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My name is Rex, I am an Asian American Male, and this is a true story how I discovered my desire to be humiliated by well-endowed white men.

I was born in Korea in 1984, but in the interest of a better education, my father moved my mother and I to a suburb of Portland, Oregon when I was two years old while he continued to work in Korea. I don’t remember much growing up around Portland except my experience in high school which changed my life. The schools that I attended were small, and each had about four hundred students; none of them were very diverse. There weren’t many other Asian boys for me to make friends with, so naturally I made friends with white boys. My best friend was an American boy named Red, and meeting him would turn out to change my life…

While I was in the ninth grade, I realized most boys had entered puberty, or at least claimed to have, and were constantly bragging about their manhood. I was a late bloomer, and I wouldn’t enter puberty until about two and a half years later!

One day, on a Friday after we were dismissed from school, I went over to Red’s house for a sleepover. Later that night, Red suggested that we look at porn on his mother’s computer. I objected at first, but I eventually gave into his peer pressuring. I had looked at porn on the internet before, but I had never thought about doing it with someone else, moreover my best friend! About ten minutes later, to my surprise, Red pulled out his cock and turned to me. I was shocked and terrified, and covered my eyes, and exclaimed, “Red, what are you doing?! I don’t want to look at your dick!” But curiosity got the better of me and I peeked through my fingers which were covering my face and what I saw completely shocked me.

Through my fingers I saw the biggest white cock I had ever seen in real life. I had seen other cocks before when I was in elementary school and use to “sword fight” with other school boys (sword fighting is when two children pee together and cross their streams) but their cocks were approximately the same size as mine, that is, pre-pubescent and small. However Red’s cock was large and thick, and he had a well developed bush. To give you an idea of how tremendous I found his size to be, my size at the time was about three quarters of a fully developed male pinky finger. It was very small. Red insisted that I look at his cock, and he insisted that I show him mine. I timidly said no, but Red was persistent. He came over to me with his big white cock in. Since my eyes were completely covered at this point, he slapped his big white cock on my face and began laughing while insisting that I show him my cock. I shouted out, “No, Red! Please, I don’t want to show you my cock!”

“I know that deep down you want to show me your cock and that you want to look at my cock,” he replied. “

After he slapped his big white cock on my face a few more times, and slid the tip if his penis against my nose and lips, I reluctantly gave in. Before I showed him my cock, I made him promise not to laugh at me. After a good minute of hesitation, I unzipped my jeans, pulled my boxers down, and hung my head.

“Holy shit!” Red replied. He didn’t laugh at me like he had promised, but he turned away, took his thumb and index finger and began rubbing his temples. I felt ashamed, humiliated, and worthless.

Once Red turned around, I was so ashamed of my small Asian manhood, I couldn’t even meet his eyes.

After a good few minutes of having the most terrifying awkward silence in my young life, Red said, “That is the smallest little dick I have ever seen!” I was so embarrassed, and to add to my embarrassment, Red took left hand and held my small Asian penis upright and measured it with his thumb and index finger on his right. At this point, Red couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore. The rest of the night was filled with shame and humiliation for me, but for Red, it was filled with good fun and jokes. He half-jokingly ask, “Are you really a man?” and other demeaning and hurtful things.

After that night at Red’s house, I was so embarrassed that I didn’t talk to him while at school for the next week. The following Friday I decided to go over to Red’s house to play games with some of our other friends hoping that this episode in my life was over. But to my horror, I discovered that he had told our other friends who were at his house that night, all of which were white, and all of which had more manhood than me. Later that night, we all looked at porn again and I was turned into a pseudo circus monkey. They told me that they wanted to see my little chink dick. With my ego shattered and head filled with shame, I was bullied into pulling down my pants to face the strapping humiliation of showing my little Asian cock to four white boys. They all started hooting and hollering in cruel laughter. Each one of our friends then pulled their pants down to show me their superior white cocks. Red was the biggest out of each of them, but their cocks were all significantly bigger than mine was. For the rest of the night, they would torment me by comparing their big white cocks to my small Asian cock. At one point, they surrounded me and Red pressed his big white cock up against my small Asian cock and said, “I can’t find her vagina.” Our other friends would crack lame jokes such as, “What’s the difference between an Asian male and female? Nothing!” I felt truly ashamed.

Nonetheless I would continue to go over to Red’s house every Friday and get tormented. Eventually he would ordering me around since I had the smallest cock. I would submissively follow his orders, however, at the time, I didn’t realize how I submitted myself to his white cock. A usual Friday night for me was getting Red snacks to eat and water to drink. When he invited our other friends over, he’d humiliate me by saying things such as, “whoever has the smallest cock has to get the snacks.”

This continued for the next six months or so, and at some point, I began to enjoy being humiliated by Red and his big white cock. When I touched myself at night, I no longer fantasized about women, but about Red’s superior creamy white cock pressed up against small inferior Asian cock. I would fantasize about being humiliated for having a small cock, and for being Asian. I also became covetous of Red’s big beautiful white penis. I would worship him for having what I could only dream of having. I would worship Red’s big white cock for it’s size, it’s strength, it’s beauty, and it’s power. Red’s white cock became a symbol of being masculine, while my Asian cock became a symbol of being feminine.

At some point while I was in the tenth grade, my humiliation fantasies evolved into gay fantasies. I began longing to suck on Red’s big white cock. Each time I went over to his house, we would watch porn together and he’d jack himself off to the porn, while I jacked myself of his beautiful white penis.

Shortly after my homoerotic fantasies began, they came true. I was over at Red’s house and we had drank a couple of his mother’s beers. I sheepishly asked Red if I could suck his cock. He laughed a bit, and but his hand over his eyes but ultimately agreed. After that night, we never experimented with each other again.

Since then, I have slept with both sexes and consider myself a straight man. My penis have matured to a wonderful six inches, however, small penis humiliation still turns me on. My fantasies have continued to evolve. I often fantasize about watching my Asian girlfriend getting fucked by a well-endowed white or black man. I fantasize about watching them go deep inside them to places that I could only dream of going. I fantasize about watching her curvy body squirm around in pleasure as a man of a superior race penetrates her. I fantasize about her telling me how much better it feels, how much better it feels to have a white man inside her.

Part 2: The Story Continues…

One thing is for sure Chas Zorko was an efficient business man and after tentatively deciding to join his troupe of social freaks things were moving quickly. He had told me my timing was perfect as they were approaching the busiest time of the year. He sent me off to this salon which was supposed to groom me to the specifications he and Karen wanted and I arrived there around 10 am feeling nervous about what was going to happen. I wasn’t looking forward to having my whole body waxed that was for sure.

I walked into what looked like a regular beauty salon and I could see ladies and men having their hair done, manicures and so on. The place seemed to be run by Asians and they darted around the place doing whatever it is they did. A lady came up to me at the front counter looking me over, “Me help you?”

“Ah I have an appointment here I believe?” I told her handing her a card that Chas gave me.

“Oh you Zorko boy? Good! Good! Come with me!” I followed the diminutive woman and she had me sit in a chair that backed to a sink it was obvious I was going to get my hair washed. She put my head back into the sink and warm water soaked through my hair. “So Zorko boy, what you problem?” she asked as she massaged shampoo through my hair.

“Problem? I don’t understand?” I was relaxing as I always loved having my hair washed.

“You problem Zorko boy?” she asked again sounding a bit frustrated but my look of confusion made her give up and she finished washing my hair in silence. Her heavy accent and poor english made her difficult for me to understand. After she washed and conditioned my hair she dried it off and had me go sit in front of a mirror saying to another lady, “This Zorko boy, he need look pretty!” Then she laughed and walked off.

“The new Asian lady was taller and softer looking and she smiled with her eyes which was kind of nice. “So you work for Zorko?” she said in good english.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“No, we groom most of his roster. He is a good customer Mr Zorko,” she said combing my hair.

“So you know what he does? Zorko I mean?” I asked as she started cutting my hair.

“Yes, hard to avoid it with some of his people. So why has he hired you? I mean you seem … er … normal compared to some of the others we get here,” she said clipping and combing.

I knew they would find out soon enough what my freak attribute was as I was going to get a full body wax later that morning, but for some reason I found it hard to say in front of this pretty Asian stranger. I mean it was weird talking about my cock so openly to anyone let alone just blurt it out to strangers. Even when I was around people who were my friends that knew I had a very small cock it wasn’t something we talked about. It is not considered polite or culturally acceptable to talk about yours or anyone else’s genitalia like one may talk about the weather for example.

But having experienced people discuss my small penis so nonchalantly over the last few days was still a peculiar experience for me. I had been conditioned my whole life to hide it but now it felt like I was expected to say, “Oh yeah I have a tiny cock. No big deal, now pass the sauce.” But the Asian hairdresser looked at me with her nice face and warm smile and I so I sighed and said, “I have been hired by Zorko because I have a very small penis.”

There was an obvious look of amusement on her face and she fell silent as she digested what I told her. I had to admit I felt embarrassed by saying it like that and by her reaction. Here I thought coming out of the closet as a gay man was hard, coming out as a small dick man was even more difficult. But as the hairdresser looked at me I had to admit my cock got hard all of a sudden. Not because I was suddenly heterosexual or anything but because of the fact she knew and she was thinking about my cock.

The other part of discussing your small cock so openly was that my dick was constantly aroused from it. My small cock was an attention seeking whore to be honest and even though I wasn’t overly enjoying the experience on an intellectual level so far, my cock was absolutely loving it.

The other little fire cracker Asian that washed my hair came back and spoke to the pretty hairdresser in Cantonese and I figured they had discussed what I revealed about myself because she turned and looked at me and burst out laughing. It made me blush which set off more raucous laughter and even the pretty woman chuckled as well. My cock twitched at the attention and I just looked away feeling a bit angry at being treated so rudely.

The nice Asian woman finished my hair with only small talk about the weather and things like that from that point onwards. Then I was moved to another station where four women went to work on my finger and toe nails. They chatted in Cantonese and laughed and completely ignored me although I was feeling like they were talking about me. But after 30 minutes of expert clipping, buffing, sanding, and painting clear stuff on my nails I had to admit they looked pretty good.

Now it was time for the bad part, the part of the treatment that would hurt. The waxing!

I was ushered into a room and told to strip down to my underpants and lay on what looked like a massage table with a hole for my head and all. Two people walked in and to my surprise this time there was a guy present. “Hi James, I am Lee I will be attending to your waxing and this is my assistant Lijuan. We will begin by doing your limbs. It will hurt a bit but since your are not very hairy you should be fine. If you want us to stop for a break then just say so. OK, any questions?”

I mumbled no and braced myself for the torture ahead. They were very efficient at it I have to say as one applied the hot wax the other would put a strip on it and then pull it off with what I assumed was all my hair and skin. It hurt bad sometimes but was OK at other times. When they finished the back of my legs I spun over and they they did the top. Then they attacked my arms and hands in the same manner the only bad part was my armpits that had thicker hair.

“On cue as they finished my limbs the short loud lady that washed my hair came in with some coffee and biscuits and so it was time for a break. She put down the tray and spoke in Cantonese causing chuckles from the Lee and Lijuan, ignoring me. Then she left with the Lijuan following her leaving Lee and I alone there drinking coffee.

There was a moment of tense silence then lee finally blurted out, “So you have a small cock?”

I blushed, “Yeah, so what?”

“Nothing really. I like chubby guys with small cocks. I find them sexy,” he said looking me over.

“Well I guess you will soon see mine as Chas wants it it all hair free!” I grimaced.

“I am looking forward to it really,” he smiled.

“Yeah and so is everyone else in here I suspect.”

“They always get curious about Zorko’s people. Don’t worry about them I will lock the door once we begin waxing down there and I’ll kick Lijuan out too. It’ll be just us,” he said putting his hand on my knee.

I looked down at his hand and then up at the cute Asian guy who was about my age, maybe a few years older and he was giving me the look. That intense sexy look that said ‘I’m into you and I want to fuck’.

“Are you hitting on me?” I asked in amazement.

Just as he was about to answer Lijuan came bursting into the room and barked at him in Cantonese and so before I knew it I was back on the table ready for my next session of torture by waxing. They had all my chest and stomach hair free in no time so then I rolled over onto my back and they repeated the process. After they had finished Lee said something to Lijuan and she left in an obvious huff slamming the door. Lee followed her and locked the door behind her.

“Is she OK?” I asked turning my head and looking at Lee.

“I told her you had requested a male to do your err back, sack & crack wax.”

I smiled, “She seemed disappointed.”

“It was kind of cool actually as I am the one normally getting kicked out by female clients not wanting me around during their bikini wax. So it was good to turn the tables this time. OK are you ready?” he asked smiling at me.

I nodded and he gently pulled my underpants down and took them off throwing them on a chair.

He started waxing my butt cheeks and then to my horror inside my ass as well and in my taint. This guy was thorough. He then told me to roll over and finally my small cock was revealed in all its glory. He stared at it for several minutes then he looked up at me smiling, “I love it! I promise I will be gentle.”

“Somehow after what I have just been through I don’t believe you!” I said sarcastically.

He laughed.

Then it began the pillaging of pubic hair around my groin and and nuts. The nuts were the worst part as he stretched them and it felt like he tore them off. “OK Finished!” he finally declared.

I sat up wondering if I still had a cock and looked down at my now now bald small dick and I actually thought I was looking at a kids dick for a moment.

Lee must have noticed my shock as he said, “It looks hot, damn you are sexy.”

To my surprise he bent down and swallowed my tiny soft cock in his mouth and was sucking on quite nicely. “Is this part of the service?” I asked with a grin.

He looked up at me and said, “Only for you.”

Then he pulled down his shorts and underpants and nice looking thick cock sprung out which looked a good 6 inches and it had precum dribbling on it. It dawned on me that he had been nursing a boner for a while now while he waxed my body. Lee walked around to my head and pushed me down onto my back as my own cock was now hard as a rock.

He climbed up on the table getting into the ’69 position’ and soon his cock was pressing on my lips. Never one to turn down a nice cock I opened gladly and and he pushed it inside my mouth deep. It tasted so good as I sucked it and mouth fucked me.

After a few minutes he laid down on top of me and his mouth found my small hard cock now and he swallowed it whole. But the the thing that really blew me away was he also swallowed my balls at the same time! Nobody had ever done that before to me and to feel his suction and tongue ravish my cock and balls just blew me away.

The room was silent except for sounds of grunting, heavy breathing and slurping until I couldn’t hold on anymore and I blew at least five large spurts of cum into his mouth. This set him off as well and soon I was swallowing his creamy cum as fast as I could as his rock hard cock pounded my mouth. We spent a good five minutes licking each other clean when the phone ran inside the room.

He jumped off he and answered speaking in Cantonese. When he hung up he quickly grabbed his his shorts telling me to get dressed now. Once I had at least my pants on he unlocked the door, “Sorry I have another client to attend and I am late now.”

“That’s OK, thanks for the nice time.”

He bent down and wrote his cell number on a business card, “Call me and we can maybe go out sometime? I’d really like to get to know you better.”

I took the card feeling surprised as usually this didn’t happen to me, “OK thanks! I will call, Lee!”

Then he left the room and I finished dressing. My clothes felt a bit weird on my skin now I was bald all over except my head. So I walked out and stopped at the counter where the little Asian woman was waiting for me. She handed me what looked like a small bucket that had Chinese script on it. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Hair removal cream. Special formula! You use in a week keep you fat body and tiny dicky nice and bald.”

I blushed because when she mentioned my cock everyone in the salon turned and looked at me. God what is it with people and small dicks?

“Is it safe?” I asked looking at the bucket.

“You try on bit of skin first and if no reaction then you use OK. Leave on no longer 15 minute. Then wash off with defoliator. Do not do whole body at one time. Do in parts. You understand tiny dick?”

“I think so. Is that all?”

She handed me a card with an appointment on it, “Come back one month we do hair and nails and tidy up any hair on you. OK tiny Dick?”

I rolled my eyes as again everyone looked at me, “OK see you then!”

I turned and walked to the door and I as I opened the door to exit the salon she called out as loud as she could, “Bye! Bye! tiny dick!”

I sighed and kept walking.


The next day I was back at Zorko’s office and this time the secretary named Sophie took me into the dressing room I was in a few days before. As we entered she said to Chas who had his back to us huddled up close to Karen the production manager, “Chas, young Red is here!”

Zorko and Karen turned and smiled at me, “Hey my boy, I see you survived your experience at the salon?”

“Only just, that small Asian lady was a bit of a ball buster,” I said noticing that they had been looking over some floor plans of a building.

“Don’t mind her she’s harmless. But let’s see the end result,” Karen said indicating I should strip.

I looked over at Sophie (the secretary) expecting her to leave but she looked like she wasn’t going anywhere so I sighed and began to undress folding my clothes over a chair as I did. I stood there naked in front of them and span around to give them the full effect.

“Jesus you were right he is fucking tiny. That is the smallest cock I have ever seen,” Sophie said and then laughed.

“He’s a pure work of art, that is what he is,” Chas smiled approvingly.

“I agree, Red you are absolutely beautiful. Your creamy chubby body and that minuscule cock…perfect,” Karen added.

“So what now?” I asked.

Karen walked to a rack and pulled off something and handed it to me and told me to put it on. It was a cape which covered my body. Then she said, “This is what you will wear prior to and after your performance.”

“We’ve forgotten something….” Chas said and grabbed a bag of a table and opened it pulling out a black full head mask. “Put this on.”

I pulled it over my head and then Karen unzipped the mouth for me so I could talk. The eyes were not covered and it had metal studs all over it. “Alright let’s see you in a cage,” Chas said.

“Cage?” I asked feeling suddenly nervous.

“Oh it is just a nickname so don’t freak out. Come on we will show you,” Chas said and he led me through a door to another large room.

Inside was a couple of what looked like display cabinets that were see through on three sided except the back where there was a door. Each box had a stool in it too that was solid like a pyramid with a seat on top. The sides of the stool had doors too. I could see foot lights and two lights on top pointing down but the top was open not closed.

“This is what we call a cage. It is what you ‘perform in’ and it is very safe for you as guests cannot touch you from the outside. Why don’t you hop in and let’s see how you look?” Chas said.

I shrugged and walked to the back and opened the door noticing it had a lock on it. Then I stepped inside and to my complete surprise the inside walls were mirrors. I could not see anything but my own reflection meaning i would not see the people looking at me.

“Hey how come I can’t see the guests?” I asked looking at my strange appearance in the mirrors.

“Our clients prefer the anonymity as some very well known and so called distinguished people attend these parties. But you will be able to hear what they say about you. Now see that red light at your feet?” Karen asked.

I looked down, “Yes I see it.”

“Whenever that light is red your cape is to be on and you have to be covered. Got it?”

“Yeah I guess so….hey it just changed to green?”

“When the light goes green you are to take the cape off and begin your performance. You can hang the cape on the hook on the door behind you. So begin….”

“You mean now?”

“Yes my dear boy, consider it a dress rehearsal,” I heard Chas say.

I took my cape off and turned seeing the hook on the door and hung it up then I turned and faced the front. In all honesty I had no idea what I was meant to do but I remembered they wanted me hard so I began to jerk off and before long my tiny warrior was hard and poking out like a red rocket.

I heard laughing and knew it was Sophie. Then she said, “Ohh what a special cock, my 9 year old has a bigger erection than him. Where did you find him?”

Chas answered, “One of the other performers heard about him from a gay friend. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he showed it to me.”

Then Karen said, “Those micropenis guys with the small cocks and huge balls are not attractive. But this one is just amazing. So fucking tiny! The guests will love it.”

“They will eat him alive. Do you think he is up for it? Every other pindick you’ve found have run off like the sissy men they are,” Sophie sounded worried.

“I have a good feeling about this boy. I think he could be the one!” Chas said.

That caught my attention, “The one what?”

Chas smiled, “The one who succeeds and turns his small dick handicap into his greatest strength! The one, who by his very presence, challenges the definition of manhood itself. You will set those egomaniac bastards on their asses and expose their own inadequacies so beautifully that they will worship at your feet.”

“Jesus Chas, I am not the small dick messiah!” I laughed jerking off a bit to keep my tiny cock hard!

I heard them laughing.

Karen then said, “Chas does get carried away with it all! Now Red I want you to open the door on the back of the stool.”

I leant over the stool (nude so probably not a great angle) and pulled the door open. Inside were some food bars, bottles of water, and a walkie talkie. I got the message I wasn’t expected to leave the cage. “Hey what happens if I want a piss or a poo?” I asked suddenly standing up and facing them.

“Pissing can be part of your performance so do that in front of the guests. Whenever you need something else though or you are worried then use the walkie talkie to contact me or one of my assistants. But there should be a square urine bucket in the chair at the bottom. See it?” she asked.

I looked again and noticed that a square container with a lid fit neatly into the bottom of the chair. I took it out and examined it.

“On the night when you first enter put the piss bucket at your feet in front of you. Then when you need to piss you can show the guests at the same time as one thing they will be curious about is how you piss with such a tiny dick so you’ll get more tips for that. Then just put the lid back on and the smell wont bother you then.”

“What about a poo?” I asked again.

“You will be given enema’s you need to use 6 hours prior to your performance and then not eat until you are in the cage. That way you shouldn’t need to use your bowels on the night. If you cannot hold on, then use the walkie talkie to contact us,” Karen replied.

Suddenly I heard a strange male voice, “Hey what a find, Chas. He has the cutest small cock I have seen. He looks smaller than Eric even.”

Then another male voice, “Fuck the guests will love that fucking tiny cock.”

Then another female voice, “You’ve outdone yourself Chas. Is that fully hard? How big is he?”

“Yes, Jill that’s his little boner and he is 2.5 inches hard,” chuckled Chas.

“Fuck, he is smaller than Eric well spotted Trev,” Jill said.

“Hey what’s going on out there?” I asked.

“Don’t worry my boy it’s just our production assistants have come to check you out. You will meet them shortly,” Chas replied.

“OK so what else am I supposed to do other than just stand here and jerk off occasionally?” I asked.

The door suddenly opened behind me and the cutest guy I have ever met poked his head in. “Hi, I am Trevor. Let’s get to work and I can show you some moves that can help you display your assets.”

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