Author Note: This is purely fiction names are not of real people although they are common names around the world.

If you have not read the first two chapters (the revised one as well) then here is the brief version. Best friend and I are owners of a company and developed it to control our wives to our bidding anytime, anywhere, anyone, whenever we felt like it. They became our sex slaves and didn’t even know it. Sorry this chapter has taken so long to produce many life changes have happened. Enjoy.


There was Claire and Carrie one being the perfect submissive and awaiting her Master’s orders and the other being a nasty disobedient little slut. Claire was hog tide and stuffed with a ball gag. She was crying and whimpering moving all over the stainless steel table we both designed for just this occasion. Arny tiring of her constant noise he whispered in her ear.

“Slut you have a choice; take your punishment and enjoy yourself, or enjoy the pain. However, keep thrashing and complaining will earn a far more severe punishment. Do you understand slut?”

Claire nodded her head. Arny untied Claire, flipping on her stomach, her tits fitting into the holes in the table as designed. Three quarters of her tits dangle beneath the table. Her arms were tied 90 degrees to her body, her legs were tied wide open with a spreader bar and then he added some new toys we just got back from the factory (ours really). Grabbing the lube he started to finger Claire’s sexy ass first one finger then two. Claire started moaning and thrusting back in time with his fingers. Suddenly pulled out his fingers and slammed the medium sizes stainless steel vibrating butt plug until it seated firmly in her tight ass. He then attached some electrodes to the base of the plug, then shoving the stainless steel vibrating egg straight in her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh….my little slut wants this? She is all dripping with slut juice. Hmmm…is this turning you on slut?” Claire could only nod.

“Well, when I get finished with your punishment you may not like it very much at all, but you will definitely obey me for this point on. Right Slut?” Claire just nodded her head. Once Arny attached the electrodes to the egg and re-inserted it, he proceeded to attach the wired nipple and clit clamps.

“There she is all wired up. What about your slut Mike?”

“Oh, I have the perfect punishment tool for her; here let me get it out of storage. I walked over to the book shelf hit the hidden button opening it up to a storage closet full of wonderful big and little devices to make my slut happy for a very very long time. Arny just look at the display of instruments, whips, crops, restraints, belts, straps and other assorted items. He picked up Bertha….a very large — well 11 inches long and 4 inches in diameter — I was going to see if it would fit in my slut’s whorish pussy. Arny’s eyes were wide with wonder.

“Hmm….wonder if slut over there could hold this for 5 minutes in her pussy or ass? How about you Mike think your slut could get this in her snatch?”

“Oh, I am considering it, but first I have to see if she will like this little toy I reinvented.” I reached into the back of the closet and started to pull out “Simon Says” It is a modified Sybain fucking machine but I added a few touches of my own. I put it on a sturdy upper body support system, it wraps around the sluts body leaving her head open and available for gags. Cage — made out of dress manikin — fit across her chest and locked on the right side, her tits go thru two holes lined with roller all around her lush tits leaving her nipples at my disposal. The seat well the main event of the machine has two electronically control dildo attachments; on is actually a butt plug — stainless steel vibrating 9 in by 2 in mirror image of my erect cock — had it specially made for this occasion. I blind folded my sweet slut and total her that she either likes it or it will be very painful for her not to obey. I was going to teach her a lesson soon not forgotten.

“As you wish Master my body is to be used for your pleasure.”

The evil lustful smile came over my face and my cock which at that point was only half erect was fully erect. I told her to stand and I would guide her movement. I placed her on “Simon” attaching the ankle cuffs to the base of the stand. I moved the cage onto her chest and locked it in place.

Oh, my sweet little slut. You understand that I must punish you for your disobedience in the bathroom. It is not something I enjoy doing but it is a must for you to fully understand the new relationship that is going to happen around here. Rule One: Master is always Right! Rule Two: Refer to rule number one. Any questions?”

“No Master I am here for your pleasure.” Carrie said with her eyes lowered. Lifting her chin and I looked her right in the eyes.

“My sweet slut Carrie, I love you beyond measure. Whose body is this?”

“Yours Master”

“Who’s cunt is this” as I slide the dildo in place.

“Ohh….Yoouuurrrsss Masstteerrr….” She said gasping for air as the dildo seated home in slow motion. OHhhhh…Masssstttteeerrrr….that is oh so wonderful……Please Master ….Please let me cum?”

“Well, not even into my punishment and all ready begging to cum. Oh, this will be fun!” Pulling out “Simon Says” that is what I call it. To describe “Simon” well imaging a pummel horse with out the handle on top, opening in the bottom for 2 devices mainly two identical milled stainless steel replicas of my fully erect cock. They spurt, lubricate and generally torture poor hapless slaves; poor Carrie doesn’t know what is in store for her. I tied her wrist above her head to the ceiling chain — ¼ in links enough to hold my weight for hours — with the wrist cuffs then attaching the ankle cuffs I lifted her up until her feet were 12 to 18 inches off the floor. Sliding “Simon” over I lowered her naked bald mound on to top of “Simon”. “Now, my little slave this is the time I will ask you specific questions, you will answer them with total honesty and with fore thought for pain or pleasure. I will know when you’re lying to me and tell me the truth.” I turned on the clit stimulator at the same time as my speech. “Ohhh……yes….Master I will answer all your questions and instruction to the letter.” “Good, now you feel your clit vibrating right?”

“Ohhhh….GGooooddddd yes Master!! It is wonderful, please don’t stop.”

“Remember sweet slave you are forbidden to cum less “Simons Says” do you understand? If Simon Says you are not to cum…then you better not cum and remember it has to be “Simon Says…then the command….understood slut?” “Oh….Yes, Master…I will follow all instructions and commands you will be proud of me.”

Pressing the first button on the remote control the pussy dildo started its program. Slowly, it moved closer to her soaking wide open pussy. No need to lubricate she was flowing like Niagara Falls. It stopped just before entering the hole, the cock moved like I had it in my hand up and down her slit touching and rubbing her engorged clit. Carrie moaned loudly trying to get the cock deeper into her wanted hole.

“Oh please Master stick your cock in your pussy and fuck it raw!”

“Oh, but Slut…it is not I but my replica stainless steel cock that is sliding into you now.” The cock slide a little faster now and pierced her cunt just as I had planned it, as the cock travel further into my sweet Carrie she started to squirm and moan, and move her hips. It was at that point I locked her thighs into place thus holding her clit, pussy and ass to the top of “Simon”. Try as she might Carrie could not move her cunt anywhere. The cock still travelled north into her pussy. When it reached full length I stopped it.

“Oh…slut? Can you hear me?” Carrie was breathless, she had been panting holding off coming the entire time the cock slide deep in her.

“You haven’t cum yet like a good girl?”

“NuNuNuooo…..MaMaMaster…..” she said smiling up at me with her lustful eyes. Just then I heard a scream. Arny was providing some punishment of his own to his slut.

“What did I say Slut!! This is my cunt, my tits, my ass and I will do as I please with all of you. I own you. You told me as such, you signed away all control of your body, mind and soul to be your Master’s fuck toy. Play thing, cum bucket. So, stop your complaining and just get your punishment over!! You have 15 on each cheek to answer for, I accept you will comply with not making any noise and I will strike where I want. Understood Slut?” Claire nodded her head and Arny commenced to smack her ass with the crop. They were loud, I turned Carrie around so that she would witness her sister and fellow slave get the punishment from her Master. Carrie’s eyes were wide with lust. With my stainless steel cock buried in her cunt and soon the ass cock will be starting just about the time Arny is into 5 more swings I noticed my slut trying to move her hips.

“OH, did I fail to mention that the pressure your feeling in your ass right now is the second of my replica stainless steel cock sliding in at the same speed as the one the went into that wonderful soaking smooth pussy of mine. Now, feel my cock in your ass and pussy…then tell me you are not going to be tortured. Please remember “Simon has not said Yes yet!” Carrie watched as her sister’s ass turned crimson then red, Carrie wished it was her down there getting her ass whipped.

“Oh…look at this Master Arny!! My little slut wants some of what your slut is getting. Isn’t that right slut?” Looking directly into Carries lustful eyes, she shook her head no, but it was not convincingly. Grabbing her nipples I squeezed, twisted and pulled on them listening to the loud moans and whimpering coming from my sweet slave

“Now I have your attention slut? I asked you would like to be in your sister’s place right now and your sister in yours?”

“Yes, Master Yes…I want what she is getting.”

“You do realize that if you get into her place you will be at the hand of Master Arny! I will have the other slut to deal with as I see fit. Understood my sweet slut?”

“Oh…Master…yyyyeessss….I understand.”

“There is one problem with that slut!” I said to her. Just as the ass cock reached its full penetration. I had several dials and a couple of switches that I could torture my poor slut. I turned up the vibrations in her pussy and started it fucking her slow, then with the wired nipple and clit clamps I put on a small trickle current.

OH….MMMAAAASSSSTTTEEERRR…Please may I cum…..OH….GGGGOOOOODDDDD!!! Please Master. I cannot hold much longer. Master Please!! I will do your biding. Anything! I will do anything no matter what you tell me. Please Master may this lowly slut have permission to come!!”

I looked into her eyes, half closed, tears running down her cheeks, her head hung down in front of her; I almost felt some pity on her, but then I remembered the one year celibacy that she put us on, which lasted a full 365 days.

“Well, you see slut I do not have control over that portion of you coming. It is Simon and if Simon Says you can come then you can, but Simon has not said “Yes” so, I guess you know your answer.” Turning up the vibrations in her ass and the fucking of her pussy; Simon speed up to give her a true and full fucking, then for added benefit, the ass cock started to fuck her ass at the same depth and speed as the pussy cock.

“Oh…Simon Please may this Slut Come!! OH…..GGOOODDD MAAASSTTTERRR…SSSIIMMON…Please may I come…..? I was intentionally turning up the torture to her openings to see how long she could hold out against “Simon” I heard from sources that once a woman gets on Sybain she will only last 2 minutes before she orgasms. My Carrie had been on Simon for almost 15 minutes without coming. She had about another 15 minutes to hold off.

“Slut…You must hold off until Simon tells you to come. I am not in control of Simon, he is and you need to beg him for your release. If you come before he tells you, you will be punished; just look at your sister over there being punished for her disobedience. Carrie looked at her sister’s very red welted ass and thighs. She then saw her sister’s juices flowing from her pussy in buckets. Claire was a mass of sweat, slut juices and tears. Her ass had some rather red and raised welts on both her upper thighs and all over her ass. Arny was working the electronic part of the punishment on his slut wife. I could see Claire’s ass squirming and moving in a little circle like she was trying to get something deeper into her backdoor passage. All of a sudden Claire went ridged and Arny smiled.

“Oh….slut….that is just 3 on the scale….now let us see what 6 will do then 10..Huh!!” Claire was shaking and convulsing on the table along with a big puddle of slut juices. Finally, I looked down at my watch to see that my slut wife only had 3 minutes until the 30 minute program was up, and all hell broke loose for Carrie. I heard her scream and start to convulse in the biggest orgasm of her young life. I smiled she was going to get the riding crop on her pussy, ass and just about anywhere else I could think of to hit her with my crop. I watched as she just kept on trying to slam the cocks into her body deeper. Finally, she stopped moving and just kept on saying “I am sorry Simon, Sorry Simon.” Then just as she was about to regain her composure — I flipped the yellow button and Carrie went stiff. I just sent a jolt of electrical current to her nipples and clit. It was enough to wake her up (not causing any damage to her body) and let her know that Simon was not happy. I kept the current flowing to my slut’s body for a good 2 minutes before I shut it off.

“Simon, please may I come. Simon, please I beg you to allow me to come. Pppplllleeeaaassseee Simon may I come.. OHHHH…GGGGOOODDDDD…MMAAASSTTER……please let me come.” At this point I shut off Simon and all the attachments and other items retracted. Carrie moaned her displeasure at the retreating cocks.

“Oh…no no Simon Please I will do as you say. I will be a good girl, please let me try again.”

“Slut, I shut off Simon because you were beyond thinking and I will determine if Simon should allow you to come.

I looked over at Claire and Arny, he was releasing her from her bonds taking her off the table and laying her down on the cot we put in the dungeon. I removed Carrie from Simon taking her over to the other cot I laid her down covered her up.

“Slut sleep, I will be back down in a couple of hours. No playing with the other slut. Good night.”

“Good night Master. Thank you for teaching me to obey.” Carrie smiled and was asleep in matter of minutes.

Arny and I walked up to the Monitor room to view the latest video of our little session with our sluts.

After watching the video of the session I commented to Arny that we needed to bring Angie into this little mix. “You know Mike, I think your right. Let me call her and hope that her little black box is nearby.” Arny called Angie on her cell and true to his word the little black box was still on her.

“Angie, come to Mike’s house with just a top coat on, no underwear, no clothes just your top coat and be here in 20 minutes.” He hung up and looked at his watch.

I went down to check on the two sluts they were sleeping. I knew in just 30 minutes they would be awakened by the moans and pleadings of another slut. Grabbing a couple of beers for us, we sat down in the living room waiting for Angie to show.

It was 20 minutes since Arny called Angie, she had not showed yet. Just as I got up to go check on our slave wife’s the door bell rang. I looked over at Arny and smiled.

“Should I be the bad Master or are we both going to be?”

“Oh, I think we shall both be bad Master’s and treat her like the slut she is.”

I opened the door and there stood Angie in her top coat.

“Hello, Master Mike.” She said with her

“Your late slut by 10 minutes that is, 10 whipping for each minute late. Drop the coat and kneel.” I commanded.

Angie’s eyes grew large naked she dropped the coat and fell to her knees dropping her eyes. Her nipple large and erect with a shaved pussy that was noticeably red and puffy.

“So, our office slut thinks it is ok to disobey my orders and not play with herself or cum because from that point on I was her Master.” Looking over at Arny.

Arny smiling said “Yea I know I told her she was to come for 30 minutes nonstop then follow your orders.”

“Hmm…and has my office slut agreed with me and now you are playing the Masters between each other. Ok, just like a little child you must learn. For that little office slut 20 more lashes of my crop and it doesn’t matter where I land.” Whispering in her ear what I had plan on doing to that well formed female slut of a body.

Grapping her hair and twisting it in my right hand I said “Stand up slut!” I walked her to Simon. Tied her hands in her cuffs to the chain where my Carrie was just minutes before, lifting her over Simon and lowering her down onto the two cocks still raised from Carrie. Angie started to moan when the first cock went in, then she squirmed when the ass cock entered.

“Now, my darling slave over there sleeping just came off of “Simon Says”, can you last as long as she can without coming? What are the chances you will last 2 minutes on Simon?”

“Oh…..MMMAaaaasssttterrr…..I will not disobey Simon. Master tell Simon I am at his pleasure. As well as yours Master. Command me…!!” Angie said through breathless gasps. Sweat dripping from her forehead to her fluffy breasts trailing to her rock hard nipple. I bend down and flick my tongue catching the sweat drop causing poor Angie to scream she was so sensitive. I smiled at what wonderful torture I would have with this slut.

“Tell you what my office slut. If you can last 30 minutes on Simon without cumin, you will be able to come all you want for the next 24 hours. If you do not last then you will not be able to come for three months. What do you say to that my office slut?”

“Ohhh….MMMAAaaaassstterr….I will do my best to honor you. I will obey you.”

At this point I started the same routine with Simon’s program with a twist. I applied a small trickle current to the nipple, clit and the two cocks that are buried in her cunt and ass. Angie was so close to coming. I watch the pain on her face as she fought from coming without permission from Simon. As the program progressed into 10 minutes Angie was moaning loudly, and at times screaming for the intensity and her sensitive clit. I walked up and pulled her nipples away from her chest and she would moan, twisting got me what I was looking for…her begging for release from Simon.

“Oh no, my little office slut you are not allowed to come. Simon is not finished with that cunt and ass of yours.” Simon kicked into high gear thanks to me, and Angie was off at the races twitching, squirming, and just generally trying not to come on Simon. Simon was jamming the ass and cunt cock in and out of this vixen and still he had not come, Simon was nearing his program end. Watching Angie I was impressed, but then failure at 29 minutes and 55 seconds Angie’s world tumbled she lost all control of her body and orgasm like I have never seen before in a woman passing out on top of Simon slumping over. I caught her just before she hit the floor. I slide her off of Simon and put her down on the cot next to the other two slaves.

“O Holy Shit Mike that was the hottest and most erotic thing I have seen, she did good even though she didn’t make the time. Poor girl 3 months of your tease and torture to make her come.”

I just smiled at him knowing it was going to be fun for the next three months torturing my sluts all over the place. I tied Carrie, Claire, and Angie to their cots; face down, asses up locking their ankles as well.

Anatoli Krezich was a doctor by trade, but not the kind who made house calls or appointments with mundane patients. No, his clientele was somewhat more specialized, and the Russian FSB was certainly more discreet in its handling of him than any normal employer in the medical profession. He had fixed many a wound, saved many an FSB agent’s life. Here in Colombia though, he hadn’t seen any action. That is, until he’d been awoken abruptly out of a sound sleep, blindfolded, and rushed to this undisclosed location. When he was finally led into what looked like a horrific dungeon chamber he wanted to gasp.

A beautiful blond woman was hanging by her wrists, her pussy impaled on a long iron rod with a rubberized sheath hooked over the tip. There was a long red smear on the front of the girl’s limp torso.

The big Russian who called himself Igor motioned for Krezich to sit. “You are here in case any of our agents or the hostages need medical assistance when they arrive. Our team is procuring the targets now.

Krezich gave the blond a steady look. Slowly it dawned on him.

“She’s not dead.”

Igor guffawed, his big Russian smile reminding Krezich of a demonic bear.

“Very good. Yes, sometimes Dmitri likes to play mind games with his toys. He fired a modified round at her, point blank range — much like a paintball. The dye was red, as you can see.”

Slowly Krezich nodded. “So she fainted from the shock of it?”

Igor gave another grin of wry amusement. “Not only that, my friend, but her companion nearly died of shock and then spilled her guts. It was quite entertaining. I believe Dmitri has a soft spot for the brunette. He may even let her live. They are upstairs in his personal quarters. Dmitri is probably fucking her silly as we speak.”

Krezich noticed a lack of any comfortable furniture. There were ‘horses’ and ‘chairs’ strewn about the room, all of them made of hardened steel and many of them dotted with spikes or uncomfortable devices of torture.

“Is there someplace else I can wait?”

Igor shrugged. “Does this place make you feel uncomfortable, Comrade? Ah well, suit yourself.” For a long moment Igor looked Krezich up and down. Though the man’s craft was medicine, even Krezich had to admit that he was tall and handsome, with more than a little muscle. At 34 years of age and with daily workouts in his private gym, the wealthy doctor was more than in-shape.

“Perhaps you would like to take possession of this one, yes? We are finished with her. It seems a waste, what our orders will be to do with her.”

Dr. Krezich gave Igor a startled look. This wasn’t something he’d ever even considered. Women usually came to him more than willingly. He was not used to seeing a naked captive dangling helplessly in any dungeon. But even Dr. Krezich had to admit, despite the veneer of respectability that surrounded his chosen profession, that he did have certain…urges. The idea of dominating a helpless woman had always fired his fantasies. He’d never thought to ever act on them, though, and women of the wealthy elite he usually cavorted with were too proud and full of themselves to consider something so lowly as a nasty roleplay. Of course this ‘roleplay’ would be all too real, but who knew…perhaps in taking possession of this blond girl he could save her life?

Krezich nodded, licking lips gone suddenly dry. “I would very much like that, Comrade.”

“Good. I was hoping for another show and I’m exhausted. Actually we have another slut in the back room. We’re done with her too. I think I’ll leave them both with you and let you get familiar.”

The tall doctor had been hustled out of bed in nothing more than boxers and an undershirt. He allowed himself to be led down twisting corridors. Two guards took the unconscious blond down from her listless, hanging position and carried her behind Igor and Krezich. At last they came to a small interrogation room with a mattress thrown in one corner and a bright bank of lights covering the ceiling.

A Japanese girl sat, her wrists chained above her, completely naked. Krezich could see the obvious signs of abuse — cigarette burns above her carefully shaven pussy and across her supple, melon-shaped breasts. Her raspberry-dyed hair hung lushly framing her delicate Asian face. The eyes were squeezed shut and the head hung backward. She seemed to be enjoying the hiatus from this nightmare that only the reprieve of sleep could bring.

“Hey wake up slut! Awake!” Igor growled. Yumi’s eyes snapped open and her head came forward. She saw the doctor. She quietly watched the guards lay Trisha on the mattress.

“Agent, forgive me if I ask too much, but could you arrange for a hot bath for the three of us? I’m feeling very grimy, and these girls look like they could use a good cleaning.”

A spark of hope kindled somewhere in Yumi’s eyes, and Krezich saw it. He then took critical note of the fish hooks looped painfully through Yumi’s nipples. He then called to one of the departing guards.

“Also, if you would, please get me antiseptic and something to remove those fish hooks.” The guard gave him a dark look but left without protest.

Dr. Krezich sat in the chair next to the Japanese girl. “You can call me Master Krezich. What’s your name?” he asked gently.

“Y-y-Yumi,” the girl said reluctantly, eyes downcast.

“That’s a beautiful name. Slave Yumi, tell me, how long have you been here?”

The girl’s gaze grew distant and unfocused. “I cannot remember.”

“You will always address me as Master,” Krezich reminded.

“Yes, forgive me…I-I do not remember Master.”

“Where are you from?”

“Osaka, Master.”

“Interesting…I remember visiting Osaka. Its shrines are gorgeous. Hokoku Shrine is my favorite. I have always admired Shinto, in all its guises, but its architecture has a special place in my heart. Perhaps we shall talk of it while we bathe.”

As the doctor said this, two guards walked in and told them that their bath had been prepared. They splashed a bucket of ice-cold water in Trisha’s face to revive her and slowly hustled her along with Yumi to the new chamber. This one had a large screen with a nature scene and ambient sound with speakers in the wall. Though the atmosphere was soothing, the artificiality of it somewhat spoiled the effect.

A large hot tub had been installed in the middle of a concrete floor. It now burbled and steamed. As Anatoli Krezich swept off his boxers and nightshirt, his lithe muscles glistened impressively under the bright light. He slowly eased one leg, then the other in the deliciously heated water.

It was like a river of perfection embracing his veins wherever skin touched wetness. “Mmm. Aren’t you going to join me, ladies?”

First Yumi carefully joined in. The water came up to just below her breasts. Then Trisha got in on the far side of the hot tub, staying as far away from this unknown man as she could. The doctor idly held out a hand while the guard handed him the implements he’d asked for.

He gestured for Yumi to sit a little closer. The naked girl edged close to him. Reluctantly she straightened her back and thrust out her breasts. Anatoli made casual conversation to distract her, if only a little, as he carefully bent each hook straight and then used a heavy-duty wire cutter to snap off the fish hook barbs so that the remaining sliver of metal could slide harmlessly through the swollen nipple to be discarded. Then he took two swabs of cotton, dipped them in the antiseptic the soldiers had supplied, and applied them to Yumi’s wounds.

The naked captive groaned in pain at the sting.

“Ohh sshhhh. You’re a brave girl. That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?” Anatoli wondered if he could have BOTH girls. He had admired the blond’s physique but with Yumi there was this instant attraction. He more than liked her. Perhaps he could give her a test?

He hopped up on the side of the tub with only his legs dangling in. Yumi seemed to notice then, for the first time, his raging erection.

It was amazing what a brief, unspoken exchange of glances could accomplish. She caught his desire. Slowly, ever so gently, she cupped his manhood with both hands and brought her mouth swooping tenderly over his penis.

“Mmmmm. Now that’s the best thank you I’ve ever received, Yumi. Ohhh, yes. That will do nicely.” As the Japanese girl sucked up and down his cock, he felt the lust building in him. Not just lust but something even more primal and shocking. The minutes dragged by and the wet suction of Yumi’s mouth stroking up and down his cock finally gave way to pre-cum dancing and glistening on her lips as she withdrew. Yumi smiled at him fawningly and then proceeded to lick long, graceful strokes up to the tip of his cock-head and then back down to the hairy base above his scrotum.

He saw the blond looking at him fearfully, as if that huge, erect penis was meant for her pussy instead of the beautiful Asian girl’s.

“What’s your name?” Anatoli demanded. The blond girl furtively met his gaze.


“Have you enjoyed the warm water Trisha?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Then come show me your appreciation. Join your friend over here. Come a little closer.”

Trisha waded across the tub, her shining breasts and pert nipples sticking out like enticing candy. Anatoli took one in his mouth, sucking hard, while his one hand dipped between her legs, gently pinching her clit as she gasped.

“Ohh yes, nice and sensitive. Just the way I like it. Why don’t you share with your friend Yumi?”

Yumi withdrew her mouth once more from Anatoli’s cock. The cum glistened on her lips as she pumped his cock firmly in her teasing hand. She pointed the cock towards Trisha obligingly, and the blond began to tentatively lick him.

The sudden fury that came from his voice surprised all three of them.

“Is that the best you can suck? In that case you’ll take this cock deep in your tight pussy. Climb aboard you lazy cunt!” Anatoli was getting the feel of the dominating Master role, and now he grabbed one of the pairs of handcuffs that the soldiers had left him in case the girls got too frisky. He snapped one pair around Trisha’s wrists after forcing them behind her back.

“On second thought, lie back. I’ll give it to you hard on the floor.” Trisha laid back, helpless with her legs splayed wide and her wrists painfully cuffed underneath her own body weight, as Anatoli positioned his bulbous cock-head at her precious hole.

“Ooohhh yes, sweetie…we’re going in!” he exclaimed happily as his cock sank in. Deep. So deep. He could see Slave Trisha’s eyes widen and then settle in a dazed look of shock as he plowed her depths. He crushed her mouth with his own, their tongues tussling, as he cupped the nape of her neck and lanced his cock into her moist depths.

Then, out of his peripheral vision he saw something amazing and arousing. The Japanese slave knelt beside them, one hand between her legs. Her quick, graceful fingers were plying her own slit, rubbing her clit as her face took on a look of hunger. Anatoli couldn’t believe it. This Yumi bitch was actually going to get off on what he was doing to the blond slave.

He slowly pulled out of the blond and presented his now-slimy cock. Grasping Yumi’s neck he forced her lips to his cock and urged her: “Taste it, bitch. Lick the blond’s juice off my dick and get me wet for another go at her.” Yumi meekly complied, her mouth slurping dutifully until more strings of cum drifted from her gorgeous lips as she drew back. He couldn’t take it anymore. The doctor slammed his needy cock back into Trisha’s snatch, listening intently to the girl’s moans as he plied her sexy snatch.

Trisha’s mind flashed with too many thoughts. What had happened to her friend Gabriella? Her sister Carly? But she was too dazed and shocked by the onrushing course of events. She merely tried to blot out the brutal fucking she was receiving.

Anatoli wouldn’t let her. He finally pulled out, then shoved his fingers into her cunt, pressing in rhythmic circles near her pussy lips and joy nub. The girl’s clit awoke like a resurrected phoenix, stoking a fire that soon had her writhing and biting her lip. Frantically the blond shook her head, but Anatoli knew better. Her quickened heart rate told the same revealing story. He pushed and battered harder against her tiny bundle of nerves until her clit was as hard as his angry cock. He looked down at his prick now, bulging with too many veins and needing a pussy to embed itself in. He turned to the beautiful Asian captive beside him.

“Lick your friend’s clit and finish the job I’ve begun. I want to fuck you.”

Yumi’s expression froze for a moment…as if for the first time she put together the enormous dick hanging from her benefactor’s loins and the realization that he was going to put that huge thing inside HER. Carefully she pressed her mouth to Trisha’s snatch and began to slurp and suck louder than a whore in a lesbian porno film. Meanwhile she raised her gorgeous butt high, exposing her perfect pussy for good penetration.

Anatoli brutally shoved his whole cock inward with one thrust. He felt Yumi stiffen and wiggle, her gasp audible between licks of the blond woman’s snatch. But admirably Yumi didn’t complain, merely licked and sucked pussy as Anatoli’s Russian cock had its way with her Japanese cunt.

The doctor reveled in the odd feel of knowing that even as his cock was raping a tight young woman’s pussy, that same woman’s mouth was preoccupied in pleasuring another equally helpless and nubile young woman…both under his complete power. That kind of knowledge was the best aphrodisiac Anatoli had ever known, and the good doctor soon found himself straining to fuck Yumi harder and more viciously.

His cock rammed into her again and again, the squelching sounds even echoing above the bubbling in the hot tub. At last he saw the blond shudder. Yumi’s face came away from Trisha’s crotch glistening with the blond beauty’s juices. It was so perfect. It made Anatoli smile as he came. His arm wrapped around Yumi’s neck, pulling her backward, crushing her against his chest as he felt his stickiness shoot towards her fertile womb. He wondered idly whether these girls could be impregnated, or did the FSB agents have them on birth control?

Yumi collapsed malleably in the Russian doctor’s arms, her breathing ragged. “Such spirit,” Anatoli murmured, stroking Yumi’s cheek. “Let’s see if your friend fucks as nicely.”

Minutes later his cock was reawakened. After Yumi licked his shaft clean of her own juices, Anatoli instructed her to undo the handcuffs and let Trisha freely straddle him. He laid back, watching contentedly as Trisha reluctantly lined up his cock and eased her tight little twat onto his enormous manhood.

“Oohhh, you feel me fill you, don’t you girl? Would you like to be my personal slave, your pussy mine to fill each night? Would you prefer that to death and torture in this secret FSB installation?” The blond girl’s face seemed to twitch at the mention of the FSB. Maybe she knew more than he assumed, but Anatoli didn’t care. He just enjoyed the feel of her young cunt gripping his iron-hard prick.

As she rode him dutifully Yumi knelt behind her. The Japanese girl’s hands gently massaged the blond woman’s breasts, even having the audacity to cup and squeeze them firmly. Yumi’s dutiful urges were designed to please her newest patron. She whispered into Trisha’s ears. “Fuck our Master joyfully so that he can cum deep inside you. Our fate is in his hands. Do not forget this.” Yumi’s not-so-hidden warning and fear didn’t seem to bother the good doctor. To the contrary, it set his loins further alight, the idea of these two girls frightened of what might happen to them if they did not please him. The domination and power he enjoyed heightened now above all else. That was the biggest turn-on in all his 34-years despite all the high class women he had dined and fucked to orgasm in places much more comfortable than this.

Dr. Anatoli Krezich finally cried out — a guttural, orgasm-striving groan of ecstasy — as the blond slave ground and humped his agonized cock. He managed to just barely stave off the release of his eager seed. The blond saw how close he was though, and Yumi saw it too. Yumi reached down, cupping his testicles, and she had the gall then to shout “Cum in her Master, NOW, or I squeeze your fucking balls and make you scream!” Anatoli couldn’t believe her boldness! That fucking bitch! That audacity! Instead he found his turn-on raging into an inferno of fulfilled lust. He came right then and there — the hardest orgasm of his relatively young life. His seed surged upward into the blond’s tight twat, overfilling and rushing back downward to ensconce equally in her golden thatch and his darker pubic curls.

As he looked in awe at both women he saw a wicked smile light Yumi’s eyes. She began to slurp and tongue up the mingled juices on his deflated penis as soon as it slipped free of Trisha’s snatch. He wanted to punish this disobedient Japanese slave for her impertinence, but the glorious feel of her tongue on his cock made him mute.

Working as an asset for the FSB had never been so perfect as it was just now. He had found paradise in an FSB interrogation dungeon. Fate had a way with irony, oh yes it did. Anatoli sighed and lay back as Trisha curled against his chest, her cheek soft against his shoulder.

“Did you like my pussy, Master? I hope I pleased you.” Anatoli could sense the fear in her voice, the charade she put on for his benefit. It thrilled him. It even made his cock hard, despite the two recent orgasms. He smiled.

“You have done well, slave. You may actually come out of this smelling like a rose.” He gasped again, seeing Yumi’s lips all the way bottoming out near the base of his cock. Her gagging, slurping symphony combined with her heavenly tongue as her obedient eyes seemed to wordlessly plead ‘Please forgive me for threatening to squeeze your balls! Have mercy Master!’

As the horny Jap bitch actually sucked his cock to new hardness and then beyond, he decided he would show leniency. When she made him cum, his last vestige of seed spurting into her mouth, he couldn’t believe it as his toes curled and his whole body went taut, totally spent and satisfied. A Little While Later…

Gabriella awoke with the cum of multiple partners congealed and sticky between her legs. Not a soul stirred in the small, dimly lit dungeon suite. The bed beneath her felt blissfully soft underneath her naked and battered femininity.

She slowly opened her eyes, aware of the peaceful rise and fall of Dmitri’s chest underneath her face. Her right wrist had been chained to an iron brace protruding from the wall near where the bed’s headboard should have been…but of course the bed was like everything else in this forsaken hellhole…Spartan and minimalist. It was hardly more than a mattress, though to that bastard Dmitri it probably served well enough, she thought icily.

The brunette captive looked down on her rapist’s sleeping form. She could grab his balls with her free hand and squeeze. She could knee him hard with her leg; there was nothing constricting her movement elsewise. Yet she did not. She thought, ‘Why? Why does part of me feel gratitude to this horrific beast of a man?’ She remembered him shooting her friend…that had burned into her retinas and her brain beyond. But she had no time for those emotions now.

This was her reality now, and she had to live with it.

The lithesome Russian opened his eyes then, a smile cracking his face.

“Good morning slave. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes Master!” Gabriella chirped.

“Good. I have encouraging news. While you were sleeping I received word that President Kane’s daughters have been captured. Your information was genuine, and for that I have a reward planned for you. Let’s get that filthy cunt of yours washed out. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Note: Hope you all enjoy this net section, gets a bit steamier in this section, and there is a bit of bisexuality thrown in just as a warning.

beyond that feel free to share your thoughts and questions


The last time I was in a hotel remotely like this nightmare, I was in the elevator shaft twenty floors up wiring explosives. With Nigh guiding my actions over the radio, and whispering her twisted plans for the rest of the evening into my earpiece I found it as much an escape from her grip as it was a personal challenge to stay focussed. I had to leap from one ledge swing from the main cable and prey that it didn’t move before I released it sailing over to the next sure foothold, and setting the next charge. Wiring in the timer and arming the device was second nature so it only took moments “You know Carn you’ll be needing a good long shower when you’re finished, maybe I’ll have you join me.” She wasn’t expecting an answer so I never gave one either way she’d do as she wished and was sure to make me miserable; she preferred it that way said ‘it brought out the fire in my eyes.’

“The next charge ma’am?” I needed the last location, my whisper as lifeless as the dark shaft lingering below me.

Her sick smile was an image never far from my mind, and I’d bet that the bitch had it plastered across her face at that moment “At the top of the Shaft Carn, it’s the last one, and I’ll be seeing yours soon, so don’t keep me waiting.”

She had me set the charges to go 8hrs from then, a little thrill to be screwing in a building that was about to be engulfed in flame. About 100 maybe 200 people were in that tower I never bothered checking the guest lists. Nigh kept gasping those sadistic little details as she made good on all those dirty little ideas she put in my head.

I tried not to think of all the carnage that was to come simply to rid the world of one Politian. There were no comforting thoughts to be found, though her finger nails digging into my flesh would provide a distraction whilst I invaded familiar dark territory.


‘Now arriving at the twentieth floor presidential sweets please exit the elevator.’ A synthetic voice chimed freeing me from that wretched memory, and back into this new nightmare.

“So Carn how long have you been with the military?” My whole fucking life! I wasn’t going to tell her that in such a tone but didn’t stop me from thinking it. Still I was as always chained to the rules I was raised by, and that made the question as good as a command.

“As long as I can remember Ma’am.” It was kind of pointless to ask; any information about me would be in the dossiers they no doubt sent to her secure network account. Every embarrassing detail leaving out all the mission data they didn’t want a foreigner to see which most of it was

“Not much for conversations are you?” and yet another stupid remark pricked my skin like an 8cy needle, slaves weren’t for conversation unless it was some pathetic little house pet.

“No Ma’am.”

“Could you stop calling me Ma’am?” She huffed as in frustration not liking the authority afforded to her; it was amusing and there were very few times in my life where the rules brought me joy. Irritating her was entertaining at the very least and I wasn’t about rob myself of it if had any choice in the matter.

“No, Ma’am I cannot.”

“Is there anything ‘else’ you can call me, I hate the Ma’am title.” And I hate dumb questions, looks like we were both outta luck.

“No Ma’am.”

As we walked down the hall I noticed how empty this place really was, they must’ve cleared out the entire floor for the Ambassador’s visit, very dumb idea might as well put a neon sign on the building or paint a big target on her room’s window, better yet get a quality rocket launcher and stick it somewhere unpleasant.

God I hate being on this side of the target, I’d rather be the one aiming at it rather than standing between it and the bullet. Then again very few assassins these days cared about collateral damage it was the pray’n'spray method easy but messy, bombs and the like made things too easy in my opinion.

“Here’s our room, at least now we can get comfortable.” Fuck I hated those words, ‘get comfortable’. Every time Nigh used it I knew exactly what she expected of me, it was a sort keyword…’Carn’ you better get comfortable’ ‘Carn I’m gonna get comfortable’ ‘aren’t you going to get comfortable’… Hopefully it didn’t mean the same coming from this woman, problem was if it did and I had to be told twice……

Inside the room door closed behind us she wandered off into the next room…My assumptions were getting to the point that my body acted on reflex, shedding my armour my shirt, boots… She walked in “This room is amazing you rea-….!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!” I stopped with my pants around my ankles, and just looked at her like she was the odd one, no woman I ever met would’ve been so embarrassed, and she couldn’t even look at me. Were Colonials truly that different??

“Following orders Ma’am.” Assumed orders but never-the-less.

“I didn’t-I didn’t tell you to do that, why would you?! I mean what kind of military-?! Have you no shame?”

“No Ma’am, shame is a luxury, slaves don’t have that luxury.” I just stared at her hiding her eyes behind her hand but still I swear she struggled not to peak passed it…a very strange woman.

“You’re…you’re a slave?? I didn’t think-”

“No you didn’t Ma’am.”

“Didn’t what?”

“Think…Ma’am.” I insulted her but she never noticed it.

“Could you please put your clothes back on?” I almost smiled, a rare occasion to say the least. I pulled my pants back up and re-did my belt as she started to talk again “I thought slavery was illegal.” She really needed to read up on her history, Coryn has been a slave nation for a VERY long time, I’d think everyone thinking to travel here would know that much.

“Not in the Coryn Empire Ma’am.” I thought there was something odd about this woman, she obviously never owned a slave, any woman raised in this society wouldn’t think twice about taking advantage of a Slave, unless he was defective or unsightly but those were often cast aside executed or shipped to the mines depending on how bad their case was, a bullet was cheaper than surgery and there were always more and better looking pieces of meat sitting in the fridge.

“So that’s why you- ummmmm.”

“Offered myself to you… yes and no Ma’am,” I wasn’t going to lie.

“Are there many slaves in Coryn?” FUCK yet another stupid question.

“Every living man and boy Ma’am.” You could see them everywhere doing the jobs women felt were below them, men were useful for breeding, hard labour and military servitude. they had uses for the ‘barbaric instincts of men’ my former instructors words not mine…I’d say these women could be just as barbaric as any man given enough power and lack of rules, just look at Commander Nigh for an example ruthless and consumed with desire for all things related to pleasure or power, often both accompanied with leather.

“So, you’re not really a bodyguard??” I’d laugh if I remembered how to, she thought I was some simple boy toy sent to keep her company…It may have been a part of it but not the whole point, I was supposed to keep her happy and keep her safe a double edged job, but apparently I was free of that half of the job for now…

“I am fully trained, an am more than capable of protecting you Ma’am.”

“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you.” Wasted apologies why did she care, my opinion didn’t matter in the least. The apology was the only thing that offended me…

“I’m a slave Ma’am no apology required; I follow your orders Ma’am.” Like a goddamn robot I just gave her control, just like that no thought just…just reacting like I was taught to. It was nothing new but still it only served to piss me off every time was reminded how badly my mind had been fucked with, I almost wished I wasn’t aware of it, a special part of my training. Not all slaves are aware of how badly they’ve been warped ‘ignorance is bliss.’

She didn’t know what to do, what to think or even say. That blank look plastered across her face…How could she be an ambassador? This was pathetic, Politian’s were supposed suave, confident, charismatic especially those granted the status of an Ambassador ‘they’ stood to represent their country their people and this lithe woman stood there meek and unsure, wringing her hands hoping to squeeze a thought from them. No wonder the Colonials couldn’t keep order.

“I’m sorry I’ve work to do before I’m to meet with your Empress, could you ummm ah….” She didn’t even know what orders to give.

A knock came to the door “Expecting anyone Ma’am?”

“Yes Carn, my advisor; Sheila Versy, could you finish getting dressed and let her in.” Stupid move, she held too much trust. How did she know for sure…? But then again a killer doesn’t walk through the front door not one as well guarded as this building, not unless it’s me, or someone better.

I put on my shirt and opened the door to a dark skinned woman older maybe 33 years old; she dressed like a lawyer, albeit one with too much make up and perfume I almost choked. I needed only brief glance to see she wasn’t a threat and let her pass closing the door behind her “Hello handsome.” She smiled wide as if party to a joke I hadn’t been told “Chelsey my dear you lucky little thing!” This one acted more like the women I was used to, unfortunately. “This is what I love about visiting this Coryn on diplomatic missions.” With a passing grope and a worthless come hither stare she closed the distance between her and the Ambassador and I saw to locking the door.

“Couldn’t you warn me?!” Ms. Kritten wasn’t happy about the surprise of a Slave nation; this Sheila had a different point of view.

“And ruin the surprise.” I wasn’t going to just stand in that room as they argued I’d take this time to hunt down my things. I could get away with it under guise of checking the security of the room, only Nigh would see through that bullshit excuse just to put distance between us. Whatever I needed had been sent up here, and there wasn’t likely to be very much, I didn’t own anything…so I assumed ‘weapons’.

I was going to take inventory while they talked. “I mean c’mon why do you think they ‘NEVER’ allow male diplomats across the boarder?” Ms Versy was going cause me trouble, I just knew it.

The Ambassador just remained silent and angry “Remember Ms. Big-wig this is the safest place in the world unless it’s Coryn targeting that tiny white ass of yours, luckily they LIKE you,” Apparently my new owner had some enemies “AND who are we to judge their way of life, it works for them so why not enjoy it? These men the do ANYTHING you order them to!”

She paused for a moment, and all I could think was ‘oh crap’ “What?! I had a good time my last couple visits, the stories I could tell you.” Ms. Versy had likely been privy to the favours of office and didn’t seem shy of accepting them.

Unpacking the suitcase marked with my brand I found clothes in one and weapons in the other, though holding a gun right then may not have ended well if I were a lesser man “Did they send this guy up after you got here? He’s better looking than the one I got last time and I had to call the front desk to get that much, and yours is young too I’m so jealous!” My rifle was looking real friendly I must say.

“He’s our body guard Sheila…” I could hear her tapping away at a laptop “His dossier is right in the package they sent us, look.”

“19…nice.” That knowing grin made me sick to my stomach.


“I’m still reading, calm yourself okay…holy shit, this is hard to believe, apparently, he knows yoga, gymnastics, cooking, cleaning,” Look I found my revolver and a box of bullets… “If you don’t want him I’ll take him? Killing machine or not this guy is apparently perfect according to the record, and with yoga and gymnastics mmmm-mm girl, a rock hard body, flexible, come on and he’s GOT TO have a bi-”

“SHEILA ENOUGH!! He’s supposed to keep us alive, not one of your boy toys besides we’ve got work to worry about……and yes.” I hated being talked period; I’d rather be unnoticed for the most part.

There was moment of silence before “Yes what??” More silence until laughter burst forth from Ms Versy’s lips. Footsteps soon followed across the wood floor stopping behind me, I put down my things and stood, bowing courteously.


“So you’re Carn? Nice to meet you I’m Sheila Versy,” this was what I was used to, and she looked at me with one idea in mind, and all I could do was stand there and accept the fact; that was my fate “Well I for one am glad to have your services on hand…as a bodyguard.” She added casting a glance back at the door. The look in her eye told her story in an almost lude display.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Now leave before I pick up another gun… If only I could but my body was trained for obedience. I wouldn’t dare do it; even the thought of it drowned me in memories of pain. Had I actually made the attempt I would’ve crumple to the floor screaming, a very deep very eloquent form of hypno-therapy reinforced with electro-shock, so in laymen’s terms an expensive and effective mind-fuck.

She left me in peace and I went about checking out my equipment, extra armour, assorted knives, grenades, a few shaped charges, my S-34 anti-material rifle, revolver and slug gun. Not to mention my cleaning kit and an entire trunk filled with ammo. It almost therapeutic going about cleaning and organizing every piece, it was one of the few things I enjoyed, didn’t care if that was the training talking.

“Carn?” Ms. Kritten was calling me, now began the power trip…

I walked out into the main room finally taking stock of the place; the first room was shooting gallery a two floor open concept penthouse first floor wide open kitchen, and bar including plush leather couches and dinning room. The big god damn window with great view of the city was my main concern, these windows stretched up to the second level it too was open, well lit and housed a small entertainment center of it own center around an expensive computer wired into room’s electronic functions. Among the second floor rooms was the master bedroom out of sight at least and, down stairs was the guest bedroom, and a massive bathroom, a Jacuzzi sized tub and a waterfall shower.

I wasn’t pleased with the idea of the sleeping arrangements; two beds three of us considering how much Ms. Versy consistently reminded me of the Commander.

Finding my way to the second level Ms Kritten was on her laptop; Ms. Versy was downstairs getting a drink, whiskey by the look of it, with too much ice. “Yes Ma’am?”

“We’re meeting with the Empress tomorrow, and we have guests coming over tonight…Sheila’s idea,” ‘No kidding’ came to mind, “she has a few friends they want to touch face with the new Colonial Ambassador, should be just business and a few drinks.” Finally she was starting to act intelligently telling me these things made protecting her easier, surprises would compromise her safety, so would the indulgences of Ms Versy…One of those problems was dealt with, but I’d needed more information about these guests, the other problem was out of my hands.

“What do you know about these people Ma’am?” She went to tell me in depth what she knew bringing up files via the network connection provided by the hotel, I saw very little threat to her, these women were wealthy business owners, they often have… eccentric tastes that I recall with a good deal of disgust. I hoped that they’d bring their own fun and leave me out of it. I wasn’t very lucky though and somehow I expected to be the entertainment regardless what I was MEANT to be doing here.

A few hours later I’d went back and finished taking stalk of my weapons cleaning and oiling the parts organizing my clothes into neat piles. Ms. Versy hi-jacked the closet of the guestroom room, and Ms. Kritten was tapping away at her laptop the whole time checking news feeds from the colonies. I was happy to have even that short time to myself though they both took a break to dress more elegantly for their evening. Ms Kritten in blue velvet, Ms. Versy in red silk.

Ms. Versy was more endowed than the lithe Ms Kritten, but neither seemed out of shape. The women that arrived were more akin to sluts than powerful women of industry tiny little dresses low cut neckline, and a hem two inches away from being indecent. Trailing behind was a doe-eyed boy-toy, lean not overly fit like many hulking freaks some women like to cultivate.

I felt envious of for him, not much older than me but I could tell he hadn’t lived a hard life, he was probably groomed for simple service meaning he wasn’t all that bright either; he didn’t have to be. He was a little nervous looking like a puppy not used to being outside, they even had him collared… looked good on him… What the fuck was I thinking… this night was going to be a nightmare and my thoughts strayed to…that.

“Hello ladies thought we’d bring the entertainment while we worked, but I see you’ve got your own…” The ice eyed blonde closed in on me like a shark a hand on my cheek grasping at my chin knowing full well I wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop her. Turning my face from side to side checking my mouth appraising me with her hands stopping only to look in my eyes “top dollar too, beautiful eyes.” Indifferent toward me as I would be to my meal, she was unarmed by the look of that painted on dress. Silk like Ms.Versy but deep violet following the exaggerated curves of her hips and swell of her backside, and pressed upward to enhance a modest bust at best, guess she didn’t care for implants…or underwear for that matter.

The other was a small Asian woman, Lidia Dulshye she was the owner and operator of a massive company controlling well over half the Import and Export into this country, so there was more threat there than anywhere just her knowledge of Ms Kritten might draw unwanted attention. Short wild hair, black save for the bright highlights, she wore a dress more akin to a body wrap, covering just enough to reveal a body a swimmer would kill for, sculpted and cut through some form of intense athletics. Didn’t have access to her files or I’d know what it was.

“Miribell watch that one, he is not some simple pretty thing.” Smart woman, very observant. It was very easy to tell the difference between a soldier and someone like ‘doe-eyes’ standing in the open door almost timidly as he waited for his next command, it was…cute.

“Leonard please shut the door and make yourself familiar with the kitchen.”

“The bar especially, Leonard.” Lidia added quickly.

A glorified waiter, cook, and jiggalo he read like bad comic book, but I could see what women saw in him, though unfortunately their attention focused on me instead. “So are you more than a pretty thing,” She turned her attention to me, Miribell’s fingers curling at the hem of my shirt pulling ever so slightly upward teasing the on looking audience.

“Yes Ma’am.” Ms. Versy was grinning like an idiot in the background as I was turned about to see her and Ms. Kritten as she tried to restrain outrage, uncomfort, and blushing cheeks, as the blonde…Miribell kept on with curious hands. Her unwelcome pawing growing more intimate with every passing moment. Still I didn’t move remaining as a statue as she explored, raking her nails across bare skin as they traveled beneath my clothes. Had I reacted at all it wouldn’t end well, I learned that a long time ago at the end of a cattle-prod “Not even a flinch, someone trained him well.” She stripped the shirt from my back only to give way to gasps as all laid eyes upon my back, even Leonard seemed shocked.

“Looks like you were a bad pet.” Lidia sat at the bar glass in hand admiring the scarred landscape of my back; she was wrong those scars were a ‘gift’ from the Commander, and a memory for another time. Luckily the question was never asked, the answer already implied though it still pissed me off to think about it.

I walked into the kitchen to find Bianca in front of the stove. She was standing totally naked while making breakfast. My cock immediately started rising. She turned her head and stared at my erection for a second or two before greeting me.

I greeted her back and asked her what she was making. She told me and also said that I’m going to work for my breakfast. I wasn’t sure what she meant and asked her too explain “work” to me.

It turned out that I have to masturbate for her to get breakfast. She also wanted me to shoot my cum all over her pussy.

She sat down on the table, opened her legs and gently started rubbing her clit. I took my place in front of her and started stroking my cock.

Her pussy was wet in no time and I wanted to push my cock inside her but that wasn’t part of the fun. The pre-cum started running out onto my head and down my shaft. Bianca was rubbing her clit harder and faster now.

I moved my cock closer to her pussy and came; my cum shot out onto her hand and onto her open pussy. She came shortly after that and smeared her cum all over pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy clean. I did it but kept licking her to another orgasm.

Breakfast was good. We cleaned the dishes and took a shower before going out to the mall.

On the way back she pulled her short skirt up to her hips and started fingering herself, she reached over with her free hand and massaged my cock through my pants. No matter where we were or what time of the day it was, she always made me horny.

When we got into the flat she said that she wants to try something out. She asked me for rope or something to tie someone up with. I got very excited and found a piece of rope in no time.

“Okay. You’re going to be my slave for a while and after that I’ll be your slave for a while.” She said and made herself comfortable on the couch. “You’ll do everything I tell you to do without asking questions, am I clear?”

“Yes mam.” I replied.

“Okay let’s start. You can begin by taking my shoes of and washing it.” She commanded.

I thought it was a stupid request but did as she told me. I fetched the water and soap, took her shoes off and started washing her small feet.

“Uh, you’re doing a good job. Now I want you to take your clothes off, I want something to look at while having my feet pleased.” Was her next command.

I got up and took my clothes off. My cock was semi-erect when I continued washing her feet

“Rub your cock against my feet.” She said with her hand going down to her pussy.

My cock rose to a full erection when I heard her command. I rubbed my cock against her wet feet while I continued soking them with the water.

Her next command was to wash her feet again and massage her carves while licking and kissing her feet.

I did as she told me too. I got a glimps of her hands pulling he skirt up to her hips. She rubbed her hands over her pussy while I did my job down at her feet.

She pulled her feet away from me and told me to lie on the table with my front facing up. She quickly tied my hands and feet to the table and took her dress off.

“Mmh. I know what you want to do… you want to fuck your master don’t you. You would love to push your cock into her wet pussy, or maybe into her asshole. You want to shoot your hot sticky cum inside her, maybe even push your cock into her mouth and make her swallow your cum.” She said and got onto the table with her legsat my sides.

“Well I’ve got other plans for you and that nice hard cock of yours.” She lowered her self onto my cock, she didn’t take me inside her though. She rubbed her wet pussy all over my cock; up to my head then down to my balls again.

Her cum streamed out of her pussy onto my cock. She turned herself around in a flash and licked my cock clean. Then she put both her legs at the sides of my head and pushed her ass out.

“Look at my asshole, you would like to fuck that wouldn’t you?” she said running a finger over her hole. “Well I want you to eat my ass.” She said and lowered her ass onto my face.

My tongue slid around her hole making it very wet. She started groaning softly and moved one hand to her pussy. Her other hand found my cock and started stroking it, it was very wet from more pre-cum that came out.

She quickly got up and turned around; she went down to my cock and lowered herself onto it. My cock slid inside her with no trouble. She started riding me like a rodeo .

“Oh my God.” she groaned aloud as she came.

This was too much for me, I shot my cum out into her, 5 squerts and I was done.

She stayed on top of e for a few minutes before getting of. She fell down on the couch and fell asleep leaving me tied up to the table. I fell into a sleep that’s hard to describe; you’re sleeping but you can still hear everything that’s going on around you. I woke up (from my weird sleep) about an hour and a half later. Bianca wasn’t on the couch. She came into the room 5 minutes later.

“You’re awake, let me untie you.” She said and started untying me.

“That’s so nice of you to untie me 2 hours after fucking me. Dou you know how uncomfortable this table is?” I replied back.

“Don’t worry, after we grab something to eat you can have your way with me… and remember… you can do anything you want and I won’t object.” She said.

Anything I want sounded so good, I am so going to treat myself and my cock to a wonderful time in and on bianca’s body.

We went to the kitchen and fixed some lunch. We ate in silence. I have no idea what Bianca was thinking about but I was thinking about my turn to have fun with a sex slave.

We went to my room after finishing our lunch. Bianca was wearing a red g-string and a black sports bra. I was wearing my black briefs.

I told her to take her bra of and play with her tits while I get the computer started. I selected one of my best pornos and walked over to where Bianca was sitting.

“You can start off by sucking my cock.” I said and looked over at the screen.

Her tongue circled my head then her lips closed round it. She sucked my head for a while then took my cock deeper inside her mouth. My cock was halfway inside her mouth, her tongue slid over the length of my shaft then played around with my tip.

I looked down at Bianca’s head turning from one side to another as she sucked me, then I turned my head to enjoy the movie. A female prisonor was standing in the warden’s office with her hands cuffed and pushing against the table, the warden was standing behind her and fucking her wildly. After he shot his load in her he got on the desk and she sucked his cock clean. The one guard who brought her in took his place behind the prisonor and fucked her hard.

I told Bianca to lie down on her back. I got on top of her and rubbed my cock against her tits. I moved up to her mouth and lowered my balls onto her mouth, she licked my balls while I masturbated.

I turned around and took her wet g-string off. I pushed her legs wide apart and entered her hole with authority. I fucked her hard and fast; when she reached her orgasm I pulled out and commanded her to get on all fours. I used her cum and my saliva to keep my cock wet. I pushed a wet finger into her ass and gently started fingering her ass.

She liked what I was doing. I used more saliva to keep my cock wet and to lubricate her asshole. When I made sure that My cock and her ass were wet enough I directed my cock to her asshole. I pushed my head inside her and gave her a while to adapt to the new situation. When I got the signal from her I pushed my cock further inside her. My whole cock went inside her, I didn’t move for a while, then I slowly started pulling back leaving my head inside her. I started fucking her ass faster with every thrust. We reached a steady pace, I was sliding in and out of her with ease. She was groaning harder with every movement of my hips.

She reached another orgasm about five minutes later. I could feel my cock tighten and I shot my hot cum into her waiting ass.

I pulled my cock out and rubbed my tip against her opening. I pushed my cock back inside her and fucked her cute little ass one more time.

After washing my cock off I returned to the room, Bianca was now lying on the bed with 3 pillows underneath her. She begged me to fuck her ass again. I got in behind her and made sure that the both of us were wet enough before pushing my cock inside her again.

We layed there, me slowly fucking her ass and she groaning form the pleasure and watching the porno on the computer.

We started the food and finished just in time to have supper when my brother arrived home from work.

Well I got my first taste of her ass and I enjoyed it. I hope to get some more. Tomorrow will be the last day that Bianca will spend with me and my brother.

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