Author’s Note: This is the third story in the chain “A game within a game.”

Special thanks to my editor NJLauren.

Chapter 3B

The session with Cathy

After a long absence Rob visited Cathy again. Both Marion and Helena had encouraged him to do so, in order to control his anger. Rob drove to Cathy’s house, with mixed emotions: it would be exciting, Helena had promised him. Should Cathy become intimate with him, she wouldn’t mind – this time only.

It had been planned a few weeks ago, Cathy sometimes had a very busy schedule with patients, even on Saturday’s; and she had in fact rescheduled some appointments to give Rob a whole day of her time. She had promised him a lot of talking; but also a session. He would stay the night with her, then the next day she would continue his treatment. Cathy had warned him that it would be like the last time; not much pain, but to say that it would be totally painless, no.

Afterwards he would be rewarded, and she had smiled impishly at him when she had visited them and they made the appointment. Helena knew that it sometimes was better not to be present, not that Rob disliked it, but that Cathy would be freer in whatever she was planning.

He felt a bit anxious, he knew she wouldn’t really harm him, but still he had some dread. He remembered last time, when she had suddenly stroked him in on the inside of his thighs that hurt a lot. Two days later he still could feel it, no matter what she said, the pain had not gone within a day.

He knew he would become stronger when he had endured Cathy’s treatment as she was good in her second job as a domme.

So, here he was again, he parked his car in front of Cathy’s house and got out. He walked to Cathy’s door, when suddenly two men walked towards him. He didn’t think something was wrong, until he heard: “Hi, are you Rob?”

Surprised he said: “Yes, and who are you?” The man acted as if he wanted to shake hands, and Rob lifted his arm to do so, and the man grabbed his wrist and the other man, who hadn’t said anything, brought down a syringe and pushed some fluid into him.

They let go, and Rob began to feel weak. He wanted to say “What…,” but his world became dark. Both men caught him and dragged him to the car what was standing nearby and pushed him inside. They drove off.

The waiting room

Rob had no idea how long he had been unconscious, but when he woke up, he had a terrible headache. A man came to him, the same man who had kidnapped him and gave him something to drink: “Drink up, you will feel better.”

Rob noticed he couldn’t do anything, he only wore a brown cloak and he had some kind of leather harness around him. It was fixed around his waist, and his hands were bound into cuffs and those cuffs had been fastened to the harness. So he could walk, but still was too dizzy to even try. The man put a glass with probably water to his mouth and Rob drank some. Immediately he felt better, it probably contained a lot of sucker, to disable the effect of the drugs he was injected with.

“What is the meaning of this, untie me. Is this a trick of Cathy? I won’t accept this, I will inform the police. Kidnapping and drugs, you have something to answer for.” Rob became very angry and pulled his arms, but in vain of course. He couldn’t do a thing.

“Wait until the mistress comes, she will explain,” the man said softly, “the more you resist, the more pain she will inflict on you. Just let it come over you and afterwards I will take care of you.” The sympathy from the man wasn’t very reassuring to Rob, in fact, it frightened him more than if the man had been harsh. Outside he heard a lot of people cheering and yelling.

“What is this place?”

“You at a secret S&M event, only insiders, and different kinds of scenes are presented by Mistresses and their slaves. Your Mistress will explain it to you soon.”

After an hour or so, Rob had no idea of the passing of time, a woman came into the room. Rob looked at her, she was dressed in leather, leather bustier, leather short pants and high heeled over-the-knee boots. She was around 60 years old, her face was dramatically made up. A lot of black around her eyes, even her lips were blackened. With cold blue eyes she looked at him. “So this is the angry boy.”

“Boy? I’m not a boy. Who are you? Where is Cathy?”

“Silence! Speak on when spoken to. Cathy has nothing to do with this. Let me explain, I am Cathy’s Mistress, you may call me Mistress Iris. Once and a while Cathy has to inform me of her ‘patients’ shall we say. Your name came up and she mentioned that she never had met someone like you. That made me curious and it came to my attention that you had an appointment with her. That was all I needed to know. You see, today we have a meeting here, and also a demonstration of the punishments of ‘unwilling’ slaves. They need to be punished. So, I will punish you.”

“You can’t do that. I am nothing to you, I’m not your slave and you are breaking the law by kidnapping me and using drugs on me.”

“Who will believe you? You are just one more slave who will be punished. All will be clear when they see your arse and when I’m ready with you, boy, you can show them something!”

Rob suddenly became very afraid. “You can’t do this. I’m not a volunteer.”

“I know that, you need to learn obedience! In fact, it is our turn.” The cloak was removed from his body and he was naked, except for the leather harness. She took a leash from the wall and secured a collar around Rob’s neck. The points of the collar were pointing inside his neck, so when he would struggle, the points would hurt him. After one attempt he gave up. The man in the room said softly “Keep your head clear, good luck.” Rob’s legs almost collapsed, still a bit groggy he walked between men and women, all dressed in S&M outfits. Most people were connected to each other with a line, man to woman or woman to man, master and slave or mistress and slave. With full expectancy they awaited the next scene; and Rob realized he would be the next entertainment.

Two mistresses helped him up to a platform; this was where he would be punished. With abhorrence and fear he looked at the different kind of whips and floggers. This was no loving S&M anymore, this was the real stuff for fully hardened experienced S&M’ers

He was tied to a rack with his arms spread out, he tried to release himself, but a pull on his collar made clear it was a bad idea. He felt some blood flowing from where the points had punctured the flesh of his neck.

His legs were also tied to the rack, spread out, with several cords. He had to stand on a step, but when he was completely fastened, the step was removed. He was now hanging in the handcuffs that bit into his flesh because they were carrying his full weight.

Suddenly he got it: the rack could be turned and he probably would have to endure the whole thing upside down.

There was no warning, all of a sudden he felt the sharp stings of several cords from a flogger.

“Ouch,” he yelled. The crowd cheered.

The mistress stopped immediately and said to the crowd: “This is a very insubordinate slave and deserves a severe punishment. But, he is also frightened of pain, and I don’t want to hear his pitiful sounds, so I will gag him.”

“No,” Rob shouted, “She kidnapped me,” but the crowd was too excited to hear or to listen.

Rob received a ball gag in his mouth and at the same time she took a venomous looking clamp and put it on Rob’s nipple. He screamed again, but nobody paid any attention to it. Then a second one was put on his other nipple and in between was a steel chain on which she hung a few weights. Rob felt it constantly pulling, this was really different from other clamps he had experienced before and this kind of pain wouldn’t lessen.

Then she hit him a few more times, on his back, his upper thigh and his arse. Soon he felt a dull pain spreading on the parts of his body where she had hit him. Finally she stopped. She turned the rack and the weight on the pincers dropped to the other side. Rob moaned from pain as the weights dropped to the other side, it was as if his nipples were being torn off.

She took out another flogger. This one was more painful, each time she hit him, several burn stripes appeared. Rob moaned and cried in his gag, but all in vain. She hit him again and again. Rob couldn’t do a thing, he hung on the ropes, trying to escape the hits, but unrelentingly she whipped him. Finally she had enough of it. She laid down the flogger and took a small rattan cane. She showed it to the crowd. It went silent. She had turned him sideways, so she could reach his foot. The first hit Rob didn’t feel right away. The hurt took some time to reach his brain, but then he felt something he had never experienced before. The pain was so intense, he almost fainted. She turned him up, and then to the other side. Now his other foot got hit. Again the pain was intense, he knew what was coming and his teeth bit the gag. Tears flowed, he was crying. The mistress just looked at him, her eyes had no expression at all. The rack turned again and he was upside down. Now she used the rattan on his arse. Stroke after stroke was given, and she didn’t care whether the strokes were placed next to another. Some strokes crossed, and where they crossed blood appeared. Rob shrieked and howled in his gag, some people in the crowd noticed that this was an extremely hard punishment and no longer were cheering. Finally she stopped, laid down the rattan and fetched a bull-whip.

“Now you can really understand the meaning of worshipping a mistress.”

She stepped a few yards from him, unrolled the whip and cracked the whip in the air. The crowd went silent. Then she started to lash him. Each time when the point of the whip hit him, it cut like a knife and gave him a blood trail. After five strokes she decided it was enough. Rob had fainted. The two mistresses removed the gag, slapped him on the face and he woke up. The crowd clapped for the mistress who bowed. She didn’t give him one more look. The sympathetic man supported him while he tried to climb off the platform. Rob could hardly walk and he leaned on the man, who sometimes almost had to carry him back to the waiting room. At arrival the cuffs were removed and he had to lie down. There the man examined his wounds and used some antiseptic on them. It sting but it was for his own good, the man explained. Rob asked for his clothes and he got them.

“Are you OK? You were strong,” the man said. “She can be very cruel.”

“Do you have some more of that sweet water?” Rob got another glass and then he drank more of that sweet drink – he felt the strength coming back into his body.

“Don’t drink too much of that stuff,” the man warned him, “It’s not good for your health.”

“But a beating is considered okay?” Rob asked with fury and sarcasm.

“I will take you back if you want,” the man said. ‘You are lucky, the cuts weren’t deep. If you are at home use some oil. The bruises will disappear in a few days. I’ve seen much worse.”

“I have something to do first,” Rob said grimly, ” and I need a few more moments to rest.”

He looked around the room, it was some kind of storage place, and all kinds of S&M related items hung on the ceiling and the wall. Then Rob saw a kind of thick stick, that would be perfect as a weapon. When holding that in his hand nobody would think of coming nearby.

The man left the room, while Rob got his strength back. He tried to stand and managed to do so without collapsing. He poured himself another glass of that ‘water’. “Not really water, but it was good stuff,” he thought. He climbed on the table and reached for the large stick. It was over a yard long, an inch wide and with a handhold on one side. It looked liked the sticks that the riot police used for dispersing crowds. It gave a strong swishing sound as he swung it back and forth.

Still his feet hurt, and he felt his back and arse burning; at the same time he got the needed adrenaline from the pain. Anger had become an understatement, he was in a raging fury. He put on the harness he was bound in and it came in handy to fasten another weapon to. He had decided to bring along the same rattan cane she had used on him, it had a leather belt attached to the handle, and he thus fastened it to the harness.

He stepped out of the waiting room or whatever it was, and walked towards the platform, as well as he could given how bad he felt, where Iris was busy with another victim. While walking in the fresh air, he regained more and more strength and he pushed through people and while some complained, the look on his face made them back off, and when he raised his stick, they moved out of the way.

People in front of him clearly noticed something and before he knew it, he had free passage to the platform. His arse hurt a lot, but at the same time it gave him the courage to go on, his anger gave him the needed strength. A guard was standing below the platform and tried to stop him, but at the sight of Rob, who came towards him with his stick held high, it was enough to back him off. However, the guard was too late in moving away, and as he held his arm up high to protect himself, one furious blow by the stick on that arm ended in disaster, it broke the man’s arm.

The man in response gave a cry and leaned backwards, against the platform. Rob took a good look at him and realized it was the same man who had drugged him with the syringe outside Dr. Cathy’s house. He hissed at the man: “I should have broken your other arm too,” and otherwise didn’t find him worthy of any kind of compassion but also not worth any more violence. Another guard kept his distance when he saw the expression on Rob’s face; a large stick in the right hand can be a formidable weapon and very persuasive.

The crowd had become silent when Rob reached the platform.

The two other Mistresses had seen him coming and already jumped off the platform, but Iris didn’t notice his arrival. When she turned to see what was happening, because the crowd went silent; she saw him. “What are you doing here, boy? Didn’t you have enough?”

Then she noticed that he was untied and he was holding a thick stick in his hands. Suddenly she became afraid and called for the guard. “That guard below can’t come, I broke his arm and you’re next,” Rob growled.

Now Iris became very frightened and started yelling for help, but everybody in the crowd waited anxiously for the next events. Rob took the rattan cane and before Iris knew what was happening, he hit her so very hard on the upper thigh, that her skin was cut and she immediately started to bleed. She gave a tremendous cry and fell on her knees. Then Rob hit her on the other leg, another blood stroke. Rob wasn’t finished yet, he went into a frenzy and he tore off the leather skirt and bra and threw them into the crowd, then he pulled her up and held her high easily as she was in fact a very tiny woman.

He then shouted: “I was kidnapped and drugged by this bitch. I was involuntarily involved in a BDSM demonstration, and now this old hag will suffer the consequences. Anybody who tries to help her, I will do the same thing I did to that guard.”

The crowd was completely silent. He laid her down and without mercy he hit her on her arse and back. He also knew from Marion that a blow should be given next to one another and not as a cross, as Iris had done to him. Despite Marion’s words Rob hit her several times more, deliberately crossing the strokes and she bled like Rob had. He kept on beating her, his fury broke loose and he didn’t stop until she was howling and squirming in agony.

Despite this, the crowd was silent, nobody spoke or moved, probably afraid of what Rob could do to them. This was unheard of at their club, their main Mistress been made into a crying, yelling and trembling woman. Could this be the Mistress everyone feared?

“Now for the real pain.” He held her leg upwards and hit her twice on the inner thigh, also in a cross. Now Iris fainted, but Rob still had no mercy, he slapped her brusquely in her face and she came to. Then he lifted her other leg and her other inner thigh received the same treatment, once again she fainted. She fell softly on the ground, looking like one whimpering piece of meat. He slapped her in the face and once again she came to.

Since everybody had already seen him naked, he didn’t mind taking out his dick and urinated on her, his final revenge. He growled with a soft but dark voice and threatened her “If you come to my neighborhood, or contact Cathy, I will feed you to my Dobermans. I promise you I will destroy you. You and your buddies stay away from me as far as possible. If not I will find out where you live and if you try to do anything more, I will know. I have many resources and will use them, you piece of shit!”

Rob then stepped off the platform, holding his stick in his hands, ready to strike and the crowd again retreated. He still trembled with rage. Nobody dared to stop him when he walked back, still limping, to the waiting room. Once inside the man there stared at him as if he had done something terrible. Maybe he had, he didn’t care. “Give me your keys and tell me where you parked your car.” The man was very afraid now, after all he had participated in the kidnap, so he gave Rob his keys and told him where his car was parked.

Rob went out of the building and noticed that the party was over, more than likely his doing. He still carried the stick and the rattan cane and decided to bring them along. He followed the crowd to the exit, ignoring the whispers around him and soon he was at a gate. Again nobody stopped him. Once at the parking lot he found the car of the man in the waiting room, it was standing nearby at a reserved spot. He then drove off and headed for Cathy’s house. It was around 20:00 when he finally arrived, tired and hurting.

When he rang the doorbell, a very anxious Cathy opened the door and started to reproach him. “Where were you? I was so worried that something has happened, I saw your car, but you were nowhere to be seen. Where have you been? You should have called me or Helena.”

Rob stayed cool, and went into her living room. Then Cathy noticed the leather harness he was still wearing and the large stick and cane in his hands. “What is the meaning of that Rob?” she asked utterly amazed.

Rob told her what had happened to him that afternoon, he undressed and showed her his wounds. Cathy became furious: “That bitch. I will have her arse for that.” She went to pick up the phone.

“I already did,” Rob said.

“You did? how?”

“I was given a sweet kind of drink by a nice guy who had helped me from the main room after I was beaten and that soon gave me my strength back. I decided to give her hell myself, so I did. I broke the arm of the man who had drugged me.”

Cathy put her hand to her mouth and said “How did you do that?”

“I hit him with this stick and broke his arm. Then I climbed up on the platform and disabled the bitch by giving her a tremendous blow with this cane on her thigh. She couldn’t stand anymore and she was bleeding. Then I undressed her, beat the hell out of her again with this cane and finally I gave her two more blows on each inner thigh in a cross. I’m pretty sure she won’t walk for two weeks at least. Oh, and finally I pissed on her, literally, in front of the audience.” Rob told her all what had happened, including the things Iris had told him.

In disbelief Cathy looked at Rob and thought about the rage she sometimes had seen in him and she shivered.

“Oh yes, I promised her that if she even thought of taking revenge that I would feed her to my dogs. I will ask you for her address, because I plan on going to see her in a couple of weeks to let her know that I don’t make idle threats. Furthermore I have forbidden her to ever make contact with you again, to protect you. I cannot forbid you to make contact with her, of course, but she may not do that the other way. If she ever does, you must tell me. Who the hell is she anyway?”

Cathy answered: “In our BD/SM group, she is the Mistress of the Mistresses. She supervises the mistresses in the club, and they have to answer to her for everything they do otherwise they will be expelled from the club, which no one wants. Normally she makes appointments with each of us mistresses from time to time and listens to what we have been doing and gives us advice. Novice mistresses in the club are trained by her and her assistants. She is in fact the queen of our group, which is quite exclusive and widespread.”

“Not anymore I think, I utterly degraded her in front of her worshippers, I don’t think she will be able to look anybody in the eye after this.”

“I think so either. Rob, what else have you done?”

“Nothing yet, and I will make sure that nothing more will happen. I will use Helena’s organization to find out all about that community and each member will receive a warning. In fact, I want to dismantle that community. They may have to look elsewhere for their meetings.”

“You can be an extremely dangerous man Rob. I never thought you would have that in you,” Cathy said respectfully, but also afraid. He could be extremely violent, she realized, he was indeed someone who needed treatment badly, otherwise things could get out of hand. He had all the right in the world to retaliate, and she knew that Iris was right in telling him that nobody would believe him, so his immediate revenge was understandable. Cathy gave Rob the address of Iris, but she bided him, not to harm her anymore. Still Rob would visit her very soon, he said.

“Ok Rob. Enough talk. Lie down on the couch and I will treat your back.”

Rob did as she asked and carefully lowered himself on the couch. He couldn’t believe himself that he made it to Cathy’s house by himself. The drink that he had received in the waiting room must have contained more than just some sucker to give him strength.

“So will you need another ‘headmistress’?” Rob asked.

“I’m perfectly fine, thank you. I don’t need an old hag telling me what to do to be honest. I have to apologize, when she was here the last time I mentioned you to her. She must have decided that she knew better how to make you more submissive or something. I have no idea how she could know that you were coming here today, she must have read my appointment book.”

She shook her head “I’m very sorry Rob, it’s my fault, and I should have kept our relationship private,” Cathy really felt sorry and guilty. “How can I make it up to you? You have had such a hard day, I cannot believe it happened, yet, I see your wounds… But, I don’t think she will do such a thing ever again, in fact, every one present there who saw your rage will keep their distance I would bet,” Cathy chuckled. “Rob, come upstairs to my bathroom. We will take a not too hot shower and I will give you a massage and rub your body with oil and ointments and I hope most bruises will disappear. However, I can’t do much more about your wounds, they will heal soon, but for now they will hurt.”

Rob paused to think, and he calmed down a little bit “I am sorry you had to see me like this but I for example told Helena no blood, ever; and you heard that I was very angry at Helena when she had chained me and I bled from that, and I was very angry; believe me, that is a gross understatement. I was on the brink of a divorce, you may know that, and that was nothing compared to what happened to me with that bitch”

“I know, I told Helena and Marion about consensuality, or better said, the lack of it. So stupid, and it could be so much fun. It is really a pity, Helena loves you so very much, and then this… I can imagine that you need to rebuild your trust in her again. But give her a chance, I think she has learned her lesson. And maybe you and Helena should stop playing, and just do vanilla sex.”

Cathy guided Rob to the bathroom and he undressed, helped by Cathy. His clothes, especially his shirt and underpants, were stained from his blood. Cathy picked them up and threw them in the waste bin.

“Would you mind to wear panties if I gave them to you?” Cathy asked. Rob admitted he didn’t mind at all.

“I thought so,” Cathy said, “I will sponge you carefully and try not to hurt you too much. After hearing your story I want to clean myself also, it’s more a mental thing, but still. I feel dirty when you told me of that witch. And you know for yourself, that S&M can be so fulfilling, as two people interact and play their little games. It is in my opinion the most intimate thing lovers can have.”

Rob caressed her naked body and held her firmly against his body.

“You can’t do anything about it, when people want to commit crimes, one way or another they will do it. You think you trust people like your head-mistress, but now you know something I have always felt, that very few people earn your trust.”

While she pressed her body against his, he felt his cock rising.

“Sorry, that was not my intention,” Rob explained.

“Pff, I would have been offended if that didn’t happen. It is the proof for a woman that she is still attractive to a man.”

She took a sponge and softly slide it over his back. She tried not to hurt him. ‘Rob behave brave,’ she thought and thought about what kind of drink it was he had been given. Probably it contained more than just sucker.

She held his cock for a moment and squeezed it a bit.

“Always the mistress?” Rob said contemplatively. In spite of his hard dick, he wasn’t in the mood for fucking, he felt so tired now. He was feeling relaxed, but the pressure of the last hours came back and suddenly he shuddered from a withhold sob. “Sorry,” he said, “my nerves” and then couldn’t stop from coming out with heart-breaking cries.

Cathy held him in her arms, while he cried on her shoulder. For a couple of minutes his body trembled and he sobbed a few more times. Then he relaxed and held his face in the shower and the water flowed over his face, clearing all tears.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it, the delayed reaction from today’s events.”

“It’s perfectly normal,” Cathy said while comforting him, “this reaction only proves you are human. I will make inquiries about Iris, I will phone a friend in the community.” She left the bathroom, only wearing a towel, and when she came back, she was rubbing herself dry with one hand and holding the phone in the other, talking. Finally as the phone call ended, Rob also had dried himself in the meantime and was very curious. “It seems, she is in the hospital. The only statement she had given the police who were alerted by the first-aid nurses, that a game went out of hand, and she didn’t want press charges.”

“Very reassuring,” Rob said drily. “I was drugged and kidnapped, I’m pretty sure the friendly man will back me as my witness, and I think Iris knows that. She would have to face jail time if she tried telling them she was assaulted, it wouldn’t hold up.” He checked his behind, his wounds were closed thanks to that man in the waiting room.

“So in fact you did her a favor,” Cathy grinned. “I’m sure she will remember this day for a very, very long time.”

“Come to bed Rob. You don’t have to make love with me, if you don’t feel like it. I completely understand, but yet more than a little bit disappointed,” she said impishly.

“Shall we drink something first? I have a tremendous thirst!” Rob remarked

“That is a good idea, hmm, what would you wear?” Cathy asked. She hesitated, “I don’t have a bathrobe, I do have a babydoll,” she winked at Rob. “No, I was just teasing, of course I have a bathrobe.” She opened a cupboard and took out a pink ruffled babydoll and a white plain terry cloth bathrobe. “You choose,” she smiled at him defiantly.

If Cathy thought he would back out on wearing that very feminine item, she was wrong. He liked the babydoll and said so: “Nice babydoll, is it my size?”

Somewhat amazed Cathy looked at him “No, I just wanted to tease you. I thought you wouldn’t wear it, I should have known better.” She grinned and took out a pink lace negligee with matching nightgown, still with the price tags on it, which she quickly removed. “I always thought when you would be here in my bedroom you would be wearing this,” and she gave him the set. It was exactly his size, and it took him just a few seconds to put it on. The material was soft and smooth, and it caressed his skin. Cathy took out another set from her cupboard, in black this time and said: “There must be some distance between a Mistress and her sub.”

“No sub,” Rob remarked, “don’t you ever think I’m your sub. I’m your friend, maybe one of your dearest friends, I would sure like to think that.”

“I’m sorry Rob, yes you are my dearest friend. In fact, you are the only male who has ever joined me in my bedroom,” with that they kissed and hugged. Rob felt his dick hardening, in spite of his tiredness and wounds, his dick betrayed him.

“Shall we drink something?” Rob repeated hastily. He didn’t want Cathy to find out he had an erection again.

“Of course, let’s go downstairs.” Cathy walked in front of him, and she urged him to follow by suddenly grabbing his dick through the soft material of his nightgown and said: “You think I wouldn’t notice?,” and gave him a wicked smile.

While walking downstairs she didn’t let go, she kept on squeezing his dick, so his erection didn’t lessen. “You are tired Rob, but your dick says otherwise,” and Cathy kissed him again.

Once downstairs he took a large glass of water.

Then she showed him two bottles of wine.

“Do you dare to take some wine? White or red?” she offered him the choice. He studied the labels. “White, this is a German sweet wine, I still need to regain my strength.”

“I just realized, you haven’t eaten yet, I’m sorry, I will make us something,” and Cathy went to the kitchen.

Rob filled two glasses with the white wine and joined Cathy, she was warming up some soup. “It smells delicious in here, it must be because I’m indeed hungry,” and he grabbed her around the waste. “I meant you, you delicious woman,” and kissed her neck.

Cathy moaned “Please let me finish Rob, we still have plenty of time for that,” and smiled, pleased, while stirring the soup. Finally it was hot and she filled two bowls with the now warmed mixture. Rob carried them to the living room and once seated they both started to eat. Rob realized how hungry he was and soon he was finished.

“Get some more, there is enough and please bring some bread along!” Cathy said, noticing the way Rob wolfed down the food. Rob so did and when he finished his second bowl of soup and also ate some bread, he felt much better. He sat on his knees, his behind still hurt too much; his wounds didn’t bleed anymore, but any pressure was painful.

Cathy had finished her soup and observed Rob while he was eating. She felt really relaxed to see him eat in his pink nightgown. He didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it, and after seeing him wearing it without feeling shy, it became natural for her also and it didn’t bother her at all.

Cathy sat across from Rob and teased: “Aha, finally you are on your knees before your Mistress; it seems Iris did me a favor,” Rob started to tense up, but the soft smile on her face made Rob clear that she felt pity for him and was joking, not mocking him.

“Would you like that of me? That I kneel before you?” Rob asked with a strange sound in his voice.

“I would like that very much Rob, to be honest it gives me the shivers if you really meant that, that you recognize me as your Mistress.”

“I will kneel before you, because I want to make you feel good and I am prepared to honor you, but I will never acknowledge anybody to be my Mistress. I’m sorry, the only exception to that should be Helena, but not now. Helena has to earn my trust again.”

Cathy sighed, and said “You would do me such an honor if you would submit to me, Rob. Can’t you reconsider? I will ask Helena for permission, I won’t do anything without her consent. You are so dear to me, you have no idea. And I hardly ever inflict pain, I feel for you something I never felt for anybody else. I think it’s your independent mind that we want to possess. Helena, Marion, Kim, Kate and me, we all would be very proud to say “this is my man”. You are married to Helena, but you still could be my S&M partner. I won’t go to parties, I just want to play with you and afterwards the release, and that can be very satisfactory.” She smiled provocatively.

Rob thought long and hard about it. “Suppose I do, then I would have three mistresses. Both Marion and Helena want to play, and I’m really not in the mood to be everybody’s sub, slave or whatever you would call it. First of all you should have Helena’s permission. Then you would have to set a time and date, and not the least, I’m not a doormat, I am not going to honor every need or wish that you might have for me to do. Even when a date is set to play, I may not be all that happy about it” and he looked at Cathy with frowning eyebrows, his expression darkening.

That look frightened her, knowing what he did to Iris, but when his look softened while looking at her with kindness in his eyes, she relaxed immediately. “You frightened me for a moment Rob,” Cathy said.

“I’m sorry, for a moment I thought about all things I had to endure, by accident or not.” They both were silent.

“Rob, I never harmed you, did I?” asked Cathy reproachfully

“Yes, you did, on my inner leg. I made use of that knowledge to hit Iris as I told you.”

“I’m sorry Rob, but I needed to know your limits at that time.”

“Now you say: at that time. So now you are planning to change the boundaries once again, no?. This is precisely my point in refusing to submit or play” Rob growled. “Everybody wants to ‘train’ me, while I don’t want to be trained in anything. Nobody listens to me and then when I get angry, it’s too late to make it work.”

Cathy looked as if she had been hit. Immediately Rob was sorry at the blunt tone of his remarks, though he didn’t take one word back. “I’m sorry if I offended you, but that is how I feel.”

“Maybe we better say goodbye to each other if you think so badly of me,” Cathy was really pissed off.

“Maybe we should.” Rob stood up, straightened out his back and silently walked out of the room and went upstairs. His clothes were lying on the bed, he took off the nightgown and it felt as good, and as bad, as it had when putting them on earlier. Cathy then burst into the room. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Rob answered: “Going home, this won’t work, we are just upsetting one another.”

Cathy said, suddenly reproachful. “I didn’t mean my words literally, I was angry, and I don’t know what I really meant. I just know, that I want you, one way or another. Don’t you have feelings for me?”

“Of course I have, perhaps too much. That is what it makes so hard to say these things to you. I would love to play games with you. I want you to be my mistress. I want to give you all my trust. I want everything and more. But I don’t dare. Don’t you see? I have been wounded too many times. Suppose an accident will happen, it doesn’t have to be your fault, but at that moment I will suffer unwanted pain, once again at the hands of someone I trusted. Then you will untie me, then I will curse you, believe me I will, and then I am afraid of what I will do next. I don’t accept anything anymore, do you understand that? Each time my rage will be even more violent, as I speak I can feel my anger rise again. And when I disappear, my trust in you and all others will be gone. Because my trust has been violated so many times, I won’t trust anybody ever again. You know what I will do next? I will sell my house, take my dogs, and start somewhere else where I don’t know anybody and I will never let anybody in my life again.”

Cathy said, almost crying “Have you been hurt so many times?”

“With Jenny it was 20 lost years of living a lie. Then Marion. Then Helena. It is enough. I can’t take it anymore.”

“We have to talk Rob. Tomorrow it’s Sunday. You really need to talk with me, as friend and as psychiatrist and as lover.”

Rob hesitated “I don’t know.”

“Rob, please listen to me, I will phone Helena in a moment and will tell her what you have said. She can draw her own conclusions. She can join us, or she can stay at home, I don’t care, but you need to talk this through. Marion can come also and probably should. But we need to get rid of that nonsense that you have in your head. Helena and Marion didn’t betray you, only Jenny did. Sure, Helena and Marion screwed things up, but not as badly that it can’t be mended anymore. And I want you in my bed right now. I want to hold you, I want to feel your dick inside me and I want you to feel safe and secure. In short: I want your arse, you are mine this night, pain or not.”

Rob had listened to her and then laughed mockingly. “You feel pretty sure I will do what you like,” he said defiantly, “but you can’t have my dick tonight, I will sleep sideways and I’m not in the mood for sex.” Cathy looked sad at this outburst, her last words were meant in a fun way, but obviously he had taken this wrong.

“Rob, let’s go downstairs, put on your pretty nightgown again and please, let us talk. You owe me that at least.”

With a sigh Rob dropped his clothes and put on the pink nightgown and negligee.

He wanted to follow Cathy, but she directed him to go to the living room. “I will phone Helena right now,” she made clear to him.

Rob went downstairs and made himself comfortable by lying sideways on the couch, to take pressure off his wounds. And Cathy wanted him to make love, when he couldn’t ever sit down? If they did it would have to be the missionary position, and nothing else. But so much better, no sex now for him. His wounds had started to burn once again, while he had put on his clothes he had hurt himself. He hoped his wounds didn’t start bleeding again. He checked carefully, with his hand, but didn’t see anything disturbing. Still, it did hurt a lot.

He took another sip of his wine. He had had enough of that and went to the coffee-machine he knew Cathy possessed. There he made a nice cup of cappuccino and it warmed his hands; it wasn’t cold in the house but still he felt chilly. Then he felt shivers all over his back and he began to tremble. He couldn’t sit anywhere, and it would hurt anyway, so he went lying on the floor, trembling and shaking. He felt hot and cold at the same time. His world went black.

When he woke up he was lying on a field-bed or something, in Cathy’s living room. He had been laid on his side, and he felt cushions in his neck and lower back. His wounds were not covered by anything, what was the smartest thing to do, the healing would be better that way.

Worried faces were around him, Kim, Helena, Marion and Cathy. “I didn’t know what to do Rob, you are too heavy to be carried upstairs, so we figured out that this was the best solution.”

Kim said “Cathy did well, your wounds will heal fast. I don’t think that was the cause of your black-out. It was the reaction to what happened this afternoon, you went into delayed shock, and your nerves couldn’t handle it anymore. I will give you an injection of a sedative, sorry Rob, but you need a good night of sleep and tomorrow I will come back.”

Kim gave him an injection in his arm, and within seconds Rob felt his eyes become heavy and he was sleeping.

Sunday at Cathy’s place

The next morning, Sunday, Rob awakened, feeling a bit dizzy. He stood up, holding himself to the couch and stumbled to the kitchen, where he had heard noises. “Good morning sleepyhead,” Cathy said with a soft smile, though worried. She gave Rob a kitchen chair and he tried sitting on it with caution. He shivered, Cathy quickly fetched a blanket from his temporary bed.

“Do you have some water for me?” Rob asked, “I’m very thirsty.”

Cathy gave him a glass. “That thirst comes from your injection, it is rubbish, but it helps when you seriously need sleep. And you needed it for sure. It’s past ten now, so you have slept for almost twelve hours.”

Rob drank the water and felt immediately better and now felt hungry. “Could I have something to eat? I’m sorry, I would grab something for myself, but I feel a bit… unstable,” Rob hesitated in saying the last word.

Cathy made him two sandwiches with cheese and Rob accepted them thankfully and started to eat. He also took coffee and finally his shivering disappeared.

Cathy told him “Marion, Kim and Helena all left last night after you went to sleep, they should be here again this afternoon. I really hope we can talk some more Rob. I have made my mind up about the things you have said to me. Soon you will be completely physically recovered.”

“And then?” Rob asked.

“Then I will ask Helena to leave you to be in my care. I want you to get your dogs, in the mornings I want you take long walks, when I don’t have patients I will walk with you, in the afternoons we will do sessions, and in the evening maybe another, maybe talk and maybe sex. But I will handle you with care, but you need help. That bitch Iris has no idea what she has done to you. You were already hurt, and that was the finishing blow. I will start this afternoon. I don’t want to hear no, it is either this, or our paths will go in different directions. I ask for your trust, I haven’t done anything to you, so I deserve it. And I want it. No, I demand it! You have serious issues, Rob, and we need to work on your behavior. You have been hurt, more than once, and now you need to heal for your own sake as well as those around you.”

Rob thought it over, and he knew Cathy was right.

“I agree, though I want do it without everyone else watching me. I want privacy. I know they all want to best for me, but I cannot stand them watching me while you humiliate me,” Rob stated. “In fact, humiliation can only be done with my approval, I need to give my consent before you do anything, otherwise I won’t feel safe.”

“Rob, I promise you, you will not be humiliated for real, it will be what you said, you make the boundaries, and you decide what is possible or not. But I will exceed your mental barriers, that I promise you. That has nothing to do with humiliation, but everything with giving me your trust, and I in turn will earn your trust in me as well.”

“That is OK,” Rob said, he was tired of fighting at the moment.

They talked a lot, the time went fast, and soon Rob and Cathy had lunch together. Around 13:00 a car stopped and Helena, Kim and Marion stepped out, bringing with them Inca and Nicky, Rob’s dogs.

Cathy opened the door and let them in, they all went to Rob and he was covered with kisses (and licks). Rob just let it roll over him, he knew they all had been extremely worried. At a certain moment Cathy had enough of it and said “Ladies, please, Rob is OK. It will take a few days more and by then his physical wounds will be healed. But I want to discuss his emotional condition with you, the wounds he has there.” [

You could hear a pin drop, everybody was quiet.

“Should I leave?” Rob asked.

“That is a good idea honey,” Helena said, “I think Cathy wants to speak with us and she can speak more freely when you are not here.”

Rob whistled to his dog and put on a coat, then put a leash on his Dobermans and he then went outside. He sniffed the air, it felt good to be out, and he had had enough of the whole thing. He in fact thought about leaving, going back to his own house and staying there until he was healed, but he didn’t want to ignore Cathy either. He felt she had sensed something correctly, that he wasn’t his old self.

It might be a good idea for him to recognize her as his Mistress, maybe he could give himself completely to her and get something back in the form of self-understanding, and maybe even a remedy and a cure of his deeper feelings. He knew by now that the beating he gave to Iris was of course a payback, but also an outlet from his frustration of the 20 years of betrayal of his marriage. It was not just Iris who he beat him to hell, it was also Jenny. She had hurt him more deeply than he had thought at the time. Yes, he needed Cathy, he would put his well-being in her hands, and if she wanted him to kneel before her and call her Mistress, he didn’t mind, as long as she could help get his mind at peace, for now.

After walking the dogs for an hour, he returned. The women were talking, but not about him he noticed. It was small talk and they were all relaxed. They clearly must have reached an understanding in the time he was gone.

Helena stood up and nodded to Rob to sit beside her. He did so with some hesitation, as his arse wasn’t healed yet. Very carefully he installed himself on the couch next to Helena.

“My dearest, will you listen to us and not be angry?” she whispered to him. Rob looked at her with questioning eyes, for he had no idea what they had planned. Inca and Nicky laid themselves at his feet, as if they were protecting him, and he stroked them both.

Helena then looked at him and said “Ladies, I want to tell Rob about what we have spoken of and our solution. Rob, Cathy and Kim have agreed that your physical recovery will happen pretty quickly. That old hag Iris will remember you longer,” she chuckled. “But, you also had an emotional meltdown, and it seems that Jenny is primarily responsible for that, but that Marion and I are also partly responsible. By chaining you like that I unknowingly had made a very big mistake, I apologize again.” She looked at him with great tenderness.

“I want to do everything to get your trust again, I would kiss your feet if that would help, or you could give me a whipping or whatever if that made you feel better (though I would rather not BTW),” she smiled mischievously, “but Cathy has given us a proposed solution/course of action. She wants you to stay with her for two weeks or so. In that time we will visit you, or you can come to see us, you are free to come and go. But the most of the time I will leave you in the good care of Cathy. When we visit you, we probably will join in with what Cathy is doing. This really can’t go on any longer, the anger, the mistrust, and you pass out whenever the tension level drops off from its peak. Because of the events what happened to you, you passed out after your adrenaline rush.”

Cathy continued: “Rob, whenever you feel in danger, your senses sharpen, your reaction time is much better and I don’t want to mention your strength. But after the danger, when you feel safe again, you collapse. You had driven to my place from Iris, it could have happened in the car, think about that.”

Rob answered “So what have you decided?”

“We have decided that you will follow Cathy’s treatment the whole coming week, starting today,” Helena answered, “Kim, Marion and I will not interfere, but as I said, perhaps we will join in from time to time. And perhaps we will stay overnight once you are physically healed. To tell you the truth, I’m planning to fuck your brains out then, we have waited long enough.” Kim and Marion showed him that they totally agreed by giving him encouraging smiles. Kim even provocatively touched her clit-ring by rubbing her hand over her jeans and gave him a wink.

“Hmm, and I don’t have anything to say about it?” Rob asked, somewhat defiantly.

Helena answered “The alternative would be an examination from a Doctor, who finally will come to the same conclusion that when you suffer the effects of too much stress etc., you can pass out when the crisis is over. I don’t know what he would prescribe, but I reckon it will be a long and dull treatment. I think with Cathy’s help, you probably will have better and faster results, and from what I heard, the treatment itself isn’t so bad either. I will leave it up to her to give you the full details. She wants to start right this moment, so we will leave now.”

Cathy then said “I think by around Wednesday, Rob will be able to ‘entertain’ us all, that is if he wants to.”

“I’m really looking forward to that, Rob.” Helena stroked his dick through his trousers, and whispered “Let’s go outside for a moment dear.” Rob followed Helena, the other women were not surprised to see them leave. Once outside they went to Cathy’s examining room and closed the door. “Rob, I really need to tell you again how much I regret my actions. I feel very guilty, and I really have no idea how I can earn your trust again. Cathy told me about her treatment, at first I had hesitations about it, but then I thought it over and I agreed this would be the best solution. She is going to introduce herself to you as your Mistress, I wanted to let you know that.”

Rob then said “But you are my mistress, my only mistress.” His eyes clouded a bit.

“Maybe, but for now I would like you to acknowledge her as your Mistress, for this time only. It was pretty hard for me to ‘give you away’ into her care, but I think we will all benefit. So, therefore as your wife I give you permission to do anything with her and for her, as she asks. Don’t think for a moment that you will be cheating on me, normally I would have been present and you would do the same, and I would get my share, for now that’s impossible. She will explain her treatment and you will understand why. It would be too exhausting for me to be a part of it.”

“So, you are telling me that for now she is my Mistress, while I promised that to you at our wedding. You may know, that you need to earn my trust again on the S&M games, but in normal life you have all my trust. You are my wife, closest friend and lover. You have my heart, nothing will change that. When I left you when I was angry, I was playing a game also, I knew you would try to make it up to me, and that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted you to realize that I’m not a play toy, but your husband, and I need respect. By chaining me, you took that away. Now you know all….”

Helena had started to cry, when Rob explained his feelings to her. “Oh honey,” she hugged Rob, hold him against her body and Rob caressed her back and then kissed her.

“We’ll make it up when I get home, you will be my princess and we won’t come out of bed for 24 hours.”

“I hold you to your promise,” she cried and smiled at the same time, with tears over her face.

Rob lead her back to the kitchen, fetched a towel and wiped of her face of the tears that had flowed there. Helena updated her make-up, as she didn’t want the others to know that she had been crying. “I will be strong for you when I’m leaving, and be certain that I will want to make love to you this coming Wednesday. No matter what the others say or do, I want to feel you inside me.”

They walked back to the living room. Kim and Marion were ready to depart, and then they all said goodbye, gave out many hugs and they promised to come on Wednesday.

Helena kissed him deeply, she hardly could let him go, but finally they left. Cathy and Rob waved them out and Rob also had to clear his throat a few times.

“Let’s go take a walk with the dogs; it will do us good and it will give me the opportunity to explain what we will do over the coming days. Not in detail, some things I still have to decide upon myself.

So they both put on their coats, Rob took Inca on the leash and Cathy took Nicky, and they walked slowly out of the village. On the edge of the village was a pretty large forest, and there the dogs could walk freely. At this time Cathy started to explain what would happen. “Rob, Helena explained to you I think, that from now on I will be your one and only Mistress, until further notice. Can you accept that? If not, then it is of no use for us to carry on. I need your answer now,” and she looked at him with pleading eyes, rather than demanding ones

A bit reluctantly Rob said “Well, I guess so.”

“That is not enough,” Cathy said.

“I want you to be my Mistress,” Rob then said hesitatingly.

“Again, not enough,” Cathy said.

“Please Cathy, will you be my Mistress?” Rob asked.

“Yes, I will,” and she kissed Rob, “thank you for that. Rob, the coming days will be very hard on you at times. Hardly any pain, a bit maybe and not for long, some bondage, but I will be present or monitoring you always, a lot of humiliation, I will come to that, but most of all, you have to worship me.” Rob looked a bit disturbed at that. “That is not all, we will be very intimate, we will be more intimate then you ever were with a woman. You understand that this is no Doctor-patient commitment, but rather this will be a love commitment. I’ll all appointments for you the day after tomorrow, and will reschedule some others to the coming week.”

Rob still looked unsure and said “I am a bit apprehensive, I have no idea what you are planning to do ,I’m still recovering from prior bad experiences, so whipping and spanking is out of the question, I have to say that now to make it clear.”

“Did you think that I would forget? I’m your Mistress, and your well being is now my responsibility.”

Now Rob looked shy “Sorry.”

“You are forgiven. Rob, there can be a downside to all this. Not for you or me, but for Helena. She is aware of what I plan to do, but out of love for you, she still agreed to it even though it involved our being intimate. So you have to reward her for that trust in you and myself as soon as she joins us. You see, the comings days I want to brain-wash you. Not as in the movies or so, but I think I mentioned this before while discussing being a Mistress: I will become your world. You no longer will think ‘I’, but ‘my Mistress’. That will in the end result in a different view of each other.”

Rob still didn’t get it and his puzzlement was evident to Cathy.

“Have you no clue?” Cathy asked, “Because we will become very close, it will hardly be unavoidable that we will fall in love. I already am, and I’m pretty sure you have feelings for me. That will intensify.”

“And Helena will be out of my thoughts?” Rob asked.

“Partly, therefore I will give you instructions on Wednesday. Because we will get very intimate, Helena agreed that I will be the fourth person in your personal circle. So our commitment will not end when you are cured. I want to ask you, will you accept me as your Mistress, but also as lover? That will be my reward.”

“I thought you already were?,” Rob remarked.

“No, I am not. I always tried to keep a professional distance, as much as possible using the unorthodox methods I have been using. I have always had been in love with you, but as to sharing you with three women, I never thought I could be part of that. But it is the only way I think this could all work. Maybe if I find myself another man in the future who looks a bit like you…” she sighed. “It is not your good looks, by the way” she teased him.

“You like sissies?”

“Rob, you are not a sissy, that was simply part of our game. Maybe I will call you sissy again, I probably will, but never, ever think I see you like that. Rob, come here,” she ordered him, took his head and kissed him on his mouth, “no matter what I say or do, you are very, very dear to me. Never forget that. And you will make me happy, oh yes,” and she gave him a wicked smile.

“Let’s go back,” Rob said.

“Yes; we will start as soon as we are inside again. I will be your Mistress from now on. You will have to obey all my wishes, without asking or hesitation. I will ask a lot, but not really things you can’t do or what will be against your nature.”

Pretty soon they were inside Cathy’s house again.

“While you are staying here, I won’t call you other names than Rob, except on occasions when I want to humiliate you, but then you know for that is for a good reason. Next point: we will walk through my house, to let you familiarize yourself with all the rooms.”

So she first showed him the kitchen and the scullery with the washer and dryer. Oh, I forgot to mention something: all the time, and I mean all the time except when we go out, you will wear a French Maid’s outfit. Helena bought you several, and they are all upstairs. You just pick one and wear it. The next day or sooner, you will wear a different one. You will do all the laundry and also wash your belongings, including lingerie, uniform, whatever. Clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” Rob answered.

“Cathy will do for now until I say you are to address me otherwise,” Cathy made clear.

Cathy then opened a door near her examining room. In here was a seat that looked like a dentist chair, it could be lowered and turned in all positions. Also some belts on it, to secure someone. A lot of electrical equipment was placed around it. Cathy smiled when she saw Rob’s face.

“Ok Cathy, but what about that equipment?”

“It’s not what you perhaps think it is though as you guess you will be required to sit on this chair tomorrow. It is a kind of lie-detector. I will show you some movies and I will do a test, I will measure not only your heart-rhythms, but also your brain activity i.e. E.E.G. you maybe have heard of it, blood-pressure and even the swelling of your dick. Let’s continue to the other rooms.”

Cathy went forward and showed him the rest of the house. There was no cellar present, but she had an attic and there she kept her bondage equipment.

“Here is your punishment room. Now I don’t want to have a reason to punish you, rather I would rather it be because I want to, not I need to; understand?”

“Yes Cathy,” Rob said.

“It would be nothing serious, it would be just to make you acquainted with bondage. I will bind you, but the max time will be about one hour. I will not always be physically present when you are bound, but look” Cathy pointed at cameras “I will always keep an eye on you. Tuesday I will have one or two patients, so I can do bondage then, or put you to work in the meantime, whatever suits me.”

Rob sighed “You know how ‘well’ I behave during bondage.”

“I will monitor you from my desk in the examining room, and you will be doing it for me. There is a big difference with that and the unfortunate chaining event.”

“Maybe I won’t like it one bit,” Rob said hesitantly.

“You are missing the point, Rob! It is not about you. You will do it, because your Mistress wants it from you. You want to please me. Can you give me that pleasure?”

“I can’t promise you anything, I don’t know how I will react if I’m bound, I never really tried that before and if I’m get claustrophobic you may have a problem.”

“Are you claustrophobic Rob? I need to know all about you and what you can and can’t absolutely take. I know you don’t like blood, me either. I don’t work with needles, so that is no problem, either.”

“No branding, cutting or whatever.”

“Of course not. Candle wax?”

“Never tried it before, but I have had it on me by accident, who hasn’t. No big deal,” Rob answered.

“If you think of something that comes up that is a limit or bothers you, please tell me. I have some things that you probably haven’t done yet, but you will see it at the appropriate time. I promise you, no poop, and maybe pee.”

“I’ve already done that with Marion.”

“Golden shower? And what did you think about it?”

“If it is done naked I don’t have problems with it, but I don’t accept it on my clothing, and I want to shower afterwards.”

“So will I, OK, we have agreement I think,” Cathy said. “OK, where are you waiting for? You know what I want.”

“I don’t understand Cathy,” Rob said.

“I want you to dress in your lingerie, in whatever you feel comfortable in. I want to see you always wearing stockings, the rest is for now up to you. You choose the uniform.”

Rob hurried to his room, took off all of his male clothing and put on a suspender belt and long black stockings with seams. He also chose black French knickers and a black camisole, that reached the top of his stockings. Lastly he put on black low heeled shoes, he knew he probably would get cold feet otherwise, and it was sexier anyway. Then he picked out one of his French maid’s uniforms, Helena had packed in three different ones.

When he came downstairs, he went straight to the kitchen, where Cathy was preparing their dinner.

“Tomorrow you will do the cooking,” she ordered. She looked approvingly at him, and told him to get a glass of red wine for both of them. Rob did as was asked, and soon they sat together at the kitchen table, waiting for their meal to be cooked. With all the dinner smells, the warmth of the stove and not to forget the effect of the wine, it felt really cozy. Rob leant over to Cathy and kissed her, she kissed him back and felt happy.

When their dinner was ready, they ate and drank and with the dogs at their feet, it felt really good to be there. They both did the washing up, standing next to one another, and Rob kissed her again.

Cathy said: “You know how much I want to make love to you, but I think you need another night of rest, so your wounds can heal. I think it’s still too early for too much excitement. We will just sit on the couch, watch TV or grab a book and just rest. What do you think of that Rob?”

Rob felt his wounds, they were closed but painful, he knew that with too much pressure they would open up again. “I think you are right, let’s be sensible. We have plenty of time for making love. We can sit next to another, and I will try to spare my back and bottom.”

So they did; Rob liked Cathy’s house and it felt like a real home to him. At 23:00 they decided to go for a quick walk, Rob just put a coat on over his female clothes and out they went. It was cold and they held hands, Inca and Nicky were let loose as they both reacted well to Rob’s whistle. When the dogs came back, they both were freezing and decided to go to bed.

Rob wore his nightgown again, as did Cathy, and before they went to sleep they cuddled a bit and soon after they were asleep.

Monday, at Cathy’s house

The sun was shining in Rob’s face, as it promised to be nice weather, although cold. Cathy still slept beside him, and he decided not to wake her up. Rob took a shower and quickly dressed himself in the clothes Cathy wanted him to wear while he was at her house. He wore the same lingerie and French maid’s dress he had worn the prior evening, he would wash it tomorrow, he thought.

He went downstairs and made them breakfast, by making tea, toast and sandwiches. When walking upstairs with his tray he heard Cathy rummaging around and when he entered the bedroom, she was still dressed in her nightgown.

“That is a pleasant surprise, Rob,” she said. Rob kissed her and they ate their breakfast on the bed. Cathy observed him and said: “I like it that you wore this outfit. I thought I had to get used to it, but somehow it suits you. Almost totally natural, as if you wear this uniform each day. Yes, I like it, definitely.”

Rob just smiled and said “Thank you Mistress, but only while I play a game. I consider this more or less a game.”

Cathy looked up at him, this answer she didn’t expect. Then it struck her: Rob had not surrendered, he was acting. This brought her to a quandary, should she ask for his obedience, as she knew he would refuse; or just pretend she didn’t notice his obstruction? Cathy choose for the latter to avoid problems, for only the end result would count.

“Rob, you are to remove our breakfast and clear the bedroom. I will shower and get ready. When you are finished, go out and take your dogs for a walk; it’s obvious that you won’t wear your uniform when outside and don’t be in a rush. We won’t be hurrying this morning. When you come home join me in that room with the electrical devices where I will give you a test, it will take about 45 minutes. I will show you a movie, or better said, a whole lot of movies, and I will record your reactions and afterwards I will analyze them. When you are done with the test, you will make us lunch, then you will wear your uniform again. After the lunch we go outside again with the dogs, and believe me, you will need fresh air after the movie. While we walk we will discuss the results and discoveries of your sexual personality, because that is why we are doing the test in the first place.”

Rob did as he was asked, quickly did the bedroom by fixing the sheets and blankets, removed their breakfast and then brought it to the kitchen and washed the dishes. Walking upstairs again he heard Cathy in the shower, she took her time he thought and he removed the French maid’s dress and put on his male clothes over his lingerie and went downstairs again. Inca and Nicky were waiting for him impatiently and they made haste to reach the nearby forest. There he could finally relax a bit and think things over. So far he didn’t know what to expect. He threw sticks and let the dogs run after them, and it cleared his mind by doing so. An hour later, he decided to go back and let come what had to come. Once inside the house he did not enter Cathy’s examining room, where she had a phone-call. He let her know that he was back by knocking on the door and she yelled at him to go to the other room.

He then forced himself to go to the room with the chair and cables and stuff. He looked around and saw different devices that normally would appear in a real hospital. He must ask Cathy how she got all this pretty expensive equipment. It looked new, he was wondering, was it Helena perhaps? He took off his male clothes and shoes and now only wore his lingerie.

He heard Cathy coming, she must be wearing high heels now, he heard her pointed-heels clicking.

When she entered the room, his mouth almost drooled a the vision of a dominatrix Queen. She was dressed in white, a plain white see-through blouse, a white leather skirt, black nylons and white high heels.

She looked at Rob and then pointed at his feet: “Next time I want you to wear high heels. You can put on your knickers and camisole and then come and stand next to the chair.”

She lowered the chair.

“Let me first see your back.” She inspected his shoulders. “Bend over and let me see your arse,” she hummed to herself and then said “OK, seat yourself, but careful. All the wounds are closed, but look raw. We have to be very cautious this evening.”

“This evening?” Rob thought, and his dick hardened at the thought of coming events, but he had no knickers on, so Cathy saw it immediately. “I’m flattered by your reaction, but please behave. The movie you are going to see will sometimes give that effect, I want to make sure that it is a true reflection of your mind and thoughts. So I won’t discipline you for it, yet.”

“I’m sorry Cathy,” Rob said.

“At the moment Mistress Cathy, or just Mistress is appropriate.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Cathy,” he wanted to please her, and if a word is what she wanted to hear, no problem, he thought.

She rummaged through a lot of wires and finally got what she wanted.

“This evening, after dinner and after walking with Inca and Nicky, get rid of your body hair, all of it. I will help with your back, and after you have shaved off most of your hair, I will apply a lotion that will get rid of the remainder. It will burn a bit, but you won’t be without pain the coming days anyway. See it as something you do to please your Mistress.”

“May I ask you something, Mistress Cathy?”


“Where does this equipment come from? It must be extremely expensive.”

“It was a gift from Mistress Helena, the idea to examine you this way had come up right after your first session here with me. We needed to have an insight into your thoughts. And of course I can use it for my other patients as well.”

“I’m not your patient.”

She didn’t answer, and obviously ignored him. It was true what he said, so by giving him no answer, he had an answer.

Cathy had placed a cap with holes on his head and through the holes she had marked the places where to put the electrodes. Thereafter Cathy fastened several electrodes to his head, giving light scratches to make a good contact and fixed it with some glue. When she was ready Rob had some 20 electrodes all around his head.

Then she took his blood-pressure and wrote it down. Thereafter she put some sort of plastic cap on his point finger, Rob knew it was to measure his heart beat. He also got electrodes on his chest, his back below the shoulder blades and finally one on his dick.

“When I have to remove that latter, it will hurt” She teased him.

Then she took a trolley, guided it next to Rob and put on some sort of glasses. But these glasses covered his eyes completely, the sides were closed and he could not see through it.

“Cathy said: “It is in fact a video-screen. You will see images as if you are there, almost next to the ‘players’.”

She also gave him a headphone and was ready to start.

“I’ll go to my examining room and start the computer. Let it roll over you and just give in to your thoughts. But keep your mind at the video being shown and don’t close your eyes, otherwise this test would be worthless.” She walked to the other room and said: “Enjoy.”

When the images came, Rob was surprised by the brightness. They were HD recordings and at first there was nothing disturbing, some landscapes and animals, soft music. He knew she had done this on purpose to relax him. Then a school came in sight, with playing children. Then it showed a high school with teenagers hanging around. Finally a disco was shown with dancing youngsters in various types of clothing. Last but not least there were recordings of a fetish theme night, he found that the most interesting so far. Then a series of couplings followed. A Naked woman with a man, a woman with a woman, a man with a man, then the same combinations with clothed people in various stages and types of lingerie, leather and lace. Also this time transvestites with transvestites, or transvestites with males and transvestites with females. The latter aroused him the most, but he didn’t know it. Then again it showed a lot of the same combinations, but then with older woman and man combinations. One of the last fragments was old couples doing ‘it’.

It somehow moved Rob, that these old people had so much patience and love for each other. Finally recordings of S&M sessions, where men and women were flogged and caned. The start of the S&M scenes were pretty innocent, and Rob got a bit excited from it. But then heavier scenes followed, variants featuring men and women. Rob recognized what the victims endured. He started not feeling well. Then the recording suddenly stopped. Cathy was in the room already, because when it finished, she immediately took off the glasses and headphones. Rob felt dizzy. For a moment it went black before his eyes. Cathy noticed and asked: “How are you doing, Rob?.”

“I feel a bit dizzy, Cathy, I think if I drink something I will feel better.”

“One moment, stay there” and she walked to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. “Here you are dear.”

Thankfully, Rob drank it, and his body reacted, sweat broke out and he needed to lie down. “Too many impressions” he said and gave his body some rest and tried to empty his mind. “Some of the recordings were not my idea of good taste, Cathy” he said.

“I know, I felt the same, but by measuring your body language and the reaction of your brain, I can determine what absolutely frightens you, what you hate, what you love and what is indifferent to you. I have done the same tests on myself, and the results were pretty disturbing at times, and on the other hand an eye-opener.”

She careful removed all wires, including the one on his dick. She had promised that he would suffer pain, but she removed it very cautiously and Rob didn’t feel a thing.

“When you are up to it, prepare our lunch. You know where the kitchen is, do your best. Don’t forget your uniform, and besides, without it, it will be pretty cold.”

“Yes Mistress” Rob said and Cathy smiled. She thought she handled him pretty fairly.

Rob put on his knickers and camisole first, took his male clothes with him and went upstairs, then put on his uniform and high heels, 4″ or so, and hurried back to the kitchen. He saw that Cathy had filled the cupboards with enough food for a month, so shopping wouldn’t be necessary soon. He decided to boil two eggs, opened a tin can of tomato soup and started to heat it. He also made them a few sandwiches with various fillings and finally he covered the kitchen table, where they would eat their lunch. About ten minutes later he decided to get Cathy, otherwise their lunch would be cold. He entered softly the examining room, where she was typing an email. He waited until she was ready and said: “We can better start to eat, your egg and soup is still warm, Mistress.”

Cathy smiled at him and said, “Thank you Rob, it is nice to get a treat like this. A very welcome change from my normal working days. You can call me Cathy during lunch ” and she followed Rob to the kitchen.

They ate in silence. Cathy said then: “I e-mailed my findings to Helena, after all it is she who is paying for all this, and although some parts of it are for free, I still need to make a living.”

“And what were your findings Cathy?” Rob asked.

“Let’s go outside, I think you need fresh air” and they finished their lunch. Rob clothed himself in his male attire and a coat, though he still wore his lingerie, while Cathy wore a long coat to hide her leather skirt and a large part of her legs. They each took a dog.

Once outside, cars drove by, children were playing in the nearby park, birds were singing, people were shopping, all the normal traffic and Rob thought by himself ‘what am I doing’?

Cathy had noticed his change of mood and asked him, “What’s on your mind, Rob?”

“I was thinking what have I let myself in for? The sun is shining, although it’s pretty cold, people are shopping, children playing, and I am being some kind of waitress and am walking in female clothing; and calling you Mistress instead of Cathy. I must be mad.”

“Not mad, dear. You have seen some very disturbing recordings, and all normal people would react like you did. I also had problems afterwards, which is why I told you to do normal things, to clear your mind. And now we are outside and it seems even more disturbing to you. Well, I have the results and I will tell you the results and what it says about you.”

“You mentioned you did the test also. Will you tell me what your biggest surprise was? Since we are going to be very intimate, it is no more than fair to tell me.”

“You are right, and I have nothing to be ashamed of. The results for me were, well, I’m a dominant that was clear. I always thought I only wanted men, but it appears, and that was so disturbing, because I got my highest arousal with men in female clothing. I also appeared to be bi-sexual, that I always probably had suppressed, and that I feel more comfortable in the company of women. Finally, and that is something I can’t understand, I seem to hate normal men. Thus, unless the man is a sissy, to put it bluntly, I’m not interested in men. I’m not interested in the ‘male’ type of man, but I like the ‘softer’ man. And that probably explains why I have never married. My subconscious probably always wanted to tell me that. And that is why I’m so afraid I will fall in love with you. As a matter of fact, you already stole my heart, Rob. And at the same time, I want to dominate you, no, I need to dominate you.”

Rob was very silent. “In your practice, you must surely meet other people who have the same interest as me?”

“Of course, but they are not you. You are feminine and tough at the same time. That combination is hard to withstand. All your women, they all have the same problem. They are bi-sexual, are fond of men and women, but hate the ‘male’ type man. And then you show up….”

“I’m sorry, it was unintentionally. I also would rather have had a ‘normal’ relationship. Still, I’m happy to have met you and Helena and so on. Otherwise I would have fallen in a big black hole.”

“I’m glad you are happy meeting me,” Cathy said drily.

Rob stopped, and so did Cathy. “I want to kiss you right here and now, you are so very dear to me,” and Cathy then kissed him, instead of Rob kissing her. “I wanted to do this the whole day Rob, I will tell you now about your profile, and then we will walk back and we will make love. But I warn you, I will wear you out the coming days. That is why it will become so exhausting. Making love is fine, but you will have to perform several times today, this evening and during the night. You won’t get much sleep, and tomorrow we will repeat it, until your life totally revolves around pleasing me.”

“I think I understand. You want to make me very tired, and when I’m very tired, I still have to perform actions on you and with you.”

“Yes, it will be mental and physical exhaustion. But you will be up to it, knowing you. Do you see me a bit as your Mistress yet?”

“I see you as my loving beautiful friend and Mistress.”

“I see,” she said enigmatically. Cathy thought for a moment. “So you see me as equal.”

Rob knew this was a trick question, what he would say now was crucial for the next days. “Let me put it this way, I’ll serve you, love you, obey you, but.”

“Cathy said with a cold voice “But?”

“But I will never give up my own free will. If you say ‘come here’ I will do so over the coming days. Thereafter, I will think, does it suit me to go to her if she is calling for me? I hope I make that clear to you. I am my own person until my last breathe, I will never accept anyone ruling over me. You or Helena can call yourself Mistress, on what grounds? Because you are pretty woman and you have dominant feelings? So I must crawl? How stupid can would be!”

“In saying that you earned yourself a spanking.”

“Did you hear what you just said? I dare speak freely and you are going to spank me for it? Over my dead body,” Rob growled, and took the lead from Cathy and walked away with both his dogs, the anger was for other people to see also. Everybody he met walked aside and looked at him with frightened eyes. Even big men stepped aside when they saw the look on his face, his dogs mirrored his mood and acted accordingly. They held their tail high and walked proudly next to Rob. Cathy followed slowly, she hardly could withhold her tears. All in vain, she thought. There he goes again.

Rob reached Cathy’s house and went inside with his dogs, as he still had the key. When Cathy finally arrived she saw Rob in the living room, holding a beer in his hand. He was the ‘male’ type of man now she so much disliked.

Rob gave her a beer also, and in silence they drank it. “You still owe me your analysis,” he said, a bit more friendly now.

“Ask Helena,” Cathy snapped.

“Cathy, all of you women make the same mistake. By telling me that you are my Mistress, you think I will surrender. I will never surrender, not to anyone. Ask Iris, ask Jenny, ask Marion and finally, ask Helena. I will grant you my love, and I will obey you, and I will worship you, but I will never surrender. I’m really interested in that analysis. I think you already knew a lot, and it confirmed it?”

Cathy sighed “My findings – for now. You are independent minded, and that is what gives us the most fear. You are unpredictable, you act on impulse, and you overreact. You can be extremely violent, and although you try to keep control of your emotions the moment you lose control, nobody can stop you, or they must knock you unconscious. In short: you can have an extremely bad temper. But we all knew that, therefore you are here, to learn to control yourself, and thus not to have that out of control adrenaline rush.

Furthermore, you behave normally around children and teenagers. You are annoyed by young adult woman and unless they have reached an age of about 35, you don’t show much interest in them. The only interest you had in them was if they wore nice lingerie. Your interest group is from 35 up to 60. You feel great compassion with older people. You feel very uncomfortable amongst other men. You are not anti-gay, but you have no feelings whatsoever in that direction. Other cross dressers or transvestites give you an uneasy feeling, it’s like you are confronted with yourself, and you don’t like it. You really hate to see men have intercourse with other men. S&M interests you, but the severe S&M disgusts you, especially when you see a female as sub.

In very short, you are extremely straight without hidden abnormalities, except your need in cross dressing. And now you owe me one.”

“Let us talk first,” Rob said, “I have a feeling that you have a different picture of us being together then I do, and you were pretty angry when I refused to be like that picture.”

“Angry?! You were the angry one,” Cathy hissed.

“No, that was my reaction to your behavior. You became angry first because I refused to submit and wanted to punish me for that. I remember Marion did the same to me. She really hurt me, a bit like Iris, not quite that much, but enough, well, you know the story. Every time I say something to a mistress,” Rob spit out that word as if he had eaten something bad, that Cathy of course noticed, “she wants to punish me. That won’t happen ever again. You may punish me for something stupid, or just when you feel like it, but not for a real reason you feel I need to be punished for. I think I just gave you a lesson.”

Cathy thought about the truth in his words and finally said “You are completely right. I’m sorry. Now I have to apologize.”

“Ok – give me a kiss, Mistress!” Rob said and he seriously started kissing Cathy. He felt under her skirt and noticed she wasn’t wearing panties, and she was soaking wet. Somehow the whole quarrel must have excited her. “Let’s go upstairs Rob.”

He walked behind her and she openly showed her bold naked cunt, he saw her pearls of lust.

Inside her bedroom, they quickly undressed, Cathy by letting her skirt drop and taking off her blouse. She was wearing a short lace satin slip, with more revealed than covered. A moment later Rob was standing in front of her wearing only his stockings. “This I like,” Cathy murmured and took his dick in her hand. She went lying on the bed, spread her legs and she guided him inside her cunt. She felt so good to Rob that he had to stop making thrusts, otherwise he would come too soon. He withdrew his dick, kneeled before her and started to lick her juices.

“You are a real cunt eater.” She turned and used her fingers to widen the entrance to her arsehole “but are you an arsehole eater also? Do that for your Mistress.” Rob hesitated not a moment and brought his tongue in, she tasted a bit strange, but not unpleasant. She had cleaned herself thoroughly, he wasn’t afraid. Soon she started to moan. Then he slide in his fingertip. Cathy pushed her arse back; Rob could feel her contracting. He passed her muscle and Cathy sighed. With his other hand Rob touched and rubbed her clit with wet fingers, he first put them in her cunt and then worked upwards to her clit. She started rocking and Rob’s fingers went in and out. She couldn’t hold out any longer and with loud cries she came. He turned her around and brought his dick into her cunt and slowly moved it, very slowly. Then he stopped, used his finger to work on her clit again and then shoved his dick in again. Rob buried his face on a breast and started to suck on a nipple. Gently he pumped his dick in and out, with long strokes, agonizing her, teasing her. Cathy rubbed her finger over her sensitive clit. She moaned louder and she felt the pulsing of his cock. Again she couldn’t hold out any longer and climaxed again.

Rob took out his dick before he climaxed and walked to the bathroom. “What are you going to do?” Cathy asked. “Nothing,” Rob said, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, he put his dick in cold water, so the hardness disappeared. He then walked back to Cathy. “Did you come?” she asked disappointed.

“No, not at all,” he said malevolently. “Spread your legs,” and rubbed his dick which became hard again. With big eyes Cathy looked at him “I was planning to wear you out, but for now you wore me out.”

Rob looked at her, her long legs, clad in stockings, her white slip on her body and she had put the top of the slip under her breasts, which now were fully exposed. “I call Helena a sex-animal, but all women of my circle are,” and softly brought in his member again. He then caressed her breasts and kissed them, made circles around her nipples and teased her by taking them one by one in his mouth and bit softly on them. Then he shoved his dick out of her cunt again, and again licked the inside of her cunt with his tongue, then out of her cunt to her clit, and pushed three fingers in her cunt and slowly went in and out. He took his time, Cathy responded madly to him. She moaned and gave little cries, she made fists or her hands and opened them again. She panted, and tried to resist him, but she couldn’t. She lifted her hips and Cathy no longer could withhold, and she came, from her toes to her breasts. Her body went up and she cried from lust, she didn’t have it anymore, completely lost in her orgasm. She went quiet again and when Rob started to fuck her, this time he didn’t withdraw and Cathy again made strange movements, she turned her eyes and let the feeling flow over her. Rob felt her cunt muscles squeeze and could not withhold himself any longer. Squirt after squirt left his dick, while Cathy also came. Finally he relaxed and pulled out. Their joint juices flowed out of her, Rob took some toilet paper he had brought with him from the bathroom and cleaned her. Then he lain on his side next to her. “I didn’t know you could do this to me Rob,” she kissed his face, she was still in heaven and trembled a bit. She softly caressed her clit, “I don’t know how you did it, but this was the most vehement orgasm in my life.” She breathed out heavily and said “I want more of this Rob. You are going to please your new Mistress.”

“Haven’t you had enough?”

“Never! I feel these are going to be the best days ever for me, a lust slave with a golden dick and tongue,” she smiled happy to Rob. “I hope you like it as much as me, it will be heavenly, we will probably be sleepwalking at times, but I want you to lose yourself in me. I don’t know if you can give that to me, but I will do everything I can to make it happen,” and she kissed Rob again.

“Rob, touch me there,” and she pointed to her wet cunt.

Rob directly slid off the bed and started eating her out again.

“That is not what I meant,” Cathy said, “I’m a bit tired now, I just want to hold you, while you do things to me.”

“I will make you come again first,” Rob replied and put in his tongue as far as possible. Cathy moaned once again and started to touch her breasts. Rob then tongued her clit and brought in his three fingers again and slowly inserted them into her, in and out, in and out. Then he changed and brought in his tongue, while his wet finger rubbed her clit. Again Cathy started to groan, this time louder than before, she had become very tired, yet her body asked for release and then she came, and came and came. Shaking and trembling she whispered to Rob “Stop Rob, please, I can’t do this anymore.”

“But you have to, you promised me to fuck all night,” he answered.

With veiled eyes Cathy looked at him “You win Rob,” and sighed.

“No, I don’t win, I just want to have you. I’ll make you dinner, you get some rest and we will play. Tie me up in the attic.”

Immediately Cathy’s energy came back. “Would you? That would be nice. But first I’m going to tease you. I’ll help you with our dinner. But let’s have a drink first.”

Together they walked downstairs, Cathy in her slip and stockings, Rob in his camisole and stockings. They both had their genitals uncovered. They decided, because they wanted to play, to stay sober, so they just took some mineral water. Cathy sat opposite Rob and teased him by sliding her finger in and out of her wet cunt. “I’m wet again because we are going to play in the attic. Rob, you have no idea how happy you will make me.”

“But you know, not too long, and that is a serious warning.”

“Rob, I promise you, I’ll be present the whole time. I don’t know how long, but that doesn’t matter, does it? As long as I am near you? I want to tease you, and make you almost come, but then I will stop and so on. Maybe you can then begin to appreciate your Mistress.”

Then Cathy sat beside him and started to kiss him. “I want to share my life with you, divorce Helena, come and live with me. I need you.”

Rob smiled and said: “Marion asked me the same thing, so did Kim and Kate, now you.”

Somewhat dumbfounded Cathy said “What, they all did that? Why?”

“I really don’t know, they want to have someone who walks in nylons I guess,” he joked.

Cathy looked at his legs “It sure does look appealing on you, it makes me horny as hell, I want to feel your legs the whole night against mine.”

“So you won’t take off your stockings then?”

“No of course not, I want to experience that sensuous feeling, too.”

They sat against each other, caressing each other’s legs and body. Cathy leaned against Rob saying “I hope this doesn’t hurt you.”

“No, I’m good,” Rob answered, “this is very romantic with you on the couch like this. We will play in the attic later, before that we will walk again with our dogs, it will give us strength, and after the attic play time I want to sit here again and relax. Then I will take something somewhat stronger, whiskey or brandy. But, if you are planning to keep us awake all night, I will stay sober. It’s up to you.”

“Rob, you make me very happy when you play a game with me, although it’s simple, we can celebrate our love for each other doing that. Wait and see,” she smiled impishly. “I’m not very experienced with bondage and such, in fact you are the first one. One of my clients installed some equipment in the attic without me having the slightest idea about how it is used.”

“I don’t know whether to be honored, or whether I should run now. I have said this before in another situation, and that time I should have run. Don’t make me regret my decision, I beg you.”

Cathy looked at him, thinking, but decided not to say anything.

Rob would later remember this moment.

Cathy left the couch and went upstairs, and when she came back she carried two very frilly aprons. “I don’t want your lingerie to get dirty, which one do you want?” Rob had the choice out of a frilly one and an even more frilly one, he choose the latter; if she wanted to make him look ridiculous, then he might as well go all the way he thought. So they both fastened their aprons. Then they made their dinner together; Cathy made some salad and Rob baked potatoes and roasted some chicken. Soon they were ready, Rob just filled two plates with the potatoes and meat, while Cathy picked up the bowl with salad and brought it inside her living room. They decide to eat at the large table, that Cathy didn’t use very often. Rob placed their plates next to one another, took over the bowl from Cathy and also placed that on the table and gallantly held the chair for Cathy, so she could sit first.

“A true gentleman, or should I say a gentle woman?” Cathy grinned.

“Don’t tease me,” Rob caressed her upper legs under the table.

“Don’t Rob,” Cathy moaned.

Then they started to eat. While in the kitchen Rob already had fed his dogs. They came in the room and laid themselves on the carpet at the lower table.

“They feel at home,” Cathy said, looking at Nicky and Inca with a tender glance. “I had no idea that these dogs would be so gentle. They behave like lapdogs, while they can react so fiercely.”

“Never underestimate a Doberman, they are kind and gentle, but fast and when they are angry, really angry, run. I walk with them and a man as big as 6’6″ stepped aside, most people know what they are capable off.”

With respect Cathy looked at them, “Still I like them very much. You pick dogs that match your character?”

“Coincidence,” Rob said, and gave no further comment.

Cathy thought otherwise: you pick dogs that suit your character. When they were finished, they dressed to go outdoors, Rob his male clothes and Cathy wore jeans and a sweater, and while they put on their coats, Rob noticed that Cathy was in deep thought. “Rob, I wrote down a message and put it on the table. When we are coming down from the attic I want you to read it. It’s nothing special, but I am a psychiatrist and you are under my treatment.”

Rob shrugged his shoulders “Fine with me, probably another game?”

Cathy didn’t give any more information about the subject, she opened the front door, and out they went.

They went out with a dog in one hand and with their other hands they held hands. Cathy felt very secure with Rob walking next to her, she enjoyed every minute of their being together, but she knew that their friendship soon would be at stake. But she wanted to give him more resistance to his wild adrenaline rush and not to faint afterwards. She sighed.

Rob noticed and asked “What is the matter Cathy?”

“I want to walk with you every day, I feel happy,” and she looked up at him with her bright eyes. Rob couldn’t resist and kissed her, in the middle of the pavement, it didn’t bother him that some passersby looked a bit disturbed because they had to walk around them and their dogs. They walked further and felt good. Rob knew that he was falling in love with this strange woman. He already knew that he would find it hard to say goodbye at a certain moment in the future. Helena also knew what could happen. His respect for Helena grew, he understood she must love him much more than he ever realized, that she took the risk of losing him. This thought made him stronger in dealing with his feelings. Helena deserved his love much more than anyone else.

He decided to go back and told Cathy, and she agreed.

When they reached Cathy’s house, he asked what attire he should wear.

Cathy said “Go upstairs, undress completely and wait until I come. Start with removing your body hair. I have to do some things first. I’ll join you in ten minutes.”

Rob left to go upstairs, Cathy then quickly entered the living room, walked to a curtain and slid the curtain somewhat aside. People who happened to stand before her window could have a peek in, at least theoretically. Then she went upstairs and changed her clothes. When she was finished she called Rob.

“Are you ready Rob?”

Rob came out of the room where he had his clothing stowed, completely naked.

“I have removed most of my remaining body hair, you said you had some lotion?” while admiring to Cathy. She wore a black leather corset, black nylons and calf high black leather boots with laces. Her heels must be at least four inches, she looked much taller, her legs longer and her breasts more pronounced.

“I have not seen you wearing this before,” Rob said in appreciation.

Cathy secretively enjoyed his admiration, but as Mistress she should keep a distance. “Don’t look like that at your Mistress, lucky for you I cannot punish you for that impertinence. Go in the shower,” and she picked up a tube with hair remover paste and gave it to Rob. “Turn off the water, apply it and wait a few minutes until I return,” and Cathy left.

Rob did as was asked of him, he smeared the paste especially heavily around his genitals and his chest. Then he felt it becoming hot, a bit unpleasant even. He knew what was happening: the remaining hair tips were ‘burnt’ away. It was temporary, he knew, so he would need to repeat the procedure if he wanted to remain hairless. Cathy came back, noticed his discomfort and smiled: “All this for pleasuring your ‘beloved’ Mistress.”

“Mmm, I don’t know about that ‘beloved’ anymore, Mistress,” Rob grinned.

“Rinse it off, and here is some lotion to ease the burning feel.”

Rob took it from her and applied it over the places that had given him the most discomfort, after he had showered.

Finally he had dried himself off and followed Cathy to the attic. A soft indirect light was the only light source and Cathy had a few dark candles burning, to give the room a bit more sinister look. Two pulleys were attached to a large beam at the top of the attic and the beam had been extra reinforced by four smaller beams, placed in two upside down ‘v’ forms. This construction was simple but very strong. Rob had more confidence now in the safety of it.

“Can you help your Mistress?” she wanted him to place a metal frame in the middle of the attic. This frame consisted of U-bars, and was ten feet high and seven feet wide and had several ropes and leather bindings attached. Each side was attached to a pulley, so she could by pulling a chain move the whole frame upwards. The captive then could hang with his face downwards, or even upside down. “Cathy, you may bind me, but I don’t want you to hang me in the air or whatever. I want to have my feet on the floor.”

“No worries Rob, I wasn’t planning to do so. Maybe you could try that with me sometimes, I would like to have that experience, and if you will tie me to it, I think I’ll be pretty safe. But for now, just a first step. Will you stand here?”

Rob did as she asked and she tied one hand to a leather cuff, then his other hand and thereafter his ankles. She started pulling ropes and Rob’s arms moved upwards until she couldn’t get them higher. Rob’s right arm pointed to the right corner of the frame, and his other arm to the left corner. Then she fastened a leather harness around his waist and upper body, and pulled it tight. It was the same type of harness he had to wear when he was at Iris’ party. Cathy fastened a cord to the leather cuff of his left feet, put the other end of the cord through a ring what was fastened to the harness and pulled it. Rob had to stand on one foot, his other foot was lifted now. Rob staggered on his one foot, that was loosely attached to the frame and gave him enough room to move his foot. Rob did not feel comfortable at all.

“Now I can do what I want with you. I told you, I cannot spank you, but there are still some tools I want to use on you.” From a low table she took two nipple clamps and fastened them to Rob’s nipples. He knew she would do this and wasn’t surprised. He moaned a bit, but with his earlier experience he knew that the real pain would come when they were removed.

“Have you heard of the zipper?” Cathy asked with a cruel smile. “I will try that on you. I know you are a pussy, so I will use clothespin’s that have the least pressure.” Cathy fetched two strings of each six clothespin’s and attached them to Rob breast and then the next one a few inches lower, until all clothespin’s were attached. Where his skin was tight, it hurt, while at other places he hardly felt it.

“Now the fun starts,” and with one pull all clothespins were removed from Rob.

“Ouch,” he cried out. He looked reprovingly at Cathy.

“And you want me to tie you up at one day? Think of what I can do with you,” he threatened.

She then released the nipple clamps, and Rob felt another pain, and because he was tied up, he could do nothing to ease the pain of the rushing blood. Cathy studied him and asked “Are you OK?”

“I guess so,” Rob replied.

“I cannot do very much this week to you with your fresh wounds, so I want to do one last torment.”

She picked up the remote control of the upper pulley and very slowly the frame was lifted.

“What are you doing, you promised not to lift me,” Rob said angrily.

“I won’t,” carefully examining the height of the frame. Because Rob was lifted a bit he now balanced on his toes, it was the only part of his feet that touched the floor.

“Have fun,” Cathy said, “I will have a drink, I’ll be back soon,” and she went downstairs, at least, she let Rob think she went. Rob groaned in his cuffs, but could not do anything to ease the pain in his feet. Because the whole weight of his body rested on his toes, his feet seriously started to hurt. He felt a cramp rising in his leg. “Cathy,” he shouted, “I’m getting a cramp.” Cathy decided to let him suffer for a few more minutes and then she slowly went back to Rob.

“Untie me, this is too much pain, I can’t stand it!”

“You are hardly begun, you have to stand like this at least for fifteen minutes,” she replied.

“What? Untie me!” Rob angered. He now became very angry. “Cathy, untie me, this is my last warning,” Rob now became furious, the last words were spoken with such anger that Cathy trembled with fear, she never heard Rob speak like this. This is what Iris got, she thought.

“Cathy, you are on my list now. Jenny, Marion, Helena, Iris and now you.” He was mad with rage. “You asked for it,” Rob said with a wrathful look. Suddenly Cathy became very afraid, she had no idea what of, but Rob didn’t look defeated. He whistled loudly, and Cathy heard Inca and Nicky running towards Rob. They sat before him. “Guard,” he commanded. Both dogs turned towards her and started to growl. “Now untie me, or I give the next command, then you will be worse off than Iris.”

With trembling hands she lowered the device and with one pull she made his other foot loose. Then she untied his wrists. She was frightened from the intense look of hatred in his eyes. “And again a bitch, not to be trusted,” he was raging now. She saw he was holding himself to not give her a beating. She backed off.

“Rob, before you say something that will hurt us both, go downstairs and read the letter. Then come back and talk to me,” Cathy said with a soft voice. She didn’t want to encourage his rage anymore. She was very frightened, she knew she had to be very careful now and not say too much. Rob was in doubt she saw, his feelings flashed over his face, rage but also unbelief that she could do this to him. “Please Rob, read the letter and come back,” she sat down on a chair and waited for him to go downstairs. Rob whistled to his dogs who were still observing her. They clearly didn’t trust her either anymore.

When Rob stomped into the living room, still extremely angry, he found the letter. He opened it and started to read. “My dearest, you are probably very angry now. You must know that was the purpose of this exercise. I had to make you furious, and then slowly cool you off. The adrenaline is probably racing through your body right now, and now you have the chance to get into black-out again. Please sit and cool off.”

Rob looked up and saw Cathy standing in the doorway, she was crying. “I’m sorry Rob, but this is one of the exercises I had planned. I won’t tell you when the others will happen and in what form, but you are not ready.” She gave him a glass of water. “Are you feeling better now?” she asked worried, “I hope you don’t mean it that I belong on your list,” she asked fearfully.

“I have to apologize I guess,” Rob said still with pent up feelings.

“Not just guessing, you owe me a decent apology,” Cathy said sadly.

“I’m sorry Cathy, but once again I felt betrayed by someone I thought could become one of my dearest friends in my life.”

“And now Rob?” Cathy asked.

“I sincerely apologize Cathy, I should have known better, do you forgive me?”

“Only If you forgive me that I hurt you so much; I really needed to make you angry. Unfortunately, it worked all too well. You really frightened me, I don’t think I have ever been so afraid, your fury and anger, it was awful. And you unleashed that on Iris? I almost feel sorry for her.” She studied him once more. “Rob, put on your clothes. Go upstairs, I will follow you.” Together they climbed the stairs, Rob suddenly stopped and he felt weak in his legs. He grabbed the staircase railing and Cathy supported his back. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I think so,” Rob declared.

“This was your blacking again,” Cathy said, “You were extremely angry, yet your black-out didn’t seem to be as wild as before. You didn’t faint, that is a good sign.”

They reached the landing and Cathy said “Wear what you like Rob. I want to make love with you dressed in lingerie, I really like that,” and she looked happy and relieved.

“I’m really am sorry Cathy, you truly are a victim of your own success. And you didn’t realize that I brought my ‘weapons’ with me, I only didn’t expect to use them against you….”

“Would they have attacked me?” Cathy asked hesitating.

“No, not yet, they are still too young. I only trained them to growl on command, but that is usually enough to scare people. Maybe I will teach them the ‘attack’ word. But then I also have to learn to step back on command. It’s not as simple as it maybe seems, therefore I’m reluctant. But don’t ever forget, whether I teach them to attack or not, they will always defend, and because they are extremely intelligent, it makes them dangerous. Enough about dogs. What do you want me to wear? You are Mistress Cathy!”

“OK, Rob. I want you to wear something with petticoats, but not as a French Maid. Do you have something else you brought with you?”

“I don’t know, Helena brought all of my stuff.” Rob rummaged through his belongings and found a black wide satin skirt. Then he took out a white lace blouse with long sleeves and a pink petticoat.

“Hmm, that pink doesn’t match the black skirt” Rob said.

“I think it’s rather cute, wear that now please, and also in bed tonight. I want to tease you while you are wearing your petticoat.”

Rob sighed, relieved now that the relationship between Cathy and himself was as before the bondage exercise. He put on the things Cathy told him to wear, with matching lingerie and Cathy wore a black dress. When they finished dressing, they both walked down the stairs, Cathy gave Rob an arm, she still wasn’t all that sure, but all went well. Rob didn’t faint anymore, nor had any sign of it. Once downstairs, Cathy kissed Rob and he embraced her, kissing her back. They felt so relieved that they didn’t lose each other, they couldn’t let go. Together they walked to the couch and lay down on it, still kissing and looking in each other’s eyes.

“We look like teenagers who are in love for the first time” Rob joked; he was afraid their love would become too deep, and he didn’t want to lose Helena. Still the feelings he was getting for Cathy were pretty disturbing, he knew that when he was back at Helena’s he probably would think of Cathy often.

He watched her face, she had tears in her eyes and said “I wish you could stay with me Rob.”

“I’m sorry Cathy, you always have to share me. We have talked about that before. But you will always have my love. And I can visit you in private, I will ask Helena and tell her that it isn’t fair to let you fall in love and then take it away, I’m sure she’ll understand. But think about it the other way: do you think that Helena is happy now? She knows what can happen. I suspect she doesn’t get much sleep these days.”

Rob sighed “I want you both, I’m serious. We will contact Helena and ask her to come alone, without Marion and Kim. And you know, Kim and Marion have the same feelings, oh what a mess….”

“No, they all should be here Rob. It isn’t fair to them that I want you exclusively.”

“We had planned for their arrival on Wednesday, what if we ask Helena to come tomorrow?”

“I have a better idea Rob, let Helena come right now. She can be here within the hour.”

“Doesn’t that interfere with your plans?”

“At first I thought so, but I have come up with some better ideas, and it is working. Wait and see. Helena won’t be a problem. But, tomorrow morning; I will use bondage on you again, differently then today. Helena may absolutely not be present. In the afternoon I want to take a ride with you ‘en femme’. I will tell you the details tomorrow.” Cathy picked up the phone and she spoke quickly with Helena. She turned to Rob and said: “You have no idea how relieved she is to come here. You were completely right. It seems we have to share you this evening” she looked a bit sad, but then had a faint smile and said: “Who knows, I might enjoy the love of a woman.”

“Trust me, you will. I have seen what these women are capable of, tomorrow you will be worn out”. Cathy caressed Rob, and again they were kissing. Suddenly Cathy looked up and said “I saw a man staring at us!.”

“That can’t be, the curtains are closed.”

“No, look, that curtain is not completely closed, look! I’m afraid Rob, suppose these are friends from Iris?”

Rob cursed and whistled Inca and Nicky. He put on a coat and went outside, trembling with rage. The dogs noticed his mood and acted aggressively, they started to growl and were excited. Once outside he couldn’t see anything, he walked from the front door to the back door, still nothing and decided to let go the dogs. They ran behind the building with Cathy’s playroom and started barking.

He heard a man’s voice “Call back your dogs, please.” Rob ran to where the sound was coming from and saw a man cornered by Inca and Nicky.

“What are you doing here?” Rob asked very angrily, he could see the fear in the man’s face, although it was dark.

“Nothing, I just walked by through that alley, I live nearby, when your dogs attacked me.”

“They didn’t attack, they just frightened you. You don’t seem to have been bitten.”

“No, but they could have.”

“OK, what is your name? I will check it with Doctor C. and you say you live there?”

“You can see my house.”

“I believe you, we had a peeping Tom and the Doctor was very scared, that’s why I used my dogs. Goodnight!”

Rob walked back to the house and walked around it again. He didn’t see anyone, and went in again.

He shivered a bit from the tension, again the adrenaline rushed through his body, he thought. Wait, he repeated himself, adrenaline? Cathy set him up, there was no peeping Tom. With big steps he went into the room, grabbed Cathy, put her on his lap, pulled down her knickers and gave her some pretty hard blows on her beautiful arse.

She moaned and smiled and said ‘More, give me more”, finally he stopped, and Cathy’s cunt was dripping from excitement. Her butt was red, but she had enjoyed it, he saw by the expression in her face.

“There was no intruder, right? This was another test.”

Cathy just kissed him and said “That went perfectly well, don’t you think? A medium adrenaline rush, not as heavy as earlier, but still you didn’t show any signs of blacking out or whatever.”

“No, you are right, I feel great.”

“I loved your spanking, thank you dearest,” Cathy said wickedly, “But you know you cannot spank your Mistress without being punished? So – whenever your butt is healed, I will administer to you a red bottom.”

“Then I will keep the distance between you and me, you know I don’t like pain,” Rob said half seriously.

“No, I will never hurt you, Rob please, don’t leave me. Just soft S&M play, that isn’t so bad. Your Mistress needs you, I do have other needs than sex, my mental health is also at stake. I need to play sometimes, and when it isn’t you, I will take another slave who does want it.”

“Good! Saves me the pain,” and Rob said this very seriously.

Cathy was flabbergasted. “You mean that don’t you? After everything I did for you and will do?”

“Why do mistresses always think that what they give is always pleasurable? Suppose you want me to cum and I am not in the mood, you think it is fun for me? Absolutely not, I must be horny, you must be horny, there has to be an opportunity to play (time and space), so many variables. I’m not an average sub, I’m sorry Cathy, if I don’t follow your rules. Why do you think Helena was so pissed off? The chain-incident was the ‘reward’ for denying sex. I thought you knew. My world is not all sex.”

Cathy was silent, she thought that all she did/wanted to do would attract Rob, but clearly not.

“I have to reconsider my thoughts about you Rob, I thought you were my soul mate, I may have been very wrong.”

“I’m sorry if I disturbed your dreams. Maybe it is for the best. Now you can see me as I really am. I love a bit of BDSM, but it is not my life, as it is for you. It’s exciting, I admit, but a lot of that world is absolutely not my thing. In fact, what I have seen at some s/m parties where a poor sub is whipped like I was, my blood begins to boil and I want that ‘master’ or ‘mistress’ to get a taste of their own. I bet they inflict that only on other and they never really have experienced it for themselves. Have you?” Rob asked aggressively.

Cathy admitted she in fact had.

“In my opinion those subs are a bit mad, not the normal ones, but the extremes. Who wants a hot branding iron as large as a fist searing his or her shoulder? Both should be locked up, one in the mental hospital and the other in jail. I am very serious now, I probably go against the grain of a lot of people, but in my eyes this isn’t normal. And I have heard them talk: the sub wants that for her master who she loves so much… Disgusting!”

Cathy was completely silent but finally said: “It is good to know how you really think about the community.”

“Not all, but a lot,” Rob answered defiantly.

“You make it sound dirty, with a few sentences you destroy the love of a whole lot of people and describe them as mad. I think you better go Rob. I will cancel your appointment, in fact, I want you to leave.” By saying these things he had obviously deeply insulted Cathy.

Rob didn’t say a word, and headed upstairs. He kicked off his clothing and dressed himself in his male clothes, filled his suitcase and left the room.

He went downstairs and put his suitcase by the door and whistled to Nicky and Inca. He went into the kitchen, fetched their food and mangers, bagged it and put it with the rest of his belongings.

He heard after some ten minutes that Helena had arrived. All this time he had been in the hall, waiting. Rob opened the door for Helena and she saw immediately that something was very wrong. He said nothing, went into the living room and gave Cathy a formal handshake, thanked her and left. He really wanted to leave her house but then she cried “Rob, don’t leave, please.” He stopped and looked at Helena, who was totally in the dark about what was happening.

“You asked me a few minutes ago to leave and you cancelled my appointment.”

“I withdraw my words Rob, they were spoken in anger. I don’t want you to leave,” Cathy threw herself in his arms and covered his face with kisses. “Don’t leave me Rob. Helena, don’t let him leave me, please stay, please.” She cried her eyes out, she couldn’t stop, she was totally upset.

“Rob, comfort her, she needs you, what have you done now? I can’t leave you alone, you make a habit of making us women very upset. You’re not the first one Cathy, he did it with me, and with Marion,” Helena said angrily to him.

She comforted Cathy by holding her arms around her and stroking her hair.

Then Rob also embraced her; Helena and he held Cathy in between them. Finally she calmed down and Rob led her to the couch where all three seated themselves.

“Cathy, I will stay if you want me to. But please don’t mess with me, I love you, I feel relaxed in your company, but I have my own opinions about certain BDSM extremes and I simply don’t call that love. Helena, I gave Cathy my opinion, and Cathy had the impression that I disparaged the whole BDSM scene.”

“Rob, shall we talk about something else now?” Helena asked, “This poor woman is so upset. Make us a drink, what do you want Cathy? Something strong, brandy, whiskey, I saw a few different bottles, least I thought I did.”

“Brandy please,” Cathy said, still sobbing.

“Give me one also, Rob.”

“Then we all will have one,” and Rob walked to the cupboard in which Cathy had her liquor stored, took out a bottle of brandy and three glasses, and poured them each one. Cathy emptied her glass quickly and asked Rob for another one.

“I feel better now, thank you. Rob, though right now I almost hate you. One moment you are the kindest person I know, and then you denigrate something that is important to me in one blow. Why did you say all those awful things?”

“I won’t talk about it anymore Cathy, but you should really observe what people do to each other in your so-called community. Sometimes it is love and lust, pain and passion, but not always. I won’t say a thing anymore on this subject, I don’t want discuss it anymore, it is just my opinion, and now you know it and that is that. You are an adult my age, you need to decide for yourself of we all have the right to an opinion. I don’t think you are insane on these things. You are a caring, intelligent and responsible person. Do you still want me to stay?”

“Yes, of course,” Cathy whispered.

“And you want to make love to me and Helena?”

“Of course, that’s why she is here, isn’t she?”

“Did you hear that Helena? We thought about you all alone in your big bed and we both thought the same thing, we wanted you to join us. I also seem to have made important progress, we will tell you all about it as well,” Rob said, his tone somewhat pleased with himself.

Then the evening ended with them talking and laughing together as loves and friends will, especially when Rob told Helena and Cathy about the poor neighbor, cornered by Nicky and Inca.

They all went upstairs and both Helena and Cathy asked Rob to wear stockings, just like them. Then they inspected his arse and found his wounds were nicely healed, at least enough to handle them for that night.

Helena laid down on the bed before him, and she spread her legs and she licked her lips, she so longed for him. Rob saw her shaven cunt lips wide open, her clit clearly visible and Helena caressing her nipples. “Come inside me, please,” she softly urged him. Rob put in his shaft very slowly and let it rest in her for a few moments. Cathy had the opportunity to put on her strap-on and said to him “open your arse,” and she lubricated him, by dripping KY-jelly into his rosebud. She then put in two fingers and stroked in and out, making him moan. Then, after removing her fingers, she pushed the strap-on in the form of a dick inside him, and pushed it carefully behind his sphincter. And as a result, Rob got fucked with a strap-on by Cathy, while he fucked Helena.

Cathy whispered in his ear “I hope it hurts, you terrible man, never do this to me again.” Rob shot his load in Helena, while she also climaxed, and Cathy was still banging Rob until he moaned and surrendered to her “Please no more Cathy, it’s starting to hurt,” but Cathy was almost there, Rob heard that and was able to focus on pleasing her, and when she finally also had an orgasm, he sighed with relief.

Helena didn’t feel sorry for him: “It seems she had to settle a score,” and laughed at the befuddled look on his face. Then both women started to laugh even louder and finally Rob smiled also, it wasn’t so bad, tomorrow he would walk a bit bow legged, but Cathy was happy so it was worth it.

“Thank you Mistress Cathy for the great fuck,” Rob said, and Cathy really was pleased with his saying that. Then all three were lying in Cathy’s bed and rested a while until Rob had enough life in his dick to be able to give Cathy some more pleasure.

“You were very upset Cathy, by what Rob said before. You were extremely disappointed in him. I think you have fallen very much in love with him, no?” Helena asked.

Cathy had to admit that. “Yes Helena, you are completely right. The three of us were afraid that it could happen, when you became mentally and physically intimate it is very hard not to.

It was the risk we all took, especially myself, with an unorthodox (some would say unethical)attempt to help Rob. I knew I had to attempt to keep professional distance with this approach while still trying to have some fun, but we women never seem to separate sex and love all that well. Thus yes, the inevitable happened. Now I’m beginning to think that Rob made me angry on purpose that he saw what was happening with myself, that I was falling in love with him, and did what he did to try and keep it from happening. I suspect primarily to protect you, Helena, he loves you that much.”

“Yes, that was probably true, but he also can be very nonchalant with what he says and does and ends up hurting us at times without even knowing it. Men!” Helena sighed.

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