slim bodies

We were getting very good at wearing each other out, and I woke up in mid-afternoon, only because nature was calling. Shari was sound asleep but her arms were still around my neck, so I had to extricate myself, and in the process, she stirred. While I was in the bathroom I washed up a little, and when I opened the door, she was “in line”, waiting. Still a little groggy, I stumbled into the living room and plopped down on the couch. When she came out a few minutes later she found me, and I patted the couch next to me, but instead, she sat on my lap. She straddled my legs, her knees on the couch at my sides. We gave each other big grins, and she put her arms around my neck and leaned in for a kiss. Since we were both still naked this felt really wonderful, but she was practically sitting on my cock, and I couldn’t hide what was happening to it. When she looked down she giggled and wiggled a little, which helped the process along.

She was giving me a continuing series of short little kisses, but in between she said, “I have an idea, and I want to… mmmm… know what you … think…. Mmmmmmm yeahhhh…. My sisters and I usually get together Sunday night … ahhhhhhhh, that’s good … and have supper, usually … mmmmmmmm… just pizza or something, and I … wondered if you would mind going …. Mmmmmmmmm damn, you tease …. over and eating with … mmmmmm … us tonight … aaaaahhhhhmmmm … so the girls can get to know you a … little bit … mmmmmmmm.”

At that point I put my arms around her and pulled her against me, locking my lips over hers and sliding my tongue into her mouth. She felt so good I would have agreed to about anything right then, especially since her pussy was pressed up against my hardened cock, which was pressed against my belly. We took a long time out from the conversation, and enjoyed the feel of each other’s body, but she was determined to finish her thought.

She giggled again and started rolling her hips gently, which, of course, made her pussy lips slide up and down my trapped shaft. I sat back, gasping, and she sat up a little, a big smile in her eyes, knowing how she was torturing me. “Since I have no intention of letting you go any time soon, they might as well get used to having you around. In fact, if you’re good, or they’re bad, I might carry out my threat and fuck you on the couch after dinner! Or maybe, in my room, at least. That would drive them crazy!”

She laughed and I gasped again, now for more reasons than one. She seemed to like the idea of teasing them with our overt sexual relationship. Then it occurred to me that they were not only sisters but not that far apart in age, and maybe that’s just how sisters act with each other, a kind of competition. It sounded kind of embarrassing to me, but if it didn’t bother her, I figured why should I object. In any event, that was not what was on my mind at the moment, so I just said, “Whatever you want baby,” and let it go at that.

She reached a hand down and grasped my cock, and when I jerked and gasped in reaction she laughed and squeezed it harder. She put her hand between my cock and my belly and started a real bump and grind, using her hips to slide her wet pussy lips up and down almost the length of my cock, her hand pressing me against her. My eyes were closed and head back, and I was just enjoying the sensation as I slumped down in the couch.

But when she leaned forward to kiss me again, I surprised her by capturing her hard nipples in my finger tips. I didn’t squeeze or pull, just stroked them with my thumbs, but that was enough to make her gasp and moan. “Damn, you know I love that!” she gasped out as she ground against my hard cock.

“No more than I love what you’re doing, and you know it!” I replied.

I put my arms around her again and pulled her back to me, bending my head down and sucking in one of her hard little points. She arched her back and pressed it into my mouth, grinding her breast against my lips as she moaned loudly and deeply. I sucked and tongued and teased with my teeth, and it was her turn to gasp as she writhed in my lap. My arms tightened and pulled her against me, holding her captive as I tortured the sensitive nipple. I could feel her shaking when I shifted my mouth to the other burning red nip and did it all over again.

Now her pussy was bucking against my cock instead of sliding against it. When I slid my hands down under her ass and lifted a little she pushed up with her knees and moved forward, her pussy sliding over the tip of my cock. I was holding her hard swollen nipple in my lips, and never let go as she slid slowly down my shaft, her dripping wet pussy taking it easily. When she started her bump and grind again, I was buried inside her. “Dammit Dan, you are a great fuck!” she giggled as she started sliding slowly up and down me. Her dirty language, used so easily, was a great turn-on.

As I started rolling my hips under her in response I laughed, “Glad you think so, because this hot little cunt of yours is going to get a lot of use!”

“Bet you can’t wear it out!” she giggled as she started fucking me harder, ramming herself down on me so that her ass slapped against my legs.

“Sounds like a challenge!” I growled as I suddenly wrapped my arms tight around her and stood up with her still impaled on my cock. She squealed and locked her arms around my neck, clinging to me as I turned and dumped her back down on the couch, leaning over, cock still buried in her. I knelt on the floor, bent over her, as I started fucking her hard, ramming my cock into her with quick deep strokes. Her legs went up in the air and she locked her ankles behind me, trying to pull me down even harder and making her pussy so tight I gasped as I continued to pound against her.

I had a tight grip on her hips, but even so, they were bucking as she met my thrusts and tried to outdo me. Her head was back, but her eyes were open and she stared right at me as she said between gasps, “C’mon, FUCK me big guy, show me what you got!”

As I leaned forward over her I ground my cock into her, pinning her to the couch with it. She slid her legs down until they were locked around my waist, opening her cunt wide to me and forcing me even deeper into it. I rolled my hips and we could both feel my cock moving in the tightness deep inside of her. With a growl I suddenly started ramming my cock into her hard and fast again, but she met every thrust with her own. My sweat was dripping on her breasts, making them shine as her body bounced with the impact of our thrusts. The old couch was creaking, rocking back and forth.

This was no contest, but we both wanted to show we could keep up with the best the other could give. I was gasping for breath and she was moaning with each stroke, but our pace just kept on increasing. She was so wet her white cream was running down over her ass, and my cock was so hard it ached, but stopping was not an option. I pulled her legs loose from my waist and, holding her ankles, pushed them forward, over her head, till her ankles touched the top of the couch, which rolled her pussy up at an angle. She smiled at me as she wrapped an arm around each leg and held them spread wide for me as I rammed into her and started pounding her again. In that position she was completely open, and my cock could penetrate as far as it would go. She moaned and grunted with every stroke as I slapped loudly against her ass.

My cock was beginning to throb and tingle and I knew I wouldn’t last long fucking her like that. But I wasn’t about to stop now. “Cum with me Shari,” I begged. She put her head back and closed her eyes, and even in that position she rolled her hips forward to meet mine. We were both gasping, but as I started pounding into her even harder her moans turned into little whimpers, then cries.

With a snarl I rammed myself deep and ground against her ass, my breath catching in my throat as my cock threatened to explode. I leaned forward and moved my hands down to her nipples and her eyes popped wide open. When I pinched and pulled hard she yelled, “Oh, FUCK!” Her arms let go and her legs kicked out to her sides as her body bucked in the throes of a tremendous orgasm. That was enough for me and I shivered and shook as my hips bucked and my cum spurted again and again into her. She started a hoarse scream that increased in volume and pitch as she felt the intensity of her orgasm grow.

Her body was shuddering, and my chest was heaving as I fought for breath. My sweat poured like a waterfall off my face onto her stomach. I was shaking so hard I wasn’t sure I could stand. I managed to get to my knees on the floor again and leaned over to kiss her lips. When she felt me she wrapped both arms around my head and crushed me against her. We were giving each other little kisses, gasping and moaning. Finally, she pulled her lips away long enough to whisper, “Well, it’s not worn out, but I think its going to be sore.”

A shower was out of the question, so I went in and turned on the bath water. When it was ready I took her hand and led her to the tub. I stretched out with my head back against the wall and she lay down between my legs, the back of her head against my chest. I crossed my arms in front of her, my hands on her stomach. “MMMmmmmmm,” she purred as she wiggled back against me. We hardly moved, and when the water started to cool I ran more to warm it up again. I realized she was asleep when I felt her stir slightly with a little snort. I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes.

I woke with a start when I felt her move and heard her voice. “Come on, Dan, it’s getting cold.” When she lifted up off of me I realized the water was indeed cold, and the warmth of her body had been shielding me from it. We had slept for almost an hour. We toweled off and ran to find our clothes, shivering even though the house was still warm.

“Dan, do you mind if I call the girls and tell them we’ll be there for supper? I’ll tell them we’ll stop and pick up some pizza.” I don’t know why, but something about this was starting to intrigue me. I guess it was the thought of bringing their freshly and thoroughly fucked sister home to them and sitting down to dinner. That and the fact she seemed eager to let them know about it. Women! I’ll never understand them!

“Of course, baby,” I said. “It might be fun, and if they’re like you it will be interesting getting to know them.” The thought also occurred to me that we hadn’t eaten anything except each other all day, and I was starving! “I know you and I will be happy with beer, but do we need to get something for them?”

She laughed. “Don’t kid yourself, they’ll take beer too. Since they’re both legal now, they think they are pretty big stuff! And if they want something else, there’s plenty in the house for them.” I called a great local pizza house and ordered, and we headed out, making a stop for the beer.

When we walked in it was pretty quiet, except for the distant sound of a TV and some music playing upstairs. I took the pizza and beer to the kitchen table while she called them to come down and eat. It didn’t take much prompting and there was a small stampede as they ran down the stairs. I made sure I remembered who was which and greeted them both by name, figuring we’d be more comfortable on a personal basis. I needn’t have worried though, because they were very friendly, although they giggled a lot. Apparently they weren’t jealous I might be stealing their sister from them.

Denise, the older one, was obviously the bolder. She asked with a smirk, “What have you guys been doing today?” I suspect she knew the answer, and was just probing to see what she could find out.

Sharon parried that one when she answered with a giggle, “Getting to know each other better. A lot better!” There was no doubt of that!

The two girls looked at each other, and sort of knowing smile passed between them. And I noticed they spent quite a bit of time glancing at me, trying to assess what Shari had, I guess. I checked them out a bit too, enough to know they were built pretty much like Shari, but Denise had a bit fuller figure, especially up top. And Mandy was a couple of inches shorter than the other two. The pizza and beer went down easily, and I noted that they might be slim, but they had appetites. When we were done the boxes were empty.

Shari told them, “Once his leg’s a little better, Dan’s going to run with me again, and if you’d like to try, maybe we can all go out together. Just remember, we’ll have to be gentle though, not dumb like I was.”

The both giggled and looked at each other again. Denise said, “Sounds like you’re trying to scare him away!”

I couldn’t resist, and said with a grin, “She’ll have to do something worse than make me run a couple of miles or sic the two of you on me to do that! I just hope you can keep up!”

We all laughed, and I hoped they knew I was kidding, because I was sure they could all blow me away without much effort it they tried.

Once the supper debris was cleared, Shari handed me another beer and said, “Want to watch some TV for a while?”

Knowing this was part of her plan, I agreed, and we adjourned to the living room couch. I settled back in the corner and when Shari sat pressed against me and handed me the remote, I put my arm around her. She wiggled a little, snuggling in against me, and when she turned to me for a kiss I quickly obliged. She felt warm and soft in my arms and I was really enjoying just having her there, our lips pressing and our tongues gently tangling. I heard a little noise and looked up, but the kitchen light was out now, and I didn’t see a thing.

When we stopped a moment for a breath, smiling at each other, she whispered to me, “Thanks, Dan, I really think you made friends tonight. When they aren’t happy, I know it right away. I don’t think they’re afraid of you – and me – now.”

I had to admit they seemed nice. And friendly, considering they both knew I was fucking their sister, and maybe all the details too, from what Sharon had said. I had been wary of being involved with them as a condition of seeing Shari, but it looked like it might work out all right.

Her lips covered mine again, making me think I could just kiss like this all night, she felt so good. She stretched and pressed a little harder against me, and I couldn’t resist letting my hand rub up and down her thigh, below the leg of her cut-off shorts. Immediately she moaned softly into my mouth, and her lips pressed harder on mine. She rolled towards me so she was almost on top, pressing down against me, and I could run my hand up the back of her thigh, then over her ass, in the tight shorts. Every touch was obviously getting to her, and she was squirming against my body, her tongue rammed deep in my mouth.

She wiggled until she was straddling my thigh, and began slowly rolling her hips, pressing down hard. I let my hand slide between her ass cheeks, and press, so her pussy was being massaged through her shorts by my leg and my fingers at the same time. This time I was sure I heard a sound, almost like a gasp, coming from the darkness. When I looked past Shari’s shoulder, I could see the dim outline of one, then two figures standing back in the kitchen.

This time when the kiss broke off we were both gasping, but I whispered in her ear, “They’re watching us.”

Shari giggled. “I know, I can hear them too. Danny, I don’t want you to be embarrassed or upset, but I really don’t mind, if you don’t. I warned them what might happen. And I don’t feel like I have anything to hide from them.”

As we kissed again, I thought about that for a minute, although her body rubbing on mine was pretty distracting. For whatever reason, the idea seemed to turn Shari on, and I thought, they were her problem, not mine. And though I’m hardly an exhibitionist, I’m really not shy either. And we certainly weren’t doing anything wrong. As long as our relationship didn’t change, why should I care? I whispered, “Whatever you want baby, I’m game!”

“Good boy!’ she whispered back, “No one’s forcing them to watch.”

Then, to my surprise, she slid off of me and took off her shorts. Followed quickly by an attack on mine, which ended with them lying on the floor with hers, in a pile. When she came back to me, she straddled both my legs, facing me, as I slumped on the couch. She had on only red bikini panties, and she pressed them against the bulge in my briefs, sliding her barely covered mound back and forth over my cock. She leaned forward and wrapped both arms around my neck, pulling me to her, and as she looked down and I looked up, we kissed again.

I could feel her wetness right through the underwear, and the whole situation had me rock hard, dying to be freed of the briefs. I suddenly realized that I did, somehow, feel extra stimulation, knowing the sisters were watching. I rolled the bikini bottom down over her hips, and she moved off of me again to slip them down. She was almost naked, only her Tee left, with her sisters watching.

But then she reached for my briefs, and as she pulled them down, my erection sprang straight up, standing at attention. I could almost feel the eyeballs touching it, and this time, there were two very distinct gasps. I glanced towards the kitchen, and they were now almost in the doorway, staring. The TV had been playing quietly, but I decided I’d had enough of that, and turned it off, making the house still so that the slightest sound could be heard. Shari looked at me and smiled and giggled, obviously knowing what was going on and perhaps having the same feeling of excitement that I did.

And without hesitation she reached for my cock. Grasping it firmly at the base, she stroked it up and down several times as I panted, then leaned forward and licked off the drop of pre-cum she’d milked out of it. I jumped, gasped and watched wide-eyed as she smiled at me and savored my taste. I forgot about the girls, and my head went back onto the couch cushion, eyes closed tightly. I felt her lips close over my head, and her tongue swirled around and around, getting it soaking wet. All the while her fist was still stroking up and down. I heard a deep “mmmmmmmm” vibrate against my cock. All I could do was moan in reply.

Suddenly, I heard rustling, and the unmistakable sound of whispers, from the kitchen. My eyes flicked open and the first thing I saw was Mandy whispering in Denise’s ear, both of them now standing right in the doorway. The second thing I saw was Mandy’s hand between her legs, rubbing. And I noticed Denise’s eyes, clenching shut, then opening again, as though she didn’t want to look but couldn’t help herself. But my attention suddenly shifted, when I felt teeth lightly close around my cock head, and when my gaze snapped back to Shari, she was smiling, even with my cock in her mouth. And I heard a muffled giggle.

Well, I was about to do it anyway! I put both hands on Shari’s head and pushed. Her lips slid smoothly down my shaft, stopping only when my cock hit the back of her mouth. She gave me a moan of pleasure, and in response, I gave her one too. I opened my eyes to watch as she started bobbing up and down, getting my shaft wet and slick, but my eyes shifted to an almost surreal sight. Both the girls had their hands between their legs, rubbing, and Denise was clutching one of her breasts, squeezing hard. And they moaned, almost as loud as we did, despite their attempts to stifle the sounds.

I didn’t know what to think, but it was unbelievably erotic somehow, since I knew it was in direct response to their watching us. But Shari one-upped me for sure when she suddenly lifted her head from my cock and turned directly to her sisters. “If you two are so interested, come in here and sit down and get a good look. It’s about time you learned something!”

Oh my God! Even I gasped at that, and the two of them just squealed and looked at each other. They acted like they’d been caught, but that had happened about 10 minutes earlier, as they should have known. Mandy started to duck out of the doorway and Denise just stood and stared, like she didn’t know what to do. But Shari said, “I mean it! We don’t care if you watch! Just don’t expect us to go hide from you!”

Mandy reappeared, poking her head around the door jam, and Denise just held on to the other side. I suddenly realized that all this time, Sharon’s fist had been slowly sliding up and down the length of my cock, and now, she leaned over and sucked in the new drop of pre-cum pooling there. I jumped, and three simultaneous moans broke the silence, punctuated with Sharon’s long, satisfied “mmmmmmmmm”.

She slipped her lips back over me and resumed her measured strokes up and down the length of my shaft. But her tongue was swirling around me, and she continually tightened and loosened her lips, causing me to moan and my hips to suddenly lift to her mouth. I had my eyes tightly shut, enjoying the delicious sensations, but I was dimly aware of the sounds of movement in the room. When I started to shudder, mumbling “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” over and over, my hips rocking unevenly, Shari pulled her lips from me with a little kiss on my tip. Obviously she had better plans than making me cum in her mouth.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that Denise was now sitting in the chair diagonally opposite us, and Mandy was sitting on the floor in front of the chair, leaning back against it. But what got my attention was the realization that neither one was any longer wearing their shorts! Mandy had her head back against the chair, eyes closed, and her hand was slowly moving up and down the front of her panties. Denise had her eyes wide open and staring at us, until she saw my eyes open, and then she looked away. Her feet were lifted, pressed back against the top edge of the chair cushion, and her legs were spread wide. Her hands were running slowly up and down her thighs, but her pink panties had a distinctly dark wet spot in them. Now I was sure where the quiet moans I had heard were coming from.

When Sharon pulled her Tee over her head, I did the same, leaving us both completely naked. I put my arms out to her and she climbed up, straddling me, her pussy pressing against my rigid cock. We leaned together, enjoying a long kiss, both our hips rolling just enough to create a little delicious friction. She whispered in my ear, “Are you ok with this baby?”

I replied truthfully, “Yes, honey, maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but I think it’s even turning me on a little!”

“It’s ok,” she replied, “I feel it too. And I’m proud of having you and the way we go together!” She giggled and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She glanced back at them and whispered very softly, “Oh my God! I see it’s turning them on even more!” I smiled, nodded, and kissed her again.

Whatever was turning me on, I was more than ready for the main event! I wrapped my arms around Shari and gently slid her off my legs and onto her back on the couch. Realizing she was about to get fucked, she moaned out, partly for the benefit of the audience, “Mmmmmm, baby! C’mon, Danny, do me good!” More gasps from across the room.

I knelt between her legs, then lifted the leg against the couch to my shoulder, and she put her other foot on the floor, opening herself wide for me. I ran both hands up and down the length of her raised thigh, then very slowly began to kiss my way down the inside of it, my hands still sliding and caressing as I went. I nipped and licked and kissed, rubbing my cheek against the softness, and she lay watching me, smiling and softly moaning with every touch. When I neared the top of her thigh I reached out one hand and began lightly stroking her pussy, sliding my fingers up and down the outside of her lips. She moaned louder, and her hips started slowly rolling, lifting in time with my hands.

I ran one finger down the middle of her slit, finding it soaking wet, and I smiled as I licked it clean, savoring her taste. She smiled back and whispered, “Me too!” I slipped the tip of my finger inside her, bringing it out sopping wet, and leaned forward, offering it. She raised her head and eagerly sucked it into her mouth, holding my finger as she washed it with her tongue. “Mmmmmm. Good! Now, gimme!” she said with a big smile.

After almost cumming down her throat, my cock was more than ready, and I smiled back as I pressed against her spread thighs. She reached down and took my cock from my hand, positioning it for me. “C’mon, baby, now!” I leaned forward and pushed, sliding easily but slowly all the way into her in one long thrust. She groaned a long deep groan, and raised her hips to me, grinding against me when our bodies touched. She was tight but soaking wet, and I wasted no time starting long slow strokes, my hands lightly holding her hips. Suddenly, from across the room I heard a groan and, “Oh fuck!”

I was enjoying fucking Shari way too much to care, but in a quick glance I saw that Mandy’s hand was inside her soaking wet panties, fingers obviously moving, and Denise had her panties pushed as far down her spread legs as she could, at least one finger buried inside her! Both of them had given up trying to be quiet, and rhythmic moaning was coming from both of them. And both had their eyes wide open, staring at us! I shuddered and felt a sudden jolt, almost an electric shock go through me. I realized it was very real arousal at being watched at such close range as I fucked their sister!

I growled and grasped Shari’s hips, suddenly ramming harder into her. She gasped and stared at me, but when I started fucking her with quick hard thrusts she met them eagerly, her hips lifting to me and her body squirming in front of me. She grasped her own hard nipples, and I knew that meant she was more than ready for anything I could give her. I leaned forward over her, my hands at her sides, and suddenly, she wrapped her legs around me, above my hips. I could still ram myself hard into her, but now she pulled me forward with every thrust! Our bodies were slapping hard and loud, and both of us were gasping and moaning.

I began increasing the pace, every stroke a little harder and faster, sweat starting to drip onto her stomach from my forehead. Her body was shaking from the impact of every thrust, and she was squirming on the couch, squeezing, pulling and twisting her nipples! I knew she was ready to cum, and decided this was too good a chance to waste. I started pounding against her, encouraging her, “Come on baby! Cum for me Shari!”

She was panting, gasping for breath, and she began short little cries, the pitch rapidly rising. Suddenly she snarled, her body arching from the couch. She pulled hard on her nipples and screamed as her body started bucking, her hips driving against me as her orgasm slammed through her. I could have cum with one more hard thrust, but instead, I bit my lip, concentrating on watching her. I slowed my strokes but didn’t stop, and when her hips finally stopped undulating she opened her eyes and looked at me.

My big smile told her I had something in mind, and when I whispered to her “Get on your knees for me, baby,” she quickly slid off my cock and turned over. She knelt, head down, and giggled as she wiggled her ass at me.

“This what you want? You animal!” she giggled.

More gasps from across the room. When I looked I saw that both girls had their panties off, no longer caring that their naked pussies were exposed. Mandy was almost lying on the floor, only her head up, and Denise was slumped down in the chair, her long legs stretched out in front of her. And both of them had their fingers buried in their cunts! I suddenly realized there was a strong smell of sex in the room, far more than just from Shari and me, and the hands and pussies of both of them glistened in the light from the small lamp in the corner.

Determined not to hold back, I bent down behind Shari, pressing my face against her spread cheeks and licking the juices dripping from her. She moaned as my tongue went up and down her lips, then dipped inside. I savored her cum, licking my lips, then raised my head and plastered little kisses all over her sweet hard ass. “Fuck me, dammit!” was the loud and clear reaction I got.

I slid my cock back over her pussy, and the instant my head pressed against her wide open cunt, she rammed herself back on me, hard! I growled and pushed back, and was buried to the hilt in one quick thrust. Mindful of her bruised hips, I reached around to the front of her thighs as I started thrusting hard, my hips slapping against her ass, pushing her forward with every stroke. But she pushed back just as hard, ramming herself onto me as I slammed my throbbing cock into her! I had already been on the brink, and had no intention of prolonging things now, but I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts till I was pounding against her and both of us were grunting and moaning with every impact. I knew there was more noise from the girls but I didn’t give a damn, more interested in Shari and splitting her in two with my cock! It was her turn to start chanting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ and all I could manage to get out was “uunnnh, uunnnh, uunnnh” with every stroke. Once again I was sweating, and her back was soaking wet from both hers and mine.

Suddenly she raised her head and shouted, “Oh fuck! NOW!” and slammed back against me. Her body went out of control, and my hands on her thighs had to hold her up. I felt her clamp down on me and I growled as I exploded into her, spurting my cum with every bucking thrust of my hips against her ass. Her head was buried into the cushions of the back corner of the couch where my thrusts had driven her, and I could hear low, muffled moans and sobs coming from her.

She was limp in my hands, and when I let go of her thighs her legs slid back, until she was lying face down on the couch. I leaned forward, slowly and gently running my hands over her sopping wet back and tangling my fingers in her hair. Sliding off the couch, I crawled forward on my knees and put my arms around her, pulling her to me. She opened her eyes and gave me a weak smile, as I covered her face with kisses and whispered, “Baby, oh baby!” over and over.

I heard a very weak voice from behind me, “Is… is she… all right?” I turned my head to see Denise, staring at us, looking like she was ready to cry, her legs pulled up tight against herself on the chair. And Mandy was curled up in a little ball on the floor, her arms clutched tightly around her legs.

I smiled and said, “I think she’s wonderful… but you can ask her yourself.”

I felt Shari’s arms tighten around me, and she chuckled. “I’ve never been better in my fucking life! Now the two of you get out of here and leave us alone for a while!”

There was a sudden scramble, as the two of them grabbed for their clothes and made a hasty retreat, suddenly very self-conscious and embarrassed. I pulled Shari up and crushed her to me as I ground my lips on hers. “Oh baby, God, I never expected that to feel that way, having them watching. Me and my porn-star girlfriend!” I giggled.

“Oh damn,” she replied, “I felt it too. My sex-crazed porn-star animal boyfriend!” We both sat back on the floor, leaning against the couch, and laughed. “My God, what do you s’pose they thought?” She said.

“I’m not even sure what I thought! In fact, I don’t know what I think now! About them, at least. But I know what I think about something else!”

She looked at me with a question in her eyes, worried I was upset about something. I sat up on the couch and put my arms out to her. She sat next to me and snuggled against my chest. We were both still naked and the smell of sex was very much in the air, but it really didn’t matter at the moment. I grabbed a blanket from the corner and we wrapped ourselves up in it. I ran my fingers through her hair, my other hand still holding her tight against me. She looked up at me and our lips met in a wonderful soft kiss.

“What I think is, I’ve never had a better weekend in my life. And I’ve never enjoyed myself more with anyone than with you, Sharon. You don’t have to worry about me being upset. If there’s something bothering me I’ll tell you. And to be fair, you have to do the same with me. And I want to ride this wave with you and see where it goes. Pretty simple, huh? Wanna be my sex-crazed porn star animal girlfriend?”

“I guess I have no choice, since you’re already my sex-crazed porn-star animal boyfriend!” She said with a giggle and a glowing smile now lighting her face. She pushed herself up from me and suddenly I heard, “Grrrrrrrrooooowwllllllll,” as she slowly ran her fingernails down me under the blanket, all the way from my shoulders to just above my groin. Then she ducked underneath the blanket and kissed her way down their trail. But when she reached the bottom, she gave my cock a little kiss, just for good measure. Then her head popped up again, and she locked her arms around me and begged another kiss.

I could have spent all night under that blanket with her, she felt and tasted so good, but finally she said, “Boyfriend, I can hardly make myself say this but you better go home. It’s 11 o’clock, and we both have to work tomorrow. I’d love to have you stay tonight, but you know we wouldn’t get any sleep, and I just started my job a week ago. And you don’t want your first official boyfriend duty to be begging Mike for my job!”

I moaned and whined, but I knew she was right. I didn’t see this ending any time soon, and we’d have plenty of time together. No sense messing things up at the start. By the time I got home, showered and in bed it was midnight. And I start work at 7 AM. I fell asleep quickly, even with thoughts of Shari, and she quickly drifted into my dreams. And so did her nutty sisters!

I dragged myself into the office, only a couple of minutes late, and was relieved to see someone had put on the coffee pot. After drinking almost half of it I felt a little more alive, but when I opened the folder I’d been working on, all I saw was visions of Shari. And when I thought about last night, I could still hear the moans coming from across the room, perhaps even more vivid now.

Suddenly I felt my cock hardening at the thought, and I knew I had been turned on far more than I’d realized by the whole scene. Even though all my focus had been on Shari, something about the thought that I had been at close quarters with three essentially naked women, all aroused in some way by me, made me shiver. And I was having trouble coming to grips with the fact that it wasn’t just Sharon that had me so turned on. Denise and Mandy had been finger fucking themselves while watching us, just a few feet away. Their scent filling the room made me think that one or both must have cum at the sight.

I was brought back to reality by the secretary walking into my office with a smile and a new folder for me to work on. I made sure I was pulled into the desk to hide the hard-on now straining inside my pants. Feeling pressure to get something done, I managed to concentrate on the folders for a while. I wanted badly to talk to Sharon, just to hear her voice, but she didn’t start work till 8 and I knew I should let her get in and settled for a while before I tried to call.

But at five past 8 my cell rang, and the number, which I had just learned, told me she beat me to it. “Good morning, baby!” I answered.

“Mmmmmmm, morning boyfriend, hope its ok, but I couldn’t wait to talk to you. God, I hated waking up without you this morning! We may have to do something about that!”

“If you hadn’t called your phone would have been ringing in a few minutes, baby. I’m having trouble thinking about anything but you. And I don’t know why, Shari, but I’m still turned on about last night. I never expected to feel this at all. I hope you’re not upset, but I want you to know. And leaving you last night wasn’t my idea!”

I heard a moan from the other end of the line. “Ohhh baby. It’s ok. I know. Such a weird feeling. I’m afraid I may have started something more than I realized. When I took my shower they were waiting for me in my room. I lost two hours of sleep, dammit! Danny, I can’t even begin to tell you what went on, over the phone. Please, just let’s get together as soon as possible after work!”

Of course I was eager to agree to that! I had never had any other plan. And I hated the sound of distress in her voice. But she gave me an idea. “Shari, how about if we go for a run after work? My leg isn’t bothering me at all and I think it’s time to try it out. We can meet there at 5 o’clock, there’s plenty of light left. If you want you can get in some extra miles and I’ll wait for you. And then we can go to my house. You can stay overnight if you want; you know I’d love it!”

“Oh Danny! You just made my day! And night too!” I could hear the smile back in her voice. “They’re going to have to get used to the idea that I won’t be there all the time, and they have to function on their own. Dammit, they’re adults! And after last night, this is the perfect time for me! Especially ‘cuz I’ll be with you! But honey, are you sure you’re ready to try your leg yet?”

“If it starts to bother me I’ll stop, but right now it’s fine. And you said it first, it’s better together!” I said with a big grin, and I hoped she could tell.

“I’ll stop at my house and change, and pick up some clothes for tomorrow!” she said, excitedly. “And before I leave there, I’ll say goodnight to them,” she giggled. “That should shock them! And when we meet at the reservoir, I’ll be all yours!”

A shiver went through me when she said that. I hadn’t thought about it till now, but it sounded wonderful! I think the word is “smitten”.

Guess what. The day dragged on eternally. I called her twice, just to hear her voice. I scribbled a few things in the folders and asked the Mark, my young intern, to clean them up for me. I looked up running shoes online and ordered a top-of-the-line pair for recreational and trail running. And two pairs of running shorts and another jock. Overnight shipping. By the time I got all that done, Mark was back with my folders, and when I glanced through them I realized he’d made me look like a hero, but I knew who the hero was. “Thanks buddy,” I said, “owe you one.” I left work 10 minutes early, went home and got cleaned up and changed and ended up at the reservoir 15 minutes early. To my delight, she arrived five minutes later.

By the time she got out of the car I was standing next to her. By the time the door shut she was locked in my arms. By the time our kiss ended we were both gasping. She ran a hand lightly down my cheek. “Oh baby, I missed you.” We both knew, we didn’t have to say any more.

“C’mon baby, let’s go,” I whispered, and jogged easily out of the parking lot with her at my shoulder. I knew that soon our runs would be a ritual, and a highlight of our days, but right now, they were something we had to do, for me to get in shape and her to stay that way. We completed the 2 miles around the reservoir in just under 16 minutes, and with a little swat on the butt, I grinned and told her to stretch it out a bit. I continued on at my pace for another half mile and then turned back, hitting the parking lot with a total of three. And it was easy. My leg was fine and I was getting used to running again. I kept walking until I saw her bobbing her way towards me, then trotted out 100 yards or so to meet her and ran her back to the lot.

I walked a bit more and she did a little stretching. Neither of us wanted to spend the time, but we knew we had to stick to the rules of common sense. Finally, she turned to me and put her arms around my neck. As she gave me a soft kiss on the cheek she said, “Lead me home, boyfriend!” The sparkle in her eyes was worth the day of waiting.

We pulled into my drive and met at the door. Her hands were on my sides, teasing me, as I fumbled with the lock. As the door clicked shut our bodies pressed together. She put her arms around my waist and just laid her head on my shoulder. I ran one hand over her hair, the other down her back. “I missed you too, girlfriend,” I said softly, in a masterpiece or understatement.

She raised her head. “Mmmmmmm, that sounds nice,” she whispered as she raised her head for a kiss.

I thought so too, and I loved how she pressed her body into me as our lips met. And I shuddered as I realized she felt the same way. I ran my hands down her back and over her thin running shorts, cupping her firm cheeks in my hands and squeezing. Immediately I felt a stirring in my own shorts, and when she squirmed against me I knew she felt it too. Then I felt her hand slide under the waist band and grasp me through my jock. I moaned and gasped, but she giggled and said, “As official girlfriend I hereby invoke the anytime option!”

I didn’t say a word, but tightened my grip on her and lifted her into my arms. She gave a little squeal and threw her arms around my neck, holding on tight as I almost ran to the bedroom with her. When I laid her on the bed I grasped her shorts and pulled them from her legs along with her underwear, all in one motion. “Oh my God! She giggled, “I love a boyfriend who does what he’s told!”

I pulled the running shoes from her feet, then completed the task by peeling off her T-shirt. She lay naked on the bed, staring up at me, a little in shock but with a big smile on her face. And when she grasped her already hard and pointy nipples in her fingers and started stroking them as she squirmed on the bed, eyes fixed on mine, I knew there would be no fooling around. I pulled off my Tee and pushed down my shorts, but when I started to pull off my jock she said, “No, wait!”

I got rid of the shorts and my shoes and stood at the side of the bed, my hard cock straining upward against my jock, threatening to burst free from the waist band. Slowly, she got to her knees and crawled to the side of the bed, a devilish glint in her eyes. Suddenly she reached out with both hands, grabbing me by the backs of my thighs, and nuzzled against the bulge of my balls in the jock. Turning her head, she slipped her lips sideways over my straining shaft, and squeezed her lips and teeth against it. She moved up my rigid length, squeezing and releasing me.

When she reached the waist band she raised her head and kissed and licked my stomach just above it, making me shudder. Her hands slid up my thighs and over my bare ass, squeezing and exploring. Lifting her head up, she gave me a big smile, then kissed me again before catching the top of the jock in her teeth. As soon as she pulled it back, away from my body, my rock hard cock forced itself up, until the tip was an inch above the band. I heard her moan softly as her lips slipped over the captive head, already glistening with pre-cum. Her left hand moved from my ass to my captive balls, squeezing gently as she sucked, kissed and licked her prize.

I moaned and shivered with pleasure as I put my hands on her head, then slid them down over her neck and shoulders. Her hands finally moved to the waistband, her lips still over my throbbing head, every touch of her tongue and lips making me gasp. As she slowly pulled the jock down, her lips followed, sliding further and further down my shaft. When she finally pulled the tight pouch free of my balls she pushed it down a bit further, before grasping my balls in one hand. My cock was at the back of her mouth, and she lowered her head till it was straight in front of me, then pressed forward, and I felt it slide into her tight wet throat. I shuddered and moaned, my hands on her head as she rocked back and forth, her lips gently nudging my groin.

When she finally pulled back, gasping for breath, my cock was dripping with her saliva, and her face glowed as she looked up and said, “Like that, boyfriend?”

All I managed to gasp out was, “Oh my God! Oh fuck, Shari!”

Without waiting for more she swallowed me again, this time moving her hands to my ass and pulling hard as she ground her lips against my groin. She pulled back slowly, squeezing her lips tightly around my shaft, all the way to the head. I was panting, gasping, my legs shaking as I squeezed my eyes tightly shut trying to withstand the intense sensation. I felt her suck in another breath before she rammed her mouth back onto me again This time she bobbed back and forth with long strokes, lips tight, and I shuddered and shook, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, FUCK!” bursting from my lips as I fought to keep from filling her mouth.

I grabbed her head and tried to pull her off me, and she slid back as far as my head once again. She smiled at me and released the tip, and I loosened my grip, moaning, “Oh baby, oh damn, I’m so close!”

Still grinning, she giggled, “I know, boyfriend!” And suddenly she rammed her lips down over me again, hands pulling hard on my ass as she ground her face into me, chin rubbing against my balls. Her lips clamped around the base of my shaft and her tongue swirled over it, stroking and teasing. Totally unprepared for this assault, all I managed to do was gasp “Ahhhhhhhhhh” before my hips bucked forward and I exploded into her throat and mouth, feeling her lips squeezing and her throat contracting as she greedily tried, but failed, to swallow every drop. When my cock finally stopped pumping my creamy seed into her she had little white trails down her chin from both sides of her mouth.

I knew my legs were not going to hold me, and I grabbed her arms and flipped her back onto the bed as I fell onto it next to her. I collapsed onto my back and lay softly moaning, chest heaving, when I felt her lean over me, and I tasted myself as she kissed me, while her hand gently stroked and fondled my balls. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my chest, feeling her jump as her hard tips pressed into me. I slid my hands down her back and over her ass, fingers digging gently as I massaged her firm cheeks.

Her pussy was pressed against my thigh, and soon her hips began to move in time with my hands, stroking her mound against my leg. I could feel more and more wetness and she ground harder against me, gasping now as her mouth still ground against mine.

One hand on her ass, I put the other arm across her back, and rolled with her till I was on top. She smiled up at me and used a finger to wipe a drop of my cum from her chin, then savored it as she licked the tip clean. Smiling back, I whispered, “Oh baby, that was amazing!”

She gave me a cute little look and giggled, “Just doing my girlfriend duties.”

“I’ll give you duties!” I replied, reaching between us and grasping both her rock hard nipples, squeezing hard and pulling.

“OH FUCK!” she yelled, and her body convulsed, her back arching her breasts to me and her hips lifting off the bed at the same time.

I quickly moved down until I could suck one of her long nips into my mouth, and gently massaged it with my lips and tongue. She relaxed a bit, but I could still feel her shuddering as my mouth massaged one nipple and my fingertips playfully stroked and pulled at the other. I moved until I was lying beside her, still sucking and stroking, but I slid my other hand down her body, trailing my fingers over her skin.

She shivered when my fingers slipped over her mound, then stroked her lips lightly, up and down. I flattened my palm over her and squeezed, my hand getting wet with her slippery juices. Slipping one finger between her lips I slid it up and down, teasing her as she lifted her hips, wanting more. When my fingertip slid over her overflowing hole I slipped it in slowly, and pressed until it was buried in her. She arched against it and moaned, her hips rolling slowly.

I lifted my head from her breast and whispered to her, “Your turn to feed me, girlfriend!”

I rolled off her and onto my back, and she needed no urging as she quickly straddled me, grabbing the headboard and pressing her pussy down onto my face. I grabbed her cheeks in both hands and pulled her to me, ramming my tongue into her dripping wet cunt, drinking the juices that flowed from her. Her hips rolled, fucking my face as my tongue stroked and swirled deep inside her.

My tongue found her clit, swirling and grinding against it, and she began making little cries with every touch. I moved one hand from her ass and slid two fingers into her, and she grunted and moaned as I slowly finger-fucked her while my lips and tongue kissed and licked her pussy. When I sucked her little bud between my lips and began fingering her harder she began gasping and panting, her hips rolling and grinding, her hot creamy juices flowing faster. Suddenly she gasped out, “Oh God baby, fuck me hard, I’m gonna cum!”

I rammed my fingers deep into her, pistoning in and out as my lips squeezed and sucked, my tongue grinding hard. Her hips were bucking hard and fast and she was making little high-pitched, ragged crying sounds. I felt her juices running down my chin as she used her hands on the headboard to push my head into the pillow and she came with a squeal, grinding her pussy into my face.

When she finally relaxed and lifted herself from me I had to gasp for breath, and my face was covered with her white creamy cum. She was still gasping, chest heaving, almost sobbing as she fell onto the bed next to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my messy face, tasting herself as my lips tasted hers. I cradled her in my arms, stroking and caressing her, just enjoying the feeling of her body pressed against mine. She snuggled herself into me and made little purring sounds of contentment.

I whispered into her ear, “Do you realize, this will be our first night together?”

“Uhhuh,” she replied, giving me a little squeeze, “and what makes it even better is, I know it’s won’t be the last!” That was so obvious I didn’t even bother to reply, just giving her a long, deep kiss.

She rolled onto her back, head on a pillow, staring up, and I did the same, our bodies touching, my arm behind her neck, hand on her shoulder. “I really need to tell you what went on after you left last night,” she said. “They both came into my room, wanting to talk, and I could see they weren’t really too happy.”

“First, they wouldn’t believe you weren’t hurting me, that I actually liked having you pound your cock into me! They had seen the bruises on my hips and accused you of abusing me! I almost threw them out of my room, and told them it was time to grow up! I told them I only hoped they were lucky enough to find someone who could and would treat them like you treat me! I pulled back my robe and showed them your finger marks. I told them I wear them as a badge of honor, because I could turn you on so much that you held me that tight!”

“I finally asked them why they watched if it bothered them. And how come they were so obviously turned on if they thought you were hurting me. The truth is, I had expected them to run when I told them to come in. Mandy wouldn’t even look at me and I think she started to cry. But Denise looked at me, even though she had tears in her eyes, too. She said it scared her, but it turned her on and she didn’t understand why. Both of them finally admitted they came on their fingers watching us. I guess it was like porn, but up close and very personal.”

“They’re virgins, overdue for their first sexual experience. Denise told me she’s been taking her pills, but doesn’t know why she bothers, and Mandy wouldn’t answer. I told her she better start because she was going to meet somebody and not know how to handle it. At that point she ran for her room, but came back in a minute, still wiping tears. I blame myself a little, because we moved here and now they don’t have any close friends to talk to.”

“But then they unloaded the real blockbusters on me. They wanted to know when you’re coming over again. They want to watch! I asked them what made them think I’d ever consider it after the way they reacted. I told them to watch porn if they wanted to. But they said it was totally different seeing me, someone they know, instead of a couple of actors. They asked how I was able to take you into my throat, and wasn’t it disgusting, sucking a cock. Oh my God, they had so many weird questions!

“And one other thing. Oh, Dan, I don’t know if I should even tell you this! They wanted to know if they can touch you! They can’t believe you can shove something as big and hard as your cock into me without hurting me! Dammit, I told them it was the most wonderful feeling ever, but I don’t think they believed it. I feel like I’m dealing with ten year-olds!”

I was stunned. Really didn’t know what to say. “Oh Shari, damn! I’m so sorry you have to go through this! And I wish I was with you.”

“I do too, Dan. I don’t know if they would ever talk in front of you, they’re so embarrassed now. But it would be a lot easier on me. Moral support. Or at least, immoral support,” she giggled.

We lay silently for a few minutes, and I just gave her a squeeze and ran my hand gently over her. I was mulling over something. “Baby, how do you feel about this? You know we can’t keep on doing what we did, letting them watch. And we want our privacy and our time together.”

“But suppose we stay at your house tomorrow night, and you tell them in advance, if they want to watch, they can. They don’t have to hide, and if they have questions they can ask, either or both of us. But make it clear, it will be the last time; that we aren’t going to share our lives with them.”

She was still for a minute or two. “Oh Dan, if you’re willing to do that it would be wonderful. I’m guessing my mom and dad never talked to them about anything. I know they didn’t with me. And I guess I’m feeling kind of guilty now, I am their older sister, and they have no one else. Maybe I should have spent some time with them before. But Dan, how do you feel about the touching part?”

Oh my God! I had assumed she had just shrugged that one off! It’s hard to picture a man being unwilling to let good looking women touch him, but I was so totally into Sharon, the idea wasn’t even in my mind! I was stunned that she had even considered it!

“Baby, I guess that’s up to you. Right now, I belong to you, and especially, my cock! But I’ll follow your lead girlfriend, just remember, I’m not a monk. I don’t even play one on TV! And if I had a brother and he suggested touching you, they might find him face down in the river!”

She rolled over and kissed me gently. “Thank you, baby. I don’t know where this will lead, but I feel like I need to do something for them, and maybe, this will help. But I think it’s a little beyond normal “boyfriend” duties,” she giggled.

I gave her a big smile and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her against my chest. “Speaking of my “normal” duties…” I laughed as I locked my lips over hers. She wiggled and squirmed as I ran a hand down over her ass and gave one cheek a hard squeeze, and she was gasping as her hard nipples scratched against my chest. I had gradually realized that she was less reluctant to let me touch her sensitive nipples and breasts now, not because she felt it any less but because she knew I loved her reaction and loved to tease and please her with them. And she also trusted me enough to realize I would not abuse the opportunity. She relaxed and enjoyed her gift.

My cock was already standing at attention, but it got a lot harder when she wrapped her fist around it. Our lips continued to grind, and our tongues were doing battle in her mouth as her hand moved slowly up and down me. She spread her legs a little, one slipping between mine, and as her hips slowly rolled, her pussy was rubbing against my thigh. But she jumped and shuddered as I slid my hand from her ass cheek down the crack until my fingers were able to slip between her legs.

Her mouth suddenly pulled up from mine, and she gasped, “Oh fuck! That’s no fair!” But fair or not, she showed how she felt about it when she pulled herself up to her knees, giving my hand total access. I reached between her legs and my fingers slid over her lips, already wet and slippery. She moaned and her body started rocking forward and back as her hand squeezed harder and moved faster on my cock. I put my other hand on the back of her head and pulled her lips back to mine, and we moaned into each others mouths.

When she rocked forward I let my fingers slip between her legs, and quickly slid the tip of one into her. When she rocked back she pushed it deeper into herself, and her lips left mine again as she suddenly gasped. I realized she was dripping wet, and quickly slipped a second finger in and pushed both into her to the hilt. With a groan she simply surrendered to me, putting her forehead on my chest and rocking in time with my hand. My fingers made wet juicy sounds as they flew in and out of her.

But in a few seconds her head flew back, and she sat up, forcing my hand away. Her eyes locked on mine but she didn’t say a word as she moved her knees outside my legs, straddling me. She grabbed my cock, pulling hard on it a few times, then holding it steady as she slipped herself onto it. Suddenly she just dropped, impaling herself on me in one swift motion. She grunted as she was filled with me, but it was so unexpected and the sensation so intense I sat up with a gasp, eyes wide, body shuddering.

She leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest and pushing me back down. I felt her pussy clenching my shaft, squeezing me although she didn’t move. When the pressure finally let up, she lifted very slowly, and I watched as my cock re-appeared. She kept only the tip in her, and started bobbing up and down quickly, massaging it as I squirmed and moaned. At least, when she suddenly dropped onto my body again, I expected it, but it my groan was still just as loud. Oh my God, she felt good!

There was a sparkle in her eyes as she pushed up onto the balls of her feet, leaned forward further, and started rocking back and forth, sliding up and down the length of my shaft with measured strokes. I reached up with both hands and grasped her long hard nipples in my fingertips, very gently. Her eyes shut, and she gasped and shuddered, but continued pumping slowly up and down on me as I lightly rubbed with my fingers. Her eyes flickered open again with a look, almost of surprise, and she whispered to me, “Oh God honey, that feels good!”

When I started slowly rolling my hips, meeting her downward thrusts, she groaned as our bodies lightly slapped together, and continued her pace. We had found a perfect combination, and it felt so good to both of us we just continued for several minutes, gasping and moaning and smiling at each other.

Her legs tired and she slid all the way down on me, then slowly leaned forward as her legs slid back, till she was lying on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and we enjoyed a long passionate kiss, my cock, still buried in her, throbbing with pleasure. My arms tightened as I rolled with her, until our positions were reversed and she was under me. I pushed up on my arms, my hands at her sides, and looked down at her. She took one hand and cupped one of her small breasts, squeezing till it pushed upward, hard tip straining towards me. She whispered, “Suck it, please.”

I was amazed. I realized she liked the way I touched her so much she wanted more, even though she had been so afraid at first. I bent my head to her, wet my lips and very gently slid them down over the long tip. She didn’t gasp. She sighed. I let my wet tongue swirl around the base of her nipple, bathing it. Her back arched, and I felt her pressing against my lips. I opened my lips wider and took all I could get of her breast into my mouth, sucking just a little. My tongue swirled and stroked the long rigid tip.

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