I said.

“We did silly” she replied.

“No Shannah…I mean proper sex can we?” I asked. She spread her legs and her pussy lips, inviting me to enter. I slowly entered her vagina.

I had heard that it hurts on the first time so I wanted to make sure she felt good. She was still in pain, she let out a moan of pain

“are you okay Shannah?”

“Y-yes, don’t mind me, continue” she said, wrapping her legs around me and locking my in. There was no going back now. I thrust in and out of her pussy, slowly. Trying to get her used to it.

“Harder” she commanded

“fuck me harder Ricky!” With that I began thrusting harder and faster, she let moans out and hugged me as I pumped my member in and out of her cunt.

“It hurts…but it feels good too!” She exclaimed.

“Shannah…your pussy feels great” I began playing with her developing breasts. They were small but I could grope and rub them. I pinched her nipples and drove her crazy

“I-its happening again!” She cried, having another orgasm. I continued thrusting, not letting up for a second. Her pussy juices made my dick so unbelievably wet.

“Shannah…somethings going to come out again!” I said. I pulled out my penis and came on her face once more.

“Why Ricky? I wanted you to do it inside”

“But you would have gotten pregnant” I explained.

“I know…but I wanted to” she said with a smile.

“I wanted to do it inside but your mother would kill us both” I added. We went to bed and went to sleep. A month later we were all at my mothers house and our cousins stayed the night for a change.

Everyone was in my room. Everyone was trying to go to sleep…except Shannah and I. We would fool around at any given chance. We had discovered anal, and the 69 position.

We were very intimate, she would want oral anytime vaginal was out of the question or we didn’t have enough time or just for the hell of it.

That night at the house in my room she couldn’t jerk me off as her hands weren’t near me. Suddenly I felt something touch my penis…feet??

I thought it was Jayecob doing this by accident as we had to share a bed but they began to play with my penis.

I looked up and saw Shannah giving me a footjob and smiling seductively while licking her lips. She moved one of her feet to my face.

I began to lick and suck on her toes and worship her sole. She swapped feet which were now wet with my saliva and gave me a very soggy footjob. I moaned

“Shannah…I’m gonna cum” I whispered.

“Do it. Cum on my toes” I came silently. She took her feet back and licked the cum off.

“Delicious” she whispered. I smiled and tried to settle my noticeably heavier breath. We went to sleep and did numerous experiments outside the house on the upper porch (which couldn’t be accessed normally as it was usually shut and used only as a fire escape) where I would perform cunnilingus on her or we’d 69.

We did have occasional fuck sessions when we could if we had the time. One day however at her house she was gone with my mother to get some food…and I was alone with her Mum, Jayecob, Shontay and my sister.

I didn’t know she had left so I went upstairs to find her. When I couldn’t I decided to jerk off. That’s when I heard what I thought was the familiar noise of her moans from her mothers room…

To Be Continued…

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