small town

*Author’s Note: Any persons engaging in sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 101

Paul patted Barbara’s back gently until the infant fell back to sleep; tummy full and diaper dry.

Paulie was still asleep; the two year old toddler would probably sleep until Aunt Pam came to get him for his breakfast. Candy was also still asleep; it was only four thirty in the morning.

Quietly, he left the bedroom he and Candy and their two children shared. He closed the door and walked down the hallway to the kitchen.

He could see Cindy standing at the sink, staring out the large window at the disappearing moon. She sipped her coffee and rocked ands swiveled slowly to some unheard melody.

“Hey, Beautiful,” Paul whispered, putting his hands on her wide hips.

Even after a few years of exercise and diet, Cindy still had the wide hips of her adolescence. This in turn gave her a full backside and slightly thick thighs. This, along with her flat tummy and nearly flat chest, her long red hair and deep brown eyes, made her the most beautiful woman Paul knew.

He pulled her long red hair away from her ear and lightly bit down on her ear.

“Oh, God, Paul,” she hissed. “You know what that does to me.”

“Mm hmm, why you think I do it?” he asked her and turned her around.

She smiled up at him and he smiled in return. Teasingly, he began to pull her around the large kitchen, dancing to the unheard melody she’d been rocking and swaying to earlier.

“Goof ball, what are you doing?” she laughed as he twirled her around the room.

“Dancing, I thought,” he smiled. “Gee, I must be whiter than I thought if you have to ask.”

It felt good to be in his strong, loving arms. It was almost as if her daddy was holding her again, telling her she was his little princess, his second most favorite woman in the whole world.

She let a few tears slide down her cheeks as she thought of her daddy.

(Bill Broussard had suffered a massive heart attack on the job three months earlier. He and Jake Broussard had just finished pulling the steel framing for queen sized box spring when Bill gasped, groaned, and fell to the floor.

Jake Broussard, Bill’s friend and next door neighbor for twenty years, ran around the large table and immediately began CPR on Bill. He kept it up until the ambulance got there, nearly twenty minutes later, but Bill was dead.

“I tried, baby, I tried so hard,” Jake sobbed to his wife, Bobbi.

“Shh, shh, Baby, I know you did; Bill knows you did, we all knows you did,” Bobbi soothed.)

“Wait, wait, here comes the dip,” Paul warned.

Cindy prepared to be dipped backward, but instead, Paul bent backward.

“You are so silly,” she laughed and pulled him upright again.

They stopped dancing and looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment. Slowly, he bent forward; he was six feet, two inches and Cindy was only five feet tall.

Their lips met and Cindy groaned. They kissed hungrily and Paul eased the robe off of her shoulders.

“Yes,” she hissed as his lips traveled to her sensitive throat.

It had been so long, just over three months since she’d had any sexual contact, any sexual release, other than masturbation.

“Celine,” she thought. “That fucking bitch…”

At her father’s funeral, with her mother sobbing inconsolably, Celine had decided to try and ‘out’ them, announce to everyone that she and Cindy were lovers.

“What are you doing?” Cindy had hissed, pulling Celine out of the viewing room by her long black hair.

“I just wanted to give your mother some good news, something she could hold onto for comfort,” Celine had stammered.

“By telling her that her only child is gay?” Cindy had gasped. “Celine are you insane?”

“Are you, Cindy, are you ashamed of us? Of what we are?” Celine asked, narrow eyes becoming narrower.

“No, but Celine, I’m not, what we do has no, God damn it, Celine! At my daddy’s funeral?” Cindy had sputtered, both outraged and heartbroken.

“Fine, let me know when you are ready to be honest,” Celine had spat and left the small bathroom.

Since that day, Cindy and Celine were barely civil to each other; often collapsing into screaming tirades at each other.

They still slept in the same bedroom, sharing a queen sized bed, sharing a closet, sharing a dresser and a chest of drawers, but conversations were not shared, caresses and kisses were not shared. And more often than not, Cindy would get out of their bed and go sleep in the living room. Or when Trish was out on a date, would sleep in Pam’s room.

Paul’s fingers found Cindy’s sensitive nipples and the tiny buds sprang into action.

“Oh God, Paul,” Cindy hissed as Paul picked her up and lay her on the kitchen table on her back.

“Oh God, Cindy,” Paul echoed. “Oh yeah, God damn it, you get more beautiful each day, you know that?”

“You say so,” Cindy smiled as he leaned over her and began to tease her nipples with his tongue and teeth.

“Oh!” she let a long groan escape as his mouth found her pussy.

“Damn it; I’m sorry Baby, but I can’t…” he groaned as he stood up suddenly.

“Oh!” she grunted as his cock was jammed into her pussy suddenly, forcefully.

“…wait any longer…” he groaned as he pulled out of her.

“Oh!” she groaned again as he sank into her, filling her pussy with his manhood.

It had been over three months since he’d been able to make love to Cindy; Celine was always right there, glaring at the two of them, insinuating herself in between them.

Candy, of course, couldn’t make love; at eight and a half months of pregnancy, it was just too uncomfortable, and then after giving birth, the doctor had yet to give them the ‘all clear’ to resume sexual activity.

Pam was available to him and never denied him access to her, but it just wasn’t the same as being with Cindy.

Cindy was his one true love; he’d married Candy at Cindy’s insistence and regretted not sticking to his guns. Every day, he reflected on the fact that he was not married to the one girl he really wanted to be with.

He loved his wife, enjoyed being with her, even tolerated her little quirks and idiosyncrasies, but he adored Cindy.

“Oh Baby,” Cindy grunted as an orgasm welled up in her guts. “Oh Baby, oh God!”

He slammed his cock into her and held it there as a torrent of sperm blasted into her rapidly quivering pussy.

He did not worry about the table; he had built the large round table himself, out of very sturdy and very thick planks. The table wasn’t going anywhere.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as his cock began to shrivel up.

“I know, Baby, I know,” she whispered back. “You know I love you too, right?”

“Uh huh,” he agreed and bent to kiss her mouth again.

“Aw, come on, huh?” Pam complained as she snapped the light on. “Couches all over the place, y’all got to use my table?”

“YOUR table?” Paul smiled as he stood up again. “I’m sorry; I thought it was MY table.”

“Thought it was MY table,” Cindy echoed as Paul helped her down.

“Y’all know what I mean,” Pam said and began filling Paul’s thermos with the too strong coffee he and Cindy seemed to favor.

That’s what had woken Cindy up; the smell of Paul’s coffee. Pam took after Miss Bobbi; her coffee was too weak, just colored water.

“Shit!” Paul laughed as he glanced at the clock on the wall. “Bye! I got to pick up Mr. Jake!”

“Here you go; love you,” Pam said, handing him his thermos.

He picked her up, kissed her softly, and then put the four foot, six inch woman back down.

“Love you too,” he said as he left the kitchen.

He trotted back down the hall, quietly entered his bedroom and walked to the bathroom.

A quick brush of his teeth, a quick pee and Paul was ready for the day ahead.

He crawled to where his wife lay sleeping and gently kissed her cheek.

“Bye, Baby Love,” he whispered into her ear.

Playfully, she batted at his face. He grabbed her hand and bit down on one of her fingers.

“Ow!” she giggled.

“Bye, Sweetheart; got to go get your dad,” he said and kissed her on her lips.

“Love you,” she said and smiled happily at him.

“Love you too,” he said, then playfully licked her on the tip of her snub nose.

“Ew! Paul!” she giggled, wiping at her nose. “You’re so gross!”


“Have fun, play nice with the others,” Bobbi teased as she packed Jake’s lunch.

She handed him a second bag as well.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Paul’s lunch; I know my daughter. She isn’t getting out of bed at five o’clock to make him lunch,” Bobbi laughed.

“Thank you,” he said sincerely and hugged his wife.

“You’re welcome now go,” Bobbi said as they heard Paul’s pick up truck pulling into the driveway.

“Yes ma’am,” he said and left the house.

Jake felt good, felt alive. In the two months since the factory had shut down, he’d sat around the house, feeling sorry for himself. Then his son in law had called; the apartments he and the girls owned needed some minor repairs. Since they were north of Monroe, Louisiana, they’d have to drive up there, a four hour drive, work quickly, then either stay in a motel, or drive back at night. But he’d be working, he’d be doing something.

“How’s Miss Emily holding up?” Paul asked as Jake climbed into the truck.

“About as well as can be expected,” Jake said quietly.

“Yeah, every time I ask her if she needs anything, she always tells me she’s fine,” Paul said.

“You make this coffee?” Jake asked, finding the thermos.

“Yeah, hate the way Pam makes it; stuff’s like water,” Paul said as they pulled onto Highway 52.

“Look at this God damned shit, huh?” Jake spat as they spotted the apartment building that Paul owned.

Graffiti from the Angels 270 gang adorned the side of the building.

“I swear to God, them little shit ass punks ought to be rounded up and shot,” Jake spat as he looked at the building’s defacement. “Walking around with their pants so God damned lose they got to hold on to them; blasting that circus shit they call music!”

Paul nodded in agreement, too angry to speak.

“Always talking shit about respect, always saying we got to respect them, but I’ll be damned if they show anyone else any respect,” Jake went on.

The apartment building was empty. He’d made the mistake of renting one of the four units to a Latin woman and her eighteen year old son. The eighteen year old son was a member of the Angels 270, and within a month of the mother and son moving in, the Angels 270 had harassed and intimidated the other tenants into moving out. They gutted all four of the units for anything of value, including the copper pipes and wire in the walls.

Paul’s insurance company balked at paying for the building, until Marie Robichaux, Paul’s step-mother, stepped in. Having a District Attorney on your side was a handy little tool.


“Hey, Lala,” Charles LaPointe smiled wearily as he let himself into their bedroom.

“I hate when you pull a double,” Elaine LaPointe complained needlessly.

“You?” he asked, slipping his shoes off of his tired, aching feet. “Try working both shifts in the ER.”

“You tired?” she asked when he slipped under the covers.

“What you think?” he asked, laying his head on the pillow.

“Too tired to…” she asked, already pulling her nightgown off.

“Baby, please,” he begged. “I’ve been on my feet for sixteen hours straight.”

“I didn’t say you had to stand up,” she giggled, knowing from the lump of flesh that was swelling in her hand that she was going to win.

“Please?” he begged her. “Not right now, okay, Lala?”

His cock may be reacting to his beautiful, sexy young wife, but his feet hurt, his legs hurt, his back hurt. He was tired, he was sore, he just wanted to sleep.

“Oh, all right,” Elaine LaPointe huffed.

“Thank you,” he said sincerely.

“Can I blow you?” she asked, kissing his mouth.

“Hmm,” he pondered, but she was already slipping her head under the covers.

As she took the length of his cock into her mouth, he began to slip a finger into her wet slit. His thumb rubbed her swollen clitoris and she hummed happily. A second finger joined the first in her pussy and she began to stroke his cock with her throat muscles.

They both orgasmed at the same time; he pumping a thick load of his semen into her throat, she drenching his fingers with her own orgasm.

“Okay,” she smiled at him. “I got to go get Trey and Richard ready for school. Love you.”

“Love you too, Lala,” he said, but he was already drifting off to sleep.


“Dick, I swear to God; my little girl becomes a cop, I will kill you,” Carmen hissed at her husband as he dressed for work.

“Worse things to be,” Sheriff Dick Davis shrugged.

“I mean it,” she screamed and burst into sobs.

“What?” he asked, trying to hug her.

“No! Damn it, no! All right?” she screamed, beating at his chest.

“What?” He yelled back.

“You have any God damned idea how hard it is to watch you go to work? I never know if it’s the last time I’ll ever see you! And now, now you got Elise working there! She’s going to want to be a cop too. I just know it! And then I’m going to lose the both of you, not just you,” Carmen sobbed, finally letting him pull her into a hug.


Elise, thankfully, did not hear any of this tirades; she was across the street at her sister’s house, helping Elaine get Trey and Richard ready for their day at school.

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Trey informed Elise. “It’s not like I’ve never been there before.”

“Yeah, but it’s the first day. You’re going to see who your new teachers are, and who you’ll be friends with, and if there’s any cute girls there,” Elise encouraged.

“Oh please,” Trey rolled his eyes. “There’s Lucy; she’s the most beautiful girl ever; I already know that.”

“Lucy Edwards?” Elise teased, sticking her finger down her throat and making gagging sounds.

“Aunt Leesie,” Trey smirked. “You’re not very funny.”

“Never know,” Elise said as she helped tie his shoes. “Might be one or two new girls this year, even cuter than Lucy.”

He gripped her face in his small hands so she head to look him in the eye.

“Not. Going. To. Happen. Understand?” he said, emphatically.

“Well, yes sir!” Elise laughed.

“Aunt Leesie, don’t tie them like that!” Trey complained as Elise put a double knot in his shoe laces.

“If I don’t, then they’ll just come undone,” she said.

“Richard’s already ready,” Elaine declared.

“And so is whiney butt,” Elise said, standing up.

“Hey!” Trey argued.


Richard Boudreaux stretched out next to his wife and looked at the small woman, belly grossly distended. Bernie was in her seventh month of pregnancy and Richard knew he had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Some would look at the afro of frizzy, tightly coiled carrot orange hair, the pug nose, the receding chin and not see a beautiful woman, but Richard knew, he knew there was no woman quite as beautiful as the four foot eleven inch girl that had agreed to marry him.

As if she could sense his eyes on her, she opened her large hazel eyes and looked into his brown eyes. She smiled self-consciously, remembering that she now slept nude. Clothing felt so confining, so restricting that she couldn’t sleep in them, not with a swollen belly. But she was still modest enough to be embarrassed by her own nudity.

“Morning, sweetie,” she mumbled.

“Morning; I made us some toast and jelly, okay?” he asked.

“Oh good,” she murmured. “Grape or apple?”

“Ha!” he crowed. “Not going to get me this time, Miss Smarty Pants!”

“What?” she smiled mischievously.

“I do grape, you say ‘oh, I really wanted apple,’ I do apple, you say ‘oh I really wanted grape,’” Richard said, laughing.

“Uh huh,” she agreed.

“So, this time,” he said, bringing the tray out. “I did both!”

“Oh, I really wanted peach,” she said, then burst out laughing at his stunned face.

“We don’t even have peach!” he yelled, exasperated.

“Sell it right there at Early’s,” she said, pointing in the general direction of the only grocery store in Bender, Louisiana.

“I swear to God, you’re killing me!” Richard groused as he pulled his boots on.

“But this is fine,” Bernie smiled as she picked up a piece of the toast.

“Oh no, woman,” he exclaimed. “Oh no, I’ll go get you your peach jelly. And when I get back, I’m going to smear it all over you and eat it off, you hear?”

“Ooh, promise?” she asked, flinging the comforter off, exposing her nude body to his gaze.

“Damn right; God Baby, you are really beautiful, you know that?” Richard said.

“Uh huh, and really want peach, hurry up,” Bernie said, quickly pulling the covers back up to cover her nude body.


“And Jacob’s going to be in my homeroom,” Rebecca Robichaux prattled on and on as her mother brushed her hair.

“Good God, kid, you sleep in a briar patch?” Marie asked her daughter.

“And is my baby girl ready for her first day of school?” Bob smiled from the doorway.

“Uh huh,” Rebecca nodded.

“Yes sir,” Marie corrected.

“Yes sir,” Rebecca agreed.

“Trying to brush this hair of herd’s, looks like a jungle in there,” Marie told Bob.

“Well, hey, I got my electric razor; we can just shave it off,” Bob suggested.

“No!” Rebecca shrilled.

“Dad’s just full a bulling you,” Marie said, squeezing the girl.

“Hold still; going to send a picture to Paul,” Bob said and snapped a picture with his cell phone.


“And Mrs. Hebert said ‘Good, she smells like French fries,’” Cindy laughed as they finished their breakfast.

They were talking about Mickie, the girl that had been Candy’s replacement as masseuse for the past three months while Candy was at home on maternity leave.

“I don’t get it,” Candy said.

“She used to work at McDonald’s,” Pam explained.

“And NEVER shut up about it!” Trish finished. “God bless! That girl just ran her mouth and ran her mouth and ran her mouth; I don’t know how ANYONE enjoyed a massage with her.”

“But I kind of talk a lot too,” Candy defended the unknown girl.

“Uh huh, but you talk about what your client likes, not about McDonald’s all the time,” Pam offered.

“Well, I had a massage with her,” Trish offered. “Completely inappropriate. Kept talking about how hard it is to keep her pussy shaved. Like I want to hear about her razor burn?”

“Yeah, had to have a little talk with her about that,” Celine threw in.

“How’d she take it when you told her she wouldn’t be needed any more?” Pam asked Celine.

“Cried a lot, threatened to sue us, wanted us to call her if Candy gets pregnant again,” Celine shrugged.

“Well, I’ll try,” Candy laughed.

“Oh God, another nine months of Queen Candy? I don’t think so!” Cindy teased.

“This road kill’s pretty good,” Trish teased Pam.

“Shut up; it’s not road kill!” Pam screamed as Trish laughed.

“Your boyfriend know you’re a bitch?” Pam asked as she put her dish in the dishwasher.

“Says as long as I’m not as big a bitch as you, he can live with it,” Trish said, nudging Pam out of the way.

“Oh, God! I have so missed this!” Candy shrilled as she picked up her own plate.


Richard saw his eighteen year old sister in law, Bee, as she approached the sliding glass doors of Early’s Grocery Store.

Before he could reach her, three members of the Angels 270 exited the store.

“Hey, Zits!” one of the gang members laughed. “Nice tits!”

Bee shrieked as the youth grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it.

Bee ran into the store, clutching her arms over her ample chest.

The three gang members laughed uproariously, knowing that no one would dare confront them for their behavior.

Richard punched the laughing offender in his face. Before any of the three could react, he picked the stunned youth up by his ridiculous baggy pants and dumped him, head first, into a grocery cart. A savage kick sent the basket caroming through the parking lot toward Highway 19.

An elbow strike to another youth’s solar plexus and a knee to his face knocked the second youth unconscious. The third gang member reached for his nine millimeter handgun; big mistake. Richard broke the punk’s arm, then kicked the youth in his testicles, chest, and face before the boy fell to the ground, unconscious.

A screech of tires told Richard that the first thug had reached Highway 19. The sound of metal scraping metal did not concern him as he walked into the grocery store.

“Hey, Bee,” he smiled as a still shaken Bee selected a box of granola bars.

“Hey Richard,” she tried to smile, face still a bright red behind her mass of pimples.

“Your goofy sister sent me here for stupid peach jelly,” Richard smiled as he playfully pulled Bee’s hair.

“Well, don’t keep her waiting,” Bee ordered.

He retrieved a jar of peach jelly, then also grabbed three more jars of different flavors of jelly; Bernie wasn’t going to fool him again. A loaf of whole wheat bread was also grabbed, then Richard walked up to the cashier’s station.

“No, I don’t know what happened,” the old cashier was telling Tommy Collins, the manager of Early’s. “No, the three of them came in, bought some cigarettes, tried to buy some beer, but all of them was only eighteen so I told them no, then they left.”

“Well two of them are laying on the ground right there, right behind you and another one got hit by a car, stealing one of our carts,” Tommy shrilled.

“Them?” Richard asked, pointing to the two still unconscious gang members.

“Yes, them; you know anything?” Tommy asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Me?” Richard smiled. “Nope. Why would I?”

Bee waved good bye to him, sneered at the two thugs on the ground, and then chastised herself for her unchristian thoughts.

She then looked at the road and covered her mouth in shock; a boy’s body lay in the street, half in and half out of a mangled grocery cart. A Car was parked next to the cart; an elderly woman sat behind the wheel, still gripping the steering wheel tightly. A man, obviously the driver of the car that was parked behind the first car was trying to communicate with the elderly woman.

“Fucking shame, huh?” Richard asked lightly, then began to job Double-time back to the house he and Bernie were renting from his classmate and fellow Marine, Lawrence Dumensnil.


Kelli Mouton studied herself in the mirror. Her clothing was appropriate; a nice blouse and slacks, both neatly pressed. Her carrot orange hair was done up in a bun on top of her head. Her freckled face was devoid of any makeup; someone had told her that Alicia Dumas frowned on heavy makeup.

“Of course she does,” Kelli groused to herself. “She doesn’t have a million freckles.”

She made sure to take off any jewelry that would be distracting; she would be speaking with her hands.

She looked at the photograph Alicia Dumas had supplied. A very pretty little girl with long blonde hair looked directly at the camera, wicked little smile curling up the right side of the girl’s mouth.

“Sophia Campion,” Kelli spelled out with her right hand.

“My name Kelli…” she started.

“No, no,” she said out loud.

My Name Miss Mouton,” she signed and spelled.

She so desperately wanted to do well; this was her internship for her degree in Early Education. Maybe, if Mrs. Dumas liked her, saw that she did really well with the deaf child, she’d be hired on next year, hired to teach a class, instead of just one child.

For now, Kelli would be working with the second grade child until eleven o’clock. Then her replacement would come and Kelli would race across town to A Touch of Sicily to work until nine, ten o’clock at night. Being an intern didn’t pay anything and Kelli had student loans to pay off.

She frowned when she thought about A Touch of Sicily; Mr. Bonani, the owner fawned all over the pretty blonde waitresses he hired, even though they rarely did any work at all and wound up being fired. But she, Kelli Mouton, who had been working there for six years now, rarely got even a word of encouragement.

“I can’t wait to tell him to take his fucking job and shove it up his fat old ass,” Kelli said, unaware that she was also signing out her venomous words as she said them.


“Oh my God!” Pam shrieked as they turned onto Cort Street. “Look at him!”

“What? Who?” Candy demanded.

“Jacob!” Cindy laughed. “Look at him; standing out there, waiting on the bus!”

“Aw, he looks so cute, all dressed in his school uniform!” Pam gushed.

“My little second grader!” Candy praised, even though she couldn’t see her little brother as the seven year old waited for Bus number 39 to take him to St. Richard’s.

“No!” Jacob yelled as the three young women descended on him. “Leave me alone! Y’all are all yucky!”

“What?” Pam laughed out loud as she insisted on kissing the squirming boy.

“Aw, look!” Jacob whined. “You got your germs all over me!”

Cindy settled for a playful tousling of his dirty blonde hair before helping Candy in retrieving Paulie and Barbara from their car seats.

The three women entered Bobbi’s house, squealing and chattering. Bobbi looked away from the window where she watched for Bus 39.

After greeting all, Bobbi smirked as Candy insisted on telling her mother how to care for the two children.

“Come on; she raised you, I’m sure she knows how to take care of Paulie and Barbara,” Cindy said and pulled Candy toward the door.

“Bye; Momma loves you,” Candy tearfully told her two babies before allowing herself to be dragged to the door.


“You know, McDonald’s coffee ain’t half bad,” Jake Broussard said as he got back into the pick up truck.

“Uh huh, finished with your tinkle, Princess?” Paul teased his father in law.

“Hey, you wait until you’re my age; see if you don’t have to pee all the time,” Jake protested.

“Uh huh; bet I won’t have to do it sitting down,” Paul laughed as he pulled out of the McDonald’s parking lot.

The two men sipped their too-hot cups of coffee and continued north.

Man, there’s some real nice little towns out here,” Jake mused.

“Uh huh; shame the economy’s killing them,” Paul agreed. “Only reason Bender and DeGarde’s doing okay is they got ULD and ULL close by. Those universities ever close; we could kiss most of our income good-bye too.”

“Yeah, when the mattress factory closed down…” Jake said then lapsed into silence.

(Ed Baggett had cried real tears as he made the announcement to his employees. Daphne his wife, a six foot tall red head beauty had also cried and hugged each employee.

“After the several years I’ve worked with most of y’all, y’all aren’t just employees; y’all are family,” Big Eddie had sobbed.

“All of y’all are friends,” Daphne Baggett had echoed her husband’s sentiments.

“But we just can’t afford to keep the doors open; there just aren’t any orders coming in,” Big Eddie said, pointing out the nearly four thousand mattresses that sat on the loading docks.

“We managed to make a deal with the Defense Department,” Daphne said. “Those mattresses are going to their off-base housing for military personnel and families.”

“But after that,” Big Eddie said.

“Nothing,” Daphne finished for him.

“Y’all will be getting your full pensions; those of y’all that put in for it,” Big Eddie said. “I made sure of that; that money is safe.”

“We could have just put a pink slip in with this month’s paycheck,” Daphne said. “But Big Eddie said ‘there’s no way we can do that to our employees; they mean too much to us,’ so we’re telling all y’all, face to face. The Department of Labor knows they’ll be expecting all y’all”on Monday morning.”

“God bless you; it really does break my, our hearts to tell y’all good bye,” Big Eddie blew his nose.

“Love you, Big Eddie,” David Labbe had said, equally as tearful as his boss.)

A sudden laugh from Paul brought Jake out of his reverie.

“Here, look at this,” Paul smiled as he handed his cell phone to Jake.

“Aw,” Jake agreed, looking at the picture of Rebecca Robichaux getting ready for her first day of second grade.

“Looks so much like her mom, huh?” Paul asked proudly.

“Yeah, well thank God she don’t look like you,” Jake teased.

Jake didn’t say it; Rebecca did indeed look just like her mother, and her mother, Marie, was an extremely unattractive, horse faced woman in Jake’s eyes.


Michelle ‘Mickie’ Bernard came to; intense craving burning through her body. Her body, her mind all felt feverish. She even felt as if her blood was boiling inside her veins.

She’d been walking home Friday afternoon, after Shapes Gym let her go; smug slant eyed bitch just looking down on her, when it began to rain. To her, it was fitting; even God was pissing on her.

A car tapped its horn and she peered over her shoulder at the battered car; driver smiling in a friendly manner.

Juan Geraldo picked her up. He sympathized with her, complimented her, telling her all the right things.

“Hey, got something make you feel maybe a little better,” he offered.

She was hooked the first time he let her snort a line of the crystal meth.

“Cost you,” he smiled when she asked for more.

He unzipped his pants and she sucked his cock for all she was worth.

“Want more?” he laughed when she begged for a little more of the powder.

The paycheck was gone before Saturday morning and Juan wasn’t smiling when she begged him for more.

“You suck the cock okay; bet your pussy nice and tight, huh?” Juan asked.

Five guys, six guys, ten guys; it was all a blur to her.

“No, no, God damned bitch, huh?” Juan yelled, slapping her so hard that two of her teeth were jarred loose. “Fuck, want more it going to take money, okay?”

Her friend Nickie had once given her a .357 handgun; Nickie was afraid she was going to use it on herself. Mickie found the gun and put it in her purse.


True to his word, Richard did smear a little of the peach jelly on his wife’s puffy nipples and suck and lick them clean again.

He did smear it on her drooling pussy lips and suck them clean as well. Her puckered little anus also got a dollop of the sickeningly sweet jelly and was thoroughly tongued clean.

“Uh huh,” Bernie smiled when Richard asked her if she was satisfied. “I guess.”

“You guess?” Richard asked.

“Yeah, but I really wanted peanut butter,” Bernie said, then laughed at Richard’s expression.

“Peanut butter?” Richard bellowed. “You want peanut butter? I’ll give you peanut butter!”

She laughed as he stormed out of the bedroom.

She laughed when he came back, carrying a jar of peanut butter.

“Crunchy,” Bernie requested.

“It’s crunchy,” Richard smiled, then unzipped his trousers.

“What are you doing?” Bernie asked.

“Going to feed it to you,” Richard said, shoving his erect cock into the jar. “Open up.”

“Oh, Baby,” Bernie cooed as she sucked his peanut butter covered cock. “Mmm, give me some more.”

He fed her two more peanut butter covered cocks before exploding down her throat.

“Now, you want some more peach jelly?” Bernie asked, holding her breasts out to him.

“Yes ma’am,” he agreed.


“You go here,” Trey told his younger brother as he guided him to the pre-kindergarten classroom. “Now, I showed you where Mrs. Dumas’ office; you need anything, you go see her. She’s a real nice lady, okay?”

“You stay with me?” Richard tremulously asked his big brother.

“I can’t; I got school too, remember?” Trey patiently told his younger brother.

“But suppose I don’t like it?” Richard asked, about to cry.

“It’ll only be for a little while; then we’ll go home, okay?” Trey comforted his brother.

Lucy Edwards grabbed onto Trey’s hand and they found their new homeroom together.

“Okay, here’s my desk,” Trey whooped when he found his nametag on the desk.

“Ha ha, I’m sitting way in front of you,” Lucy teased.

Neither child had figured out that Ms. Fontenot had arranged their nametags alphabetically.

“Okay, Jamie, this is your classroom,” Alicia Dumas smiled down at Jamie Christine Hollister; her husband’s child by April Hollister.

The little girl did not know that Cris Dumas was her real father, did not know that she was the spitting image of his oldest daughter, Nicole Dumas. Jamie just knew that all of a sudden she was going to a real nice school and Mommy said she had to do whatever Mrs. Dumas told her to do.

“Hi Mrs. Dumas,” Trey said as he ran up to the school’s principal. “How’s your motorbike?”

“My motorbike’s fine, thank you,” Alicia smiled down at the precocious child. “Rode it to school this morning.”

“My mommy used to have a motorbike!” Jamie said.

“I know,” Alicia smiled. “Remember? Your mommy and I are friends.”

“Come on,” Trey said to the pretty six year old. “I’ll help you find your seat.”

Lucy stared daggers at the new kid and her boyfriend but Trey paid her no mind.

“Oh, here you are!” Trey said. “See? You’re three seats ahead of me.”

“Sit with me?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t think we should; we might get into trouble,” Trey said, indecisive.

“Pretty please?” Jamie said and batted her eyelashes at him.

Trey moved the name tags back and sat behind the pretty brunette.


“Hey, I um, I’m here to see Cris,” April Hollister nervously told the woman that sat behind Pilot’s rotunda.

“Ms. Hollister?” Sandra smiled.

“Uh, yeah, yes ma’am,” April agreed.

“He’s expecting you,” Sandra said, pointing to Cris Dumas’ door. “Can I bring you some coffee? Or diet soda?”

“Um,” April hesitated.

“They stock the damned machine with nothing but diet,” Sandra whispered. “They won’t admit it, but they’re both on diets.”

“That is not true, you horrible woman,” Cris said from the doorway of his office.

“Coffee, please, two sugars and a lot of cream,” April smiled.

“So, what’s up?” Cris asked when Sandra brought April her coffee.

“Cris, there ain’t no easy way to say this so I’m just going to say it,” April said.

Cris waited until April had taken a sip of her coffee.

“Cris, I got AIDS,” April said.

Cris paled.

“No, no, you ain’t got nothing to worry about,” April hastened to assure him. “No, I got it like last year; shooting up dope.”

“April, you and Jimbo were shooting up dope when I met you. Course, I didn’t know that at the time, but…” Cris said voice tight.

“Yeah, but I got tested like every six months and ain’t nothing showed up until like almost two years ago when we started buying our shit from Big Mike,” April said.

Cris made a mental note to have himself tested. Despite April’s assurances, better safe than sorry.

“No, I um, listen, Jamie?” April said after taking another sip of her coffee.

“Yes, she’s going to St. Richard’s now, right?” Cris smiled.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, you’re um, your old lady’s got her in that place,” April said.

“My wife, not my old lady,” Cris smiled.

“Whatever; you know what I mean,” April laughed.

“That’s the April I know,” Cris encouraged.

“Uh huh, whatever, old man,” April sneered playfully.

“So, I’m uh, I’m sending you two hundred a month for Jamie; that going to be enough?” Cris asked.

“Uh yeah, yeah, it’s more than enough; we didn’t have shit before, so it really helps out a lot,” April said.

She reached into the battered old purse she had with her and pulled out a few photographs of Jamie and after looking at them for a long moment, pushed them across the desk.

“Here, um, you know Jimbo couldn’t fuck after he had his accident, right?” April said and drained her cup of coffee.

“Want some more?” Cris asked and glanced at the pictures of the smiling girl.

“Uh, yeah, if it ain’t too much trouble,” April said.

“Not at all,” Cris said.

Sandra smiled as she put a fresh cup of coffee on the desk for April.

“Your daughter?” she asked, glancing at the photographs.

“Yeah, Jamie,” April said proudly.

“Precious,” Sandra said.

Sandra did not miss the fact that the photograph of Crisp’s daughter, Nicole Marie Dumas as a six year old girl and the photograph of Jamie Christine Hollister were nearly identical.

“Anyway,” April said when Sandra had left the office. “Um, Jamie, she’s your. I mean, you’re the daddy. You can get a DNA test you want to, but you got to believe me; she’s your kid.”

“I can tell that just looking at her,” Cris smiled.

“And um, since I probably ain’t going to be around a whole lot longer, I um…” April said.

“Okay,” Cris interrupted her. “April, I’m going to want to do this as straightforward and as above board as possible. I don’t want any fuck ups jamming the works.”

He leaned forward in his chair.

“I want her to come visit us; Alicia and me, get to know us. She’ll stay with you for now, but when you get too sick…” Cris said.

“Thank you,” April said and began to cry in relief.

“These pictures?” Cris said, indicating the small pile. “You got more?”

“Um, no, them, that’s all I got,” April said.

“Okay,” Cris said and selected one. “Here; they obviously mean a lot to you; hang onto them.


Kelli watched the children as they trooped off of the buses. She shook her head in bewilderment; she had never noticed how many blonde haired girls there were, until she was looking for a blonde haired girl.

“Here she comes,” Alicia smiled as she joined Kelli.

“Yep; that’s her,” Kelli laughed in relief.

Sophia Campion clutched her back pack defensively and looked around. It was frustrating for her; all the other kids seemed to know exactly where to go and what to do. Even Freddy, her nephew had dashed off, leaving her to fend for herself.

A pretty woman walked up to her and Sophia shrank back, afraid.

“Hi,” the pretty woman signed. “My name Miss Mouton.”

Sophia broke into a wide smile and signed her own name to the pretty woman.

“Take you class,” Kelli signed and reached out for Sophia’s hand.

Sophia smiled at Nicole’s friend, Miss Alicia. Alicia smiled and waved, then signed ‘I love you’ to Sophia.

“Where Cristopher Michael?” Sophia signed.

Alicia looked at Kelli for an interpretation.

“She wants to know where Cristopher Michael is,” Kelli said.

“Oh!” Alicia said. “Well, sweetheart, he’s already in class.”

“Cristopher Michael in class,” Kelli signed.

“Okay,” Sophia signed.

“Room two one two,” Alicia smiled to Kelli. On the left.”

“I know where it is,” Kelli laughed. “I went here when I was a kid.”


“Fucking slant eyed cunt,” Mickie hissed, gun pointed at the no longer smirking Celine Ng. “Come on, bitch; laugh at me now, huh?”

“I did not laugh at you; I am sorry if you thought I had,” Celine murmured.

“Hey Celine,” Candy said as she came into the lobby of Shapes Gym. “That girl Mickie; she forget to order spearmint oil?”

Mickie whirled around at the intruder and saw Candy’s long white cane. In her fevered brain, the cane was a weapon. Reacting on adrenaline and fear, she squeezed off two shots, hitting Candy in the chest and killing the twenty five year old mother of two.

“Candy!” Celine screamed and rushed to her friend’s aid.

Mickie pumped three more bullets into Celine; hitting her in the left eye, shoulder and heart.

Forgetting that she had come there for money, Mickie ran from the lobby.

Cindy looked up when she heard two muffled pops, what sounded like a scream, then three more muffled pops.

Trish didn’t hear the gunshots; she had Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ was booming as she urged the five older women through their aerobic paces.

Pam looked around the kitchen to see if something had fallen when she heard the two pops, then looked to the hallway when she heard a scream and three more pops.

Chapter 102

“Live for Channel Twelve Performance News, this is Sonja Doyeski,” the beautiful blonde newscaster chirped into the camera. “We’re outside of Bender’s exclusive female fitness center, Shapes. Behind that glass door, Bender’s police are piecing together what happened today.”

She made sure her large engagement ring was visible as she clutched her microphone. The sight of the engagement ring had quelled some rumors and had generated a great deal of interest. E-Mails and telephone messages from male viewers professing undying love also had tripled since she started wearing the ring on the air.

“Here’s what we do know so far. At eleven this morning, a female entered Shapes with robbery on her mind. After shooting two employees, the suspect fled the scene on foot. Unconfirmed sources say that both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. We do not know how much the suspect managed to get.”

She switched into high gear with a tearful Sheriff Dick Davis staggered out into the parking lot, pelting him with rapid fire questions.

“No comment, this is still an active investigation,” he barked at the girl, but Sonja was not easily intimidated.

“Again, Ms. Doyeski, no comment,” Dick barked, sidestepping the reporter and approaching his cruiser.

The cameraman made sure to get the dramatic scene of the two stretchers, their crisp white sheets fluttering in the August breeze, as the Medical Examiner’s office pulled them through the door of Shapes Fitness Center.

The camera followed the gurneys all the way to the low slung ambulance until the doors of the van clanged shut.

He swiveled the camera back to catch Cindy as she stumbled out of the door, sobbing inconsolably.

“Step back, you fucking vulture,” Sheriff Dick Davis snarled at Sonja Doyeski as the reporter charged toward the grief-stricken Cindy.

“No, Candy, oh please God!” Cindy wailed as the ambulance slowly pulled away from the curb.

Even as egomaniacal as Sonja Doyeski was, she knew no words from her would convey the raw emotions any more than what they had on tape.


“Okay, see you tomorrow,” Kelli signed and accepted the hug from Sophia.

Kelli compared verbal notes with Vanessa Grodin, the girl that would take the afternoon shift, and gave one last wave to Sophia. She stepped out of the noisy cafeteria.

“And how did it go?” Alicia smiled as Kelli let out a huge sigh.

“Great, great,” Kelli smiled.

“Really?” Alicia asked, smiling knowingly. “My first day working with these kids, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d made a wise choice.”

“Mrs. Dumas, can I be honest?” Kelli asked and Alicia’s smile widened.

“Of course. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want the truth out of you,” Alicia said.

“Mrs. Dumas, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be,” Kelli admitted. “I mean, its one thing to do this when you’re just standing there in class, but when you have to sign for real and have to remember what word means what, and oh my God! I can’t believe Ms. Bonham is still teaching! I had her when I was in fifth grade! And she’s still just as mean and hateful as….”

Kelli gasped and covered her mouth, realizing she’d said a lot more than she meant to.

“Believe me, I am well aware of Ms. Bonham’s, ah, shall we say ‘short-comings?’” Alicia patted the young girl on the arm.

“I am so sorry!” Kelli gasped.

“Again, Kelli, I am aware of Ms. Bonham’s attitude and her approach toward teaching. She does have tenure, though, so there really isn’t much I can do about that,” Alicia again patted the girl on her arm.

Alicia turned to walk toward her office.

“See you tomorrow, Miss Mouton,” Alicia smiled.

“Yes ma’am,” Kelli said, relieved that her careless slip of the tongue had not jeopardized her job at St. Richard’s.

Kelli checked her watch and realized she had better hurry if she was going to get to A Touch of Sicily on time. As it was, Mr. Bonani would probably yell at her, but she didn’t want to give him a reason if she could help it.


“No, no, shooting bottle rockets through the ceiling is well outside of normal wear and tear,” Paul told the smirking teenager as he inspected the damage to the upstairs apartment.

Jake entered the apartment, looked around at the damaged carpet, the obscenities scrawled on the walls and grimaced at the tenant.

“Some kids ought to never move out of their momma’s house, huh?” Jake said to Paul.

“Uh huh, just lucky he didn’t set the place on fire,” Paul said.

Paul’s cell phone rang and Paul dug it out of his pocket and gave a cheerful greeting.

Jake watched as Paul’s face went from the easy smile he always had to a stunned expression.

“Paul?” Dick Davis said into the phone. “You there?”

“What?” Paul asked, sure he had not correctly heard his uncle.

He sat down on the floor, heavily, when Dick repeated the horrible news.

“What?” Jake asked, concerned. “Paul, what is it?”

“Candy,” Paul said. “Candy needs me; we got to go.”


“You Mrs. Broussard?” the smiling young man asked when Emily opened the door.

“Yes?” Emily asked, squinting at the harsh sunlight.

“Got a delivery for you,” Rick smiled wider. “Want to sign here?”

“A deliver…Oh my God; you’re kidding me,” Emily said, suddenly realizing what was being delivered.

“Johnson’s Marine,” the man smiled, tapping the patch that was sewn onto the left breast of his uniform.

“Oh, my God. I could have sworn I cancelled that,” Emily stammered.

She stepped out the door and watched as the other Johnson’s employee unhooked the trailer from the large truck.

“See, my husband; that was going to be his, our, we were going to retire, but he passed away, oh my God, I could have sworn I cancelled that,” Emily said and tears began to trickle down her face as the large houseboat sat in the driveway.

“Oh, ma’am, I am so sorry to hear that,” the young man said sincerely.

Rick walked back to his coworker and the two whispered urgently.

“Snoop’s calling our supervisor to see what he wants us to do,” Rick said to Emily.

“Snoop?” Emily asked, looking at the other man as he got on his cell phone.

“Uh, yeah, it’s the name I gave him. He thinks he’s going to be a rap star, God, drives me crazy, rapping all that junk all the time, so I call him Snoop Puppy. You know, like Snoop Dog?” Rick said.

“Said hook it up,” Snoop said. “Office will call her about the refund.”

“Again, ma’am, I am so very sorry for your loss,” Rick man said.

“Hang on,” Emily said and went back into the house.

She came out holding two ten dollar bills.

“For your trouble. Really, I thought I had cancelled that. I’m so sorry,” Emily stammered.

The three of them turned when they heard a scream come from Jake and Bobbi Broussard’s house.

“Oh my God!” Emily screamed and ran to Bobbi’s front door.

More screaming could be heard, and then loud wailing sobs. Emily flung the door open and saw Bobbi lying on the kitchen floor, telephone in her hand.

“Candy!” Bobbi screamed and cried as Emily crouched down to take her friend into her arms.

“Ma’am?” Rick asked from the doorway, cell phone in hand. “Everything all right? Y’all need me to call someone?”

“Oh my God, Candy!” Bobbi wailed, sobbing into Emily’s chest.

“Got it, we’ll be fine,” Emily assured the young man.

Rick hesitated for a moment, then nodded and shut the front door. He and Snoop hooked the large trailer up, then he closed Emily’s front door as well.

“Man, some days you just never know what you’re going to get, huh?” Rick asked as he started the powerful diesel.

“Man, that would sound great in a song, feel me dog?” Snoop said.

“Uh huh, and hit it, Snoop Puppy,” Rick said, rolling his eyes.


Richard watched the twelve o’clock news and felt an overwhelming sadness as he watched the pretty red head woman stumble out of the fitness center. He smiled, though when he heard the beep over Sheriff Dick Davis’ comments to the snotty reporter. He did not like Sonja Doyeski; thought she was rude and shallow.

Richard Boudreaux did not work; he had been classified ‘Disabled’ due to the brain injury he received while serving a tour of duty in Iraq. For his service, he received two thousand, four hundred dollars a month from Uncle Sam.

“Oh that is so sad!” Bernie said as she waddled into the living room. “Oh that poor woman!”

“That’s that gym right down the street,” Richard said.

“Really? Oh my God! Oh that poor woman!” Bernie said, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

“You about ready?” Richard asked.

“Yeah,” Bernie agreed and grabbed her purse.

Richard turned off the television and grabbed his car keys.

“Oh, remember, we also need to stop off at Babbage’s and put down some more on the baby bed,” Bernie said.

“I can do that while you’re at the doctor’s,” Richard offered.

“Uh uh, I want to see they got anything new at Babbage’s,” Bernie argued.

“Why you think I want to go there without you?” Richard teased.

“Ooh, you are so mean to me!” Bernie complained.

“Uh huh, you poor woman,” Richard said as he hugged her to himself. “Give me a kiss you poor mistreated woman.”


Elizabeth Baggett sat, mouth open in shock as she watched the twelve o’clock news. She knew Cindy Broussard; had gone to school with the girl.

Tears sprang to her eyes as she heard Cindy’s wail. Her heart was breaking for her former school mate and the loss of her friend.

She knew all too well the pain of losing a loved one. Her Teddy had been taken from her eight years ago and there wasn’t a day that she did not mourn his death.

Leah Farmer eased herself from the table and clucked her tongue.

“That is so terrible, isn’t it?” Leah asked as she refilled her glass at the sink.

“Yeah; I went to school with them,” Elizabeth said.

“Well, I only met her once; she got her car insurance from me,” Leah said and eased herself into her chair at the long table. “Had her little sister with her, short girl, short brown hair; added her to the policy.”

“Pam?” Elizabeth asked, smiling softly.

“Yeah, Pam Ham Broussard,” Leah said and winced. “Baby’s kicking up a storm; won’t even let me eat in peace, I swear.”

“She’s due when?” Elizabeth asked.

“September eleventh; I told her that was a terrible day to be born but she won’t listen to me,” Leah smiled.

“And how does John-John feel about having a baby sister?” Elizabeth asked as the weather girl was earning her ratings, bending and stretching in a ridiculously short skirt and low cut blouse while pointing to a map of the Acadiana area.

Elizabeth had heard rumors that they actually taped Vee Aucoin’s part ten minutes beforehand, in case of any wardrobe malfunctions. The station was constantly being deluged with requests for ‘blooper’ tapes.

“Doesn’t care; he’s only two,” Leah smiled.

Elizabeth nodded in agreement; Eddie, her own son was almost three years old and wouldn’t care one way or the other if Mommy came home with a baby brother or sister, just as long as she still had plenty of hugs and kisses for him. She smirked slightly when the television screen ‘pixilated’ as Vee Aucoin bent over to point to a portion of the Gulf of Mexico on the screen. She suspected the station actually employed that little trick to keep the male viewership high.

Elizabeth and Leah continued to eat their lunch in silence, comfortable with each other.

It had not always been so comfortable; Leah had resented the very young, very beautiful girl that was transferred from the Lafayette office to replace Cecil Coutre. Cecil had suffered a massive heart attack and died en route to the hospital.

While Young Insurance DeGarde branch floundered, Leah Farmer ran the office, kept it going. But instead of rewarding her efforts, instead of recognizing her skills, the Atlanta home office sent Elizabeth Baggett to head the office.

Elizabeth took stock of the situation and after reviewing the employment records of all the employees, deduced that Leah Farmer would be either her closest ally or her worse enemy. She called the older woman into her office and laid her cards on the table.

“I’m the new kid in town, I’m literally just a kid with barely two years of experience and I’m going to need your help,” she told Leah. “Can I count on you for help? Or am I going to have to keep an eye on you at all times?”

Before Leah could answer, Elizabeth continued.

“I’m not an idiot; Mr. Coutre died a few weeks ago, yet this office continued to run, continued to produce and I know it didn’t do that on its own,” Elizabeth said. “I’ve got a feeling the only reason it did was because you were here, guiding it along; am I right?”

“Yes ma’am,” Leah answered.

“Mrs. Farmer, please, Don’t call me ‘ma’am.’ I might be your supervisor, but you and I know I’m not old enough to be ‘ma’am.’ Just call me Elizabeth, please?” Elizabeth corrected.

“Only if you’ll call me Leah,” Leah answered, feeling a lot better about working under a twenty something year old kid.

The girl might be a bit wet behind the ears, but she was an intelligent kid.

(Michelle Ruiz didn’t agree with Leah’s assessment; she hated the new woman from the moment Elizabeth took over the office.

“Young Insurance,” Michelle intoned as she played a game of Solitaire on her computer.

“Is that how you answer the telephone when a client calls in?” Elizabeth asked, not identifying herself to the bored receptionist.

“Yes ma’am,” Michelle said, not breaking out of her monotone delivery.

“Please come into my office. Now,” Elizabeth snapped.

“Uh huh, and this is…?” Michelle asked, still not catching on.

“This is your supervisor, Elizabeth Baggett,” Elizabeth snapped. “Get off that computer game you’re playing put the phones on automated attendant and get in my office. Now, Ms. Ruiz.”

Ten minutes later, a much shaken Michelle Ruiz sat back down at her desk, logged onto the Young Insurance website and sat at attention.

“Young Insurance, how may I direct your call?” Michelle answered brightly.

“Uh, Mrs. Farmer please,” Mary Kowalski asked.

“Please hold,” Michelle answered.

“Better, much better,” Elizabeth complimented as she grabbed the stack of mail out of her drop box.

“Thank you,” Michelle said.)

The two women finished their lunches; Elizabeth left the lunchroom while Leah stayed to watch the Sports announcer, her son-in-law, Thomas Kowalski.

Sitting at her desk, Elizabeth glanced over at the framed photograph of Edward William Baggett, her toddler, and smiled brightly.

The photograph had been taken at Eddie’s second birthday party; Eddie had found the chocolate ice cream, but found eating with a spoon too cumbersome. So, the bright two year old just used his hands to shovel the gooey mess into his mouth.

Daphne, her stepmother had snapped off the shot of the spectacle.


Kelli Mouton brought out the sixteen inch Supreme, add anchovies and the pitcher of beer and smiled as the two handsome young men complimented her skills.

“Didn’t even spill a drop! And believe me, a drop would have hit the floor, Wade here would have been crying,” one of the men smiled as she poured them each a mug of the beer.

“Uh huh, but Elliot here would have been licking it off the floor,” Wade teased back.

“We can always s get you more, you know,” Kelli smiled to them.

“Yeah, but why let any beer go to waste?” Elliot laughed.

“So, um, what time you get off?” Wade asked.

“Nine thirty, ten, it depends on how soon we can get cleaned up,” Kelli shrugged. “You know, we have to wait until the last customer leaves, then we can clean up.”

“So, um, doing anything after?” Elliot asked.

“Yeah, sleep!” Kelli groaned. “I’ve been on my feet since seven thirty this morning!”

“Really?” Elliot asked, interested. “So, um, here the whole time, huh??”

“Oh, in the morning I teach at St. Richard’s…” Kelli said proudly.

“Kelli, we got no time you standing there running your mouth,” Mr. Bonani yelled.

“She is talking to a customer!” Wade yelled back. “Unless you’d like these customers to go somewhere else, huh?”

“Uh no, no, I thought she was just standing there bothering you,” Mr. Bonani stammered, unaccustomed to anyone talking back to him.

“So, um, what night you got off here?” Elliot persisted.

“Um, Thursday,” Kelli stammered, blushing hotly.

“How about this?” Wade jumped in. “We pick you up, what? About seven? Take you to Ruth’s Cris; man! I love their rib eye, and then….”

“Ever been up in a helicopter?” Elliot asked the now stunned Kelli.

“Uh, no, never, I uh, I flew once, to my grandmother’s funeral, but that was a big old plane,” Kelli managed to stammer out.

“After dinner, we’ll take you up,” Elliot smiled.

“See, we’re both helicopter pilots,” Wade offered. “Elliot flies for Webb; I used to but got hired on by King.”

“You mean, like a date?” Kelli asked, very nearly dropping her tray.

“Exactly, a date,” Wade smiled.

“Please?” Elliot mugged, batting his eyelashes playfully.

“Um, yeah, yeah, sure,” Kelli managed to squeak out.


“So, how was your first day of school?” Alicia asked Jamie as the little first grader tried to remember which bus was her bus.

“Miss Dumas, what bus am I on?” she asked, bottom lip beginning to quiver.

“Bus one forty two, it’s the second bus,” Alicia smiled reassuringly at the girl.

“Oh yeah!” Jamie said, slapping her forehead.

“So do you like your teacher?” Alicia asked as she walked the girl to her bus.

“Yes ma’am,” Jamie agreed. “Oh, and I have a boyfriend now! His name is Trey and we’re going to get married and live in a big house and…”

Alicia smiled as Jamie got onto the bus. She waved to the girl, and then went to assist any other children that might need a helping hand.

She smiled as she watched Sophia Campion engaged in a spirited conversation with TeddiAnn Baggett. Sophia would sign, facing a bewildered TeddiAnn, and then Sophia’s six year old nephew, Freddy Dumas, would translate.

“Oh my God, I think she’s found a friend!” Nicole Dumas, Sophia’s older sister and Freddy’s mother gasped.

“Looks like it, Alicia agreed.

“I know she’s supposed to ride the bus like all the other kids, but I thought I’d stop by, see how she’s getting along, see if there were any problems,” Nicole gushed, holding her step mother’s arm tightly as she watched Sophia and TeddiAnn.

Neither Alicia nor Nicole thought anything of Alicia being Nicole’s step-mother, even though the two were very close in age. Alicia was one year older than Nicole, Cris’ daughter by his first marriage.

“No, no problems,” Alicia smiled. “Kelli, Sophia’s signer, showed up right on time this morning, said her classes went well, and Vanessa, Sophia’s afternoon signer said there were no real problems.”

After Vanessa gave Alicia the synopsis of the first day, Alicia set her jaw firmly; Ms. Bonham was teetering very close to insubordination and bordering on discrimination. Even the powerful Teacher’s Union would not be able to protect Ms. Myrtle Bonham if Alicia could get enough evidence that Ms. Bonham had violated the American with Disabilities Act. She hated putting the sweet, defenseless Sophia Campion in the unfortunate situation but there was no alternative that she could see.

“No ‘real’ problems?” Nicole asked eyes narrowed, ready to jump to her sister’s defense.

“Well,” Alicia hesitated.

“Come on, Alicia,” Nicole demanded.

“Well, Ms. Bonham isn’t thoroughly convinced that Kelli and Vanessa aren’t giving Sophia the answers to the questions, aren’t helping her along,” Alicia admitted.

“But, that’s stupid!” Nicole sputtered.

“Yes, well, she is a little bit older, a little bit set in her ways and a child with uh, special needs kind of throws her off balance,” Alicia admitted.

“Then put her in a different class,” Nicole said.

“I wish I could, but there’s only one second grade class,” Alicia sighed.

“Nicole,” Sophia happily signed.

Her sign for Nicole was to put the ‘N’ sign to her lips, then to her heart.

“Friend, T e d d I a n n,” Sophia signed, indicating the small girl that stood next to her.

“Are you deaf too?” TeddiAnn asked Nicole, squinting up at the woman.

“No, I’m not,” Nicole laughed.

“Why can’t she hear nothing?” TeddiAnn asked Nicole.

“She was born that way,” Nicole patiently explained.

“Sorry about that,” Daphne Baggett said, striding up to them.

“No, no, don’t be,” Nicole hastened to assure the red headed beauty. “No, I’m so glad to finally have someone that doesn’t try to act like Sophia’s deafness doesn’t exist.”

“Well, don’t worry about that!” Daphne laughed. “There’s something on her mind, TeddiAnn will tell you all about it!”

“Hi, Nicole Dumas,” Nicole said, extending her hand to the tall beauty.

“Daphne Baggett,” Daphne said, giving Nicole’s small hand a firm grasps. “And this little beauty’s my daughter, TeddiAnn Baggett.”

“And this is my baby sister, Sophia Campion, and my son, Freddy,” Nicole smiled, signing to Sophia what was being said between herself and TeddiAnn’s mother.


Kelli read the two business cards again, even though she knew them by heart.

Elliot Trahan.

Wade Couvillion.

The cards had the logos of the two different companies that Elliot and Wade worked for, but gave the same address for the two helicopter pilots.

She had given them her telephone number and the address of the apartment she shared with Mandy Hebert, a school friend.

She and Amanda, Mandy, had gone to St. Richard’s together, then Mandy had failed fifth grade and had been held back a year. Then they went to St. Thomas Aquinas together, even though Mandy had still been one year behind.

Mandy worded at Babbage’s department store, in their Shipping/Receiving department. The five foot tall girl delighted in telling everyone she worked on the loading docks of the upscale department store.

Kelli suspected that Mandy was gay, or at least bisexual; she was always talking about other girls, making comments and comparisons. Another telltale sign, in Kelli’s eyes, was how quick Mandy was to denounce anyone else’s homosexuality, making almost hateful comments about that person.

But Kelli didn’t mind, was not threatened in the least by Mandy’s sexuality, even if Mandy was in vehement denial about it. The apartment was a spacious two bedroom, one bathroom apartment and the rent, when split down the middle, was less than a one bedroom apartment would have cost her.


Paul sat on Mr. Jake and Mrs. Bobbi’s couch, numb to all external stimuli.


His wife was dead.

Someone had come into Shapes Fitness Center and shot his wife.

“Paul? You need anything?” Cindy whispered, clutching his hand.


“I’m hungry; we get some tacos?” Bernie asked, leaning heavily against her husband as he unlocked the car door for her.

“Sure. Manny’s?” he asked.

“Uh, there any other place I want tacos?” she asked, getting into the car.

“Guess not,” he smiled and ran around to his side of the car.

They were a little early for the dinner rush and Bobbi Dublachon, now the manager of Manny’s after her father’s debilitating stroke, seated them quickly. Manny Quarveros still made appearances at the restaurant, but his daughter and her husband ran the place and ran it very well.

“Uh, let me guess, the three enchilada plate, beef, and the three taco plate, two beef, one chicken?” Bobbi teased before handing them their menus.

“No,” Richard barked.

“No?” Bobbi said, eyebrows arched.

“That’s right, no,” Richard barked again. “We’re going to have the three enchilada plate, beef and the three taco plate, two beef, one chicken.”

“Dumb ass; that’s what I said,” Bobbi laughed and walked away.

“God, their salsa’s so hot!” Bernie complained, but dipped another warm chip into the fiery mixture.

Marlon, Bobbi’s husband, stuck his head out of the kitchen, waved in greeting to Richard and Bernie, looked around the dining area, exchanged a quick kiss with his wife, and then ducked back into the kitchen.

“Here, Marlon says he wants you to try this,” Bobbi said, putting a small bowl of green chili salsa on the table.

“Oh, my fucking God, that shit’s hot!” Richard said, clutching at his throat. “Jesus! No, Bernie, don’t!”

“Too hot?” Bobbi asked.

“Damn right it is!” Richard said, fanning his sweating face.

“Okay, I’ll tell him, Bobbi smiled.

“Then why you keep eating it?” Bernie asked.

“Cause I like it,” Richard said, still fanning his sweating face.

Bobbi put their pates in front of them.

“He said try a little on your enchilada and quit whining so much, you big girl,” Bobbi smiled.

“I eat that by the spoonful,” Marlon called out from the kitchen doorway.

“Uh huh,” Richard said and did try some on his enchilada.

“Richard, how can you put that in your mouth?” Bernie asked. “It’s still smoking!”

Four members of the Angels 270 came in, chattering loudly, using much profanity and generally annoying the other patrons.

Bobbi pursed her lips but seated them and got them their menus.

“Tell Marlon it is pretty good on the enchiladas,” Richard told Bobbi as she scurried past.

“But it’s too hot for the tacos,” Bernie offered, swabbing her sweating forehead with a napkin.

Bobbi got a bowl of chips and a small bowl of salsa and brought it to the table were the gang members sat.

“May I take your drink orders?” she asked, trying to keep her annoyance and her dislike from showing.

They tried to order alcohol, but none of them were over the age of nineteen so they all settled for cokes.

She turned to go and one of the gang members grabbed a handful of her buttocks. She screamed out loud and the four gang members laughed uproariously.

“You’re not getting them their drinks,” Richard said, standing up. “They’re not eating here.”

The fuck we’re…” one of them started to say and screamed as a bowl of green chili salsa splattered in his eyes.

Richard grabbed the arm of the youth that had grabbed Bobbi’s buttock.

“Thank it’s funny to put your hands on someone’s wife?” he asked, grabbing a handful of the no longer smirking boy’s hair.

“Hey, mother fucker, you go back, sit down, we let you live, huh?” another boy threatened.

“Oh, I’ll go sit back down. After I’m finished,” Richard said, slamming his captive’s face into the table.

He then brought the boy’s arm back and put his knee into the boy’s elbow. The boy screamed then fainted as his arm snapped.

The first boy was rolling on the floor, grunting and thrashing as his eyes burned.

“I told you,” the third boy said, standing up and pulling his nine millimeter pistol out.

“Aw, stupid move,” Richard said and kicked the gun out of the boy’s hand.

He then kicked the boy in the face with the heel of his boot. The boy fell backward over his Chair, slamming his head on the tile floor.

“Mother fucker! We’re the Angels two seven zero!” the fourth boy screamed, outraged that anyone would dare stand up to them.

“”You ain’t shit,” Richard said, elbowing the boy in the side of his head.

Fucking cock sucker!” the boy screamed, lunging at Richard.

Two punches and the boy lay on the ground, unconscious.

He turned to Bobbi who stood, mouth open in shock.

“Here you go,” he said, handing her a twenty dollar bill.

He then looked at Bernie.

“You ready, Sweetheart?” he asked gently.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m finished,” Bernie agreed and grabbed her purse.

“You don’t know me, you have no idea who did this, just some guy came in here, you hear?” Richard hissed at Bobbi, grabbed his wife’s hand and walked rapidly out of the restaurant.


“Aw, there’s Mommy’s big boy, huh?” Elizabeth smiled happily as Eddie came out of the playroom, dragging his diaper bag behind him.

“I swear, all I got to say is ‘Mommy’s here,” and he starts putting all of his toys away and then grabs his bag,” Melanie Landry laughed.

“Yes, that’s Mommy’s big boy,” Elizabeth agreed and hugged and kissed her son.

“How’s your dad doing?” Melanie asked. “You know my brother David? He used to work there, at the mattress factory? David Labbe?”

“He’s doing okay,” Elizabeth shrugged. “Adjusting to retirement; hates it, would rather be working.”

“David says he was a great boss, I swear. David said Big Eddie cried when the factory shut down,” Melanie said, gripping her crutches tightly.

“Yep, that’s my dad,” Elizabeth smiled, checking the diaper bag to make sure everything was in there.

Okay, see y’all tomorrow, right?” Melanie said as Elizabeth swung the diaper bag’s loops over her shoulder.

“Bye bye,” Eddie cheerfully called out over his mother’s shoulder.


Paul numbly ate as his mother in law put food in front of him, but he did not taste any of it. Jake put a beer in his hand and he drank it all in one long gulp. Another beer was treated to the same; Paul just upended it.

Then he let himself be dragged into Candy’s old bedroom. Pam lovingly knelt on the floor and pulled his work boots off, then his thick work socks.

She and Cindy pulled his jeans off, and his shirt, then covered him up.

He didn’t move when the two women joined him underneath the comforter, didn’t react when they both cuddled up to him and cried their tears of loss.

If he slept, he didn’t know it. If he awoke, he didn’t know it.


Bernie grunted and groaned as her husband pounded her bowels mercilessly. She clamped her jaw tightly when he grabbed her heavy breasts in an almost inhuman grip.

“Ah, God!” she screamed when he tugged at her clitoris and her orgasm caused her to collapse onto the sticky bed.

He’d been insatiable, ever since the fight this afternoon. This was the third erection of his, the third time he pounded her back door.

“Baby, please,” she begged. “No more; my butt hurts. Let me just suck it, okay?”

“Sorry,” he grunted and pulled his cock out of her rectum.

She grabbed the wet washcloth she had on the nightstand and wiped his cock clean of the lubricant and her fecal matter. When she was sure his cock was clean, she lovingly took him into her mouth and began to nuzzle the head of his cock.

“Mmmm,” she hummed and he groaned and loosed a thin dribble of his semen into her mouth.

“You done now?” she asked, stroking his cock as it finally dwindled in size.

“Uh huh,” he wearily agreed and hugged her to him.

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you too,” she agreed and kissed him on the lips.

“Dr. Lapin did ask me if I ever had any problems with you know, with constipation,” Bernie giggled.

“Uh huh? And what’d you tell him?” Richard asked as he arranged his pillow to his liking.

“Told him, ‘no problem there,’” Bernie laughed.


Eddie was sound asleep and Elizabeth turned off his overhead light. The glow of his Bugs Bunny nightlight lighted the room in a soft glow.

“And now, some ‘ME’ time,” Elizabeth said as she pulled the large tee shirt she slept in over her head.

The bathtub was already filled with hot water and a few scented bath beads filled the room with fragrance. She lighted the five candles on the vanity and shut off the overhead light. With a happy sigh, she slipped into the tub.

Normally, she would take two rubber dildos into the bath with her; Missy had heightened her appreciation for anal masturbation. The horrible news of her former classmate’s murder had dampened any thought of masturbation. Instead, she just used the time normally spent thrusting the two fake cocks into her pussy and rectum just letting the water soothe her.

She toyed lightly with the navel ring and wondered if Missy still wore hers. They’d bought them; Elizabeth had bought them while in Atlanta and they’d had their belly buttons pierced together. It was their ‘commitment’ rings, a visible sign of their commitment to each other.

But Missy balked at moving back to Bender, Louisiana. Missy balked at leaving Atlanta at all.

Elizabeth decided to move to Atlanta, to be with her lover, but Missy balked at that as well.

“Then what, Missy?” Elizabeth yelled. “What do you want?”

“To be free, all right?” Missy screamed back.

“God damn, free from what?” Elizabeth asked, exasperated.

“Free, Elizabeth. Free. I don’t know how to explain it any better,” Missy sobbed.

Through her tears, Missy was able to convey her hurt; Elizabeth was her link to the past. A past where her father touched her, made disgusting comments, left his sticky semen in her panties. A past where she let a boy fuck her then had to bear his child and endure the agony of childbirth. A past where she had to abandon the child; just give the child away, even though she was sure she would die from the pain it had caused to leave TeddiAnn. And a past where Elizabeth loved her or didn’t love her at Elizabeth’s whims and needs.

“I do love you, I will always love you, but I just can’t, I just can’t be with you; it hurts too much,” Missy wailed.

“Whenever I touch this,” Elizabeth whispered, touching the navel ring. “I will think of you, you hear?”

“And I’ll think of you,” Missy sobbed, tugging her own navel ring.

Elizabeth had to remove the navel ring as her belly swelled, but as soon as diet and exercise had whittled the nearly forty pounds Eddie had put on her, Elizabeth had the ring reinserted.

The water was barely lukewarm when she finally flipped the drain open and sluggishly got out of the oily water. She patted her self dry and slipped the ratty old tee shirt on over her head.

“Just love a good bath,” she said aloud and blew out the candles.


Dick Davis didn’t believe Bobbi Dublachon for a moment when she said she didn’t know the man that had taken care of four Angels 270 gang members. But he didn’t press it either; he knew to reveal the name of the man would be to sign the man’s death warrant. The Angels 270 would avenge their fallen comrades.

He also didn’t believe Tommy Collins or the cashier at Early’s Grocery Store when they said they didn’t know who had assaulted three Angels 270 gang members outside of the grocery store. Just like the four from Manny’s, those three were resting at University Medical Center. One of the youths was in a coma, having been dumped into a grocery cart and sent into the path of an oncoming car.

But, again, he didn’t push it. Whoever this man was, he was doing Dick Davis a huge favor. He was getting those Angels 270 vermin off of the streets of Bender, Louisiana.


“Okay, let me see if I can explain it to you,” Sonja said tightly into her cell phone. “There was an attack at that crappy little grocery store; there were two murders at that little gym, and there were four more people in some kind of fight at, oh, what was the name of that nasty Mexican place? You know, you took me there once, the little dump? On Highway Nineteen?”

Her hard face tightened even more.

I am in editing. Understand? Editing; it’s my job. “Buddy, I am sorry to disappoint your parents, Buddy. Tell your parents that, all right?” she hissed into her cell phone. “Do you understand me?”

Webster ‘Buddy’ Webb knew she had hung up, even though she did not say ‘good bye’ or ‘I love you’ or any terms of endearment. He put the cell phone down and shuddered.

All he had done was what any other loving fiancé would do; his wife-to-be was late for a dinner with his parents and he had called, worried. The dinner his mother worked so hard to prepare was now cold and it didn’t sound like she’d be coming over for it.

“Mother fucker, bitch all up in my face like that, I cap her ass, feel me, dog?” the camera man muttered to the sound engineer.

“Heard that; don’t care how good the pussy is,” the sound engineer agreed.

They watched as Sonja Doyeski harassed the program director until the middle aged man just threw his hands up and walked away. Sonja smirked at the camera man and then strode to her office.

Chapter 103

Paul woodenly walked through his day. He knotted the tie, and then let Pam undo it, and retie it for him… She kissed him softly, murmured that she loved him. Barbara cried from her crib and Pam scooped the infant up and fussed lovingly over her.

“Ready?” Cindy asked quietly.

“No,” Paul said heavily.

“Come on,” Cindy said, taking his hand and pulling him to the door.

“Paulie,” Paul said, trying to pull his hand out of Cindy’s hand.

“Trish’s got him,” Cindy reminded him.

“And I got Barbara,” Pam said, carrying the infant.

Pam put the child into the child’s seat and the diaper bag at her feet. Paul sat in the front passenger seat and looked out the window at nothing.

“God, I still just can’t believe it,” Cindy mumbled as she started the old Toyota and drove them to the funeral home.

“I built this,” Paul said to no one. Think this was my third job when we moved back. Remember?”

“Never thought we’d ever be using it, though,” he finished as the three of them stepped into the foyer.

Pam and Paul went into the viewing area; Bobbi and Jake and Jacob were already there.

Paul felt the enormity of it all and collapsed before he could reach a pew.

“Come on, man,” Bob Robichaux urged his son as several worried onlookers watched.

“What happened?” Paul dumbly asked.

“Fainted,” Marie shrugged, trying to smile reassuringly at him.

“You okay, Paul?” Rebecca asked her big brother.


Cindy knelt down by the white casket and peered at Celine. In death, Celine’s face seemed so much younger than her twenty five years; she almost looked like a little girl.

“Celine,” Cindy whispered. “I know you can hear me. I want you to know, even though I didn’t love you like you wanted, I did love you. I did love you, did love being with you. I cry myself to sleep now, because I’ll never ever hold you again.”

She looked around the viewing area; she was the only person in the room. Celine did not have many friends, did not endear herself to many people. She looked back at the casket.

“I did love you; just never knew how much until now that you’re gone,” Cindy whispered again.

She stood up and stepped close to the casket.

“Good by, Celine. You’re taking a big piece of my heart with you,” she admitted to the corpse.

“Your, ah, your friend?” Lynne Labbe asked as Cindy prepared to leave the room.

“Yes,” Cindy admitted.

“The ah, the family of Ms. Ng have requested that she ah, she be shipped back to South Korea,” Lynne quietly informed Cindy.

“I know,” Cindy said. “That’s why I told her good bye. I knew I’d never see her again.”

“It is hard,” Lynne sympathized.

“Yes ma’am, it is,” Cindy agreed.


“Ms. Mouton, you are as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs; what’s wrong?” Alicia asked.

“Ms. Dumas?” Kelli whispered. “I got a date!”

“Oh boy, a first date?” Alicia smiled. “Well now! He a nice young man?”

“And handsome!” Kelli enthused.

“Well I should hope so,” Alicia smiled as they stepped aside to let the horde of children push past them, on their way to recess.

Kelli didn’t tell Alicia but her date wasn’t with one man. It was with two men.

After she’d given them her phone number, they’d called her. With one of them on one phone, the other on an extension, they’d talked and laughed and talked some more. Then they’d reminded her of their plans for Thursday night.

“Um, so um, which one of y’all am I, I mean, so um, who’s my date?” Kelli had stammered, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“Both of us, Wade had laughed.

“Yeah,” Elliot agreed.

“Um, BOTH of y’all?” Kelli squeaked.

“Yeah, that’s all right, huh?” Elliot asked.

“Um, yeah, sure,” Kelli said and wished her voice would stop squeaking so damned much.

They called her on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, and now, finally, Thursday was here.

“So where’s he taking you?” Alicia asked after the throng of children had passed them.

“Ruth’s Cris Steak House? In Lafayette?” Kelli said. “Never been there, you?”

“My husband likes it,” Alicia agreed. “Me? I like it when we do burgers on the grill, but Ruth’s Cris does have a really great shrimp remoulade.”

“And then, we’re going up in a helicopter; they… He’s a helicopter pilot,” Kelli went on.

“Just remember, you got work tomorrow morning,” Alicia said and smiled down as Richard LaPointe and Gabrielle and Daisy Florez ran past them.

“Oh yes ma’am,” Kelli smiled. “I reminded them ‘I’ve got work, can’t have my butt dragging.’”

They approached the doors that led onto the fenced in area and Alicia stepped out into the hot August sun. The squeals and screams and laughter of children were overwhelming but Alicia seemed to not notice the calamity all around her as she surveyed all of her children.


“Yo, bitch, what you get me?” the gang member laughed as the elderly woman carried her shopping bag up the sidewalk.

“Didn’t get you nothing,” she screeched at him. “You keep your hands off my stuff!”

“Aw now bitch, that ain’t nice,” the boy laughed.

“I mean it, you hooligan, you keep your hands off my stuff!” the old woman screamed.

“Hey, hey, ain’t got to get all loud and shit,” the boy said and punched the old woman in her face.

Richard came up behind the boy and put his boot up between the boy’s legs. Even the baggy material of the boy’s jeans did not protect his genitals from the vicious blow.

“Help! Help!” the old woman screamed, bruised nose spurting blood.

A well aimed kick to the boy’s head and he quit grunting and thrashing on the ground.

“Here you go, ma’am,” Richard said and helped the old woman to her feet.

“Please, don’t take my stuff; that’s all I got to eat,” the old woman sobbed and pleaded with Richard.

“Ma’am, I ain’t going to take your stuff,” Richard said gently to the terrified, disoriented woman.

He helped her get her bearings and made sure she arrived at her dilapidated home.

“What’s your name?” she asked as she fished a dollar bill out of her wallet.

“Ma’am, its best if you don’t know my name,” Richard said and graciously accepted the dollar bill. “Might want to get someone to look at that nose for you, though.”


Michelle had directed Nadia Doyeski to speak with Elizabeth; Elizabeth kept her anger with Michelle from showing as she welcomed the attractive blonde and her two year old daughter into her office.

Ever since her ‘discussion’ with Michelle, the receptionist had kept her voice professional on the telephone, and stayed off the computer games. But any client that looked like they’d be even the slightest bit difficult or challenging, Michelle steered them right to Elizabeth.

After introductions, which included Elizabeth fussing over the cute toddler, Nadia got to the point; her truck was damaged beyond repair.

Elizabeth looked at the invoice and at the photographs of the damaged truck.

She knew George’s Garage, knew them to be honest and trustworthy. She also knew that Leah’s husband, John was the owner of the garage after Mr. George had died.

“So there’s not no problem, right?” Nadia Doyeski asked and again uncrossed and crossed her legs.

“Just a question about the police report,” Elizabeth said.

“What police report?” Nadia asked, leaning forward, giving Elizabeth an unobstructed view down the front of Nadia’s loose halter top.

Elizabeth could see the glint of gold; Nadia’s nipples were pierced. She looked up into the frightened blue eyes of the policy holder.

“Precisely,” Elizabeth smiled tightly. “Where is the police report? I mean, you tell me this guy hit you, that he ran a red light, and then fled the scene of the accident, but where’s the police report? You did call the police, right?”

“Well no,’ Nadia said. “How could I? He left!”

“Ma’am, you still need to call the police, regardless of whether or not he stayed or not,” Elizabeth sighed.

“But, but,” Nadia stuttered.

“Let me see what I can do,” Elizabeth said. “When did you say this happened?”

Nadia sat back in her chair and tried to think. Her position left the bottom of her shorts exposed and Elizabeth could see that the young woman wore white lace panties. Nadia again crossed her legs and Elizabeth tore her eyes from Nadia’s lace covered crotch and looked at the blonde woman’s face.

“The eighteenth; I had just gotten back from Deonia’s doctor visit and that was on the eighteenth and we was on our way back and I had to stop at Early’s Grocery store ‘because Deonia was out of apple juice and she joust loves apple juice and….” Nadia prattled.

Elizabeth picked up the telephone and called George’s garage. If Nadia noticed, it did not stop her rambling monologue.

“Thanks, Mr. Farmer,” Elizabeth smiled and hung up.

She then called Huvall’s Texaco, in Bender. Nadia continued talking.

“…And that’s when it happened and I barely made it to the parking lot before the wheel fell off,” Nadia finished when Elizabeth hung up the telephone.

“Uh huh,” Elizabeth said and called Captain Charles Velleaux of the DeGarde Police Department.

She concluded the telephone call and smiled at Nadia.

“Okay, you need to go down to the police department; it’s on Lee Road, right off Highway 19 and fill out a police report; they’ll help you. Then bring it back here and we’ll get this finished up, okay?”

“Um, okay,” Nadia said.

“You’re Sonja Doyeski’s sister, huh?” Elizabeth asked as Nadia got her things together.

“Yes, actually, we’re twins,” Nadia smiled tightly.

“I’m a twin also,” Elizabeth smiled.

“Really?” Nadia asked, smile relaxing, becoming a true smile.

“Yeah, a brother, though,” Elizabeth said.

“You’re so lucky,” Nadia said. “A brother would have been cool, instead of a stupid sister who thinks she’s some kind of big shot.”

“Brother Thought he was a big shot too,” Elizabeth smiled and fussed over Deonia a little more while Nadia stuffed a juice bottle into her diaper bag.


“Remember, I got that meeting tonight,” Elaine told her husband as he prepared to leave the house.

“And it’s at…” he asked.

“Six thirty; shouldn’t take longer than two, three hours,” Elaine said and playfully pinched his buttock. “I mean, Mom’s coming over but no dilly dallying, hear?”

“Yeah, I dilly dally all the time, huh?” he asked, smiling.

“Yep, all the time,” she agreed and laughed as he returned the butt pinch.

Elaine had been campaigning for her step-father as he ran for re-election for Sheriff of Bender. She walked door to door, handed out brochures, gave impassioned speeches and gave interviews to radio and television stations.

“Lala LaPointe is golden said Charlotte Hebert, head of the Lafayette Republican Committee. “Young, pretty, devoted mother and wife.”

At first Elaine was highly amused when Charlotte Hebert approached her.

“Look, lady, I barely finished high school,” Elaine laughed. “And, running around after three kids? I don’t even have time to think, much less be a politician.”

“Honey, believe me, you’re perfect; you are exactly what we need,” Charlotte hastened to assure Elaine.

A seat had been vacated on the St. Elizabeth Parish Council when Cecil Coutre died.

Elaine agreed to run for the vacant seat; it met twice a month, for two to three hours a meeting, at night.

“Plus, it pays a thousand a month; who doesn’t need a few extra bucks, huh?” Charlotte pressed.

Sherrie Lambert, the Democratic nominee had no chance; she was a severely overweight, shrill forty-something. Elaine was young, attractive, personable and warm.

Judge Harold Monroe welcomed the idea of having the young, sexy woman representing Bender on the council. So did Jesse Johnson; Elaine’s breasts were impressive indeed.

Shelly O’Neil represented Baylor Lake on the council. The obviously homosexual was largely ignored by Judge Monroe and Jesse. So too was Pierre Thibodaux, the representative of Jazz Beach, a very narrow strip of land right on the coast of Louisiana.

“Nothing but fishing camps and boat docks out there,” Jesse muttered.

“People live there, yeah,” Pierre insisted in his thick Cajun accent.

Cheryl Marneaux, the Flowers representative, did whatever Judge Monroe suggested; the sixty one year old widow did not have an opinion of her own. Which was the specific reason Judge Monroe had hand-picked her for the council seat.

Donald Pellichet was the fly in the ointment, the thorn in the side. The black lawyer represented Kimble and would argue and argue any point until finally Judge Monroe would demand a vote. If there was a tie of the six person council, Judge Monroe would cast the deciding vote.

“The dumb cunt should be easy enough to talk to,” Jesse assured Judge Monroe. “Fuck, Lala barely even finished high school. And what the fuck kind of name is ‘Lala’ anyway?”

“A nick name, I would presume,” Judge Monroe said dryly. “Her real name is Elaine.”

Her first meeting, however, both Judge Monroe and Jesse Johnson saw that they’d misjudged the very attractive young lady.

“Honey, you need anything, you got any questions, you don’t be afraid to ask, okay?” Jesse said, resting his meaty paw on Elaine’s buttock.

“Thanks,” she beamed up at him. “Now, get your hand off my ass.”

“Hey, hey, just trying to welcome…” Jesse protested, but did not move his hand.

Elaine brought the heel of her shoe down hard on Jesse’s well shod foot and ground her heel in for good measure.

“I said, ‘get your hand off my ass,’” she repeated, loud enough for everyone in the large conference room to hear her.

“Aahh!” Jesse sucked in great lungful of air, unable to scream or cry out.

“And I suppose we should now bring this meeting to order,” Judge Monroe said as Jesse groaned and hobbled around, trying hard not to cry out.

Secretly, he was amused; Jesse Johnson may be his cohort, his confidant in matters relating to running St. Elizabeth Parish, but Judge Monroe regarded Jesse Johnson as an idiot and a buffoon. Truthfully, Judge Monroe regarded everyone as buffoons, very much below his intellect and stature.

“Oh God, I hope I’m not late, Shelly simpered as he dashed in.

Now, can we begin this meeting?” Judge Monroe huffed, expecting precise punctuality out of his council members.

“Oh God, bitch, I better not have any broken bones, you hear?” Jesse grunted as he gingerly sat in his seat directly across from Elaine at the long table.

“I told you to get your hand off of me, you did not,” Elaine said easily. “And, do not call me bitch. I do not appreciate such derogatory language, do you understand?”

“Well, now, you’re getting off on the right foot,” Donald Pellichet laughed. And held out his hand. “Donald Pellichet, Kimble Representative.”

“Lala Lapointe, Bender rep,” Elaine smiled and shook his hand.

“Fucking N*gger,” Jesse mumbled under his breath.

“Want to say that out loud, tough guy?” Donald yelled at Jesse. “Huh, big man? Want to say that out loud? To my face?”

Ethel Yaks, a tall, bone thin red head with a horrible hair style and thin face a splotch of freckles, sat, waiting to take the minutes of the meeting.

“Again, let us now call the meeting to order,” Judge Monroe barked, thoroughly disgusted at all the interruptions.

“Uh huh, that’s what I thought,” Donald glared at Jesse.

Elaine watched as Ethel read the minutes of the last meeting. She grimaced as the woman constantly looked to Judge Monroe for his approval.

If Jesse and Judge Monroe thought Donald Pellichet was a pain in the ass, he was a sweetheart compared to Lala Lapointe. She questioned every motion, every expenditure, even those of her new friend, Donald.

“Honey, we don’t have time to explain everything to you,” Jesse grumbled, trying to belittle her.

“You’d better find the time; a lot of people expect me to do something besides just sit in this chair and pick my nose,” Elaine stated firmly. “And I’m sure they’d like to know why we’re accepting a higher bid when Clark’s bid is nearly nine thousand dollars less.”

“There are extenuating…” Judge Monroe cut in.

“There was a factory shut-down in Bender,” Elaine interrupted him. “A major source of employment and income and taxes for Bender, DeGarde, Flowers, Kimble and other neighboring areas. The ‘extenuating circumstances’ are this, Your Honor. Income from taxes will be coming down and will continue to drop. We don’t have the wherewithal to play ‘good old boy’ and ‘brother-in-law’ deals.”

Jesse seethed; Keith Blanchard had slipped him a tidy little sum of cash for his vote.

Judge Monroe pursed his lips; Keith Blanchard had brought a sweet little blonde from Texas; the girl swore she was only eighteen. She cooed and giggled as Judge Monroe had slapped her ass, then fucked her hot little blonde muff.

“I agree, yeah,” Pierre said. “I done had three camps just up and gone; they can’t afford to come around no more.”

“If I may,” Judge Monroe cleared his throat and again tried to persuade the council to vote for Blanchard’s proposal.

“Apples to apples?” Elaine said, shaking her blonde head. “It does not make a bit of sense to approve Blanchard’s bid. Period.”

Elaine was sure that tonight’s meeting would be more of the same; Judge Monroe, even though he was supposed to simply moderate the meeting, would foist his opinions on the council, try to dictate to them how they should vote. Jesse Johnson would push his own agenda and try to squash any other agenda that might be brought up. He would also try to squash any opposition to his agenda.


“Okay,” Bernie said as she fastened the nurse’s cap on her profuse bush of hair. “You about ready?”

“Uh huh,” Richard said, his erection quite evident.

“Honey, you get a stiffie every time I put on my uniform?” Bernie giggled

“Damn right,” Richard said.

“Well, it’ll have to wait until morning, okay?” Bernie said, kissing him happily.

“Fine, fine,” Richard playfully complained.

He took a quarter out of his pocket and threw it on the floor in front of her.

“Oops, looks like you dropped a quarter there, Honey,” Richard said.

“Uh uh!” Bernie laughed. “Ain’t no way I’m bending over to pick that up! Not in front of you!”


The Very Reverend Zechariah Smith watched as the blonde and the brunette wandered his used car lot. Time and again, they’d return to the Toyota Tundra.

“Want to take it for a spin?” he asked, opening the door to the sales office.

The heat of the August afternoon nearly staggered him, but he pasted a smile on his pudgy face and waddled to the two young ladies.

“Sinful, just sinful,” he muttered to himself, looking at their short shorts and halter tops that left a goodly portion of their midsection exposed. “Displaying their flesh without a care in the world. They’re both going to Hell; they’ll both be Satan’s whores, but do they care?”

“Hi; bought my pick up here, oh, about four years ago?” Dee Jones said, smiling.

“Yeah, then I got it totaled,” Nadia chimed in.

“Oh, no! I hope you weren’t hurt?” Reverend Smith asked, patting the blonde girl’s hand in condolence.

“No, no, scared me a lot, though,” Nadia agreed.

“Oh, I’ll bet,” Reverend Smith agreed.

“Yeah, some drunk goober ran a red light and hit me,” Nadia said.

“How much?” Dee asked, indicating the truck.

He named a price and Nadia shrugged.

“Open it up?” Dee asked.

He watched as the two girls bent over the hood, scrambled into the rear compartment, squatted and looked underneath the truck.

Their gyrations let the man know that they both had pierced nipples and the brunette was not wearing panties. The blonde, at least had the decorum to wear a plain white thong.

“Okay,” Dee said to Nadia. “Take it for a drive; I’ll watch Deonia. Come back, tell me what you think.”

Reverend Smith looked over at the BMW the girls had come in and noticed a sleeping toddler in the back seat of the car.

“Oh, what a darling little baby,” he lied, not finding anything cute about babies at all. “Yours?”

“Yes, well, Nadia’s her mom, but we’re raising her,” Dee said easily.

“Oh!” Reverend Smith said, comprehending.

To himself he muttered, “so, not only are you two harlots, you’re also deviants. Yes, Satan will welcome the two of you with open arms.”

Nadia came back and announced that she did like the truck.

“All right we take it down to George’s Garage; have them looked it over?” Dee asked the rotund man.

“Well now, I don’t rightly trust George’s; they’re not, ah, how shall I say this?” he intoned, pursing his lips. “They’re not exactly on the up and up, know what I mean?”

“Really?’ Dee asked him, smirking slightly. “Then why’d you tell me to use them and only them? When I bought the last truck from you?”

“Ah, well,” he stammered slightly. “That was what? Four years ago? They uh, well, since then, you see, they’ve gone through a few rough spots and uh…”

“Okay, one more time, it okay if we take it down to George’s and let Mr. Farmer take a look at it?” Dee asked.

“Well, if you’re going to do that, I’d prefer it if you’d use the people at Huvall’s Texaco, right there on…” Reverend Smith said.

Huvall’s had approached Reverend Smith with a ‘business proposition,’ send his business their way and they’d give his cars a clean bill of health. George’s Garage would do no such thing, unless the car did have a clean bill of health. Otherwise, they’d tell the client exactly what they were buying.

“I wouldn’t let those idiots work on my bicycle,” Dee snorted.

“You know, there was that pick up truck over at Cutter’s? The one in Baylor Lake? that real pretty blue one?” Nadia reminded Dee.

The Reverend knew that, as more and more people fell onto hard times, his lot and Cutter’s lot would be flooded with used cars. More used cars meant that his prices would have to come down if he was going to keep afloat.

“Last chance; it okay if we take it to George’s and let Mr. Farmer look at it?” Dee asked, fishing her car keys out of her pocket.

“Fine, fine, but anything he says, I want it in writing,” Reverend Smith bluffed.

“Uh huh,” Dee said and handed her car keys to Nadia. “Meet you down there; I want to see how this truck handles.”

Reverend Smith had to adjust his trousers; when Dee climbed into the cab of the pick up truck, her shorts gaped open, displaying her hairless pubic mound, pale pink pussy lips, and several bright gold rings to his lecherous gaze.

“Won’t be long; he’s already expecting us,” Nadia called out to Dee.

“Good,” Dee acknowledged.

“Well, little Miss Smarty Pants,” Reverend Smith muttered as Dee drove the truck off the lot. “I’ll get it out of you in the financing charges.”


“Ashes to ashes,” Father Gregory chanted in a hollow monotone.

Paul, Cindy, and Pam sobbed and clung to each other at the gravesite. Next to them, Jake and Bobbi Broussard clung to each other as their daughter was laid to rest.

“Why?” Paul asked aloud, for the millionth time.

And for the millionth time, no one had any answer.

“Bye bye Candy,” Rebecca Robichaux quietly said to her sister in law.

“Again, I have no words to tell you how truly sorry I am,” Father Gregory quietly told the sobbing family.

The priest walked away, leaving the mourners to their grief. Little by little, individuals and small clusters of people also left. Finally, it was just Paul, Cindy, Pam, Trish, Jake and Bobbi and Jacob, Bob, Marie and Rebecca and Emily Broussard.

Paul hefted his son up onto his shoulders and smiled sadly as the boy giggled happily.

“I big!” Paulie cheered.

“Yeah, boy, you are,” Paul agreed and carried him to the Toyota.

“We’ll take Barbara,” Pam offered, already buckling the infant into the car seat of Trish’s car.

“Where to?” Cindy asked quietly.

“Fuck, I don’t know,” Paul said.

“Home?” Cindy asked.

Paul looked at her for a long moment, and then looked out the window.

“Yeah, Baby, take me home,” he said.

Cindy started the car, felt more nausea well up, then quickly opened the car door and vomited onto the ground.

Ooh!” she groaned as her stomach emptied onto the ground.

Paul rubbed her back while she gave a few more dry heaves.

“Here,” Paul said, offering her his handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

“Jesus, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Cindy said weakly, wiping her sweaty forehead with his handkerchief.

“Uh huh,” Paul agreed and smiled sadly as Paulie sang a nursery rhyme, getting most of the words wrong.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of,” he corrected.

“Sugar and spice,” Paulie repeated.

“And boogers and snot and everything hot, that’s what little boys are made of,” Paul concluded.

“Nuh uh! Paulie, don’t listen to him!” Cindy said, starting the car. “It’s ‘Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.’”

“You sure?” Paul asked.

“Yes, Baby, I’m sure,” she affectionately rested her hand on his arm for a moment, and then put the car into gear.


John Farmer gave the truck the green light, noting that whoever had worked on the truck last had used the wrong motor oil and oil filter. He assured Nadia and Dee that they could drain the old oil out, put the correct weight in and a new oil filter for thirty dollars.

“But the price he’s asking…?” Dee asked the older man.

“Would I give him that?” John asked and shrugged his shoulders. “Personally? I’d talk him down five hundred or so.”

“Offer him fourteen,” Henry, John’s assistant said. “Worse he can do is say ‘No.’”

“He’s right,” John smiled and finished writing out his estimation for Dee.

“Thanks, Mr. Farmer; you’re the best,” Dee smiled.

“Uh huh, heard from your insurance company yet?” John asked Nadia.

“Yes sir was there this morning,” Nadia agreed. “Got them the police report and she said it probably wouldn’t be any trouble.”

“Good, good, and you, Miss Deonia Doyeski,” John said to the toddler. “When are you going to start driving, huh?”

“Oh God, I don’t even want to think about that,” Nadia laughed. “Momma has a hard enough time catching her now that she’s walking!”

“All right, let me know when your insurance company says I can get this wreck off my property,” John smiled as the two attractive girls left the shop.

“God damn, just give me ten minutes with them, huh?” Henry said as he watched the girls through the open bay doors.

“Uh huh, ten minutes, then begin CPR,” John said.

“No, no, just let me die happy,” Henry said and turned back to the Mercury Sable he was working on.


Kelli Mouton almost screamed when the doorbell gave out its weak, strangled sounding buzz, letting her know there was someone at the door.

Mandy laughed at her, then went and answered the door.

“Hi there; we might have the wrong apartment,” Kelli heard Elliot’s voice.

“Yeah, we’re looking for a gorgeous red head,” Wade said.

“Uh, her? She ran away from home, but give me five minutes and I’ll be ready,” Mandy said.

“Mandy!” Kelli shrilled.

“Hey, there you are,” Wade smiled as Kelli rushed into the living room.

“I hate you,” Mandy muttered playfully as she walked away from the door.

“Wow, you look great,” Elliot said, letting his eyes roam Kelli from toes to head, smiling the whole time.

“You really do,” Wade agreed.


Elizabeth smiled as Eddie ate his green peas, like a big boy, and then cajoled him into eating just a little bit more of the fried chicken nuggets.

“There you go, get that ketchup all over that big old nugget,” she encouraged.

Yeah,” Eddie agreed.

Ketchup or not, he only wanted to eat half of it. Elizabeth shrugged; she’d already gotten him to eat a pretty good sized portion of his dinner.

She played with him; his father had sent him a train set for his third birthday, and Eddie did love the chunky wooden train.

She tightened her face whenever she thought of the forty seven year old man; how could a man in his forties be so immature?

True, it had been his boyish good looks that had attracted Elizabeth to him, coupled with his shyness. But the moment she found out she was pregnant, his true nature emerged. He even went so far as to claim that Eddie was not his.

“Fine, fine, mother fucker; I’ll raise the baby myself,” Elizabeth had hissed at him.

“Fucking right you will,” Gordon Ziegler had shrilled.

Then his tune had changed; obviously he had a moment of clarity and realized that the baby was indeed his. By tat time, though, Elizabeth had determined that the least amount of contact her child had with Gordon, the better.

“Take me to court,” Elizabeth had shrugged when Gordon demanded visitation with his son.

“Fine, bitch, I will,” Gordon snarled.

“Oh, and be sure to bring along the cancelled checks,” Elizabeth said. “You know, from the child support and medical expenses and stuff? The judge’s going to want to see those.”

She had him there; Gordon had not put penny one toward Eddie’s support or Elizabeth’s medical bills during pregnancy or Eddie’s pediatric doctor.

“Give me a list; I’ll pay it,” Gordon declared.

“E-mailed one to you every month,” Elizabeth said. “Never got any response; figured you couldn’t be bothered.”

But she did let Eddie play with the train. The tricycle sat in the corner of the living room; Eddie hadn’t mastered it yet, but he did like ringing the bell that dangled from the handle bars.


Pam immediately went to the kitchen and began preparing their dinner.

Paul changed Paulie’s diaper, then took Barbara from Trish and changed her diaper as well.

Whooee!” he told the squirming infant. “Didn’t smell like that when it went in!”

Cindy smiled sadly as she watched him.

“Soup will be ready in a minute,” Pam said. “Why don’t you get out of them clothes?”

“Good idea,” Cindy agreed.

“Hungry,” Paulie announced to Aunt Pam.

“Working on it, booger boo,” she told him.


Kelli nervously approached the helicopter, but Elliot smiled encouragingly. Wade assisted her into the cab and Kelli felt a shiver go through her as his hand rested on her small butt.

“Okay,” Elliot said as he went through the checklist out loud so that she would know what he was doing, and why.

Then he switched on his head set, rattled off some alphanumeric code and the helicopter lifted off the ground.

“Just taking you out to Industrial Canal then back again, unless you wanted to go somewhere else,” Wade said.

“Industrial Canal?” Elliot said. “Dude, you might think that’s romantic, but I bet Kelli don’t feel like looking at where we work.”

“Then where you think?” Wade asked.

“Atchafalaya Basin,” Elliot said.

“That swamp?” Wade asked.

“That swamp, yeah, but it is part of our heritage,” Elliot said.

“You’re right,” Wade said and smiled at Kelli. “We’re going to look at a swamp, okay?”

“Okay,” Kelli agreed.

The flight took almost no time; it had taken them much longer to drive from Bender to Lafayette. Elliot hovered and Wade operated the spotlight mounted on the underbelly of the craft.

“Oh my God!” Kelli squealed as they startled a group of raccoons feasting on fish.

“Swamp looks a lot different at night, huh?” Wade smiled at her.

“Yeah!” she agreed as they continued on their journey.

“Okay, heeding back,” Elliot said and turned the craft southwest.

“Aw!” Kelli complained.

“Hey, who’s the one who said she had to work tomorrow?” Elliot teased her.

“Oh, all right,” she huffed.


Elizabeth held the smaller of the two rubber dongs and smeared a little bit of water-repellant lubricant onto the head of it. She put another dollop of the greasy lubricant on her middle finger and reached behind herself. She ran the tip of her finger around and around the rim of her anus, then slipped the finger in. She worked the finger in and out of her rectum a few times to make sure that it was completely lubricated and ready to accept the rubber cock. She put the prepared dong on the rim of her bathtub, then gripped the larger rubber cock and ran the tip of it up and down her slit. When it was fully lubricated with her own juices, she slowly, deliberately inserted it into her pussy.

She stepped over the rim into the hot scented water and took a firm grip on the smaller rubber cock. She eased herself into the hot water, then put the rubber cock underneath herself.

With an ‘ooohhh’ she sank down onto the greased rubber toy and shut her eyes to the blissful feelings that coursed through her body.

The warmth of the water, the darkness of the room, the smell of the bath oil, and the full feeling of being fuck by not one, but two lovers. Her right hand went to her nipples and she pinched one, then the other, almost painfully. Her left hand went to her clitoris and she bit back the scream as her first orgasm burst out of her.

When the water was cool, she got to weak legs and pulled the rubber cock from her almost numb rectum. She did not look at it, just dropped it into the water. She then slowly, languidly pulled the fatter rubber cock from her pussy and dropped it into the water as well.

“I wonder if that makes me some kind of slut or whore,” she wondered out loud. “Wanting two cocks at the same time.”

She got out of the tub, toweled dry, then bent and vigorously cleaned both rubber dildos, dried them, and put them into the linen closet, top shelf, along with her tube of lubricant.

Finally, she pulled the stopper on the tub, blew out the candles, and left the small sanctuary.


Elaine nervously checked around the parking lot before stepping out of the building. Charlotte Hebert had assured her that being on the council would be ‘a piece of cake,’ but Charlotte had not mentioned how heated it got. Charlotte had not mentioned that she would have to put up with angry, hostile men.

Neither Jesse, nor Judge Monroe had been happy with her tonight. Shelley and Cheryl were ready to cave in, give Judge Monroe what he wanted. Jesse was already on board.

“A raise?” Elaine had asked, incredulous. “You want a fifty percent raise, for what? For sitting around for three, four hours twice a month?”

“Young lady,” Jesse had sneered. “We’re not all married to doctors.”

“Or our personal assistants,” Elaine shot back. “But what does that have to do with anything? There is simply no way to justify giving ourselves a five hundred dollar a month raise; there are people out of work, there are people losing their homes, and you want to shove another bill in their face?”

Shelly had fallen under Elaine’s fixed stare and voted against the proposal.

“We will table this until our next meeting,” Judge Monroe decided.

“We will not,” Elaine said. It is a four to two vote; there is no reason to bring it up next meeting.”

Their rage was palpable. Outwardly, she maintained a calm, professional demeanor. Inwardly, though, she was cringing. Inwardly, she cowered under their glares.

“Nice job in there,” Donald said as he walked to his Mercedes-Benz.

“Thanks,” Elaine murmured and unlocked the door to her mini-van.


Kelli would kiss one good night, then the other would demand his share of kisses, then she’d have to kiss the first one again.

Finally, she giggled and shoved them both away.

“Really, come on y’all, I got work tomorrow,” she whined.

“All right, just one more,” Elliot smiled, giving her an almost chaste kiss on her lips.

“Good night, I had a great time,” Wade husked and kissed her one final time.

“Good night,” she whispered to them, then entered the apartment.

“Wow, both of them?” Mandy asked.

“Mandy! What? Were you watching us?” Kelli shrieked.

“Nothing on television,” Mandy shrugged.

“I hate you,” Kelli said and went to her bedroom.


Judge Monroe checked to make sure there were no unmarked police cars in the area, and then came to a stop.

“Great, that sick piece of shit is back,” Paula complained to Donna.

“Fuck, just call him ‘Daddy’ and he’ll be happy,” Rosa offered.

“Uh huh, you go then, Paula complained.

“Fine; a hundred for me,” Rosa said, already strolling toward the judge’s car.


Again, they lay in bed together, cuddling together to comfort one another.

Numbly, Paul rolled over and pressed Cindy to the mattress.

“What?” she sleepily asked, then struggled slightly as she felt him pulling at her panties.

She ceased struggling when she felt his tears and spread her legs for him.

She cried her own tears as he thrust in and out of her. Finally, finally, she felt his semen bubble up into her, and then he kissed her.

Later, she felt the bed shift and heard Pam muffled, groggy response. Then the bed began a familiar, rhythmic staccato trembling. Then there was silence.

Again, she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 104

Cindy Broussard smiled encouragingly as Molly Dunham shakily handed in the application and a slightly worn resume. The two had gone to school together, had graduated high school together. Despite being a notorious pot head in high school, Molly had maintained an extremely high grade point average and had finished college after just two and a half years wit a degree in nursing.

“Okay, so um, why’d you leave Lafayette General?” Cindy asked.

Molly blushed and looked away from Cindy’s warm brown eyes.

“Drugs,” she whispered. “I um, I was helping myself to the patients’ prescriptions.”

“Same at U.M.C.?” Cindy asked, glancing at the resume.

“Yes ma’am,” Molly admitted, looking at the counter top.

“Molly!” Cindy laughed. “Yes, ma’am? Molly, we went to school together!”

“Yes ma’am, I know, but…” Molly stammered, still unable to meet Cindy’s eyes.

“Molly, are you going to be like that when you work here?” Cindy asked. “Huh? Afraid to look people in the eyes?”

Molly looked up into Cindy’s warm brown eyes and then looked down again.

“I been out of work for almost six months,” Molly said, bottom lip beginning to quiver. “When I heard about Candy; I was real sorry to hear about that by the way, I thought ‘oh, here’s my chance!’ and so I um, I put together my resume and…”

“Molly, we don’t have any drugs on the premises,” Cindy said. “So, you’re safe there. But, if I suspect you’re on drugs while you’re working here, you’re gone, you hear?”

“You mean, I got the job?” Molly gasped, mouth open in surprise.

“Trial basis,” Cindy cautioned. “But I have to admit, I do like the idea of having a nurse on duty.”

“Oh thank you!” Molly gushed and ran around the counter and hugged Cindy.

“So, um, when are you due?” Molly asked, pointedly looking at Cindy’s belly.

“You can tell?” Cindy gasped.

“Uh, yeah,” Molly said.

“Oh God, I haven’t even told my mom yet,” Cindy groaned.

“Cindy, when a woman is wearing baggy clothes, it’s kind of a dead giveaway,” Molly confided. “Especially when that woman’s a body builder, like yourself.”

“Best I can figure, I’m about five months,” Cindy whispered. “Paul doesn’t even know.”

“Is it…?” Molly asked, finally able to look Cindy in the eyes.

“It’s Paul’s baby,” Cindy confessed. “I’ve never had any other; he’s the only one.”

“You’re so lucky,” Molly said. “I’m still, I’ve never.”

Cindy looked at the cute woman and shrugged, a small smile crossing her lips.

“As cute as you are? I find that kind of hard to believe, but that’s fine. If it weren’t for Paul, me and Candy would have been virgins all our lives,” Cindy admitted.

“Yeah well, the only boyfriend I ever had was a baggie of weed,” Molly admitted.


At eight months of pregnancy, sex was too uncomfortable for Bernie, even anal sex. Oral sex gave her horrible heartburn, so strong that even eating four antacid tablets did nothing to deter it. And antacid tablets tended to make her constipated, so she didn’t like eating them.

So, to relieve Richard’s needs, Bernie would remove her top and her bra, and jerk him off, allowing his semen to splash onto her upturned face and breasts.

“There, how’s that?” she asked, after putting a sloppy kiss on the tip of her husband’s cock.

“Fine, I guess,” he sighed.

“Oh, all right, how about another one?” she asked and started stroking his cock again.

“Sure, if you want to,” he sighed again.

She laughed; he might be acting as if it was something he had to endure, but his cock was throbbing in her small hand. She recognized the signs and pointed his cock at her face.

With a grunt, he again spewed his semen onto her face and large breasts.

“Now, what you want for breakfast?” he asked her.

“Peanut butter bread,” she said.

“Crunchy,” they both said in unison.

“Jinx!” she crowed. “Now you owe me a foot rub!”

“Uh huh,” he laughed and left the bedroom.


Kelli smiled as she signed for Sophia. She would remind herself that she was at work, was supposed to be professional and would try to suppress the smile, but it would creep across her face again.

Mrs. Bonham even noticed the constant smile and scowled at the younger woman.

“I’m saying something funny?” she snapped at Kelli.

“No ma’am, I’m just happy,” Kelli said, continuing to sign.

(They had picked her up and brought her back to their house; Elliot and Wade shared a house.

Then they pampered and praised her and prepared a spaghetti dinner for her.

“Yeah, my mom showed me how,” Wade shrugged. “She’s Italian, you know?”

“Showed you well,” Elliot said, using the heel of his garlic bread to shovel the food into his mouth.

“I’ll say,” Kelli enthused. “And this Caesar’s salad is the best!”

“Elliot made the dressing,” Wade confessed.

Then Wade and dipped his finger into his rich red wine and pained Kelli’s lips with his finger.

Elliot leaned over and kissed the wine from Kelli’s lips. Then Wade panted her lips again and kissed her lips hotly.

Elliot and Wade continued to eat; Kelli took a long moment to compose herself and again dug into her plate with gusto.

“God, you are so beautiful,” Elliot whispered to her.)

Kelli jerked back to the present when the buzzer sounded for all the students to go to Mass.

“Church,” Kelli signed to Sophia.

“God,” Sophia signed back and Kelli nodded her head in agreement.

(Kelli moaned out loud as Wade pushed her long red hair back and again used a wine dipped finger to ‘paint’ on her slender neck.

“Mmm,” he moaned as he gently kissed the wine from her neck.

Elliot did the same on her right side and Kelli shivered.

They were sitting on the small loveseat; Wade on her left and Elliot on her right. There was a movie playing on the television, but they were not watching it.

She felt a hand at the buttons of her blouse and thought briefly of stopping the hand; she had never gone this far with a man.

She had never even been with a man before; all of this was uncharted territory for her.

Just as soon as the thought of stopping the hand had come, Wade again kissed her nick and Elliot pressed his lips to her lips and she let the hand unbutton one, then another, then another button.

She felt the cool air conditioner blow on her skin, and then felt the wet finger trail more wine onto her skin.

Lips, warm, moist lips sucked the wine from her flesh.

Somehow, she managed to pull herself out of their embrace.

“No,” she said weakly.

She fastened the hooks of her bra (she was unsure of when it had been unhooked) a buttoned up her blouse.

“Sorry if we were going too fast,” Wade admitted.

“No, no, it’s just that…” she hastened to assure them.

“Come on; you got work tomorrow,” Elliot smiled and stood up.)

Alicia smiled as Kelli exited the classroom.

“Ms. Mouton, I’d like for you to attend the teachers’ meeting,” she stated.

Ms. Bonham scowled at the invitation but said nothing as she bustled down the hallway.

“Oh, but, um, Sophia doesn’t need me to sign for her in church?” Kelli asked.

“She goes to church with her sister every Sunday; she doesn’t really need your help there,” Alicia smiled.

“Doesn’t need your help in the classroom either,” Ms. Bonham snapped.

“Ms. Bonham, my office. Now,” Alicia snapped.


With no work to do, Paul found himself drinking. Heavily.

His dad had closed down the classic car lot; the Angels 270 had taken too much interest in the expensive automobiles. They would steal them, run them until they broke, or use them to commit crimes with, and then purposefully wreck them.

The cars they couldn’t steal, they would vandalize. They would spray paint their gang graffiti on the automobiles, on the buildings of the car lot, on the sign that announced “Robichaux Classic Cars.”

Finally, fed up, Bob contacted a friend down in New Orleans, and sold all of his automobiles, even the ones that were still in progress. Then, he padlocked the gates one last time and walked away from the business that had been his and Paul’s livelihood for the past twenty nine years.

So, with nothing else to do, Paul drank.


Gordon had finally worn Elizabeth down and she agreed that he could have visitation with Eddie. Actually, it had been her mother that had persuaded Elizabeth to let him have Eddie for one overnight stay.

“A child needs a dad,” Jamie had said. “God knows how you would have turned out if your dad hadn’t been there to help you every step of the way.”

They agreed that Gordon would pick Eddie up at the day-care center; she let Melanie know, and then would bring him back to Melanie the following morning. That way, it would be very little disruption to Eddie’s schedule, and Elizabeth wouldn’t even have to see the man.

Ms. Baggett, Ms. Doyeski is here to see you,” Michelle’s voice cut into Elizabeth’s thoughts.

Elizabeth frowned; she didn’t have an appointment with the bubbly, slightly empty-headed client.

“Be right there,” Elizabeth chirped.

“Hi, hope you don’t mind,” Nadia bubbled, balancing Deonia on one hip.

“Of course not,” Elizabeth lied.

“But I got my new truck; want to see it?” Nadia begged, pulling Elizabeth toward the front door with her free hand.

“Uh, Michelle, I’ll be out of the office,” Elizabeth said, allowing Nadia to pull her outside into the early September heat.

“Nice,” Elizabeth commented as they looked at the baby blue F150.

“Come on, take a ride,” Nadia said, pressing the electric door lock button on the key fob.

“Yeah, we were going to buy this Toyota Tundra; it was real nice, but Dee, that’s my girlfriend, she tells the big dummy that’s selling it that we’ll give him twelve thousand; he wanted sixteen and…” Nadia prattled as they raced down Highway 19.

She slowed down in front of a small sandwich shop.

“Ever eat here?” Nadia asked as she pulled into the parking lot.

“No, didn’t even know it was here,” Elizabeth admitted.

“Yeah, they got the best wings,” Nadia said as she got out of the truck. “Come on, my treat.”

The Vietnamese woman behind the counter smiled widely when Nadia entered the small shop.

She called out in Vietnamese to Nadia, who answered her in Vietnamese. They held a conversation, punctuated with much laughter and teasing, then Nadia steered Elizabeth to a small table.

“Our food will be out in a minute,” Nadia cheerfully said. “Hope you don’t mind; I ordered us two orders of spicy wings and iced tea; they really have the best wings anywhere.”

Where did you learn what? Chinese?” Elizabeth asked, amused.

So, Nadia wasn’t empty-headed, although she exhibited a lively, bubbly, care-free, and slightly dim persona.

“Vietnamese,” Nadia laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know; most of it I picked up from Phren Tol.”

“Friend who?” Elizabeth asked.

“Phren Tol. Her,” Nadia pointed to the woman that approached, carrying a tray.

“You enjoy, okay? Maybe come back real soon, okay?” Phren Tol said to Elizabeth. “You bring boyfriend, right?”

“No boyfriend right now, but thank you,” Elizabeth smiled at the woman.

“Oh?” Nadia asked, blowing on the still steaming chicken wing.

“Been a while,” Elizabeth admitted and dunked a wing into the blue cheese dip.

“I, uh, I’m kind of between boyfriends myself,” Nadia admitted.

“Yeah, you tell them you got a kid, all of a sudden, they’re not all that interested,” Elizabeth said and took a bite of the chicken wing.

“Yeah,” Nadia agreed. “But, you know, some women, some women kind of find that a plus, you know?”

“So I’ve heard,” Elizabeth said, noncommittal.

Deonia nibbled on the hot dog Phren Tol had put in front of her and huffed as Nadia playfully took one of her French fries.

“Here, take one of Mommy’s,” Elizabeth smiled and snagged one of Nadia’s French fries and put it on Deonia’s plate.

The child beamed at Elizabeth and giggled as her mother acted all upset over the French fry theft.


Juan Morales stood and kept his eyes on Highway 52. His younger brother, Miguel, was on the roof of Robichaux Classic Cars, stripping the roof mounted air conditioner of any usable metals.

Normally, Juan would be the one on the roof of the abandoned building, but someone had kicked him in the groin two weeks ago and he was still too tender to scurry up a ladder. So, he told Miguel what the boy needed to know, put the ladder at the corner of the building, over the tall fence that surrounded the business, and sent the boy up to the roof.

Juan heard someone fumbling with the ladder and whirled around. The corner of the ladder slammed him squarely between the eyes.

Juan lay dead on the clam shell parking lot, the front of his head caved in.

Miguel finished the task and threw the material over the fence for Juan to gather up. Then he put his foot out to reach the ladder.

The ladder wasn’t there. He felt around with his foot, beginning to slide down the slanted roof. His baggy pants began to work themselves down and he reached out to pull them up. He lost his grip on the roof and fell backward, landing onto the fence, snapping his spine like a twig.

“Maybe shouldn’t have been up there in the first place, huh?” he heard a man’s voice say just before he slammed onto the clam shell parking lot, just outside of the fence.


“You’re good,” Elaine murmured as Molly kneaded and worked the flesh.

“Thank you,” Molly mumbled and continued to work her fingers into Elaine’s shoulders.

“So, how you liking it here?” Elaine asked.

“Honestly?” Molly asked her former classmate.

“Absolutely,” Elaine smiled.

“I got to admit, I mean, being a nurse, I’m kind of used to seeing naked people, you know, bits and pieces, but all I see here are naked people!” Molly gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Well, thank God it’s only women, huh?” Elaine asked.

And I didn’t have to touch any of them naked people before, well, I did give a couple of sponge baths, but that was like when I was still training,” Molly went on.

The timer chimed before Elaine could answer and Molly stepped back to give her client room to get up.

“Remember, drink some water; you need to re-hydrate,” Molly demanded.

“Yes ma’am,” Elaine smiled and stood up.


Elise looked up as Brandon Johnson came in.

“Got some papers for um…” Brandon said, looking again at the name on the envelope.

Elise looked at the handsome young man. His hair was dark, wavy, just curling over his small ears. His face was strong, masculine, with a strong nose and dimpled chin. His hazel eyes flicked up and he smiled, showing straight, white teeth.

“Sheriff Davis, from Johnson and Associates,” Brandon said.

His shoulders were broad and his arms looked strong underneath the blazer he wore. His waist was narrow and his legs looked muscular in their tight dress slacks.

“Is he in?” Brandon asked.

“Huh? Oh, um, yeah, yeah, hold on,” Elise blushed hotly and fumbled with the intercom button.

“And you are…?” she asked before punching the button.

“Brandon. Brandon Johnson,” Brandon smiled.

“Hey Dad, um, Brandon Johnson’s here; got some papers for you,” Elise squeaked loudly into the intercom.

“God bless!” Dick complained loudly.

“Sorry!” Elise giggled, realizing how loud she was yelling into the intercom.

“And it’s ‘Sheriff’ when we’re at work, you hear?” he asked as he strode into the front area of the police headquarters.

“Sorry,” Elise mumbled.

“Need to sign anything?” Dick asked, snapping Brandon out of his open stare at Elise.

“Um oh, yeah, yes sir,” Brandon mumbled, producing the clipboard.

“My daughter,” Dick hissed to the young man. “And I am licensed to carry a gun, hear me?”

“Yes sir,” Brandon said, tearing his eyes from Elise.

“Ooh, he is so cute!” Elise enthused as soon as the door shut behind the young man.

“Uh huh,” Dick muttered and tore open the envelope.


Nadia had been extremely attracted to the dark haired beauty the moment she had sat down in Elizabeth’s office and had tried to think of a reason to go visit her. She still loved Dee, but more and more, Dee was either drunk, or stoned, and when Dee was drunk or stoned, she was abusive. Dee was what would be classified as a ‘mean drunk.’

Dee’s decision to ‘hang out’ with Sonja and Sonja’s fiancé had given Nadia a much needed break from the quite often drunk and stoned Dee. But Nadia didn’t really have any reason to go to see Elizabeth.

“Just go, take her to lunch, see what happens,” Nadia decided and quickly got dressed the moment the door shut behind Dee.

Now, as Nadia drove Elizabeth back to her office, her mind raced; what should she say?

“I’m so glad you decided to come to lunch with me,” she finally said.

“Me too; I really liked that place,” Elizabeth smiled.

They both lapsed into silence.

“Um, you um, you doing anything tonight?” Nadia asked, blushing hotly.

“No, not really; Eddie’s dad’s got him for the night so I’m probably going to just piddle around,” Elizabeth said heavily.

It depressed her; thinking about a night without her baby boy there.

“You um, you want to get together? Do something?” Nadia asked as she pulled up to the Young Insurance building.

“Like what?” Elizabeth asked.

“Go out, get something to eat; kick back, watch a movie, I don’t know,” Nadia babbled.

“Yeah, okay,” Elizabeth agreed and Nadia wanted to squeal with delight.


Buddy was prattling on and on, not noticing that neither his fiancé nor her best friend was paying any attention to him.

“I’ve got to tinkle; come on,” Sonja suddenly said to Dee.

“Yeah, me too,” Dee agreed and both women stood up.

Buddy felt irritated; he was in the middle of telling them about a very exciting baseball game he’d played in when he was in high school. But both girls acted like he wasn’t even there.

“God, does he ever shut up?” Dee asked Sonja as soon as the bathroom door was shut.

“No, not really,” Sonja shrugged and pulled a plastic bag out of her purse.

“Ooh, is that…?” Dee asked as she urinated noisily.

“Pure, uncut, one hundred percent cocaine,” Sonja confirmed and did a quick job of lining up four thin lines on the bathroom counter.

“I love you,” Dee declared.

“Uh huh,” Sonja smiled as she then squatted onto the commode.

“Only way I can even stand being around the big dummy,” Sonja admitted as the two giggling women left the bathroom.

“Only problem with coke makes me so fucking horny,” Dee whispered to Sonja.

“So then we’ll just leave Buddy here and…” Sonja said, playfully pinching Dee’s buttock.


“Ms. Bonham will be taking a one week leave of absence while she decides what she wants to do,” Alicia informed the ten teachers and three teacher’s aides that sat in the teacher’s lounge.

She turned and smiled at Kelli Mouton.

“Ms. Mouton, I’d like for you to take over the second grade class in her absence; is that acceptable?” she asked, and then continued with the meeting without waiting for Kelli’s response.


“Sicily’s,” Yvette answered the phone.

“Mr. Bonani, for you,” she called out and let the phone drop onto the floor.

Kelli winced at the harsh sound.

“Yeah?” Mr. Bonani barked into the telephone.

“Mr. Bonani? This is Kelli,” Kelli said.

“Yeah? You already fifteen minutes late,” Mr. Bonani barked into the telephone.

“Mr. Bonani, I quit,” she said, anger flaring up.

“Yeah?” He laughed. “You’ll want this job back by tomorrow; no one’s going to ever hire you.”

“Don’t think so,” she sang as she hung up.

Mr. Bonani laughed as he told Yvette about Kelli quitting.

“What?” Yvette looked at him. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Stupid girl; she’ll be back,” Mr. Bonani laughed. “But, I got a surprise for her. She ain’t going to get her job back; that’s for sure. Ugly little bitch.”

“I quit,” Yvette said, yanking her apron off.

“Wait, what?” Mr. Bonani asked, shocked.

“Mr. Bonani, you’re an idiot,” Yvette said as she grabbed her purse from underneath the counter. “Kelli’s the only one that actually does any work around here; I only got this job ‘because you want a piece of ass; like I’d ever even dream of fucking you. She does all the work


Pam sighed unhappily as she cleaned up the empty beer cans.

“Good thing I came home to see if you needed lunch, huh?” she asked the drunk Paul.

“Uh huh,” he mumbled.

“Where are Paulie and Barbara?” Pam asked suddenly.

“Miss Bobbi’s got them,” Paul mumbled.

“Baby? Listen to me,” Pam said, kneeling in front of him so she could look up into his eyes. “I know you Miss Candy; we all miss Candy but…”

“That’s not it; that’s not it at all,” Paul snapped angrily.

Alcohol loosened his tongue.

“Damn it! I fucking hated being married to her!” he yelled. “So God damned needy, so God damned clingy. All that money on that school for the blind and she still couldn’t do shit for herself!”

“But, but…” Pam stuttered, shocked.

“I’m sitting there, wishing she’d just fucking die and then, and then…” Paul screamed then burst into anguished wails.”G

God damn it! Baby, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t really mean it!” Paul sobbed bitterly.


Angel Morales did not shed any tears when he learned of his brothers’ deaths. It would not be good for any of the Angels 270 to see him cry. It would not do good for any to suspect that he had any weaknesses.

“I will be taking care of you now,” he told Donna, Juan’s pregnant girlfriend.

“Okay,” she sobbed.

She did not want Angel taking care of her; the burly man frightened her. She’d heard more than one girl complain bitterly about his brutality.

It was rumored that Angel was equipped like a horse; Donna was only four foot ten and weighed only one hundred and twelve pounds (due to her pregnancy; normally she weighed ninety four pounds).

“Hey!” Rosie, his current girlfriend, complained.

“Shut up; you don’t tell me what to do,” Angel said harshly.

“Bitch, better watch your back,” Rosie hissed to Donna.


The first few times, Mickie was mortified. The first few times of walking up to a man’s car and asking him if he was ‘looking for a date’ were unbelievably humiliating. But it was the only way she was going to get the money for meth.

Plus that, having the big, powerful gun in her purse made her feel better.

“You’re new, huh?” Judge Monroe asked as Mickie approached his car.

“Uh huh,” Mickie agreed.

“Get in,” he ordered.

She paused for a moment, and then remembered the gun. She pasted a sexy smile and pulled the door open.

“So, what you like?” she asked as he put the car in drive.

“Anal,” he said and pulled around the corner to the motel.

“Um, that’s a hundred,” she said.

“That’s fine,” he shrugged and showed her the hundred dollar bill.

Once they were in the room, he waited until she struggled out of her tight shorts and flopped on the bed.

“On your knees; you want it up the ass on your back?” he barked at her.

She rolled onto her knees.

“Reach back here, spread them wide,” he ordered and she felt the bed sag as he knelt behind her.

She felt like throwing up when she heard him spit and then felt the sticky glob of spittle land onto her puckered anus.

“Mother fucker!” she screamed as he savagely pounded her unprepared anus with a thick cock.

“That’s it, Baby Girl, yeah,” he husked.

“Please, pull it out; you’re hurting me,” she sobbed into the dirty mattress.

“Oh yeah, you want Daddy to stop?” he asked, savagely gripping one of her fleshy breasts.

“Please,” she sobbed.

“Say it,” he ordered.

“Please, please stop; it hurts,” she begged.

“No, damn it, say it,” he ordered. “Say ‘Daddy, you’re hurting me.’”

“Daddy, you’re hurting me,” she sobbed.

“Yeah?” he screamed and slapped her buttock, hard. “I’m hurting you? Huh? I’m hurting you?”

“Yes Daddy, it hurts,” she cried.

He pumped his cock in and out of her bleeding rectum.

“Like when I caught you sucking that boy’s cock?” he spat in her ear. “Huh? Hurts like that?”

“Yes Daddy,” she grunted and bit back the scream as he swiveled his hips side to side, widening her anus more, inflicting more pain.

“Huh!” he screamed in her ear. “Hurts like when I saw you fucking that boy? That worthless piece of shit boy? Hurts like that?”

“Yes Daddy,” she sobbed, throat raw.

“Oh!” he shuddered and she felt a torrent of semen flood into her bowels.

“God damn stupid bitch!” he screamed at her and slapped her face, hard. “You got your shit all over my dick!”


Elliot and Wade congratulated Kelli on her new job. Both were out in the Gulf but both promised her a night of celebrating when they returned to Bender.

“I love you,” Elliot said when he disconnected the call.

“Wait, what?” Kelli squeaked but he was no longer there.

“I love you,” Wade said before disconnecting the call.

Again, Kelli was dumbstruck.


“Hi Deonia,” Elizabeth smiled down as the girl proceeded her mother into the modest home Elizabeth and Eddie shared.

“Hi,” Nadia enthused and kissed Elizabeth squarely on her lips.

“Hi,” a surprised Elizabeth said after taking a moment to compose herself.

“Love that garden,” Nadia said, pointing to the flower bed just outside of the door.

“Thanks; my iris finally decided to make an appearance; I thought I’d killed them,” Elizabeth smiled.

“Mine,” Deonia declared as she grabbed one of Eddie’s trucks out of the small toy chest.

“No, but you can play with it,” Elizabeth corrected.

“Mmm, smells good,” Nadia said, sniffing the air.

“Thanks; it’s just a pot of smothered chicken; hope you don’t mind, but like I told you, I really just didn’t feel up to going out tonight,” Elizabeth said as she made her way to the small kitchen.

“Oh no, not at all,” Nadia assured the woman. “If we’d gone out, I would have had to find a babysitter for Deonia; Dee and Sonja were too busy fuck…. Um, playing to baby-sit, so…”

“Fuck,” Deonia repeated.

“Deonia, that’s a bad word; Mommy didn’t mean to say it,” Nadia corrected the child.

“It’s just about ready; want anything to drink?” Elizabeth asked as she turned the rice off. “I’ve got juice, water, ice tea, oh, um, some wine; my step-mother gave it to me when I bought the house, haven’t even opened it yet.”

“Wine,” Nadia decided.

If Nadia could get a little alcohol into Elizabeth, maybe she could loosen the woman up. She’d seen that flicker of uncertainty in Elizabeth’s eyes when she’d kissed her.

“God, she’s got beautiful lips,” Nadia thought.

Nadia had come home after her lunch date with Elizabeth, to find Dee and Sonja locked in a frenzied sixty nine, licking and sucking and chewing at each other. She had masturbated while watching them, imagining herself in the same position with the beautiful Elizabeth Baggett.

“Good,” Elizabeth smiled and pulled the bottle out. “Been looking for a reason to open it.”

“I really love your hair; is that natural?” Nadia said as she accepted the glass of chilled wine.

“This mess?” Elizabeth smiled, tousling her long curly hair. “Yeah. A lot of people think it’s a perm, but no, it’s the real thing.”

In high school, Elizabeth had opted to wear her curly hair short, for ease of maintenance. As she grew older, though, she preferred to let it go. It now reached to a few inches below her shoulder blades.

“God, I wonder if her bush is thick and curly like that,” Nadia wondered.

“Mine,” Deonia asserted as she found the chicken puppet in the toy chest.


The boy sat, smirking to himself, knowing that the loud music was upsetting to others. The sub-woofer made the windows rattle as he sat in the parking lot of Early’s Grocery store. The singer implored his listeners to ‘kill all them mother fuckers think they all up there.’

“God, I hate that kind of stuff,” Bernie complained to Richard.

“Uh huh,” Richard said. “Need a buggy?”

“I got it; you always get a wobbly one,” she teased as she grabbed a buggy.

“Uh huh,” he smiled as he spotted a severely mangled shopping cart.

“Goodness!” Bernie said as she looked at the twisted metal. “What do you think happened to that one?”

“What?” Richard asked as he hurled a large stone at the rear window of the car.

The boy sat, immobilized, as the rear window shattered. The glass was designed to hold together but the extreme vibrations from the music shook and rattled the glass for just a moment, which was long enough to cause it to fall into the car.

He quickly turned off the stereo and opened the car door. Holding his baggy pants up with his left hand, he looked around in wonder. The only people he could see were some couple, pushing a buggy toward the front door of the grocery store.

“Aw, man, what the fuck happened?” Benny asked, face twisted in anger.

“Man, I’m just sitting there and all of a sudden back window just breaks,” the boy defended.

“Uh huh,” Benny said, looking at the back of the car. “Glass don’t just break like that; what the fuck you do, huh?”

“Ooh, don’t let me forget; we need some peanut butter,” Bernie said as they pushed the buggy into the store.

“Uh huh,” Richard smiled and squeezed his wife’s hand. “Crunchy.”

“Thank God they turned that horrible music off,” Bernie said as the doors slid shut behind them.


Paul numbly put the food in his mouth, wishing he could just get up and goes fix himself a drink. There was some whiskey; Dad had said every home needed a bottle of good Irish whiskey, for company. He wanted to be his own company tonight.

But he knew Pam would not allow it. She insisted that he eat and fixed him a heaping plate.

“Oh, that woman, oh, damns it, what’s her name?” Cindy said, trying to inject some conversation into the lifeless gathering.

“Narrows it down,” Trish commented.

“The tall one, from the funeral home,” Cindy said.

“Oh, yeah, um, Lynne, Lynne Labbe,” Trish offered.

“Yes, that’s it,” Cindy said. “Yeah, she joined today. Full year.”

“Yeah, had her in my eight o’clock,” Trish said.

“Uh huh, had her in my free weights, wanted to tell her ‘go put some clothes on; ain’t no one here interested,’” Cindy said.

“You mean, she was still wearing that, that, whatever that was?” Trish asked.

“Yeah, bush hanging out everywhere,” Cindy agreed.

“Well, at least we know she’s a natural blonde,” Trish said.

“New rule in my kitchen,” Pam joined in. “Wash your hands AND put a hair net on it.”

“I don’t think she’ll be coming around all that much,” Cindy commented. “I mean, when she saw no one was buying what she was selling, she got out of there.”

“And spent a few minutes with Molly,” Pam said.

“How’s she doing?” Paul asked, finally joining in the dinner conversation.

“Molly?” Cindy asked, and then shrugged. “Okay, I guess. I mean, she’s good at giving massages.”

“When she’s not stoned out of her mind,” Trish cut in.

“God, she’s still doing that?” Paul snorted in disgust.

Pam looked at him but decided that it would be pointless to tell him the hypocrisy of his reaction. Pills, marijuana, or beer, there was very little difference as far as the end result.

“All done,” Paulie announced.

“Paulie, you are not!” Cindy laughed. “Look, you still got all them peas right there!”

“All done,” Paulie insisted.

“No sir,” Paul said forcefully. “Eat those peas. Now.”

Pam put a hand on his leg, trying to calm him down.

“All done,” Paulie announced after eating two spoonfuls of the peas.

“Okay, all done, oh, wait, missed one,” Cindy said and scooped up a spoonful of his peas.

Chapter 105

Pam heard Barbara begin to cry and roused herself from her sleep.

“Shh, shh, Momma’s here,” Pam told the infant and scooped her out of the crib.

Quickly, she changed the soiled diaper, and then carried the baby into the kitchen.

“Momma’s got you,” she whispered to the baby, planting little kisses on the baby’s head.

The microwave dinged and Pam dropped the bottle of formula into the scalding hot water.

“Almost done,” Pam assured the fussy infant.

Cindy watched from the doorway then turned and returned to the bedroom.

“I swear to God, she thinks she’s Barbara’s mother,” she whispered to Paul.

“Uh huh,” Paul whispered back, not caring.

During the day, he was able to suppress his feelings. He was able to avoid them. He was able to drink and drink, until the feelings of guilt would go away.

But at night, when the alcohol was flushing out of his system, his thoughts took over, and took over with a vengeance.

Pam was the only one that knew his secret and she had been horrified when he revealed them to her. Other than to chide him for his drinking, she rarely talked to him.

(She rarely talked to him because he was always in a drunken stupor; conversations were pointless.)

“No, Paul, come on,” Cindy complained as Paul’s hand eased the hem of her nightshirt up.

He was careful of her swollen belly, but he still took her.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as he filled her pussy with his semen.

She did not respond; right now, she wasn’t sure she loved him.

Her mother had been so upset, distraught almost, when she’d told her that she was pregnant.

Miss Bobbi and Mr. Jake hadn’t been too happy with her either; she was their daughter’s best friend and now she was nearly eight months pregnant with their daughter’s husband’s baby.

Even now, any conversations with her mom were short, tense. Miss Bobbi was back to being as sweet and loving as she’d always been, but Mr. Jake avoiding her.

Paul pressed his lips to hers and she weakly responded.


“Mommy’s here,” Bernie soothed to her daughter, Kimberly Margaret Boudreaux, as the infant began to cry.

She quickly changed the baby’s diaper, then unbuttoned her sleep shirt and brought one of her massive breasts out.

“Ooh, I’ll take the other one,” Richard offered.

“No,” Bernie giggled.

“Hey, Kimmie, you one lucky little girl, you know that?” Richard crooned to the sucking infant.

“Yeah?” Bernie asked, smiling. “Why’s that?”

“Got a beautiful mommy, got a good looking daddy; she’s going to be a heart breaker when she grows up,” Richard said and kissed his wife on her lips.

“Uh huh, go back to bed,” Bernie waved him off.

“Sure I can’t have the other one?” Richard asked, pointing out how her unattended breast was leaking milk, wetting her sleep shirt.

“You’re not going to like it,” Bernie warned.

“Uh huh,” Richard insisted, easing her sleep shirt off of her shoulders, exposing the other breast.

“Oh,” she shuddered as he kneaded the swollen, tender flesh.


It was still dark when Elizabeth let herself out of the house. Gordon had Eddie again so she didn’t have to worry about bringing her baby boy to the Day Care. That wasn’t why she was up and ready so early.

She was ready early because Nadia was driving her to the brink of homicide.

Slowly but surely, the bubbly blonde had moved herself and her two year old daughter into Elizabeth’s home; she’d already moved herself into Elizabeth’s bed from their first date.

She made her bisexuality known on the first time she’d come to Elizabeth’s house, Deonia in tow. They had sat at Elizabeth’s table, drank the bottle of wine that Daphne had given to Elizabeth as a ‘house-warming’ gift, and eaten the smothered chicken. The more wine disappeared, the more Nadia revealed of herself.

“It’s um, well, It’s not like I’m this total dyke, you know, but I um, I do like being with another woman from time to time, you know?” Nadia said, blushing hotly, waiting for Elizabeth’s reaction.

“Well, I um, I did have a girlfriend when I was in college and when I found out I was pregnant with Eddie, I did ask her to come live with me,” Elizabeth admitted.

“I mean, I like guys, you know? But there’s nothing like the way a woman makes love, you know?” Nadia pressed on, emboldened by Elizabeth’s admission, and the wine.

Then they kissed.

Nadia claimed to be bisexual, claimed to have just as strong an attraction for men as for women, but Elizabeth had not seen the woman go on a date with anyone other than her former girlfriend, Dee.

Dee was another problem. Whenever Nadia had the brunette over, Elizabeth found something else for her and her son to be doing. Dee was one angry woman and got angrier the more she drank, and Dee was always drinking.

She would sit and glare hatefully at Elizabeth while an oblivious Nadia would prattle on and on about nothing in particular.

“Fuck, you want her back? You can have her!” Elizabeth wanted to scream at the sullen woman.

It was worse when Sonja, Nadia’s twin sister would visit; Sonja would drag Buddy with her. The young man made Elizabeth very uncomfortable. He did not try to hide his stares at Elizabeth’s breasts, or crotch, or rear end. He quite often gave voice to his appraisal of Elizabeth and of Nadia. Sonja would just ignore his crass comments, would speak as if Buddy was not even in the room with them.

The worst, though, was last weekend, when Nadia discovered that the last owner of the home had left a barbeque pit in the rusty tool shed. She insisted that they have a cook-out and invited Dee, Sonja, and Buddy over, leaving the planning, preparation, and cooking and cleaning to Elizabeth.

Buddy and Dee got into a race to see who could get the drunkest the fastest and Sonja made little secret of the fact that she was using cocaine, and had possession of the magic powder, if Elizabeth wanted any.

So, instead of taking care of two toddlers and one bubbly, slightly unaware, but loving woman, Elizabeth had two fussy toddlers, one bitter drunk, one ignorant drunk, and one overbearing addict to care for. Nadia, thankfully, seemed to be self-occupied, therefore, out of Elizabeth’s hair for that miserable day.

Whenever Elizabeth would go out on a date, Nadia would be sullen and non-responsive. Nadia would also be defensive when Elizabeth would take Eddie to her father and step-mother’s for them to baby-sit when she went out on dates.

“Why you doing that, huh? I’m sitting right here. I can watch him,” Nadia would shrill.

“Because I’m afraid he’ll wind up getting hurt if I leave him alone with you; you’re so damned neglectful with your own child, I shudder to think what you’d do with mine,” Elizabeth wanted to scream at Nadia.

(The first time (and the next three times) Nadia dragged Deonia over to Elizabeth’s house, Nadia neglected to bring anything for the toddler, including diapers. Elizabeth finally told her, the next time she brought the child over, please make sure to have diapers AND bottles AND juice for the child. Or Elizabeth would send Nadia and Deonia home to fetch those items.)

“Because his grandma and grandpa want to see him,” Elizabeth would smile.

“Why the hell am I putting up with this?” Elizabeth asked herself as she started her car.

Last night’s date had been a disaster from the very start; Keith Blanchard was a bitter and dishonest man and had put absolutely no thought into their date.

He was nearly thirty nine years old, not thirty one as his on-line profile had claimed. He was twenty five minutes late meeting her at Jitters, DeGarde’s coffee shop, gave no explanation, and had made no real plans for the evening ahead.

When they were finally seated at Manny’s Mexican restaurant, Keith spent the next forty five minutes talking about his ex-wife and did not use her actual name once. He only referred to her as ‘that fucking bitch’ or ‘that gold digging cunt.’

“So, uh you want to go back to my place? I got this killer collection, you know, of erotica,” Keith smugly asked.

“You are kidding, right?” Elizabeth asked him. “Please, please, just take me back to Jitters so I can get my car and go home.”

Nadia greeted Elizabeth at the door with a hug and a kiss, then pulled her into the bathroom, filled the tub with hot water, then stripped them both and eased Elizabeth into the scented water.

“Tell me all about it,” she soothed, climbing into the tub behind Elizabeth and pulling Elizabeth back, cradling the brunette in her embrace.

Afterward, Nadia pulled Elizabeth into the bed they shared and licked and sucked Elizabeth to a mind-blowing orgasm. The normally selfish girl did not even demand that Elizabeth return the favor, just held Elizabeth in a loving embrace for much of the night.

“That’s why she’s still here,” Elizabeth said aloud as she pulled into McDonald’s parking lot.

She walked to the counter, placed her order and paid.

“Thank you,” she smiled tightly when the sullen girl just shoved the bag at her.

She found a seat, and then looked up when several people began streaming into the small restaurant.

Outside, two charter buses sat in the parking lot, one with smoke billowing out from the rear.

Soon, every table in the place was occupied.

She looked over as a scrawny young man looked around, head swiveling on a thin neck, trying to find a table.

“This seat’s available,” she pointed across from her and he looked, swallowed hard, and then gave a weak smile of thanks.

“Where in the world did all these people come from?” Oscar Coutre asked and Elizabeth pointed out the window at the large charter buses.

“Oh,” he said and pulled his sausage and egg biscuit out of the bag.

She looked at him for a moment; he seemed slightly familiar, though she was sure she had not met him before.

“This place has the best coffee, if you like you know, just regular, none of that fancy flavored over-priced coffee,” he said.

“That’s why I come here; my coffee maker’s busted and the girl at the office couldn’t make a decent cup of coffee if her life depended on it,” Elizabeth agreed, showing him the large cup in front of her.

When I was at U.S.C., they had like fifty or sixty coffee houses everywhere you went and I used to love going in there and ordering a regular coffee, just to see the look of confusion they’d get on their face, you know?” Oscar said.

“Cute,” she smirked and chewed her own chicken biscuit. “Not sure that’s the best thing to do, though, messing with people that are handling your food, you know?”

The young man was cute, with dirty blonde hair, strong square face, and a slightly crooked smile. Behind his unflattering horn rimmed glasses, his eyes were light brown, almost golden in color. She guessed his age to be about twenty one or twenty two.

“Sorry, I’m Oscar,” he offered. “Oscar Coutre.”

“Elizabeth, did you say ‘Coutre?’” Elizabeth said.

“Yeah, Oscar Coutre,” Oscar agreed, looking at her curiously.

“That’s where I’ve seen you before!” Elizabeth said, slapping the table. “Cecil Coutre was your dad, right?”

“Yeah’ he um, he died last…” Oscar said, swallowing hard.

“I know,” she said softly. “I’m Elizabeth Baggett. I got his office.”

She took a sip of the coffee.

“I um, I got his office and I had to take down all of his stuff, all those diplomas and pictures and I remember there was a couple of this kid and I just knew I’d seen you before and you’re that kid in those pictures,” Elizabeth said.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he smiled sadly.

“I still have all of them; they’re in a box in my office. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out,” Elizabeth went on. “You want them?”

“Yeah, sure,” Oscar smiled. “I’m over at the house; he left it to my step-mother but she said she just didn’t want it; it reminds her too much of my dad so she said I could have it when I graduated from U.S.C. and I just got into town last night.”

“Well, welcome home,” Elizabeth said.

“Thanks, I was planning on getting me some breakfast, go see my dad’s grave, then I don’t know,” Oscar said and finished his coffee.

“Well, stop by and get that box, okay?” Elizabeth smiled as she got to her feet.

Oscar watched the attractive woman walk away, then noticed a severely overweight girl looking around for a place to sit and waved her over.

“Thanks,” the overweight girl all but spat at him.

“Uh huh,” Oscar shrugged, finished his breakfast and left.


Melissa Kowalski smiled as the skinny red head approached the counter of the pharmacy.

“Um, I don’t know what y’all call it; I think it’s like ‘the morning after’ pill?” Kelli whispered, face glowing from embarrassment.

“That’s what it’s called,” Melissa smiled. “Got a prescription?”

“No,” Kelli admitted, face twisted in concern. “I um, you can’t just get that, you know, um, over the counter?”

“You a cop?” Melissa asked.

“No ma’am,” Kelli said, and then stood a little straighter. “I’m a teacher.”

“Oh good for you!” Melissa smiled and slid an envelope across the counter to Kelli. “That’s what my degree’s in, but decided to invest in this instead.”

“Thank you so much,” Kelli whispered as she hurriedly stuffed the envelope into her battered purse. “How much?”

“How much for what?” Melissa looked at her.

“For the um, for the…” Kelli stammered.

What? I didn’t give you anything; you must be mistaken,” Melissa looked at her.

“Thank you,” Kelli said, catching on.

“Seriously, if you’re going to be sexually active, you need to get a check-up, get yourself on the pill if your lover isn’t going to use a condom,” Melissa whispered to the girl.

“Yes ma’am,” Kelli agreed.

(Elliot and Wade did not use condoms; she hadn’t thought of it. The second time she went to their house for dinner, they lay her on the living room floor, one on either side of her, and undressed her, slowly, seductively.

If their fingers on her almost flat chest was thrilling, the feeling of their lips on her small nipples was breathtaking. Then one of them bit down on the pale pink flesh and she cried out in orgasm.

Underneath their hot sucking mouths, Kelli groaned, twisted and writhed in ecstasy.

When she felt a hand at the snap of her pants, she did not stop the hand. She heard one, then two groans of approval as her sparse red pubic hair was exposed.

“God, you are just so beautiful,” Wade murmured into her ear as he and Elliot traced their finger tips over her slick labia.

Then there was a mouth at her pussy and she screamed in orgasm. Then a cock pressed against her lips and she opened her mouth.

Kelli had never sucked a man’s cock before; she had never even seen a man’s cock before, but instinct took over and within seconds of wrapping her thin lips around Wade’s cock, Wade grunted, groaned and spewed a torrent of semen into her mouth. She swallowed rapidly, milking more of his essence from him.

“Oh Baby, sweet, sweet baby,” Wade moaned as he pulled his cock from her still sucking mouth.

She turned and took Elliot’s cock into her mouth and Wade replaced Elliot at sucking and licking on Kelli’s hot pussy.

“No, please, no, I’m still a…” Kelli gasped as she felt Wade’s cock poised at the entrance of her pussy.)

That had been seven weeks ago. But last night, she had not stopped Wade as he poised his cock at the entrance of her pussy; she had let him take her virginity. Then Elliot thrust himself into her.

If Kelli had liked oral sex, she loved vaginal sex. The best, though, was when she had Wade’s cock in her mouth and Elliot’s cock in her pussy.

Then Wade made her get on her knees. He hammered into her from behind while she sucked frantically on Elliot’s cock.

She had no idea how many times they had switched places but when she came to this morning, her panties had been stuck to her crotch with all the dried semen.

She gasped as she realized that this was a dangerous time of the month for her and dashed over to the pharmacy before going to St. Richard’s.


Marie Robichaux grimaced as she looked at the roster; four more gang members, with Judge Monroe as the presiding judge meant four more probationary rulings.

Marie had become the assistant district attorney when a former client of hers, Anita Sanchez, had called her and reported that she was being held hostage by Adam Rich, the ADA. The overweight woman was stranded by Adam at his Baylor Lake cabin, with no way to contact her family and friends, and no transportation. Then, one day, Anita happened to see a teenaged girl walking along the shore of the lake, chatting away on her cell phone.

“Please, please help me,” Anita begged.

After the investigation, and Adam’s arrest, Marie was approached by Steven Hill, the District Attorney of St. Elizabeth Parish, and offered the position.

“Do it,” Donald Pellichet, Marie’s boss, urged. “You’re made for this.”

But, stepping into Judge Monroe’s courtroom never ceased to make her doubt the wisdom of taking on this responsibility. The man’s contempt for all was quite evident and if ever she did prove him wrong, his bitterness knew no boundaries.

Carefully, she typed in the names of the four defendants and tightened her face even more; all four had prior arrests and all four were currently on probation. But she knew, no matter how much she argued the point that none of these defendants qualified for probation, Judge Monroe would find in favor of probation.

“Oh, just great,” she sighed. “Kenneth Prejean.”

Three of the four had Kenneth Prejean serving as their lawyer. The older man was a pompous horse’s ass that would sneer at her whenever Judge Monroe found in favor of his defendants. It was bad enough to lose, especially when it was apparent that she should not lose, but to have to lose to a fool was nearly intolerable.

“Going to put yourself in an early grave, worrying about that kind of stuff,” Bob Robichaux said, putting the cup of coffee down in front of her.

“I know, I know, but still…” she grumbled, and then took a sip of the coffee.

“That good?” he asked and she smiled at him.

“Thick enough to chew; yeah, it’s good. Rebecca ready for school?”

“Yeah; she’s a pain in the ass to wake up, you hear?”

“And Bobby’s ready for day care?” Marie went on.

“Uh huh; he keeps taking his sweater off, though,” Bob smiled.

“And you?” she smiled as she drained her cup and handed it back to him. “You ready for day care?”

“Working at George’s Garage is not day care,” Bob laughed.

“I know,” she said, hugging him tightly. “Proud of you.”

“Proud of you too,” he smiled and playfully rubbed her rear end.

“He’s taking it off again,” Rebecca shrilled as her parents came out of Marie’s home office.

“Oh? And you’re the sweater police?” Bob teased his daughter.

“Well no, but…” Rebecca sputtered.

“Come on, tattle tale, you finished your oatmeal?” Bob asked, picking her up.

“I hate oatmeal,” Rebecca announced.

“Uh huh, just think how it feels about you, eating it all up like that,” Bob answered.

“Oatmeal doesn’t care!” Rebecca yelled.

“Oh? How you know? You asked it?” Bob asked, putting her down so she could get her lunch bag from her mother.

“Dad’s silly, huh?” Marie smiled.

“Yes, he is,” Rebecca agreed.

“No!” Bobby demanded as his father buttoned the sweater.

“Yes,” Bob patiently said.


Emily sat, stirring her coffee. Finally, Bobbi touched her hand and Emily looked up, seeming to focus on her best friend’s face. Bobbi smiled softly.

“So, what’s on your mind?” Bobbi asked. “I mean, you hate my coffee, so I know it’s not that.”

“How could they do this?” Emily spat and burst into angry sobs.

Bobbi’s face tightened in anger as well. How, indeed, could her daughter’s husband and her daughter’s best friend do this? How could they have sex, unprotected sex with each other, with her daughter right there?

“I don’t know, but what’s done is done,” Bobbi finally said, biting off each word.

“I guess the question is, now what are we going to do about it?” Jake asked quietly from the doorway of the kitchen.

“Paulie and Barbara are our grandchildren,” he continued, taking a seat at the table. “We tell him he’s no longer welcome in our home; we might not see them brats ever again. As mad as we are at him, I don’t think we want that.”

“But how could he?” Bobbi asked.

“Don’t know, but we know he did,” Jake said after a long moment. “Now, we can either accept it, live with it, or we can get mad about it, but remember Emily, that is your grandchild. And Bill’s.”

“Oh my God, Bill would have cried himself sick over his baby girl doing this,” Emily sobbed out.

“Yeah, then he would have hugged her until she popped and told her how much he loved her,” Jake said.

“Since when are you so damned level headed?” Bobbi demanded of her husband, normally the world’s biggest cry-baby.

“No more tears left, Bobbi,” he said simply. “When those animals killed my baby girl, I lost them. Lost them all.”


Marco laughed out loud in triumph. He had stolen that dumb kid’s bicycle from outside of Early’s Grocery store (That’s the price you pay for not locking your bike up) and, racing up from behind the old woman, managed to jerk her purse out of her hand.

“Help!” the old woman screamed. “He’s got my money!”

“Maybe now, Angel will see that I am a full member of the Angels 270,” Marco thought to himself. “Not just a baby, like he calls me.”

He suddenly found himself flipping over the handlebars of the stolen bicycle as a guy jammed a stick into the spokes of the front wheel. Marco slammed onto the sidewalk face first.

“Here you are, ma’am,” Richard said as he gave the woman her purse.


“Hello?” Cindy answered her cell phone.

She was nervous; it was her mother’s number in the display. The last time they’d spoken, it had not gone well at all.

“I’m sorry,” Emily said. “I know, you’ve been in love with Paul for as long as you’ve known him. What happened is done and over with and there’s not a damned thing that can be done, except for me to love my grandbaby, right?”

“Thanks, Mom,” Cindy choked out.

“Love you,” Emily said.

They spoke for a few more moments, and then Cindy flipped the phone shut and grabbed the bar that Lynne Labbe was attempting to lift off of the cradle.

“Miss Labbe, that is far too much,” she said.

“Trying to push myself,” Lynne smiled up, looking up the leg opening of Cindy’s shorts.

“Uh huh, and last time you struggled with eighty pounds; what makes you think you can do eighty pounds today?” Cindy snapped.


Sheriff Dick Davis gently moved the ugly woman away from Marco Montoya’s limp form.

“He wasn’t wearing a helmet,” Bernadette Boudreaux sadly told the police officer. “That’s probably what did it; he wasn’t wearing any kind of protection.”

“Yes ma’am, well, it wasn’t even his bicycle,” Dick said, looking at the bike that lay next to the boy.

He looked closely, then squatted down and looked again. Some of the spoke s had been sheared off and there were bits of tree bark stuck to the fork of the bicycle.

“Somebody stuck a stick in there,” he mused out loud.

“Problem?” Dick heard a young man ask.

“Poor boy had an accident,” Bernie sadly told Richard.

“Officer?” Richard asked, handing their daughter to Bernie.”

That about sums it up,” Dick Davis agreed.

He searched the young man’s face and couldn’t help but smile slightly; the young man knew a lot more about the gang member that lay dead in front of the rental home than he was letting on. A quick look at the man’s wife showed that Bernie knew nothing about it.

“Uh huh, kid stole a bicycle, but not knowing how to ride it, had an accident,” Dick said. “Military?”

“United States Marine Corps,” Richard said, pulling himself up ramrod straight.

“Well, thank you, son, thank you for your service to our country,” Dick said and gave Richard a smart salute.

“Welcome sir; it was my duty,” Richard said.

“He got a purple heart,” Bernie said, her pride overwhelmingly evident. “And a Bronze Star and a…..

“Bernie, they give that to everyone. Cut your finger? Oh, here’s a purple heart. “Wiped your butt with the wrong hand? Oh, here’s a purple heart,” Richard downplayed his medals.

“That is not true!” Bernie exclaimed.

To Sheriff Dick Davis she said, “He’s a real hero; he was ambushed and carried a fellow Marine to the hospital, even though he was all shot up. “

From behind his wife, Richard shook his head no. Dick smiled.

“Well, hero or not, son, I appreciate what you’ve done for our country,” Dick said and turned as the ambulance came roaring up.


: Angels 270?” Ray Holloway asked, smirking as he handcuffed the surly young man. “What’s the two seven zero stand for? How many cocks you’ve sucked off?”

The young man responded in Spanish, cursing Ray and Ray’s family.

“Uh huh, Amigo, this gringo hablo Espanol,” Ray said.

“Good, then listen up,” the young man spat. “That Angels 270? We will kill you and kill your family, you disrespect the Angels 270, and you hear me?”

“Uh huh, ooh I’m scared,” Ray said and pushed the young man into the rear of the police cruiser.

“We’ll see if wee can find you cock number two seventy one,” Ray sneered as he started the police cruiser.


“Don’t forget, I got that meeting tonight; last one until after New Year’s,” Elaine told Charlie.

“Thank God,” Charlie said and playfully pinched his wife’s buttock.

“Ow!” Elaine giggled, rubbing her rear end.

“Oh, didn’t hurt!” Charlie said.

“Uh huh!” Elaine protested.

“Well, then, let me kiss it and make it feel better,” Charlie offered.

Elaine looked at her watch and smiled up at her husband.

“Okay, kids don’t come home for another hour,” she said and ran from the garage to the front door of their home.

Charlie gave chase and Elaine squealed out loud as she struggled with the door.

They didn’t make it up the stairs to their bedroom; Charlie caught her just inside and pulled her to the leather couch.

The tall, handsome blond doctor chuckled to himself; he had suspected it when he pinched his wife’s buttock and raising the hem of her long skirt revealed that she had no panties on. Raising the hem of her skirt also revealed that she was quite wet, quite ready for her husband to enter her.

He lay his wife down on the leather couch and eased himself into her. Her one good eye looked deeply into his eyes and the pretty blonde woman smiled up at him.

“You know, I love it when you’re pregnant,” he whispered to her just before kissing her.

“Oh, Charlie!” she sighed happily as he began to thrust in and out of her.


“And when we get married, we can get motorbikes and go anywhere we want to,” Tray was telling Jamie as they admired Mrs. Dumas’ motorcycle.

“Mine’s going to have a gas tank just like that,” Jamie said, admiring the paint job on the modified Harley-Davidson.

“And real long chopper bars like that,” Trey enthused.

Lucy Edwards sat on the bench and glared at her former boyfriend and that little dummy-head that stole him away from her.

“And I want to go to California,” Jamie said. “My mommy went to California and she said it was real cool out there, people doing all kind of stuff.”

“Okay,” Trey agreed.

“That’s my mom’s motorbike,” Cristopher Michael informed Trey.

“I know that,” Jamie said.

“Oh yeah? Then why you ride the bus, huh?” Trey challenged.

“‘Cause, my mom has to get here real early in the morning; bus don’t come until seven,” Cristopher Michael declared. “And then, she has to stay here until real late at night and I don’t.”

Just then, TeddiAnn called out to Cristopher Michael; Sophia was gesturing, trying to get his attention.

“Woo hoo, there’s Sophia!” Cristopher Michael crowed and ran over to see her.

“How come she’s his girlfriend? I’m cuter than he is,” Trey asked out loud, jealous of the little red headed boy.

Jamie looked at him, then shoved him hard and walked over to where Lucy Edwards sat.”

Trey LaPointe is a big old poo-poo head,” Jamie declared, sitting down next to Lucy.

“I know!” Lucy agreed.


“Ns, Baggett?” Michelle’s voice cut into Elizabeth’s reverie.

“Yes?” Elizabeth responded, trying to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

Michelle still sent the most difficult cases to Elizabeth, even after Elizabeth had talked with her about this.

“You’re depriving the other agents of learning how to assist our more challenging clients,” Elizabeth had said.

But Michelle still sent the obnoxious clients to Elizabeth’s office.

“Oscar the grouch is here,” Michelle’s voice bubbled.

“Who?” Elizabeth asked, not having a clue who Oscar the grouch was.

“Oscar Coutre; we met at breakfast,” Elizabeth heard a masculine voice cut in.

“Oh yes, yes! Okay, Grouchie, come on back,” Elizabeth smiled.

She smiled a little wider as she heard Michelle’s giggle.

“Don’t call me Oscar the Grouch,” Oscar growled at Elizabeth, blush and smile lighting his face.

“Oh, okay,” Elizabeth smiled and showed him where the box was. “So, um, what’s up?”

“Not much; went to Home Depot, trying to change out the old toilet; you know, that thing’s been running off and on for probably twenty years but Dad never did figure it out,” Oscar said.

“So, got it?” Elizabeth asked.

“No, not really; the stupid thing’s stuck,” Oscar admitted.

“If you want, I can get you hooked up with Paul; I went to school with him and he does all that stuff,” Elizabeth smiled. “My dad, he tries, then after he gives up, I call Paul and he just comes over, looks at it and it’s done.”

“Yeah, that’d be great,” Oscar smiled.

“And just about anything else you need done he can probably do,” Elizabeth said as she punched in Paul’s number.

“You um, you know him from school, huh?” Oscar asked, Adam’s apple bobbing up and down nervously.

“Yeah, St. Thomas Aquinas,” Elizabeth said and frowned and left a message on Paul’s voice mail.

“So um, I uh,” Oscar stammered and blushed.

“As soon as he calls me back,” Elizabeth stammered.

“You um, you wouldn’t want to um, you know?” Oscar stammered.

“Hey um, how about…” Elizabeth faltered.

“You ever eat at Manny’s? In Bender?” Oscar asked, staring at the open doorway rather than at Elizabeth.

“Yeah, last night,” Elizabeth scowled at the unpleasant memory of her date with Keith Blanchard.

“Oh, um, then I guess you wouldn’t want to…” Oscar said.

“”Ever eat at Bombay’s? In Kimble?” Elizabeth asked suddenly.

“No, they any good?” Oscar asked, still unable to look at Elizabeth.

“No,” Elizabeth said sarcastically. “That’s why it’s my favorite place.”

“Oh,” Oscar said, unsure what to say next.

“So, Grouchie, how about I pick you up at…” Elizabeth said.

“Don’t call me Grouchie,” Oscar said, finally making eye contact with Elizabeth.

She smiled widely and he returned her smile.”

So, Grouchie, I’m going to pick you up at how about six thirty?” Elizabeth went on.”

Okay,” Oscar agreed, smiling widely.

“One thing, though,” Elizabeth said and picked up her favorite photograph; Eddie with a face full of chocolate ice cream.

“What’s that? Other than you’re going to call me whatever you want to, whether I like it or not?” Oscar asked.

“I got a kid; that a deal breaker?” Elizabeth asked, showing him the picture of her son.

“Absolutely not,” Oscar assured her.

“Good,” Elizabeth smiled and put the picture back on her desk.

“He going to be coming with us?” Oscar asked.

“No, I kind of figured, why don’t we get to know each other first, see where we are, THEN we can see about you meeting him?” Elizabeth said.

“Ms. Baggett?” Michelle’s voice cut in.

“Yes?” Elizabeth spat, unhappy about the interruption.

“A Mr. Robichaux on line three; says he’s returning your call,” Michelle said.

Elizabeth picked up the phone, spoke a few moments to Paul, and then handed the telephone to Oscar.

Oscar spoke to Paul for a moment, then handed the telephone to Elizabeth.

“Okay, thanks,” he smiled and she returned his smile. “So, see you at six thirty, Lizzy?”

“Uh huh, don’t call me Lizzy; I hate that,” she said as he exited her office.

“Then don’t call me Oscar the Grouch,” his voice floated back to her and she giggled.

“Call you whatever I want to, buddy boy,” she giggled then logged on to a client’s file.


“Okay, on ‘Old Business’ there is the matter of the raise we discussed last month,” Judge Monroe intoned.

“That is not old business; we voted on that and it was defeated, four votes to two,” Elaine interrupted him.

“She’s right; we did vote that down,” Shelley cut in.

“Oh?” Judge Monroe said, hiding his irritation. “I could have sworn we decided to table it until this month’s meeting?”

“No sir,” Elaine said firmly. “You did try to have it tabled but we voted on it instead and it did not pass.”

“She’s right,” Ethel Yacks concurred as she scanned the minutes from the previous month’s meeting.

“I make a motion that any motions that are defeated by a majority of the vote not be allowed onto ‘New Business’ for a period of no less than six months,” Elaine said firmly. “If after six months, it is deemed necessary to bring a motion to vote again, then it can be brought up again. But at least six months must elapse between a defeat and a re-introduction.”

“I second that,” Donald agreed.

“You can’t bring up a motion until we move on to ‘New Business,’” Judge Monroe sputtered, outraged.

“I am making this motion as an addendum to your introduction of a previously defeated motion,” Elaine smugly told the red-faced man.

“And there was a second to her motion,” Donald said, delighting in Judge Monroe’s anger.

The motion won easily; even Cheryl saw no reason not to vote for the motion.

Judge Monroe did not even wish them a ‘good night’ as he hustled from the room.

“Walk me to my car,” Elaine begged Donald.

“Absolutely,” Donald agreed, giving Jesse a long glare.

Safely in his office, Judge Monroe punched in a number into his cell phone.

“Angel?” he snapped. “This is Judge Monroe. I need you to take care of something for me.


“Wow that is good stuff!” Oscar agreed as he sampled some of the vegetable Psandah.

“Love it, but ever now and then, it does have an unfortunate side effect,” Elizabeth admitted.

She leaned forward and whispered, “Gives me horrible gas if it’s um, you know, that time of the month.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when it’s my time of the month,” Oscar smirked at her.

“Oh, shut up!” Elizabeth laughed and slapped his arm.

“And here we go, Chicken Tika and you wanted the Lamb Boona,” Hashim smiled as he brought out the entrees.

“Spoon it over the rice; this place has the best rice in the world, I don’t know how they make it but…” Elizabeth coached.

“All done with the soup?” Hashim asked, noticing that Elizabeth’s plate held the rind from the lime wedge.

“Yeah, that was good,” Oscar smiled at the man.

“You don’t eat the lime?” Hashim lightly teased the customer.

“Afraid to,” Oscar admitted.


“Dad, I’m being followed,” Elaine whimpered fearfully into her cell phone.

“Where are you?” Dick asked, getting to his feet.

“Heading north on twenty seven, just passed Dead End bar,” Elaine said, glancing again into the rearview mirror.

“Okay, just keep coming north until you get to fifty two, then make like you’re going to keep going straight, then floor it and cut left,” Dick ordered as he slid behind the wheel of his cruiser.

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