Slagging into Work…

Slagging, since some of you do not know, is when you catch rides to work from total strangers. This may seem to be a dangerous, but it works very nice. The car driver gets additional passengers so they can take the HOV lanes, and the riders get a free lift into downtown.

I have been doing this for the better part of a decade without incident. It was a cold December morning in Houston as I stood waiting my turn for a needy driver who wanted to take the free HOV lane in from the west side. She pulled up driving an old mini van with dark tinted windows. I opened the door and hopped in.

“Hello.” I politely said, as I put my seat belt on, and positioned my laptop on my legs.

“Hello,” She replied in a noticeable British accent, not really noticing me,

I closed the door and she pulled away from the curb.

Without being too obvious, I scanned the woman behind the wheel. She was older, maybe 65-70 years old, well manicured hair, and nails. She appeared to be a ordinary grandmother, late in life still having to have to work. Her make up plain and ordinary, her hair straight and grey, cut like a school teachers. Her dress was relatively fashionable, but again very plain; however, she wore dark stocking and knee length black leather boots with a 4 inch spiked heal.

I settled into the vehicle and had just made myself comfortable when she had to slam on the breaks to avoid someone who stepped in front of the vehicle.

“Stupid people!” she sighed. “They never seem to look where they are going!”

“True” I agreed.

It was then that I noticed the book. It had slid forward from between the captain’s chairs. The title prominently displayed “Screw the roses, send me the thorns”, and I almost choked. What was a grandmother doing with THIS book!

Immediately her hand pulled the book back out of site, back to its original position virtually hidden from site.

“Interesting reading you have” I said.

“Oh, you’ve read it?” she said nonchalantly.

“No, but I have heard of it.”

“Just heard?”

“Well no, enjoyed and even experienced would be a better descriptor.”

“Really? And on which side of the fence do you enjoy?”

“Most assuredly the bottom side!” I replied.

A sinister smile cracked across her face. Her head turned slightly as she scanned me from head to toe. I could feel my cock coming to life under her gaze.

“Really,” she said matter of factly, “I’ve been driving folks into downtown for months now, and you are the first to notice, or comment on my book.”

“I hope I have not offended you…” I said feeling my face flush red.

“Oh no, quite the contrary. What is your name?”

“To you, my Mistress, it would be slave pete.” I responded.

A smile spread across her lovely face, “Are you an experienced slave?”

“Oh yes Ma’am. I’ve been seeing professional Mistresses since the early 1980′s; although currently I am unattached.”

“And your interests?”

“My interests are very broad, however I seem to excel in CBT, with a special love of Ballbusting.” I answered her.

“And your level of play?”

“I have been told that I am a relatively heavy player, but I am in no way touting my own horn; I am sure you, should you desire to test me, are free to make up your own mind.”

She laughed, “Very delicately stated! Indeed I may, and woe be to you, should I find you are exaggerating the truth!”

“I would be honored to submit to your evaluation” I replied.

“We will see.” she said, “but what makes you think I am looking for a new toy? and what makes you think you are worthy of my time?”

“Mistress I am NOT worthy of your time, I am merely hoping that you are, and that I am given the opportunity to be tested.” I replied.

“Good answer, so tell me more of your experiences”

For the rest of the way into downtown I briefly told her of the many sessions, and the many activities I have enjoyed.

“We will continue our discussion tomorrow, I believe this is your stop? I will pick you up at the far western edge of the Park n Ride lot tomorrow morning at 6:30 sharp…don’t be late, and don’t be wearing any underwear, also keep your hands off MY Penis, you are forbidden to cum unless I order it!”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I said, “I will be there early.” I said opening the door as she stopped at McKinney street, and got out of the car.

She drove away without a word. Needless to say I was worthless at the office that day, she was all I could think about. The next morning I arrived at the Park n Ride lot a full 15 minutes early, and quickly walked to the western edge as instructed, and waited. I didn’t have long to wait, as her minivan pulled up to the curb moments later. I opened the door and hopped into the vehicle.

“Good morning, Mistress” I said as I closed the door, I noticed there was man sitting in the back seat, “Oh hello” I said sheepishly.

She pulled away from the curb and drove to a secluded spot in the parking lot and stopped the vehicle.

“Lets see how well you followed instructions; pants to you ankles.” She ordered.

I hesitated a moment glancing toward the back seat.

“Do it NOW!” She commanded.

I unbuckled my pants and pushed them to my ankles, as my cock sprang to attention, it was clear with my pants at my ankles that I had complied with her orders to not wear underwear.

“Good boy.”

“John is here as my security, one cannot be too trusting,” she said

“Yes Mistress.”

“Today is merely a test of your willingness,” she began as she lit up a cigarette.

“Anything you desire Mistress” I replied.

“As you can see my ashtray is out of order, I am sure you will not mind being one for me” She smirked.

“Not at all Mistress” I replied holding out my hand to her and glancing at her open ash tray which was empty and clean.

“Good boy” she replied flicking her ash into my hand.

“Wash that down with your coffee” she said pointing to a extra large coffee mug

I retracted my hand and licked the ash from my hand then lifted the glass and one smell i knew this was not coffee but rather it was filled with her urine. I took a sip.

“Be sure to finish that entire coffee before we reach your stop.”

I took another drink this one much larger.

“Thank you,My Mistress!” I replied setting it back into the holder.

“Now, here is the plan. Today I will pick you up in front of the park shops at 11:30, corner of McKinney and Austin. I plan to test your willingness and abilities; IF you pass then I will pick you up tomorrow at the Park n Ride lot again tomorrow morning at 6:30, otherwise you did not pass”

“Yes Mistress” I replied as she flicked another pile of ash into my extended hand, “I will be there.”

“Good boy” She replied.

We rode the rest of the way into Downtown Houston in light conversation.

As we neared downtown she instructed me to pull up my pants, and finish my coffee.

I lifted the cup and finished draining the contents into my throat and swallowed, then set the cup back into its holder.

Once again she dropped me at my bus stop. To say the rest of the morning I was worthless would be an understatement! My walk across town I could smell and taste her urine, my cock remained quite hard even though it was quite chilly in Houston that morning.

I left the Office at 11:00 and headed to the Austin at McKinney. Moments after I arrived she pulled up and I hopped into the car.

‘Hello Mistress” I said as I closed the door, and glanced overt at her. She looked exactly as she had this morning.

“Hello slave pete!” she commanded, ‘Have a good morning?”

“Well, it has been a very exciting morning, but I must say I have been pretty worthless at the office ever since we met yesterday.”

“I don’t doubt that,” she replied. “now lets have your pants at your ankles again, shall we?”

I unbuckled my pants and pushed them to the floor, my erection prominently on display.. Once again my penis had a mind of it’s own and was at attention.

“How cute, is that supposed to impress me?”

“No, I am sure it does not; however, it has quite the mind of its own.” I replied.

“No it does not, but it looks like you are enjoying the anticipation of our meeting today.”

“Yes Mistress, it has been quite a while since I last played.” I responded.

“Well let me assure you that I am NOT Playing, for the next two hours you are my property. You have no rights, you are a Thing not a person, the only words out of your pathetic mouth will be Yes Mistress, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She drove a short way and pulled off to the side of the street. “Now pull up your pants and get into the back seat!”

“Yes Mistress.” I pulled up my pants and exited the car and hoped back into the back of the van.

“Now, ” she began as she pulled away. “crawl into the back and lay down, and strip! I have an image to uphold in my neighborhood, and cannot be seen transporting younger men around in my car. When you are back there, keep down.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I crawled into back into the back of the van and pealed out of my clothes, laying on my side, I could see nothing of where she was taking me. Eventually she pulled off the street and into what appeared to be a garage, I could hear the garage door opening, then she pulled in.

“Silence!” she said sternly as she hopped out of the car. She called out to one and had a brief conversation which I could not hear. Next I heard the garage door closing. It closed and locked. Next the back of the van opened.

“Leave your clothes in the van, and get out here,!” she said quietly, “and kneel before me!”

“Yes Mistress” I replied and crawled out of the van and knelt naked before her.

She walked around me eyeing me as if I was an animal, then ordered me onto all fours. She put a wooden dowel rod into my mouth, it had a mouth guard for my teeth, and a 2inch protruding dildo that filled my mouth to capacity almost gagging me as she buckled it to my head. It had leads or reigns coming off the ends that she tossed onto my back. Next she walked behind me and reaching between my legs she pulled my balls backward and tied them up with a string pulling them tightly up between the cheeks of my ass. She then hiked up her skirt and sat on my back. It was obvious she was not wearing panties as I could feel her warm moist womanhood against the skin of my back.

“My next door neighbor is out side, I want complete silence from you.” she whispered.

I nodded my head.

“Good boy.”

Next my balls exploded in a silent hit from an unseen dowel rod, I bit down hard on the wooden bit in my mouth; “Forward” she whispered.

She road me into the house pausing at the entry way to turn off the garage light. We went through a small utility room.

“Stop.” She said. She dismounted and closed the door, and locked it.

“Here are the rules of being my pony, one hit on your balls is go, and two is stop, do you understand?”

I nodded.

For the next 10 minutes she road me around her house, stopping and starting frequently, finally she said “now lets go into my dungeon.”

She lead me down a small hall and into a dark room. There she stopped me, dismounted, closed and locked the door.

“This room is in the center of my house, it is completely sound proofed. She turned on the light and the room was bathed in soft red light, the walls were covered in implements of torture. every type of spanking implement, and bondage equipment hung from walls. In the center of the room was a Gynecological chair, a Saint Andrews Cross and a spanking bench. There were several cupboards across two of the walls with numerous drawers, all closed.

She unbuckled the horse bit from my mouth and ordered me into the gynecological chair. A few moments later my feet were in the stirrups and buckled into place; my legs spread as wide as they could go, my genitals exposed and vulnerable. She then put a strap across my stomach and secure it into the buckle locking my back down. Next she put leather cuffs on my wrists and secured them down to the sides of the examining table. finally she pushed my head back and wrapped a buckle across my forehead securing my head down. I was completely immobile.

“Today is all about willingness, and gauging your enthusiasm much more than your pain limits..those over time will move significantly. So lay back and enjoy the next hour and a half of pain” She said smiling down at me. “I’ll be right back, I want to slip into something more appropriate”

“Yes Mistress.” I replied.

As she left the room she turned out the light, and I waited in total darkness.

Eventually I heard the door open, and the light clicked on again.

I strained my eyes to get a look at her, but she avoided my gaze.

“Miss me?” She asked in a sensual voice.

“Yes Mistress” I replied.

I felt her warm hands on my chest, as she came into my view. She was wearing a black and red corset her breasts pushed up and hard nipples exposed, about her throat she wore a black choker necklace, Her hair was red (obviously the grey hair was a wig!) and she looked to be no more than 35 or 40! She had red lipstick on, her hair pulled back and rouge on her cheeks and dark eye shadow on.

I felt her fingernails scratch my chest and then pinch my nipples, i closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations as she pulled and toyed with them making them hard, and then she clipped on a pair of nipple clamps…their bight causing me to gasp slightly.

“So cute” she sighed, “enjoy them…I have them set to stimulate…not hurt too bad..each time I adjust them they will bite harder and harder. But now I will pull up my stool and begin to give my attention to your penis.” She ran her hand down my chest and stomach and took hold of my erect cock.

As she positioned herself between my legs, she said, “Feel free to cry out, I do so enjoy the love cries of a masochist. She took a length of rope and bound it about my cock and balls once and cinched it tightly, then about my balls a couple times, and tied it off. She then open a drawer and return to me. I could feel her attaching several leads to the front/back and sides of my testicles, then took something and inserted it some 3 inches inside my cock fitting a cap over the head over the top with something running around the rim edge of my penis.

“Just so you know, this is a PEZ unit she held up a small black box up for me to see it had numerous wires leading off it. I have put 4 leads on your testicles, and a Deep Throat stimulator and corona stimulator on you.”

She flipped a switch and I could feel the current running through my testicles, it was an interesting combination of pain and arousal.

“Oh! That feels….great!” I replied.

To which she doubled the setting causing me to scream out in pain.

“There, that is better” she sighed, as she watched me pulling at my restraints, “now for your cock.” She flipped a second switch and adjusted the dial, to where my cock exploded in pain.

My cries of pain doubling and thrashing about on the table.

“So lovely, I’ve not seen a man who could take both without passing out…I wonder where your threshold lies?”

She left the controlling box on my stomach pain coursing through my genitals and moved to my head and rubbed her hands on my chest toying with the nipple clips sending new pain waives into my body as she nuzzled my head between her breasts, “I believe these need some adjustment!” she cooed. and released them from my nipples which added another bolt of pain into my body..My screams doubled again, and I could have sworn she came. “I do SO enjoy a boy in pain!” she sighed, “It gets my juices flowing, You are doing so well, my dear!” she whispered into my ear.

As the pain in my nipples began to subside she opened another drawer and return to me, she placed the stronger nipple clamps on erect nipples sending a new waive of pain through my body, and I screamed again.

‘There…there…just let the pain waives flow through your body…relax…it will be over soon just another 5 minutes, and then we will move on to the next activity.” she said stroking my face with her soft warm hands.

She continued talking to me, as the pain waives coursed through me, telling me to relax and let them flow. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the time was up and she lifted the controller from my stomach. She pushed a red button which sent a spiking electric shock through my balls then causing me to scream out, she pressed another and the spike of pain went through my cock seeming to light it on fire..she repeated pushing these two buttons over and over and over as I screamed out each time almost breaking the straps that held me. Then she pressed them both together and held them depressed sending a constant spiking pain through my genitals I screamed uncontrollably…then it stopped…completely stopped…she had turned off the device.

“Very nicely done! And I see you are still with me! How nice!” She said patting my stomach, as tears rolled down my face she began removing the wires from my genitals. Then reached up and removed the nipple clamps…this sent a renewed waive of pain through my body

“I think I should give your genitals a little rest before their next activity; now we will move to the cross.”

She unstrapped me and ordered me to stand facing the wall at the Saint Andrews Cross, and began tying me to it. My legs and arms were strapped spread eagle to the cross. Next she took a couple lengths of rope and tying them to my knees she bent my knees apart further and secured them to hooks on the wall. She walked over to the wall full of whips and canes and floggers and pulled several off and returned to stand behind me.

“This exercise, like the last, is intended to test your overall body pain level, I recommend you to try and relax don’t fight the pain waives let them flow through your body” she said, “it will last 15 -20 minutes, and there will be no inch of exposed flesh that will NOT be examined.” With that I heard the first of countless swosh of the whip and my back exploded in pain. she methodically began at my upper back and shoulders and worked her way across and down, no one stroke causing extreme pain but the constant barrage of hits let there be no break in the pain. As she finished my lower back she set the flogger down, and picked up a wooden paddle, and began on my inner thighs, backs of my legs and outer thighs..I could feel the heat from all the blood flow to the injured areas, soon she was hitting the cheeks of my ass turning them a dark red. She paid careful attention to the tender between cheeks and beat them a dark red too…I was screaming and crying incoherently as she finally set down the paddle. I completely slumped unable to hold myself upright or even stand, I had no idea how long the beating lasted hours? Was my best guess. Every inch of flesh was screaming in pain..tears flowing freely as I sobbed bound to the cross.

A moment later I heard a different swosh…and felt the impact…the pain waive came a moment after..the cane laid a strip across my cheeks, my crying and screaming renewed and jerking at my bonds, then another and another…in all she striped my ass with 12 of the most painful hits imaginable, and like before no activity can not end without a over the top spike of pain she laid two hits vertically between the cheeks of my ass striking my tender asshole flesh.

When she was through she replaced the implements she used back into their places on the wall, then left me to cry and sob alone. A few moments later she reentered the room.

“There, there its all over, once again you did very well.” She said as she gently rubbed her hands over my stripped ass and back. We’ll take a small break and have some refreshments, then move on to the next activity.” She untied my knees, and ankles, then untied my arms…I almost fell to the ground with exhaustion, she assisted me to sit on the Gynecological table and handed me a very large 20 oz at least glass of liquid.

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