Laura slowly walked down the long, dark stairway into the temple, her boots clicking on the stone steps. It was stiflingly warm and sweat soon began to form on her naked body, her long black hair becoming plastered to her forehead. Eventually she reached the bottom and entered the dark, humid ceremony room. A little light from the flaming touches on the walls revealed an altar covered with strange ritual objects and dripping in an thick green slim. Kneeling before it, in the centre of a magic circle, were her three friends and coven members . All were totally naked, their bodies glistening with sweat and had they heads bowed in silent prayer. In turn they noticed Laura and stood to face her.

First was the blonde, Karen, who was Laura’s best friend. A little tingle filled Laura’s pussy as her eyes ran up and down Karen’s slim naked body, lingering on her firm breasts and their little pink nipples.

Next was the coven’s youngest member, Kim. Laura saw a little of Karen in the girl, though Kim had curly black hair they had similar bodies, lean with pert but not huge breasts, a cute arse and long lithe legs. Last was Emma who had wavy dark hair and larger breasts though still not as big as Laura’s own massive pair.

All three spoke the ritual words at the same time, “High priestess. We are ready to begin.”.

These were powerful words and Laura could already begin to feel the magic grow in the room so she responded with the phrase that would begin the spell to grant her and the coven even more power. “Then give your bodies and your pleasure to me.”

Without another word Emma dropped to her knees before Kim and began to lick out the girl’s tight pussy as own hand started to gently tug on her clit. Whilst across the room Karen moved onto all fours, her blonde hair cascading around her and her arse thrust into the air. Laura needing no further invitation, knelt behind her and thrust her tongue into her friends anus as her fingers pushed into her own dripping pussy. Within minutes orgasmic moans were filling the room but Laura knew this was only the start…..


The alarm shocked Laura awake, for a moment all she could think of was licking out her best friend’s anus then everything returned to normal. It was Monday morning, she had to get to work and the last thing she wanted to do was fuck her friends. Dismissing the whole thing as just a very weird dream she headed to the bathroom for a shower but she couldn’t help but notice quite how horny the images of her naked friends had made her.

Chapter 1 — The Parking Garage

It had been yet another hectic day at work and Laura was exhausted. A constant stream of pointless queries from her clients and nagging demands from her boss. Worst of all was the urgent report the boss had demanded at ten to five meaning it was now nearly eight and she had once again worked late.

Finally all done she switched off her computer, grabbed her bag and hurriedly left the office. Noticing she was one the last in the office again. On her way to main entrance she quickly dove into the women’s bathroom and checked herself in the mirror, her long dark hair was fine but her lippy wasn’t. ‘You never know what cute guys you’re going to meet on the way home’ she giggled to herself as she reapplied her dark red lip stick. And boy did she need to meet one Laura thought, it’s been too long and her constant stabs of horniness she’d been feeling all day were made worse by the fact she’d be going home to an cold flat with nothing but a well used collection of vibrators to keep her company.

Her make-up done she dropped the lipstick in her bag and let her hand gently slide down her white blouse and short, dark blue skirt. Technically she was straightening but but the slight pressure on her nipples and groin weren’t entirely accidental. Sighing at her own desperation she turned and left the bathroom.

She hurried into the car park, the heels of her boots clicking on the cold stone, she’d been late in today and so had been forced to park in the third basement level, the bottom of the parking garage which was, even during, the day half empty and dark. By now her car, parked in one corner seemed to be the only one in the gloomy shadows.

Laura looking round nervously, constantly telling herself no one else would be down here, left the stairwell and rounded a corner heading to her car. She nearly screamed as a shadow suddenly rose in front of her.

At first she couldn’t tell what it was, just a mass in the shadows then to her disbelief it seemed to form into a writhing blob, tentacles flicking out from it. As the thing crawled further into the half light Laura could see it’s full horror. It looked a little like a giant, dark green octopus which was apparently able to move on land, propelled by it’s body and aided by it’s eight tentacles. The body itself was nothing like that of an actual octopus. It was vaguely round, about a metre across and totally featureless, no eyes or mouth or any other sensory organ was obvious.

Laura began to back away, her mind screaming for her to flee, the creature was both truly shocking and utterly unbelievable at the same time, a nightmare come to life in innocuous surroundings of a garage. She only managed to step back a few feet when the creature raised itself up on it’s tentacles and one new feature became apparent. Underneath it’s body was hanging a giant cock.

Laura stopped still when she saw this, mostly out of surprise but also a little out of fascination. It was an impressive organ, quite erect and easily bigger than any dildo she’d ever used at well over a foot long and easily four inches across.

With her momentary pause the monster struck, two tentacles flicked around her legs and pulled her to the ground. A third was heading for her face but she slapped it away, screaming and kicking, desperately trying to free herself. But the tentacles, warm to the touch and covered in a gooey green slime, were much stronger than she was and held her feet tight. She managed to slap another two away before the creature managed to grabbed both her arms too.

Laura screamed again, still struggling but now barely able to move. The demon brought two more tentacles up, one grasped hold of her blouse whilst the other slipped around the top of her skirt. They both pulled back in one movement, leaving Laura bound in it’s slimy tentacles and dressed only in her black, lacy underwear.

She screamed again, struggling in panic as it’s intentions were now clear and the thought of being raped by the demon’s huge dick terrified her. But there was nothing she could do and one of the tentacles returned and rapidly tore off her bra and panties so that she was now naked except for her boots, each of which remained tightly wrapped in a tentacle. More tentacles then set about rubbing up and down her naked body, her pale skin quickly becoming covered in the green slime. She tried to keep her legs shut together and squirmed as much as possible when the tentacles neared her large pert breasts but it was no good, the warm wet appendages kept rubbing around her, tickling her nipples, embracing her, arousing her.

She wanted to scream at her body to stop enjoying it, to reject the thoughts of lust now filling her mind but she couldn’t. The warm slime was sliding all over her body, tingling on her naked skin, relaxing her, making her want more. A tentacle tightly squeezed her nipple as another brushed against her pussy lips and she let out a small moan. It was then she choose to stop fighting.

The demon seemed to sense this and finally released her arms and legs. It was her moment to escape but instead of trying to Laura relaxed and let the a tentacle curl around her breast. Another quickly joined it wrapping around her other and then a third coiled it’s way up her leg, first up her boot and then wrapping around her smooth, pale thigh before stabbing up to her pussy. She cried out as it penetrated her not in pain or fear but in pleasure as the hot, slimy tentacle sent waves of ecstasy through her, only heightened by it’s companions now fiercely squeezing her tits.

“Urrghhhh!! Yeesss!!!” Laura groaned as the tentacle began pistoning in and out of her, it wasn’t big, perhaps only half an inch across but it was very, very long and was pushing further into her than anything she’d ever experienced.

She looked across at the main body of the beast, it was still sitting a few feet away apparently happy for it’s tentacles to do all the work at least for the moment.

Then the tentacle suddenly pulled out of her and stopped it’s fucking, “NO! Don’t Stop! Please… fuck me…please….” Laura begged the demon. It shocked her but she was now desperate for the monster to make her come.

The demon seemed to hear her demands as almost instantly the tentacle returned and was joined by two more. All three thrust into Laura.

“Uuurrgghhh!!!” She wailed in pure animal pleasure.

In response the tentacles kept pushing in, a foot, two feet, three feet, more. They began curling up inside her, filling her womb.

She looked down at her body, passed her tentacle wrapped breasts to her slime slick stomach and watched as the tentacles writhing around inside her first caused it to bulge out and then twist and distend with their movements.

It was all too much for Laura and she came with yet another animal scream. As she humped the tentacles, her body shaking in pleasure, the creature began to move and before she’d even finished cumming it had pulled it’s tentacles away and dragged it’s body on top of Laura. It was warmer and even slimier than the tentacles but not heavy, and when she felt it’s mammoth dick rub against her thigh she spread her legs wide and gently kissed the body of the creature.

“Ooorrrghhh…..yes…I want you in me…” She moaned.

The demon obliged and thrust into her, it was like nothing she’d ever felt before, her pussy was stretched insanely, something even the three tentacles hadn’t prepared her for. It was painful but also hugely satisfying and she quickly began humping away. Pulling herself back from the slimy body before thrusting back onto the massive dick again.

Barely over her first orgasm, Laura knew she was very close to a second and the demon, who was happily meeting the girl’s frenzied thrusts had obviously enjoyed the foreplay a bit too much too and seconds later Laura felt the first warning lurch of it’s dick. She then felt her pussy fill with hot demon jism, her own orgasm hitting her just then.

“Arrggghhh…..urrgghhh” Laura screamed.

Demon and girl embraced each other in a mash of legs, arms and tentacles, the most powerful orgasm of Laura’s life overwhelming her as pints of cum filled her pussy. Soon her insides were full and the cum began squirting out – splashing out on to her and the demon and flooding the floor.

Both their orgasms finally subsided and the creature slid off Laura’s sweaty, slimy, cum coated body, crawling a couple of feet away. A few seconds passed as Laura got her breath back and then thoughts of escape filled her mind, the horror of her actions beginning to dawn on her.

She jumped up, adrenalin pumping in her veins, but she only got a few steps before boots slipped on a particularly large pool of demon slime and she fell back down again. A tentacle then wrapped around her slimy leg and pulled her back towards the demon’s body where it quickly pulled itself on top of her again, it’s tentacles wrapping around her body.

“No!” Laura gently groaned as she felt the familiar hotness of it’s erect dick, rubbing against her thigh. ‘How had it recovered so quickly?’ she wondered, fearful of how long this would last and even more worried about how much she was going enjoy it….

Such cares vanished though as it thudded it’s cock right back into her cum filled pussy, an obscene squelch echoing around the walls of the empty car park. She brought her arms around the beast again and started humping away, pleasure once again building inside her. It took twenty minutes before they both came again, Laura’s orgasm even greater than previous one. Her cunt was utterly overflowing with jism, and it squirted out between dick and pussy with each movement they made.

This time it didn’t stop though, in one swift movement it pulled itself off Laura and flipped her onto her hands and knees. She knew what was coming next but didn’t care, in fact she wished for it, anything to prolong and increase the pleasure. She now needed the creature to take her anal viginity.

Laura got her wish as the demon thrust it’s once again erect cock straight into her arsehole. It’s huge length smashing into her colon, her anus stretched unbelievably. This would have been enough for Laura but demon was clearly enjoying himself too and followed up by sliding a pair of tentacles into her cunt as well. All Laura could do was groan and moan as the creature started to fuck both her holes.

She’d never been used in such a manner before, a sex toy for a demonic monster. Yet she loved it. Her arse and pussy we both full beyond capacity, pushing her pleasure to new levels. Sweat, slime and cum flew off in all directions as girl and demon wildly rutted away. The only sound filling the garage were the foul squelching of their coupling and Laura’s deep guttural moans.

This time the demon didn’t seem to want to cum, it was enjoying her arse too much and so the fucking continued for over an hour. Every few minutes an orgasm would hit Laura and she would collapse in pleasure but the demon didn’t stop. It would just keep fucking her limp body until she has regained her strength and began to hump back.

Finally it did come, firing huge spurts of jism up into her rectum. Pint after pint squirted up into Laura as she again screamed in orgasm. The force and the amount was so overwhelming that she could feel it pushing back up into her digestive tract, utterly filling her body.

After a minute the demon finally seemed satisfied and crawled off Laura who was lying face down in a huge puddle of slime and demon jism. As it’s dick pulled out of her arse a fountain of cum spurted out from her unplugged whole. Falling back down all over her body and the floor around.

The monster slid off to one side, apparently exhausted but Laura wasn’t done. No matter how sick the whole situation was, she couldn’t stop herself, her body was still horny beyond anything she’d felt before no matter how many times she’d cum. So she pulled herself up and kneeled in the slime before the demon, her hands grabbing it’s flaccid cock, slowly rubbing it to attention.

Quickly it was back to it’s mammoth size and so Laura leant down and kissed the tip, tasting it’s sour flavour. She then licked it’s whole length, several times before slowly wrapping her lips around it and letting it slide into her mouth, and then down into her throat. Once, twice, she let it slide out and then back down again until on the third time with only the tip in her mouth it became too much for the demon and it came one last time.

The first blob of cum blasted into the back of Laura’s throat, then more until it became an inevitable flood, gushing into her belly, filling it until she could take no more. Releasing the demon cock from her mouth she let the last pint or two squirt onto her hair, face and tits, utterly coating her.

Finally done she slid away from the demon, collapsing exhausted on the floor. The demon had also had enough, and apparently fearing this insatiable girl might kill it, it slid away into the shadows.

Laura lay panting and gently rolling around in the huge puddle of slime and cum, caressing her belly and feeling the demon cum slosh around inside her.

Chapter 2 — Two Visitors and a Book

Laura finally got home some hours later. Her clothes had been ruined so she’d had to drive naked still coated in slime and jism. It has slowly slid off her as she drove so that her car floor was now an inch deep in slime. Decided to worry about that another time, she’d showered and changed and was now sitting in her room, her mind full of what had happened. It had been so bizarre, so terrifying and yet so arousing that she didn’t really know what was going on. Her own actions had been shocking but she couldn’t deny she felt a need inside of her to repeat them.

She stood and stared in her large mirror. She was the same pretty, twenty seven year old brunette but everything had changed. She felt her very soul had been altered by what she’d done. Even her clothes were different. After her shower she’d rejected the usual pretty but demure outfits she wore and found her slutiest clothes — a tiny and very tight black skirt that was so short you could actually see the bottom of her arse cheeks sticking out the bottom. Underneath she wore a tiny black thong and over her large tits she wore a low cut green t-shirt that, without a bra, let a hint of a nipple poke out of the top.

As she stared at herself she heard a bang from her kitchen. It sounded like something large had been knocked on to the floor. Still barefoot she padded out of her room to find out what was going on. It was late and she just wanted to go to bed, to end the bizarre day. The last thing she needed was something broken in the kitchen.

She walked through the kitchen door and it became very clear the noise hadn’t been something breaking but something landing as it jumped through the window. For standing in the centre of the floor was a wolf-like creature but like the octopus demon earlier it was clearly not of this earth. To begin with it was much larger than any normal wolf, easily as long as Laura was tall. It’s eyes also glowed with actual light — a red piercing gaze which turned to fix on Laura.

She tried to scream but in terror her voice was gone and then she felt a little stream of piss ran out from under her thong and down her smooth, naked leg before pooling on the floor around her feet. She could do nothing else but stand there, wetting herself in fear as the monster stared at her.

It took a few small steps towards her and then bent it’s head down. A large tongue then flicked out and along the floor, licking up her piss. A second lick, a third and it just kept going. Laura could only stand and stare, too terrified to move.

The wolf monster seemed to enjoy her piss and just continued licking what it could off the kitchen floor. It’s large tongue quickly collected everything from the ground and with a large slurp ran it’s tongue over Laura’s pissed soaked foot. She whimpered as a second lick went up her ankle and then a third right up to her knee.

The creature then rose it’s head a little and turned it’s attention to her thigh, the pale skin glistening with pee. Slowly it licked along her flesh, again and again, savouring the sour liquid. Laura could barely breath, her eyes fixed on the giant fangs the tongue slipped out between. She was sure that any second it would bore of licking and take a bite.

But it didn’t seem to and soon her thigh was clear of piss though still wet with the wolf creature’s sticky saliva. Apparently keen to taste more the wolf tried to push it’s head up Laura’s skirt but it was too tight and there was no way it would fit. It snarled at it’s failure and raised it’s front paw, the large, white claws extended. The claws flashed down and Laura expected intense pain instead all the monster had done was tear off her skirt. With full access it pushed it’s muzzle between her legs, it’s tongue starting to run up and down her sodden thong.

With the third flick of the tongue Laura whimpered again but this time in pleasure. She was still terrified but couldn’t help it. The feeling of the rough tongue through her panties just felt too good. She almost wished the thong wasn’t there — the monster obviously agreed and with another fast slash of it’s claws it was torn off.

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