I met Tracy my senior year at The University of Texas in Austin, what we all considered to be the ‘real’ U of T. She was a year behind me and was also a business major though she was headed to finance and I was aimed toward marketing and advertising. So, she was a numbers drone and I was a ‘flack.’

Obviously, we immediately kidded each other unmercifully then proceeded to fall in love. One thing about Tracy that wasn’t immediately apparent was that she loved sex, she just couldn’t get enough. Now, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t slutty, no, it took a while to really get her in bed but once she decided to have sex with me it was a hundred percent, she just wanted it all the time.

Now, couple that with the fact that she was also very good between the sateens and had few inhibitions, anal sex being one, but also one of mine. Others may just love it but we both have so many other ways we never felt the need or desire. But we sure did it lots of other ways.

When I graduated, we both stayed in Austin, like so many others, as I’d found a career in high tech and when Tracy graduated, she ended up with the same company.

After about two years, we had Nicole, our little daughter, and, like with almost all couples, it put the brakes on a lot of our social life.

But, also like so many others, after a year or so, we began to want some of our life back and began looking around for a babysitter. It turned out that one of the women Tracy worked with had a daughter who had just started at the university and did babysitting to help with her finances.

So, the big test came and we hired Andrea for a Friday night that we went out to dinner near our house. As every parent hopes for, all went well and we began using Andrea more often.

She seemed to be highly competent and things went so well, we eventually just contracted with her for every Friday night.

Now let me stop and tell you a little more about the three of us as we all are part of this story.

I’m six-one, one-seventy-two, Tracy says I’m nice looking, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes (she says they sparkle), trim and pretty fit, I suppose, and, since this is that kind of website, I’m about seven inches and fairly thick around. I know Tracy thinks I’m just fine.

So, is she. Even better than fine. She’s five-six, one-nineteen, blond hair just past her shoulders or up in a ponytail, steel blue-gray eyes (they sparkle, that’s for sure), trim figure at 36-B-23-36, her B’s are perfect, they stand right up like she was sixteen (she’s now twenty-four) and are firm and round, tipped with the prettiest, plump and pink nipples and the centers get really hard and erect quite easily. All I have to do is tell her I want to suck her boobs and they pop out.

She shaves her pussy and she also started shaving around my cock, says that I’m nicer to suck that way and anything I can do to enhance my suckability, well, I’m willing to try.

The last one in our story is Andrea. Well, she’s eighteen, a freshman, as I said, and very pretty. A blond, with short, curly hair with crystalline blue eyes, she’s five-four, about one-ten and her boobs are about the same size as Tracy’s. Just as pretty, too, with small, very light pink nipples. She also shaves as I was to find out.

That’s the three of us and here’s what happened.

I had just come back from taking Andrea home and Tracy and I were changing for bed when she asked, “Wonder how our babysitter is in bed? What do you think?”

Well, we ended up having great fun in bed that night based on that original question as we asked each other questions about our babysitter. Things like, “Think she likes to get herself off…likes girls better…likes to suck cocks…likes to go to nude beaches…likes to do sixty-nine…likes to fuck in public places”…just on and on, questions like that.

Our verbal play got us pretty worked up and we ended up fucking like crazy with Tracy pretending she was Andrea, telling me that she wanted me now that my wife was out of the house and stuff like that. Well, it was the best sex we’d had in quite some time. I fucked her through three orgasms and I went through two, something that hadn’t happened in quite some time. We went at it for maybe two hours.

Then, the very next Friday night, I had just come home after taking Andrea home when Tracy said, “You know, I was just putting away some clean clothes and, well, I wonder if our babysitter has found where I keep my toy collection.”

“Your panty drawer, right?”

“Yeah, and I think they’ve been moved around and I always put this one vibrator right next to the side of the drawer. It’s now in the middle. Maybe she’s getting off with my vibrators or dildos?”

“Easy enough to find out,” I told her. “I’ve got a motion-operated videocam recorder at the office, it’s easy to set up, we could find out if you want.”

Well, Tracy agreed and I set it up before we went out the next Friday night. All during dinner we each wondered what, if anything, the video might show. I did aim it to just get the edge of the dresser so if she got into it, we could see but, even better, if she used our bed, I had a really good view of that.

As soon as I got back from taking Andrea home, I hooked up the videocam to our television and we watched as our babysitter came into view, opened the dresser drawer, reached under Tracy’s panties and pulled out her favorite vibrator, a Rabbit. Then, just as I was hoping, she got up on our bed, pulled her shorts and panties off and proceeded to give herself two rather spirited orgasms.

We watched it twice, once clothed, the second time naked and having our own fun, then followed by a whopping fuck that lasted well over an hour. The next day, I downloaded the video to my laptop.

So, the next Friday night, we talked about what our babysitter might be doing at any given time while we were having dinner and we discussed it in great detail complete with all the dirty possibilities.

By the time we got home, we were both ragingly horny as hell, of course, and as soon as we were out of the car, we were groping each other and remained that way pretty much as Andrea got herself ready. Tracy was just super-horny and didn’t stop when Andrea came in our bedroom to tell me she was ready to go home.

Tracy had me pulled tight to her tonguing my mouth and her hand gripping my cock though my pants.

I pulled back and said, “Hon, not in front of Andrea,” to which Tracy said, looking right at her, “Well, maybe Andrea’d like to watch us? What about it, Andrea?”

“You really mean it?”

“Sure, we’re all adults here. Craig and I are ready right now if you don’t mind waiting a while longer. We’d provide the entertainment.”

“Yeah, I think I would, that would be awesome.”

“Have a seat right there, we might just like an audience,” Tracy told her pointing to a wing-backed chair. Then my wife began undressing me as I stood there rather surprised at how this had gone.

She got down to my boxers and shoes and socks, then had me turn toward our babysitter as she knelt down and got my shoes and socks off, then, turned to Andrea and said, “Here’s what I’ve got to entertain me,” and pulled my boxers to the floor.

She took my cock in her hand and kissed it, telling Andrea, “If you want something to use for yourself, I’ve got some toys in that third drawer on the left, third from the bottom,” she pointed, looking up at me smiling as we both knew she’d been in that drawer before. She stepped over and opened it and took out Tracy’s Rabbit and went back over to the chair.

My sweet wife leaned forward, her lips sliding smoothly over my cock as she began sucking me. I looked down at her squatting below me and could tell that she also had one or two fingers up inside her as she gave me head.

She sucked me for a few minutes then stood up, quickly undressed and got up on the bed on her hands and knees; I knew she wanted her favorite fuck, doggie-style, she always did when she was extra-horny.

In proper doggie fashion, I mounted her quickly and began taking the long, slow strokes in and out of her that she so loves.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, this is what I want. Fuck me nice and slow, hon, you know I love it,” she groaned as she put her head down on the mattress.

I looked back and Andrea had her shorts and panties on the floor, both still encircling one ankle and her top and bra pulled up baring her breasts as she fucked herself with the vibrator and rubbed and pinched her nipples. Well, she wasn’t shy.

Tracy had me hold still so she could do the fucking, something that she just loves to do and I looked back over at our babysitter and she had her legs up over the arms of the chair running the vibrator in and out of her while my wife rocked back and forth on my cock.

“I’ll bet Craig would love to do you like this, Andrea, if you want. It’s really okay with me, I don’t mind sharing my husband and I know he’d love it.”

Bless my wife, isn’t she just a sweetheart?

“Really, you would, god, you two look so hot and, well, he looks so good going in and out of you, yeah, I’d like that but take your time, I’m happy right here.”

Oh, we were taking our time all right, it was a big turn-on to have this young college girl watching us fuck as she masturbated just a few feet away. I knew it must also be a big turn-on for Tracy as well because she was more spirited than ever in our lovemaking.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, this is so good, I was wanting this all through dinner, just so wet and horny, mmm, fuck me, Craig, mmm, oh, yeah, so good,” she murmured back to me.

We were so worked up already that I didn’t expect that either of us would last very long and I was right. Tracy put her head back down and asked for me to fuck her really fast and it really got both of us off in record time. I collapsed down on my wife, my cock still happy deep inside her as she asked Andrea to join us on our bed.

We made room for her in between us and she said, “I just never expected anything to happen like this. I can’t quite believe it but I’m so excited,” as I leaned over and kissed her then moved to her breasts and began sucking on her hard nipple as my hand went down as she widened for me.

Tracy, a bit to my surprise, began kissing her and rubbing her other boob. My wife never has talked about doing any girl-on-girl action though I had a pretty strong suspicion that she might have had a relationship in college with two of her girlfriends.

But, I minded my own business as I slipped down between her legs, taking the vibrator from her and cycling it over her clit as I began licking her. Looking up, Tracy was now sucking her boob as Andrea was rubbing my wife’s pussy. Have fun, I thought, I sure am as I went on feasting on her pretty pussy.

I continued with the Rabbit and my tongue until she began to shake and moan, so I took the vibrator and ran it up into her, pressing the clit stimulator down as the vaginal wand rotated in her pussy. I knew just how strongly that got Tracy off when I used it on her and it worked it’s magic on our new coed lover.

“Oh, OH, OH, OMIGOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, UUUH, UUUH, AYYYE, AYYYE, uuh, uuh, uuh, mmm, mmm, oh, wow, so intense, so strong, I’m just washed-out, whew, I’ve never had one like that,” she gasped.

“Craig used my rotating vibrator on you, girl, it does the same thing for me, too. If you want, you can take it home with you and I’ll order another one for me, okay?”

“It sure did get me off, but that’s probably because your husband really knows how to use it,” she said.

“Are you ready for him?” Tracy asked her.

“Oh, wow, what a night, yeah, I guess so. All this and I get paid, too,” she laughed.

I got up between her legs as she widened out, then pressed the tip up to her slit and pushed as I watched my cock ease into her all the way.

“Mmm, I like your size, nice, mmm,” she moaned as I began pulling back then pressing in again. Tracy was leaning over her dropping a nipple onto her lips which she began eagerly sucking and I fucked her in and out.

I reached down and lifted her feet high over her, spreading her open as I probed her over and over. She was so tight, gripping my cock on the way in and on the way out, it was almost like she was sucking me with her pussy.

Tracy whispered something to Andrea and then got up over her, holding the headboard and lowered herself right down over her face and began swiping her pussy back and forth as I continued fucking her.

The scene I was watching was so hot, so erotic. My wife up over Andrea pressing her pussy down on her face and Andrea’s hands were up under my wife, rubbing around as she licked and tongued while I was down between her legs fucking her quite happily. It was lovely.

I was taking my time with Andrea, she was so nice and tight, really tight and I could feel her tighten around me every time I began to pull back out of her, then she would loosen her muscles for me to slide forward. It was heavenly and I just wanted to savor her while I could.

Tracy was moaning and moving her pussy over Andrea’s face. “Mmm, mmm, oh, mmm, so good, oh, my pussy, mmm, mmm,” my wife moaned. I knew just how much she loved her pussy eaten. I should, I’ve certainly done it enough.

“Oh, oh, yes, right there, mmm, so good, yes, YES, UUNH, UUNH, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I watched her trembling, holding herself up on the headboard, Andrea’s face wet with my wife’s juices, her tongue pointing up as Tracy slid back and forth across it.

Then, my wife got up off her face and came down to begin kissing Andrea, rubbing her boobs as I continued fucking her. I pushed her legs back onto her chest so I could really drive deeply inside and when I did, I pushed hard, just grinding deep into her as she wiggled back and forth.

“Mmm, feels so good, mmm, do that, ummm, yeah, good, feels good,” she moaned and I kept my cock deep inside her just moving it a little as we both enjoyed the feelings.

I was pretty sure she was really close and I wanted to keep her right there, just on the verge of an orgasm, not quite, just close. So, I would slow down whenever I thought she was just on the edge, even stopping a few times.

“Mmm, oh, this feels so good, oh, I can’t believe this is happening, mmm, so good,” she groaned.

Tracy was kissing her and gripping her boob as I fucked her, it was just so good.

“Mmm, oh, I’m gonna cum,” she cried, so I went ahead and gave her a couple of fast strokes and pushed hard down into her and moved my hips from side to side as she threw her legs up around my back, locking her ankles behind me and pulling me tight into her.

“OOH, OOH, OOH, AYYYE, AYYYE, AYYYE, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, oh, wow, so good, mmm,” and Tracy and I both fell over her covering her face with kisses.

“Mmm, this was so good, Andrea, so good,” my wife said as we all snuggled together.

“I just never thought anything like this might ever happen. With both of you, too,” she told us.

“Well, I learned something new about my wife…that she also seems to like women, too.”

“I guess I never quite knew it, either, Craig. Hope that’s all right with you. It surprised me as much as it did you, I guess,” my wife admitted.

“This whole thing surprised me but I guess I couldn’t be happier, it’s really incredible,” Andrea told us. “I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“How about next Friday night?” I asked her and Tracy eagerly seconded my request. “Yes, oh, I hope you’ll do it again, it was wonderful.”

“I feel kind of guilty charging you for my being here, especially like this, I mean, after all…”

“No, that’s fine with us, really, I know I loved it and I can tell Tracy did as well. I really don’t think she’d ever been with a woman before, have you, hon?”

“You were the first one ever for me but, well, I loved it and hope we can do it again. I hope you say yes,” Tracy told her.

“I liked it, too, and I liked both of you, this has been really hot. I just never dreamed that something like this might really happen but it has and, yes, I’d like for it to continue.”

We both grabbed her and kissed her over and over, then kept her from getting home a while longer until we each gave her an orgasm orally. She was one happy babysitter when I took her home. She insisted on playing with my cock all the way there.

That was the beginning, but just the beginning. It’s been three years now and we have Andrea living with us now as an au pair and she comes with us on vacation and our sex is full-time as she’s often sleeping in with us. She’ll be in her final year of college next fall and she plans to try to find a full-time job here in our town and even remain living with us if she can.

She’s really become an intimate part of our family. Very intimate.

I couldnt believe I was staring at a picture on my computer of my 18 year old babysitter’s naked pussy.

Leaning back behind my desk in my home office, maximized on my monitor, was a picture of Candice lying on her back nude with her legs spread, and a perfectly shaved, glistening pink pussy pointed at the camera. Wow. I mean — wow.

It was the second of the fifteen pictures that I’d opened. The first pic, ME, had a nice smiling photo of her sitting on the bed wearing a bra and panties. And, of course, not just any bed — MY BED. Well, my wife’s and mine. Stunned at discovering fifteen .JPGs in a folder marked “PICTURES,” which of course I hadn’t put there myself, I raced to open the picture named PUSSY.JPG. And there was that teenager’s cunt.

I closed the photo and hit “OPEN,” and looked at the other names of the pics in the folder. TITS. TITS2. FINGERSINSIDE. PUSSYCLOSEUP. ASS1. ASS2. TOPLESS. Holy shit it was a smorgasbord of porn, and our two-door-down neighbor’s daughter was the chef.

Clearly, she’d taken the photos in my — our — bedroom sometime when the kids were asleep. I couldn’t wait to see the rest. There were a particularly enticing couple of them that I opened first — DILDO1.JPG. And if this miracle wasn’t enough, there was a photo of Candice spread on MY bed stuffing her cunt with MY WIFE’S dildo. I mean are you serious? OK, technically, Jeanine hadn’t used her dildo (as far as I knew) for a few years. Honestly, the only action I know it’s seen has been the couple of times I brought it to rendezvous with chicks I’d first met on the Internet. But it did my heart proud to see Candice putting it to good, deep, wet use.

Ok, it’s not just that I found on my computer Candice’s nude pics of her fucking herself on my bed. You have to know Candice (and, right now, I’m sure you’re wishing you did). She’s, well, a prude. She always wears loose, baggy sweatshirts or blouses, nothing form-fitting ever, she has thick-rimmed glasses, keeps her hair pulled back behind her head. I swear, until I saw that first nude photo of her, I had no idea she had such above-average proportions — looks like 34b or 36c chest over maybe a 26 or 28 inch waist and 36 or 38 inch hips.

(When I pulled up ASS2.JPG, I got to tell yes indeed, it was a nice round butt.)

But her, um, prudishness is perfect. My wife first used her about five years ago, and in the last year since Jeanine has been saying late at the office for presentations and doing overnight trips to Corporate headquarters, I’ve had to fend for the kids myself most of the time. Working out of the house helps, but Candice has been making good money playing pseudo-mom for an hour or two each day, or for a few hours when I have to go out too. (Ok, “have to go out” means, have somewhere else to be, you know, get it?)

So, it being late and the kids were asleep, and wife was on her way home, I raced to pull out my cock and I stroked off to a powerful orgasm staring at Candice’s body. I put everything else out of mind and just stared at that young pussy taking a thick dildo and her fingers.

After the climax subsided, came the questions. WHY are these pictures here? Clearly she used my computer to process a digital camera’s pictures, after she took the pictures in my room. So my guess was, she forgot the files were here. Or, maybe she wanted me to have them, right? Humm. But she’s never once hit on me; never wore anything tight; this is kinda a big step, going from baggy sweats to nudity.

Once a year I have a brilliant insight, and this was that time. I opened my web browser and looked at the History list — all the sites visited recently. And there it was; a bunch of pages on some chatroom site. I went to the log-in page, my heart stopping, hoping she’d put her password down as a default (you know, hoping she’d checked “remember my password”). Yup, the little vixen did. I hit “enter” and… I was in.

She had emails. Whoa baby. I pulled up Candice’s secret stash of emails from her onlnie lovers, and there were about 15 messages. All were from males, and about 10 of them had guys sending their pics. Mostly cock picks (how boring — but, by comparison, nice to know that my cock was definitely bigger than all the rest). The guys were all older, in their 20s at least, some as old as me in their 40s. Good to know the girl liked seasoned experienced men.

The last email really got my attention. THANK YOU THANK YOU was the subject-line; the author was “Jim Dandy” (oh very clever, huh). It looked innocuous until I actually read it:


Well… that speaks volumes, doesn’t it? And, of course, I was instantly jealous of Jimmy. Totally insanely jealous. Just for kicks, I opened a previous email of his, and it had his cock pic. He looks late-30′s, decent looking guy, about 6 or 6.5 inch cock. Not bad, but … not me.

And, yes, right there on the spot, I wanted to fuck Candice myself.

I mean, I haev a right, don’t I? I know her well; she didn’t just meet me on the ‘net. I have a bigger cock than this jerk, and she clearly does married men.

So now I needed a plan.

Jeanine was pulling up to the house. Throughout our late dinner and as we lay in bed (of course NOT having sex), my mind was racing. How to fuck Candice? How?

The plan was pretty simple, actually. I created my own account on the website (it’s free, thank god) — “1HungGuy” — ok not the world’s most creative, but what’s in a name. Then I put Candice’s account on the site’s equivalent of a Buddy list — her name was “FlowerSweet” — isn’t that nice? And, I babysat that site.

I mean, I was on it all afternoon and late nights, every spare moment I could. Unfortunately, I realized, she’d probably be on it alot when she was babysitting — meaning, when I wasn’t home. But I also guessed she’d be there after school or late at night, so for about four days I was on it nonstop. Only, she was never there.

In the meantime, I’d seen her two, maybe three times. Still the prude. She hadn’t said a word, nor made any indication that she needed to use the computer. (Months ago I’d given her unfettered access to it — probably, in hindsight, a FUCKING BRILLIANT thing to do.) Just carried on, taking care of my 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl.

My visitations to the website slowed appreciably, more from disgust than anything else. I went on it in spurts, just time to time. Almost two weeks passed, and still nothing. My plan sucked, didn’t it?

But you know how they say, you always find what you’re looking for in the last place you look? (DUH — think about it.) It was a Thursday night, about 8:30 pm, kids asleep upstairs and wifey out of town (again). Things were boring, I was actually in another brower window surfing a sports page when — boing — an alarm sounded and the software said “FlowerSweet Has Logged On.” My heart was going thump-thump-thump. Wow.

I somewhat trailed her. She was in a general lounge room, not saying anything in the general chat. I let 10 minutes go buy, and started to think about what I should say. I didn’t want to pounce right away. Her profile was thin — just said she was in the categories of “female,” 18-25 years old, single, and “adventurous.” It was hard thinking of an opening line that didn’t give away I knew stuff about her, but I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do.

Then, kind of at the last moment, she changed rooms. I tracked her down in, would you believe it, “Younger Gals 4 Older Men.” Perfect. I logged into the room — it was crowded — and, in about sixty seconds, sent her the equivalent of an IM or PM or “whisper” or whatever other sites call it. I said:


and I attached to it a link to my personal pictures on my Yahoo! photo album — four dick pictures.

Then I held my breath.

It sure seemed like an hour, but probably was only about two minutes. My mind was racing — how long would it take for the pics to lead? Would she respond? What should I say as a follow-up if she doesn’t? But my perseverance was rewarded with the beginning of a dialogue.


[Nice lie huh? I actually didn't lie in response.]


And I about had a heart attack. She attached to her message one photo of herself wearing just a thong, leaning back on a hotel bed. I instantly thought about “Jim” and the “motel” and thought … damn I wonder if…


And BAM! there was a photo the guy took looking down at her ass and back, as she kneeled in front of him, taking his PENIS into her CUNT (or ass, hard to tell) from the rear. Damn. This girl was hotter than stolen diamonds.


Indeed she sent me another … her face smiling up at the camera covered in jism. I mean, seeing your prudish babysitter’s face


That too was an intersting revelation. So she’d done at least two guys from online; “Jim Dandy” and the guy in the picture. It was a whole new world with this different Candice. I was kind of getting tired of the head game, however, and with my cock absolulely throbbing in my pants, I went for it.


And blow me over, she didn’t lie. She named our suburb exactly right.


Her answer came so quickly.


This was almost too easy, but after two weeks of waiting for this moment, and dreaming about it, it didn’t seem easy whatsoever.


And I gave her another link to a page with a picture of me… naked… huge hardon… but… a full body shot, from head to knees. She’d see my face, alright, she’d have no doubt whatsoever who was sending her the pictures.

Now came the longest moment of my life. I didn’t know if she’d log off freaking, or hide under her desk, or quit working for me, or what. This could have been unbelievable risky too, if I’d just stopped to think about it (with the OTHER head, which is SUPPOSED to be the boss), I mean just think of the personal damage that would come out if anyone knew about this . . . .

My hands and armpits were sweating profusely. The next exchange literally revised my whole outlook on life.


And now I gulped.


And if that wasn’t great enough…


This was the hottest girl in my whole life, a fantasy coming true. My response was to suggest she call me right away; and I barely had time to even LOOK at the phone before it rang. I snatched it up, and she was giggling softly. I told her right out that this was weird for me, but I was so hard for her, and the Mrs. was out of town so yes I wanted to do her badly. Tonight.

Candice said she had some homework left, but would come over right away. We agreed the lie she’d tell her mom was I was going to help her with her math homework. (Wouldn’t have been a first.) Now, I was concerned that my kids — who sometimes get up randomly in the evening — might come down and interrupt or, worse, catch us. I suggested she wear something she can push out of the way but put on quickly, like her everpresent sweatshirt with no bra, and sweatpants with no panties.

She agreed, said “see you soon,” and hung up.

Ever had one of those hard-ons (ok… I’m only talking to the guys here) that you can’t wait to get off, but you don’t dare touch? The worst thing in the world. I mean, I wanted to beat off so badly. Instead, I made myself busy. I checked on the kids, they were sound out. I stripped nude and put on my own sweatshirt and loose jogging shorts. Finally I went back down and cleaned up my home office and desk.

Then I sat and watched the clock. It was 9:30 already. Then 9:40. 9:50. 10. 10:15. Fuck, I’d spent 45 minutes bolted to the soft sofa and my ass was aching.

The doorbell rang.

I tried to remain calm, but little peckerhead wanted to move at lightspeed. I strolled — more like “sauntered” — to the door, and let in the family babysitter. Only, she was no young girl tonight. She didn’t have any makeup, had her hair pulled behind her head as usual, had her thick glasses on, and had on the boring sweats. But I knew she was all hot pussy inside and I just couldn’t wait to jump her bones.

I led her by the hand (and what a soft delicate hand she had) to my office, where — something I never ever did before when I was alone in the house with the kids — I closed and locked the door. I led Candice over to the leather loveseat and I plopped on my ass on one side, while she sat gingerly next to me.

Our eyes caught each other’s, with her hand still in mine. I silently reached out and took her eyeglasses off of her face, placing them on a table behind the sofa. As I figured she’d do, she too reached out and removed my glasses. Another silent moment followed. I took a breath to say something profound, but fortunately, she opened her mouth first.

“So are you going to show me that big cock?”

I grinned. Man this was going to be fun. “Sure, if . . . you let me see those pretty tits first.”

The dirty-blonde 18 year old smiled, almost grinning really, and reached to her belly. She grabbed fistfuls of her sweater and pulled it up to her armpits — leaving it in place for quick retreat if one of my children scared us. All I saw, though, were those two lovely teenage breasts. Hard knobby nipples, dark brown circles around them, firm well-shaped, pale-white boobs. Fleshy, round, pointy.

I grinned back and she let me reach a hand out, so my thumb could test the hardness of her nipple and my fingers feel the softness of her orb. Her back arched, inviting me, and as I lowered my face her hand cupped the back of my head. “Ohhh,” she softly moaned when my tongue hit her nipple and circled around it with a wet lick. My lips quickly swallowed that tit and sucked it greedily into my mouth, lathering it with my saliva.

Fuck her big breast tasted glorious. I hadn’t sucked an 18 year old tit since I was 20. It was perfect and smooth and tasty, and this dirty old man lapped at it in broad hungry circles.

After a few seconds of licking her breast, we kind of mutually sat up right at the same time, and her hand shot to the waistband of my shorts. “Let me see it know,” she purred, crawling onto the floor. I laid back, stretching my legs together, and we both eyed up the massive bulge in my lap. Candice unpeeled my shorts as I lifted my ass, and she exposed my rockhard erection. I watched her face, her eyes, for her reaction, and frankly she didn’t take her eyes off of my cock. I saw her light up and her tongue licked her lips, and I knew she wanted my 8 thick inches of manhood.

I have a huge cockhead — like a mushroom, really, fucking bulbous. My shaft at the base has lots of veins and is so thick my wife could never get her small hand around it. So I knew, as a fact of life, that Candice was going to like my dick, even more than just by looking at pictures of it.

I was throbbing hard, the head was smeared with precum already. I leaned back now and spread my legs, giving the teenager room to crawl forward. Her own small hand wrapped around my cock, tightly gripping me at the base, holding it up right. I was so horny I started to undulate my ass up and down, pumping her hand a little, even as her mouth moved down. She now looked in my eyes smiling broadly, her mouth opened, and her tongue stuck out.

And the neighbor’s daughter began to lick my cock.

Man it was sensuous. The chick knew how to do a man right. She licked gingerly from the tip, around the head, down the soft part of the shaft, around my balls, even to the tuff nut at base of my scrotum. Then she licked back to the top and swallowed the head. I was fucking ready to pump her mouth by now. I put my hands on my sides on the sofa, relaxing back, and tried to keep myself from moving too rapidly while the teenager started to give me great head. Candice’s young mouth sucked my fat prickhead into her lips where her spit and tongue coated it all over, then she began sliding more of it into her mouth.

“Fuck baby yeah,” I groaned instinctively watching my cock disappear into her mouth. Her jaw really had to open wide; she moaned, more from the surprise of knowing a cock could be this thick. Candice slurped on my penis, making loud suckling noises, her head and pulled-back hair bobbing up and down on my in slow, intense rhythms. I rotated my ass slowly meeting her pace, and as a few minutes passed, she had virtually all of my cock deep in her mouth and even penetrating her throat briefly each time her head bounced down. Her eyes were almost closed, more like she was wincing, and she seemed determined to get all of my penis into her mouth eventually. She had only one finger almost (not quite) meeting her thumb around the very base of the cock, right above my balls, while her lips stretched around the shaft worked their way lower, lower, lower, closer to her finger and thumb each time.

“Do it baby!” encouraged this horny old perv.

Suddenly we both heard a thump in the living room. Outside the study’s door. Candice immediately pulled her shirt over her tits while I jumped up and pulled my pants back on. They stretched, but at least I was covered. “Wait,” I yelled to whichever kid was outside, running for the door.

It was my 4 year old daughter. She looked so innocent in her jammies, rubbing her eyes with her hand. “Daddy I need water,” she said, oblivious to our visitor sitting behind me on the sofa.

“Ok honey, then go to bed,” I said hurriedly, looking back at Candice. Now our babysitter knew my kids as well as I did, so she just sat relaxed on the sofa. I mean, it was very sweet — Candice smiled at my daughter, then at me, giving me the warmth of knowing she was going to wait.

I got a drink for my daughter then led her by her hand back to her room. She asked, in the voice that always gets what it wants, for me to lie next to her while she falls asleep. This was very bad timing; any other night, perhaps. Tried to talk her out of it I did. And failed. She started to raise her voice like she was going to scream, and I didn’t want her waking her older brother — he might be too confused by Candice’s presence in the house. And tattle.

“Daddy stay!” came the insistent demand of the four year old. She was pulling me by my hand.

What could I do? I wanted to go downstairs more than anything in my life; my cock was still raging in my shorts. But fatherness overcame horniness. I laid down next to her, put an arm around her, and made DAMN sure my pelvis was a good distance from any part of her body.

I probably didn’t breath. I know it seemed like time crept by so slowly. My daughter squirmed and wiggled, and the one time I tried to get up, she moaned in disapproval. Fuck. I was stuck there until finally, eventually, incredibly, she stopped squirming, breathed deeply, and was sound asleep.

God that took forever. I jumped out of her bed (probably almost waking her) and literally touched only about two of the steps on the staircase as I bolted for the office. I glanced at a clock on the way; it was 10:50, I mean, I was probably in there at least 20 minutes.

I half expected Candice to be gone, or asleep or something. But, instead, I was just blown away.

I opened the door to the study and saw Candice with her sweatshirt up under her armpits again, lying on her back on the loveseat, her sweatpants stripped off so that she was nude from tits down. She had one leg on the back of the sofa and one foot on the floor, and between her spread-eagle legs she was stuffing her vagina with two fingers. Deeply, I might add. Her cuntlips drooled juices and her fingers were stiff as concrete as the teenager pumped them into her pussyhole.

Her eyes locked onto mine, watching me watch her masteurbate. I immediately shut and locked the door (without looking at it). I took two feeble steps toward her, drugged by the sight of her self-fucking. It became clear to me we weren’t going to resume the blowjob, which was fine by me.

Candice’s voice was both strong and weak at the same time. “FUUUCK MEEE!”

I stripped off my own shorts, my suddenly-empowered cock sticking straight out, and I jumped on top of her on the sofa. She removed her fingers and reached both hands back behind her head, making her back arch and her tits stick up. Candice pulled her knees back and split her wet pussy open for me to fill. Her eyes were on my cock, getting near her hole. I crawled over her more and put my hands straight in front of me, her body passing between them, one of my feet on the floor and my other knee on the sofa. I wanted her so unbelievably much.

The head of my prick touched her wet vaginal lips and we both shuddered. It didn’t take a moment to find the entrance to her hole, that magical spot, and the magical moment when you know your cock is home. I immediately rammed it forward, and now I was fucking the girl.


The slut’s hands reached down for my body, grabbing me by the hips. Her long luxurious legs lifted and hooked around the small of my back; she was sucking me in with her cunt and holding me there with her limbs. My arms were stiff, propping my torso up, and my legs strained to hold my ass in position to screw her tight young pussy.

I looked down and saw her half-closed eyes drinking in the yummy fucking. Those two big large pale tits, with their big tight nipples, jiggled on her chest as we began fucking. Down farther her smooth, flat abdomen contracted and warped as her young body began to take a beating from mine.

I was drunk on lust. My pelvis viciously slammed into her butt and the back of her thighs hard, making distinct skin-on-skin slapping noise. I knew she wasn’t no virgin so I didn’t think for a second about going slow. Having had to stew in my little daughter’s room for 20 minutes made me an animal, I was drooling at being able to fuck the 18 year old babysitter. God I wanted to give her the hardest, longest fucking of her relatively short life.

My eyes glanced at the clock on the wall. I projected forward and gave myself the goal of boning her pussy for at least 30 nonstop minutes — decently reachable, based on my past experiences but factoring in that it was late at night and I didn’t have the energy I would have had a few hours earlier in the day.

Candice’s supple body bounced up and down with each forceful thrust of my prick into her gripping pussy. The leathery, soft cushions of my sofa absorbed a lot of the fucking — she was kinda like a moving target. Each time I pumped my cock into her vagina, burying it as far inside as it could stretch, the sofa cushions squished together under her and she sunk away from me. Then as I pulled back to ram her again, she bounced up at me. It was maddening, like a Sisiphean task; the more I tried to fuck her deep, the harder it got to fuck her deep.

But I was so fucking horny that I didn’t stop or even try to shift positions. My erection was absolutely throbbing inside her young hot cunt. I felt my balls aching as they bounced around under me, even bouncing against her clammy skin. The head of my prick swelled ten times its size while the silky hot wet walls of her vaginal tube squeezed it deep in her body. I fucked her harder and harder, causing her pussy to squeeze and grip my cock like a fist.

Both of us were panting, staring at each other, gasping for air. Her face suddenly didn’t look so young to me; she was a grizzled cockfucker.

I was in lust with her. “God you’re beautiful,” came my mutterings between short shallow breaths, “you’re so hot … Candice you’re a great fuck.”

“Fuck me!” she said, her voice throaty and full of lust too. “Fuck me with that big cock! I love your cock!” We didn’t talk much other than that.

Candice reached to her sweatshirt, still balled up under her armpits, and pulled it off her body. God knows where she threw it. The bitch was totally nude now, like me, both of us getting off just fucking each other.

I hooked my elbows under her knees, prying her legs up and apart, allowing me to penetrate her deeper and forcing my weight on top of her. That pressed her more into the sofa, so she didn’t move around as much. Candice squeeled when the head of my penis began bouncing off of her cervix, deep in the back of her cunt, applying pressure there and letting us both know that I was 100 percent filling her pussy.

I think I was even drooling, my spit kinda falling out of my mouth onto her body. Didn’t really matter. She was squirming her young butt under me, her thin body thrashing in waves, rhythmically pumping against my oncoming penis. Her breaths were uneven, broken by short bursts of high-energy wails or sometimes low grunts and groans that extended over several fucks from my cock.

Candice reached back with both hands, above her head, making her back arch a little and her tits bounce more. She puckered her lips, looked naughtily in my eyes, and let out a long, sexy “Ooooooh!” I snickered and pumped her harder, faster. I could see her tits bounce with each thrust so I measure my fucking by how much I made those breasts move. Bang bang bang bang . . . god those teenage mounds shook for me.

With arms above her head, back arches, Candice put one foot flat on the floor, and the other foot flat on the sofa’s seat at my side. Knees bent over, she had leverage now to pump too. Her ass came off the sofa entirely, her body was straight from hips to shoulders — plowing her shoulders and head into the sofa’s armrest. She ground her clit hard against my pelvis, smearing her juices on my skin, and rapidly pumped her butt around and back and forth and around again, drawing my adult erection totally deep into her vagina.

And that did it. I couldn’t believe it, it happened so quickly, but she was so fucking hot. I felt my balls suddenly quiver, like an earthquake beginning to rumble. Holy fuck I was gonna cum.

I didn’t think. All I knew was, it was way too fast. But she was so fucking hot. That first huge glob of cum was already about to shoot up my shaft. I didn’t have time. I just pulled out of her pussy, grabbed my throbbing wet dick, and leaned up over her.

I saw Candice look down and moan, maybe she said something I have no idea, but it came. Oh fuck it came out of my cock. I pumped my penis, squeezing the juice out. My balls were screaming for relief, and my peckerhead was aching to spew. The first splotch of hot gooey semen jetted out and splattered on Candice’s tummy. Before the second glob, I crawled up quickly, nearing her tits, and unloaded my jism onto a tit.

“Fuck!” cried the girl, lifting her head, watching my cock spurt glob after glob of sperm onto her pale white skin.

I too watched, seeing how much cum my balls produced, happily unloading my cum even though it was, by my standards, way premature. My hand was getting covered in both pussyjuice and my creamy seed as I jerked my shaft back and forth and drew out every last drop of cum.

Oh baby, I muttered under my breath to myself. As my orgasm ended, I stared down at the mess I made. The girl had ample amounts of my sperm all over her body, from neck to tummy. It was a fucking beautiful sight.

But I was kicking myself for cumming so fast. I wanted her to have more cum and cock than she’d ever fucked. My premature ejaculation was way below standard, and I needed to get her fucked some more. There was no question that I had to go eat her pussy right now, right away.

I crawled down her body and my gaze fell on her teenage cuntlips. It, and her creamy soft skin on her abdomen and thighs and butt, was all smeared in her pussyjuice. A heavy musty odor of girl sex intoxicated me. My mouth watered looking at that perfectly hairless, soft pink vagina. I’m tellin’ ya, I fucked a few women recently, but I’ve never seen somethong so delicious and invigorating as my babysitter’s twat.

Crawling onto the floor right in front of the sofa so I could put my mouth down to her pussy, I slipped my hands onto the velvety contour of her calves. Shit she had smooth, athletic legs. Very recently shaven, too. She pulled her knees back for me as my face neared her crotch, and her ass was still undulating in little circles. My hands slid farther up her legs to her knees, pushing her legs open more, making her mound stand out on her pelvis.

I put my mouth down, flicked out my tongue, and began to lap at the juices splotched on the soft skin of her inner thigh. Cleaning her off. Candice moaned and felt me lap happily at the top of one inner thigh, then the other, then even the folds of her butt below her cunt. That pussy was so juicy and smelly though, so my licking her skin was just an appetizer. Then I licked northward, up above her clit, nearing her treasures. The pace of her undulations grew faster, more intense. Her breathing grew louder. I glanced up and saw her firm, heavy tits heaving on her chest, those fabulous big fat brown nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Lightly, gently, the very tippy-tip of my tongue touched her clit. Tip to tip. Her body bucked for me, then she pressed her pelvis forward, wanting more. I didn’t give in, instead flicking her clit side to side ever so carefully with my tongue stuck straight out. I made moaning sounds, feeling her body writhe in excrutiating anticipation. Candice lifted her head to look at me — her eyes lustily begged for more. I continued to push her clit around with my tongue, rolling the tip of my tongue around the firm little fleshy knob, just gliding on its sensitive sides, around and around.

She reached down to my head, letting out a little yelp, wanting this cunnilingus very badly. I pushed more of my tongue against her clit, the tip of my tongue sliding into the crevaces of wet silky flesh around her clit, licking licking side to side. My wife’s cunt wasn’t even one percent this sexy or delicious. With more zest I plowed my tongue harder against her clit, almost rubbing it into her body, and in reaction Candice began to pump her ass into my face. She was trying to rub her clit against my tongue, almost masteurbating herself that way. Dutifully I ground my tongue hard against the clit, plowing into it to satisfy her urgent desires.

With her ass wiggling faster, I had to put both of my hands under her butt to keep my face planted on her pussy. Alright, I’ll admit I wanted to fondle this great 18 year old ass — round, smooth, soft. The last chick I’d slept with — a 27 year old black DVA employee — also had a round soft butt, and groping Candice’s derrier momentarily made me remember a sweaty day in a hotel room with that African-American sextoy. But, mmm, this was a teenager’s rump. Felt fucking great in my hands.

Sending waves of joy into her clit with my tongue, my lips moved down. I completely surrounded her puckered clit and sucked it into my mouth hard, where my tongue continued to wash over it coarsely. Candice moaned something gutteral, and she arched her back making her tits jiggle a little. Her pelvis was now rapidly jerking back and forth, and her motions became more feverish the harder I sucked her clit. I was really tugging on it just from the suction created by my lips, pulling at it hard, making it ooze juices into my mouth.

“Ohgodyes, Ohgodyes,” the tramp began moaning. I felt both of her hands now grab my head, clamping on my short buzz cut. She was pulling my mouth into her clit — or pushing her clit against my mouth, didn’t matter. I could tell from her motions and moans that her orgasm was approaching. I suckled her clit faster. Wrapping my lips around my teeth, I pulled hard at her clit, squeezing it gently, then harshly licking it with a frenetic tongue. She was almost hurting my head from grabbing me so tightly, but all I focused on was her orgasm. I wanted her to have a huge explosive one. Harder and harder I sucked on her clit, touching it all around with my lips and tongue, until –

“OHGODYESSSSS!” Her young body exploded on me. I reacted as quick as I could. Right when her orgasm hit, I stuck my tongue deep into her pussyhole. I was greeted with a flood of her juices, instantly filling my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could — I had too — because another mouthfull raced right behind it. Then a third. Then a fourth. Man this chick cummed in buckets.

The stuff was all over my chin and lips and nose too, and as I stretched my tongue into her twat, my upper lip ground into her clitoris. Candice had her knees almost up to her tits now, both of her feet on the leathery sofa for stability, and she pumped her cunt hard against my face. Her orgasm subsided but her state of arousal increased as my tongue dug deeper into her wet silky box. I flicked my tongue around side to side, almost twisting it, making its presence felt. Her tight pussylips separated for my tongue to fuck her as hard as it could.

I began jamming my tongue into her, holding it out from my mouth, and bobbing my head so I tonguefucked her. She squeeled a little, but reached down again to pull my tongue back into her. She was aching to be filled.

Surprising her, I lifted my body a little, sliding my tongue back up to her clit, turning my face. Exposing the entrance to her cunt, I immediately jammed two stiff parallel fingers into her twat. Candice shrieked “YESSSSS!” and bucked her pelvis against my fingers. Her vagina was so wet and soft, my fingers easily sunk knuckle-deep. My other fingers pressed into her asscheek while my tongue revisited her clitoris, pushing it around.

I bent my two fingers upwards, jamming them against her G-spot. I found it cuz the moment I hit it, her legs shot outright — almost kicking me — she screamed loud enough to wake my kids. Her vocalization wasn’t a word, just a noise. Knowing I had her dead to rights, I pumped my two fingers as hard and forcefully as I could against her G spot, pressing up into it inside her vagaina, lapping equally forcefully on her clit with my tongue.

Candace screamed to a second orgasm. “OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD,” she mumbled maybe a dozen times, somehow turning the phrase into a one-syllable word. “OMGD,” maybe is how I should spell it, cuz that’s how it sounded.

Her pussy gushed again, this time around my hand. I felt her cumsauce flood out and cover my fingers and palm, providing lubrication for me to fingerfuck her cunt a little harder. My arm and hand were sore even from fingerfucking her for two minutes, because I was all tensed up and really pumping them into her as hard as I could. As soon as I withdrew them I lowered my mouth back to her cunthole and shoved my tongue inside.

Candice’s legs were hovering in mid-air, she was so sex-crazed she wasn’t thinking to put them down. I put both hands on her knees and pushed her legs back again, spreading her pussy open to me as much as it could. That’s when my nose got scent of her butthole, just a couple inches below.

With a naughty mind, I slid my tongue out of her pussy and licked down to her butt. Candice absolutely freaked (in a good way), reaching for my head and at the same time bellowing an expletive they don’t allow on TV. My tongue found her young anus, all pink and tight, and with my mouth covered in her slimy vagina juice it was easy to slip my tongue into her ass.

Delicious disgusting teenage butthole. Tight, so fucking tight. My tongue barely got in there for a couple of seconds, it gave me a sharp piercing pain as I tried to buttfuck her. But her ass loosened after a couple moments and I began to slide my tongue into her ass more. My nose was pressed against the outer lips of her pussy; if I had a bigger shnoz I’d have been nosefucking her. As it was I just smelled her fucking and tasted her ass.

Her ass now well-lubricated and my tongue a little sore from plugging these holes nonstop, I pulled my tongue out and leaned up, looking down at her spread-eagle young body. Those two orgasms had left her entire body sweaty and messy, her long hair splayed randomly around her head and the sofa. Her big soft eyes looked up at me appearing both completely satisfied and desperately hungry for more.

With her legs still spread open, her twin cunt-and-ass orifices glowed ruby red. My one hand remained covered in her lubrication from her orgasm, so I stuck out one of those fingers and touched her butthole. Her eyelids half-closed, her body shivered, and she let out a soft girly “oooh!” She bit her lip and looked at me with a huge playful sneer, knowing what was next. Yup. I slipped that finger into her tight asshole and, man, her ass just sucked it in.

I leaned forward, putting an elbow on her tummy, bending my other hand back to her pussy. I stuck out my thumb and began softly rubbing her clit and the petals around it, while slowly digging my finger into her anus. Candice squirmed, purring for me, even grinning, feeling me filling her butt. Her clit must have been aching because she pushed it up into my thumb, trying to grind on it. I was licking her cum on my lips while I watched my thumb masteurbate her. As I twirled my thumb faster around her clit, rubbing harder, she closed her eyes and started moving her hips more and more rapidly in circles. Her breaths again got shorter, she was exhaling audibly with “uhh — uhh — uhh” noises. I could tell another orgasm approached.

Burying one finger deep in her ass — not really pumping it, just leaving it in there — I bent my face down again. Using thumb and finger, I spread open the lips around her clit to expose the little girlie-cock. I put the side of my tongue on it and went at it, furiously licking and pushing her clit in its place. “Yes! yes!” she screamed for me, and I saw her clutch the side of the sofa with narled fingers. Her body tensed up. Lick lick lick I went . . . and it happened. Her pussy leaked and soiled with another trickle of juices, she was having yet another orgasm for me. I continued licking her clit until I was sure she was done, then I pulled my finger out of her ass and leaned up on my knees in front of her.

I kept licking her sweet juices from my lips while I rose up off the floor. The horny young bitch was reaching down for my body, trying to pull me closer. I felt her grinding her obviously-throbbing clit against empty air, so as I rose up I leaned forward and pressed the hairy skin of my chest against her cunt. She purred like a kitten and her fingers clutched my torso under my armpits, and she began to hump my chestplate with her wet vagina. Down farther below I could sense my prick was fully erect again and wanting to fuck this eighteen year old slut. And Candice’s eyes were begging for it.

Now on my feet towering over her quivering body, I leaned over her like I was gonna fuck her cunt again. But the sofa was so soft that I hardly seemed to get any leverage on her — that’s why I never like fucking girls on it. So instead of shoving my aching penis back into her vagina right away, I moved back from the sofa and grabbed her ankles. Candice grinned naughtily as she felt me pulling her body off of the couch. “On your knees baby,” I mumbled just loud enough to give her direction.

I watched her slip off the sofa and twist her body so that her knees touched the floor at the same moment, right in front of me, at one end of the sofa near the end table. Jesus fucking Christ look at that teenage butt! So fucking smooth and pale white. Both buttcheeks were round, protruding slightly at me, around shapely not narrow hips. The moment she parted her thighs her glistening shaved cuntlips smiled vertically at me, beeds of cum and sweat saturating their exterior. And her puckered tight asshole was bright red from my brief intrusions a few moments ago.

Descending to my knees right behind her ass, I put both of my hands on her fine young hips and held her body steady while my peckerhead aimed for her pussy. Candice had her arms under her chest, her face and hair falling down into the sofa’s cushion while she waited for me to take my position. Briefly she looked at me over her shoulder with the sexiest cum-fuck-me look in a girl’s eyes.

Holding her firmly with a strong grip of her pelvis, my swollen head found the entrance to her twat and we both moaned at the feeling. Then without a fucking drop of effort I moved my ass forward and my penis started to slip again inside her cunt. She was so loose and wet, it was like being home again. And I was instantly ramming her HARD. Just like earlier, no little slow set-up. As soon as my cock was in there, I just shoved it forward as far as the slut could take it, until I felt my balls bounce off of her clit. Candice squirmed and squeeled a little, half from feeling my penis in her vagina and half, I bet, from my hands grabbing her ass and hips so tightly.

I think I muttered something meaningless as I started to pound her ass and thighs, making loud thumping noises with each thrust. I stared down at her round buttcheeks rippling as they took the beating from my forceful thrusts. My penis was glowing red, swollen and angry, disappearing under her ass into her sweet cuntlips. Because she was bent over the sofa, her body couldn’t move forward much at all, she was sandwiched between it and me, so she took directly the full force of my furious fucking. “Oh yeah! oh yeah!” I began to proudly exclaim when I got a good fucking rhythm going, driving the full length of my erection into her teenage pussy.

The smell of her ass filled my noise. Placing my palms firmly on her round 18 year old buttocks, I pried open her ass tightly, which made the ripples of my oncoming thrusts seem less effective. But the pressure on her ass from my hands and pelvis caused Candice to squirm even more, and I could hear her breaths shortening. “Uh huh uh huh uh huh,” the teenager moaned under her breath each time I pounded my erection into her vagina.

What a lovely fuck. I let go of her ass and put one hand on my own hips, arm akimbo, and reached my other hand to her long flowing hair. My fingers wrapped through her hair at the base of her skull, and i tugged. Not hard, but enough. Her head popped upright, her back arched into the sofa, and her ass seemed to rise up to me. She screamed in delight “Fuck me yeah!” at the move, and I felt her ass push backwards to meet my oncoming thrusts.

Her cuntjuices were all over my balls and thighs, and her cunt was so squishy wet and lubed up that I could feel droplets of her juice splattering as I fucked her hard. My penis penetrating her drenched slit was making squishy noises, on top of the slap-slap-slap beat of my pelvis crashing into her butt and thighs.

Suddenly the phone rang. Fuck it! I ignored it, but hated the phone ringing with my daughter only recently asleep upstairs. Candice was definitely ignoring it. I leaned over, still trying to fuck my babysitter was hard as I could, to see the caller ID. Holy shit, I said aloud, it’s your mom Candice!

Four, now five rings. Candice looked back at me with puzzled eyes, although she kept pushing her ass at the thick cock fucking her cunt. I figured we didn’t want her mom wandering over cuz we weren’t answering the phone, so barely slowing down my fucking, I reached over to the end table and grabbed the receiver.

Trying to sound as composed as possible I nestled the phone between my ear and shoulder, putting both hands again on Candice’s hips. I pushed her body forward hard against the sofa, so she could barely move at all, and CRAMMED my dick as hard into her cunt as I could. She let out a yelp. Keeing my cock buried deep in her vagina, I started to grind my pelvis against her ass, and she ground against me. Silent fucking.

“Hello?” I breathlessly spat into the phone, trying to sound composed. Her mom, however, was a little emotional. “IS CANDICE THERE?” It wasn’t really a question, more like a direction to hand the phone over.

Trying to protect my evening fucktoy, I told her mom that she’s right here doing her homework with me. Her mom almost cut me off. “PUT MY DAUGHTER ON.”

Imagine the irony. I handed the phone over to the 18 year old, so she could talk to her mother, while I had my throbbing penis buried deep in the young girl’s squishy cunt. It was almost sexier now with her mom on the phone while we fucked. Candice, also trying to compose herself, took the phone from me and lifted her torso off of the sofa. Her body rose, still bent over enough to take my cock in her cunt from behind, but high enough so that she had room to lean an elbow on the sofa to hold the phone to her ear.

“Hi mom,” said the young vixen quietly. Not to cause her undue grief, I kept my throbbing, aching prick plowed into her vagina, but didn’t move around too much.

I could tell the course of the conversation just from her half of it. “Yeah um he’s teaching me … things.” (I didn’t have to see her face to know she smiled at that.) “Um, just a little longer … it’s um hard stuff.” At that one I had to supress a chuckle at my little comedienne.

With my cock in her pussy but her body bent up as it was, I wasn’t getting in very deep and trying to remain noiseless was going to prove difficult. Candice sensed the predicament and solved it. She turned on her knees, taking me with her, and moved her arms and torso away from the sofa. Now parallel to the couch, she dropped down so she was on her fours on the floor — knees and elbows. Dipping her shoudlers, she held the phone up against her ear in one hand, parted her legs, and had her ass way up high. I could start slipping willy in and out of her gushing slot with ease.

Slowly I started rocking her body, holding her hips again in my hands. She undulated with me. I moved forward and slipped my porksword as far into her muff as I could, her body leaning forward a bit as I did, then slowly I drew out of her and she rocked back with me. Forward… backward… nice slow fucking rhythm. Silent too.

“Um — soon.” She was breathless again, concentrating on the aching between her thighs. Whatever her mom was saying, Candice was trying to listen but just really didn’t care. “Um — yeah like — five minutes ok? Soon mom.” Another pause. “Yeah I promise I’m just … getting stuff to come home now.”

Damn if she couldn’t hang up sooner. She reached back to hand me the phone, and I slammed it down on the base. As she pushed her ass up into the air I was swallownig a deep breath for more forceful sex. “Cmon fuck me hard!” she panted needlessly. Her head was down facing the floor, she wasn’t looking back or anything. All she could feel was my hands on her hips and my cock in her cunt.

My penis was enormously aroused, thick and pulsing and just filled with concrete. I was gonna fuck this young cunt until I fucking died of pleasure.

Instantly I shoved everythign forward that I had, slamming so hard into her body unexpectedly that she rocked forward and yelped. I loved it. I grabbed her with my fingers around her hips, pulling her backwards into me, and slammed hard again. “YES!” she screamed. God what a fuckslut. A third time I really concentrated and banged my pelvis into her recklessly, drawing another shriek of “YES!” along with a distinct slapping noise of my skin into hers.

“YES! YES! YES! YES” Her cries nearing the top of her lungs erupted every time I pounded my cock into her vagina.

I should have cared that Candice’s screams were loud enough to wake my kids, but when you have a naked eighteen year old on her knees bending over to take your cock in her pussy, you don’t worry about details like that. I focused on the shape of her round buttocks now slightly glowing red from me slamming into her. I could feel her wet loose pussylips sucking my cock each time I thrust forward and pulled back. Holding her body and making her wince and scream with pleasure made me fuck her all the harder.

At some point she adjusted herself, spreading her legs a little farther apart, and moving her elbows apart too so that she was squarely resting on all fours. I thought about that stupid car commercial — “wider is better” — she now had a wider base and could better take my humping. Her ass moved down a bit from it, so I had to shift my legs wide apart too. But yeah, she now could push her ass back at me better, and I stuffed her cunt as deep as I could with each thrust forward.

Five minutes to get home, huh. We blew way past that. Candice ate her shrieks now and only muffled an incoherent stream of “uhh oooh uhhh ohhh oooh” moans from the nonstop pounding she was taking. What a trooper, too, having an adult male fuck her cunt from behind like this. I was going crazy with lust, trying to pound her into submission by screwing that tight teenage vagina until she begged me to stop. She never once looked back but just gripped the floor with her elbows and knees and left me total freedom to ram my rod into her body.

I seriously felt every pore in my body sweating. The perspiration was streaming down from my armpits, down my sides, and my abdomen and ass both prickled with wetness. My balls and abdomen and thighs, however, were equally drenched with a much sweeter ambrosia. The girl’s cumjuices were all over me like a thick layer of lotion.

And I swear, she was so wet and fucked, it was like I could hardly feel her cunt any more. I fucked her faster and faster and deeper and harder, and it only seemed to make her wetter. “Rub your clit,” I moaned at her, wondering if she was loosing sensation. I saw her shoulder dip and felt her reach under herself, and a fingertip touched my balls as I rammed forward into her. Candice squeeled loudly. “UH HUH!” came a shrill cry from deep in her lungs.

The girl had a huge orgasm around my penis. She’d hardly started touching her clit for more than two seconds before her entire body shook and shuddered and her cunt squeezed my cock even tighter. I intensified the cum by grabbing her hips and plowing deep into her pussy, leaving it in there, not humping just filling, so her pussy could erupt around my dick. It worked and she was so surprised that I left it in there, her orgasm was as vocal as it was physical. “Oooooohhh gawwwwwd!” came the single drawn-out shriek during the longest orgasm in recorded history. The youngster’s pussy spasmed and quivered and gushed around my intruding pole for what seemed like 60 seconds, I have no idea.

As soon as I felt her sensations subdue, I began humping her again. Ramming her hard with the entire length of my shaft — pulling out to the tip then thrusting back in balls-deep — I screwed her cunt while Candice kept rubbing her clitty. She couldn’t hold herself steady with only one elbow on the floor, but the feeling from her masteurbation plus my fucking was too good to stop. I now rocked her bent-forward body furiously with animal thrusts, while her fingers rubbed circles around her clit. Candice had what I thought were a couple more orgasms — tiny mini-cums, like tremblors after an earthquake, her cunt now so highly climaxed that her orgasms were blasting one after another.

I glanced at the clock. She was now about 10 minutes past her promised 5 minutes to get home. Shit, I’d been fucking her from behind about 20 minutes, or more.

Candice was crying, almost. Wailing softly with her cunt being savagely ripped apart by a thick adult erection. She stopped rubbing her clit and had all fours on the floor again; I could see both of her hands were spread open like crow’s feet, giving her more traction to grip the rug and endure my fucking.

Then, I don’t know what caused me to do it, I saw her tight little anus and immediately pulled out of her vagina. My throbbing cock was so wet in liquids that I didn’t give it a second thought. I raised my pelvis, held her ass tight by spreading her asscheeks, and pushed the fat round mushroom of my cock to her butthole. Candice didn’t hardly react before I started to poke her up the ass.

“OHHHHHH FUUUUUU…!” She shrieked so loudly and with such fervor that she didn’t even finish the thought.

Big fucking mistake this was. That young ass was so tight and hot that the grip on my cock was death-like. From out of nowhere I felt my balls tighten and my muscles strain, and an orgasm was imminent.

I erupted with a scream of delight just as the first gush of cum shot through my tube. The head of my wet cock burrowing into her anus felt like it was being ripped open, and I sensed myself shooting the male goo hard into her butt. Instinctively I ground my thighs into her ass, going as deep as I could with hardly any fucking, and just flooded her butthole with cum.

My orgasm was almost painful. Her buttocks were so tight around me and my balls were so aroused. My prior orgasm on her stomach was nothing, absolutely nothing. This cum up her ass was just a gift from God. I was fucking blessed.

I pumped my seed meaninglessly in her pooper, wave after wave, holding her body steady while I cummed.

Then it was over. I was so drained I pulled out, my cock popping out of that ass, and I flopped backwards on the floor until my ass hit the carpet with a thud. I found myself staring at Candice’s spread-open cunt and ass, her round soft buttcheeks now glowing red, her pussy drippign with juices, and her asshole a bright ruby red.

Both of us coughed at the same time, and both of us took a moment to gain our breaths. Candice fell over on her side on the floor, knees clamped together, her face looking at me emotionlessly. I leaned back and opened my thighs so my sweaty, smelly balls and ass could get some air. I was dripping from bellybutton to knees, with cumjuice and sweat smeared all over me. My cock glowed bright red too, glistening in the soft light of the lamps around the room. Candice’s eyes were fixed on the cock that just fucked the stuffing out of her and loaded her butt with creamy cum.

“Oh baby,” I finally groaned, “jesus–” I was going to complement what a great fuck she was, but stopped myself and reflected how my orgasm seemed to come too fast out of nowhere. Granted, it was after over 20 minutes of stuffing her from behind, but still, I had to act manly and macho. “Really sorry about that, hon,” said this prevaricator with a frown, “I’m sorry I cummed so fast but your ass is so fuckin’ hot.”

Candice giggled at me like I was a clown. “Mr. M—– that was awesome,” she purred to the delight of my ears. “Oh my god that SOOO great.”

About the same moment in time I leaned forward to crawl towards her, and she rose up on her knees. Two seconds later our mouths met in midair, and our tongues slithered next to one another for a dirty sexual kiss. I felt her dainty hands wrap around my hips, and I took the opportunity to raise both hands up to her chest and cup her ample breasts. Candice moaned in my mouth; I sealed my lips on hers and pushed my tongue deep into her throat, licking every crevace of her mouth. She rose up on her knees to kneel in front of me, our bodies pressing together. Not having room to play with her titties I slid both my hands around to her sweaty back, then down to her equally messy ass. Fuck what a hot round ass. My fingers cupped the fleshy buttocks then groped at their ripe firmness. Meanwhile my still-throbbing cock pressed against her flat tummy.

Candice let my tongue ravage inside her mouth, then her lips puckered and she began sucking my tongue deep. I moaned in satisfaction, and she moaned back. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me into her mouth, and she took her turn to shove her tongue into my throat. The teenager’s long wet tongue poked around inside my mouth where my tongue chased it and licked it, sliding around it. Man, between groping her fine round ass and giving her a lusty French kiss, my cock was already burning heat.

Without breaking the kiss she laughed and said something like, “I really have to get home.” We both giggled at her attempts to talk English with not one but two tongues in her mouth. Then I moaned, she moaned, and we kept driving our tongues into each other’s mouths.

I slipped one stiff finger down her buttcrack — it was one messy place to be — and stretched it for her butt, wanting to rub some of the cum that might be there. But she squeeled and pushed her ass away from me, then a second later broke off the kiss. She was smiling at me with her eyes — a deep, sexual stare mixing confidence with satisfaction. “God I’m really late,” she groaned, clearly disappointed, “but I wish I could stay.”

I nodded. “Definitely — Candice, give me a few hours next time, you’ll never be able to walk again.” I hoped my assumption that there would be a “next time” wouldn’t go over badly.

It didn’t. Her smile turned to a grin as she stood up, buck naked, her body just as messy with liquids as was mine. “I can’t wait, Mr. M—–,” she cooed while reaching for her sweatpants.

As I watched her step into her pants — hiding that divine teenage cunt and ass for the time being — I giggled at her formality. “Now that we’re fucking each other,” I bemused, again inferring this would be an ongoing endeavor, “you can call me Jack, Candice.”

The big-titted topless teen winked at me. “Ok JACK,” she said with myrth, “and you can call me … well … you can just call me any time.”

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