We met online and I wasn’t real sure what to expect. I had been so horny lately and had been keeping an eye out for just about anything to do with sex and another warm bodied person.

I am very open about sex and enjoy trying new things when I have a chance; I just never realized that this coming evening would be one of those chances that would truly test my manhood and my sexual limits.

Being bisexual and very submissive, I would usually respond to posts for couples looking for fun with another guy; and on occasion have even replied to just guys alone that were in need of a mouth or ass to use. The post I replied to the other day was a couple in their 40′s looking for a submissive bi guy that was open to anything. Naturally I emailed them, telling them what I was into and how we seemed to be a good match up, and sent a few pictures for them to see.

The next day I received an email and some pictures back from them. She was 40 years old 5′ 5″ 130 pounds and had a sweet little ass on her. He was 46, 6’2″ 240 pounds and very rugged looking. In their email they said they were looking for someone willing to play their slave and must submit to both of their desires and I would be expected to do as told immediately or face punishment. I was told I would dress and act the way they wanted or again, face punishment. I was totally interested in their offer and agreed to their terms.

We had chatted together online a few times and we finally set up a time to meet at their home. I showed up on Friday evening at 6 o’clock, just as I was told. I walked up and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the woman, Liz, opened the door and greeted me with a hug and a kiss. She explained that her husband Dale was tied up at work and would be an hour or so before he got home. I followed Liz into their kitchen where she instructed me strip naked and informed me that I would remain that way until they were finished with me.

I was kind of embarrassed getting undressed in front of her and at the same time very excited about what may happen next. Liz made me sit on the floor in the kitchen and instructed me that I wasn’t allowed to be on any of their furniture unless instructed otherwise. She told me that my punishment for any mistakes I made was to get my ass cracked with a belt. The two of them would decide how many cracks I would get depending on what I did and was forewarned that the bigger the mistake, the more severe the punishment. I assured her that I understood completely and was willing to take what I deserved. Some of the other rules I was to follow were that I wasn’t allowed to walk, everywhere I was told to go or do I was to remain on my hands and knees. She informed me that they had a couple of dogs out in the backyard and one of my jobs was to take care of them, feeding them and making sure they went out when they needed; any accidents the dogs had I would be responsible and would have to clean it up and I would be punished. I also was banned from using the bathroom and that I was only allowed to go outside with the dogs and would have to hold it in until the dogs were let out for the same reason. She again warned me that I was to do whatever I was told immediately or else.

Sitting naked on their kitchen floor I told her I understood and would do my best to comply with their wishes. After a few more minutes of small talk she told me to follow her and she would give me a tour of the house before Dale got home.

Without even thinking, I got up off the floor and started to follow her down the hallway. She stopped and turned around and just smiled at me shaking her head back and forth. It took me a few seconds to realize I had already fucked up. She commanded me to stay and walked down the hall into a room. A second later she walked out of the room with a wide leather belt in her hand. Dropping to my knees the instant she walked away I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen. Waiting for her return on my hands and knees, Liz walked up and stood over my back facing my naked ass and told me spread my ass cheeks. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart when the first strike landed right on my asshole. It hurt like hell and before I had a chance to even move she cracked my ass four more times. I was nearly in tears and my asshole stung like never before. Liz reached down and patted me on the head and told me I would learn soon enough. After crawling behind her for the tour of their house my knees were already sore but I said nothing to her.

I could hear the dogs barking out back and Liz told me that it was time to feed them. She told me where the food was and told me to go let them in. I crawled to the patio door and slide it open and the dogs, both large labs, were sniffing and pawing at me instantly. As I shut the door one of the dogs had its nose in my ass and I freaked out a little. Liz noticed and warned me that I would have to deal with whatever the dogs did to me or I would get the belt again. As I was emptying the last can of dog food into a dish I could hear someone come in the front door. Liz got up and on her way out of the room she said “Prepare yourself, the funs just beginning!”


(More to come if people are interested!)

Mistress Dana fought back tears of frustration. How could she have allowed herself to come into this situation. Clad in a slave’s latex catsuit, collared, arms locked helplessly behind her back and having just begged into a microphone to be totally and completely broken, humiliated and degraded by a younger Mistress?

And in a moment of total clarity her mind told her that she deserved this. That she had been such a fool. That she had allowed her own base desires to mislead and trick her into this. She had been promised a whore to break on stage that night herself, a submissive slut to demonstrate her own dominance upon in front of a crowd and when she had been delayed she had agreed to stand in for the dry run just to help Mistress Sarah out. Mistress Sarah, who Mistress Dana longed to break, longed to dominate physically, mentally and sexually. The younger red head already filled numerous fantasies in Mistress Dana’s mind. But that almost infatuation with Mistress Sarah had impaired her thinking and led to this.

The raven haired Mistress hung there helplessly and watched as the large room filled with people of all shapes and sizes. Horribly Mistress Dana recognised many of them. Mistress Lucy a petite Asian Dominatrix that Dana had feuded with for years had a front row seat. Judge Callaway, a former slave client of Dana’s that had fallen out quite badly with. And there were others but through her blurring vision Dana could not make them all out but it was clear there were plenty of people there happy to see her in this position.

Mistress Sarah stepped behind Dana and the older Domme tried to look around to see what she was doing but could not twist her head far enough. Then the screens that held Dana’s bound and beautiful image were accompanied by recordings of what Dana had been tricked into saying minutes before the crowd entered.

“Degrade me.”

Dana winced as her voice rang through the room clear and sounding so pathetic and real. As if she had meant every word.

“Fist my ass and my pussy until I gape for you.”

‘Oh God’ whispered Dana as she listened to herself along with everyone in the room. Then she jumped as Mistress Sarah’s fingers reached down and slid smoothly between Dana’s thighs from behind and probed gently at Dan’s soaking wet cunt.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me, spit and piss on me.”

Dana lifted her head and found herself looking directly at her former rival Mistress Lucy as she listened to these words and the Chinese Domme just grinned viciously at her. Dana just squirmed in response as Mistress Sarah’s expert fingers found her clit and began to rub at it.

“Show me no mercy, fuck me in all my holes and drench me in cum.”

Dana squirmed and writhed as Mistress Sarah’s fingers slid inside her pussy from behind and slowly began to fuck her. Dana’s body was betraying her up here in such a public and humiliating forum. She gave a groan of acceptance as a second finger entered her moist pussy.

“Abuse me. I deserve it. I want to be a whore and a bitch. Use me. Please.”

Whoever was cutting the sound bites was good. They had captured all Dana had said and used it to perfection alongside the low, trance like music that filled the room. And as the music halted the last soundbite rang loud throughout the room.

“Use me.”

Mistress Sarah’s fingers withdrew themselves from Dana’s pussy and it was with horror that she recognised the disappointment she felt at their withdrawal and just how aroused her body was. Mistress Sarah stepped stealthily around the bound form of Dana and stood beside her. She spoke in a cold, emotionless, harsh voice. So different to the little girl she had appeared to be when pleading with Mistress Dana to help her, when offering up her lithe body to Mistress Dana if only she would help her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I promised you this night the breaking of a Mistress and I will deliver. This is Mistress Dana. Some of you may know her, some may have heard of her but I promise you this, after tonight she will never again be Mistress Dana, she will be slave Dana, Slut Dana, Whore Dana but never again Mistress Dana.”

“Please Sarah. I don’t want this.”

Dana was aware of how weak and pathetic her voice sounded.

The youthful red head grinned.

“Don’t you? But we all heard you beg me beforehand. That was your voice was it not?”

“Yes but I didn’t mean… you tricked me… I don’t want this…”

Normally so confident and self assured Dana was stumbling on her words, mumbling and sounding unsure of herself. When she most needed her confidence it had deserted her.

“You mean the position you now find yourself in, bound, collared and helpless does not arouse you?”

“I, no, I mean, well no.”

Dana was flustered and her responses were confused and unsure.

“Really well perhaps the audience should get to decide for yourself if all this arouses you or not.”

Dana could only whimper as Mistress Sarah gave the order for anyone wanting to check if her slave for the night was aroused by her predicament then they should form an orderly queue at the side of the stage. There were plenty of takers. As Mistress Sarah spoke to the queue and told them to touch her slave quickly then pass on and retake their seat Dana tried in vain to move her arms in their bondage to get free somehow but it was hopeless. And as the first person stepped up and stood before Dana the voice track kicked in again with the trance music turned up louder.

“Please I beg you, degrade me, humiliate me.”

Dana grimaced as her words were loudly repeated over and over. The first person up was a Mistress who Dana had heard of online but never actually met, she sneered at Dana and thrust her fingers down to grope at Dan’s cunt, they came up glistening. She held them for a second for Dana to see and laughed before moving on and letting the next person in.

Hand after hand felt at her cunt, groped her pussy lips, touched her clit. She couldn’t help it, she told herself, she was not aroused by her situation it had just been because she had been thinking about having Sarah like this, taking the red headed little slut and making her her bitch. But there was no denying her body and it’s reactions — she was soaking wet. The line up of men and women continued, stopping mere moment to confirm Dana’s arousal before moving on. It was humiliating to Dana, especially where she recognised the people involved, friends, enemies, acquaintances, former slaves all got to feel her wet cunt as she stood there. And last up was Mistress Lucy who curled a long fingernail and dragged it along Dana’s wet pussy before bringing it up to look at the wetness on her finger, then in an instant she drew back her head and spat right into Dana’s surprised face.

“Always knew you were a bitch” snarled Lucy as Mistress Sarah moved in and hurried her away.

“I’d thank you to remember that I am Mistress to this bitch — not you. Leave if you can’t deal with that!”

Mistress Lucy glared at the young red head but took her seat anyway, she wanted to see Dana’s denouement too much but she would not forget the little bitch using that tone to her.

Sarah had already forgotten the incident and came back to her slave and stood before her as the music and words faded again. Dana’s face was red with frustration and the saliva slowly moved down to drip off her nose.

“So I think we established that really you do want to be up here Dana. That being tied up here and at my mercy excites you, arouses you. Now I think you can tell me what we call someone who gets turned on by being helpless and tied up and ripe for abuse is, can’t you?”

Dana glared back and hissed the last of her resistance.

“Fuck you, you ginger slut!”

Sarah ignored the outburst and continued as if Dana had said nothing.

“I guess you are stupid as well as old and ugly! Well as you insist on being so dumb let me enlighten you Dana. People who get aroused at being abused and dominated are masochists or submissive, and that, my dear is what you are, a submissive.”

“No! I am a Mistress. Mistress Dana!”

“And would a true Mistress allow herself to be in the predicament that you find yourself? Oh I admit I misled you somewhat but even allowing for that if you were a true dominant then you would never have acquiesced, would you? You would have told me tough luck, do it yourself. But no, you were only too willing to try out this suit, only too happy to allow yourself to be put in my bondage, only too happy to say what I wanted you to say — and more, those pleadings about what I should do to you really were heartfelt, weren’t they? So you are not a true Mistress are you, not a true Domme. In fact you are a submissive, and tonight I will demonstrate that fact incontrovertibly to you. But will tell you this Dana, I promise, in front of all these people that if you do not submit to being my personal slave by the end of this evening then tomorrow night we can return here like this and it will be me in that cat suit with her arms helpless, OK?”

Dana stared at the young Dominatrix. Did she really mean it?

“How could I trust you after this?”

Sarah just gave her a cute grin, her face changing yet again.

“You really don’t have much option do you Dana? Now I think we’ll see how tough you really are, shall we? You claim to be a dominant yourself, I wonder how many strokes of this you can handle?”

From a table behind Dana’s retrained body Sarah picked up a thin bamboo cane and started to swish it energetically in front of Dana.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Dana’s words came from the speakers all round the room, on a repeated loop, louder and louder as Mistress Sarah moved slinkily around her bound slave until she was again behind her and Dana’s exposed creamy backside was facing her.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Sarah leaned in close as the recorded words echoed through Dana’s mind. There was no way any of the audience could hear what she said.

“I’ll let you chose Dana, which will it be? If you agree to ask for just one I will only do one of them to you but you will need to beg for it, nice and loud. Cane? Flog? Spank? You choose, you beg. Or you get all three.”

Dana groaned, she didn’t want to beg this little bitch for anything but at the same time, clearly she could save herself quite a bit of pain and inconvenience. At a signal from Mistress Sarah the music and voice track faded and everyone could hear Dana’s faltering voice.

“, please, please can you er, spank me?”

The red head glared at Dana a drummed her fingers impatiently on her own arm.

“And is that how you address me slut? Is that how you address your Mistress? If you are going to beg to me you WILL address me correctly!”

Sarah’s young voice was so severe, so harsh, so demanding that it caught Dana by surprise. How could such a young, small woman have such anger in her? She was also still wielding that cane and waving it about threateningly and the combination of factors seemed to work on Dana and before she knew it she said.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you spank me?”

She knew how damning it must have sounded but in reality what else could she do? Surely it was better than having to endure all three punishments on her ass. And in one thing Sarah had been correct, Dana had no real pain threshold so she needed to avoid too much here by whatever means necessary.

“That’s better whore. You will receive thirty spanks to begin with, warm you up a little, eh?”

Without further ado Mistress Sarah got around and dropped her cane and delivered a hard open palmed strike to Dana’s exposed right buttock. It stung but not too bad and Dana just lay there over the bench having taken it and awaited the next. Sarah meanwhile stopped and waited too. Eventually Dana turned to look at Sarah to see why she was stopped.

“You will count each spank after I make it and thank me as well.”

“The hell I will!” again Dana flared up, her normal attitude coming back, she was damned if she would call her Mistress thirty times and count along like a dumb little bimbo!

“Oh you will slave, you will.”

Mistress Sarah then proceeded to continue to spank Dana’s ass, each blow slightly harder, after about ten Dana realised the futility of her defiance and called a halt.

“Ow! Stop! Ok!Ok! I’ll do it, that’s fifteen, thank you Mistress.”

“Hmm. I think you’ll find that is one slave and you will count from there on. Don’t pout it’s your own fault, I’ve given you more advantage than you deserve.”

The next spank that landed was a hard, stinging one and through gritted teeth Dana announced.

“Two. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”


“Three. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”

Ten minutes later having finally made thirty Dana’s ass was beet red and her spirit that bit more broken, she could not believe she had called another woman Mistress so many times in such a short spell. Her confidence was severely on the wane. Her face was red and flushed too, partly through embarrassment and partly through frustration and she could no longer bring herself to lift her head to meet the eyes of the rapt audience.

Having completed her spanking Mistress Sarah then rigged up and enema bag on what looked suspiciously like a hospital IV drip stand. Dana had no clue what she was doing until she felt the tip of the plastic hose being worked into her ass. At first she thought is was a butt plug or worse a strap on but then when she felt her bowels slowly start to fill up she knew what it was and her heart sunk lower. Enema humiliation had been a particular favourite of Mistress Dana’s in the past and now here she stood having the self same done to her!

The warm liquid flooded into her and filled her up. Once it was in Mistress Sarah quickly followed it up with a nice big butt plug, which she really had to work to force into the other woman’s asshole but once she got it in it held tight and no fluid would escape past it. Dana gave a moan, it was uncomfortable, she felt full, her belly bloated. Though it pained her to say it she had to plead to the younger woman.

“Please Mistress Sarah, please may I be allowed to expel this from my ass.”

The audience gave a chuckle and Dana burned with more embarrassment, she knew by now that she could never be a dominant in this region again, if indeed anywhere. Sarah smiled and began to fondle Dana’s large breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she responded.

“Hmmm, not yet slave, I want to see you desperate to let it all out, you will really need to beg me to remove that plug. Still I can distract you perhaps, and with that Mistress Sarah brought her hand up holding a crocodile clip and snapped it in place on Dana’s big, sensitive nipple. It was a heavy duty metal thing and when Sarah removed her hand it hung down and dragged Dana’s tit flesh with it, stretching her. Dana gritted her teeth and was determined not to make a noise, that she could prove that she was tough, that she was a Dominant that had been tricked and not, secretly, a submissive. But it was hard and she failed as Mistress Sarah snapped the second one in place on her left tit.


“What a baby! My God and you claimed to be a Domme. What a pathetic, deluded creature you are. Well we can all see now, eh? Especially you Dana. You are not a dominant but merely a masquerading submissive and as I have shown this to you, you will belong to me.”

Sarah’s hand dropped again and rubbed against Dana’s dripping snatch. If anything she was even wetter now and the red head took great pleasure teasing her some more until Dana could fight it no more and gave off a low moan that could only be sexual in it’s origin.

“You like that slave? You get turned on while I give you an enema and while your tits are being tortured and you still claim you are not a submissive? I think we all know the truth don’t we?”

It was a rhetorical question but in a moment of unquestioned weakness Dana actually answered. The room had turned silent and everyone heard her weak, aroused mewl.

“Yes Mistress Sarah.”

And with those three words she was broken and everyone knew it.

“I could take the clamps off slave, if you wish.”

“Yes, please Mistress Sarah.”

A slap rocked Dana’s face, it was cold and contemptuous.

“I had not finished speaking whore, do not make the mistake of interrupting me again or you will be very sorry.”

The younger woman spoke to Dana as if to a disobedient child, the tone in her voice brooking no argument.

“I was about to say I could take the clamps of but only if you ask for them to be placed elsewhere. Actually no, you will need to beg for them to be placed elsewhere on your filthy body whore.”

Dana was no novice, she knew where the clamps were likely to end up but even so she still braced herself and spoke up.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you move the clamps, please I’m begging you can you put them elsewhere.”

Condescendingly Mistress Sarah patted Dana’s head.

“Of course slave. Now where should I put them?”

She mused for only a moment as she released the first from Dana’s tit and then reached down and calmly attached it to Dana’s slick left pussy lip. The other quickly followed suit and Dana found herself in a new punishment. Mistress Sarah stood back to allow a camera man to zoom in and instantly Dana’s wet, clamped pussy lips were on the big screens around the room.

Dana was now in sensory overload. As the blood rushed back to her nipples, so too was it restricted from her cunt lips and the heat in her loins seem to rage on. All the while her bowels were uncomfortably full and in need of urgent release. This time she begged with no prompting from her young tormentor.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you release the load in my ass. Please I need to get it out.”

Sarah smiled and moved behind Dana and began to pull at the plug then stopped and came back around.

“I suppose I could slave. But you know I would think that dirty hole of yours would need filled up again straight away. So I’ll tell you what slave if you beg for someone to volunteer to come up here and fuck you in the ass then I will complete your enema and relieve you of your burden.”

Dana wasn’t even surprised, wasn’t even angry at herself for saying the words anymore.

“Please Mistress, please can I have a cock to fuck my ass and replace that butt plug. Please I need a hard cock for my asshole.”

As could be expected there were no shortage of volunteers as hands went up all around the room. Mistress Sarah left them all hanging though as she positioned a large, deep basin beneath Dana and slowly unscrewed the plastic butt plug. It came out with a comical pop and Dana screwed her eyes shut in embarrassment before suddenly all the warm water burst out and rushed into the basin with furious force. The room was again silent bar the harsh noise of water being expelled from ass into plastic container. Dana gave a huge sigh of relief at the release but that was quickly followed by a groan as she watched Mistress Sarah select the Judge from the front row and apparently choose him as the replacement for the butt plug.

The judge was in his early fifties and had started visiting Mistress Dana a couple of years ago. He was the worst kind of client for a Domme. A bottom that liked to control his sessions and after a few sessions Dana really didn’t want to deal with him. But he paid well and she did then one time she had the brainwave of gagging him while whipping him and also decided to be a bit harsher than normal on him. He was pissed off after it and after blood but Dana saw him off the premises and refused to see him after that. He had gotten threatening at one point and Dana had had to threaten to go public to shake him off her case. It had been messy and now he was lumbering onto the stage where she stood (bent over the bench) sporting an impressive, Viagra fuelled erection. As he approached Mistress Sarah placed the contents of Dana’s enema to one side and the voice track of Dana’s comments began again in a new cut.

Ch5 the Festival

By the end of the week, the trainees were getting used to their new lives. Little did they know that they had to make it through Venus Genetrix. Due to the rigors of the estate, the slaves were unaware their first week was coming to an end as they woke.

Fate’s day started as any other day, she woke and was led to the showers, and then to breakfast. After breakfast both groups were led to the auditorium but today Steve did not greet her. Fate was stunned, had he left her? Had he grown tired of her? Why?

Vulcan came to the podium and spoke.

“Today, we will enjoy the festival of Venus Genetrix, it is the festival to Mother Venus and celebrates the Roman lifestyle. The day will be filled with fun and entertainment so ENJOY. Today each slave will show off their physical and mental prowess. For some of you it will be a time to impress your possible new Masters for other a day to please your Masters. You will mingle with our guests and you may be asked to perform for them. Do well, and you can prove your worth to your possible new Masters, do poorly and you will be severely punished. You have been taught the basics in sexual pleasure, now you will start to learn the grace of sexual pleasure. Mingle, follow commands, and enjoy. Please follow Diana to the gym to get dressed.”

Both groups were led into the dressing room, where they had different collars put on. The new ones were made of polished leather. They looked more like a necklace then a collar. Made of soft but pliable leather, they were one inch wide, with a tongue in the front, that extended down the sternum to an inch above the nipple line. There were small gold rings on the sides, with a large swiveled snag ring on the tongue. Everyone was given matching leather anklets and cuffs. The ladies were dressed in a sheer grey linen dress. The dresses were sleeveless, and attached, front and back, to the small loops. From the gold loops in the front, the dress went around and below the breast, and up between the breast. A small wire between the breasts gave it form. The skirt was split front and back. In the front the dress was split to just above their pubis, and to just above their buttocks in the back. The dresses were ankle length, and perfectly fitted to each slave. Fate soon realized everyone would have full access to all entrances, and each slave tits would be open for all to see. The men had linen loin clothes that that draped to their hips but were drawn up in the middle.

Fate and the other slaves were shocked as they walked out into the yard. The garden had been transformed into a fair of sorts. There were several tents set up , filled with food and drink. Men and women were wandering all through the gardens, and were seated at some of the tents. The estate slaves were in the same type dress but in red. All eyes were upon them as they enter the courtyard.

As Fate took in the spectacle, she looked over the spectacle in awe, but soon felt despair as her Master was nowhere to be seen. She soon found dread as now she might be everyone’s bitch. Treated as a party favor for some less than kind person, then out of nowhere , Fate heard her name.

“Slave Fate, ohh there’s my lil slave”

Fate turned and there was her Master, like a kid on the playground calling his best friend. Instantly, she assumed a kneeling position and bowed her eyes.

“I told you she was the best little slut here.” Steve spoke as showing off his new toy. Fate heard another voice but was afraid to look. It had a different dialect, she had heard before, southern American.

“Well butter my biscuit, aint she just the sweetest lil thang . What is she Greek”

“No, no she is Arabian royalty. Rise Fate, and meet Savannah, I met her this morning. Steve spoke as a crowd gather around Vulcan.

“Gather all, I thank you for coming today. Today we celebrate Venus. Hopefully you find something you like. We have set up some familiar tools around so enjoy or products. LET the games BEGIN” Vulcan bellowed.

“Well I’m all new to this kinda place. As part of my dearly, departed husband’s will, I had to come here and partake of the fun. Lil o’ me never realized that my departed Leon was SO robust. God rest Leon’s soul. I wondered why he never let go on his outings. Well he was a feisty 76, rest his soul.”

As Fate arose, she got a glimpse of the woman that was with her Master. She couldn’t be more than 30 years old, five foot two ,with wavy blonde hair and a hour glass figure. The woman had on cutest white, angel print sundress. She had seen image of the angel somewhere but could not remember where. Fate felt jealousy rearing its ugly head as her Master spoke.

“As I was told, the Estate has set up different apparatuses for our amusement. So if you want to try out someone, you simply tell they what you want.” Fate cringed as Steve placed his hand on her chin as he spoke.

“Look Fate, look around at the playground that. Do you see anything the turns your buttons.”

Fate slowly raised he head. She almost gasped. It looked like they had emptied the dungeon. There were crosses, wooden platforms, bars, and all kind of contraptions set up throughout the garden. People wandering all around. Then what came to sight almost made her mouth open, freaks of all kinds. Her eyes had to readjust.

There was a large black man in a fine linen suit but in front of him were cats? Yes, there they were, two woman that seemed to be altered to look like lepaords, right done to the paint. No, that wasn’t paint, they were tattooed to look like leopards, and they faces had been altered to look like cats, and one was licking itself. “OH my” she thought as she gazed on a freakish sight next to the large black man. Her lips were bigger than a Ubangis, her breasts were atleast EEE, and built like bombshells, with nipple that extended a couple of inches. She had gold letters tattoed onto her raised cheekbones and had gold chains all over her body, with ribbon embedded into her sides.

To the right of that ensemble was a elegant middle aged lady with a giant of a man. He was every bit of seven foot tall, with thick leather straps that criss-crossed his chest. Fate’s eyes grew large as she looked at his nether region and focused. The man’s flaccid cock almost went to his knees. She cringed as looked at it thickness. It had to be as thick as her arm and surely would impale anything it entered.

The next person she gazed upon was an older white man that looked like a devil. He was tall but thin, with a beady black eyes and a tapered beard. He had a sturdy looking middle aged, black woman that was dressed as a horse with a brass ring through her nose. Her breasts were exposed and had gold rings with bells attached. A chain went from her nipples down to her vagina, where a larger bell was attached to a large gold ring. Fate had to look down as not to laugh as the bell rang as the lady sauntered past, but then quickly gazed up.

“No, it wasn’t, it couldn’t be” Fate thought as terror seized Fate as she looked onto a Arab that was walk with an entourage. It was her cousin Abu Ali. Fate quickly knelt and looked down, and looked away as she rememberrd Abu’s past. He had been unnamed by her family after his ties to Saddam Hussein, Qaddfi, and numerous terror cells. Rumor had it, he was the one who tortured the Iraqi football team after their loss in the World Cup, and was linked to 3 young girls mysterious disappearances.

Fate thought quickly. “Master, Master, may I have permission to speak quietly to you”

“Yes, you may. See how docile she is” Steve replied.

Fate rose softly and whispered in her Master’s ear.

“Master, the man off to the right, with..with the ghutrah headdress with the gold band, he.. he is my cousin- Abu Ali” Fate placed he finger at the tip of his mouth as to stop him from speaking.

“Master, I pledge my life to you. Pleae keep me away from him. He.. he, Master, he is an evil man, that should not be trusted. Stay away and do not get near this man as only bad things will happen.” As Fate finished, she assumed a kneeling position between her Master’s legs. She pulled his toga aside and gently cupped his testicles while engulfing his flaccid penis. Her Master swooned as she swirled his cock in her mouth.

“My, my, she is a hunger young thang” Spoke the southern belle at Steve’s side.

Steve returned to reality as he realized the beautiful blonde was watching the young lady fellate him. He blushed as he told Fate to rise as he wanted to leash her. After Fate had risen, Steve attached her leash to the tongue of Fate’s collar and was taken aback by Savannah as she pulled a handkerchief out and wiped the saliva from Fate’s chin. Steve walked Savannah with Fate in tow to a tent that had been reserved for him. Steve pulled the plush chair out for Savannah and seated then seated himself. When he was seated Fate took her rightful place beside him. After a gentle tug of the leash, Fate knelt next to him.

After they were seated an estate slave came by and took their drink orders as the two looked on. The two Masters had small talk until Fate picked up on something the blonde had said. “Eros, Hawthorne Hathaway, she had heard her father speak of these names but..” Fate’s mind returned as the blonde spoke.

“How wicked” She spoke.

Steve’s eyes followed hers until he spotted what she was looking at. An older Oriental man was tying #3 to uneven bars. They watched as her legs were tied to the vertical posts, and her wrists were tied to the upper bars. Her ass over hung the lower bar. He showed the red head the weighted nipple clamp before he attached them. They could not see her face but they could hear her “groan” as the weights dropped. He then presented her with a ” J ” hook with a rope attached to it. He tied the rope to her hair, and had her orally lubricate the hook before he inserted into her rectum. He cinched the rope tight until her head was bent back. They looked in awe as he was presented with a deer skin flog and preceded to flog her.

Steve broke the silence. “Slave isn’t she in your group”

Fate raised her head to see the man in full swing. “Yes Master, that is #3.”

Fate looked up as the cheeky redhead flinched and groaned, as the flog struck her ass cheek. After the latest whack, the slaves ass was becoming the same color as her hair. Steve stroked Fate’s hair as the red head cringed with each strike of the flog.

As people gathered, blocking the table’s view, # 6 walked up with their drink order.

“Is there anything else I may get you Sir” The petite blonde asked.

Savannah spoke up. “Now how does this work. I just tell this sweet lil thing what to do and they’ll do it.”

“Pretty much” Steve replied.

“Come lil one, rub my feet” Savannah spoke as she pointed at her feet.

Immediately, the petite blonde knelt at the woman’s feet and began giving her a foot massage. Fate gazed at the woman’s feet. “Surely this woman took care of herself. Her pedicure was perfect, and what she would do a good pedicure” Fate thoughts were broken as the woman spoke.

“How old are you #6?”

“19, Mistress” #6 replied

“You’re a petite lil thang, what are you like a size 2″

“Mistress, I was a size 2 but I think I have lost some weight since I’ve been here.

“Stand, let me inspect you” Savannah replied

“Ooh, there is a command for that, AAa….1.” Steve spoke up.

Fate was about to chuckle as she thought “there were worse Masters she could have”. She watched as the tiny blonde rose, slightly spread her legs then interlocked her fingers behind her head. Her eyes followed the older blonde’s hands as they ran over the young girl’s body. When the hand found the young girl’s right nipple, it pinched. The slave let out a “yelp” as the nipple started to rise. Savannah was amazed how perky the slaves nipples had become.

“My O my, them lil blossoms are like erasers when teased” Savannah spoke.

As the scene unfolded, Fate found her libido started to stir. She was mesmerized by the soft contact between the hand and the young slave’s body. The hand got to the small slit between the slave’s legs. The young blonde was built like her. The mons was raised and made a perfect seal, no labia could be seen. Fate had seen other woman whose labia shown like little butterflies but these two girls were built differently. Fate would swear she could see a drop of moisture gathering on the bottom of the small slit between her legs.

“Slave do ya enjoy woman” Savannah said softly.

“Yes, Mistress but…”

The young girl took a deep breath as a finger found its mark.

“But what Slut?”

“I..I haven’t really… been with another woman.”

“Do you enjoy men”

“Yes, Mistress”

As the two woman spoke Fate felt a spark in her groin and got a wicked idea that might keep her from having to “perform” at one of the many stations set up. She glanced at the tent that had sprung up between her master’s toga. As she was thinking, she watched as the woman moved to the edge of her seat and directed the young slave to kneel. The lady raised her skirt and young slave bent over.

Fate slowly reached under her Master’s toga and gripped his erect cock as she positioned herself between his legs. She could feel his lubricant oozing from his cock hole as she started to flick her tongue across the tip of his cock. She lapped at the clear fluid as she milked the seminal fluid from cock. After she collected some of the fluid in her mouth, she turned while still holding his cock and parted the little slave’s ass cheeks and tongued her asshole. Steve got the hint and stepped in front of the young slave’s sphincter. #6 moaned and Savannah’s eyes wide got wide as Steve got behind the petite blonde. Fate guided her Master’s cock to the edge of the bunghole and watched as the head of the cock pierced the flexible, rubber like tissue. #6 made a gut wrenching sound as the cock head “plopped” past her anal ring.

As her Master started to thrust his cock into the tight little hole, Fate reached under his balls and gently squeezed. She quickly looked around and when she realized no one was looking, she started to stroke her clit with her left hand. Fate looked on as the blonde woman moaned, as the petite slut lapped at her womanhood, and her Master sodomized the little ass. She watched as the force of each thrust of her Master’s cock pushed the young girl into the groin of the other woman. Fate felt her orgasm come fast and hard, and it was all she could do as to not cry out, but she bit her lip and rode the wave of ecstasy.

When her wave subsided, she quietly took her left hand and started to stroke the other slave pussy. Like a well orchestrated song, Savannah started to cry out. Steve groaned. #6 gurgled as she cried out. Fate’s eyes got large as she watched her Master’s cock pumped its hot seed into the expanded anus. When her Master had finished filling the young ass, he slowly pulled his flaccid cock out with a wet sound.

Everyone was glowing when #6 started to move back into a kneeling position. Savannah took out her handkerchief and wiped the young blonde’s face. As her ass came horizontal with the ground, a “PHHEPH” escaped from the young slave’s ass and a large white glob of Steve’s seed escaped onto the grass. Steve gave Fate a glance and she went to all fours and proceeded to lap up the spent seed. When Fate was done, she parted #6 ass cheeks and cleaned the slick, pink bunghole. When she finished, she wiped her lips and assumed the kneeling position, next to her Master. Fate got nervous when Savannah gave her a wink.

Did she know what she had done? Something about the older blonde puzzled Fate but she couldn’t figure it out.

As the Masters settled themselves, they ordered the slaves to fetch them some food. When the slaves had left, Steve and Savannah looked around at the days’ activities. Their eyes were drawn to a scream. They focused their attention on the Nubian #4. She had been drawn up between two wooden poles so both her legs and arms were at 180 degrees. Well hung men approached her from front and back and each entered her without any ceremony. Another ear shattering scream pierced the air as the meat swords met inside her.

“What is the meaning of all this torture” Savannah said frankly to Steve.

Steve responded by repeating what he had been told. Slaves should be mindless creatures that simply do as they are told. That only through pain does change come about. Slaves need to be shown what they can do, not what they cannot do. Their essence is to please us, and they should know what we can do if they do not. Finally, slaves need to reach Maslow’s self actualization through pain so when they do reach it through pleasure they are truly grateful. He finished his speech by telling her that slaves should not be allowed to orgasm regularly, and that tomorrow the slave would have a real awakening about orgasms. As he finished the slaves returned with their food.

“Im all for some fun, but my…hou…well I’m not that big on it.” The blonde spoke but changed her sentence mid speech.

While Steve and Savannah were being fed by the slave, Abu Ali and his entourage approached. Abu Ali spoke Arabic as he confronted Fate, she shuttered as he spoke.

“May I help you my friend” Steve spoke.

“I would like to borrow this slave, my brother.” Abu replied.

“Fate is my property, and I do not wish to loan her out today, my broth-er.”

Abu spoke her name then spoke directly to Fate in Arabic.

“Slave, what did the man say.” Steve spoke as he watched Fate quiver.

“Friend, I shall purchase her from you for one million dollars, and any one of my twenty slaves.” Abu spoke before she could reply.

“Master, he said he will burn off my clitoris and use me to pleasure his stable of thoroughbreds, while he tapes it,…. then he will send the tape to my family. ” Savannah gasped as Fate spoke.

Steve’s chair made a screech, as he stood up and squared off against the shorter Arab.

“Sir, this slave is not for sale and you are upsetting her. I wish you to leave my presence……. NOW.” Steve squared his shoulders as he spoke. Fate quietly stepped behind her fearless Master and placed a soft hand on his side. Abu then called for #6 but Savannah spoke up. The two spoke about the possession of the petite blonde before Savannah finished the conversation.

“She’s mine, I’m purchasen her as we speak,…. Fate get Vulcan over here so I may buy this pristine lil angel.”

Fate silently cheered her Master on. As a outward sign, she stood firm and pressed out her chest. Her Master was taking a stand. Something not many people did to Abu Ali. These two were either the bravest, or the dumbest people she had ever known.

The Arab slowly stepped backwards until he was several feet away, where he abruptly turn around and walked away. Fate ran to look for Vulcan.

#6 spoke between sobs as she knelt between Savannah’s legs.

“Mistress,”sob” thank you “sob” I pledge my enduring loyalty to you.”"sob”.

Fate was impressed with her Master, not many men had stood up to Abu Ali and lived, maybe he was tougher then he looked.

Vulcan soon returned with Fate and discussed the sale of #6. When Savannah suggested “Angel” as a name, #6 gave a sly smile in return. When Savannah had agreed to $200 thousand for the purchase of #6 and a 50 thousand dollar training fee, Vulcan shook her hand and said he would have the paper work drawn up by day end. With Angel looking coyly into her new Mistress’ eyes, Savannah had the last word.

“Oh Mr. Vulcan, I would like my Angel; pierced, tagged, and branded, if you don’t mind. I have the tag and the brand in my room.”

“Yes Mistress, decide on the piercing and I will make it so.”

As Vulcan walked away, Savannah looked down at Angel.

“Now, now, Angel, you didn’t think I was THAT innocent” Savannah chuckled as she got up, pulled her dress over her shoulder and turned. On her scapula was a brand in the form of a bust of a cherub.

One night I was over at my Neighbor’s house having some pizza we had delivered after a very rigorous afternoon of fun.

We were talking about people in the neighborhood and she wanted to hear who I had spied on and who I still wanted to spy on.

I informed her that I had seen most of the neighbors through windows and such, but it is fairly difficult to get into a home to spy on someone, even being invisible.

She asked me if I had ever got into the house of the Paulson’s on the block behind ours. I informed her that I had watched them through their windows, but never seen anything that made me interested enough to try to sneak in.

Most people just have a fairly boring sex life, and although they have their secretes, they are not willing to share them with their partner or even by themselves.

My neighbor told me she had run into Mrs. Paulson a few times around town and they sometimes talked for a while and have gotten to know each other. Although they had talked, they were not close enough to have real conversations and actually learn anything about each other.

She said that she would always get an odd vibe from Mrs. Paulson and she had made a couple off hand comments a few times that made her curious, but it was nothing worth mentioning.

We both decided that we were now both very curious and wanted to know what her and her husband were into.

We watched them for a few weeks deciding on the best time to get into the house and possibly see something.

I had noticed that every Saturday afternoon they would both go down into the basement and then about 30 minutes later Mr. Paulson would come up and leave the house for an hour or two. He would always come back and I could see he had been to the store and would go right back down into the basement.

I explained this to my neighbor and we both wanted to find out what they were up to.

The following Saturday while Mr. Paulson was doing some yard work I snuck into the house through the open garage door and in through the kitchen.

Mrs. Paulson was in the house cleaning. I used the time to sneak upstairs to their Bedroom and have a look around.

I was very disappointed. I didn’t find anything of any interest in the night stands, closets, Bathroom, etc…

I killed the next hour by sitting around watching the TV that was on in the living room while Mrs. Paulson cleaned the house. She was wearing fairly loose clothes but I could see she was built fairly well, thick, but very well endowed. She was not fat and didn’t look like she had any rolls, but she was just thick and well built.

About an hour later Mr. Paulson came in from the yard and to my surprise grabbed Mrs. Paulson’s arm and almost dragged her downstairs. Usually they both just head down together, but today he almost pulled her along.

I followed them into the basement as I could not get in before with the door shut and very visible from the rest of the first floor. Mrs. Johnson would have seen the door open on it’s own and I didn’t want to break my cover.

They walked through a couple rooms and then into a corner room. Hanging from the ceiling was a sex swing. I had seen them online before, but never in person. There was a TV against the wall and all kinds of furniture that looks like you could easily tie someone to.

Mr. Paulson shoves Mrs. Paulson to the floor saying “How dare you clean so lazily. You were supposed to be done cleaning by the time I came in from doing the yard work”.

“I’m sorry, time got away from me.” Was her only response.

I started to get a bit nervous until I saw Mrs. Paulson start fondling her tits through her shirt and say “you know I’ll be happy to make it up to you”.

I then knew that this was a part of their play. Very Dom and Sub type stuff. This was going to be very interesting to watch.

“You are not going to make it up to me to get out of this. I am going to punish you until you learn your lesson” Mr. Paulson says.

“I won’t do it again, I promise, I can do better” Mrs. Paulson starts to plead as she drops one hand to her pants-covered crotch and begins to rub away.

“Get your hands away from your dirty little cunt!” Mr. Paulson yells at her.

Mrs. Paulson immediately takes her hands away and drops her head looking at the ground while still sitting there.

Mr. Paulson then says “Take all of your clothes off and you better be sitting in that swing when I get back down here.

He then heads upstairs and it sounds like he is getting a drink of water.

Mrs. Paulson jumps to her feet and starts stripping her clothes off right in front of me! Her tits are huge and even on her thick frame seem too large.

Her pussy has a small patch of hair just above the slit, but the rest of it is shaved smooth. Her ass is surprisingly small for her frame and I see it as she turns to climb into the swing.

She is almost all of the way in the swing in just a few minutes as I hear footsteps coming back down into the basement.

“Good, at least I can see you can follow some of my directions” he says as he enters the room and walks over to a dresser in the corner of the room.

Opening a drawer he retrieves four leather straps and walks back over to his wife. He places a strap on each of her wrists and ankles then attaches each of them to the chains holding the sex swing in the air. Her hands are above her head and her legs are spread wide.

He then goes back to the cabinet and retrieves an egg shaped toy with a short string and a DVD.

He inserts the DVD into the player and turns on the TV. It’s a porn flick of some kind of hardcore sex. I’m not sure of the genre yet, but it looks interesting anyway.

Mr. Paulson walks right up to his wife and pulls out his hard cock from his pants. He jambs it right into her exposed pussy and you can tell from the expression on her face that she wasn’t ready for it. He starts to pound into her cunt and she is now screaming. I’m not sure if it is from pain or pleasure, or even the mixture of both. After s few minutes Mr. Paulson starts ramming hard and slow into her now used pussy. He must be shooting his cum deep into his wife.

Mr. Paulson then withdraws and immediately inserts the egg into her pussy that is starting to become slick as a little of his cum started to leak out. He then walks over to a device on the counter and starts something.

A slow rocker starts to descend on a plastic remote on the counter. As the rocker reaches the remote button I hear a moan and a muffled buzz of the egg inside Mrs. Paulson.

The rocker looks slow enough to press the remote for a few seconds every half minute or so. This would be torture. Knowing you will be getting the pleasure of the egg but only for a short whole and not often enough to get you off, but enough to keep you aroused.

“Now, sit here and watch how real women have sex. You will not be allowed to touch yourself, but I am kind enough to let you feel the vibrations of the egg inside your dirty little cunt. I’ll be back later. If you behave while I am gone I might let you have some more of my cum when I get back.” Mr. Paulson says as he is heading out of the room.

“Please turn the egg on fully, don’t tease me, I’ll behave I promise!!! Pleeeeaaaase!!!” Mrs. Paulson starts to beg as the egg kicks in again.

Mr. Paulson just keeps walking out of the room and heads upstairs. I can hear him leave the house and as I head up the stairs nice and quiet I see him pull away in his car. I was truly amazed that he just left his wife tied up and hanging with his cum shot up her pussy in his basement. I was so hard it was amazing.

I quietly walked back down into the basement and into the room where Mrs. Paulson was hanging. Her eyes were glued to the TV as she watched the girl on the screen. The girl was in the ‘pile-driver’ position and her pussy and ass were gaping open from extreme use. There were a group of guys, not sure how many, but they just kept walking up and shooting their loads into her wide open pussy and ass.

Every once in a while I would hear the muffled buzz of the vibrating egg inside Mrs. Paulson’s used pussy and she would squirm and moan until it stopped. After a few minutes of this she would almost cry when the buzzing would stop. She must have wanted to reach orgasm so badly but just couldn’t.

I decided to mess with her and walked over to where the remote was on the counter and pressed the button off-cycle and she jumped as she was not expecting so soon.

I quickly released the button and she looked around as she moaned.

Then I would press the button and release it again in quick succession as Mrs. Paulson started to climb closer to her climax.

The girl on the screen was now overflowing with cum as it dripped out of her holes and guys just kept walking up and shooting all over her sloppy body.

I decided to help Mrs. Paulson out and held the button down firmly. I could only hear the buzz for a second until the her moans were the only sound in the room even drowning-out the TV. She came hard and fast as I kept the buzzing going until after she had finished and her body went limp.

At this point I noticed that there was a puddle under Mrs. Paulson and she had been dripping her husband’s cum out of her sloppy cunt around the egg. It must not be big enough to seal her shut, but just slowed the process down a bit.

I’m not sure how much time had passed, but I heard a door shut upstairs as Mr. Paulson returned to the house. He walked back into the room and looked at the puddle on the ground.

“Did you cum you dirty little slut” Mr. Paulson asked.

“I did, but it’s not my fault, I think the batteries are going bad in the remote or something. It turned on and stayed on for a while, I swear, I tried not to, but it felt so good.” Mrs. Paulson was looking at her husband with a pleading look.

“You little easy cunt, you cum so easily I can’t even tease you successfully.” Mr. Paulson stated as he walked across the room and opened the bag on the counter.

The plain brown bag he returned to the house with was a new sex toy. He must have gone to the store while I was making his wife climax.

I watched him open the package as his wife tried to look over her shoulder at him unsuccessfully. It was a new vibrating egg and remote but this one had cords. Two cords in fact that each ran to two bullet shaped eggs.

He walked over to his wife and released her wrists and feet from the chains but kept the leather straps on them.

“Get on your hands and knees! If you want to cum like an easy slut, then I’ll treat you like one” Mr. Paulson barked at her.

Mrs. Paulson quickly dropped to her knees and as soon as she was down there Mr. Paulson grabbed her head and rammed his cock into her mouth. She choked at first and then found a rhythm and tried to ease back on his thrusts as her eyes started to water.

“That’s it, take that cock. Don’t forget to lick and suck on my balls too like a good little slut does” he stated as he pulled his cock from her mouth and presented her his balls.

She eagerly took them in her mouth and started to bathe them with her tongue. Then she would suck on one then the other. She would push her tongue as far back as she could, hitting the sensitive skin under his balls.

After a few minutes of this Mr. Paulson pulled his balls from her hungry mouth and turned around.

“Lick my ass like the dirty little slut you are, and once you get it wet enough you will push one of the new eggs inside me” he said as he pulled his ass cheeks apart.

Without hesitation Mrs. Paulson shoved her face right between his cheeks. While she was licking his ass hole she reached up between his legs and with one hand fondled his balls and with the other stroked his cock.

“Just like that, mmmmmm, that feels nice” he said as he moaned.

I could see her head start to move back and forth as she shoved her tongue into his ass hole. After a few minutes of this she picked up one of the eggs and inserted it into her mouth to get it wet then took it out and started to push it into his ass.

It went in with little effort, and once in, Mr. Paulson turned around and pushed Mrs. Paulson over and pulled her up onto her knees. He shoved her face into the puddle of cum she had dripped onto the floor.

“See this mess you made, now you will get to enjoy it as I enjoy you” Mr. Paulson said sternly.

He pulled the remote egg from her pussy and plunged his cock into her dripping cunt. With her ass in the air he started to drool onto her anus as he kept his cock firmly planted into her hot pussy.

He worked at her anus and got it very moist. He then pulled out of her pussy and shoved the other end of the dual corded-eggs into her pussy. One was now in her pussy and the other in his ass.

He then positioned his cock at her anus and started to push forward. He slowly entered her ass until he was half way then pulled back a bit, and in one final thrust rammed his cock deep into her ass.

Once he was firmly impaled into her anus, he reached out and turned on the dual eggs. They both started to moan and he started fucking her ass as hard as he had fucked her pussy earlier.

He had a good rhythm and was plowing into her with all he was worth. Mrs. Paulson started to cum and you could see her cunt dripping down the cord of the egg jammed up her cunt.

Soon Mr. Paulson started to moan and slammed into her ass as hard as he could as he shot rope after rope of his cum deep into her ass as her face was smeared in a mixture of their own juices.

I took this time to head up stairs, as they were both exhausted and out of it.

I snuck out of the house slowly and quietly to report back to my neighbor. She was going to love this…


As always, please leave me feedback, as this is why I write the stories. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

Myriah kneeled down in front of Sarah and put her arms behind her back.

“My good little girl.” Sarah said as she caressed her cheek. Myriah felt the heat building deep in her belly.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Myriah replied. Sarah circled around her, with her riding crop in hand. She gingerly placed it between her thighs to force Myriah’s legs apart.

“Fold your arms and push your tits out. Arch your back, slut!” Sarah ordered from behind, as her crop landed harshly on Myriah’s lower back. Myriah’s straightened herself up with a small yelp. She knew that Sarah would not have that. Sarah reached down and secured Myriah’s mouth in her hand and forced her eyes on her. “Did I say you could make a sound?” Myriah nodded her head ‘no’. “Answer me, you greedy whore!”

“No, Ma’am.”

“No Ma’am, what?”

“No, ma’am, you did not say I could make a sound. Please punish me as you wish.” Sarah smiled a wicked grin.

“Mmm, how quickly you shape up. Let me remind you to always be appreciative of your mistress. That means you say ‘Thank you’.” Sarah said, as she swat Myriah with the crop on the back of her thigh.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Myriah said. Sarah tapped the crop across her ass lightly as Myriah squirmed. She let another hard swat down on her other thigh. “Thank you, Ma’am,” Myriah cried out. Sarah continued to work her way up Myriah’s soft, round ass. She rubbed the leather crop in circles around Myriah’s left ass cheek. She smacked her hard in the center and continued to slap her, switching to her right ass cheek, until both cheeks were pink. “Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you for cropping my ass.” Sarah rubbed the leather into Myriah’s ass crack and wiggled the crop back and forth.

“Dirty little girls need to be punished, don’t they?” Sarah teased, as she rubbed the crop on Myriah’s tender, pink ass.

“Yes they do, Ma’am. I’m a dirty little girl.” Sarah slapped her with the crop.

“Who’s dirty little girl are you, little Miss Myriah.”

“Yours, Miss Sarah.” Myriah breathed. Sarah grabbed Myriah by her braid and yanked her head back to look at her.

“You will call me, ma’am or mistress. Do I look like a pathetic little ‘Miss’ to you?”

“No, Mistress, you don’t. I’m sorry Ma’am.” Sarah let go of her hair.

“I don’t want to hear you talk anymore.” Sarah left and went to the dresser. She opened one of the drawers, and came back with a red ball gag. “This ought to keep you quiet. Then you can think about how to properly address your mistress.” Myriah embarrassingly opened her mouth as Sarah fastened the ball gag around her head. It was large and tasted of rubber. She could not move her tongue very well or speak. All of her sounds were muffled. Her lips spread around the gag and her teeth clenched down on it and the crop began to kiss her ass again with sharp whips from cheek to cheek. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, my dear, in obedience.”

Myriah felt the discomfort in her jaw from the gag, as well as the sting of her skin on her backside. She tried her best to keep still. The ball began to get moist and saliva leaked out of her mouth and on to her chest. Myriah tried to clean herself up but it was useless. Sarah walked around the front of Myriah and began to rub her wet saliva over her tits.

“Look at you, sloppy girl, drooling all over your perky, little tits.” Sarah brought the crop down on her right breast. Myriah felt the sting from her nipple to the pit of her stomach. Desire was stirring inside of her with each slap of the crop. Sarah walked across the room and sat down on a bench. “Come here, girl crawl to me on your hands and knees. Look at me.” Myriah put her hand on the floor and began to crawl toward her mistress. She felt the soreness in her ass and lower back but she was sure not to lose eye contact with Sarah. “Good girl, come lay across my lap.” Myriah knew she was going to get hand slapped, and she knew it would be difficult. She crawled across Sarah’s lap, laying on her belly, and arched her back so her ass would stick up.

“Look at this nice ass. Present it to me, slut.” Myriah arched it further, and Sarah brought her hand down on her left cheek. Myriah was surprised and jolted up. “Keep still.” Sarah ordered and pushed her back down into her lap. Sarah slapped her again, this time on her ass and thigh. She slapped her six times on each cheek, while Myriah squirmed. Sarah shoved her head down to the floor and kept her hand there while she altered hard, quick slaps from cheek to cheek. Myriah’s head and shoulders could not be held down as she screamed through the gag. “I love to see this ass all red and swollen,” Sarah said as she rubbed circles with her hands around Myriah’s cheeks. “So full and round.” She slapped her cheeks with each hand at the same time. “How many was that, slut?”

“I don’t know, ma’am, twenty?” Sarah pulled Myriah’s head back by her hair and grabbed her ass firmly.

“You didn’t count, you bad slut. You will be punished further now for your foolishness. On your knees.” She slapped her one final time. Myriah scrambled off of Sarah’s lap, her ass was so tender. Sarah went over to the dresser and gathered a few items. She had a string of rope, a butt plug, and a small tube of lube. Then, she walked over to Myriah and dragged her over to the cage door in the wall. It had a special locking door at the bottom with hand holes and a head hole. Myriah was scared. She knew this was serious. “Bend forward. You deserve this.” Myriah slowly bent forward and spread her ass, as Sarah lubed up the silver butt plug. She slapped Myriah’s ass. “Relax that ass for me.” Myriah felt the cool plug against the entrance to her asshole. Sarah circled it around the rosebud, juicing it up and lightly pushing in and out. Then, she applied her firm pressure and the plug opened up Myriah’s asshole, filling her tightly. It slowly sunk into her and disappeared. Myriah cried out as her as pushed in all the way. It felt big and uncomfortable, but also satisfied something deep inside her. “Sit up. Keep that plug in that ass, you hear me.”

Sarah tied the rope around Myriah’s waist and pulled it between her legs against the buttplug. It felt so large and sore in her ass and the rope rubbed against her pink, swelling skin. It also was tight on her wet slit.

“There you go. You look so helpless and pretty, my whore. Are you ready to be punished again?”

“If it pleases you, mistress.” Myriah muffled out through her gag.

“It pleases me very much. Now, bend forward.” Her head and hands were closed off on the other sde, her ass sticking up in the air. Sarah also fastened the floor cuffs around Myriah’s ankles to keep her legs spread apart. Myriah can only see darkness in the cage and her cries are muffled behind her gag and the door.

“Now, Since you can’t keep track in your head, I want to hear you yell out after ever slap you received. Since you think you deserve 20, you will get 40 for your punishment. Maybe this cage will keep you still and teach you to obey your mistress and never forget the orders I give you.”

Sarah slapped Myriah with the crop and her hands all down her back, ass and legs. Her ass is widely stretched from the plug. On the other side of the door, her hands are restrained and she cries against her sloppy, wet ball gag. From number one to forty, time blurrs forward as the spanking turns her soft round ass to a pretty shade of red. The binding rope rubs against Myriah’s wet sex and she grinds against it with each spank and hit she receives. The butt plug is vibrating inside her butthole with each hit. She wants release so badly.

She released from the floor cuffs and Sarah unlocks the door. Light fills her eyes again and she stretches her wrists out before placing them behind her back and sitting up straight.

“Good girl.” Sarah bends down to face her and slowly licks her slimy ball gag. She licks Myriah’s lips and sucks on her red ball. She gently kisses the corners of her mouth. Myriah desperately wants to kiss Sarah back and it is driving her wild.

“Such a pretty girl you are after you’re punished. You did very good.” Sarah reaches around Myriah’s head and removes her ball gag. Myriah stretches out her lips and tongue.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Myriah coos. Sarah leans in to kiss Myriah, and their lips wrap around each other. Myriah accepts Sarah’s tongue into her mouth, as Sarah reaches up to touch her tit. She grabs her tits and massages them, flicking and pinching her nipples. Sarah breaks their kiss and pushes Myriah’s head to her own chest. Myriah gladly sucks on Sarah’s puffy nipples and fondles her breasts. She suckles her tits hard and bites her lightly. Sarah groans and pushes her breasts into Myriah’s faces. She pulls her arms around her head and forces Myriah not to breathe against her tits. Myriah struggles against her for a moment and then stills. Sarah releases her and Myriah kneels up in exasperation.

“You are such a good little slut.”

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for your gorgeous tits.”

“Good girl.” Sarah whispers as she caresses her face. “I have a surprise for you.”

Sarah stands and goes to box cage on the other side of the room. Sarah takes the key and unlocks the door. A girl with dark hair and large breasts emerges from the cage, crawling on her hands and knees. She is wearing a similar red ball gag and is also wearing a butt plug with a rope belt holding it in. She crawls into the center of the room and kneels up, pushing her breasts forward. Her name is Jess. Jess looks up at Sarah as she walks around her. Sarah touches Jess’s hair and rubs her thumb on her cheek.

“My little slave, have you been cooped up in there too long?” Jess nods her head. Sarah pulls the ball gag out of her mouth.

“Speak, slave.”

“Yes, beautiful mistress. I missed your company.” Jess swallows hard.

“This is Myriah, Jess. You two will become good friends.” Jess and Myriah meet eyes. “Come, Myriah, meet Jess. Crawl on just your knees and stick out your chest so we can see your tits.”

Myriah comes over to Jess and kneels in the same position in front of her.

“Do you want to suck her tits?” Sarah asks Myriah.

“Yes, Ma’am. May I?”

“You may.” Myriah leans forward and takes Jess’ s nipple into her mouth and sucks it greedily. Jess closes her eyes and groans.

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, Myriah.” She breathes heavily as Myriah tugs on her nipples with her teeth and circles her tongue around them. Sarah come back from the dresser with a pair of nipple clamps.

“Let’s have a little fun here with Miss Jess.” Myriah pulls away and Sarah places the nipple clamps on Jess’s breasts. She cries out in pain and pleasure. The sensation is incredible.

“Kiss her.” Sarah says to Myriah. She leans into Jess and her groans get lost in her lips. They kiss each other gently and tickle their tongues against one another. Sarah returns with a vibrating wand in hand. While the girls kiss each other, Sarah puts the wand between them and it vibrates against both of them at the same time. Myriah and Jess moan into each other while grinding against the wand. The harsh rope mixed with the wand’s powerful vibes create an overwhelming feeling.

“Little sluts bucking against the same toy like whores.” Sarah begins to slap Jess’s ass and she pushes further into Myriah and the wand. Her muffles cries against Myriah’s mouth become more intense with each slap. Then, Sarah stops and turns off the wand. She steps back.

“Face me, whores.” Sarah sits on the bench as Myriah and Jess shift to face her. “I want you to stalk toward me slowly. Look into my eyes and keep those asses up high.” They slowly start to crawl over to her and bow at her feet, asses raised. They look up at her, but Sarah says nothing. With their faces at her feet. She begins to touch their cheeks with her toes. “Suck them.” She orders. They each begin to kiss her feet and suck on her toes, slowly and carefully. Jess sucks on Sarah’s big left toe while Myriah licks the tops and sides of her feet.

“Come lick me, you filthy whores. Taste my juices.” Sarah pushes her legs far apart as Myriah and Jess move in between her thighs. They kiss the insides of her thighs and use their tongues on the slit of her hot sex. Her wet juices begin to flow and Myriah licks her clean while Jess flicks her tongue on Sarah’s little engorged clit. Jess sucks on it gently while Myriah moves to Sarah’ tight ass. She runs her tongue up and down her ass crack and stuffs her tongue into her pink hole. It is tight and soft and smells delicious.

“Good girls, yes, lick my sweet pussy.” They continue to lick her until she comes in their faces. She pushes both of their faces into her sex and climaxes in their mouths. They lick Sarah clean and taste their mistress’s sweet nectar. She moans and cries out as they continue to service their mistress. Sarah rubs her dripping wet cunt on Myriah’s face.

“My good slave, make my pussy clean. Taste how delicious my cum is.”

Myriah and Sarah lick her wet pussy and asshole clean. She orders them to their knees and tells them to face each other.

“You two will become very good friends, I am sure of it.” Sarah smiles and and reaches forward to tweek both of their nipples. “I am only getting started with you two.”

To be continued…

Dita sat on the floor of the throne room scrubbing repeatedly. The King sat at his throne while his blonde slave Fawn, and his red headed slave Myrah took their time orally pleasing his erection.

Dita’s mind was not on the task at hand, but rather on the night a few weeks ago when she was sent to the slave dungeon. Anton had remained on her mind, but her only sightings of him were in passing. She noticed he did seem to pay attention to her, staring as he walked by. The things he had done to her body had opened her mind up to new experiences; she longed to see him again.

Myrah licked the kings testicles while Fawn sucked on the shaft of his penis. He groaned loudly breaking Dita from her thoughts. She got back to her scrubbing. “Dita. It’s your turn to please me.”

Dita looked back; she really didn’t want to. Most of the slaves jumped for the chance to please the king knowing he could make life worse or better for them. “I… I have to finish scrubbing my lord.” She responded unwisely.

The King glared shoving the other two off him. He put his penis back in his pants and walked over to Dita grabbing her by her raven hair. “You dare defy your king girl!?”

Dita grimaced at the feeling of her hair being pulled, “Please stop!” She begged.

“Maybe another night in the dungeon will fix you!” The king suggested, “unless you’d like to try that again?” He gave her two options.

Dita glared at him angrily, “The dungeon sounds wonderful my lord.” With that he backhanded her so hard she was out cold before she hit the half cleaned floor below.

When her eyes opened her hands were tied above her head, and her wrists seemed to be in a lot of pain. Looking around she spotted Anton in the corner waiting for her to wake up as he ate his dinner. “The King told me an interesting tale… apparently you chose to come here over sucking him off.”

“Aye…” Dita nodded groggily.

Anton seemed amused, “Someone missed me I see.”

Dita said nothing and looked over at him as he stood up. He walked towards her and stood before her, “The king requested I make sure you suffer so badly you never disobey him again… I guess I must follow my orders.” He took the whip from the hip of his belt and walked behind her.

“Do what you must sir…” Dita closed her eyes waiting for the sting.

Anton drew back and let her have the first lasting across her lower back. She bit her lip and felt three more lashes. “Do you feel regret yet Dita?” He asked lashing across her shoulder.

She let out a sharp gasp before answering, “N-No… I don’t…”

“No? Very interesting… five lashes, and all the other slaves are begging and crying. You like to be punished…” He walked around to the front of her and gripped her chin. “Don’t you slave?”

Dita looked into his eyes fearlessly, “I like when you do it…”

Anton studied her face for a moment a bit amused, “Then what am I supposed to do with you?” He didn’t sound overly disappointed by this.

“Sir, I have a request.” Dita said honestly.

“A request? What makes you think I would do anything you ask?” He asked her pointedly.

“I request to be your slave sir.” She said not fearing in the least for the consequences of such an action.

“MY slave?” He scoffed, “I don’t have the sort of coin it would require to purchase you.”

Her brows furrowed, “You’re a dungeon master… you don’t earn money?”

Anton shook his head, “I get free lodging, and all the food I want, and the king makes sure I am well supplied and clothed. He doesn’t pay me.” He looked at her.

Dita held a look of determination on her beautiful face, “Then I’ll have to get in trouble more often.”

“You do that, and you’ll get us both in a lot of trouble…” He looked her over, “Alright, if you want me to make my own request to the King I’ll have to be sure you want this.”

“I do.” She nodded.

Anton untied her wrists allowing her a moment to rube the rope marks. “Then you’ll spend today proving it.” He pointed to the bench he gave her an enema on the last time she was there. “Lie down on that, I’m going to have to clean your ass out for this one…”

Dita bowed her head and headed for the bench. She let herself lie on it before he cranked the bench back and pulled her feet over her head to attach them to the poles. Eagerly she held open her ass cheeks for him. Anton was getting hard just watching her act so eager. “Hmm… someone likes the anal sex I see…” He smirked pushing the funnel into her asshole.

She bit her lip at the feeling of insertion and nodded, “Yes sir. I especially enjoy your cock in there.” She purred getting aroused.

Anton smirked and began pouring the water into the funnel. “All in good time…” She moaned as the water filled her up.

When he pulled out the funnel he helped hold her ass up to keep it inside. “You do have a fine ass… I’d love to own it, but that’s not all I’m looking for in a slave… All of the other slaves of this tower are very unwilling to please me. I’m looking for someone who will willingly please me to no end.”

“I would gladly please you sir…” She gripped the sides of the bench awaiting permission to release.

He undid her ankle restraints and allowed her off the bench. He set the bucket on the floor and watched her crouch over it, “I want you to look me in the eye while you do it this time… I want sheer obedience.”

Dita felt her cheeks flush a little but she stared up at him as she began releasing the contents of her bowels. He stared her down as she released the last of it. “Very good… you might just have a new master if you keep this up.”

He took the bucket and put it in the far corner of the room before taking a clean rag from his pocket. “Press your hands to the wall, and push out your ass for me.” He ordered.

Dita obeyed placing her warm hands against the cool stone wall pushing out her nice round ass. Anton crouched behind her and wiped her ass dry before examining her hole. He spit on her ass listening to her surprised gasp before he shoved his finger up her ass, “You think you can use this every day to please me slave? That’s what it’ll cost you.” He thrust his finger in and out pushing it in deeply.

She moaned her muscles clenching around him, “Yes master… gladly.”

He smacked her ass a few times with his other hand as he continued to pump his finger in and out. “You like how that feels?” He asked as he pumped faster.

Dita let out small noises, “Yes sir. It feels so good…”

Anton smirked and withdrew his finger. “Good. Now please my cock. Show me how much you want me to be your master, slave.” He dropped his pants and watched as she got off the wall and sunk to her knees.

She took him into her mouth eagerly and pumped her head as she sucked. Anton watched her, “Mmm…. that’s a good girl… you suck that cock…”

Dita pulled off after a minute and began licking his testicles, sucking at them. “You like my hairy balls, bitch?” He asked as she focused on them for a bit.

“Mhmm…” She responded licking the underside of them eagerly.

Dita decided to take it a step further, she wanted him as her master, and she had to work hard for it. moving past his testicles she swept her long tongue across his asshole. Anton groaned a bit and looked down at her surprised, “You know… I like the enthusiasm…” He stepped out of his pants and sat down on the stool against the wall.

He leaned back enough that she had a perfect view of his surprisingly very clean asshole. “Go on now… don’t stop now slave, I’m impressed.”

Dita crawled over to him like a sexy cat and immediately began rimming him again. The taste didn’t bother her at all, and she found the act quite exciting to her. The degrading feeling it gave made her pussy wet. She stared him in the eyes as she flicked her tongue over the hole eagerly. He groaned, and his cock twitched indicating she was getting him off this way. She licked hard with her full tongue before pushing it in. “Oh yes… stick that whore’s tongue all the way inside…”

Obeying him, Dita pushed it up his ass and bobbed her head, fucking him with her long tongue. “Oh God… that’s good…” He moaned more aroused than normal.

Wrapping her lips around the hole she began to suck while she tongue fucked his asshole. Anton bit his lip and suddenly began to release. “Oh God!”

She slide her tongue over his asshole a few more times before he began sitting up. Dita sat back awaiting his response. “You’re a dirty bitch… I love it!” he smirked at her.

“I like pleasing you master.” She responded as he stood up.

Anton helped her to her feet and walked over to the table against the wall before pulling it out from the wall a bit. “Get up on that and lie on your belly.” He ordered.

Dita climbed onto it and felt him stand beside her hip to spread her ass cheeks. He spit on her hole a few times to lubricate it before he began inserting a piece of cylindrical wood into her anus. He pushed it in and watched her asshole. “Start moving it. I want to see that tail wag bitch.” He ordered.

Dita bit her lip and began flexing her ass muscles. The piece of wood wagged like a little tail. “Good, I need a slave with good as muscles. I like to be squeezed when I go inside.”

“As soon as I can get my dick up again you’re getting it up your asshole, and you’re going to learn to squeeze me the way I want it too.” He smacked her left ass cheek.

Dita rest her face on the table, “Yes sir.”

He pulled out the piece of wood and tossed it aside before standing at the end of the table and pulling her hips over. Dita rested her upper half as he made her spread her legs, “For now though, I’ll lubricate your ass…”

She felt her cheeks spread before she felt something warm and stimulating sweep across her asshole. She felt her eyes flutter closed as she groaned. Glancing back she realized he was licking her ass. “Oh master…” She moaned out.

Anton began sucking at her asshole enjoying the sounds she was making. He lathered her ass in spit feeling himself get rock hard again. He stood up and roughly inserted himself inside her ass. “Oh!” She cried out as he began to pump into her violently.

“Yes… you like that cock don’t you?” He kept pumping before he finally held it inside. “I want to feel you using those muscles… come on, act like you’re cutting a turd and squeeze…” He smacked her ass.

Dita groaned and began to squeeze around him obediently. “Good girl…” He began pumping again.

Panting heavily Dita groaned gripping the edges of the table moaning loudly. Anton fucked her hard for several minutes listening to her moaning and wreathing below him. “I’m going to come in your asshole…”

“OH YES! Please come in me master!” She screamed loudly.

With that Anton released hard into her. “That’s my girl…” He pulled out and climbed off her looking at her gape. “I’ll be talking to the king tonight.”

Dita looked back at him, “Can I stay here until you get back?”

Anton nodded, “Yes. Make yourself useful and clean up. Get you ass off all the things I shoved in your butt.” He responded pulling his clothing on.

Dita got up slowly and began with the bucket she defecated in. “I’ll be back.” He said before leaving the dungeon.

Dita smiled a bit, “She was going to be his…”

The two slaves sat next to each other on the low divan. Somewhat shy – each was totally naked, except for a thin silver collar around their necks – they nevertheless exhibited unspoken responses to the other, since both were slender and finely muscled, with unblemished skin, soft hair and fine features. The nipples on the woman’s small but shapely breasts were semi-erect, while the other’s short thick cock stirred a little.

“How long have you been in this household?” the girl asked softly.

“Almost a year since I was brought here. I was taken in a raid on our town, brought across the desert and sold to the Master and Mistress.”

“Like me; though I’ve only been here a few days. Can you tell me what is going to happen to me?”

“We are here to serve the master and mistress, and whomever else they wish. I’ve been told to begin teaching you what you will need to know. That is, to give pleasure. Tell me, what experience – you know what I’m referring to – have you had?”

The girl blushed. “At my home I was confined to the women’s quarters. It was said that I would be married to an important ally of my family. So I was carefully guarded and had little opportunity to experiment; although sometimes at night one of the other girls would come into my bed, and kiss and caress me. It was nice. Then on the journey here the trader made me take off my clothes and stand before him while he looked and touched me all over. I was so embarrassed! He made me kneel down and open my mouth, and kiss and suck his thing. I think I was doing what he wanted until he made a loud sound and cream came out of the end. I was so surprised that I choked and accidentally scraped his skin with my teeth. He was angry and hit me on my behind with a cane. It stung horribly! But I think he thought he would get less money for me if I looked beaten, so he stopped.”

“You will have to learn all the arts of love, and quickly. If you disappoint, you will be sorry; punished long and hard and perhaps sent to work in the fields. Your sweet looks won’t help you there; and they won’t last long either. It was the same for me when I came; I didn’t know anything, and was sometimes slow to understand all my duties. But I learned more quickly after I was sent to the Mistress. She is beautiful, but very fierce. I was tied over a bench, with my ankles fastened and my wrists pulled up in the air. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t see what was happening, and then she smacked my behind with a wicked little crop that had a square of leather on the end. It was really loud and stung like mad. She smacked me again and again, doing it each time just as the pain from the last stroke began to go away. After a dozen or so I was writhing in pain and trying to move my burning bottom out of the way. I was crying and begging her to stop, if only for a minute. She just laughed and continued, one after the other. Finally she paused and I was able to relax a little. My skin was on fire. I’d never had anything hurt like that and go on so long.

But that wasn’t all, at all. My bottom was glowing – it felt like it must be bleeding – but she told me that now the real “instruction” would start, that the crop was only preparation. What came before was only a warm-up. She had a thin bamboo cane in her hand, and began to thrash me with it. She did it more slowly, but it hurt much more. The cane would strike, and there was a moment’s pause; then a really agonizing feeling hit, and I cried out and tried desperately to reach to soothe it. After a while I was howling in pain, and she began to cross the strokes over where she had already beaten me. Finally I just started sobbing, couldn’t stop, tears pouring down my face. After that she finally stopped, and actually comforted me. She gave me a drink and touched me gently. Then she made me do some things to her, and sent me back to the slave quarters. She said she thought I had learned my lesson. That was for certain! I thought I must be covered in blood. But when I looked, there were only stripes. And my skin was bright pink.”

The woman was pale, her mouth trembling. “But how awful! Will they do that to me? I couldn’t stand it!”

“I’m afraid that sooner or later you will be thrashed. The Master and Mistress feel that it is necessary occasionally if we slaves are to maintain a proper attitude of serving. But I’ve seen slaves commit relatively severe offences and escape with a reprimand, while others are whipped severely for something very minor. Mistress seems to like especially to chastise the soft, pretty slaves; they are regularly summoned and return weeping piteously and unable to sit down for a day or so. I’ve been beaten three times in the past year; and I try to behave well, I’m enthusiastic and obedient in my work. which is servicing the men, and sometimes the women of the house, in any way they desire.”

The girl looked at him fearfully; then another thought struck her. “But I don’t know what to do…what Master and Mistress will want from me. How will I learn? I’m afraid I won’t be skillful enough; then I’ll be whipped!”

“When I arrived here, I was an innocent. But on the first day I was brought into a bedroom by one of the overseers. He gave me lessons in pleasuring a man with my mouth. ”

Horrified but fascinated, the girl asked how that was done.

“I learned to kiss and suck his cock and not to touch it with my teeth. He showed me which spots were most sensitive, and how to relax my throat so I could take in a greater length. When I had stimulated him to come in my mouth, he held my ears so that I was forced to swallow his cream. That evening I was stripped naked, bathed, shaved and perfumed. They bent me over and slid a slender post with a ball at one end, to keep it in, into my behind. At the other end of the post there was a tail of horse hairs; so that I seemed to have a long pony tail at my rear.

I was obliged to serve wine to the men at dinner, and smile and bend over obediently when they fondled me, but feeling humiliated and helpless. I was really embarrassed and blushing constantly, feeling all those eyes on me as well as having my bottom squeezed and cock stroked as I poured wine. It was like the tail in my behind and my painted mouth were invitations to the men, and I knew I was completely at their mercy and would have to do whatever they wanted, after the meal in the room behind the dining hall. But in a way it was exciting to know that I was completely in their power, and that if I wanted to avoid a whipping, I had better seem enthusiastic. My cock was standing out in front of me and several of the men made jokes about it. But they weren’t spiteful, they were almost friendly; like they appreciated me.

When the meal was over four of the men took me into a bedroom. I was placed on all fours and the horse tail pulled out, My behind had already been greased so that when the first man placed the head of his cock at my opening, it slid in fairly easily, even though the passage there was narrow. It felt really strange, but he was quite gentle, and just started moving in and out of me, going a little deeper each time. It wasn’t hard to submit to him; I was already excited, and you get a kind of glow all over when you’re being fucked from behind. I held a prick in my mouth and fondled another with each hand. I felt I was a true slave, attending to the various cocks in me as carefully and obligingly as I could. I couldn’t stop myself from making little sounds as their cocks penetrated me – they like that – and my own cock was just bursting. But when I tried to touch it, they moved my hands back to themselves, so I had to attend to the work with all my concentration.

The girl was staring at him, appalled but fascinated. “How long did this go on for? Did it hurt?”

” When one had come, I opened for another. Each of them came in my mouth or ass at least twice; their cream was dripping from me. My bottom was sore and my mouth stiff at the end. When they were done with me, they had me stand before them and play with myself until I came. It was a fountain! In that one evening I learned a great deal; and I’ve had much opportunity to become more skillful since then.”

“I couldn’t do that. That’s awful; having to take something in your mouth after it’s been in your bottom. What must it taste like? Why are we here together now? Are you going to teach me how to please my masters?”

“To answer your questions; you will have to do these things, and more. Believe me, if you don’t you will be whipped until you’re covered in blood, then put to work outside. Then you’ll wish you had chosen to please your masters instead. About the taste; you clean yourself out before you do these things. Come doesn’t taste bad; just a little salty. None of this will hurt you. And yes, my sweet, I am here to help you learn. I hope you don’t find me unappealing?”

“Indeed, no. But I’m afraid. Though one night my girlfriend got into bed with me, and one of the things she did was to put her finger inside my bottom, after she’d stroked the outside for a while. It felt strange but nice. And then she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it! “

“Touching and playing with your behind can feel wonderful. You will have to serve some ladies of the house as well – just like you did your girlfriend – and they like to have their bottoms licked. And other places too, of course. I have to do it to some of the men, as well. Like me, you’ll serve both sexes. You and I will start with this. Kneel over me, and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Subdued by these revelations about her future, the girl obediently moved to all fours over the boy. Beneath her face was his cock, and she watched as it started to stiffen. She felt his hands grip her soft globes and part them. Then a teasing, flickering sensation; he had touched her secret place with his tongue. He began to stroke it, licking across the little ring, then probing gently at the entrance. A warm sensation began to fill her lower regions; she arched her back and, as the caressing continued, without thinking pushed her ass to open and allow a deeper penetration. As he licked her, his cock jerked, and she looked with fascination at the fine erect specimen which now touched her face. Experimentally, she kissed it, and it jerked again. She licked the length of it; a drop of clear liquid appeared at the head. Encouraged, she took the plunge and opened her mouth to take in the head. It felt amazingly smooth, soft and stiff at the same time. Instinctively she began to move her lips up and down the shaft, remembering his injunction to keep her teeth away from the sensitive skin. She began to employ her tongue in conjunction with her lips; and could quickly tell that her partner was most receptive to her attentions.

Meanwhile, the man’s tongue increased its tempo as he licked and sucked at her anal entrance, stopping to thrust his tongue inside as far as possible. His fingers crept up and began to caress the most sensitive place in her pussy. She began to move her hips back and forth, encouraging him to probe her; both had begun to moan and squirm. She opened her mouth more deeply to his cock, desiring him to thrust and dominate her; the delightful reciprocating sensations that her mouth provided incited him to even more fevered caresses and kisses. They rocked in unison. His finger was all the way inside her ass, while he licked that part of the outer ring that he could reach with his tongue. She fondled him with both hands while she sucked him frantically. An extraordinary sensation began to fill her lower body, and soon she was experiencing a tremendous orgasm, the first of her life, which swept her away on a wave of delight and halted her sucking. The man was used to restraining the completion of his desires; nonetheless, the girl’s wild attentions also took him over the edge. He exploded in a gush of come, which she eagerly swallowed without hesitation.

Hey all, I know it’s been a long time since I sent in a story. If you read this, you will see why. The first part is damn near autobiographical….

If anyone wants to help edit, I’d be forever in your debt.



My ex-wife had left me almost two years ago. It’s been a long two years. At first she tried to keep up the pretense that she left for love, but after about six months, she dropped our three children off with me and took off. For someone who had claimed to love her children more than life itself, she sure was awfully quick to dump them when her lover made it clear they were not part of the plan.

My ex and I are both Nurses. I had put her through nursing school while I was in the US Marines, and then she worked while I went to school after my discharge.

We had a good life. Not perfect mind you, but it was good. We had a beautiful house in a quiet subdivision outside of Chicago. The neighborhood was safe and our kids had lots of friends to play with.

Like most people out age, we were house poor. We had gambled a little and got a crummy house in a great neighborhood. After financing to the gills, we were able to get an addition and remodel done. The crappiest house on the block had turned into one of the nicest.

I worked like a madman. It’s what I was raised to do. I took every chance to get overtime that I possibly could. My wife liked to shop and I figured I would just work harder so she could have the nice things she wanted. Eventually with both of us working, we became like two ships passing in the night.

When we did have a day off together, we tried to do stuff. Unfortunately, we ended up fighting a lot of the time. Mostly about money. It’s amazing how that one issue just rips apart lives and families.

After being together almost twelve years, my wife began to change. She had been a proud soccer mom. She drove the typical minivan with bumpers tickets professing her love for her children. One day she came home and stated “I’m sick of being a soccer mom! I hate that Mini-Van, I want a Navigator!”

Being the dutiful schmuck that I am, I financed a nice used Navigator. Yes it was too expensive, yes I really couldn’t afford it, but this was my wife’s happiness. That’s more important, right?

A while after the Soccer-mom incident, while in bed one night, she told me that she had decided she wanted to sleep with another woman! Now my wife was not a prude, but she had ALWAYS had two rules. 1) Not in the butt and 2) Not with other people. She even got supremely offended when I would read a porn story or watch quick video to pump one out. She never was a fan of Porn and on the few times we watched it together. She always made such derogatory comments about the Lesbian scenes. Not that they didn’t look real (it’s porn. It’s not supposed to look real!), but about how it just wasn’t right and how I should never expect her to try that.

So for her to, out of the blue, tell me that she wants to try some lesbian sex…… To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I immediately jumped on that bandwagon, I do have a Y-Chromosome after all.

She found a lady friend to “play with” and I was quite happy to help get the kids out of the house so she could have some time to herself. After her adventure, we had sex and it was AWESOME! Quite possibly the best sex we ever had. She said that being with her lady turned her on and got her revved up, but she needed my cock to feel satisfied. Talk about stroking my ego just right!

After two more adventures, she and her friend invited me to join in. It was a blast. I ate both of their pussies and finger fucked them both to massive orgasms while they were making out. With me laying down, my wife then sat on my cock. Her friend sat on my face and life was good. My wife and her friend each came again and evidently it was time to switch! The wife’s friend asked her if she could borrow my cock, and the wife literally pushed her down on my dick. This was the first strange pussy my dick had been inside in almost thirteen years!!!! The amazing thing is, I realized now how great my wife’s pussy was! This new one was frankly crap. Yeah it was warm and wet, but it just didn’t fell that good.

My wife was off to the side, one hand rubbing her friends clit, her other working my balls.

“Cum in her. I want to eat your cum out of her pussy” my wife whispered into my ear.

Thank god I had that vasectomy last year! Talk about liftoff!!!! I immediately blew my load inside her friends twat. Her friend rolled off me and my wife dove for her snatch like a starving man going after a bucket of fried chicken. My cock had gone soft, but my wife’s ass was sticking up in the air…. I got behind her and buried my tongue into her Asshole. I fingered her snatch, making sure to focus on her easy to find G-Spot. The wife and her friend both came and we all just cuddled in the bed for a while.

Chapter 2

To say I was happy would be an understatement. I was still madly in love with my wife and had just had her permission to fuck her friend. We talked and even discussed having a swap session with another couple.

I was and still am firmly of the mindset that its only cheating if your spouse isn’t involved and doesn’t agree.

Several weeks after our adventure with the wife’s friend, my wife came to me and said she wanted to “go hunting”. Being easily confused, I asked her to explain this “hunting trip” to me.

One of the doctors at her hospital had been hitting on her for years. Everyone knew the doctor was gay and she didn’t really make any attempt to hide her interest in my wife’s massive breasts (48GG).

My wife has a bit of an evil streak. She would wear extremely sexy, low cut scrub tops that showed off her boobs. She always went out of her way to fuck with this lesbian doctor. She had been doing so for years. It was actually a game for her. I enjoyed listening to how the doctor would all but drool on the counter at the nurses station.

So when the wife said she wanted to corner the doctor and make a move, I figured why not. I knew the doctor was gay and not Bi. I knew the chance of me getting involved was slim to none, but the wife was so happy and excited, that I was excited for her. I figured that if nothing else the wife would be turned on and hot to fuck when she got back. After all, she said she needed my cock to feel satisfied.

The wife started to stalk the doctor. We had some hot sex when she came home and told me about how she was playing with the doctor. She cornered the doctor in one of the stairwells and basically molested her! They made plans to go out later in the week.

The wife was so giddy and happy. I was happy for her. She had been so down lately. She and the doctor started spending lots of time together. The wife said they had become good friends and weren’t having sex. Evidently the doctor didn’t want to breakup our marriage. I was totally ok with them fucking. I actually started to feel kinda sorry for the doctor after the ex told me more about her.

Evidently she came from a rich family and was well off before any of her multimillion dollar income from being one of the top neurologists in Chicago. But, just to prove that money doesn’t make you happy, evidently she was in an unhappy relationship and was basically estranged from her family.

My wife started to stroke her ego. They would go on shopping trips and I was more than happy to let the doctor foot the bill. The ex started to come home with coach purses and Versace sun glasses. Lord knows I could never afford any of that crap.

I’m a Jeans and T-Shirt kind of guy. The wife always wanted me to be more “dressy”, but it just want who I am.

Hanging out with this wealthy “friend” who could feed my wife’s need for things, was a good thing, or so I thought.

Eventually, the wife spent more and more of her free time with the Doctor and less time at home with the kids and I.

One night, I called the wife when she was getting out of work.

“I’m going to spend the night with the doctor tonight, ok? We are going shopping in the morning” she said.

“Not ok! I haven’t seen you in a week! I want to see my wife.”

I swear, she didn’t say anything for a full minuet.

“You’re in love with her, aren’t you!?!?”

“You weren’t supposed to find out like this!”

How is a man supposed to find out that his wife is in love with another woman?

I broke down. I begged her to come home. I begged her to come home so we could talk. She refused. She said it was over and hung up on me. I lost my mind. I started to call the doctor and leave message after message on her voice mail. I must have ranted for over an hour. The coward never answered the phone.

The next day, the wife came home and I tried to talk to her, but she just refused. I lost it. I ripped the mirror off the drivers door of her truck. To say I was enraged was an understatement. We had a knock-down, drag-out fight on the front lawn that was for the ages. Now I didn’t lay a hand on her, but I came awfully close. She said some really nasty shit and if my mom wasn’t there, I don’t know if I could have controlled myself.

The neighbors called the cops and thankfully they showed up and separated us. Once they found out about my gun collection, they politely demanded that I give them up. I’m pretty sure they were afraid I was going to kill the ex and her lover. I’m pretty sure I would have too.

After the ex left with the kids, I crawled into a bottle of vodka and stayed there for the better part of a week.

Eventually I got myself together and went to work. I started to keep the kids when the wife worked.

One morning, she came to pick them up when I was on my way to work and I lost it again. I begged and pleaded for her to come home. She had the audacity to smile at me and tell me all about how much she LOVED the doctor and how they went shopping all the time.

I snapped. My hands went around her neck and I took her to the ground. It only lasted a few seconds, but I had done the one thing I swore I would never do. I had laid my hands on my wife…..

I jumped up and backed away from her. What had I done? She looked at me with a mix of disdained and horror.

I backed into the kitchen. Somehow I instinctively grabbed a knife out of the block on the counter. I moved back into the living room and fell to my knees.

With tears steaming down my face, I begged her “please, please kill me. I can’t live without you. “

“You’re crazy!”

With that, I took the knife and put the point to my chest. The knife was a ten inch carving blade, thin and razor sharp. Being a nurse, I know my anatomy pretty darn well. I put the knife in between my ribs on the left side, just over my heart. One good thrust and it should have pierced my skin and muscle. After the layer of muscle it would have severed my aorta. There is no way to fix that. I would have been dead before I hit the floor.

I looked my wife in the eyes and told her “I’m sorry, I love you”. I then pushed as hard as I could. I wanted to die. I wanted the pain to be over. Instead of the knife doing its job, the blade folded in in itself and collapsed.

My wife ran outside as fast as she cold.

“Piece of shit blade”

I could see the flashing blue lights of the police cruisers through the windows.

“He’s crazy!!!! He’s got a knife!!!”

I just got up and walked to the door. For some reason I picked up a boot and walked to the door. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus. All I could hear was my wife babbling about me. The next thing I new the boot went flying from my hand. Huh, that was strange. Why would I throw a boot?

The next thing I know, my face was smashed against one of the pillars holding up the front porch. I could feel the barrel of the officers duty weapon at the base of my skull.

“Please, pull the trigger. Please……”

Chapter 3

Yup, that all really happened. I spent the next week in the psych ward and didn’t see my kids for almost six months. I was charged with four felony counts and came a hairs breath to losing my nursing license. Luckily I found a good lawyer who was able to get me a plea deal with out a felony conviction.

I tried to be the stand up guy and give the ex everything. I tried to give her the house and promised to pay the mortgage and utilities for her. I wanted to make sure my kids were taken care of.

Evidently her dream house was too much work. I moved back in and wallowed in my misery. I started seeing my kids as often as I could. They were my only reason for living.

At first she would let me have them for a day or two on the weekend. I was paying child support through the nose. We had a provisional agreement while we tried to hammer out the divorce and being the stupid ass that I am, I paid through the nose.

I got notice after notice of her unpaid bills. Her truck got repossessed. She started dumping the kids on me all the time. I was exctatic to have my kids home so much and I didn’t mind.

Our divorce was set to be finalized and the soon to be ex called me up and said “keep the kids, I’m moving out of my apartment. Be sure to keep sending my support checks though!”

Yeah, right. I called my lawyer and we hashed out a deal with her new lawyer (her first one quit because she wouldn’t pay her bills).

God, divorce sucks. You know what? Having my wife as an ex was almost as bad as having her as a soon to be ex. The kind, loving girl I married had disappeared and had been replaced by a money hungry witch.

She ended up getting fired from the hospital and I only got one child support check from her. After a couple of months of that, she had the gall to file paperwork with the court trying to get her child support order suspended. She claimed she was unable to find work and was poor. So poor that she had to live with her lover in a ten million dollar condo on the lake in Chicago.

We ended up going to court again over this. My lawyer had given my ex so much rope, that she hung herself. He called her lover as a witness and she testified that she had been giving my ex thousands of dollars a month to spend and she couldn’t understand why the ex didn’t pay her support.

It was really funny when the lover got really pissed at the questions my lawyer was asking, she looked over at the my ex and in the middle of the proceedings she broke up with my ex!!!!

It didn’t matter. The damage had been done. The judge ordered the ex to pay all the back child support and increased the amount due based on the lifestyle that she had been living. He then ordered the ex’s now former lover to write the check!!!!

“Ma’am, you admitted financial responsibility for this woman, you can pay her bills. I don’t care if you’re broken up now, you weren’t broken up when this money was due. Now pay up!”

Chapter 4

Walking out of court, I was feeling pretty good. Not only was I going to get a nice fat check from the ex’s lover, I’d just seen her crash and burn! The look on the ex’s face was pure gold. The horror she felt at loosing access to all that money…. The condo…. The cars….. It was written all over her face.

My lawyer and I were walking out to our cars when the ex came running up to me. She was screaming and swearing. She was crying and her makeup was running down her face.

“How could you do this to me!!!! How could you destroy what I had!!! It’s going to take a miracle to get my lover to take me back!!!”

“Well sweetie, you might want to go catch her before she leaves then”

I pointed over to the lovers Mercedes that was pulling out of the parking lot. The ex freaked out and started to run down the street after her lover….. God that was a nice thing to see.

I thanked my lawyer for his fine work and promised to pay him off from the large settlement check I was guaranteed to receive. I think he enjoyed watching my ex crash and burn almost as much as I did!

On my way home, I made some phone calls and let all my friends know what had happened. I even called the ex’s mom. She and I were on good terms believe it or not. She was extremely upset with her daughter for leaving her children like she did.

I talked to the ex-mil and let her know how everything had turned out.

“Hey mom, I won. Don’t be surprised if the ex comes to you begging for a place to stay. Her lover dumped her right there in court”.

“I don’t know where she is going to go, but she can’t come here! That little bitch has done too much to my grandchildren for me to ever forgive her!”

Even I was surprised by the venom in her mom’s voice. That little girl had really burned her bridges.

Fuck it. I was going to get enough from that check to pay off a bunch of debts and maybe even have enough to get my kids something nice before they started back to school.

Hopefully I could even get out from under the house and take the kids away from this hell hole of a city. Maybe Florida? I could do without snow for the rest of my life.

Several days later, I was getting things prepared to pay off of debts when I got the check. Final balances and the like. The kids were off with their friends for the day and I was quite happily sipping on a beer while figuring things out.

Someone knocked on my door. Who the hell is that? It’s mid afternoon on a Wednesday, everyone should be at work.

Holy fucking bat shit. There on my porch, on her knees is my ex-wife!

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Please. I need your help. She kicked me out and I have nowhere to go.”

She looked absolutely pathetic. No makeup, no jewelry.

“Why should I help you? After all you’ve done? Why do you deserve my help?”

“I don’t deserve your help. I’ve been horrible to you and to the kids. I got sucked into my lovers life. I gave up what I loved for money and things. I sold my soul for money.”

“And…… Why should I care? You did this to your self. Why come to me. Go to your mom or your brother. Go to your aunts and uncles.”

“I tried. No one will help me. I have no money. I walked here from down town. I slept in a park last night. I have nothing. My family all said they disowned me. They won’t even listen to my apologies”

Holy shit. I thought for sure her mom would crack and take her back in.

“What do you want from me?”

“Some place to stay. I know you have an extra bedroom. I miss you and the kids”

Bullshit. She misses her lovers credit card is what she misses.

“Stay on the porch. Ill get you a sandwich while I think”

I went into the kitchen and absent mindesly started to make a sandwich. What the fuck was I going to do? If I turned her away, I would never be able to look my kids in the eyes. This was their mother. Regardless of the bullshit she had pulled, I couldn’t let her go homeless…. Hell, if anything I wanted her ass to go back to work and start paying child support on a regular basis!

I turned around and dropped the plate…. In front of me, on her knees was my ex-wife. Naked as the day she was born. She leaned forward and actually prostrated herself. Her massive mammaries squashed on the floor. She stretched her arms out and even touched the floor with her nose. This was something I had NEVER seen from my ex.

“I’m sorry. I betrayed your trust. I betrayed my children’s trust. I threw away my family just to have money. I threw away your love and your trust. I know I have no right to expect your help. I miss this house. I miss my family. I miss sex with my husband. I have nothing but my body. I already sold my body to her. Now I’m willing to sell myself to you. Please, don’t forgive me, just take pity on me and use me as you see fit. Please use me. Please fuck me. The last year was horrible with her. I haven’t had an orgasm in months. I’m not gay. I only stayed for the money. I need cock!”

Oh my god. Here was my ex-wife begging me to have sex with her. She was actually crying. I pinched myself thinking this had to be some sort of dream.

Duchess Careena Galin reclined on a soft feather bed with clean sheets for the first time in three days. The sweaty man grunting on top of her wasn’t allowing her any sleep though. Not that she was complaining. Her legs were wrapped around the man’s hips and she lifted her pelvis to meet each of his thrusts and whispered exhortations in his ear to fuck her harder.

The man was a merchant; she couldn’t remember his name and didn’t care. Her services had been offered to him for an hour in exchange for an inflated price on goods Captain Diedmon was selling and the promise of a future deal on the captain’s return north. The merchant was risking little; he could pass the cost on to his customers. His wife and children were off visiting relatives so he had jumped at the chance and brought her back to his own home.

This was actually the third time her services had been part of a deal that day. The first two had only warranted a few minutes time with her and the men had simply bent her over in the backrooms of their stores and fucked her quickly. Both were too fast to get her off and she had been extra horny when this third man had given the captain a deal good enough for an hour. By the time they had reached his home she thought she would go mad with desire.

She was so close now, to reaching that ultimate enjoyment as the merchant pounded away at her burning cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she chanted over and over into the man’s ear with quiet intensity. She needed him to last a bit longer and she would be there. Her nails bit into his skin as she held him close.

He wasn’t the best lover she’d ever had, that distinction belonged to her husband, but he was adequate to the task and moments later she was clawing the man’s back as she exploded in orgasm. He ceased moving while she came, enjoying the sensation of the convulsing cunt along the length of his rod. It took a few moments for her to come down, but as soon as her body stilled, except for her exhausted panting, the man resumed hunching his loins against hers.

Her clit was very sensitive, and it was almost painful as his cock raked against it, but she thought she might have another before his hour was up. The man started pummeling in harder and his cock was making a wet slurping noise as it pistoned in and out. She could feel the moisture from her orgasm trickling between her butt cheeks as he fucked her. She knew he probably wasn’t getting much friction from her now sloppy cunt.

She tightened her cunt muscles as he pounded into her and was rewarded with gasps and groans from the man on top of her. She was pleased to find it added to her enjoyment too. “Oh gods!” the man cried. “You’re the best…the best fuck…I’ve ever had.” He tensed up and jerked as she felt his cock pulse and spew its contents into her. The expression of ecstasy on the man’s face was enough to push her over the edge again too.

There was still some time left, so after they both calmed down the man suggested they bathe together. Having been nearly a week since she had her last one, and considering all the sex she’d had since then, she readily agreed. While they were in the bath he washed her body, reveling in the softness of her skin.

Careena had to keep herself from laughing while the merchant praised her, and told her he was going Captain Diedmon a large sum of money to buy her. He said he wished to keep her and that he would leave his wife and children and marry her. She had no doubt the merchant was being serious, but looking around his home and from what she had seen of his business, she knew he didn’t have anywhere near the amount the captain was going to receive from whoever was retrieving her in Coderra. She didn’t was to hurt his feelings so she merely nodded and smiled when as he spoke.

Soon he was escorting her back through town to the captain. She was a wearing a makeshift outfit the captain had given her when they arrived at port so that she could walk through the city. It was a heavy sheet that had a hole for her head cut in the middle of it that was draped over her and tied at the waist to hold it in place.

He did make the captain a sincere offer, but the captain laughed in his face and said he wouldn’t break the contract he already had for ten times that amount. Dejected, but understanding the merchant left and never glanced back. Careena felt sorry for him but told herself that he was better off staying with his wife and raising his children.

“I didn’t do as well as when you were with me lass, but I’ve finished selling all that I wanted and bought a fair amount too,” the captain told her after the merchant left. “Thanks to you, this was my most profitable visit to this blasted port ever!”

Captain Diedmon was in a good mood, even while he was paying the sailors their wages which usually made him scowl. He had made a lot of extra money and it had cost him nothing. He also suspected he would be getting a lot of the wages back from the crew for the use of his slave.

Careena noticed several of the sailors whispering to one another after they had received their pay. A few glances were thrown her direction and a shiver of excitement coursed down her spine because she knew they were discussing her. Finally Kieran, who she had learned was the first mate, had a discussion with the captain. She saw the captain shake his head negatively a couple times and Kieran appeared to be reassuring him. Finally some sort of agreement was struck and the captain came stalking over to her.

“The lads are smarter than I give them credit for,” he muttered. “They’ve pooled their money and paid for your services for the entire night. I hadn’t expected that.” He shook his head smiling. “I should have set the price per fuck, not per hour. I’ve made them promise not to hurt you; no hitting, scratching, or biting. I’m not sure what you’re in for, but these boys can get some crazy ideas. If anyone hurts or damages you in any way that could affect the price your buyer is willing to pay, you come running to me, understand?”

“I understand, Master,” she responded with a slight bow. Her stomach was crawling with nervous excitement.

“Come on,” he commanded, “I want to get a fuck before these jackals get hold of ya.” She was walking in front of him as they headed for his cabin and he had an excellent view of her plush bottom. He had earlier decided he didn’t want to take her there because he’d had enough ass from Jaco, but as he watched the twin globes slide against each other as she walked he changed his mind. His sailors would probably fuck her ass that night and he was determined to have it first.

Once in his room he had her get on her knees and fished out his cock. “Better get it nice and wet lass, because it’s going up your ass,” he told her.

Careena shivered at the captain’s words. She enjoyed anal sex when she was in the mood, but knew that the sailors would take her there whether she was ready for it or not. The captain’s cock could help open the way for what was to come later, as well as give her a pleasurable experience.

She leaned forward and took Captain Diedmon’s cock into her mouth. She wanted to get his cock nice and wet, but not excite him too much. She wanted a nice, long ass fuck before she was handed over to the sailors for their pleasure.

She worked as much saliva up and down the captain’s length as she could without exerting too much suction. He still seemed to enjoy it and was groaning the entire time she licked and sucked his member. Saliva was dripping down his cock to his balls and even Careena was surprised at the amount she had covering it.

“Turn around,” he ordered her, pulling his cock from her mouth. “Bend over the bed,” he commanded.

Careena bent over the bed so that her chest was resting on it with her feet on the floor. With both hands she reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart for him. She tried to relax the muscles in her backside as much as possible and her anus opened a little under the captain’s gaze.

“How considerate of you slut,” he said as he positioned his cock. “I’ve always liked you Remarian slaves. You’re always so accommodating.” He slowly pressed his full weight forward. The head of his saliva coated cock easily slipped past her sphincter with a slight pop. He kept the pressure up until inch by inch his entire cock was buried inside her and his flabby, oversized belly rested against her bottom.

“I should have done this days ago,” he muttered as he rested his weight on her backside. “Your ass is much better than Jaco’s.” He slowly pulled his cock out and then slowly pushed it back in, reveling in the tightness of her sphincter.

Careena kept her hands on her cheeks, keeping her ass open for him so that he could penetrate her as far as possible. She was grateful he was going slowly; it was more pleasurable that way and helped her get used to the intrusion. There was no pain; her husband’s cock was sufficiently larger than his to have made sure of that. She groaned in pleasure every time his cock bottomed out inside her.

“Gods, you must really like it in the ass,” he gasped as he felt her push back against him.

“Yes Master, fuck my ass,” she groaned. “I love cocks up my ass.”

The captain resisted the urge to go faster and kept a slow, steady pace. It was excruciatingly pleasurable this way and he wanted to make it last as long as possible. He kept his eyes on his cock as it plowed in and out of her tight anus. The normally wrinkled hole was stretched tight around his invading member smoothing out all the folds.

“I wish I could keep you slut,” he said. “It’s too bad I gotta sell you…so much better than Jaco.”

He kept that maddeningly slow pace for as long as he good but soon found himself picking up speed. Her ass was so tight but at the same time accommodating. He gradually forgot about going slow and was plunging his hard rod in and out at a maddening pace.

Careena pushed back with each thrust of his cock. Her orgasm was building and felt like it was going to explode out of her cunt. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee!” she cried as she came. Her sphincter gripped the captain’s cock hard as her orgasm swept over her. He didn’t stop or slow down even though it felt like her ass was going to tear the flesh from his penis.

A few seconds later Diedmon was bellowing as he emptied his sperm into her rectum. Careena could feel the warm sperm filling her colon as his cock pulsed and jerked inside her. When it finished spasming and finally went limp, the captain pulled it out of her tight hole with a little difficulty.

“Leave that cum in your ass,” he told her, “so that my men know their captain was there first. You have about an hour before they get their crack at ya so you might as well get some rest.”

“Yes Master, thank you,” she said as she crawled up on the bed for a nap. She stayed on her stomach so the captain’s cum wouldn’t leak out and make a mess. It was going to be hard to keep it in. Already her body was trying to push it out. She tried not to think about it, hoping that the feeling would go away.

She managed to fall asleep despite the uncomfortable feeling of cum filling her ass and woke to find the captain shaking her. “Time to go, slut,” he said without any malice. He led her two the crew sleeping quarters where just a few nights before she had witnessed some of the men violating Jaco.

The entire crew was gathered there, some eight men in all including Jaco, who had a hard time looking at her. She realized he was embarrassed. There were hoots and hollers as the captain brought her in but he quickly silenced them.

“Against my better judgment I have agreed to let you lot have use my slave all at once,” the captain began. “This slave is worth a lot of money to me, so I need to remind you that you are to do nothing that will damage her value: no biting, scratching, clawing, or hitting. Kieran has vouched for her treatment, and I trust him so whatever he says goes. Anyone breaking the rules will take Jaco’s place on the return trip.”

His little speech finished he handed Careena over to Kieran. “Have a good time tonight boys,” Diedmon said as he left the room. More cheers erupted from the men and Careena got a little frightened.

Kieran took her by the arm. “All right!” he yelled to quiet them. “We agreed to draw lots to see who goes first so we can all have someone on one time with this beauty. After that, anything goes!”

The berths were small and there were only six of them, so two of the mats were thrown into the center of the small room and she was directed to lay down on it. The men drew lots for their order and before she could even get into a comfortable position the first one had stripped down and was on the makeshift bed between her legs.

Careena had forgotten about the captain’s cum in her ass and as the sailor nudged her legs apart with his knees he saw it slowly start to leak out. “Looks like the captain left us a present up this slut’s ass,” he commented. Some of the others peaked over his shoulder to take a look. “Gods, I love these Remarian slaves. Always so willing, always so ready to fuck,” he muttered as he fisted his cock into her wet cunt.

He let his whole body fall on her as he hugged her close and pounded his dick in and out hard. There was no finesse to his technique, just the hard and fast fucking of a man who had gone a long time without a woman and needed to cum inside one badly. His friends rubbed their cocks as they watched, waiting their turn. Some yelled out encouragement while others simply looked on silently. They bent and looked between the legs of the two coupled on the bed to see his cock as it moved swiftly in and out of the beautiful woman.

The man didn’t last long and after just a few minutes was shuddering in bliss on top of her. The next man pushed him out of the way and fell on her. His cock found her cum-filled hole easily and was soon pushing its way inside.

One after another they all took her in this fashion. None of them lasted long and none of the fucks were memorable except for the last to have his turn. Sweet, sensitive Jaco drew the last lot, and by the time it was his turn Careena felt like a sweaty, sticky mess. She smiled up at him and then her eyes widened in amazement as she caught site of his cock. It was as long as her husband’s, and while not as thick, it had a severe curve in it that made her shiver.

The others jeered at him and asked him if he even knew what to do with a woman as he knelt beside her. He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. None of the others had done that and for some reason it made her stomach tingle. The thoughtful young man had brought a warm, wet cloth and began washing her body all over. When he began to gently wipe her cunt, the duchess realized just how sore she was. Being taken by all these men was fun, but she had yet to have an orgasm and the hard pounding was a taking a toll on her body.

When Jaco was satisfied that she was clean he gently lowered himself on top of her. The others laughed and made crude kissing sounds. One of them made a joke about Jaco being in love with a fuck slave. She saw the hurt in his eyes at the comment and she wanted to yell at the others to shut up, but knew as a slave she couldn’t. Jaco needed to stand up for himself but he seemed unwilling.

He did manage to find her hole with his cock despite their rude comments, and slowly eased himself into her. She let out a long sigh as she felt it sink into her. She was so wet and open from all the previous fucks that he easily slid right in. He kissed her passionately when he was fully embedded in her and Careena began to wonder if the young man did have feelings for her.

The others called him a sissy and told him to move aside so they could show him what a real man could do. Careena wanted to tell them that Jaco was the only real man among them; that his cock filled her in a way that theirs’ can’t. His lips never left hers as he began to slowly pump his penis in and out of her. The curve in his member made it feel as if it filled her more than it did, and made it hit her clit at just the right angle.

She groaned into his mouth and ran her hands up and down his back to let him know she liked what he was doing. Finally here was a man that was going to make her cum. She found herself kissing him back and sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth every time he slid his magnificent tool in and out of her pussy.

Blood pounding in her ears drowned out the comments from the other sailors and Careena realized that she was going to come soon. She wanted to make it loud for the others, so that they would know Jaco brought her to heights that none of them could. She felt the dam break inside her and it felt like her insides were being pulled out and pushed back every time the young man’s prick moved inside of her. She grabbed his head with her hands and gently pulled it up to break their kiss while she moaned loudly and jerked her body wildly.

Startled, Jaco stopped moving as she came and looked down at her with concern, but when he saw the look of total ecstasy on her face he knew she was all right. All the men ceased yelling at Jaco and some shook their heads in disbelief while a few others grumbled that it had only been a matter of time before the slut came.

Jaco smiled and glued his mouth back to hers. He moved slowly in and out again, loving the feel of her body underneath his. Pleased with the knowledge that he had made her orgasm he didn’t last much longer. He filled her with his seed like all the others and tried to rest on top of her to enjoy the afterglow of sex, but found himself quickly being pulled off and thrown into a corner.

Careena felt stiff but completely satisfied. After being fucked by eight horny guys she could have easily fallen asleep, but her night wasn’t over yet. It had only taken a little over an hour for the guys to run through her the first time and now most of them were ready to go again. “Anything goes now, right Kieran?” one the sailors asked as he pulled her to her feet.

“Aye, as long as she’s not damaged,” Kieran replied with a laugh.

The sailor lay down on his back on the mattress and pulled the duchess on top of him. Reaching between their bodies he fisted his renewed erection into her flowing pussy. He held her body tight to his while he hammered his hips up, driving his cock in and out of her cunt rapidly. “Someone prong her ass,” he said spreading her cheeks with his hands.

There was a mad rush, but one man beat the rest out. There was some grumbling but they all knew they would get their shot at her. The sailor underneath her stopped moving to allow the other to get his cock seated in her anus. There was so much cum around her asshole from her earlier bout with the captain and from what had spilled out of her cunt when she was on her back that the man’s cock slipped easily in with a small amount of pressure.

Careena gasped when she felt the head of the man’s cock slip past her sphincter. This was only the second time that she had a cock in both holes and she was unused to the over-full feeling. The man that was underneath pushed his cock all the way in and told his companion in her ass to start moving in and out. She started to cry out from the sensation; it wasn’t painful but it was overwhelming.

She could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other inside of her. Everything seemed tight and she felt as if she had two of the largest cocks stuffed up her pussy and ass. The man sodomizing her was moving fast and wasn’t being nearly as gentle as the captain but as she got used to the pressure she began to enjoy it. Just when she was really getting into it the man in her ass came and filled her colon with sperm.

He was quickly replaced by one of the others and a few seconds later a hard cock was also presented to her mouth. She accepted it without hesitation and sucked it in. She could taste cum and her own pussy juice on the end of the cock in her mouth. She looked up to see its owner and saw that it was Kieran; she was unsure who had their cock lodged in her ass. Kieran held her head tight so he could move his prick in and out so she couldn’t turn around and look.

They fucked her like this for several minutes and Careena finally orgasmed herself. The men in her pussy and ass soon followed. Kieran pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. He lay down on the mat and Careena was going to lay on him like she had the last man but he turned her around and eased her ass down on his aching cock.

He grabbed one of her breasts in each hand and pulled her back onto his chest. Her pussy was exposed to the others and one of them wasted no time in kneeling down and inserting his cock into her. This time the man in her pussy fucked in and out while she remained firmly seated on Kieran’s cock.

“Gods you’re such a good little fuck,” Kieran whispered fiercely in her ear. His words triggered her to have another orgasm and then everything was just a blue. Another cock was shoved into her mouth, and she was aware of men dumping their loads in her and others taking their places but she no longer cared what happened. Her pussy was pulsing continuously and her mind went into a sex induced delirium.

She concentrated on the feeling of release after release that centered in her loins and reveled in it. She was only vaguely aware of her surroundings and just went wherever the hands of the sailors guided her. She had a brief thought that when she died she hoped she would feel bliss like this. Her mind seemed to float outside her body, as if she were a witness in the room that was only half paying attention. She was dimly aware of what was going on, but wasn’t aware that she herself was a participant.

At one point, while her mind floated, she felt a great thirst and desperately wanted some water. Somehow, she was aware of a water skin on a small table in the corner. She tried to grab it, even though at the time, her arms were pinned under her as one of them men lay on her back fucking her cunt. There was a dull thud and water splashed on her face.

“Who threw that!” she heard a voice nearby bellow. Her mind snapped back into her body and she was suddenly aware of everything. The man on top of her had stopped and held a water skin in his hand. No one answered him and he angrily threw it away before he resumed his fucking. Questions swirled through her head and she thought she had the answer, but another orgasm ripped through her body and her state of bliss returned.

Eventually the men became exhausted and one by one they fell asleep until Careena was alone on the mattress a cum covered mess. She was to sore and tired to care about how filthy she was and she too fell asleep in a large puddle of the mixed cum of the eight sailors.


The duchess felt something large worming its way into her pussy and woke up. She wasn’t sure how long she had slept but the first rays of light were beginning to filter through the windows. Besides the man on top of her there were no sounds of movement.

She realized she was no longer on the floor but in one of the berths and she didn’t feel as sticky. A glance around the room showed the sailors sleeping wherever they had fallen during the night. The man on top of her was of course Jaco; she could easily tell by his size.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered when he realized she was awake, “I just had to have you one more time before the captain comes to collect you.”

“You don’t need to apologize,” she said with a smile. “You paid for my services.”

She saw a hint of a grimace cross the young man’s face at the mention of payment but it disappeared quickly. He was rocking inside her slowly and gently like he had during the night and she realized that he had taken her only that one time.

“You did not participate with the others after your first time,” she said. “Why?”

Jaco blushed as he looked at her. “I’m not like them,” he replied.

Careena knew what the young man was trying to say, but she knew that a slave wouldn’t so she tried to give him a confused look. She didn’t say any more and decided just to enjoy the sex despite the soreness of her pussy. She raised her head and pressed her lips to his and kissed him deeply. She wasn’t in love with Jaco, but she felt very close to him nonetheless.

She was quickly becoming very wet and all traces of soreness quickly vanished. He was driving in slowly, but with a good deal of force. They were starting to make a bit of noise and she was afraid they’d wake the others up. She wanted to be alone with him for this last fuck. She took a quick peak around and was relieved to see that none of the others had stirred.

She hugged Jaco tightly to her and lifted her ass to meet each of his thrusts. His cock felt so good inside her that it was going to make her come quickly. After having so many orgasms the night before it wasn’t going to be a big one, but she could tell it would be satisfying. It built inside of her and then quickly washed over her making her flesh tingle as blood rushed to all parts of her body. She bit into Jaco’s shoulder to keep from crying out her passion.

She calmed down, and he resumed his steady thrusting. “Would you like to fuck my ass,” she whispered. She wanted to do something special for him to repay the pleasure he had given her and she didn’t think he would ask on his own.

“I don’t wish to hurt you,” he said sincerely.

“Don’t worry,” she assured him, “you won’t hurt me.”

He pulled his long cock out of her and looked down at her questioningly. There wasn’t enough headroom on the bunk for her to get on her hands and knees and he wondered just how they were going to accomplish it. She answered him by raising her hips, exposing her bottom hole to his gaze.

Jaco grinned and lined up his cock with her anus. He pressed forward gingerly and his rod slid up off the hole. He tried again with the same result. He looked down at her frustrated. She grabbed his cock and placed it at her hole.

“Push hard,” she urged him. “You have to get the head lodged in.”

“Sorry, I’ve never done it before,” he said sheepishly.

He followed her instructions and put all his weight behind his thrust. He was rewarded with the sudden opening of her sphincter as the head of his cock forced its way in. Her ass was still slick with cum and stretched out from the night before so she felt no pain, but she still gasped at the sudden intrusion. No matter how many times she took a man’s cock up her ass she would never be fully prepared for that initial entry into her tightest hole.

“Are you all right?” Jaco asked a look of concern on his face.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Fuck me Jaco.”

The young man was more than willing to comply and began thrusting in and out of the beautiful woman’s bottom. Careena had never had anal sex this way before and it felt a little different as his long cock eased its way into her colon. She realized she was grunting with each of his thrusts and took a quick look around to make sure her noises weren’t waking any of the other sailors. This was Jaco’s time and she wanted to keep it that way.

The young man was breathing hard, and starting to move faster and faster in his excitement at getting to fuck a woman’s ass for the first time. He had wanted it to last so much longer, but realized he wasn’t going to be able to hold back. His prick had a mind of its own, and it wanted desperately to unload inside that tight hole.

With a great deal of effort he suddenly pulled out. He stayed still, raised up on his hands above her gasping, his prick bobbing with each gasping breath he took. His cock was on fire and straining to cum. She rubbed his shoulders lightly while he waited for the heat to subside. He grew impatient and wanted to be inside her again. This time his cock slipped in easily on the first try and he was fucking in and out wildly.

He only got a few thrusts in before his cock was spewing its seed inside her succulent bottom. He groaned in pleasure and collapsed on top of her as it pulsed between her soft cheeks. She stroked his back and cradled his head while the last spurts pumped into her.

The remained like this for a long time with his cock still inside her. She held his head close to hers so that he wouldn’t get up too fast. “You are a much better lover than any of the others,” she whispered in his ear. She couldn’t see his face but imagined that he was smiling. She decided to broach a difficult subject. “I saw some of the others hurting you the other night,” she said softly.

His body stiffened and he tried to push off of her but she held onto his head. “I was just wondering why you let them,” she said. “In Remar no man would treat another that way.”

She finally let go of his head so that she could see his face. She was glad to see that he wasn’t angry, just embarrassed. “I don’t have the power to stop them,” he admitted, “and this isn’t Remar. If I fight them I’ll get beat, or worse, die. “

There was so much she wanted to say, but couldn’t because it would be out of character for a slave so she just listened and stroked his back.

“I guess because I’m quieter and less abrasive then the rest of them, they see me as being more like a woman, so it’s less repellant for them to sodomize me than one of the others,” he sighed. “The worst part is I didn’t even want to become a sailor.”

“What did you want to be?” she asked.

“An artist, a sculptor,” he replied. “I was apprenticed to the local master, but I wasn’t making any money and after a few years of living at my father’s expense, he forced me to join this crew. If he knew how I would be treated I’m sure he wouldn’t have insisted.”

“Why stay? Why not go home now?” she asked.

“My father died shortly after I came aboard, and now I’m the only support my mother has,” he explained. “I would need a patron to be able sculpt for a living.”

Careena understood. Artists were generally a poor lot, and only those lucky enough to have a rich patron who enjoyed their work lived comfortably. Before she could say anything assuring to him they heard a noise close by. It was Kieran, stumbling toward them fully naked, his prick half hard as he approached.

“Getting a last fuck in, Jaco?” Kieran asked. “I had the same idea,” the first mate said. “If you’re finished, move aside so I can dip my dick in her.”

Jaco sheepishly lifted himself off of her without saying a word. His long cock finally pulled out of her butt followed by a stream of cum. Careena was surprised when Jaco didn’t leave but instead sat on the end of the bunk. Kieran grunted in annoyance but simply reached down and grabbed her legs and pulled her towards him. He flipped her over onto her stomach so that her feet were on the floor as she was bent over the edge of the bunk.

He fisted his cock into her wide open cunt and let out an exaggerated groan as he sank in to the hilt. Kieran draped himself over her so that he was covering her entire body with his. “Don’t you just love how soft she is, Jaco?” the first mate asked. “I could lie on top of her all day.”

Careena knew Kieran was trying to get a reaction out of the younger man, but Jaco wasn’t biting. She could tell Jaco was upset at being interrupted, but he didn’t let it show. He calmly sat and watched as the first mate began hammering his cock in and out of her pussy.

Kieran was making a lot of noise as he fucked her, and Careena realized the rest of the sailors wouldn’t be able to sleep through the ruckus. “Gods, she’s a good fuck!” Kieran exclaimed. “I’ve got enough coin saved up to get her all to myself for an entire night, and I think I will in a couple days after I recover from this night,” he bragged. “What about you Jaco? Gonna buy some more time with this slut?” he asked. Before Jaco could say anything, Kieran said, “Oh, that’s right. You need to save your coin for your mother.”

Kieran was pounding her hard the whole time he said this to Jaco. While she felt bad that the young man was getting teased, Kieran’s words and demeanor excited her a little. She knew that although his intention was to make Jaco feel bad, he really did enjoy her body and did want to spend more coin on her. Having spent time in a man’s body, she found that extremely flattering and arousing.

She usually like a slow sensual fuck like she had just shared with Jaco, but she was enjoying what Kieran was doing. His cock was hitting her clit at just the right angle, and she loved having his manly body covering hers even though he smelled heavily of sweat.

She couldn’t see or hear anything else going on in the room because he had his head pressed against hers, holding it down on the mattress. All she could see was one of Jaco’s thighs, and all she could hear when Kieran wasn’t talking was the sound of his cock noisily slamming her pussy and his breathing near her ear.

She quickly felt that familiar itch in her pussy signaling she was going to come. She let it build inside her quickly and then wash over her entire body. It wasn’t the largest orgasm she’d had, but it was very satisfying.

Kieran heard her gasp and felt her pussy contracting around his cock. “Gods, this slut’s coming again,” he moaned as he continued hammering away. “You really love cock, don’t you slut?” he said in her ear.

“Yesssss,” she groaned as her orgasm was finishing.

“Would you like to spend a night with me fucking you like the dirty slut you are?” he breathed.


“Good, because it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not,” he told her.

As he said that his body stiffened up and he shot his load inside her. He thrust in her a few more times as he pumped the last of her sperm into her willing hole and then quickly got up and out of the way. She hadn’t heard or seen them approach, but the rest of the sailors were up and waiting their turns.

Before the first one could even touch her, the door banged open and Captain Diedmon barged in. “Time’s up boys,” he said loudly. The other men grumbled in frustration, but backed away and allowed the captain walk over to her. He grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet.

“Looks like she’s in one piece,” he said, giving her a quick inspection. “I guess none of you lads gets punished. Now get dressed and on deck and get this ship moving!”

He started to lead her back to his cabin when her eyes fell on a water skin on the floor, jogging a memory from the night. She looked at the table where she had seen one before and saw that there was still one there too. She almost dismissed her memory as wishful thinking until she noticed that the water skins had identical scratches on the outside.

As she and the captain got close to the one on the floor she boldly bent down and picked it up without permission. The captain didn’t say anything so she opened it up and took a drink then carried it out with her.

Once inside the captain’s cabin, Careena felt suddenly exhausted and eyed his bed with longing.

“Get yerself cleaned up,” he instructed her, “then rest for a time. I’ll be back in a little while. I’ve got a big load saved up for you.”

Careena nodded quietly to him as he left to go up on deck. She inspected the water skin in her hand and smiled. She was sure it was identical to the one on the table which could only mean one thing: she had created with magic. She had the biggest smile on her face as she sank down onto the bed with her prize clutched to her chest.


Duke Kalas boarded a ship leaving Remar over a week after his wife had snuck out of the city. He was trailed by the slave, Lina, who had insisted on carrying his things herself. When she had seen the vast number of bags and crates that belonged to him she had decided it was ok if she just carried one item.

Behind her came Jareth and then Cilas Granthem and the slave he had saved from execution, Zella. He frowned when he thought of her, but Cilas had essentially saved her life, and he did owe the man for figuring out what the Remarians were looking for before they proposed it to him.

In the end, he agreed to send fifty paladins from the Trikingdom to Remar to help secure the city and train the city guard. In return, Trikingdom ships and merchants would receive discounts on tariffs and fees when they traded. Cilas told him that they had ended up on the better side of the deal because Remar was so desperate for aid.

As Lina followed him to his cabin he grew more and more worried about what he was about to do. While they were in Remar he had treated her like a slave, but now that they were leaving he had a surprise for her, and he wasn’t sure she was going to like it.

When they entered his cabin she frowned at the bags and clutter everywhere, but the Duke stopped her before she could clean up. “Lina, I have something for you,” he told her. He handed her a wrapped package and told her to open it. She stared at him confused. Masters never bought gifts for their slaves.

Inside the package was a set of clothes. Cilas had been unable to find any woman’s clothing in Remar so it was actually a man’s shirt and breeches, but they would do for now. She held them up with a strange look on her face.

“Does my body displease you, Master?” she asked.

“No, of course not,” he replied.

“Then why do you wish me to cover it with these … things?”

“Because women outside of Remar wear clothing,” he replied, “and it will help you fit in.” That was the strategy he was going to try to use to get her to become normalized in society. “I would also like you to read this,” he said handing her a large book. It was a book on the history of the Trikingdom. It would help teach her about life in her new home.

She took the book and looked at it skeptically. All slaves were taught to read and write, but they generally did not read books. “You will also be staying in other quarters,” he explained. She started to protest but he silenced her. “You will understand better once you’ve read the book,” he told her. “I will not see you until you have finished reading it.”

She nodded and clutched the book and clothes tightly while he led her to a smaller cabin that was next to his. “Read the book, and then we’ll talk,” he said as he closed her door. He hoped it would take her the better part of the voyage home to finish it. He had promised himself that he would not have sex with the young woman anymore so he wanted to stay away from her as much as possible.

It would be a long torturous journey home for the young duke. He thought that once he was with his wife again the temptation of sex with Lina would disappear. He prayed to the gods that would be the case.


Careena grunted in time with Captain Diedmon’s thrusts as he lay on top of her. She was tired and really wanted to sleep. Even though the captain had left her alone for at least an hour, she hadn’t gotten any rest because she had spent that time trying to recreate her use of magic.

The previous night had been the longest the captain had gone without fucking her since she had been on board so he was extra energetic. She wasn’t into it and was hoping he would be finished soon so she could sleep.

She had been unable to duplicate whatever magic she had cast to duplicate the water skin despite trying with several different objects and using every technique she had ever been taught. She remembered the sensations of being outside her body she had experienced during the fuck-fest and decided she would have to try and reach that state again. If she couldn’t do it on her own, she was going to have to recreate the conditions that caused it.

Despite her exhaustion she was eager to get started but decided it would be safer to try once she was off the ship. If the guys paid for another night and she reached that out of body state, she was going to try to use magic despite the risk.

The captain’s voice broke her out of her reverie and she realized he was speaking to her quietly while his great bulk rumbled on top of her. “Did you enjoy yourself last night, slut?”

“Yes,” she replied honestly, trying to make her voice sound seductive.

You sit on the edge of the bed, face turned down slightly, hair hanging over your eyes, afraid to look but listening, desperate for a sign, a signal, a command. Waiting for me to finish my shower, to come to you, to pay attention to you, to worship you.

Your legs vibrate with anticipation, your tight jeans rubbing against your smoothly shaved pussy and ass, no panties to protect your sensitive areas from the rough seams.

Your nipples are hard, painfully hard, brushing against the white cotton tank top you were told to wear. You can smell the heat from your sex, the wetness of your body, both from your own recent shower and your building excitement.

You are curious, slightly scared, but content in your absolute trust in your master. You are here to do what I say, what I command, but you know I am driven by the single goal of providing you with ultimate pleasure.

You wonder what toy we will use tonight, the nipple clamps, the vibrator, the butt plug….or something new, thrilling, delightfully naughty, maybe a paddle. Or will I just use my fingers, my tongue and my cock.

Will I come inside you this time, in your mouth, in your pussy or in your ass. Or will I spread my hot come all over you, rubbing it into your skin, into your pussy, making you come as I do. Or on your tits, your neck and your face letting you taste it. The excitement builds thinking of watching the spurts fly from my cock all over your beautiful face and in your hair.

You squirm a bit, impatiently, causing your erect clit to rub against your pants,. Waves of pleasure course through you. You wonder if you could come, just sitting here waiting, and if you did would I know, would I be upset and would I punish you?

You squirm some more, determined to relieve the pressure building in your wet pussy. Just a small one you think, just while you are waiting, I would be happy you tell yourself.

You reach up and pinch your nipple through your shirt, rubbing your legs together slowly, increasing the friction on your clit, the wetness from your pussy soaking through your pants, filling the room with your scent. You feel yourself fall over the edge, coming in waves now, pinching you nipples hard, making the sensation last, moaning, gasping, trying not to cry out, wishing you could plunge your fingers deep inside your wet pussy and come again and again.

You recover slightly and sit and wait again, breathing hard, trying to recover before I finish my shower, knowing I will be able to tell and worried you will be punished. You want me to lick the wetness from your pulsing clit, want me to make your clit wetter, harder until you come again.

I come out of the shower and see you sitting there. A picture of beauty and sensuality. I can see you wriggling, shaking, I can smell your arousal, I know you are ready to come.

I want to take you roughly, quickly, pulling your hair, holding your neck, sinking my hard cock deep inside you and pumping until we both explode, but I decide that tonight we will go slow. I walk to the bed and grab your chin, turning your head up towards me I kiss you lightly. Worshiping your face, your chin, cheeks, eyelids, finally kissing you on the lips. I feel your lips part and your tongue dart out but I pull back.

I pull back your hair to see your face, marveling at your beauty, amazed that you are mine, mine to do with as I please.

I know you will not say no, to anything. The unspoken agreement is that I will not push you beyond where you are comfortable. It is the searching for the edge, the slow progression towards total abandon, total submission, total pleasure that we both enjoy so much.

What will we do tonight?

I tell you to take off you shirt, I love to watch your breasts as they are slowly revealed under the edge of you shirt, the way they pull up and then fall back down. I love to watch the weight of them, to see how hard your nipple are, revealing your intense arousal.

You flush when you notice my gaze, you are shy even though I have seen you naked many times.

“Lick your fingers and pinch your nipples for me” I command.

You comply, quickly, licking both fingers, pinching both nipples at the same time. I watch your eyes close and your head tilt back. A soft moan escapes your lips. I bring my head down close to your ear and command you not to come. You pinch your nipples harder at the sound of my voice, the desire to be possessed overwhelming you.

I push you onto your back and straddle your waist, watching you playing with your nipples. I am naked and still wet from the shower, my growing excitement obvious from my hard cock now lying softly against your taut belly. I lick my hand and begin to stroke myself, “Look at me” I whisper softly.

You open your eyes and I can see the lust burning in them. You glance at my hard cock and lick you lips. I rub a bit faster then lean forward and grab the back of your neck. I push my cock deep in your mouth, almost losing control and bursting the second your lips touch me. But I hold back, slowly stroking in and out, holding your head, telling you how good you are, how dirty you are.

You let me guide your head, trusting me, knowing I will push to the edge and no further. You open your throat and my cock slips in, pausing deep in your throat until I see your eyes widen. I slowly remove it an allow you to catch your breath before plunging back in. You lick greedily at my balls as they brush against your chin.

I move back down, getting off the bed and working to get your pants off, snap, zipper, each piece of skin revealed getting attention from my hands and lips. You are pushing against me, vainly attempting to get me to lick your wetness. I pull you pants off and throw them on the floor. I can smell you excitement, the desire to plunge into you once again almost overtaking me.

I turn you over and tell you to get on your knees. You ass is now front and center. I push your head down into the bed. I tell you to reach back and spread yourself for me. First one hand then the other reach back, grabbing your shapely ass cheeks. You spread them for me, revealing your pink, hot wetness. Your fingers rub the edge of you asshole, desperate for stimulation, desperate for penetration.

You are very modest and exposing yourself in this way creates massively conflicting emotions….absolute embarassment and absolute desire. I see you stroking your asshole and tell you to stop. That is my job.

I lick my finger and run it down from your tiny little ass hole to your clit, again and again, touching lightly but directly the most sensitive parts of you. I can see the folds of your pussy openning and the wetness inside dripping, flowing more insistently, dripping down your leg. I reach out my tongue to taste you, licking in the opposite direction of my fingers, starting at your clit and ending at your sensitive butt.

Salty, sweet, your taste is everything that I dream of, I can’t get enough. I can tell as I lick that you are reaching the point of no return and I back off slightly. I lick both thumbs and push them inside you, pulling your pussy open, stretching you, exposing you further. I lick slowly at your clit, running my tongue up into your gaping pussy. Licking at the sensitive spot where your pussy meets your asshole. I stick my tongue deep inside, lapping out your wetness and then back to your clit. My thumbs working in and out as they continue to stretch your pussy.

Licking two fingers now I push them slowy into you. Stopping at your g-spot for a moment but pushing deeeper inside, probing, pushing exploring your pussy the way you enjoy.

As my fingers return you your g-spot to rub in slow circles I dip my tongue in to you ass. Pushing my tongue inside, in and out. I hear your moans and I know where I am going to finish. But first I need to make you explode.

I continue to move my fingers inside you, adding a third finger to fill you up but still be able to hit your g-spot. I think about the fourth but decide to wait for another night for that adventure.

I move my mouth to your asshole, sucking, licking, rubbing with my tongue, my fingers moving relentlessly inside you. I start whispering about how I am going to fuck you, fuck you little ass and come deep inside you. You push back against my tongue and fingers and I know you are ready. My thumb reaches around to your clit and rubs hard, in time with my fingers inside. I can feel your ass clench, your pussy tighten, your wetness increase. Your hands move to your nipples and pinch hard as you come.

I keep up the intensity, rubbing, probing, licking, you move from one orgasm directly into the next, no time to breath or recover. Again and then again. I wonder how many you can have but I decide it is enough for now. There will be more later.

I turn you slowly onto your back, your face is red, your hair sweaty, you look exhausted but happy and fulfilled.

I tell you to grab your knees and pull them up as high as you can. Pulling them apart you reveal your sweet pink center to me again. I resist the urge to lick your gaping wetness, instead focusing on your breasts and nipples. I kiss your lips and suck on your tongue. I am over the top, lusting of you, wanting you, wanting to taste every inch of you.

I am so hard it is painful, looking in your eyes I push myself slowly into you. Your eyes go wide as I enter your wet pussy. As much as I love to please you this is about me I want to fill you up. I push deep inside you, pumping, thrusting. I push your knees back, opening you further to me. I slam desperately into you, banging up against your cervix, each thrust sending jolts of pleasure through both of us. I can tell you want to rub your clit, to come again, but I tell you not to, not yet.

I reach over and grab the bottle of lube, your eyes go wide, knowing what is going to happen. I pull out, leaving you gaping, pulsing, ready to come. I pour the lube all over rmy cock, all over your ass and pussy. I prop a pillow under your back, your little rosebud fully exposed to me. I am stroking myself, almost ready to come.

I push a finger inside your ass, slowly, you tighten up at first but then relax. I push in and out, slowly opening you up. I push a second finger inside making sure the lube is everywhere. I push deep into your ass, owning you completely, now a third finger, you are bucking against my hand, insane with desire.

I tell you to start rubbing your clit, to get ready to come with me.

I move up close and push my hard cock against your little ass hole. Slowly, slowly I push it inside. You wiggle and squirm but don’t say a word. Your eyes are wide but I can see the lust inside, the abandon, the desire to be totally possessed. The head of my cock pops in and I stop, let you relax before pushing farther. The urge to come now burning inside me. I breath and wait. You rub your clit more insistently, passion overtaking you. You grab my legs and pull yourself towards me, desperate to be filled. I start to push inside you, slowly back and forth, deeper with each stroke, faster and faster. I am now buried deep inside you, stroking the full length of my cock in and out of your tight ass.

You rub your clit and tell me you are ready to come, you yell at me to come with you. I increase my insistent stroking, watching your eyes. I can feel you coming, I can feel your ass spasming around my cock and I let myself go, pulsing, throbbing I fill you with come. I can feel your ass clenching pulling me in deeper as you come. I am still inside you, still a bit hard. I push three fingers into your pussy and rub your clit with my thumb again. You buck against me, coming again and then a third time, while I am still inside you.

I pull out slowly and we lie beside each other, covered in sweat and lube, happy, tired, content.

We fall asleep in each others arms.

May 2018
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