In some ways Vince and Vicky were an unlikely couple. They had vastly different backgrounds from much different socio-economic classes. Vince had a blue collar upbringing while Vicky came from a well-to-do family. Vince had to fight, both literally and figuratively, for everything he had attained while Vicky’s accomplishments seemed to come almost effortlessly.

As a fifty one year old Vince bore the physical scars of his upbringing. The tough neighborhood he grew up in was no place for the faint-hearted. You were either tough or a victim. By High School Vince was the toughest kid around, proving it not only in the streets and alleys of the far Northeast section of Philadelphia that he grew up in, but also by becoming the Philadelphia Light-Heavyweight Golden Gloves boxing champion by the time that he was sixteen. A tour with the Marines physically and mentally hardened him even further. Although he otherwise had an open, friendly, and arguably even handsome face, there were scars and imperfections from blows to the nose, ears, and other parts of his face that had taken their toll. As an adult Vince was six feet one inch tall, 225 pounds of chiseled muscle, and an intimidating presence even when he didn’t want to be.

Vicky was vivacious her entire life. Her parents were perhaps not “filthy rich,” but wealthy enough that she didn’t lack for anything during her “City Center” Philadelphia upbringing. With charm and native intelligence she got almost everything she wanted. What she couldn’t get with them she could normally get with her looks. Though her face was not actually beautiful it was exotic, and her body was a masterpiece forged by a combination of genetics and hard work.

Physical fitness was in Vicky’s blood from the time that she was a child, leading her to become a star volleyball player in college, and which motivated her to work out between 90-120 minutes a day six days a week almost her whole life. Presently her face looked only slightly younger than her 49 years but her body could still pass for that of a college athlete — except with big tits. She was almost six feet tall, 160 essentially fat-free pounds, with ramrod straight posture, a flat stomach, a big round and firm ass, and thighs and arms just on the sexy side of the demarcation line where muscle makes a woman look sexy or gross to most men.

Vince and Vicky met at a party while she was a sophomore and he was a freshman at Penn, an excellent academic institution that Vicky easily got into and Vince barely got into. Vince likely qualified because of his unusual background for an Ivy Leaguer and his innate intelligence as demonstrated by high scores on standardized tests; certainly not because of the rigor of his early education.

While Vince was two years older than Vicky because of his stint in the Marine Corps he was a year behind Vicky in school. They both were on academic scholarships, although hers — as is the case for many athletes in Ivy League schools — was with the implicit understanding that she would play intercollegiate volleyball, and his was partially subsidized by the Marine Corps.

In their first meeting it was love at first site for Vince, while love came a little more slowly for Vicky even though Vince acted like a knight in shining armor during their initial encounter.

Vicky rarely drank, but a rigorous volleyball season had just ended, the Friday night party was raucous, and the deadliness of the punch was masked, so Vicky was soon drunk. When she got drunk her libido skyrocketed.

Vince had found out Vicky’s name from a friend of hers and was working up the courage to go talk to her when two sober guys, who Vince had determined were responsible for the high percentage of 180 proof grain alcohol in the punch, started leading Vicky to an upstairs bedroom. Vince intervened.

“Hey guys, can’t you see that Vicky is totally plastered. She’s not responsible for her actions now,” Vince said quietly but forcefully.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” one of the guys, a lineman on the football team, shot back, “Her mother?”

“No, I’m just a guy that will not stand by when a woman is beyond the stage of consent and two assholes are trying to take advantage of her.”

“Who are you calling an asshole,” the football player replied, “get the fuck out of my way or I’ll kick the shit out of you.”

“No you won’t, and no I won’t,” Vince said with steely resolve, blocking access to the stairwell.

The “fight,” if you could call it that, was over in less than twenty seconds with both assholes prone, the football player unconscious and his buddy wishing that he was. Tanya, Vicky’s best friend, who had observed the entire incident and had tried to talk Vicky out of going anywhere with the two assholes, said “Thanks. Can you help me get her to her dorm?”

“Sure thing,” Vince replied, picking Vicky — who by now was feeling the effects of the booze even more and was almost passed out — up. “Lead the way.”

After depositing a now babbling Vicky into her bed in the custody of her friend Vince was again thanked by Tanya, who asked his name. Vince sure didn’t feel like returning to the party so he went to the weight room and worked out some still pent-up emotions, inspired by Vicky’s stunning body the entire time.

On Sunday Vince got a call at his off-campus apartment. “Hi, is this Vince Day?”

“Yes ma’am,” Vince replied to the obviously female voice on the other end of the line, using a salutation unusual for college kids but ingrained in him by his Marine Corps training.

“Actually, I’m not a ‘ma’am,’ just a college sophomore,” the female voice giggled.

“Sorry, force of habit,” Vince replied now starting to sense who might be calling.

“I’m Vicky, the damsel in distress you saved the other night.”

“Let me see, exactly which damsel in distress are you?” Vince joked, “I’ve saved so many the last week that I can’t keep track. Maybe you could describe yourself.”

Laughing Vicky said, “I’m the one who’s almost six feet tall, weighs more than I thought any guy could carry, had long brunette hair, and had essentially passed out from drinking too much.”

“Well that narrows it down a little,” Vince dead-panned. “Are you good-looking?”

“That’s not for me to say, Vince — but my friend Tanya, who guided you to my dorm room, sure is.”

“Oh yeah, I remember her,” Vince chortled.

“God, and to think I thought you might be a nice guy,” Vicky laughed. “Now that you know who I am, can I buy you a cup of coffee? I’d like to see my knight in shining armor, because I sure don’t remember anything from the party.”

“Sure; when and where?”

“How about the Student Union in a half hour? You’ll have to introduce yourself because I won’t recognize you, but now that your memory has been jarred you might recognize me.”

“Sounds great — see you then,” Vince retorted trying to keep the enthusiasm he felt from leaking out over the phone.

Vicky liked Vince. He was good-looking in a very rugged way, funny, smart, and forthright. She didn’t instantly fall in love with him, as he did with her, but certainly was not averse to a relationship. They dated non-exclusively for the rest of the school year.

When they first had sex, about a week before finals, it was an earth-moving experience for Vince. It wasn’t just a quick interlude, but an all-nighter. Vince had always considered himself a highly potent guy, but she wore him out. Her libido was so far beyond that of previous sex partners that at times during the night he thought she might be an alien. Despite her size she had the tightest vagina he had ever experienced, she could almost squeeze the air out of him with her powerful thighs, she loved to suck cock and to be eaten, and rode him like she was a rodeo champion.

The happy fuckers didn’t get to sleep until about five a.m. When they finally awoke about eleven they had big grins.

“You’ve got a lot going for you Vince. That was really, really fun,” Vicky chortled while stroking Vince’s balls.

“Vicky, you’ve got to be the best fuck in the entire world,” Vince genuinely replied, “But please, please leave me alone now. My poor dick and balls can’t possibly go another round.”

“How about one more time before summer break?” Vicky snickered. “When’s your last final?”

“Two weeks from tomorrow.”

“You better fuck me as well then as you did last night — or was it this morning?” Vicky laughingly threatened before kissing his balls then getting up, quickly dressing, and exiting Vince’s apartment with “I’ve got to study something besides Male Anatomy today!”

The night after their last finals Vince outdid himself in pleasing Vicky, eating her to three orgasms, fingering her to a fourth, and fucking her doggy, missionary, and wheelbarrow to her fifth-seventh orgasms.

Vicky tickled Vince’s tonsils with her tongue as she left for the summer to travel around Europe — quite different than Vince’s summer of working a 40 hour week in construction and going to summer school besides. While Vicky wasn’t yet in love with Vince she was enthralled by him. As she parted with Vince Vicky said “You are one awesome fucker, Vince. I could get used to sex with you, even though I’ll likely be leaking seminal fluid for the next day and walking bowlegged for the next two. Let’s get together in the fall, OK?”

Vince smiled, squeezed her ass, and replied “OK.”

Vince was smart enough to get into Penn for a reason. He always “did his homework,” no matter what the “subject.” He took two courses in summer school that were the same as courses Vicky had taken and liked the previous year. That would give him much intellectual ammunition for conversations with her, while also perhaps help make it possible — with another summer session and some extra courses during the year — for him to graduate at the same time that Vicky did.

Vince also researched Vicky’s family the best that he could in the pre-Internet age. Vicky’s mother, Judy, was a socialite but with a conscience, who hosted charity events primarily for disadvantaged kids. Vicky’s father, Glen, owned a small manufacturing company that made high end machine tools. Vicky’s sister, Gloria, a rising high school senior, loved theater and performed in all of her high school’s plays, including lead roles her junior year in Taming of the Shrew, and Boeing-Boeing.

Vince started volunteering at the primary charity that Judy was involved with, and got to meet Judy on two separate occasions, carefully never revealing that he knew her daughter. The kids — especially boys who had no positive role models — loved Vince, and the Director of the charity sang his praises to Judy on more than one occasion.

Vince learned everything he could about machine tools, and read, and re-read, three of the plays that Gloria had performed in. He also made sure to find out as much as he could about Tanya, Vicky’s best friend, so that he could share interests with her.

When the fall semester started Vince was confident that he could execute his primary plan, which was to woo Vicky. It got off to a good start when the first time that Vicky saw him she ran up to him, threw her arms around him, and gave him a big kiss, followed by a whisper of “I’ve missed you.”

Within a month after school started Vicky and Vince were dating exclusively, having mind blowing sex every Friday and Sunday night that Vicky didn’t have a volleyball game. Vince was careful to not crowd Vicky, to support her volleyball activities, and to always be confident around her.

Vince was thrilled when Vicky invited him to her house for Thanksgiving, and to stay over the entire weekend at her family’s mini-mansion. He knew that her family might be reticent to accept him because of his background, but if it was possible to make them like him he was prepared to do so.

Judy immediately recognized Vince when she answered the door. “You’re the Vince Vicky has been talking about?” Judy asked with real surprise in her voice.

“Mrs. Barnes, I never connected your name with Vicky’s last name — but maybe I should have because it’s clear now where she got her good looks.” Vicky snuck up behind Judy and snickered at that comment mouthing to Vince so that Judy couldn’t see “You kiss-ass!”

When Gloria and Glen overheard the conversation they also came to greet Vince. Judy was explaining to Vicky “Vince was the most popular volunteer at the kids’ charity this summer,” as Gloria and Glen approached. That set the stage for a great time.

Thanksgiving itself went perfectly. Glen seemed to like Vince’s obvious toughness and was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge of machine tools. Gloria spent more than an hour talking with Vince one-on-one about theater. Judy bounced ideas off Vince about how her pet charity programs could be improved.

Thanksgiving night Vicky snuck into Vince’s room. Their conversation was in hushed tones. “What are you doing, Vicky. I don’t want your parents to get upset with me by having sex with their daughter in their house.”

“What, you can’t be quiet?” Vicky giggled.

“You’re the one who can’t be quiet,” Vince chortled back.

“How about one conventional fuck, I’ll put a towel in my mouth, right after I suck you hard.”

Before Vince could respond Vicky had fished out his half-hard cock — it was always at least half hard when he was around Vicky — and was sucking like a Hoover. When he was fully hard Vince lifted her up, turned her on her back, and fucked her as gently, yet determinedly, as he ever had as she moaned and screamed into a cloth she held in her mouth. Once he was completely drained and her orgasm had subsided she kissed him and said “Thanks; tomorrow night we do it in my bed,” as she jumped up and sashayed out of the guest room, swinging her big firm butt from side to side.

That weekend kick-started a true love affair, and Vicky and Vince were almost inseparable after that. They did graduate at the same time, got married two months after graduation, and after a honeymoon — paid for by the Barnes — Vince started working in Glen’s company. By the time that Vince was 35 Glen had turned most of the management responsibilities over to Vince since he took to the business like a duck to water, and by the time that he was 45 Vince had, by any measure, tripled the size of the business.

Vicky and Vince had two kids, a boy and a girl. Except for two cesarean scars (natural childbirth was problematic since her vagina was too small given the large size of her fetuses so she had to have C-sections about the eighth month of pregnancy for both) on her abdomen, and a slight sag of her large boobs, it was impossible to tell that, at age 49, Vicky had ever had kids.

Vicky’s only real problem was the same one she had when she first met Vince; she became very amorous when she consumed alcohol. Even before they were married Vince and Vicky reached an understanding that she would never drink unless Vince was around to care for her, lest her enhanced libido get her into trouble. They had no problems sticking to that understanding throughout their entire married life.

Vince and Vicky’s sex life obviously could not sustain the passion of their college years, because it likely would have killed them both, but it remained intense. They were wonderfully sexually compatible and though their love was much deeper than sex, the fact that they fucked three or four times a week into their late forties, and in Vince’s case early fifties, was important to both of them.

Just before his 51st birthday Vince was in a private plane crash. While he survived he suffered significant injuries and was hospitalized for two weeks. More importantly for him when he physically recovered he couldn’t get hard any more, even with little blue pills. He went to several doctors the best of whom concluded that it was primarily psychological but had no real proposed cure.

While Vicky was very understanding because her love for Vince far surpassed her desire for penile penetration, and while Vince did the best that he could to pleasure her orally, Vince found the situation excruciatingly unpleasant. Within the span of a month he went from being exceptionally virile for his age to feeling emasculated. Most important to him, because of his love for Vicky, was that he was not satisfying her sexually and that an awesome woman like she was deserved to be sexually fulfilled.

In an attempt to get his mind off his problem and to enjoy a nice vacation with Vicky, Vince arranged for a ski trip to Telluride in Colorado. The resort they stayed in was top notch with every amenity possible including several hot tubs, a great fitness center, and a lap pool. The skiing was great as was the ambiance after skiing was over for the day.

Since Vince was around and anxious to cater to her Vicky imbibed more than usual, with even greater effect than normal given the altitude, the physical demands of skiing, and her desire to maintain her normal workout routine in the fitness center and lap pool.

Vicky’s spectacular body did not go unnoticed, making Vince feel less adequate than ever given his condition. This was despite the fact that — as always — Vicky was more than empathetic and considerate, and complimented Vince on his excellent oral skills. Vicky’s striking bearing, shapely ass, pelvis, and thighs, and her big boobs, covered only by a small bikini when in the pool or hot tub, or a skimpy robe when not, were tenting a lot of pants.,

Vince noticed in particular that three college seniors on winter break were especially enamored of Vicky. It seemed that they couldn’t keep their eyes off of her. Once Vince hung back while Vicky went to a hot tub and shortly after she arrived all three college guys somehow happened to feel the need to go into the same hot tub. They were obviously flirting with her, and she with them since she had had five drinks, when Vince showed up. The guys looked crestfallen as Vicky said “There you are darling, I was wondering if you had gotten lost.”

“No, just talking to a business associate I ran across,” Vince lied.

“I want you to meet Rob, Tip and Don,” Vicky continued. Vince shook each of their hands with his powerful grip; it was clear that they were intimidated by him. After a few minutes of chatting, while Vicky continued flirting but they did not, they excused themselves.

“What nice young men,” Vicky gushed when they left. “They remind me of you at that age.” That comment by Vicky could only be interpreted one way by Vince, since they didn’t really look anything like him, namely that they exuded Vince’s former virility. Vince couldn’t help but notice the glow their flirting with her had given Vicky. It was then that a plan started forming in his brain.

Rob was about an inch taller than Vince and maybe twenty pounds lighter, with blond hair and blue eyes. Tip and Don were fraternal twins, both about Vince’s height, maybe fifteen pounds lighter, with light brown hair and green eyes. While none of them had movie star looks they were all in good shape with faces most women would consider “cute,” especially Rob’s.

Vince made a point of seeking Rob out and immediately after skiing on Thursday and pumped him for information. He found out that the three were rooming together at the lodge in its cheapest accommodation, had been gifted the lift tickets and some spending money for Christmas, and were on essentially the same schedule as he and Vicky. They would be leaving the resort Sunday late morning or early afternoon to return to school.

On Thursday night after Vicky had again consumed four or five drinks and was in the hot tub Rob and Tip again got in with her and were intensely flirting with Vicky, much to her enjoyment. His plan having been hatched Vince had a bell man page Rob and tell him that he had a phone call. Rob put on his robe and went to find a phone while Tip continued to flirt with Vicky.

In fact it was Vince on a house phone. “Hi, Rob, this is Vince. Could you meet me in the billiards room for a minute.”

“Uh, sure, Vince,” was Rob’s hesitant reply.

Rob was wide-eyed and obviously uncomfortable when Vince met him, closing the door to the otherwise empty room so that they would not be disturbed. Sensing Rob’s fear Vince wanted to put him at ease. “Rob, I’ve got a proposition to discuss with you that will be to your great benefit. I won’t go into my reasons for it other than to say that they are pure without any intent to hurt anyone, just to make four people happy.”

“OK,” Rob replied, a little more relaxed.

“How would you and your buddies like to fuck Vicky?”

Rob’s face got ashen, and after a few second delay he stammered out “Vince, I hope you don’t think that we’ve been hustling Vicky because we wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt you.”

“Rob, I’m not upset in any way, I assure you. If I was upset I’d be yelling, screaming, or punching. I’m just having an intelligent — albeit unusual — discussion with you. Please answer; would you like to fuck Vicky?”

Rob was obviously very uncomfortable but since Vince was so calm and matter-of-fact, and since his gawking at Vicky’s body had been so obvious, he thought he had to tell the truth. “Uh, Vince, I’m a straight guy and she has an other-worldly body. You know I’d be lying if I said ‘no,’ so I’ll be honest and say ‘hell yes, it would be a dream come true.’”

“I appreciate your honesty, Rob. Now let me tell you how it can happen — that is if you really are interested in making your dream a reality.”

For the first time Rob truly started to relax; this was too good not to hear out. “I am interested.”

“Vicky’s libido skyrockets when she drinks. As long as I’m around she is comfortable knowing that I will bail her out of trouble since she would never cheat on me. However if she has been drinking and if the music is right and if someone strokes the small of her back — her most erogenous zone — she will be incapable of resisting.”

Rob’s eyes were now about to pop out of his head.

“She is the best fuck in the world with her big tits, tight pussy, firm ass, and powerful thighs, not to mention her passion. I would really like you, Tip, and Don to fuck her all night Saturday evening.”

Rob just stood there with his mouth agape, nodding his head.

“After she has consumed enough alcohol to be past the point of being capable of resisting while you are in the hot tub with her I will tell her that I have to go to Colorado Springs for an emergency. She won’t like it and will try to leave, but you should convince her that you have some pills in your room to counteract the effects of alcohol.”

Vince continued to lay out the details of his plan to an awe-struck Rob. He concluded it with some cautions. “There are a few caveats. The three of you cannot have any STDs and must swear to me that you don’t, since there will be no condoms. I need photocopies of your drivers’ licenses. You will not record any activity in any way or post anything on-line about it, nor will you force Vicky to do anything if she doesn’t succumb as I predict that she will. Understood?”

“Yes,” was all Rob could say while nodding his head.

“I need to be frank. If you violate any of these caveats I will have you killed — not figuratively, literally. I’m not fucking around and I’m very rich and well connected. If you don’t violate the caveats and things go as I suspect you three will have the best experience of your life up to now, and maybe the best ever.” With that Vince put his powerful hand on Rob’s shoulder and squeezed. “Understand?”

“Yes,” Rob whispered, the fear having returned to his eyes.

“You talk with Tip and Don about it tonight and meet me at 8:00 a.m. in the dining room before breakfast tomorrow. If you agree you’ll give me copies of your licenses then, I’ll provide you with some other information and materials, and we’ll be all set. Wait two minutes after I leave to exit,” Vince ordered.

With that Vince exited. Rob had a dry mouth and was sweating, both from excitement and trepidation, and waited as Vince had directed before exiting himself.

That night Vince gave Vicky two nice oral orgasms, cuddled her tightly, and told her how much he loved her.

Not surprisingly the next morning Tip, Don and Rob were all excited and wide-eyed as they gave Vince copies of their drivers’ licenses, swore that they had no STDs, and acceded to all of his caveats. He gave them some sugar pills to be passed off as “anti-alcohol pills,” a CD player loaded with a CD of Bon Jovi music, six little blue pills that weren’t doing Vince any good, and more instruction about what Vicky liked and how to play it. After reminding them of the caveats and the seriousness if they violated them Vince shook each of their hands and said “Good luck, have fun, and make Vicky the most satisfied woman on the planet.”

“If we don’t we’ll die trying,” Rob grinned.

Saturday night Vince made sure that Vicky had the most alcohol that she had consumed to date on the vacation and had his cellphone just out of reach of the hot tub as he and Rob soaked with Vicky, the three of them laughing, telling jokes, and Rob flirting with Vicky. Vince’s cellphone rang and he got out of the tub to answer it. “Don’t answer that thing,” Vicky pleaded, grabbing his arm, “stay with me.”

“Sorry, Hon,” Vince replied, “I forgot to tell you earlier that I might get an important call tonight, which is the only reason I have the cellphone here. I’ll just be a minute.”

Vicky’s demeanor changed somewhat as she tried to overhear Vince’s end of the phone conversation. She didn’t like what she heard.

When Vince returned to the hot tub he said “Vicky, I’m really, really sorry but I have to go to Colorado Springs tonight. A helicopter will pick me up in twenty minutes. There is a disaster at our New Mexico plant and I absolutely have to deal with it immediately.”

Trying to whisper it to Vince, although her consumption of alcohol didn’t make it too quiet, she frantically said “No, you can’t go, Vince. I’m burning with desire — I need you around.”

“Hon, if there was any way I could stay, I would, but I can’t.”

“Then let me come with you,” she moaned, now even more frantic.

“There’s only room for one in the helicopter, sweetie. Don’t worry, if anything happens it will be my fault not yours.”

“But, I’ve had too much to drink,” Vicky continued, clutching Vince’s arm with tears starting to flow.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be butting in,” Rob said, “but I have some pills in my room that negate the effects of alcohol, with moderate exercise, in about twenty minutes.”

“That’s great, Rob,” Vince said with enthusiasm. “Hon, why don’t you go to Rob’s room and take those pills. I’ll be back about 10:00 tomorrow morning. I love you, and enjoy yourself.”

With that Vince kissed Vicky goodbye and took off. Given her amorous feelings Vicky tried not to look at Rob’s cute face and cut body, but couldn’t avoid it when he started talking to her.

“Listen, Vicky, why don’t you toss out your last drink, we soak for a few more minutes, and then we go get those pills.”

“OK,” was all that she could mutter in reply.

Rob kept the conversation light and cheery for the next ten minutes, although Vicky didn’t really respond much, and then said. “You’re starting to slur your words a little. Maybe we should get those pills now.”

Rob helped Vicky out of the hot tub, hoping to disguise his boner as he did so, and fixated on her luscious body, which he hoped to be enjoying shortly. He helped her put her shorty robe on and they walked to his room.

Rob gave Vicky the sugar pills with a glass of “juice,” which was about one quarter grain alcohol. “To get maximum effect you need some slow or moderate exercise after taking them. Do you like to dance?”

“Sure,” Vicky hesitantly said.

Rob pushed the CD player “play” button, turned to face Vicky, and said “I hope you like Bon Jovi, cause that’s the only CD I can find.”

Vicky got a distraught look on her face because she often played Bon Jovi songs when fucking Vince. Rob didn’t waste any time, grabbing Vicky and gently twirling and moving her around. He put his hand under her robe on the bare small of her back and stroked gently.

“Don’t — uh, no — please don’t, uh, do that…” Vicky mumbled.

“Do what?” Rob whispered, playing dumb.

“Uh, well, uh, rub, ohhhh,” Vicky couldn’t finish the sentence before laying her head against Rob’s shoulder. Rob continued to lightly rub the small of her back, sometimes with his fingers, sometimes with his palm, sometimes with his thumb. In response Vicky gradually moved her pelvis closer and closer to his crotch, and raging hard-on. Finally when her crotch touched his he slowly removed her robe, then surreptitiously untied the string holding up the top of her bikini so that only the contact of her tits with his chest kept it on. When the latest song stopped he whispered, “Maybe we should take a break so that the pills start working,” obviously nonsense but Vicky was in too much of a zone to notice.

As Rob lay Vicky down on his bed he pulled the strings on either side of her bikini bottom and it fell away, just like the top did, by the time that her ass hit the mattress. Rob excitedly stared at her female parts — they were beyond exquisite. Her little slit, which looked so tiny compared with her large body, virtually beckoned him. Her nipples were symmetrical, hard, and pointed. Except for her C-section scars her pelvis and thighs were perfect.

Rob immediately went down on Vicky, parting her puffy little vaginal lips with his fingers as his tongue probed her interior, occasionally flicking her clit. “No, don’t, I can’t, arrgh, ohh, I love Vince, ahhhh,” Vicky moaned as she grabbed Rob’s hair.

Between slurps Rob replied “Vince told you to have a good time!” then continued more vigorously abusing her clit, then penetrating her with his fingers to stroke her G-spot. Soon Vicky stopped protesting and only moaned in pleasure as a first oral orgasm, then a second, hit. When she clamped her thighs on either side of Rob’s head at first he thought she might pop his brains out she squeezed so hard, but when her second orgasm subsided her thighs relaxed and he felt safe. By then, however, his dick hurt it was so stiff, and his balls ached.

Rob lifted Vicky’s long, muscular, legs so that her calves were on his shoulders, lined up his cock with her pussy, and started penetrating. Despite how wet Vicky was from his oral work it was difficult to penetrate her pussy it was so tight. After a minute or so of diligent action, however, he finally buried himself balls deep. As he pumped Vicky squeezed her pc muscles in sync with his movements. The combination of his excitement, her tight pulsating vagina, and her big tits flopping back and forth as he banged away, had him coming faster than he could ever remember as he dumped a full load of cum into her pussy. The first rocket of cum set Vicky off on her third orgasm,

Once they came down from their climaxes Rob leisurely stroked back and forth in her pussy and gently manipulated her clit as she squeezed her own tits. Rob reached for his nearby cellphone, hit a button, and simply said “I need help.”

When Tip and Don entered the room their eyes lit up like Christmas lights. Rob was sitting with his back to the headboard of his bed while Vicky was on her knees with her big beautiful firm ass and glistening pussy sticking out as she sucked Rob’s cock clean of their combined juices. Before she was finished Tip had his rock hard cock in her pussy fucking her doggy. He banged so hard, and Vicky pounded back with such vigor, that she could no longer suck Rob’s cock.

The mutual orgasms that Tip and Vicky experienced were mammoth, reducing both to piles of protoplasm. While Tip’s cock was still entrenched in Vicky’s pussy and she had her head on the mattress moaning, Don started lubricating her pucker hole. He reciprocated one lubricated finger, then two, in her asshole, getting loud “ohhhs” and “ahhhs” from Vicky.

When Tip finally pulled his dick out of Vicky’s sopping wet pussy Don put his lubricated cock head at the entrance to her back door, gently pushed it all the way in, and then started thumping. Meanwhile Rob and Tip moved to Vicky’s sides and each vigorously sucked a nipple while simultaneously rubbing the small of her back.

The simultaneous ass-fucking, nipple sucking, and back rubbing was almost too much for Vicky as she climaxed with a vengeance, letting out a banshee scream while her entire body spasmed as Don jettisoned ropes of cum into her asshole. By the time that Don’s last cum grenade had exploded in her Vicky was reduced to a comatose blob, leaking fluid out of both holes. When Don pulled out she collapsed on the bed.

Rob and Tip helped Vicky to the shower, washed her completely including her pussy and pucker hole, and then followed her back to bed. She was fucked and sucked in earnest by all three guys once again, and she sucked all of their cocks at one time or another. By the time that she awoke from a second stupor of the evening/morning, and again showered this time with just Don, she was fully cognizant of what was going on. The effects of the alcohol were no more, but her libido was still increasing rapidly. The only thought running through her mind, other than trying to exact more sexual pleasure, was “I’ve fucked so many times now what will a few more hurt?”

Throughout the evening and morning the fucking quartet went from Rob’s bed to Tip’s to Don’s, as each got soaked with sweat and sex fluids. All three guys popped the little blue pills Vince had given them and tried their best to keep a cock in one of her three holes as much as possible. When that was impossible one or more of them sucked her tits and tongued her clitoris or fingered her G-spot.

By the time that the quartet fell asleep — actually more passed out from exhaustion than fell asleep — at 6:00 a.m. Vicky’s pussy had been fucked seven times, her ass three times, and her tits once, and she had sucked each cock several times including two to ejaculation into her mouth. The number of her orgasms from the almost constant stimulation of her female parts was countless, certainly at least two dozen.

Vicky woke up with a start, at first not knowing where she was. Once she realized it and saw the three naked guys, all with one of their body parts or another touching her, she smiled and put her head back down. In seconds she bolted back up, looked at the clock which read 10:03 a.m., and yelled “Oh shit, Vince will be back.”

After a minute or two of panic she found her bikini top and put on her robe with her room key in it, but she couldn’t find her bikini bottoms anywhere in the pile of cum and sweat soaked clothes strewn about. Since the robe at least covered her crotch she forgot about her bottoms and scurried out the door.

When Vicki arrived in her room with her hair disheveled, cum caked on her thighs and ass, her lips chapped, her nipples almost raw, walking bowlegged because her pussy stung, and devoid of makeup, Vince was packing a few of his things.

“Oh, there you are,” he nonchalantly said, “got some early morning exercise, huh? Why don’t you hit the shower and we’ll get some breakfast?”

Vicky was shocked by Vince’s casual attitude but responded, “OK,” as she hustled into the bathroom. Vince finished packing then picked up the phone and called Rob’s room.

Vicky almost looked human again when she exited the bathroom about a half an hour later. Gone were the caked cum and chapped lips. The balm on her nipples was making them feel better, and her makeup was applied perfectly, hiding the bags under her eyes. There was nothing she could do about having to walk bowlegged, however — that would take time.

“You look beautiful,” Vince gushed as he hugged her and kissed her on the neck and rubbed her shoulders.

“Thanks, Hon,” she replied, “did you resolve your problem?”

“Actually, several problems were resolved last night, so I’m feeling great today. How about you?”

“In some ways I’m really feeling good, but I’m a little sore,” Vicky honestly answered, before catching herself and saying, “I must have pushed it too hard on the slopes yesterday.”

Vince smiled to himself as he escorted Vicky to breakfast.

Vince laughed to himself at the amount of food Vicky put away at breakfast — two omelets, an order of sausage, four pancakes, two glasses of juice, and some fruit. Of course he knew that she had to have burned more than a thousand calories last night, but he said nothing about her appetite. He kept the conversation light and humorous.

When they were almost done with breakfast — Vicky had only one pancake and some fruit left — Rob approached the table. He was greeted warmly by Vince, although Vicky turned red and quiet.

“So, Rob, how did you enjoy your trip to Telluride?”

“Vince, it was amazing. The skiing was great, the facilities were wonderful, and the company was other-worldly. In fact I know that I speak for Tip and Don when I say that not only did we have the best experience of our life, but it was better than we possibly could have imagined,” Rob replied smiling and staring at Vicky as he said “better than we possible could have imagined.”

Vicky looked like she was about to die of embarrassment as she unconsciously stuffed her face with the last pancake. Vince pretended not to notice as he chatted with Rob for a minute more and then shook his hand goodbye. Rob leaned over the table and kissed Vicky on her cheek, surreptitiously slipped her bikini bottom onto her lap, and whispered into her ear furthest from Vince “You’re the best fuck in history,” causing Vicky to blush even more as she stuffed her bikini bottom into her purse.

In the car ride to the Colorado Springs airport Vicky was unusually quiet. Vince didn’t question her about her silence, but simply talked about how great the vacation had been, his sorrow at having to leave the last night, and some none-weighty subjects. Suddenly Vicky blurted out “Vince, I have to talk to you about what happened last night.”

“Hon, I’m really sorry for leaving you. I feel so bad about it — please don’t be mad.”

“No, it’s about what happened after you left,” Vicky continued.

“Look, Hon, I left you in a bad position, something we agreed I would never do. Whatever happened, happened. There is no reason to talk about it. I had a wonderful time on our vacation and I hope that you did too.”

As Vicky tried to say something else, Vince squeezed her knee and said “I love you with all my heart and would do anything to make you happy.”

The way that Vince said it, and the look on his face, made Vicky realize for the first time that Vince had likely set up her night of over-the-top sex to make up for his problem over the last couple of months. This made her extremely grateful that he loved her so much that he would do that for her, but also wistful that he would think that he had to since she loved him even if they never had penile sex again. She sobbed softly as she choked out “I love you Vince,” and laid her head on his shoulder, then as she relaxed, his lap.

Vicky fell asleep on Vince’s lap, exhausted from her all-nighter, but was jolted awake when Vince stopped suddenly after taking a curve on a deserted road about sixty miles from Colorado Springs.

“What’s the matter, Vince?”

“Look, a power line has fallen across the road. I’m not sure that we can get past.”

“Is there an alternative route?”

“Yeah, but it’s fifty miles longer. Let me see what I can do.”

Vince got out of the car and looked the situation over. There were some branches on the side of the road that looked like he might be able to use to prop the wires up. He had to be careful because it was obvious that the wires were “hot” and high voltage.

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