Everybody in this story is of legal age. All facts are pure fiction.

For better understanding, please read the first chapter of this story.


Two peaceful weeks passed since I had the overwhelming episode with my girlfriend’s mother. I was trying to forget that humiliating scene I had with Vicky, and, except the nights when I was masturbating two or three times thinking about her beautiful legs, it looked like everything went back to normal.

That is why I was very surprised when I’ve heard Lynette saying, while we were having an ice-cream at a downtown cafeteria.

“You know what? I wish I had my mother’s long perfect legs instead of those short of mine. Too bad I only inherited her round tits!”


“I always thought… She’s such a nice mix of a hard woman and sweet and funny too! She is so comfortable with herself, her body and sex life… She is the total womanly package, don’t you think?”

“Errr, I don’t know…”

My thought drifted away to her mother, while she was chatting. I remembered her high cheekbones and firm jaws. She was right, that sexy slut mother of hers was the kind that makes you pull your cock out of your pants instantly. But, fuck, she was talking about her own mother! If poor girl knew the hot scenes between me and her mom!

Vicky seemed to like me, and I was ready for doing anything to fuck that sweet ass of hers, at least one time in my life.


I was kind of struck when I recognized Vicky on my phone, a few days after. We only spoke a few words, she was expecting me that evening, her daughter will be in town until midnight. Her self confident and demanding voice was pissing me off. I don’t know why, but I felt I had no chance but to go to her. I had to get back there and face her. I was angry because she always acted like she was in charge. I was sure this time I will show her who’s wearing the pants, because it was impossible that a 42 years old woman was mentally stronger than me, and likewise to be physically tougher. My tall skinny yet athletic frame, was enough to give me a sort of confidence I’ll teach that cougar a lesson as soon as I’ll have the chance… and I was sure this was the lucky day …

It was strange, but I had an iron bar erection just in the second I’ve heard her. I couldn’t keep from masturbating right then. I jacked off furiously, imagining I was forcefully fucking her full mouth.


I had to wait a few minutes until Vicky finally opened the door. That crazy bitch, she wanted to test my nerves, for sure! I wanted to tell her something about that when she unlocked, but when I saw her, I was really close to fall on my feet there in the front of the door! Vicky was quite a sight that evening. I wondered if she had the courage to get out of the house dressed like that. Well, maybe the word “dressed” is a not a proper one… . I think “undressed” would be more correct… All she was wearing was a tight black thong barely covering her ass. Obviously, she didn’t have any bra and I was sure she didn’t’ have any panties. Her four inch high heels made her look very tall. She was obviously not shy about showing off her large breasts and fit body. Shy women don’t wear clothes like that. She noticed the lust in my eyes, so she asked me smiling:

“Don’t you like what you see, Mick?”

“Oh, it’s just… This is definitely the boldest dress I’ve ever seen…You look absolutely stunning…”

“Well, I worked so hard on my body for many years, I love the way I look, and I just love to show it off. I’m sure that men appreciate that. Come with me!”

Following her, my eyes stuck on her tight ass muscles stretching the very thin fabric of her thong. Her long shapely legs and the perfect definition they had were a jaw dropping show for a horny young lad like me.

I sit on a couch and while she was getting some whisky glasses to fire up us both, she broke the silence.

“I was out of town for a few days… I missed my cock…”

“Your cock?”

She turned her head and looking me square in the eye she said “You certainly know your cock is now mine dear! Are you trying to tell me you don’t want that?”

I wanted to deny, but her low voice and her perfect physique were so intimidating, and I just succeeded to kind of acknowledge her words.

She stepped close to me. The 4 inch heels of her black leather shoes, her long bronzed legs were hypnotizing me.

“Did you follow my rules, Mick?”

She sit next to me on the sofa, gracefully crossing her legs. Her thong slipped up on her hips, it was almost invisible by now. She was acting like she was my mistress. Did she really own me now?

“Yes, of course, Mrs. Vicki!”

Her hand beginning to stroke the impossible length of her tanned thighs. I felt obliged to continue “You should be sure I’m telling you the truth!”

“Really!” Her voice was suddenly steely. “Would I!” She leaned in close, her face inches from my own and whispered as if it was a big secret “my daughter told me you had the best fuck in the world yesterday!”

My eyes fell to the ground. I was too shocked to try to deny, and stood completely still. She closed in her face inches from mine.

“Do you remember the rules?”

“Yes, Vicki!”

“What a sweet boy!”

She pressed one of her stilleto high heels into my foot.

“Hey, you, that was my foot!”.

Her sharp fingernails lifted my chin, to be sure our eyes meet.

“I don’t remember I ever allowed you to fuck my daughter?”

I didn’t say a word.

“Yes …?”

“You’re hurting me. Please remove your heel!”

“Not until you apologize properly!”

That was one crazy woman, I thought. Then I received a slap. It was not a girl slap. It was a painful, deafening slap. I’d literally forgotten what I was going to say. It was useless to say anything, anyway. Next slap made me lean under the force of her strike.

“Please,” I begged her. “Please don’t!”

“Shut up, sissy boy! Take it like a man. Do you regret what you did?”

“I do.”

“You’re a big boy Paul…” Slap! “So I can be…” Slap! …”No” Slap! …” I must be…” Slap! “rough with you now!” Slap! “You must understand” Slap! “You have to face the consequences!” Slap! “For not listening!”

I was tired of taking her crap. I get up to kick her ass. But it was too late for my decision. I was already totally disoriented from receiving all those violent slaps which almost had shake my brains against my skull, and my face was burning like hell. She already had one of her hands firmly embedded in my hair and the other one punched my neck. That took all my breath off. I fell on my knees.

She mounted me with her knees and shins, and her weight transformed her exquisite legs into tormenting tools. Her hands imprisoned mine in a vise-like grip. I struggled helplessly against her cruel maneuvers but it was no use. I had no escape. What frighten me, was the fact that I expected her to be full of rage, but she was cool blooded and methodical. She just smiled and trapped my both arms while leaving her right hand free. Then her hand crushed my balls and I melt like clay.

She was having me right how she wanted me. I felt captured, broken and submitted. I was a immobilised prey, waiting to be devoured. Those shapely legs were obviously strong enough to trap me into the position of oral slavery again. How can a sexy woman be this strong?

Her skirt was lifted up on her thighs and for one second I had a close look of her moist pussy. Her thighs wrapped around my face and held me in position without taking any effort. My nose fitted into her vagina. She started dragging her pussy over my mouth and my nose. The only thing I could see were the muscles in her thighs working when she was raising to push herself heavier over my face. Finally, exhausted by countless orgasms, she layed on the armchair, continuing drinking from her glass of whisky. I was trying to recover myself.

“I’m sorry, Vicky!” She acted like she didn’t hear me.

“Please forgive me!”

She grasped my face with her hand to meet my eyes.

“I know that you’re sorry. Tell me something I don’t know: why you’re breaking my fucking rules!”

“Please forgive me, Vicky!”

“You just saw how powerless you are to resist me. Why did you disobeyed me? Do you remember my fucking rules?”

I kneeled in front of her, I don’t know why, but suddenly I felt that was the only way I could make her forgive me. I didn’t believe myself I was so easy to manipulate into submission.

“Tell me!”

“I’ll be your private fantasy when ever you want, whatever it takes.”


“I may not come without your permission.”

Around her right ankle was a golden ankle bracelet. I kissed it. I felt a hand grabbing a handful of my hair and I was pulled upwards to look straight into my eyes.

“Poor boy! This rule is driving you insane, doesn’t it? “

“I am not allowed to fuck anybody else, without you approval!”

“Now listen to me boy. Listen very carefully! I will not tolerate you any further disobedience of the three simple rules! Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms Vicky!”

“You may not fuck my daughter or any other girl and not even masturbate, if I don’t allow you to! I will show you I’m a kind woman, and I’ll forgive you this time!”

She leaned in close to me, whispering: “We can have lots and lots of fun if you behave yourself. Too bad you lost a lot of fun today!” She stretched one leg out just inches from my face. “Look at my legs, I know you crave to!”

I was not able to take my eyes off those shapely legs.

“Have a close look… I know you’ve been lusting for my calves… You are trying to hide your stiff cock, don’t you? I bet you are anxious to go home to jack off again!” she said as she ran her fingers lightly along the ridges of her muscular calves.

“Take your clothes off, now. I really want to see your cock!”

Slowly, reluctantly, I moved my hands towards my zip.

” Look into my eyes, young man!” I felt her beautiful black eyes had something hypnotic “DO IT!”

I finally released my raging hard-on from my pants. I’m sure my eyes bulged as she proceeded to rip her clothes off revealing her amazingly tanned and toned upper body. My resistance collapsed like a house of cards when I saw the perfect mounds she just revealed. My hand moved automatically to my cock and grasped it.

“Don’t you like what you see, honey?” she asked while arching her back to push her marvellous tits closer to my burning face. Seeing them bounce like that should get any man hard. It’s irresistable tempting to blow your load watching something so lusty.

“Stroke it for me…do it slowly.”

I slowly started to stroke my cock.

“I’ve never done it like that before!”

“Like what? Wanking yourself off in front of a woman?”


She held me there on my knees, I was feeling I was totally at her will, while I begged in my mind for release. She was looking so sexy and the smell her gorgeous tits was so enticing….

“Come on, I know you like my body. Don’t you want to touch me, Mike?” She leaned her head and whispered “Give me your free hand!”

She reached out, taking my hand and put it on her thigh. When I hadn’t moved my hand after a few minutes she moved it higher up her leg. It was a maddeningly intense sensation. I caressed it gently, starring in her eyes. She was watching what I was doing.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” she said. “I won’t bite you.” I started to run my hand up and down her thigh more firmly.

“I know you need me bad. Real bad. Is that true, Mike?”

“You would like having one girl stroking your cock right now, don’t you, Mick?” she asked in teasing tone.

“Oh, yes!” I replied hoarsely. “You’re the most amazing woman I have ever seen!”

She grasped my swollen meat with one hand and slowly pumped up and down a couple of times.

“Oh, yes!” Do it harder, please!”

“I’m not hurting you, am I? Do you want me to let you spurt? The hot cum on my body drives me crazy.”

“Yes, Ms. Vicky! Please help me!”

“Not today, Mick. I don’t want getting my hands dirty with your sticky cum today!” she smiled, looking down at my penis, than turning her head to the left. I followed her eyes and found Jeanette watching us with amusement.

“Well look what we have here” she said, stepping into plain view. Jeanette was dressed in a red mini skirt, and a figure hugging red blouse open at the neck revealing a lot of cleavage. She was chewing gum.

“My boyfriend lost his clothes when he found himself alone with my hot mummy”. Her bubble gum exploded.

I was a sculpture made in stone. What can you explain to your teen girlfriend who catches you while her mum is jacking you off? My naked teenage boner was standing proudly right before her eyes.

“Me and mommy had a bet. Mommy said men are weak and she’ll make you into her dolly, and make you lose your mind”

Lynette stepped in close to me, and although she was much shorter then me, I felt pinned against the wall and suffocating me. She placed her small hands on my

chest then pushed me back.

“Oh Mick,” she giggled, “I enjoyed watching you so much. It’s ridiculously hot stuff. Your body and cock are just perfect toys for a sexy older skilled woman!”

“Just calm down, Lynette” I replied. “I’ll explain you.”

“It’s such a long time since I noticed you staring at mom’s legs without embarrassment. I know mom is a stunner and she has a great effect on all cock owners. Mom told me she was sure you can’t control your perverted urges, and you were jerking off thinking about her. I just thought she’s a crazy old bitch! That’s why, me and mommy made that bet. Mommy said men are weak, and she is able to make you into her dolly, and make you forget who you are, forget about me, forget about your pride and everything else. It was going to be easy. And you were forcing me to fuck me in the ass or make me suck cock!!”

“Hey, you two set me a trap! That was not fair!”

As she walked towards me there was a strange look in her eyes. I could not tell if it was hate, anger or lust.

“Shut the fuck up. I’ll make you suffer for betraying me!”

“You enjoy watching her long silky legs work, you little slut? Well, enjoy this!” To my surprise, she kicked my shin. It was very painful. She was not a is a shy sweetie anymore!

“I’m sick of you both, stupid bitches, I’m leaving this place now!

Right then Vicky slapped me hard across the face. I was stunned by her fast action, and, before I was able to react, her knee went hard into my groin.

I falled like a tree down the floor holding my broken balls, unable to breath anymore. When I tried to get back on my feet, grunting, I felt an iron hand grabbed my hair and dragged me again down on my knees. I felt Vicky forcing my hands behind my back and Lynette emprisoned me with handcuffs. Where the hell did they have them? I was beaten by a woman in a few seconds!

“That was really something, mom! I didn’t believe you can sport such agility” the younger woman said.

“Oh, dear, it’s all in the technique” her mother replied casually.

“You finished him off before you began! You floored him by a mere touch of your knee.

“It was not big deal! It’s just experience, darling! It’s not important how strong he is, the only important thing is to leave him no chance! Now let’s have fun with your pathetic cock-driven boyfriend!”

Her long muscular thighs wrapped around my body.

“I will show you just how powerless he is.”

She crossed her ankles and started to squeeze unbearable hard. I struggled to get free of myself, I even yelled, but they just laughed at useless efforts. She held me in any position she wanted very easily, watching with wicked delight while I was squirming helplessly in her crushing leg vice, with my hands tied at my back. Vicky was not a woman wrestling with a man, she was a butcher manipulating a piece of dead meat.

My struggle against her strong limbs made me soon to lose all my stamina. After a while, I realized that I was at her total mercy and I quit fighting.

“Now, you must admit you are at our total mercy!” laughed Lynette.

“Mick, be a dear and stay still” continued Vicky. “Maybe it would be harmful for you to continue to fight! I see you’re so full of sweat!”

“OK! I’m yours!” I had to admit.

Vicky released me for a brief second, completely, I tried to stand up, but maybe I was too tired or not fast enough, because she swept my legs and pushed my neck downwoards and I falled on my knees. I was lucky she caught my restrained arms, because I was close to hit the floor with my head. Lynette slapped my face twice while Vicky turned me with my face upwards and twisted painfully her legs with mine in such a way that my legs were open and my cock was exposed without mercy for her daughter to see.

“OK, I give up!”

“Did you hear anything, honey?” asked Vicky.

Her daughter kicked my abdomen.

“No, mom!”

“Please, I beg you, I give up!”

“Finally I’ve heared a proper addressing formula for two ladies!” Lynette acknowledged.

I felt Vicky’s strong body relaxing, but keeping a slight pressure on my limbs to secure me.

“I hope you’ve seen enough and you won’t try to something silly! Wrestling is for strong ones!”

“Mom, watch this.”

“I bet the bastard has a rock hard erection, doesn’t he?”

“You’re right! He’s actually enjoying this, weak bastard!”

“You know what? His penis is kinda cute!”

“Me and my mother, we make a good team don’t we?” Lynette purred into my ear.

“OK, let’s put it like this”, she said gently grasping my balls. “I will be honest with you, and I expect you the same thing. I want you to tell me why I’ve found you naked and begging my mother to jack you off”. An impossibly long tongue was inching slowly up my ear. “Otherwise…” Her hand gave my balls a vicious squeeze whilst she was biting my ear, making me shout. I squirmed but Vicky was far too strong for me to get loose. “You will be nothing more then a little fuck toy for two horny cruel women!”

She stood up, crossing her arms under her round tits.

“Is that clear, sweetheart?”

“Yes, it is!”

“Is this like a “truth or dare” game?”

Vicki started to laugh. She wrapped her left arm around my upper body and slapped the top of my head. “He’s dumb, I’ve told you!”. I was seeing stars while I was trying to understand her daughter’s words.

“You are really a dumb asshole! This is not a game! This is about returning home with your balls broken or not!”

“OK, I’m yours! Please free me!”

They sit on the couch smiling. I knelt in front of their crossed legs. Lynette started to talk.

“All I want to see is if you are able to speak the truth or not. I want you to be sincere and tell us why you wanted to fuck my mother. If I’ll find you had a strong reason, maybe I’ll forgive you!”

Vicky continued “If you don’t want to co-operate we’ll find a way to force you. Believe me, I’ve been very gently with you until now. But that can be changed! “

I began to confess in a tear-stained voice.

“Lynette, I really love you and this is the truth. You are a very nice girl and every boy I know is willing to get into your pants. For everyone would be ultra flattering that such a beautiful girl even notices him.

Too bad it happened you to be the daughter of an exceptionally attractive woman. This is my dilemma. You are a beautiful girl indeed, but your mother is goddess like.

Ever since I remember I know me as being a male, I really admired Vicky. Every time I was close to her seemed to bring me a sense of comfort and produced a wave of sexual excitement. Every time I see her I’m amazed at how smoking hot she is. But she is sweet and funny too! Her personality shines! What a suitable combination for a sexy seductress! She had always been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies.

I’ve been visiting your home for a little over a year, untill now. When you brought me inside your home, I caught myself looking after her when she bends down and shows her perfect, tight ass. Seeing her bounce it like that should get any man hard.

From My Journal – May 1986

“Ruth E. and I have been invited by the local television station to come down to the launch of a traveling exhibition being held in town. The exhibition is a celebration of a particular television program whose longevity and creativity have made it an icon around the world. We are invited inside the exhibition’s spacious and luxurious RV to wait for the guests of honor to arrive.

We make small talk and try to ignore the sexual tension in the room that always seems to pervade our time spent together. We each know that the other suspects what we do during our telephone “writing conference role play” and how we’ve become addicted to it, yet neither has the courage to admit it, and risk the friendship (and benefits) that we’ve both come to rely upon in the absence of any real relationship. For my part, I know that if given the chance, I’d sweep Ruth off her feet and show her exactly what she’s been missing through virtual sex.

Tired of waiting, we are about to exit the RV when the door opens. The exhibition coordinator, who I will call Mr. S, steps inside, followed by his boss and Peter, one of the previous stars of the show. Mr. S. introduces me to the pair and I tell Peter that Ruth is her biggest fan. He grins and she cringes and tries to shrink behind me. I bodily push her towards Peter and he gives her a big hug.

Ruth looks like she is about to faint. Knowing how much she is attracted to Peter and fantasized to me about him, I imagine she probably creamed herself as well. I can’t keep my mind off of that image. Ruth excuses herself and darts into the bathroom. We all chuckle. Everyone else figures she’s just freshening up and composing herself, but I know her better than that.

A few minutes later, the three gentlemen have left and I find myself all alone in the RV except for Ruth, who is still locked in the over-sized bathroom. I listen at the door and hear soft moans and rapid breathing inside. My cock pops up at the sound and I think that this may be my chance! I think about knocking but instead look around for an ink pen. I find one and quickly remove the top, extricating the ink cartridge and slipping it silently into the little hole in the center of the door handle. With a soft click I pop the lock.

In a fluid, quick motion, I swing the door open and watch as Ruth flinches backward on the closed toilet lid. She is completely naked, and her legs are spread wide and her dark brown pubic hair is slick and wet from her arousal. There is a small milky white puddle on the toilet lid, and her right hand is grinding against her clit while her index and middle fingers are buried deep inside of her wet pussy.

The air is heavy with the scent of her vaginal musk. She moans even as she realizes she’s been caught, looking terrified but so close to coming that she can’t stop herself. This is exactly what I’d always pictured her doing on the phone with me and longed to watch! Only the time for watching and waiting are over for me.

I smile, making a shushing sound and stepping closer, closing the door behind me and relocking it. My eyes never break contact with hers and I smile as she starts to whimper with pent up desire as she realizes that she and I are finally going to break the unbearable sexual tension that has plagued us for months. She remembers, as do I, all those long, long hours on the telephone play-acting with one another, fully aware that we were engaged in heated phone sex though too embarrassed to ever admit it. Now, she knows, we are going to get it on. Fuck. Screw one another’s brains out. Finally!

I kneel before her and watch as her legs part even more as she subconsciously grants me full access to her swollen vagina to do with as I please. The scent of her moist cleft has given me the most swollen erection I have ever experienced and I can feel it throbbing with an unbearable desire to plunge deep inside of her. She moans again as she feels my breath against her wetness.

I close my eyes and open my mouth to allow my firm tongue to flick quickly and electrically across her swollen clit. I listen to her moan deliciously as I slide my hot tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and into her wetness. To finally, after so long of dreaming of it, feel the walls of her pussy clinching around my darting tongue and to taste her sweet nectar is almost too much to bear without blowing my load in my pants.

I take one last plunge inside of her with my tongue then stand up, undoing my belt and dropping my pants to the floor around my ankles. One step, two step and I’m out of my pants altogether. My shirt comes off over my head. My near-bursting cock is fighting to escape my boxers and presses so hard against the cloth I think I can hear it ripping. Instead, it pokes through the flap and, like a guided heat seeking missile, aims it’s dripping head directly at Ruth’s mouth.

I move forward and press the rigid oozing red tip against Ruth’s lips and they part to allow my cock to slide inside. The feeling of her warm tongue as it curled around my shaft is indescribable. Immediately I begin to thrust against the velvet resistance of her tongue and mouth, feeling her soft lips wrapping around my member to form a perfect seal. I pace myself, pumping in and out, in and out as slowly as possible to prolong the inevitable.

In my mind I picture that moment ahead when my cock will erupt inside of her mouth and send all of my long-pent-up juices of desire cascading down into her throat in a torrent. At last Ruth will taste my cum, I think! Somehow I’ve become obsessed with the concept of my semen becoming a part of her as it’s slowly digested, the testosterone fueling her own wanton needfulness.

Sensing that I’m about to explode, Ruth opens her mouth and pulls back, grasping my shaft with both hands and massaging the saliva from her mouth into my tight skin. With one hand she reaches down to her crotch and allows the dripping river of her essence to coat it, then cups the sticky fluid in her palm. Slowly, teasingly, she lifts her cum-soaked hand to my cock and rubs her cunt-cream into my penis as a lubricant.

I know that I will erupt at any second! I only have time to twist my hips in order to aim my primed and ready to blow cock at her now fully open mouth. Ruth sticks out her tongue mischievously, begging with her eyes for me to explode against the glistening pinkness of it just as we’d fantasized illicitly with one another so many times before over the phone. The core of my being seems to burst into a nova-bright explosion of pleasure as my cum erupts in what feels like a never-ending ejaculation.

My aim, though deliberate, was off and streamers of white sticky semen coat Ruth’s flushed cheeks, her eyelids, her nose, her lips, her eyebrows, her hair… and still there is enough that landed on her tongue for her to savor as she closes her mouth in a huge smile, licking her lips contentedly. She loves the taste, the texture, as I always hoped she would. She’s going to want more, and often, and I will be the one to provide it to her!

Just then Ruth begins to convulse as she loses control over her orgasm and allows her pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seems like minutes. I feel my feet become suddenly drenched as she ejaculates with such ferocity that I think for a moment she must have lost control over her bladder. However, one look at her goo coated face and the look of sheer ecstasy writhing upon it and I knew that she was releasing months of pent-up sexual energy as I had in one enormous and satisfying explosion of orgasmic bliss.

My energy to continue standing spent, I collapse onto my knees and allow my face to fall against Ruth’s sticky, dripping pussy. The essence of her sexual abandon instantly adheres against my flesh. I relish the sensation of rolling my face from side to side in her cunt cream in order for it to become as sticky with cum as her own face is. I look up into her twinkling eyes and can tell that she is already building up for another powerful orgasm. From our telephone sessions I know that Ruth is a multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac once started, and nearly impossible to satiate. But oh to try!

Though sexually drained, physically and physiologically, I’ve waited and dreamed for this day for such an agonizingly long time that I know I’ll continue to please her orally until I have regained my strength. I begin by slowly and deliberately using my tongue to lap up every drop of her heavenly juices from her pussy, sucking her still-swollen cunt lips into my mouth to clean them properly. Beads of her cum are glistening on the tips of her pubic curls, and I relish the deliberate care my lips and tongue give each and every one.

I begin to feel the temperature of her flesh heating once again as I press my cheeks against her sticky thighs. In my mind, I fantasize about pumping my next eager load deep inside of her cunt, grinding the tip of my cockhead against her cervix as if I could somehow burst through that tiny opening and empty my semen-laden balls directly into her womb.

Yet despite such visions, I continue my slow oral ministrations, listening as Ruth’s breathing becomes erratic once more. I can feel her muscles tensing and her thighs clamping unbidden against my head, trapping my face and nose and mouth against her pulsating pussy. I know what she has in store for me, as this was one of her fantasies, and I can feel my cock beginning to rise once more, untouched. I reach for it and began stroking the still tender flesh.

In a sudden flash of insight, I recall the end scenario for Ruth’s favorite phone fantasy… to ride her partners face to orgasm while they were helpless to escape the impending flood. I realize with mounting excitement that Ruth intends to hold my head against her crotch while she uses my nose like a mechanical dildo!

Ruth stands, and with her thighs clenched tight, I am compelled to move with her. She forces me to rise with her, then begins to press downward. My position is to be prostrated on the floor, laying on my back, with her astride me. Ruth’s pulsating sodden crotch grinds relentlessly against my face as she sits on it. My nose becomes quickly trapped inside of her cum-slickened slit and my entire world becomes her pussy. I have become her plaything!

My every tortured breath, squeezed out from the folds of her genital flesh, holds the essence of Ruth. Her scent is deep inside of my nose now, her juices filling my nostrils and making it impossible to inhale through them without sucking her cum into my sinuses. I can taste her and nothing else as her cuntal fluids trickled down the back of my throat. What a sensation this is, to taste a woman in this way!

Above me, I can hear Ruth moaning though her thighs cover my ears and clamp my head in place. I can sense her rapid heartbeat as it seems to pound all around me. I know that soon she will come again, and like before, she will open her orgasmic floodgates and unleash a torrent of hot, sticky juices against my nose and literally drown me. I have but one chance, and she knows it. I open my mouth and form a tight seal over her twitching vaginal canal, grinding my nose upward against her clit even as she works to grind her pubic bone into my skull.

With a sudden intake of air, Ruth E. begins to cum like I’d never thought possible. Her thighs are squeezing my head so tightly that I think surely my head will explode from the pressure. Her full weight is now bouncing up and down on my face as she rides me to the heights of her orgasm as if I were a human Symbian machine.

My last breath came a full forty five seconds earlier, and even then it was only a partial one. I begin to see sparkles as my brain reacts to the early stages of hypoxia. I imagine what it will be like to suffocate with the woman I love using my death to drive her to the ultimate pleasure. I wonder, does she know? More to the point, does she care? Would she sacrifice me for carnal bliss?

I pray that Ruth will begin to gush her ejaculate down my throat so that I might catch a quick gulp of air at the end. I prod her clit with my tongue to no effect. Does she realize I’m out of air? But Ruth’s orgasm is going to come on its own terms and not mine, I realize. Yet surely she must know I’m about to asphixiate for her pleasure… Unless her ultimate fantasy is to ride my face until I die, my now-engorged cock erupting at the moment of my extermination and giving her the ultimate satisfaction?

No! I thought and clamped my teeth down hard against her sensitive and swollen clit. The tender, soft flesh yielded and I tasted my lover’s blood as my incisors broke the skin. I feel Ruth react with an even harder grip on my head with her thighs. Her salty blood is flooding freely into my mouth now, and mixing with her pussy juices on my tongue. Despite feeling lightheaded from my lack of air, I realize that this is the last sensation of taste I will ever have. Yet I cannot ever remember tasting anything so utterly divine!

With only moments of consciousness left to me, and perhaps only scant moments beyond that of life, I begin to gnaw on her clit more seriously now, increasing the flow of blood and exciting Ruth still further. Pain, apparently, is something that she enjoys! I feel her spasm uncontrollably once, twice, then a third times before it finally happened.

Above me and around me, Ruth begins an orgasm so powerful, so intense, that her grip slackens just long enough for me to get in a gasp of sweet air. No sooner than I have drawn this lifesaving breath do I feel her pussy convulse like a seizure and the deluge begins – straight down my throat!

I swallow rapidly, trying to stay ahead of the flow, now worried I won’t die from suffocation but from drowning. Whether Ruth intends to fuck me to death or if she is just so far beyond reason in her ecstasy, I’d never know. Ruth’s juices cascade down my cheeks and I begin to sputter, engulfed in her ocean of sex.

I snap my teeth down on her clit once again, drawing still more blood, and she reacts like I’m poking her with an electric prod. Her legs release my head and I roll away, gasping for air as her pussy secretions dribbled from my mouth and nose. My face and lips are smeared with her clitoral blood, and I realize that I hadn’t even noticed that I’d blown my load in the process.

The evidence of this is dripping lazily from Ruth’s dark hair in gooey tendrils. Her face still carries a pearly sheen from my earlier ejaculation. The entire room smells like two hundred people had just had the wildest oral sex imaginable, and as I realize what has just occurred, I smile despite myself. We hadn’t even gotten past foreplay!

Looking into Ruth’s cum-be speckled face I see the most beatific expression forming. Her eyelids are heavy, her breathing shallow, and her limbs look lifeless, like limp noodles. My own cock is not in much better shape, I thought. Ruth, too exhausted to speak, as I was, collapsed against my chest. Her sticky, cum-slickened flesh pressed against my own mixed with her blood, exhausted and sighing with utter contentment.

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