I am truly enjoying writing about the encounters between My Pet and myself. We are still meeting and have evolved in our roles nicely.

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She had a special plan in mind for this meeting. She knew he would love it and she could feel her excitement start to moisten her black thong as she thought of how it might come together through the evening.

She has made him pay for his prior misconduct. He has followed her emailed orders almost perfectly in the past few weeks. She decided she would be extra kind to him this trip. It was his birthday visit after all.

Such a good Pet he was. The only present he was asking for was to be permitted to serve his Mistress all night long. He wanted to make her quiver and quake all night in ecstasy. He wanted his face buried between her thighs until she couldn’t take it and released her sweet juice all over him, repeatedly. He could already taste it and only hoped he would get the privilege. If he was really lucky, he might even get to relish in her beautiful feet for an extended period of time.

He started thinking of the last encounter and how empty he felt not getting to touch or please her at all. He did not want to disobey her again. He was still so ashamed.

He was ordered to leave a key for her at the desk since she would be arriving while he was still at work. She had a few hours to get things in place so she took her time.

She tied the restraint straps to the four feet of the bed and pulled the covers back almost all the way. She had a blindfold tucked under a pillow and earplugs next to the bed on the nightstand. She hung her outfit on the bathroom door for her to slip into later after their shower together. She placed a small bottle of lube on the other nightstand behind the lamp out of plain view.

She did not want him seeing that until it was time. It was for something he would not think of, but she knew he would enjoy immensely.

She took a few moments to look over the room and make a few adjustments to the furniture. Pleased with her set up, she went to the kitchen area and checked the refrigerator. She had ordered him to have the usual cocktail mixes and found he had again followed her instructions. She poured herself a drink and relaxed for a bit in front of the television.

It was not long before her phone rang with his call. He was finished at work and asked if she needed anything from the store before he returned. She assured him she had everything she needed and for him to hurry back.

He entered the room and saw her waiting on the sofa. He dropped his work and offered a soft and sweet, “Hello Mistress.” With that smile that made her wet at once.

She returned his greeting with an equally soft, “Hello, My Pet.”

He moaned just a slight ‘mmm’ and rushed over to her. He stopped in front of her and she knew he was hoping for a kiss to be allowed. She smiled and told him to fix himself a drink and they would discuss dinner options.

He returned with his drink and sat beside her. She leaned over and kissed him hard pushing his head back into the sofa. She pulled away and told him to get on the floor where he belonged. He smiled and slipped down off the sofa.

They decided on dinner and called in the order. While they waited for the time to pass until it was ready to pick up, she wanted to play with him. She pulled his head back and kissed him again. They kissed passionately for a while before breaking. She let go of him and leaned back. She opened her legs in front of him. His eyes were locked on her center. She had on jeans but he could still imagine the delight under them and he wanted it so badly. She could see she already had his full attention on her. She told him he was not allowed to touch her yet but just to watch.

She slowly unbuckled her belt then the button and zipper. She slipped them down a bit and watched his tongue roll over his lips. Her hand teasingly slid down over her thong. She tapped her pussy lightly and asked him, “Would you like that now?”

He replied without delay, “Oh Yes Please Mistress.”

“You have been a good boy so far. You may have a sample, but you are not to use your hands at all” She smiled at him.

He rose to his knees and leaned in to get his treat. He took a deep breath of her scent and gently kissed her black thong all over. He tried to move it with his teeth to get a better taste of her and was warned to stay on the top for now. He stopped trying and continued to kiss. He pressed his face harder into her. He rubbed just his lips over her swelling mound and pinched them around it. She felt small tingles start to travel through her.

“That is enough for now.” She said as she lifted his head up and kissed him again. “Go get our dinner and hurry back. I am ready to start your birthday.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He rose and was out the door without another word.

She straightened herself up and set out the silverware and few other items for their dinner. She replaced the television noise with some music.

After Dinner:

They returned to the sofa with their drinks. She ordered him to stand in front of her and strip naked. He did as he was told without a sound, just a smile.

She sat there as he stood bared before her and admired the view for a while. His body alone, naked in front of her and at her mercy, was an extreme turn-on already. He agreed according to his erection protruding straight out towards her. She leaned forward and grabbed the head between her teeth. She held it there for a moment while he shuddered and held his breath at the sight and feel of his Mistress. A few circles with her tongue around the tip and she released him. He gave another shudder and let out his breath.

She instructed him to start a shower running and make sure the water was hot enough for her. Then wait for her in the bathroom. She gave him a few minutes and joined him.

He stood in front of her waiting for her next instruction. Trying to hold back his impulses to reach for her. His body ached to touch her smooth skin. He wanted to caress her contour while he felt her breathing increase and stagger at the feel of his warm hands on her cool body.

She craved this also but could not let him sense it. She was in control and could not let down her guard. She knew if given the open opportunity to disobey, he would.

She gave the next order, “You may do the honors of undressing me, My Pet. Keep to your task and your hands under control or your birthday visit will not be much of a celebration.”

He had a brief look of disappointment on his face. It soon diminished as he reached for her shirt. He pulled it over her head and stepped in closer to her. She could feel the heat of his body so close to hers. Close enough that her breasts fell against his chest when released from the bra holding them. He let out a small moan feeling her nipples on his flesh.

He reached for her belt and unfastened the buckle. He knelt before her as he pulled her jeans slowly to the floor and lifted each foot to pull them free. She heard him gulp when he got close to her feet. She felt his hands softly brush her feet as he placed them back on the floor. He controlled himself and started to rise to meet her. She stopped him before he got to his feet and gently pulled the back of his head to her wanting pussy.

He was thrilled with the allowance he was being given and he immediately wanted to please her. He started lightly biting over her black thong. He felt her twitch a few times as he rubbed over her tempered clit. He stayed in the spot that triggered the most reaction. Her clit was getting more sensitive the longer he rubbed his teeth over it.

Her thong was soaked and he was enjoying the taste of her through them.

“Take those off of me.” She snapped.

He reached with his teeth and found the top. He pulled them down without the use of his hands and returned to continue his joyous gift.

“Very nice, My Pet.” She let him continue.

She leaned back against the wall and let him enjoy her wet pussy for a few minutes. She could feel an orgasm starting to build. She liked to look down at her sub so eager to please her. He always did a wonderful job devouring her pussy and making sure her orgasms were not short of explosive. His tongue was indeed talented.

He knew how to apply his mouth at the right place and the right pressure to send her soaring quickly if he wanted. He liked to extend her pleasure as long as he could, as long as she permitted him. He could please her very well many ways with just his mouth.

Tonight she would allow him to pleasure her all night as long as he continued to obey her commands. She might even return some pleasure if he truly satisfied her.

Her moans were getting louder and seemed to echo in the large bathroom. His tongue moved all around her pussy. He traced her lips and followed her creases with the pointed end of his tongue then would flatten it and slowly drag it over her clit. He lapped her juices as they almost flowed from her hole. He knew not to enter her without permission and stayed on the surface. He stopped to suck her stiffened clit into his lips and flick it firmly with the tip of his tongue.

He knew this sent wave after wave through her she couldn’t stop. She moaned out and grabbed the back of his head. Holding him in place, she let the feeling go and covered his face with her surge. He felt her tense around him. He glanced up and could see her biting her lip to keep from being heard down the hallway.

She heard him moan from between her legs, as he tasted her go. She was still leaning against the wall. Her legs were shaky along with her breathing. She felt him getting more fervent with his tongue as he tried to keep her going. She pulled him back and smiled down at him.

She assured him, “Very good, My Pet. That felt wonderful but you may stop for now. You will get the chance to taste me again.”

She continued on to the shower. Once in, she informed him, “You may join me.”

He stepped in behind her and was immediately captured by the sight of her naked body under the steamy waterfall. Her arms were up running her fingers through her long hair. Her head was tilted back enjoying the beat of hot water on her face. He had never imagined he would want to be a drop of water before, but now wished he could be just to cascade down her every curve. Her tanned skin glistened with droplets all over it and he was ready to lick each one.

She grabbed the puff and worked in some body wash to a foamy lather. She allowed him under the shower for a few minutes as she started to slowly wash her body. The look on his face was priceless as he was hoping to get the honors of washing her. “You may speak if there is something you would like.”

He held out his hand for the puff, “May I please, Mistress?”

She smiled and could see his hand was almost shaking. He was avoiding eye contact.

She responded by holding out the puff to him and replied, “You may.” Then added, “Such a good Pet to ask before the order is given.”

She let her arms fall to the sides but kept her head tilted under the water. She felt him barely press the puff against her skin it was so gentle, so sensual.

He started at her shoulders and worked up her neck some, then around the front to the other shoulder and back. He continued back and forth across her chest and inhaled deep when he touched her breasts for the first time in weeks. Her nipples were hard and sensitive from the very recent orgasm and she moaned out loud.

She warned him to keep going with his chore. He did not feel this as a chore at all. It was a privilege to get to wash his Mistress. He was going to make sure she enjoyed it to the fullest.

He ventured down her abdomen and her front. He progressed down each of her legs.

“You may do each leg but you will wait until I say to touch my feet. Do you understand?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” He reluctantly agreed.

She turned around and moved her hair over her shoulder to give him access to her back.

He stood up and started again at her shoulders. Pausing only to add body wash to the puff. He squeezed the puff over her back and let the suds run down the middle and disappear in her gorgeous crack.

The puff glided across her back. Her head leaned forward, her hands holding herself just off the wall, she moaned again. He explored the small of her back and slowly made his way lower. Her ass was a nice round shape covered in suds as he ran the puff slowly over each cheek. He reached between her legs and slowly returned up her cheeks.

She was concentrating so hard on how stimulating it felt, she almost didn’t notice that he was not using the puff when he reached between her legs the second time. She allowed him to continue with his bare hand for the moment. He only gently rubbed over her still tensed clit a time or two for fear of getting in trouble.

His hands continued to wash her legs and stop at her ankles then back up. She turned back around facing him and motioned him to the floor. She looked at him with a grin and asked him, “Are you ready, My Pet?”

He blinked as the water falling from her body splashed in his face. He did not know for what but answered her anyway, “Yes Mistress.”

She raised her foot off the ground and held it in front of him. He leaned for it but she pulled it back. “Don’t get in a rush. Be patient for your presents.”

“I’m sorry Mistress Kay.” He pleaded and lowered his head.

She reached under his chin with her toes and raised his head. She slid her toe in his mouth and she thought he had just came judging by the exhilarating vibration from his mouth as he almost choked himself on her foot.

His eyes rolled back and he was in heaven. He hungrily sucked each of her toes individually. He ran his tongue all over the tops of her feet and around her thin ankles. Holding each foot like a piece of delicate china, he revered them.

She let him equally attend to each foot before telling him to stop and stand up to her. As soon as he was upright, she kissed him hard. She pushed him up against the wall and they kissed in the steam for minutes. She allowed his hands to wonder over her body but didn’t let him get too far.

She turned off the water and ordered him to retrieve her towel. Then added, “Once you have dried me, you may dry.”

He reached for the towel and proceeded to dry her dripping body. He moved quickly knowing how easy his Mistress gets cold. Then finished by wrapping the towel around her shoulders.

She told him, “Very nice. Now you may step out and dry yourself. When you are finished, make us each a fresh drink and wait for me near the bed.”

He stepped out of the bathroom and did as instructed.

She unwrapped the towel and got herself into her outfit. It was a black negligee with a leather bra and sheer bottom that flowed loose. A matching black leather thong and black sheer stockings attached to the garter belt. She decided against the boots leaving her feet visible to him.

She stepped out of the bathroom and watched his jaw drop open at the sight of her looking him over like a meat platter she was about to feast upon. He was hard instantly and felt goose bumps up and down his body. She walked over to where he was standing next to the bed and grabbed his erect limb firmly in her hand.

He almost passed out at her touch. He felt his knees get wobbly instantly and he knew he had oozed a small amount of pre cum she had not felt yet.

Then she did, as her hand started to move around him. She raised her hand to her mouth and licked it off. “Mmm, maybe I will let you come tonight. That tastes so good.”

“I do not want to cum My Mistress. I want to please you all night. Please let tonight be about your pleasure.” He implored.

She loved the sound of that and thought she just might. “We will see how well you behave through the night before I make a decision.”

“Whatever you desire, Miss Kay. I am your toy to use.” He said humbly.

“And you will be tonight.” She added.

She shoved him on the bed and told him to move up to the center and stretch out his arms and legs. Once he was in place, she tied all four secure to the bed.

“Now the fun starts, My Pet. I hope you are ready.” She teased.

She placed herself between his spread legs and took a moment to look over his restrained figure in front of her. She liked what she saw and thought she was really getting into this dominating him.

He was squirming already and she hadn’t even started her playing yet. His erection pointed straight north and ached for her touch again. She was happy to give it the attention it beckoned.

She took him in her hands and squeezed hard. His hips rose off the bed and he gasped for breath. She stroked him for a while softly. Building him up to an edge quickly. Just before he reached that edge, he felt a hard smack across his balls and screamed out as he jerked back. She followed with a few lighter smacks to ensure his descent. Then she slid down and swallowed his throbbing cock into her warm wet mouth. Again to the edge and ‘smack!’ She repeated this several times until his cock was starting to turn colors from the build up. She had him almost crying into a pillow.

He begged for her to allow him to serve her, “Please Ma’am, I need to serve you. I want to make you cum over and over again. Please.”

“You will in time, My Pet.” She promised. “Do you not like my hands on you?” She teased.

“Oh Miss Kay, I enjoy them too much. You are going to make me cum and I want to please you.” He answered.

“Such a thoughtful Pet.” She played.

She slid him in her mouth to his hilt. He reached down her throat and back again. She traced him with her tongue sending him to the bucking away stage again. Then ‘smack’ again to bring him down. She continued this until he could not take it. The bucks and the thrusts were too close together and she did not want him to release yet, if at all.

He didn’t have time to catch his breath between her stopping her abuse on his cock and her jumping up to straddle his face.

His tongue was licking her wetness from her before she was settled on him. She managed to slide her thong to the side and rode his face while he sucked eagerly. Grinding her pussy into him and making him take her juices as they soaked him. She was already about to explode all over him.

He moved his mouth all round her opening and nibbled on her swollen clit. He gently bit down on her lips sending her even closer. She rocked back and forth on him.

“Shove your tongue deep inside me!” She ordered. She felt it plunge into her and she leaned forward against the wall to brace herself. He jabbed his tongue in her hole over and over again. His determination paid off as she let go a flood of her spill all over his face.

“Oh Yes, My Pet. Make me cum hard!” She exclaimed.

The taste and feel of her climax sent him even deeper into her cave. He lapped vigorously to get every bit of her gift to him. She came hard and quivered for a long time before it finally subsided.

She stood up on the bed and leaned in to the wall. She lifted a foot and pressed her stocking toes to his lips. He started to suck them with almost as much vigor. She switched to the other one and he addressed it the same.

She lowered herself to the bed again and knelt beside him. She looked at his stiff soldier saluting her and wrapped her fingers around it once more. She gave it a few jerks and knew he was still very close. A few good strokes and one good ‘smack’ and he started to lose his thickness some from the pain. She was not done playing with him yet.

She stood down off of the bed and leaned over to reach other the pillow. As she leaned over him, her breasts grazed across him and she felt him shake.

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