My name is Malcolm Hargrove. My vocation is that of a writer. Portions of my work at times are a bit of an erotic nature. While I cannot explain the reasoning for many of those that choose to share their experiences, the phenomenon continues. Sometimes their motives don’t become apparent until much later.

I met Harvey at retreat for single men sponsored by an affiliate of the Lions International. My characters in a continuing series of mystery works had been asked to watch over a client’s son while he was attending such a retreat. I had never attended one so I needed some firsthand information for the story.

Harvey was my cabin mate for the weekend. When we retired to our cabin late the first evening our conversation, as we prepared for sleep, included relating our means of livelihood. When he discovered who he was talking to he grinned and asked if I would assist him in a plot he was developing. His elaboration was to presumably offer a semblance of background to assist in my understanding the depth of his inquiry. It seemed he needed some imaginative and unique advice from a story teller of note.

His description of recent events took much of the following evenings and several hours again when we met a week later at Sally’s Breakfast Buffet in Amarillo, Texas. (A stop to be considered on the path of my characters.) His story began…

Chapter 1

I had always thought of myself as being very straight. That is until Wally.

I had known Wally forever; not a close acquaintance but I saw him at stores and at the Lions club meetings and a few of the community activities. I knew him well enough to say hello and engage in casual conversation. I knew that he was single and approximately 45. He was from somewhere up north. (This is Texas.) Other than that he had never made much of an impression on me. That is until that winter a couple of years back.

It was a cold and blustery 38 degrees and the wind seemed to cut through you. With the Texas humidity no amount of clothes seemed to keep out the cold. I was attending the monthly meeting of the Lions and Wally was a little late coming in. He was rocking along on crutches and had his left leg in a brace.

As he came closer I moved in his direction to offer to get him a cocktail when his left crutch hit a wet spot on the tile floor and slid out from under him. I was close enough to drop my drink and grab him before he fell. I had him in a bear hug. He is a good size guy and bit on the plump side as am I.

Somehow I managed to get him to a chair and sat him down. It was at that moment that I had looked into his eyes and felt an electric current run through my whole body. My heart was racing and my mouth went dry. We were still in an embrace and we held each other for what seemed to be minutes but in reality it was only a few seconds.

Wally smiled as I pulled away and he thanked me for saving him. I asked him what he would like to drink and he said he could really use a dry vodka martini. I got him his martini and his crutch and avoided him for the much of the remainder of the evening.

I called this a meeting but in reality it was just a social gathering with a cash bar and some simple snacks. I caught myself watching Wally ever so often. I noticed that he did not get up on his crutches and was allowing others to wait on him. I began to be concerned that he might be hurt and that he might need help getting home. Finally as things began to wind down I went over to where he was sitting and when Charles left him alone I asked Wally if he was hurt.

His reply was somewhat curious, “I could be and I think I just might need a Good Samaritan to help me home.”

I hesitated but when my heart began to race I opened my mouth and out came, “I would very much like to be your Good Samaritan this evening.”

Charles and a couple of others helped me get Wally into my car and we started out of the parking lot.

I stopped short and with a sheepish grin I muttered, “I guess I will need you to direct me. I have no clue where you live.”

Wally laughed, “Turn right and in a couple of miles turn left onto Park Street. I live in a condo on the corner of Park and 7th Street.”

The rest of the trip was silent. I pulled up in front of his condo. It was then that I realized that he was going to need me to help him to his apartment.

I turned to him and he smiled, “You might find it easier to pull into the parking garage. My parking space is closer to the elevator and I would most appreciate it if you would assist me to my apartment.”

Well, I parked in his parking spot and helped him out of the car. I retrieved his crutches and handed them to him. He thanked me and tried to move toward the elevator.

After only a couple of steps he turned to me and asked, “Would you be so kind as to give me a shoulder to lean on. I seem to be having trouble with my coordination.”

I still don’t understand my reaction. It was as if I was yearning for him to ask me to help. So I jumped at the opportunity to be close to him. Together we made our way to the elevator, he with an arm around my shoulder and me with an arm around his waist.

Once in the elevator he pressed the button for the fourth floor. The doors closed and he laid his crutches against the wall and turned to me. He placed his right hand on the back of my head and pulled me against him with his left. I made no resistance. Wally is 5’11″ and I am barely 5’8″.

He held me hard and pressed his lips against mine. I had never kissed a man and I guess I was so surprised that I opened my mouth and let him put his tongue against my tongue.

I realized what I was doing and jerked my head back and exclaimed, “No!”

Wally continued to hold me tight against his body. I could feel his erection pressing against my stomach. But I made no attempt to pull away.

Wally looked disappointed and stuttered, “I-I-I am so sorry. I thought that you were attracted to me. I know that I am very attracted to you.”

I replied, “I can tell you are aroused, but I’m straight. I like women. I have to admit that I am having some strange reactions when you are close to me. I don’t think that I want to pursue those feelings though. “

The elevator doors opened and Wally released me. He gathered his crutches and put his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around his waist. The racing heart and the electricity continued. Together we moved to his apartment door. There we stepped apart and he retrieved his keys from his coat pocket.

Wally turned to me and said, “Would you allow me to apologize and reward you for your assistance with a martini?”

I felt bad that I had led him to believe that I wanted more than I had. So I could not refuse.

“Of course, a martini would help to rid me of the chill from this rotten weather.”

Chapter 2

Inside the living room was warm and wooden. The paneling was a rich walnut and off to one side was a spectacular wet bar. The top was dark brown cultured marble and the mirror behind the bar was framed in gold leaf. The bar stools were brass and black leather with high backs. In the rest of the room the furniture was covered in gray leather highlighted with lamp tables of glass and bright brass. The lamps were replicas of ship lanterns and gave off just enough warm glows to make the room feel comfortable and relaxing. The wall had prints of several artists of renown.

Music came from out of nowhere. It filled the room with its soft strings and muted brass.

I remarked, “Beethoven, I believe. Is it the London Symphony?”

Wally hobbled to the bar and turned his head to respond, “You are well versed in classical music. Yes, it is the London Symphony and Beethoven. Do you know what the selection is?”

I had to admit to my limited knowledge of music and replied “Sorry, I am not well educated in music. I only know a little and Beethoven is one that I can sometimes recognize. I just made a wild guess about the orchestra.”

Wally proceeded to prepare the martinis. A rather large batch it seemed. He called me over to the bar and handed me a vodka martini with 2 olives. Just the way I liked it. I thought to myself that he must have been observing my drink selections at the gathering. We discussed his furniture and his prints and by then my glass was empty. Wally poured me another and speared a couple of olives. He held them up to my lips; offering them to me to take from the toothpick in his hand. I obliged.

We discussed our background. Wally was from the small town of Brock in Northern Ohio. He had moved to Texas four years before and had found work as an office manager with Smith Reynolds, a large accounting firm. Wally poured me another and again offered me the olives on a tooth pick in his hand. We had been sitting on the barstools but as he offered me the olives this time he slid off and moved rather easily to me. As I took the olives with my lips and open teeth he touched my inner-thigh with his other hand.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled. “You may not want to admit it but you want to find out what it would be like to make love with another man. I can see how you react when we are close and touch. I can feel your heart racing and see you lick your lips like your mouth has gone dry. If you look at my crotch you will see very well how you are affecting me. I want you and I believe you will find that given a chance you will want what I have to offer.”

I could not think of anything to say so I licked my lips. I felt the electricity and my heart was racing. I could not deny that I was feeling something that I had never felt with anyone before, man or woman. His hand moved up my thigh and touched the spot where my legs came together. I took another sip of the martini and involuntarily my legs spread. He cupped my testicles through my pants and my penis began to jerk and harden.

I took another sip and looked at his pants. His bulge was obvious. My penis was fully erect now and Wally knew it. He began to unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants.

I took another sip. He unzipped my fly and reached in and rubbed my penis through my underwear. His fingers made their way into my boxers and pulled my penis out. Now I am not particularly proud of my size. I am barely average. (I have to use a bit of imagination to arrive at that dimension.) But at this point to have another man holding it made me feel like it was huge.

I took another sip as Wally lowered himself to his knees. I thought to myself that his leg is messed up but he seems to be able to stand and lower himself with just one leg without any problem. I stopped trying to analyze when his mouth encircled the head and his tongue made circles around the opening on the end. My cock was on fire and his mouth was sucking and licking trying to extinguish the flames.

He began to cup my testicles and squeeze them gently but firmly. He squeezed and released his hand in rhythm with the stoking of his mouth on my penis. I began to whimper as my climax approached. It was building and it took all of my willpower to hold back.

I tried to take the last sip of my martini to delay and make this wonderful feeling last. It was not to be. I lost all control and with a cry of passion I exploded and shot my load into his mouth. He sucked and licked all of it, leaving nothing to escape his hungry mouth.

He stood up while still holding my testicles and began rolling them around gently but ever more rapidly. He moved his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Without hesitation I opened my mouth and he released some of my semen onto my tongue.

I recognized the salty taste and the silky texture. I had from time to time tasted my ejaculate after masturbating. I rolled the fluid around with my tongue on his and swallowed it. I returned his kisses with enthusiasm and used my hands and arms to pull him to me. We kissed and he nibbled my neck and I put my tongue in his ear and sucked his earlobe. We embraced and kissed and he continued to fondle my genitals. After a while we slowed down and the passion receded.

Finally I spoke, “That was more powerful than even my wildest fantasies.”

“So you have thought about being with another man have you?” Wally smirked.

“Yes, I suppose I have wondered. But I never thought that it would be something that I would care for.”

“Were you wrong then?” he asked.

“Yes, you might say that.” But my fantasies go much further than merely a blow job.” I admitted.

“I have often wondered what a penis not my own would feel like. I have observed and admired others in a relaxed state and looked at some porn. I have envied those that are more generously endowed; but I have never had the nerve to attempt touching another guy.”

Wally offered, “So my Good Samaritan, let’s change that.”

With that Wally stood up and pulled me off my bar stool. My pants fell to the floor.

Wally grinned and said, “You had better get out of those before you fall and hurt yourself.”

He grinned and continued, “And while you are at it get out of all of those clothes. You are going to have to spend the night. You have had way too much to drink to consider driving home.”

I agreed and stripped out of my shoes and socks, my boxers and my shirt. Noticing that I was alone in the buff, Wally suggested that as his Good Samaritan I should help him out of his clothes. After all he was hurt and needed all the help he could get. It must have been the martinis and the powerful climax I had just experienced that provoked me to eagerly disrobe this equally unattractive middle aged portly man before me.

Wally insisted that he do the unbuttoning and that I would help him out of his clothes with me standing behind him. He kicked off his shoes and I pulled off his socks. His shirt came off next. Then I pulled his pants down over his brace and off each foot. The brace gave me some difficulty but I managed to get it off. It was then I could see the scars from his surgery. They were still red and slightly swollen.

He wore jockey briefs. I was still on my knees from working on his brace. I reached up and grabbed the waist band and began to pull them down. When I had them off each foot Wally turned and before me was the most beautiful erect penis I had ever imagined. His presentation of it took my breath away. Where I was average (or below), The Wang in front of me was standing straight out and was quite long. I named it right then “Wally’s Wonderful Wang”.

Wally’s Wonderful Wang was long but was not terribly thick; although thicker than my meager penis.

Wally laughed and said, “So what do you think? Touch it and satisfy your curiosity about what another erect penis feels like.”

I reached out and grasped this beautiful thing in front of me with both hands. I squeezed it and ran my fingers the length of it. I softly stroked it and each time it would jerk in my hands. My activity of pleasuring myself had provided only minimal ability to feel the texture and warmth of my own penis. Always my touching resulted in feeling through my penis and not my fingers.

By way of this new encounter my fingers and my palms felt the smooth skin, the rubbery head, the heat generated from Wally’s exited state. I marveled at the disparity of texture from the smooth skin of the shaft and the coarse hair at the base. Each slow stroke made folds rise and pull back. The veins stood out and added to the divergence of textures. These are the variations that add much to the pleasure of intercourse.

As I stroked it a droplet of clear pre-cum seeped out the eye at the end. I wondered if his semen would taste like mine or would be somehow different. The now familiar racing of my heart and the electricity of being close to Wally doubled in intensity as I licked the droplet off the end of that beautiful instrument. The taste was different. It was somewhat sweet but at the same time bitter. It was delicious. I knew that I wanted more to taste. I pushed my mouth over it and sucked for all I was worth.

Wally began to move his hips and moaned, “Oh yes, that is what I want. Suck me. I want to fuck your mouth. Fuck, fuck, fuck, suck it, suck me off.”

He pushed his hard cock in as he held my head. He began a slow short movement back and forth into my sucking mouth. After a bit he pulled back and pushed it hard all the way to my throat. I thought I was going to choke but I managed to hold on as he pulled back.

I gently squeezed his testicles (Which by the way were the size of golf balls.) and used my tongue like he had done for me. He was moaning and carrying on like he was appreciating my efforts. I guess I was a little surprised because this was my first attempt. My jaws began to ache and my tongue was tired as he began to grit and curse between his teeth.

He pushed his penis as far as it would go into my throat and released his semen. It hit the back of my throat and I desperately swallowed. I began to gag and pull back. Wally’s Wonderful Wang pulled out of my mouth while it was still shooting its sweet juice. Wally’s Wonderful Wang discharged a load over and over again. After I began to count the times it splashed off my face I counted 5 spurts. Each shot was of a quantity that I would have thought impossible. I can guesstimate that he shot off at least 8 times. I licked and swallowed all I could get. The taste of the main load was even more delicious than the pre-cum that had started all this. I was hooked.

Wally reached down and lifted me to my feet. He bent down and licked the cum off my face and neck. I had missed some of the delicious stuff. With one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my penis he moved his lips to mine and we kissed and I hugged him for all I was worth. Our tongues worked together and my erection was in his capable hands. I was in ecstasy. Eventually Wally broke the embrace and pulled away.

“What’s the verdict my Good Samaritan?” “Is your first gay sex pretty good?”

I shook my head, “No. So far it has been beyond that. I have never before had oral sex and it was very, very good.”

“Look at us”, I remarked. “We are not the pretty boys that would seduce anyone. We are overweight and middle age. But the emotional part of tonight has been beyond belief; at least for me. You are more experienced than me. Was it as good for you as it seemed?”

Wally looked down at his limp but ample Wang and replied, “It would seem that you managed to take all the starch out of my joy stick; so one would assume that it was quite good, indeed.”

“By the way, I offered, I named that magnificent instrument as soon as I saw it. I call it Wally’s Wonderful Wang.”

Wally laughed, “There is much more for Wally’s Wonderful Wang to show you. But first I think we need another martini or two. Unless you would first like me to once again take the starch out of the lovely penis that you have hanging down before your crotch.”

I reddened and replied, I think the martini would best be served while we refresh ourselves. Let’s drink and see if our penises will both become erect before any more of your ministrations.”

Chapter 3

The martinis were a delightful break. As we finished the second both of us had raging erections. I say this because both stood out and twitched and jerked when one of us would run a finger down the length the other’s erection.

Wally grinned and said, “I know that you know that all sex is more than oral. It includes and is more wonderful with intercourse.”

He took my hand and looked into my eyes and continued, “You may think of it as dirty and perhaps painful. I will assure you that you will learn to enjoy the receiving as well as the giving. That is if you are willing to experiment further.”

I took a sip of my martini and smiled, “You haven’t disappointed me yet. I think that I would be willing to attempt whatever you offer. I seem to be under your spell.”

Wally didn’t need further encouragement. He took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

This room was appointed like I would have expected of a luxurious hotel bridal suite. The bed was round with silk purple sheets and an abundance of pillows all covered in matching purple silk. The chest was mahogany with bright brass hardware. The matching mirrored dresser was draped with a purple silk runner. A chaise of purple velvet finished the picture of opulence. The plush beige carpet felt like fur between my toes as we walked to the chaise.

Wally told me to sit on the chaise and he went to the dresser and from the top drawer extracted a vinyl sheet and a tube of lubricant. The anticipation and the fear kept my erection fully hard and standing proud. His was saluting and I guess his knowing what was about to occur caused a droplet of pre-cum to drip onto the carpet. I watched with yearning as it bobbed up and down as he limped back to where I was sitting.

When he was within reach I touched Wally’s Wonderful Wang and it responded with another droplet. I bent over and licked the precious juice off the end. It tasted even more delicious than before. Wally smiled as his penis jerked and twitched from my touch and I kissed it and slid it into my mouth and began sucking on the head.

Wally pulled out and said. “That is very nice, but let’s not forget what we came in here for.”

Wally instructed in a manner of fact tone, “I fill fuck you first so you know what it is and how it is done. I will be as gentle as possible but you may have some pain at first. If I do it correctly any pain will subside and pleasure will replace it. If you can relax and get into the action I will get a great deal of pleasure from it as well.”

For the first time you will want to lay across the bed, face down, and I will enter you from behind. I will use lots of lubricant so there will be an easy entrance. Shall we begin?”

In a silent reply, I got up and walked to the bed. However, with each step I became more reluctant. Sex with pain. That just didn’t seem to equate to pleasure. When I reached the bed Wally laid the vinyl sheet on the edge and down the side. He sensed my hesitation. With a good deal of force he put his hands on my back and pressed me down on the sheet. He had pinned me with all his strength. I struggled but his quiet reassuring whispers allowed me to give in to him.

My penis pressed against the vinyl which was quite cold and my upper body was against the silk sheets. When I stopped struggling he spread my legs apart with his knees and began to push the lube into my anus. He fingered me saying this would get my opening used to being probed. First he fingered me with just his middle finger. He added his index finger and finally he put three fingers in me and rapidly pushed in and out.

The sensation was somewhat enjoyable but I still feared what was about to happen to me. I looked back and he put a large glob of lube on the head of Wally’s Wonderful Wang and stepped between my legs. I felt the end of it touching my opening and I squirmed away. Again he pressed it against my anus and just held it there. After a bit he grabbed me with both hands and I knew he was about to push Wally’s Wonderful Wang into me. I shuttered and gritted my teeth awaiting the pain of being fucked in my ass.

Slowly but firmly he pushed it in a little at a time, always whispering encouragement, “Just little at a time to let you adjust. Relax and it will go a lot easier. I probably won’t give you all of it the first time. There is quite a length and we don’t want you to overdo it.”

I tried to relax. I could feel each inch going up into me. I thought, “Big things have come out of there so what’s the big deal.”

I chuckled at the thought and I then began to relax. So far there was no pain just a feeling of becoming filled.

Wally assured me, “You have about two thirds of it so I will stop at that.”

Then he began to slowly pull back and press forward. Slowly at first; then he began to move in and out faster until he developed an exquisite rhythm.

He grunted and asked, “Are you okay. Does it hurt?”

“No”, I whispered, “It feels good.”After a bit I moaned, “I think I can take it all. Give it all to me and let’s see.

He pushed the remainder of his magnificent tool into me with one incredible push. I knew he was all in when I felt his pubic bone hit me. It amazed me that I had taken his full length into my body and the feeling was incredible. As he continued to thrust in that marvelous rhythm the pleasure began in earnest.

I knew I wanted it and I exclaimed “Give it to me hard, I am going to climax if this keeps up.”

“I hoped that it would be like this”, He groaned as he continued to push hard all the way to the hilt.

“You are so fucking tight and hot it won’t take long for me to cum.”

I could feel and hear his golf ball size testicles slapping against me. The pain never materialized but the pleasure had. I reached back and rose up enough to grasp my penis and stroke it. Maybe twenty strokes and I gasped and held my breath. I gritted my teeth and silently screamed my climax. I began shooting my semen onto the vinyl sheet. Wally had brought me to a level of ecstasy that I had never encountered before.

Wally began to grunt and holler, “I’m going to cum; Damn your ass is so hot!”Make me cum with that tight hot ass! Move your butt and make me cum.”

“Now! Now!”

He pushed hard against me and I could feel his hot semen washing into me over and over again.

He continued to curse and holler his pleasure. “Fuck yes! I love your tight hot ass! Shit! Shit! Oh fuck!” I can’t stop cumming! I love it!”

This man can cum buckets I thought. Finally he relaxed and lay over me and began to kiss my back. Slowly he pulled his softening penis out as he slid down licking and kissing my back and buttocks as he went. When he reached my opening he began to lick his spunk that was running out of me and down my legs.

“I never get tired of the taste of semen,” he whispered.

Finally he stood and helped me up. We stood facing each other and I reached out and pulled him to me. I kissed and probed his mouth with my tongue. Our tongues embraced while our hands caressed our bodies and below we rubbed our genitals together. We each grabbed the others buttocks and pulled hard against each other. Neither of us had an erection, but the emotion of the moment for me was something that sex had never been before. Once more I had come across something that in my wildest fantasies I would never have imagined.

As the erotic sensations began to subside Wally let go of me and slid off the bed. Wally led me into the bathroom. I followed like an obedient puppy. What a bathroom it was. The shower had heads from every angle. Above, below and on two sides. The tub was a Jacuzzi and the twin sinks were made of bowls made of crystal atop a light green cultured marble top. The floor was of porcelain tile that shimmered in the light from the hanging crystal chandelier light fixture.

He kissed my neck and probed my ear with his tongue. With a gentle caress of my genitals he escorted me into the shower. Wally started the water flowing and it was instantly warm. We took turns washing every part of the others body with special attention to the genital areas.

As we toweled off, Wally cleared his throat and asked, “Well, do you think you have learned enough to be the fucker instead of the fuckee?”

I said, “I think so, but if not I am sure that you will continue to instruct me until I get it right.”

Then I added as I observed two very limp penises, “It would appear that neither of us is ready to have a go at it right now.”

He laughed and muttered his agreement, “Right now perhaps a bit of sleep will remedy that.”

Wally picked up a towel and we walked to the bedroom where he wiped my semen from the vinyl sheet and tossed them both in the corner. He climbed onto the bed and I eagerly joined him. We arranged the pillows for maximum comfort and soon fell asleep our own thoughts. I smiled as I held my very soft penis and though how mine had never felt so incredible to me.

We had slept for an hour or two. I had no way to be sure. There was no clock and I had taken off my watch earlier. Wally was still fast asleep so I rose up on an elbow and watched him sleep. He seemed so content. At least until I observed that he had obtained an erection in his sleep. I wondered if he was recalling our love making in his dreams. I probably wasn’t the best lover he had been with and from his skills I would guess that there had been many before me.

As I watched him I began to be aroused. I reran the evening’s happenings and the electricity and racing heart returned and my erection began to materialize. I watched Wally and began to slowly stroke my penis. Masturbating just wouldn’t suffice this time. I needed more.

Either Wally would suck me off or I would have my first anal event. Either would be welcome at this juncture. I let go of my erection and moved to Wally. His back was to me. I softly wrapped my arm over him and with my hand on his pelvis pulled him against me. My penis was pressed against his buttocks. I slowly rubbed it against him. Soon he began to move with me as I pulled back and placed my erection between his legs. As I slowly pushed and pulled I could feel the texture of his ball sack against the head of my penis.

He reached down and with the tip of his finger rubbed the end of my penis. It felt good but I needed more. Wally sensed that to be the case.

“I assume you are ready to fuck me,” he chuckled.

Without waiting for my reply he pulled away and slid off the bed. He limped to the dresser and retrieved the tube of lubricant and then picked up the vinyl sheet from the corner where he had tossed it.

“Hop down my Good Samaritan and let’s get this show on the road.”

I obliged. He handed me the tube of lube and said that I would only need to apply some to the end of my erection.

He said, “And I want to look at you while you are fucking me.”

“So I will lie on my back on the bed and raise my legs so you can climb on the bed and crawl between my legs and do the deed. Feel free to hold my penis all the while. We should both get off that way.”

So I climbed on the bed and crawled between his uplifted legs. He lowered his legs and they rested on my shoulders. He had turned on a small lamp so there was enough light to where I could see his anus with no trouble.

I had never looked upon an anus before and I guess I stopped and stared because Wally asked, “What are you waiting for?”

I shook my head and replied, “Nothing, It’s just that I have never thought of that opening as something I was about to fuck.”

I squeezed a glob of lube onto the head of my erection and spread it around. There was still some on my hand so I rubbed that onto his opening. My finger was slick so I couldn’t resist pushing it into his hole. He twitched and moaned a little as I fingered him as he had done me.

He corrected me, “That is not necessary for me. Just get your lovely penis in and fuck me. I can’t wait any longer. I want you now, please.”

So I placed the head of my penis at the opening and pushed. I went in all the way with the first thrust. I slowly began my thrusts and started to pick up speed. I took hold of Wally’s Wonderful Wang and started a thrusting rhythm that was extremely pleasurable for me.

As I thrust his hole Wally moved his hips in time with me, making it all the more pleasurable. Wally was looking up at me with his eyes glassed over and his mouth open. He moaned and whispered words that were too soft for me to understand. My orgasm was approaching and I couldn’t control myself. I slammed against him as hard and as fast as I could. I squeezed his penis so hard that I thought he must be hurting.

I put one hand on the bed beside him and began to stroke Wally’s Wonderful Wang as hard and fast as I could.

Wally opened his mouth and began to holler, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard you lovely bastard! Jack me off! I want to cum all over myself.”

He began to buck and shutter, hollering and cursing all the while. I kept pumping his organ as hard and as fast as I could. I kept slamming into him hard and fast with my penis. I felt his penis contract and jerk. I could feel the semen roaring up the shaft and out the end. It shot all the way to his neck. I counted this time. He shot 9 times; each reaching up to his upper chest and in streams of unbelievable volume.

As his last spurt left the end of Wally’s Wonderful Wang, my orgasm overtook me.

I followed Wally’s lead and began to cry out my pleasure. “I’m cumming, damn, I’m coming hard. Oh gawd, oh gawd I can’t believe it.”

I came and came again. Wave after wave of ecstasy swept over me. I didn’t shoot 9 times but I had never shot more than twice before. I must have released 5 times before the climax subsided. I collapsed on top of Wally and he hugged me to his body. It was covered in his semen. As my senses returned, I pulled out my softening penis and slid down his body. I licked semen all the while. When I reached Wally’s Wonderful Wang I put it in my mouth and began to lick and suck for all I was worth. Slowly it began to harden. I kept at it and Wally just lay there enjoying my efforts. It took a while but finally he came in my mouth.

We went back to sleep. At daylight we arose and after a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast we enjoyed a 69 oral climax for dessert.

We dressed and drove to the lodge so Wally could retrieve his car. I looked around to be sure that no one was watching and pulled him to me and kissed him hard. Our tongues intertwined once again and my penis began to twitch. The electricity was returning. I knew that we had to go our separate ways this morning.

I pulled back and said, “Thank you Wally for a most unforgettable night. You have my number and I have yours so please let’s not let this be the end.”

With that Wally limped to his car and drove away. I drove home rerunning the events of the last 12 hours. By the time that I got home and into the shower I had an erection. I rubbed it for a while.

I said out loud, “You will have to wait for another time Little Stubby.”

I had a name for my penis as well.

Chapter 4

I had been divorced for a couple of years and had dated some. Not a lot. Occasionally I had had the opportunity to talk a lovely woman into going out to dinner and a show. Every so often an evening would result in sharing my bed with one of them. My ex had remarried and her new husband was quite a physical specimen. She had definitely upgraded.

He appeared a bit arrogant but with good reason. I had watched him in the locker room at the club a few times. He was muscular with little body fat. He stood at 6 feet and was broad of shoulder. Mostly I had marveled at and envied the size of his penis when he would come out of the shower. It was impressive even flaccid. It swayed back and forth as he strutted to his locker. He seemed to exaggerate for attention as he rubbed the towel over and over his groin.

He was everything that I was not. I am 50 years old and as I mentioned before vertically challenged, overweight and short of cock. Maxwell, his name is Maxwell, had apparently given Marie (My ex.) all she had been looking for. Marie, I had found, had had numerous affairs during our marriage and when Maxwell came along (No pun intended.) she dumped me and latched onto him.

Marie while not a playboy model is blessed with a lovely figure. Her breasts are above average. I recall her bra size to be 36 C. Her dress size was and is a 6. She is not what one would call beautiful but is none the less quite appealing. Her smile can charm most men; myself included. Obviously she had charmed Maxwell and as I mentioned there had been others. I had never been able to satisfy her in the bedroom thus her need for extramarital liaisons.

This particular Saturday morning at the club Maxwell had been playing racquetball with Marvin the attorney. I always referred to him this way to distinguish him from Marvin the stock broker. Marvin the attorney was equally obsessed with himself. They made quite a pair.

They disrobed and went into the shower. Neither one bothered to wrap a towel around his waist. They seemed to get great pleasure from showing off their bodies. Marvin the attorney was a couple of inches taller than Maxwell but was more slender and not as muscular. Quite fit though.

Where Maxwell had his long swaying cock dangling between his legs; Marvin the attorney had a shorter but unbelievably thick cock hanging from his crotch. Marvin the attorney’s penis was so thick it didn’t move at all when he walked.

I disrobed and wrapped a towel around my waist. The locker room was empty. I had nothing to show off and no one to show it to anyway. The shower room is made up of 6 separate shower stalls with doors for privacy. I guess that the two jerks had not noticed me because when I entered the shower room they were both in the same shower stall.

I quietly slipped into the stall next to them. I didn’t turn on the water. Instead I leaned against the wall opposite their stall and listened.

They were whispering to each other and Marvin the attorney was saying to Maxwell, “You have great hands big fellow. Look at how my cock grows when you do that. Much more of that and I will splatter cum all over the floor.”

Maxwell responded, “Big, you call me big. That monster you sport is unbelievable. Somehow I am going to get it in my mouth and catch your spunk.”

Marvin the attorney grunted, “You had better hurry because I am coming now!”

All that I heard then was Marvin moaning and Maxwell slurping. After a bit I turned on the water in my stall and grinned as I washed and thought about how I was going to use this. I wanted them to know that someone had been in the stall next to them. Silently they left the shower room. When I finished my shower and went back to my locker. They were gone.

My ex would be mortified if she found out about what Maxwell had going for him. I wondered if he used that tool on her often or was it just for display. Marvin the attorney had not indicated that he was going down on Maxwell. The session had been very one sided. I figured a bit of revenge would be in order. So I needed to develop a plan that would embarrass Marie and get Maxwell a dubious reputation.

Chapter 5

A few weeks later on a Friday night I met Wally for drinks as was our recent custom. Somehow our meeting for drinks always ended up in an all night sexual event. This Friday night was to be no exception. Fantasy One Lounge was noisy. It was a very discrete gay bar and the sexual energy in the air could be cut with a knife.

Wally and I sat on the same side of our table. We were situated to where we could observe all the hookups that were in progress. The clientele was as diverse as you might imagine. Young boys that appeared barely old enough to buy liquor. Old guys; some were older than Wally and me. There were all ages in between. All were looking for a partner for the evening or beyond.

I was especially watching a couple in their mid thirties. Both were fit and dressed in skin tight tee shirts and jeans that displayed their lovely butts and the prominent protuberance in the front. Very sexy. Wally had noticed my fascination and got up and went over to them. They talked for a few minutes and Wally kept nodding toward our table.

When he returned he smugly explained, “Carlos and Sam will be joining us tonight. That is, if you are agreeable. They will meet us in the parking lot and I will drive the four of us to the condo.”

I smiled and responded, “I take it you have in mind a new adventure to further my knowledge.”

He laughed; “You have no idea, no idea at all, about what may happen this evening. Let’s go before they change their minds.”

I notice something familiar about you as soon as I enter the room. I notice it from the top of the stairs, just after Mistress Larissa opens the heavy oak door and leads me inside. I see it even before you have a chance to see me for yourself. Unlike the four men shackled beside you, I sense something different about you, something special. I can’t put my finger on it, not when I first walk in, so I follow Mistress down the steps to get a better look.

The room is quiet, so quiet I hear the click of my high heeled shoes upon the ancient stone floor. There’s the sound of water too, from somewhere far off, perhaps a leaking pipe or the remnants of the earlier rain shower. It was warm upstairs, the humidity of the early evening still hanging heavy in the air, but the temperature turns cooler as soon as I step through the door. The view gets a lot better too.

Yes! You sense it too. You see something familiar about me as well. We both sense it. I see it in your eyes. I observe the way your body jumps as soon as you look up and notice when I am half way down the stairs. Do you recognize me? Do you know me? I wonder…

I continue down the steps in an attempt to solve the mystery. I must be careful where I place my feet, careful to keep my heels out of the numerous hazards in my path. The masonry is cracked. There is no railing. In some places a gap just the right size for my shoe opens between blocks. The dampness of the place leaves a wet slime on the wall; the floor makes everything around me look slippery.

We descend down the stairs into an unused room of the mansion. Perhaps it was once used for storage. Most certainly it was built as part of the original construction. The place looks like an ancient dudgeon, the kind of dudgeon I once toured in an old European castle. It looks like a place where a king might take his captured prisoners, where he could take his time to tease and torture them. A king maybe, but a queen better still! Your shackled form makes me consider the proper role of a Queen, and then I think about prisoners too. I also consider teasing and torture. I fantasize you as a prisoner and me as your sex-starved guard.

The temperature drops as we descend, but your presence serves to warm me. The others too, the four other men shackled upright beside you. Still, I feel a little cold. The room must be far below the surface. It is like entering a cave. It would certainly help if I was wearing a full set of clothing to keep me warm.

Mistress now begins the introductions. As soon as we get to the bottom of the stairs, she introduces you. Not with names, for captured slaves don’t have names. She refers to you only as “her boys.”

Boys? I like that! You could almost be boys, all five of you. So young, so innocent, but you are also most clearly men. Young men, still in your early 20s I take a guess, but then that’s the way I prefer my men: Young. Naive. Maybe even virginal.

I suddenly remember. Yes! I think of School, back in college, and then I suddenly remember you. I knew there was something familiar about you. I was a teacher once, you know, and you were once a student. You used to be a student of mine, weren’t you? That’s right. Four years ago. Algebra class. Now I remember more clearly. You were most likely a sophomore at the time. That would make you, let me see, no more than 22 years old now. Young, yes, very nice. Indeed! You still are a boy…

My boy…

I wonder if you remember me. I would be surprised if you did. I looked different back then. Black plastic framed glasses. Hair bunched up in a bun at the top of my head. I probably looked the same as all your other teachers. Younger than most, but still a teacher, a teacher hired to teach young mean what they didn’t want to learn. I also dressed a lot different back then too. More conservative, certainly, I usually wore a high necklined blouse and always a long skirt or pants. No way would I ever wear something like this to teach a class, to stand half clothed in front of a class full of male testosterone. The principle used to despise any teacher who showed even a hint of cleavage. She would have thrown me out the front door.

But I do remember you, boy. I remember you clearly. Those muscular biceps. That chiseled chest. And those lips that seem to be begging me to give them a deep, passionate kiss. I mean, have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror lately? You are fucking hot! You were hot back then. You look just as hot now. A teacher isn’t supposed to look at her students that way. She’s supposed to remain ambivalent, as they say, but with you it proved impossible.

I recall you were the dream date of every girl in school. Handsome, tanned, body built like a tank. Didn’t you also surf? And weren’t you one of the star football players? Yes, I remember now. You had the girls chasing you all over. Sometimes I would hear them gossip about you in the hallway, those giggling young women, talking about the latest dance, hoping you would ask them out. Silly little girls! They wouldn’t know what to do with a guy like you. I’m sure they wanted to do all sorts of things, after the dance, like in the back seat of your car. A girl can think some very naughty thoughts around a guy like you. I know I did!

You’ll have to excuse me for not recognizing you from the top of the stairs, but that was a few years ago. Plus, you look a lot different now. Well, perhaps not so much different. Your face remains the same. So do your biceps and that head of long blond hair. I still like the way your hair covers your ears and almost touches your shoulders. It makes you look almost like a girl, but of course you clearly are no girl. Oh no, you’re not! I can see that for myself. Of course there is one more difference between now and then. Back then, if I recall correctly, every day you walked into class wearing clothes. Not like you are now!

Mistress Larissa fails to notice my interest in you. She takes little notice, and instead introduces me to the rest of her boys. I pull my eyes away and recall the four other male studs standing beside you.

The rest of the selection looks very nice too. Yes, very nice! Real pieces of beef, prime steaks! But no, not steaks. For some reason I think of sausage. Yes, I think of sausage when I look at you. Five hunks of beef sausage. You could form the front line of a football team, the five of you. Mistress must provide excellent work out facilities. I suspect you each spend several hours every day lifting weights or running the treadmill. Or perhaps she works you in other ways too! I wonder?

Three brunettes and two blonds. I like that! A well rounded selection. I’ve always said a woman needs a bit of variety in her life. Handsome faces too, all of you! Chiseled chests. Strong arms and legs. You look like you could almost break out of those chains and shackles, break out of the thick bands of steal that securely hold each of your wrists and ankles to the heavy wood beams. Of course you cannot break free, of that I have no doubt, and of that I so much enjoy. It makes the scene so much more erotic, the thoughts going through my head more interesting. It also makes me feel so much more powerful, more in control, like I could take advantage and do to you whatever I wanted.

Most important, your four friends wear identical clothing to your own. That is, nothing. I never could understand a man’s obsession with the need to wear clothing in front of a female. I mean, what’s the point? Why would strong, muscular men like you ever want to cover your glorious male bodies? I find men so much more interesting without.

My eyes are free to roam up and then back down at each of your glorious bodies, and I take my time doing so. First one, then the next, I proceed down the line to roam. Mostly, I like to roam down. Down, that is, to your beautiful cocks. I like your friends. Mistress Larissa has quite an impressive collection. All five of you are so big! Not just your biceps and thighs, but mostly down there! It must have taken her a long time to find such talent.

When I eventually get back to you, I see perhaps you do remember me. Yes! That’s very nice. I recall you did give a little jump when I took my first step down those stairs. Maybe you do remember I was once your teacher. Maybe you remember how you once sat in my class. Or maybe you remember me trying to teach at the front of the room. Stimulating, isn’t it, the fact we once knew each other outside this dungeon. Is it the embarrassment? Might it be the humiliation? Or is it what I wear? You like my outfit, don’t you? The long opening down the middle. The hint of breast on either side. You’ve always thought I looked cute. Younger than the rest of your teachers, I know, and prettier too. Remember, I knew your other teachers. I talked with them every day in the Teacher’s Lounge. You must have looked forward to my class every day.

What’s that? You agree! You appear to agree. You seem to be, shall be say, rising to greet me. Is that it? You look like you want to rise for me, to show yourself off for me. I like that! I can see what is happening. It looks a bit longer than when I left to look at your friends. I can see it hangs further down now. It also sticks further out.

I’m glad you like my little outfit. I wore it special for the party upstairs. Normally I don’t wear such things, such revealing outfits. I seldom walk around with much breast exposed. They are not very large, I mean my breasts, but then you can see that for yourself. Can you also see I wear no bra too? You probably noticed. No way could I possibly wear a bra under a blouse cut so low down the middle. I bet you would really like to open my blouse right now and take a look inside.

Oh! I see you do! Yes, that’s very nice. Is it my overactive imagination, or are you getting bigger down there? I think you like my little outfit. You think it’s sexy. It turns you on. It must. You can’t lie. I can see it for myself. You can no longer hide it from me, my big, strong scholar. It is as though you wear a lie detector that I can read.

How do you feel right now? Does it make you feel violated? Does it feel embarrassing? Tell me boy! How does it feel growing full size right in front of me? It would be one thing to turn hard inside your jeans. I might not have noticed it then. But here, in the bare, I get to see every inch.

And I see you have quite a few inches to show me. Oh yes! That’s very nice. I see you are quite nicely endowed down there. I noticed it almost immediately, you know, while I was still at the top of the steps. Perhaps that is why I failed to recognize you. My eyes were too much concentrated on you down there to notice the rest of you.

It seems knowledge of my watching is accelerating your growth. You must be reading my mind, boy. Are you hearing my thoughts? Maybe it’s the smile I give. Perhaps you hear my thoughts through my smile. Yes, you can tell how much I like it.

Straight out! Yes! It points straight out of you now. I like to see a boy when he points straight out. You have an impressive cock! Yes, very impressive! Do you know you are impressive? Already longer than most boys. Wider too! You have an impressive girth. I suppose anything so long would need a wide girth. Sort-of like a tree, I suppose. A tall tree needs a wide base. You have a wide trunk. And still you are not quite full yet.

There you go! Come on, don’t be shy. It’s just me! Never mind little old me. Try not to think of me. Don’t think of me watching. Try not to think about your sweet little ex-teacher watching you rise.

Yes, keep going! Keep rising! Go on and stiffen for me. You’re a naughty boy. You’re the naughtiest boy in class, getting a big old boner in front of your teacher. It’s not often I get to see my former male students with erections. In fact, I never have. This is so virgin to me.

Wow! You certainly are a big boy. I always expected you to be big. Most football players are, you know. Big boys naturally have the biggest cocks, and you have the biggest cock of them all. I used to imagine what you looked like from my desk. Sometimes while you were taking a test, I was busy fantasizing what you would look like in the nude. I used to sit behind my desk and imagine you naked in my mind. I fantasized about other boys too, but you were my favorite.

I’m not disappointed. Is all that really you? You are everything I imagined. You are even more than I imagined. There’s so much more of you than I ever expected. It makes me wish I had gotten to know you a lot better back then. It would have been fun tutoring you, I think. I would have liked giving you private lessons. We could have met after class; you and me, just the two of us. I would sentence you to detention every day. Yes, every day! I’m sure a young boy like yourself could have handled private instructions every day. I think you still can. Still in your early 20s. You’re very young. I like them young. Only young men have the stamina I demand, and I will demand a great deal from you. Think of getting extra credit after class. You would have gotten an A in my class back then. I’m sure you still can.

Wow! That’s very nice. So stiff! Most boys of your size can’t stand up so tall. You rise up to your stomach. You rise half-way up to your chest. Most certainly A material. Yes, I could have found lots of extra credit work for you to do. Perhaps I still can.

I like looking at you in side-profile too. This must be why your mistress placed you at the end of the line. She did it so potential customers could step around and appreciate your true size.

What’s that? What did you try to say through your gag? Did you say something about wanting to show me more, something about wanting to show me more back there?

Oh yes! Now I see you. I was too engrossed with your giant cock in front to notice your behind. I like the way your mistress has you shackled. That’s very considerate of her. Your wrists are bound by a wooden beam going across the ceiling. Your ankles are secured by lag bolts going into the stone floor, and in the middle there sits nothing. Nothing prevents me from looking back here too. Your mistress has placed you on full display.

I like what I see. Very nice from the rear too. You have a nice ass, did you know that? Firm! Tight! It seems to almost be begging for me to spank it. And spank it I shall, if I purchase you. I am a stern mistress who often spanks her slaves. It is necessary to give a slave a good spanking when they misbehave. How else is a good teacher supposed to impose discipline in her classroom?

Well, yes! There is that too. You know what I am talking about. There’s one other way a teacher could impose discipline too. Well, actually, there are two of them. You know what I mean. I’m talking about your balls. It’s easy to discipline a misbehaving student with his balls too, by squeezing and squashing them, but you don’t need to worry. Mostly I will use your ass. I reserve ball busting for only the most serious offences. I need to be careful with your balls. Those I will need for much more interesting uses.

But enough of squeezing your balls and spanking your ass! Maybe later tonight, after I purchase you, after I get you home and we can have some privacy. Right now I have something more interesting to spank in front.

Holy shit! Oh my! I see you’ve grown even more. I had thought you were done. I assumed you already stood at full mast. I mean most women would have assume so, given your size. But not you! Oh fuck! I see you still had another inch or two to go.

I must say, that is one enormous cock! Very impressive! I really like it! I mean the way you stand up so firm; the way you stand so hard. Damn! It’s so hard it actually arches back. Now that’s hard! I mean it arches back at an angle, like a curved banana. An unusually large and oversized banana, yes, but it still looks like a banana. Or should I call it a sausage? It looks like a sausage too; one of those oversized German sausages. Kielbasa, I think you call them. Yes, I think that’s what I should call yours. Your cock resembles an oversized German Kielbasa. Much too big to possibly fit in a bun. I wonder if it might be too big to fit in me.

What’s that? Is that what you would like? Are you thinking about putting that big cock of yours inside me? Maybe penetrate me? Might you even be thinking of fucking me?

Naughty boy! You’re such a naughty, nasty boy. You shouldn’t think such filthy thoughts. I know you want to, yes, I can see you want to; but what if I don’t want you. And if I don’t want to let you, well then…

Well, you know what I mean. The shackles around your wrists and ankles provide my answer. I won’t let you penetrate me. No! And if I don’t want you to, then you can’t. No! You can’t. Because this is my classroom, and I am in charge.

Instead, this is my chance to do what I want for a change. You make it very tempting for me, standing there, with that giant cock of yours standing up at attention. It looks so inviting. It appears so tempting. It looks like it is trying to tell me something. That’s right. I think it tells me something. It tells me that it wants me to play with you. We’re going to have a fun time, playing, just me and you. Well, me and your cock, at least. As for the rest of you, well, what does it matter?

What’s that? You don’t have any friends down here in your dungeon? You don’t have any friends to play with, to play with you? Well, I’ll be your friend. I’ll play with you! Will you let me play? Please, I want to play. I want to play with you down there.

I wonder what would happen if I decided to play. I mean, what would happen if I decided to reach out and touch you right now? I wonder what you would do to stop me if my hand reached out just like this and touched you.

Oh! Were my fingers cold? Did I surprise you? You jumped! You tried to pull back. It’s all right. That was just a few of my fingers. It’s just little ol me, your teacher, wanting to play with you a little. I’m not going to hurt you. I could never hurt a big guy like you — not yet anyway.

Oh yes! That’s better! That’s very nice! You really are hard. Wow! Your cock feels as stiff as it looks. Even stiffer! Now that’s what I call a real hard-on.

I hope you don’t mind me playing with your hard-on, do you? You have a very nice hard-on. And you have so much hard-on for me to play with. Wow! What is it? I mean, what’s its length? I’d say 10 inches. Just look at the way my hand covers only half your length. I can cover the bottom half of your shaft, I can cover the top half, or I can cover the half in the middle. Little ol me needs a bigger hand to cover it. At least 10 inches, I would say. Maybe later I will take your measurements.

And just take a look at how thick you are too. You have a lot of girth, did you know that? That’s a lot of meat you have down there. Just look at the way my fingers can’t reach all the way around. They go only halfway. Even when I squeeze as tight as I can, they don’t go around. You’re too hard for me to squeeze you any smaller. My fingers reach only halfway around your thick girth.

Oh! Oh my! What’s that? What did I just feel? What did I just see down there? Tell me boy. I believe your cock is trying to tell me something. Do you see it? Do you feel it on the end?

Yes! You’re cock is definitely trying to tell me something. I think it wants me to play up on top too. Do you? Do you want me to play with your mushroom! I like mushrooms. I like to play with the tip of your sausage, the head. I see you want me to play with the mushroom head of your cock. I can see for myself. You naughty boy! You really are horny! You’re a filthy, nasty boy!

And you are about to get a lot filthier. Oh yes! You are! Your cock is about to turn all filthy and nasty. It’s about to turn wet. Here, let me help. Yes, let me spread it around.

Chapter 7

Jenny Saunderson

To my surprise, my mother didn’t ground me, and we did go to the pharmacy. She did make me go to the counter and ask Mr. Peterson for a package of Trojans. Back then, the prophylactics were not out on the floor, but behind the druggist’s counter, and one had to request them. I had never purchased condoms before and was embarrassed inasmuch as my mother made it a point to stand a few feet behind me, ostensibly looking at various packages of aspirin.

Part of my embarrassment was due to my thinking the druggist would think I was buying them in order to have sex with my mother. That was probably a miscalculation on my part. But I’m not certain the thought didn’t occur to my mother.

In retrospect, I have to hand it to her. She was determined to make sure I handled my sex life correctly, and did not impregnate, nor contract any venereal disease.

As we walked home, she talked to me, not as mother to son, but woman to man, as it were. “I worry about you, you know.”

“I know, Mom. I’m sorry.”

“I know that you’re sorry, but that’s not what I meant.”


“You’re a young man, a growing man. I know that you’re at least as big as your father, and will more than likely grow even bigger. That will cause you more problems than you realize,” she said.

I already had a good idea where she was going with this little talk.

“You know, Aubrey, I almost burst out laughing when that silly girl, which one was it, said you were hung like a horse?”

“Um, I think it was Mora, she’s the most outspoken of the three,” I told her.

“She’s right about that, you know.”

I glanced at my mother.

“And that makes you a target for any woman during a horny moment. We women have them … believe me. I’ll be honest with you. Since your father died, I’ve craved sex almost nightly.

“Your father was a wonderful lover; considerate and passionate. God, I do miss him!” A tear trickled down her cheek and I reached up and gently wiped it away.

She stopped walking and faced me. Her eyes were glistening with the promise of more tears to come. Somehow she fought them off and said, “Aubrey, I have a lover. He’s married, and loves his wife. I … I wouldn’t destroy his marriage for the world. We … enjoy the occasional afternoon together. It satisfies me … and him too I suppose. And she isn’t being harmed, at least as far as I can tell.”

“Oh, God! Aubrey you’re the only one I’ve told. Not my sister, Nicole, who, god knows would certainly understand, but…”

“It’s okay, mom,” I said trying to comfort her.

“So you see, when I found you with … the girls … I … I knew … I had to tell you. Do you understand? Do you really understand?”

“Probably not fully, Mom, but I think I do. Is that good enough?”

She managed to laugh, and hugged me to her bosom, and then we proceeded home without another word.


It wasn’t much of a surprise, therefore when my mother set me up with an older woman living two blocks away.

Oh, she hid the obvious from me easily enough. I mean, who would suspect that their mother was fixing them up with a woman? After it happened and I had time to reflect on the matter, I realized that there wasn’t that big a difference between my mother and Aunt Nicole.

Jenny Saunderson, a neighbor who lived a couple blocks away and had a new, three month old daughter, and no apparent father, called on my mother a few days later.

I should mention what happened with Chelsea, Joy and Mora, before moving on. It wouldn’t be fair to you to leave you hanging on the subject.

So … we met in school the following day and compared notes. All of the girls had approached their mothers with requests that they be provided with birth control devices. To their surprise their mothers had been quick to agree with them and all had appointments with their respective gynecologists for the following week.

We laughed as I told them about my trip to the pharmacy and buying the Trojans.

“How many boxes did you buy?” Mora asked.

And before I could reply, Joy jumped in with: “Did you ask for the largest size they had?”

“No,” I replied sheepishly.

“You should have!” Joy chirped, right, Chelsea?”

Chelsea nodded her head vigorously. “I could hardly walk this morning,” she admitted and blushed.

“My house is available this afternoon, Aubrey,” Joy said and had the good grace to blush even deeper than Chelsea.

“I don’t know…”

“Oh, c’mon, you still have to deflower two of us,” Mora said, almost singing the words.

With my dick stiffly pointing at Joy, I had to admit it sounded like a good idea. The girls yipped with giddiness.

And so that afternoon I took Mora doggy-style — her idea. And Joy had it the missionary way.

Chelsea was much to tender to entertain any idea of sexual intercourse, but I managed to convince her that it couldn’t hurt if I went down on her.

Afterward she covered me with kisses and told me I had been “So right about that!”

Epilogue to Chelsea, Mora and Joy.

I enjoyed the girls for the rest of the semester, but that summer, Joy’s father was promoted to a job across the country and she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chelsea’s father and mother were divorced the following winter, and she and her mother went to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I never saw either girl again.

Mora and I continued to see one another, but not as boy friend — girl friend. She was engaged throughout her senior year to Teddy Bronson, the football team’s quarterback. Mora and I would hookup during football season while Teddy was at practice. I met her a few times after we graduated; she and Teddy were married, and we went to a motel for old time’s sake. From her I learned that Chelsea died giving birth to her second child. Joy, on the other hand, became a nun, and apparently is now devoted to the Lord.


Now, as to Jenny Saunderson … it seems that while she didn’t need a baby sitter, per se, she did need a man, or boy as the case may be, to perform certain household duties like unclogging the toilet and mowing the lawn, and to my great pleasure, driving her to the grocery store. I had my license, but no car but I could drive at least well enough to get us to the store and back.

On my third day of helping Jenny it happened.

Her daughter, Peggy, was crying when I let myself in. Yes, Jenny had given me a key, just in case. I watched as Jenny soothed her back to sleep, and unconsciously put my arm around her waist as we both looked down at the peacefully sleeping, Peggy.

Jenny smiled at me, glanced at her daughter and placed my hand on her left breast. I hadn’t made any overtures to Jenny. In fact, I had screwed Mora’s brains out the previous afternoon and was sexually sated, or thought I was.

Jenny very capably proved me wrong on that point.

I was so surprised by her action that I couldn’t make myself remove my hand, and at the same time I observed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, which was unusual in those days. I also noted that her breast was small, very firm, and crowned by a stiff nipple which was sticking hotly into the palm of my hand.

“Don’t you know what to do with a breast, Aubrey?”

“Um, I…” I fumbled, caught off guard by her forwardness.

“C’mon, Aubrey, even little Peggy knows what to do with a nice warm tittie,” she giggled.

“Oh, I know, all right.” I answered, as my hand slowly squeezed the breast she’d offered me.

A moment later I had her moaning as I nipped at her breast with my teeth.

“You do know…” she husked, already breathing heavily.

I let my hand glide down her smooth thigh, down to the hem of her skirt. My hand slipped under it, in between her legs. Moved up along the inside of her thigh until I could feel her panties.

“Did you put my mother up to this?” I asked.

“No, but I guess she figured out what would happen by putting us together.”

“Oh, and what might that be?” I asked, as she wriggled her ass against my probing hand.

Jenny sighed contentedly. “A good fucking, I guess,” and twisted so that my fingers were up against her dampened pussy.

“C’mon, Jenny,” I pressed, “What did she tell you?”

“That you were definitely oversexed, and she did mention that you were hung like a horse.”

“My mom told you that!”

“Mmmm, and the girls won’t leave you alone. Is that really true?”

“Some,” I admitted.

“Woo Hoo! I got me a hottie!” she chortled as I took a step back, ending up behind her. I pulled her ass closer to me, and pushed my boner against it.

Sensuously, Jenny rubbed her behind against the hardness of my cock.

“Yes,” she whispered, and that was the signal I had been waiting for. With one swift movement, I drew her panties down to her knees, and from there gravity took over and they fell down to her feet. I felt how she took a little step to the side with her left leg and impatiently kicked them away.

I let go of her, leaving her leaning forward with her gorgeous ass in full view while I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall, then shed my boxers and kicked both items away.

With my cock straight up in the air, I took the little step forward that brought me close to her again and made it possible for me to aim my cock against her waiting cunt. Jen surprised me by reaching behind her to her pussy and spreading the glistening lips for me.

For the record, she had a sparse amount of light blonde pubic hair covering her nookie. I sank into her with an ease that astonished me. And well it would after having to work like the devil to get into the three tight snatches of Mora, Chelsea and Joy.

Jenny gave a little cry of pain and joy as she felt me bottom in her. “Yes!” she gasped. “I like it quick! I like it fast and hard!”

Her statement made me harder and I went all out, pumping as fast and as hard as I could. Her pussy began to contract around my dick and I knew she was close if not already coming.

“Wait! Wait!” Jenny cried out. I slowed and eventually stopped pumping into her. “You’ll think I’m crazy,” she said.

I waited. I knew that much about women. Whenever they say something like that, more is sure to follow.

“Let me get on top,” she said, “I really cum better if I’m sort of in control, Bree.”

“Fine,” I replied, ignoring the fact that she’d used a nickname only my teammates did, and rolled us over.

She straddled me, hovering just over my cock; spread her pussy lips with two fingers and steered me into her sopping wet cunt.

Jenny didn’t say anything, for that matter, I wasn’t to sure that she was even breathing. Her eyes were locked on mine and her lips parted in a kind of half smile, half grimace. Then, as she sank down impaling herself on me, I saw her eyes turn upward, showing almost only the whites while the muscles in her pussy worked along my dick as she came with a tremendous shudder and slumped down on me her body covering mine.

“Isn’t it nice?” she whispered in my ear. “Isn’t it nice to fuck?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said completely agreeing with her.

“Just lay still, my handsome prince. Feel how I squeeze your cock with my hot pussy.”

I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy’s muscles giving my cock a wonderful massage. Slowly I started to move in and out of her.

“No, don’t move!” she yelped, and I stopped.

“I want to do it. I want to make us both feel nice.”

She didn’t move her hips any longer. She just worked me with the muscles in her pussy and seemed to suck me even deeper into her slippery wetness. She was so wet I could feel her juices running down wetting my balls. Jenny’s breath felt like a summer breeze against the skin of my throat, and she started to shake all over, which I thought was due to due to the hard work her cuntal muscles were applying.

“Oh, boy!” she called out after a time.

“What’s wrong?”

“No … nothing! I’m cumming!”

She groaned and mewed, and began moaning dirty words in my ear.

I felt my own orgasm starting to build way down in my balls, and then I came, and shot line after line of pure white jizm into her.

Totally wasted for the time being, I found myself sinking deeper into the pillows and just lay there enjoying the terrific feeling coursing through me.

“Oh, how nice,” Jenny whispered, and gave me a quick kiss before she rolled down off me.

“Did you enjoy me, Aubrey?”

“Yes … very much, and please call me Bree.”

“Can we can do it again?”

“Sure, but let me look at you for a while.”

“You want to look at me?”

“Sure, you have a beautiful body. I’d like to admire it.”

“Oh, I like that,” Jenny said, her voice dripping with sensuality.

“Know what?” she said a moment later.

“What?” I asked, anxious to please her anyway I could.

“I love having my titties played with. My nipples are sooo sensitive,” she was already plucking at the left one, causing it to expand in length before my eyes, very much the way a hardon grows.

I took the right nipple into my mouth and chewed on the tip. She began to pant, and then a shudder ran through her as she mouthed a silent scream, and with a look of intense concentration seemingly willed herself not to cum … just then.

“I know … I know!” Jenny gasped. Are you getting hard yet?”

“It won’t be long,” I said.

“Oh, yes it will. I bet you’re at least eight inches.”

“That’s about right,” I admitted, with a short baking laugh.

“Did you ever see a woman squirt?”

“You mean … pee?”

“I mean squirt. It’s different than peeing.”

“No … I haven’t seen a woman squirt. How do you manage it?”

Jenny scrambled to her hands and knees and crawled to a nearby table, and pulled open the middle drawer. Reaching in, she took out what I knew to be a vibrator. The other item I knew had to be a sex toy, but what it did was a mystery to me.

Giggling more than Chelsea, Joy or Mora ever had; Jenny lay down on the floor, careful not to have any part of her making contact with the plush carpet. Still giggling, Jenny carefully turned the vibrator on and inserted it against her vaginal opening. She closed her eyes, and then opened them. They were sparkling with sexual excitement.

“This little pink one…” she said, and paused to let me see it, ” … is a clit stimulator. I’ll hold it just under my clittie for the most part. Not on it. That would be too much, but all around it, mostly under it. I don’t know exactly why … it feels better, I guess. The vibrator I use to simulate a cock. Together … well, I’ve always done this alone, you know? But I wanted you to see me squirt, and all.”

“You have my undivided attention,” I told her, and stood with my feet on either side of her face, my cock pointing straight out. She reached up and fondled my balls.

“I want to be sure and suck them later. Remind me if I forget, okay?”


“Now, watch,” she said and I did just that.

Jenny had worked the vibrator around, grinding it against her outer labia, but not actually inserting it into herself. Dropping the vibrator to the floor, she held the smaller clit stimulator against the underside of her clit.

Almost instantly, a low-keyed wail issued forth from her lungs. “Watch!” she bellowed right after the wail. My eyes were riveted to her pussy as one, two and then three squirts of fluid that I took to be urine, but later learned was definitely not urine, but a fluid ejaculated from her urethra, landed on the wooden floor of her living room.

My jaw hung open as I tried to assess what I had just witnessed. I heard her laughing. She sounded tired, but delighted with herself. Her hand was soaked with her juices and two puddles of the clear fluid now gathered on the floor around her feet.

“I can do more,” she said, still sounding tired.

“Do you want to?” I asked, “You sound kind of tired. Does it stress you out?”

“No, silly!” she chirped happily. I just came … I came big time … well, you can see for yourself.”

I nodded. “Okay, do it again.”

“Let me suck on that huge dong of yours a little first.”

I bent my knees, lowering myself to her waiting mouth, and she gobbled several inches into her mouth and sucked voraciously. After a minute of this, Jenny suddenly spat me out and told me to rub my cock against her opening. “Don’t put it into me or I won’t want to squirt,” she told me.

As gently as I could manage, I rubbed the head of my dick over her entrance. She moaned at the touch and applied the pink clittie toy to her clit. A minute passed; a minute that showed me great insights into a woman on the edge, insights that I would apply with great success later, with other women.

“So close!” Jenny groaned. I dipped a finger into her and she exploded, releasing three successive streams of clear fluid or cum, take your pick; I never have been able to distinguish between them.

Those squirts were way too much for Jenny who, with me staring open-mouthed in front of her, had an intense, soul-searing orgasm that literally took her breath away. As the shakes and tremors slowly subsided she looked into my eyes and flashed a wicked grin at me.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” I told her.

“Not every woman can do it. You … you don’t think I’m some sort of a slut?”

“No!” I exclaimed, surprised that she would even entertain such thoughts.

Jenny took my dick in her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Still hard, that’s good. That’s very good.”

I kissed her, and she kissed me back. We necked for a few minutes before either of us spoke another word.

“I’m a wanton bitch, Bree,” Jenny said.

I looked at her and licked my lips which were suddenly very dry.

“I think I’m somewhat over sexed, do you?”

“I know I’m over sexed, Jenny,” I replied, and we both laughed.

“Then we have something in common, isn’t that great?” she said.

“Yes, it is.” I answered with a little smirk.

Jenny giggled and slid her body down mine until she was on the floor, her head just above my engorged cock.

“Good,” she whispered, grasping the shaft in her right hand and lowered her mouth over me; her lips shaped in the familiar ‘O’.

“Would you rather I fuck you?” I asked.

She took me into her mouth, sucking it slightly.

“That feels good!” I sighed. “I’m ready for you, you know.”

Removing me from her mouth, Jenny smiled up at me and said, “I know that, and you will. You will … in a while.”

“You can cum in my mouth if you want to,” she whispered before lowering her head over me once more and enveloping me with her warmth.

It didn’t take long for her magic to work. She couldn’t have bobbed her head up and down on me for more than a deliciously sweet minute. I didn’t tell her I was coming; I just let it happen, jettisoning my sperm into throat as she struggled to swallow every drop.

We rested a while and then the baby woke up and began crying. Mouthing an apology, for having to leave me, Jenny went to the baby, changed its diaper and then brought the child to me. I held it for a few minutes awed at the small size of the child and what it would eventually grow up to be.

“I need to feed her,” Jenny said reaching for her daughter. I watched as the baby girl fastened her tiny mouth on Jenny’s nipple and gave suck. When the baby was satisfied, Jenny carried her back to the bassinet and she went right to sleep.

Jenny came back and sat next to me on the sofa. She cupped her right breast and said, “Would you be a dear and empty this for me? I’m kind of lopsided at the moment.”

Nodding my assent, I pinched the nipple, then pulled at it with my lips. Nothing happened.

“Um, do it like this,” Jenny husked, to get it started.” That said, she cupped the breast with her right hand and plucked at the nipple with the thumb and forefinger, sort of pinching down on the areola. I saw that she pulled much harder and faster than I had, and in just a moment her white milk made its appearance at the tip of her nipple.

“I used to have to start them for the baby,” she said, “but now she knows to suck hard until it starts.”

I licked the fluid from the tip of her rubbery bud with my tongue.

“Wow, that’s wild!” I chirped as I managed to pull even more milk from the breast. My mouth closed hungrily on the breast after that and soon had her flowing freely.

A minute or so later I halted my suction to ask, “Does this make you horny? It does me.”

“Yes,” she giggled, “very horny, but I’m usually hot to trot anyway.”

“Let me know when I’ve emptied you,” I said, “because I have this powerful urge to fuck you silly.”

Jenny laughed lewdly and blew into my ear, sending a chill throughout my body. I was just beginning to appreciate just how many other ways there are to pleasure one’s partner other than actual intercourse, and Jenny was giving me very authoritative lessons.

Her hand was on the back of my neck, gently scratching me with her fingernails. I increased the pressure of my suction on her breast and felt her tremble.

“Brew, honey that goes right to my pussy. Did you know that?”

“I do now, Jenny. Want me to do it again?”

“Of course I do!” she cooed, and sent the tip of her tongue into my ear canal.

I responded by releasing the breast from my mouth and clamped down of the nipple her daughter had suckled minutes earlier. I sucked greedily on the elongated nipple, drawing out the last dredges of her reserves.

Jenny loved it. With a happy moan she began humping my thigh.

I tried to pull my lips away from her pulsing bud, but she reached behind my head and pulled my face back into her tit, urging me on with animal-like noises that seemed to come from deep within her throat.

Finally, I spoke into the nipple, without pulling my head back.

“There is something else I would like to do with you,” I said, placing my hands on her hips and forcing her to grind into my swollen cock instead of my thigh.

My ploy worked.

“Mmm, which hole would you fill?” she cooed.

I laughed, “Which needs filling the most?”

“I want you fuck them both … my cunt and my ass!”

“If I can’t do them both, which would you choose?”

“I … I guess my pussy.” She pressed against my erection.

“Put that beautiful cock in me, Bree … please hurry!”

Impatient with my slowness in entering her, Jenny fingers closed around my dick and stoked its tumescence.

“I love your cock,” she husked.

“Put it in you,” I croaked.

She centered it at her entrance and eased it in. I couldn’t believe the heat her cunt was generating!

“Go deep,” she moaned, and I thought of hearing the same expression while playing touch football, and what a world of difference there was between the two.

“I want you deep inside me, baby. Stick it all the way in!”

I shoved myself all the way inside her, to the hilt, pressing my pubic hairs against hers, allowing them to mingle with hers; working my pubic bone against her clitoral area. I pumped her, slowly at first, then increasing the rhythm, and when she was matching me stroke for stroke, I slowed way down and drove her wild.

“Do me hard!” Jenny shouted and woke the baby. We let it cry as I shoved my dick deep inside her, holding it there while she bucked her cunt up and down on it.

“Oh, Jesus, this is good!” she groaned, as I rode her undulating hips as we fucked in unison.

“Are you gonna cum soon?” she asked between pants.

“I don’t think so,” I told her.

“Then its time you put it up my ass,” she said with a slight laugh.

“Reach back and open yourself up for me,” I told her, thinking she’d tell me to forget it and we’d finish the way we’d started. But to my surprise, Jenny reached behind her and pried the two halves apart, exposing the crinkled starfish to my view. Evidently, Jenny had no inhibitions about showing me her most private of areas. In fact, she seemed a little eager to get on with the dirty act.

“Please, put it in.”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to hurt her, and my dick was fairly large and her asshole appeared to be quite small … and obviously tight.

A moment later she pleaded, “Pretty please?”

Holding my still glistening member in my right hand, I guided it to her neither hole and rubbed it against her splayed anus.

“Oh, yeah!” she cooed, and then gurgled with excitement and anticipation. “Don’t worry, Bree. I can take it. I like to be fucked back there.”

In the background the baby was still crying. This time I mentioned it to her.

“Your baby … she’s crying,” I said, softly.

“Christ!” she swore, “never a moment’s peace.” She got slowly to her feet and said,” She need a change. I’ll be right back. Don’t you dare try to leave.”

She returned to me within three minutes and got down on all fours, and presented her behind for my inspection. I probed the anus with my middle finger.

“It’s going to be awfully tight,” I told her.

She dropped a tube of Vaseline by my knee.

“Use it if you need to. I don’t care either way. Just put your wiener in me.”

I greased her anus and my dick with a liberal amount of the gel. I centered my cock on the target and pressed forward.

“Just put it in slowly,” she said, “Yes, but slow … slow!”

“That all right?” I inquired as the head of my cock vanished into her ass.

“Oh, shit!’ she yelled and then burst out laughing. Realizing her choice of words was less than perfect; I joined her in laughing, and halted any further attempt at penetration.

“No,” she said after gaining control of her emotions, “Keep going. You know … I can feel you stretching me already. I hadn’t thought…”

I was already pressing inward … two inches … three…

“Oh, my God! It hurts … don’t stop! Whatever you do, don’t you stop now. Oh, Jesus, you feel so big!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Jenny. Don’t be foolish now,” I knew my voice was filled with concern. She told me later that she loved me for it, and I filed that away for future use on willing females.

Four inches in, and moving deeper.

“Oh, shit, does that feel good! Even the pain feels good, Bree.”

“Does it hurt? Tell me the truth, Jenny!”

“A little, but it’s a wonderful hurt. How does it feel for you?”

“Words fail me,” I gasped. But tried to express myself a moment later. “You’re so tight. I can’t believe how tight you are. It’s like my dick is in a vise and you’re tightening it on me as I go deeper.”

I was more than half way in now, and Jenny was moaning from deep within her throat. Something happened about then that I have to attribute to her relaxing her sphincter somewhat; for suddenly I was meeting no resistance at all. I began to thrust, and my dick soared completely into her until bumping into God knows what.

“I’m in all the way, Jenny!” I exclaimed exaltedly, hardly believing it myself.

She did something with her anal muscles that made me think she had me in her hand and was jerking me off. But I knew it was her ass doing it, and I felt myself suddenly on the brink of coming.

“Christ, I’m gonna cum!” I yelled.

Jenny issued a lewd laugh and intensified her contractions. And just when I thought she had done everything to me that could be done, the milking stopped, and the nibbling began!

Jenny somehow worked the elastic hole of her anus over the head so well and so fast that I could have sworn I was getting a perfect blowjob.

“I’m coming!” I shouted.

Off in the distance, the baby began crying again.

“Come inside my ass, Bree!” Jenny yelled, while tightening and loosening her sphincter.

I exploded into her; jet after jet of sweet, glorious cum coated her soft rectal tissues, and triggered Jenny’s orgasm, which had her coming for several minutes.

We both fell on our sides, with my cock still in her ass. Every once in a while, as I slowly came down from the greatest sexual high I had ever known, Jenny would tighten her sphincter around my deflating member, a gentle reminder of what she had just done to me.

I embraced her in spoon fashion for a time, planting soft kisses on her neck as I cupped her right breast in my hand and gently kneaded the pliant flesh. And when my flaccid member plopped from her ass, she turned so that we were facing one another.

The baby continued crying off in the bedroom. Jenny gave me one last squeeze, kissed me softly on the mouth, and excused herself to care for her daughter.

A few minutes later, she returned wearing a robe and carrying the baby. “My ass is all a tingle,” she giggled.

“That was fantastic,” I husked. “You were fantastic,” I added a moment later.

“Can you come by tomorrow?” she asked, hopefully.

“I hope so,” I smiled.

“Please do,” she smiled back. “You can do anything you want to me. I’m all yours, Bree.”

Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough for me.

Our affair, if that’s what it was, lasted about a month. We fucked each other silly on a daily basis; and then as the weeks passed, I began staying the night.

How Jenny found another lover during this period mystifies me even to this day. And that’s after getting to know so many women intimately over the ensuing years. But find him she did, and how she managed to let me down without shattering my frail male ego is also to her credit.

Fortunately for me, there were other females lurking in the shadows, seemingly waiting for me to pass by.

Joy’s Departure

Now, what I said earlier, you know, about Jenny finding another lover while I was screwing her on a daily basis mystifying me was true. But after some soul searching, and clear thinking, I found the answer.

After all, I was still seeing Chelsea, Mora and Joy regularly. I was naive enough to think the world revolved around me and not anyone else. So, while I was taking my three girlfriends into the woods … yes, the same woods where Karen and I got it on for the first time. Oh, and please, not all at once, but singly, one day, one girl. Jenny had plenty of opportunity to find her new lover, and my replacement.

It wasn’t all that bad a breakup. First of all, Jenny thought the guy was going to marry her. I wasn’t in that category, not at all. I believe to this day that she felt badly about the situation; that she was concerned our breaking up might damage my frail male ego; and to avoid that happening, let me down as easily as possible. I didn’t walk in on them. She told me after a strenuous session with her in her bed.

“Bree,” she said, tenderly wiping the sweat from my brow. “We can’t go on. There is someone else.”

“What! Who?”

“His name is Carson. He’s thirty two years old and I think he wants to marry me. Look, I know this comes as a shock, but I really do love you … sexually at least. You’re a great kid, and a wonderful lover. You’re much better than Carson in the sack, but he … he represents security, Bree. And I need that what with the baby and all.”

“Yeah, but…” I began.

“No,” she said, reading my mind. “We can’t meet when he’s not around. I can’t afford the risk of him discovering us. I hope you understand. I know it’s hard to see right now, but you’ll understand down the road.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said trying without much success to disguise my bitterness.

“Bree,” Jenny said, “I know it sounds trite right now, but you are one terrific lover. You won’t have any difficulty finding another girl.”

I didn’t throw the other girls in her face, choosing to remain silent, embracing my imagined pain over being discarded like yesterday’s newspaper.


Summer vacation loomed. One week to go. It was then that I learned of Joy’s eminent departure to New Mexico. Jenny was already fading from memory. I had had a steady diet of Chelsea, Mora and Joy. My sexual craving was sated, to a degree that is, it was never fully satisfied, not at that age with rampaging hormones and a steadily growing dick.

It just so happened that my mother and her lover had a rare opportunity to get away for a weekend, and I had the house to myself. Myself and Joy, that is.

I decided to treat the day as if we were returning home after a date. Joy laughed and welcomed the idea. I think she was more than pleased to have been selected for this tête-à-tête with me over the others. Of course, that was my logic too. Great minds work alike, no?

I walked her to the living room and sat down next to her on the sofa. After putting my arm around her shoulder, I pulled her into a fierce tonguing kiss. Joy loved Frenching with me; she was perhaps the most oral fixated of the three girls.

Gradually, I eased her back onto the sofa cushions and when she was flat on her back, I slid off the sofa and onto my knees.

Still kissing and caressing her, I slid my hand over her breast and pinched at the nipple through her bra. Joy groaned her approval, and I repeated the same with the other. I was going slowly, drawing the pleasure out, for we had all the time we would need.

I undid a button on her blouse and slid a hand into the cup of her bra; she sighed, and when I repeated the pinch to her left breast she moaned. A moment later I was undoing the clasp at the front of her wonder bra, freeing both her wonderful tits to my view.

As always, I paid homage to them, first telling her how beautiful they were. Then kissing them, and sucking hard on each nipple. Her nipples were the puffy type, and certainly overly sensitive at this point. I experimented with them, alternately cupping each at its base and squeezing them until my hand slipped upward enough for me to grasp and pinch the nipples.

While she was moaning at this novelty, I tongued the tip of each bud for a moment before sucking hard on each one in turn.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “My panty’s are so fucking wet, touch me there.”

I heard her clearly, but chose to ignore her pleading. I concentrated on her tits, sucking one nipple, and squeezing the other, then switching breasts. Joy was writhing all over the cushions. She really wanted me in her, but I knew that delaying our fuck would only serve to heighten her orgasm.

When she began to shiver each time I bit down on a nipple, I knew I should move on, and did. I worked my tongue into her navel and heard her soft scream of delight.

Placing my hand at the bottom edge of her skirt, I began to inch it slowly upward. Joy was trying to twist herself so that she could grind her pussy against either my hand or my leg. This was something she had done during previous encounters, and I was prepared for it; and turned aside avoiding that precious contact.

I abandoned her nipples for the moment, and spent some time kissing and sucking around her belly button. Joy was crying with the sheer pleasure, but still sought to hurry things along in order to reach her climax.

Trying to distract her, I placed a hand on her pussy’s mound, and she stiffened, apparently in anticipation of my penetrating her pussy. She was wearing pantyhose and nothing else. I rubbed my thumb up and down her swollen labia through the crotch panel material.

“Oh, God, Aubrey, RIP THEM OFF ME!

Teasing her, I asked, “What was that? What did you say?”


Sliding up along her lithe body, I found her mouth and covered it with mine. Her hunger was all to obvious and our tongues dueled incessantly until we both tired. As our lips parted, my thumbnail caught in the seam of her crotch panel and I ripped a hole in the pantyhose. A split second later, I had my middle finger two knuckles into her silken heat.

And when I bit hard on her stiffened nipple, she started to cum.

I used that as an opportunity to take my hand from her sex and turn her legs toward me. With my hands on outer part of her thighs, I pushed the skirt up to her waist. Her pussy stared at me through the peephole I’d torn in her pantyhose. With a harsh laugh, I tore the pantyhose to shreds. Joy began to laugh with me as her climax began to abate.

“You gonna fuck…” she started to say, but I mashed my face into the swampy morass that passed for her vaginal opening and tongued her, occasionally moving up to tease her clit.

Soundlessly, Joy drove her cunt into my face, lifting her ass off the cushions to do it. I began lapping at the seemingly endless river of juices oozing out of her. Something told me to leave her cunt and move to the clitoris. There, each minor touch of my tongue to her sensitive clit sent Joy’s stomach muscles into a series of small convulsions.

Whining like a baby, she came again.

The telephone began ringing.

On the eighth ring I answered it, snarling “Yeah?” into the mouthpiece. I wasn’t at all happy at having to abandon such a fine pussy.

“Aubrey, is that you?” My mother’s voice barked back at me, bringing me up short.

“Oh, hi … Mom.”

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her intuition telling her that something was wrong.

“Um…” I decided to go with the truth, at least in part. “I’ve, um, got company, Mom.”

“A girl, I bet.”

“You’d win, Mom.”

“Is it Jenny?”

“No, Mom, that’s over with. Remember?”

“Oh, right. So who is the lucky lady?” now her voice had a smile.

“It’s Joy. She’s moving to New Mexico. We’re saying our goodbyes.”

Joy punched me on the arm, but had a big smile on her face.

“Yes, we’re doing it on the sofa. And yes, I have towels spread out. No stains to worry about.”

My mother was laughing, good naturedly.

Joy leaped off the sofa and started picking up her clothing. She looked silly with her tattered pantyhose dangling off one leg.

“Don’t get her preggers, dear,” my mother warned.

“I won’t Mom,” I said, and then promised I would use a condom. I hung up moments later and had to grab Joy before she had any clothing back on.

“It’s all right. Remember she caught all of us in the bedroom?”

“Yeah … how embarrassing, and you … you told her I was here!”

“She knew someone was. I don’t lie … to you, to her, to anyone, Joy. The important thing is she’s all right with it. Now let’s get back to where we were before the damn phone rang.”

Joy flopped back on the sofa, spread her legs and laughing crazily, shouted, “Eat me to another cum!”

“Say please.” I said affably.


And with her legs pointing at the ceiling, I grabbed the flap of torn pantyhose and ripped the entire thing from her body, exposing the white flesh of her ass in the process. I realized I had to sample that ass, and began using long laps of my tongue going from her clit to her rectum … and back again.

I began counting to one hundred. On reaching it, I returned to her clit, concentrating all my effort on that tender spot. She had cum twice already and was close to her third time. I realized this would make her genitals very tender and so, just as she began to scream out her next orgasm, I stuck my tongue into her asshole. Joy’s body practically levitated off the sofa. She covered her pussy with her hand, preventing me further access for the moment. Her face was contorted. I had never seen a girl look quite that way before. Then she froze, and a long whoosh came from her lungs.

I stopped everything and watched her. When she appeared to have regained the ability to breathe, I renewed my lovemaking, kissing her asshole and then leaving a trail of wet kisses over her buttocks, up her leg and ultimately ending at her navel, which I sucked long enough to leave a huge hickey. Joy had no idea what I was doing; she was at the height of ecstasy for the entire time.

A full minute passed and then she huffed, “Oh, oh Aubrey! Oh…”

Seconds later, she gasped, “That was the best…” and breathing hard, kissed me ferociously.

I knelt straight up, loosened my belt and took out my throbbing dick. The sight of her juicy, swollen pussy made me anxious to possess her. Joy was still coming off her orgasm and had her eyes closed. She was still babbling about how great it had been, not realizing I was about to cleave her cunt with my pulsing appendage. I nudged the head of my dick through the parted inner lips and pressed forward, she was that wet that I filled her in one stroke.

I don’t know what to expect. They call her a Princess, but I expect her to be more like a General. She must be some kind of military leader to be in charge of such an army. Several hundred women serve under her command. Her single order could move a thousand horses, dozens of wagons, not to mention all their tents, food, and provisions. When they attack, they attack with force. I’ve seen them decimate entire villages, leaving no one behind as witnesses. Anyone to lead such an army would need to be vicious, unforgiving, and ferocious. She certainly must have great experience given the large number of villages they pillaged so far. So despite the seemingly sweet title of “Princess,” I figure her to be more like a large brute of a woman, the equivalent of the class bully. I guess her the type of woman who doesn’t mind getting her hands bloodied.

For the moment, I have no choice but to patiently wait for her. Her army of female soldiers has me well captured. They also have me at a distinct disadvantage. Not only stripped of my sword and shield, which would be unfortunate enough, but then they took all my clothing too. It is as though they want to make doubly sure I can’t escape. They therefore strip me of literally everything I possess.

Briefly, I consider an escape, but I also know I won’t get far. Any man would have a difficult time outrunning one of these fit young women. And my bare feet puts me at an extra disadvantage. I can’t run very fast with all the pointy rocks, needles, and thorns sticking up out of the forest floor. Plus, being naked, I will be easy to spot. They will be able to see me running between the trees. For all these reasons, I decide to wait. I am wise enough to know when to pick my battles, or at least I hope so. There will be a time. I need to be patient.


My quest began two weeks ago when I left camp to venture behind enemy lines to spy on our adversary. My assignment was to determine the size and disposition of the invading horde. We want to know their intentions, their home base, maybe even determine how they were being supplied. In other words, I was assigned to find a weakness, any vulnerability we could take advantage of. An army is only as strong as its weakest link, and I was sent behind enemy lines to find that link. Instead, I fell into a trap and got myself caught.

I volunteered for the assignment because I considered myself the best choice: Young, strong, and able to run long distances with hardly breaking a sweat. I had training to fight with a knife, spear, club, sling, or even with my bare fists. I was even reasonably good with a crossbow, although on this mission couldn’t afford to lug around such an unwieldy weapon. I needed to travel light, so left camp with a spear and a half-dozen knives. I hid them on my body to use in the case of a fight, or at least they used to be hidden. By taking all my clothing, the women soldiers also took all my weapons. They removed the knives along with everything else.

I knew the mission would be dangerous, but I volunteered anyway. I considered myself the best man for the job because I knew the land. I still know it. I used to travel often through this part of the forest, so know it well. I know the location of caves and abandoned shelters for when it rains. I know the elders in some of the villages who would offer me food. I also know which villages to stay away from, and how to live off the land if needed. Certain berries can be eaten; others poisonous. I can construct makeshift traps to capture small animals. I even know streams where the fish are plentiful. The plan was for me to live off the land, travel at night, and sleep during the day. My mission was to gather information and then sneak back across to our side of the line when I was done. I was in the process of sneaking into one of their camps when I got caught.

It was near morning, still dark, the sun not yet above the horizon. I was hunched low in the bushes, on the outskirts of a camp, attempting to overhear a pair of guards talk around the fire. Several times in the past I gathered valuable information this way. It always surprised me, the number of secrets a few careless guards could divulge about the intent of their commanders. This time, however, I had trouble hearing. The morning wind picked up. The rustling of the leaves drowned out their voices. When I stepped forward to position myself closer, I unknowingly stepped my foot into a loop of rope hidden beneath a layer of dead leaves and branches. No way could I see it in the dark. I never expected a trap. Before I even realized what had happened, I was lifted up into the air and was dangling upside down by one leg.

My capture proved embarrassingly easy. My strength did nothing to help me. Neither did my spear or my knives. My first instinct was to grab a knife and attempt to cut the rope, but just as quickly the two guards were upon me. I attempted to swing my knife at them too, cut them if I could, fought like a wild pig as I hung upside down by the tree. Soon, however, they held both my arms. They took my knife, and then they took the rest of my knives too. I was left helpless.

Two minutes later, the rest of the camp joined in. The guards yelled for help, which made the entire camp wake up. As the sun rose above the horizon, they surrounded me. There were at least a dozen female warriors in all. Cutting me down with their own knives, a pair of women held my arms out on either side as others used their knives to tear at my clothes. They stripped me first of my weapons and then of every piece of clothing I was wearing.


I both fear and hope for the arrival of the Princess. The fear comes from what she might do to me. The hope stems from what some of the female warriors say they want to do to me.

“Let’s castrate him,” One of them points her spear at my groin.

“His sausage and meatballs would taste good with this morning’s breakfast,” Another of them laughs.

When they finally let go, I use my hands to hide my privates the best I can from the eyes of the leering women. It feels humiliating to be so exposed. It makes me feel vulnerable. As for castrating, I can’t be sure if they are serious or not, but I don’t want to take the chance. Several of them look at me as if they would take delight in doing so. They treat me like I’m not even human, as if I am nothing more than a captured animal to do with as they please.

“Tie him first,” A third woman suddenly objects. “I want to first get at his balls.”

I am left in shock. The women act like a gang of rowdy thugs eager to kill me. No, not just kill, but it appears they want to first torture me. I have never come across such violent females before.

Again they take my arms. They drag me over to a tree to tie me up, tie me with my arms behind the tree, my privates exposed in front. Not just divested of my weapons and clothes, but now unable to cover myself too.

“You can’t do this,” I attempt to talk my way out of it. “I’m just a peasant farmer.”

They only laugh at me. “Not with all those knives hidden on you,” They chide.

“And not with the size of that dick!” One of them points at it. She insists I am some sort of warrior because I have a big dick. Several of the women laugh at this.

They then order me to stand up straight so all the women can have a good look at me, and then they do look. They look right at me, at my naked body, and there is nowhere for me to turn. I can’t even cover myself. The women have me surrounded and can see from every angle. Several times I try to hunch low to cover myself the best I can, but then a pair of them take me by my elbows and force me to stand up straight again.

“He’s got a nice one,” Several of them comment when they look.

“Nice and big!” Again they comment about my size. The women take delight in talking about the size of my privates right in front of me, making subtle references about what they would like to do with me, and then how they would like to use me. I recall the earlier reference about my balls and fear one of them might reach out and squeeze them.

“A good looking ass too,” Someone attempts to look at me from behind. “Let’s get a better look at his ass too.”

First they tie me up to the tree on the outskirts of camp, and then they move me to a more convenient location in the middle of their temporary camp. They untie my hands, pull me forward with a woman on each arm, and then trip me so I almost fall. Two more women grab my unsupported legs. One woman on each arm, two more on each of my legs, they carry me prone, face up into camp.

Closer to the fire, they tie me up again, except this time between a pair of trees. One of them yells for more rope. I feel a noose tighten around each of my wrists. Pulling my arms open, they find a pair of trees that happen to be at just the right distance apart. They expose me fully.

“Now we can see his ass,” One of them speaks from behind.

“I like his ass too,” A more vociferous woman looks at me from in front. “But I still like his cock the best.”

I stand relatively close to the fire. The warmth of the flames feels good upon my exposed flesh. They add more sticks and logs to create a bigger fire to both add heat and have more light to see me by.

“Excellent cock,” The women aren’t shy about what they are looking at.

“Such a shame for him to lose it!” Others hint some more at what might be in store for me.

Their comments worry me. For the first time, I am genuinely afraid, not so much of dying, but of the pain they might first inflict on me. I am a spy, yes, and they probably know I was trying to spy on them. Even worse, I am a male, and the scenes they left behind in the villages showed me what they did with males.

“Put your knives away!” Thankfully, one of the women eventually comes to my rescue. She steps in front of the others, like an officer to his men – except this clearly is no man. She looks ravishing, tall and lean, and barely clothed. Her head of brunette hair lies in a tangled mess, making it look as if she just got out of bed, disturbed by the fracas outside her tent. Most noticeable is her chest and what the thin strap of fabric fails to cover.

“He’s got more to offer than most,” The young beauty looks critically at me, looks mostly down at me. She steps up and stands right in front of me. “The Princess might like to have a go at this one.”

“But we want his balls,” Others disagree.

“How about just one ball?” Another attempts a compromise. “He won’t miss just one of them. He can still offer pleasure with just the one.”

“No!” The apparent leader of the encampment orders them to stay back. “He gets to keep both of them. And his shaft too, at least until the Princess arrives.”

I cringe at their comments. Are they serious? Or are they only teasing? I have no way of knowing, but hearing the same type of language from the beautiful leader makes me a lot more worried. I guess her to be a junior officer, perhaps the rank of a lieutenant. I can’t tell rank in this army of female soldiers. No one wears stripes or any other emblem to distinguish them in rank. They don’t wear much anything else in the way of clothing either.

I first noticed it a week ago and upon my first encounter of a camp. It was impossible for a man not to notice their general lack of clothing. Now, upon closer inspection, it becomes a lot clearer. Perhaps it being near morning has something to do with it too. Whatever the reason, none of the women wears much in the way of clothing: Shorts or leather thongs around their waists, and a strapless strip of cloth to partially cover their chests. Stomachs lay bare, along with a seemingly endless supply of long legs. The thongs are short, little more than a strap of leather to hold weapons and various tools at their side. It leaves most of their thighs exposed. The strap around their chest isn’t much wider; wide enough to cover the furthest protrusion of their breasts, but not enough to cover them completely. On some of the bustier women, the lower portions of their boobs are exposed as well.

The one in charge wears the least of all, or perhaps she only appears to wear less because of her large breasts. A fit young woman, shorter than most of the others, she stands at about 160 centimeters tall. She looks young for a senior officer. I guess her to be in her late 20s. She wears her hair short, like a man, but clearly is no man. She has a pretty face, beautiful eyes, and a well proportioned and trim young body. What I notice most are her breasts. The strapless covering leaves little to the imagination. It barely supports them. It leaves the top half of her boobs exposed so I can’t help but look down into her open cleavage when she steps up and stands right in front of me.

“But Lieutenant Katie, I so much want to castrate this one,” A woman grumbles from the outer circle.

“I want his balls with my breakfast,” The same woman from earlier agrees.

I am too engrossed in cleavage to pay their words much attention. Neither do I notice the movement of her hand and where it is headed. The apparent leader of the camp reaches for me. She is a Lieutenant, as I learn from her title, and her name is Katie. This is what I am thinking about when she first grabs hold of me.

“What the?” I jump with shock. Before I am fully aware of it, she has me. With no apparent shame, she takes hold of me. She reaches down between my legs and grabs me by my privates.

“Hold still!” She orders to me after I jump back in surprise. “I need to examine you.”

I naturally react to her initial touch. I try to back away, but can only move my hips back a few centimeters. I try to turn my waist, but can’t get out of her touch. Plus, her tight grasp clearly communicates the fact I should hold still. I must mostly stand and take it, allow her to feel.

And does she ever feel! This Lieutenant Katie does not hesitate in the least to feel me. She expresses no shame, no embarrassment. She doesn’t appear to think it improper. Her hands explore me as if she is accustomed to exploring males all the time. I get the distinct impression she treats me as nothing more than an object, my balls pieces of ripe fruit she plucks off the tree to examine.

“Open up!” She even kicks the inside of my lower shin with her bare foot. “I need a better feel.”

I immediately know what she wants, and then for some reason do what she orders. My legs open to make myself more vulnerable.


It isn’t enough! I open my legs wider still. My arms pull the ropes holding my wrists more taught. My prick hangs down free from between my legs – or at least it would hang free except for her fingers moving it around. First she takes the whole thing in her hand, and then she feels up the individual parts one at a time. Eventually she pulls the head of my shaft straight out of my body as if to estimate its full length.

“Impressive!” She lightly purrs, speaking it loud enough for only me and perhaps a few of the closest women to hear. “That really is a fine sized cock you have down there,” She chuckles.

I am left in shock. I am embarrassed. I can’t believe a woman can be so brazen. She even does it in front of others, freely taking a feel right in front of so many other women.

Finishing with my shaft, she reaches further down to play her fingers upon my balls as well. First one and then the other, she takes them between her fingers as if estimating their size. She eventually places a pair of fingers around each as though to estimate how full they might be.

“And these are very impressive too,” She purrs some more as she feels each of my nuts individually. “Unusually large, and they feel swollen too. So full of seed!”

Thankfully, her touch remains gentle, never hurting me. I fear she might, especially after hearing what some of the other women want to do to me, but this Lieutenant named Katie never hurts me. I also fear what she might do if I try to back away or escape from her grasp, so I obediently stand motionless and allow her to feel as much as she wants.

“And so submissive too!” She notices this. “He will make for a fine pet, a sizable addition to any harem,” She compliments me on my behavior. I notice she says it loud enough for the rest of the women to hear.

The Lieutenant feels up my manhood for what seems like an abhorrently long time. She feels all over, feeling up every square centimeter of me down there. She acts as if she wants to engrain the image of my cock and balls in her mind by examining me in every detail. By the time she is done, after so much handling, I can’t help but feel at least somewhat aroused. Not much, but I feel I have grown. Lieutenant Katie and the rest of the women naturally notice it.

“Look at him!” Someone points as soon as she finally pulls her hand back away.

“Impressive!” Others express their interest too.

I can’t help it. Not just because of the groping, but from the way all the women are dressed too. Breasts peak out from all over; long legs too. The women are so beautiful, not the dirty horde I expected, especially the lieutenant. She has the largest breasts. She also wears so little to cover them. I can’t help but feel aroused at the sight of her.

“Very fine,” She notices me most of all. “You should make quite a treat for our Princess when she arrives.”

She knows it, I can tell. This Katie knows about my large size. Other women undoubtedly know it too. All they have to do is look. A few of them notice it earlier, when they spoke of me having “more than most.” I have always been larger than most other men. I know myself to be uncommonly large, larger than any other man I know, but that doesn’t mean that all these women have to know too!

When Lieutenant Katie finally turns her eyes away, she makes an announcement to the rest of the women. “There will be no castration of this one,” She orders. “First we will introduce him to Princess Loretta. The Princess will decide if she wishes to keep him as a pet.”

I feel relief, yet also worry. I don’t want to be anyone’s pet. I also still worry about castration. I don’t want to lose my balls. I don’t want to lose anything else either.

Chapter 2

The women leave me tied up to the pair of trees while waiting for the Princess to arrive. They leave me naked, naturally, and they leave me tied in such a way so I remain fully exposed in front. My wrists they keep tightly bound; my arms they pull high and apart. A pair of women also wraps ropes around each of my ankles. With these, they pull my feet to the same pair of trees. They force my legs apart and make me even more vulnerable and unable to escape.

I can do nothing to hide myself while at the same time the women remain free to look for however much they want. And they do look! By the time Princess Loretta arrives, I have undergone a complete visual examination by seemingly every woman in camp.

I count eighteen women in all. The encampment is smaller than I initially thought, better odds for a possible escape, but an eighteen-to-one ratio is still pushing it, especially when I am tied naked. No more women touch me at first, not even the Lieutenant, for which I am grateful, but they unashamedly look whenever they want. Most behave surprisingly brazen about looking, even enthusiastic. It is as though they never before saw a naked man and want to ingrain my image on their minds. Many of them freely talk about me when they look too. Not to me, but only about me. They talk to their fellow female soldiers as if I am deaf and can’t hear them.

“Do you see how well he’s hung,” One of them asks another as if I am nothing more than a statue.

“I’d like to see him full size,” Another expresses surprising honesty, especially with the knowledge of knowing that I can hear every word.

Interspersed between all these disturbing words are occasional hints of sex. “I’m sure he’d make for an excellent fuck,” One of the more vociferous women lets me know what she is thinking while she looks.

“I bet it would give an easy orgasm,” The woman standing alongside expresses delight at the suggestion.

It feels strange to be talked about like an object. It makes me feel like I am nothing more than a male whore. I begin to feel my purpose in life is only to satisfy the lust of these women. And not just one of the women either, but to satisfy the lust of every woman in camp.

Lieutenant Katie acts worse of all. She handles me, and then she seems unable to keep her eyes off me. Whenever I look, there she is, leaning against a tree or sitting upon a log. Every time she looks, she looks at me with a smile, as if imagining what she wants to do to me. She even steps behind and takes a look at me back there too. Lurid comments follow. She tells me how good even my ass looks, which makes me worry she might want to use me back there too.

I, in return, can’t help but look back at them too. That is, I can’t help but notice the women and how little clothing they wear. This is surprising because it isn’t a particularly hot day. It’s actually chilly in the early morning hours, but they still dress as though we are in a hot jungle. In fact, they dress as if not accustomed to warm temperatures; I start to realize during a brief moment of clarity. This makes me wonder if they come from a land far to the north, perhaps in the cold and snow. Many more learned men have wondered where this invading army originated, how far they ventured away from home. This little fact could give us a strategic advantage, somehow. I have no idea how at the moment, but feel sure if I could somehow escape and get back across the lines, smarter men might be able to eventually figure it out.

As the day proceeds, the temperature turns warmer and the campfire dies down. I begin to feel more comfortable in my nudity. Not that I feel any less embarrassed and exposed, but at least I no longer shiver in the cool morning air. The sun rises to high above me. Bright rays of light occasionally shine through the trees and warm my nude form. My normal tanned skin has turned pale over the last few weeks and after spending so much time undercover and traveling at night. The warm rays of the sun feels good upon it.

At the same time, I begin to feel thirsty. It’s been a long morning, and I’ve had nothing to drink. Eventually, one of the more sympathetic women realizes this and helps.

She’s a slight thing, shorter than me, one of the smallest women in the gang. I suspect her also to be one of the youngest. She first looks at me and then she looks around as if to make sure no one else can see what she is about to do. Only when she is satisfied that the coast is clear, does she step up to the dwindling fire and dips a ladle into a metal bucket still sitting on the fire.

“You must be thirsty,” She walks up to me with the result. “It’s a little warm, but not hot. I hope you like it.”

Holding up the ladle to my lips, she allows me to drink. Not water, but some kind of flavored tea. It tastes good.

“More?” She asks when I am done.

I immediately nod my head.

She smiles in return. She’s a very beautiful girl to begin with, and the smile makes her look even more beautiful. A head of long brunette hair comes half way down her back. Two vertical strips of cloth are barely enough to cover her smallish features. One strip of pale gray cloth goes across her chest, and the other around her waist. When she turns her back to me to return to the fire, I see the strip going around her waist covers hardly half of her ass. It leaves her crack exposed both above and below, making her look marvelously sexy.

A similar effect occurs in front when she brings me back a second ladle. The cloth strip across her chest is only about 5 centimeters wide; wide enough to cover her nipples, but it leaves the majority of her smallish breasts exposed both above and below. Despite her small breasts, the outfit makes her look sexy. Her dark skin and the lack of any tan lines add to the effect. I suspect on occasion she must sun herself in the nude.

The third ladle of the favorable tea eventually quenches my thirst.

“Thank you,” I say to her my first words when I finish. I say them in little more than a whisper, worried others might hear, not wanting to get the kind young woman into any trouble for helping me. I briefly consider also asking her if she might be able to help me escape, maybe cut me free, but then decide not to push my luck. I need to be careful. I know enough to gradually gain her trust.

“I should be thanking you,” The beautiful young woman replies in return, also in a whisper and seemingly afraid others might hear. “Three cups are a lot. You must have really been thirsty.”

I nod my head in agreement and consider asking her for a fourth. There is no telling when I might get another chance to take a drink. I still worry about castration and whatever plans these women might have for me.

“Is there anything you can tell me?” I ask instead, again in a whisper. “I mean about later. Do you know what they might have planned for me?”

I ask mostly because I am curious. I also ask because I am worried. Given the way the women have treated me so far, there is no telling what else they might all do to me.

In response, the young woman looks to the right and then the left as if to make sure the coast is clear. She then steps up closer, close enough to whisper into my ear.

“It all depends on the Princess,” She tells me gently, and then all of a sudden I feel her hand grab me. She grabs me between the legs, at my unprotected cock. She first takes my entire package in the palm of her hand, and then she uses two fingers to pinch my shaft and pull on it. She pulls as if wanting to stretch it out and judge how long I might get. Her touch shocks me. It makes me jump in surprise.

“And in how well you obey whatever the Princess asks of you,” She adds, and a moment later lets go.

She feels me up for only a few seconds, and then turns and walks away. I’m still not sure what to think of her action after she leaves. I had thought her sweet, and then don’t know what to think after she grabs me. I get the impression she might have tricked me, and then get the disturbing feeling that the flavor of the tea might have been a cover for some kind of drug.


“Hail, the Princess,” The voice of one of the women interrupts my worried thoughts an hour later. She announces the arrival of the princess in a yell. She says it long before I see her.

Women come running from all over in response. They all grab their spears and stand at attention. They have great respect for their princess, I can tell, the same respect any army might have at an arriving General. The women form two lines in front of me, with their backs towards me, blocking my view and facing in the direction of the approaching Princess.

I first see her face rise above the line of soldiers as she approaches from out in the forest. A tanned complexion, jet black hair, and her upright statue gives the impression of someone who knows she is in charge. Not at all the brute I expected, but younger, and even more beautiful than any of the other women before. I especially notice the deep blue eyes. A black cape adorns her head, and a traveling cloak falls loosely from her shoulders. Several pieces of jewelry adorn her body too. Around her neck a sparkling necklace, and on top her forehead a simple gold-colored ring that resembles something close to a crown.

A moment later I hear a “nay” and then the unmistakable clod of a horse. Unlike everyone else in the army who walks, she rides into camp on the back of a beautiful white stallion. I suddenly understand why she towers above the rest, not because she is any taller, but because she rides on the back of a horse.

“Welcome Princess!” They praise her. “So glad you could join us Princess Loretta.” Some bow to her. Others raise their hands as if in some kind of salute to her. They part to allow her to pass and for the horse and rider to approach.

What I see next nearly takes my breath away. The cape she wears lays open in front. Before my eyes appears a partially clothed beauty. Not naked, but nearly so, the top covers only a portion of a pair of large, swelling breasts. Around her waist she wears a loose piece of fabric, like a loin cloth, barely able to cover her down there as well.

“Welcome Princess Loretta!” Lieutenant Katie steps forward and gives a bow. “I’m so glad you took the time to join us and judge our most recent capture.”

Their most recent capture, I immediately realize, is me. I breathe harder. My heart beats faster knowing this beautiful creature has come to see me, but then a moment later a sense of embarrassment comes over me as I remember my nudity and all she is going to see.

The soldiers part, and the Princess rides between the ranks of women. Still on the horse, she trots towards me. Her unsupported breasts gently bounce as she rides. It is hard to turn my eyes away. With my hands still tied to the trees, I can offer no resistance. I can’t cover myself. There is no choice for me but to stand before the Princess totally at her mercy as she sits on the horse and admires me.

I, in return, can’t help but admire her. A pair of thigh high black leather riding boots adorns her feet. Matching jeweled leather bands circle around both wrists. On her hands, she wears a type of glove, but a strange type of glove that curiously leaves her fingers bare, as if she wants to retain the freedom to feel. I also notice long and slender fingers. They are no doubt adept at grasping whatever she decides to take hold of and then not let go until she is thoroughly finished with it.

But what I notice most of all, what I can’t help but notice in her partial state of dress, are her breasts. The center of her chest lies completely open; the two ends of the cloak drawn far apart. Her large breasts are left without any support. They hang free and open, yet I can see they are also young and look unusually firm for their size. They look even larger than Lieutenant Katie’s, which gives me the strange idea that perhaps rank in this all-female army is determined by breast size.

“What do we have here?” Princess Loretta first looks at me in silence and then speaks her first words about a minute later. She speaks with distain in her voice, as if making reference to an enemy, to someone she does not like. Her blue eyes glare directly at me. She wears no smile on an otherwise beautiful face.

“We have a treat for you,” Lieutenant Katie steps forward to answer. She takes the reins of the horse as if to hold it steady for the princess.

Princess Loretta doesn’t bother stepping down. Neither does she offer me any greeting, only distain. Instead, she proceeds direct to the point and asks a seemingly innocent question.

“Why do the balls of this male remain hanging?” She asks of the Lieutenant. “Why has he not been castrated?”

The beauty suddenly leaves the woman. A sense of dread comes over me. In her left hand I notice she holds a long shaft. At the end is a good 40 centimeter long blade that looks as sharp as a cutting knife. With a simple thrust, she could jab it deep into my guts. With a swipe of the blade, she could sever my neck. I look at the edge and think of what else she might all cut with it too, especially after her comments.

“But don’t you see?” Lieutenant Katie thankfully comes to my rescue – or at least that’s what I first think. “We saved him for you as a treat. Just look at how well this one is hung!”

Her words shock me. I can’t believe she is brazen enough to come right out and say it. Suddenly, I realize why I have been saved. My size has saved me!

Princess Loretta takes a closer look. Her face turns to the side. Her beautiful blue eyes bore into me. I stand with genuine fear as she glares down from above, and I can tell she is looking mostly down there. Even her head bows down low as if to get a closer look.

It feels humiliating, to be examined so critically by this stranger, by a woman I have never before met. It lasts but a moment, and then it turns even worse.

The Princess uses the blunt end of her spear. She extends the shaft of the spear down to me, down between my legs, and touches it to me. I suddenly feel the course bare wood of the shaft against my own. I feel her use the shaft to lift mine so she can take a closer look.

“Entrancing length,” She speaks as though examining a prime cut of beef in the marketplace. “And a large pair. You were right about him being well hung, although he does not appear to fully hang at the moment.”

Some of the women around me giggle at this remark. I almost forgot about the others, the 18 other women who also witness my nudity, plus a few additional women who walked into camp along with the princess. They gather around, I notice, on both sides of the horse. Those in front graciously lower to their knees so those behind can also see. I notice the younger woman from earlier, the one who gave me the tea. She smiles in delight as she looks upon me too. Again, I worry about her intent. Again, I worry about the tea.

A sense of humiliation comes over me at what the Princess says. The end of the spear shaft does it, as well as her large breasts and beautiful body. Not only the Princess, but then I think of the earlier young woman who gave me a drink too. I can feel the arousal and know I no longer remain completely soft. I still wonder if the earlier tea might have contained some kind of male aphrodisiac.

“You now see why we saved him for your examination,” Katie concludes. “I thought you might be interested in taking this one as a pet. He would make for a fine performer.”

“Yes he would!” The Princess draws back the spear. I am thankful she decided not to use the opposite end.

“Untie him,” Next she orders to my surprise. “I want to see how well he behaves.”

Someone standing behind me unties the bonds holding my hands. Two others work on the ropes around my ankles. I rub my wrists when they are done.

“Don’t run or you will lose more than your balls,” Lieutenant Katie whispers into my ear at the same time. “And don’t you dare cover yourself with your hands if you want to keep them.”

Both are tempting, to both run and give myself cover, but I take her warning seriously. Besides, neither makes much sense at the moment. I am at a disadvantage. Plus, most of the women have already taken a good look at me. I have no reason to suddenly turn modest or risk such long odds. So after rubbing my wrists to return circulation to my hands, I weakly lower them back down to my side and allow the women to look further.

“Very good!” Princess Loretta likes this. “Well behaved. Let’s see if he will continue to behave.”

I wonder what she means by this, fearing some test of my abilities, a further embarrassment at my expense. As it turns out, I have plenty of reason to worry.

Glancing to the side, the Princess orders a servant girl by the name of Martha to come forward. Some of the women let out a subdued cheer at this. A shuffling immediately follows. My heart begins to beat faster with worry at what kind of blade or other weapon this “Martha” might be carrying.

“Don’t resist,” Lieutenant Katie at the same time whispers into my ear. “Any resistance will be taken as a sign of weakness. It will cause you to lose your balls; perhaps your shaft as well.”

I dare not move as Martha steps forward. What I see shocks me. The weapons she carries are not at all what I expect. As it turns out, Martha is a foreign girl. She is short, standing little more than 150 centimeters tall, and she has a dark-looking complexion I have never seen before. She is obviously from some far off land, probably a slave girl caught on one of their raiding parties. What I notice most about her, however, is the complete lack of clothing above her waist. The weapons she wears are two very large boobs that lay bare. They are an exceptionally large pair, and their firmness informs me she is still young, probably in her early twenties. A pair of protruding nipples jet out from their peaks.

“You are right about him being well hung,” Princess Loretta speaks again as soon as I catch a good look at the servant girl. “But I don’t want to see him hung. I want to see how high he can rise.”

It takes a moment for her words to register with me. I am still in shock at the young Martha. She looks foreign, so beautiful, so alluring. Her swelling breasts pull at my eyes, so young yet so firm. The hard nipples push out like a pair of snow capped peaks.

“Don’t turn away!” Lieutenant Katie brings me back down to reality when she again warns me with a whisper. “Don’t even look away, not if you want to keep your balls.”

My heart races. My knees begin to shake. I stand motionless and don’t know what to do. Already I feel it. Just the sight of Martha proves enough. A subdued cheer informs me the women notice it too.

I am tempted to run. I am tempted to at least bring my hands forward and cover myself, yet at the same time remember the warnings. The women have already seen me, yes, but they saw my normal size. I feel myself now grow before them.

The only resistance I can offer is to turn my eyes away and try not to look at the sensual creature who stands before me. I don’t move my head out of fear, only my eyes, but it is difficult. The boobs of the young Martha are tempting, but they are not worth the humiliation, yet at the same time they are so large, so young and firm. Even after I pull my eyes away, I can’t keep the sight of them out of my mind. Martha has a magnificent body, and seeing her topless proves a magnificent sight to behold. Even with clothing like the others, she would appear alluring, but topless she proves nearly impossible to resist.

Some of the women point. Others whisper to their neighbors. I feel the weight of it increase, swelling, even rising. Every attempt at erasing her image proves unsuccessful. Even now I want to turn my eyes back towards her to look some more.

“That’s more than he did for me,” Lieutenant Katie informs us all out loud. “And she hasn’t even handled him yet.”

My heart rate increases yet another notch at this further revelation of what is to be done to me. Already I have a hard time resisting. It feels as though the thing is pointed straight out, although I don’t check. I refuse to look out of the further embarrassment it is sure to cause me.

“Speaking of handling,” Princess Loretta lets out a sigh. “Go ahead!”

I hear the words but can’t quite believe them. Several women sigh. A few let out light chuckles. They all know, as do I, but I refuse to believe it.

A moment later I notice Martha out the corner of my right eye as she steps forward and comes closer to me. Someone claps. I hear words like “let’s see it” and “oh yes” from the audience of women around me.

And then it happens, and it happens sooner than I expected. My suspicions become confirmed with the touch of her hand. Indeed I do stick straight out. Martha’s fingers surround the shaft of my cock. She feels me much like Katie had done earlier in the morning, but Martha has a lot more to feel.

“Don’t move,” Lieutenant Katie reminds me again when I automatically try to bring my hands forward to remove the hand of the stranger. Quickly I return them back to my side and allow her an unencumbered feel.

“Not hanging at all at the moment,” Princess Loretta points out for everyone what they can full well see for themselves.

“Rising quite well,” Lieutenant Katie agrees. “And notice his length. That’s why we saved him for you, as a treat for you.”

More claps, sighs, and even giggles sound from the audience around me. Still I refuse to look, but I can clearly feel the weight of it. Not fully engorged, not yet, but very close. The hand of Martha proves irresistible. She feels it all around, taking her time to feel over every square centimeter of me. Obviously she has handled a cock before, probably the cocks of many young men, and probably most of them slaves or prisoners. I picture her elongating the cock of each captured male slave for the Princess to humiliate.

“Make him full,” The Princess expresses her desire. “Let us see him stiff.”

“Yes!” Lieutenant Katie adds with far too much enthusiasm than is necessary. “I want to see him rise up to his full length.”

It feels as if I am already there. In case I’m not, the young Martha takes her fist and grabs hold of the root of my shaft. She gives it several short but quick strokes before letting go.

“Magnificent!” Someone speaks.

“A real stud!” Another expresses her desire.

And then Martha backs away to allow them all to see. Again I am tempted to cover myself, but again think better of it. I feel myself inflate the last small amount, rise the last centimeter just after she lets go. My oversized cock rises full and hard, pointed skyward, inflates to a full-fledged hard-on.

“Damn!” One of the women voices her impression.

“He can fuck me anytime,” Another lets me know her more private desires.

Mention of sex makes me feel like fucking them myself. I especially want to fuck the young Martha who stands closer than any of them. I look at her again, now that there is no longer a reason to look away. Her breasts appear even bigger, her nipples more ripe. It has been a long time since I last gazed upon such a large pair of tits, if ever.

“Impressive,” Even the Princess likes what she sees. “This wretched male may have been worth saving.”

I can’t help but wonder what I am being saved for, what further embarrassments I might be subjected to. But at the moment, it doesn’t matter. All I want to do is fuck Martha. Lieutenant Katie or even the Princess would be acceptable too, but especially Martha. My cock needs it so bad I can hardly stand it.

“Even his nuts are big,” The big breasted Lieutenant Katie informs the Princess. “I felt them up earlier. They felt full, loaded with great quantities of seed. He should be capable of an impressive show.”

Again I wonder about the “show” these women have in mind. It seems I am already putting on a show, a show with my naked and exposed body. The amazed looks on the faces of the women show how much they like the show. The excitement showing in the eyes of some of the women make me worry about what all else they want to see.

“Well, perhaps he will do,” The Princess sounds less impressed than the others. She acts as if she is accustomed to seeing naked males all the time, even naked males with large cocks. Only later will I realize the truth to this statement.

“First I must have it measured,” She reaches back into the saddlebag of her horse and pulls out a simple stick. The stick is about a half-meter long, straight, and with colored markings along its length. I immediately know what the stick is to be used for. She hands it to the young Martha.

One more time the temptation to cover myself proves almost overwhelming. Martha smiles as she brings the stick up to me, the girl taking obvious delight in the task she is being asked to do. Clearly, this young lady is no stranger to big cocked males either. She certainly seems to like mine.

Acting as if she’s done it many times before, Martha pulls down on the shaft of my cock so it points straight out from my waist. She does it by grabbing me by the balls and pulling down. I gasp in fright at the feel of her fingers around my delicate balls, worried she is going to hurt me, but this Martha knows what she is doing. She does it perfect, like a well practiced expert, using my balls to extend the length of my cock straight out of my body.

I gasp again when she places the wooden stick along the top of my cock. She doesn’t say my size. The young Martha has said nothing at all, I realize, staying completely silent and giving my cock her full attention.

“Just over twenty-seven,” Lieutenant Katie says it instead, leaning over to take a look at where Martha holds her finger on the stick. She calls out my measurements for all the women to hear. “A very impressive appendage on this male! Long enough to be put to many interesting and entertaining uses!”

Again I worry what kind of plans they have for me. More important, what interesting uses can they think up? How many ways will I entertain them?

“He will do,” The Princess acts less intimidated. “You are right in saving his balls. I shall put them to extensive use.”

A shiver travels through my body. I maybe even jump in fright. What does she mean by “extensive”? For what use does she have for my balls? Might it have been better to lose them?

“He seems shy,” Lieutenant Katie notices my worry. “This male does not appear accustomed to being exhibited.”

“Clearly not,” The Princess agrees. “And so he must be cured of his shyness.”

“Yes!” The young Lieutenant nods her head.

“So go ahead,” Princess Loretta turns to Katie as though offering a reward. “Why don’t you go ahead and suck him.”

She speaks it in a calm tone, as if in normal conversation. She speaks it so natural I don’t fully understand the significance of her words at first. It takes a few seconds for her meaning to register.

“Suck him?” A shrill from Katie tells me her intention. She doesn’t seem to believe it either. “Me? Do you mean you want to give me the opportunity to suck this generous appendage?”

“I can tell you want to,” The Princess acknowledges with a wave of her hand. “I can see your interest in him, so go ahead and use your mouth on him if you wish.”

I can hardly believe it. I don’t belief it, not at first. I hear the words but can’t accept them. Only when I glance over and see the smile on Katie’s face do I realize it is true.

“No!” I speak out loud.

“Silence!” Katie immediately chastises. “You have not been given permission to speak.”

She speaks it as if she owns me. I don’t know what to do.

“Let me explain it to you as simple as possible, so even a stud male such as yourself can understand,” Her voice turns lower, less insulting, but more demanding. “You must learn that when a woman wishes to suck on your generous appendage, you must allow her to suck.”

She says it simply, like it is a fact of life. She just as easily could have said the sky is blue, trees green.

“More important,” She goes on in a quieter voice so only those standing closest can hear. “When I wish to suck on your generous male appendage, you must freely allow me the opportunity to suck. You must offer no resistance when I take it into my mouth. You must voice no reaction when I use my lips on you. You must even accept it when I twirl my tongue around the head. In other words, Jason, you must offer your generous male appendage for me to suck on as if I have every right to suck on it whenever I wish.”

Her words leave me breathless. I can’t even speak out to disagree.

“And Jason,” She still isn’t done yet. “You will now offer your generous, and I must say very impressive male appendage,” She looks down at it as if to emphasize the point. “You will offer it for my oral manipulations. I will kneel down, open my mouth, and you will insert the fat head of your appendage in the proper position for me to suck however much I wish.”

Finally, she looks back up. Martha lets go of my balls to allow my cock to spring back up. I almost forgot about her hand, being so enthralled by what was being said by the clothed women to ignore the one touching me. The girl lets go and stands aside, giving Lieutenant Katie free access to do whatever she wants to do to my privates.

“And I wish to give your appendage a long and very extensive workout with my mouth and tongue,” She hints at what is soon to come. “You might be tempted to move, to push it in further or pull it out when I become too much for you, but you are to remain as still as possible while I work over your appendage for however long I want.”

With that, she turns to the Princess and speaks in a louder voice. “This is a great honor,” She thanks the Princess. Never does she thank me, the source of it all, only the Princess. I find it ironic how the women thank each other. Princess Loretta already treats me as if I am her property, like she can do with my cock and balls whatever she wants.

Katie next turns to me. The smile on her face becomes bigger. It appears as if she actually looks forward to it, as if she wants to suck on me, as if she can’t wait to get started. My cock stands upright and tall waiting for her, wanting to be sucked. I guess I do too, but I only wish it wasn’t in front of so many.

“You will obediently stand in place,” Katie emphasizes the point one last time. “I will go down with my mouth on your oversized male appendage, and you are going to allow me to suck for however long I wish.”

And with that, she drops down to her knees. She does it quickly, in a single fluid motion, drawing herself closer to me at the same time. I am briefly tempted to jump back, run away, to do anything I can to get out of her grasp. Yet at the same time, I want it. My erection remains. I can’t wait for the beautiful young brunette to suck on it like she wants.

I do jump back a moment later when she first touches the head with her tongue. She does it without preamble, and simply leans forward and takes a lick as though my cock is nothing more than a popsicle.

“Stay still,” Katie notices my movement. “You will allow me to suck.”

I can’t believe what is happening. It feels as though I am in another world. The licking continues, first to the head of my cock, and then I feel her tongue as it travels down the length of my member. She goes down one side and then the other, and then pushes my cock higher so she can lick on the underside as well.

“She likes it,” Princess Loretta calls out like a sportscaster at an event.

“It tastes good!” Lieutenant Katie takes a break from her licking action just long enough to agree. “Not only thick and long, but so quick to give up its juice too.”

I know what she is talking about. She is referring to my pre-cum. I think I can feel it, but can’t be sure. The stroking of Martha started it. The oral ministrations from Katie are more than I can withstand. It gets worse when she opens her mouth and takes it inside.

“Oh my gosh!” I automatically cry out.

A light slap of her hand upon my balls immediately follows. “Silence,” Katie pulls back just long enough to speak. “I have not given you permission to speak. You must learn to stand still and silently accept a female to suck on your male essence.”

And with that, she puts it right back into her mouth and continues sucking. Most important, she more than sucks, also licks with her tongue and strokes with her lips too. I thought keeping quite would be easy. It seemes a simple order, but with Katie it proves tempting. Her mouth performs like a machine. Her tongue ravishes the sensitive head. The sucking makes it feel like I am having intercourse, like my cock is being teased with her pussy. “If she is this good with her mouth,” I think to myself, “just think how much better she will be in bed.”

The sucking continues. The ravishing of my cock never stops. Back and forth across the head, then around and around she circles the sensitive rim. I begin breathing heavy in anticipation. I am tempted to cry out, at least to moan out loud. I almost do so, but figure she doesn’t want me to say anything at all. Any future slaps to my balls will almost certainly be harder than the first. I fear the Princess really might castrate me if I misbehave. So instead, I just stand in place like a helpless slave, allowing Lieutenant Katie to work my cock with her mouth like it is an inanimate object.

“Enough!” The princess finally brings relief a few minutes later.

Katie immediately leaves me. She backs off. My cock leaves her. It lets out an audible “pop” when she finally releases it.

I let out a sigh of relief but also of disappointment. I am thankful for Princess Loretta to come rescue me, but a moment later gasp with what she wants to do next.

“And let the young Martha have a turn at him too,” She speaks to my dismay.

I glance over and notice Martha. She stands next to the horse of the Princess. She remains standing as before, almost naked, with only a small panty covering her barest feature. Around her chest, she still wears nothing. A pair of firm and unusually large boobs stare back at me. I also notice a big smile upon her face after what the Princess suggests.

What she does next surprises me even more. In response, the big breasted girl steps forward. She does not walk up to me, not all the way. She steps only two steps forward, goes down to her knees, and then opens her mouth wide.

“You will walk up and deposit yourself into her,” Katie tells me what she wants. “You will obediently insert your oversized male appendage into her waiting mouth.”

I don’t know what to do, not at first, so I just stand there for a moment, unbelieving. Some of the watching women can’t believe it either. I hear at least one of them gasp. Others whisper. Slowly, I realize she isn’t going to come to me, but I am expected to go to her. It is as if Katie wants to see me debase myself. Even worse, I want to do it too. In fact, I can’t wait! It would have been better if she had left me tied and allowed the young Martha to force herself on me.

“Go!” A sharp slap from Katie’s palm onto my bare ass tells me to get going. “She’s hungry. Never keep a female waiting when she wishes to feast upon your generous male flesh.”

I have no choice but to obey. I even look forward to what Martha is going to do to me. All I can think about is how it will feel. I breathe heavy thinking about how much I am going to enjoy it.

My feet obey more my cock than my brain. I find myself stepping forward, walking up to Martha. It’s only a few short steps. It takes but a few seconds before I stand above her. Her breasts look even larger from above, as if they grow in anticipation for my cock. Her eyes momentarily glance up to look at my face, but most of the time they point straight ahead. I can somehow tell she is looking forward to it as much as me.

I have to open my legs to get down low enough for her, Martha being a lot shorter than Katie. The women seem to like this. “Very good,” I hear Katie from just behind. “Spread yourself open.” She gives a slap on my thigh to get me to open my legs even further.

Martha remains motionless the entire time. She simply waits for me, her mouth open, tempting me to enter. I can hardly watch, but I have to watch anyway. Still I’m not low enough, even with my legs spread wide. My cock stands upright too damn high, so I have to bend my knees to get even lower. Again I glance down, and this time I need to look more closely to properly insert the head into the waiting opening.

Only after I squeeze the head of my cock past her tight lips does the furious licking and sucking action begin.

It gives me a start, the way she goes at it. She takes it with a passion, as if she is hungry for it. I almost cry out again, like with Katie, but then remember my spread legs. My balls hang vulnerable, and Katie stands just behind me. I fear what she might do to my balls if I make too much noise.

The head of my cock stays in her mouth the whole time. It feels especially good when she pulls it down with her lips, making it extend straight out from my body, and then she gives quick flicks of her tongue across the tip. Martha is an accomplished cock sucker, I can tell. Mine isn’t the first. It certainly won’t be her last. I imagine the women picking out the biggest male in each village they raided, bringing out Martha, and giving her the cock to suck.

“Is he almost ready?” Princess Loretta asks a few minutes later.

“Ah, Ah,” Martha speaks with her mouth stuffed, not letting up, nodding her head. It is the very first words she speaks. In the process of nodding, she also nods my cock, making it spring up and down as if in agreement. “Ohs” and “Ahs” sound from the surrounding audience as if the women like this. I am reminded once again of all those watching.

My cock nods in agreement, and I do agree. I can’t help it. I feel myself getting close. Martha brings me closer to the edge, making me feel like I am about to go over. My breathing increases. Soon I start to pant.

“Hold still!” Lieutenant Katie yells into my ear. She reaches down to give me a sharp slap on the ass as well. I am thankful she hasn’t slapped my balls instead.

Only then do I realize I had been thrusting. It seemed the natural thing to do, to thrust forward like I was having intercourse. My body wanted to do so. My cock demanded it, but the women would rather I stay inanimate. They want all the control, and they have it.

“Perhaps you should tie him back up if he doesn’t behave,” Princess Loretta suggests as Martha swallows me back inside.

This time she shakes her head back and forth. Again my cock is in her mouth, so this time it shakes back and forth along with her. The movement once again delights the women around me. In the background I hear words like “oh yes” and “that’s nice.”

“I prefer they give themselves up without bindings,” Katie speaks from behind me and explains. “I prefer my males docile and compliant. It gives me more of a sense of control when they can be taken without bonds.”

The princess agrees with her, so I remain standing without bonds as a result. The sucking and licking action from Martha turns more intense. She behaves as if she doesn’t want to let my cock go even for a second. The girl wants to control it like it belongs to her, which I suppose in a strange sort of way it now does. I still carry it on my body, but it seems to no longer belong to me.

“She certainly has this one well controlled,” Princess Loretta speaks as if delighted. “I wonder how long she can keep him under her control?”

She says the statement in the form of a question, as though in a challenge to the young Martha. I’m sure what it means, but feel myself coming closer and closer to losing control. I so much want to thrust some more. I feel like reaching forward, taking her head in my hand, and giving myself some resemblance of control. I want to yell out, tell her how good she is, even to moan in pleasure. Yet none of those options are available to me. It is like she has all the power. The ropes are gone, but it is as if I am still in bondage.

These women like their men subservient, I come to realize. They prefer males to behave like inert objects for them to use, even though I am far from inert at the moment. My panting breaths, my sweating body, I know I am putting on a real show for the ladies.

Suddenly I recall the earlier words about a show. I realize I am putting on a show. I am entertaining the young women. Not just entertaining them with an act, but with a striptease, and then I provide them further entertainment with my cock. I am like an actor on stage, and my cock is the star attraction.

I remember them all, all the women still watching me. I always knew they were there. I occasionally heard them in the background, but I now see them surround me like an audience. I suddenly realize the humiliation, the degradation they subject me to. Not only stripped naked, but made to show myself full. My humiliation is complete.

It is finally too much.

Martha somehow knows it. She pulls back just in time. I feel myself rise up over the precipice of the mountain with one last quick rimming performed by Martha upon my cock-head, and then I can hold it back no more.

My cock shudders and then explodes into the most intense ejaculation of my life. My oversized, overexcited cock shoots forward a long stream of my pearly white seed. It arches forward, shoots over the shoulder of Martha, and then splatters onto the ground in a giant heap at least a meter in front of me.

A high-pitched cheer immediately follows from the women.

“Impressive load!” Katie speaks from near my ear.

“A real shooter!” The Princess is clearly impressed.

I feel humiliated, even mortified at what is taking place, but I am not done yet. My ridged cock continues to spasm, convulse, and then lets out a second stream as I grunt out loud.

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