I Fought The Law, and We Both Won…Sort Of…

(c)2012 Daniel deLaire

It’s about 8:30 on a Thursday morning, and I am driving along the back roads, away from the highway with the others making their way to wherever it is they’re off to. Most of them are headed to work. I am not. I work long, hard nights at the Kwik Mart near my house so my day, thankfully, is over. My relief came early, at 6:30, and she let me start my weekend early. Three nights off. Well needed. My job sucks, but it is my own damn fault. I dropped out of high school and got myself arrested shortly after my 18th birthday, so I have a criminal record. These drives really help me to clear my head and feel better about…


Certainly not about those blue and red lights behind me. I turn on my clicker and pull into the strip mall that was just ahead. I take the first parking space I see, and the police car parks behind me, so that I am blocked in.

I get my wallet out and retrieve my registration from my little storage compartment just below the ashtray and wait for the cop to get out of the car. It’s a couple of minutes just sitting there in my parked car with a police cruiser behind me, and a small group of shoppers has started to gather on the sidewalk to watch.

Finally the driver door on the police car opens and the police officer steps out of the car and starts walking to mine. She has medium curly brown hair, which she did up in a ponytail. She looks about 35, and has an olive complexion. I roll down my window.

“What’s the problem officer?”

“License and registration, sir”, she replied in a business-like tone.

I handed her my driver’s license and registration card.

“Step out of the vehicle, please.”

“What? Why?”

“Just step out of the vehicle, sir”

She opened my car door from the outside and I started to get out of my car.

“Hands where I can see ‘em”

I put my hands up a little, and she grabbed me by the elbow. She led me over near the rear of her squad car. I have to admit that I was a little insulted at the way she just grabbed me, but I was also starting to get turned on. I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for this.

“Just go ahead and stand there. You can put your hands down. I stopped you because you were swerving a little back there”

“I was?” I asked, surprised. “Well, I do work nights, I’m probably just tired. I’m sorry”

By now a larger crowd had gathered, mostly middle aged and older women shopping for clothes and the like. I could hear a few giggles from the crowd, and I saw a couple women actually filming the event on their cell phones. My face literally felt like it was burning from the embarrassment of being seen by so many people, and my guts were churning. What I wasn’t expecting was that having so many people, particularly the women, amused at my predicament.

“Also” she continued, “both you and your car smell very strongly of beer”

Now I knew I was done. I hadn’t been drinking, but I do mop up a lot of beer spills while stocking the cooler. I remembered that I had picked up a case of Olde English that was leaking, and I must have gotten it all over myself.

“How much have you had to drink?”

I have to admit, this is the moment I was waiting for. My face was still burning with embarrassment. There was still a knot in my stomach. My heart was ready to pound itself out of my chest. But there was also a feeling that I only felt a few times before in my life. I was both terrified and thrilled. I remember hoping that she’d sense the terror in me and not the thrill.

“I’m going to assume, by your silence, that you’ve had plenty. I am not going to bother with the sobriety tests because I think you’ll fall flat on your face. At this point I’m going to go ahead and place you under arrest for driving while intoxicated. What I’m going to need you to do now is turn around and face the car.”

So I turned around leaned against the side of the truck, and kind of hung my hands at my side, waiting for her to pull them behind me. I could hear some of the women from the crowd cackling to themselves and commenting to one another that I was getting arrested.

“You need to stand back just a bit and put your hands right here on the trunk”

I could feel her ample breasts press against me when she grabbed my forearms to position my hands correctly on the trunk. She was wearing pink nail polish. It looked good against her skin tone. She wore the same expensive perfume that my girlfriend’s mother wore. She backed off and pulled my hips back into her stomach. Then she kicked my legs apart.

“Do you have anything in your pockets that I can get poked, prodded, or cut on?”

“No, ma’am”

“Any drugs or anything else you don’t want me to know about? Better you tell me now than I find it on you”

“No, ma’am. Nothing”

I indeed had nothing on me except the “concealed weapon” in my crotch, which was certainly not well concealed. She started at my shoulders and upper arms, moving down my chest and stomach, alternating with my back. She went briskly down each leg and spend a little extra time on my ankles. She Moved her hands over my bottom, and then in and out of my back pockets, pulling them out as she went. She spends a little extra time on my crotch, which was by this time, as hard as a lead pipe.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” she deadpanned quietly to me. “I know just how to take care of you,” she whispered, almost purring, seductively, but ominously.

She put her hands in my front pockets to search them, and spend a little extra time massaging my shaft. I couldn’t believe what she was doing to me! I forgot about all of the other people and just allowed myself to enjoy it, as she worked me up to near ejaculation.

“Getting close, lover?” she whispered. I nodded that I was.

“Then that’s all you’re getting,” she said in her normal, business-like tone, as she pulled my pockets out.

“You need to put your hands behind your back, sicko.”

So I started to put my hands behind my back, She grabbed my wrists and twisted my arms around behind me, backs of my hands together. She grabbed me by the thumbs and spun me around toward the crowd. I could her handcuff case unsnapping, and the sound of her pulling out her handcuffs.

“Face your public, freak,” She said softly. Almost immediately, one of the women started laughing. Then more. I could hear one of them say while attempting to stifle laughter “Oh my God, he’s got a boner” as my arresting officer started to put her handcuffs on me. The combined sensations of the laughter and jeers making my face burn and the cold steel tightening around my wrists with their signature sound were just way too much. The harder I tried to hold back, the worse it became, and as soon as steel touched my other wrist, I felt the characteristic lightheadedness as the front of my very light khaki pants filled with warm gooiness. The laughter stopped, and the gasps began. “I think he came!” one of them said.

My arresting officer seemed to take all of the time in the world tightening down and double locking my handcuffs before she took me by the elbow and led me back to the car.

After my arresting officer had double locked my handcuffs, she grabbed me firmly by the right upper arm and spun me around fast. She tightened her grip on my arm as she pulled me the five feet to the back door of her cruiser.

“Against the car. Don’t move a muscle,” She ordered.

I could feel the coldness of the steel of the back end of the cruiser that was going to take me to jail so much more acutely through the wetness in my pants. No sooner did the cold hit my cock than my cock retaliated against the cold, warming itself as it started to spring back into erection. I looked over to my right to see the bitch cop opening up the passenger side front door, and reaching into the back seat to unlock my door.

“Eyes forward. Don’t look at me, creep”

I quickly complied and focused my gaze on the rest of the parking lot. The spectators were all around us now. Lots of “she arrested a bad man”, “good enough for him”, and “fucking pervert” kinds of comments were circulating through the crowd just within earshot of me.

The officer grabbed my right arm again and turned me to face her as she opened the back door of her cruiser.

“OK, time for you to go to jail. Have a seat. Oh my GOD! Already?!? Mister, you ARE sick”

My arresting officer caught sight of my fresh erection as she turned me to sit down in the bad boy seat.

“Watch your head,” she said as she made sure to, ever so slightly, knock my head against the frame of the car.

“If you so much as breathe on me, I will pepper spray you. Understand, animal?”

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

I was way past embarrassment now. I had popped a boner during my arrest and came in my pants right in front of a crowd of onlookers. The prospect of going to jail was all of a sudden inviting. The seat was hard as a rock, and the back seemed to push my handcuffs hard into the small of my back and tighter around my wrists. My arresting officer grabbed the seatbelt and pulled it over me, fastening it on the other side of me. Her breasts brushed lightly against me, and I could smell her sweat fighting it out with her deodorant. The sensations did nothing to reduce the engorgement of my penis. After she finished seat belting me in, she brought her face very close to mine; so close I could smell stale cigarettes mixed with Doublemint on her breath.

“Sit tight, I’ll be back in a few minutes”

“Shit” I thought to myself. “I wish she’d just hurry up and take me to jail”

I watched my bitch of an arresting officer walk back to the crowd, through them, and into an open store. Probably had to use the bathroom. In her absence, people started coming up to the car to get a closer look at the animal in the cage. And it was a cage.

There was a wire mesh partition separating the front and back seats of the car, and that had Plexiglas with a few holes drilled in it just behind it. The door windows had black bars bolted to the doorframes. The car itself smelled like sweat and steel. It was, in every way, a miniature jail on wheels. I was thankful she had left the back windows cracked.

The people that came to the car to hail my arrest and point and laugh at my nonstop boner made the ten minutes I waited seem like hours. Finally, my arresting officer emerged, shooed the onlookers away, and got into the driver’s seat of the car.

Unfortunately, my humiliation was not quite over, as Officer Bitch pulled a fresh pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and started to pack them on her hand. Now, in addition to the wet pants, the rock hard erection, and the burning that had never left my face, I desperately wanted a cigarette. And she was going to smoke one right in front of me.

“We’ll be underway in a minute here. At least you’re not in jail yet, right? They’re going to love you in there with those cum-stained khakis.”

“Please, just take me to jail”

“What’s that? You want to go to jail now? Ready to be someone’s punk?”

I just said nothing and looked down. She was right; guys like me don’t fare well in jail.

“Nothing to say huh, tough guy? That’s what I though”

Officer Bitch lit her cigarette and started the car. Some stragglers were still watching, and started clapping when she put the cruiser into gear, starting my journey to the county lock-up.

It must just have been my luck that we hit every light we passed. We were on a four lane county highway, and there was always someone waiting at the light next to us. We had the usual idiots pointing and laughing, some staring intently, others trying not to look. I even had a rough looking woman in a beat up mid-70′s Firebird wink and lick her lips at me.

I had faded into my own world; it was my only defense. I listened to the sound of the road, the chatter on her police radio, the sound of the wind as it whipped across the cracked windows. My last breaths of free air for who knows how long.

I was jarred out of my trance by the car bumping along what felt like a pretty bad road. As it turned out, we weren’t on the road; we were in a field. We came to a stop surrounded by some high grass, and my arresting officer put the car in park and turned off the motor. A feeling of dread instantly came over my whole body. I seriously thought I had pissed her off to the point she was going make me “try and escape”. At least my boner had subsided; but my dick was the least of my worries at the moment.

“For all of the trouble you’ve been this morning, I really do feel sort of bad for you. You’re not really ready for what they’re going to do to you in jail, are you?” she said, almost sympathetically. I treaded carefully.

“Whatever the consequences, ma’am, you were right to do what you did. I broke the law and I deserve to go to jail for it.” I offered.

“HA! Right” she spat. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you dart off so I can shoot you.” She said to me, in a nicer tone.

“Thank you” I breathed a sigh of relief.

“However” she stated, “I think you do owe me one from earlier, wouldn’t you say? I mean, you did have an orgasm from my efforts, didn’t you? I’d say you owe me one”

“Yes, ma’am, I believe I do” I was cautious, but I was starting to like where this was headed.

“I’m going to let you out of the car, and I’m going to see how you do pleasuring me orally. You’re going to have to work at it, because you’re going to be staying in those handcuffs. If you’re a good boy, we might take your pants off. Can you be a good boy for an hour or so?”

“Yes, officer, I can do that”

“Then we have an arrangement. Understand that if you try to run or do anything funny, I will shoot you”

“Yes, ma’am” I replied.

Officer Bitch got out of the car and walked back to my door, swinging her hips and arms in a very sexy way, smiling at me. She opened the car door, unbuckled my seatbelt, and helped me out of the car.

She took a cigarette out of her pack and, without even asking, shoved the filter end into my mouth and lit it for me. I dragged deeply and heavily, so much so that I became lightheaded. That cigarette was a much-needed relief. I already had half of it smoked before she even got hers lit. The officer grabbed the cigarette out of my mouth and crushed it on the ground in front of me. It was OK, I had my nicotine rush.

“That’s enough for now. If you want another, you have to earn it. You don’t get cigarettes in custody, and you’re still in my custody. That was a treat”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am”

“OK, the ground rules. I am Officer French. Not ‘ma’am’, not just ‘officer’. The only other words I want to hear out of your mouth are ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘I’m too stupid to understand’. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Officer French” I replied obediently.

“Excellent, prisoner. I can see we’re going to be friends. Is that what you want, prisoner? She asked

“Yes, Officer French” I replied.

“Well, that’s too bad. You’re a prisoner and a piece of meat, not a friend”

With that she took me by the right arm and lead me to the front of her cruiser, facing it, and about three feet back from it.

“On your knees, prisoner” She ordered as she took out her baton.

“Yes, Officer French” I replied as I clumsily dropped to my knees in front of the cruiser.

“Good boy. Now close your eyes. If I catch you peeking, well, you don’t want that”

“Yes, Officer French” I said as I closed my eyes.

I heard the sound of her utility belt being unfastened and being placed on the hood of her cruiser. I heard her shoes come off next, and be placed on the hood. The next sound was what I wanted to hear. I heard her zipper unzipping, and her uniform pants peeling off of her muscular ass. I was beginning to get some feeling back in my penis. I was in the middle of a field, under arrest, handcuffs digging into my wrists, and my arresting officer taking her pants off right in front of me. My last trip to jail was not nearly so enjoyable.

I was pulled out of the ether by a familiar smell. Cigarette smoke. It felt as though she were blowing it in my face. Then I felt her baton gently on the back of my neck, and a sharp jerk forward. The next sensation was the feeling of short, coarse hairs, and the smell of pussy.

“Like that, prisoner? There isn’t any of that in jail”

“Yes, Officer French”

“Say that you like it, prisoner!” She ordered.

“I like it, Officer French”. I really did like it.

All of a sudden her pussy and baton went away, and I heard the springs on the cruiser creak.

“Open your eyes, prisoner, and come to my pussy” My arresting officer ordered.

“Yes, Officer French” I replied as I walked on my knees to Officer French’s waiting pussy.

“Chow time, prisoner. Now EAT!”

I wasted no time. Officer French’s pussy was already sloppy wet, and it just got wetter the more I lapped up the juices. Her pussy was unkempt, and I had to move them out of the way of her opening with my tongue.

“Dig in, prisoner. Stick your tongue deep into the woman who’s arresting you. Eat my pussy, jailbird”

I stuck my tongue into the officer’s pussy. I was met with a taste that I had never encountered before, and not at all sure I liked.

“Lick it up, prisoner. Do you like your taste treat? Officer French didn’t wipe up last time she went potty. Be a good prisoner and clean it up for me.”

Officer French had to be the sickest, most vile women I had ever been intimate with. I had never tasted urine before, but I found it strangely arousing. Not because I liked the taste of it, but because it was just such a sick and twisted thing to do. After I got over the initial shock of how it tasted, I was able to dig in and lap up all of her juices like a good boy.

“I thought you’d like that. You’re a nasty one, aren’t you? Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you really are a hardened criminal, able to take the abuse”

Officer French continued to give me much-appreciated instructions on how she liked her pussy eaten, and would mostly grunt and groan. She appeared to have a fetish for smoking as well, as she had lit a fresh cigarette and would blow smoke in my face as I was eating her, and occasionally drop an ash on my head. The smell of her cigarette smoke mixed nicely with the smell and taste of her nasty wet pussy. The sensation of being in a position of subservience to a woman wasn’t a new feeling for me, but the added dynamic of legally being this woman’s prisoner due to my own wrongdoing made things all the more exciting. Officer French evidently liked it too, as I noticed she was beginning to grind her pussy into my face hard, and starting to buck wildly. The juices coming from her pussy were abundant, and her thighs began to tighten around my head.

“Uh..uh…prisoner…uhh…taste your jailor’s pussy…uhh…you like eating cop pussy?”

Her hips were bucking wildly, and she was pushing her pussy into my face with much more force as she began to cum. My dick had been hard for several minutes and was pressing tightly against my cum soaked trousers.

“Oh…yeah…bad boy” she gasped. “Make me cum…oh God…like a good…ooooooo…little jailbird…AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!”

There was no stopping it at this point. Officer French was cumming on her prisoner’s face. My arresting officer was positively vibrating with the sexual energy that was coursing through her body with each wave of her orgasm. She wasn’t even vocalizing, she was just gasping for air as the orgasm had hold of her. After what seemed an interminable amount of time, her orgasm appeared to subside. Her pelvic thrusts were not as sharp, and her breathing was beginning to slow and normalize. She started releasing the vice-like grip her thighs had around my head. Once I could move, she pushed me away with her hand on my face, and I fell into the dirt on my side, rolling over onto my back. The hard ground caused my handcuffs to dig in again.


Client and escort both get turned on during a smoking blow-job session


My client told me that he’d been looking forward to this day like no other. He’d booked a session with me, a couple of days earlier, and he said he was desperate to see me.

He said that just chatting to me on the phone about the arrangements for our meeting had been an amazing experience for him. He loved my voice, which is gently seductive, yet has a slight roughness to it, and the more we chatted, the more aroused he became.

Towards the end of our chat, once I’d started to realise how much he was enjoying listening to me, I threw in a few ideas for things we could try, when we met. Some of these would have sounded seriously kinky, and of course he became very curious to know more about me.

I’m a totally cock-hungry bitch who is always eager for new sexual thrills; a greedily wanton slut with an horny appetite for spunk; a fisting addict who loves to feel her cunt being stretched wide; a full-on anal whore who thrives on taking it hard and deep in the ass. Not surprisingly, I always receive more booking requests than I can handle.

As I like to tell it, there’s not many as open, and into the weird and wonderful, on the same kinky level as me. I always make it plain, though, that not all my clients want me to take the role of hardcore porn-star, and I have a gentler side, which I love to show, creating a romantic, intimate atmosphere, and allowing plenty of time to let the excitement build.

He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about that call, afterwards, and that night, as he got lost in fantasies about all the filthy kinky porn-style naughtiness that I find such a turn-on, he’d worked myself up to one of his most powerful orgasms ever, while he imagined me goading him eagerly towards an intense climax.

For today, my client had devised a nice, slow, gentle, teasing fetish-style scenario that he wanted to try out. He’d already explained all the details, over the phone, and I’d been only too happy to agree to his suggestions. The scenario would allow me to take full control, throughout the session, and that, in itself, was sure to be a nice turn-on for me.

When he arrived, I was dressed as he’d requested, looking very smart, if I may say so, just like a professional businesswoman, in a crisp white blouse, short dark skirt, and sheer dark stockings. I knew I looked totally stunning.

I wasn’t quite the typical businesswoman, though, and one or two aspects of my appearance would surely raise intriguing questions. My heels were very high, which made for a dramatic effect, as I’m slim, tall and leggy. My blouse was unbuttoned at the top, revealing some enticing cleavage. My fingernails were brightly painted, and my make-up was just a little on the heavy side, possibly hinting at some underlying sluttiness.

It was my Ferrari-red lipstick that would really set the alarm bells ringing, though, and as I pouted seductively, my client would have been in no doubt that, just now, I had a special kind of business in mind.

I took control of the proceedings from the start, in a smooth, assertive way, following my client’s earlier requests very carefully, ushering him into the bedroom and helping him out of his clothes. Like me, he’d dressed smartly for the occasion, and I appreciated that.

Once he was naked, I tied his hands loosely, behind his back, with a pair of stockings, and had him stand a little way back from the edge of the bed.

I’d been asked to set up a smoking fetish scenario, and as I always enjoy a cigarette, I’d been happy to oblige. My client told me he didn’t smoke, but somehow, cigarettes had always had a strong erotic association for him. Along with my cigarettes and an ashtray, I’d brought a glass of wine, and some iced water. Everything was ready.

My client had been very greedy, and he’d booked a long session today. He’d had to work hard, though, to persuade me to agree to that, as I’m very much in demand, every day, and I hate saying no to sex-hungry men with hard cocks.

I thought I would let my client know that I was feeling especially horny today. I turned around, bent over and lifted my skirt over my bare ass, revealing a neat butt-plug embedded snugly in my asshole. I explained that it was a new toy, an import from the USA, with an adjustable vibrating motor inside.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, my cleavage tantalisingly exposed, my skirt riding up invitingly over my lovely svelte thighs. I took a sip of wine, and then lit up. I started to tell my client about the man I’d just seen, who’d got me very turned on. I made sure I included all the kinky details. I described how I’d got carried away, while sitting on the guy’s face, and how I’d almost suffocated him, drowning him in the sweet juices flowing profusely from my pussy.

After that, I’d ridden him, and got carried away again, squirting hard with every downward thrust. Finally, I’d taken a massive gob-full of spunk, and as I was savouring the taste, before swallowing it, he’d surprised me by shoving his cock into my mouth, for a final, full-on face-fuck, before taking his leave.

How my client must have envied that guy! He’d had a nice, solid, meaty cock, I said, but – I kindly added – not quite as big as the one I was looking at right now. Of course, my client believed me! I could see that he was getting very turned on, listening to me relate this story, in my gentle, seductive, rough-edged Northern voice, and his eager cock was standing proudly to attention. That was a most impressive hard-on, and I’d hardly touched him yet!

While re-living my morning’s fucking, I was also getting quite aroused, and I was fingering myself quite vigorously. After a while, I stood up, and slid a couple of fingers into my client’s mouth, so that he could savour the warm, sticky sweetness of my juices. I could see from the expression on his face that he really loved the taste. I slid my fingers back into my pussy, and smeared some more of my lush sticky pussy-cum on the shaft of his cock, smiling mischievously as I did so.

Then, standing very close, and towering over my client, who was quite a bit shorter than me, I took a long drag from my cigarette, let the smoke swirl round my mouth, and then leaned forward, and started to kiss him, long and deep. I took another drag, and held my mouth against his once again. I could sense that he was completely lost in the moment, no doubt delighting in the harsh bitterness of the smoke, as my tongue pushed hard against his.

Soon, though, it became too much for him, as he struggled to breathe, and he coughed violently, and tears came to his eyes. I gave him a few moments to recover, before kissing him again. I’d taken his cock in my hand, closing my fingers around it, gripping it very firmly, but I kept my hand quite still. It was just another way for me to remind him that I was in full control.

When I’d finished my cigarette, I lit another one. I pulled up a low stool, and sat down on it, just in front of him. That way, I could stay comfortable as I worked on his cock, and for a moment, the only sound in the room was the muffled whirring of the vibrating butt-plug, as it worked its special magic inside me.

I teased the cock like I hoped it had never been teased before, though that might be saying something, as I somehow had the impression that it had already been through quite a lot, over the years.

I started by stroking it very gently with the tips of my bright red fingernails. My strokes were so light that it would have been hard for my client to tell if I was touching him or not. I was sending sharp little electric shocks along the length of his shaft, and the effect was dramatic. These were high-voltage shocks that were going through him, and I didn’t need any special equipment, just those long, sharp, shiny fingernails.

All this was done with studied nonchalance, and I would break off from time to time, to take a sip of wine, or draw on my cigarette. Sometimes, I would sit back a little, absorbed in my own erotic pleasure, and work my fingers deep into my pussy, making horny little squelching noises.

Then, keeping my hands well away from my client’s cock, I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the shaft, and all over the heavy, swollen tip, exploring him all over, again with the lightest touch possible. I hoped he could imagine a butterfly touching down, fleetingly, on the tip of his cock, then flitting away again.

As always, I paid special attention to the very sensitive area at the base of the tip. His cock was twitching wildly, as if trying to jump away from my tongue, because the pleasure of the stimulation was simply more than it could bear.

By now I was enjoying the smoking blow-job as much as my client obviously was. All the while, though, I pretended to be totally casual and offhand, taking a long, slow drag, letting the smoke swirl over my tongue, then closing my lips over his tip, exploring its contours and taking maximum pleasure in the subtleties of its taste and texture.

I hadn’t forgotten about the iced water, and it had been brought for a reason. After finishing a cigarette, I took a generous swig from the glass, and closed my lips over his tip once again. The effect was dramatic. It was all the poor guy could do to stay standing. The shock must have been unbelievable. I imagine it was as if his whole cock had just been dunked straight into an ice-bucket.

This was me revealing my mischievously cruel streak. My client hadn’t requested that! I knew exactly how he’d react, though, and I couldn’t stifle a girlish giggle.

After that, the cock was so unbelievably hard, it could have been sculpted from granite. The veins were standing out solidly on the shaft, and the velvet-smooth tip was gleaming impressively, polished to perfection by my expert tongue.

I started to work on it with my hand, setting up a powerful rhythmic pumping motion, angled to achieve the most intense stimulation possible, along the length of the shaft, and all round the massively swollen head. It felt so big, so solid and so incredibly hard in my firm, glove-like grip!

It didn’t take much of that to tip my poor helpless client straight over the edge, and I looked on with enormous satisfaction as he dissolved in an all-consuming climax, shooting a very generous ejaculation straight into my open mouth.

I took all his spunk, devouring it eagerly, and so he couldn’t have seen how much he’d given me. Still, it must have felt like a reassuringly heavyweight load. I counted three or four very strong spurts, and then several more smaller ones, as he pumped away, vigorously, until he was totally drained.

I was certainly happy enough. I closed my eyes, savouring the taste, and enjoying the thrill of the lovely warm sticky sensation in my mouth. I made a conscious effort not to swallow. I’d taken in more than I could hold in my mouth, though, and I couldn’t help drooling a little.

Now, at last, it was time for me to bring this part of our session to a close. I’d thought of something else that hadn’t been on my client’s request list – another of my little surprises – to ensure that he’d never forget what took place when he was with me today.

I parted my lips just wide enough to take another drag on my cigarette. I could see that my client was starting to become apprehensive. His balls had been well and truly drained, and now he was surely expecting a last affectionate squeeze of the hand, before being led across to the bed or an armchair, to rest and recover.

Instead, I stood up in front of him, and as I’ve already mentioned, in my very high heels I was a good deal taller than him. I indicated to him that he should sit down on the stool. I leaned over him, tilted his head back, and put my hand on his chin, to ease his mouth open.

As he gazed up at me, with a rather worried look, as if expecting some reassurance from me, I leaned over him, and dribbled a stream of semen and saliva into his open mouth, blowing my smoke in at the same time. What a treat for this man with the smoking fixation! My speciality, the “smoking snowball”!

As I dribbled the last of his spunk into his mouth, I took another drag, and closed my mouth over his, for one last, deep, smoke-flavoured kiss. As I drew back, I watched him swallow, and then he spluttered a sharp cough, his cheeks red, his eyes watering once again.

With no more surprises in store for my client, I untied his hands, and led him to the bed. I let him sit there for a while, to recover. He took a gulp of my iced water, and then lay back, closing his eyes.

I took a sip of my dry white whine, and paused for a moment to enjoy it, as it blended with the lingering aftertaste of the cigarette smoke and the spunk, a magical combination!

The pleasure didn’t end there, though. We still had plenty of time. I switched off my vibrating butt plug, and lay down next to him, keeping my body close to his, and caressing him gently.

As we lay together, I told him how much I’d enjoyed our smoking fetish session. After some serious hardcore fucking, earlier in the day, I was now quite content to take things gently for a while. For the moment, I was sure my client felt as though he’d been well and truly drained, with all his strength gone.

Still, he’d now experienced the magic of my sexy skills at first hand, and I reckoned that if I were to lie with him like this for a while, regaling* him with more tales of my wanton pervy kinky porn-star-style mischief, it might not be long before that poor weary cock was twitching again.


*regale = a nice old-fashioned word, meaning, to give great enjoyment, to entertain sumptuously, to provide refreshment – a perfect description of the experience that I offer my clients.

Submitted August 2012

Any genuinely constructive comments would be greatly appreciated.

It is about one hour before my son Joe, his friend Randy, and my husband and I are due to go out to dinner. I just came from the nail shop, having both a manicure and pedicure and my nails polished a bright deep red. I am sitting on a stool in my shower shaving my arms, legs and of course my pussy. When I am done shaving, I grab the hand held pulsating showerhead and begin to rinse myself off. I turn the water on hot and rinse my pussy and I do not want to take the showerhead away, it feels so good. I stick one and then two fingers in my hot twat and rub my enlarged clit with my thumb. After about three minutes of this I feel my orgasm nearing, I get off the stool and sit on the floor of the shower, as when I orgasm, I have no control over anything and I do not want to hurt myself when I spasm. As I come, I release what seems to be a gallon of pussy juice.

As I begin to calm down, I here the phone ringing. Wrapping a towel around my body, I quickly answer the phone. It is my husband. He tells me he is stuck at work, will be working very late, and being as he has a bed and shower at the office, he will stay there tonight. He tells me to go ahead and take the kids out to dinner and he will be home tomorrow. For the last three or fours month, my husband’s sexual appetite seems to be waning and he has been spending more and more time at the office. I strongly suspect that my husband is having as affair as his overnights at work have grown from once or twice a month to a couple of times a week. I met my husband in college, as I had a scholarship for volleyball. His family was very much against our dating and getting married as his family is super rich and I come from a lower income, two family income, working home. When we were married I signed a pre-nup as I thought I was Cinderella and he was Prince Charming. I had one lover before I met my husband, and have been faithful. But lately I find myself fantasizing about a young lover while masturbating and daydreaming. I have no thoughts of leaving my husband, as he supports me financially beyond my wildest dreams

So here I am, clad in only a towel having just taken a shower , pondering my situation. I am 39 years old, in excellent shape. I had by boobs done a couple of years ago, and know I am a 36D, with a 26 inch waist and am told my best features are my ass and legs. I have natural red hair down to the middle of my back without the pale complexion that most redheads have. I spend 4 hours a week with a personal trainer at the gym, and when there are times when I hate her, but when I look in the mirror I know she is worth it.

So I am now in my bedroom, deciding what to wear. I am sitting on the edge of the bed and light up a Marlboro Light 100 , sipping a glass of wine. Taking a long drag off my cigarette, and walk over to my underwear drawer, and pull out a very brief red thong, matching garter belt and a one cup size too small push up bra., all from Victoria’s Secret. I find a pair of red fine mesh seamed nylons. I grab my cigarette, head for the bathroom. I wear very little makeup and apply what is needed with an off red eye shadow. Back in the bedroom, I light another cigarette and begin getting dressed. I pick out a pale greenish skirt that stops about three inches above my knees. I then pick out a darker green blouse that matches my eyes. I apply crimson red lip gloss, that matches my manicure and pedicure perfectly. I leave a button undone, to allow some cleavage to show, as my tits are practically falling out of the bra.

Lighting another cigarette with about ten minutes left before Joe and Randy are due to arrive, I grab a pair of four inch spiked patent red stilettos and head downstairs. I

I find a classic rock station on the cable, check the fridge (plenty of beer and wine and a tray of snacks.) I grab my shoes and head to the downstairs bathroom to brush my teeth, gargle and apply one last touch of lip gloss as the doorbell rings. I open the door, and there stands Randy. He then informs me that Joe had to stay at school to finish a term paper.

“Gee Randy, it looks like it just you and I. Won’t you come in. I will be ready in a minute. Help yourself to the fridge.”

He asks, “Would you like to cancel and reschedule when we are all able to go?”

I giggle “There’s nothing like being all dressed up with nowhere to go.”

I head to the kitchen and ask Randy if he would like something to drink. He says a beer will be fine and I grab a beer for him and pour myself a white wine.”

When I return to the den, I sit on the couch next to Randy. He asks if he can smoke and I tell him sure, and reach for my pack of Marlboros. Randy offers to light my cigarette and I lean over and he gets and eyeful of my 36ds in their skimpy little bra. He moves closer, so we share the ashtray. As we sit and sip our drinks and smoke , we make small talk about this and that, and then I decide I am going to have to have some of this young man. Randy is about 6′ 1″, average build, but has the most amazing blue eyes.

“Where would you like to go for dinner?” I ask.

“Its up to you,” he replies.

“Or we can just stay here. There is plenty of food and snacks. We can just stay in and watch a movie.”

“That would be great,” he tells me.

I get up and go into the kitchen. “I am making myself a martini. Would you care to join me?

” No thanks but I would love another beer.”

I fix my martini, and go around in the kitchen with my heels tapping to the tile floor, unbutton another button on my blouse, grab him a beer and return to the living room.

As I sit down closer to him, my skirt hikes up and I make no move to pull in down and I know Randy can see the top of my nylons and garter straps. I then make a big deal of using a compact to reapply my lip gloss. I take out another cigarette, and ask for a light, giving Randy a super view of my tits. After I inhale there is lipstick on the filter.

I look down there is a bulge in his pants and as I look, I ask “Like what you see?”

“What’s not to like?” he replies.”

I scoot over next to him. He puts him arm around me and gives me a kiss. Deciding to leave no doubt about what was on my mind, I slip my tongue into his mouth and he returns the gesture. Soon he is starting to kiss my neck and I unbutton my blouse to give him better access. He moves down the front of my chest, stopping at the top of my breasts as he unclasps my bra. He then starts to play with one nipple, while greedily sucking the other. The young man suck on my nipple like a starving infant. He then proceeded to lay me down on the sofa, undoing my skirt. He continues to play with one tit while his other hand in rubbing my pussy through my thong. I then ask him to unclasp my garter belt and he then proceed to pull my thong off.

“Oh fuck, what a beautiful body.”

I can only moan in response as he teases his way down towards my steaming cunt.

“Shit, lick my pussy, lick my pussy please,” I cry.

He continues to tease and when his tongue lick up and down my slit, I am moaning.

“Tell what you want”

“I want to cum, I need to cum,” I reply. “My clit, lick my clit.”

He continues licking me from the top of my pussy to my asshole, never touching my aching love button.

“Oh God, please lick my clitty.”

He finally move up and starts to tease my clit, Licking up and down my pussy, He puts a finger in my pussy and starts in on my clit. I am nearly insane, wanting to feel his tongue on my clit.

He finally lick my clit and I scream for joy. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum. Lick me, fuck me. Omygod here it comes. Yes, yes, yes.” My climax hits and am screaming and moaning, writhing like a snake as he holds me down and continues with his oral assault until my orgasm subsides. He lights us both a cigarette as I quickly reapply lip gloss

“I need to take the nylons off, and when I am done, you will be begging for mercy,” I tease him. “Get your clothes off. I am going to give to the blowjob of your life and then fuck you all night…” I am very pleased to see a nice large cock, easily the biggest dick I have ever seen, much less fuck or suck, hard as a rock, waiting for me.

“I have never begged for mercy, but you are cordially invited to try,” he coos.

I have just put on more lipstick and I am going to see if I can leave a lipstick kiss at the base of you cock, as I take his cock into my smoke filled mouth with one gulp, deep throating him. I pull back and begin to lick furiously on his cockhead. I realize he has become plenty aroused while eating me, so I know he is hot and horny. I alternate between deep throating him and using my tongue on his cock, trying to get my tongue into his pee hole.

“Oh my God, that feels so good. Shit don’t ever stop.’I reach under him and begin playing with his asshole with one hand, squeezing the bottom of his cock with the other.

“Please make me cum, please.” I then start to insert my finger up his ass.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, oh dear” as he begins bucking up and down on the couch. I feel his balls start to tense up.

“I’m gonna cum, oh here it comes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” as I feel the first squirt of cum in my mouth. Randy is moaning and bucking as I lick the tip of his cock, swallowing every drop.

We both lay there, exhausted for the moment. I then sit up light another cigarette and wander naked into the kitchen to get us something to drink. I grab two beers and return, sitting on Randy’s lap as we have a cigarette and relax for a few moments.

As I am applying more lipstick, Randy says he’s glad the police weren’t there as I had made so much noise screaming and begging.

“You weren’t so quiet yourself ,” I reply. I feel his cock under me, beginning tp come back to life. “You have a great cock and I hope you know how to use it.”

With that, I slide down off his lap, onto the floor , take one last drag on my Marlboro, and again swallow his cock whole.

“Suck my cock for two or three minutes, and it will get super hard and it will stay hard for a while.”


Soon his cock is rock hard. I climb back on the sofa, and guide his cock into my pussy. I begin humping up and down. He is massaging my tits and I maneuver around so when I ride all the way up, my pussy feels almost empty and then I slam back down, taking him in to the hilt. After a few moments, I crawl off, get on all fours.

“Give me that cock, fill my cunt with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me.”

He slams his cock into my pussy, reaching around to caress by sensitive clit.

“I cannot believe how this feels. Give me more, I want all of it baby, fuck me, fuck me.”

“Don’t worry baby, just keep bucking back. Shit your pussy is so soft and sweet. I love the feel of your cunt trying to suck me dry.”

After a few more moments, he stops, turns me over, and sinks his hard pole deep in my pussy. By this time I am a quivering, ranting and raving lunatic, begging for him to fuck me and fuck me hard. I feeling another orgasm building inside of me, and I am screaming for more of his cock as he continues to fuck me long and hard. I start my orgasm and I feel my juices really flowing. Again I am begging and screaming. Soon, my orgasm starts to subside.

“I’m going to come again,” Randy cries. “Fuck, here it comes,” I scissor my legs, locking my ankles around his waist as he pounds into me. He is bouncing up and down, lifting my ass of the sofa. I not care.

“Give me your cum. I want every last fucking drop. Fuck me.”

“Take it all baby, take all of my come,” as he shoots what seems to be another quart of cum deep in my pussy.

We collapse, bodies entwined, his cock still inside of me, as my cunt involuntarily spasm and continues to milk his cock. I am in pure post orgasmic bliss as we just lay there, marveling and the magnifegence of what we have just experienced. After a moment, I begin the stir, and I feel Randy’s cock slipping out of me. As I stand up, I feel juices flowing out of my pussy, running down my leg. I walk over the end table, grab a Marlboro 100 and walk into the kitchen.

“We need to eat something nutritional,” I suggest as he walks up behind me, wraps his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. I look in the fridge and there are some leftovers. “Want me to nuke that and we can take a short break.”

“Okay, but not too long,” he chuckles. I go the downstairs bathroom, grab a very short robe, and wrap it around me. I don’t want to catch cold,” I tease.

He just looks hungrily at me and then asks, “Will you put your stilettos back on? I love a woman in high heels, especially one with legs like yours.” I grin as I go back to the couch and slip into my shoes. “I just love those heels. If I can only look, might as well improve the scenery.

We sit at the counter and quickly devour our dinner and head back to the sofa. I grab my cigarettes, crook a finger at him and say, “You have looked long enough. Lets go upstairs. I just have to have your cock in my ass.” I light another cigarette and walk to the stairs, seductively shaking my ass. In my best Mae West imitation, as we are walking up the stairs, I ask him, “Do you have enough left to fuck my ass? Can you fill my ass with cum. I absolutely adore a cock in my ass, but I have never encountered a cock quite like yours.”

“Are you wearing out?” he teases.

“No its just that you have been here for over two hours, and I have had two gut wrenching climaxes, and I want more, more, more.”

“Well maam, I’ll do my best and see what happens.”

“Do I get to suck that thing again? I ask hopefully, as I reach into the night stand and grab the KY Jelly and pour it into a small bowl on the nightstand. I then push him back on the bed and put a small pillow under the small of his back, giving me access to both his cock and ass. I touch up my lipstick, continuing to smoke my cigarette. and slide over until my face is even with his ass.

“Have you ever had a prostate massage?” I ask innocently.

“No, but I have a feeling I’m going to get one now and love it.”

“You can’t come now, I need that thing deep in my ass. I will give do a short one to get your cock very hard.”

I inhale the smoke, and blow it up in the air. I then move up his body, until my muff is on his mouth.

“Here is your dessert. Enjoy.”

As I go down on him, I inhale the smell unmistakable smell of sex juices, as I again start trying to shove my tongue up his pee hole. I grab hold of his ass, and suck his cock deep in my throat. I then rub the KY on my forefinger, and then slip my finger into his ass to about the second knuckle. I then wiggle around and find his prostate. He jumps, almost choking me with his dick.

Again, he licks up and down my slit, his forefinger on my clit. I am off to the races again. I feel like a sex starved nympho, which I guess is what I am at this point. I pull my finger out and start to concentrate on his forefinger on my cunt and pussy, and Iagain, from s

Deep within me, I get that heavenly feeling.

I spit his penis out and start screaming again. “Oh shit, I’m going to come again. Lick my pussy. Put your tongue on my clit.” He then deftly slips two fingers into my pussy, as his tongue teases my clit.

Again I am screaming in joy as I feel my juices release as I have another climax. Randy is having a difficult time keeping me lined up on top of him, as I am writhing and shaking. He immediately turns me over and tells me to lock my ankles around his neck. He then lifts me up and puts the small pillow under the small of my back. He the dips into the KY bowl. Puts some lube on his cock and then puts first one, then two oily fingers into my back hole.

“Fuck my ass. Put that big wonderful cock all the way up my ass.”

He then puts the head of his cock into my ass. He then proceeds to slowly and agonizingly pushing his cock into me until he is buried to the hilt.

“Now fuck me, fuck my ass hard. I want your cum in my ass.” He pulls almost all he way out, puts some lube on his cock and slams into me. I bury my head in the pillow next to headboard and push back, enabling his rock hard cock deeper penetration. He reaches around and starts rubbing my clit while continuing to jackhammer my back hole.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, FUCK MEEEEEEEE. FUCK MY BUTT. DON’T STOP, Oh my God, I’m going to cum again. DEEEEEPER, MORE, OF FUCK HERE I COME.”

Randy eases up a bit, letting me fully enjoy my orgasm, and a soon as it begins to wane, he back to jackhammering away at my ass.

“Come for me Baby, shoot that hot cum deep in my ass. Fuck me, oh God I love it.”

“Get ready because here I come. I am going to unload in your ass. Keep fucking, yes, AAAAHHHHH.”

As we lay in each other’s arms, the bed soaked with sweat, both of us exhausted. We lay there for about 20 minutes, and he begins to nuzzle my neck and tweak my right nipple. I look at the clock and see that is almost midnight. I tell Randy that we need to shower and he needs to go home, but return as soon as we can arrange it. I explain this is my first extramarital affair and do not want the neighbors to see a strange car in front of the house all night. We hop in the shower, have a furious kiss and off he goes. I have a feeling he’ll be back.

To be continued.

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