slave contract


Chapter 1

Adam and Monica had been together for almost four months when they first heard about the “Academy.” It was an odd name for a resort, but it had been highly recommended on the blogs they had frequented, and the resort’s website was intriguing. It had seemed like the perfect place to solidify their relationship.

It was a relationship based on their shared fascination with BDSM—and in each other, of course. It had started with just talk, but when they realized how well their sexual fantasies meshed, their experimentation progressed quickly to regular sessions of ropes and cuffs. It was all in good fun.

Adam was a bottom—by choice. Really, he was okay with it. His only regret was that they couldn’t share any aspect of their lifestyle with anyone they knew. Their uptight friends just wouldn’t understand.

So how could they not be intrigued when the website for Mistress Kathy’s Academy of Domination and Submission bragged about the two-week training course that immersed couples in the BDSM lifestyle? The campuses were on a beautiful island, and the description had promised two full weeks immersed in bondage culture.

Adam and Monica were ready. Here was a chance to meet others who shared their fascination. And how could they resist the lure of two weeks of the kinkiest sex they’d ever have?

They’d bought their tickets, filled out the questionnaires and agreed upon the tuition. A commercial plane had taken them to a Pacific island where a lovely woman dressed in skintight leather had met them at the airport and driven them to a dock. There they had boarded a yacht for a 5-hour voyage to the Academy’s tropical island campus.

Now Adam and Monica explored the Academy’s north campus. After lunch and a visit to the gift shop, their next stop was the “dean’s office” where they were to be welcomed by Mistress Kathy herself. Apparently she liked to meet all of her students personally before the necessary papers were signed—to make sure her students met the high standards of the Academy.

The walk across campus was a unique experience. Women wearing dominatrix outfits were walking out in the open, many of them accompanying “subs” who wore a variety of enticing costumes. Although there were some men, Adam noticed that most of the students were beautiful women—something which met with his approval. He also noticed that most of the subs had their arms tied behind their backs with leather restraints, and one even had a gag in her mouth. Adam wondered if this was a normal day or part of a special event.

At the reception desk, they found a female sub wearing a baby T, a g-string and a leash. She pointed the way to Mistress Kathy’s office, apologizing for not being able to escort them personally because she was tethered to her desk until her mistress returned.

Adam noted a sign in the lobby which read:


Adam wondered what exactly a “common area” was.

“This is really impressive,” said Monica as they walked down the hall toward the office.

“Just like the pictures on the website,” agreed Adam.


“We came all this way to do this. I still want to if you do.”

Monica looked up and saw a dominatrix leading a pair of toga-clad girls wearing leashes and armbinders. Monica twirled a finger through her blonde curls–a tell that she was getting turned on.

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I really want to.”

Adam expected Mistress Kathy to look like a schoolmarm but was surprised to find a raven-haired woman with supermodel good looks sitting across the table from them. She wore business attire, but with a very short black skirt that displayed enticingly long legs. Adam noticed that among the various office items sitting on the table before her was a flexible riding crop.

“You’ve read the brochures,” Mistress Kathy said. “And I see that you more than meet our enrollment standards.” She gave Adam a meaningful look which made him a bit uncomfortable. “Do either of you have any questions before signing the contracts?”

Adam was feeling anxious–in part because of the décor of the room. At first glance, it appeared to be an ordinary office, but looking up, he noticed a network of chains and pulleys suspended from an unusually high ceiling, the purpose of which he could only guess.

Adam had been looking forward to two weeks of kinky role-playing, but now that he was actually here, the whole thing seemed uncomfortably real. Although he didn’t want to admit it to Monica, he was nervous, and he realized that this was his last chance to voice any doubts he had.

“If we change our minds, can we drop out and get our money back?” he asked. He glanced at Monica who was a bit surprised at his question, but she didn’t seem angry.

“That rarely happens,” Kathy said. She turned to Monica and asked, “Is he always this shy?”

“Not usually,” admitted Monica.

Kathy smiled at him appreciatively. “First day jitters are not uncommon.” She turned to Monica. “I like a little shyness in my subs. You’ve chosen him well.

“Regarding his question, if you truly want to leave, you may take your slave and go home, and the remainder of your tuition will be refunded—provided you’re not expelled, which triggers a forfeiture clause. And naturally, your equipment fee isn’t refundable. It’s already gone toward the purchase of gags, restraints and other equipment for your personal use. These items are yours to keep regardless of whether you decide to enroll.”

Monica turned to Adam. “You’re not having second thoughts, are you?”

Looking in Monica’s eyes, he felt reassured. They both wanted to do this, and although he had some jitters, he didn’t want to back out. “It was just a question,” he said.

“Excellent,” said Kathy, taking more papers out of a file. “As you already know, there are three contracts to sign before you can be admitted. The first is a slave contract. It is not our policy to admit new couples unless their relationship has been formalized in writing.”

Adam knew this was coming and had mentally prepared for it. “My understanding is that this isn’t a legally binding contract.”

Mistress Kathy smiled at him intently. “Don’t enter into this agreement lightly just because American courts don’t recognize its legality. You’re making a commitment to a lifestyle of submission which we take very seriously. The slave contract we prepared for you is based on the questionnaires you both filled out. Monica, you agree that you will be responsible for his care, his conduct and his training. And Adam, you agree to allow Monica to make decisions for you and to abide by her wishes without complaint.”

The contract lay on the desk in front of them. Adam and Monica read it carefully.

“Okay,” said Adam after taking a deep breath. “Let’s do it.” Adam and Monica both signed the contract.

Mistress Kathy took the signed contract and put another much longer one in front of them. “The second contract is for dominatrix training. Monica, by signing this, you agree to pay the tuition in advance for your classes in the domination school. In return, we agree to train you in the arts of domination and proper slave care.”

Monica picked up the contract to read it more carefully. Adam leaned over to see what she was reading, but Mistress Kathy abruptly swatted the table with her crop, causing them both to jump.

“This contract is for her training,” she said, glaring at Adam. “It doesn’t concern you.”

After a brief hush, Monica giggled, amused by how seriously Mistress Kathy was taking the enrollment process. “It’s all right, Adam. I can handle this on my own.”

“While she’s reading that, you will have time to prepare for your stay,” Mistress Kathy told Adam. She reached into a file drawer and pulled out a tiny black swimming brief and a collar. “These are your new clothes. You may change behind the screen,” she said, gesturing toward a dimly lit changing area in a dark corner of her office.

“Now?” he asked. “I was hoping we could get settled into our room first if that’s all right.”

“It isn’t,” said Kathy. “You’re a slave now and must look the part.” She held the brief and the collar before him. “These are items your mistress has already purchased, and I’m sure she doesn’t want her money to be wasted.”

Monica seemed amused. “Go on,” she said. “I’ve seen you wear less. Try them on and see if they fit.”

Adam picked up the black brief which looked even smaller close up. “This isn’t my size,” he said.

“I have your measurements on file,” informed Kathy. “It’s perfect.”

Adam went behind the screen and put it on. He emerged a few minutes later wearing the outfit and carrying the clothes he arrived in. There was a full-length mirror in the changing area, so he knew exactly what he looked like. He waited for Monica to laugh at him.

She didn’t. Instead she gasped quietly and stared at him with renewed interest. “I’ve never seen you in a collar before,” she said.

“Really?” said Mistress Kathy with surprise. “That’s the most important part. It demonstrates his willing submission to your authority.” Kathy took the clothes from Adam’s hands and put them in an unmarked briefcase.

“I like your new look,” said Monica, grinning mischievously. Adam saw that she had signed the second contract while he had been changing.

“Where are you putting my clothes?” asked Adam.

“You’re wearing your clothes,” Kathy replied. “You may get your old clothes back in two weeks–provided your mistress allows it.”

“Who—?” Monica started to ask. “Oh, you mean me.”

Kathy said, “Monica, you will also have a new outfit—several actually—one to match each of your moods. As a dominatrix, you must look the part, and your attire will let our staff and students know that you are entitled to privileges.”

“Privileges?” Monica smiled. “Like what?”

Mistress Kathy returned her smile. She glanced at Adam, then back to Monica. “We’ll discuss that later. Adam is waiting to begin his training, but first, his contract must be signed.”

Adam sat back down in his chair–which felt cold next to his bare skin. Kathy produced a third document and set it on the table. This contract was several pages long, much longer than either of the other two.

“This contract is for the slave school,” she said. “It has the usual attendance clauses and details of his curriculum. But it also gives us the authority to train and discipline the slave on behalf of his mistress. Punishments are outlined for specific offenses, as well as restraints that may be used by our staff as part of his discipline.”

Adam picked up the contract to read it, but Kathy angrily snatched it from his hand.

“It’s not for you to see!” said Mistress Kathy. “She signs for you!”

“What?” Adam started to protest. “But—”

“You agreed to allow her to make decisions for you. Any matter regarding you is to be decided by her.”

Adam was beginning to understand what Mistress Kathy meant when she said that slave contracts were a serious matter here. He looked at Monica who seemed surprised by Kathy’s outburst. Monica looked at him and seemed somehow disappointed by his behavior, as if he had embarrassed her.

We looked forward to this trip for so long, he thought. Out loud, he said, “Okay, I get it. She can sign, but can I at least read it?”

“Is that allowed?” asked Monica.

“Why indulge him like that?” was Kathy’s reply. “You would encourage his bad behavior.”

Monica seemed undecided, but when she saw Adam’s pleading eyes, her face relaxed into a sympathetic smile for Adam. “Well, if you behave, I’ll let you read it.”

Adam leaned over to look, but Monica playfully pushed him away. “After I’ve read it, of course.” She was already beginning to enjoy her newly official status as his mistress.

Adam sat back in his chair to wait, unwilling to antagonize Mistress Kathy any further. But Kathy wasn’t finished with him.

“She’s going to need quite a while to read that, so you should continue getting ready for your stay,” she said. Adam was going to ask what she meant by that, but it became obvious when she produced a pair of wrist cuffs.

“Wait, she hasn’t signed it yet,” said Adam. “My training doesn’t start until she signs the final contract.”

“You’re not yet a student, but you’re still a slave. Your signature on the first contract says so,” said Mistress Kathy. She turned toward Monica. “Here is your first lesson, Mistress Monica. Tell me what this sign says.” She indicated a placard on the wall.

“All slaves must be appropriately restrained while in the common areas,” she read aloud.

“This building is a common area,” informed Kathy. “Is your slave restrained—appropriately or otherwise?”


“Does the sign state any exceptions for slaves who are not yet enrolled?”


“So you have failed to restrain your slave while you’re a guest on our campus. This reflects badly on you. If you do not correct the situation, I’ll have to ask you to take your slave and leave.”

“We don’t want that, do we?” She smiled and winked at Adam.

“Then order him to obey me!” snapped Mistress Kathy.

“Yes, maam.” Monica rose from her chair and stood face-to-face with Adam. “You heard the boss. Obey Mistress Kathy,” said Monica.

“Tell him to obey me as he would you,” Kathy instructed. “He must understand that any commands I give him are on your behalf.”

“Obey Mistress Kathy as you would me,” commanded Monica.

Mistress Kathy held up the restraints. “Slave, submit!”

I’ll get her back for this, he thought as he held out his hands for Mistress Kathy.

“Behind your back,” she corrected him.

Adam turned around, and she fastened his hands together. With a short length of chain, she secured his wrist cuffs to the back of his collar and pulled the chain until his hands were suspended halfway up his back. Clearly Kathy wasn’t going to show him any kind of leniency.

“Might I suggest that you have him wait outside while you’re reading? That way he won’t keep distracting you. One of my other mistresses can watch him so he doesn’t wander off.”

“I’d rather stay here,” said Adam. Again he looked at Monica with pleading eyes. Monica glanced at Mistress Kathy who returned her glance with a scowl. The sympathy Adam hoped to see in Monica’s eyes was replaced by a wicked impishness.

“Wait outside,” Monica said. “It is a long contract, and I could use some quiet while I read.”

Mistress Kathy had already opened the door leading out to the waiting room. “Helga, come here please.”

The woman who responded was shockingly beautiful. The tall busty redhead in skintight vinyl had just tethered a male slave to a metal ring imbedded in the wall of the waiting room. She now stepped confidently into the doorway of the office.

“This is Mistress Helga, one of our trainers,” said Kathy. “Monica, command your slave to obey Mistress Helga. That will prevent any potential arguments.”

“You’d better do as she says,” Monica told him. “Obey Helga as you would me.”

Before he could say anything, Kathy said, “You heard your mistress. Move!” and pushed Adam out the door. To Helga, Mistress Kathy said, “This slave is bothering his mistress with useless chatter, so keep him out of here until his mistress and I have had a chance to discuss his contract. And please restrain him appropriately.”

“Yes, mistress,” said Helga. Mistress Kathy went back inside her office and closed the door.

“What does she mean by ‘appropriately’?” Adam asked.

“Find out,” said Helga as she found a pair of bondage implements hanging on the wall. “These are bondage mittens. I need to ensure that your fingers aren’t available to open any doors or latches in an attempt to escape.”

Helga slipped the mittens over his hands which were already suspended behind his back. Adam started to empathize with the other slave standing quietly in the corner. The quiet man looked in his direction.

“I’m new here,” Adam said to the other man. He felt ridiculous saying it, but the other man’s silent stare made him uncomfortable.

Helga said, “He will not speak to you.”

“Why not?”

“He knows his place.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Only a mistress may give him permission to speak.”

“Slaves aren’t allowed to talk?”

“Speaking is an indulgence that some mistresses will allow, but only sparingly. You are new, so you have many questions. That’s why I haven’t gagged you yet.”

Helga finished securing his bondage mittens, making the entire upper half of his body useless. “Turn around,” she said. “Are they tight enough? Are your hands and arms secure?”

He tugged his arms in every direction he could manage, but could not get free. “They’re secure,” he admitted. “Do you really think I would tell you if they weren’t?”

“No,” she said. “But I enjoy watching you struggle. It’s satisfying.” For the first time, Helga smiled, but it was far from reassuring. “Now we can concentrate on your legs.”

“You’re going to tie my ankles together?”

“No, not your ankles,” she said, reaching for more restraints. “Just your knees. You’ll be able to walk a little—but not very fast.”

Adam nodded toward the slave in the corner. “He’s not wearing knee straps.”

He knows his place, so his restraints are appropriate for him. You made a poor first impression on Mistress Kathy, so these restraints will be appropriate for you.”

Helga secured the straps around his knees. Then, when his back was turned, she swatted him on the ass with a crop. He nearly fell over.

“That was to see if the knee straps are secure.” She smiled again–a bit more evilly than before. “They’ll do.”

As Helga admired her handiwork, Adam could hear scraps of conversation coming from the office. Apparently Monica had finished reading the contract and they were now discussing it. The tone of the conversation sounded friendly, but Mistress Kathy seemed to be doing most of the talking. It wasn’t until he heard them laughing that he started to worry. They sounded like two old friends having a girls’ night out.

At least Monica’s having fun, he thought. But what are they laughing about in there?

Helga noticed Adam’s reaction to the sounds coming from the office. “I think Mistress Kathy likes you,” said Helga. “She’s more strict with the slaves she likes. That’s how it is with us.” Helga glided her hand lightly across his chest, creating a tickling sensation. “I can see why. I like you too.” Her index finger ended up on his little black brief, which she pulled back for a peek.

“Hey, my girlfriend’s in the next room.”

“Yes, and she told you to obey me.” Satisfied by what she saw, she went back to the wall to get another restraint.

“I will allow you to ask one more question,” she said, presenting him with his ball gag.

“You said you weren’t going to gag me.”

“I said that I hadn’t gagged you yet. I never said I wasn’t going to.”

This bitch is dangerous, Adam thought. She was getting far too friendly for his comfort, and he had no idea what she would do once the conversation stopped. Feeling a sudden urgency to delay the moment the gag went in his mouth, his mind went blank.

Adam finally nodded toward the quiet man in the corner. He asked Helga, “Is he yours? I mean, are you his mistress?”

Helga walked in a casual circle around Adam, and this time she made it obvious that she was checking out his body. “He’s not a student,” she explained. “He’s part of our staff. Each domination student is assigned an experienced slave to practice and experiment upon.” Helga was now behind him, out of his field of view, but he felt her hand on his shoulder as she whispered, “That one has been assigned to your mistress.”

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