It was raining as I woke up. The smell of summer rain saturated the motel room. As the dark morning light came rushing through the window, I caught a glance of myself in the empty wine bottle next to my bed. Beside the bottle was $350 in 50′s. It was gone in a couple minutes as a busty mature woman got dressed and picked up the money. I didn’t know who she was so I asked “Who the fuck are you?” She laughed as she said “You don’t remember me? Figures. Last night was fun. Thanks for the money.” After that, she left.

As I tried to get myself up, my head felt as if it has been hit by a freight train. The bed was soaked in cum I tried harder and harder to figure out who that strange woman was. I then made some coffee to ease my achy head and sat down on the bed. I pondered and came to the conclusion that the woman was probably some slutty hooker I picked up last night. I’m a traveling technical advisor and each time I get to some place new I pick up some cheap hooker for the night. So it was no surprise since I was here in Dallas for the past two days.

After I got dressed and ready to check out the phone rang. It was my mom one the other end. She said, “Hi honey, umm, this is hard but, your father died last night. You better get back up here.” I said goodbye and hung up the phone. My eyes burning in fear as I packed up my luggage and check out. I put the suitcases in the trunk of my car and headed home.

Home was in little known town on the Iowa/Minnesota border called Woodwind. I only lived there until I moved to Minneapolis when I was twenty. I’m now 27 and my mom, now a widow still lives there. Without my dad there now my mom is going to be alone everyday. I know she has a fear of being alone and most likely I’m going to have to move back to be with her.

The rain kept hitting the windshield and flying off. It reminded me of all the hookers I’ve solicited in my past. How I kept lying and cheating on my girlfriend Angela and how life is so precious. As the rain kept coming and going, I thought more and more of my girlfriend back in Minneapolis. I thought about her flowing brown sugar hair, hazel brown eyes, pearlescent teeth, soft plump lips, and her rosy glowing cheeks. My heart started to burn in desire as I then made an oath to never ever lie and cheat on my girlfriend ever again. Right then, the sun broke through the clouds and a rainbow shined to the north. I thought of my dad there as I was driving. Somehow I knew he was there when I made the oath to guide me home and break the clouds to let the sunshine dance throughout the great plains of America.

It was getting late and I was getting tired. It was another 490 miles to Woodwind so I decided to check into a motel room off the interstate in Topeka, Kansas. When I usually check into a motel, it’s religion to call up a prostitute. But tonight was different, instead I called up Angela.

“Hello,” she answers.

“Hi, it’s me,” you reply

“Oh, hey, where are you?”

“I’m in Topeka, but listen I gotta tell you something”

“Ok baby, what is it?”

“My father died”

“Oh I’m sorry baby, I wish I could comfort you right now,”

“Yeah me too but all I need you to do is come to the funeral with me in Woodwind. Ok?”

“Yeah sure baby. Anything,”

“Ok, just get us a room at the Woodwind Highway Motel for tomorrow ok?”

“Ok, see you tomorrow baby, I love you,”

“I love you too Angela. Bye,” And I hung up the receiver.

11:23 PM was glowing on the digital display beside my bed. My eyes started to get heavy so I got undressed to hit the sack. The darkness of the night overcame my erge to see Angela as I laid to rest for the night.

I heard a girl whisper “Pss, pss, wake up!”

It was Angela, I said “What are you doing here?”

She was naked as she said “I want to get pumped so hard!”

She started pumping on my cock, up and down, up and down slowly as the rush of adrenaline overwhelms my body.

“Mmm, mmmm, ahhh, soooo good,” she moaned

“Fuck me, fuck me dammit, I want this cock so much.”


I was startled and woke up from the sound of the digital clock. Before I knew it I woke up at 8 AM with my cock filled with cum. It was a long day ahead of me so I started out quick. I got dressed, had a shower, and packed up my luggage and put it in the car. The day was beautiful, sunny at a nice 72F. The interstate was clear and was a great day for driving. I stopped at a truck stop in Des Moines and called Angela’s cell phone. She said she’d be waiting at the motel in room 6C when I get there.

It was 2:00 when I arrived in Woodwind. Passing through the town brought back a lot of memories including some dirty ones. I arrived at the motel and saw Angela’s car there. I walked up and knocked the door. She wore her silk slip on nighty I got for her birthday. I dropped my bags, close/locked the door and grabbed her by the waist and kissed her warm lips passionately as I dropped her bed. Her warm, thin body rubbing against mine led me to ripping off my shirt, jeans and boxers. The adrenaline rushing through my body flowed rapidly. Our bodies were filled with love and heat. I could feel her nips harden as I also felt her well pussy moisturize against her thong more and more.

We began to pause for a second when I said “Ahh, you feel so good

She whispered “Ahh, you too, now suck my pussy!”

I slowly crept down to her hips kissing, rubbing, and touching on the way down. I removed the silky nighty from her B-cup tits and started rubbing and sucking her beautiful breasts. When I slid down slowly toward her naval, I lifted the nighty off her and personality kissed her naval as she giggled. Slowly I moved down to her silky thong that I moved over and licked her tight shaven snatch. After a couple seconds, her warm moist pussy was opened by my tongue and lips. It started oozing juices all over my mouth.

She started moaning “Ahhh, yess, suck that pussy! OOoohh, fuck! fuck! Ahhh!… Yess, get that clit, yess get that clit! AHHH, FUUCK! AWWW!”

She started to tremble in excitement. She climaxed to an orgasm, “AHHH! FUCK YES!! FUCK YES!! AWWW!!”

She couldn’t take it no more and forced me to let her suck my cock. I stood at the edge of the bed while her body sat before me and her beautiful head started pumping up and down. First, she went slowly but as she gradually went faster and faster leading me to force it down her throat. Pushing her head I could feel my 7 inch cock slide down her throat so smoothly.

Once she got enough, she said “Fuck me now!”

As I was rubbing my woody, she got ready by spreading her beautiful legs on the soft bed. I pulled her toward me and penetrated her hot wet pussy and started thrusting hard.

“Oh god, give it to me, give it to me hard! Ahh yes!”

There was no waiting to clearly thrust faster, I just went in and thrusting back and forth faster than a monkey on speed. It was in 5 minutes she climaxed.


Once she had one orgasm she couldn’t stop. She forced me on the bed with her on top pinning me down. As she was on me I grabbed her tits when I felt her heart pulsate. She kept thrusting my cock back and forth screaming and moaning as my hands spanked her plump ass.

“Ahh yes, slap that ass!! OH fuck, oh fuck!”

Once she screamed I dumped my load in her pussy overwhelmed with excitement. I don’t think she knew but I still brought my dick up to her face and let her suck it. She went up and down getting every drop of cum she can. She could barely swallow and almost choked on my cock. Once she got enough, we passionately kissed some more as our bodies calmly settled down from the world of enticement.

Before we knew it, it was 4 PM. We needed to get ready for the funeral quickly so I got my suit on as her body accompanied a beautiful black silk dress. I comforted my mother when we got to the gravesite. It was an outdoor funeral and it had a beautiful day to shine upon it. There weren’t many people there except for immediate family paying respects. The whole thing lasted for about two hours and Angela and I decided to head back for Minneapolis. We only had about two hours there so we got packed and headed home with her following in behind on the way.

A couple weeks later I was sitting in my apartment someone knocked on the door while watching Jeff Gordon pass Tony Stewart for the win. It was Angela at the door as I peeked through my peep hole.

When I opened the door she quickly uttered the words, “I’m late”

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