I woke up at about 6am my cock was rock hard and throbbing. My bladder full and I was in desperate need of a pee. I jumped out of the warm bed and off to the toilet. As all men would know, it’s almost impossible to piss with a fat but I eventually managed to relieve myself and didn’t spray too much around the toilet lol.

I returned to the bedroom. The room smelt like sex, that musky sensual smell of combined sexual fluids. My thoughts turned to last nights carnal activities and as I played them over again in my mind my hard on returned with a vengeance.

Rachael & I had met yesterday in the legends bar at the footy. We were both pretty happy as we had been celebrating our teams victory with some cold drinks. One thing led to another and 5 hours later we found ourselves in my bed. We fucked 3 times that evening and had managed to get a few hours sleep before I was woken by my bladder.

Rache was still asleep when I slipped back under the covers. Although my mind was now awake and I was feeling extremely horny. I cuddled up to her but she was dead to the world. I ran my hand along her thigh and up toward her pussy. She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs a little. I wasn’t sure now weather I had woken her up or not but she continued to breath deeply so I though that she was still asleep.

I thought I would wake her up with a treat, so I ferreted down under the doona and nuzzled my way down toward her pussy. My cheek brushed her pubic hair which had been shaved into a landing strip. A couple of rough tufts’ of cum encrusted pubes scratched my cheek as I worked my way down toward her labia. I took a deep sniff of her scent and my nose was filled with the pungent musky arousing smell of our earlier sex. I pointed my tongue and gently licked her lips which were together covering her vagina. I gently worked them apart with my tongue separating them and revealing her inner lips. I then moved to lay down between her legs so that I could tongue her properly. I started at the soft section just below her pussy and started by licking up in a gentle movement. I flicked the tip of my tongue around as I went as it dove deeply into her canal, then back out as my mouth moved up toward her clit. I teased it with a quick but very light lick just with the tip of my tongue.

Rache moaned and shifted her hips I was sure that she was awake now.

I then traced back down and sucked her left flap, which was now engorged, into my mouth. I rolled it around inside then sucked and licked as I gently pulled back with my head. I let it go and repeated the action with her right flap. It was about this time that she spread her legs wide and wrapped them around my neck. She used her feet to pull me back in toward her honey pot.

I took my queue, pointed my tongue and started to tongue fuck her pussy. I then moved back up to her clit and started working on that. It was hard, ripe and swollen and would no doubt enjoying the attention I was about to give it. Using my tongue I spread her lips and zoned in on her bud, I darted around it, rolled it around with my tongue, I kissed it and caressed it all the while knowing that Rache was building toward her climax.

I sucked her hood into my mouth and using a little suction exposed her button to my tongue. I lashed at it in soft but firm strokes then varied them with a different action. Soon, Rache was grinding her pelvis into my mouth, hard. My lips were crushed against her pubic bone and I knew that they would end up a little swollen. I had to be careful that I didn’t hit my teeth into her soft folds of flesh.

I then started to finger her at the same time as working her clit. Her pussy was dripping both from our play last night and from the lubrication now being produced. I then pulled back teasingly and stopped tonguing her clit. But I curled my fingers up inside her and started to rub her g-spot. I increased the tempo and pressure and her pussy was squelching from the hard fingering she was getting. She rolled her pelvis up which gave me a better angle to massage her g-spot.

I lifted the doona cover to get some cool air and I could see that her pussy was gushing with juices running down between her core and over her arse hole.

I then returned to her clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. I concentrated all my energy on that clit and before long Rachael’s body began bucking and riding my face as her climax washed over her. She clamped her legs around my head and held me away from her now sensitive clit.

It was my turn now, so I rolled her over onto her tummy she spread her legs and lifted her bum up for me. My cock was straining and hard as a rock. I pushed between her flaps and was balls deep into her incredibly wet fuck hole. I fucked into her a few times and then she said, baby fuck my arse please.

Now personally, I am a pussy man, but being a gentleman how could I refuse a lady a request like that.

So I withdrew, my cock wet and dripping from our cum and positioned my head at her arse. I gently pushed easing my way inside her. Then after she had relaxed a little I started to hump her, slowly at first then gradually I increased my pace.

My cock was on fire with her tightness.

She then reached down between her legs and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck herself. I could feel her knuckles through the membrane separating her pussy from my pounding shaft. My orgasm was fast approaching, so I grabbed her hair with one hand and her hip with the other and rode her hard and fast.

A few more pumps and I was there, my sperm rushing forcefully as it ejaculated from my cock and blasted a hot white load deep into her body. Rachel came again a few seconds later and I could feel her contractions as her arse milked me of any remaining semen.

We collapsed in a sweaty heap and slept for another hour before fucking again.

I never saw Rache again after that day of lust, but I can tell you that was the best fuck of my life and I will remember it always.

School was piling up and I needed a break. I couldn’t get my mind over the chapters of economics that I still had left do: the notes, the readings, and the understandings…ugh my mind just evaporates at the thought. Spring break is next week and instead of going somewhere warm, sandy, and sunny like all of my friends… I’ve decided to visit my Uncle Ted and Aunt Tina. I haven’t seen them in such a long time. It has to have been at least ten years, well with a small get together somewhere in between then, but none the matter…way too long and I promised my aunt I’d go up to visit. I don’t mind seeing them because she has always been the cool aunt. My dad, her brother, is quite the opposite. He’s more the stiff hand. I didn’t grow up in a liberal household. Everything was either black or white and if you fall out of line; you’re out on your ass. So when I visited my Aunt Tina, it was like a glimpse of freedom…moments where I can breathe without suffocation.

Though I’d much rather be breathing freely; I know how to deal with a heavy schedule now because of my dad. I can go out with friends, work full-time, and go to school full-time. But yes…I get tired. I’m tired at the moment so now I have the perfect reason to visit my Aunt and Uncle, instead of silly little excuses. I have avoided going to see them because ever since I was younger I had a little crush on my uncle. Everyone in my family thought it was cute. I told my aunt that her wedding day to her husband was my wedding day, even though I was the flower girl. I’ll never forget that he and I danced at the reception. I guess looking from their point-of-view, it is kind of cute. I was just a little girl who looked up to her uncle. But from my point-of-view, he was the first guy I had ever thought was good-looking that wasn’t on television.

He was African-American and married into a family full of a bunch of crazy white ladies. At first, I was attracted to the color of his skin. Most of the time I never really looked at him like he was my uncle, he was just a man that one day maybe I’d kiss like the adults do. I remember sitting on his lap a lot as a child and comparing his dark shade of mocha complexion against my fair-toned skin. He’d laugh it off stating we are both the same, bleed the same etc… nevertheless I was still intrigued.

“You are full of shit, just like the color of your eyes,” he said mostly when I was in trouble and I’d try to back my way of the hole that I kept unintentionally digging for myself.

I’d playfully hit him making sure he heard that we had the same color of eyes and that if I was full of shit I had to have learned it from him. He had a simple mind and was very easy to read. He protected me as a child but as I grew up and developed early…my body was feeling things that didn’t feel right like I had deeper feelings than just admiration. So I avoided visiting unless it was family reunions and then those even ended because my parents moved out of state. So everything that happened was just sweet innocent fun; though the idea of him and I together never really faded.

In an innate movement, I checked to make sure my phone was nearby. I was going to have to call my Aunt and Uncle just make sure everything was settled and ready to go for next week but before I could find her number, it starts to go off and it’s an unrecognized number.

“Hello?” I asked realizing it was the Airport people. “Oh.”

I opened up my Mac and turned on my email. Apparently I had received an email stating that my flight was overbooked and that they were looking for those who’d be willing to leave early. I told the ticket lady on the other line that I must have skimmed over that email but I’d be willing to leave a few days early if I had to…. She seemed pleased and hung up the phone. I was going to be arriving three days ahead of schedule.

Dialing my Aunt’s number:

“Aunt Tina? Hey! Okay so bad news…my flight got over booked…yes…I know…but…good news I was able to move my flight up three days…so instead of leaving Tuesday night…I’m leaving Saturday morning. Is that going to work out for you guys? Good ok….that puts my heart at ease. I’m excited to see you. Ted’s excited? That’s crazy. (*heart pounds a little louder) So you’ll pick me up at the airport Saturday afternoon? Ok…thanks….sure that’s fine. Bye…love you too…buh-bye”

Ted’s excited to see me. Oh jeeze-my heart flutters a little bit.

My phone buzzes on the table. It’s a text from Ted.

Ted: So a few days early…that’s awesome.

Me: Yeah, I suppose. It’s going to cut into my packing and school work but I’m sure my professors will work with me.

Ted: They will. How’ve you been?

Me: Good, you?

I feel like a girl in high school who falls into a trashcan the moment her crush enters the hallway.

Ted: Very good, my new heart makes me feel like I’m 17 again.

Me: Haha…yeah I bet. You’re what…a young-old black cowboy now?

My uncle had a severe heart-attack almost 4 years ago where he died on his living room floor and the paramedics had to restart his heart. It was a tragic time for my Aunt and Uncle. I remember seeing my Aunt in a bad place of distraught and my uncle just lying in the hospital bed like he was just an empty body. There was no joy in eyes for a long time. Not until he was able to get on the transplant list and after three long years, he got a heart: a 17 year old cowboy heart.

Ted: Funny Ella. I’m forever young, so any young boys breaking your heart?

Me: Ha, you wish and no…I wish. I haven’t dated anyone since I was 18.

Ted: Why not? You’re 21; it’s party time.

Me: Some days and because boys are dumb. I like men, there more mature and well you know more experienced.

I looked over that text trying to decide if I should delete it or stay with it…I pushed send. I think this would be a great time to see if there was any awkwardness back then or now…or if it’s just in my head.

I didn’t receive a reply right away. What a way to tear at your nerves! I decided after twenty minutes of no reply that I should get my mind off of him and work out. So I put on my work out clothes and pulled out my punching bag from out of my closet. I couldn’t help but think about whether he was grossed out, disapproved, or scared to text me back as I started my work out. But I think that fueled my workout because by then end of it…I was on the floor in a pool of sweat and sore muscles. With the energy I had left, I took a shower. Before getting into my pajama’s I looked at my body.

I keep up a curvy athletic shape so I don’t end up like the rest of the women in my family who are overweight. My C breasts lay in tear drop shapes with my light pink nipples peaking up at you through the strands of my ruby-red hair. Though my cocoa colored brown eyes contrast against my red locks, they match the patch of hair above my sex. I run my fingers through the small patch of hair near my sex and Ted instantly comes to mind. Slipping on my white-tee, I hear my phone buzz in my sheets.

Ted: What you up to?


Me: Just got out of the shower, you?

Ted: Thinking of you

Me: Me? Why?

Ted: You know why.


Me: No? I don’t.

Ted: You don’t think I didn’t noticed things as you grew up, especially on your 18th birthday

Me: You noticed me on my 18th Birthday?

Ted: Yes, always. You danced in those red shorts at the club…

He followed me on my 18th birthday. How the hell…why the hell?

Me: You remember?

Ted: I remember a lot of things. I remember that silly crush you had on me.

Me: It was silly yes.

Ted: And now?

Me: Now I’m 21.

Ted: No crush?

What? Is he suggesting that I still have a crush on him? No! Well, yes I guess I do.

Me: Possibly…why?

No answer. After waiting awake in my bed with no answer for over an hour, I plugged my phone in so it could charge and reluctantly I fell asleep. My mind was trying to figure out why he didn’t respond…why he wanted to know in the first place? But with no answer…I wasn’t going to get any closure or understanding. So I wasted away into a fantasy:

“Ella, you tired?” Ted whispered low enough so his wife wouldn’t hear him in the next room.

I was in my pajamas; ones that I could wear in front of company and lying in a complex bundle of blankets on the couch. My uncle, who had just gotten a drink, must have noticed my eyes drooping.

“No, wide awake,” I lied. I wanted to stay up with him

“It’s okay to fall asleep on me. Come here,” he motioned as he sat down on the other side of the couch, directly in front of the TV screen. This was his spot.

I got up and realized my pajama shorts were giving me a sweet wedge up my ass. I pretended to not notice and leaned onto his massive chest. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and smiled kissing the top of my head. He was warm and smelt sweet; this was nice. After an hour, I found myself sliding down his body, enough to where my head was directly on his lap and I was lying sideways, facing the TV set. I was falling in and out of a deep sleep till I felt something nudge my head. Coming back in, I realized it was his dick. Looking up at the television screen, I noticed he had porn playing. My stomach clenched and I could already anticipate the heat that would begin to radiate between my thighs.

Porn has always been such a big turn on for me; watching and listening to two-six people fuck each other excited each sensory my body had. So the fact that there was porn on started to get my body fueling up and now here I was lying on my Uncle Ted’s lap with his hard-on pressing itself against the side of my head, it was like a TABOO SEXUAL OVERRIDE.

His hand slid down my body, tickling my skin lightly, as he cupped my ass. I heard him growl or moan as his fingers delved between my thighs. I pretended to be asleep and shift my legs in a position where he could touch my pussy. He hand shot back against the couch as if he’d been caught in the cookie jar but I didn’t move. I was enjoying this, my nipples started to harden as his hand found its way back between my thighs. His fingers grazed over my slit, teasing me grazing back and forth, as if he was trying to make the choice to grab the cookie or not, literally drove me crazy. I could feel my pussy moistening. He made the right choice and parted my swollen lips.

My juices dripped down my thigh and lubricated his fingers. He began to circle around my clit teasing it, waking it.

Doing the best that I could, I tried to stay quiet. I could feel my clit getting rock hard as each stroke his finger made became more sensitive and strong. Then with the room he had, he slid a finger inside me. Involuntarily, I let out a moan. This was feeling oh too damn good. He paused seeing if my moan meant that I was awake or that it felt like a fucking good dream. Still not moving, he slid two fingers inside me and I moaned more quietly. He was deep inside my cookie jar tantalizing my g-spot; stroking and circling over it. With his thumb, he copied the same movement inside me, on top of my clit. My body convulsed till I climaxed all over his hand. Slowly he pulled his hand out of my pussy and I grabbed it.

“You’re awake?” He said as if he expected me to still be asleep.

“How could I be sleeping with you doing that?” I sucked on his fingers tasting myself.

“Oh Ella,” He groaned.

He knew now that I was okay with this and that this could go somewhere. I slipped off the couch, down between his legs, and rubbed my hands on his thighs. I was going to return the favor. I ran my hand up his cock, over his sweats and smiled. I could feel that he was bigger than any guy I’ve ever been with up to this point. He moaned as I ran my hand over him again before pulling down his pants. I could see him pressing against the fabric of his boxers saying “Hello, suck me please.” I kissed his cock over the top of his boxers, before—

The sound of my alarm clock was blaring. “Fuck,” I moaned rolling over in my sheets. I was in a fantasy that was just beginning to get good. “Fuck!”

I unplugged my phone and saw that I had a new text message. It was Ted.

Ted: Sweet dreams Ella. I can’t wait to see you.

“Fuck.” The screen moistened from my pussy juice that was left on my fingers. I guess I indulged in myself during my dream.

Me: I can’t wait to see you either.

I’ll dream that as I’m asleep in my bed, soft footsteps will creep lightly over the carpet and the creak of the bed will echo quietly in the dimly lit room. Almost as if I knew I’d have company tonight, my cock lies semi-erect along my left leg. You stop to marvel at the sight before slowly sliding your hands delicately up my calf and onto my thigh, my sleeping body stirring only slightly at the soft touch. As your hand nears the head of my cock, your breathing begins to quicken and you can almost feel the juice dripping from your achingly frustrated cunt.

You stop, keeping your hand just centimetres away from my dick and move your other hand between your legs, delicately slipping a finger into your pussy, gasping softly as you tease yourself even more. Whilst waiting for me to sleep, you had already spent over half an hour with your hand almost glued between your thighs, building up the sexual courage needed to make your move but never would you let yourself come, you wanted to save that pleasure for me. You remove your hand and continue your ascent towards my slumbering cock. You place a finger lightly on the end and watch my face for any sign of a reaction.

After 30seconds of tense waiting you start to feel slightly more brave and gently slide your hand further upwards, wrapping your self-lubricated fingers around my length, slowly lifting it up from my leg, all the while still watching my face for any hint of a reaction. There is none apart from a barely audible increase in the frequency of my breathing. You lower your head and poke your tongue out, placing just the tip against my helmet. Straight away you notice a difference, my breathing is now deeper and you can almost feel the blood pumping slowly into my steadily swelling cock. As it gets harder, it grows in both length and thickness until you can barely keep your hand wrapped around it. During this whole procedure you hadn’t moved an inch, your eyes fixated on my thick shaft, unaware that my breathing had changed once more to a controlled pace and my eyes, still shrouded in darkness, were opened wide with lust, watching you…

As soon as I entered the room, my breathing got heavy. I saw you lying quiet and innocent on the bed, completely naked. My hand went down to my clit and I stroked it softly while looking at you. The sight of your cock, inviting, made me walk closer to the edge of the bed, and I couldn’t help but run my fingers across your thigh, nearly reaching your manhood, but not quite. My head went down and I slowly pressed my tongue against your helmet, waiting for a reaction… I’d been so nervous to even enter the room, and all the adrenaline made my body tense with expectation of what the night had to offer. Your breathing kept even, and so I wrapped my hand around your girth, feeling the pumping blood of your erection. I, then, felt your glare and froze… I didn’t know what to expect.

But as soon as my eyes met yours, it all became a blur; I felt the touch of your hands softly but firmly holding my neck and pulling me towards you. I felt your lips playing on my skin, your tongue teasing me as you licked up and down from my lobes to my breasts, sucking my nipples and nibbling away… I almost forgot to breathe; my body was in the most delicious agony, ready for yours…

Unbeknown to you, I had been awake from the start. I had seen the look of lust within the depths of your beautiful eyes earlier that day; I knew it was only a matter of time before you made your move. The hardest part was controlling my erection, keeping my arousal at bay until I felt your warm touch on my thigh.

As you finally lifted your eyes to meet mine, a fleeting look of shock replaced the longing but it was quickly dispelled as I wrapped my hand lightly around your neck and pulled your body on top of mine, feeling the nubs of your nipples pressing into my chest and moaning lightly as I realised that the sudden wetness now coating my groin was your own juice, slowly dripping from your soaked pussy. My cock, now fully erect was in-between your thighs and every soft movement that brought it into contact with your cunt, sent visible shivers throughout my body.

I let my lips softly touch your own before quickly moving away, turning your head slightly and in turn placing them just behind your ear. I start to kiss my way down your neck, every moment of contact extracting an audible gasp from your open mouth. Your back starts to arch as you press your groin against my own; my cock stiffens at the movement and my kissing gets more frenzied. I run my tongue along the length of your collar bone and start to lower my head even further, kissing, biting and licking my way down to your erect nipples that are now poised in front of my hungry mouth. I circle the areola with my tongue before sucking your whole nipple between my lips, lightly nipping it with my teeth. You moan, louder than before, and start to slide your hands up the sides of my chest before dragging them quickly back down again, nails sunk deep into my flesh. The pain spurs me on further as I roll your body lithely from on top of my own. I kneel between your parted legs, my cock standing at a full attention. My hands rest on your knees, spreading them wide as I gaze longingly at your pussy, watching the odd drip of juice making its way slowly down the crease of your ass. You just lie there, almost paralysed with lust. One hand is spread to the side of you whilst the other tweaks a stiff nipple, causing bursts of almost painful sexual electricity to shoot through your body and down to your groin.

I move back half a metre allowing me to bring my face down to your cunt, the sweet aroma filling my nostrils as my tongue darts out, touching your burning clit. Your whole body starts shaking vigorously as I set about my sexual assault on your pussy, sliding my tongue up each side, only occasionally letting it wander onto your dripping slit before kissing your inner thighs. I can feel the orgasm building within your loins so I speed up my movements, now focusing fully on your throbbing clit. Your moans and groans now fill the room and your legs clamp around my face, your hands move to the back of my head forcing even more pressure on your sodden cunt. As you do this, an orgasm flushes over your whole body with the force of a tsunami. Your legs begin to tremble and shake as wave after wave of pleasure washes over your body. My tongue dutifully lapping up your juices as they cover my face. As your orgasm subsides, I move my body upwards and continue to kiss and nibble your open neck, already starting to cause an even stronger orgasm to build deep within your loins…

It feels so unreal… your hands holding my legs open, your mouth feasting on my body, sending shivers through my spine, it’s such a lovely dizziness seeing your face fitting perfectly between my inner thighs and feeling your tongue taking in my sweet nectar, it seems impossibly delicious… All I want now is for you to keep going deeper and deeper and my moans are giving me away but I just can’t help it. As I hold your head and push you against me, I feel you licking and searching deeper with your tongue. My body almost explodes; the pleasure taking control of me, sending electric currents throughout my limp frame…

As my muscles relax, you move up and start kissing my neck, occasionally biting me slowly but hard enough to hurt just a bit, and almost without noticing, my fingers run through your back, scratching your skin and making you moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain, as you keep teasing my already shivering body… I nearly give in to pleasure but I stop you for a moment, my fingers hold your chin firmly and I kiss you for a quick second, biting away softly. I hold your wrists and turn you over, laying your beautifully built body flat on the bed and moving back just enough to delight on the sight of it. My fingers travel from your chest to your knees, and finally linger upon your groin…

I go down, just tasting the tip of your cock with my tongue, then putting just the head inside my mouth. I suck on it for a few seconds before taking it out and wrapping my lips around your girth, kissing up and down, then licking the base and making my way to your balls, sucking on them softly… As I hear your moans, the wetness in my pussy increases. I’m getting ready to have you inside…

I run my tongue up again to your helmet and with a quick move, I slide your cock inside my mouth, slowly sucking as it goes deeper and deeper, finally reaching the back of my throat. I start moving faster while I hold your hips as you move your throbbing dick in-between my lips…

As your fingers run delicately across my skin, they leave behind a trail of goose bumps and raised hairs. My eyes close in sheer ecstasy and I grab fistfuls of bed sheet as I centre each and every one of my senses on you, following your sensual progression across my body. When your hand finally reaches my groin, I moan loudly and raise my hips towards your touch. When you take my cock between your lips, I almost pass out.

My whole body goes limp, my eyes shut even tighter and my teeth manage to draw blood from my own lips. I move my left hand and place it delicately on the side of your face moving my right hand up behind my head. Within minutes, I can feel the fireworks within my groin building to a level I had never before known. You sense it too and the pace of your movements increase, taking my cock even deeper into your mouth as one hand moves up to massage my aching balls.

My eyes flutter between open and closed and my loud moans mingled with the noise of your sucking are the only things to penetrate the late night air. I can’t take it anymore; every muscle within my body is tensed almost to ripping point as spurt after spurt of thick white come shoots from the tip of my dick, straight into your hungry mouth. My body writhes as waves of pleasure mixed with the achingly pleasant pain from the force of my orgasm wash over my body. I happily note how you swallow nearly every drop, only letting a tiny amount dribble down your chin. I look deep into your eyes. You smile and ask me if I’m up for it again. I am.

Instead of going soft, it looked as if my recent orgasm had made my cock even harder. I sit up slowly from the bed and pull you close to me, kissing you passionately, and our hands freely roaming across each other’s bodies. Your nipples press into my chest and once again my length slips between your now very sticky thighs. I pull you onto my lap and still kissing passionately, you wrap your legs around my body, your dripping cunt hovering directly over my thick, pulsing cock. I move my hands and cup both of your ass cheeks, lowering you slowly until the tip of my dick lightly touches your pussy. Just that slight bit of contact causes us both to momentarily stop kissing in order to softly gasp with rigid anticipation. Our bodies ache with lust, each of us covered in bites and coated in a mixture of sweat and sweet bodily fluids. I lower you even further and the head of my cock pushes its way inside your tight cunt. I can feel droplets of juice running down the length of my shaft. You’re already so wet that I could push all the way in without any trouble, but you know how much I like to tease.

Your arms hooked around my neck, your back arched and your head flung back, eyes blurringly pointed to the ceiling. I lower you another inch or two until the head of my cock is now buried deep inside you, extracting a shudder of excitement from in between your parted lips. I hold you steady there, ignoring your frustrated groans before my insatiable lust takes over and I lower you quickly, bringing your ass into contact with the top of my thighs and forcing the whole length of my dick deep into your welcoming cunt. I almost stopped breathing from the pleasure that your tight pussy brought to me but you don’t give me chance, your hips already starting to buck wildly accompanied by your perfectly shaped tits bouncing in unison in front of my face. I lean forward, taking a nipple in my mouth and I start to buck my own hips to meet yours. I move my hand behind you and delicately slip a finger into your asshole sending you into an even more frenzied fuck.

I stand up, bringing you with me. I flip you round and onto your back on the bed, still inside you and continue to pump in and out of your clenched cunt. Your juices now cover my thick cock and with every time I go all the way inside you, even more squirts out from the pressure. Our moans and groans form a sexual symphony splitting through the air, most probably disturbing neighbours for miles around but we are both past caring. Your hands run through your own hair, head tilted to the side and eyes closed in ecstasy. I have your legs up and over each shoulder, making it possible for me to go even deeper. Sweat drips freely from us both and our eyes betray nothing but pleasure.

Within less than ten minutes I can already feel the walls of your pussy tightening and your breathing quicken, I start to go even faster, the room shaking and the whole bed now moving in unison with our entwined bodies. A blinding pain shooting through my body as you add yet more scratch marks to my chest but it serves only to spur me on. I can feel my orgasm building within me and I urge it on, knowing that in a matter of seconds you’ll be experiencing your very own. Your reach up and grab me around the neck, pulling me roughly towards you. Still thrusting I oblige and our lips meet, sending fire throughout my body and pushing me over the edge yet again. I bite down hard on your bottom lip and feel the walls of your pussy tightening even more as your own orgasm hits you with force, pulling my cock even further inside. Our bodies are racked with orgasmic delight, pulsating through our very cores. I collapse on top of your limp form, giving in to the pleasure still radiating within me, letting my come squirt deep inside your contented pussy. The room is filled with the sound of your sexual satisfaction as you lay with your arms flung above you, legs fully spread, mouth agape, shivers running down your spine as the strength of your orgasm reaches its pea. Without even moving or speaking, we both fall into a heavy sleep, not even bothering to remove my slowly softening cock that was still buried deep inside your aching yet satisfied cunt.

“Hello?” I asked from behind the closed door. I knocked again, this time harder. “HELLO?” I repeated myself, louder this time, if not just as politely. Shit. No answer. I had left my phone in my little sister and her husband’s cabana. Where were they? With the heavy thunderstorms, I assumed they’d be inside. Clearly they weren’t at the beach. Standing at the door of their beachfront cabana, I could see the rain, hurtling down from the dark violet sky, pounding the wet, dense sand. I had already checked the restaurant and bar of the resort and didn’t find them in there. And neither was answering their phones. Well, they were newlyweds, and newlyweds by definition did incomprehensible things. Maybe they wanted to walk thru the thunderstorm into town. We were staying at a resort a mile or so out of Tampico, Mexico, and my little sister’s husband, Luke, was an architecture buff and had been dying to check it out.

On a whim, I tried to open the door. To my surprise it was unlocked. I slowly peaked my head in. “Hello?” I quietly announced myself. Nothing. I didn’t make another peep after I saw Luke fast asleep, sprawled out on the bed, beneath the sheet. Robin was not with him. I silently crept into the kitchen area and immediately found my phone. In my haste to grab it and get out of there, I knocked it on the tile floor. “Fuck!” I whispered. I scooped up my phone and checked for damage. At this very moment, Luke rolled over in bed. I looked up, prepared to find him awake, and ready to tell him “sorry, but I left my phone and…” But when I looked up I found him still asleep, but more importantly, the sheet had pulled away from his body, revealing that he was both sleeping in the nude, and that he had a semi erection.

My first instinct was to run away. But as I took a few very quiet steps to the door, I couldn’t help but glance back for one more look. With his arms up over his head, and his legs felled slightly apart, his half erect, half flaccid cock lay thick and heavy to the left. Luke was big! Sure, he was a tall guy, around 6 feet or so, and over the past year that I’d known him he’d gotten thin and muscular. But his cock looked slightly too big for his size. Before I knew it, I had walked closer to check it out. Like I was creeping up on a tarantula or something.

The room was completely silent, except for the whirling motor of the ceiling fan. The air in the room felt suddenly very heavy. My heart was pounding in my chest. I should’ve been wondering what my explanation would be to Robin if she came in and saw me ogling her husband’s cock. I should’ve wondered what I’d say if Luke woke up. But I wasn’t thinking about any of these things. I honestly only remember being consumed with curiosity. Like what it felt like. If it was warm, smooth, soft… Sure, it was big – my guess is seven inches or so fully erect, but wasn’t the size that had me captivated. It was…. pretty. Ha ha! I can’t think of any guy who would want to hear that, but it was true. Lying there, heavy, half asleep and half awake, draped over his thigh, falling to the left, it looked beautiful. It was tan and thick. I guessed that if I put my hand around its thickness, I’m not sure I could touch my thumb to my fingertip. Granted, my hands were small but….

Before I knew it, I had delicately taken him in my hand. What the fuck was I doing?! Just thinking back on it makes me blush with embarrassment. I’m a woman who didn’t have sex until she was 20. I’m a woman who has tried doggy style once and hated it. I’m a 35 year old who only performed oral sex on my ex husband maybe five times in the three years we were married. Now, here I was, holding my little sister’s husband’s cock in my hand. Yes, it was heavy. Yes, it was velvet to the touch. And yes – it was warm. I heard the rain tapping at the windows. I heard the wind pick up, warning me that I was way out of bounds. But Luke was beautiful. I looked up at his tan stomach. His muscled chest. His brown hair, usually falling to his chin, now lay over the pillow.

I wanted to let go of his warm penis. In fact, that was the plan, but instead I found myself slowly, delicately jacking Luke off. His cock immediately grew a pulse. His strong, muscular cock woke up and grew stiff. The rest of Luke’s body remained asleep. I had never felt a man grow hard inside of my hand before. It was amazing.

Perhaps it was the thunderstorm, or perhaps it was being on vacation with my little sister and her husband in Mexico, 500 miles away from home. Clearly, I was not myself. I didn’t even remove my glasses when I bent over and tasted the tip of his cock. I let my tongue fall out of my mouth and pressed it against him. His warm cock was salty from the ocean water. I was afraid if I licked him he might wake up. I noticed my brown hair had fallen across his hip when I tasted him. I held my own hair up over my head as I put more of him in my mouth. Slowly, very slowly, carefully, I went down on him. I could only get about half of his length in my mouth. My tongue loved the smooth, hot texture of his skin. I was afraid that if I took my head away, the cool air and wind from the fan above us would hit his cock, now wet with my spit. I pushed my own head down further on him. My spit ran down his shaft.

This is the first time I remember noticing how wet my pussy was. My body was trembling. I was shaking as if I was a runaway, hiding in a cold, dark alley, shivering from fear and cold. I had never felt this kinky in my life. I felt alive and dangerous. The moment was electric. I started bobbing up and down on him. A few “smacks” and “slurps” slipped out as I sucked him. Luke started rolling his hips, but I didn’t stop. Because his arms were still above his head, and his legs hadn’t moved, and his eyes were closed, I was sure he was still dreaming. But having the best dream of his life. With one arm acting as a post, pushing up against the bed, supporting me, and my other hand holding my own hair up, I sucked his cock as best I could.

I felt the first tiny spasm, the first little tremor inside of his muscled rod. He was going to cum. Alone with a sleeping Luke, I didn’t feel like “Amy” the prude. I felt like someone else. I wanted to swallow his cum. I had never done that before. The thought of Luke cumming in my mouth made me too horny. I dropped my hair and yanked my bikini bottoms down just below my ass. Immediately I ground the palm of my hand over my clit and put my fingers inside of my cunt. My pussy, throbbing, soaking wet with my own salty juices, readily accepted three fingers. I’m a secret chronic masturbator and I knew I’d be able to get myself off in seconds, especially considering how dangerous I was feeling.

I sucked Luke and drew little circles over my g-spot with my fingertips. Electric shocks flooded my body as my temperature shot up. I convulsed with my orgasm. My abdominals seized up and I fell forward. I kept my mouth over Luke’s cock. I took the first jolt of his cum in my mouth. Thick, hot, slick, gooey and tasteless.

He came loads. I failed at keeping up with his explosion, trying to swallow it as it shot out. Some fell down my chin. When his dick stopped its spasms, I waited with my mouth over him for thirty seconds or so. I felt his cock loosen up. I stood there, bent over, my ass exposed with my bikini bottoms around my thighs, Luke’s dreamy cock falling back to sleep in my mouth. He had no idea he had just released in me and I had swallowed it, feeling his seed run town my throat and, now, rest in my stomach.

I slowly pulled away. What cum was left in my mouth, I let fall on his lower stomach. Planting evidence of a wet dream. I grabbed my cell phone from the bed and left him there, his arms still draped above his head, asleep.

That night, we all were supposed to meet for dinner at the resort restaurant. The storm had not let up, in fact, it had only grew more intense. However, it was still Mexico, meaning even at ten at night it was still eighty degrees or so. I would be completely lying if I said I didn’t suddenly have both romantic and sexual feelings for Luke. He had always intrigued me, and I probably thought of him much more than I should, but… Fuck. He was my younger sister’s husband, and NO good can come of it. The only positive news was that I was the only one who knew what had happened. I guessed that if I kept my mouth shut (ha ha) then the feelings would pass. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from dressing a little slutty before meeting Robin and Luke for a late dinner. Where I would usually where a bra underneath a loose white sundress, I chose to go without underwear entirely. Matched with my fear and guilt over what I had done to Luke in his sleep, was my excitement over feeling alive. Like I had a secret. At 35 years old I had completely surprised myself. I guess it’s true what they say about women of my age – perhaps I was just finding my sexuality.

As I walked with in my flip-flops and my sundress to dinner, I took a slight detour thru the rain. Like someone infatuated with a new drug, I wanted to push it just slightly further and get my white dress a little wet. My body grew hot, feverish, when I realized that I’d be sitting across from my little sister and her husband, while neither of them knew I had his cum in my belly. Despite my immense fear and guilt, I smiled at the thought of it.

By midnight – two hours into dinner – I was totally bored. Luke didn’t seem to notice me at all. All he cared about was Robin. And why shouldn’t he? They’d been married for a year and were still very much in love. Robin is taller than I, and has a more “womanly” body. She’s bigger than I am – taller, slightly heavier, bigger breasts, a bigger ass, etc. And with red hair and green eyes, she’s always been very striking with men (granted, especially with black men, something Luke has admitted he loves. Since college, black men frequently hit on Robin, and Luke loves hearing about it. I suppose Robin enjoys it because she’s never been “thin”, so it builds her confidence).

After dessert, I excused myself and went back to my room, despite all of Robin and Luke’s protests. Luke wanted to sip tequila and have a cigar in the rain beneath the umbrellas on the beach and Robin loved the idea, but… honestly, I felt embarrassed that Luke didn’t find me attractive. The only way I could get him excited was in his sleep. Ugh: Still the “smart” tomboy in glasses, still the “cute” one playing against my “beautiful” sister. I wanted to go back to my room, which was located right next door to theirs, have a drink, read some of my book, (finger myself) and go to sleep.

A little after two in the morning, I woke up to a light knocking at the door. At first I thought it was the wind, but the knocking became more consistent. I hesitantly got out of bed to check it out. Looking out the peephole I saw Luke looking back at me. I opened to the door and he walked in, wet, barefoot, and wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Luke… What…? Is everything OK?”

Luke had been shielding a joint from the rain in his hand. He struck a match, lit it and took a big drag.

“What the fuck?! You brought weed to Mexico?! That’s insane! Do you know how long you go to jail for that here?! It’s not San Francisco, dude.”

He smiled at me. A confident, smirky smile. “Want a drag?”

“Uh!” I was shocked at his relaxed attitude. Was he already high before he came over? But soon that familiar smell got to me. I admit, back in high school I used to smoke, and in college I loved it. Most of my friends were into drinking while I was just much more comfortable with pot. Seeing Luke in his white deep v-neck shirt, his longish brown hair falling over his face, smiling at me, I became instantly aroused. Maybe we’d get high and talk about stuff. Maybe we’d get stoned and talk about aliens, or relationships, or music. I missed stoned, artsy conversation. And, to be honest, Luke had intrigued me since I first laid eyes on him. I had never met anyone like him before. He was feminine rather than masculine, yet not at all “gay”. And lately, now that he has put on some muscle, he was very attractive. Fuck it – he was “cool”, and I wanted him to like me.

I smiled back at him and took the joint. I wanted to impress him so I took a big hit. I passed it back, he hit it, then passed it to me again, and I hit it.

Just as I was feeling stoned for the first time in years, Luke said, “I was sorta thinking I could pretend to be asleep while you blew me again.”

I froze. Why didn’t I think he was going to say that? Well, because at dinner he showed zero sign that he was awake. I was in shock. I was stoned. But I felt a closeness with him. That was part of his uniqueness. Everyone felt instantly familiar with Luke. Like you’ve known him your whole life.

“I… it was so beautiful. You have a very pretty cock.”

He pulled me into him and kissed me, deeply. I felt his hands on my lower back, pulling me into him. My little breasts pressing into his lower chest. His hand ran up my bare back. Our tongues flitted together in each other’s mouth. I felt sparkly.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“OK”, I said.

Luke left me alone and walked over to a bottle of tequila I had bought. He opened it and poured two very short glasses. He handed one to me, clinked “cheers”, smiled and took a sip. With the drinks, it was as if he wanted to chat first. An odd thing to do after declaring to someone that you are about to fuck them. But, Luke was an odd boy.

“I’ve been… pleasuring myself to thoughts of you.”

What. The. Fuck. I was stunned. Pleasuring himself? He chose the word intentionally. He continued:

“Since I first met you. It’s funny – I used to only date cute tomboys, but I fell in love with Robin. Then I met you and… fuck.”

I was flattered. “What do you think about?” I tried to ask his as casually as possible. As if I somehow didn’t care what the answer was. In reality, my stupid pussy was already growing moist for him.

“Mostly I think of your cute face. Your glasses. Sometimes I just look at a photo of you while I masturbate.” He was still just standing in front of me, looking at me, while he said all of this! I couldn’t help it – I had to touch myself.

“But then this trip – Where did you get that ass? You’ve got the ass of an 18 year old..” He laughed at his own casual attitude. He was being this way intentionally. It was getting him off. Luke was a thoughtful, well spoken guy up to around fifteen minutes ago.

I was touching my nipples beneath my shirt.

“Can I see it?”


“Your ass. Will you turn around and pull your underwear down a little? Don’t bend over. Just show me.”

I waited for a second. My blood was pumping loudly thru my body. Slowly I turned my back to him. I tucked my fingers beneath the warn elastic of my green panties. I pulled them down over my round ass.

Quietly, he muttered: “oh god.” And that was it for a few seconds. When I turned around, I found him masturbating. His cock was red and rock hard.

He aggressively walked to me, reached around and smacked my ass. Crack! I screamed. He covered my mouth. “Shhhhhhh,” he whispered. “Robin is asleep next door.”

His eyes twinkled as he looked into mine. “You’re so beautiful. So fucking sexy. Thank you for letting me fuck you.” And before I could say anything, another big hand came down on my bare butt cheek. Crack!

Luke flipped me around and bent me over a chair. Immediately he was behind me and I felt his breath on my ass. My stomach was heaving up and down. “Shhhhh,” he said. I felt his fingers inch between my ass cheeks. He parted them. I felt his warm tongue circling my asshole.

I had never felt this sensation before. A hot tongue running over my dirtiest of parts. I felt embarrassed, but not self-conscious. I could tell he loved it, and that turned me on. I was giving him pleasure, and when I allowed myself to feel it as his tongue continued, I loved it too. I moaned when the tip of his tongue finally penetrated, ever so slightly, inside my tight hole.

As I got into it, I took a more submissive pose, arching my back, spreading my thighs and giving my ass to him. He began licking long strokes from my pussy up over my asshole. He repeated this until my butt was covered with his spit.

“So sexy, baby”, his tone shifted. He called me “baby” and I loved it. He knew what he was doing. I let him take over. My sopping wet pussy swallowed his cock. He was fucking me.

I felt the walls of my cunt grip him. “AAAgghhhhh!” I quietly moaned. “Aghh, Agh!” I continued as I felt my little puss try to adjust to him. “That’s it, baby.” He stroked in and out of me.

When he slowly drove his rod all the way into me, all the way to his base, I was stunned silent. My eyes shot open, as did my mouth. Luke just stood there, buried to the hilt inside of me. Without pulling out one centimeter, he rocked against me. OH fuck. He was so good. I was so overcome with sex that I remained still and silent. He put his hands on my shoulders as he pulled me into him. I felt his bony hip jolting me.

His hands moved to my lower stomach, which felt so incredibly personal and intimate that I felt the electricity of an orgasm building. Still not pulling out, but grinding on me, he went harder. My little tits, hanging beneath me, began to shake.

“That’s right, baby. Cum for me.”

As if on command, I did. And I was not quiet about it.

So Luke put his fingers in my mouth to muffle me.

And I came harder.

My knees gave out, and I collapsed on the floor.

Luke pulled me onto all fours. I was still shaking and my arms felt as though I had been at the gym for hours. I couldn’t prop myself up. I’m sure he loved it when I fell forward, my upper body resting comfortably on the ground in front of me.

Again he smacked my ass. “So fucking sexy. God, I love this ass.” Again he licked my asshole. He put his index finger in me. I’m not sure why, but I began panting. The more I panted, the harder I panted, the more aroused I became. And the more aroused I became, another of Luke’s fingers entered my bottom. He pulled two fingers out of my ass, dipped them in my pussy for more lubricant, then back to anally fingering me. I felt like such a slut. The wind and rain pounding the windows outside made me feel erotic and safe. I began pushing back on him. I can take it, Luke. Fuck me.

And then his cock, slick with my own juices from my orgasm, pressed its helmet against the tight bud of my asshole. Sure, he loosened me up a bit, but not so much that I he wouldn’t enjoy seeing me squirm.

As if in meditation, I began to mix in “OOOOhhhhhhhh” with my panting. Yet, with every minor jolt, I would squeal. The sound of my own voice escaping my body made me so horny. Hearing myself in pain and pleasure was getting me off. I was not in control.

“I’m sorry, If it—”

“Fuck me.” I instructed. “Fuck my little ass.”

And my “fuck me’s” took the place of my meditative moans. I felt like a young slut from a porno movie. My bratty voice telling my fucker to fuck me. As if by doing so, I was delusional and pretending I was in control. As if my demanding for him to “fuck me” was the only reason Luke was doing it.

“Fuck my little ass”

“Were you an anal virgin?” He panted.


“But not anymore?”

He started ramming me harder. It ached. A dull, deep, throbbing ache inside my ass. Something about it felt “full” and safe. It felt comfortable. I felt stoned and warm.

His driving force was pushing me forward. Soon I was laying face down, my legs together. Luke’s thighs straddled mine on the outside. Now he began to moan. The friction of my asscheeks squeezing back on the width of his dick made him fuck me harder.

He pulled my hair. He kissed me, jetting his tongue in my mouth.

“fuck baby, fuck baby, fuck fuck oh god…”

He was going to cum. Soon I was going to have Luke’s cum both in my stomach and up my asshole. He was driving me pretty hard into the floor, but I still managed to wedge my fingers beneath my body and into my pussy. I simply had to masturbate myself now.

I imagine you lying naked on the bed. You are asleep but you are not covered. You are lying on your stomach and your beautiful ass is exposed and looks so very inviting to me. A big smile appears on my face as I approach the bed.

I slowly and very quietly walk toward you. Lightly I run my hand along your left upper thigh and brush my fingers softly along the curves of your butt. You move ever so slightly. I hear you moan softly.

I begin then to massage your spectacular body. Your skin is very soft and smooth. I begin at your shoulders and neck. I start out slowly and gently but increase the pressure gradually. My large, strong hands knead your shoulders. What little tension I feel quickly disappears. You are slowly waking up now and I feel you begin to respond to my touch.

I work my way down your back. I am moving very slowly and very deliberately. I want to insure that I massage every bit of you. I lightly rub my way down your back. When I get to your lower back I spend a considerable amount of time kneading and massaging your flesh. You are moaning louder now as you enjoy my touch.

I rub lower and lower down your back. As I approach your sensational butt, you begin to squirm. I can tell that you want to feel my hands on your ass. I very deliberately go lower still. My fingers are now very near the crack of your ass. Suddenly I shift positions and begin to work on your left upper thigh. I can tell you are disappointed but are still enjoying your massage. With both hands I work on your upper thighs. My fingers brush against your butt cheeks as I go. Again you are squirming urging my hands onward.

To your great disappointment I abruptly change directions. Slowly and tantalizingly I work my way down your thigh. I linger on the back of your knee. You wiggle around a bit as this feels somewhat ticklish and yet exciting. I next massage your beautifully shaped calf and on down to your foot.

Skipping your foot, I move over and start on your right upper thigh. As I do I once again make sure that my fingers repeatedly brush up against your ass cheeks. As before you suggestively move against me. I repeat my earlier pattern and slowly massage down your right leg.

This time, however, I do not ignore your foot. I lift your foot gently in my hand and hold it between your hands. I rub the ball of your foot. I massage your arch and heel. I am both gentle and then at times more firm. You are very much enjoying your foot massage.

Suddenly you feel my tongue on your foot. You react with surprise but don’t pull your foot away. I lick all over the bottom of your foot. I take your smallest toe in my mouth and suck on it. I lick the area between your toes. You are really squirming now. My tongue dances along your toes. I take each toe individually and suck on them in turn. Finally I take your big toe entirely in my mouth. I suck on it gently and run my tongue all along it.

After some time I release your right foot and turn my attention to your left one. As before I first massage your foot for a considerable amount of time. Then I lick it all over. Finally I suck and lick your toes. You really enjoy the sensations and squirm provocatively on the bed. I love torturing you this way.

Without warning, I release your right foot and begin to lick and kiss my way up your left leg. My tongue leaves a trail of saliva all over your left leg. Once again I pay particular attention to the back of your knee. As I kiss and lick my way up your leg and thigh I notice that you are spreading your legs further apart to allow me greater access.

I concentrate more and more on licking and kissing your inner thighs. I come tantalizingly close to your ass and pussy. I can smell the wonderful fragrance of your womanhood and see how moist you have become. You are both squirming around and moaning with excitement now. I am really teasing you as my mouth goes closer and closer to your vaginal area. I always withdraw just before I reach your fragrant flower.

Just as I sense that you are about to scream with frustration I move around and begin to lick and kiss your gorgeous ass. My tongue dart ever closer toy our exposed asshole. Without warning, you feel my tongue directly on your brown star of an asshole. You squeal with delight..

My hands are gripping and squeezing your butt cheeks as my tongue dances along your ass and asshole. You wiggle beneath me as my tongue probes your ass.

I lick back and forth across your brown star. I push my tongue directly in your asshole and dart in and out. I shove my tongue as deep as I can it into your ass. Your deep breathing and groans tell me that you like what I am doing.

I stop squeezing your butt cheeks and move my hands between your legs. Your spread your legs even wider apart. I teasingly run my fingertips along the joint where your leg and hip meet. I run them back and forth each time coming closer and closer to your pussy.

After several more minutes of teasing you like this, I very slowly and very deliberately run just the tips of my fingers along your pussy lips. You moan with desire and move against my fingers. I can feel how wet your pussy is as I tantalizingly move my fingers back and forth.

Then suddenly I plunge my middle finger deep inside of you. You gasp and rock against me as I finger your pussy. Your kitty is very wet and hot. My finger plunges in and out of you.

I shove a second finger deep into your womanhood. As I fingerfuck you with my right hand, I rub your clit with my left. I gently rub your clit as you groan with unbridled passion.

I begin to fingerfuck you harder and faster now. You are moving in rhythm with my hand, grinding your pussy against my fingers. At the same time I am patting and rubbing your clit urgently. Your “man in the boat” is now fully extended as I play with your clitoris. As my tongue expertly manipulates your body my tongue continues to probe your brown star. I continually shove my tongue as deep as I can into your ass and then lick all around.

The fingers on my right hand are now slamming into you very fast and very hard. I stop briefly to insert a third finger into your steaming pussy. Your moan of deep appreciation can be heard loudly throughout the room. My three fingers burrow deep into your hot wetness.

My right hand is almost a blur now, it is moving so fast. My fingers are going faster and faster inside of you. I am still rubbing your clit with my left hand, going just as fast and hard. You are moving along with me. Your breathing is hot and heavy.

Your orgasm starts slowly but builds very quickly. I notice that you cease all movement for a moment as your body starts to quiver all over. This causes me to just fingerfuck you even harder than before and to rub your extended clit frantically. You let out a scream and a torrent of juices flow out of your pussy. They coat my hands and the bed. I continue to work your body as you cum so wonderfully for me.

As your orgasm begins to subside, I reluctantly remove my left hand from your clit and my three fingers from your pussy. My hands are totally soaked with your wetness. I also remove my lips and mouth from your ass.

Gently I roll you over onto your back. You have a look of contentment on your face. Smiling down at you I tell you “Marie, I hope you are ready for more because we have only just begun!” Your huge smile back at me is all the answer I need.

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