slave boy

I’ve never had a pet before, at least not of the human variety, and had I been asked I would have claimed little interest in one. I suppose I should have known I was wrong, for I am certainly enjoying the delightful attentions of one at the moment… immensely. I adore my little slave boy, and how much he aches and whimpers for cum, and humiliation… anything my heart desires. So for his shame, my pleasure , and everyone else’s random enjoyment; the following was written for him. I couldn’t have asked or wished for anything more.


I would be waiting when you got home, waiting just within line-of-sight of the door. Torso encased in a tight black corset, letting my breasts hang free, nipples hardened to small peaks. Stiletto-heeled, patent leather thigh high boots draw your eyes upward, to my gloriously bare pussy. From across the room I can watch your cock stir. Coming to life slowly in the confines of your trousers, as you continue to caress me with your eyes. The sound of a riding crop against my hand snaps your attention to my eyes, now regarding you through half-lids.

“I’m glad you like what you see, my Simon. I think perhaps, if you behave admirably, and complete the tasks I set you… you just might be allowed the chance to sample my pretty charms at some point!”

My heels make small clicks, as I approach you slowly, all the while measuring out an even cadence with the crop. When I am within around 5 feet or so, I come to a stop our eyes still locked.

“Have you gotten enough of an eyeful, pet? The fact that you still have your clothing on is beginning to irritate me, which doesn’t bode well for you later. Now, strip… then kneel, and keep your eyes down dear, I haven’t given you permission to look at my cunt yet, though I do appreciate your very obvious enjoyment of the view.”

Your eyes drop to the floor as you hasten to comply, ridding yourself of your clothing rather quickly, before dropping to the floor in front of me, gaze locked on the toes of my boots.

“Mmmm, such a good boy. Once you’ve been told what to do you manage very nicely. Now, take your cock and balls into your hands and hold them tightly for me.”

I watch you, as I close the remaining distance between us, one of your hands cups your scrotum gingerly, the other encircles the base of your shaft, pulling the skin downward slightly before you tighten your hands fully.

I let my eyes play over your kneeling form, loving the sight of your bent neck and close cropped dark hair, hard cock presented and displayed for my pleasure.

I wrap my hand into your hair, nails scraping across your scalp before wrenching your head back sharply. Your eyes remain appropriately lidded as I press your face into my musky cunt. The heat and scent of my sex envelop you and I can feel the soft kiss of your breath caress my heavy clit.

“Are you ready to show me how much you want to please that pretty pussy? Hmmm?” You’re already soft reply is muffled.

“Fuck.. yes, please.”

The answering riding crop, skipping off your ass, stings your pride more than your skin.

“I think I heard you wrong cockslut, did I?”

“Unh.. yes Ma’am, I’m sorry. Please.. I want to lick Your Cunt, let me please you.”

“I do like the sounds of your begging, bitch…” My hand still wrapped tightly in your hair, I move slowly into the next room, forcing you to crawl beside me- cock firmly in your hands.

Stopping before the couch, I circle around you tugging lightly at your short hairs before lowering myself down and letting my legs fall open to either side.

“Beg my cunt, slut. I want to hear the sounds of your mouth watering in desire as you contemplate licking up my sweet cum. Hold your cock out while you beg me to suck on my clit…”

The riding crop falls smartly down on your shoulders, as you feel the desire begin writhing through your body. A breath escapes your chest, as you lean in toward my moist cunt placing your lips just on the outside of my hot little hole. While your heady voice begins it’s plea’s…


The sweet taste of my cum lingers on your lips; your hard cock is heavy, almost painful with need. You work your hand up and down your length careful not to push yourself over the edge. My parting promise about going to fetch some things I had found “rather intriguing”, only adds to your erotic suspense.

The television, positioned so you can watch your own humiliation, displays a picture of you to all. Most importantly, it is being recorded for my later enjoyment. Kneeling in the middle of the room, trying your damndest to heed my admonishment not to cum while maintaining a fierce erection during my absence, you are a tantalizing sight. Your pinkened ass serving as an appetizer of what is to happen, should you spill your seed or soften. The paddle handle held firmly between your teeth; I imagine anyone who happened to glance in the window would get quite an eyeful…

By the time I return, the head of your cock is a deep purple and it juts proudly from your body in a salute to me as I enter. I set a bag down by my side as I begin to undo the buttons of my long black overcoat, revealing my still barely clad form. Watching yours eyes drink in the sight of my body and your cock twitch uncontrollably brings a cruel smile to my face.

“I’m glad you haven’t cum while I was gone, but you did seem to forget your manners while you had idle time. We are going to have to correct that, oh little toy-of-mine.”

To late, you drop your eyes, but not before you see me striding toward you quickly. You begin to stammer out an apology, attempting to mollify me, when you feel my hand biting into the back of your neck propelling your face forward into the carpeted floor. I caress your ass a few times before dealing several sharp stinging slaps to first one side, then the other. I repeat this process until you flinch at the sharp touch of my nail against your abused skin.

“Mmm, I love the sight of you spread out on your hands and knees, waiting to get fucked. Your ass looks so pretty with my hand prints on it, pet. Don’t you think so?”

I wrench your head up so you can see the screen, now showing your ass- red angry splotches marring your delicate white skin. The difficult angle of your neck makes it hard to speak as you reply.

“Yes Mistress, thank You.”

“So polite now, hold your ass open for the camera, Simon.”

Finally able to release your hard cock; you struggle for a second to reach behind you, gripping your hot ass in your hands and holding it wide.

“Such a good boy, do you want me to fuck you, little pussy?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Tell me, you dirty bitch, tell me how you want me to fuck you.”

“Please Mistress, I want you to fuck my ass.. hard.”

“Here, whore?” You watch my hand on screen, then feel as it begins to play with your painfully tight hole. Your eyes drift closed for a moment, and your cock throbs in time with your heart.

“God.. yes Mistress”

“Are you ready to show me what a good boy you can be?” My finger continues to play with your ass. Working in each knuckle slowly, tormenting you. Fondling, penetrating.

“Yes, please…I want to please you mistress. I want to beg for a taste of your holy cunt. I want to worship you. I am worthless next to your perfection. Please. Let me lick your asshole. Let me finger your cunt, Please, let me kiss your feet. Let me lick your legs… stroke your body. Let me worship you. Let me massage you in oil and whisper how beautiful you are. “

“My good little boy, we shall have to see, won’t we now? At the moment though, I have other plans for you, slave. Keep your ass displayed like that for me, I am enjoying the view.” I withdraw my finger from it’s game and release my hold on your hair, allowing you to relax slightly for a moment.

While you catch your breath, I stand and stride across the room, grabbing several of the items I had picked up prior. Careful not to step in front of the camera, I return to your side. Giving a proprietary slap to your ass I begin.

“Kneel up, making sure to keep your hands in place.” It takes you a few moments but your able to manage without to much difficulty.

“Mmm, such a pretty cock you have, so thick and hard”

“Thank you Ma’am”

The first item I produce seems to resemble a vibrating cock ring with anal beads attached to it. I moisten your cock slightly with lube; just enough so it goes on without too much hassle, but still pulls the skin back in discomfort. You feel the tight band of the cock ring settle into place around the base of your hard shaft, and exhale sharply.

“Ohh, do you like that, Simon?”

“Yes Mistress”

“You’re about to like it even better I believe, now down.” You press your face into the carpet once more, feeling the pounding excitement in your viens. You feel my tongue flicking at the opening of your hole, dampening the skin, then adding lube; chuckling as you moan and waggle your ass like a horny little whore.

You feel a tugging at your cock while I begin positioning the toy, the first ball feels huge as it slowly penetrates you. Your ass accepts the toy gratefully as you whimper half in ecstasy, half in pain; occasionally thrusting your hips forward as the balls continue to work inside you. By the time I’ve worked the balls all the way into your slutty bowels you are trembling with desire; panting lightly.

“You may drop your hands now, place them behind your neck and kneel up again.”

I stand back and survey your displyed form, slapping your nipples a few times with a small 4″ flogger about my wrist. You whimper softly as I twist and pull on your sensitive nubs. My hands trail downward; nails scraping across your soft flesh. I draw one finger down your gloriously thick cock watching the precum ooze form it’s tip. My chuckle sends chills down your back as I cup your balls in my hand, rubbing my thumb across the top of your sac.

Your breath catches in a moan; such a sound of pleading release, begging me with your entire body. I lean down and place a single kiss on the head of your cock before whipping it once with the small flogger. You jerk in suprise when I engage the vibrator and your cock is overwhelmed with sensation, the small balls in your ass thrumming along, as well.

I begin softly teasing your cock with my hand, occasionaly pausing to whip it, adoring the sounds your make. With my other hand I begin playing with your stuffed ass, pressing my thumb onto the toy, moving it gently from side-to-side.

Your trembling intensifies as you try and restrain your orgasm, blood thundering through your body. The stinging kiss of the small whip against your heated flesh finally undoes you, and your cock surges and jerks spraying cum into the air and a puddle at your knees.

When the tide of pleasure fades from your consciousness, silent disapproval meets with your return….


To soon, after your rocking orgasm, for you to react quickly, the slap across your face pulls you to awareness. Followed shortly by another, then my hand gripping your jaw. My implaccable green eyes stare down at you, caught in a small frown, your body quakes in response of the anticipated punishment.

“That was not at all pleasing to me, cock. I had plans for that cum and didn’t tell you to release it yet.” The small flogger lands across your nipples. “Not to mention the mess you’ve made of the floor.” I release you jaw, but keep the tight grip in your hair. I continue randomly tugging at your hair, while I ponder the situation allowing you to wonder at my thoughts.

“I believe I come up with a solution, which I am sure you are dying to hear and obey right, my cummaker?”

“Yes Mistress, please let me make it up to you. Let me please you”

“Alright then pet, so eager to please. You will be punished, however first you must clean up the dirty mess you’ve made…on your knees, with your tongue.” Your eyes widen slightly at this point as you begin to tremble, cock twitching back to life. I chuckle deep in my throat at your natural reaction to this humiliation. Loving that it arouses you.

“Ohh, you like that do you, you are a dirty little sissy aren’t you, licking up cum off the floor like a proper fucking whore.” I reach out and stroke your cock, then trail my finger back to tease at your asshole. ” Just waiting and waiting to get your ass fucked… are you going to beg me to fuck your ass, simon? Are you gonna suck real hard and sloppy on my strap-on, making sure it’s ready to pound you hard?”

My hand wraps itself in your hair, gripping tightly to catch your whimpering attention- then presses it into the floor beside the quickly drying cum.

“Lick it up, bitch. I want to watch you clean up your own cum for me, if you get up every last drop like a good boy, maybe the punishment won’t go so badly for you.”

The first taste makes you shudder at the cooling consistency, and I can see you struggle with yourself for a moment.

“Don’t you want to please me, love?” My hand kneads your head gently, my voice soft for a moment.

“Unnhh.. yes Ma’am.” You close your eyes then apply yourself to the task of kittening up your cum.

“Let me hear how much your enjoying it, whore.” The soft sounds of pleasure you begin to make, soaks my cunt before you’re finished. I let the noises of your moans and soft lapping surround me as I continue to play with your tight bud of an asshole. “God- I love the sounds you make, so arousing. This little ass of yours makes my cunt so wet. Aren’t you proud you can make my cunt so wet, simon?”

You finish cleaning your cum from the floor, waiting patiently face pressed downward. Shame at the fact you’ve just been recorded licking your own cum from the floor, roiling through your stomach. Erection fierce and painful already.

The first paddle slap catches you unaware, up under the curve of your ass, lifting you a little- stinging and hard against your unprepared skin.

“This is the first part of your punishment, I expect you to thank me after each swing, and reassure me that your cum is for my pleasure and amusement, simon.”

“Thank you Mistress, every drop of my cum is for You.” This repeating litany combined with the sound of laquered wood against bare skin, sends chills of pleasure down my exposed skin.

By the sixth fast swing your whole body feels flushed and heated. Your ass a veritable fire, sentences coming faster now- as thought to speed the process. I pause at an even dozen, allowing us both to catch our breath. I kneel at your side carressing your welted ass with my sharp nails.

I scratch across your skin for a few moments, listening to your breath hiss out at the subtle pain. My pussy has begun to ache from the days activities, wanting the satisfaction only your hard driving cock can give. I tease at your ass licking and swirling my tongue, pinching a welt every so often; until you are beside yourself, mad again with desire.

I leave off after a few moments coming around in front of you. My glistening, swollen cunt filling your vision.

“Go- lie in bed; spread and waiting for me. I’ll be in directly.” You begin to rise, then feel pressure at the small of your back, keeping you in place. “Crawl, whore.. I want you to crawl on your knees to where I am going to take the utmost pleasure in listening you beg to be fucked. In fact, take this.” I place the bag handle into your mouth, then plant a degrading whallop across your slut ass as it wiggles past me.

You struggle to make your way into the bedroom, bag of toys held tightly in your mouth; you deposit it on the edge of the bed, before positioning yourself as instructed.

I enter after a few moments, smiling as I let my eyes fall across you, thick purple cock jutting from your body, already heavy with cum again.

“Mmmm, I do love how eager your cock is, Simon. So ready to fuck, so good at satisfying me.” You groan and let your head fall against the pillows as I sit astirde your chest and begin affixing cuffs to your wrists.

I leave your ankles free, giving you with the admonishment not to move or they would be tied as well. My cunt feels like warm tight velvet, settling down on your cock, and your held breath is released in a pleading sensual hiss.

“Now, listen my delightful fucktoy, do not cum. I plan to ride my pleasure out on you first, then if you manage to make me cum hard enough, I might fuck you like you want.” I begin moving my hips against you; rocking our pelvises together, sliding your cock deep within me.

“Tell me how you want me to fuck you, Simon”

I love the feeling when a thick hard cock first pierces my cunt, pushing in; stretching my hole tight. I close my eyes, concentrating on the ecstasy of you inside me, working my way into a hard pace. Your voice whispers and cajoles, begging me to drive a fat strap-on into your ass. I place my hands on the headboard driving your cock deep into my cervix with every thrust. The pitch of your voices changes as my hot cunt begins melting around you hot cum coating you, as you strive to do my bidding and maintain control.

A raucous moan escapes me, and I twine my fingers into your hair, jerking your head back sharply continuing to cum all over you. Our bodies slam together as I lower my breast to your waiting, begging mouth. You take my nipple and roll it through your teeth nipping at it a few times, feeling it harden even more under your perfect ministrations.

You feel my pace falter as another orgasm crests across my awareness; you rise to meet my hips, pushing yourself further into me.

“Please Mistress, use my cock, use me like your fucktoy. Mmmm.. fuck… coat that cock, I love feeling you cum all over me.” My pussy tightens around you as the first quakes of my orgasm take me again, miking my favorite cock. My breathless moans falling around us. I fall against your chest; heart thundering, a broad smile across my face- I reach between us to feel your hard slick cock, at my opening.

I slide off you wetly, still holding the base of your cock- giving it a quick lick of delight before rummaging in the bag. You watch, mesmerized, as I pull out a squat double-ended dildo. Grinning in delight, I slide the toy cock into my pussy. Leaving one end, a thick black cock to fuck you with, jutting from my body, my cum already moistening it’s base.

Your eyes are bright, your cock a deep purple as a crawl between your legs. I work lube onto the toy, stroking it like it was my own cock, while I play with your ass. I hold your legs apart and position the tip against you, applying pressure until it begins to slip inside.

You wince and drop your head back down the the pillows, I wrap my other hand around your cock and begin to stroke it; murmuring to you as I begin to work my hips in a steady rhythm

“You want me to fuck you Simon, you want this cock up your ass? Mmmm.. I want to watch you cum while I’m fucking you, slutboy. I want to watch your face while I stretch out your tight ass… do you want to cum, my cocktoy?” I bury the toy in your ass, rubbing and teasing your hard cock, listening to your heavy moans.

Your eyes close, a look of concentrated ecstasy marking your features as your ass stretches wide. You feel every inch of the toy as it slides against your insides, working your pleasure and pain in twisted accompaniment.

“God, yes Ma’am.. don’t stop please; it feels so good to have you fucking me, making me your faggot whore.”

“Mmm…are you ready, my slave? To take it all? For me to pound you?”

“Fuck, please fuck me Mistress, please…”

I tighten my hand around the base of your cock, feeling it’s growing thickness, as I thurst harder into your ass. Burying deep inside you; watching the expressions skate across your face with every drive of my hips. I pull out then drive into you roughly, your cock twitches in response to the erotic humiliation as I watch your reaction to being pounded.

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