Anna and I get into a sixty-nine and we are lapping each other’s pussy. We both find our release within a few minutes. It is Anna who moves first and lies down next to me our feet at the top of the bed.

“I really missed you Mistress.” She says cuddling up to me. “I don’t know my dear; I heard you had a wild time. I think I’m getting jealous.” I say and kiss her nose.

She laughs, “You know there is nothing for you to be jealous of especially since you gave me permission to have fun.” She lies on top of my body; our breasts touching, our pubic areas are touching. Wrapping my legs around her back, I hold her. “Are you looking forward to the wedding at the White House on Saturday?”

“I’m looking more forward to having you fuck me.” She says mischievously. “Brian told me about ‘the goddess’. Why don’t I have her?”

“I should tell both you and Brian to keep your mouths shut. You have someone else who comes to you in the middle of the night and fucks your mouth. I will call her the succubus because she wants you to just suck her.” I grab Anna’s hair and pull it as I kiss her. “You belong to me and are all mine, so lie down and I’m going to ride your face as you lick my pussy and my ass. The succubus wants to be pleased.

Anna grins and does what I ask. She and I spend a glorious night together and she makes me cum two more times.

This week is all about getting ready to leave on Friday for DC. I am giving the President two personal gifts, a crystal vase and a paddle with their names engraved, and a general gift of a donation to their favorite charities.

All the guests of the wedding are staying in two hotels in Washington. We have a suite at The Four Seasons. Simon is driving us down and we are staying in Washington until Monday. I decided to forgo the plane because I really want Brian and Anna to see the sights and the drive is only five hours.

Dominic and Marlene have moved into Daniel’s apartment. Marlene is spending time making it comfortable for her Master while Dominic and I are working very hard with the screenwriter to get a script ready for the studio.

Skip and Rachel have been getting closer. I feel for Daniel but I think this is the best. Skip has decided to see Daniel in person in California to tell him he is in love with Rachel and wants her. He’s being a grown-up about this and I am happy for Skip. Rachel comes to me, “You owe me a punishment. I’m feeling better and Mistress I await your pleasure.”

“I think that once you’ve made your decision about which master you want, then I will tell him to punish you. I will watch.” I say with a twinkle in my eyes. “And maybe I will let you eat my pussy while he’s fucking your ass.”

She smiles broadly, “I’d like that.” I hug and kiss her. Rachel leans into me. “You taste so good Mistress.”

“Rachel, you are a big tease and I may just take you over my knee yet.” I say and lifting up her skirt, I find she has no panties. I thrust two fingers inside her and pull down her top. She isn’t wearing a bra. Fucking her with my fingers, Skip comes in the room. I motion for him to come and I take my fingers out of her pussy and bring them to his lips. His eyes wide, Skip sucks my fingers.

“Take Rachel into the playroom and fuck her hard.” I order. Skip gulps and looks at me. “Rachel on your knees into the playroom.” He orders. “Good boy.” I say and she follows him.

Later at dinner, Rachel is sitting on the floor by his feet. She is squirming and I look at Skip who says, “She’s made her choice and it’s me. I spanked her for taking so long and for going to you for satisfaction. I will tell Daniel that she wants me. Mrs. S. tonight I’d like to flog her. My father has been giving me lessons. I think Rachel needs a few more lessons to learn that I am her Master. When I return from California I’m going to collar her.” He looks down at Rachel, “Slut, suck my cock.” I look astonished but smile as Rachel goes under the table and unzips him. Boy Skip has learned fast but he has Dominic as a father. He’s going to make a great Dom.

Skip continues his dinner, “I’ve learned a great deal from my dad, but I need more, so while I’m in LA I will spend time with Sir Richard and Mistress Diana.”

“Yes Rachel does need some discipline. Enjoy her and when you return and collar her I’d like to be there.” I say.

“Thanks Mrs. S. I would like you to witness. I plan to take her ass hard that night. “Skip says and pulls Rachel’s hair, “Not so fast, I want this to last. I am definitely taking you into the playroom and this weekend we’ll be here alone. Be ready.”

“Just be careful.” I tell him. “Dad will be with me in the playroom with Marlene. Don’t worry, I’ve given her safe words and I’ve been practicing on Marlene.” He says.

I raise my eyebrows, “Yep, Dad has let me fuck her, spank her and flog her. She’s been teaching Rachel how I like my cock sucked. It should be some weekend and I’ll make sure we’ve cleaned everything up before you get home on Monday.”

“You better or you’ll be in the playroom and not for fun and games.” I say and he closes his eyes. I can see from his face that he is almost ready. Skip reaches one hand down and stops eating his dinner. He moans and he’s holding back a scream. Brian who is sitting beside me smiles and Anna who is on his other side bows her head trying not to laugh.

Dominic and I have a conversation about Skip. I must say that Dominic is a proud father. He watched his son fuck Marlene and tells me that he was good. He had Marlene screaming. Dominic chuckles that he can’t wait for this weekend and is looking forward to time with Rachel and Marlene. It’s going to be a father/son bonding time with their two subs.

Anna is a very organized person; a trait I truly admire in her and will reward her for it. She has made lists of everything in our suitcases and she has packed Brian’s and mine. By Friday when we are ready to leave, she has made sure everything has been done. Daisy and Andrew have prepared snacks for us to have on our way. We’ll stop a few times to eat.

I have a few surprises for my two subs and I can’t wait. I put some devices into a small overnight bag and bring the bag to Simon to put in the trunk. After giving last minute instructions to Daisy and Andrew, checking with Dominic on work and saying goodbye to Marlene, Skip and Rachel, I get into the car with Anna and Brian and we are off to DC. The five-hour drive should give all of us a chance to talk and relax.

Mikel sees Simon and Andrew putting the luggage into the car. He sees Anna followed by Brian. They follow the Bentley until we get on the highway. Then return to Brooklyn.

On the way, Anna is excited, Brian is a little quiet and I’m a little tired. I lay my head on Brian’s shoulder and fall asleep. He puts his arm around me and he falls asleep. Anna listens to music on her iPhone.

When I awaken, we have stopped to have a bite to eat at a Red Lobster and take a bathroom break. Simon pulls me aside, “Mrs. Stone, I thought I saw someone following us, a black sedan. I got a partial plate. I’ll make some phone calls and see what they can find out. They followed us from the house to when we got on the highway”

“Thanks Simon. Not a word to those two.” I say. “Of course not. I’ve been keeping an eye on Anna like you said. I’ll keep watch.”

“Thanks Simon.” I hug him. He blushes. He has been with me and Sir for twenty years before that his father worked for Sir. He’s a martial arts expert, has military training and can drive his ass off. He’s been offered jobs from the White House to the CEOs of the top Fortune 500 companies and he chooses to work for me because as he has told me, “Me and Sir are his family along with his wife, Felicity and their twin sons, who are finishing college this year.” He is my family too and I treat him well. I value him and I pay for his children’s tuition and have been since they were born.

After lunch, we continue our journey and I talk to them about the wedding. It’s black tie and security is tight. I have our invitation. We will be given wristbands once we enter. The invitations are encrypted with my name and the names of my guests.

Everyone will be searched. I plan to have some fun at this wedding. We arrive at our hotel at five in the evening. I have taken the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons. The room is 4,000 square feet and has a terrace, study and dining room. Anna and I will be here while there is a connecting room next door where Brian is sleeping. Simon is staying in a very large room downstairs. I treat my staff right especially when they are traveling with me.

Anna hangs up everyone’s clothes. We have a service that will do this for us, but she refuses it. She likes taking care of things herself. Anna calls the desk and arranges for our gowns to be pressed. The hair and makeup people will be arriving at 10 in the morning. The wedding is at 4 pm, so we have to be at the White House by three. I plan to get up by 8:30, shower and ready myself for the day.

I also plan to take a little walk before we start this crazy day. I have arranged for a chef to cook dinner in our room. I really want us to relax. Brian has changed into sweat pants. “Mistress after dinner may I go for a work out?”

“Of course. There’s also a pool. On Sunday, we’ll go out to dinner and maybe take in a few sights. I don’t want to make any concrete plans because tomorrow is going to be a late night. So we’ll all get to bed early tonight. Let’s say by 11.” I say with a smile. Brian looks at me. “You’ll sleep with Anna and me for a while, and then you may sleep alone in your bed. I expect you up by 8 and between my legs to wake me by 8:30.”

Brian grins, “I will be there.” I look at Anna, tomorrow when we get back you’ll sleep in the other room and Brian will sleep with me here and you’ll wake me Monday morning.”

Anna smiles, “Yes that’s fair.”

“It doesn’t matter my sweet if it’s fair or not, it’s what I want.” I say. They both say at the same time, “Yes Mistress.”

Anna asks me if it is all right if she goes for a swim, I tell her its fine, and she can go when Brian goes to the gym. I plan to take some time alone.

Dinner is prepared by Chef Max DeGeorge. He is a first class chef owning two of the hottest restaurants in DC, DeGeorge’s World and Butter and Cream. He prepares us bay scallop seviche, “true blue” jumbo lump crab, kale, smoked ham, creole mustard butter to start

For our entre there is a choice of red snapper, clams, shrimp, “true blue” lump crab, smoked sausage, potato, shellfish broth stew, spiced crusted duck breast, crisp pork belly, gruyère-potato fondue, pear chutney, white truffle-honey gastrique. Desserts is a masterpiece of banana pudding with toasted meringue, brûléed bananas, banana-cardamom sherbet , apple cider doughnuts with spiced sugar, cider reduction, sea salt caramel, lemon cream dips and a devil’s food flourless chocolate cake, root beer ice cream, cocoa nib brittle, almonds, bourbon emulsion.

Anna eats like no tomorrow sampling everything. I smile watching her while Brian smirks, “Hungry are we?” Anna sticks her tongue at him as she eats another apple cider doughnut. I allow only one bottle of white wine for the three of us. Tomorrow at the reception there will be enough to drink.

I thank the chef and his staff for coming and preparing dinner for us. I add a large tip to their check as they clean up and leave.

Anna and Brian change and leave the suite. I have a little while to myself.

I change into a powder blue nightgown and get into bed. I mean to just lie here for a little while and relax my brain, when the hotel phone rings. I answer and to my surprise, it is the groom, the President of the United States Grant Adams.

“Mr. President.” I say, “I am very surprised. Aren’t you getting married tomorrow?”

He chuckles, “Yes I am and I’m glad you’re coming. I called you because I want you to know that Sir sent me a gift before he died. It was returned to me on the night before my wedding. Sir’s lawyer sent it to me. My father had given it to Sir and he returned it to me. It is a pair of cuff links that he was given by my father on his wedding day to you; they were my grandfather’s and have the marine insignia on them.”

Tears well in my eyes, “That’s so like Sir.” I choke.

“Yes it was.” Says President Adams quietly, “I’m looking forward to seeing you. Don’t worry about security, they will bring you and your party right in. I am looking forward to your wedding to Anna. Have a good time in Washington and if you need anything, call Michael and he’ll make sure you get it. Good night Stephanie.”

“Good night Mr. President and I am looking forward to seeing your lovely bride walk down the aisle tomorrow.”

“So am I.” He says and hangs up.

I lie in bed and think about Sir; how handsome he would have looked in his tuxedo. I hold the pillow to me and tears flow from my eyes. I miss him so very much, but I know he would be happy for me.

I fall asleep and am awakened by tender kisses. Brian leans over me. “You’ve been crying. Are you all right Mistress?”

“Yes I’m fine, just reliving the past. I got a call from the President and it brought up sad memories.” I say stroking Brian’s face. He kisses my hand. “Wow the President just called you like that, the day before his wedding. You are so important.” Brian says awed.

I shrug, “Sir sent him a pair of cuff links that used to belong to his father. It was Sir that was important not me.”

Brian kisses my cheek, “Are you kidding? He could have told you this in a note or tomorrow, but the President of the United States stopped his evening, the night before his wedding, to call you and tell you this. He wanted you to know. You are so important and besides you are important to Anna and I, Daisy and Andrew, Simon and a whole bunch of people. We all love you.”

I hear what he is staying, “Strip boy.” I say to him. Brian undresses slowly. He’s been working out and is a little sweaty. “Go take a shower and come to bed.” I say and he takes a quick shower and comes to me. Brian begins kissing my neck and runs his hands down my legs. “Anna will be here soon.” He whispers. “Yes and she will join us.” I say kissing him.

“Mistress may I get inside you, please.” He begs. I pull him and he climbs on my body. His lips attack my nipples as his dick eases slowly inside me. I am pulling on his hair and meeting him thrust for thrust when Anna arrives. She pulls up the chair close to my side of the bed and strips out of her clothes. A beautifully naked Anna opens her legs and slides her fingers into her sex. She stares straight into my eyes as I watch her pleasure herself.

“You didn’t ask permission.” I say as Brian is thrusting into me. Anna lowers her eyes, “I’m sorry Mistress I just got so hot watching Brian fuck you.

“Brian look at the little slut pleasuring herself. I will punish you for this.” I say staring at her and watching her face. “You better not come until I say you can. Keep touching that pussy. I like watching you.”

Anna looks at me and with a smirk on her face says, “I’m looking forward to your punishment, Mistress.” What a cheeky bitch she is tonight and I plan to make her pay, but she doesn’t know how.”

Brian gazes at her and she licks her lips. It is his undoing and he comes inside me. Brian lies on my breasts still watching Anna. She takes her fingers out of her sex and licks her juices. “Mistress she look so beautiful.” Brian says. “Yes she is, but she has gotten beside herself. Come my little Anna, come and eat Brian’s juices out of my pussy. You still cannot come.”

Brian moves off my body, while Anna gets in between my legs. I take two pillows, put them under my hips lifting my butt up, and pull Anna’s face inside of me. I motion to Brian who gets behind Anna and begins sucking her and fingering her pussy.

“You better not come.” I say and she moans. I grind my pussy on her face and cum squirting my juices into her mouth. “Brian kiss me goodnight and go to bed.” I look at the clock and its 11:30. Brian stops licking Anna and kisses me hard on the lips, I give his dick a tug and a lick and he leaves. Anna is still lightly licking my pussy and I cum again. “Anna come and sleep. It’s late.”

I know she is frustrated and as she gets into bed, I play with her pussy. She groans, “I couldn’t help myself. I saw Brian fucking you and oh, Mistress, that’s so good, your fingers are …” I kiss her mouth, take my fingers out, and lick them. “You taste good, too bad you didn’t ask permission or I would have let you come.”

I kiss her lips sensuously leaving her breathless and gathering her into my arms, I fall asleep. All during the night whenever I wake up, I play with Anna’s pussy. She groans in her sleep. She will be in a mood in the morning and I have a very big surprise for her. I know what her punishment will be.

Brian is on time between my legs, sucking and eating me. I cum quickly and get up, shower and brush my teeth. Breakfast will be brought up in 45 minutes. I tell Brian I’m going for a walk. He asks if he may accompany me, but I tell him no, just get ready for the wedding.

I make it outside just in time for the meeting I’ve arranged with Michael Worthington, the President’s Chief of Staff. Michael is strikingly handsome and if he weren’t gay I’d do him, hell I may do him even though he’s gay.

He and I meet at Starbucks. He greets me and says, “I hear someone may be after Anna. The President told me anything you want, it’s yours.”

“Can you find out where her uncle is? I have a feeling this has to do with him.” I say and Michael says, “I’ll check it out. Are you looking forward to the wedding?”

“Yes, I’m glad Grant is happy.” I say smiling, “I’m also glad his ex is happy. I’ve only met her once, but she was a bit condescending.”

“Yea she can be, but since she’s been with Tommy, Miss Constance purrs like a cat.” Michael chuckles, “He tamed the hell out of her and took her sub as his own. Samantha’s pregnant.”

“Good for him.” I look at Michael seriously, “I want whoever is after Anna to be caught before they do anything serious. She’s been through enough and if it’s her uncle, he needs to be sent back to Russia.”

Michael takes a small bag that I hadn’t noticed, from the seat next to him and hands it to me. “When you return home, have Anna put it on and tell her not to take it off. I gave one to the first lady. It’s a bracelet. I had given Kate a watch, but it didn’t match what she was wearing and she took it off. This bracelet should go with nearly everything. It has a tracking device, but it’s only in a 6 miles radius. So any further and you won’t be able to track her. There is a new one coming out in a few months that will be able to track further and I’ll send you the new one when I get it.” I thank him.

Michael nods and stands up, our meeting over, “I’ll get someone to work on it today. I’ll call you as soon as I know anything.” He takes my hand, “Simon’s a good man. We tried to get him, but he’s loyal to you. Lucky you.”

“I know. Thanks for coming. I know you’re busy with best man duties.” I stand and hug him. “May I walk you back?”

“No I think I’ll sit for a few minutes, then I have to start getting ready. This,” I say sweeping down my body, “Takes a lot to get ready.”

Michael chuckles again, “You are strikingly beautiful just as you are.” He kisses my cheek and I say, “Tell your handsome husband I can’t wait to see him in a tux.”

“Will do.” Michael says and is gone.

I sit for a few minutes thinking about what I would do if anything happened to Anna. I make two phone calls one to Dominic and one to Dunge. I join the calls and we have a discussion. Sir Richard joins this conversation and Dominic agrees to leave his plane at their disposal should anything go down.

I arrive back at the hotel just as breakfast has arrived and just as I thought, Anna is in a mood. She is frustrated and horny. I laugh and Brian looks annoyed. He pulls me away, “She’s been barking orders and yelling since she got up.”

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