Our thirtieth high school reunion turned out to be a huge success. We meet only every ten years, but it seemed that everyone had a good time discussing the years gone by as well as current events. Very few showed pictures of their grandchildren, or got up to dance, as the music was much too loud for us “old” folk. We both came to the reunion without our spouses. We both knew how such spouses must feel as wall flowers, not knowing anyone except their own partner.

We had talked only briefly at the previous reunions. We were in school together from grade school through high school, but we had never dated. We both went up north to a large out-of-state university, but did not know that until later. She became a high school teacher and remained in the area. She had married and had two kids and now several grandkids. I became an engineer and moved down south to take a nerdy job. I also was married and had two children, but no grandkids.

She was a cheerleader at school and I was in to sports, basketball and track. She was short and I was tall. She wore long dark hair; I generally wore a crew cut. Now in our late forties, I had lost most of my hair but still remained in good shape. She had put on a few extra pounds and quite a few wrinkles on her smiling face.

At this reunion something special happened. She had a certain smile and a sparkle in her eyes. We spent much more time together, but still wandered around talking to all our old friends and even to many that we hardly knew in high school. When we danced, a slow one of course, her head came up to my shoulder and her breasts pressed into my lower stomach. We moved slowly, both, I think, reflecting on our middle and high school dances. I could not remember whether we had danced together before, but this time she saved the last dance for me.

A picnic was scheduled for the following day and we both agreed that it would be nice to meet again before going our separate ways. We both drove to the picnic, but after a while no one from our former gang showed up and we felt rather lonely. I suggested we go for a hike. She knew of a wilderness area near-by and told me to follow her. We were both aware that we were married, and not to each other. On the way we stopped at a local grocery store and picked up a backpack full of healthy tidbits and enough water to keep us alive. We started out at the end of the road where we had parked the car.

It was a warm summer day. White fluffy clouds helped reduce the danger of our getting roasted by the sun. Both of us were unfamiliar with the trail system, but it was well marked. The whole area was at rather a high altitude, so most, but not all, of the trees had been logged off so there was only occasional tree cover. New growth and a few older trees covered the open spaces between huge boulders. We stopped at a signpost that mentioned a hut where we could stop for a rest. We started climbing. The trail was not too difficult but it slanted upwards. Once in a while we could catch a glimpse of the hut in the distance.

I let her take the lead so she could set the pace. It was a wonderful day; my eyes wandered over the hills and valleys of the surrounding countryside and over the cute hills bouncing in her jeans. The rocking motion of her buttocks caused me to entertain some very natural thoughts. The only time we had ever kissed was decades ago in grade school. At our high school reunion I had only briefly even contemplated the idea of having sex with her.

After a while we stopped for a rest. With her standing on a rock, we were the same height. I moved closer to embrace her. We hesitated but then attempted a brief touching of our lips. We both wanted more! We joined in a delicious, dusty kiss, our lips opened and our tongues searching. Her lips were so soft and delicious; what a good kisser she turned out to be. We were already sweating and could feel the heat of our bodies. We placed our arms around each other and hugged. I could feel her breasts against my chest. We continued hiking but paused again, exhausted, after half an hour.

We then closed in for another kiss; my right hand moved behind her and rested upon her rear cheek. She stopped kissing, leaned back and smiled at me. She reached for my left hand and with a grin placed it on her breast. I was surprised but pleased and fondled her breast as we resume dour kissing and hugging.

We continued our hike. The next time we stopped, my hand reached for her breast as we pulled together. She moved a bit to the side and tried to slide her leg between mine. I moved my feet slightly apart and she continued to press until her pussy was against my thigh. I could feel her heat and grasped her breast even tighter. We enjoyed a wet, warm kiss. I could feel my cock harden somewhat, but did not know if she could feel it with her hip. We separated and continued hiking.

Higher up we paused once again. We started kissing and assumed the position that we had practiced previously. She pressed her jeans-covered pussy to my thigh, and then she let her hand fall to the front of my jeans. She could feel me harden and traced the outline of my erection with her fingers. Her hand went down and fondled my balls. We were kissing with open eyes. We both leaned back; I was still holding her breast. We smiled at each other. “That feels nice,” I said.

We both knew that we wanted more. My other hand descended to the front of her jeans. She moved one foot to the side to allow me to felt her heat. If we had a nice place to relax on, we surely would have explored each other’s bodies. We parted and took a long drink of water, saying nothing. Both of us were thinking of our mutual desires and wondering how far we would or should go.

I said to her, “It is strange that we kissed once in grade school, and after all these years we kiss once again, but now there is a difference, I want to taste you.” She grinned and pretended to be embarrassed. We continued climbing; the hut in the distance did not appear to be getting any closer. We were getting tired. It was too late to go back so we decided to continue on up to the hut. We realized that we would not make it back to the car by dusk.

Every once in a while we would pause and kiss, our hands roaming over the outside of our jeans. If I was not hard, she caressed my jeans until she could feel me. While we kissed, my fingers searched for her nipples. She told me that her nipples pointed somewhat upwards and were difficult to grasp. Her honestly regarding such an intimate area turned me on. I grabbed her between the legs. She told me that she was wet. I just smiled and let my tongue hang out to simulate lapping. She knew that I wanted to taste her wetness and that made her even wetter.

She told me that she had to pee. There was a large tree nearby and she disappeared behind it. I used the opportunity to relieve myself as well. When she returned, I put my hands on her breasts and asked to see her breasts. I began to unbutton her blouse and she did not stop me. I pushed her opened blouse to the side and weighed her heavy breasts with my hands. I reached behind and unfastened her bra. She watched me lift up the bra and we watched her tits drop out of the cups.

I could see how her nipples were curved up and in; so unique. My hands cupped and explored the entire surface of her breasts. The sparkle in her eyes confirmed that it was exciting for both of us to be outdoors and playing, much as innocent children might, but now it was an adult game. My lips searched and suckled. “Harder!” she whispered and I sucked harder until she gasped. It was with some difficulty that we returned her boobs to the cups and fastened the bra. We continued walking.

But not for long, the next large tree beckoned. She leaned back against the tree and I pressed against her. I couldn’t get enough of her soft kisses. I placed my hand on her zipper and asked to see her. She nodded and I went to work on the top button of her jeans. Since the waistband was tight around her tummy, she had to help me. I pulled down the zipper and slid her pants down to her knees. I hooked my fingers on the elastic band of her panties and slowly pulled them down.

If showing her tits outdoors was exciting, revealing her pussy and ass would be even more so! Her bush came into view and then her pussy lips. The crotch of her panties stuck to her crack. Her thighs were close together, but I was able to pull her panties down to the jeans. It was a moment to savor. I told her to hold up her blouse. Her jeans fell just below her knees. Her whole midriff was exposed. I used the back of my fingers for one gentle upward stroke. “What do you call it?” I asked. She hesitated but told me that she wouldn’t mind if I called it – slight pause – a cunt.

That was a surprise. I grinned and looked up to her face. Yes, cunt was good. It is probably the most powerful word in the English language and that came from such an innocent looking woman. I buried my nose in her pubic hair and breathed in her aroma. Oh, what a delight, the scent of a woman! I pulled up her panties and jeans and got her zipped and buttoned up again. “Let me see you too,” she asked.

We changed places and I unbuttoned the top jean button. She did the unzipping and pulled down my jeans. The bulge in my underpants was obvious. I pulled up my shirt to give her better access. She was not new to this game. One hand pulled the elastic band out; the other hand reached in and grabbed the shaft. She pulled the elastic down under my balls and sat back to gaze. My cock was pointing out, waving in the breeze and throbbing to the beat of my heart. The outdoor exposure was a special feeling, new for me and probably for her too.

She pulled my underpants down and used both hands to explore me. One hand fondled my balls; the other hand touched the shaft and slid the skin back and forth. She pinched the head so that the cum slit opened to a circle and peered inside. Her fingers dug into the ball sack and none too gently made a thorough examination. She lifted my balls and shoved her face behind them. She took deep breaths and her low moans of pleasure told me she was enjoying the smell. “Rather sweaty down there,” I said.

“Yes, you smell so good.” She replied as she placed a chaste kiss on the head of my cock. “Turn around,” she ordered. “Now bend over.” Not sure what she was up to, I hesitated. It was difficult to keep my balance as the jeans were around my ankles. “Bend over more,” she said and I did my best to comply. I felt her hands on my cheeks and she spread them. I murmured that it was probably not very clean down there. “Let me, I want to do this,” she replied. Her hands held my cheeks apart and I felt her fingers at my rosebud, pulling it open. She touched her tongue briefly to the very center. She released my cheeks. I stood up and turned around, amazed at what she had just done. We pulled up and fastened my pants. When we held each other and kissed, our grasps were not those of youthful eagerness but rather of adult anticipation.

We drank water and ate some of our rations before continuing the hike. As we reached the hut we knew that it would soon be dark. We were bone tired as we opened the door. There was no light and no running water, just a table and a few simple cots with blankets. We were the only visitors.

Very tired but also hot and horny, we each stripped off our own sweaty clothes. I was naked first and stood there watching her pull down her panties. She glided to her knees. My cock was sticking straight out, my balls already retracted. I told her to be careful, because my balls were very sensitive and that it wouldn’t take long for me to lose control. First she sniffed around my cock and balls. Then she opened her mouth wide and gently tongued the purple crown.

The tip of her tongue pressed into my cum hole. We both watched as the crown swelled and the erection lifted. She licked slowly on the sensitive underside near the tip and smiled at the results. She dropped further down. I spread my legs and felt her face come up behind my balls. Her nose was smelling and lips and tongue were tasting my hot and sweaty creases.

I pulled her up and made her stand with her legs spread wide to allow me to enjoy her fragrance and taste. She said, “Be careful, I feel awfully gooey.” I moved her over to the table and had her sit on the edge. I knelt down and placed my nose and mouth next to her mound, inhaling deeply. The odor was overwhelming, a heady mixture of her sexual juices mixed with sweat. I got a cunt-eating grin on my face, my cock swelled even more, now to a painful hardness.

She said that she should wash, and I told her that even if we had water that I would not let her wash. We stood up close to each other and kissed one hand behind her, pressing her towards me, and the other hand cupping and hurting one of her unlucky nipples. The other nipple hid, hoping not to be discovered. Her hands gently held and stroked my shaft and balls. We settled down on the cot.

We kissed and pressed our bodies together. She moved down and took my erect cock deep in her mouth and slowly mouthed the shaft with her lips, and I moaned “Oh, please stop,” and held her head still. It took a while for the crisis to pass; I was so close to exploding. “Let me taste you,” I asked. Keeping me in her mouth, she turned around on the cot so that we were side to side in a sixty-nine position. She let her thighs fall apart and rotated her hips to provide a fuller view.

Her sex was splayed open before my eyes. It seemed as if she has been oozing liquid the entire afternoon. I pulled up one of her thighs and locked it under my arm so that she could relax and not worry about getting a cramp in her leg. I first sniffed and then gently started licking. She pressed upwards with her hips, wanting me to kiss her harder. I slid one hand around her thigh and slowly inserted one finger into her waiting and very wet hole.

The lips of her pussy were parted and offered no resistance. When I withdrew my finger, it was coated with threads of white cream. I inserted two fingers, very deep, feeling for the roof and her inner pleasure points. She squeezed her cuntal ring to keep them inserted. Her cunt was actually pulsating around my fingers. I spread my inserted fingers and let her ring contract and push them back together. My other arm moved so that my hand could slide into the warm crease of her behind. Her ass cheeks were already parted, her moisture had made this area slippery as well.

The side-by-side position was not very comfortable. I told her it would work better if she would sit on my face. She told me that she had never done that before. “You’ll see it will work fine,” I told her. The cot was wide enough so that her knees could fit on either side of me. I helped her get in position. “Settle back slowly,” I told her. I rolled up my clothes to use as a pillow so that I would not have to strain my neck. Her crack approached my face. What a delightful sight!

I started eating her cunt. My tongue licked up and down through her folds. I could see her asshole up close. I held her clit between my lower lip and teeth. My upper lip was dipping into her opening; my tongue was licking slowly up and down in between her parted lips. She too was so very close to exploding. Once she had rested her snatch on my mouth, her mouth engulfed my cock.

We both were having pleasure giving pleasure. While I concentrated on sucking her cunt, she was lost in sucking my cock. We tried to ignore the orgasms building in our bodies. She kept the head of my cock at the back of her throat. She started stroking my balls that had been hugging my shaft for such a long time. Her hips started to lose control. She brought one hand back to get some of her wetness on her finger.

She showed me her finger and I licked it off. She dipped in once again and returned to start searching between my cheeks, but I was the first to find an anal opening. I wet my middle finger in her cunt juice and placed the tip at her butt hole. If I could have moved up some more, I would have placed my tongue where my finger was. But I could only gaze from a close distance.

I could see tiny hairs surrounding her puckered opening. I circled and started to press my finger into her anus. Her slippery liquid allowed smooth entry. As a reflex she first squeezed tight, but relaxed to allow the tip of my finger to slide inside. When she pressed out, my finger slid deeper. I couldn’t help thinking that she had already enjoyed many an ass fuck. She gasped at the sudden pressure and pleasure. She pressed in as well and I concentrated on relaxing to let her finger enter. We each had one knuckle of a finger inserted in each other’s asshole.

At about the same time we both pressed deeper, groaning at the additional pleasure. I felt my second knuckle pass her anal ring. She gave another short squeeze but pressed out again and allowed me to press even deeper. The finger was welcomed, and once fully inserted began a slow in and out motion. With her ass raised up, her cunt hole was forced open. In the fading light I could see the pinkness of her insides. I inserted my thumb in her cunt and pressed deep into both of her holes. My fingers tried to close together inside her. They could feel each other. It is always amazing to feel how close together love channels are. My lips were now on her clit.

She knew by now that I was close to spurting; she kept her motions slow and tender, just under the pressure that would cause me to cum. The angle of her throat allowed her to hold most of but not the entire shaft. With the middle finger of her left hand in my butt and her right hand grasping the base of my shaft, she seemed to be floating on top of me. We both felt it was time to cum. I stopped sucking and in the fading light enjoyed the view of her wet cunt, so close to my eyes.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth. She watched my quivering cock, the head and shaft wet from her mouthing. I put one hand on the small of her back and caressed up and down her backbone. I told her that we should finish. In answer, she took my cock back into her mouth and started moving just a bit faster, her lips pressing, her tongue swirling, her hand gently jerking. The sensation in her mouth was better than in a cunt. My face returned to her wet folds. I sucked her clit hard then lapped up and down just to the side of it.

She was the first to feel my helplessness. My asshole relaxed once to announce the first spasm of ejaculation and her finger pressed even deeper and she could feel my anal ring starting the first contraction and her finger started counting each spurt, again and again. She started swallowing as she felt the shaft go rigid and the head of my cock expand.

The first squirt of my sperm was probably just a tiny bubble, clearing the path. The next pulse hit and I felt a huge surge of cum shoot out. She had been waiting and groaned deeply in her throat. The first ripples of her own orgasm appeared on her tummy. My fingers flexed in her holes. It seemed as if her insides were convulsing. We both exploded with hips bucking and thrusting. We groaned deeply, she with a mouthful of cock cum and me with a mouthful of creamy cunt.

Our orgasms continued for a long time. We swallowed each other’s liquids. After the long thread of cum, my remaining cream was emitted in shorter spurts, but the contractions went on and on. Her liquid just continued to flow. Only when her hips stopped bucking did I stop licking. We retrieved the buried fingers, but continued tasting and kissing.

I managed to pull a blanket over us. And for a brief moment we fell asleep, my lips still glued to her cuntal lips and my cock still floating in her mouth. But in this position we could not really sleep, so I turned her around so that we were face to face. Later on I was having another dream that we were making love. I woke up looking up into her face. The first light of day was visible. I smiled and said that we should get started down the hill.

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