sixty nine

Note: All of the characters and events in this story are fictional. They are figments of my imagination, and these occurences did not actually transpire. Just sit back and enjoy the story.


Natalie and I have been living together for the past few months, sharing a flat in a small town in Cumbria. I’d recently come home from university, and decided to stay with my parents for a week or so while I found a place of my own.

It so happened that the place I’d chosen was a 2-person flat, and that Natalie was also interested in it, so the landlord paired us off and we had to sort the rest out for ourselves.

Natalie is 21, and had just left university herself, having studied at the University of York, whereas I’d been at Northumbria University in Newcastle, so we’d never met on campus at all.

We never really had a proper conversation for the first few days. We’d mainly stuck to “Hi” and “D’you want a coffee while I’m here?” until then. Perhaps we were still getting used to living in the same environment, and getting familiarised with our new flatmate.

It took some time to get talking and to start establishing a level of trust, but I eventually discovered that Natalie is single, as her boyfriend at university decided that they should split up, since he lived down in Staffordshire, and wasn’t wanting to commute up to Cumbria to see her.

Myself and my girlfriend lived in the same town, and started going out in high school, and while I took a university course at Northumbria, she enrolled at Newcastle University so that it was easier for us to meet regularly.

She moved back with me when we graduated, and she’s currently staying with her parents, since she is struggling to find a job to pay for both rent and student debts. We still see each other regularly, almost every night, to go out for drinks and to chat.

Her name is Alex, by the way. She’s a bit younger than me, about 3 months, but she is really very pretty, smart, and has a gorgeous figure to boot! She has blonde hair reaching down to the small of her back, usually pushed back with just a hairband, electric blue eyes, and a thin face which tapers almost to a point at her chin.

She is about 6ft tall, with a perfect hourglass figure, delicate skin, small hands, and magnificent DD-Cup breasts. She isn’t a great tease, and doesn’t let much flesh out, a great fan of turtle-neck sweatshirts and tops that cover from waist to collarbone, not much of her is on display.

I don’t mind it though, because when she does reveal even the smallest amount of cleavage, it makes the moment all the sweeter, knowing that I’m catching a rare glimpse of her fantastic tits.

It’s amazing how much she and Natalie are alike. It’s no wonder they get along so well.

Natalie is about 5ft 9, a bit shorter than Alex, and with brown wavy hair that only trails a few inches past her shoulder blades. She has chocolate brown eyes, and a slightly deeper skin tone than Alex, her face a tad more rounded.

Her body isn’t bad either, slightly wider waist than Alex, but still retaining that hourglass shape, and sporting slightly larger breasts than Alex. She also regularly wears tight tank tops, accentuating her curves magnificently.

However, I knew that any kind of relationship with Natalie was not something to be considered, as I was already in a dedicated long-term relationship with Alex, with whom I shared a lot of my life, and we had a lot of common interests. I had also known her longer, and was still as attracted to her now as I was when I met her 4 years ago.

I love her for her personality. Her looks are just a bonus!

So, with Natalie, all I ever restricted myself to was quickly getting a look when I felt that I needed to satisfy my urge until I saw Alex later, as she left a lot more exposed; usually when she wasn’t looking or if her attention was directed elsewhere.

So this went on for 6 or 7 months. Natalie was used to me bringing Alex back on occasion, who now has a job working at the local Aldi as a Stock Assistant, so we sometimes had dinner together, and talked about the latest films, episodes of TV shows and other miscellaneous things that were going on in our lives such as job hunting and upcoming social events we were planning to go to.

One night, though, when I brought Alex back, the flat was locked, so I took out my key and let us in, switching the light on and finding a post-it note from Natalie on the kitchen counter.

She’d gone out for the evening with some friends to see a film at the cinema in town, and wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours.

I threw the post-it in the recycling and got started on dinner, filling a saucepan up with water and setting it on the cooker hob. I took the vegetable knife and the peeler out of the cutlery drawer, and set them next to the chopping board.

I took some carrots out of the fridge, and the bag of peas out of the freezer, ready for when the water had boiled.

Just as I picked up a carrot to start peeling it, Alex came up behind me and wrapped her arms gently around my waist, pressing herself into my back in a hug. She turned her head to one side so she could rest her cheek against me.

“Hey,” she said, calmly, starting to sway slightly.

I lowered the carrot and the peeler, “Hey,” I replied, turning my head slightly, as if to direct my voice behind me.

“So, Chef,” Alex said, slightly seductively, “What’s cooking?”

“Chicken and mushroom pie, with some carrots and peas,” I answered, “That alright with you?”

Alex released me from her embrace, grabbed my shoulder, and turned me to face her, pressing me back into the counter. I barely had time to put the carrot and peeler down on then chopping board as she spun me.

“That,” she said, leaning towards me, “Will be just fine,” she leaned further into me, and our lips met in a kiss.

She broke the kiss and retreated, leaning back on the opposite counter to watch me work as I returned to peeling the carrots, and chopping them into discs. I scraped my peelings into the bin, and turned the oven dial to get it heated up ready for the pies.

Dinner was never really extravagant for us. As ex-university students, we were used to ready meals and cooking that only required you to turn the oven to a certain temperature and pop the food in for 20 minutes or so.

The water in the pan began to simmer, and I took the pies out of the box and put them into the oven.

As I closed the door, I thought I heard Alex say something. I turned to her and said “You say something, Alex?”

Alex looked up at me, her thighs pressed together. It looked like she’d been frozen mid stride.

“No, no, everything’s fine.” she replied quickly, obviously fibbing.

“Hmmmmm,” I responded, turning back to the frantically bubbling saucepan of water. I scooped up the carrots and dropped them into the boiling water, followed by the peas.

I turned back to Alex, “Are you sure?”

Alex nodded, seeming a bit distracted.

I stepped towards her, and leaned over her, pressing her back into the counter like she had done with me just a moment before.

“Do you know what I think, Alexandra Thomson?” I said, leaning into her so out faces were inches apart. Her breath quickened in anticipation.

“No,” she breathed, “What do you think, Michael Richards?”

I moved closer to her, our noses almost touching now, “I think…”

I paused.

Alex’s breath quickened still, “You think what?”

“I think that you need…”

I paused again, grinning slyly.

Alex frowned slightly, chuckling, “Stop it, you’re killing me!”

I chuckled back to her, our noses now touching ever so delicately tip to tip now.

“I think that you need…” I said, slowly, exhaling gently so she could feel my breath on her eager lips, “…to learn to wait.”

I pulled away from her, her head seemed to follow it for a moment, her eyes closed, seemingly still awaiting my kiss.

She then opened her eyes, and saw that I’d migrated to the sofa and turned on the TV.

She growled slightly in frustration, and moved over to join me while everything was cooking. I chuckled to myself as she sat down next to me rather violently, as if she was in a mood with me.

But she sighed and leaned into me, and I put my arm around her to pull her into a cuddle as we watched ‘Would I Lie To You?’ together.

About 15 minutes later, I excused myself and went to check on dinner. The pies in the oven were pretty much done, and the vegetables were on a gentle simmer so they wouldn’t cook too quickly. I got a fork out, impaled a slice of carrot, blew on it to cool it and popped it in my mouth to test it.

It was nice. Not so raw that it was still crunchy, but not so soft that it was mush. Just right.

I turned the hob off, turned the oven off, and poured the contents of the saucepan into a collander over the sink to drain the water from the vegetables. I rested the collander in the sink while I took the pies out of the oven, and peeled their foil tins off.

I popped the pies onto a plate each, and dished out some vegetables onto the plates to accompany them, and we sat down at the table to eat.

As we ate, we changed channel to continue the 2 hour comedy marathon of Friday nights on terrestrial television with ‘QI’.

When we’d finished eating, I took the plates to the sink, placed them in at varying angles, and turned the hot tap on to let the sink fill, and squirted some washing up liquid into the sink.

I heard Alex come up behind me, so I dipped my fingers in the still cool water, turned around and flicked some water into her face.

She squealed as the cold water splashed against her face, and I laughed.

“You bastard!” she said, through giggles.

I laughed some more, “Oh, didn’t like that eh?” I dipped my fingers back into the sink, the water now warm, the sink about half full of soapy water now. I flicked some more water off the tip of my fingers at her, but she managed to raise her arm to defend herself in time.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it now!” she grabbed a tea towel, and swung it round, slapping me in the arm with it. I managed to grab the corner of it as she pulled it back for another attack, and I pulled her towards me, grabbing her shoulder when she was in reach, and pulled her towards me and kissed her.

As we kissed, I didn’t notice her reach past me before she flicked water into the side of my face, causing me to break the kiss.

She laughed at herself and clapped her hands together triumphantly, “Haha! I told you you’d get it!”

“Oh, Alex, you are naughty aren’t you!” I grinned at her. She smiled back at me, her eyes shut as if to exaggerate her undoubted glee with herself.

I reached behind me and turned the tap off, catching myself in the wrist with the boiling water. I strode towards her, and reached around her waist, pulling her towards me and locking her into a deep kiss that lasted for well over a minute.

When she broke the kiss, she grabbed my belt and pulled me back with her towards the couch, and she fell back onto it, over the arm of it, pulling me down on top of her. I reached forwards, grabbed the remote control, and turned the TV off, dropping the remote control when I had done so as if I’d forgotten I was even holding it.

She raised her head and kissed me again, reaching around my shoulders with both hands and pulling me down into her kiss as much as she could, her tongue exploring mine as we kissed passionately.

One of her hands reached down and hooked her thumb on the inside of my trousers, tugging slightly as if to say “Get them down. Get them off!”

I broke the kiss and sat up, back on my thighs as her hands came down and rested on my belt, unbuckling it.

She proceeded to unbutton my jeans and unzip the fly, tugging them down my legs, I rose up and helped her remove them, revealing my now tent-shaped boxers, my rock hard cock pushing out towards her.

“Shirt,” she gasped, “Lose it!”

I didn’t hesitate, and took my shirt off and threw it down on the floor. She tugged the bottom of her yellow turtleneck, then green long-sleeved t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, exposing her bra-clad breasts for me, and she threw it down on the floor too.

She looked down and saw the state I was in, hard cock pointing straight at her, covered only by boxers, a stain of precum starting to show at the tip.

She bit her lower lip, and slowly pulled the boxers down, letting my 8 inch cock spring free of its underpants prison.

Again, I rose up to help her take them off, and drop them on the floor. She pulled herself up so she was propped up with her back against the armrest of the sofa. I automatically shuffled up with her.

Her hands shot under my legs and grabbed my buttocks, pulling me towards her and wrapping her lips around the head of my cock. No teasing, licking the head of my cock as she normally does, just straight in there like she needs it!

She stayed there for a moment, just sucking on the throbbing head of my cock, and then she started to move.

She started to bob her head slowly, taking only another inch or so into her mouth at a time, getting gradually faster and faster as she swallowed more and more of my cock.

Soon enough, she nearly had it all in. She was going so fast, her headband fell down in front of her eyes.

She stopped, and removed her headband, throwing it down like it didn’t even matter any more.

A hand came back to the front of me, and she started to gently stroke my shaft with it, twisting her hand slightly as she worked my penis.

I looked down and saw her bra-encased breasts jiggling slightly as she jerked my aching cock.

Alex looked up at me through her eyelashes, then down at my cock, then down further to her breasts, then back up to me, her eyes glinting with devilish naughtiness.

She released her grip on my cock, and arched her back so she could undo her bra strap. She let the straps slide off her shoulders and rest around her elbows, limp, with the cups still covering her tits.

She stayed there, and looked up at me sexily through her eyelashes again, grinning slightly.

Damn, she looked so sexy like that. Wow!

Slowly, she reached up and grabbed her bra straps and pulled them down, slowly revealing her tender breasts, those gorgeously beautiful breasts in all their glory, naked and bare, her nipples pink and fully erect, pushing out as much as my cock was.

She removed her bra completely, and dangled it over the edge of the couch in her thumb and forefinger, before letting it drop to the floor.

She opened her mouth slightly as if to feign shock at what she had done, dropping her bra like that! ‘Ooooh clumsy me!’ her expression seemed to say. But that just excited me even more!

Alex pulled herself up through my legs so she sat on the arm of the chair, grabbed my head and pulled me into her to kiss me again.

She then moved a hand to the top of my head and pushed downwards, directing me towards her breasts, my lips kissing her all the way down, before taking one of her nipples in my mouth, and kneading the other one between the fingers of my other hand.

Alex moaned in pleasure as I suckled on her nipple, before moving over to the other one, and kissing that, and sucking on it, while her other nipple was being rubbed between my thumb and index finger.

Her moans grew slightly louder, and I slowly withdrew from her breasts, and continued downwards, undoing her belt, and undoing the button and fly on her jeans.

She lifted her hips to help me pull them off, pulling off her now soaking panties at the same time, revealing her warm glowing pussy.

I parted her legs, and moved down to kiss her pussy and start to lick it. As I did, Alex moaned and threw her head back in pleasure, as I probed her hungry pussy with my tongue, circling it, outlineing the walls and the clit, before pushing it down into the bowels of her opening.

Alex moaned again, and kept her head pointing down, to get a better view of the action.

Her breathing was getting heavier and quicker, and her moans getting more and more exasperated. She was close to cumming, but I wasn’t going to push her over the edge just yet.

I stopped, and pulled back, her pussy juices trickling from her, glistening in the light, and took some time to admire it, and to let her impending orgasm retreat.

I lined my cock up with her pussy, and pushed into her slowly, letting me slowly fill her up as her vagina walls stretched to accommodate my throbbing 8-incher. Alex moaned long and loud as she felt my cock enter her, scraping against her pussy walls as I buried myself to the hilt, and held it there, listening to Alex’s heavy breathing.

I pulled my hips away from her groin and slid my cock back out of her pussy, Alex moaning as her muscles relaxed after being stretched, returning to their original shape as my cock left.

With just the head left inside her, I thrust forwards again, pushing my cock back in to the hilt with a bit more vigour, and started to build up a rhythm.

Alex moaned, her breasts bouncing in time with my cock pounding into her tight pussy, her orgasm starting to build again.

Alex reached down with one hand and started to rub and massage her clit as I fucked her pussy, urging her orgasm to arrive sooner. She moaned louder.

I recognised the moans she was making, and started to slow down again.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped, realising what I was doing, “Don’t stop!” she repeated, on a very sharp inhale. “Don’t stop.”

I kept going. We were almost there, both reaching climax together.

Suddenly, we heard someone clear their throat.

Our eyes snapped open, and our gaze immediately shot in the direction of the onlooker, embarrassed.

It was Natalie, stood at the door, arms folded, and a scornful look on her face. She’d got back over an hour early!

Alex and I hurriedly grabbed cushions to cover ourselves.

“Na…Na…Natalie!” I said nervously, “Wh…wh…what are you doing back so soon?”

“Helen was sick, so we left early to take her home.” Natalie replied.


“Having fun?” she asked.

Alex and I exchanged glances, and looked back at Natalie.

Natalie laughed, seemingly amused at our predicament. “Should I leave and come back later?”

Before I could say ‘That sounds like a good idea’, Alex spoke.

“No, no, we were just finishing up,” she said, a response I was not expecting.

“Ok, while you ‘finish up’, I’ll go get a quick shower,” Natalie said, hurrying out of the room before I could object.

Alex looked at me, smiled and shrugged. I wasn’t hard any more, so took me time to get back in the mood.

“Forget she’s even here. She’s in the shower. Ignore it,” Alex kept saying, adamant on finishing what we’d started.

So she dropped the cushions and repositioned herself so she was comfortable, took my cushion away and wrapped her hand around my cock, and started to massage it, trying to coax it back into life.

After a few minutes, I began to relax, and let Alex’s fingers work their magic and inject some life back into my cock.

I sighed as it hardened between her fingers, filling up the palm of her hand and sprouting out the other side, the head crowning the shaft like a flower bud crowns the stem.

Once my penis had become fully erect, Alex decided to help put me back in the mood, and leant forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth, and gently sucked on it, licking it with her tongue and bobbing her head ever so slightly, while jerking the shaft with her hand.

Wow, she was good, and she knew it.

Her special treatment was working and soon enough I’d forgotten all about Natalie being here, and I was ready and raring to go.

I reached forwards and ran my fingers through Alex’s hair, cupping her head as she went about her work, and slowly stroked her hair from root to tip, feeling it run through my fingers as she started to take more of me into her mouth.

She looked up at me as she continued sucking me off, and I smiled in appreciation, and moaned in pleasure.

She slowly drew my cock out of her mouth and held it there in her hand, lightly jerking it to keep me going.

“I see you’re back with me,” she smiled, still stroking my dick with her hand slowly and delicately.

“Yeah, I suppose I am,” I replied, grinning back at her.

“Good,” she said, “Let’s finish up.” and with that, she rolled off the sofa onto the floor, and spread her legs, waiting to receive me.

I followed her down, and lined my cock up with the entrance to her warm, steamy womb. I teased her a moment, by lightly touching the head of my cock against her pussy lips, and outlining them with it.

She moaned and pushed her hips forward, trying to impale herself on my rigid member. I denied her a moment longer, and sat my balls at her vagina, the rest of my cock pointing up and above her hips.

Slowly, I dragged my cock down so the underside of my shaft stroked her vagina as it descended, causing Alex to shiver in anticipation and excitement.

My cock head reached her urethra, and slowly continued downwards towards her dripping opening, and as it reached her pussy lips, it paused, and then slowly edged towards it, feeling the pussy walls part for it, as it pushed into the warm cavern, being swallowed by Alex’s tight, moist tunnel.

As I pushed slowly deeper and deeper into Alex, she started to pant and her breaths grew heavier. Her state of arousal seemed to intensify the feeling of my cock pushing into her and prising her pussy walls apart and filling her slowly inch by inch.

I was about 5 or 6 inches into her now, and I heard a faint moan, but not from Alex. Alex was breathing heavily and panting, not making a sound other than the rasping of air entering and leaving her lungs.

I thought it must have been my imagination, and continued.

I pushed my cock forwards and felt a slight tickle as my pubic hair contacted with Alex’s short trimmed hair, and knew that I was fully inside of her. I took a brief moment to savour the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock, and how warm and moist it was.

Alex’s breathing had slowed slightly in anticipation for what was to come. She was readying herself.

I then pulled back, my cock sliding backwards out of her, the outcrop of the head catching on her pussy walls, tugging them as it ground against them on its way out, Alex shuddering at the sensation.

I pulled out until just the head was left in, and then pushed back in a bit quicker now, and began to build up into a rhythm.

Alex started to moan a bit louder now, and her breasts began to flop back and forth in time with my thrusts, her hands under her knees, pulling her legs so there was nothing in the way of my movements.

I continued to pound relentlessly into Alex, enjoying it as much as she was, her pussy feasting hungrily on my cock, eagerly swallowing every inch it was given.

“Oh fuck,” Alex cried out, glancing down over the top of her breasts to try to get a decent view of the action, only to throw her head back and moan loudly when she saw what was going on.

I felt my orgasm building up as I continued to fuck Alex as hard and fast as I could, determined to make her cum before I could. It wouldn’t be easy.

My balls were starting to ache as I could feel the cum brewing, as I felt the pressure start to push outwards against my cock! I was almost there!

I screwed up my face as I tried to hold off my orgasm for as long as possible! Almost there!

Then I heard Alex scream, “O-o-o-oh fuck! Fuck, I’m gonna cum! I’m gunna CUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!”

I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, squeezing it like it was a stress ball, Alex bucking her hips as her body spasmed, thrashing around and screaming like she was being electrocuted!

The increased pressure on my cock was more than I could take! I let loose a great jet of cum inside of her, filling up he pussy even more, finishing with her.

I was exhausted. As we came down from our orgasms, I pulled my withering cock out of her, and sat back on my calves, and tried to get my breath back.

After a few minutes, Alex sat up, her pussy leaking with our combined juices, and kissed me.

She then found her jeans and turtleneck, and put them back on, apparently deciding to go commando, and I followed suit with my own jeans and shirt.

Alex pecked me on the cheek, and went to find Natalie to tell her we’d finished, and I took it upon myself to take the clothes we’d left lying around to the laundry basket.

As I entered my room to put my clothes and Alex’s clothes into the wicker basket, I heard Alex and Natalie talking. About what exactly, I wasn’t sure, but I just ignored it and went to the bathroom for a piss.

When I left the bathroom, I opened the door and Natalie was stood there, wearing her thick furry cream-coloured dressing gown.

“Hey,” I said, jumping slightly.

“Hey,” she replied, bashfully, blushing slightly. “Sorry about walking in on you and Alex like that,”

“No, no, it’s okay,” I said, trying to reassure her, “It was bound to happen sooner or later,”

“Is there any way I can make it up to you at all?”

I pushed past her into the hallway and closed the bathroom door behind me.

“No, no, there’s no need to,” I said, starting to get slightly embarrassed now.

“I insist,” Natalie ensured, taking a step towards me.

“Uhm…” I hesitated, trying to read the situation here. Was she coming onto me…with my girlfriend in the same flat? Maybe she wanted to buy me something. Yeah, maybe a new X-Box game or something. Had to be sure. “What exactly do you mean?” I asked.

Natalie took a step closer to me again, causing me to back off slightly, but she managed to catch up to me, and grab my shoulder to stop me escaping.

“I was thinking,” she said, touching a finger to my chest, “More along the lines of…” she walked her fingers down my chest towards my jeans, and slipped a finger into the waistband and pulled on it slightly. “This.” she said, moving her face closer to mine, noses almost touching, and she leaned in for a kiss.

I pulled away, “Natalie, Alex is my girlfriend. I love her. I couldn’t do this to her behind her back, let alone when she’s in the same building!”

Natalie pulled me back, her grip on my shoulder and pants undeterred, and she pulled me closer so our bodies were touching, and she reached around me, and leant forward to whisper in my ear, “But she knows,”

“Knows about what?” I asked, confused.

“She knows, and she’s letting me do this. She’s letting us do this. Trust me, she wants this to happen.”

Natalie retreated, and looked at me. Was this true? Did Alex want me to cheat on her? If she did, though, I guess she rather I did with Natalie than some random bimbo she didn’t know.

I glanced past Natalie, and saw Alex peeping out through a doorway. Our eyes met, and she smiled at me and nodded.

I looked back at Natalie, then back at Alex. Alex flicked her hand at me, as if spurring me on.

My eyes rested back at Natalie, and she glanced downwards, directing my gaze. I followed her eyes to her breasts, covered by the dressing gown, so they didn’t look as pronounced as they normally did. Natalie reached up and parted the lappelles slightly so that I had a clearer view of her cleavage. Was she actually wearing anything under that?

I looked back up at her and she sensed me, and looked into my eyes.

“You like them?” she asked, swinging around from side to side slightly, as if showcasing her breasts for me.

I was stunned. “Yes,” I replied, keeping my eyes on her.

“Then why aren’t you looking at them? I love it when you look at them!” she growled sexily, and I directed my gaze back at her breasts.

A hand crept up from my side, and I reached and cupped her left breast in my hand, feeling its weight, squeezing it gently, getting a feel for it.

Natalie inhaled in pleasure and sighed, as my other hand travelled up her side and cupped the other breast, gently caressing and kneading it.

Natalie grabbed one of the ends of her dressing gown’s belt, and pulled it so the knot fell away, and her gown fell open, each side still covering a breast, but revealed that she was indeed totally naked beneath it!

Natalie shrugged her shoulders, and threw her arms back, letting her dressing gown fall off her and onto the floor, revealing her bare tits in all their naked glory, round and ample, slightly bigger than Alex’s breasts, and crowned by rigid pink nipples, sticking out as if magnetized towards me.

I leaned down and cupped her left breast and lifted it so her nipple met my mouth, and I suckled on it, eliciting a moan from Natalie as I did so, using both hands to knead the breast at the same time.

Natalie cooed at the sensation, and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into her.

I couldn’t breathe. My nose and mouth were completely covered by her breast, so I pushed against her hand, and switched to the other breast, and began to ravage it with my mouth and massage it with my hands, causing Natalie to inhale sharply and exhale, shivering in pleasure at the same time.

Again, her hands came behind my head and pulled me into her, moaning even more. I was smothered by her tit again, so I dropped my head down to escape her grip.

Natalie gasped and groaned at the loss of my nurturing of her breasts. She licked her lips, and dropped to her knees, her hands shooting straight for my trousers, undoing the button on my jeans, unzipped them and then she pulled them down past my knees, allowing my cock to spring free from its denim prison for her to see.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “It’s even bigger up close!”

I was startled by this remark. I looked down at her quizzically. “What do you mean ‘up close’?”

Natalie’s eyes widened in shock. Oops. She’d just given herself away.

She looked back up at him, “Well, when I said I was going for a quick shower, I meant quick!”

I furrowed my brow even more, more in curiosity than anything else. She continued.

“When I’d finished, you were off the couch and Alex was sucking you off. I was watching you from the hall I watched as you fucked her and came inside her, and I wished it were me being fucked by you. Alex said you had a big cock, but I never expected it to be this big!”

“So you watched us?” I asked.

“Well…yes…” she replied, “…and pretended to take part.” she confessed, blushing.

I was amazed. Did Natalie really get herself off to me and Alex fucking? The thought of Natalie pleasuring herself watching Alex getting fucked by me really turned me on!

I looked back down at Natalie, “Wow,” I said, trying to sound surprised, “Really?”

Natalie nodded, still blushing.

I chuckled slightly, and pushed my hips forwards, offering her my cock. She took one look at it, and reached up and grabbed it with one hand.

She leant forwards and took the head of my cock in her mouth, and started to jerk the shaft while circling the head with her tongue.

She started to move her head back and forth, stroking it with her hand at the same time, in time with her head, taking only a couple of inches at the moment.

Slowly but surely, she crept down my cock and swallowed a bit more, speeding up her head movements, licking the entire portion she had in her mouth the whole time, jerking the shaft faster now as well.

My god, she was as good at giving head as Alex was! Her mouth felt incredible wrapped around my cock, sucking me into next week!

Despite having cummed less than 30 minutes ago, I was so turned on by this whole encounter that I felt myself lose control, and another orgasm approaching!

Natalie suddenly stopped sucking me off, and dropped my cock from her mouth, and letting go with her hand, cupping her breasts with both hands.

“So, you like my tits?” Natalie asked seductively, inhaling slightly as her fingertips stroked over her nipples, “I want you to put your cock right…” she rolled her hand over a breast and nestled it in her cleavage, still cupping her breast with it, “…here,” she said, and slowly started to slide her hand up and down, “And I want you to fuck them!”

Without hesitation, I took my shirt and pants off so I was free of restriction, and moved my cock between her tits, and she pushed them together around my aching cock, nice and tight around it.

Her tits felt amazing. They engulfed my cock entirely and I lost sight of it between them! I pushed my cock all the way in so I could see the head poking out of the top of her cleavage.

I started to thrust my cock between Natalie’s tits, slowly at first, savouring the moment, the feeling of them as I pulled back into her cleavage so my cockhead disappeared between them.

I thrust forwards and exposed my cockhead to a lick from Natalie, sending shivers through my entire body! I started to pump faster as I grew more aroused and felt a greater need to cum!

I started to pound into her tits with greater vigour, and she responded by moaning with each thrust, and throwing her head back as she did so.

Her hand snuck round her breast and grabbed my cock as I continued to fuck her tits, and she dropped her other tit and leant forwards to suck on my cock some more.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, as Natalie devoured my cock with her mouth, sucking and licking and bobbing her head, grabbing my hips with both hands and pulled me further into her.

She continued to suck me off for a few more minutes, salivating it as much as possible, before letting it drop from her mouth, and putting it back between her tits.

I began to thrust between her tits again, concentrating on feeling them against my cock, feeling how soft they were, feeling my cock head push them apart as it forced its way through, and breaking out the other side, feeling the cool air.

I began to build up a rhythm, and heard a moan from Natalie on each thrust, her fingers interlocking over the top of my cock, so it couldn’t accidentally break free of its cleavage prison.

I felt the familiar pressure of an impending orgasm approaching! I started to thrust harder now, rather than faster, my rhythm going all to pot as I felt the increasing need to cum!

“I’m gunna cum!”

“I know,” Natalie said, “Just keep going. Don’t stop!”

I didn’t. I felt the cum rush through my shaft and erupt like a geyser between Natalie’s tits. The cum flew from the tip and struck Natalie in the eye, a huge trail of sperm left across her face! A second spurt wasn’t quite as powerful, and hit her under her chin, and the third hit her on the neck. The last few drops dribbled out of my cock and deposited itself in her cleavage.

I removed my withering cock from between Natalie’s tits, and she leant forward and sucked the remainder from it.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, gazing at me seductively as the cum dribbled down her face, tits and stomach.

I nodded, and fell back to lean against the wall, utterly shattered.

“Hun, you coming?” Natalie called out.

Alex had been watching from the other room, and when I looked around, she was sat on the floor, naked and a hand on her pussy, breathing heavily. I think she was just coming down from another orgasm.

She opened her eyes, and slowly stood up, and made her way towards us.

“Alex, dear, Mike seems to have made a bit of a mess,” Natalie turned to Alex, gesturing at herself as some cum dripped from her chin and landed on her tit, and the cum from her cleavage had made its way down her stomach and had disappeared into her pubic hair. “Would you help me clean up?”

Alex didn’t say anything, and proceeded to lick the cum off Natalie’s face and chest, taking special care to massage Natalie’s breasts while she did so.

I watched as Alex worked her way down, following the cumtrail past Natalie’s navel towards her crotch.

Natalie leant back, and rolled back to sit down as Alex took followed the long trail of cum down into Natalie’s pubic hair.

Natalie moaned as Alex continued down and started to lick greedily at her pussy! As I watched, I felt my cock start to harden again, watching Alex eating Natalie out turned me on so much!

Alex stopped eating Natalie out, and leant forward to whisper something to her. Natalie giggled and said “Yeah, let’s do it!”

Alex pulled away from Natalie, and rolled backwards so she was propped up on her arms, as did Natalie. They moved together and pressed their groins together, their left legs over the top of the other’s right leg to allow for easier movement.

The girls pressed their pussies together, and began to grind them together in rhythm with each other, one pushing forwards, then the other pushing forwards, each moaning with every stroke of their hips, mashing their wet cunts together.

My cock hardened even more, watching the two of them enjoy each other like this made me feel my cock between them, imagining what it would be like for them to do that to my cock!

Natalie noticed I was hard again, and pulled away from Alex, stood up, grabbed me by my penis and pulled us into her bedroom.

She lay back on her bed, and Alex followed her, moving to the other side and leaning over her with her tits hanging over Natalie’s face, and her face over Natalie’s tits.

They then started to lick and suck at each others’ breasts, mimicking as best they could the movements that they other was doing, moaning against each others’ tits in pleasure.

I couldn’t take much more, and decided to join in. I moved over to where Alex’s head was, and took Natalie’s other nipple in my mouth and sucked at it as hard as I could!

Natalie let loose a muffled scream when she realised what was happening, and released Alex’s nipple from her mouth as she started to breath heavily and moan as Alex and I ravished her tits, and sucked her towards an orgasm.

Natalie shrieked and bucked and thrashed as she came, and came hard as we continued our joined assault on her breasts, sucking and kneading them continuously as she rode out her orgasm, and began to relax and come down from it.

Alex released Natalie’s breast, and looked right at me, “Fuck her,” she said, hungrily, “Fuck her until she cums again!”

I let go of Natalie’s nipple and moved towards her groin, pulled her towards me and shoved my cock into her waiting pussy, not wanting to tease her, but fuck her while she was still sensitive from her orgasm.

I thrust into her as hard and fast as I could, Natalie barely capable of uttering more than a whimper as I ploughed into her soaking wet tunnel.

Natalie’s hips bucked at least a foot in the air when she came again, shorter, but just as hard and powerful as the first.

I pulled out of her, and Alex took over, mounting Natalie in a 69 position, licking at her cunt hungrily, having been deprived of it earlier, sucking and licking at her dripping cunt juices, eagerly lapping them up.

Since Natalie was probably too tired to eat Alex out, I moved around the bed so that I could reach Alex’s pussy, and started to eat it.

Natalie had recovered from her orgasm, and felt another one rapidly building as Alex assaulted her juicy cunt.

My cock was aching so much! I moved so I was essentially straddling Natalie’s head, so I could bury myself into Alex once again, and I pushed forwards into her hot glowing pussy, straight to the hilt.

Alex moaned loudly and continued to eat Natalie out as I fucked her from behind. Natalie began to whimper even more, and suddenly shrieked as she was assaulted by another orgasm from Alex’s efforts on her pussy.

I still continued to fuck Alex, who had now stopped eating Natalie out to concentrate on her own orgasm, focussing on my cock pistoning in and out of her as Natalie recovered.

A moment or so later, Natalie reached up and placed her hands on my thighs and managed to say, “Let me suck your cock,”

I obiged, and pulled out of Alex, who groaned at the denial of her pleasure, and I pushed my cock down so Natalie could take it in her mouth.

I woke late the morning after fooling around with my brother. I didn’t have to go into the office until a little bit after two. A glance at my bedside clock let me know I was in the safe zone. It was still AM.

Stretching and feeling lazy, I somehow managed to drag my ass out of bed. My nipples rubbed against the comforter (I slept naked) which seemed to turn me on. Colin, my older brother, was the one who made my nipples so sensitive last night. I smiled.

I did my usual morning routine, showering, brushing my teeth and all that when I started to smell the coffee. Oh my GOD. Chocolate and java java! My two true loves that have never failed me in life. Mmmm…

Wrapping my short bright yellow silk robe around my body, I left my hair down to air dry and stepped into the living room. “Colin are you-”

I paused. I had to do a double take, then I gawked. My jaw dropped when I saw the man in my kitchen.

His long hair was trimmed to less than an inch long, no longer curly but sleek. And his face! Hard rugged plains of masculinity. He shaved off his raggedy beard and it was smooth. His cheeks were strong and his jaw was stubborn. His nose, which I never noticed before was a little crooked, but it just looked intriguing. It gave his face a maturity he would have otherwise lacked with such pretty boy features.

He was frying bacon without a shirt on, his body in the light of day was flawless. He was well built with muscles that moved fluidly. Like he trained in martial arts or something. His movements were precise and smooth as he flipped the pan, sending oil and bacon into the air. His arms and abs were chiseled and I knew from touching them last night that they were hard as rock.

“What were you saying, sis?” He asked as he lay the bacon out to cool. The oils dripped and I think I may have also let some saliva drip as well.

“You!” I pointed at him. “You’re fucking HOT!”

He shrugged, but I could tell he was pleased. “I told you I was just gonna shave.”

“Shave my ass!” I scoffed.

“No thanks, I don’t think there’s enough hair there.”

“You’re like…no longer rockin the Hobo chic!” I ignored his last statement. “I like it.” I finished quietly.

“Thanks Shana.” He put his frying pan down and picked up a mug of coffee. With a smile, he handed it to me. “Soy milk and raw sugar. I told you, I know you.”

I was impressed as I sipped the hot mug of heaven. “Thank you Colin.”

“Look, I have to go into work pretty soon.” He said, running a hand over his head as the other one rested on his hip. I panted at the flexing his abs did. “But I made breakfast. I have to wrap up a couple things and tie up some loose ends from my last station before I can officially begin here. A lot of computer work.”

“What the hell do you do?” I asked him. “You never talk about your job.”

“If I tell you,” He winked at me. “I’ll have to kill you.”

“Ha.” I rolled my eyes. I put the coffee on the counter and was gonna sit down, but then I felt his palm slip under my robe. When his warm hand met the flesh of my ass, he gasped.

“You’re NAKED.” He whispered, he pulled my ass closer to him until his crotch was rubbing into me. He pushed my robe up and pulled his pants down. The bare flesh of his cock met the bare skin of my ass. We both moaned in surprise.

He reached around and slipped a hand into the opening of the robe and gripped my tit. He tweaked my sensitive nipples, pulling on them as he leaned forward and started licking and kissing my neck. I felt him bite me and I forgot how to breath. He started sucking on my neck when his hand slid down my belly and without warning, two fingers slid into my sopping pussy.

His cock against my ass, humping me from behind as his two fingers slowly slid in and out of my warm twat, and the delicious sucking on my neck. I moaned and pushed back into him. Riding his fingers as I ground my bubbly butt into his hard dick. I felt the long length sliding into my ass crack, teasing my little hole. Then he changed angles so that it started sliding under my pussy. My juices were fairly dripping down my legs now, I was feeling so good. I got his cock wet in no time, slippery enough to return to grinding up on my ass.

His hands on my tits were making me so horny. I’ve never before wanted anal as badly as I did now. I wondered how it would feel when he slid that wet cock into my ass. It would probably hurt, but he’d make it feel so good it wouldn’t matter. While his fingers fucked my cunt, I imagined his dick in my ass. Owning me like I was his bitch, making me beg for him to pound me till I blacked out.

The fantasy pushed me over and I came on a scream. I was gripping his arm as he sucked my neck.

When I drifted back down from my orgasm, Colin was licking me and slowly petting my mound. He whispered loving things in my ear as he slowly slid back and forth over my ass.

When he released me, he walked away with a cocky sort of grin. “I’m off to work now love! Behave.”

I could only nod happily, blissed out of my mind. “Yes big brother.”

He threw a shirt on, licked his fingers that were in my pussy and was transfixed by my neck for some reason. But this made him happy so I didn’t think too much about it. Just watched him leave with a heavy heart.

I looked over at the kitchen. There was a steaming plate of food and I was suddenly ravenous. I shoveled the food in my mouth and downed my coffee. Ready to take on my day!

It was productive. I cleaned the apartment, did some laundry, and worked out before I showered and got ready for work. I was rushing on my make up, so I didn’t notice the huge ass hickey on my neck until I was putting on my lipstick.

“What the fuck.” I rolled my eyes and tried to cover it up. But I was smiling when I headed out the door with a pancake layer of make up over it.

At the office, I sorted through models, headshots, photos, layouts, ads, make up artists and costume designers. Some of the women stared at me with pity, obviously knowing what kind of asshole my ex was. Some of the models looked at me with a sort of look that made me want to scratch their eyes out. Instead, I reminded those bitches that I owned them. They wanted to be nothing more than decoration? That’s all they would ever be then.

My assistant, Melody, was a sweet Asian girl. Tilted dark eyes that were always exotically and expertly done up and flat blue black hair. Her brain was as sharp as a samurai sword with a body that was slim and slender. She was the one to notice my splotchy neck.

“So you got a new bunny already?” She was surprised, her eyes wide as she zoned in on my love bite. “What’s he like”

I grinned. “Wild. Masculine. Sexy.” I left out the fact that he was related. “Smart. We knew each other for a long time. He’s the one that told me about Dickhead.”

“Oh, nice!” Melody laughed evilly. “I swear boss, who knew he’d pull such a fast one? He seemed like such a nice guy.”

“Yeah, Matt was a nice guy.” I shrugged it off though. My brother would never hurt me. I saw the look in his eyes when he told me he loved me. He looked like he would follow me wherever I went…even into the forever.

“Oh my…” Melody started fixing her blouse, pulling it lower. “I think we have a new client on the way ma’am. Eyes up!”

I followed her gaze and sucked in a breath. “Speak of the devil!”

“What?” Melody seemed confused.

I patted her shoulder nicely. “He’s taken sweetheart. Maybe he’s got a friend.”

“Oh well,” Melody shrugged, but then she tensed. “I hope he’s up for a little competition then. I wonder if their ears were burning?”

I was too busy watching Colin walking towards me, his gaze seemed predatory. His green eyes burned with that inhuman possessive light and what I now started to realize was love. He wore a black tank top with jeans that fit him so lovingly. His arms rippled as his face broke into a smile a the sight of me.

“Hello!” Melody slapped my arm. “Lord of the douche bags is on his way over, if you can stop drooling!”

“What?” I tore my gaze from my brother, my forbidden lover to see my ex clomping this way. After seeing Colin and loving him, I wondered what the hell I ever saw in him.

Matt was a pretty decent looking guy. Dark brown hair that he styled up in spikes, light hazel eyes and skin as tan and smooth as caramel. He was built tall, long, and lean. He was a surfer, so his arms were well toned with muscle. But not like my brothers, I noticed smugly.

Colin reached me first and without letting me know his intentions, he swooped down and kissed me. Right there! In front of witnesses, my coworkers, and a gaping Melody, his lips met mine. I was so shocked when his tongue slipped between the seam of my lips and tangled with mine, I slowly felt myself slipping away form reality to drown in his kiss.

Then he stopped.

I was entranced as I smiled up at Colin, who just wrapped one arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his side. I fit perfectly under his arm.

“Geeze boss!” Melody fanned herself. She looked like how I felt.

I grinned and glanced up at Colin.

“Well, who knew the cold bitch has a heart.” Matt smirked, hitting a nerve in me.

“If you want me back, calling me a bitch ain’t gonna do it.” I responded, my arm tightening on Colin.

Matt eyed out Colin, measuring him. “Who knew you moved on so fast. So what’s this models rate?”

“I’m not a model,” Colin replied coolly.

Matt opened his mouth, but Colin reached forward and slapped him. Hard.

Melody and I remained silent, but I thought our eyes were gonna pop out of our heads! He just slapped him! Secretly, I was laughing. Asshole deserved it.

Matt’s hand had flown up to the side of his face. Colin’s hand was in his pocket and he had no reaction. Matt sputtered for a second or two.

“You just assaulted me!” He pulled out his cell phone. “I am so calling the cops.”

Colin let me go and reached forward, easily grabbing Matt’s phone. He threw it on the floor and stomped on it. Then he looked up at Matt. “I wouldn’t do that, considering your record.”

Matt stiffened. “What record?” He tried to play it cool, but even I perked up.

When Colin just stared, I poked him in the shoulder. “Baby, what record does Matt have?”

Colin gazed down at me. “I have come across some evidence that your ex boyfriend has an…affinity…for under aged girls.” He looked at Matt with disgust. “Don’t you Mattie? You got a case of the short eyes you dirty bastard.”

Matt’s face flushed. “I do not! And how would YOU have evidence? Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Shana’s lover,” Colin growled in a voice that got my pussy wet. “And if you ever come near her, insult her, or do anything to interfere with her life, I will see to it that everyone will see what a disgusting parasite you are Matt.”

Matt stayed there stunned and awkward for a second before turning around.

“Tell Tara hi for me now Matt.” Colin called off after him. Matt’s head whipped around, eyes wide. Then he ran off.

“As fun and dramatic as that was,” Melody said with applause. She was looking at Colin, she seemed to be in love. “I wonder what he came here for.”

“Probably to get Shana back,” Colin pulled me into his side and smiled down at me. Then he looked over at Melody and stuck out his hand. “I’m Colin.”

“Oh my gosh!” I blushed. Whoops. Oh well. “This is Melody my assistant.”

We all stood there kind of awkwardly. All I could think about was how Colin, my brother, was standing there staking claim on me like I was his woman! He held me tighter, as though sensing my thoughts. Holy fuck, this could turn into a shit storm.

“Well whaddya know!” Melody gushed false enthusiasm. “I think Royce needs some assistance with that model. Be right there Roycee Boy!” Then she was gone like the little ninja she was.

I cleared my throat as my brain scrambled for something to say. I looked up at Colin, who just stared down at me. So damn handsome! Oh! No! Bad hormones! Let the brain function!

“Whatcha doin?” Yeah, that’s all I got.

Colin just smiled at me and kissed me again. A soft kiss right at the corner of my mouth. It was so sweet I sighed when he pulled away.

“I’m here because I wanted to escort you home.” He held out his elbow. “I bought a present for you on my way here.”

“Something awesome?” I asked excitedly. What girl doesn’t want presents?

“We’ll both enjoy it.” He grinned. “Let’s go home.”

I wrapped it up in the office in a little less than an hour. I didn’t care about the mess, one of the other people can clean it up later. As long as all the paperwork was done, would anyone care?

Colin followed me out to my car and I couldn’t help but ask him one thing.

“How did you get here?”

“I was dropped off by a coworker.” Was it me or was he being vague?

When we got into the car, I shut my door and looked over at him. He was leaning his head back on the head rest with his eyes closed. I started the car and as I left the parking, I pursued my curiosities.

“So what do you do?” I saw him stiffen in my peripheral. “I mean, really. What is your job. Are you a secret agent?”

He snorted. “No. I just work for the government. Leave it at that ok?”

“But how did you know about Matt and his…obsession?” I wanted to know!

“Shana, I have friends who do research on people. When I ask them to look it up, they look it up.” He looked over at me with hard eyes. He crossed his arms over his chest. “I used to do some work for our government. I stepped down. I made friends who watch my back. Friends who were able to get rid of my paper trail from birth.”

“What are you saying?” I gripped the steering wheel.

“What I’m saying is that…I made it so we can be together.” He wasn’t looking at me. But he was tense.

“Jesus Colin!” I nearly swerved off the road. He made it so we could have a future together… “Something like this takes time! How long were you planning this?”

“Look, let’s not talk about it while you’re driving.” He said, grabbing the steering wheel and averting us from a disaster with a parked car. “Pull over and I’ll drive us back.”

After we switched positions, neither one of us said anything for a long time. I was jumbled! Had he really wanted me for that long? He actually set it up so that we could find a way to be together. Curse these pesky blood ties!

I was technically on the fence as to whether or not what we were doing was wrong. Did I love him? Yes! But as a brother or a lover? Or both? Was that even possible? Ugh!

I thought about this the entire way to my apartment. Colin seemed to be distracted too. It took me awhile to even open up the door. When we stepped in, Colin went straight to his room and I went to mine. I wanted a shower. I locked my bedroom door so Colin wouldn’t be tempted to follow me in.

I stripped my clothes and got into the shower. I scrubbed my body, washed my hair, and just stood under the spray for a long time. I watched the water swirl down the drain and wished I could do the same thing with my emotions. I wish I could throw them all away. Love, lust, hate, anger, joy and sorrow. We’d be so much better without them wouldn’t we? Hell, if I was able to toss off propriety, I’d be a happy camper humping my brother day and night.

As much as I could joke about it mentally, I knew it wasn’t funny. He was my brother, we’re related. We were bound by the blood in our veins and the love in our hearts. Did I want to cement that bond by making love with him? Combining our flesh together in the most intimate physical act people can do?

As I reflected on how he looked at me, his eyes aglow with love, I lifted my face to the warm spray of the shower. Yes. No matter how wrong it may be in the eyes of others, my heart wanted him to be my lover. I wanted my strong, big hearted brother to be the man with whom I would build a life with. Even if it meant sacrificing other things, like marriage and children. It’s a small price to pay to be with someone as wonderful as he.

With my mind set, I felt excitement settle in. Who cares about what job he had, as long as he was legal and making money, what else did I have to know? He wasn’t fucking other women, that’s always a bonus! Arguments and the fact that…well…he’s my brother? Details! Trivial! I made my decision to fuck him and fuck him I shall!

I got out of the shower, dried off and ran out of my bedroom naked.

“Colin!” I called out breathlessly. I decided to go all the way with the romantic theatrics.

I threw his door open and saw him standing at his window, staring out into the setting sun. He had has shirt off, his jeans hung low on his waist and he looked troubled. We stood like that, me at the door, him at the window, for what seemed like eternity. Then he sighed and opened his arms to me. I ran into them without hesitating.

“I love you, Colin!” I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Damn! I was so emotional! “I want to be yours. Only yours, forever. In every way.”

“Yeah?” His voice was husky as he held me closer to him. “Good. I can give you your present now.”

He put me on the bed and dug into his closet before handing me a gift bag. I tore out the tissue paper and pulled out two things. Condoms and a butt plug. I smiled at him.

He was stroking my thighs and I was getting turned on by watching him. He kissed me, pulling me forward so my pussy rubbed against his abs. I pushed my hips into him, grinding my pussy over him. I felt my wetness smearing on him. He moaned and pushed his torso harder into my pussy and I gasped into his mouth.

His hands were roaming my body, from my calves to my waist. Then he cupped my breasts while I leaned back on the bed, wrapping my legs around his middle. When he squeezed my tits together I moaned. It was the sexiest thing to watch my brother’s beautiful golden head lean down to suckle my perky little tits. My nipples strained for his attention and he lavished them. He sucked my left nipple while he pulled and twisted the other one. Shots of pain and pleasure mingled within me, making me grind my little snatch into his stomach even harder. I was moaning and twisting to get him on my body.

“Colin!” I gasped when he stopped sucking my nipples to lick a trail down my body.

“I want to lick your sweet cunt little sister,” He said against my belly. “Is something wrong?”

“Can I suck your fat cock while you do it?” I begged. Oh to have his thick meat in my mouth again? He was so salty and hot! I wanted him to choke me with his dick again. I told him so and he shuddered.

“Anything for my little slut sister,” He seemed to be really turned on by that. I didn’t mind because I was too. Every time he said it, my pussy flexed.

I put my head at the edge of the bed as he stood up. I was eyeing his nut sack as he leaned over me to suck my pussy. I pushed myself forward a little more and let my head hang off the bed so his cock could go straight down my throat. It was pretty hot and hard core to watch his balls above me as I took his rod in my mouth.

When I felt his breath on my smooth, wet pussy lips, I shivered with delight. When his tongue gave one slow long lick, I moaned around his pole. It was so good to have him in my mouth as he ate me out. His fingers split my pussy as I felt his hips thrust forward, showing that hard length as far as it would go before he pulled out all the way. Saliva dripped from my lips, down my cheeks. I felt blood rushing to my head but I ignored it.

The sensations from my pussy were making me burn. He leaned forward some more and licked my tight ass hole. I squeaked in surprise. It felt so good! Then he used his fingers to pull my cheeks apart and push his tongue into my asshole. I moaned at this invasion. Then he slid his tongue from my asshole to my pussy, fucking my little slit with it while he fucked my throat with his cock.

It was making me so horny, I wanted to cum. I wanted his tongue to push me over the edge. I rocked my hips into his face, just like he was rocking his hips into mine. I was choking, gagging, covered in the spit that was dripping from his dick and my mouth. But I didn’t care. I wanted my lover to be satisfied like I was being satisfied.

I would like to thank darkangel718310. She was a great editor. There is a lot of detail and its takes time to get to the sex. There will be mistakes feel free to help me improve, by telling me what can be fixed. However be kind while doing so.


It was a cool June night as Mark peered over the edge of the Penthouse deck. However his eyes ignored the beauty of Tribeca as he stared inward. Mark was in deep thought, about life and his past actions. Beyond the doors that separated the large deck from the immense penthouse, the music was pulsing, the girls were shaking, and the drinks were flowing.

“Mark! Oh there you are. Man I’ve been looking for you everywhere, what the hell are you doing out here?” Mark turned his attention toward the voice.

“It’s the best part of your penthouse, why shouldn’t I be out here Richard?” Mark replied.

“It’s nice that you like my view, but you have one just like it in your loft next door, not including that one, but your dad owns like four properties on the island… Whatever, I just wanted to let you know that you’re missing your party…” Richard stated.

“Rich, thank you for throwing it for me, but I should really get home.” Mark said, attempting to escape the group of Manhattan socialites he barely knew.

“Your fucking with me right? Tell me your just fucking around! Your twenty-two today, grow a pair, man up, and come back in.” Richard said consulting his watch, and confirmed that it was well past midnight, and indeed Mark’s birthday. “You just graduated magna-cum whatever from Dartmouth, go in there get yourself some pussy and celebrate your cock off.” Richard said fighting his losing battle.

“Seriously thank you for this, I know you invited a whole bunch of people and went through a lot of trouble, but I’m not feeling it.” Mark said continuing his attempt on finding a way out.

“This isn’t about me pulling the A list up in here Mark. Just stay one more hour and you can go.”

“I don’t even know a quarter of these people…” Mark began to say.

“Well they may not know you like I do, but their experts on the weight of your last name, and they want to know you real good. Man there’s supermodel caliber ass in there that would do anything to, for, or in front of you.”

Richard seeing the unflinching change in Mark’s posture decided to pull out one last stop. “My sister Catlin will be stopping by later and she’ll be bringing her best friend.” Richard said using the tone a teacher would use on a difficult kindergartener.

Marks attitude made a one eighty as he heard the last statement. “Courtney’s coming here?”

“Yes, your ex-girlfriend who dumped you four years ago will be stopping by, you pathetic excuse for a billionaires son.”

Minutes later Mark was back in Richard’s penthouse as he headed for the bar. He sat there alone slowly sipping his blue label. There were supermodels, actresses, amongst others. Simply put the women out numbered men eight to two. He did have to give credit to Richard, he really knew how to throw a party.

Mark knew his old-school father would have appreciated the King George’s edition blue label he’d been sipping.

As Mark sat there, he was smothered with the attention of one bombshell after the other. Suddenly, Mark got up as he saw the one he’d been waiting for had arrived. Mark quickly made a beeline toward her. Courtney entered the room, her dark hair and tanned skin a reminder of his childhood love. Suddenly a tall man appeared next to her and their tongues embraced as they began to dance.

Mark feeling quite defeated and worthless walked the opposite way, not back outside but down a hallway looking for the room with the loudest music. He needed a place where he wouldn’t be allowed to think. On his way there, his shoulder was tapped by a striking leggy blond in a tight strapless silver dress that extenuated her already substantial bust. “You want to dance….?”

“Yeah,” Mark said cutting her short with his quick reply.

As she pulled the both of them to a room, Mark realized it wasn’t the room he intended to go to. It was a bedroom, now he could have sworn she had said dance.

She pushed Mark onto a bed as she straddled his waist, giving him a deep kiss. “Happy birthday,” she said before unzipping his pants and she fished out his cock. The touch of her hand felt amazing. But Mark was distracted on many levels of consciousness.

However as she looked in his eyes, she wondered why he wasn’t hard yet? He wasn’t even semi erect.

The blue-eyed blonde looked at him and asked. “Do you want me to ask my friend to come in here too, I mean, if you want it, you can get a double blowjob?”

Mark simply shook his head in agreement, as he jolted back into reality. He had been stuck thinking about Courtney, which brought back thoughts of his stepmom, and how he betrayed his father.

That was the defining cause of his limpness, well, until a double blowjob was brought up. Before Mark could say anything, the girl was texting on her iphone.

“She’ll be here in a few seconds…. but I have to ask… is it me?” the girl questioned.

“God no, you’re beautiful, you look incredible…. I saw my girlfr.. ex-girlfriend and that led me to think about things I shouldn’t have.” Mark said, holding the girl as he began to harden. To give him credit, as soon as she mentioned the second girl, he had been knocked out of his daze and he started to resemble a rock down there.

“Ohh well, fucking forget that bitch and thanks!” She said smiling and hugging him as he felt her breasts pressed against his chest, and she in return felt his hardened cock. She then stepped out of her dress revealing a stunningly toned body.

“Well, we’re good to go,” She said as she patted his now hardened cock. Mark wasted no time as he disrobed.

“I should have asked… What’s your name?” Mark asked, disappointed in himself for being such an asshole even though she didn’t seem to care.

“It’s Abbey,” she stated with a glow.

“Abbey that’s a great name, my name’s Mark Bryce.” She simply laughed while shaking his hand, and he smiled remembering, yeah, she knew it was his birthday, so of course she knew who he was.

“You think it’s nice, it’s my grandmother’s name and I hate it.” Abbey said contorting her face as she stepped out of her pink panties and red bra.

“It’s a cute name, but your beauty amplifies it beyond reason.” Mark said as she blushed like a thousand suns.

Abbey dropped her body to begin the overdue festivities. As she did this Mark lifted her up, positioning both of them into the sixty-nine position.

Abbey rolled with it as she adapted her body. She licked the tip of his cock as he licked her bald vagina. He used his finger to part her pristine lips as he began to tongue the sensitive flesh. She captured more of his cock with her mouth as she slowly worked deeper. He moved two fingers into the unbelievably tight vagina.

He moved his fingers in slowly as he began to lick her clitoris; he felt her hips rotating into his movements. He slapped her tightly shaped ass with a free hand as he felt a change, a shift in the universe.

He felt a second tongue on his cock, but “no way,” he thought as he was sure there was a third tongue. He was on the verge of cumming now. His cock buried in the depths of Abbey’s mouth.

He was on the edge, as one ball entered the suction of someone’s mouth as the other was being licked like it was the sweetest candy. That was until that person began to suck as well.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum!” He yelled out as he gripped Abbey’s firm ass. He tried to make it up to her licking and fingering her vagina with as much finesse as he’d been sucked.

Mark started riding her with his fingers as her pussy adapted and her hips shifted to every inward push. His tongue drove her mad with ecstasy, like she had done to him as he licked her clitoris with purpose.

He then used his finger to entice her clit as he began to tongue her asshole. She jumped at this before backing her body up without thought as her ass was tongued and her pussy fingered.

Mark did not get what he intended which was the two of them orgasm-ing in sync. His hips arched up, and he yelled “Fuck I’m cumming.”

His warning went unheded, but to his surprise Abbeys’ head stayed in place and the other two mouths he knew were there kept working away.

After he came in the depths of Abbey’s throat, Abbey backed up grinding her ass into Mark face, almost cutting his oxygen off. She arched her back and gripped the bed, slipping his cock from her mouth as she released a sticky aroma over his lips. “Aaammh Ooohhhhhmmm.” She let out as soft as a whisper.


As Abbey rose off Mark, he got a surprise. One of the two naked mystery girls sucking his cock was identical to Abbey.

“No fucking way, you have a twin… I mean your twin just…” As Mark said this Abbey’s twin got up and moved toward her sister, giving her a french kiss.

From the show developing in front of him, Mark was once again engorged. As the two kissed, the nameless twin seemed to be the aggressor. She steered at Mark as she put on the show while this happened she whispered something to Abbey.

The third girl was a brunette who looked familiar to Mark, but he couldn’t place her. She gripped Marks cock in one hand as she began to lick it staring up at him with her hazel eyes.

As the brunette kept her rhythm, the twins moved toward the bed. As they lay next to Mark, they got into a sixty-nine position as they licked each other attentively.

Mark looked on as the brunette sucking his cock made rapid movements in sync with her manic hands. As her tongue whirled around his cock, familiar feelings began to rise in Mark’s cock. Mark lifted himself out of the brunette’s hold.

She was confused, but seconds later he returned with a condom. Thinking he wanted to fuck her, she positioned herself with a smile. “What’s your name?” He asked spreading his fingers through her hair.

“Elle,” she answered.

“Elle which one is Abbey?” Mark questioned intently.

She pointed to one of the twin’s confirming his suspicions. Marks assumption was correct as he positioned himself behind Abbey.

Mark slowly eased his cock into her warm, ready passage as her sister’s head below his cock moved so his cock could do its work. However, everyone seemed to pause as he entered Abbey. The room seemed to freeze, as he entered her tightly slick passage.

Abbey clenched her teeth as Mark slowly entered her tight warm soaking pussy.

After a few seconds, everything returned to normal as Elle rose to her feet making her way over to Mark, who she became tongue tangled with. Elle kissed Mark, rubbing his muscular chest as he moved his hips connecting with Abbey, ass smacking away.

Mark was in ecstasy as his cock was squeezed by the tightest vagina he’d ever fucked. Although in many books he was kind of still a freshman at this, however, after tonight in many other books he’d be considered a, well, player man whore so on and so forth.

Elle used her hand guiding Marks head downward and their mouths griped like a vice, as their tongues danced. Mark took the time to acquaint himself with Elle’s firm breasts, he slowly slipped his tongue from her mouth down to her neck and to her breasts.

As this happened, Mark was undeterred from fucking Abbey, as he maximized his efforts as he sped up the pace. Unannounced to Mark, Abbey’s sister had left from under her sister and began to elevate a two-way kiss into a three-way.

The twin stole Marks mouth away from Elle as she initiated a deep kiss, with one hand falling behind Marks ass giving it a squeeze. She was a feisty one, as they kept this up Mark quickly exploded. As the night progressed, Mark had his way with three beautiful women, in what could only be a dear penthouse moment.

It was early Saturday morning as Richard Milton or Richie, walked into his bedroom to find the friend that he thought had left last night. He looked on smiling as he whispered, “Lucky son of a bitch,” under his breath.

His friend was in bed with three beautiful women, having clearly fucked them all. “No fucking way!” He said out loud. Two of them had been twins. Then he looked at the third. The third looked familiar. He laughed as he realized who it was. It was Elizabeth, Mark’s ex-girlfriends eighteen year old sister.

Just then Richard realized he knew not one, but all three girls, and they must have crashed the party. They weren’t underage, he knew that, they were eighteen but they were still in high school. He probably invited a few eighteen-year olds but no high school kids even if they were seniors. Sure he fucked eighteen year olds but he figured Mark Bryce and his big moral code would object.

Then Richard laughed as a bulb went on in his head. “He doesn’t know!”

“What are you laughing about Richard.” Said a voice barging into his room.

It was Courtney, “My parents seem to think my sister is here have you seen her?”

As Courtney walked in the room, she saw Richard smiling and then looked at the bed, she was shocked for a second. Surprised that Mark had beded three women, but then she saw it and she flipped out.


The four sleeping heads woke up immediately.

“Mark! What the fuck is this; you wait four years to get back at me like this! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Courtney yelled at the unaware Mark.

Courtney hastily grabbed her naked sister, pulling her out the door. Richard just stood there smiling. Richard left after giving Mark thumbs up and Abbey’s twin who Mark later found out was named Blair left as well.

Mark and Abbey lay together in bed alone. “I always imagined losing my virginity to a guy I was dating, I mean it’s no big deal and I knew if I got a chance with you last night I would lose it to you, but it was, well, a lot in one moment.”

“I had no clue you were a virgin.” Mark stated regrettably, like he had done something wrong as he held her naked body close, which ended up making him hard.

Abbey paused for a second, filling the room with silence and reflection, her fingers toying with her post fucked hair as she decided to say it. “You should probably know this, you’re a good guy, I wasn’t expecting that, my sister and my friend crashed this party.”

“Oh, so you’re not rich, I don’t care!” Mark stated while caressing her arms.

“Well we’re not billionaires, but no.” As Abbey spoke Mark started to think, well if Elle was Courtney’s sister she was well off then that meant Abbey was well off, so then what was she saying?

“We’re all senior’s in high school.” Abbey stated as Mark realized that Courtney’s sister was four years younger than him; he wished he’d realized this earlier.

You could see the shock in Mark’s face from a mile away.

“I’m eighteen I mean where all eighteen.”

“Oh, oh,” Mark said as he slowly rose.

“I am so sorry.” Mark stated apologetically.

“Why are you sorry, there are sixty year olds married to twenty year olds, that’s much more of a leap in age than it is for us. You didn’t do anything wrong, it was a very right first time.” Abbey said giggling.

Abbey said as she began to straddle Mark’s waist and he began to harden.

“Plus I like you,” she said.

“I like you too.” Mark replied continuing with “I’m sure there guys your own age that you dreamed of losing your virginity to.”

“I’m glad it was with you.” Abbey said with a smile, as she pulled Mark’s head in for a morning breath kiss.

“Me too!” Mark said in reply in between kisses to Abbey’s soft lips.

“Well that’s that then, nothing else to it, when Victoria Secret Angels were hunting for you, but I got you and I have no regrets…. I mean…”

“What?” Mark asked.

“It did take two other girls for me to get you.”

“We would have had sex without them being in the room.”

“Prove it.”

“What?” Mark asked.

“I dare you to take me right now.” “The door is open!” Mark cried.

She didn’t say another word as she beckoned him with a simple come get me stare. Mark didn’t wait a second as he flipped Abigail over, with him on top. Mark positioned his cock at her pussy lips, his cock head slowly breaching her entranceway, driving her wild. He was overwhelmed as they kissed; his cock now slamming forward with no second to waste.

His hands staking hold of her breasts as he dropped his head to feast.

Later that day, Mark realized he had things to sort out and a truth to tell his father. He couldn’t carry the burden of having slept with his stepmom any longer. He was resolute as he boarded the private Boeing 787 as he headed to Chicago to tackle his problems head on.

Leaving the small airport in New Jersey, he was surprised as about twenty minutes in the private jet began to descend. The phone near his seat began to ring, and as he picked up the pilot spoke. “Mr. Bryce we’re landing at Stewart International Airport. We’ve been informed that your father isn’t in Chicago; he is currently at the Bryce estate in Poughkeepsie. That’s about a twenty minute drive from the airport.”

As Mark landed, beyond the military aircraft he saw a Gulfstream jet with the Bryce logo. Later to his surprise there was no car waiting for him. As he got off the airplane, he spotted his dad surrounded by bodyguards and a few other people. They were waiting for him next to a Bryce helicopter. “You thought I forgot your birthday didn’t you. You kind of ruined the surprise though.” John Bryce stated with his white stately head of hair flapping in the breeze.

Mark embraced his father as he began to speak to him. “We need to talk alone in the flight back, in the helicopter.”

“It’s like a four minute flight.” John Bryce stated, as he saw something in his son’s eyes he never saw before. It was fear.

“It’ll be quick; it’s just the right thing to do.” Mark stated.

To be continued if you’d like…

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