small penis

Hi, my name is Tom and do I have one helluva story to tell you. I’m just an average guy in every way except one and it has been the bane of my life ever since I reached puberty and realised that my pecker just wasn’t growing. My mom took me to the Doctor and they tried a few things like giving me testosterone, but nothing worked. Look, I’m not one of those guys that moans and complains about my small dick ad nauseum like you see some guys do. I just look at it as one of life’s little obstacles to overcome.

I mean there are plenty of people worse off than me. I’m otherwise a very healthy man with decent intelligence (my IQ is 130) and while not the greatest looking guy in the world I’m certainly not the ugliest. Some my say I’m the ‘boy next door’ type. I see people in wheelchairs, or cripple, or blind, or a hundred other things and think my life isn’t so bad. So having a small dick isn’t the end of the world like some would have you believe.

However as a healthy twenty year old I do find one thing extremely frustrating and that is meeting a woman who will stick with me. You see I get dates alright because like I said I’m not a bad looking guy. Once I get a girl in bed though and we have sex well that ends the deal. I’m normal in having sex in the sense that I last a good ten minutes before cumming and I really work on my foreplay but they just don’t feel me inside them. Sometimes they laugh at my dick and wont even let me have sex with them at all.

Some even try and dominate me like they think that just because I have a small pecker that’s what I deserve. I usually tell those bitches to ‘fuck off’. I mean I’m more than my penis. I’m a human being with feelings, hopes and aspirations. I think it’s ironic that women complain that we guys objectify them yet some of them are more than happy to objectify me based on my small cock. Apparently as a holder of a small cock my role is to be the door matt of any woman. Well I’m no door matt I can tell you that.

Anyway my story begins with yet another date named Helen whom was an attractive blond, thin with medium sized breasts, brown eyes, and a nice personality. I had met her through a friend who hooked me up with her at a party and we talked and hit it off. This was our third date and so far all we had done was kiss each other good night. The date was going well and when I took her home she invited me in for a drink and I was excited that maybe tonight was the night.

We snuggled on the couch in the low light and soft music and chatted more about the movie we just seen. I put my arm around her and she snuggled in close. Helen smelt amazing and she seemed so soft and feminine that my heart melted. Eventually our lips met in a spontaneous passionate kiss, our tongues entwined as I pulled her in close to me. Her breathing was heavier and her body was like putty as we wrapped our arms around each other.

Cautiously I felt her breast and she didn’t seem to object so I slid my hand into her top and felt them squishy and firm in my hand. Her nipples were as hard as a rock. I undid her blouse slowly as I kissed her and then removed her black bra and those titties fell free. Helen had those banana shaped breasts with a large pink areola on the end. Just my favourite type of breast. I put them in my mouth, sucking and nibbling her nipples and she moaned and sighed in response.

She took my shirt off and kissed my nipples and felt my chest running her hand up and down it. Then she undid my pants and I slipped out of them leaving me in my boxers. She stood and pulled her jeans off so she was dressed in nothing but her black lacy panties. What a sight. Helen was hot. Then grabbing my hand, I was lead into her bedroom where we climbed into her bed. Our embrace was hard and frantic as we kissed and grappled like animals under the covers. Underwear came off but I don’t even remember how. Then I was on top of her and felt her with my cock. I could feel her wetness as she moaned and moved under me.

It was time to make my move.

I pushed my cock inside her warm moist vagina feeling that luxurious sensation of her womanhood surrounding my dick completely. I began to thrust in and out of her feeling the wonderful sensations when all of a sudden she asked me, “Is that it?” I looked down at her knowing immediately what she meant as I had been here before. I guess looking back I was just being naive to think that I’d find a woman who could take me for who I am, I mean the whole package not just my dick size. I really lived in hope that some woman could get past my small dick. I felt embarrassed as soon as she said asked me about it.

“What do you mean?” I asked knowing full well what she meant.

“I mean your cock… I can barely feel it. How big is it?” she said with annoyance creeping into her voice.

“It’s big enough…” I began but she burst out laughing which cut me off.

My erection was fading fast. She leaned over and turned on the light and then held up the covers looking down at me inspecting the goods. “Holy shit that’s a small one! What is it a micro penis or something?”

She pushed me off her and climbed out of bed reaching for her robe and putting it on. As she did I said somewhat aggrieved, “Ohhh come on, it’s not that small!”

She turned and looked at me and for a moment I thought I seen pity in her eyes, “Sorry Tom, you’re a nice guy I suppose but…”

“I don’t want to hear it,” I cut over her not hiding my rage. “You say I’m a nice guy well I say you’re a bitch.”

The pity vanished from her eyes and she said curtly, “Get out of my house you pindick loser or I’ll tell everyone you have nothing between your legs!”

Then she walked out of the bedroom in a huff, so I got up and put my boxers on. Then I went into the living room and dressed back into my clothes. Here I was again being dumped for having a small dick. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to be told you’re a nice guy but… I wish sometimes they’d say you’re a total prick and I hate you instead of that usual ‘nice guy’ routine which crushes me every time.

What was worse it was now well past two AM, so there was no public transport operational and the nearest taxi was in the city which meant a five kilometre walk. Plenty of distance for me to grumble and complain to myself about the bitch formerly known as Helen. She was probably on the phone to her friends now telling them all about it. That’s what usually happens which means that the ever decreasing pool of women I can date (aka the ones who don’t know about my small penis) will decrease even further.


I came across a park and remembered there was a taxi rank about two kilometres down that way. So I decided to cut through the park and hoped no muggers were about. Walking through the park I was feeling a bit apprehensive because city parks at night could be dangerous places and this place had way too many shadows for my liking. My anger about what happened with Helen kept my mind off it a bit. As I quietly walked down the pathway I thought I could hear a dog growl for a moment, so I stopped and looked around. I couldn’t see a dog anywhere.

Then I heard it again only this time louder. Fear began to well up inside me, I could hear my loud breathing and my heart thumped in my ears in loud whooshes. Great, I thought, a real hero here shitting his pants over a dog I can’t even see. Ahead of me just outside a street light I could see some bushes moving and heard the same growl again. It was definitely coming from the bushes and I wondered if the dog was chasing some animal. Maybe a cat or some wildlife?

I got closer to the bush and was just about to break into a run and sprint past it when I heard this god awful high pitched scream. My hands immediately went to my ears but the sound just continued to go on and on. It made me feel sick and dizzy. I thought my eardrums would burst. Then to my surprise a strange looking animal emerged from the bush walking on two legs like a human.

It’s appearance was hard to make out in the poor light but it would have been only three feet tall, very thick arms and legs and a big round belly. It turned and looked at me with bright red eyes and flashed what looked like very sharp teeth as it growled at me. There was something in its hand writhing as if in pain and at first I thought it was an insect or something. The thing in it’s hand glowed dimly. The screaming suddenly stopped and relieved I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone and lit up the screen. As I shone it on the animal I couldn’t believe my eye’s. It had greenish coloured skin, a squat face with two pointy ‘Mr Spock’ like ears, and it’s nose was squashed up on its face like it had been beaten there.

It snarled at me again, and if I had any sense I’d have just turned and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction. However that was always my problem, I lacked common sense, and often in the heat of the moment I would rush in ready to fight. It was another flaw in my personality I guess. People have said I have anger management issues, but the weird thing is I don’t think I’m an angry person. I don’t walk around snapping peoples heads off, or being sarcastic, grumpy, or doing nasty shit to others just for the sake of it. It’s just seems that whenever I’m confronted with a “fight or flight’ situation I always tend to fight.

So there I was running at the strange animal screaming at it like a mad man. The animal stood it’s ground for a moment but then decided it should just run. It turned and tripped dropping its prey. The creature looked back at up me and then its prey and seemed to make a decision. So it got up and just as it took its first steps to run away from the crazy human, my foot landed squarely on its rump sending it careening down the path making a horrible noise as it did. Eventually coming to rest on its back, dazed. I began to walk towards it to get a better look at it but then I heard a strange whimper from the other thing on the ground. I squatted down beside it to take a closer look but then heard another growl. I turned my head sharply to see the animal I had just kicked run off the path into the darkness of the night.

I was panting and shaking from my adrenaline rush as I watched the creature run out of sight. “What the fuck was that thing?” I said aloud to myself.

Below me I heard another squeaky moan, so I turned the flash light app on my cell phone on, and shone it on the prey of that strange animal. Laying there in what looked like blood was a tiny person who had wings. It must have been eight to ten inches tall and had it wings like a dragon fly. It was even dressed in some sort of clothing. The thing reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite put a word to it. Then it just popped into my head, “Faerie.”

That’s weird, I thought, why did I so clearly think the word Faerie and not fairy?

“You didn’t think it, I did,” came the reply in my head. The little creature stirred while I wondered if I was going insane. First some stubby little green thing that growls like a dog, a Faerie, and now I’m talking to myself. Yes that’s it I have finally gone insane, I thought.

“It was a Goblin and you’re not talking to yourself. I’m talking to you. Now hurry up and help me before it returns to finish me off,” a squeaky voice said in my head.

“It’s you… you’re talking to me… in my head aren’t you?” I said looking down at the Faerie.

“Yes, now pick me up and take me away from here before that Goblin returns,” the Faerie said sounding desperate.

I reached down and picked it up laying it in my hand. Then I stood and said, “What now? Do you want me to take you somewhere?”

“I’m too weak to go home. Take me to your home for the night so I can heal,” it said.

“I don’t know…”

“Please…” it whispered and then passed out.

I don’t know how I knew it passed out I just did. So I began to walk briskly out of the park wondering how the hell would I explain to someone about Goblins and Faeries. They were fairytale creatures not actually real. At least I thought they were. However having a Faerie in my hand presented a rather compelling counter argument to the theory. It made me wonder if this is what it feels like for a person whom is convinced that God created the universe when confronted with the overwhelming evidence of evolution. In other words a mind fuck.

I caught a taxi home and once in my apartment I laid the Faerie on a cushion and went and got a magnifying glass. I mean it’s not very often one gets to get a close up look at a Faerie is it. It’s blood was dark green from what I could tell. I measured it at ten inches tall, which was bigger than I imagined it would be. I think the Faerie was a girl as she wore a dress of sorts that sparkled a bit in the light. Her hair was blond and she also had small ‘Mr Spock’ like ears. In some ways she reminded me of ‘Tinker Bell’ from Disney.

I got some cotton wool and washed the blood from her as best I could. That’s all I could do for her as I didn’t know Faerie first aid or thought the Hospital probably wouldn’t know Faerie anatomy too well either. So all I could so was wait and see what happened. Hopefully she would awake and tell me how to get her back to her people as they’d know how to fix her for sure.

After a big yawn I curled up on the couch and fell asleep.


I immediately began to dream and found myself in a field filled with bright yellow and white flowers that grew up to my waist. The sun was balmy and warm and slight breeze blew across me. I don’t know why but I felt happy in this place and as I emerged into a clearing I looked down to see I wasn’t wearing anything below my waist. I didn’t feel embarrassed by this like in those dreams where you find yourself nude at school or at the office. No it felt natural. My soft penis barely a nub. I heard something buzz behind me like an insect and turned as if to swat it but found it was a Faerie.

No it was the Faerie the one I had rescued in the park.

She darted around like one of those dragon flies do on a lake amongst the reeds. It laughed as she buzzed me. I felt something touch my cock and looked down and it was another Faerie. She was holding the head of my cock and kissing it and licking it. Her hands rubbing my shaft making me grow hard. Then another female Faerie was there helping out. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure grow inside me and knees go weak with lust. My cock was now at full mast all proud three and a half inches. Precum was being licked up and swallowed by the Faeries.

Then to my surprise one the Faeries positioned herself with her legs over the head of my cock. There was no way I was going to fit inside her Faerie pussy but just as I thought that, my dick suddenly shrunk to be about an inch long hard and quite thin. The Faerie pushed herself on my cock and I felt my cock enter her moist pussy. It ground itself up and down on my cock and to be honest I had never felt such a tight pussy in my life. Is this what men with bigger dicks feel. The other Faerie was licking her friends pussy where my cock entered and I began to thrust into her as well. The feeling just built up inside me and I suddenly came so hard that my spurting cum blew the Faerie clean off me. More Faeries followed her and began to wipe any stray cum off her and shove it inside their own vaginas. They were even wiping it off my cock and doing the same. It was weird, why would they do that?

Then there was a loud crack of thunder and the field changed instantly into night-time a scene of devastation. Bodies of men and beast lay everywhere fallen in some horrible battle, and in the distant on old man stood silhouetted on hill with the moon behind him. I was familiar with this part of the dream as I have had it all my life. Finding myself now dressed in some kind of battle armour I felt great dread as I watched this old man. He was speaking but I couldn’t make what he was saying and lightning and thunder cracked as he waved his hands in the air. A terrible wind suddenly blew across the scene knocking me off my feet. I closed my eyes and cowered in fear. Then it all stopped. Minus the Faerie part this is where my recurring nightmare always ended and I woke up. However tonight was different.

Opening my eyes I found myself in a cave and another of those Goblin creatures was standing in front of me grinning wickedly. It was doing something I couldn’t make out at first. Then it occurred to me it was jerking off a rather impressive cock considering it was only three feet tall. It looked a good six inches and for a squat little guy that seemed big. It was shaped exactly like a human cock only it was green like the rest of the goblin. Something pushed me down and I heard laughter behind me. They were speaking to each other in some language I couldn’t understand. It sounded like pigs. My head was thrust over the goblins cock and it entered my mouth tasting so foul it nearly made me sick. However I found myself sucking this creature off while other goblins I assumed fingered my ass.

Then the goblin blew a load in my mouth which tasted so foul I nearly threw up there and then. However they weren’t done with me as I felt a goblin cock pushing against my anus. Then it pushed in hard penetrating me and I screamed, “Nooooooooooooo!”

I woke up in a cold sweat.


I sat up thinking, what the fuck was that? I looked over at the cushion I had left the Faerie on to find it empty. I looked at the clock and it read eleven AM. Maybe it was all a dream after all? Some kind of post-traumatic hallucination after what happened with Helen. I was relieved really because if Faeries and Goblins were real then I’d have to face the possibility that other shit was real like Trolls, Gnomes, and maybe even ‘big foot’.

“Big foot isn’t real,” a squeaky voice said in my head sounding amused.

I spun around looking for the Faerie when I spotted it sitting cross legged on the TV watching me. My heart sank immediately. “Do you always listen to peoples heads?” I asked it feeling somewhat abashed.

It giggled, “No, but yours is such an amusing head. My name’s Abella and I thank you for saving my life.”

I sat up and looked at her worried. “Are you OK? I mean you looked really hurt last night.”

“I had some healing balm on me which has made me well. I just needed a safe place to recover while it worked, and I thank you for that,” she bowed to him.

“You’re not talking… I mean you’re like telepathic or something?” I said to Abella.

She nodded, “You would not understand my spoken language. I’m told it sounds like birdsong to you. This way you hear my words in your language. However your thoughts are strange to me I have to say.”

“You’d have strange thoughts too if you’d rescued a Faerie named Abella from a Goblin. Hey what was that Goblin trying to do to you?”

Abella looked sad, “They eat us. Horrible things are Goblins. Trolls too. Gnomes are harmless unless you cross them, then they get nasty. Elves are snooty and think they are the wisest and most beautiful beings in the nether realm.” She screwed up her face and spat air to show her dislike of Elves. I took a deep breath and fell back into the couch. Elves, Goblins, Trolls and Gnomes? It has to be insanity surely. She giggled again, “Why wont you believe your own eyes? You’re silly.”

“But you don’t exist you’re… in fairytales and books for kids. Not real life things, so if I can see you then I must be insane,” I argued hoping I was right.

She suddenly took off and flew over me, hovering in the air above me. The breeze from her wings, which flapped so quick were barely a blur, brushed my face. “Humans don’t see us generally,” she said in my head. “You must be a Seer or something?.”

“But why haven’t I seen you until last night?” I asked feeling her answer was not what I was hoping for.

“I don’t know. I’d have to ask an elder Faerie who is far wiser in our lore than me,” she informed me.

“Then why don’t you?”

“I cannot leave until nightfall. Goblins maybe watching your nest now. In darkness I can leave unnoticed.”

My hand slapped my forehead as the vision of being raped by goblins from my dream flashed across my mind. Oh great, I complained to myself, Goblins casing the joint what’s next?

“What strange visions fill your head?” Abella asked me.

“Oh? I dreamt it last night. Goblins were having sex with me. It was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had,” I said feeling my head ache. Her small eyes bulged for a moment and then she flew off and sat on the TV again looking distracted. “What? What is it?” I said sitting up feeling like I missed something important.

“Nothing,” was all she said.

“Hey don’t lie to me. I always know when girls lie to me. So spill it.” I demanded.

“Spill what?” Abella said looking around for something to spill.

“Tell me what’s going on here? Spill the beans. Talk to me. Explain yourself,” I tried.

She thought for a moment but looked pained, “Some humans are born with the sight; that is the ability to see the races of the nether world, and some acquire the sight through the practice of magik craft. Then there is another… one that I’m forbidden to talk about as his presence reminds us of our greatest shame.”

“Shame? I don’t understand?”

“I’m forbidden to talk about it!” she said angrily and looked away from me making me feel nervous.

I watched her wondering what I should do and then said, “Maybe there’s a way you can test me to see which I am?” She looked at me again with a look of horror. Please…” I begged, “I don’t want to be the one that you’re forbidden to talk about.”

Her face softened in pity and I was half expecting her to say, ‘You’re a nice guy Tom but’. She sighed deeply and said, “There is something I can do that might tell me why you have the sight.”

“What do I need to do?” I asked.

“Show me your genitals,” she said.

I laughed, “In my experience that always leads to disappointment, I’m afraid.”

“Oh why?” Abella seemed really curious.

I was about to answer her and thought better of it. I stood and undid my pants and pulled them down and then I sat again spreading my legs. “OK, have at it,” I gestured to my little cock.

She flew over and landed on the bit of couch poking out in front of my dick. She was looking at my dick with a curious look on her face. This is how all my dates end up eventually, I thought ironically. First the inspection followed by the humiliation, and lastly by rejection. Hey if I’m lucky she’ll even measure it for a good laugh, I thought sadly. Then she burst into a bright light which filled me warmth and comfort like in my dream when I was in that field. I felt her hands on my penis rubbing the head and shaft and the sensations that rippled through me were amazing.

Her mouth was licking the head of my cock and when it achieved full hardness she wrapped her body around it like a stripper would a pole. Abella moved and gyrated all over my cock shining brightly white and feeling almost hot to touch. Then it happened. My cock shrunk to less than inch hard and very thin. If I had time I might have screamed, I might have panicked. I mean I just watched my cock shrink to the smallest dick in the world by a country mile, and then some. Smaller than that guy on the internet I had seen known as small_dik and he was tiny.

However lust had gripped Abella, and before I could do anything her pussy wrapped itself around my cock. She was tight, I mean I felt like I was going to split her open. But my cock was so tiny? It was so confusing what I was seeing visually and what I was feeling. “Ohhhhhh your guuta is sooooo big!” Abella moaned in her squeaky high voice. She was riding my dick hard and I felt every sensation just as if my cock was normal size. No maybe even a larger size.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes as Abella pumped my cock with her pussy faster and faster. Then I felt my balls tighten and knew it wouldn’t be long. “Ohhh Abella that’s amazing,” I moaned.

“Fuck me. Tom,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard!”

I reached down and grabbed her around the body and literally began thrusting her up and down my cock like she was a fleshlight. The poor little thing just moaned as I rammed my cock inside her. I became lost in the growing sensations as my mind hazed over not realising the force by which I was fucking this Faerie fleshlight. I did feel her pussy clamp on me a few times but I kept going as I built to the peak of a huge orgasm.

She shrieked in a similar loud voice I heard last night but it didn’t pierce me like before. It seemed pleasant and my spirits rose to the heights of it and then I came blowing my load into her Faerie pussy. My body had a brief spasm as cum gushed inside her small pussy I held her there in place to take it all. She was limp like a rag doll in hand. I moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhh God! Fuck yeahhhhh!”

Then just as the volcano erupted, and for that one brief moment I felt the ecstasy of orgasm, it all shut down again and my body went limp. She fell out of my hand as my grip loosened and hit the floor with a soft thump. I opened my eyes looking down at her. “Err sorry…” I started to say for being so rude as to drop her but she was passed out. I could see her little Faerie cunt gaping wide and leaking cum. My cum.

My cock tingled briefly and I looked down to see it back to it’s usual size. I smiled as I thought, I’m a big dick Faerie fucker but small dick human fucker. Life is weird.

I fell asleep satiated maybe for the first time ever in my life.


I awoke again several hours later in the afternoon to find my pants still down around my ankles and my nub of cock shrivelled up. I pulled them up and stood doing them up and then began looking around for Abella. “Abella?” I called. Then I saw her laying on the cushion asleep. I nudged her and she woke up looking up at me with a slight smile.

“Did I pass your test?” I asked her hopefully.

Her smile vanished, “Yes, you’re the one…you’re… the Itteelum.”

It meant nothing to me to be honest but the grave way in which she announced it just made me feel nervous again. “Itteelum? I don’t understand,” I said.

The look on her face reminded me of the Doctor all those years ago telling my mother my dick wouldn’t grow. It had a kind of seriousness that made you listen intently. “A long time ago a great human warrior was cursed along with several races of the nether world, including us Faeries. The man who carries the curse we call ‘the Itteelum’ and only his seed can make Faeries with child. While some creatures of the nether realm have to be spawned by the Itteelum himself, as an awful punishment for the crime of his forebear. It’s been this way for a long time now,” she finished with another sigh.

“So the Itteelum is the only person who can get you Faeries pregnant?” I asked feeling that things had just got alarming.

She nodded, “Along with Gnomes and Brownies. Your seed is required for us to have children. Itteelum is a Fae word, it means ‘seed carrier’.”

I have to admit despite her grave seriousness I found myself stifling a laugh. It sounded preposterous! A single human man is the only one who can get these creature up the duff? I suppressed my smile asking, “So what about this spawning thing what’s that all about?”

“Oh…(she blushed as if talking about something taboo which I guess to her it was)… it is an awful punishment for you to bear for something an ancestor did. It is also a punishment for… them,” She shivered as she said them.


“Trolls and Goblins (she looked up at me with fear)… their races barely survive because they can only breed by planting their seed in the Itteelum,” she shivered again at how disgusting she thought it was.

“So that’s like female Itteelums, right?” I asked knowing I didn’t want to really hear the answer.

She shook her head which made my heart sink, “No, the Itteelum is always a human male.”

“But men can’t give birth?” I said shocked.

“It’s not like how females give birth. They plant their seed in your mouth or sometimes your err bottom… and after a time when you pass your waste it will be full of spawn,” she explained. “This spawn grows into the whichever race planted their seed inside you.”

Then I remembered the dream I had about the Goblins raping me. My heart sank, “Shit!” Sure fucking Faeries might be cool but getting my fudge packed by a Goblin or a Troll for that matter sounded horrible. Not to mention shitting out the spawn afterwards. No this was not the career choice any respectable young man would follow. The time had come when I seriously needed a strong drink.

As I poured scotch into a glass I noticed my cell phone indicating I had some messages on my voicebox. I hit the button and listened.

The first was from Helen. “Helen started, “Hey baby dick, you not answering the phone? Wassa madder baby dick? Bad ol Helen hurt your widdle feelings?” She then laughed.

Then her friend Amy chipped in for good measure on the same message, “Hey Tom, Helen told me about your ‘little’ problem. Come over I want to see it for myself. I just can’t believe your dick could be as small as Helen…” mercifully the message cut off. More bitches who think that just because I have a small dick I’m supposed to obey their every whim and command and be grateful for it. They can get fucked.

Abella looked at me like she really didn’t understand why the girls were being so mean to me and why I looked chagrined by what they said. I decided not explain it to her. After all for a faerie I’m hung like a horse apparently, or should I say a Unicorn. I was about to ask Abella if Unicorns existed too when the next message began to play, and something about it grabbed my attention immediately. It started rather curiously with loud static mixed with what sounded like heavy breathing. I had this awful feeling of dread that almost made my chest hurt, and when I looked at Abella I could see she was having the same reaction. Then finally we heard a rather unnaturally deep gravely voice say, “Itteelum mine!”

The message ended.

With eyes bulging I said to Abella, “What the hell was that?”

Abella’s first response was to sniff the air which seemed odd to me and then she went pale. She flew up into the air and was heading for the nearest window. As she passed me she yelled, “Trolls!” Then she was gone right through my closed window without breaking it. That’s right she passed right through it like it was air. I sat down on the couch with my scotch wondering how the hell Trolls could call me on my phone. I went to replay the message but strangely it wasn’t there. Helens spiteful message was, but the troll one was gone. Like it never existed.

What am I supposed to do now, I wondered?


I was back at work and everyone was acting weirdly around me. Sniggering and whispering around me and making me feel like crap. Helen must have really put the word out and I wasn’t surprised as I worked with one of her ex-boyfriends. However I never thought Todd would be that callous and gossip about me to my co-workers behind my back. I guess you never can tell what some people are like. There was a message on my desk to see the boss immediately and I wondered what that was about too which only added to the stress I was feeling.

So I went to his office and he called me in telling me to close the door and sit. Mr Mitchell was a middle aged man, a bit chubby and bald on the top and front of his head so he had greyish hair going around from his ears to the back. He sat back and looked at me in a most disturbing manner that I felt my stomach begin to churn. Was I going to get fired?

“Hi Tom, how are you?” he asked.

I shrugged, “OK I guess.”

“Look Tom I’ll get straight to the point. Rumours have been flying thick and fast around here that you have a tiny cock,” he said looking over his black rimmed reading glasses.

I felt myself go bright red, “I… I don’t think my… my penis is anyone’s business but my own. I… I… hardly think it has a baring on my ability to do my job.” I was floored by what he said, it was personal and private and none of his business.

Mr Mitchell smiled and raised his hand in a gesture of platitude, “Take it easy, son. I’m not saying it will effect your work here. I just wanted to tell you that you have my support on the matter.”

“Support?” I was confused. If he supported me then he’d say nothing about it and save me feeling so embarrassed.

“Son, I have a small dick too,” he announced with a weird sense of pride.

“You… what?” I was speechless.

He sat back and laughed knowing I hadn’t expected that in a million years, “Yeah I have a small dick. Four inches when hard.”

“Sir, I… I really don’t want to know,” I said feeling sick.

“Look Tom, I want you to see that having a small pecker is not the end of the world right?… (I numbly nodded yes) … I have a happy wife and three great kids and I’m a successful businessman and community leader to boot. In fact there are many men out…there (he waved his hand as he said it)… who also have small dicks as well. You’re not alone,” he finished with a puff of his chest like he just told me something that I didn’t know.

I swallowed, blinking wildly, fighting the urge to run from this most awkward situation. However Mr Mitchell wasn’t finished with his small penis pep talk it seems. He stood and walked out from behind his desk and stood beside me saying, “I think the best way to overcome a fear is confront it head on, right?”

“I suppose,” I said wishing the floor would open up and swallow me.

Then to my horror he undid his pants and dropped them to the floor with his underpants so I was left looking at his small cock. My eye’s bulged and my mouth hung open in a silent scream. His cock was small like he said. There was some fat around his cock but not too much so a soft cock hung there probably about an inch and a half long. He showed more soft cock than me that’s for sure.

He looked down at me smiling like he was showing off his new car. “See it’s just a cock after all. It still does the job eh?” he said with no small amount of smugness. I went to yell at him to put it away but the words wouldn’t come out for some reason. I tried to get up so I could leave but my body just stayed there no matter how much I tried. “Come on why don’t you try it…you’ll like it,” he said pushing it into my face.

I could smell his cologne now so sickly sweet and to my horror he slid it inside my mouth and I started sucking it. ‘STOP’ my brain shouted but my body had it’s own will and I was powerless to stop it. His penis grew hard in my mouth as he slid the now four inch member in and out, fucking my mouth. His voice changed too and became deeper as he said, “Mmmmmmm, I have waited a long time for this.”

I looked up at him and his eyes had become very harsh, they almost glowed a redness as he looked down on me. His hips moved quicker and his hands (which seemed unbelievably big and dirty all of a sudden) grasped my head and held me while his cock raped my mouth. Then he groaned in what sounded like a low vibrating growl and shot his foul tasting load inside my mouth. My body still disobeying my brain swallowed every last drop.

Mr Mitchell stepped back and pulled up his pants looking at me like I was a naughty child. His face seemed somehow unholy or unnatural now and I found myself feeling afraid. “When the time comes you will know what to do,” he said in the deep awful voice.

Then I woke up.

I was sitting on my couch with an empty glass in my hand, the clock on the wall read eleven PM. I looked around stunned I had another weird dream like that. Let me get one thing straight here I’m not gay or bi, I don’t have any aspirations to have sex with men or look at their dicks. So why did I dream that? Then I gasped and dropped the glass from my hand. You see it was then I realised my front door was open. The door I locked with a deadbolt only several hours earlier. I sat there thinking about the dream, about how Mr Mitchell changed during the dream. Could it have been…

“A troll,” a voice said in my head.

I sat up and looked around to see another Faerie sitting on my TV. It wasn’t Abella. “You mean a troll just jizzed in my mouth?” I said more as a statement than a question.

“Trolls are ugly things so they know you’d never willingly take their seed. So they use your dreams to trick you,” the Faerie said pragmatically.

“Where’s Abella?” I asked sitting up and looking around

“I was going to ask you the same thing. She has been missing and we tracked her to here. Do you know what happened to her?” the Faerie asked.

“She left in a hurry after I got the phone message from the troll,” I said standing to pour myself another drink.

She was silent for a moment and my head began to hurt which I knew meant she was looking at my memories. Then she said, “That message was not for you. It was for her. A warning. I see she left and is probably home now. I’m sorry for troubling you I will leave,” She had that same serious look on her face Abella did earlier.

“Wait! Can you explain to me a bit more about this spawning thing, you know… since I’ve just consumed copious amounts of Troll jism,” I pleaded. I had these images in my head of baby trolls coming out my anus. Not a pretty site.

“I don’t like talking about troll business. Yet… I know you’re unfamiliar with the ways of our realm, so this time I will speak of it. The Itteelum will pass the spawn into the Troll birthing grounds which is essentially a large swamp. The spawn are like… (she was searching my mind for a common frame of reference and my head hurt a bit because of it) what you call tadpoles only smaller than frog tadpoles. These will grow in the swamp to eventually become trolls.”

“Mr Mitch… err the troll said I will know what to do when the time is right. What did it mean?” I asked sitting with a fresh glass of scotch in my hand.

She scratched her cute little head and said, “I think it means when the time has come for you to spawn you will instinctively know what is required of you. It’s troll business and I’m no expert in troll business.”

“How long have I got until I spawn these things?”

“About a week.”

I felt sick. I mean in a week I will have little baby troll tadpoles wriggling around in my body and then I shit them out into a swamp. Jesus did I just think that? This isn’t exactly the circle of life I had always imagined. I thought for a moment gulping down my scotch like lolly water. I looked into the empty glass realising I really needed another drink but the Faerie was watching me so I asked, “Is it like this for Goblins too?”

“Pretty much,” she said with a hint of pity. “If it’s any consolation at least while you carry the trolls spawn no other race will touch you, and for a period after. So I’d say you have about three weeks before any other races in the nether world comes looking for you.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “Gee… three weeks reprieve… how lucky am I?”

“Three weeks give or take,” she said not registering my sarcasm.

“Is there anyone in the nether realm I could at least talk too. I mean who can tell me how to handle this situation?” I asked feeling desperate.

The faerie perked up all of a sudden saying, “I may know someone who would be prepared to speak with you.”

“Good, can you ask them if they’ll meet me?” I asked as let’s face it I need all the help I can get. The Faerie was suddenly in the air flying and headed for a window that fronted the street and flew out right through the glass again like it was air. I watched feeling stunned. If locks and closed windows or doors wont keep these creatures out, and they can attack me in my dreams, then I’m in serious trouble. I closed my front door and locked it again but I didn’t feel safe. My own home was no longer a sanctuary. I needed another drink.

Married for many years, our sex together had been infrequent at best. We always went through the same routine. She sucked me for a minute or so, I ate her to her 1st orgasm. I would then mount her and she would close her legs, unlike the typical spread of acceptance we see in porn movies. I just figured it felt better for her. It’s only now putting her legs together was all about me. I would service her until she orgasmed and I was able to cum. What I never knew was that most of the time when I fucked her, she was faking her orgasm for my ego.

After one of our infrequent couplings in the dark, she reached up and turned on the light. “I have to talk to you about something, but I want you to eat me to orgasm. I didn’t cum.”

I had never tasted her with my own semen inside, but I didn’t want her left unsatisfied. I put my face between her legs and began sucking her clit.

“No,” she said, “I want you to put your mouth over my pussy and stick your tongue in as deep as you can. I’m going to push your semen into your mouth.”

She had never before hinted at any desire to try anything like this. But wanting her pleasured, I did as she directed. I pushed my tongue as far as it would go inside her and felt her vaginal muscles pushing back, contracting around my tongue. I was treated to a meal of my own seed.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking, her back arched. She frantically grabbed my ears and pushed my face hard against her until her own orgasm subsided. Once she was done, she released my ears and pushed against the top of my head.

She propped up on her elbows, drew up her knees and spread her legs. “I want you to notice that although you first fucked me, then ate me deeply, my pussy is still as tight as ever.”

I looked down and sure enough, she was right. I had made no impression on her – nothing was stretched out of place in the least.

She looked me in the eye and said, “You are a very talented cuntlicker. But that tiny cock just doesn’t get it. It never did and as I grow older, I realize something has to change.”

“Bill, I love you and am very happy with our life together. But I have to have more sexually and you have to accept that. I will be bringing a man home tomorrow from work. I’ve been giving him blowjobs when we could find a private minute here and there. But we have no place to fuck other than here. And I am tired of keeping this from you. So – you can leave before we get here and I’ll let you know when we come back or you can stay. But if you stay, I want you to watch. I’d prefer you stay. That way, there’s no secrets about what I’m doing from now on.”

It was like my entire body went numb. I just looked at her, not saying anything, not moving. The reaction that I couldn’t believe was that my tiny, unsatisfying penis was as hard as it had ever been. What was that about?

Brenda saw my pants start to tent with its little pole as well.

“Whoa, I didn’t expect that! You getting hot at the thought of me getting laid by a real man? Oh baby, that’s just perfect. Tell you what; I want you to strip right here and masturbate while I watch. I figure that will be a down payment on what you’ll get to watch tonight.”

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and pulled the string on my pants, feeling them fall around my ankles. I stepped out of them still not really feeling anything. I was following orders.

Naked, I began running my penis between my thumb and forefinger. It was all I’d ever needed to jerk off. I felt my balls jiggle beneath my hard cock as I pinched it, working toward a quick cum.

Brenda stood with her hands on her hips and smirked. “Is it any wonder I’ve never cum with you inside me. What a pathetic little pee pee. I think you never really developed a real man’s sex organs. You still have a set of little boy’s genitals.”

I couldn’t disagree. My penis and scrotum were still about the same size as they had been in my pre-teen years. I was nearly 16 before I had grown any pubic hair. Most of my teen years were a misery when it came time to be naked in front of the other boys in the shower. While they strutted around with hairy cocks swinging back and forth, my tiny penis jiggled a bit as it stood stood straight out, not drooping a bit like the “bigger boys’” meaty cocks.

I had had only one sexual encounter before getting married. It was a complete disaster. I didn’t even penetrate the poor girl who had was going to give me a tumble. I just ejaculated on her panties. She stared at me with a combination of disgust and disbelief. When she realized I was spent, she quickly pulled off the soiled pants, pulled her skirt back down to cover herself and told me to take her home. She rolled down the car window and pitched the panties out into the ditch. Later as we pulled up to her home, she quickly got out without even saying good night, slammed the door and never looked back.

It was little different with my wife. My only saving grace with her is that I could eat her to multiple orgasms. If I gave her head first, I would cum as I licked, my semen wasted either on the bed or down my leg. I could never recover before my wife came on my face and lost interest in having me enter her.

I felt my ejaculation beginning. Brenda could see my balls begin to rise against my body. “Let’s not waste that. Put your hand out and catch it.”

As I began to cum, I did what I was told. I cupped my left hand so that my semen would shoot into it. I orgasmed less than a minute after I had started masturbating, giving one good shot followed by a couple of dribbling spurts.

Brenda said, “I think it would be a good idea for you to become familiar with the taste of semen. There’s not much there, but it’s a start. Go on, lick it up.”

I raised my left hand to my mouth and began to lick my seed from my hand. I didn’t feel like telling her it wasn’t the first time. I had many times scooped my cum from my belly before marriage and sucked it into my mouth.

As my penis began to retreat into to its one inch long soft state, the doorbell rang.

“Stay right here, just like you are.”

I began to turn beet red, but didn’t disobey. It had been years, but I’d been verbally abused by some pretty vicious males in the past. Brenda opened the door and there stood my exact opposite.

The man was tall, muscular and tanned. He took Brenda by the arms and lifted her to her stand on her toes. As their lips met, his tongue darted into Brenda’s mouth. They continued to kiss passionately for what seemed like minutes while standing in the doorway, visible to any passerby. As Brenda’s breathing got faster and deeper, her hand slid inside his pants. I could see the outline of his penis begin to grow – it began to make a tent that protruded into the pant leg of his slacks.

As Brenda slowly pulled her hand out of his pants, she grabbed his belt and pulled him into the house. She closed the door and immediately began unbuckling his belt. Once undone, she unsnapped and unzipped the fly. The fell to the ground, much like my pants had done earlier. But what was hidden there was quite a sight.

What I didn’t realize was that I’d forgotten about being completely naked in front of a man kissing my wife inside my house. I had entered that numb feeling once again that accompanied an erection that while was close to a Chap Stick in size, was as hard as it had ever been.

The man’s penis however, was the largest I’d ever seen. That included all the porno I’d ever seen. As my wife stroked it, the width and length continued to grow. When fully erect, he had to be nearly a foot long and as big around as the handle of a baseball bat. My wife took hold with both hands. She could barely reach around the whole thing, plus there was room for a third hand as she stroked him up and down like she was churning butter. But then she abruptly stopped. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and ripped it over his head, leaving him the second naked male in the house.

“Come here, I want you to meet someone.” My fully dressed wife began leading him by his penis, bringing him closer.

“Matt, this is Kenny, my husband. I wanted you both to see and understand why Matt is here. Kenny’s pee pee is not made for satisfying anyone over the age of ten. Kenny, I’m going to let Matt fuck me. I can’t wait to feel this monster shoved in my pussy. Matt, Kenny is going to watch us and after you cum, he’s going to suck out what you leave me, wherever you leave it.”

Matt looked me in the eye, then his eyes dropped to my crotch. He smirked and took hold of his manhood. He stroked it, holding it up toward my face. I thought for a minute he planned to shoot into my face to save depositing his load into my wife.

My wife laughed and said, “Come on you two. I want to get fucked, NOW”

She turned and ran toward our bedroom. Matt followed her at a quick pace, his meaty penis swaying back and forth as he strode after her. I could see his balls between his legs. I had to admit watching him walk away was a great scene as he had a tight, smooth ass. What I didn’t realize is how closely I’d get to inspect both those body parts.

As I entered our bedroom, Matt was stripping my wife with great vigor. She was smiling broadly moving to be sure he had the best angle to allow him to remove her clothes quickly. Once naked, she laid back on our bed and looked at me.

“C’mere pussylicker. Eat me and make me ready to be fucked by a man for the first time.”

I again blushed, but moved closer, dropped to my knees and put my face between her legs. I pushed my tongue deep inside her as Matt stood close beside me, slowly stroking his meat club, keeping it long and hard.

It probably took less than a minute for my wife to violently arch her back, stiffening her entire body in her first orgasm of the night. Once the first wave passed, she put her hand on top of my head and shoved me away. Matt stepped between us by stepping over my thighs, which were still close to the edge of the bed. His scrotum and asshole were close enough for me to lean forward and lick them. I started to scramble backward when my wife’s head popped up from the bed.

“Matt, I want Kenny to put you inside me for the first time. Would that be OK with you?”

Matt finally said his first words of the night. “OK, but he better hurry up. I’m horny, babe.”

“Kenny, get over here and guide Matt’s cock into my pussy. Then I’ll know you’re ready to completely accept the reality of our new arrangement.”

I moved up beside Matt and slowly reached out and slid my hand around his long, hard cock. It was the first penis I’d ever touched besides my own. It was much heavier than I expected. His skin was far softer. I moved my hand up just behind the large glans and gently tugged him toward my wife’s anxiously waiting opening. As he followed my guidance, the head of his penis pushed the lips of Brenda’s pussy apart and slowly disappeared into the place I had always thought would be forever reserved for me.

As the shaft followed the head, I let go and stepped back, watching him slowly impale my wife on his manhood. She was making a low growl as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to spread her legs further apart to allow Matt to push deeper inside her.

Suddenly she realized I was still kneeling on the bed. “You get to watch, but from a distance. Go stand against the wall. And don’t touch your pee pee, little boy.”

I stumbled backward until my bare butt came in contact with the chilly paint on the wall. But I could not take my eyes off the scene before me. I was watching my wife being serviced by another man, a man I’d never met, but the only man whose penis I’d held other than my own.

Matt’s pace began to pick up his pace as my wife’s vagina began to stretch open for the first time in her life. The look on her face was something I’d never seen. She was completely consumed by the sexual experience. My guess was that I could have turned green and flown away at that moment and she would have never known it. All she recognized at this point was the orgasm she was having and the penis filling her vagina that was causing it.

Matt continued pounding in and out of my wife, resulting in still more orgasms for her while his scrotum slapped against her ass each time he penetrated the entire length of his cock into her. But then I saw his balls start to rise toward his body. He squeezed his eyes closed and threw his head back, grunting like a rutting animal. As he came, he shot more semen into her than her vagina could hold. It oozed out around his penis as he continue to ejaculate.

I had obeyed my wife and refrained from touching my penis. That didn’t stop it from being intensely hard throughout the entire fucking. And how I found that as Matt came, so did I. Of course, my load was tiny compared to his, just like my penis.

Matt lay down directly on top of my wife, spent. She curled her legs around his ass and her arms around his neck, cuddling him in their after-sex glow. She looked over at me with my half-hard little pee pee and told me to come to the edge of the bed. Matt never looked up.

Brenda continued to stroke his neck tenderly. She looked directly into my eyes and said, “I love you madly, but I will never fuck you again. Your pee pee will never enter my body again as long as I live. It would be pointless.”

I looked down at her, embracing the man who had for the first time in her life, satisfied her deeply and completely. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to weep. I was crying for my loss, knowing my days of sex with the love of my life were over. I also cried to know my love was so satisfied.

Matt recovered enough to slide his softened cock out of my wife. It was slick with the semen he had deposited into the woman who until this moment had pledged fidelity only to me. Matt rolled off and lay beside my wife.

“Ok little boy, I told you to get used to the taste of semen. Get your face between my legs and clean me up.”

Brenda grabbed her knees and pulled up to expose her pussy for me. She smiled and said, “Start with my ass and work up.”

The excess semen had flowed from the bottom of her pussy and was slowly moving down the crack of her ass, over her asshole. I took the tip of my tongue and began flicking at Matt’s seed, tasting it to see if I could stomach it.

“Don’t be shy, Little Boy. Stick your tongue in deep and get it all.”

I could see her flex her anus, gradually loosening it to allow my tongue to penetrate it. I took a deep breath and pushed my tongue deeply into her rectum, reaming the center of the brown rosebud, tasting Matt’s semen, Brenda’s pussy juice and her ass mixed together.

Once clean, I started to lick the space between ass and pussy. I finally made my way to Brenda’s gaping pussy, and began licking the deposit that still remained inside her. My face shown with the juices covering my chin and cheeks.

Eventually, I had sucked and licked all the male and female juices that remained. In the process, my efforts had caused my wife to cum twice more.

I leaned back, still on my knees. Brenda let go of her knees and pushed herself up the bed and lay there naked, enjoying her best sex ever. She lifted her head and looked at Matt.

“Matt, your cock is still slimy. Do you want my Little Boy to suck it clean. Do you do that?”

Matt looked at me and smiled. “I never have, but it might be interesting. Come here little boy and clean my cock.”

I looked at Brenda with what had to be a look of panic. I had never touched another man’s penis, much less sucked it. But there is was again; my pee pee (even I thought of it like this now) was getting hard at the thought.

Brenda saw it, too. “Little Boy, are you hot to suck a man? Your pee pee is giving you away. I never knew you wanted a man. Well, here’s your chance. Clean him up.”

I looked at Matt. He slowly stood and put his hands on his hips. His shiny cock hung in front of his balls, waiting for my attention. Still on my knees, I turned to find his cock was only an inch from my face. I opened my mouth, bent down a little and let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. I was still soft, but quickly began to grow longer and hard. I sucked on the head hard, sliding my tongue around and around to get all the juices off. Once clean, I popped the head out of my mouth and began licking the shaft like licking butter off an ear of corn. Soon he was once again as hard as when he first entered my wife.

I felt his muscular hand on the top of my head as he shoved me to the floor. He turned toward the bed, where he saw Brenda on her hands and knees, sticking her pussy our for him to see.

“Stick that monster in here and fuck me.”

Matt climbed on to the bed and once again penetrated my wife. He began servicing her by slowly sliding his cock in and out in a crouch behind her. I could see her hand between her legs, fondling his balls each time they swung forward as he thrust more and more aggressively. I could see that glazed-eye look again. She was about to orgasm once again. It seemed she had come more in the last hour than she had during our entire marriage. Certainly if she had cum with me, it was not with the intensity she felt from being fucked with a penis three times bigger than mine.

Matt continued having his way with her. She continued to come over and over. Finally I saw his balls pull up against his body. He groaned and ejaculated once again into Brenda’s puffy pussy. After a minute or so to catch her breath, Brenda looked around.

“Clean-up time, little boy.” This time do Matt then crawl under me so I can face-sit you again.”

I once again did as I was told, licking Matt’s cock clean of his semen and Brenda’s pussy juice. Once done there, I lay down under Brenda, my mouth just under her crotch. She reared up and gave me a mouthful of pussy and semen. I felt Matt’s cum coming out of her and sliding down my throat.

When she’d had enough, she flopped over on the bed and pushed me to the floor with her feet.

“Wait for me at the foot of the bed,” she said, as she got out and went to where Matt was dressing. Before he zipped his fly, she stuck her hand in and pulled out the now-soft monster.

“Mmm, what a great cock. It’s so nice to be fucked by a man.” Matt pulled his cock out of her hand and zipped his fly. He smiled and said, “We’ll have to do this again sometime. Maybe next time your husband would like a load of his own instead of just getting it while cleaning up.”

Brenda giggled. Matt turned and left.

She looked at me, head down, kneeling at the foot of the bed, emotionally exhausted. “I’m glad you like our new arrangements. I think there will be many more changes, starting now. She pulled an old comforter from the closet and threw it on the floor.

“We can make more permanent arrangements later, but for tonight you sleep on this at the foot of the bed. Remember, no touching your tiny pee pee without my permission.”

She then tousled my hair like mothers do to a son that pleases her. She crawled into bed, still naked, sighed, smiled and went fast asleep.

I looked at the makeshift bed I’d been given, spread it out on the floor and laid down, fully exposed. I wondered about the changes yet to come. I believed there would be many.

The Next Morning

The next morning. I awoke to the sound of Brenda calling, “Billy! Billy boy! Time to get up!” I opened my eyes to see Brenda straddling me. She’d never called me “Billy” before.

I looked up to see she was still naked, her labia still red and puffed from the workout she got the previous night. I slowly got to my feet and started to reach for my robe.

“No, no,” said Brenda as she shook her head. “No more clothes for you while in the house. You will be naked so your boyhood is always visible. The only time you will dress is when I allow it. And when those times come, I will tell you what to wear. Now go start the shower for me.”

In the gay world reputation is everything, especially if you want to have a decent sex life. Oh you could go for all that anonymous shit at parks, rest stops and so on but most of those guys are married losers cheating on their wives in their sordid double lives. God knows what diseases they took home and then deposited in their wives pussies not long after.

I started out that way sure but once I came out of the closet I wanted to to move up a couple of rungs on the gay ladder. I was free now (or so I thought) and I didn’t have to hide my sexuality from anyone. No more lurking around corners and in shadows hoping to get some cock, I could openly pursue it. Well that was how it should have gone anyway.

Once I was out I began to go to gay bars and nightclubs to see if I could pick up guys there. It was tough as I am a bit of a chubby bloke (not morbidly obese mind you) and it just seemed like the only guys I could score were no better than the ones I met in rest rooms. In fact I probably had met many of them in rest rooms to begin with as they all seemed to snigger a lot when I was around.

But if anything I was persistent and I suppose as a naive 19yo trying to work out all the bullshit going on around me I had to be. My dating was a hit and miss affair which is probably no different to hetero couples only I found once a guy had been intimate with me it ended pretty quickly. It really rattled my cage to think that guys could be such ….jerks.

Now I know how women felt on the dating circle.

The other side to my story was I was a struggling student at University. Oh I didn’t have to pay school fees until I was paying taxes (that’s how it works in Australia) but I still had to live, and it I was flat broke nearly all the time.

One day in I was sitting in a gay bar near my campus (alone as usual) when this guy in his fifties, smoking a smelly cigar, and wearing a suit with a fedora hat, came and sat next to me. I inwardly sighed as the old pervs loved guys like me as I was known as a left over. Once all the hot guys paired up I was left over for the old pervs to swoop in on.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked smiling a set of nice white teeth.

“Sure,” I replied as who was I turn down a free drink, didn’t mean I had to suck his cock!

He ordered two beers from the bartender and then motioned me to a cubicle in the corner. I said I would go as long as he didn’t try any funny stuff. He laughed and said he promised no funny business and so I went with this old guy and had a beer with him.

“My name is Chas,” he said holding out his hand across the table.

“I am James, but people call me Red!” I returned shaking it.

He took a drink of his beer, “I have been watching you, you’re an intriguing fellow!”

“Oh? Is that your best pick up line? I am a stalker and I have been watching you?” I was mocking him.

“Don’t be too hasty in judging me Red, I am not one of those sad old homo’s trying to score a young guy!” he smiled.

“Oh and what are you then?” I said then drinking some beer.

“I am a businessman and I am looking for a special guy to join my team. I was wondering if you might be that guy?”

A job? Now I was interested, “Depends what kind of business you are in I suppose!”

“I run a stable of performers and we put on exclusive shows for the rich swinger set and gay gliterati mostly. The pay is quite good and the fringe benefits can be even better!” he winked at me in manner that didn’t leave me wondering what the fringe benefits were.

I drank some of my beer so I could think, “I am not a male prostitute, sorry!”

Chas laughed, “…And I am not a pimp! If I was I’d hardly be sitting here talking to the likes of you!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Come now Red, you’re a big boy now. A guy who can hardly pick up in a gay nightclub where every other guy is gagging for cock is hardly going to get many customers as a whore, now is he?” he laughed again because I blushed.

I had to admit his comment stung me, “So for a guy trying to recruit me you’re not doing a very good job!”

I went to leave and he grabbed my arm forcing me to sit down again. I couldn’t believe how strong he was! “Stop acting like a child. You and I both know why your dance card isn’t full and that is why I am here! For that very reason!”

I blushed again!

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” I said knowing what he was talking about.

“OK so you want me to spell it out for you? Red, you have a very small cock by all reports and that is why as a gay man your sex life isn’t what you’d like it to be!” Chas smiled at me which was humiliating and I blushed again.

I picked up my drink and sipped it to give me time to think. If I was hearing him correctly he wanted to hire me for his troupe of performers because I had a small cock? That seemed weird to me.

“So how is the size of my dick relevant to your job offer?” I asked.

“It depends what size we are talking. If you are just your run of the mill pindick with four and a half inches then I am not interested really. Those types are everywhere to be honest. No I am looking for that unique type that has a cock under 3 inches and if you are a guy like that then the sky is the limit my son!” his blue eyes flashed along with his white teeth.

Chas was a very charismatic man I had to admit!

“So what makes you think I have such a small cock?”

“I have heard whispers about you, but I will need to see it to verify for myself if you are interested in my proposal!”

“I still have no fucking idea what you do though?”

Chas raised his hand to the barkeep and ordered two more beers, “I have a stable of men and women all with unusual physical and sexual characteristics. What we do is get hired to go to exclusive parties and entertain them!” Chas handed the barkeep some money as the beers were put down.

I took a drink of the cold, just poured beer and asked, “How exactly do they entertain them?”

“By being on display and allowing the guests to look them over for their pleasure. But I assure there is no sex involved as that is illegal of course!” he winked at me.

“I see and you want to display my small cock? Is that it?” I had to admit I was beginning to feel creeped out.

“Son, not everyone can do this even if they meet the other requirements. It takes courage as the guests at these events can be quite mean at times. Don’t let that scare you as they can be quite nice too. Finding a small dick guy for this job has proven the hardest of all as even though many of them claim they like humiliation, I find that when they experience it at this level…… well let’s just say none I have found last longer than their first performance!”

“So what makes you think I will … last?”

“Honestly? I don’t think you will because I can already see you are defensive about it. Your size I mean. But I keep trying hoping that one day I will find the right guy.”

“How much does it pay…to perform?”

“I pay each performer $750.00 per event, and of course they can get tips from the guests. Some of my performers make $5000 a night for just standing there and letting people look at them,” he said drinking down his beer and then raising his arm to order another. “Drink up boy!” he said and I did.

“Do the guests have to see your face?” I asked thinking how all that money would help me.

“I do have some who prefer to wear masks but I find that those that do usually get tipped less than those that don’t. You’ll make more money if you show your face! But I don’t force anyone to do that, it’s the performers choice.”

“Do the guests touch you?”

“No it is not permitted to touch a performer during an event and we strictly police that. Guests can leave their card if they want to meet you for other activities which is up to you if you want to pursue that. The only rule is you cannot use that as an opportunity to sell your services for money. I fire anyone immediately if I discover they are using my business as a means to prostitute themselves!”

“It sounds like … like a freak show!” I said feeling my head wobble from the alcohol.

“Yes that is precisely what it is,” Chas said smiling and drinking down his beer and then raised his arm and before I knew it two more pints of beer appeared.

Suddenly I broke out laughing, “Freak Shows are a thing of the past though! You can see all that on the internet these days for free!”

Chas smiled too, “True, but people still love the thrill of seeing something unusual and confronting for real!”

“…And be total assholes I suppose!”

“It is merely how they choose to be entertained. Some like to admire it and some like to mock it. A performer should always remember that how people react has nothing to do with the person the performer is. It has more to do with the person the guest is.”

“So in other words don’t take it personally. That’s easier said than done for most people and especially when you’re not the one being mocked!” I said finishing my third pint in quick succession.

Chas looked at his watch and then said, “Well I am afraid I have another appointment soon so I wanted to see if you might be interested providing your dick is small enough?”

“I don’t know to be honest. The money sounds good, but the job sounds frightening!” I said honestly.

“May I at least see your little fellow. That way I can at least decide whether you are worthy of the job to begin with?” he asked.

I was tipsy now which was probably his intention and so I shrugged saying, “OK it might be cool to be knocked back cos my cock is too big for a change!”

We both laughed and then Chas stood and walked towards the men’s room gesturing me to follow. We went into one of the cubicles and he lowered the seat cover and sat on it while I stood facing him.

“Come on Red, down with your pants!” he said almost licking his lips in expectation.

So I pulled down my pants and boxers all in one hit and then stood exposed at this stranger I had known for only about thirty minutes. So much for not letting this old guy get me into a compromising position.

My cock didn’t hang when it was soft the knob just pointed out straight and unlike other small dick guys I had met who always had huge balls under their tiny cocks, my balls were small too. In fact you could say my balls were in proportion to the size of my cock.

“So far so good!” chas smiled.

Then he leaned forward and my knob went inside his mouth and I felt him sucking and licking it. My head fell back and I closed my eyes as the sensations grew so did my cock. After about five minutes he stopped sucking me and I opened my eyes and looked down at him. He had pulled a ruler out of his pocket and was measuring me.

“Two and a half inches! Impressive!” he looked up at me and smiled.

He then leaned in and swallowed my cock sucking it hard and flicking it with his tongue. I moaned softly and my cock was so hard now it felt like it was going to burst! Then I my balls tightened and I blew a nice big load down Chas’s throat. He swallowed the whole lot like a greedy calf sucking a cows teet.

He sat back wiping his mouth and looking at my cock with a smile.

“Your cum tastes sweet! I have to say it’s a lovely specimen of a small cock and if you are interested I am prepared to give you a try out for my troupe.”

I pulled my pants up and stepped back opening the cubicle and exiting into the bathroom which was still empty. Chas followed me out and dug a business card out of his wallet and held it out to me, “Think it over Red! You could make some nice coin in the Freak Show business!”

He looked at his watch again and frowned saying, “Sorry but I really have to leave now or I will get killed by the missus. Call me if you want to try out. It’s the only way to see if you have the stamina for it!”

“By try out you mean do one of your events?” I asked.

“Yes, but only a small one so as not to overwhelm you the first time. Okay hopefully I will hear from you soon!”

Just like that Chas walked out of the bathroom leaving me alone looking at his business card. It read ‘Zorko’s Curiosities’ and had a phone number underneath it.

It was the weirdest job offer I would probably ever get in my life. For a moment I hovered over the bin wondering whether to throw the card away. I mean really the idea of standing there nude and letting god knows how many people laugh at my small dick made my stomach churn a little.

It was bad enough being laughed at in the gym, or in bed when lovers see me for the first time, or even in the clubs by people who had heard about my tiny dick. But to do it and get paid for it?

I slipped the card in my pocket and walked out. Maybe I should at least think about it.


I have to admit after a few days of wondering about my strange encounter with Chas Zorko life began to take over again and it began to slip my mind. After all who’d really pay to see my small dick, the idea was absurd and besides not many guys wanted to see it when I was offering it free! So why would they pay for the privilege?

But events seemed to conspire against me (as they always did) to make me go searching for that business card once again. You see what happened was I had a car accident about three weeks after I had met Chas. I drive this old Volkswagen Beetle around because it is cheap to run and I can do all the mechanical repairs myself as the motors are simple. But I ran into this fucking BMW didn’t I causing all kinds of damage.

My Beetle was written off and to make matters worse I had no insurance so the owner of the BMW was demanding I cough up five grand to pay to get his car fixed. I only made enough money from my student welfare to get by and so I had no savings in the bank and everyone I asked for a loan soon turned me down. Even my own fucking parents!

So I called the number and female answered, “Zorko’s Curiosities! How may I help you?”

“Ahh I was wondering if I could speak to Chas?”

“Who may I say is calling?” she asked politely.

“Tell him it’s Red!”

“Please hold the line!” and suddenly music started playing.

The music stopped, “Red my dear boy, I thought I’d never hear from you again!”

“Hi Chas, well I kinda need the money so I thought I might as well give it a go,” I said.

“Ahhh financial problems do drive some people into a corner I guess. What’s the story?”

“I smashed up this BMW with my Beetle and have no insurance. The guy wants $5000 bucks or a pound of my flesh it seems!”

“I’ve seen your flesh and it’d barely tip the scales,” Chas laughed.

“So if I do a try-out will you pay for it?” I asked.

“Sure $750 plus tips, like everyone else,” he replied.

“So what do I do?”

“Come to my office tomorrow and we can talk. There’s a few requirements you will have to fulfil before I can let you loose on my customers. Don’t worry I will pay for any expenses incurred. Drop by around 10am…have you got a pen?”

I said yes and he gave me the address which was in the City so it was easy to get too. He hung up and once again I found myself looking at the card wondering what the hell I was letting myself in for.


The next day I went to his office which was nothing spectacular to be honest. The only other person who worked there was his secretary who answered the phone yesterday. There was nothing about the place that gave any indication about what Chas did. I guess he liked to be as discrete as what his customers were.

But when I met him he shook my hand with that strong grip and smiled his bright white teeth at me. There was something so ‘showbiz’ about Chas that contrasted his austere surrounds so much that he looked almost out of place in his own office. “I don’t get this place Chas? What do you tell the other people in this building about what you do?” I asked.

“Oh I just say I am an importer/exporter for people looking for unusual items in niche business’s. The thing is if you prattle on about it long enough like you know what you’re talking about they soon get bored and lose interest,” he laughed.

“Do your customers come here?”

“No, usually we talk on the phone and then I go somewhere and meet them. The only people who come here are performers mostly.” he confessed.

“OK so what do I have to do?”

Chas reached down to his desk and picked up some papers and handed them to me, “First you read this and if you want to continue you sign it and we go on!”

It was a contract! Chas took me through another door in his office to a large room that was divided by a black curtain. He told me to sit and read, and so I sat on a large soft sofa and read the contract. It was pretty standard on some levels which I knew because I was studying law. But there were some unusual clauses which peaked my interest.

To put it basically here it is in a nutshell: no prostitution, no live sex acts during the performance but manual handling was allowed to keep male penis’s erect, no ejaculation during performances, no touching guests, no talking to guests during a performance no matter what they say, no violence towards guests or other performers allowed, you are not allowed to discuss or describe your job or any event you perform at to outsiders, further interaction with guests after the performance has to be approved by management first, and if management is forced to remove you from an event you will forfeit any payment or tips you earned at that event and most likely be fired.

But the killer for someone facing their first time was. “The performer must perform from the time management tells them to start to the time they are told to stop. If a performer removes themselves from an event against management wishes they forfeit all fees and tips they earned for that event.” In other words if you chicken out you don’t get paid!

It was pretty heavy but I thought fuck it I had come this far and so I might as well give it a go. So I stood and returned to the office. Chas was talking to another man who was in his thirties and said to me as I entered, “Here’s my boy! So what did you decide?”

“I’ll do it!” I said blushing.

“Good! Good! This is Dave he works downstairs and he is a Justice of the Peace. So he can witness your contract signing and it’s all nice and legal!”

The man just nodded at me and not too warmly at that and I took the pen from Chas and signed the contract. Then the other man hit it with a stamp and signed and dated it. Chas handed him a crisp $100 note and the man smiled said goodbye to Chas while ignoring me and then walked out.

Chas shook my hand profusely again, “Good boy! Welcome aboard! Now we need to let our production manager look you over! Come with me she is waiting.”

We walked back into the large room but this time through the black curtain and on the other side was what looked like a dressing area with racks of clothes and make up, mirrors, and bright lights. There was a woman sitting there working at a computer who stood when she seen us approaching.

“Ahhh Karen our boy has signed on,” Chas said to her. “Red meet karen, Karen- Red. Karen is my production manager and she runs the performers during an event while I schmooze the clients!”

“Nice to meet you Red. I hope you work out as I am sure Chas has told you getting a performer like you has been one of our greatest challenges!” she said warmly.

“That surprises me considering all the small penis humiliation crap I see on the web,” I said honestly but it felt weird to talk about my cock like this so openly.

“Being humiliated by a lover or a couple in the confines of a bedroom is nothing compared to being humiliated by a large, sometimes hostile crowd. You see most of the time, people are too polite to say what they feel in public and prefer to say it behind your back. But at our events people are half tanked on alcohol so they are less inhibited, and the fact our performers are there is an invitation to express what they feel. Whether that’s ambivalence, indifference, humour, hatred, excitement, shock and so on. We are encouraging them to express it and so you will hear all kinds of things said about you,” she explained to me.

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