slight incest

That weekend with Karen had really opened my eyes, it was such an amazing experience, although I wasn’t entirely convinced i was 100% official lesbian and even now I wonder how you work out what your sexuality is. Maybe it’s worked out by the percentage of people you have sex with or who you want to have sex with. I think I must be one of those very naive people because after my first submission to Literotica I got an email from a lady thanking me for a good account of my experience and welcoming me to the world of Sapphic love. I was very thankful to receive email from someone who had enjoyed reading about me, but I do confess that I had no clue was Sapphic meant!

I had to look it up in the dictionary! No joke. Cambridge Online Dictionary says: Sapphic – women who are sexually attracted to other women… Okay, I can live with that definition for the time being, I was attracted to Karen and can see how beautiful women are, but sometimes I over analyse things and wonder if I was really attracted to Karen or was it just lust and feeling turned on at a specific moment. It drives me nuts sometimes thinking about stuff like that. Before I never thought “yeah, my sisters best mate is well sexy, I’d like to see her naked or have lesbo sex with her!” it wasn’t in my head at all.

Since Karen, I’ve been in some strange situations, some were very erotic and sexy others were scary and not at all fun and some just bonkers – I’ll tell you about them in a moment. Should I believe that if it wasn’t for being attracted to Karen these things never would have happened? need a time machine really. I’m not nuts or anything but when I’m in my bed at night I like to get my thoughts down in my diary so they’re not swirling around in my head keeping me awake. This is why when copying stuff from my diary onto the computer it sometimes looks like a mass of jumbled thoughts and stuff but I have tried to make it read like there’s some sense to it.

Anyway, I won’t type on and on about nothing for ages. I want to get on with it and you want to know what happened after that weekend with Karen. I’ll tell you one thing before we start, I couldn’t make any of this up if I tried, I had no idea anything like this could happen, especially to me!


3 days now since Karen and I were together. haven’t seen her. still can’t believe we did it with each other! my sisters best friend, a girl! it was amazing and I’m still thinking about it constantly. it wasn’t like the first time in Janine’s bedroom, that was a bit strange and I was very unsure of myself then, but that night when Karen came round was pure ecstasy. I get nervous just thinking about, did we really do it? what we do now I got no idea. will she want to see me again? will she want to do it again with me? god, I don’t know if I could, that sounds so silly, we’ve already done it, been there done that. but the idea of taking off my clothes in front of another girl in a sexual way makes my stomach feel weird, even though I already have with Karen. I must be nuts. when is she going to call me?


Karen came round today, she spent the morning with my sister lounging in front of the TV, she said “hi” to me and nothing more. why is she acting like I don’t exist? is she ashamed of what we did together? has she told my sister all about it? the do seem to be laughing a lot and Karen looks over at me when they laugh. I couldn’t take it any longer and moved my college work up to my bedroom, couldn’t concentrate so am writing in my diary now. perhaps Karen doesn’t want to see me again, or thinks I’m just some kid she had fun with one time, Jesus she is only a bit older than me! where does she get off acting like that, after all we’re adults now not children. feel sick now.


I’m so stupid. got a text from Karen. PLS CALL ME luv K. She sent it after she left for her Sunday roast at home. I had to wait ages to call her, had to sit and eat Sunday lunch with mum and dad and Janine and couldn’t think about anything but Karen. Anyway, we just had a chat on the phone, it was weird as hell. basically I had to pretend I was calling Angela about some college project we were doing together. Had to watch what I was saying because my dad was watching the football, mum was in and out all the time doing the back garden and Janine was loafing about listening to her headphones.

I was shaking when I dialled Karen’s number. I prayed no one else but her would pick it up otherwise I’d have to hang up and pretend I’d dialled her number by mistake. lucky, Karen picked it up and said hello. seems she was lucky that everyone else in her house had gone food shopping so she was alone. “how are you doing?” she asked me.

“okay, bit bored, always board on Sundays.”

“know what u mean, nothing to do.”

“tell me about it”

We chatted about nothing for a minutes until I realised I was supposed to be talking to Angela about our project.

“So how much of our project have you done?” I asked in the hope Karen would realise what I was doing?


“I’ve done a few bits, introduction mainly.” Please get with it Karen, please.

“What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, college projects are like that,” I said, watching to see if anyone was looking at me. “Get with it Angela.”

“Angela? What the…? Oh hang on, you got people listing in on you, right?” “Yeah, that’s it.”

“Oh this is gonna be fun,” said Karen laughing. “I thought you were going mad. So I’m supposed to be your mate Angela am I?”


“She good lookin?”

“Not exactly.”

“Not sexy like me then?”

“No, not se…piously,” I said biting my tongue.

“That was a close one,” Karen said laughing. “Sorry I couldn’t say anything to you earlier when I was round, I don’t want anyone to know about us.”

“I don’t either,” I said, relieved that she did WANT to say something but couldn’t. “It wouldn’t work out very well.”

“I wasn’t ignoring you. I wanted to call you before but there’s always something stopping me, parents, walk dog, go shopping, go to work, argh!”

“Exactly the same here,” I replied, wishing I could say what I wanted, wishing no one else was here to hear me.

“And now I am free and you’re not,” Karen said with a sigh. “This sucks you know.”

“Yeah,” I said with feeling. “Big time.”

“I could wind you up though, that could be fun.”


“I can tell you how I’m unzipping my top” Karen said. I could hear the zipper over the phone. “I can tell you that I’m putting my hand inside my vest, I’m not wearing a bra today so I got smooth skin all the way.”

“So nothing under then?” I asked hoping that wouldn’t sound strange and totally college related.

“Nothing at all under, if you got what I mean,” said Karen. “In fact I can pull my vest right up so my chest is open to the air. My nipples are all hard too. quite sensitive today. am giving them a nice gentle squeeze, hmm nice. I wonder what else I can do, what do you think?”

“I…well I wouldn’t know about that,” I said, I couldn’t believe this, here I was getting turned on and there were people everywhere.

“I’ve got my full length skirt on today,” Karen told me.

“Oh, the denim one?” I asked. That was innocent enough.

“Yep. Shall I pull it up to my waist?”

“That’s a good idea,” I said. I was getting good at this fake talk. I was also getting very aroused.

There was a muffled sound and then a bang. I heard Karen swear. “Sorry,” she said a moment later. “Was pulling my skirt up and dropped the phone!”

“So you’re done now then?” I asked. Getting adventurous with the erotic/college project translation I pushed it further. “Should be good viewing.”

“I think so,” Karen almost purred. “I’m almost totally naked in the living room now.”

“Almost?” I said. “Almost is never good enough.”

“That’s right sweety,” said my dad still glued to the TV.

At least now I knew someone was vaguely tuned into my conversation.

“A dare?” Karen said with a small chuckle. “I accept. One sec…” the phone went muffled again. “…half way there now, vest is history. Now I’m sat here in the armchair facing the window, topless.”

“Going below the belt is a challenge,” I said and clenched, so sure that sounded wrong. No reaction from dad.

“If you insist,” replied Karen. More muffled noises as the phone slipped down by her hair. “Ta-da, all gone. I’m naked. Nude. Bare assed for all to see.” “Anyone?”

“If they’re out for a Sunday dog walk and look in they’ll see me, naked, staring right back at them.”

“Wow,” I said.

“Bet you wish you were alone now!”

“Very true,” I said. I could feel myself getting wet. “It’s a site I’d like to see.”

“I’m very wet, Haley,” Karen said. “I’m sliding a finger over my fanny now, its so wet…”

I could hear her moan a little and pretended my jeans were annoying me. I adjusted them and felt the stiff material rub against my fanny. it was so bad. I was tempted to hang up and dash to my bedroom and get some relief but I’d look so weird doing that. All I could was sit and squirm bit by bit as Karen told me what she was doing to herself over the phone. After a few agonizing minutes I heard Karen swear.

“What?” I asked as calm as possible.

“My parents are back, shit! Got to go. Bye.”

The phone went dead. I was silent for a moment. Horrible vision of Karen’s parents pulling up on the driveway and catching a glimpse of their daughters naked body dashing upstairs to get dressed. I almost hung up and realised I would have to finished the conversation normally. That was so bad, I just wanted out of there as quickly as possible. I managed it and got up to my room, just about to slip my hand inside my jeans when my mum came in and handed me a list of things she needed from Tesco down the road, milk, cereal blah blah.

I grabbed my phone and coat and headed down the road. It was getting darker, I hate winter, no snow these days just bits of rain, loads of wind and drab grew skies. so dull. half way to Tesco I sent Karen a text. U ESCAPE OK?ANY1 C U?GOIN2TESCO NOW.SPK2U SOON. x I hoped she was okay, and not having to explain what she was doing lounging around naked in the house.

She must have been fine. Got a text back a moment later. ALL GUD.NO1 SAW ME.MEET ME BY BOTTLE RECYC 5MINS. K. I read the text several times as I walked to Tesco. She meant the bottle bank recycling centre behind Tesco car park. What was she up to now? I thought she didn’t want to get caught with us seen together. Should I meet her? I was tempted to say I couldn’t, that I had better get my mums shopping and head home as soon as possible.

I knew Karen lived about the same distance from Tesco as we did. my hear was banging in my chest when I crossed the car park. It was 5.20pm, Tesco was closing at 6 and there were still people coming and going. It was far from deserted and empty. I couldn’t return home without the shopping so I dashed inside, grabbed milk, bread, cheese, washing up liquid, mushrooms and bacon, sped through the checkout and back outside in 3 minutes.

I past the bus shelter, trolley park and headed round the back of the store, no less deserted here either, since the exit for the car park was right next to the recycling centre. I pushed past a bunch of kids on bikes and slowly strolled across the tarmac. Where was Karen? she did say 5mins didn’t she? I checked my phone again. Yep, 5mins. I hung about for a second then walked all the way across to the other side, passed the huge bottle bins where fencing separated the car park from back gardens of the local housing estate.

I sighed and was about to text Karen when I heard her voice. I looked about but couldn’t see her in the failing light. It was almost dark now. Car headlights shone back and forth across the car park as they came and went. I looked around me, and it wasn’t until a car headed for the exit that I saw Karen. She was concealed in the entrance of an alley way that lead from the car park to the neighbouring street. She waved at me to come over. I glanced about and headed back across the tarmac toward her. I stopped for 3 cars to dash past before crossing the exit and standing in front of the alley entrance.

“Don’t just stand there!” Karen snapped.

Her hands shot and jerked me into the dark dingy alley way. I wasn’t prepared and bumped into her, pushing her against the fence. We stared into each others eyes for a moment. I dropped my shopping bag and she pulled me close to her, arms wrapping round me, her lips seeking out mine, my hands holding onto her as we kissed, her hot lips clashed against mine, stark contrast to her cold cheeks. Her tongue darted between my lips and we kissed passionately. I could feel my fanny moisten and I felt how unfair the situation was, I wanted Karen so badly and I sensed/knew she wanted me too, but we couldn’t. Not there in the alley way with cars driving past lighting up the place.

I felt Karen’s hand move, her fingers fumbled with the zipper on my jacket, she pulled it down and pushed her hand under my t-shirt, her icy cold fingers making me flinch for a second as she dislodged my bra. She shoving it up toward my neck so she could tease my already very stiff and aching nipples. I moaned into her mouth as she gently toyed with my nipples. I wanted to be somewhere, anywhere else right then, it was so unfair. while a huge part of me was so aroused I was scared to death we would be seen any second!

We parted briefly, Karen smiling at me, she undid the top buttons on her denim skirt and pulled it down a little way, there was just enough light for me to see she wasn’t wearing underwear. her skin seemed to glow white in the dark. she smoothed her hand over her pubes and winked at me.

“Karen…what are you…?”

“No time,” Karen said urgently. “Quick, undo your jeans.”

I stared down dumbly, was she serious? We were going to… right there in the alley way next to Tesco? Oh no way! I started to shake my head but her cold hands were already fumbling with my jeans, she popped open the button and slid the zipper down. My skin was cold with the wind blowing in the alley and I was really thinking this was a bad idea.

“Karen we can’t…we shouldn’t do this…what if someone sees us?”

“No one cares,” she replied kissing me again quickly. “Even if they do they’ll only see your back, with that big coat they’ll just assume it’s a guy and his girlfriend having a quick snog.”

“But…” I glanced across the car park.

“What?” said Karen following my gaze.

Only a hundred yards or so a mother and kids were packing food in their car. I could see the trolley collector guy pushing a snake of trolley’s back to the store. she was right, no was taking any notice.

“People can see…” I said feebly. I shrugged.

“Oh shut up!” she said with a laugh. “It’s exciting! isn’t it?”

“that much is true,” I said. She caught my eye and leaned forward to kiss me again, fast and deep.

“Come on then!” she said.

I felt her hand push down past my undone jeans, into my knickers where her fingers found my clit instantly. I gasped as she gently stroked it. “Touch me too,” she said before we kissed again.

I forgot the car park, fuck it, was what I actually thought. I reached out and cupped my hand against her fanny, feeling it hot and slippery against my fingers. I rubbed them up and down her lips before parting them and pushing two fingers slowly inside her. She groaned very loudly and forced herself down onto my fingers. She followed my actions, leaving my clit and roughly pushing two fingers into my fanny.

“Oh Karen…oh shit…” I whimpered. I couldn’t believe what we were doing, I wasn’t going to stop though!!

“Haley…finger me harder.. urgh yeah….make cum…”

“Oh god Karen…I want to climax…Karen…uh uh…”

I was so turned on. The dingy surroundings, the possibility of getting caught any moment, the fact that my chest was exposed and Karen and I were finger fucking each other right next to Tesco’s…well it blew my mind! We fingered each other hard and fast until we climaxed, it was rough and quick, nothing like when we were last together, that was an exploration of each others bodies. This was pure wanton lust and I loved it.

As we clung to each other in a post orgasmic state we both smiled. In the streetlamp I could see a film of sweat on Karen’s skin, she licked her lips and I kissed her again. She brought her fingers up to her face and licked my juices from them, I copied her, feeling another thrill rush through my body. I just could not believe I was out in a very public place licking Karen’s juices from my fingers.

We redressed quickly, now it was over I realised how cold the wind was against my skin.

“You’re crazy you know that!” I said to Karen.

“You didn’t exactly complain!” she replied. “You’re a horny slut, Haley,” she added and kissed me.

“Am not!” I said a bit too prudish.

Karen laughed.

“You won’t tell…anyone?” I asked her, then felt very silly.

“Never.” Karen was very serious now. “This is between us. I’m not going to tell anyone.”

“I was just worried, you know, about my sister, thought you might have said something to her.”

“Not a word,” Karen assured me. “Now, there’s a birthday party a week this Friday, a friend of mine, Fran. She’ll be 21 so her parents have agreed to let her have a big party while they’re away. You want to come along?”

“Is Janine going?” I asked, suddenly intrigued. Did Karen want me to go as her…girlfriend?

“She’ll be there,” Karen said. She saw my look of doubt. “Don’t worry I got a plan to get you there without making a big deal of it with Janine.”

I wanted to go, but if we were to keep our secret what was the point? I so desperately wanted to see Karen more, and even though I totally enjoyed what we had just done with each other in the car park it wasn’t really the idyllic setting I really wanted.

“Well okay,” I said still unsure. “If you think it’ll be okay.”

Karen kissed me full on, he tongue sliding into my mouth. Quick and fast and I loved every second. She parted. “It’ll be great, you’ll have fun.”


“We better get going before we’re in trouble,” she said stepping away from me. “I’ll call u later if I can. Love ya.”

She turned and jogged away down the alley. I felt a knot of despair in my stomach. I didn’t want her to leave so soon, but then we had to keep this a secret. Neither of us wants the hassle of parents/friends etc giving us a hard time or otherwise if they found out we were screwing each other. I picked up my shopping bag and headed home, reliving our brief encounter made me smile and I started looking forward to this party.


Thursday Karen came round this evening. She spent most of the time in my sisters bedroom where they were trying on all sorts of clothes for the party tomorrow night. On her way upstairs Karen had chucked a ball of paper into my bedroom, luckily no one saw her do it. I pulled it open and this is what it said:

“Loved seeing you the other night. you make me so horny, can’t wait till we’re together again. party is tomorrow night. am telling Janine some of your friends are going so why don’t we take you with us as well, actually I think some of your friends really are going, Fran’s sister Lucy is your age, isn’t she in your year at college? anyway, we’ll have a laugh. see you soon sexy. K.”

So she did have a plan after all. I think I remember Lucy from college, she hangs around with a group of Goth girls in the canteen, all black clothes and black make up, I think that’s depressing. After a while I was writing in my diary on my bed when Janine stuck her head around my bedroom door.

“You coming to this party then?” she asked with a sneer on her face.

“Yeah,” I said, quickly closing my diary. “Lucy’s invited some of us over.”

“Karen suggested you come with us, yeah well don’t pull a face sweet heart,” Janine said in a condescending way. “If we don’t offer to take you mom and dad won’t let you go. We’re supposed to be the responsible ones who’ll look after you all night, as if!”

“Okay, fine,” I said with a sigh. “Just don’t make fun of me, okay?”

“Whatever baby sister,” Janine said and laughed.

She headed back to her room where I heard lots of laughter. No one could see me but I was still embarrassed. Was Karen laughing at me too? Would she do that? I had to know what they were talking about so I crept along the landing to her room but I still couldn’t hear anything. Her door was slightly ajar and I could see a bit of her desk which wasn’t much help.

Then I spotted her mirror. I inched forward a bit and was reminded of the day when Karen caught me spying on her when she was masturbating while using Janine’s PC. Through the mirror I could see Janine sat in her chair, I squinted to see the screen and could just make out photos of something but couldn’t see what exactly.

Then Karen walked right in front of me. I froze. Had she seen me? I almost bolted for it but I did a double take. Was she…naked? Karen was naked in my sisters bedroom!! No way! I stared into the mirror on the other side of the room and breathed a half sigh of relief, she wasn’t naked, not entirely. She was wearing her knickers and bra and was trying to wriggle into one of Janine’s vest tops.

They were just trying clothes on. No big deal.

“Good or bad?” Karen asked.

Janine turned and pulled a face.

“Okay then, won’t be wearing that.” Karen laughed and peeled off the top.

I’d seen enough, they weren’t doing anything bad. I suddenly felt like a jealous fool, thinking Karen was laughing at me. I shuffled backward and knocked over a wash basket behind me.

“Who’s that now?” Janine barked.

Oh shit!! I froze and panicked for a second but had to think fast. I jumped to my feet and picked up the basket and started walking. I bumped into Janine as she appeared in her doorway.

“Oh it’s you,” she said. “I thought someone was spying on us.”

“No,” I said and held out the basket. “Mom asked me to get your laundry.”

“Just wait there,” Janine replied turning away.

I gaped at Karen who was now just standing there in just her knickers. She grinned at me and turned around on the spot letting me take a good look at her body. I felt very shaky. The fun was over when Janine returned with an armful of clothes. She caught me staring.

“Urgh, you a lesbo or something?” she said with a sour look on her face. “Don’t be so gross.”

“I’m not a lesbo,” I replied hotly my face burning red.

“Whatever,” Janine said. “Karen cover yourself up before my lesbo sister jumps on you!”

Karen faked shock and grabbed a towel to wrap around herself.

“Don’t say that!” I said. “I didn’t expect to see Karen like that is all.”

“Sure. Go now. We’re busy.”

I turned and left quickly, taking the laundry basket downstairs and returning to my room and my diary. An hour or so later Karen headed to the toilet and kicked open my door. I looked up expecting to see my sister behind her but didn’t. I smiled weakly.

“Sorry,” I said quietly.

“It’s fine,” Karen replied. “No harm done. Come here.”

I got off my bed and walked over to her. She glanced about then leaned forward and kissed me full. I was shocked but gave into it, feeling her warm sweet lips on mine. I wished we were alone.

“Hey Kaz!” Janine called from her room. “Come look at this.”

Karen pulled away and smiled. “See you tomorrow.”

I collapsed on my bed and started writing this in my diary. How am I going to make it through the party like this? I’m already a nervous wreck! Maybe I shouldn’t go? I don’t want to get caught with Karen by anyone, my life would be over. Oh God, what am I going to do?


Saturday I don’t know if last night was the best or worst night of my life. The embarrassment, what do I do? So much has happened since yesterday I don’t know where to begin. Okay, calm down, deep breaths, just start at the beginning.

We headed to Fran’s house at about 7pm. She’s a classic rich chick, her parents are investment bankers or something. She has a huge house on the outskirts of town, something like 8 bedrooms, 5 with en suite bathrooms, there’s a games room, a cinema room, a gym, sauna, and a pool in the garden. I don’t understand why people in England have outdoor swimming pools because for about 6 months of the year its too cold to use them.

The house was full of people, she must have invited half the university or something. Music was playing in different rooms and people were laughing and talking everywhere. I admit I haven’t exactly been to many house parties so I didn’t really know what to expect. Lucy came over with two of her Goth friends and said hello, then they spend most of the night sulking in the kitchen, probably talking about death or something equally morbid.

A few of my friends from college were there, Anne, Rachel and Yvonne were already chatting up the guys 3 years older than them. Typical flirts. I hung out and had a laugh with them, then got talking to a few of the guys my sister knows, they were funny, having drinking games and giving each other challenges. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a sorority house in an American university and go to all the wild parties, I reckon this was as close as I would get.

It was a good party, there was a lot of alcohol but I didn’t get totally drunk, my parents wouldn’t be very happy if I came home and puked on the carpet, besides Janine kept an annoying eye on me the whole night. There was even a pool which some people were jumping into fully clothed. It was quite later when I noticed a lot of people had either fallen asleep or had gone home, there were small groups of people here and there, talking, playing on the Playstation or playing a drunken game of poker.

I had barely seen Karen all night, and when I did Janine was with her except for the game, I’ll get to that in a moment. It was nice, don’t get me wrong but I would have liked to spend time with her, but I suppose that wasn’t really the place. Anyway, the game was kind of like truth or dare, there was a group of us in the kitchen, drinking shots and laughing, I didn’t know most of them being Janine’s friends.

Craig decided it was time to play some silly games and we did play truth or dare for a while, but the lads never got to see any naked girls, most took the truth option which for lads was obviously boring. Then Fran came up with the Closest Game, basically this involved a forfeit being placed on anyone choosing Truth, you could say your truth or go to the closet upstairs and wait till someone called you, like losing a turn and missing out on the fun. There were 3 closets, A by the bathroom and B by the bedrooms and C by the balcony.

It was up to you which one you took but one person had to give the loser instructions to do certain things in there if they met someone, then they had to report back about what had happened the same person from the group who couldn’t tell anyone else what you said, only that it was the truth. Anonymity was more or less assured, kind of. If people lied then they had to go back to the closet. Naturally this would have to involve pitch black conditions and no talking. No one would find out who the other person was. It was pretty manic for a while, people dashing back and forth, lots of laughing and tales of groping in the dark. It got to the point where people where more interested in the closet then dares or truth. At one point there could be 6 people upstairs, the lights were off upstairs so no one would see who they were with once they stepped out and the rule was that one of you left first and the other 1 minute later.

A couple of people went to the closet for a few minutes, Craig even ended up with a girl in there and spent some time making out or whatever with her. It was good fun hearing about what happened and everyone was staring at everyone else trying to find out who had felt up whom. Until I was asked Truth or Dare and since I wasn’t prepared to do any dare I said Truth.

“How many boys you slept with?” asked Lee, an art student 3 years older than me.

I shook my head. The group decided I had to go to a closet, if I found anyone I had to French kiss them for 3 minutes. I slumped off upstairs in a mood, knowing someone was already up there. The booze messed my memory so I couldn’t remember who was closeted. Some people waited to ages to come back down because no one had joined them yet to let them leave. It was dark on the stairs and I shuffled along the corridor where a luminous sticker said “A” and I saw “B” sticker and “C” much further along. I hesitated, then chose “C”, took a deep breath and opened the door.

It was empty. I breathed a sigh of relief and then realised that if someone found me they would have to do whatever instructions they had been given. Not so good. I waited for ages. Downstairs I could hear muffled laughter. After what felt like hours I heard footsteps walk past the door. It opened and I gasped, staring into the darkness. I felt hands touch my face then my shoulders as they tried to find where I was. The door closed and I felt very stupid.

It was a game, but a nerve wracking game at the same time. Your senses get heightened when you lose one and I could smell after shave, it was a boy then. But who? God knows. I honestly still don’t know even now. I froze when the hands touched my chest and cupped my breasts. OH my god! I felt the hands moving as they pushed up my vest top and bra so my chest was exposed to his touch. I couldn’t help it, my nipples became erect as he touched and squeezed them, then I felt something wet and realised his mouth was on them, sucking one nipples then the other into his mouth. I sighed as I felt tingles in my fanny, I was getting turned on!

Then one of his hands took mine and placed it on his crotch. Oh shit. What did he want me to do? I pulled my hand away. I wasn’t sure I could do that. I heard a zip sound and then his hand took mine again, only this time I didn’t touch cloth I touched something hard and very hot, yes I know it sounds naïve but at first I couldn’t figure it out then I gasped when I realised it was his penis!

His hand on top of mine, wrapping our fingers around his hot dick and slowly rubbing it up and down. I could hear him breathing heavily below my face as he licked and sucked my nipples. He took his hand away and I carried on rubbing him. After a few strokes his hand returned and covered mine, I realised what he wanted when he started speeding up. His hand left and I wanked him faster. It was getting slippery.

I was very aroused at this point. I don’t think I would have stopped him if he’d tried to touch my fanny, I wanted some action too by this point regardless of who it was with, it was just amazingly erotic. He was grunting and moaning and humping my hand as I wanked him harder and harder.

Suddenly his body tensed and jerked. “Unh…oh yeah!” he grunted, not observing the silence rule. His dick became very stiff in my hand and I understood that he was ejaculating. I was making him cum! His sperm jetted across my hand and arm as he shuddered against my body. I continued rubbing his dick until he had finished. Then he straightened up and I heard his zipper again. I felt skin on my face and the smell of booze. He kissed me roughly and then opened the door.

I stood still for a moment trying to comprehend what had happened. I knew the game rules but never actually thought I’d end up doing something like this. Would anyone know it was me? Would I know who it was I had masturbated in the darkness? I wiped my hand on a tissue in my pocket and pulled my bra and top back down. I was already feeling embarrassed before leaving and facing everyone. I had enjoyed it, defiantly but it wasn’t my ideal setting for something that intimate!

I left the closet and headed downstairs, passing Rachel who was heading up. We smiled at each other but didn’t say anything. I got back to the kitchen and noticed no boys where around. Apparently Craig was taking a whiz, Tim had passed out, Lee was still upstairs, the twins Carl and Mike were mixing up more cocktails and Josh was busy puking in the downstairs toilet.

I stared at the girls, knowing full well my face was very red. Karen was smiling at me, god knows what I would say to her when we were next alone. Janine looked accusingly at me which I ignored.

“So what happened?” Fran asked.

“I couldn’t see much,” I said, not looking anyone in the eye.

“Yeah, it’s dark,” said her sister Lucy, her black lipstick lips smiling. “It’s dark, that’s the idea. Just tell someone what you did and they can confirm it.”

I looked about. Not Karen, that would be too hard, not Janine, couldn’t tell her what I had been doing, that was weird. No way Lucy, she was a freak. Not my friends because that seemed too personal. I cupped my hand to Fran’s ear, she was only one who seemed impartial.

“Someone took off my top,” I whispered very quietly. “He played with my…with my chest…my boobs, licking and stuff and I…and I wanked him off until he spunked.”

I pulled my face away from her ear. My own face so red I thought I was going to die or that someone else had heard my report. Fran smiled at me and patted my shoulder.

“She’s lying isn’t she?” Lucy asked.

“Nope. The truth.”

“Drinks are on us,” Carl announced as he and his brother returned with jugs of cocktails. “So who’s back now?”

I raised my hand.

“And? Was it good for you?”

“Must have been, she’s got a smoke on the go already!” said Mike with a grin.

We played again, the boys came back, even Josh who had vomited and seemed much happier. I relaxed. I couldn’t possibly have anything worse the next time, not that there would be a next time, the game would either be over by my next turn or I’d take a dare and run round the pool naked or something.

It was 1am by the time my turn happened again. I almost chose dare. It was so quiet as I sat on the barstool with everyone watching me. I sighed and chose Truth which I didn’t answer. Closet time. Lucy was nominated to give me my task which I almost disagreed to on the grounds that if it was with one of her friends I think I’d puke! But I accepted it and trudged upstairs. I should have counted myself lucky really, most of the others had been up and down 6 or 8 or more times so far.

Back in the darkness. I went for closet “A” this time, picking out the luminous sticker on the door and opening it with a deep breath. Phew. No one there! I was lucky. I leaned against a file of boxes and waited. Again I must have waited ages, I started to think that everyone had given up and gone home when the door shot open and closed just as quickly.

It was silent for a moment. The other person not doing a thing. Maybe they didn’t realise anyone was in here. I moved my body a little to make some noise then I felt a hand on my arm. I tensed up but relaxed when I smelled sweet familiar perfume. Was it…? I could only hope. A hand touched my face, yes it was a female touch, not rough and ready like a boys eagerness. Another hand came to my face, they studied me for a while as if trying to read who I was like Braille.

The left me and I felt movement. Odd. The rustle of clothes and a zip sound. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I felt hands touch me, seeking out my hands which were pulled toward her body which I discovered was naked! She had taken off her clothes and was stood in here naked with me!! She pulled me toward her, we hugged each other for a moment then she kissed me, he mouth sliding against mine, her tongue pushing between my lips and exploring mine.

I could smell something familiar, the deodorant…it was Karen…wasn’t it? It smelled like her but in the dark I had my doubts. I felt very bad for doubting myself like that, I should be able to work out if it was her since we had spent enough time exploring each others bodies. She pulled away and moved my hands to her face allowing me to feel he nose and lips before she tugged them down to her chest. I felt her soft skin between my finger tips, cupped her breasts in my hands and rubbed my thumbs over her nipples that grew stiff under my touch.

She urged my hands over her stomach, lower where I felt a patch of pubic hair, soft and trimmed…yes! Just like Karen! I wanted to say something and almost told her who I was when I stopped with my mouth open…I could be wrong, even now I could still be wrong about what my senses were telling me. I couldn’t take that risk. She guided my right hand to lower, I cupped her pubic mound and she lowered her vulva onto my hand. She was hot against my fingers and I realised what her task was, she had to find someone to bring to orgasm. I slid a finger back and forth over her lips, parting them gently, feeling them slick and wet as I delved slowly deeper.

She was hot and ready for my fingers and obviously very aroused. I slid a finger inside her slimy fanny making her gasp. I eased it in and out, hearing her breathing in the darkness. She gripped my hand and thrust it harder. I pushed a second finger alongside the first and pushed them both deep upwards as she shoved her body down onto them. I raised my thumb and skimmed it between her fanny lips to the top where it touched the tight hard tip of her clitoris.

“Oh,” she whimpered quietly. The silence rule was never going to be followed that strictly. “Y-yes…oh.”

I massaged her clit with my thumb while I finger fucked her juicy vagina. I knew I was wet myself, this would be the second time I had done someone else and not had any fun myself. She was shuddering and panting as I continued my masturbatory session on her. I leaned toward her and in the dark found her nipple with my mouth where I sucked and licked it. This make her shudder even more and I desperately wanted to pull my jeans down and finger myself at the same time.

I was fingering her faster and my thumb was flicking over her very hard clit. She couldn’t stand it much longer and was making noises which weren’t too loud and certainly weren’t enough to give away who she was.

“Yes…oh yes…oh…oh…”

She could hardly speak, her voice barely a whisper as she whimpered and moaned. I thrust up against her body, my hand rubbing against her fanny, fingers embedded up inside as far as they would go, her juices dripping onto my hand, her skin was damp with perspiration and her chest bobbed up and down with her deep shuddering breaths. I could hardly keep my mouth and tongue on her nipples they were moving about so much!

“I’m…oh yes…yes…oh…cuming ….oh, oh oh, oh, oh!”

Her body shook and shuddered against mine as her orgasm took control. I felt more juice flow onto my hand, her fanny tightening around my fingers. She panted and shuddered for ages, I removed my fingers and parted her fanny lips, gliding them upwards where I pressed them against her clitoris, pushing, rubbing and teasing it. She climaxed again from my touch.

“Yes…oh….unh….yes…there yes, yes! Unhhhhhhhhh!”

Eventually she calmed down and I removed my fingers from her soaking fanny. Her breathing returned to normal and she took a deep controlling breath. We parted and I felt her moving about, possibly getting dressed? I couldn’t be sure. I was feeling so horny I was considering waiting until she had left so I could pay some attention to my own needs.

I felt a sudden touch and flinched at the unexpectedness. Her hands moved over my stomach and up to my chest. In the dark I could still hear her breathing deeply, what was she doing? I realised at once that she was going to fulfil her challenge given to her downstairs. Should I do something to stop her? I mentally shrugged, if this was Karen then I wasn’t going to stop her. Problem was that if it wasn’t then I’d feel very guilty over this, but I couldn’t tell?

Her hands began to undress me, she lifted up my vest top and bra and began smoothing her hands over my breasts, her fingers teasing my stiff little nipples. In seconds she had undressed me, I felt silly stood there in a dark closet, naked, with what I had to assume was a total stranger. I couldn’t be sure it was Karen, sounds so silly I know, but I wasn’t convinced.

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