This story is a slow boil…but I hope you enjoy it. This may contain story lines of race that may be offensive to some of you. Please stop reading if it does and find another story more suitable for you.

Part 1

My name is Nick, and at 6″2″ I’m fairly tall for an Asian guy. It’s probably why people sometimes think I’m Samoan or something like that, especially with my brown skin. I don’t have much hair. I’m very smooth — even my pits have very little hair.

I played football with my buddies in high school, and girls flirted with me. I even went out with this one girl, but that didn’t get too far…or I should say I didn’t let it get too far. I spent more time with my buddies partying and getting stoned or drinking when we had beer — and when girls made advances, I’d be too high or too drunk to do anything. Most girls were into the white jocks anyway. Out in public I was very outgoing, but when it came to sex and being naked with another person, I was very shy. I even rarely showered in the locker room after games and practice, knowing how I measured up to other guys. Since the first time I realized my shortcomings, I never wanted anyone else to know.

When graduation came along, most everyone went away to college or moved out to the city. I decided to stay, take some time off and work to save money. My adoptive parents didn’t like my decision, but I wanted to do something on my own. I fell out of touch with people from high school, and it wasn’t until recently that something happened in my life that got me reconnected, in a way.

It was hard to find a job in my little town, but with my build, I got into construction. After a several years of working, I finally decided to enroll into a city college. After finishing with an AA degree, I got accepted into a local university as a junior. I still work construction, but I have enough money that I don’t have to work full time.

At 30, I am much older than the average college student, as many of my classmates are at least a decade younger. With work and school I barely have time to do anything. I’ve kept in pretty decent shape over the years and thought of signing up for football again, but I decided to focus on my studies to get good grades and finally get a degree. It was in one of my classes last spring that I first got a glimpse of Matt.

Matt was the TA in my biology class. I normally kept to myself, quieter in my classes than I used to be in high school. I hated drawing attention to myself, but I’m not hard to miss. I’m tall, big and muscular. I kept having this feeling like I was being stared at, and finally, one day I caught Matt staring at me. Matt had these deep penetrating green eyes that gave you a feeling of being a deer caught in headlights.

Matt himself is not that imposing – about 5’8, maybe 160 lbs., dark hair with thick eyebrows and a scruffy face. He was slight and average looking white dude, but there was something about him that I could not shake off. I caught him staring several times more throughout the semester. I guess I could have said something, made an appointment and pretended I had some question about the class readings, just to size him out and see what’s up, but I thought maybe some things are better left alone. It wasn’t until the next fall when I was looking for another roommate that I got the chance to find out what Matt was staring at me for.

That day, opening the door to find Matt standing there was a big surprise. It took me a while to say anything. I kept looking into his eyes. His eyes, meanwhile, went from my eyes to my chest. I was just wearing a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. How was this little guy making me feel all dumb?

Finally he broke the ice. “Hey…you’re Nick from Bio class last semester.” For a little guy, he sure had a deep voice.

“That would be me. You’re Matt, right – the TA? Here for the apartment?” I asked, although I knew it was a stupid thing to say. After all, he was the only TA and our class was pretty small. I asked him in, holding the door open for him.

“Yea, good to see you. Wow, I didn’t expect this at all,” he said as he walked past me. It was a hot day, and I could smell his musky scent. It was mixed in with some kind of deodorant.

“Yea good to see you too. Welcome.” I gave him a tour of the apartment. It’s a two-bedroom, one bath apartment with a good size kitchen. The living room is a little too crowded with big furniture, but what can I say? I’m a big guy and I like a big couch!

After the tour, I asked him to sit down. It was hard to ignore his scent, but I did my best. He explained that he was looking for a quiet apartment off-campus as the dorm next to him had become filled with loud undergrads.

“Undergrads are being moved there because the building they were on is under construction.”

“Oh, Conway Hall? Yea I work there.”

“I think I see you there sometimes. I can see the site from my window.” I guess if I was a girl, this dude might have crept me out, but I didn’t really think that. I just felt a strange feeling deep within me, like I was excited that he would pay attention to me.

He stared at my chest again, and I felt compelled to show off. I flexed my pecs a little bit, making them stick out. He kept sneaking looks. I looked across to him and noticed the thick chest hairs coming out from the top of his white undershirt.

“I gotta tell you something,” he started. It seemed like he was gonna say he wasn’t interested in the apartment at all, and my heart missed a beat. “You remember a guy named Jason Simmons?

“Yea, he was a good friend in high school. How do you know him?”

“I’m his little brother. Do you remember me?”

“What? For real?” I was puzzled for a moment and then started to remember. Jason was the guy who could somehow find pot and alcohol for us. He had a little brother that was a few years younger. He was such a little guy, especially compared to Jason, that we called him Lil Matt. Not the most insulting thing a teenage boy could call his little brother, but somehow it made Matt always pissed off.

“Yea. You guys used to tease me a lot so I just stayed out of your way for the most part.”

“I can’t believe you never said anything. You knew me all along! I smiled. So that’s why he stared at me so much. And now here he is in my couch, bathing my nose with his scent.

“Lil Matt, hehe. I didn’t recognize you. You have all that hair on your face.” He blushed a little, brushing his beard with the palm of his hand.

“Whatever happened to Jason? We lost touch after high school.”

“He joined the army. And after his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, he became a tech salesman. He travels around Europe and the Middle East these days.”

“I see. Yea those days were fun. Sorry we tortured you so much.”

He cracked a smile. “No it’s cool. That was a long time ago I guess. But, yea my friends and I were so scared of you. The Big Samoan guy.”

“Haha. Lil dork. I’m Filipino…Well, Chinese and Filipino.” I joked, but then felt awkward for having said it. “You’re not as little as you used to be,” I told him. “You’ve grown a bit.”

“Yea? Well, you’re still pretty big, maybe even bigger. You’ve filled out even more.” If I wasn’t so dark brown, he might have seen me blush. “I gotta say though, you seem more mature, quieter that I remember you to be.”

I felt proud when he complimented me on my size. “You too man, you filled out a little bit, a little taller. You look a little bit like Jason, but just a different build.”

“Nah. We look nothing alike. Jason is more like my mom. I’m more like my dad.”

He was interested in the apartment and I decided it would be cool to live with Matt. A few weeks later, he moved in. Other than a bunch of books, a desk, clothes and a bed, he didn’t have much else. The move was quick. What I thought was Matt’s scent from sweating that day he came to see the apartment I quickly realized was a scent he always has. Musky, mixed with deodorant. I barely have any scent, and so the apartment began to smell like him.

For the first couple of months we lived together, Matt brought home his girlfriend, Brianna, most weekends. She was some nice girl with long blonde hair, big tits, and she was a little thick; not fat, but just thick. I couldn’t figure out what they had in common. She seemed as dumb as me, while he was someone on his way to a medical degree. She probably had a clue though. I remember one night, we were all sitting around drinking beer and Brianna was a bit tipsy. She asked me if I was dating.

I said, “No, not right now. I get so busy with work and school, hardly any time for any extra curricular stuff you know.”

“Matt finds the time,” she giggled. “I know,” I thought to myself. I hear her screaming every time they fucked.

“How did you guys meet anyway? “

“Oh we met online,” Matt interjected.

“Yea…”she giggled and said, “He likes big boobs!” She then scooped up her boobs from under and shook them. I looked over at Matt to see his reaction, but he was looking straight at my chest, instead. Once again, I was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, which is what I normally wear at home. I felt weird.

“I don’t know. I think he’s a player. He makes time for boobs but not much else,” she teases.

“No, no. I swear I’m not a player. I’m too busy for that,” he nervously chuckled, looking up, meeting my gaze.

When they broke up not too long after that night, I saw more and more of Matt. Sometimes he’d have some of his nerdy friends over, or my coworkers from the construction site, and we’d all just sit around eat and drink some beer. Or sometimes we play some video games. Matt wasn’t exactly the sporty type but we did play some basketball on weeknights after school or work. I might be big but I’m still pretty fast. I beat his ass all the time. He moved a little awkward on the courts, like he doesn’t feel the rhythm of the ball. He was never a sore loser though, like his big brother Jason.

One Friday night after dinner, we were relaxing in front of the TV drinking some beer. I had a big wound in my rib from a fall at work, but I played ball with Matt anyway, just before we came home.

I was on the couch as usual, and he was sitting in an armchair. Playing ball with Matt means a lot of body contact and his scent was still all over me. We both didn’t shower; it seemed neither one of us minded, although I guess I should have showered, and cleaned my wound.

“Well…you beat me again. One of these days I’m taking you down.”

“It’s cool man. You have some good moves. Someday you’ll win. At least you don’t whine like Jason when you lose.”

He looked over to me, at my chest again. This time, it wasnÕt the ogling I usually get from him. He had a bit of a concerned look on his face.

“Hey, champ, your bleeding.”

I looked down and sure enough blood had seeped through my wife beater.

“What happened? Let me see,” he said, getting up and walking over to me.

He hiked up my shirt and peeled off the bloody bandage I had on it.

“I fell on a rebar that was sticking out the side of a wall.”

“Doesn’t look too bad,” he said. He got up, got a medical kit from the bathroom, then came back and sat next to me.

“I was hoping I had to perform surgery,” he joked, and made me smile. “I wanted to really get in there.”

The wound was close to my chest, and I had to raise my arm so he could get to it. I noticed him give my pits a quick glance. I hoped I didn’t stink.

As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard.

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