Willow and Tara were standing in the doorway, the expressions on their faces almost impossible to read. There is shock, sure, but there seems to be a billion other emotions they were experiencing all at once. Not that Buffy spent a lot of time trying to find out what those emotions were because she could imagine just fine. What the two Witches must be thinking. What they must be thinking of her. The disgust, the revulsion, the horror, and the same emotions being reflected back in the Slayer as she is frozen in terror at being discovered.

After a minute Buffy finally takes her hands off her ass cheeks and tries to move away from her little sister. She gets a smack to her ass for her trouble.

“I didn’t tell you to move! Or to take your hands off your ass cheeks!” Dawn says causing Buffy to turn her head around from looking at Willow and Tara to looking at her sister who looks back at her.

After another minute of the Summers sisters staring into one and other’s eyes Buffy hangs her head in shame and then slowly spreads her cheeks again, the humiliated blonde taking comfort in the fact she doesn’t have to see the look on the two Wicca’s faces anymore. Turning her attention from Buffy to the Witches Dawn is unable to stop herself from smiling due to the fact that since she spotted them their facial expressions have not changed in the last fifteen to twenty minutes.

Willow and Tara meanwhile continue to stare at the scene before them. Neither one of them able to speak or think until finally Willow manages to break herself out of the state of shock that she has been in since she first spotted the two figures on her bed.

“What in the name of the Goddess is going on here?” Willow exclaims softly, her tone one of confusion and shock more than anything else. This made Dawn smile.

“Well Willow, Tara, you remember how I told you I was planning on stopping Buffy from marrying Riley? And I told you both that I was going to make Buffy happy?” Dawn asks Willow and Tara, both slowly nod their heads. “I probably should have told you how I intended on doing it.”

Willow turns her head and looks at her girlfriend who turns her head and looks back at her neither of them understanding what Dawn has just said as they both slowly turn and look back at the scene before them.

“Why don’t you guys close the door and come closer, and I’ll tell you everything.” Dawn says before turning her attention from the two Wicca’s to her big sister, “Buffy, you can get off me now and clean my cock.”

The way Dawn said that made it sound like a treat instead of yet another humiliation, the young sibling practically beaming at the blonde as Buffy opened her mouth to protest then thought better of it. Arguing would only get her another spanking, and Buffy was so very tired of fighting Dawn. So, trying to ignore the fact that her friends were behind her, the Slayer fell to her knees, closed her eyes, lent forward and took the head of the brunette’s strap on into her mouth. She heard a few gasps of shock and probably disgust behind her but the blonde did her best to block them out, and that she was currently tasting the deepest part of her own butt, and concentrated on sucking the dildo.

Soon the Slayer had settled into a steady rhythm, Willow and Tara barely having time to close the door before they become transfixed on watching Buffy beginning to bob her head on that ass flavoured dildo. Dawn allows a few minutes for the Witches to enjoy this new show then she starts to tell them how what they have just seen came about, telling them everything that has happened in detail from Buffy’s relationship with Faith to the blackmail, the blonde continuing to be grateful she doesn’t have to look at her friends faces and for the distraction of the tasty toy.

Willow and Tara meanwhile are focusing their attention on Dawn, both of them trying not to look at Buffy despite the fact that they both want to watch the bizarre sight of the mighty Slayer sucking her little sister’s strap on. The things lil Dawnie were saying was pretty good at keeping the Witches attention, especially when she told them she is a top whereas her older sister is a bottom which shocks both of the Wiccas due to them both having thought that if either of the two Summers sisters were lesbian then Buffy would have been a top and Dawn would have been a bottom. Another thing which particularly grabs their attention is the brunette explaining her true feelings for Buffy and the agreement that they made 6 days ago and what the two of them have been doing both to one and other as well as what Dawn’s ultimate goal is.

“And then you guys came in and found Buffy riding my dick with her hot little Slayer ass.” Dawn says having brought both Willow and Tara up to speed. After she has finished telling the two witches her story she simply sits were she is and waits to see what either one or both of the two ladies before her do.

By now Buffy has taken the entire length of Dawn’s strap on down her throat half a dozen times and has thoroughly cleaned the dildo of all her own ass juices yet she is still slowly sucking away at that fake cock because she still wants to avoid looking at her friends. The blow job ceased being a decent distraction once every drop of her butt juice was gone and Buffy’s cheeks flushed with humiliation with Dawn’s words, yet what choice did she have but to continue obeying her dominant sister and take comfort in the fact that sucking that big dick is still a minor distraction.

For a several long moments silence completely falls over the room, both Witches still dumbfounded and what they’ve seen/heard. They also can’t believe how proud Dawn looks, the brunette who up until a few moments ago they had seen as innocent sitting there with her big sister sucking her strap on cock, the look on her face as well as her body language telling them she is not at all ashamed of anything that she has just told either of them much less does she appear to be ashamed of showing off her body to the two of them.

“Ok.” Willow says finally doing her best to try and focus on making sense of what she has been told and not focus on how attractive her best friend’s little sister looks with their strap on attached to her. “So… you’re a lesbian?”

Dawn nods her head doing her best not to smile at the question.

“And… and you too?” Willow asks turning her attention from Dawn back to her best friend for over half a decade.

Buffy ignores the question, hoping Dawn will answer it for her.

“Answer her!” Dawn snaps in a demanding tone of voice causing both Willow and Tara to look at the brunette in shock having never heard lil Dawnie talk to her older sister like that, equally shocked when Dawn smirks and adds, “Take my cock out of your mouth, turn around and answer the question.”

Quickly doing as she is told Buffy looks at her friends and then lowers her head, the Slayer embarrassed about what she has just done and what she now has to do. Buffy really doesn’t want to tell them that she is a lesbian because she still isn’t sure she is one. However she is unable to deny that she has been with a woman. Well, two women.

“I’ve… experimented.” Buffy says finally, feeling that this is an acceptable answer due to it allowing her to admit that she has been with a woman or two however that does not make her a lesbian.

“Yes Willow!” Dawn snaps making Buffy close her eyes due to the tone with which her younger sister is talking being one of anger and despite herself the Slayer can’t help but hate making her sister angry.

Dawn turns her attention from Buffy to Willow who is looking at her.

“Yes Willow.” Dawn says a little bit calmer, “Buffy is a lesbian. She’s just… in the closet right now. And she’s not quite ready to come out. Are you sis?”

Buffy doesn’t say anything she simply keeps her head hung and her eyes shut hating her sister for what she is doing to her.

Willow looks at Buffy unable to help but feel sorry for her due to the fact she knows what it is like to be as Dawn put it ‘in the closet’ and afraid to come out due to her having been in the same position during their first year together at UC Sunnydale. Although Willow wasn’t so much afraid to come out as she was afraid to come out to her friends like Buffy. While she feels sorry for her best friend at the same time Willow can’t believe that her best friend who she has known for almost seven years is or rather could be a lesbian.

“And she’s a bottom?” Tara asks causing Willow to turn her attention to her girlfriend rather shocked by the question that she has just asked.

Dawn also turns her attention from Buffy to Tara not shocked by the question however she is shocked that it is the first thing that Tara has said since she entered the room and saw her and her sister on the bed. Then Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile.

“Buffy is the biggest bottom I have ever had the pleasure of dominating.” Dawn says honestly and proudly, “In fact she is not just a bottom, she’s a Sub. A total pain slut who loves getting her hot ass spanked. Mmmmm, and fucked. I mean, I know you wouldn’t think it considering how bossy she is but there’s nothing my stuck up big sister loves more than being bossed around and fucked in the ass, the big tough Slayer whimpering like a little bitch at first but soon enough she’s always begging for more, just like she was a few moments ago when you saw her taking it up her Slayer butt.”

Tara turns her attention from Dawn who is smiling like the Cheshire cat out of Alice In Wonderland to Buffy and can’t help but smile a small smile due to how ironic she finds the fact that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a submissive. She always thought that in the bedroom Buffy would have been a top and yet it turns out that the Slayer is a total bottom. Meanwhile Tara assumed lil Dawnie would be submissive when actually she’s the dominant one out of the Summers sisters. And as Tara turns her attention from Buffy back to Dawn Tara can’t help but look at the youngest of the two sister’s with admiration and respect.

Dawn looks at Tara who is looking at her with a small smile on her face however she is also looking at her with a look of admiration and respect both on her face and in her eyes which causes Dawn to smile a small smile back as she thinks about all of the times she heard the blonde and redhead who are now in front of her fucking each other’s brains out like they’re lives depended on it. And how while they weren’t the definition of Dom and Sub it was obvious one of them was and is definitely the aggressive and the other was and is definitely the submissive.

“So, back when we were in Sunnydale and you both obviously thought I was asleep just like Faith and Buffy did. I heard you two fucking each other’s brains out like your lives depended on it.” Dawn says looking between Willow and Tara, “And while it is obvious you two aren’t the definition of a Dom and a Sub. It is obvious from the sounds I heard one of you is the aggressive one and one of you the submissive… so I am just curious… who is the Dom and who is the Sub?”

Buffy lifts her head and looks at Dawn unable to believe what she has just said even though what she has just said is true as far as her and Faith having always thought before they started that they thought her little sister was sound asleep. She is also unable to believe what Dawn has just asked Willow and Tara as far as their sexual relationship is concerned.

Dawn can feel her sister’s eyes on her however she ignores her and keeps her focus on the two women in front of her already having a feeling she knows which one of the two Wicca’s is the Dom and which one is the Sub.

“Well Dawn… if you really must know.” Tara says both thinking and feeling that there is no choice in lying to the youngest Summer’s sister or Buffy since Dawn just confessed to having heard her and Willow who Tara at that moment turns her head and looks at before slowly turning her head back around to look at Dawn, “I am the Dom. And Willow is the sub.”

Buffy stares at Willow and Tara in unable to believe what she has just heard focusing her attention more on Willow due to her being her best friend.

Dawn meanwhile is focusing her attention on Tara looking at her with the same admiration and respect that Tara was looking at her with earlier, “I had a feeling you were the Dom.”

Tara looks half surprised and half either happy or impressed.

“What gave me away?” Tara asks curiously unable to believe that she is actually having this conversation with her girlfriend’s best friend’s sister and yet unable to deny the fact that she is enjoying it.

“Remember when I asked you about Doms and Subs?” Dawn asks, “Tops and Bottoms?”

Tara slowly nods her head remembering that conversation very well due to that having been when she started to suspect that the youngest of the Summers sisters may not be what everybody probably assumed she was and that is a submissive/bottom in the bedroom.

“You seemed to know a lot more about Tops and Doms than you did Subs and Bottoms.” Dawn says letting Tara know when she started to wonder if the quite shy reserved Wicca was hiding a secret in the bedroom.

Buffy looks at Dawn in shock at what she has just heard while Willow looks at Tara with the same look of shock on her face as Buffy has on her’s neither Buffy nor Willow are able to believe that Tara and Dawn had a conversation about this.

Dawn looks between Willow and Tara deciding to find out more about the two Wiccas.

“Since tonight seems to be a night for revelations.” She says with a smirk as she continues to look between both Tara and Willow. “Have either of you ever fantasised about me or Buffy?”

Buffy continues to stare at Dawn unable to believe that she is actually asking Willow and Tara these questions and despite part of her not wanting to she can’t help but turn her head and look at Willow and Tara wondering if they will answer the question that Dawn has just asked them.

Dawn looks or rather stares at Willow and Tara as well wondering if they will answer her question and yet despite not being sure she can’t help but feel that they will.

“Yes.” Tara says finally once again breaking the silence and causing all eyes in the room including Willow’s to turn on her. She smiles an ear to ear smile due to her being able to feel her girlfriend’s eyes on her however she focuses her attention to the Summers sisters. “I have fantasised about both you and Buffy.”

Tara knows that she should not be confessing this especially not in front of her girlfriend due to her having never told Willow this and yet unable to help but want to confess this due to it having been something that she has always wanted to tell somebody and yet having always felt as though she had to keep it a secret.

Dawn looks at Tara with a smile while Buffy looks at Tara in complete and utter shock and disbelief.

“What about you Willow?” Dawn asks turning her attention from Tara to Willow.

Willow slowly turns her attention from Tara unable to believe what she has just confessed due to her having never told her that she had the hots for her best friend or her best friend’s sister. As she looks at Dawn and then looks at Buffy Willow can’t help but turn her head and look at Tara feeling nervous and scared.

“Answer her Willow.” Tara says unable to help but wonder if maybe her girlfriend was looking at her in order to get her permission or to find out whether or not she could tell them due to her normally looking at her when they are alone like she is when she wants to know whether or not she can do something.

Willow slowly turns her attention from Tara back to Buffy and Dawn unable to believe that she is about to admit what she is and yet feeling a little bit better about it due to the fact that she knows she has Tara’s permission to do it.

“Yes.” Willow says finally having wanted to simply nod her head and yet knowing or able to imagine either Dawn or Tara or both would not accept that as an answer.

“Yes what?” Dawn asks focusing her attention on Willow having noticed the Dom and Sub type of exchange between the two Witches and having liked it as well as hoping to get Buffy to the point where she will do what Willow just did when she either wants to ask something or do something as far as in the bedroom is concerned.

Willow looks at Dawn swallowing hard. “Yes… I have fantasised about both you and Buffy.”

“Buffy.” Dawn says causing her big sister to turn her attention from Willow to her. “Have you ever fancied Willow or Tara?”

Buffy looks at Dawn her first thought is to lie and say that she has never thought of either of her two friends. However she knows she can’t do this because if she does Dawn will no doubt either ask her if that is the truth or know that she is lying and force her to tell the truth.

“Well?” Dawn asks looking her older sister in the eye able to see the desire to lie to her there and yet also able to see that Buffy knows what will happen to her if she does lie which causes Dawn to smile due to this being a sign that she is finally starting to get through to Buffy who is in charge as she watches her big sister turn her head and look from her to Willow.

“I’ve never fantasised about Willow.” Buffy says, “The reason being because… well because she was the first friend I made when I arrived in Sunnydale. And… I just never saw her in that way.”

Dawn looks from Buffy to Willow able to see that the red headed Wicca is hurt by this although she is doing her best to hide it. However as she continues to look at the redhead she can’t help but wonder why Buffy never fancied Willow considering how close the two were and are and leaving the whole Dom/Sub etc aside if there was anybody Dawn would have expected her sister to go with apart from Faith or herself it was or would have been Willow due to how close the two of them were and are due to how well they knew each other etc.

“And Tara?” Dawn asks having noticed Buffy having gone awfully quiet as well as her keeping her focus on Willow almost as if she is afraid to look at Tara.

Buffy slowly turns her attention from her best friend to her best friend’s girlfriend who is looking back at her curiously. Buffy swallows hard hoping that what she is about to say does not damage ruin or destroy her friendship with Willow or Tara.

“I have fantasised about Tara.” Buffy admits.

Dawn looks at Buffy unable to hide her surprise at this as she slowly looks from her sister to Tara who seems to be staring at Buffy the same way that Buffy is staring at her there is no shock on Tara’s face or in her eyes almost as if she either knew or suspected or expected Buffy’s answer. As Dawn thinks about it a possible explanation for this slowly starts to form in her mind as to why Buffy fancied Tara and not Willow. As well as why Tara is not or does not seem shocked by her sister’s confession. An the reason might be due to the fact that subconsciously Buffy either had a feeling like she herself did or maybe Buffy knew subconsciously that Tara was and is a Dom and it was the fact that she is a Sub and Tara is a Dom that caused the attraction.

“What is it about Tara that caused you to fantasise about her?” Dawn asks wanting to hear Buffy’s reason for sexually fantasising about her best friend’s girlfriend and not her best friend.

Buffy thinks about the question that Dawn has just asked her and as she slowly turns her attention from Tara to Willow and back again she can’t seem to come up with an answer. There is no denying her best friend is attractive in her own way but for some reason Willow just doesn’t seem to do it for her despite the fact that Willow knows her the best out of all her friends in the Scooby Gang. Almost as well as Dawn and she knows the redhead almost as well as Xander does and the two of them are very close almost like sisters.

“Willow is my best friend.” Buffy says wondering if maybe it is because she and the red head Wicca are so close that she has never seen her in that way, “And that is all I have ever seen her as… but Tara… in the beginning I didn’t know her all of that well. And obviously I didn’t know she was… into women.”

“You mean a lesbian!” Dawn snaps causing Willow, Tara and Buffy to turn and look at her.

“Yes.” Buffy says having had a feeling Dawn wouldn’t let her get away with not saying the word.

“Well then say it!” Dawn snaps again hating her sister’s refusal to say/use the word.

“I didn’t know she was a lesbian.” Buffy says turning her attention from Dawn back to Tara feeling a tad angry at her sister for insisting she use the word ‘lesbian’ all of the time and yet at the same time not liking or understanding why she is so against saying the word. “And I didn’t know that she and Willow were together. And besides… I had Faith… and because of all of those things. I didn’t see it as a bad thing for me to be attracted to her.”

“You mean you didn’t feel as guilty being attracted to Tara as you would have done had you been attracted to Willow?” Dawn asks looking at her sister, not buying her reasons or explanation for her attraction to Tara at all. In point of fact hearing Buffy’s explanation for being attracted to Tara only confirm and reinforce her theory as to the real reason why Buffy was attracted to her best friend’s girlfriend.

Buffy nods her head in answer to Dawn’s question.

Dawn smiles a small smile as she remembers what Buffy had said earlier when Willow asked her if she was a lesbian.

“But I thought what you and Faith did together was just… what was the word you used… experimentation.” Dawn says, looking at her big sister to see how she reacts to this. Buffy turns her head and looks at her little sister who’s smile turns from a small smile into an ear to ear smile as she looks back at her, “Are you saying you wanted to… experiment with Tara?”

Buffy looks or rather stares at her little sister slowly turning her head away not looking at her or Willow or Tara but letting all three of them know the answer to Dawn’s question by her actions.

Dawn turns her attention from Buffy to Tara.

“Tell me something Tara when you thought about being with Buffy.” Dawn says causing Tara to turn her attention from Buffy to her, “How did you imagine it happening?”

Tara looks back at Dawn a tad surprised by this question due to the fact that the brunette now knows for sure that she is a Dom and since Buffy is a Sub she would have thought that was obvious.

“Well… being a top… I used to imagine myself… fucking Buffy.” Tara says turning to look at Willow who looks back at her with a look of shock on her face.

“What else?” Dawn asks knowing or rather confident that that is not the only thing Tara imagined doing to her older sister, “What exactly do you think of when you fantasise about fucking my big sister?”

Tara turns her head and looks at Dawn who looks right back at her with a small smirk on her face.

“I’ve imagined fucking her pussy with my tongue. And fingers. And strap-on. I’ve also imagined having her eat my pussy, having her lick my ass, spanking her and fucking her ass with my strap-on.” Tara says.

“And did you imagine doing the same to me?” Dawn asks a plan starting to form in her head.

“Well… sometimes I did.” Tara says hanging her head briefly before lifting it to look at Dawn, “But it was only because I thought you were a bottom.”

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she nods her head to show Tara that she understands.

“What about you Willow?” Dawn asks turning her attention from Tara to Willow who turns her attention from Tara to her, “When you thought about being with Buffy. How did you imagine it happening?”

Willow slowly turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy who is looking back at her with a curious expression on her face.

“I imagined… basically everything Tara did.” Willow says as she slowly hangs her head not ashamed of her fantasies however she is ashamed that she has just told Buffy, Dawn and Tara, “Only because I am a bottom and I thought Buffy was a top I imagined her doing those things to me.”

“You mean you imagined Buffy fucking you?” Dawn asks smiling an ear to ear smile at Willow even though she has her head hung, “And you imagined her fucking your pussy with her tongue, fingers, and strap-on? And you imagined her making you eat her pussy, and making you lick her back hole, and spanking your butt, and fucking your ass with a strap-on?”

Willow keeps her head hung as she slowly nods.

“And what about me?” Dawn asks causing Willow to lift her head and look at her, “How did you imagine it happening when you thought about me?”

Willow hangs her head now feeling ashamed due to her fantasies and thoughts when it came to her best friend’s sister, “I imagined you doing the same thing I imagined Buffy doing.”

Dawn looks at Willow a tad surprised having expected the red headed Wicca to tell her that when she imagined them together she imagined dominating her not being dominated by her. However this information also works its way into her slowly forming plan as she slowly turns her head and looks at Tara who looks just as shocked and surprised as she herself is. As she slowly gets over her shock a rather naughty dirty and disgusting at least disgusting in some people’s eyes thought or rather question pops into Dawn’s head and despite how wrong it is or maybe because it is so wrong of her to ask this question she can’t help but want to ask it.

“Ok, so you have both imagined being with either myself or Buffy. But… have either of you… ever imagined… me and Buffy together?” Dawn asks feeling nervous and wondering if maybe she has just gone too far with her questions and yet at the same time unable to help but wonder.

Willow and Tara both look at Dawn in shock and disbelief at what she has just asked them. Buffy is also in a state of shock at what her little sister has just asked her best friend and her best friend’s girlfriend and expects to hear both the Witches to yell at her telling her how disgusting what she has just asked them is as well as how disgusting what they saw them doing is etc. However neither Willow or Tara make a noise causing Buffy to turn her attention from her sister to the two Wicca’s sitting across from her. The Witches two both slowly turn their attention from Dawn to Buffy and the look on their faces although is still one of shock as well as the fact that they have both been silent for over a minute if not longer causes Buffy to start to wonder if maybe they have as she watches Willow and Tara turn their attention from herself and Dawn to each other.

Willow and Tara look into each other’s eyes as they have a telepathic conversation.

“Have you?” Willow asks her girlfriend.

Tara slowly nods her head. “Have you?”

Willow unable to believe that Tara has just admitted to imagining Buffy and Dawn together slowly nods her head back unable to believe that she has just told her girlfriend the truth and Tara has just told her the truth back. How she knows that it is the truth is due to the fact she can feel it as well as see it in Tara’s eyes just as she is sure Tara can see it in her own eyes. With that the two Witches turn their heads and look back at Buffy and Dawn.

Buffy stares at Tara and Willow having a feeling she knows the answer the two Wiccas are about to give her sister and yet she unable to believe it.

“Yes.” Tara says.

“We have.” Willow adds.

Buffy closes her eyes feeling as though this must be a dream and that it is not real and that she did not just hear her best friend of seven years almost confess to having imagined her with her sister and not only that but also heard her best friend of seven year’s girlfriend admit or rather confess to the same thing.

Dawn meanwhile is looking or rather staring at both Willow and Tara feeling shocked and yet at the same time unable to stop the ear to ear smile that spreads across her face.

“Well.” Dawn says feeling that taking into consideration everything they have all said as well as what they have seen tonight the two Wicca’s will be or should be open to the idea she is about to suggest, “Since you have already seen me and Buffy together. How would you like to make a few other fantasies come true?”

Both Willow and Tara look at Dawn and swallow hard unable to believe what she has just said or what they both think she is suggesting.

“What do you mean?” Willow asks finally breaking the silence.

Dawn smiles even more at Willow’s question.

“I mean, how would Tara like for us to swap Subs? She has mine. And I’ll have her’s” Dawn says turning her attention from Buffy to Willow who is looking back at her with the same expression on her face as the Slayer has before turning her attention back to Tara to see what her answer is, “Provided that she is willing to accept a few conditions.”

Tara looks at Dawn unable to believe what she has just suggested and yet able to tell from looking into her eyes she means what she says and as she thinks about this Tara turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy. The Slayer is still kneeling in front of Dawn in all her glory, the sight making Tara think back to when Buffy was riding that strap on and how much she seemed to enjoy it. Which causes the Wicca to wonder how Buffy would feel if it was her that was fucking her with the strap on and liking the idea of her being able to for fill one of her all time deepest darkest fantasies.

“What would be the conditions Dawn?” Tara asks swallowing hard due to the fact that although she is willing to go through with this that doesn’t stop her still being nervous.

“It’s simple.” Dawn says her eyes lighting up due to Tara having more or less accepted her idea or rather suggestion/offer, “One, all four of us stay in here and after one couple has finished they have to watch the other couple. And two, you can do whatever you want to Buffy, except fuck her in the ass.”

Tara looks at Dawn unable to help but feel a little disappointed that she can’t fuck Buffy in the ass due to that having been one of her fantasies involving the Slayer however she can tell from the look on the Slayer’s little sister’s face that these conditions are non-negotiable. She either accepts them or there is no deal.

“Ok, I accept your conditions.” Tara says after a brief silence, “But just out of curiosity… why can’t I fuck her in the ass?”

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile at Tara’s question.

“Well Tara.” She starts off by saying however stops suddenly getting a much better idea than answering Tara’s question herself, “Why don’t you ask Buffy why you can’t fuck her in the ass?”

Tara looks at Dawn with a slight frown wondering why she doesn’t want or won’t answer the question herself however she slowly turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy.

“Why can’t I fuck you in the ass Buffy?” She asks the blonde haired Slayer feeling weird asking her this question.

Buffy hangs her head.

“You can’t fuck me in the ass.” Buffy starts off by saying.

“Stop!” Dawn snaps causing both Tara and Buffy to turn their attention to her while Dawn focuses her attention on Buffy, “You will look Tara in the eye as you answer this question.”

Buffy looks at Dawn as she slowly turns her head and looks at Tara forcing herself to look the blonde haired Wicca in her blue eyes. “You can’t fuck me in the ass… because… my sister.”

“Dawn!” Buffy’s sister snaps wanting her older sister to say her name.

“Dawn.” Buffy says doing her best not to give her little sister an evil look as she continues to force herself to focus on keeping her eyes locked with Tara’s, “Owns my ass hole.”

“An how long do I own your ass hole for?” Dawn asks her.

“Forever.” Buffy says.

“So your ass is my property?” Dawn asks.

“Yes.” Buffy answers, “My ass is now my sister Dawn Summer’s property. She owns it. And I will bend over for her whenever she wants for the rest of my life.”

“So if I want your ass on your wedding night.” Dawn starts off saying.

“Then I will leave Riley with blue balls so I can spread my butt cheeks for you Dawnie.” Buffy says for some reason feeling the desire to turn and look at her sister as she says this however resisting this desire and doing what she has been told and that is keeping her eyes locked with Tara’s, “I’ll do the same on my honeymoon or any other moment of any other day that Dawn wants it after that. I’m going to give her my ass so that she can make sure it will not be wasted on Riley or worse go unused. I will let her fuck my ass every single day from now on.”

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile having both watched and listened to Buffy this whole time. After a few minutes she slowly turns her attention from her big sister to Tara who is staring back at Buffy in shock and disbelief.

“Are there any conditions that you have as far as me having Willow?” Dawn asks doing her best to try and help get Tara over her state of shock.

Tara slowly turns her head and looks from Buffy to Dawn.

“What do you mean?” Tara asks the tone of her voice letting all those around her know that she is still getting over what she has just heard the blonde haired vampire slayer declare.

“Well.” Dawn says with an ear to ear smile. “Are there any parts of Willow that you own and as such are off limits to others?”

Tara for some reason can’t help but smile due to what Dawn has just said or the way she has just said what she has.

“No.” Tara says doing her best to try and stop herself from smiling. “You are free to do whatever you want to Willow. Use any part of her you wish. The only rule that we have is no marks.”

Dawn meanwhile is busy milling over what Tara said before she turned her attention to Willow. “The only rule that you have… does that mean that this will not be the first… Sub swap you have done Tara?”

Tara looks at Dawn unable to believe how she could have let what she just has slip so easily as she turns and looks at Willow who looks back at her with an expression on her face which makes Tara think that she doesn’t care that Buffy and Dawn now know their secret. A secret that they have not told anybody except for the third parties that have been involved. Slowly Tara turns her attention from Willow back to Dawn feeling as though she has no choice but to come clean as far as what she meant when she said that ‘they’ only have one rule.

“You remember how me and Willow first met?” Tara starts off by asking, turning her attention from Dawn to Buffy and back again letting both of the Summers sisters know that she is talking to both of them.

Both Buffy and Dawn nod their heads.

“You met at a Wicca’s meeting.” Dawn says.

“Right.” Tara says smiling a small smile. “Well after we moved into our own place together we decided to see if we could find another group like the one that led us to finding each other. We found one. And we went to one of their meetings. However when we got their we found out that the meeting was just a cover for members of the group all of whom were witches and all of whom were of the… lesbian persuasion to partake in an all-girl orgy. After going to a few of the ‘meetings’. We found out that some of the couples there invited some of the single ladies back to their houses etc for ‘meetings’ outside of group meeting times… Eventually me and Willow decided to do the same and ever since the first time we did it we have… occasionally invited another girl into our bed.”

Dawn looks between Tara and Willow unable to believe what the two Wiccas, or rather what the Dominant Wicca, has just revealed to both her and Buffy and yet unable to help but admire and respect the two of them for being so comfortable with the way that they are and so open with one and other and willing to share themselves with each other but also with a third person.

“This other girl… or girls.” Dawn says, “Where they Doms, Subs or switches?”

Tara lifts her head and looks at Dawnie, “Sometimes the other girl was a Dom, sometimes she was a Sub, and sometimes she was a switch. It depended on who we met and… who we were in the mood to play with.”

Dawn slowly nods her head to show that she understands, “Is that the wildest thing you’ve ever done?”

Tara smiles back and nods her head, “And the wildest thing we have ever seen.”

“Until we saw you two go at it.” Willow says causing all eyes in the room to turn and look at her which causes her to hang her head due to the redhead not being able to believe what she has just said.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile deciding to let Willow off and get the rooms focus back on what she had suggested that she and Tara do.

“Alright then Tara.” Dawn says causing the blonde haired Wicca to turn her attention from Willow to her. “Since you’re willing to accept my conditions. Buffy is all yours.”

Tara looks at Dawn still finding it hard to believe what she both has said and is doing as she slowly turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy who has her head hung. As she looks at the blonde Slayer Tara can’t help but think about all the dirty little fantasies she has had that have involved the woman in front of her who has saved not just her life but the world countless times. And although she is feeling nervous about what she is about to do the blonde haired Wicca can’t help but also feel excited as she tries to think which one of the naughty things she has been given permission to do to Buffy she will do to her first.

After having made up her mind what she is going to do to Buffy first Tara grabs a nearby chair and places it not too far away from the bed making it possible for everybody on the bed to see what she is about to do. Once she is happy with the position of the chair Tara sits down on the chair and turns her attention back to the bed specifically to Buffy.

“Come here Buffy.” Tara tells the blonde haired slayer doing her best to sound both commanding and authoritive and hide her nervousness and excitement.

Buffy slowly turns her attention from Tara to Dawn who turns her head and looks back at her.

“You heard what she said Buffy.” Dawn says emotionlessly.

Buffy slowly turns her head back around from looking at Dawn to looking at Willow who is looking back at her. Buffy secretly hopes that Willow will say something or do something to stop what is about to happen however as she looks into her best friend’s eyes she sees no hint of willingness or desire to stop what is about to happen. This shocks the blonde haired Slayer however she does her best to try and convince herself the reason her friend is refusing to do anything is because she is a Sub and it is not her place to say or do anything against her Dom even if she wants too. Yet despite doing her best to convince herself that this is why Willow is going to allow this to happen she can’t help but keep thinking about the fact that there was no desire to either help her or stop this and even if she was a Sub and had accepted the fact that she could not stop or it was not her place to stop what is about to happen Buffy is sure she would have at least seen the desire to want to help or want to stop this from happening.

Doing her best to not think about this Buffy moves to the end of the bed where Tara was sat a short while ago and gets up off of the bed and takes a step toward where Tara is sitting.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tara asks looking at Buffy who looks back at her.

“You told me to come to you.” Buffy says a tad confused by Tara’s question although doing her best to hide it.

“I didn’t say you could walk.” Tara says.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches what is going on between her sister and Tara.

“Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to me.” Tara tells the Slayer.

Buffy looks at Tara unable to believe what she has just told her or the commanding and domineering tone which the blonde haired Wicca has just used. It is completely different from how she normally talks even if Tara has got over some of her initial shyness. Slowly Buffy gets down on her hands and knees and starts to make her way over to where Tara is sitting. Once she reaches the Witch’s feet Buffy stays on all fours and looks up at Tara waiting for her to give her the next instruction.

“Stand up.” Tara says, looking down at the blonde Slayer unable to believe that Buffy is actually doing what she is telling her and yet at the same time loving every minute of it.

Buffy does as she is told and slowly gets to her feet.

“Now lay across my lap.” Tara says, “Face down.”

Buffy immediately knows what is coming as does Willow who smiles a small smile and Dawn who watches as the blonde Slayer slowly positions herself face down across Tara’s lap unable to help but notice how quickly Buffy is doing everything Tara tells her to do with a lot less resistance then when she herself tells her older sister to do something.

Tara meanwhile smiles as she looks down at Buffy’s well rounded backside and runs her hand over both cheeks gently loving the feel of them underneath her hand.

Buffy does her best not to let Tara’s gentle caress fool her due to the fact she is sure that any minute now Tara will start to give her a really hard spanking just like Dawn and Faith and she does her best to mentally and physically prepare herself for what she is sure is about to come. Despite being a little bit afraid of what is about to happen to her there is a small part of Buffy that can’t help but also be turned on and want to get spanked by Tara and as things go on the blonde Slayer’s desire to have Tara do whatever she wants to her slowly starts to out weigh her fear and nervousness. She also secretly wonders how hard the blonde haired Wicca can hit due to her being a Wicca and looking forward in a weird way to mentally comparing a spanking from a Witch to a spanking from a Slayer and a magic paddle/crop.

Suddenly Buffy feels Tara remove her hand from her ass and is sure that the spanking is about to begin and so she does her best to really mentally and physically prepare herself. However much to her surprise the first hit from the blonde Witch’s hand to her ass isn’t hard at all in fact it is very gentle and almost playful as is the second one and the third and the fourth and the fifth. With each strike that Tara gives her Buffy can’t help but slowly start to relax and enjoy the spanking.

Dawn watches this with a disapproving look on her face, “Come on Tara, put some effort into it and spank the bitch!”

Tara looks up at Dawn and smiles, “I’m working up to it.”

“Well, work harder?” Dawn huffs, “She’s a Slayer. She can take the best you’ve got. Besides, she didn’t ask you how you wanted her to come to you. Doesn’t that earn her a serious butt beating?”

“And Buffy disobeyed Dawn earlier.” Willow suddenly interjects causing both Dawn and Tara to look at her. Willow feels both embarrassed and nervous for having just said what she did due to the fact that this was a conversation between the two Doms and she was not asked her opinion, but now they are looking at her she can’t help but reply, “Well it’s true isn’t it? You told her not to cum which meant that she had to stop fucking her ass with the strap on until you told her otherwise. You also told her not to forget her place and that the next time you told her to do something she was to do it.”

Dawn smiles a small smile at Willow as she slowly turns her attention from the redhead to Tara, “Your sub is right. So now you have two reasons to give Buffy a good hard spanking.”

Tara looks at Dawn and Willow able to tell that Willow wants to see her give the Slayer a hard spanking. Tara had wanted to build up to it as she wanted to see how much or how hard a spanking a Slayer can take. But since both Dawnie and Will wanted her to dish out the rough stuff right from the start Tara figures she might as well go for it. So she turns her attention from Willow and Dawn to Buffy’s backside and starts to hit that hot Slayer ass a little harder.

“That’s better.” Dawn says with a smile.

Tara does her best to ignore Dawn’s praise even though being praised by another Dom causes her to smile. As she continues the spanking she looks at Buffy’s ass having always wondered what it looked like underneath the clothes she wore nearly all of which showed her ass off to anybody who either was looking or wanted to look and Tara could not deny she both had looked and had wanted to look on many occasions and now here she is quite literally getting a front row seat look at Buffy’s naked butt that from the blonde Witch’s point of view looks as though it was made to be spanked. Or fucked. It’s so round, not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but it is toned and tanned and yet still has just enough flesh on it so that when she hits it Buffy’s ass cheeks rippled a little for about a second or two almost hypnotic and very hot. Also Buffy’s cheeks are making a lovely noise when her hand makes contact with it and the harder she smacks it the louder and the smacking sound becomes.

Buffy closes her eyes and does her best to stop herself from shivering in response to the blonde Witch’s strikes and how much she is enjoying them especially due to the fact that they are getting harder and harder. She feels that she should be angry with Tara for doing what Willow and Dawn tell her due to the fact that Tara is supposed to be a Dom and do what she wants not be told by another Dom much less her own Sub what to do. If she wants to give her a gentle spanking she should be allowed to do so.

And although she is a bit angry with Dawn for having told Tara to do what she is doing and that is giving her a harder spanking there is a part of her that also wants to thank her little sister for having told Tara to do this due to the fact that there is a part of her that doesn’t want to be spanked gently she wants to be spanked hard. She wants to see if Tara can spank her as well as Faith or as well as Dawn because although this spanking is a good spanking it doesn’t compare to the spankings she has been getting from her baby sister.

Part of Buffy wants to ask or beg Tara to spank her harder but her pride won’t allow her to do so also due to the fact that if she was to do this it would be a sign of submission to her best friend’s girlfriend. And so she lays were she is waiting for the spanking to end and yet at the same time enjoying and hoping for it to continue on.

“Ok that’s enough,” Tara says finally as she stops the spanking, “Get back onto your knees in front of me Slayer.”

Dawn watches Buffy slowly slide off of Tara’s lap and onto her knees facing the blonde haired Witch who looks down at her.

“Move back a little.” Tara tells the blonde haired Slayer.

Buffy does as she is told scooting back while keeping her eyes locked with Tara’s

Once Buffy is far enough way for Tara to do what she wants she stands up in front of Buffy and Willow and Dawn doing her best to ignore the fact that Buffy’s little sister is about to see her naked as she slowly starts to undress keeping her eyes and focus on the Slayer who is looking up at her the way a little puppy dog would look up at its owner.

Buffy watches as Tara takes off her long black sleeve shirt to show that she is not wearing anything underneath it not even a bra which shock her however she does her best to focus as the blonde Witch then takes off the brown pants to reveal that she is not wearing anything underneath them either which again shocks Buffy as Tara takes off her black shoes. Once she is completely nude in front of the Slayer Tara sits herself back down in the chair with her legs spread apart so that Buffy can see her well shaven pussy. Buffy stares at Tara’s pussy knowing what is coming next however for right now she is trying to get her head around the fact that she is currently looking at her best friend’s girlfriend’s pussy.

Tara looks down at Buffy with an ear to ear smile on her face able to imagine what she is thinking due to the fact she is thinking or rather trying to get her head around the same thing the fact that her girlfriend’s best friend is currently on her knees in front of her completely nude looking or rather staring at her pussy.

“Buffy, show me what a good little pussy pleasing Sub you can be and eat my cunt.” Tara tells her getting a perverted thrill out of telling Buffy the Vampire Slayer what to do.

Buffy slowly turns her attention from Tara’s face and eyes back down to her pussy feeling both nervous and excited in equal measure as she slowly moves forward until she is as close as she physically can get to the blonde Witch’s pussy.

Once she is as close as she can physically be to the Wicca Dom’s pussy Buffy moves her face as close as she can get it to be able to smell Tara’s scent, a scent Buffy instantly likes. She then takes a deep breath doing her best to ignore any thoughts or feelings of doubt and nervousness as well as doing her best to ignore the fact that she knows both Willow and Dawn are watching her as she slowly sticks her tongue out and gives Tara’s pussy a long, slow lick.

Dawn eagerly watches Buffy stick her tongue out and lick Tara’s cunt again and again and again. It’s incredibly hot watching her stuck up older sister lick another woman’s pussy, and Dawn is so incredibly turned on right now. She’s literally dripping, Dawn reaching down to rub her pussy at the beautiful sight before her. The beautiful sight she’s really, really enjoying. But… as much as she likes it Dawn can’t help being a little jealous. She knows that’s crazy, knows that she suggested this, knows that this is what she wanted.

She wanted to give the Slayer the chance to experience the difference between serving another woman and serving her. Sure, Buffy had plenty of experience being dominated by Faith, but besides her fellow Slayer and her own sister Buffy hadn’t been dominated by another girl yet so this would be an important learning experience for her. Give the Slayer something else to compare Dawn and Faith too, and hopefully help her reach the conclusion that Dawn is the only one for her. Plus watching Buffy with another girl is so hot. But… there is part of Dawn which wants her big sister all to herself, that thinks the slayer should be licking her pussy and ONLY her pussy.

Concentrating on her sister licking Tara’s pussy Dawn notices Buffy has managed to find a good rhythm, Tara moaning softly with the look of bliss on her face as the Slayer hungrily laps away at her cunt. This causes the youngest of the two sisters to grin and to wonder if her older sibling likes the taste of Wicca Dom pussy.

“How does Tara’s pussy taste Buffy?” Dawn asks, feeling the need to remind Buffy that she is being watched. Tara too. Yes, Dawn wanted remind them that she and Willow are watching from the bed which they are both sitting on enjoying the show.

Buffy closes her eyes for a moment, hating the sound of her sister’s voice due to it bringing her back to reality and reminding her that she is being watched by not only her younger sister but also her best friend who’s girlfriend she currently has her tongue inside of.

“Does her pussy taste as good as mine does?” Dawn adds.

Deciding to do her best to ignore her little sister and concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing Buffy continues to run her tongue up and down the outer lips of the other blonde, enjoying the soft moans that are coming from Tara. Not just because it lets her know that she is doing a good job but she knows both Willow and Dawn can hear the moans just as well as she can which means Dawn also knows that she is pleasing Tara and with this thought in mind the blonde haired Slayer pushes her tongue slowly into the blonde Witch’s pussy.

“Answer me!” Dawn yells, clearly having enough of Buffy ignoring her.

Quickly pulling away from the blonde Witch’s twat Buffy answers the questions, “It tastes good Dawnie. Tara’s pussy tastes good. I love the taste of Tara’s pussy. It’s almost as yummy as yours.”

Even though she’s pretty sure her big sister was sucking up to her with that last comment Dawn is pleased with Buffy’s answers overall and she rewards the blonde with a beaming smile. She is also smiling because of the pussy juice covering Buffy’s chin, but Dawn chooses not to point that out.

Instead she just tells Buffy, “Good answers. Now, get back to work. Lick Tara’s pussy real good. Make her cum all over your pretty face.”

“Yes Dawnie.” Buffy says, burying her face in Tara’s cunt and lapping away twice as eagerly as she was before.

Meanwhile Tara smiles, “You really do have her a short leash, don’t you Dawnie?”

Dawn replies with a smile and a nod as she, along with Willow, focuses on Buffy going down on Tara. Or at least Dawn thinks that they focused on Buffy. In reality Willow can’t help glancing at the littlest Summers because Dawnie looks a little jealous.

For her part Willow is not feeling any jealousy but it’s still hard for her to get her head around what she is seeing. Sure, she has seen other women eat her girlfriend’s pussy before however this time is different. This time it isn’t a stranger, it’s somebody she has known for nearly seven years, her best friend who until tonight she thought was straight and if she had known or suspected that Buffy was a lesbian she would have thought that she would have been a top like her girlfriend not a bottom like her. As she looks at her Dom Willow can tell that despite Tara also having her eyes closed like Buffy does there is no denying from the look on Tara’s face that she is enjoying what Buffy is doing to her. Which causes Willow to turn her head and look at Dawn again.

Dawn was leaning forward, a slight frown on her face but mostly she was in rapture, the younger girl practically salivating over what was happening. Yes, Willow thinks, Dawnie was definitely a little jealous but she was also enjoying it as much as she was.

Meanwhile Buffy’s fears, uncertainties and doubts have gone and have been replaced by a burning desire for Tara to cum in her mouth. With this intention in mind she starts to explore as far inside of Tara’s pussy as she can get her tongue feeling a pair of hands on the back of her head not forcing her further but simply holding her in place. With this show of encouragement Buffy starts to speed up her licking moving her tongue in every direction not caring where her tongue touches simply focusing on making her temporary mistress cum.

“Buffy use your tongue on my clit and use your fingers on my cunt.” Tara says wanting to feel Buffy’s fingers inside of her and feel her tongue on her clit.

Buffy does as she is told without a second thought or minutes hesitation removing her tongue from Tara’s cunt and replacing it with one and then two of her fingers, which causes the Witch to moan in pleasure. Tara’s moans make Buffy happy and knowing that what she is doing makes the blonde Witch happy causes the Slayer to start thrusting her fingers in and out of the other blonde’s cunt as hard and as fast as she can while she focuses her tongue on Tara’s clit causing her to let out a louder moan than when she first slid her fingers inside of her.

Tara continues to hold Buffy’s head to her pussy not that she is meeting much if any resistance. In fact from Tara’s point of view Buffy is taking to being her temporary sub like a duck to water, this woman who has had to deal with all sorts of unbelievable nasties from an Ancient Vampire to her Soulless Vampire lover to a half monster half man to a Hell Goddess is now kneeling before her and passionately pleasuring her pussy like a good little sub that is desperate to please her Dom.

Tara is brought out of her thoughts by Buffy suddenly stopping and removing her fingers from her pussy and replacing them with her tongue only this time Buffy doesn’t simply lick her pussy instead she slides it as deep into the blonde haired Wicca’s wet and willing pussy as it will go. Then without a seconds hesitation starts to fuck Tara’s cunt with her tongue gently at first however getting faster and faster and faster with each and every thrust.

Buffy continues to pound Tara’s pussy with her tongue feeling for some reason like she needs to make Tara cum for reasons she can’t even begin to understand or analyse but reasons which burn inside her like a fire. The hands gripping tightly to the back of her head lets Buffy know she’s doing exactly what she needs to do as do the moans of pleasure falling from the blonde Witch’s mouth.

Suddenly Buffy, Willow and Dawn all hear Tara let out a loud scream of pleasure before the Slayer’s mouth is filled with a heavenly flavour. Instantly recognising it as girl cum Buffy starts noisily gulping it down, the slayer pushing her face as deep as it will go into the other girl’s cunt as she tries to swallow all the yummy liquid. While she is slurping down this heavenly treat Buffy thinks about the taste of the Witch’s cum and how it compares to the two other women’s cum that she has tasted, focusing more specifically on how Tara’s cum tastes compared to her sister’s. As she thinks about it Buffy realises while she enjoys the taste of Tara’s cum… it doesn’t compare to the taste of her sister’s cum.

Buffy screwed up her face as she thinks about this not understanding how she can think this and yet unable to deny it as she tastes more and more of Tara’s cum and as she does she slowly mentally starts to both wish and imagine that it was her sister’s cum that she is tasting as she feels Tara start to thrust her hips into her mouth.

For Willow and Dawn it looks as though Tara is actually face fucking Buffy which turns Willow on while making the brunette wish it was her that was face fucking her sister.

Buffy meanwhile doesn’t care what she looks like or what it looks as though is happening due to the fact she is lost in the thought and fantasy that it is her sister she is eating and who’s cum she is tasting which is causing her to swallowing every drop of Tara’s come she can get into her mouth thinking that it is Dawn’s.

Finally Tara calms down and her cum stops flowing however due to her enjoying the feeling of the Slayer’s tongue inside her the Witch doesn’t move. She continues to face fuck Buffy while looking down at her watching her hungrily suck at her pussy until there is no more cum. However this doesn’t stop Buffy from continuing to suck Tara’s pussy juice replacing her cum, further bringing the blonde Witch pleasure. If her pussy wasn’t so tender after that powerful orgasm and if she wasn’t so eager to move onto other things Tara would have been happy to allow the blonde between her legs to spend the rest of the night or however long she has with her in between her thighs but there are other things that she wants to do to the slayer .

“Ok Buffy, that was good.” Tara says, gently pushing Buffy’s face away from her pussy, “But I think that’s enough of you eating my pussy.”

With Tara’s encouragement Buffy slowly moves her face away from the Witch’s pussy, feeling guilty for what she has just done.

Tara looks down at the other blonde and smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Buffy lick her lips evidently making sure that no cum escapes her grasp.

“Buffy.” Tara says causing the other blonde to turn her attention from Dawn back to her. “I want you to lay down on the rug looking up at the ceiling for me.”

Buffy smiles a small smile grateful to Tara for the distraction from her thoughts as she does as she is told and goes from kneeling before Tara to laying down on her back looking up at the ceiling.

Tara, Willow and Dawn watch as Buffy lays down on her back and looks up at the ceiling just like the blonde haired Witch told her too. Tara smiles as she stands up and walks over and stands before Dawn who turns her attention from Buffy to the blonde Witch.

“I’m going to need that strap on.” Tara says looking into Dawn’s eyes and being able to see two emotions that she didn’t expect to see one of them being anger and the other being jealousy.

“Willow, take off my strap on and give it to Tara.” Dawn tells Willow who turns her attention from Dawn back to Tara who turns her head and looks at the redhead and slowly nods her head before turning her head back to the brunette. Willow moves over to where Dawn is kneeling and proceeds to remove the strap on from around the brunette and once she has done that she gives it to the blonde Witch.

“Thank you Willow.” Tara says as she turns around and walks back over to where Buffy is still laying and looking up at the ceiling totally unaware of the rather tense situation that had just unfolded.

Buffy looks down at her feet to see Tara standing there with the strap on that Dawn had used on her earlier in her hand. She then watches as Tara gets down onto her knees in front of her feet.

“Open up your legs for me Buffy.” Tara says watching as Buffy does as she is told and spreads her legs as wide as she can.

After staring down at the blonde haired Slayer’s pussy for a long time Tara lifts her head and looks up at Buffy who is once again looking up at the ceiling. As she continues to look at her girlfriend’s best friend Tara can’t help but smile even more as she thinks about the woman currently between her legs being with the woman who less than five minutes ago was giving her evil’s the likes of which she had never seen her give before. And as she thinks about this Tara can’t help but imagine the two Summers sisters as wrong as it might be etc she can imagine both Buffy and Dawn being happy together and she can imagine Buffy being a lot happier with her sister than she would be with Riley.

Buffy slowly looks down at Tara who is looking or rather staring at her with a strange little smile on her face, “Tara, is everything ok?”

Tara smiles an ear to ear smile at Buffy, “Everything’s fine. I’m just savouring the moment. I’ve fantasised about this quite a few times.”

Buffy smiles a small, nervous and embarrassed smile back having never thought or imagined that the woman that is now positioned in between her legs would fantasised about doing this to her.

Tara puts the strap on that is still in her hand down on the floor next to her and then turns her attention back to Buffy and slowly bends down and blows on the other blonde’s pussy causing Buffy to shiver with pleasure.

Tara stops blowing on the other blonde’s pussy smiling an ear to ear smile as she sticking her tongue as far into Buffy wet moist cunt as she can get it on the first strike.

Buffy moans uncontrollably due to this invasion, the Slayer only feeling pure pleasure as she was very much ready for this thanks to everything that had happened earlier. Just as she starts to get used to the feeling of Tara’s tongue inside of her she experiences another sensation as the other blonde glues her lips to her pussy and starts to gently suck at her pussy lips for the first time. Much to Buffy’s surprise it doesn’t take long for Tara to get into a rhythm of switching between sucking her pussy lips and thrusting her tongue in and out of her in a way which drives the blonde Slayer closer to the orgasm she can feel building.

Tara meanwhile is busy using all of the skills she has obtained from being with Willow and the sub or switch orientated girls that she and Willow have taken into their bed, the blonde Witch hoping to make Buffy cum so that it will easy for her to slide the strap on inside of the Slayer and she can fuck her cunt. Despite herself she also can’t help focuses on the yummy taste of her girlfriend’s best friend’s pussy. Willow has confessed to being a breast girl, and she knew others preferred asses, or legs, or feet, but Tara’s favourite part of a woman was her pussy. She loved everything about it, the look, the smell, the feel of it against her tongue and fingers, but most of all Tara loved the taste. She craved it. She craved the intoxicating flavour which is pure woman.

She is certainly getting to enjoy the flavour now as the other blonde’s cunt cream is flowing straight from the source into her mouth and down her throat. The entire time Buffy is moaning, that and the juice flowing out of the other blonde’s twat letting Tara know she is achieving both of her goal. She quickly gets an idea how to continue achieving her goal as she slowly and rather reluctantly removes her mouth from Buffy’s cunt. This causes Buffy to look down at her, obviously worried that either there is something wrong or she has done something wrong.

“Buffy.” Tara says loving the look on the blonde haired slayer’s face due to it being very rare to see a look of fear or concern on her face due to her more often than not either being confident or hiding her fears and concerns from her and her other friends, “I want you to wrap your legs around my head.”

Buffy smiles a small rather relived looking smile as she both happily and willingly does as she is told and wraps her legs around Tara’s head.

“Good girl.” Tara says as she returns her mouth to Buffy’s cunt.

Buffy wraps her legs around Tara’s head rather loosely due to her knowing that if she applied too much pressure what with her Slayer healing she could hurt Tara very badly and this is something she doesn’t want to do however as she watches the blonde haired Wicca go back to what she is doing only now she is doing it with more intensity and determination and is making it very hard for Buffy to resist the desire to tighten her grip around Tara’s head due to her wanting to make sure that her girlfriend’s best friend doesn’t move from where she is until she has cum.

Tara smiles as she continues to eat the other blonde’s pussy able to tell that Buffy is intentionally trying to keep her hold on her head loose as well as knowing or able to imagine why due to her having seen what Slayer strength can do and the fact that Buffy is doing her best not to tighten her hold on her makes Tara increase the speed of her oral assault.

Dawn watches eagerly as Tara presses her face deeper in between her older sister’s legs, those legs wrapped around her head tightening ever so slightly as Buffy moans with pleasure. Although Dawn is mostly loving the show there is part of her that wishes it was her in Tara’s place. Or maybe Buffy’s.

Willow meanwhile is enjoying also the view although she can’t help but feel jealous of Buffy due to it normally being her wrapping her legs around Tara’s head so that she can eat her and it being her who moans and groans and who’s pussy juice is flowing into Tara’s mouth. Something she is sure Buffy’s pussy juices are currently doing, not just because of the moans and groans that she is making but due to the fact she knows from personal experience how good Tara is at eating her pussy and having a woman’s thighs wrapped around her head just adds to Tara’s enjoyment.

It is something that Willow has gotten used to since she and Tara have been together and from the look of things it is one thing that Buffy doesn’t seem to mind doing for her.

Willow doesn’t know it but she is right Buffy doesn’t mind having to wrap her legs around Tara’s head. In fact if she had known that Tara would respond the way that she has she would have wrapped her legs around Tara’s head as soon as she started eating her pussy if it meant she would get to feel this extraordinary pleasure. ‘It doesn’t compare to the kind of pleasure Dawn has given me though does it?’ Buffy mentally asks herself. She does her best to ignore this question and focus on what Tara is doing to her pussy loving the fact that she is getting one of the best tongue fuckings of her life. ‘She’s not fucking me as good as Dawn has.’ She mentally tells herself. Buffy continues to try and ignore this part of her brain and focus on what Tara is doing with her tongue. And not just her tongue her mouth is working wonders as well.

All of a sudden Buffy feel’s Tara’s hands make their way up her body until they reach her breasts which she immediately grabs on to and starts to tweak the nipples of hard to some women this might hurt however for she this just adds to her pleasure and enjoyment of what is happening to her. ‘Why hasn’t Dawn done this to me?’ She mentally asks herself and starts to imagine that it is Dawn who’s hands and mouth are working her upper and lower body over. The thought of her little sister doing this to her instead of the blonde haired Wicca is too much for Buffy and causes her to explode with a roar of a cry of pleasure that easily rivals any scream or cry she has made with Dawn the past six days.

Buffy’s orgasm is so intense that it causes her to go as stiff as a board however this doesn’t stop Tara from greedily and noisily sucking the cum from her cunt.

The reason Tara is being extra noisy is she can’t resist taunting Dawn a little while the reason she is being greedy is due to the fact that she loves the taste of girl cum even more than regular pussy cream, Tara swallowing every drop of Buffy’s cum making sure she gets every last little bit of it with her tongue and lips.

Once Buffy’s orgasm subsides and she has gotten as much of the cum she can get out of her Tara removes her head causing the Slayer to unlock her legs from around her head as she does so she and Buffy lock eyes as Tara slowly repositions herself so that she is once again in between the blonde haired Slayer’s legs on her knees licking her lips as she gets back into this position.

Tara once her lips are clean of Slayer cum breaks the eye contact that she has with Buffy and turns her attention to the strap on which is resting on the floor on the right side of her and slowly turns her attention back to the woman who she has just made cum who is still looking at her obviously waiting to see what happens next.

“Sit up Buffy.” Tara says, watching as Buffy forces herself into a sitting position with her legs spread to make room for Tara who is kneeling in front of her, “You see that strap on Buffy? I want you to pick it up and put it on me.”

Buffy without saying a word quickly moves and picks the strap on up and wraps it around Tara’s legs moving it up her legs until it is in position at which point she straps it to her.

“Good girl Buffy.” Tara says with an ear to ear smile on her face once Buffy has finished securing the strap on into place, “Now I want you to suck it. Get it nice and wet for your pussy.”

Buffy takes a deep breath and swallows hard having had a feeling that this would come once she had secured the strap on into place she is also a little nervous due to the fact that although she hasn’t looked in their direction she has not forgotten that Willow and Dawn are watching her and Tara. As she continues to look or rather stare at the fake cock in front of her Buffy can’t help but compare it to the strap on Dawn has used on her since their picnic and how while this strap on is big Dawn’s strap on is a lot bigger and even though she knows that this strap on is going in her pussy and not her ass she can’t help but wish that it was her sister’s strap on and that it was attached to her sister even though there is a part of her that is curious to see how well Tara fucks her.

“Come on Buffy.” Tara snaps causing Buffy to look up at the Witch her focus on the strap on between the blonde haired Wicca’s legs having been broken, “I gave you an order.”

Buffy slowly turns her attention from Tara back down to the strap on which she takes in her hand and does her best to try and focus on the present as she takes the head of the strap on into her mouth and starts to gently but firmly suck on it.

Tara smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Buffy continue to suck the fake cock between her legs. Then she slowly turns her attention from the other blonde to Dawn who looks a little jealous. This causes a wicked smile to cross Tara’s face. Clearly Dawnie wishes it was her getting a blow job from her sister instead. Although from the sounds of it Dawn would have plenty of chances to get Buffy’s lips wrapped around a strap on again, Tara still unable to believe just how dominant lil Dawnie has turned out to be.

Turning her attention back to the Slayer Tara licks her lips. Buffy has gotten into the blow job more, the submissive blonde going lower on the cock with every bob of her head until she has over half of the large fake dick in her mouth.

Buffy continues to bob her head up and down on the strap on determined to get the whole thing in her mouth and finally accomplishing her goal as she feels the shaft not only hitting the back of her throat but beginning to slide down it.

She continues to deep throat the big fake cock as she closes her eyes doing her best to try and imagine that it is her sister’s strap on that she is currently deep throating. As she does this Buffy thinks about where the strap on in her mouth will be going and imagines that it is her sister’s strap on that she is preparing. She imagines the giant head of the thing slowly making its way down her windpipe as she continues to move her head up and down on it as Buffy feels her lips touch the base of the actual strap on that she has in her mouth and not the one that she is imagining it is.

After a few minutes Buffy pulls back until only the tip is in her mouth so she can get some much needed air into her lungs before going all the way back down and repeats this process keeping her eyes firmly shut as she does so continuing to imagine it is her sister and her sister’s strap on that she is doing this to and not Tara’s. After a few times of doing this Buffy changes tactics and instead of going all the way down on the strap on she starts bobbing her head at random lengths, sometimes going down all the way, sometimes halfway, sometimes a third of the way, and sometimes just down a few inches constantly keeping Tara, Willow and Dawn guessing how much cock she will take next.

As Buffy becomes lost in the blow job Dawn continues to watch her sister feeling as though she is doing what she is doing intentionally not just to get the strap on between Tara’s legs wet so that she can fuck her with it but that she is doing this because she knows her little sister is watching her and she is intentionally trying to make her jealous and that that is why she is doing what she is doing with the strap on. “Two can play that game Buffy.” She mentally says to herself as she slowly turns her head and looks at Willow slowly starting to think how and in what way she can make her older sister jealous when the time comes for her and Willow to have their fun.

Tara continues to watch the other blonde unable to believe how much enjoyment she is getting from watching Buffy suck her fake cock nor can she believe how much the Slayer seems to be enjoying what she is doing from the look on her face. It is an amazing thrill for the blonde haired Wicca to have the blonde haired slayer in between her legs worshipping her strap on cock. It makes her feel even more powerful than she normally does when Willow is in the position that Buffy is in due to the fact that Willow is a very powerful witch, more powerful than Tara, is hence the reason why having her girlfriend in between her legs or on her knee’s before her doing what Buffy is currently doing is such a thrill for her. However right now Tara is experiencing an even greater thrill than having a more powerful witch between her legs because she has a Slayer in between her legs. A Slayer down on her knee’s worshiping her strap on and not just any Slayer but her girlfriend’s best friend which just makes this even more of a thrill for her.

As she continues to stare at Buffy Tara can’t help but notice how in a strange way sexy and beautiful Buffy looks being where she is and as she watches her Tara gets another idea as to how she can continue to make Dawn jealous “That’s it Buffy suck that cock. That’s it. You’re doing great. Keep sucking my cock Buffy suck my cock just like that. I can’t believe how much you’re taking down your throat. You’re so good at this and you look so sexy doing it. Sexy and beautiful. My sexy and beautiful little cock sucking sub.”

Dawn looks at Tara when she says “My sexy and beautiful little cock sucking sub” feeling like saying or rather telling Tara My sexy and beautiful little sub as she slowly turns her attention to Buffy who is continuing to suck the strap on between Willow’s girlfriend’s legs

After a few minutes of watching Buffy suck Tara’s fake cock Dawn turns her attention to Willow who seems transfixed by the sight of her best friend sucking Tara’s strap on.

As she continues to watch her sister’s best friend she can’t help but wonder if Willow is feeling as jealous of the situation as she is. She is also wondering if the redhead will submit to her as easily as Buffy seems to have submitted to Tara.

Willow feels a set of eyes on her and turns to see Dawn looking or rather watching her.

“What’s wrong?” Willow whispers just loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“Nothing. I’m just thinking.” Dawn shakes her head, not wanting Willow to know what she is thinking about at least not yet.

“Thinking about what?” Willow asks again in a whisper.

Dawn smiles a small smile at her, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

This causes Willow to turn and look at Tara and Buffy unable to help but wonder what Dawn means by what she has just said.

“Ok Buffy that’s wet enough.” Tara says causing Dawn to also turn her attention to the Wicca and the Slayer as Tara removes her fake cock from Buffy’s mouth and smiles as she as well as both Willow and Dawn see the dildo is now coated from base to tip in Buffy’s saliva.

Buffy looks at the fake cock which is now covered in her saliva unable to help but smile due to the saliva showing Tara and herself what a good job as she turns her attention from the strap on before her to Tara.

“Lay back down on your back Buffy.” Tara says looking at Buffy with an ear to ear smile of her own as she watches the slayer do as she is told without question. Once she is laying back down on her back Buffy looks down and see’s Tara kneel down in between her legs again, “Are you ready for me to fuck your pussy Buffy?”

Buffy swallows hard unable to believe what has happened to her thus far tonight as well as what is about to happen to her however she slowly nods her head in response to Tara’s question.

“What?” Tara asks wanting Buffy to verbally answer her not just so that she can hear her but so that Willow and specifically Dawn can hear her as well.

“Yes Tara, I’m ready for you to fuck my pussy.” Buffy says swallowing hard, unable to believe how much she wants what is about to happen to her to happen to her.

Tara nods her head to show Buffy that was the right answer and that she did the right thing by answering her verbally as she positions the strap on so that the tip is aiming at the entrance to the Slayer’s cunt and pushes her fake cock into her pussy causing Buffy to moan through gritted teeth as the head of the shaft enters her. For some reason Buffy is evidently trying to stop her moans from being too loud maybe it is because she knows who that her little sister is watching and listening. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to admit how much she is enjoying being with her either way for right now Tara doesn’t mind as she starts to slide the dildo into her.

Although she is sure Buffy is not a virgin taking into consideration the way Dawn was fucking her earlier and the way she can imagine Faith fucked her from what Dawn told them about Faith and Buffy’s relationship Tara can’t believe how tight Buffy’s pussy is. No doubt it is thanks to her Slayer healing. Whatever the reason for her tightness Tara likes it because it gives her a thrill knowing that although this isn’t Buffy’s first time she can imagine that it is due to one of her fantasies having been that she is Buffy’s first.

With each thrust Tara slides another inch inside of Buffy until they are both able to feel that the base of the fake cock is up against her pussy much to both girls surprise and delight. Knowing that she is balls deep inside of her girlfriend’s best friend is a thrill beyond anything Tara can imagine and she cannot believe that she has not come just from the thought or the knowledge that she is balls deep inside of the vampire slayer instead of making her cum this knowledge just turns her on more.

Buffy looks down and sees her body is now practically joined with the strap on that Dawn had used on her earlier and that Tara is now using on her having completely disappeared inside of herself. She slowly turns her attention from her’s and the other girl’s almost joined bodies up to Tara who looks down at Buffy and slowly starts to remove the strap on from inside of her and once it is all the way out she slowly and gently pushes it back in.

Dawn and Willow watch as Tara quickly finds a rhythm of slowly fucking Buffy as the two stare into one and other’s eyes. As she watches her sister take the strap on she used on her earlier and is now taking it from her best friend’s girlfriend who is using it on her very slowly. Too slow for Dawn’s liking. And while there is a part of her that thinks she is simply doing her best not to hurt Buffy another part of her can’t help but think that Tara is doing this on purpose to tease her.

Buffy meanwhile is thinking about everything that has happened since she and Tara started and realises that nothing that has happened between them has happened the way she expected it too. Then again she never imagined she would end up being with her best friend’s girlfriend and while when this first started she had felt guilty about what was happening now she no longer feels any guilt. She is simply enjoying what is happening and as she thinks about everything that has happened and how nothing that has happened has happened the way she expected it too.

She realises that while she has imagined or fantasised what it would be like to be with Tara she has never really thought about what sort of lover much less what sort of Dom Tara would be. And as she thinks about it more Buffy realises that everything Tara has done to her has been nice and gentle almost loving in a weird way. And while she has enjoyed it there is a small part of her that hasn’t liked it and as she thinks or tries to think why she has not liked it she quickly comes up with the answer even though she doesn’t want to accept it as the answer. That answer or rather the reason why part of her has not liked what Tara has done to her is because it hasn’t been her sister Dawn doing it too her.

Buffy closes her eyes and does her best to try and imagine the other blonde being like Dawn has been with her and yet despite how hard she tries she just can’t imagine Tara being like Dawn due to the way she has treated her since they started. She doubts the Witch would or rather could ever treat her the way she needs to be treated or be rough with her even if she asked her to be because that is what she needs or needed her to be with her. And the reason she can’t imagine Tara being this way is because it is just not in the blonde haired Wicca’s nature.

Which is weird because up until this week Buffy wouldn’t have thought it would have been in Dawn’s nature or that she would be capable of being rough with anybody either least of all in the bedroom and yet that is exacterly how she has been when she has needed to be that way. However at the same time she has also been the way that Tara has been to her tonight, nice and gentle and loving. All in all Dawn has been the perfect mix of what Buffy both wants in a partner which is for them to nice and gentle and loving and yet she has also been what Buffy needs in a partner which is for them to be rough with her.

As she thinks about this Buffy can’t help but feel the same way she felt when she looked over her shoulder at Dawn while she was laying across the tree stump when Dawn first took her ass. She remembers how when she turned her head she lost the ability to speak due to her having seen a dominant top pounding into it’s bottom’s bottom and proving their dominance over their bottom and how she had felt lucky to be the dominant top’s bitch. An how at that moment she realised she could be happy with Dawn. Not pretend to be happy for the sake of getting the normal life she had always told herself she wanted like it was with Riley, she could be truly happy.

Just like then Buffy is now thinking about how she could be happy with her sister due to her sister it seems being the perfect partner for her.

Buffy closes her eyes doing her best not to think about what she is and has been thinking about and instead doing her best to try and focus on the present and in an attempt to try and help block out any and all thoughts about her and Dawn being together she starts to thrust herself back against the dildo that is slowly plowing her pussy making it move even deeper inside of her.

Buffy’s actions do not go unnoticed by Tara who turns her attention from looking at Buffy to looking down at their joined bodies when she feels the slayer start to move back against her which causes her to smile an ear to ear smile.

“If you want me to go faster Buffy.” Tara says causing Buffy to open her eyes and look at her. “You have to tell me.”

Buffy looks at Tara knowing what she means by what she has just said. “Fuck me Tara. Please fuck me faster.”

Tara smiles as she slowly removes the strap on from Buffy’s pussy until only the head is inside of her. After a few seconds of making Buffy wait she slams the dildo back inside her as hard as she cannot so hard that it hurts her even though she is sure taking into consideration the fact that she is the Slayer she could handle more than what Willow could.

Buffy moans in pleasure defiantly able to tell now that she has the whole cock inside of her and loving the fact that she has something to distract her as Tara starts to fuck her, pressing on faster and going deeper while maintaining the force of her thrusts.

Tara doubts she can fuck Buffy as well as Faith did due to the fact she is not a Slayer. However she is fairly certain she can fuck her just as well as Dawn did earlier and she is intent on doing so working as hard as she can and using all of her skills she has. As she continues to pound Buffy’s pussy the blonde haired slayer starts to cry out in pleasure letting Tara know that her skills are evidently good enough.

Not only do Buffy’s cries of pleasure let Tara know that her skills are good enough to please or pleasure a Slayer they also encourage her to slam into her as hard and as fast as she can.

“I want more! Ohhhhhhh God Tara, more!” Buffy moans all thoughts of Dawn at least for the time being having gone from her mind as she focuses on the pleasure she is feeling, “Oooooooh shit, ooooohhhhhh fuck, please, give me more. Please give me more Tara. Please, I need it.”

Tara smiles an ear to ear smile wanting to look up and over at Dawn however managing to keep her focus on the Summers sister that is between her legs and as she continues to look down at Buffy a thought pops into her head as she removes the dildo from the other girl’s pussy causing Buffy to look at her.

“If you want more Buffy turn over and get on all fours.” Tara tells the Slayer in a tone of voice letting Buffy know she isn’t asking.

Buffy looks at Tara in shock and she isn’t the only one in shock. Dawn also stares at Tara in shock at what she has just told her big sister to do and immediately figures what the blonde haired Wicca is planning on doing to her big sister.

“I told you Buffy’s ass was off limits Tara!” Dawn says in a warning tone.

Tara smiles a small smile having expected what she told Buffy to do to get to Dawn, “I know Dawn and I am going to continue to agree to your two conditions. I just want to fuck Buffy’s pussy from behind.”

“Oh… ok.” Dawn says a tad suspiciously.

Tara turns her head from looking at Dawn to looking at Buffy who turns her attention from Dawn to Tara and slowly rolls over onto her stomach and gets up onto all fours turning her head around to look back at the blonde Witch.

“Face forward Buffy.” Tara tells her causing Buffy to turn her head back around.

Dawn watches Tara like a hawk as the blonde haired Wicca positions her fake cock at the entrance to Buffy’s pussy and slowly presses it until it starts to slowly slide in which causes Dawn to relax a little.

Buffy meanwhile is able to feel the fake cock slowly start to get pressed back into her pussy. As Tara slowly but firmly slides more and more of the fake cock into her Buffy softly mews as every inch of the strap on makes it’s self once again comfortable inside of her cunt. It isn’t long until she feels Tara’s thighs pressing against her ass cheeks announcing that she once again has the whole strap on inside of her.

Buffy waits wanting to feel that fake cock do the same thing it did to her pussy while she was laying on her back now that she is on all fours only this time she wants Tara to do it until she cums however Tara doesn’t move. Although she wants to look back and see what Tara is doing Buffy does her best not to do that due to her having been told by the other blonde to face forward and so she simply waits.

The wait seems endless with Tara seemingly doing nothing for a long time before Buffy finally starts to feel her move her hips side to side and up and down and then in a circular motion causing Buffy to groan and moan each time as every movement causes the dildo to move around inside her.

“You said you wanted more Buffy.” Tara says playfully after a while continuing to move her dildo around inside Buffy’s cunt, “I’ll give it to you… but first there is something I want from you.”

“What?” Buffy asks wanting to turn her head around and look back at Tara however keeping her head facing forward.

Tara slowly starts to speed up her movements, “I want you to tell me out loud how good what I am doing to you feels. I want you to tell me so that both your best friend my girlfriend Willow and your sister Dawn can hear.”

Buffy closes her eyes unable to believe what Tara both wants and is telling her to do.

Tara waits patiently however Buffy doesn’t say anything. “Not willing to do as I ask? Well maybe this will help convince you to do it.”

Tara then takes a firm grip of Buffy’s hips and slowly pulls the strap on out almost all the way before she slams the dildo back inside with all her might and proceeds to slowly but both firmly and forcefully fuck Buffy’s cunt waiting to hear Buffy’s decision as she continues her slow and steady pace.

Dawn watches her sister’s best friend’s girlfriend and her sister now no longer under any delusion that Tara is doing what she is doing with the specific intent of making her jealous which confuses her slightly due her not understanding why Tara would be or is doing this unless she is trying to show her who the better top is or who would be the better top for Buffy to be a sub too. “If that is the case then I will show Tara just exacterly who the better top is and who is the perfect top for Buffy to be a sub too and I will do it by using Willow.” She mentally says to herself as she continues to watch the two women in front of her.

From the moans falling from Buffy’s mouth Tara is sure that the blonde haired slayer is not too far away from doing what she wants and that is telling Dawn and Willow how much she likes what she is doing to her but first she needs a little bit more convincing. Although there is a part of Tara that can’t believe what she wants Buffy to say aloud there is another part of the blonde haired Wicca that craves to hear those words fall from the Slayer’s mouth. However the temptation not to slam fuck Buffy’s pussy as hard and fast and deep as she can is becoming unbearable. In fact with every thrust into the other blonde’s cunt Tara’s desire to pound Buffy’s cunt increases with she desperately wanting to go faster but refusing to allow herself to until Buffy has said what she wants her to say and what she wants not only herself but Willow and more specifically Dawn to hear.

Buffy closes her eyes unable to believe how good the other blonde’s pussy fucking feels it’s not as good as a pussy pounding by Dawn but it still good and with each thrust from the dildo Buffy finds herself wanting more and the more time passes the more desperate she is getting for Tara to go faster deeper and harder and yet she knows what she has to do in order for that to happen however she still isn’t willing to do what Tara wants her to do.

After fighting for as long as she can doing what Tara wants or rather saying what Tara wants her to say seems like nothing due to the fact that while she wouldn’t be lying about how good what the other blonde is doing to her feels at the same time she wouldn’t be telling the truth either due to what Tara is doing to her doesn’t feel as good as what Dawn has done to her.

“You want me to fuck your pussy harder Buffy?” Tara says breaking Buffy from her thoughts, “Then say what I want to hear you say and I will fuck you harder. I’ll go as hard and as fast and as deep as I can.”

After hearing Tara say this Buffy decides to do what Tara wants.

“I, I want you to fuck me Tara. I want you to fuck me hard. Please? I love what you’re doing to me, it feels amazing, but I want more. Mmmmmmm, I need more.” Buffy says aloud making sure all three of the other people in the room with her can hear what she is saying, “Ohhhhhhh God, oh Tara, please, I need it. I need you to fuck me! Please? Please, please, please, mmmmmm, fuck me harder! Pound my slutty pussy! Slam it as hard as you can! Please Tara, mmmmmm, give it to me, ooooooooh fuck me, please fuck me harder ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Ahhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhh, oooooooh God!”

Tara smiles the biggest smile of the night as she pulls the dildo almost completely out of the Slayer’s pussy and then slams it back in, this time using every ounce of strength she has to bury every single inch inside of the Vampire Slayer. She keeps up that punishing pace, Tara going harder and faster and deeper with each stroke hearing Buffy moan as she does so. Tara loves those sounds that Buffy is making, and the fact that she knows Willow and Dawn can also hear the Slayer moan.

Buffy can’t help but moan as Tara fucks her pussy the way she promised harder deeper and faster and yet despite how much she is loving what the blonde Witch is doing to her in the back of her mind she can’t help but compare what Tara is doing to her to what Dawn has done and would be doing to her if she where in the blonde haired Wicca’s position and despite how good what Tara is doing to her it doesn’t really compare to what Dawn has and would be doing to her. Once again Buffy does her best not to think about this or compare her sister with her best friend’s girlfriend and simply enjoy what is happening to her. She is also doing her best not to think about the fact that she knows Willow and Dawn are watching her get fucked by Tara and that they have both heard her say or rather tell Tara and them how good what Tara is doing to her feels.

Despite a part of her not wanting to Buffy turns her head and looks over at Willow who is watching what is going on with a look of lust on her face. Buffy blushes and then looks at Dawn, who has the same look on her face and then finally at Tara. The look on the blonde haired Wicca’s sends Buffy’s horniness into overdrive due to it causing her to remember when she looked back over her shoulder when she was laying across the tree stump and saw Dawn and remembers what she thought. This causes her to turn her head around and face the front once again as she starts thrusting herself backward impaling her horny pussy on Tara’s fake cock wanting to get all the pleasure she can.

As she continues to pound into Buffy’s pussy Tara smiles as she sees Buffy start to respond by forcing herself back on her fake cock. As she continues to go as hard and as fast and as deep inside of the blonde haired Slayer’s pussy as she can Tara turns her attention to the one hole that is off limits to her, that being Buffy’s ass. As she looks at the soft cheeks of Buffy’s butt she can’t help but wish that she was fucking that whole if only to see how tight it is. All of a sudden Tara gets an idea as she continues to look at the Slayer’s ass doing her best to get a good picture of it in her mind and when she has she closes her eyes and does her best to imagine that she is fucking Buffy’s ass instead of her pussy.

Buffy also has her eyes closed and is imagining something different to what is really happening only she is imagining that instead of Tara fucking her pussy it is her sister Dawn and the image of her sister being where Tara is causes Buffy to moans and cry out even louder.

Dawn watches her big sister start to fuck herself on Tara’s cock without permission. If this had happened earlier she would have probably told the blonde haired Witch to punish her sister for doing this. However right now all Dawn can think about is how this shows her how much her big sister is loving what Tara is doing to her.

Despite being glad and grateful to Tara for having kept to their agreement and not having allowed the temptation to fuck Buffy’s ass to become irresistible Dawn can’t help but hate having to watch Tara fuck her sister’s pussy a little due to the fact that despite how hard fast and deep the blonde haired Wicca is going Dawn can’t help but think about how if she was in the blonde haired Witch’s position she would be going harder faster and deeper especially if she had her strap on on instead of the one that Tara is using. Note to self always carry around your riding crop, paddle AND strap on in future. Dawn mentally tells herself wishing she had brought at the very least the strap on with her because if she had she could have used that on Buffy before they got caught and then had the blonde Witch use the strap on she is currently using and if she had asked if she could use her strap on she could have refused and in doing so maybe Buffy would not be enjoying the pussy fucking that she is currently receiving from Tara as much as she is due to the strap on that is being used not being her sister’s.

Even though she knows that Buffy’s ass is still her’s it isn’t enough. Dawn doesn’t just want her sister’s ass she wants her sister. She wants her mouth and pussy. She wants her whole body, and what has happened and is happening right now if anything has proven this to Dawn. And that is not the only thing the youngest Summers sister wants, because she also wants her older sister to want her to want her the way that she does. She wants Buffy to want her to own her completely. Own her mouth, pussy and ass. Heart, mind, body, and soul.

“Fuck me.” Dawn suddenly hears Buffy say causing her to refocus her attention on the present.

“Fuck me harder… deeper… faster!” Buffy moans as she continues to shamelessly throw herself back against Tara’s thrusts keeping her eyes closed and focusing on the image of her sister being the one fucking her as she repeats the words harder, deeper, faster.

Tara smiles as she too keeps her eyes closed and continues to imagine that it is Buffy’s ass she is fucking instead of her pussy knowing that no matter how good her fantasies of what Buffy’s ass are like nor how good her fantasies of having and being with the Slayer are from now they are not going to be as good as actually having and being with the Slayer is as she fucks Buffy as she is asking to be fucked… harder, deeper and faster.

“Oh my god… I’m going to… oh my god I’m going to cum!” Buffy moans.

An with that Tara Dawn and Willow watch as Buffy’s body starts to shake and shiver. Seeing this and feeling Buffy’s orgasm take a hold of her is too much for Tara as she screams almost as loud as Buffy and explodes along with her.

Despite both of them now being in the throws of orgasm neither Buffy nor Tara miss a beat and continue to fuck the other or themselves with Tara impaling her clit on the little nub inside the strap on while Buffy is impaling her cunt on the fake cock both women looking like they’re working together to when in reality they are both lost in their own separate fantasies. However at the same time they are both savouring their orgasm which eventually leads to the both of them having a second and then a third. However instead of causing the two women to stop each orgasm seems to drive both women on relentless pushing themselves to the next orgasm until exhaustion forces Tara to slowly stop fucking the Slayer until the dildo is just inside of Buffy’s pussy and both she and Buffy are doing their best to get their breath back.

Tara finally gets enough strength back in her body to slowly pull her fake cock out of Buffy’s pussy. Once the strap on is out of Buffy’s cunt Tara slowly starts to undo the straps. Once she has taken the strap on off she feels tempted to have Buffy lick the strap on clean however decides to once again taste the Slayer’s pussy juice as she sucks the toy clean, loving the taste of her girlfriend’s best friend’s pussy on her cock.

Tara smiles widely around the cock in her mouth as she looks down to see Buffy still on her hands and knees. Once she has gotten every little bit of Buffy’s pussy juice Tara puts the dildo down on the floor next to her and turns to look at Dawn and Willow.

Willow is staring at Tara with a small smile on her face while Dawn is staring at Buffy who is still on all fours and looking at the floor.

“Did you enjoy that Buffy?” Dawn asks both wanting and yet at the same time not wanting to know the answer to this question.

Buffy turns her head and looks over at Dawn who is looking at her with an unreadable expression. She slowly turns her attention from looking at Dawn to looking at Tara who turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy and slowly nods her head giving her permission to answer her sister’s question. Buffy slowly turns her attention from Tara back to Dawn having been given permission to answer the question.

“Yes.” Buffy says, feeling guilty for admitting what she is admitting, “I did enjoy it.”

Despite herself Buffy feels tempted to add that the reason she enjoyed what just happened wasn’t because it was Tara doing it to her but rather it was because of what or rather who she was imagining doing it to her. However she manages to keep this to herself due to her feeling both confused and ashamed to admit that she was imagining thinking about and wishing that it had been Dawn fucking her pussy to orgasm after orgasm.

Tara smiles as she turns her attention from Buffy to Willow and Dawn.

Dawn immediately gets off of the bed and walks over to the seat Tara used earlier. As she does so Tara, Buffy and Willow all watch her as she walks over to the seat and sits down and looks at Willow who is looking back at her.

“Willow.” Dawn says keeping her focus on the redhead on the bed even though she can feel both Buffy and Tara’s eyes on her as well, “I want you to crawl over here on your hands and knees.”

Willow slowly gets down onto her hands and knees and slowly makes her way over to Dawn. As she does Buffy and Tara slowly make their way over to the bed and sit down next to one and other as they both watch Dawn and Willow.

“Stop!” Dawn snaps causing Willow to stop halfway in between the bed and the chair that Willow is sitting on. “Stand up.”

Willow slowly gets to her feet keeping her eyes locked with Dawn’s.

“Now. I want you to strip for me.” Dawn says looking Willow up and down, smiling a small smile as she thought about how this was so similar to her first night together with Buffy, the brunette confident that Buffy will remember this.

Willow rather stares at Dawn a tad stunned by what she has just been told to do due to the fact that Tara has never asked her to strip for her normally depending on what sort of mood their in they normally magic the clothes off one and other if they can’t be bothered to physically strip each other or if they are in the mood to take things slow then they strip each other however Tara asked Willow to strip for her while she watches. And the thought of stripping for another woman and that woman being her best friend’s sister while both her girlfriend and her best friend watch actually turns the redhead on and she slowly starts to do as she has been told by taking off the black shirt.

“Do it slowly Willow.” Dawn tells Willow with a smile as she continues to watch her sister’s best friend slowly start to remove the light green top which covered her tits completely and had been covered by the long sleeved black shirt over.

“Stop there.” Dawn says intent on taking her time and making not only Willow wait or herself but also Tara and especially Buffy who she knows is watching what she is doing to her best friend.

However right now the fact that her sister and her sister’s best friend’s girlfriend are watching her and Willow are the last things on her mind. Right now the main thing on Dawn’s mind is enjoying the view of Willow’s now that the light green top is gone uncovered rack which while not as impressive as her sister’s is still very impressive compared to some of the flat chested women Dawn has been with.

“Ok.” Dawn says finally deciding to move on a little, “Now very slowly and as seductively as you can I want you to take those black leather pants shoes off.”

Willow takes a deep breath and swallows hard due to the sight of Dawn licking her lips the way she just has sends a chill, or rush of excitement… she isn’t sure which, down her body as she bends over slowly and starts to undo the shoes that she is wearing.

“Stop!” Dawn says suddenly getting an idea due to the position Willow is in.

Willow stops halfway through undoing the first of the shoes and looks up at Dawn while remaining bent over.

“Turn around.” Dawn tells her with an ear to ear smile.

Willow looks at Dawn in shock and slight confusion.

“I said turn around!” Dawn tells her the smile having gone from her face.

Willow slowly stands back up straight.

“I didn’t tell you to stand up did I!” Dawn snaps.

Willow quickly shakes her head having never heard Dawn snap at her before.

“Well then re-assume the position you were just in.” Dawn tells her and Willow does as she is told bending back over, “That’s better. Now turn around and face Buffy and Tara. So that they can watch you undo and take off your shoes and your pants. And I get to watch you take off your pants from the back and see your fuck-able little ass.”

Buffy swallows hard as she continues to watch the scene before her unable to believe that Dawn has just told Willow what to do and why she has just told her to do it.

Willow keeping herself bent over turns around until she is facing or rather she is in the direction of the bed and her ass is facing Dawn.

“Now.” Dawn says keeping her focus on Willow’s ass having noticed while she and Buffy were walking behind Willow and Tara on their way to the club that the redhead’s ass looked rather tight in the black leather pants. Although the pants weren’t as tight fitting as the ones Faith wore or wears they still showed off the redheaded Wicca’s backside nicely to anybody who wanted to look.

Willow keep’s her head hung feeling embarrassed that she is doing what she is doing not just because her best friend’s sister is currently watching her ass which while embarrasses her gives her a bit of a thrill knowing that another woman likes her ass however she is also embarrassed because she is currently facing the direction of the bed on which she is sure Buffy and Tara are currently sat watching her as she undresses for Dawn which both embarrasses her and at the same time also gives her a bit of a weird thrill.

Dawn meanwhile has her eyes glued to the view that she is currently getting to enjoy which is of Willow’s backside in the black leather pants. However as soon as she has undone her shoes and take them off Willow stands back up straight and looks behind her. Why she does this Dawn isn’t sure however she slowly turns her attention from the redheads butt to her face.

“After you have taken them off I want you to give me a little wiggle.” Dawn says and tells Willow able to imagine how much this must be driving Buffy insane. Or at least she hopes it is.

As she watches Dawn turns her head back around and not look at the bed but rather the wall in front of her as she unbuttons and then slowly starts to take the black leather bottoms that she has had on all night off once they are down past her ass she does as Dawn has told her to and gives the brunette a little wiggle as she then continues to take them down and off.

Dawn licks her lips as she watches Willow wiggle her ass for her and then finishes taking off the pants and stands still continuing to face away from her and allow Dawn to enjoy the view of her now equally uncovered ass which again doesn’t compare to her older sister’s but is more than good enough for what Dawn has in mind for it.

“I see both you and Tara like to go o’natural when it comes to underwear.” Dawn says having noticed how just like Tara Willow isn’t wearing a bra or panties or thong etc.

“Tara is the one who likes to do that.” Willow says as she continues to look at the wall behind the bed.

“And she makes you do it?” Dawn asks sensing a hint of discomfort from Willow.

Willow nods her head.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Dawn says seeing a golden opportunity to make Buffy jealous, “Well I can see why Tara doesn’t like you wearing underwear underneath clothes. Although I have to say Willow… if you were my Sub… I don’t think I would let you wear clothes… at least not in private.”

Buffy looks at Dawn feeling herself physically shake at what she has just heard her little sister say.

“You mean… you like the way I look… in my birthday suit?” Willow asks partly wondering if Dawn means what she is saying and at the same time wondering if she is saying this to get back at either Tara or Buffy or both for the show they put on a short while ago and how it made the youngest Summers girl feel.

“Very much.” Dawn says able to feel her big sister’s eyes on her however keeping her focus on Willow, “Especially your ass.”

Willow can’t help but like the fact that Dawn is commenting her on the way she looks even though she can’t help but feel that she might simply be using her as a way of getting back at Buffy and or Tara for making her jealous. If that is the case while there is a part of her that doesn’t like it there is another part of her that sees no harm in enjoying it.

“Thank you.” Willow says loud enough for everybody in the room to hear not just Dawn and Buffy but also Tara due to the fact that although she did enjoy watching Tara and Buffy together she can’t deny that seeing her girlfriend with another woman did annoy her a bit and decides to use this opportunity the same way that Dawn is and that is to make her girlfriend jealous.

“You’re welcome.” Dawn says having not expected Willow to thank her although she can’t help but like the fact that she did The sign of a good Sub. She mentally says to herself. “Now, first I want you to turn around and face me.”

Buffy watches the redhead turn back around and face Dawn giving her the chance to inspect Willow’s ass for herself and while she won’t deny that her best friend does have a fairly cute looking backside she is sure that it is not as ‘fuck-able’ as hers. At least not when she thinks about what Dawn has been saying about her ass the past couple of days. Which causes Buffy to wonder weather her sister is simply teasing her or weather she is trying to make her jealous.

“Good girl.” Dawn says to Willow once she is once again facing her noticing out of the corner of her eye how her big sister’s attention turns from her to Willow’s ass, a clear sign to Dawn that what she said about her sister’s best friend’s behind worked, “Now I want you to get back down on your hands and knee’s and come over here. When you get here climb up and lay yourself face down across my lap. Do you understand?”

“Yes Dawnie.” Willow says.

“Good.” Dawn says back, “Then do it.”

Willow once again gets down onto her hands and knees and crawls the rest of the way over to where Dawn is sitting giving both Tara and Buffy the chance to get a really good view of her ass as she does so which Buffy is sure had been her little sister’s intention. Once she reaches where Dawn is sitting Willow climbs up and lays face down across the youngest Summers sister’s lap and awaits what she knows is coming and that is a spanking at the hands of her best friend’s little sister.

Once Willow is laying face down across her lap Dawn begins to run her hand all over Willow’s ass enjoying the feel of it underneath her hand and enjoying the fact that she is getting to see her sister’s best friend’s rather well rounded backside up close and personal as she continues to run her hand over both cheeks gently.

Willow does her best not to let Dawn’s gentle caress of her backside fool her due to the fact she is sure that any minute now her best friend’s little sister will start to give her a really hard spanking. Although she isn’t sure why unless she is simply doing this because it is either something Tara did to Buffy and Dawn didn’t approve of the way she spanked her older sister so she is either going to show Tara how a Dom should spank their Sub or she is going to show Tara that she is just as good at spanking as she is or she has always wanted to spank her.

Either way the redheaded Wicca does her best to mentally and physically prepare herself for what she is sure is about to come. And despite being a little bit nervous Willow can’t help but also be turned on at the thought of getting spanked by her best friend’s little sister. And a part of her wants to get spanked by Dawn regardless of the reason due to it having been a secret fantasy of her’s for this to happen and yet having never imagined it would ever happen even on the Hellmouth where it seems like anything can happen.

Willow suddenly feels Dawn remove her hand from her ass and is sure that the spanking is about to begin and so she does her best to really mentally and physically prepare herself. However much to her surprise the first hit from Dawn’s hand to her ass isn’t hard at all neither is the second or the third or the fourth or the fifth. With each strike that the brunette is giving her Willow can’t help but slowly start to relax and enjoy the ‘spanking’.

Tara watches Dawn toy with Willow’s ass turning to look at Buffy who’s focus seems to be locked on what is happening in the chair. Tara slowly turns back around to face the scene herself.

“Dawn what in the name of the Goddess are you doing?” Tara asks curiously.

Dawn turns her attention from what she is doing to Tara, “Getting Willow ready for her spanking.”

Tara is surprised to hear Dawn say this, “Getting her ready for her spanking?”

Dawn nods her head.

“Well… what do you call what you’re doing right now?” Tara asks curiously.

“I call it warming her up.” Dawn says in response.

“But she hasn’t done anything to earn a really hard spanking.” Buffy suddenly interjects causing both Dawn and Tara to look at her in surprise. She feels nervous for having just said what she has as she turns her attention from Dawn to Tara, “Well it’s true isn’t it?”

Tara looks at Buffy slowly turning her attention from the blonde haired Slayer back to her little sister. “She is right, Willow hasn’t done anything to earn a really hard spanking.”

Dawn looks at Tara and slowly looks back at Buffy before turning her attention to the woman laying across her lap, “Well Willow? Have you done anything to earn a really hard spanking?”

Willow lays across Dawnie’s lap not sure weather the question she has just been asked was rhetorical or weather Dawn wants her to answer her. Weather it was rhetorical or not the redhead thinks about everything that has happens since she and Tara walked in on the two sisters going at it and despite a small part of her actually wanting to find something Dawn can use as an excuseto spank her she can’t find anything.

“No Dawn.” She says finally deciding to answer the question she was asked figuring that if the question Dawn has just asked her was rhetorical then she has just given the youngest Summers sister a reason to give her a hard spanking. “There is nothing I can think of that I have done to earn a hard spanking.”

“Oh really. Don’t you remember saying ‘not to mention the fact she is owed a hard spanking for having not done what Dawn wanted her to do earlier’.” Dawn says quoting what Willow had interjected into the conversation Dawn and Tara had been having concerning the fact that Tara wasn’t giving Buffy a hard spanking. “You told her not to cum which meant that she had to stop fucking her ass with the strap on until you told her otherwise. You also told her not to forget her place and that the next time you told her to do something she was to do it.”

Willow closes her eyes doing her best not to smile even though there is a part of her that wants to her due to her knowing why Dawn has brought this up or rather able to imagine why Dawn has brought this up.

“Do you remember saying this?” Dawn asks.

Willow nods her head.

“I can’t hear you.” Dawn tells her.

“Yes.” Willow says, “I do remember saying that.”

“Now why did you say that?” Dawn asks Willow rhetorically, “Was it because you thought I would forget about Buffy having not done what I told her to do? Or was it because you thought I wouldn’t punish her?”

“It was neither of those reasons.” Willow says feeling both nervous and excited at the thought of getting spanked by Dawn. “I was simply trying to help you.”

“Did I ask for your help?” Dawn asks back.

Willow shakes her head.

“I can’t hear you!” Dawn snaps.

“No.” Willow says, “You didn’t ask me to help you.”

“Did either me or Tara give you permission to speak? Or ask for your opinion or for your help?” Dawn asks.

“No you didn’t.” Willow says.

“So not only did you tell me something that I already knew and didn’t need for you to tell me nor did I ask for you to remind me about you also spoke out of turn and interrupted a conversation between myself and Tara that not only had nothing to do with you but neither of us had asked you to join.” Dawn says, summing up all the reasons for her to now give the redhead a hard spanking, “So tell me Willow. Taking all of this into consideration do you still think you have done nothing that would earn you a hard spanking?”

Willow swallows hard and takes a deep breath her excitement now outweighing her nervousness, “Yes, I have earned a hard spanking.”

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she turns her attention from Willow to Tara, “What about you Tara? Do you think she has earned a hard spanking?”

Tara looks back at Dawn partly wanting to smile due to the fact that even though Dawnie’s ‘reasons’ for giving Willow a spanking are minor things and things that she could tell Willow off with she can’t help but like how she is using these things as reasons to give her girlfriend a hard spanking due to the blonde wanting to see how good Dawn is at being a Dom.

“Yes she has.” Tara says nodding her head.

Dawn turns her attention from Tara to Buffy, “What do you think sis? Has Willow earned a hard spanking?”

Buffy looks back at Dawn and slowly turns her attention from her little sister to her best friend and thinks about the reasons for Dawn giving Willow the hard spanking that she has a feeling weather she agrees with it or not she is still going to give her. As Buffy does she remembers what her little sister said to her Good girls should get soft spankings. Bad girls should get hard spankings. As she thinks about this and despite part of her not wanting to watch her best friend get spanked by her sister Buffy can’t help but feel that Willow should get a hard spanking as she slowly nods her head.

“I can’t hear you Buffy.” Dawn says wanting not only herself and Tara to hear Buffy say the words but also wanting Willow to hear her best friend say that she deserves a hard spanking.

“Yes.” Buffy says doing her best to hide her slight anger at what Dawn is about to do, “Willow deserve a hard spanking.”

Dawn looks at her big sister and smiles at her as she turns her attention back to Willow, “Now that we are all in agreement… I think it is time for the spanking to begin.”

Before Willow has the chance to mentally or physically prepare herself for the first strike she cries out as she feels Dawn’s hand come down hard on her backside.

Dawn smiles as she hears Willow cry out in pain and continues to smack her ass with her hand again and again enjoying the sound that the redheaded Witch is making with each connection of her hand to her ass and as she continues to do this she looks over at Buffy who turns her attention from looking at Willow to looking at Dawn.

“Don’t think just because Tara gave you a hard spanking I’m not going to still give you one.” Dawn tells her older sister, “You didn’t do as I told you and you forgot your place. You will learn to do as I tell you when I tell you to do it. And you will know your place.”

Buffy swallows hard knowing that she should be scared and yet instead of being scared she is actually excited or rather looking forward to getting spanked by her little sister partly because she feels as though she does deserve to be spanked for not having done as she was told and for having forgotten her place but also for another reason which Buffy can’t figure out.

Dawn meanwhile turns her attention back to Willow and gives her another hard slap to her ass.

Comparing the spanking Willow is now receiving to the ‘warm up’ she received earlier is like night and day so much so she now is starting to wish that her girlfriend hadn’t opened her mouth and asked Dawn what she was doing due to the fact that if Tara hadn’t said anything she may have gotten away with a “warm up” spanking instead of this.

Despite all the screaming she is doing Willow can’t help but feel deep down as though she does deserve this because while the reason she gave for having interjected what she did into the conversation that Dawn and Tara were having as far as reasons why the blonde Witch should give Buffy a hard spanking is true and that she was as she put it simply trying to help Dawnie when she had not asked for her help. Nor had either she nor the blonde Witch given her permission to speak or asked for her opinion or for her help and she had told Dawn something that she already knew and didn’t need or ask for her to remind her about but she also spoke out of turn and interrupted a conversation between Dawn and Tara that like the brunette said had nothing to do with her and neither of them had asked her to join in. All of these facts causes Willow to stop screaming and simply lay across Dawnie’s lap and take her spanking.

Dawn’s smile widens as she notices Willow has stopped screaming and is now only moaning and groaning in response to her spanking.

“So Willow, will you ever tell a Dom something that she already knows again?” Dawn asks waiting a minute or two for Willow to answer which she doesn’t which causes Dawn to react, “Answer me!”

Dawn hits Willow’s ass extra hard causing Willow to cry out, “No! I will never tell a Dom something that she already knows.”

“And will you ever offer a Dom help when they have not asked for your help?” Dawn asks.

“No I will not.” Willow says almost immediately in response.

“Will you ever speak or give your opinion or offer help when you have not been given permission to or asked for your opinion or asked for your help?” Dawn asks.

“No I will never speak out of turn again.” Willow says, “Nor will I ever interrupt a conversation that has nothing to do with me ever again.”

Dawn looks up at Tara able to see the shock both on the woman who is currently laying across her lap’s girlfriend’s face and in her eyes. Why she is shocked Dawnie isn’t sure. It might be due to how hard she is spanking Willow or the fact that the redhead seems to have cracked so quickly to her. Either way whatever the reason Dawn can’t help but feel a sense of pride as she turns her attention from Tara to Buffy who is looking at Willow and doesn’t look shocked but rather she looks jealous which shocks Dawn a little. However it also makes her smile as she turns her attention back to Willow and continues to roughly beat the redhead’s butt not caring which cheek she hits so long as her hand makes contact with the redhead’s ass due to her wanting to show Buffy not only what she is going to get when she does spank her for what she did earlier but also what she is currently missing.

Buffy and Tara both continue to watch as Willow’s ass turns from its normal colour to a light pink.

“That’s enough!” Tara snaps causing both Buffy and Dawn to turn their attention to her.

“You said no conditions.” Dawn points out to Tara.

Tara looks at her girlfriend’s backside having never smacked her ass so hard that it started to change colour her spankings have always been a ‘warm up’ to them doing other things.

“Yes.” Tara says finally turning her attention from Willow’s now pink coloured ass to Dawn, “But I didn’t think you would do that.”

“You mean you didn’t think I could do that.” Dawn says, being able to read between the lines as to what the blonde haired Wicca means and what she is saying.

“No I didn’t.” Tara admits feeling guilty for having underestimated Dawn’s ability as a Dom.

Dawn smiles, “If you think this is bad you should see what I can do to Buffy with a paddle and a crop.”

Buffy turns her head from Dawn to Tara and slowly hangs her head feeling as though she should point out what her sister failed to and that was the fact that at least the paddle and maybe the crop are magical. However despite feeling a desire to do this she can’t help but not do it for one reason and that is due to the fact that Dawn has just told her best friend and best friend’s girlfriend that she has spanked her using a riding crop and a paddle. And while she is embarrassed there is a small part of her that can’t help but be proud that she can take a spanking from the brunette with the riding crop and or paddle even if they are magic due to the fact that she doubts Willow could take a spanking from either or both of those two things considering that her ass has turned a light shade of pink just from Dawn using her bare hand.

“Because you were willing to adhere to my conditions I will stop the spanking.” Dawn says causing Buffy to lift her head and look at her sister who’s focus is on Tara who is looking back at Dawn and slowly nods her head.

Dawn turns her attention from Tara back down to Willow’s still light pink ass and starts to run her hand over the redhead’s beaten cheeks admiring her work and wishing that she had brought the paddle and crop although she wonders if she had weather or not either Willow or Tara or both would have been able to tell that they were magical tools as she stops simply running her hand over the redhead’s ass and starts to rub it however she soon stops that and slips her hand farther down the redhead’s ass cheeks and starts to feel her sister’s best friend’s pussy.

Willow closes her eyes knowing that there is no way to stop or hide what Dawn has no doubt found running in between as well as down her legs and the reason she is wet down there is because she was starting to get turned on by the spanking.

“You have a real Sub here Tara.” Dawn says turning her attention from Willow to her girlfriend, “She enjoyed the spanking so much she started to get wet from it. Didn’t you Willow?”

“Yes Dawn I did.” Willow says knowing that if she doesn’t answer her Dawn will no doubt make her pay for it with another hard spanking and while she is not sure she could take another round there is a part of her that wants to see if she could.

Suddenly and without warning Dawn pushes Willow off of her lap and onto the floor.

Willow quickly gets onto her knees and turns to face Dawn to see what is wrong.

Dawn looks down at Willow she knows that what she has just done was a bit mean and rough however she is intent on showing Willow and Tara and especially Buffy that not only is she a good Dom/Top but she is the best. Far better than Tara.

“Lay down on your back Willow.” Dawn says doing her best not to let any emotion into her tone of voice even though deep down she does feel a bit guilty for treating Willow so poorly although she does her best to try and comfort herself with the thought that she is trying to prove a point and will by the end of the evening and that point will be that Buffy should be not only with her but hers period.

Willow does as she is told and lays down on her back and stays there waiting to see what Dawn is going to have her do or do to her next. After a few minutes of waiting she looks down and see’s that the brunette hasn’t moved from her spot she is still sat in the chair looking back at her. All of a sudden the brunette stands up and makes her way over to Willow once she reaches her feet the redhead expects Dawn to kneel down like Tara did with Buffy. However instead of doing this she watches as Dawn puts one foot on one side of her leg and the other foot on the other side of her other leg and then walks up until she is standing directly over her and she is looking up at the brunette who is looking down at her. Willow now knows what is going to happen next and does her best to prepare for it as she sees Dawn slowly get down onto her knees with her pussy a short distance away from her face.

Dawn waits expecting for Willow to start doing what is expected of her however Willow doesn’t move a muscle.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Dawn asks finally having had enough of waiting.

Willow swallows hard and slowly sticks her tongue as far out as she can get it and runs it up and down Dawn’s outer pussy lips.

Dawn smiles as she feels Willow’s tongue come into contact with her pussy and feels Willow follow her first lick up with a second lick and then a third and a fourth. Much to her surprise and delight it doesn’t take the redheaded Wicca long to get into a rhythm and Dawn closes her eyes and allows herself the pleasure of enjoying what her sister’s best friend is doing to her.

Willow meanwhile is focused on her task having not expected Dawn’s pussy to taste so good. Although there is a part of her that wants to take her time and enjoy the taste of her best friend’s sister’s pussy there is another part of her that wants to see what the youngest of the two Summers sister’s cum tastes like. So with the intention of making Dawn cum as fast as she can Willow puts everything she has into eating the brown haired Summers pussy and is soon rewarded by the taste of her pussy juice which starts to pour out of Dawn’s cunt and into her mouth.

As soon as she tastes Dawn’s pussy juice Willow immediately changes her tactic going from lapping at the brunette’s cunt to tongue fucking it for all she is worth not caring if she gets a bit rough considering how rough Dawn was being with Buffy and with her earlier she is sure the brunette can take a little roughness and might even like it considering who her sister is. While she continues to tongue fuck Dawn’s pussy Willow also does her best to lick Dawnie’s pussy’s lips and clit in between the tongue fucking willing to do anything to make Dawn cum.

Dawn moans in pleasure as she feels Willow increase the speed and power behind her thrusts which causes her to smile as she looks at Tara and Buffy as she feels Willow wrap her lips tightly around her pussy, evidently trying to stop any of her juices from escaping her mouth.

“That’s it Willow lick my pussy.” Dawn says intentionally encouraging Willow on not just because she can feel herself heading towards orgasm but also to continue the torture of her older sister, “Dam Will, you’re a natural pussy licker. Maybe the best pussy licker I’ve ever had in between my legs.”

Buffy feels a mix of jealousy and anger shoot through her when she hears her little sister say this hoping that she is just saying this to either make her jealous or anger. If that is what she is trying to do she is succeeding as she turns her attention from her sister down to her best friend who’s head is in between Dawn’s legs. Where I should be. Buffy mentally thinks to herself hating herself for thinking this and yet wanting nothing more than to either push Dawn off Willow or pull Willow away from her sister’s cunt so that she can get at it herself and show her that the redhead is not as good at eating her pussy as her older sister is which makes her even angrier with herself.

Dawn closes her eyes and allows herself to enjoy the feeling of having Willow’s tongue and mouth on and inside of her pussy due to her having been able to see the jealousy and anger in her sister’s eyes which just adds to her pleasure due to the fact her sister now knows what it was like for her to watch her big sister lick another woman’s cunt.

Willow meanwhile is completely oblivious to what is going on around her and only focused on what she has her tongue inside of and her lips attached too as she starts to greedily suck Dawn’s cunt while her tongue touches every part of her that it can.

Dawn’s moans and groans slowly get louder as she starts to move her body back and forth in response to Willow’s actions while imagining that it is Buffy in between her legs rather than Willow. “Ooooohhhhh that’s it… eat my pussy. Mmmmmmmmmm yeah that’s it… you like eating my pussy don’t you… you certainly seem to… my good little sub.”

Despite herself hearing Dawn say these things turns Willow on more and makes her more determined to make her have an orgasm.

While Dawn’s words of encouragement turn Willow on more they hurt Buffy just as much and cause her to hang her head in shame and disgust. Not just disgust at herself for feeling the way she does about what is happening but disgust towards her sister for saying what she is due to her having said what she has about the way she feels about her, which Buffy is sure if Dawn meant what she said she would not be saying these things due to her knowing how much they are hurting her.

Dawn’s verbal encouragement soon turns into moans and groans but it is enough for Willow to do whatever she can to make sure the brunette’s pussy gets the best tongue fucking it’s ever had.

The moans and groans coming out of Dawn’s mouth are even louder than the moans and groans which had been falling out of Tara’s mouth when Buffy was eating her pussy.

Dawn continues to moan and they get louder and louder as she feels her orgasm building as she feels Willow stop tongue fucking her and concentrates on her clit going from licking it one minute to tongue fucking it the next. However Willow soon stops tongue fucking it and focuses souly on just licking it. And she doesn’t just lick it one way she alters the way she does it going from licking it up and down to licking it down and up left to right and left or left to right.

“Oh that’s it you little muff diving slut! Eat my pussy just like that you rug munching little whore! Mmmmmmm such a good little sub! Such a good little cunt lapper!” Dawn moans through gritted teeth before she suddenly yells at the top of her voice, “Oh I’m about to cum! OH FUCK ME I’M CUMMING!”

As she yells this she grabs the back of Willow’s head for support as her orgasm hits her and it is so powerful it actually makes her entire body shake which makes Dawn smile as she rides the waves of pleasure.

Willow meanwhile is busy trying to get as much of the brunette’s cum in her mouth as possible not wanting to miss any of the new delicious juice which is gushing out of her best friend’s sister’s cunt and into her mouth. The greedy redhead continues to gobble up as much of the brunette’s cream as she can. While her best friend watches her sister continue to ride the waves of her orgasm and her best friend focuses on cleaning her sister’s pussy completely of any and all cum until Dawn comes down from her orgasm at which point Willow immediately goes on cleaning duty with her tongue until she can’t find any and so she simply lays there and waits for Dawn to make the next move.

After she has come down from her orgasm and Willow has finished cleaning her pussy of any and all remaining juice, and she has gotten her body back under control, Dawn slowly stands up and walks over to the chair and sits down causing Willow, Buffy and Tara to look at her in confusion as to what she is doing.

Dawn is able to feel the three sets of eyes on her and this causes her to smile due to her being able to imagine what all three sets of eyes are thinking as she looks down at Willow who is still laying on her back.

“Willow.” Dawn says quite calmly and naturally, “I want you to get up on all fours and position yourself so that you’re facing the chair and your ass is facing the bed.”

Willow continues to stare at Dawn for a second or two wondering as well as trying to figure out what the youngest Summers sister is planning on doing as she slowly gets up onto all fours and positions herself so that she is facing the chair which Dawn is sitting on and her ass is facing the bed which her best friend and girlfriend are sitting on.

After watching Willow do as she is told Dawn turns her attention to her sister, “Buffy, I want you to remove the strap on from around Tara. Then I want you to go over and kneel down behind Willow with the strap on in hand.”

Buffy looks at her younger sister having had a feeling she knew what she was planning on doing when she told her to remove the strap on from around Tara however after having heard the second instruction that she is then to kneel down behind Willow she is now once again confused as to what her sister both wants and is planning.

Dawn looks at Buffy expecting her to do what she has just told her without hesitation, “Well what are you waiting for?”

“Don’t move a muscle Buffy!” Tara says causing both Summers sisters to turn their attention to the blonde haired Wicca who’s focus is on Dawn, “Unless I am very much mistaken Dawn. Until you’re finished with Willow Buffy is still MY sub which means I am the only one who can tell her what to do.”

“I apologise Tara.” Dawn says a small smile crossing her face, “Your right, until I am finished with Willow Buffy is still your sub. Would you mind asking your sub to do what I have just said?”

“Buffy” Tara says turning her attention from Dawn to the blonde haired slayer, “I want you to remove the strap on from around me. Then I want you to go over and kneel down behind Willow with the strap on in hand. Do you understand?”

“Yes Tara.” Buffy says with a nod of her head and with that she moves over to where Tara is sitting as the blonde Witch gets up into a standing position on the bed enabling Buffy to remove the strap on from around her waist and lower it down to her feet waiting a minute for Tara to step out of it. Once the strap on is removed from around the blonde Witch Buffy gets off of the bed and goes over and positions herself behind Willow on her knees with the strap on in her right hand. Once she has done this Buffy turns her attention to Tara although she feels tempted to focus her attention on Dawn due to the fact it is her little sister that is really in control here even though the blonde Witch is the one giving her the instructions on what to do.

Tara slowly turns her attention from Buffy to Dawn realising the same thing that Buffy has realised and while partly hating it she can’t help but find it funny considering how everybody including herself and probably her girlfriend and Dawn’s sister consider or rather considered her to be… weak… harmless… insignificant at least when compared to the powers that she and Willow and her older sister possess and yet this seemingly weak harmless and insignificant teenager has two witches and a Slayer doing what she both wants and tells them to do.

“Now Tara.” Dawn says having watched Buffy remove the strap on from the blonde haired Wicca and move over and kneel down behind Willow, “If you would be good enough to tell Buffy to put the strap on down on the ground and then lay down on her stomach with her face directed towards Willow’s ass.”

Tara looks at Dawn now knowing or rather having a feeling she knows what the brunette is going to have her older sister do to Willow. Knowing this causes her to swallow hard as she slowly turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy who is looking at the blonde Witch the look on her face and in her eyes letting the Wicca know that she also knows or has an idea what the brunette is going to make her do due to the look on the Slayer’s face being one of shock and horror. While there is a part of Tara that feels tempted or rather that doesn’t want to have to make Buffy do what they both know she is about to she can’t think of a way to stop it from happening due to the fact that Dawn has asked her to ask the blonde Slayer to do it. Also there is a part of Tara which very much wants to see it.

“Buffy.” Tara says, “Will you please do what Dawn has just said.”

“No Tara.” Dawn says causing Tara to turn her head and look at her, “That is not good enough. She’s YOUR sub. There for she has to follow YOUR instructions. So tell her exacterly what you want her to do.”

Tara looks at Dawn, finding it amusing the younger top is using what she had said earlier against her but now seeing a way out of having to tell Buffy what she is sure the brunette wants her to do as she slowly turns her attention from Dawn to Buffy.

“Buffy.” Tara says taking a deep breath and swallowing hard due to the look on Buffy’s face having changed from a look of shock and horror to one in which the blonde haired slayer is looking at her or to her for help almost as if she is asking or rather begging her not to make her go through with this, “Buffy for the rest of the night you will also take orders from Dawn as well as myself. Understood?”

Buffy looks at Tara having hoped that she would have stopped her from having to do what she is sure Dawn wants her to do and yet able to tell from what she has just said that the blonde haired Wicca either can’t or isn’t willing to stop it for some reason, “Yes.”

Tara slowly turns her head from Buffy to Dawn.

Dawn looks back at Tara with an ear to ear smile on her face due to the fact the look the blonde Witch is giving her is basically telling her ‘You want her to do it, you tell her to do it yourself’. Something Dawn doesn’t have a problem doing as she turns her attention from Tara to Buffy. “Buffy, look at me.”

Buffy takes a deep breath and slowly turns her attention from Tara who she can’t help but feel betrayed by due to the fact she is a Dom just like Dawn and as such she is sure she could have thought of something or someway to stop Dawn from making her do what she is sure her little sister is about to make her do.

“That’s a good girl.” Dawn says with an ear to ear smile on her face. “Now. I want you to put the strap on down on the ground and then lay down on your stomach with your face directed towards Willow’s ass. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” Buffy says as she slowly nods her head.

“Yes what?” Dawn asks.

“Yes it is understood.” Buffy says doing her best to keep her tone emotionless even though she can’t help but hate or at the very least dislike her sister for what she is about to make her do.

“Not the answer I was looking for.” Dawn says having secretly both wanted and expected Buffy to say ‘Yes Dawn’, “But it will do.” She adds hoping to get that answer or response from her sister before the end of the night as she watches her big sister put the strap on down on the ground next to her and then lays down on her stomach with her face directed towards Willow’s ass. “Now Willow, I want you to move backwards until you feel Buffy’s face in your ass.”

Willow who has kept her head facing the front while the conversation between Dawn, Tara and Buffy has gone on slowly and rather reluctantly moves herself back on all fours until she can feel Buffy’s face is in her ass.

Both Buffy and Willow squeeze their eyes shut.

“Open your eyes Willow.” Dawn says and tells her sister’s best friend causing Willow to slowly and rather reluctantly open her eyes and look at Dawn who is sitting on the chair in front of her. “That’s a good girl. I can’t see Buffy’s pretty face because it is full of your ample ass. However I want to be able to see your pretty face as my sister does what I tell her too.”

Willow looks at Dawn unable to believe how she can do this to her own sister her own flesh and blood and not understanding why she is doing this to her and yet knowing she can’t ask the youngest Summers these questions nor is she sure if she could she would want to due to the fact she isn’t sure she would like the answers.

“Well don’t just lay there and take it Buffy.” Dawn says having turned her attention from Willow’s face to her sister’s, “Start kissing Willow’s ass! I want to see your lips covering her ass!”

Keeping her eyes closed and deciding to just try and get this over with as quickly as possible Buffy puckers up and starts to kiss her best friend’s ass, hoping that Willow will be able to find it within her heart to forgive her for what she is being forced to do. Physically being forced to kiss Willow’s ass isn’t that bad of an experience despite the fact her best friend’s ass is a little sweaty probably from being in the jeans and her and Tara dancing at the club etc but leaving that aside the taste isn’t that unpleasant. For Buffy the unpleasantness is the mental knowledge that she is literally kissing the ass of her best friend in front of not only her sister but her best friend’s girlfriend. Despite being tempted to kiss Willow’s ass once and hoping that that will please Dawn she knows that it won’t and so with great reluctance she lays pecks all over Willow’s ass.

Dawn watching her sister slowly start to get into some serious best friend ass kissing decides to give Willow an instruction.

“Shake your ass Willow.” Dawn says with an ear to ear smile keeping her focus on both Buffy’s head and Willow’s ass.

Willow does as she is told shaking her ass in her best friend’s face able to feel that what she is doing makes it harder for Buffy to do what her big sister has told her to do and forces her to try and keep up with her motions something the redhead is sure Dawn not only knew would happen but intended for it too.

“Now Buffy I want you to stick out your tongue and lick the flesh of Willow’s backside.” Dawn says and tells her older sister.

Buffy freezes momentarily at hearing her sister tell her to do this feeling tempted to refuse and yet knowing that she doesn’t have any protection against Dawn as far as being punished for disobeying her is concerned and so she slowly does as she is told.

Willow’s facial expression turns from expressionless to one of shock as she feels her best friend’s tongue touch her ass cheeks.

Dawn sees this, “Willow, stop shaking your ass so it’s easier for my sister to lick and kiss her best friend’s butt.”

Willow does as she is told doing her best not to think about what Buffy is doing to her back end and how it is actually starting to feel nice.

“That’s it Buffy. Lick your best friend’s ass. Lick her ass just like I licked yours during our picnic.” Dawn says, causing both Wicca’s to turn their attention to her in shock at what she has just said however Dawn ignores both Willow and Tara and keep’s her focus on Buffy and what she is doing. “You remember that don’t you sis? When I licked your asshole while you were laying bent over that tree stump.”

Buffy closes her eyes doing her best to block out what her sister is saying while at the same time doing her best not to think back to the picnic she and Dawn had and how having her little sister give her first ever ass licking and yet unable to stop herself from remembering that and how it felt. She remembers how part of her had been glad that Dawn was the first woman to ever show her what having her ass licked out felt like and was grateful to her for doing it. She also remembers how much she enjoyed having her ass licked. Enjoyed it! She thinks to herself. That’s an understatement I fucking loved it and it got me so wet and turned on.

Willow meanwhile is fighting her own mental battle and that is trying to deny how much she is liking what Buffy is doing to her. Hell she isn’t liking it any longer what Buffy is doing to her the more she is slowly starting to fall in love with it due to the fact that despite all of the things she and Tara have done together and with others neither of them have ever licked the other’s asshole or kissed one and other’s ass. And as she thinks about it Willow can’t think why they have never even tried it and hoping that after tonight and how good it feels she can convince Tara to try it.

“Alright Buffy that is enough attention on the outside.” Dawn says having grown tired of seeing her sister kiss and lick the outside of Willow’s ass now wanting to see or rather watch her big sister lick the inside not just because she knows how humiliating it will be for her but also because it will prepare Willow for the butt fucking she intends on giving her, “Willow reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart for your best friend.”

Willow looks over at Dawn her mind racing for a way to get out of this not because she doesn’t want to feel her best friend’s tongue inside of her there is a part of her that does but simply due to the fact she knows or rather can imagine how humiliating this will be for Buffy and not wanting to do that to her.

“Willow I can either fuck your ass with the strap on raw.” Dawn says intent on making the redhead choose how she fucks her, “Or I can fuck your ass with the strap on after Buffy has prepared it. It’s your choice.”

Willow looks back at Dawn feeling tempted to tell her that she would rather have her fuck her ass raw and yet remembering how good or rather well she fucked Buffy before when she and Tara walked in. And while there is a part of her that hopes the brunette will fuck her just as good she isn’t sure she will be able to take that type of fucking without it first being ‘prepared’ as Dawn put it and so with her mind having been made up she slowly positions herself so that the upper half of her body is laying down on the ground and reaches back with both hands and spreads her ass cheeks for her best friend.

Buffy watches with disgust and horror as her best friend pulls her ass cheek’s apart for her letting her, Tara and Dawn know what she has decided as far as weather her little sister fucks her ass with the strap on raw or not. Not looking at Dawn because she knows what she will tell her Buffy simply sticks her tongue out and moves it inside of Willow’s ass causing her best friend to moan uncontrollably.

Willow moans uncontrollably in pleasure as she feels her best friend’s tongue enter her ass.

“Move your ass back and forward Willow.” Dawn says and tells her which Willow does able to feel Buffy’s tongue move further up her ass.

Dawn sits in the chair watching as her big sister lays on her stomach on the floor of her best friend’s hotel room naked with her tongue up her equally naked best friend’s ass while both she and her sister’s best friend’s girlfriend watch.

Part of Buffy doesn’t want to be here. She wants to be saved. She wants to go back in time and try and convince her sister that they go either to her hotel room or her sister’s rather than them come into her best friend’s. That is how part of the blonde haired Slayer feels and yet there is another part of her that can feel Willow’s ass pushing back into her face forcing her tongue further up her ass and there is a part of Buffy that actually wants to push more of her tongue up her best friend’s ass.

There is a part of Buffy that likes hearing the moans that are coming from her best friend because she knows that she is causing them which means that she is doing a good job. Which means that while she may not be in the same class of ass licking as her little sister she is a good ass licker. This along with the moans and the fact that she is being forced to do this not just by anybody but her own sister by Dawn is causing her pussy to start to get moist again even though the other part of her is trying to tell her that what she is doing is disgusting and it is her best friend and her best friend’s girlfriend is watching etc despite this it doesn’t stop her pussy from continuing to get wetter.

Willow meanwhile is fighting the same battle as Buffy, she is trying to convince herself that she is not enjoying every second of this and that the only reason she is grinding her ass on her best friend Buffy’s tongue is because she has been told too by her best friend’s sister Dawn.

“Yeah, that’s it Buffy lick your best friend’s ass hole get it nice and wet so that I can slide that dildo that both myself and Tara used on you on her and fuck her like I have been fucking you. How does it feel Buffy?” Dawn asks, “How does it feel licking your best friend Willow’s ass? Knowing that your little sister and your best friend’s girlfriend are watching? Do you like it? I bet you do! I bet you love licking your best friend’s ass while knowing that both me and Tara are watching you do it. I bet it turns you on you dirty little dyke slut. Come on Willow what sort of friend are you? Encourage Buffy to keep going.”

Willow looks at Dawn unable to believe that the woman she is looking at is the same one she has known for the past years.

“Encourage her Willow!” Dawn says looking or rather staring back at Willow the smile having gone from her face and having been replaced by a look of deadly seriousness.

Willow slowly hangs her head hating Dawn for what she is making both herself and Buffy do at least in part but also hating herself for what she is about to do.

“That’s good Buffy.” Willow says loud enough for everybody in the room to hear. “That’s real good. Your lips feel great on my ass. Ohhhhh, that’s it, right there. Ooooohhhhh fuck yeah, that’s it, just like that.”

Buffy obeys Willow’s commands doing her best to try and convince herself that her best friend is only doing this because she has been told too by Dawn just like the only reason she is devoting herself to the redhead’s ass hole is because she has too.

“Oh yeah Buffy, you’re really worshipping Willow’s ass now. And might I add you’re doing a good job. If I didn’t know better I would think that my ass wasn’t the first you’ve serviced.” Dawn says again deciding to simply enjoy the view form now on and as she does so she can’t help but think or imagine that it is her ass Buffy is servicing and as she thinks about and imagines it she can’t help but like the idea of having her sister service her ass on a regular basis.

“Alright Buffy that is enough.” She says finally as she gets to her feet and walks over to where Buffy is laying.

Buffy stops licking Willow’s ass when she hears Dawn tell her that is enough and pulls her head out of her best friend’s ass doing her best to try and convince herself that she is glad that that is finished although there is a part of her that could have and wishes she could have continued tonguing her best friend’s backside. However she does her best to try and ignore this part of herself as she turns her head and looks at Dawn who is now standing a short distance away from her looking down at her.

“That was really good Buffy.” Dawn says looking down at her sister with an ear to ear grin on her face, “I’m going to have to teach you how to become a first class ass kisser. Now I want you to get up onto your knee’s in front of me and strap the dildo on me.”

Buffy slowly moves so that she is on her knee’s in front of Dawn, picks up the strap on that is in between the two of them and proceeds to put it on her younger sister.

“Good.” Dawn says watching her big sister like a hawk, “Now I want you to suck it and get it nice and wet for me so that I can butt fuck your best friend.”

Buffy slowly parts her lips and takes the head of the dildo into her mouth and starts to gently suck on it as she takes a hold of the base with one of her hands and closes her eyes.

“Eyes open Buffy.” Dawn says causing Buffy to open her eyes and look up at her, “That’s good. Now suck my cock. Take it deep into your mouth.”

Buffy slowly lowers her eyes from looking up at Dawn to looking directly in front of her as she does as she is told slowly taking more and more of the fake cock in her mouth sucking and slobbering on it the blow job becoming more wet and sloppy with every bob of the blonde’s head. Buffy is soon sucking the strap on like a pro even though there is a part of her that doesn’t want to be doing this due to the fact she knows both why she is doing this and what Dawn intends on doing after she has gotten the dildo nice and lubricated just like she lubricated her best friend’s ass hole.

Despite hating idea that she is getting the strap on in her mouth ready to go in her best friend’s ass Buffy does her best to try and focus on the strap on as she feels it slide to the back of her throat and down to the point where her lips are actually touching her hand which is wrapped around the base of the thing in her mouth.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she looks down at her sister very impressed at how good of a job she is doing and only wishing that the job that she was doing was not to the strap on she has attached to her right now but rather it was her strap on.

After a few more minutes Buffy removes her hand from the base of the dildo and actually lowers her mouth all the way down until she is deep throating the entire thing. This impresses Dawn even more and makes her wish even more that she had brought her strap on and was using it. Although she is glad she didn’t due to the fact that if she had she would have to use it on Willow and while she is sure a part of her would have enjoyed doing that and she is sure Willow would have enjoyed her using her strap on dick on her there is another part of Dawn that only wants to ever use the strap on cock on her sister as she watches her sister continue her relentless oral assault on the dildo, slobbering all over it getting it ready for her best friend’s ass which also makes Dawn a bit sad due to her preferring that after her sister has finished getting the strap on ready it was Buffy’s ass she was going to be using it on.

Buffy meanwhile is engrossed in what she is doing having managed to block out the thought of what is going to happen after she has finished sucking the strap on in her mouth and simply focusing on sucking it.

“Alright that’s enough.” Dawn says suddenly causing Buffy to look up at her little sister not wanting to stop what she is doing partly because she was enjoying it and partly due to her knowing what is going to happen now. Despite not wanting to stop the look her little sister gives her let’s her know that she is going to do what she has planned one way or another and so slowly and very reluctantly Buffy removes the fake cock from her mouth.

“You can go back and sit on the bed now Buffy.” Dawn says doing her best not to let her emotions get the better of her.

Buffy slowly nods her head as she moves in the direction of the bed while Dawn turns her attention to Willow who is still on all fours facing the chair and moves into position behind the redhead. Once Dawn is in position she positions the well lubricated strap on at the entrance to Willow’s ass.

After taking a few seconds to remind herself why she is doing this Dawn goes to press forward however she stops and suddenly gets an idea which causes her to smile an ear to ear smile as she gets up onto her feet and walks around until she is standing in front of the redhead, “Willow.”

Things had been going quite nicely around the house for a while now. My sister Phoebe had moved in with my husband and me, and she had taken on her role as Paul’s second mistress beautifully.

When this arrangement began, Phoebe and I would constantly tease Paul, and we allowed him many opportunities for relief. For the first couple of months, he got released from his belt multiple times per week, Phoebe and I would alternate taking care of him, and sometimes even do it together. (This was clearly his favorite; he believed that this occurred when he had been especially good, or when we both needed him so badly. The truth was actually the opposite. Those sessions usually occurred when Phoebe and I were in a hurry or not in the mood, as he never lasted long.)

Giving him this much satisfaction so often was not part of our original plan, but we had rethought our goals and had decided that this was a way to get him permanently addicted to us, just in case he wasn’t already.

Eventually, we slowly started extending the time between his releases. A day or so at first, then two; soon, without Paul even noticing we had him to a week or so between releases. We always rotated the days on which it occurred, so that unless he consciously thought about he wouldn’t notice. It wasn’t like it was every Saturday (which he would have picked up on); it was a Tuesday here, Thursday, there, then the next Wednesday, etc.

Oftentimes when it had been an exceptionally long while, eight to twelve, maybe even fifteen days, we would come up with a reason to “reward” him. We called them “Special Treat Days.” This was kind of an inside joke. He thought that it meant he was getting a special treat, when, in reality, Phoebe and I were.

We would get dressed up, remove his chastity belt and take him out with us. One of us would drive while the other sat with him in the back seat, teasing him throughout the drive, keeping him hot and bothered, but never allowing him to cum. We would allow him to rub and worship our feet while flashing him a bit.

Most of the time our destination was a nearby shopping mall. We would go to stores and try on sexy outfits for him, always starting at the shoe stores. We would allow him to place the shoes on our feet as we tried them on, then we would model them for him, and, when the store employees weren’t paying attention, stroke him with them and let him kiss them. We would stroke his balls, cock, chest, face and anything else we could touch. Not surprisingly, he always agreed to make any purchases that we wanted.

It was the same pattern in the clothing stores. Usually though, after Phoebe and I had decide which items we wanted, one of us would lure him into the dressing room and really turn up the teasing. Once, I stripped completely naked and had him lick my feet and legs completely.

Another time, Phoebe had him strip while she did as well, and they began to have sex. Almost as soon as he entered her though, Phoebe faked that she thought that she had heard something and made him stop; then she got dressed, instructed him to as well, and they left the dressing room.

The real purpose of these long private teases was to distract Paul from the register area while the other one of us was making the purchases. Rather than simply paying for those items, we would instruct the clerk to open store charge accounts for us, using Paul’s information, of course, but listing ourselves as authorized users. We would complete the necessary paperwork while Paul was distracted, then when he finally made it to the register, he would be so sexually wound up that he would want to just sign the papers and get out of there. He was never much of a shopper, and I’d have been willing to bet that he never even realized that he was opening all of these accounts. These accounts allowed us to come back whenever we wanted, without having to deal with Paul and get whatever we wanted.

Soon, of course, the bills would start to arrive, and he would catch on. The first time, he asked me to pay for it out of my allowance, but I acted angry and saddened by this request. I cut him off from me for a month, since I had paid my monthly bill. Phoebe pleasured him often that month though, thanking him each time for paying her bills for her. Our reactions demonstrated the traditional carrot & stick training approach to him first hand (my shutting him out vs. Phoebe’s loving him often), and he never again brought up the bills.

This was nice because we fell into a routine of our allowances growing unencumbered in bank accounts which we had set up in only our names, as Paulie covered all expenses. Plus, he was still preparing all meals and doing all of the housework. All we girls had to do was wear stockings and heels around the house.

He paid all of the bills from his office, and he kept all of his account records locked up. Many of his accounts were from before our marriage, as he was much older than I. Therefore, Phoebe and I had no real guess as to how money he actually had, and thus, how much we should be trying to get from him. We could have easily made him show us when he was in one of his desperate states, but we felt that we could more effectively go after this money if he didn’t know that we knew about it. This would allow us to work without his defenses being up.

We decided to find out sneakily; we knew that he paid bills on the first of each month, so without saying anything to him, we cut him off a couple of weeks before that. Then, on the afternoon of the first, we manufactured a big fight over practically nothing and told him that he would be cut off for the entire next month. He was devastated and moped around as I went to my room and began working on my hair and makeup.

Paul and Phoebe ate around 7:00, in silence, as Phoebe was pretending to still be mad. (I was allegedly so mad that I wouldn’t come out) Then Phoebe announced that she was going to bed early and went to her room.

I heard Paul going to his office shortly thereafter. I waited about 15 minutes and also headed to it. Peeking in, I saw that he had everything unlocked, and papers spread all over and around his desk.

I stepped into the doorway and whispered, just loudly enough to be heard, “Paulie, I feel bad about our fight, if you can come right now to my room, you can have me, but you need to hurry and be quiet because I don’t want Phoebe to hear.”

He looked up and saw me, my blonde hair perfectly done, immaculate makeup, and standing before him in black heels and matching fishnet stockings, and nothing else, not even the lingerie that I often wore. My D cups were on proud display, and my pussy was freshly shaven, fully exposed and very inviting.

He practically leaped up, and I laughingly lead him to my room. I slowly undressed him, removed his belt and instructed him to lie on his back on the floor. I then circled him, lightly tracing his body with the toes of my heels, paying special attention to his balls and the underside of his cock with the tips of my shoes. I could tell he was in heaven as I then removed my shoes and stood over his crotch, one leg on each side of his body; I removed my shoes and placed one shoe on his chest and held the other to my face. I began licking the stiletto heel with long, slow licks, and then tracing my lips with the end of the stiletto.

While doing this, I moaned, slurped and made it sound like I would achieve orgasm at any minute. I started to squat down while maintaining eye contact and continuing my tongue tease. He was so mesmerized by what my tongue was doing to my stiletto that he almost didn’t realize that I was lowering my pussy onto his dick until it had slipped fully in.

I was on top and in control as I slowly moved my hips up and down; I had taken his hand in mine and was now tracing my lips with it, as well as licking and sucking his fingers one by one. When his hands were nice and moist, I moved them to my boobs and had him rub and squeeze them. As he focused on that, I placed the heel that I had been licking to his lips, now finally allowing him to kiss the heel and, a few seconds later,I allowed the stiletto to slip into his mouth so he could suck it. My rocking sped up and soon brought him to a well-deserved orgasm.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had entered his office as soon as he had left it, and without disturbing anything, had photographed each document, as well as manually written down everything she could find, account numbers, balances, bankers’ names, phone numbers, etc.

When she was done she walked down to my room and when she could tell that we were done entered.

“You two are unbelievable,” she said, “It’s bad enough to only last about four hours into a month long punishment, but to make enough noise doing so as to wake me up? You have got to be kidding me!”

“Phoebe, you’re right,” I answered as I was snapping Paulie’s belt back on. “I shouldn’t have done this. I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again this whole month. “

“OK, Toni,” she answered, “But it better really not; when we agree to a punishment, it should stick.”

I nodded, and she turned to Paul, “My sister and I are talking; you may leave now.”

Paul hurried away, thrilled to have gotten to cum and to have escaped further punishment. Thinking about the sex that he had just “gotten away with having,” as we had made it sound, there would be no reason for him to suspect that we had really just been collecting his financial information.

As I heard him return to his office, I asked Phoebe, “Are the accounts good?”

“Oh yeah, Toni, they are really, really good,” she answered.

To be continued…


Girlfriend decisions and campfire fun


With my latest good deed out of the way, I decided to deal with some of my personal camp issues.

I put my poncho back on, grabbed my blanket and headed for the drying shelter. Nobody seemed to mind when I moved a few things around, so I could hang up my blanket under cover, but directly in front of the fire. The fire needed work. I spread it out a bit, so it would cover more of the area, and fed it. We were going through a lot of wood with two different fires, and I didn’t look forward to the prospect of finding more, hopefully not waterlogged, before it got dark.

“You are a greedy one, aren’t you?”

I turned and Heather was talking to me, adjusting where my blanket was hanging. “Nothing behind this is going to dry.”

I shrugged. “My fire. My wood. My tarp. My ropes. My shelter. I guess I feel a little entitled.”

She grinned. “There is that, I guess. I’m kind of in charge here. I’ll watch over it for you. Move it to the back once it’s good and dry.” It was already steaming from the heat.

“How’d you get that job?” I asked.

“Same as you. Someone’s got to do it.” She moved nearer, stacking wood around the fire to keep it dry, one of the few people who didn’t seemed worried about getting a little wet. “Thanks for last night,” she said softly.

I laughed. “I believe I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

She shook her head. “I’ve been a bitch to you for a year, for no good reason. I spread some pretty mean lies about you. You could have left me out to freeze in the rain. I probably deserved it. Still you treat me like everyone else, even better. As good as your girlfriends.”

“I don’t have any girlfriends. Not yet. Not officially.”

We were getting a little wet by the fire, from the constant drizzle. I moved back under the shelter, and she stood by my side. “Is it too much to hope that I could be in the running?”

I put my arm around her. “Timing, Heather. If we’d hashed this out a while ago, I think things could be different. But I’m pretty much committed at this point.”

“Julie? Or Teri?”

“Teri shot me down. Again.”

Hard to believe Heather even knew some of the words she directed at my best friend. I had to calm her down before our chaperons took exception to her vocabulary. My lips on hers stopped the tirade.

She hugged me tightly, her lips hot and demanding. Making promises that I had no intention of following up on. I tried to pull back but she was insistent, before slowly releasing me.

“Stupid little bitch! I can’t believe her. We talked about this. She promised to give you a chance. I can’t believe she’d be so damn stupid!”

“It is what it is. She’s not ready for the kind of relationship I’m looking for.”

Heather looked up at me hopefully. “I am.”

“I know. Let’s give us a little time to put the last year behind us. For now, it’s Julie or Lisa. Last night it would have been Julie, but Lisa is arguing otherwise.”

“She has a boyfriend,” Heather griped.

“Had. She broke up with him last week. I just found out this morning.”

Heather sighed. “Shit, I guess that’s that.”

“Listen. I want to get to know you. The real you, not the one perpetually pissed at me. Friends, for now? Let’s see what the future brings.”

“Friends with benefits?” she asked with a smile. “I really had a good time last night.”

“So did I. We’ll see. I’m not a cheater.”

She nodded. “I know. Now. But if everyone’s cool…?”

“That would be wonderful. And maybe things with the sisters won’t workout. I may be back on the market before too long.”

She nodded. “Ok. Friends for now. I’d still like a chance to apologize in private. Maybe when we get back?”

“Maybe. I’d like that.”

“I know you would. I promise, you’d love it.”

“I’m starving. You think they’re still serving lunch?”

She smiled, taking my hand in hers. “Sandwiches, in the last shelter. I could use one. I built up an appetite last night, and missed breakfast.”

Cold cuts, bread, cheese and fixin’s hit the spot. We weren’t alone at late lunch, and it was nice to sit with Heather and several other campers, talking about the night before, what everyone went through, and the expectations for the coming night. Most of the tents were moderately dry, as was much of the gear. It looked like most of the camp would be able to retreat to their tents again, if the weather didn’t take a turn for the worse. On higher ground this time.

At the end of lunch I excused myself from Heather, who went back to check on the drying racks, and made a more determined effort to find Julie. I’d seen glimpses of Lisa, Teri and Shannon all morning long, but Julie had been harder to spot. I finally checked in with her sister.

“Julie? Haven’t seen her for a couple of hours. Not since shortly after we got back from our walk,” Lisa told me.

Teri had no more information for me. Looks like Julie was staying out of sight. Which had me concerned.

We were experiencing another break in the rolling storms, so I expanded my search beyond the shelters. I finally found her sitting in her little tent. “Julie? You in there?”

“Yeah,” she said softly. “I was trying to organize things a little.”

“Got a few minutes for me?”

I heard a sniffle. “Give me a second, Ok?”

“As long as you want. I’ll wait out here.”

It took her about five minutes, but she finally appeared from between the tent flaps. Her eyes were red and puffy. Had she been crying? “Everything Ok?”

“Peachy,” she said, with a false smile.

I held my hand out to her and she accepted slowly, letting me help her up. “C’mon. Let’s walk a bit. We have a lot to talk about.”

“I bet,” she said softly.

This wasn’t what I was expecting. We were heading away from the camp, through the original cooking area, toward the road. “What’s wrong, Julie?”

“Nothin’,” she said quietly. “Everything’s back to normal.”

“Are you mad at me?” I asked.

Her answer was non-committal. “Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know. I thought we had a great time yesterday.”

“I thought we did too,” she answered snidely.

“Then what’s wrong?”

She stopped. “Why did you let me think I was going to be your girlfriend?”

Her words surprised me. “Uh…because you are?”

“Really? That’s why you had time for every one of your girls but me today? Why you’ve been avoiding me?” She looked like she was ready to cry again.

I tried to hug her, but she was stiff in my arms. “Julie. Stop this, please. Hear me out.”

She pulled out of my grip and started walking briskly. “Hear what out? That you’re choosing Lisa over me? Or that you’re with Heather? That’s right, I saw you guys eating together. Or is it Teri? Making out with her in front of your tent, half-naked. I thought you liked me,” she whined, tears rolling down her face.

There was a railing on the side of the dirt road, and I guided her over to it. I sat on the railing, pulling her against me. “Listen to me, and stop with the drama, Ok? If you’re going to be my girl, you can’t act like some whiny middle schooler.”

She wiped her eyes, sniffing. “Fine. I’m listening.”

I held her close, arms around her narrow waist. “A lot happened last night. Things I wasn’t expecting, I wasn’t ready for. Can you understand that?”

She nodded.

“Teri’s been my friend forever. What happened last night changed our relationship drastically. We had to talk about it. We weren’t making out. Pretty much just the opposite. She and I are going to remain friends. Only friends. I needed to clear that up with her.”

“Friends?” she asked quietly.

“Just friends. In fact I’m thinking of helping find her a starter boyfriend.”

Julie actually giggled. “I think I could help with that.”

“As for Heather, it’s even worse. I used to like her, then we had a year of her lying about us, followed by that torrid make-up session last night. She’d like to be with me, but I told her I already had made up my mind. She and I are going to try to be friends, and I’m not ruling out ever being more than friends with her, but not now. Lunch was just us trying out being friends for once. That was all. She’s not my girlfriend, and was never even in the running. Do you believe me?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry. She doesn’t look at you like a friend.”

“I guess we’re more than friends. Friends don’t usually do what Heather and I did last night. It’s awkward. That’s why I had to speak with her, and get that cleared up. I’m trying to minimize the hurt feelings,” I explained.

“What about Lisa?” she asked.

“That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? She told me this morning that she had broken up with Darrel. That she wanted to be back on my list.”

“What about me?” she asked piteously.

“You? You’re my girlfriend if you’ll have me.” I lifted her chin and kissed her softly. “You’re the one. The one I want.”

She threw her arms around my neck and started crying, while plastering kisses all over my face. I eventually calmed her down, brushing away her tears. “Is that a yes?”

“Of course!” she squealed. “Are you sure? You really choose me? Over Heather? Over Lisa?” She climbed into my lap, straddling me, hugging me tightly.

“You’re the one. I love everything about you, Julie. Except for this drama. I wasn’t expecting that. Everyone else takes getting dumped better than you take getting chosen.”

She hugged me tight. “Oh Alex, I’m so sorry. I was certain I’d lost you. I just knew it. I can’t compete with those girls. I can’t. How could you possibly choose me?”

“You make me happy, just to be around you.”

“I’ll make you happy. I promise. No more drama.”

I held her tightly, enjoying the feel of her in my arms. “What about your sister?”

I felt her tremble in my arms. “Did you tell her yet?”

“No. That’s what I wanted to talk about. I thought you already knew I had chosen you.”

She sighed. “I thought so, last night, but today seemed so different. It seemed so impossible. It was before you had sex with Heather and Lisa.”

“And before I had sex with you. That was pretty wonderful.”

She smiled. “I thought so.” She ground her pelvis against me, naughtily. “I’m glad you were my first.” She glanced down at her shirt, with the rust colored smear on the shoulder.

“Me too. I really am honored you chose me.”

She leaned against me. “It’s going to kill Lisa, you know. Choosing me over her.”

“I know. It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, though. We had a long talk this morning. I made it pretty clear that as of last night, you were the front-runner. She said if I chose her, she’d bring you along.”

That got Julie’s undivided attention. “She said that? That you should choose her, and you’d get me too?”

“She wanted me to choose you both.”

Julie looked confused. “You can do that? How’s that supposed to work out?”

“I don’t know.”

“She shouldn’t be saying things like that. That you’d get me if you chose her.” She looked irritated.

“She told me she doesn’t want to settle any more. Her last boyfriends she dated, not because they were who she really wanted to be with, but they were the ones who asked. Now she wants me and doesn’t want to settle for anybody else. She’d pretty much say and do anything to get her way.”

“Why are you telling me all this, Alex? Why would you choose me, if you could choose her and get both of us?”

“I don’t know. I guess the long and short of it is, I want you. But I don’t want to hurt Lisa’s feelings any more than I have to, and I don’t want to create a rift between you and your sister.”

“Am I your girlfriend? Really? No matter what?” she asked quietly.

“Officially. If you’d like, I’ll announce it around the campfire. Hell, I’ll stand on the table and shout it to the world.”

She giggled. “That won’t be necessary. But you don’t mind if I tell anybody, do you?”

“Nope. I’d be proud.”

Her smile got even bigger. “Would you mind if Lisa and I had a talk before things became official? We should work things out first.”

“Of course not. You’re sisters. Two of the closest I’ve ever seen. Anything you can do to soften the blow would be appreciated.”

She looked at me oddly. “Do you mean that?”

“Of course. If you want, I can be there when you tell her.”

“No. Let us work things out alone first, Ok?”

“Whatever you want, girlfriend.”

She grinned. “You’re not going to regret this, I promise. I’m going to be the best damned girlfriend you ever had. I swear, I’ll do anything and everything I can to make you happy you chose me.”

She slid off my lap, her hand rubbing the hard-on that our closeness had raised. “I’d like to start now. There’s something I wanted to do last night, that I never got a chance to.”

She was tugging at my swim shorts, and I raised my hips so she could have her way. She pulled them down to my ankles, and brought her lips to my shaft, kissing it softly. “This is my first time, Ok? So be patient with me,” she said nervously.

“I promise.”

“And could you lose that ridiculous poncho for a while?”

It was the least I could do. Although I did feel a little weird standing in the open, naked except for my muddy shoes.

She was fun to watch, the way she looked at me, playing with my rod, holding it, touching it, tasting it. She took it in her mouth carefully, testing her own limits, sucking so sweetly. Her sexy tongue was lively, moving, the bottom of it sliding over the top, then twisting around it, before disappearing back inside her mouth, my cock following gamely. She looked up at me, then pulled off gently. “Am I doing Ok?”

“It’s wonderful. I’ll tell you a secret. If a girl likes doing it, it makes it 100% better.”

She grinned. “I love doing it. I love the feel of you, your hardness, and softness, the way you react. The heat, the texture, the way it responds. The way you look at me when I’m doing it.” She took the head in her mouth, her tongue active, playing, while she gazed up into my eyes. The edges of her mouth somehow managed to turn up at the edges, almost smiling.

I relaxed and watched her play and learn, until her antics resulted in the reward she’d earned. “I’m going to come for you, Julie,” I warned.

She held the crown in her mouth, bobbing up and down, until I gasped, shooting off in her young mouth. Her eyes bugged open wide, and she struggled to maintain her motion, gasping, and losing much of my juices down around her hand.

Julie was a trooper, sucking and licking her hand and my cock clean, until she leaned back, smiling, obviously pleased with her efforts.

She giggled. “I guess I did Ok,” she said with a smile.

“Wonderful, Angel. Really your first try?”

She was still playing with my rod, wiggling it in her hand. She leaned down and licked the head, making it twitch. She laughed. “Won’t be my last, I promise you that.”

She gave me one last sweet suck, then grabbed my shorts and passed them to me. She looked up and down the empty road. “I can’t believe I gave my first blow-job on the side of the road, in public, where anybody could have driven by!”

I laughed with her. “Your sister said you were a wild child.”

She grinned. “I guess I am. At least with you.”

“Feeling better now?” I asked, pulling up my shorts.

“100%.” She walked up to me and gave me a big hug. “I still can’t believe it. I mean, really, Alex Hamilton’s girlfriend.”

“I know, right? Julie Samuelsons’ boyfriend! I rock!”

She gave me a grin, poking me. “Don’t tease.”

“We probably should head back soon. We’re lucky the weather has held up this long.” The sun had actually broken through a few of the clouds, but the wall of black thunderheads approaching from the west did not bode well for the future.

On the way back we held hands, while she regaled me with the problems of growing up with a popular older sister, and having to see the guys come and go, while always being an observer.

“Must have been difficult,” I commiserated.

“Naw, not really. She was always good about it. When I started to get curious, she even set it up so I could watch from in private a couple of times.”

“No kidding? That seems pretty cool.”

“She even offered to get me a boyfriend, but I guess we’re more alike than I’d like to think sometimes. I didn’t want to settle either. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to. It’s pretty incredible, huh? My first real boyfriend is the guy I’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about for over two years.”

I pulled her in for a hug. “Enough. You’re starting to embarrass me. I’m the lucky one here. And I know it.”

She laughed in derision. “Bullshit. But it’s sweet of you to say it.”

“What if it hadn’t worked out? What if I’d gone after someone else? You put all your eggs in this one basket? Who was next on your list?”

She shook her head. “My list is short. One amazing guy.”

“That’s taking a huge risk, isn’t it? What if I didn’t like fun, charming, gorgeous blue-eyed, blonde, fallen Angels with incredible racks and a body to die for?”

She pouted. “I don’t want to think about it. I guess I would have waited my turn, and kept on trying. I’m not like Lisa. I’m not going to settle for second best.”

We broke into camp, and I saw Lisa was perched at the end of the first bench watching for us. Crap. This was such a mess. I liked her. A lot. Almost as much as her sweet sister. Almost. I even felt it was a little unfair, she should have a chance to be with her #1, just like I was getting my chance, and so was Julie. I knew part of it was Julie giving me her virginity the previous night. How could I dump her after that? Without even giving us a chance. Jesus, what a mess.

Julie stopped, tugging on my hand. “Let me talk to her now, Ok? Before we tell anybody. I don’t want her to be hurt.”

“Of course. I’d hate to hurt her. But there’s only one of me.”

She grinned. “Are you sure? No secret twin hiding out? It would solve a lot of problems.”

“Sorry. My genetic experiments haven’t gotten that far yet. If they had, I’d be making clones of you, not me.”

“Oh really? One of me isn’t enough for you?” she teased.

“Of course it is, but two of you is what dreams are made of.”

She smiled mischievously. “Don’t you have some camp miracle to perform? Get moving, and keep our secret a little longer.”

“Got it. But don’t leave me hanging too long.”

“Don’t worry. I’m worth the wait. I promise.”

“I believe it. Get going. I’m going to see how the firewood situation is coming. I’m guessing we don’t have much more than an hour or two before the skies open up again.”

* * *

I recruited John and Max to help with the wood scavenging, finally coercing a few more into helping, with the threat of a cold wet night ahead. As the skies darkened, I tracked down Shannon and Dr. Reed and shared my concerns. “Looks like a big storm headed this way. If the wind gets bad, and it probably will, we could lose a couple of the shelters. They’re not built for a serious storm.”

“What can we do about it?” Shannon asked.

“Not much. Make sure everything is well anchored. They’re facing away from the storm so that should help. Except for the ones on the end. We might want to take those down.”

“Everyone can retreat to their tents,” Dr. Reed suggested.

“Probably. Some of those tents aren’t made to survive storms like last night. Even without the flooding, they could collapse. Falling branches are an added risk.” I looked around, pointing out the better ones. “The domes will flex with the wind, at least the better ones. Those two will probably have no problem,” I observed, pointing out some of the better tents, “Yours too, Dr. Reed. I don’t have a lot of hope for the others. Any one of them could collapse from too much rain and wind. Just not designed for it. It’s a gamble.”

“Better than the tarps, though, right?” Shannon asked.

“My big one is heavy duty. It won’t tear. Heavy edging and grommets. Strong material. The one with the clothing drying is sturdy too. We should probably take all the clothing down, and count on half the camp sleeping under those two.”

Shannon laughed. “30% chance of showers, huh? This is turning into quite the adventure.”

I laughed. “Yeah, but they’ll learn more from this than from 20 other tame camping trips. Survival. Staying dry and warm. Dealing with adversity. It’s all good.”

The sky was already dark, and the wind was slowly picking up. I could hear the patter of raindrops accelerating.

Dr. Reed surprised me, taking charge. “I’ll take care of the end shelter. Shannon, why don’t you find out who is in the weaker tents, and get them to move their sleeping bags under the big tarp. No sense in taking risks. Alex, can you take care of the drying tent, and building up the fires?”

I nodded. “Got it. Time’s running out, so we’d better get moving.”

Within minutes the campsite was like an anthill someone had kicked. Max already had his gear under the big shelter, making him available to take care of the fires. I was pleased to see Wendy at his side. “I’ve got to take him back now, Wendy. He’s in charge of the fires.”

She smiled shyly. “I can help. I won’t get in the way.”

“Good, the more the merrier. Max, move some of the wood to the back of the shelter, to keep it dry and to anchor the bottom so it doesn’t blow away. Leave the sides of the shelter open so the wind can blow through. It might make it a little wetter, but it should hold up better.”

“Got it. Should I do anything with the fires?”

“Build ‘em up big. Don’t want the rain putting them out.”

Heather was still working the drying shelter, with Teri at her side. “Mmm. Two of my favorite ladies. Storm’s coming. We’ve got to take everything down.”

Heather nodded. “Most everything is dry anyway. Your stuff is in your tent. I dried your towels too.” She and Teri were both still wearing my shirts. And I was stuck with a sticky Gore-tex poncho against my bare skin.

“Any of my shirts dry?” I asked.

She laughed. “You had five, from what I could figure out. I think four of them are lost forever, unless you want to try to get them off your girls. I’m not giving mine up without a fight.”

Teri giggled. “Me either. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. My souvenir of a pretty spectacular weekend. But I’ll trade you my nightshirt as long as you don’t mind Hello Kitty.”

“That means one is left? In my tent?”

Heather nodded. “The one from the first day. A little dirty, but dry. Has to be better than that monstrosity you’re wearing. If you were wearing that yesterday, I’m thinking you would have been sleeping alone.”

“Right. My rain poncho would have stopped your tents from collapsing and filling with water.”

“No, but it might have made us look elsewhere for shelter.” She was grinning when she said it.

Teri poked her. “Speak for yourself. He could have been wearing faux fur and jodhpurs, and I would still have been climbing in that sleeping bag. Have you forgotten our furnace? I was freezing.”

Heather leaned into me, wrapping her arm around my waist, inside my poncho. “How could I forget? My hero and savior. Those first few minutes when we had him to ourselves, absolutely wonderful. Makes me wish certain other tents had survived better. If it had been just us three, things might be different today.”

“No shit.” Teri said, surprising me with her tone.

“All wishing aside, we only have a few minutes left. Get this stuff down, while I see if I can find my last shirt.”

I left Heather badgering some of the underclassmen into helping, while I jogged the few steps over to my tent. I got rid of my shoes, which were more mud than shoe at this point, stripped off the poncho, and checked inside.

Someone had cleaned up. Everything was stacked and organized. My shorts were folded next to my pack, and my shirt was beside them. The towels were stacked next to them. I was happy to get out of the bathing suit which had never had a chance to fully dry and was starting to chafe. I picked out my loosest knit shorts, wearing them commando, and pulled on the shirt, which felt great against my skin. My windbreaker was nowhere to be found, I figured Lisa probably still had it. Looks like I’d be wearing the poncho after all. That or get my last and only shirt soaked again.

I found my ball-cap by the door, and put it on, a little frightened of what my hair must look like. A swig of mouthwash had me feeling a little more civilized. Nothing I could do about two days of stubble.

I left the tent feeling like a new man. I took my poncho with me, in case I needed it, but was happy to carry it.

From my tent the big shelter was the closest, and I jogged over barefoot, rather than wear my miserable shoes. It was a little crazy in there, with half a dozen sleeping bags lined up in the back, and more being laid out as I watched.

Shannon, my Shannon, was directing things and came over to me. “How are you holding up?”

“Great. Honestly, I’ve never felt better.”

She grinned. “Boy Scout mode. You’re in your element, aren’t you?”

I shrugged. “It’s fun to get things done. How about you?”

“Better than I would have thought. I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of sleeping tonight. You’ve got the biggest tent, but I’m not sure how good it would look for you to have it full of girls again.”

I looked around. This was no place to be talking about what I was thinking. “Come with me?”

She nodded, and followed me back to my tent entrance. My one place of semi-privacy.

“We have 22 people right? And Dr. Reed has his own tent, which I suspect he’ll have the good sense to use alone.”

She grinned. “0 for 1. He’s going to stay in the big shelter, as chaperon. He’s already told two of the girls they could use his.”

The day was full of surprises. “Ok. That leaves 19. The two best domes can hold up to three each. One is John’s.”

Shannon nodded. “I believe he’s going to try to get Dominique to share it, if Dr. Reed and I turn a blind eye. Which I think is the plan. I’m not going to make a fuss.”

“Ok, 17. Who is in the other one?”

“Erica and Kaylee. We might convince them to let in one more person.”

“Let’s say we don’t. That leaves 15. If there were four in my tent, we could easily fit the rest of them under the two best shelters. It should work out.”

She looked at me suspiciously. “And who are you thinking should be in your tent tonight?”

“I’m hoping Julie and Lisa, and my favorite chaperon.”

She took her time answering. “It can’t be like last night. That was crazy. You and I can’t do anything.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have done that. Put you in that position.”

She smiled. “Which position? The one with my knees around my ears?”

“Jesus, Shannon! Don’t remind me. Now I can’t be seen in public for another 10 minutes.”

She laughed. “I know. You’re right. I’m not complaining, but we can’t do it again. Not here. I’m trusting that Julie can keep a secret.”

“She will, or she’ll be finding a new boyfriend.”

“So she won the lottery? Must have broken a few hearts.”

“Teri’s cool about it. Heather’s a little disappointed.”

“What about her sister? She seemed to have her claws dug in pretty good.”

“I don’t know. They’re talking it out. I’ll have to hunt them down soon and see how that went.”

“What if Teri wants to be in your tent. You going to say no?”

“She’ll be welcome. I don’t think it’s likely.”

She sighed. “I guess if I’m going to play chaperon, I should get my sleeping bag. At least give the appearance of propriety.”

“Same for the sisters, if that works out. We can use theirs as extra padding,” I said, grinning.

“Alright. I’ll tell Dan about the plans.”


“Dr. Reed,” she explained.

I laughed. “I thought Doctor was his first name.”

She grinned. “It’s a big deal to him. The whole doctorate thing. Shall we get going? I think the storm’s about to hit.”

We headed back to the crowd, Shannon hunting down her fellow chaperon, and me looking for my new girlfriend. Didn’t take too long to find them. They were at the last shelter, now that the food shelter had been taken down. They were sitting together, seemingly in a good mood. Still, I approached with more than a little trepidation.

“You pretty girls mind if I join you?” I asked. They had the picnic bench to themselves, while everyone else hustled.

They moved apart, and Julie patted the space next to her. “I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

I sat down, not knowing how to ask what needed asking.

After a few awkward moments, Lisa laughed out loud. “Now I’ve seen everything. Mr. Alex Hamilton, lost for words. Are you afraid I’m going to make a scene?”

Not helping.

“Don’t tease him, Lisa,” Julie told her sister. “This isn’t funny to him. He’s been all stressed out over it.”

“Good thing you gave him a little stress relief out by the road then, isn’t it?”

“I only gave him a blow-job. I didn’t drop my panties for him, when I knew he was still trying to figure things out,” Julie snapped.

“I wasn’t wearing panties. Besides, I had to get my bid in, didn’t I? For all the good it did.” She looked at me. “Not that I’m complaining, it was fun, and really hot.” Her face moved even closer, just inches away. “I’ve felt your juices leaking out of me all day. You came a ton inside of me.”

Julie leaned into me, catching my attention. “So, boyfriend, if we decided to share you, how would we do it?”

I was stunned. I looked over at Lisa, who was smiling, while Julie kept up the questioning. “What do we tell everyone? Are you her girlfriend? Mine? Both of ours?”

“I…I don’t know. This is all new to me.”

Julie giggled. “You said you wanted a clone of me. Lisa’s about as close as you’re going to get. Unless you’d rather choose just one of us. I gotta warn you, that’ll probably piss off both of us, no matter who you choose.”

I turned to Lisa. “You’re alright with this?”

“It was my idea, wasn’t it? I didn’t think you’d make Julie work it out for herself. You should have just come to me, dummy.”

“How do you guys want to handle it?” I asked.

Julie answered. “She wants to say you’re dating us both. It’ll probably raise some eyebrows, and things will be a little rocky at home, but we wouldn’t have to hide anything. I think we should take turns. You could date me, with her on the side, then later you could date her, and I’d be the secret third wheel. We could have fun with that, making up excuses to break up and get back together, and watching everyone deal with our weird relationship.”

“I don’t like hiding things,” I told them after a few seconds of thought.

Lisa grinned. “Two against one. Can that work for you, official girlfriend?”

Julie gave me a hug. “Mom’s going to raise hell. We might even get grounded. You have a problem with that, sister girlfriend?”

“None. This will be so awesome. We’re going to have everyone talking.” Lisa moved in close. “Can we make it official? We’re both your girlfriends? 50/50?”

“It works for me,” I told her. “More than I could ever have dreamed of, so nobody pinch me for at least a year.”

Wrong thing to say. They both started pinching me. “Wake up and accept it. You are ours, and that’s the end of it,” Lisa told me.

“Only ours, got it?” Julie growled, pinching me harder than the teasing warranted.

I laughed, pushing their hands away. “Can I get a kiss from my new girlfriends, to make it official?”

Lisa giggled. “You can have a kiss anytime you want. I think we’ll make it official later. In your sleeping bag.”

Ouch. “We’re going to have company in the tent. Shannon is going to chaperon. No girls and guys in tents alone, remember? We can’t hide it, since almost everyone else will be sleeping under the shelters.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, she’s cool. Does that mean we’ll be able to share your tent openly? Since we do have a chaperon.”

“Absolutely. We should move your sleeping bags in now, before the rain picks up any more.”

“Sleeping bags? Why?” Lisa asked.

“For appearances. No way you’re not sleeping in mine tonight.”

She grinned. “As long as that’s clear. You really think Miss Shannon will be cool with that?”

“She knows. She’s already moved her sleeping bag in there.”

Julie stood up. “Let’s get moving. Just us four then?”

“I think so. I haven’t talked to Teri yet. I don’t know what her plans are.”

Lisa spoke up. “She can come visit, but I expect you to keep the play just between the three of us.”

“Not a problem. No sex between me and Teri. We’ve agreed on that. Friends only.”

Julie giggled again. “That would be pretty wild. Having her and Miss Shannon in there with us, our audience, while we rock your world.”

Lisa chuckled. “I told you she was the wild one.”

“I think I’m beginning to believe you. Let’s get moving then. I’ll save us a place by the fire, probably at the smaller shelter.”

I gave them each a quick kiss goodbye, still incredulous over my miraculous fortune. Both of them. Unbelievable. I got up and hunted down Teri, who was sitting by the small fire, next to John and Dominique. It looked like they had the shelter to themselves. Perfect.

She scooted over against John, making room for me. “Hey stranger. You done with your camp stuff and ready to take a break?” she asked.

I sat down, putting my arm around her. “Absolutely.” The wind was gusting pretty hard, and the rain was consistent, if not yet torrential. “What are your sleeping plans for tonight?” I asked.

She blushed. Really. Bright red. “I hadn’t thought about it too much. What are you doing?”

“Me and the sisters in my tent. Miss Shannon will be there chaperoning.”

John laughed. “Sucks to be you, bud. Both Samuelsson and Miss Shannon there to keep you behaved. That’s twice in a row now? Looks like someone up there is pissed at you. What do they say, No good deed goes unpunished? You’ve got a lot of punishing coming your way.”

“Right. Like you haven’t been doing your share of good deeds. Gorgeous over there doesn’t look like much punishment.”

Dominique giggled. “That’s where you’re wrong, Alex. I’m going to make his life hell. He gets to find out what dating a princess gets him.”

“Poor bastard. Not like there aren’t a thousand guys that wouldn’t kill to take his place.”

She laughed. “Like you?”

“In a heartbeat. You were top of my list.”

She looked shocked. “Shut up. I was not.”

“Ask Teri.”

She looked around John at Teri, who nodded. “Top three. He won’t tell us the order. You and Julie. Lucky for you John stepped up, or he’d be hounding you to death.”

I was surprised to see Dominique blush. Two for two. A good evening.

“Fuck, dude! What did you say about not interfering?” John snapped, sounding sincerely pissed.

“Who’s interfering? You won the big prize didn’t you? You guys are a couple now, aren’t you Dominique?”

She nodded.

“It’s cool. I’m with the sisters, you’ve got Dominique. The best girls this school has to offer, with two guys who don’t deserve 10 seconds of their attention.”

Teri interrupted. “The sisters? You’re not planning on dating both of them are you?”

“Their idea. Not mine. Has me scared spitless.”

That turned John around. He laughed loud enough to attract attention. “We are so screwed. At least I’m only going to be wrapped around one pinky. Those girls are going to own you so bad.”

“Don’t I know it.”

Dominique looked even more surprised than Teri. “I don’t get it. Both of them? Are you going to take turns or what?”

“Two girlfriends. Both of them at the same time. Don’t ask me how it works out, I figure I’ll just do what they tell me.”

I turned to John. “Don’t want to sound interfering,” I said exaggerating the interfering part, “but I thought I’d let you know that it would be cool if you guys wanted to share a tent tonight. Apparently I’m the only one around here who needs chaperoning.”

That had the girls giggling. John was slow to answer. “Uh…I hadn’t really thought about it.”

I leaned over and looked at Dominique. “He’s lying. He’s thought about it. Probably a lot. Doesn’t have the cojones to suggest it.”

“Alex, man, keep it up and you and I are really going to have a problem.”

“Bullshit. Ask her.”

“He doesn’t have to. Now I won’t have to sneak in,” Dominique answered.

“Room for two more?” I heard Lisa ask. I turned from the fire, to see the two girls approaching, their hands full.

Dominique scooted down, dragging John with her. Teri followed, leaving space for Lisa on that side. Julie sat next to me on the other. Lisa had my coffee pot in her hands. “Get this going. I want some cocoa.”

Julie was passing out cups. “He only has 4. Can you guys come up with two more?”

John looked out at the rain, which was heavy, pounding down on the tarp. Lisa was wearing my windbreaker and took it off, handing it to him. “Hurry. If you have any contraband, bring it.”

While he was up, I tended the fire, adding wood and dragging some coal near the edge, where I set the coffee pot. The girls had filled it with water, saving me a trip.

“What did we interrupt?” Lisa asked.

“Your boyfriend teasing the shit out of his supposed best friend.” Teri said.

“Teasing you? Why?” Julie asked.

“Not me. John.” Teri said.

Lisa put her arm around Teri. “You going to share our tent tonight?”

Teri looked at me. “I don’t know. We hadn’t talked about it.”

I was staying out of it. Tending fire had become my permanent job until there was a little more testosterone around our circle.

Julie chimed in. “You should. It’ll be fun. At the least you know it’s going to be the most comfortable place to sleep.”

“You sure? I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

Lisa laughed. “Fourth wheel. And that’s Miss Shannon’s job. Come with us.”

Dominique was watching the interplay with open wonder.

I couldn’t play with the fire forever. As it was, I was getting soaked. I stood and backed away from the fire. “Anyone seen my poncho? I don’t remember where I put it.”

“You had it at the picnic table,” Lisa said.

I went to retrieve it, although it was a little late. I figured I’d need it sooner or later.

A sudden burst of gale force wind had the tarp overhead snapping, and the skies finally opened up with the torrential downpour I’d been expecting. I hurried back to our little group, as the girls pushed back the seating log, further from the fire and away from the splatter of incoming rain.

I slipped on the poncho, just as John came running into the shelter, hunched over under my windbreaker, and soaked to the skin. “Great fucking idea. Thanks Lisa.”

She took it in stride. “Next time come to the fire prepared. Or run faster.”

He stood back away from the fire, peeling off the windbreaker and his shirt, before wringing it out.

I didn’t have time to joke around. I fed the fire, trying to keep it alive long enough to survive the flood. The flames were leaping at least 3 feet high when I went to check on the others.

“Boy Scout mode kicking in,” I heard Teri tease.

The big shelter seemed to be holding up well. The fire was burning strong, with Max parked in front of it taking charge.

I grabbed a few logs and added them to the end, trying to extend the width of the fire a bit. “Looks good, Max. How’s everything else going?”

He grinned. “Couldn’t be better.”

I turned to Wendy, who was sitting nearby to no surprise. “I’m borrowing him again. Sorry.”

She grinned. “Just bring him back in one piece.”

“C’mon Max. Quick tour to see how it’s holding up under the wind.”

He stood and walked with me as we checked each of the tie downs, giving a quick tug on each string. Everything was doing fine. “Looks like it’s going to hold.” I turned to him. “How’s things with Wendy?”

“Unbelievable. I hope it lasts beyond the weekend.”

“If it doesn’t, there’s other fish in the sea. I’ve seen a few lovelies looking your way.”

He grinned. “They probably figure if Wendy’s interested, I can’t be all bad.”

“Shit. You’re an alpha male. Take charge guy. You run this shelter. It’s a genetic thing. Girl’s love that crap.” I gave him a friendly shove. “Go back to your girl. You made a move on her yet?”

“Holding her. Arm around the shoulder.”

“Enough. You’re going to make me slap you for being a pussy. Go back and thank her for waiting and give her a kiss. On the lips. A little tongue would be good.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. “In front of everyone?”

“Of course. Like it’s expected. Trust me. The worst she could do is get pissed at you. If she does, ignore her, and give your attention to someone else. She’ll come crawling back for more.”

“She only started talking to me today,” he whined.

“Man up, Max! Do it. Trust me on this.”

I spotted Shannon standing to one side, watching our interplay. “Go, I’ve got stuff to do. Stop by the small fire later and let me know how it goes. Twenty bucks says she’s snuggling you and not vice versa 10 minutes from now.”

I walked over to Shannon. “I’ve got water boiling.”

“Coffee?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.

“Not yet. The girls want cocoa. I’ll have the coffee ready in 15 if you want to stop by. Everything working out over here?”

“Better than I expected. It’s not the cluster-fuck it was last night, that’s for sure.”

“Good. Then relax a little. We’ve got space by our fire if you’d like to join us.”

“Who’s us?”

“Me, Teri, John and Dominique, Lisa and Julie.”

“You got your sleeping arrangements worked out?” she asked.

“Looks like Teri will be joining us.”

Shannon nodded. “That’s good. The more the merrier. Looks a lot less suspicious. Don’t want the good name of our favorite Boy Scout to get sullied.”

I smiled. “I’m gonna run and get the coffee. Stop by later, Ok?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

The poncho was a lifesaver. With the hood pulled up, I stayed dry running to my tent. I found my second water pot and the coffee. I also found my canteen, which was still half full of 151.

There were three new sleeping bags in my tent. It was getting crowded. I couldn’t help but wonder where Teri and Shannon were going to sleep. Were they going to be in the big sleeping bag? I figured Shannon would probably sleep in her own, and Teri would most likely be cajoled into getting into the shared one. Could be interesting.

I grabbed my big blanket as a last thought, and loaded down, headed back to my fire. Walking through the big shelter, I saw that Max was openly necking with Wendy. Good for him.

In the small shelter I dumped the gear. I kicked myself for not filling the coffee pot for water. The water was running off the side of the shelter in buckets. I held the pot under a steady stream, feeling the weight slowly increase.

“What’s that for?” Julie asked.


“Is that sanitary?” Teri asked.

“Boiled rain water? I’d say so. You don’t have to drink any if you don’t want to.”

I kept the poncho on while I checked on the fire and swapped out the coffee pots. The first one was boiling. Stepping back out of the rain, I held it up. “Who’s for cocoa?”

All four girls held out their mugs. I poured each one full, then refilled it from my roof tap. Once it was back in place next to the other pot, I pulled out my canteen. “Vitamins, anyone?”

“Vitamins?” Dominique asked.

“Bacardi, good for what ails ya.”

They all nodded, and I added an ounce or so to each mug. I stepped back into the shelter, peeling off the poncho before wrapping the blanket around my girls. “Sorry Dominique. You’re going to have to switch places with John if you want in.”

She looked up at John, eyes raised in expectation. He sighed, stood up and waited for her to scoot over next to Teri before sitting back down.

I sat on the opposite end, next to Julie. “What did I miss?”

“Nothing, nosy,” Lisa quipped. “Serves you right for abandoning us.”

Teri laughed. “Get used to it. The last Boy Scout. The public good always comes first.”

Lisa sighed. “Great. Now you tell us. Anything else I should know? I figure you and John over there know him best. What are we getting into?”

John laughed. “You’re on your own. Nobody really knows him. Pig-headed do-gooder who keeps to himself. Now if Shannon were here, she might be able to help.”

“Leave her out, John,” I said softly.

He looked away. Only John knew about Shannon’s relationship with our family, since he was practically one of us. Not even Teri knew. “Sorry. I forgot.”

Lisa turned to me. “You’ve got to be kidding! You can’t leave it like that! What’s the scoop on Teach?”

I glared at John, trying to figure out how to save the situation. Max chose that moment to come running over. He squatted down next to me, beaming. “I owe you twenty. Friggin’ second base.”

I laughed putting my hand up for a high five. He smacked it hard. “What do I do now?”

“Ease back. She’ll make the next move. Don’t press it. And don’t do anything more than kissing until you have a little privacy.” I looked around our shelter. “You might want to move your sleeping bags over here for later. None of us will be staying here. You might get it to yourself.”

“Cool. Thanks. I owe you.” He looked over and saw Teri sitting with us. He smiled at her. “Hi Teri, uh…thanks for earlier.”

She grinned at him. “Good luck.”

He took off practically running.

“What was that about?” Julie asked.

“Girl advice. He’s striking pay-dirt with Wendy.”

Lisa laughed, “And he’s coming to you for advice? You succeed in spite of yourself.”

“Say what you will. She wasn’t speaking to him yesterday. Now she’s all over him like a cheap suit.”

Lisa slid off her seat, sitting on the ground in front of the fire. “I could really use a shoulder massage,” she said, looking over at me.

I got up and took her seat, letting her lean back into me, while I rubbed her shoulders.

“Shit,” Teri muttered. “This is how everything started last time. Don’t go causing trouble, Alex.”

“Me? You guys started it all.”

“Us?” Julie spoke up. “All that kissing, talk of cheating, dirty stories. That was all your doing, Don Juan.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” I told her. “The Don Juan myth was killed, remember. Three. That’s it.”

Teri giggled. “Six, now. Almost seven.”

Dominique was confused. “Three? Six? Seven?” she asked.

Teri turned to her, “How many girls have you heard he’s been with?”

“Jesus, Teri! Again?”

“Come on, Alex. She was on the list. She should know.”

Even John looked confused, “Know what?”

“How many,” Teri asked Dominique again.

“I don’t know. Maybe 10?”

Teri hooted her joy. “Exactly! That’s what we thought. But it was only three. All the rest made it up.”

Dominique looked surprised. “But why? Who would make up something like that?”

“Heather for one. Who knows why? Maybe because he’s too much of a gentleman to call a girl a liar. I don’t know.”

I was getting irritated. “Damn it Teri! As far as anyone is concerned, Heather didn’t make anything up. Got it?”

Teri just rolled her eyes at me.

“What did you mean by six?” Dominique asked.

“See what you started, Teri? Jeez, you’re nothing but a pain in the ass.” I told her.

“You know you love me,” she giggled, leaning into me. “Since forever.”

“Pain. In. My. Butt.”

“Shoulders,” Lisa reminded me, squirming under my idle hands.

I went back to rubbing her, glaring at my supposed best girl friend.

Julie leaned forward. “There was kind of a competition for this bum, if you can believe it. Four girls vying for his attention. If he was more of a jerk, and played his cards right, he could have had all of us. Not all at once, but probably all, if he was leading us on. That would have been seven. Turns out Heather’s not really in the running. Six. So we’re still looking at three, but numbers four and five might be on his horizon if he plays his cards right.”

Nice little surprise. Julie covering for us. Too much idle talk about what happened in the tent the previous night wouldn’t be good. Especially since we supposedly had a chaperon.

Dominique was fascinated. “Do you guys always talk about this kind of stuff so openly?”

“No!” I answered quickly. “You open up once, in private, with everyone promising to keep it a secret, and this is what happens.”

“Jesus, Alex, don’t be an ass! Look at where you are! You’ve got two of the hottest girls in school as your new girlfriends. That’s what happens when you open up. Tell him Lisa. If he didn’t tell us the whole truth last night, would you be here with him now?”

Lisa took a sip from her spiked cocoa before answering. “Probably not. I thought he was a sleaze and a cheater. Didn’t want Julie getting involved with him, just to get her heart broken.”

She looked up at me. “You really do have a bit of a rep. We’re going to have to do something about that.”

“But I didn’t do anything!”

Julie giggled. “We know that. Now. You’re not the bad boy everyone thinks you are. You really should hear what Denise says about you. Such a perv.”

It was a little hard having everyone laughing at my expense. Julie hugged me, gluing herself to my side, kissing my shoulder. “Is it so bad? We like the open you. A lot. Enough to make a spectacle of ourselves.”

I turned and kissed her. “Open book, Angel, if that’s what you want.”

She giggled. “Ding-ding-ding! Right answer. Tell the man what he won, sissy.”

“Alex Hamilton! You’ve won two hot young blue-eyed blondes, measurements 36-25-34, who are going to spend as long as you want making you the happiest man in town, and the envy of every red-blooded male for 100 miles around. But wait! That’s not all. You’ve also won the heart of your childhood friend, who may be a pain in your ass, but will stand up for you against anyone, and may even, someday, fulfill your fondest wishes. Total value of this package is more than you could ever hope to pay.”

“34-22-32,” Julie added.

“Fondest wishes aren’t guaranteed and are not typical, see childhood friend for actual likely results,” Teri finished, chuckling.

What had I gotten myself into?

“Share, sissy?” Julie said teasingly.

“Might as well. He’s doing a shitty job. So much better when he was still chasing us.” Lisa got up, taking Julie’s place next to me, while the younger sister settled in between my legs. She pulled off her shirt, sitting in a bikini top. “You have to keep him interested.”

“Tease,” Lisa muttered.

“You’re just mad because you didn’t think of it first.”

“I can’t. I’m not wearing anything under my shirt,” Lisa argued.

“You think he’d complain?” Teri piped in.

Dominique was laughing. “Can anyone get a massage? Or is it limited to girlfriends?”

“Hardly,” Lisa answered. “Teri started it. Back when she was still pissed at him.”

“That was before,” Teri argued.

“Oh. So now you won’t even get a massage from him? It’s not cheating. Is it Julie?” Lisa asked.

“No problem here. As long as it’s in front of us and not behind our backs.”

I was trying to stay a little more focused on the task at hand, rubbing Julie’s shoulders and staring down into her cleavage. I had that to look forward to. Damn, she had nice tits.

The rain had slowed for a bit but was now a steady downpour. Between the noise of the rain beating against the tarp, and the ten foot wide sheet of rain separating our shelter from the larger one, we were as isolated as if we were on our own island. The trees the tarps were tied to, plus the stack of wood under the shelter staying dry, completely blocked the view of the adjoining crowd. I liked that.

“John, make yourself useful. You should be rubbing someone’s shoulders by now. I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the designated masseuse.”

I looked over to see Dominique settling in between his legs, pulling off her shirt, exposing her bra.

She saw me looking and grinned. “Your friends are a bad influence.” She looked up at Teri. “And nothing about this leaves this group, right?”

Teri nodded. “Of course. He’s the only one I can’t help myself around.” She turned to me, and pulled my head down for a kiss. “You know I don’t mean nothing bad, right?”

“Pain in my butt,” I muttered.

“Don’t be that way,” she pouted. “You’re hurting my feelings.”

“Fine. One more kiss then, and all’s forgiven.”

The next kiss was a good one, sweet and lingering. Distracting.

“Enough kisses,” Julie spoke up. “Let the man do his job.”

Teri pulled back grinning. “Forgiven?”

“Always,” I assured her, my hands back to work, wandering a little more than might be seen as reasonable in mixed company.

“Share?” Lisa asked her sister.

“Aww, he was just getting good,” Julie whined, getting up and switching places with her sister.

Lisa pulled off her shirt, flashing us all for a moment, before covering her breasts with it. She looked up at me. “Consider this a challenge. How well you do here will influence my behavior later.”

I was doing my damnedest to give her the best massage ever, when Shannon showed up, a garbage bag over her head, doing a mediocre job of keeping her dry on the journey from the main shelter to ours.. “Things are looking pretty cozy over here. You guys behaving?”

Julie giggled. “No. Sit with us Miss Shannon. Tell us stories. John says you know more about Alex then either him or Teri.”

Shannon glared at John who had the good sense to look ashamed, while he rubbed his new girlfriend’s naked shoulders. “John said that?”

“It just slipped,” he muttered piteously.

She sighed, shaking her head. “I don’t suppose you could take your wandering hands off that poor girl long enough to get your old worn out teacher a cup of coffee, Alex?”

I’d completely forgotten about the coffee. I leaned down and gave Lisa a quick kiss. “Give me a minute?”

She smiled. “For Miss Shannon? Take two.”

I hopped up, throwing on my poncho, and stepping out into the pouring rain. It was still coming down in buckets, but the wind was almost reasonable. I retrieved the coffee pot, coffee already mixed in. “It’s going to be strong, almost a quarter of the pot’s boiled away.” I filled Shannon’s cup, then John’s.

Shannon produced a second cup and held it out.

“Is that mine?” I asked.

“For Dan. He’s earned it. For once.”

I filled it for her and looked for my own, filling that one as well. I added another half scoop of coffee, and refilled the pot with rainwater, putting it back on the fire after dragging over some more coals.

Teri had the powdered cocoa out and was putting some in each of the girl’s mugs. “Refills?” she asked.

I got the second pot of boiling water and filled their mugs. Another rain refill, and everyone seemed set. I grabbed the rum canteen and walked down the line, giving everyone a splash. No comment from Shannon, so I gave her a double. She had some catching up to do.

I worked on building up the fire again, until it was too hot to stay near. When I turned around, I saw Teri walking off. “Where’s she going?” I asked.

“Delivering the coffee,” Shannon said, sipping hers. “I’m not moving. First time I’ve been warm all night.”

“Take Teri’s seat. Get under the blanket,” I told her.

“Hardly seems fair, since I just sent her away.”

“She’ll be fine. She’s been nothing but trouble tonight, anyway.”

I took off my poncho, shaking the water out of my hair, before retaking my own place between Julie and Shannon. Lisa slid back up against me.

“Long two minutes,” she said.

I leaned down and kissed her. “Sorry.” I went back to rubbing her shoulders.

Teri showed up and squeezed into where Dominique had been sitting before getting her massage. John had to scoot over a bit, but they managed. She grabbed the end of the blanket and pulled it around her own shoulders.

“A little crazy over there. They’re playing truth or dare by the fire.”

Shannon laughed. “And that’s any worse than topless massages?”

My hands were working the sides of Lisa’s breasts. Caught dead to rights, I wasn’t going to say a thing.

“Stories, Miss Shannon. Spill. We want to know what we’re getting into.”

Teri, of course, was the real trouble maker. “How come you know so much about him, anyway?”

Shannon sighed. “I trust this is all just between us, right?”

Everyone assured her of their eternal silence.

“It’s not that big a deal. Not really. We just like to keep it under wraps. When I first started teaching here, I had a few problems, and our notorious do-gooder couldn’t help but come to the rescue. John too, for that matter. I didn’t know anyone in the area, and Alex’s family welcomed me like a long lost child. His mother and I are good friends now, and I spend a lot of time at their place, especially on the weekends. It’s been that way for over a year now. I knew his old girlfriend pretty well. His father, not as much, he’s overseas most of the time. Gives me and his Mom a lot of time together. I guess I know him as good as anyone, outside of his family.”

Lisa spoke up. “Doesn’t seem that big a deal, not worth keeping a secret.”

“It’s not. But there are always busybodies. If certain people knew I spend almost every weekend at the home of one of my students, tongues would wag. I don’t need that crap.”

“Any good stories?” Julie asked, persistent as a bulldog.

“Lots. But I’m a lot like him. Private. I’m not telling if he doesn’t want me to.”

“He doesn’t mind,” Julie argued. “He promised he’d be an open book. So far all we’ve seen is the cover and the end page. Maybe the introduction.”

“Let me hear it from him.”

I sighed. No getting out of it. “I don’t mind.” I shrugged, giving it some added thought and coming to a new realization. “You know what? I really don’t. John and Teri I’ve known forever. And I figure my girlfriends can know anything they want. I don’t want to keep anything from any of them. Dominique as John’s girlfriend might as well hear it too. Half the stories probably involve him anyway. Tell ‘em anything.”

I should have shut up. Turns out Shannon knew every good deed I’d ever done since I was 6 years old, thanks to Mom. She spent the next hour entertaining everyone at my expense, while I took turns massaging the girls. All of them. It started out with Julie and Lisa of course. Then Teri had to get her turn. Shannon decided she wasn’t going to go on until she got a coffee refill and a chance at a massage of her own. I was more than happy to oblige. She didn’t complain once about my perpetual erection trying to drill a hole through her spine.

Teri, as usual, had to upset the cart, complaining that Dominique was hogging two of the four hands doing the massaging. John got dragged into things, massaging Teri, and then Lisa. Dominique figure she deserved a shot with me. After that it was a free for all, every few minutes another beautiful girl between my legs, leaning back against my inevitable hardon, while entertained by Shannon’s seemingly endless tales.

The stories ran the gamut. Some made me seem silly, others, I still was proud of. Shannon told the tale of one of my earliest attempts at righting wrongs, and helping out the weak, when I took on my first bully. Dad was wrong. Sometimes standing up to a bully just got your ass kicked. Especially when you’re seven years old and the bully is 11 and has friends the same age.

“Your Mom said you lost two teeth and got your nose broke for that one. I’m surprised it didn’t get you out of the good deed business.”

“Baby teeth. No big deal.” It had been a big deal. I’d been afraid to go home and cried like a baby.

“He’s a planner, our Boy Scout. His father taught him how to fight dirty, and Alex here took them all on, one at a time, ambushing each and hospitalizing two. Damn seven years old and the terror of the neighborhood. Their parents apparently complained and his father laughed in their faces, threatening to do the same to them for raising bullies.”

“Everyone faces bullies,” Lisa said. “Doesn’t seem like much of a good deed.”

Shannon had a quick answer. “They weren’t bullying him. They were bullying older kids. Girls. Made one of them cry in front of him. That was their mistake. Once the waterworks start, his common sense goes out the window.”

That had my girlfriends teasing me for trying to be a seven year-old superhero. It also got me some nice kissin’ so I wasn’t complaining.

Teri had maneuvered herself in front of me, and had joined the ranks of the topless, as naked as Lisa, with her T-shirt wrapped around her chest. “Do you know how I met him?” she asked Shannon.

“I do. But that’s your story to tell.”

“It’s not a big complicated story. Pretty simple, really. Back in 6th grade I rode my bike to school, at least on nice days. Only a few miles each way. Too long to walk in a reasonable time, but less than 10 minutes on bike.

“I stayed late for theater, and the weather started to get bad. I tried to rush things, and ended up crashing my bike a couple of blocks from school. Bad. My back wheel wouldn’t even turn afterward.

“Alex found me dragging my bike, crying in the rain. I had a bloody knee and probably looked like shit. He stopped and helped me. He was like a real life hero. He put my bike over his shoulders, made me sit on his handlebars, and rode me to my house. He dropped me off, and told me he’d fix my bike. The next morning it was under my carport, working like a charm. I didn’t even know his name.”

Teri was crying, which I thought was a little silly. “It was no big deal, Teri. Anybody would do it.”

“God, Alex! You are such an idiot! Nobody else would do it. Nobody else stopped to help me. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me, and to you it’s no big deal. I remember every moment like it was yesterday. When you stopped, and I was scared, I didn’t know what was going on, in the dark and the rain. You gave me your jacket, checked on my knee, and brushed my tears away, begging me not to cry. You put that stupid bike over your shoulders, when it probably weighed almost as much as you, and insisted that I sit on your handlebars, scared for my life that you wouldn’t be able to handle all the extra weight. I knew it was impossible that you could handle two of us and the bike. Impossible. Hell, you were smaller than me! And yet you did, pedaling hard, riding slowly, talking to me, comforting me, promising me you wouldn’t crash. And keeping your word. As I would learn over the years you always did.”

Shannon gave me a hug. “Give him a break, Teri. He really doesn’t understand why the things he does matters. The idiot believes it’s what men are supposed to do. He’s even managed to con John into thinking the same.”

John wasn’t taking that lying down. “Don’t lump me in with him. I only help when it’s needed. He sees every tiny injustice as a personal challenge. If I didn’t owe him, I’d let him handle most of the crap on his own.”

Shannon laughed. “Bullshit, John Weber. How many hours did you spend on your own, rebuilding my piece of crap old car?”

“Piece of crap? It’s a classic! I had to fix it. It just wasn’t right.”

Teri stood in front of me, then turned and straddled me, dropping her shirt to sit topless in my lap. She put her arms around my neck. “He’s saved my bacon more than once.” She kissed me softly. “That’s why, Alex, you can do no wrong by me, and the sixth grader inside of me will love you until the day I die. You rescued a tired, scared and hurt little girl, and never asked anything in return.”

I let her hug me, stroking her back gently. “I did ask something in return. I wanted to be your friend.”

She laughed, almost hysterically. “You are such a fucking idiot! I had no friends. I was new. You GAVE me friendship, and brought me into your private inner circle. You heaped on the debt, with me owing you more and more, knowing I could never, ever repay you.”

“You’re being silly, Teri. You don’t owe me anything. I helped you because I wanted to. I became friends with you because I liked you.”

Teri turned to Shannon. “Head like a rock. Maybe you can explain it to him.”

Shannon hugged me, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “She’s right, Alex. You can’t do one-way good deeds. You have to let us give back sometimes.”

I turned back to Teri, wondering how my new girlfriends were taking all this. I pulled her away from me holding her at arm’s length, gazing down at her naked torso. Her small breasts that fit her so well, hard little nipples begging for attention. “Can’t you see that holding you here, now, like this, is worth far more than I could ever do for you? One of your kisses is payment enough for 10 years of good deeds.” I pulled her in and kissed her deeply. “There that makes us even until you’re thirty. Now you should get dressed and get off my lap before my girlfriends get jealous.”

Lisa was getting a massage from John, and chose to speak up. “No jealousy here. How about you, Julie?”

“Not with Teri. She gets a pass. Always. She and Miss Shannon, right?”

“That’s what I figure,” the older sister said.

I chuckled, while Teri wiggled in my lap, hugging me even closer. “You better get up anyway. Much more of this, and I won’t be responsible for you losing your cherry.”

She nibbled on my ear. “It’s yours. Right now if you want. I’d let you claim me in front of everybody.”

I peeled her arms off of me, and held her pretty face in my hands, inches from my own. “I don’t deserve you.” I took her shirt, and straightened it out, putting it over her head. She maneuvered her arms into it, before climbing off my lap.

“I mean it, Alex. Whenever you want.”

“I think that’s a private discussion,” I told her.

Julie piped up. “Uh-uh. Nothing behind our backs, you wouldn’t do in front of us. That’s the golden rule.”

Dominique was sitting next to Shannon, but she got up to take Teri’s place, glancing up at Julie. “Ok?”

“Sure,” Julie giggled. “You’re just getting him primed for later.”

She leaned in to me, pulling her bra straps down to expose her smooth shoulders. “So let me see if I got this straight. You’ve rescued Teri, and Miss Shannon, and apparently John too, since he says he owes you, is that right?”

“Rescue’s a strong word. I’ve helped them.” I told her, massaging the back of her neck.

John barked a half-laugh.

“What about Julie and Lisa? Any good deeds there?”

Lisa laughed. “Two cold wet girls whose tents flooded. He shared his with us and took care of us.”

“Come on,” I argued. “That’s not much of a good deed. What man wouldn’t let you two into his tent, storm or not?”

“Ignore the idiot,” Julie said. “He already had two girls in his sleeping bag, but he invited us in, dried us off, gave us his clothes and his sleeping bag and tried to sleep in this stupid blanket.”

Lisa was switching places with Teri, who had John working her shoulders. “That’s what got me, you know,” she said, squeezing in next to Shannon. “Not the campfire, or even letting us in his tent. No. It was giving us the privacy of darkness to wear his shirt, and then making me sit down so he could dry my legs and feet, before telling me to get in his sleeping bag, and watching him fold that stupid blanket around himself by the door, so we could be comfortable.”

Julie laughed. “I know, right? When he turned off that light, huddled by the door, I was going to kill him if he didn’t get in the bag with us.” She poked me. “It was so unfair. He did everything right. Spent twice as long making sure his tent was safe and sturdy. Set it up in the right spot. Bringing extra clothes, towels, blankets. Then giving it all to us, so we’d be warm and comfortable, while he tried to pretend a wet blanket and the cold floor was good enough for him. He didn’t even have a shirt, after giving all of his to us.”

Dominique turned to me, looking up, pressing her breasts against my leg. She definitely had my attention. “Backup. He already had two girls in his sleeping bag?”

Teri giggled. “Yep. Me and Heather. Poor Heather. She was scared to death to ask for help. She’d lied about their relationship and treated him like crap for a year, for no reason at all, and next thing you know she’s standing at the entrance to his tent with me, soaked to the skin and freezing, begging for his help.”

“You were hardly begging,” I reminded her.

“I wasn’t. I knew you’d take care of me. No matter what. She didn’t. But he took us in, got us dried off, gave us dry shirts to wear, and shared his sleeping bag. We were frozen, and he just took us in his arms and held us until we were warm again. Never said a word about the past to Heather. He just held her. He had every right to kick her out and let her fend for herself, after the way she treated him. Instead he told her none of it mattered, and he held us both, while she broke down.

“We were almost naked in his sleeping bag, and he didn’t do anything but hold us until we were warm again.”

Dominique giggled. “Doesn’t seem likely from the way y’all are behaving now.”

Teri laughed. “HE didn’t do anything. Heather and I decided some reward kissing and snuggling was in order. We were half way to ravaging him when those two showed up. I wanted to tell them to find their own friggin’ tent, but the Boy Scout showed up, off to the rescue. Damn it.”

Dominique leaned back against me, and my hands moved down her arms, and across the top of her chest, stopping at the material of her bra. I wasn’t about to maul her tits, no matter how tempting they were. She was John’s. Dammit.

“So everyone here is one of his rescues, except me. But I was rescued last night by John, which I guess makes me a rescue by proxy. Cool. I feel much better now.”

That had the crowd giggling, but it also put the end to that massage while Julie switched places with her.

Shannon started in on another story while I concentrated on making Julie feel good. She had other ideas, turning and facing me, tucking her head into my side. “Rub my back now,” she said.

The little vixen had her hand in my shorts, stroking and squeezing me, hidden by her body. It felt nice, but I was going to have to stop her if it went on much longer.

Dominique was straddling the log beside me, one leg pressed against my rear. I felt her hands move up to my shoulders, rubbing me. “Poor baby. All the good deeds, and all those massages, and nobody takes care of you?” she whispered into my ear. I felt her lips against my earlobe, and a gentle nibble.

This was bad. I turned to face Dominique, and her lips met mine. Just for a moment. She pulled back smiling. “Shhh.” she whispered. “Just enjoy. You’ve earned it. I know I missed my chance.”

I had no idea what Shannon was talking about after that. I was in my own little world, rubbing Julie’s back while she played with my cock, Dominique rubbing my shoulders and neck, kissing my back. I was getting way too worked up. I lifted up Julie, gently moving her hand away from my shorts. “Kiss me, Angel,” I told her.

She rose up on her knees, and kissed me hard. Dominique got up, giving me a little kiss on the neck, before going over to John and evicting Teri from her spot between his legs.

I took a short break after that to tend the fire, and provide drink refills, killing off the Bacardi. My shorts were tenting badly, but I wasn’t concerned. The girls had certainly earned it. I ended up with Lisa back between my legs, topless, facing me, her breasts encasing my aching cock.

Shannon seemed to have no end to her stories, and things were just getting crazier as John broke out his contraband. A bottle of tequila, a salt shaker, and a squeeze lime. I served as a salt lick for whoever was beside me, before the tequila founds its way over. Lisa, Julie and even Teri were all being bad, playing with me when it was their turn in front of me. I wasn’t paying attention to John, I could only hope he was having half as much fun.

I was as bad as the rest of them, openly fondling the girls I had access to. Even Shannon. When she took her turn for the massage, she kept her shirt on, a loose t-shirt. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt in back, and pulled it upward.

“Alex. What are you doing?” she said warningly.

I pulled it up and over her head, until her shoulders were exposed and her shirt was bunched up over her arms, doing a decent job of covering her chest. She leaned forward, still telling tales on me, while I rubbed her soft skin, letting my hands drift down and forward, cupping her breasts.

It was easy to see the booze was hitting her. She was talking slower, sometimes slurring her words. She was letting me fondle her openly, playing with her hard nipples. I’d have to watch out for her. Not enough to stop me from enjoying her.

When the tequila came around Julie leaned over, pressed Shannon’s head forward and sprinkled the salt on the back of her neck. I licked it clean, my hands squeezing her breasts, her hard nipples held by my fingers, all hidden by the shirt and her position.

Lisa had the booze, took a swig of it, then tilted my head back and fed me my share from her mouth.

I was learning that Julie really was the instigator and wild child. She took the salt shaker she’d used on Shannon, pulled up the edge of my shorts and sprinkled the salt not an inch from my hard cock.

“Your shot, Miss Shannon.” She leaned over and turned Shannon toward her, pushing her face down against my leg, my cock pressed against the side of her pretty face. Shannon licked me, more than once, her lips pressing against my skin edging closer to my shaft.

I looked over to see who was watching. John had Dominique sitting in his lap, straddling him, making out like there was no tomorrow. Teri, oddly enough was facing them, her arms around both. Lisa was watching me. She grinned and grabbed my chin, tilting my head back, holding the tequila bottle to my lips. “For Miss Shannon,” she said, tilting it up.

Julie was holding the back of Shannon’s head, pressing her into my crotch. Shannon’s tongue had found its way inside my shorts leg, teasing the side of my cock. I reached down and moved her head back off of me, tilting her face up. I leaned down, placing my mouth over hers, slowly letting the tequila drain into her mouth. She swallowed, then her tongue reached out and licked my lips.

Julie was out of control. She dropped to her knees beside our teacher, and pulled my cock out into the air.

Shannon looked at it for a moment, then at our mischievous friend. “No baby. Not here. Not like this.”

“One suck, and I’ll put it away,” Julie urged.

I almost died when Shannon lowered her mouth over my cock, taking me deep, before pulling off, and covering me up. “You are trouble, aren’t you?” she asked Julie.

Julie giggled, leaning down and shocking all of us by pressing her lips against Shannon’s.

It was too much. I could feel the tequila hitting me hard, and could only imagine how much it was effecting the girls. We were way out of control. And there were a dozen schoolmates not twenty feet away.

I fixed Shannon’s shirt, looking into her glazed eyes. She was bombed. I lifted her up in my arms. “Come on, you. Bed time for everyone.”

She leaned into my arms, hugging me. “I shouldn’t, Alex.”

“Tent. Now. All of us.”

I held onto Shannon, while she swayed. Shit. I wasn’t going to walk her through the crowd next door like this. I turned to Lisa and Julie. “I’m taking Shannon the long way, behind the shelters. I’ll meet you at our tent.

I put my poncho over Shannon, a job in itself, and walked with her behind the shelters, back to my tent, getting soaked in the process. Julie and Lisa were waiting for me. I took my poncho back, and left Shannon with my new girlfriends, heading back to the fire to clean up.

The other three were still there, and I was more than a little surprised to see Teri sitting in John’s lap kissing him. Dominique was beside them but she stood and walked to me, pulling my head down and kissing me like we were long lost lovers. She was tall, only a couple of inches shorter than me, and hugged me close. “Damn, you guys are wild. I had no idea.”

I chuckled, kissing her softly. “Me neither. This is all new.”

She reached between us, giving my cock a squeeze. “Are you fucking all of them?”

I shook my head. “Just the sisters.”

“Who was number six, then, if not Teri or Miss Shannon? And none of that bullshit Julie was trying to feed me.”


She kissed me again, her hand stroking me. “If you asked John, I bet we could all fit in your tent. It might be crowded but it could be a lot of fun.”

“What’s the deal with Teri?” I asked, deflecting the offer.

“I guess she’s known him almost as long as you. Long stifled urges.” She pouted. “I might be his fantasy, but she has her hooks in him deep, just like in you. You would have chosen her over the others, wouldn’t you?”

“I don’t know. Probably. There’s a lot of history.”

“Same with him. Poor baby came in his shorts when she kissed him.” She sighed. “You either need to take her with you, or take me. And soon.”

“God, Dominique. You’re killing me. Do you know how long and badly I’ve wanted you?”

“No. That’s the problem isn’t it? If I’d known, it would be me riding you all night long, and not those devil sisters.”

“But I’ve got two brand new girlfriends waiting, and you’re with my best friend now.”

She sighed, leaning into me. “I know.” She held me while I looked over at my friends. “He really is a great guy.” Teri was wriggling in John’s lap, still kissing him, but she was watching me.

“I’m going to go get Teri now,” I told Dominique.

“I know. We missed our chance. This is not a onetime offer, you know. If things should change between you and your playthings, keep me in mind, Ok?”

I was curious. “Why now, Dominique? Every other time I’ve tried to spend time with you, show you some attention, you completely shut down.”

She blushed. “You’re pretty intimidating, Alex. I don’t suppose you know that. Your past, with all those women. Now I know that a lot of that was rumor, but I didn’t know it before. I didn’t want to be a notch on your belt. I don’t have a ton of experience with guys, and the ones I’ve been with were…different. I was in control. I knew it wouldn’t be like that with you. You were fascinating, but kind of scary. You made me so damn nervous.”

“But not now?”

“No. Once I got to know you a little, and see how your girls are around you, I went from nervous to jealous, and now a little sad that I missed my chance. God, the more I learn about you, the more I could kick myself. Don’t take me off your list. If anything changes…”

I kissed her again. “Count on it.” I gave her one last hug. “I’m going to grab my stuff and get Teri. I’ll leave you two alone.”

She smiled at me, wistfully, and gave me a last kiss on the cheek. “Don’t forget me,” she said softly, turning back toward John.

I gave Teri a ‘come here’ gesture, and she peeled herself away from John, grinning. “Later, big guy,” she said, and came skipping over to me like a little girl.

“You’re being bad,” I told her, pulling her into my arms.

“Not really. We’re just playing.”

“You’ve got Dominique jealous.”

She looked surprised. “Really? How cool is that!”

I gave her a swat on the rear. “Not cool at all, Trouble.”

She pouted. “Party pooper. We going to your tent to play now?”

“After we pick up.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’ve always got to be so damn responsible, don’t you.”

“C’mon. It’ll take us two minutes, and then we have the whole night ahead of us.”

I lied. It took us closer to 10 minutes to gather up the mugs, empty the coffee pots, gather up the blanket, and knock down the fire. It was till raining, but lightly, and there was almost no wind to contend with.

John and Dominique left for his tent while we were cleaning up. I really hoped things worked out for them, but I didn’t have high hopes. Not the way she’d been behaving. “Later, you and I are gonna talk,” I told Teri, as we left the fire.

“About John?” she asked.


I passed by Max and Wendy. She was sitting in his lap while they chatted. “The other shelter’s empty,” I told him. “For that matter, looks like the worst of the storm is over. Your tent might be an even better choice.”

Jared moved quickly through the snow, his numb limbs struggling with the weight of his armor. He could hear them pursuing, not far behind now. Every step was agony, his leather boots frosted with snow and ice from the day’s of pursuit.

He knew that his time was almost over, he’d known it since the ambush on the caravans. His men had been no match for the onslaught. Within moment’s the majority had either thrown down their weapons or fled the scene. Only a handful, including himself, had fought their foe until finally overwhelmed and wounded at which point they’d fled.

One by one they had been taken, hunted like wild animals. Jared was the last of his brethren, the only one strong enough to have made it this far. He had come so close to the border, so close to the civilized world, the difference between life and death. Instead they’d caught up, the savages who knew these wild forests and deathly landscapes.

He slowed his escape, coming to a halt in a large clearing and drawing his sword from it’s scabbard. The long blade shone with the reflected light of the setting sun, heavy in his hand. His numb and exhausted limbs struggled to maintain balance. The trees surrounded him, dark and foreboding, hiding his foes from view.

He couldn’t see them but he knew they were there, watching him, assessing him. Long blonde curls clung to his face, plastered there by his sweat and the melting snowfall. His blue eye’s shone with the anger that burned inside of him, daring his attackers to approach. Finally they came.

They approached him from five front’s, emerging from the forest as sleek as wild cats. Their lithe, lean bodies on display, baring almost no armor. They were all beautiful and deadly. He’d heard stories of these Huntresses. Born in the wild and raised for combat. They preyed on both the weak and strong, testing their abilities. Many men had fallen, underestimating their prowess or falling to the lure of their bodies.

Jared stood as still as a statue. He could feel the warmth of his blood rushing to his manhood as he watched the women approach. His desire for their beauty was almost too much, only his desire for his life won out.

“You’ve done well.” One of the women called out to him. “For a man that is.”

She stood only five strides from him, her dark skin a stark contrast against the snow. She was tall, almost as tall as him, clad in only undergarments that scarcely concealed her modesty. A long cloak hung from her shoulders and thin knee high boots protected her feet from the snow. She stared at him, her dark eye’s two deep pools, drinking him in.

“Take him.” She ordered, her full lips forming a cruel smile.

One of the women sprung at Jared from behind. Too slow, she fell to his blade, it’s sharp edge tearing through her body. Another lunged forward to avenge her fallen comrade, her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail revealing a beautiful face shattered by anger. She was fast, darting at Jared with two medium length daggers.

Jared stepped backwards and parried her attacks, momentarily distracted by her cleavage that bulged before her. His blade spun in a wide arc, countering her own momentum and pushing her back. The whistle of a blade to his left caught his attention just in time for him to evade a vicious strike from another one of the women. His shoulder hit the ground hard as he rolled to the right, coming up quickly on his firm, strong legs.

Jared turned to face his latest foe. A short woman with flowing red hair and large green eyes, naked apart from a thick cloak that billowed behind her in the breeze. His gaze was instantly drawn to her generously sized breast’s, the small pink nipples hard and pointed. She snaked forward gracefully, the hair between her legs more entrancing than the long thin blade in her hand.

Her sword slashed at his face, missing by a tiny amount as Jared’s survival instincts kicked back in. Once again nothing but his own blade mattered, the sharp steal he held in his hand, not the flesh between his legs. He pivoted, bringing his sword around in a two handed slash to crash against the reds slim blade, knocking her off her feet.

She lay on her back, staring at him wide eye’d in terror. Her chest heaved as she gulped in air, her leg’s kicking at the snow in a desperate attempt to put some distance between them. The two remaining women stepped between the fallen girl and Jared, watched closely by the dark woman who stood off to the side.

The blonde charged at him first, her two blades whirling only to be knocked aside by Jared. Her companion was on him a moment later, a short axe in hand. Jared watched her advance, drinking in the situation. She was the smallest of the five with black hair cut short to her shoulders. She wore a vest of chainmail leaving her arms and below her waist completely bare. Jared stared at the dark bush between her legs admiringly before bringing his blade up in a cruel attack, taking her between them, cleaving her almost in half.

“Enough!” The dark woman ordered.

Jared turned to face her. Her eye’s smoldered with an intense fury. They had under estimated him and two of her friends had paid a dear price.

“Had enough you whore?” Jared demanded, hoping to lure her into a reckless attack.

She didn’t answer. Instead she marched forward, drawing two slim curved blades. Jared brought his own blade up in defense as she leapt towards him, her speed surprising him. Their blades clashed together again and again as they danced in the clearing. One false move and Jared knew he was dead.

The dark woman rolled away from him, her cloak snapping as she rose. Jared pressed the attack, only to be met by another assault from her. His arms ached beyond comprehension. Exhaustion had him. The fight alone would have been enough to tire him, combined with the fact he had been on the run for days meant he was beyond saving. He staggered towards her, the last of his energy completely drained. His strike went wide and he collapsed into the snow.

It was over for him. He could hear the woman’s footsteps crunching towards him in the snow. He attempted to stand but was brought down by the weight of the heavy metal plate he wore over his chest. The blow caught him in the back of his head, heavy, crushing the light out of him.

Part Two

Jared woke chained and half naked. His eyes darted, searching his surroundings for a sign of where he lay. He wasn’t familiar with his surroundings. His wrists and ankles were chained tight to four posts and his back ached against the hard surface.

Torches burned dimly against the stone walls that surrounded him. The room was empty, windowless, a cell. Fear gripped him as he remembered the encounter in the woods. The beautiful women he’d fought and slain. The dark woman who had defeated him finally. It was then that he realized his fate. They’d kept him alive to seek their vengeance slowly.

“You’re awake.” A females soft voice said.

Jared looked in it’s direction, noticing the red haired woman he’d knocked to the ground sat against one of the walls. She stared at him, her green eye’s never looking away. She stood up from where she sat, her cloak pulled tight around her, covering her body.

“Where am I?” He demanded, his voice croaking from the lack of water.

“All in good time my love.” She purred. “Soon all shall be revealed.”

She stepped beside where he was chained, her eyes searching his muscular body. Her hand reached out to touch his chest, her fingers gliding softly against his flesh, running down over his stomach towards where his undergarments remained.

Jared stared up at the woman, captivates by her beauty. Her long red hair tumbled in curls over her shoulders. Her large eye’s were a deep shade of green, standing out against her pale skin. Her pink lips were pursed in concentration as she ran her fingers along his stomach and towards his crotch.

“I’ve never experienced a man before.” She whispered, rubbing his cock through the fabric of his undergarments.

Despite himself he could feel himself growing hard at her touch. He fought the rush of blood but lost the battle. He knew better than to fall to the Huntresses charms. Stories said they’d often hunt men down and use them to breed, killing the men when they were finished.

“You cannot have me!” Jared growled defiantly.

“Oh really?” She asked, giving his cock a squeeze. “I think your body has other ideas in mind.”

She leant over him, bringing her lips down around one of his nipples. The warmth of her mouth caused Jared to gasp loudly. Her lips kissed his chest, her tongue dancing against his flesh. Her fingers found their way under his undergarments to wrap around his hard shaft.

“What is going on?” A voice boomed. The red haired girl snapped up right in a heart beat, spinning to face the voice. Jared craned his neck to see what was happening, his heart sinking at the sight of the dark woman standing in the open doorway at the end of the room.

“I was just about to come and find you.” The red haired woman tried to explain.

“Yes, you looked as though you were.” The dark woman scolded. “Now stand aside Paige.”

The red haired woman, Paige, moved away from him. Jared watched as the dark woman entered the room, trailed closely by the blonde woman he’d encountered. They wore similar cloaks to the one that Paige wore, concealing their beautiful bodies.

“Come to finish me off have you whore?” Jared asked as the dark woman came to stand beside him.

She reached beneath her cloak, pulling out a short knife. Jared’s heart thundered in his chest at the sight of it. She lowered it toward him slowly, pressing the cold tip against his flesh, tracing the same path towards his crotch that Paige had earlier. He waited for the pain, expecting it to come at any moment but instead was shocked as he felt his undergarments cut from him.

“You look surprised.” The dark woman said coldly. “We aren’t done with you yet, oh no that would be far to easy for you.”

Jared watched as her cloak slid from her naked body revealing the smooth dark skin beneath. Her full bosom heaved with every breath she took. Her body was tight and muscular, beautiful but deadly. She climbed on top of the hard surface on which he lay and straddled his waist. He could feel the warmth of her against his erect manhood and struggled with the desire within him.

“You belong to us now.” She said, slapping him across the face. “You are our’s to do with as we will.” She continued, slapping him again.

Jared’s face burned from the impact. He stared up at the woman, a mixture of hatred and desire burning within him. She returned his stare, her dark eye’s emotionless. She pushed herself from him and climbed off the surface, pulling her cloak back around her body.

“Paige, see to it that our captive is pleasured.” The dark woman said as she moved to leave the room. “However in punishment, use only your mouth. Vexan, see to it that she behaves herself.”

The two women watched as the door slammed shut. For a while they waited in silence, neither daring to move. Jared looked to Paige and saw her staring hungrily at him. He watched as she moved towards him slowly, as her cloak fell from her shoulders revealing the beauty beneath. Her large breasts bounced with every step, her nipples erect in the cool of the room.

She climbed onto the hard surface and knelt beside him. Once again her lips brushed his nipples, kissing his chest softly. Slowly her soft lips worked their way down his chest and over his toned stomach, her red hair trailing behind. Her lips worked across his waist, finding their way to his hard cock.

Jared’s breath caught as her tongue traced it’s way up his hard shaft, circling the head slowly. Her tongue flicked against the head playfully followed by her lips kissing tenderly, opening to take his length in her mouth. He looked down toward her, beneath her red hair he could feel his cock slowly entering her mouth. Her head rocked back and forth as she slowly took him deeper.

The warmth of her felt amazing to him. Her lips were half way down his shaft, her tongue gliding wetly against his hard flesh. Electricity flowed through him as the pleasure finally won. A moan escaped Jared’s lips as his seed spilt from his manhood and into Paige’s mouth, flooding her throat with his taste. The red haired woman did not retreat, instead she engulfed every last bit of him.

“Until next time my love.” Paige muttered, climbing from the surface and turning to leave the room.

Jared watched her go, admiring her tight behind. He lay there, his cock glistening with a mixture of his own cum and Paige’s saliva.

“You really are an interesting man.” Vexan said.

Jared turned his head to face her. He’d completely forgotten about the blonde woman who had been assigned to ensure that Paige behaved herself. She leant casually against the wall watching him. Almost as tall as the dark woman with long blonde hair still pulled back and blue eyes, not quite as beautiful as Paige but attractive nonetheless.

“So what happens to me now?” Jared asked.

“For now you belong to Alexindre, she won you when she defeated you in combat.” Vexan began. “You proved yourself to be worthy, that is why you still live.”

“And what does Alexindre plan to do with me?” Jared asked, thinking about the dark woman.

Vexan smiled at him. “She will no doubt enter you into the Royal Tournament. She does not breed with those she deems to be weak.”

“The Royal Tournament?” Jared asked, dreading to know the answer.

“Every year male warriors are entered into the tournament to fight for their lives. They are given a chance to prove their prowess in combat and given an opportunity to prove themselves to the Huntresses who own them. Survive that and Alexindre will take you to her bed.”

Jared’s heart sunk at the realization that he would soon be forced to fight other captives. He had no desire to become some pawn for the Huntresses to use in their sick games. He also had no choice.

“Don’t look so glum.” Vexan said. “I witnessed how well you fought when you were starved and exhausted. I look forward to seeing how well you fight when you are prepared. I must admit, the thought does excite me.”

Vexan slid her hand beneath her cloak, moaning softly as she did. Her cloak hung open, revealing part of her naked body to Jared who watched as Vexan’s fingers moved slowly, massaging the warmth between her legs. He felt his cock stiffen at the sight, transfixed on the motion of her fingers.

She noticed his erection and her massaging intensified. Her wetness ran down the inside of her thighs as she watched his length harden. There was a hunger in her blue eye’s as she stepped towards him.

“Help me escape and I promise you will never have to touch yourself again.” Jared whispered.

Vexan laughed, her voice soft and without mocking unlike Alexindre’s.

“A fine offer I must admit.” She replied. “But Paige’s touch is enough for me. Beside’s, I have you at my disposal until the tournament which gives me plenty of time to enjoy what you have to offer.”

She smiled down at him and leant forward, kissing his lips. Jared’s lips parted at her touch and their tongues met briefly before she pulled away, laughing softly. He watched her go in frustration, her cloak billowing behind her.

If you haven’t read the first chapter I suggest that you do. I am a 23 year old Grad student living in Paris with a host family. And as a previous reader pointed out there are in fact 3 sisters not two.

I got up and showered after having sleeping like a baby. Now I have to say I hate European showers. It is more of a hand-held nozzle and bathtub than it is a shower. How is one supposed to have any fun in that? Anyways I showered/bathed and got dressed. I headed out to the table and was greeted with a warm passionate kiss from Sophie. She then proceeded to tell me that we couldn’t do anything more while her daughter was around. I was a little disappointed by this news as I had been looking forward to exploring more of Sophie.

Just as I was finishing breakfast there was a sharp rap at the door followed by one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen. She came in and gave 4 bissous (the kissing of the cheek) to her mom and then came over to me and gave me two bissous, God I love France. She told me her name was Lilly. I was thinking how fitting because she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. She was 19 and freshly tanned after having spent a month in Spain. She had a beautiful face somewhat similar to her mom’s with dark brown eyes and incredible lips. She had long brown hair all the way down her back. She seemed tall but was probably only 5’6 and a little skinnier than I usually liked. She had small what seemed to be pert breasts and legs that were never ending. The legs led up to what was her finest attribute, her ass. I am definitely an ass man, and this one was perfect. Even though she was very skinny she definitely had an ass. It was small but was very rounded and tight. It was always outlined in her typical tight French pants. After the greeting she decided to take a nap. I had to go to class anyways, so off I went.

Class was a bit disappointing because there was none; I found out that they had delayed the start of classes by two weeks. Typical French, don’t get me wrong I love the French but they have no concept of time. I made my way back to the house after wandering around the quartier (neighborhood) by my school.

By now Lilly had woken up, and I described to her and Sophie that I had nothing to do for 2 weeks and still no clothes. Sophie suggested Lilly take me on the tour of the quartier around the apartment. I thought this would be a good idea plus I could get to know Lilly more. We began near Place des Voges and moved on to the Marais. Lilly was pretty shy but was pointing out some fascinating buildings that most tourists overlook. We then headed over to L’ile St. Louis, a great little island behind Notre Dame, and Lilly finally began opening up a bit. She started talking about school; she was studying to be an electrical engineer, and we talked about a few other things too. We walked along the Seine until we reached Le Jardin des Plantes. It is a great park in Paris with a zoo, all sorts of flowers, and a variety of museums on archaeology and evolution. We walked through the gardens and decided to sit down on one of the benches because we had been walking awhile.

We sat down and people watched (the national past-time of the French). About 10 minutes later the couple across from us on another bench began kissing, well no making out. It was pretty intense; I looked over at Lilly to see if she noticed and she had. She was staring at them and then looked at me and blushed. She said it is getting late and we should get going. I let her get up first so I had another view of that magnificent ass and then walked with her to the nearest Metro stop. We took the Metro back to the apartment and of course I let her go up the stairs in front of me partially because I am a gentleman, but mostly to see that ass at work.

When we returned I realized we had been gone for four hours. Sophie greeted us and commented that we must to have really had time to get to know each other with a little wink. Lilly was of course embarrassed by this comment and blushed again and told her mom to stop. The phone then rang and it was Lara, one of the other sisters. She invited Lilly over to her place for dinner, since it was her first day back. Lilly was excited to go see her sisters so she took off, leaving me and Sophie alone again. At dinner Sophie asked about my day, and I told her what a wonderful time I had with Lilly. Sophie smiled and said that Lilly is a very innocent beautiful girl and that I should spend more time with her to really get to know her. Wow, not only did Sophie give me an incredible night, she is now trying to set me up with her daughter!

After dinner I walk up behind Sophie as she is doing the dishes and grind my rigid cock into her ass. I then lean forward and lightly kiss her neck. She leans her neck to the side to give me more access and pushes back against my cock. I ask how long Lilly will be gone and Sophie said probably the whole night. I raise my hands up her side slowly grazing my fingertips along her body until I reach her breasts. I trace the underside of her breasts as I continue to kiss her. I continue to play with her breasts as I kiss up and down her neck and then slightly blow into her ear. Her hands are gripping the counter as she keeps pushing back against me. I let my hands wonder down as my fingertips massage their way down to her hem line. I trace the line around her hips and come to the front again. I slowly let my hands glide down the fabric of her skirt until they rest on her mound. It is radiating heat, and I can feel the dampness even through her skirt.

Smelling her scent as I kiss her, feeling her mound, and having her ground her ass into my rigid cock is too much for me, and I explode in my pants. I quickly back up apologizing over and over. Sophie laughs, which makes me more embarrassed and she quickly realizes her mistake. She tells me she is not laughing at me cumming, but rather at me apologizing. She tells me she wanted me to cum. I still feel embarrassed, but she tells me to take off my clothes so I can wash them again. I take them off and hand them to her. I go to my room feeling liking an idiot.

10 minutes later Sophie knocks at my door and enters. She is wearing a black thong bikini with a sheer baby doll. In one of her hands she is carrying something that I could not make out. She gracefully walks over to my bed and asks if I am too embarrassed to continue from last night. I of course say no and she proceeds to kiss my inner thighs. Her hands rake my chest as she kisses up to my balls much like she did the night before. I lay back thinking to myself, how in the world did this happen to me of all people. But not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I let her continue. She licks her way up and down my cock and takes turns from licking and sucking.

I try to get her to rotate around, so I can repay her as she is sucking me. She finally gets the hint and without letting go of my cock rotates her body around. In front of me is that beautiful pussy that I lapped up the night before. To get a better position I place my hands on her ass and hold her hips as I kiss all around her outer lips. Her pussy by now is swollen and actually dripping slowly; I remove one hand to wipe up her dripping pussy and place it back onto her ass. Forgetting how slippery her juices are my hand slowly guides to that crevice in her ass. My finger grazes her small forbidden hole and she moans on my cock for what must have been at least 15 seconds. This was too much for me and I shoot into her mouth as she expertly swallows it all. I continue to lick her and let my tongue ever so slightly flick her clit, which is now showing off proudly. This rewards me with plenty of her sweet nectar to lap up and finally cause her to yell out as she spasms over my face. She collapses on top of me and lays there for a few minutes. I let my hands massage her ass as I kiss her inner thighs.

When she is finally rested up from her orgasm, she tells me that if I had continued with my finger being lubed up on her ass she would not have needed to use this and proceeds to show me the bottle of KY that she brought with her. I nearly exploded again just thinking about being able to take her ass. She told me to lube up my fingers first, which I did, and to enter one slowly because it had been awhile.

At this point she is on all fours and I am behind her on my knees. I gingerly let my index finger try to glide in as it is first met with some resistance. She tells me she is okay and tells me to continue. I push a little harder and instead of just having one knuckle go in a little ways, it accidentally causes the whole finger to go in. She grimaces and groans and I apologize again. She regains her composure and tells me not to worry but to leave the finger in so she can get used to it. After about 30 seconds she tells me to slowly pull my finger out and push it again. I follow her instructions and after awhile she tells me to enter another finger. I take my time and finally get it in too. She tells me to insert one more finger because my cock is a little thick she wants to be ready. With three fingers in her ass she really begins to hump back on my fingers. I see one of her hands working on her pussy as I work on her ass and take note of this. At this point she is moaning pretty loudly and not wanting to miss out I take my fingers out and lube up my cock.

When she realizes there is nothing in her ass she asks why I stopped. I put the tip of my cock against her hole and she huskily tells me to shove it in. With that cue I take her by her hips and push my steel hard cock into my host mom’s beautiful 48 year old ass. It glides in and she almost lets out a howl or a growl, I am not sure what it was. She tells me to go at it hard, so I do. I pound away and as I am doing this I let one hand slide down to her dripping wet pussy and begin to finger fuck her too. This is too much for her as she shivers from her orgasm. I continue anyways and fuck away at her, she continues to have orgasm after orgasm until I can take no more and yell out, “FUCK” and shoot the biggest load I have ever shot into her ass. My deflated cock easily pulls out and she collapses onto the bed. I fall back in the other direction and try to catch my breath.

Three hour pass and somehow we had switched our positions, and I was spooning with her. It felt like heaven. I let my hand trace along her chin and work up and down her body. As I was getting ready to see if she wanted more we heard the door slam shut. Sophie whispered, “Merde, c’est Lilly.” Lilly went to her room and closed her door. Sophie grabbed her panties and gingerly walked to the door, still a little sore from the pounding I had given her a short while ago. She snuck back to her room without an incident, but I knew that as long as Lilly was there my time with Sophie was done. I went back to sleep dreaming of the wonderful time I had.

In the morning I woke up to find both women eating breakfast. I just had a towel wrapped around me since Sophie forgot to dry my clothes after our romp in the bed. Lilly of course kind of blushed and shyly looked down at her plate. She was wearing a nightgown that barely covered her ass and looked like it was all silk. I ate my breakfast but had a small friend trying to peek out from the towel because of Lilly and her nightgown. Since I was not used to having Lilly around I did not think about it and got up to go take a shower. Lilly stared at me, rather it, and Sophie casually coughed and told me my clothes would be ready when I was done with my shower. I realized my mistake and quickly walked to the shower.

After getting showered and dressed I was prepared for a day of nothing much to do. Sophie was getting ready to leave for work, but just before she did she asked if I could help her with a favor. I of course said yes since she had more than helped me out the previous two nights. She then went on to explain that yesterday Lilly met someone on the street who said he would like to take her pictures for his clothing catalog. Sophie continued that Lilly had done a little modeling before but that was always through an agency and that this guy on the street worried Sophie, but it would be good money for Lilly. Sophie then asked if I could accompany Lilly to the shoot and make sure it was not a porn shoot or nothing too risqué. I of course said yes, I would be glad to do that. After that Sophie left for work but not before I quickly and discreetly squeezed her ass, which caused her to jump a bit.

Two hours later Lilly and I were on our way to the photo shoot. When we arrived it seemed okay, it was in the back of a small clothing store that had some nice clothing items in it. The set was pretty small but the camera equipment looked nice and there were racks of clothing. I thought this would be great because it would give me a chance to soak in all of Lilly’s beauty. After getting some paper work out of the way they began the shoot. The first couple of items were pretty conservative—first some tight jeans and a sweater, and then a long dress that matched her skin perfectly. They then moved on to some summer dresses. These were a bit shorter than the first dress but very common. Lilly was of course looking amazing, and a natural for the camera. After an hour and a half I noticed the clothes were becoming shorter and tighter. Again it wasn’t anything you wouldn’t see on the street but they were definitely more revealing—short skirts with shirts that would slightly show off her tight stomach, or dresses that were low cut and with a high hem. The gentleman doing the shoot then asked her to put on a sleeveless dress; Lilly pointed out she did not have the right type of bra, and the guy told her not to worry she would be fine. He was right the dress was amazing on her, and her breasts definitely held their own. He then said that he had some swimwear for his catalog too. The first couple were some very nice one pieces, which Lilly made look even more amazing.

The slow evolution though led to some bikinis which were pretty small. I was now becoming a little uneasy first because I had a massive hard on, but secondly and more importantly this was beginning to look more and more like more than a clothing catalog shoot. Finally, the guy asked her to pose with one strap off of her shoulder. I could not take any more and Lilly was starting to look uncomfortable. I told him that was it, we were done.

The guy said no you are done when I say you are done and yelled at Lilly to strip down. Tears began to form in her eyes, and I became enraged. I stepped up to the larger gentleman, dropped the French and spoke English and said, “You are going to fucking let us go now before I beat the living shit out of you.” I do not know where this came from because I am normally very passive and non-aggressive. I had a huge vein in my forehead throbbing, a crazy look in my face, and was nearly shaking, not of fear but shear adrenaline. The man looked at me and began to laugh, so I took my fist back and punched him as hard as I could across his cheek and smashing his nose. Blood flew everywhere, two teeth came out, his cheek immediately swelled, and my hand was broken.

He crumpled to the floor, but he was still conscious. I told him we were going and he was going to pay Lilly. He took out his wallet and gave her the 300 euros he had promised as I glared down at him. I then went to the camera and took out the memory card, which I kept. I took the camera and threw it to the ground as it shattered into pieces. He began to get up angered at what I did, but I just glared at him again and he coward back down. Lilly got dressed quickly, and we left together.

Out on the street the adrenaline had finally worn off, and my hand was throbbing in pain. I was in a massive amount of pain but was trying hard not to show it to Lilly. She could tell though I was in pain and dialed the SAMU (ambulance) on her cell phone. We went to the nearest hospital where the doctors looked at my hand. The doctors explained that they were going to have to wait for the swelling to go down before they could take any x-rays. They had given me some pain killers and a compression wrap with ice.

Lilly was sitting by my side; she had just got done telling her mom on the phone what had happened. She reached out for my hand, the healthy one, took it in her own hands and told me should could never thank me enough for what I did for her. She took my hand still in her hands and rested it on her thigh halfway up. She didn’t say anything but just waited with me. Her eyes were so tender and loving as they watched over me. I was in heaven partially because the pain killers had kicked in, but mostly because I had this amazingly hot lady by my side and my hand was resting on her silky thigh. We stayed like that for a couple of hours until the nurse cleared her throat and interrupted us, telling me that my swelling was down enough that the x-rays could be taken.

Like the doctors thought my hand was broken in several places. They told me though most of the breaks were clean enough that I did not need surgery. They put a cast on and let me go. When we returned home Sophie was there to greet us. She first hugged her daughter and asked if she was okay, and then she hugged me and gave me a fairly passionate kiss. I could tell Lilly was quite surprised by this, but I guess she thought it was just her mother’s way of thanking me. We sat down for a great dinner.

Afterwards Lilly tried to give me some of the money from the shoot. I told her it was hers and she had earned it. I also didn’t tell her that I still had the memory stick from the shoot. She insisted that I take some, but I wouldn’t. Finally Lilly gave in and said she would go clothes shopping tomorrow, but she added that if I wouldn’t take any of it she was going to have to buy some things that both of us could enjoy and gave me a slight sexy smile. I couldn’t believe what she had just said. She got up to go to bed and of course I watched that sexy ass sway back and forth.

Sophie told me I should get some rest too, but not before giving me two very long passionate kisses. She then said I deserved this and swiftly unzipped me, took out my cock, pulled up her skirt and mounted me at the dinner table. She rode on top of my cock as I was wrestling with her tongue. I came pretty quickly from being all worked up over Lilly. She then said a very caring and soft, “Merci”; touched my nose with her finger; and said I had better rest up so my hand can heal. With that I took some painkillers and went to sleep.

We were an hour late getting to my sisters terminal. I was rather embarrassed after the last 24 hours or so but as luck would have it Cassie’s plane was late.

“Hey, Cass, sorry we’re late. Have you been waiting long?”

“No, the flight was delayed. I actually just got through the terminal about five minutes ago,” Cass replied. “God, you two look terrible! Must have had a pretty good time last night.”

I blushed.

“You wouldn’t believe it,” Jo laughed.

“Let’s get out of here,” was all I could muster.

Joann just laughed and Cassie just looked at us like we were nuts.

The drive home was mostly uneventful, but when we got to my apartment my embarrassment went right through the roof. Jo and I both had panties and various articles of clothing lying all over the living room. In my haste to get to the airport I had quite obviously forgotten to pick up.

I showed Cass around the apartment. She dropped her bags down in the spare bedroom and followed me down the hall. I showed her my bedroom next.

Oh fuck, I thought, more of “our” clothes on the floor. And of course my bed was still wet.

I stripped the bed and threw the other clothes into a basket. I was totally disheveled by this time. When Cass exited my bathroom it scared me and I jumped.


“Jesus, Jen,” Cassie said. “You sure are on edge. Are you okay?”

Jo walked into the bedroom grinning. “Sorry I spilled my beer on your bed last night, J,” she said giggling. “Thanks for the sweats this morning too. I’ll get ‘em back to ya in a day or so. I gotta run home for a while. I’ll see you two later.”

She gave Cass a hug and then gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips before she left. At this point I know I was bright red and it only got worse as Cassie looked at me grinning from ear to ear.

The weekend went by fairly quickly as I showed Cass around town. We went to the mall, the movies and watched college and pro football at a couple of sports bars. Jo was with us some but she was also working back at her apartment all weekend too.

We spent the time catching up. I always saw Cass when I went home for the major holidays but she was ten years younger than me at 21. she was still in college back home while I had left our tiny town and moved halfway across the country for college and a career. She caught me up on all the latest and greatest news from back home (it seems nothing much has changed) and in general we had a fun weekend.

Cass was staying with me for the whole week. So I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her the whole time she was here. But since she majored in Graphic Arts and that’s what Joann did as a freelance artist, I figured she might like to hang out with Jo while I was at work.

I woke up Cassie around 8:00 to give her my apartment key and headed off to the office. When I got there my boss was already in my office waiting for me.

“Hey what’s the good word,” I asked.

Apparently there was no good word. My boss told me that our potential client had rejected my marketing campaign completely. It seemed they liked it just not for their company. Upon hearing that our corporate office had asked my boss to disperse my accounts to the other members of our local staff. I sat there. Frozen. Stunned. Finally, to break the intense silence my boss apologized and told me he would do what he could to help me find another job.

It was nice to know that he understood my abilities but it didn’t change the fact that I was now out of a job. Before leaving my office he asked if I would get some of the other people up to speed on my accounts. As I collected my personal belongings a few people stopped by to comfort me I guess. I was still numb. I gathered my things and walked out of the office for good.

Let them figure out their own god damned accounts, I thought. It wasn’t my fucking problem anymore.

I drove around the city for a couple of hours then headed back to my apartment. I knocked on the door but Cassie wasn’t there. I leaned against my door and cried for an hour.

Feeling somewhat in control again I took off my heels and walked over to Jo’s. I knocked on the door. I heard whispering and giggling inside.

“It’s open,” Jo called.

I walked in to see both of them looking rather flustered. Cassie’s shirt was buttoned wrong and Jo’s was barely buttoned at all.

Cass started to ask my why I was home so early then noticed my swollen eyes.

“Jen, what’s the matter,” she asked.

I explained what had happened at my earlier meeting. They both stood there in shocked silence.

Jo was the first to speak. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call me?”

I burst into tears again as they both rushed to me and led me to the couch. Jo pulled me into her breast and rocked me to comfort me.

“Shh, baby, it’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this,” she cooed.

I know it sounds corny but her words and her soft breasts had the desired effect on me. I instantly felt better than I had up to that point. It wasn’t much but it was a start. Jo immediately took control of things and after I had settled down a little she suggested that Cassie take me home and she would be by after she finished some things she had to get done.

As we walked back to my apartment I asked Cass if she’d had a good day with Jo. I knew full well that graphic arts hadn’t been the only thing they had discussed that day.

“Um…uh yeah,” she stammered. “We did a lot of stuff.”

“I’ll bet you did,” I laughed. “Fuck, Cass! What am I gonna do now?”

“You’ll be alright,” she replied, “you always land on your feet. Your good like that, J.”

Since when did my little sister call me “J,” I wondered. It must have been when she started hanging out with my most recent lover, I thought and snorted.

“Did you just snort,” Cassie asked me.

“What’s it to ya, ya little tramp,” I joked.

She just smirked as she opened the door and led me in by the hand. She led me back to my bedroom and went into my bathroom to start my bath.

“Where’s your lavender,” she asked. Immediately followed by “never mind I found it.” She came back into the bedroom. “Hey,” she said, “you need one of those world famous baths Jo Jo told me about.”

She started to unbutton my blouse and there was a definite tension in the air. Her fingers were trembling slightly and when I felt her fingers brush against my bra covered breast I inhaled sharply. Her hands stopped. Her eyes traveled from her hands up to mine in the most painfully slow manner. She was studying my chest, my neck, my face and finally my eyes.

Cassie is about 5’5″, she is thicker than me making her weigh more than me. Her breasts are a large c-cup. I was always jealous of her larger tits. Especially since she’s been showing them off since she was 14. She had a big butt that was always accentuated by her big tits and toned thighs. Her hair, when dry, was curly and down to her shoulders. It was much longer when wet. She was a dirty blonde and her hair framed her face perfectly.

She had pouty lips and innocent sea blue eyes. It was her eyes that pulled me in at this point and when she closed them is when I realized that we were kissing passionately.

Holy fuck! I’m kissing my sister I thought as I pulled away.

“Whoa,” I said.

“Shh,” was her response and she went back to work on my blouse buttons.


She put her finger to my lips to shush me again. Not saying a word she continued to remove my clothes. It took an ungodly amount of time but again I stood before a woman completely naked.

But this is my sister, I thought. How could this be happening? We stood staring at each other. My mind traveling a million miles and hour.

Cass grabbed my hands and led me to the bathroom. She inserted me into the tub and reached for my poof. After rubbing my back her other hand pushed my chest back so that I was reclined in the tub. I felt her hand on my breast again only this time no bra. I lay my head back, closed my eyes and sighed softly. I let Cassie caress my front and I let the lavender caress away my stress.

It wasn’t until I felt Cassie’s lips on mine that I noticed her hand was gone. But I quickly found out where it had gone. As her tongue penetrated my lips I felt my waterproof vibe penetrate my pussy.

Apparently I had dozed off because when I put my arms around her for a hug I noticed that she didn’t have any clothes on. Instinctively, I hugged her tighter pulling her off balance and into the tub with me. I was glad it was a big tub because now that I had her in the tub with me I didn’t want her to get out.

Cassie and I had always been as close as our 10 year age difference had allowed us to be. She had always been my sister and my friend. Now we were both women and I wanted nothing more than to make love to her. For hours, forever!

Our lips met and our hands began to explore. Her tits were even bigger than Jo Jo’s. Her skin was soapy and slick. It felt so good, so right in my hands. I kneaded her tits as our tongues continued to explore each others mouths.

The vibe had been forgotten about when Cassie fell into the tub. Now I felt it moving gently with the motion of the water. It was bumping against the tight pucker of my ass. I gasped. We both opened our eyes and stopped what we were doing.

“There’s a vibrator trying to crawl up my ass,” I explained.

“That sounds delicious,” she grinned.

Then I felt Cass’ finger approach my pucker. I clamped my legs around her arm but it did nothing to stop her wrist and finger from trying to penetrate my tight hole. She grinned at me the way she used to when she knew she was going to get her way with our Mom.

“Oh no,” I said, fear rising. But by the time I got the words out she had penetrated my backside.

“Just relax,” she soothed. Of course as she said it I immediately tensed even more. No one had ever entertained my backside and I wasn’t sure what I thought about Cassie doing it.

“I’ve never done that before, Cass,” I explained.

“Please, J,” she begged in a whisper. She flashed me her innocent puppy dog eyes and gave me her best lower lip pout.

Jesus Christ, I thought, when did I become a bisexual, incestuous, anal slut? I was really having the best week or perhaps the worst week of my life. I sighed heavily. We stood up and ignored the towels Cass had set beside the tub. Stepping out we walked into my bedroom hand in hand, dripping wet. She turned me around and gently laid me down on the bed. She crawled up beside her huge tits hanging down almost to the bed.

Softly Cassie kissed my eyes closed and then covered my face with kisses. She moved lower to my neck and began the process again still only touching me with those exquisitely tender lips. She glided about the bed still not touching me but kissing my upper chest and arms.

My entire body was aching for sex but Cassie didn’t stop what she was doing. She bypassed my tits and straining nipples that much more. Slowly, she moved to my belly not missing an inch of skin. For a minute nothing, then suddenly she started to suck on my toes. Sensuously, she worked each of my toes like a little cock. I wasn’t sure if I was dying or if I was already in heaven but I didn’t want it to stop. Ever!

She tickled the soles of my feet with her tongue then slowly worked her way up my thighs. I could feel my juices running down the crack of my ass like hot lava. Every nerve in my body was tuned in to what Cass was doing to my body. Never in my life had I been made love to so perfectly. Maybe it was because she was my sister.

Bypassing my pussy again Cass moved back to my perky little tits. I felt her nose and lips nuzzle the underside of my left tit. Slowly circling my mound until she was almost to my nipple.

Her lips left my tit and I whimpered quietly. In the next instant though she attacked my nipple. She sucked me hard and bit me even harder. I exploded. Coming hard I screamed. I knew everyone in the building could hear me but at that moment I couldn’t have cared any less.

“Oh, Cass, fuck me! Use me you little slut,” I yelled. “Suck that titty you teasing bitch!”

she bit down again on my right side and I could feel her large mams slap against my left. I orgasmed again. Not quite as hard this time but my juices were flowing down my ass. She moved up and we kissed passionately but my pussy was throbbing and I could feel a burning need deep inside.

“Please, Cassie,” I begged breathlessly. “Oh God, Cassie you’ve got to eat my pussy.”

She grinned wickedly, got off the bed and sat on the floor. Grabbing my legs she slid me along the bed-through another wet spot-and buried her face in my pussy. My clit was tingling until her nose rammed into it. Then it was buzzing and burning.

Quickly I started to ramp up again as her tongue explored my inner folds and her nose continued to grind on my clit. I could hear her slurping up my juices. Cassie removed her face from my steaming hot box and again I whimpered. I felt her nose slide between my lips as her tongue poked my ass.

“Ahhhhh,” I responded.

Her hands gripped my thighs and pushed up. I felt her tongue enter my back hole and start to explore, stretching my rubbery ring. She pushed her face in as deeply as she could between my ass cheeks and her nose bumped my clit bringing on my third climax in short order.

My entire sex spasmed once…twice and on the third flexion I squirted my kid sister right between the eyes. Cassie quickly moved her mouth to cover my pussy to drink me in. I had one last spasm that squirted in her mouth. Finally, my whole body relaxed and I melted into the bed.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Jo Jo said.

Neither of us had noticed her entrance and her words scared us both. She was sitting on the floor in the doorway, sweat pants around her ankles one hand pinching a nipple through her shirt, the other hand buried to the knuckles in her dripping box.

We just stared at her astonished.

“Sorry,” she said and blushed. “The door was unlocked so I let myself in.”

“How long have you been here,” I asked.

“Long enough to cum twice and wish I’d got here sooner,” she laughed. She crawled on her hands and knees over to Cassie and gave her a heated kiss. “And I think your the only one who hasn’t got off yet,” Jo said to Cassie, “but I intend to change that right now.”

I listened intently to Cassie’s high pitched squeals and moans. Damn, it sounded good. Unfortunately, due to my emotional and sexual exhaustion it wasn’t long before the soothing moans of the sexcapades on my bedroom floor helped me drift off into a nice slumber.

I woke up a couple of hours later and got dressed in some comfy clothes. Walking into the living room I noticed everything was quiet. There was a note taped to the TV. ‘J, We are at Jo’s. Come over if you get up in time for the game. Love, C&J’ I grinned and headed out the door.

I entered Jo’s apartment. The girls were sitting on the couch laughing and drinking beer.

“Wanna get some beers before ya sit down,” Jo asked.

Bringing three Rolling Rocks back I sat between Cass and Jo. They both rested their heads on my shoulders. I sighed contentedly and drank my beer.

The game was over and we all had a pretty good buzz by now. Jo suggested we all spend the night at her place.

“I think we should probably have a talk,” she said, “and my bed will hold all of us.”

we all went into the bathroom together and each of us took turns doing our business of peeing, brushing teeth and washing faces.

Jo got some extra pillows and we made our way under the blankets. Three naked bodies for an adult slumber party. I was in the middle of the other two again. It was amazing how comforting those two naked bodies felt wrapped around mine.

I knew I was going to make it through this difficult time with the support group I had curled up with me. I knew we’d all be better off in the long run.

We spent the next several hours revealing our dreams and desires about life, love and happiness. All three of us learned a lot about each other. Maybe even some things about ourselves we’d been afraid to admit in our own minds.

Cass revealed that she had been bisexual for the better part of 5 years and even told us about her first time. It was funny to hear about her feeling of awkwardness as she was with another girl before she was with a man.

She asked about our relationship and I let Jo Jo fill in all the details as she had already started to tell Cass some of what had happened earlier in the day before I had come home. Her steamy retelling of the story was accurate to a fault and we all squirmed with the sordid details.

It seemed Jo had been with other women in college but nothing more than drunken heavy petting of the sorority girl experimentation variety. She said she had enjoyed it but other than that nothing had ever come from any of it.

I ended up being the least experienced never doing more than some light kissing and a brief feel up during a high school game of “seven minutes of heaven.”

The conversation wound its way back to what had transpired in the last week and a half. None of us felt ashamed about what we had done. We all agreed that we were better off for the experience and the trust and love that came with it.

I was lying on my back and the other two were wrapped around me with arms draped over each other as well. Turning my head to my right I gave Jo a kiss. Then I turned my my head to the left and repeated the action with my little sister. I told them both that I loved them and drifted off to sleep totally happy to be in bed with my two most recent lovers. One my friend. The other my sister.

Chapter 1 – The Gift

Beth’s mother looked at the box neatly wrapped in gold foil on the table. Why was Mark sending her a gift? She finally concluded that it must be a thank you for having him for Thanksgiving. It was so sweet of her daughter’s fiancé to make such a nice gesture. She thought about calling Beth, but decided she would tell her this weekend at her birthday party.

Linda Franks would have waited for her husband before she opened it, but he was working late as usual. Besides, she was curious. She opened the card and it confirmed her suspicion. It was a very nice note from Mark thanking her for the hospitality during Thanksgiving, and telling her how much he was looking forward to Beth’s birthday.

The gift was in a long box of the same shape as her curling iron. Linda shook it and tried to guess. Candles? Maybe a narrow flower vase? She pulled the string and carefully removed the gold foil neatly folding it into a square. The box had no markings at all on the outside. She cut the tape and lifted the top.

Linda stared for several second trying to figure out what Mark had sent her. It was a purple plastic tube about eight inches in length with little bumps along the outside. It appeared to be some sort of battery operated device. She lifted it from the box and flipped a switch at the bottom. The device vibrated against her fingers. A neck massager? Perhaps something for the kitchen?

Linda picked up the folded note from the bottom of the box and read it. She read it again. Suddenly she felt her head spinning and her knees get wobbly. She crumbled to the floor, dropping the note which said… ‘I hope you will soon be screaming with pleasure as you think of me with your new purple friend buried deep between your legs… Love, Mark.’

Chapter 2 — Beth’s Surprise

Beth returned from class and found the package waiting for her at the dorm. How sweet of Mark, she thought. She was a little curious as to why he would send her birthday gift to her here. He could have waited to just give it to her this weekend at her parent’s house. I fact, it would be a little awkward not to open his gift along with all the others at the party.

She missed Mark so much. He had graduated last year and was working in Chicago. They tried to get together once a month, but it was over 400 miles away. She was really looking forward to this weekend. She had some family social obligations, but she planned to fuck him silly every free chance they got. If her mother wasn’t such a prude they could share a bed which would make things much easier.

Beth thought about saving the gift for the party, but she figured that Mark sent it here for a reason. She opened the card and smiled as she read it… ‘I miss you so much. I am sending you an early present to help you fill those lonely nights. Please think of me when you use it.’

She carefully removed the gold foil from the box and opened it. Her smile slowly faded. It was one of those very fancy corkscrews for opening wine bottles. She and Mark did appreciate a good bottle of wine, but this was hardly what she expected for her birthday. She had half a mind to call him and say something. Instead she just fumed. She would discuss it with him this weekend.

Chapter 3 — Mark’s Mistake

Mark was in a hurry when he took the two packages to be mailed. He wrote out the cards, gave the clerk quick instructions about which one was going where, paid and ran back to his car. He would have given anything to see the expression on Beth’s face when she opened it, and he had no doubt she would put it to good use. He only hoped she would bring it with her this weekend.

Mark and Beth had been seeing each other for two years. They were engaged, but no date had been set. They were going to wait for her to graduate first. If their love could endure the separation then it had to be real. In the meantime he was doing everything he could to win her parent’s approval, which didn’t come easily. They were old school.

Beth was the best thing that ever happened to him. She was vibrant, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny and dynamite in bed. They both had experience with other sex partners before they met, but it was with each other that they expanded the limits and explored the true depths of what was possible between a man and a woman.

Mark knew that Beth had a vibrator, and they had even used it during sex on several occasions. It was one a girlfriend had given her in high school and was a simple white plastic tube. When he saw this one in the adult store he knew she would go absolutely crazy when she used it.

He decided to call her and get her to use it while he was on the phone. Unfortunately, her roommate was there so they couldn’t fool around. When he asked if she liked his gift and if she had a chance to use it yet, he was surprised at the icy response. This was not like Beth. He decided not to probe further. He would wait for the weekend.

Chapter 4 – Mrs. Franks Gets Curious

Linda Franks opened her eyes and blinked a few time to get her bearings. The cause of her fainting spell slowly returned and she was horrified all over again. Fortunately no one was home or they would have seen both the “device” and the note that accompanied it.

She was at a loss about what to do. Certainly her daughter shouldn’t be engaged to such a vulgar individual, but he was already invited for the weekend. She couldn’t talk to her daughter about it either without discussing the “device”. The same was true for her husband.

Linda picked up the device and examined it more carefully. Did women really use these things? What did they feel that was so special? Linda occasionally masturbated when touching was the only way to relieve some of the tension between her legs when her husband ignored her for too long. She never really achieved much in the way of satisfaction and always felt so dirty afterwards.

It had been almost two months since John had touched her. Linda realized she was feeling that familiar yearning between her legs. Despite its vulgarity, the device had made her think about sex. She wanted to get rid of it but decided to keep it as evidence for now. She put it back in the box and took it up to her room to find a suitable hiding place.

Linda sat down on the bed to think. She took it out of the box to look at it one last time. Her eyes scanned the long thick shaft. The longer she looked the more she could feel her body betray the disgust she wanted to feel. Her nipples burned. The yearning between her legs became more intense.

It was a losing battle. Her ability to resist her body’s demands gave way to her carnal desires. Linda felt the tip of the plastic shaft press against her nipple. Her finger hit a button on the device sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She gasped. Linda fell back on the bed and spread her legs. She moved a hand between her thighs and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side.

As if guided by an invisible hand, the device moved like a ghost up between her legs until the vibrating tip touched her already throbbing clit. Seconds later Linda arched her back and screamed. The vibrating shaft plunged into her gushing cunt. Her body squirmed and jerked as one orgasm after the next exploded with an intensity she had never felt.

Chapter 5 — Lisa Finds A Date

“Mmmmmmmmpppphhhhh…. Aaaaaagggggghhhh…”

Lisa’s screams of pleasure were muffled by the cock down her throat. Her pussy clenched and quivered against the hard flesh pounding her body. She could feel juices running down her thighs. She popped the cock out of her mouth.

“Oh fuck… oh god… yes…. UUUUNNNNGGGHHHH…”

Another orgasm rocked her body. Lisa felt her knees get weak and her legs shake. Her breathing was desperate. Her fingers had a death grip on the edge of the desk. The huge cock pounded her pussy again and again. A hard cock dripping with her saliva wavered in front of her face.

Bill finally had mercy on her and pulled his throbbing cock from her quivering cunt. Lisa fell to her knees trying to catch her breath.

“Let’s move to the bed.”

Lisa threw her laundry on the floor and got on her back. Frank fed his cock to her mouth while Peter climbed between her legs. She felt his thick member penetrate deep into her pussy as she raised her legs into the air. His balls slapped against her asshole repeatedly. She could feel another explosion building in her belly.

Bill looked down at the red lips wrapped around his cock. Her long blond hair fell across her face. Loud sucking and slurping sounds were interspersed between her moans and gasps. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

Peter’s thumb rubbed her clit. He thrust hard and deep into her hot cunt. Lisa arched her back. Her body began to shake. Pussy juice dripped from his balls. One again Lisa’s scream was muffled by the cock down her throat.

Bill felt his balls shrink. His cock swelled. Flashes of white filled his head. Every ounce of energy in his body rushed to his groin. His cock fell from Lisa’s mouth. A piercing scream filled the air. Bill grabbed his cock and aimed it at her face. A spray of thick cum exploded up the side of her nose and across her forehead into her hair.

Lisa felt the thick cum splash against her skin. More cum streamed over her lips and filled her mouth. Her orgasm got a second wind. Bill watched her squirm against Peter’s cock as more globs of cum continued to splatter Lisa’s face and hair. When she returned to earth Bill slipped his cock between her lips so she could suck the last drops while he slowly deflated.

“Get up here Peter. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

He climbed up her body and shoved his dripping cock between her lips. She looked up at him with cum splattered across her face and in her hair. The sparkle in her eyes let him know she loved what she was doing. Her tongue worked its magic until Peter’s cock swelled between her lips. Moments later she felt the first jets of hot cum splash into her mouth.

Lisa held him tightly between her lips and stroked his cock with her hand until she had squeezed out the last drop. Just for show, Lisa opened her mouth and let some drool from her lips onto her tits. She swallowed the rest.

“Thanks guys. I have to get to Chemistry class, but would one of you like to be my date this weekend? I have to go home for a birthday party with my twin sister. They think I have a boyfriend. And don’t ask. It’s a long story.”

Peter won the coin toss.

Chapter 6 – Aunt Amy’s Punishment

“Mike, I need to see you in my office after class. There is a problem with your last essay.”

Amy could feel the tingling between her legs in anticipation of her meeting with Mike. Mike’s was going to be one of the easiest young cocks she had ever fucked, and Amy had fucked a lot of them. At 36, she still had the body of a woman in her mid twenties.

Amy had been teaching at Baytown Junior College for the past ten years. It took her husband seven years to discover just how much she enjoyed young male cock. Now that he was gone Amy was free to explore. She had to be careful and always kept the situation under control, but fucking the Dean and President helped assure that she wouldn’t lose her job.

Mike was standing by her desk when the last student filed out of the room. Amy walked over and locked the door, pulling down the window shade. She went back to her desk and picked up his essay, and then opened a book to a pre-marked page.

“Not only have you cheated, Mike… you’ve broken the law. These two paragraphs are identical. There are more examples. I’m thinking about what I should do. Do you have anything to say first?”

Mike stammered and said he was sorry. It was pathetic, but Amy let him grovel as she walked around behind him. She couldn’t help but admire his powerful shoulders and tight ass. Yes, she was going to enjoy this. She moved back around to his front putting her hand on his powerful arm. Looking up at him she gently caressed his rippling muscles.

“You have two options, Mike. I give you a zero and you flunk the course, or I rip up the test and you make it up to me in extra credit.”

She continued massaging his arm waiting for a response. Her swollen nipples poked shamefully through her blouse and the smell of pussy dripping into her panties wafted out from under her short skirt. She licked her full lips as she continued to give him a “fuck me” look.

“Um, Miss Davis, what… what exactly did you have in mind for extra credit?”

Amy reached down and pulled her top up over her tits. Reaching behind, she unfastened the skimpy bra. Two pear shaped breasts with swollen nipples and hard tips bounce free. She lowered her hand to the bulge in his pants and rubbed it with her fingers.

“Well Mike, it’s like this. We both need something. You need me to forget that you were cheating and I need your cock. So you agree to fuck me whenever I need it and I’ll make sure you pass. Deal?”

Amy didn’t wait for an answer. She dropped to her knees, pulled out his cock and sucked it between her lips. His hard flesh continued to swell until it was as long and thick as Amy had imagined. She was an experienced cock sucker and he was just a young kid. Less than two minutes later she felt the first blast of hot cream explode against the roof of her mouth.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” Amy remarked while wiping her lips after swallowing a huge mouthful of cum. “It’s time for you to eat some pussy. You do know how to eat pussy don’t you?”

Amy pulled off her panties, lay on the desk and pulled her legs back exposing her swollen pussy mound with wet pink lips peeking through the gash. She gasped at the feel of his tongue on her hot pussy, but like most boys his age he didn’t really know what he was doing. She would have plenty of time to teach him. Right now she just wanted to get fucked.

“Get up here and put that gorgeous cock in me… right now.”

She moaned when she felt his young meat slide into her hot pussy. She pulled back her legs and felt him go deep into her belly. He slowly moved his cock in and out of her tight cunt. God it felt good, but she wanted more.

“I said fuck me. Now shove that cock up my cunt. I want it hard and rough. I want you to squeeze my tits and fuck me like a man. Now do it.”

That lit a fire under Mike. He wrapped his arms around her legs and slammed his cock into her hard and fast jerking her head back on each thrust. His large hands crushed her tits. Amy could feel the pressure in her belly building.

“Oh god yes… fuck me… harder… oh yeah… oh god… that’s it… fuck me me like whore… fuck my cunt… yes… yes… I’m gonna cum… oh fuck… UUUUNNNGGGGHHH… AAARRRRGGGGG…”

Amy exploded. Her orgasm went on and on until her screams turned to whimpers. She finally grabbed his cock and pulled it from her dripping cunt. Amy dropped to the floor and sucked his juicy meat into her mouth. The she leaned over the desk and tilted her ass into the air.

“Fuck me from behind. Hurry. Shove that big cock of yours up my cunt. That’s it… oh god…oooohhhhhh… now fuck me hard and squeeze my tits and make me cum.”

He became an animal slamming his cock between her ass cheeks and almost lifting her off the ground. His hands squeezed her tits and his fingers pulled on her nipples. Amy moved a hand between her legs. In no time she was screaming with another orgasm. She could feel pussy juice running down her thighs. She dropped to her knees and sucked him clean.

“Against the wall… I want you to fuck me up against the wall.”

He lifted her up like a feather and dropped her onto his cock. Holding her by the ass cheeks, he slammed her up against the wall. Amy wrapped her legs around him and dug her fingernails into his shoulders. He drove her up the side of the wall jerking her head up on each powerful thrust. Amy’s screams pierced the air.

Mike slammed up into her hard and grunted. Stream after stream of hot cum exploded into her cunt. Amy’s body shook with another wave of pleasure as she clawed at Mike’s back. She kissed him hard on the lips shoving her tongue into his mouth while continuing to ride him with his spent cock still in her cunt. Then she slid to the floor and cleaned his cum drenched cock with her mouth. Amy looked at her watch.

“Oh shit, I’m late. I’ve got to catch a plane to my sister’s house for the birthday of my twin nieces. Don’t worry. I’ll be back for more of that gorgeous cock of yours next week. By the way, I plan keep your test in a safe place until the semester is over just in case you decide to change your mind about our little deal.”

Chapter 7 – Mr. Franks Gives Dictation

“Mrs. Brooks, if you are not in a hurry I would like you to come in and take some dictation. Send all calls to voice mail.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Franks. I’ll be right in. I just need to call my husband and let him know I’ll be late.”

Jane Brooks dialed her husband.

“Honey, I have to work late again tonight… no, I’ll be home for dinner… I know it’s the third time this week but Mr. Franks is in the middle of a big project… I’m sorry honey. I’ll make it up to you on the weekend.”

Jane straightened her short red skirt and adjusted her white blouse which did little to hide a pair of 38D tits. She took a mirror out of her purse and freshened up her lipstick. At 28 she was proud of her looks. Her only regret was getting married so early. She had 6 and 8 year old sons with a boy she married right out of high school. He sat around the house drinking beer and watching TV when he wasn’t working construction. Jane needed more than that from a man, and she was about to get it from her boss Mr. Franks.

John Franks knew he was going to hire Jane Brooks the second she walked through the door for her interview. Her dark red hair, green eyes and red lips had a look to them that said “I want to fuck”. Her big tits stretched the buttons of her blouse and her tight skirt rode most of the way up her thighs. She sat down and rested her elbows on his desk so he could see her exposed cleavage. He can still remember her first words.

“I really need this job Mr. Franks. I’m a damn good secretary and a good personal assistant. I know I can meet any needs you have, and I’m willing to do anything if you’ll just give me a chance.”

They moved to the couch. Minutes later she had his cock in her mouth. Before the interview was over he had fucked both her pussy and her ass. Now he was getting ready to do it again. She walked into his office, locked the door and stood in front of his desk with pencil and paper.

“Mrs. Brooks, there is a rumor around the office that you are not wearing panties. You know what the office policy is about underwear. I want you to lift up your skirt and show me.”

Jane slowly lifted the hem of her skirt until her bald pussy was visible.

“I’m sorry Mr. Franks. Are you going to punish me?”

“Yes, Mrs. Brooks. I want you to bend over and put your elbows on the desk.”

He moved behind her and lifted her skirt over her ass. His hand smacked her cheek once, twice, three times… each one harder. Jane pulled open her blouse and pushed up her bra, then tilted her ass in the air and wiggled it at him.

“Harder Mr. Franks. I’ve been so bad. Aaahhhh… harder…”

John hit her harder causing her to scream. He unfastened his pants while he continued to spank her. Then with one hard thrust he jammed his cock deep into her dripping pussy. Her orgasm was almost immediate. Jane clutched the desk and screamed. Pussy juice streamed down her thighs.

John pounded his cock into her hard and deep causing her pussy to explode with a second orgasm. His hands reached around and crushed her tits. He found her nipples and tugged hard on them. These were connected directly to Jane’s pussy sending her to even new heights of pleasure. While she was still gasping for air John pulled out of her pussy, slid his cock between her ass cheeks and pressed the head against her sphincter.

“I think you need to be punished here as well, Mrs. Brooks. What do you think?”

“Yes, Mr. Franks. Punish me there. I was bad.”

John pushed and felt her sphincter slowly give way to the pressure. He pushed deeper and finally rammed it all the way in. Jane shrieked at the sudden and quick invasion but was soon moaning with pleasure from the pressure of his cock deep in her bowels.

“Oh Mr. Franks… punish me… oooohhhh… harder… uuuunnnggghhh…”

Jane pumped two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. John continued to tug on her tits pinching her nipples even harder. Her body thrashed and shook with another powerful orgasm. John hammered his cock deep into her ass jerking her body forward on each powerful thrust. Jane’s legs began to buckle from the intense pleasure. Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed her hair and threw her to the floor in front of him.

“Now for the rest of your punishment, Mrs. Brooks. I hope this will teach you a lesson.”

John grabbed his cock and pumped. The first explosion of cum splattered against Jane’s cheek and up the side of her nose. She opened her mouth and caught the second spurt on her tongue and lips. John aimed his cock at her tits and covered them in cream, and then drained the last few drops onto her tongue. Jane used her fingers to scoop cum from her face and tits and feed it to her mouth. Then she stood up, buttoned her blouse and adjusted her skirt.

“Will that be all, Mr. Franks?”

“Yes, Mrs. Brooks. You can go. Give your husband my best.”

Chapter 8 – The Arrival

Lisa showed up first with Peter. He did his perfect Eddie Haskell imitation when he was introduced to her mother.

“It is so good to meet you, Peter. Lisa has told me so much about you. I’m sorry Mr. Franks isn’t home from work yet. He has an important project and said he would be working late.”

Mrs. Franks escorted them upstairs to show them the sleeping arrangements.

“Lisa, you and Beth are going to have to share a room. Your Aunt Amy is coming and needs her own room. Peter, I’ve put you in with Beth’s fiancé.”

On the way back downstairs Lisa whispered into Peter’s ear.

“This is going to be exciting. You get to fuck me with Beth sleeping in the other bed. It’s no big deal. She already knows I’m a slut, but I’ll try to be quiet.”

Beth was the next to arrive. Her mother greeted her with a big hug and helped her up to her room.

“Beth, I need to talk to you about Mark but right now isn’t a good moment. I want you to be careful with him until we’ve had our little talk.”

“Mom, I’m a big girl and Mark and I are in love. If this is about sex it is way too late for that. Mark and I have been having sex for almost two years.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear that Lisa. That is not the way I raised you. I expect you to restrain yourself while you are in my house. But that wasn’t what I wanted to discuss with you, although I guess you could say it is related. I think that Mark is trying to come on to me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s almost half your age. Mom, I think you have some problems and are beginning to fantasize. Maybe you and dad need to see a sex counselor.”

“Don’t you talk to me like that young lady. Your dad and I have a perfectly normal sex life. Besides, I have proof about Mark that I will show you later.”

Just then the doorbell rang. It was Mark. When Linda opened it she turned red. All she could think about was the device he had sent. His big friendly smile made her tremble. Did he really desire her? It had been so long since a man had desired her in that way. No… no she thought. Get that out of your head.

“Hello, Mark. Please come in. Beth arrived a few minutes ago.”

He kissed her on the cheek and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

“It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Franks. Did you get the present I sent? It’s a really good one. I hope you’ve had a chance to use it.”

Linda was speechless. She could feel herself turning several shades of red. This was the time to unload on him for his bad taste but she wasn’t able. In fact she could feel her body responding to thoughts of sex. It was all wrong. She quickly turned away.

“Yes, it arrived. Come, I’ll show you to your room. You are sharing with Peter, Lisa’s new boyfriend.”

Mark dropped his bag and went in search of Beth. He knocked on the door to her room. When it opened he was gazing into her sparkling blue eyes and inviting smile. Rather than say hello she threw her arms around his neck, pressed her lips to his and shoved her tongue down his throat. He pushed the door shut and backed her up against the wall.

Her hand found his bulging cock and rubbed it through his pants. She shoved her tongue in his ear. Mark was a little surprised at Beth’s aggressiveness, particularly in her own home, but he wasn’t complaining. She shoved her hand into his pants and wrapped her fingers around his swollen meat. Mark shoved a hand inside her panties and curled a finger up into her cunt.

“Fuck me Mark… right here,” she whispered as she unfastened his pants.

“Oh god Beth… yes… I want to fuck you so bad…”

She pulled away and looked at him with a wicked smile.

“Beth… oh, you thought I was Beth. Silly me. Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you won’t. We’ll make this our little secret.”

She kissed him on the cheek and left. Mark’s cock was about to explode. He quickly fastened his pants. Beth walked in the door seconds later.

“Oh, there you are. Mom said you arrived. What are you doing in here?”

“Is that any way to greet your long distance lover? How about a kiss.”

She gave him a light peck on the lips and pulled away. He put his arms around her and pulled her back. When he tried to kiss her she turned her head.

“Not here. Mom might see. We’ll have plenty of time for this later.”

Mark’s cock didn’t want to wait for later. He slipped his hands down to her ass cheeks and pulled her close. Beth could feel his hardness against her pussy.

“You horny bastard. I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to wait.”

She struggled to get away. He finally let go and said to her jokingly.

“You’re cruel you know. Your mother is a much nicer person. I guess my gift didn’t warm you up at all.”

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. Beth didn’t really think that her mother’s allegations had any merit, but she was still a little pissed about the gift. She laid into him.

“Then why don’t you go keep my mother company. And yes, I did get the gift. You can do better than that.”

Beth stormed out of the room. She already regretted what she had said but it was too late. She went downstairs to cool off. Mark sat there dumbfounded. Something was not right. Did she see him with Lisa? That would certainly explain it. If so he was in a whole lot more trouble.

Peter flew out the front door on his way out to the car and ran into Amy who was just arriving. The both went sprawling onto the lawn. Peter sprang to his feet and helped her up.

“I am so sorry. Are you okay?”

Amy looked into his blue eyes and smiled playfully.

“I’m Amy. You must be… Lisa’s boyfriend?”

“Uh… yeah. I’m Peter.”

“Pleased to meet you Peter. I’ve known Lisa all my life and I know she doesn’t have boyfriends, she has fuck toys. Are you her fuck toy this weekend, Peter?”

“No… no really. I’m her boyfriend.”

Amy moved closer and rubbed his cock. She put her tongue in his ear.

“Well, Lisa’s boyfriend, if you feel like a change of pace you know where to find me.”

Peter turned and watched her walk into the house. Nice ass, he thought to himself. A change of pace might just be what the doctor ordered.

Chapter 9 – Settling In

Amy stuck her head in Peter’s room.

“Peter, would you be a dear and help me lift my suitcase onto the dresser?”

Peter was suspicious of Amy’s intentions after his earlier encounter. Besides, she was right… he was Lisa’s fuck toy for the weekend. There was nothing in their agreement about his fucking other women, or her fucking other guys either. He followed Amy into the room and was putting the suitcase on the dresser when he heard the door being closed.

“Sit down and relax. I like to get to know my niece’s boyfriends. So tell me, how long have you been fucking Lisa and are you satisfying her?”

While she was talking Amy unfastened her jeans and pushed them down her legs. She turned around as she stepped out of them flashing Peter a view of her naked cheeks and her puffy pussy hanging between her legs and barely covered by a skimpy thong.

“Now I’m quite sure you think you are satisfying her and in many ways you probably are. Still, there is always room for improvement.”

She pulled off her top and bra. Two perfect pear shaped tits capped with swollen dark brown nipples bounced on her chest. She swayed over to where Peter was sitting on the bed and straddled his legs. She put her arms around his neck and slowly lowered herself onto his lap rubbing her tits across his face in the process.

“So tell me Peter… does she swallow your cum? Does she let you fuck her in the ass? I like it that way sometimes. Would you like to fuck me Peter? Would you like me to suck your cock?”

Amy rubbed her pussy across Peter’s bulging meat. He thought Lisa was wild, but Peter had never met anyone like this. He was about to cream his pants. She pushed him back on the bed and unbuckled his jeans. He helped her pull them down until his swollen cock popped free.

“So this is the magic wand that Lisa has been fucking and sucking. Let’s see what it tastes like.”

Amy’s lips slid down his meaty shaft. She swirled her tongue over the sensitive head before taking him into her throat. Until her lips were pressed tightly against his pubes. She massaged him with her tongue and throat before finally pulling him from her mouth.

“Can Lisa do that Peter? Can she swallow your cock?”

She slammed her lips back down his cock and devoured his hard meat. She was working him over aggressively with her tongue and lips sucking and slurping and taking him deep into her throat. Peter had never had a blowjob like this in his life. He put his hands on the back of her head and fucked his cock up into her mouth. Peter could feel cum churning in his balls. There was no way he could hold back the explosion. He thrust hard and grunted.

Amy squeezed the base of his cock with her fingers driving Peter’s cum back down into his balls. He groaned in agony as his need to cum slowly subsided. She finally let go and licked a small trickle of white fluid that leaked from his tip.

“Not so fast Peter. That is no way to satisfy a woman. I’m not finished with you yet. Besides, you still haven’t fucked me.”

Amy took his cock back into her mouth and sucked him some more until she choked a second orgasm back into his balls. She climbed on top and straddled his throbbing meat teasing the swollen head by rubbing it across her pussy lips and clit. She positioned the head in her opening and fucked it in and out of her pussy until Peter could feel her juices running down his shaft.

“I am going to fuck you now, Peter.”

Suddenly the entire length of his cock plunged deep into her juicy chamber. He could feel the heat from the tight walls of her cunt envelop his swollen meat. She fucked him with the muscles of her pussy, moving just enough to maximize the sensations shooting through his cock. She pulled all the way up his length holding him in her opening before slamming her cunt back down his length. She leaned forward so her tits were dangling in her face.

“Bite my nipples, Peter. Hard. I like pain when I’m fucking.”

Amy was rubbing her clit hard against his pubic bone as she slowly fucked his throbbing cock. She knew just how to control the pace to keep him on the edge and backed off every time he was about to explode. Peter’s lips found her swollen nipple. His teeth raked her sensitive tip. He bit down lightly and licked it with his tongue.

“Harder dammit… I said bite it.”

Peter bit down and yanked on her nipple with his teeth. He pinched the other one hard between his finger and thumb. Amy threw her head back. Her body began to shake. Peter squeezed hard. Amy reached back and pushed a finger up her ass. She tried to muffle her scream but it was impossible. An orgasm exploded from her pussy and then another. Amy regained her senses long enough to roll over and pull Peter on top of her with his cock still deep in her gushing pussy.

“Fuck me Peter… fuck me hard and deep. Make me feel like a slut… do it Peter… fuck me.”

Amy pulled her knees back by her ears. Peter’s cock slammed deep into her cunt and bottomed out against her cervix. He pounded into her again and again. His balls slapped wetly against her tight asshole. Amy gasped and squealed as one orgasm after another surged through her body. Her fingers dug into the skin on his back. Her feet flailed recklessly in the air.

“In the ass… I want it in the ass… hurry.”

Peter was about to explode, but he had never fucked a girl in the ass and wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to experience it for the first time. He pulled his dripping cock from her quivering pussy and was about to invade her tight sphincter when they were surprised by Lisa’s voice across the room.

“Aunt Amy, what are you doing with my boyfriend?”

Neither Peter nor Amy heard Lisa open the door and slip into the room. Peter quickly pulled away and sat up with his throbbing cock poking up from between his legs. Amy sat up and smiled at her niece.

“Hello Lisa. What does it look like we’re doing? Peter is fucking me. He was about to fuck me in the ass when you interrupted us.”

“Peter, you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re supposed to be my boyfriend.”

Lisa pulled off her top exposing her braless tits. Next went her jeans and panties. She walked naked over to where Peter was sitting and dropped to her knees.

“Aunt Amy, you’re so bad… but you’re still my favorite aunt.”

“And you’re my favorite niece, Lisa… always bringing me such nice young cock to fuck.”

“Only if we share, Aunt Amy.”

Lisa wrapped her lips around Peter’s cock and sucked him deep into her mouth. She devoured his meat, slurping it with her lips and tongue until his cock was dripping with spit. Lisa stood, turned around, straddled his legs and lowered her pussy onto his cock. Peter felt his hard meat slide all the way up inside Lisa’s dripping pussy. She held him deep grinding hard against his cock and swirling his swollen meat around inside her cunt.

Amy pulled Peter back on the bed while Lisa was riding his cock. She straddled his head and lowered her pussy to his face. Peter shoved his tongue into her pussy but it was hard for him to concentrate with his cock with Lisa’s tight pussy. Her ass was lifting up and down on his length while she leaned forward and slowly fucked him.

“I can see Peter’s big cock sliding in and out of your pussy Lisa. It looks so hot. Are you going to let him shoot his cum inside you?”

“Not yet Aunt Amy. First I need to cum and then he can shoot all over both of us.”

Peter wasn’t sure he could hold back, but like her aunt, Lisa controlled her pussy perfectly to keep him right at the edge without busting a nut. Her fingers worked her clit furiously while she pinched and pulled hard on her nipples. Just before her orgasm Lisa pulled off his cock and rubbed the head over her clit. Lisa stiffened and gasped. Her legs were shaking. Juices gushed from her cunt and dribbled down his shaft.

Lisa sank back down on Peter’s cock and shuddered one last time. Her pussy twitched and clenched his throbbing shaft. Peter was about to lose it when he felt a hand slip between them and squeeze the base of his cock until the urge to cum had passed.

“Not yet Peter. You promised to fuck me in the ass. Do you mind, honey?”

“Of course not, Aunt Amy. Peter can eat my pussy while he does it.”

They traded places. Lisa lowered her dripping pussy to Peter’s face grinding it hard against his mouth. Facing away Amy sat back onto Peter’s cock guiding the smooth tip to her tight sphincter. She spread her cheeks and continued to press down until she felt the swollen knob push through her opening. With Lisa’s slimy pussy juice still coating his cock she was easily able to sink down on his meat until it was all the way up her bowels.

Amy swirled around on his cock squeezing him and massaging him with her tight asshole. Then she rode him hard lifting up and slamming down on his swollen meat. She shoved three fingers up her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Every time Peter could feel a surge of cum building in his balls she slowed down until it passed. Lisa tried to keep him distracted by grinding her pussy against his mouth and up over his nose.

Amy worked hard at achieving orgasm. Just before it hit she pulled off his cock and turned around. Her fingers worked furiously on her clit rubbing it in circles. She bent her knees until her pussy was just above Peter’s hard cock.

“Oh yeah… here it is… oh god… oh god… here it cums… oh… oh… uuuunnnngggghhhh… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…”

Pussy juice literally squirted out from her cunt and drenched Peter’s cock. It was also streaming down her legs which were shaking so badly she could barely stand. Her orgasm continued on and on until Amy fell to her knees completely out of breath.

“Okay Peter… your turn.”

Lisa got off the bed and onto her knees next to Amy. She wrapped her hand around Peter’s throbbing cock and stroked him hard and fast. Amy looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Do it Peter… cum on my face.”

“Yeah Peter,” Lisa chimed in, “I want to feel it on my lips and tongue. I want to taste it. Hurry up Peter.”

He felt his knees get weak and his head spin. He knew this was going to be the explosion of a lifetime with so much cum churning in his balls. Peter grabbed his cock and pumped. Hot white cream erupted from the tip and splashed in a powerful and steady stream against Lisa’s cheek.

Peter moved his cock like a firehose and drenched Amy’s forehead and nose before the first blast was finished. A second equally powerful stream of cum sprayed onto her lips and into her mouth before he turned it towards Lisa and coated her tongue with his cream. Gobs and gobs of cum continued to pump from his cock and land in their hair and all over their faces and tits.

“Lisa, your new boyfriend sure can shoot. I wonder if there is any more where that came from?”

“Not until later, Aunt Amy. We don’t want to wear him out on the first day.”

“We’ll see about that. First we have some cleaning to do.”

Amy scooped up two fingers of cum from Lisa’s face and fed them to Lisa to lick clean. Lisa returned the favor. Then their lips met. They kissed and licked cum from each other, and then shared it with their tongues. They continued to kiss and fondle each other until Lisa finally pulled away.

“I gotta run. promised mom I’d go to the store. You two behave yourselves.”

Lisa pulled on her clothes and left with speckles of cum still clinging to her hair. Amy climbed up on the bed where Peter was stretched out exhausted.

“Ready for round two?”

His cock was already getting hard from watching Lisa and Amy share his cum. Amy lowered her mouth over his meat and felt it grow harder between her lips.


Chapter 10 — Mrs. Franks Gets Caught

John Franks returned from picking up the cake and went up to the bedroom. He could hear screams coming from the bathroom.

“That’s it Mark… right there… oh… oh… oh… aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…”

That son-of-a –bitch was fucking his wife and breaking his little girl’s heart. He was going to have his hide and went to open the door but it was locked. He found the little key on the top of the doorframe and quietly turned it until he felt the lock open. He stared at the scene before him.

There was no Mark. Linda was sitting back on the toilet seat with the lid down and her legs up in the air bent at the knees. Her panties were on the floor and her blouse was open with her bra pushed up. A plastic vibrator was buzzing against her clit while she pinched her nipple with the other hand. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. When the door slammed against the wall she looked up at her husband. The shock registered in her eyes.

John wasted no time. He pulled out his already hard cock, stepped in front of his wife and grabbed her head by the hair. He thrust his cock between her lips and jerked her face forward.

“Suck it bitch. Suck it like you would suck Mark’s cock. Is that what you have been doing whore… fucking our daughter’s fiancé?”

She shook her head and tried to pull away to explain but he was too powerful.

“Did I tell you to talk bitch? I don’t think I did. Now suck it.”

He used both hand and pulled her head towards him while pushing his cock deeper until it lodged in her throat. When she gagged he pulled back briefly before shoving even further into her throat. He fucked her face recklessly until spit was drooling from her chin.

Linda felt a strange feeling come over her. Her husband was abusing her and making her do things that were degrading and almost painful, and yet it was exciting her. She felt her nipples swell as he repeatedly rammed his cock down her throat. Her fingers moved between her legs and rubbed her pussy and clit.

“Is that the way you suck his cock, whore? Is it? I’ll bet you love the taste of his young cock sliding down your throat, don’t you… you slut.”

John pulled his cock from his wife’s mouth and slapped it across her face while he jerked her head back until she was looking up at him. She knew what he wanted. She nodded her head in agreement. He slammed his hard meat back into her mouth and down her throat, fucking her face like it was a cunt.

“That’s what I thought. You’re just a fucking slut. Get up here.”

John yanked Linda by the hair and threw her face first over the vanity grabbing the back of her neck and slamming her head down onto the counter. He pulled up her skirt and smacked her naked ass cheeks with his hand… hard. Linda screamed. He smacked her again and again until tears were streaming down her cheeks. As much as it hurt, Linda also could feel pussy juice running down her thighs. With the next smack she shuddered from a mini-orgasm.

Linda was bracing for the next slap when suddenly her husband’s hard cock slammed deep into her pussy. He pulled out and slammed into her again and again jerking her head forward on each thrust. A scream pierced the air from the most powerful orgasm Linda had ever experienced. Her legs were wobbly and she was out of breath, but John just kept on pounding his cock up her cunt.

“Whose cock is up your cunt, whore? Is your future son-in-law fucking you? Isn’t that what you want? Tell him how much you love it, slut. Tell me what you would say if his cock was buried in your cunt.”

Linda was still groggy from the orgasm. She mumbled something unintelligible in response. John snapped her head back by pulling on her hair. He pinched her nipple so hard she screamed.

“I can’t hear you, slut.”

“You… you’re fucking me… oh god it feels so good… oh yes … fuck me harder…”

“Say his name… whose cock is fucking you Mrs. Franks? You know… the same cock that has been fucking your daughter. Tell him… me… how it feels.”

Linda Franks was out of control. It was like a veil being removed from all those years of pent up inhibitions. This was who she really was and always wanted to be… a slut and a fuck toy. She wanted to be abused. Pain only made the sex more intense. The thought of fucking her future son-in-law was driving her crazy.

Yes… Mark… fuck me… fuck me Mark… harder… oh god… yes… shove it in me… oh fuck… I’m going to cum… ooooohhhh… MMMMAAARRRRKKK…”

Linda had never felt pleasure like this in her life. It was like her entire being had exploded through her pussy and the life was slowly being sucked from her body in an incredible wave of pleasure. John’s cock continued to pound her to a second and third wave of pleasure. Linda though she was going to pass out.

Suddenly her pussy was empty. She was thrown to the floor. A warm creamy liquid splashed against her face. More shot up her nose and into her hair. She felt John’s hard meat slide between her lips and fill her mouth with more hot cream. It hadn’t really dawned on her what had happened until he was finished.

“Swallow it bitch.”

John’s hand squeezed her jaw. She had to obey him… wanted to obey him. She gulped down the creamy mixture and opened her mouth for him to see. He scraped cum from her face and fed it to her with his fingers. She gobbled it down without hesitation.

“Clean up whore… you have some guests to entertain.”

John left. Linda was drained but more satisfied than she had ever felt. She stood and looked in the mirror. Traces of cum still clung to her face and hair. Linda picked up the vibrator and rubbed it over her clit until she had a lesser but still satisfying orgasm while staring at the slut looking back at her.

Chapter 11 – The Other Sister

Beth wasn’t ready to listen to any lame excuses from Mark and hardly had spoken with him since he arrived. She was also pissed at her mother for insinuating that Mark had the hots for her. She knew there couldn’t really be anything going on between them. She just needed to cool down a little. She went out for a walk to clear her head.

Lisa finished her shower and looked in the closet for something to wear. She found a casual pull over dress of Beth’s that looked comfortable and slipped it on with only a pair of thongs beneath it. She went down to the den and flipped on the TV to find something to watch. A few minutes later Mark walked into the room. Lisa turned her head to say hello but hesitated when she saw that his hands were in his pockets and he was looking down at the floor.

“Um… look, Beth… I don’t want to argue with you so whatever I did I apologize. I love you.”

This is interesting thought Lisa. So he still thinks I’m Beth. She decided to see where it was going to lead. Silence was always the best strategy. Besides, her voice would likely give her away. Even their parents had a hard time identifying Lisa from Beth physically, but voices were hard to disguise.

“I really don’t know what I did but what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter.”

Mark moved closer and was now standing in front of Lisa who was sitting on the couch. He continued to grovel while Lisa twirled her hair in her fingers and was looking out the window. She had practiced the ‘let them grovel’ pose many times in the past.

“I’ve always been faithful to you Beth, and I forgave you that time you got drunk at the frat party because I knew you loved me and that was all that mattered.”

So little Miss Beth isn’t quite the goody two shoes she appears to be, thought Lisa. This really is getting good. She turned her head and looked up at him for the first time. No smile yet, but an acknowledgement that he existed. Mark sat down next to Lisa on the couch and put his arm on the back of the couch behind her. He continued to grovel.

“I just can’t stand the thought of you being angry with me, Beth. Please… let me make it up to you. I’ll do anything.”

Mark dropped his hand to her shoulder and pulled her closer. Lisa looked up at him with an uncertain look in her eyes. Mark moved his face to hers and kissed her on the lips. Lisa turned her head. Mark slipped his hand around her waist and kissed her on the neck and then the ear. Lisa moaned very softly. Slowly she turned her head. Their lips met and opened. His tongue pushed into her mouth. His hand slid up her side and cupped her breast.

Lisa knew she should stop, but she had felt the size of his manhood earlier and wanted to see if it was really as big as it felt. Besides, she was horny. She dropped her hand to his lap and slid it over his bulge. She fumbled with his zipper, slipped her hand inside and wrapped her fingers around his swollen shaft. She almost gasped when she realized how thick he was.

“Oh god baby, I’ve missed you so much.”

Marks hand slid from her breast down her side and over her ass. Lisa shifted so he could squeeze and fondle her rounded cheeks through the dress. It also allowed her to look down into his lap when she finally pulled his cock from his pants. This time she did gasp. It was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen and she had seen a lot.

Lisa wasted no time. She lowered her head and swirled her tongue over the huge knob of his cock. She stretched her lips around it and slipped it into her mouth. She teased him with her tongue until she heard him moan, and then slid her lips further down his shaft. She loved sucking cock, and this was one she would savor.

Mark lifted the hem of her dress and squeezed the naked cheeks of her ass. Mark was surprised that she was wearing a thong. It was not something that Beth had worn in the past, but he definitely liked it. He fingers traced down the crevice of her shapely ass and slid between her legs. His fingers slipped under the thin material and dipped into her juicy cunt.

Lisa tilted her ass in the air so Mark could push his fingers deeper inside her cunt. Her mouth and tongue was working his cock with all her skills. He was too big to take very deep into her throat but she did her best and was able to get her lips more than halfway down his shaft. Lisa could tell he was going to cum soon so she pulled back and squeezed his cock. She hadn’t fucked him yet.

Mark’s head was spinning. Whatever had come over Beth he loved it. She had never sucked him so aggressively. His head was spinning when she pulled her mouth from his cock. She swung her leg over his lap, pulled her thong to the side and lowered her pussy onto his throbbing meat. Mark groaned when he felt the heat of her pussy wrap itself around his shaft.

Lisa had never been so filled in her life. She gasped and moaned each time she lifted her pussy up his length and slammed back down driving his hard meat deep into her belly. It was impossible to hold back the impending explosion. She grabbed his hair and stiffened. Juices gushed from her pussy. A series of squeals escaped from her throat.

Amy was walking by the den about that time and heard the obvious sounds of sexual pleasure. She peeked in the door and saw who she thought was Beth riding Mark and squealing from a series of orgasms. Lisa opened her eyes and saw Amy watching. She put her finger to her lips. Amy smiled knowingly and left closing the door behind her.

Lisa dropped to the floor and sucked Mark’s cum-coated cock into her mouth. She continued to feast on his swollen member until her pussy was ready to be stuffed again. She got on her hands and knees facing the back of the couch. Seconds later she gasped when Mark’s monster slid between the lips of her cunt.

Mark fucked her to another orgasm and then another. She licked him clean and got on her back with her legs pulled up. Mark’s monster buried itself deep in her pussy and hammered her hard and fast. The orgasms came one right after another. She could tell Mark was about to cum and pushed him away.

“In my mouth, baby… I want it in my mouth.”

All Mark knew was that he was going to cum. As soon as her lips were around his cock he grunted. It had been a long time. Cum poured into her mouth in a long and steady stream, and then another and another. When he was at last finished, Lisa’s mouth was full of cum and it was drooling from her lips. She gulped it down, wiped her mouth clean, kissed him on the cheek and left.

As Mark recovered he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Sex with Beth was always good but this was over the top. She had never asked him to cum in her mouth while he was fucking her, and she had never swallowed his cum even after a blowjob. He wasn’t sure why she was so charged, but he was not complaining. He liked the new Beth.

Chapter 12 – Revenge is the Best Medicine

Beth ran into Amy as she was coming back into the house from her walk.

“Hi Aunt Amy.”

“Hi Lisa. I was wondering where you had gone.”

“Aunt Amy, I would think that by now you would know better. It’s Beth.”

Amy raised her eyebrows. So Lisa was the one fucking Mark. Did he know it was Lisa or was she pretending to be Beth so she could sample the goodies? Amy knew that this weekend was getting more interesting and wondered what other surprises might be in store.

“I’m sorry Beth. It is hard to tell the two of you apart. Where is Mark?”

“I don’t really care, Aunt Amy. I am so pissed at him. Guys can be such jerks.”

“You don’t have to tell me, Beth. Men are assholes. Is he cheating on you?”

“Um… I don’t think so, but what the fuck do I know… pardon my French. Maybe he has something going with mom. Apparently she thinks that he has the hots for her. God knows she’s not getting it from dad.”

“No… that doesn’t sound like her. Anyway, the best punishment if he is cheating is revenge. Find the first man you see and get yourself fucked silly. It works, believe me. He’ll come crawling back and you’ll feel better about yourself.”

“And that is why you are my favorite Aunt. You give such practical advice.”

Beth disappeared into the house and went upstairs. As she was passing by her parent’s bedroom she heard some faint screams. Thinking something was wrong she opened the door and realized they were coming from the bathroom. What she heard next shocked her.

“Oh god Mark… fuck me… harder… yes… I’m going to cum… oh fuck… oh god… UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH…”

Mark WAS fucking her mother. Her blood began to boil in anger. She couldn’t see straight. She left the bedroom and saw Peter coming out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. Aunt Amy’s word about revenge flashed through her head. She walked down the hall, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom he was sharing with Mark.

Peter was surprised by what he thought were Lisa’s aggressive tactics but he wasn’t complaining. He had no idea it was Beth. She threw him onto the bed, pulled the towel from his body and sucked his limp cock into her mouth. In thirty seconds it was fully erect. She attacked it with a passion that was reckless and wild. He loved it.

Beth was out of control but she wasn’t about to stop. She sucked and slurped Peter’s hard meat using all her skills. She pulled her top up over her tits and guided Peter’s hand to her rounded melons which he squeezed and caressed. Beth unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down over her ass along with her panties. She kicked them off and swung her leg over his head.

Peter sucked and slurped on Beth’s shaved pussy while her mouth bounced up and down on his cock. He pushed two fingers inside and dug them around her cunt until Beth stiffened and gasped with a small orgasm. She scooted forward on his body, lifted her ass and guided Peter’s cock to her dripping pussy. He watched as she slowly sat down and impaled her cunt onto his swollen meat.

Beth fucked him like a machine, rubbing her clit to another orgasm. She turned around and rode him with her tits dangling in his face until she was moaning and squealing yet again. She sucked his cock clean and had him mount her from the top. Peter repeatedly drove his cock straight down into her cunt while her heels dug into his ass and her fingers raked his back. Her explosion was even more powerful this time.

Beth got onto her hands and knees and tilted her ass in the air. Peter slammed his cock back up her cunt from behind. His hands crushed her tits and lifted her up from the bed so that they were fucking in a kneeling position. Beth could feel the length of his hard cock sliding up her cunt again and again.

After getting something to eat in the kitchen, Mark wandered upstairs. He opened the door to the room he was sharing with Peter and froze. Right in front of him he saw Peter plowing his cock into who he thought was Lisa. He had no idea it was really Beth. Her eyes locked with his in a lust filled gaze.

When Beth saw Mark watching she wanted him to see a total slut. She decided to put on a show. She squirmed her ass against Peter’s cock and sucked on her fingers. Her other hand rubbed her clit. Then she dropped to her hands and knees thrusting back onto Peter’s cock moaning and squealing each time it drove into her cunt. All the time her eyes were staring at Mark.

Mark knew he should leave but something held him there. It looked so much like Beth getting fucked. He could feel his cock get hard and imagined it was Beth looking at him while Peter pounded her cunt. This was all wrong. Why would watching his fiancé getting fucked by another man turn him on? In his mind he knew it wasn’t his fiancé, but it was like he wanted it to be.

Playing the role of slut in front of Mark was more of a turn-on for Beth than she had planned. She was surprised by the intense pleasure surging through her body. All she had wanted was revenge, but now she wanted more. She wanted a cock in her mouth… Mark’s cock. She gestured for Mark to come closer.

Mark was hypnotized by the look of pure pleasure on the face that he thought was Lisa’s. He stepped into the room and moved closer. When Beth pulled down his zipper and pulled his cock from his pants he did nothing to stop her. She wrapped her lips around his swollen shaft and took him deep into her mouth while Peter continued to pound her pussy from behind.

Beth immediately tasted the pussy juice still on his cock and assumed it was from her mother. The slut in her loved it. She took him into her throat and sucked him recklessly. Spit drooled from her lips. Mark, imagining it was Beth, could feel cum building in his balls. He grabbed her head and fucked her face. Seconds later he exploded. Rivers of cum poured into her mouth.

Beth’s pleasure peaked when she felt Mark spewing cum into her mouth while Peter pounded her cunt. An orgasm surged through her loins. Cum drooled from her lips as she struggled for air. Peter pumped his cock into her faster and faster. Beth recovered and flipped onto her back. She grabbed Peter’s cock just as the first stream of cum erupted.

Gobs of cum splashed onto her face and hair. Just when she thought he was done Peter found a reserve and spewed more cum onto Beth’s tits and into her mouth. She was a complete mess and looked every bit the slut she had wanted to become for Mark. She looked up at him licking her cum coated lips. Her fingers were furiously rubbing her clit. Another orgasm ripped through her body.

“Oh fuck… what have I done? Beth is going to kill me. Please… please Lisa, don’t say anything. This was a big mistake. You won’t tell Beth, will you?”

Beth looked up at him and shook her head. She would tell him when the time was right. He looked over at Peter who shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey… your secret is safe with me, man.”

Chapter 13 — A Slut Is Born

Amy found Lisa in the den still recovering from the fucking she had received from Mark. Lisa sat up with a guilty look on her face. It was always hard for her to hide things from Aunt Amy. Her fears were quickly confirmed.

“So tell me Lisa, was he good?”

“Oh god Aunt Amy… I didn’t mean it to happen. It just did.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Omygod, Aunt Amy… he has the biggest cock I have ever seen. I have never cum so much in such a short time.”

“Interesting. How are you going to explain this to Beth when they figure it out?”

Lisa looked like she was about to cry.

“I… I don’t know. I am such a fucking slut. Maybe they won’t figure it out. I mean why would they talk about it?”

Amy smiled at her and stroked her hair reassuringly.

“You have a point. Besides, I’m not so sure that Beth doesn’t have a few secrets of her own to hide.”

“I know. Mark mentioned something about forgiving Beth for that time she got drunk at the frat party. What do you think she did?”

“I don’t know, but I think it is something we are going to have to find out.”

Amy left Lisa in the den and went upstairs. She ran into John coming out of his bedroom and pressed up against him.

“Let’s go into my room and fuck. I’ve missed your big hard cock, John.”

Amy’s hand rubbed the front of his pants and could feel the massive bulge against her fingers. To her surprise he pushed her away.

“Later, Amy. Linda is in the bathroom and may be out any second.”

Well that was not like the John she used to know, Amy thought. They would fuck almost anywhere and anytime even with Linda around. In fact it turned them both on to know they might get caught. Amy headed for her room and heard sounds of sex through the door where Peter was staying. Since she knew Lisa was downstairs her curiosity was piqued and she cracked open the door.

There wasn’t much that shocked Amy anymore, but this came close. A girl who had to be Beth was on the bed getting fucked by Peter from behind while she sucked on Mark’s cock. Did he know this was Beth? Were they into group sex? This did not sound like Beth at all, but then Amy was running into a lot of surprises that day.

She was about to close the door when Mark grunted and filled Beth’s mouth full of cum, and then Peter hosed her down as well. God, she had really misjudged Beth… or maybe the girls were playing a practical joke on him and it was really Lisa. She was determined to get to the bottom of things.

Linda Franks knew she had passed the point of no return. Her life would never be the same. Mark’s gift had opened up a world of sex and passion that was only going to degenerate more and more. She had no idea where it would stop. She desperately needed to talk to someone and decided that only her sister Amy would understand. She found her in the hall.

“Amy, come in here. I need to talk to you.”

Amy quickly closed the door she had been spying through. Linda grabbed her arm and pulled her inside her bedroom closing the door behind her. She sat down on the bed.

“Amy, something has happened to me and I need to talk to someone. I know you have been with a lot of men… and I am not judging that… but… well, I think I am becoming a nymphomaniac.”"

Now Amy had heard everything. Linda… the ice queen, the perfect hostess, miss prim and proper… a nymphomaniac? Had she entered a parallel universe? Amy was speechless. Linda continued.

“It all started with Mark and the gift. What he did for me… well it opened up a whole new world of pleasure that I never knew existed.”

Mark was fucking Linda? No way, thought Amy. But Beth had said something about how her mother had the hots for him. What did she know? Had she entered into some kind of sex movie and was trapped like Reese Witherspoon in “Pleasantville”. It sure seemed like it.

“Anyway, I was in the bathroom using the vibrator and I guess I was making a lot of noise. John must have heard because he opened the bathroom door and there I was only I was so into it I didn’t even stop.”

“Was he upset? He looked upset when I ran into him in the hall.”

“Oh no, Amy, not at all. In fact he got so excited that we, um, made love only it was not really that, it was that other thing people do. And the things he did to me were vulgar and nasty and rough… and I loved it.”

Amy sat there stunned by this revelation. Her sister had discovered the pent up lust lurking beneath the surface and now she was out of control.

“Amy, I can’t stop thinking about sex… not only with John, but with other men, especially Mark. I know how wrong that is. I even imagine having two men and more. I imagine being taken in ways that are not natural. I don’t think I can control these urges.”

Just then John came back into the room and saw the two women sitting on the bed and talking. Linda looked at him with a knowing smile. Amy wasn’t quite sure how to react. An idea suddenly popped into her mind. She stood and walked over to John putting her hands on his shoulders and her lips near his ear.

“Hello John. Linda has been telling me a very interesting story about some of her fantasies. I think she would enjoy watching her husband fuck another woman, but you might have to tie her up first.”

John pulled away from his sister-in-law.

“Amy, this is not a good idea.”

Linda was now curious.

“What dear. What was Amy saying to you?”

“Uh… nothing. She was just leaving.”

Amy wasn’t about to be pushed out so easily. She was sure her sister would agree to almost anything from what she had heard.

“Linda, John and I are going to fuck. We want you to watch, but first we are going to tie your hands and feet in case you try to stop us.”

Linda was pretty sure that her sister had been regularly fucking her husband when she visited. She had never caught them but all the signs were there. Like everything else she pretended it wasn’t happening and ignored it. That way she wouldn’t have to deal with it. This was something different. She could already feel her pussy leaking just thinking about what was about to happen.

“Amy, you should be ashamed of yourself talking like that. John, you’re not going to let her do anything like that, are you?”

The playful twinkle in her eye told Amy all she needed to know. She took a belt out of her drawer and pulled Linda’s hands behind her. Linda made very little effort to pull away. Her verbal protest was part of the game.

“Amy, what… what are you doing? What’s happening?”

Amy tied her feet with a scarf. Linda was lying on the bed squirming as though she was struggling to get free. John was confused but did nothing to stop it. His cock had already gone hard with the thought of fucking Amy in front of his wife. Amy grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the bed so he was standing right in front of Linda’s head. Amy dropped to her knees and pulled out his cock.

“John, you’re not going to let her… don’t you put that in your mouth, Amy.”

Before she could finished Amy’s lips were sliding down his hard cock. Amy took him all the way down the throat pressing her lips against his pubes and holding him there. Linda’s face was less than a foot away. She stared in amazement and realized that she had a lot to learn. Her pussy was on fire but with her hands tied behind her back she couldn’t even touch herself.

“That’s disgusting. Stop it. John, I am really getting angry.”

Linda continued to protest and squirm on the bed like she was struggling to get free. Amy was putting on a blowjob clinic for the benefit of her sister, taking him deep and drooling spit. She kissed, licked, sucked and slurped. She fucked him with her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. Occasionally she would pull off and look at Linda with spit drooling from her lips.

“This is not going to go unpunished. I…”

“Shut her up, John. I’ve heard enough of her bullshit.”

Amy grabbed her sister by the hair and pulled her up until she was sitting on the bed with her feet on the floor. Amy forced her mouth open so John could slip his cock between her lips. Amy’s held her head while he fucked her face, ramming his cock in and out hard and fast. Linda made gagging sounds. Spit was drooling from her lips.

John pushed deeper until he could feel his cock push into her throat. Linda struggled for air but he kept pushing until it was completely buried. Before she passed out he pulled it from her lips. She coughed up a flood of spit and drool while gasping for air.

“That should shut her up for awhile. Now I want you to fuck me.”

Amy pulled Linda back onto the bed and quickly shed her clothes. She got on her back and pulled her knees to her shoulders. Linda was lying on her side with her head near Amy’s ass. She watched her husband mount her sister and had a bird’s eye view of his cock disappearing into Amy’s waiting cunt. She watched as his cock pounded her pussy over and over sending Amy into squeals of pleasure.

“Fuck me John… harder… shove your fucking cock up my cunt… god yes… oh fuck… oooohhhh… yeeessssss…”

Amy could feel her climax building. Knowing her sister was watching her get fucked was an added stimulus. John’s hard cock speared into her pussy again and again. With her legs pulled back he was driving it into her as deep as it would go. The pressure in her belly continued to build. Her body stiffened and jerked in spasms of orgasm as her fingers clawed his back.

Watching her sister cum had Linda on the edge of insanity. Her pussy soaked her panties so much she felt like she had peed herself. She kept squirming and rubbing her legs together but it was not enough. Linda could see Amy’s cum coating John’s cock as it continued to fuck in and out of her juicy cunt. Just when her first orgasm ended another began sending Amy to new heights of pleasure.

John finally pulled his cock from Amy’s dripping cunt and fed it to Linda’s mouth. She felt the hard flesh coated with cunt juice push against the back of her throat. Linda swirled her tongue over his vein streaked meat and wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft. She relaxed her throat and let it slide in until her lips were pressed against his pubic hair.

John grabbed his wife’s head and fucked her face recklessly. His cock pounded into her mouth between her lips and slid down her throat. She continued to slurp and suck on his hard member until John felt his balls tighten. He wasn’t ready to cum because he wanted to fuck Amy some more so he pulled out.

Linda was rolled onto her back. Amy got on all fours with her knees straddling Linda’s face. Linda watched her husband’s cock glide between Amy’s ass cheeks and press against her puffy mound from behind. The wet pink lips opened around his head. Linda’s pussy was dripping like a sieve as she watched her husband’s cock slowly disappear into her sister’s cunt.

John slowly moved his cock in and out of Amy, pulling out until just the tip was inside her before driving it back into her belly. He knew Linda was watching and he wanted to put on a good show. Amy was moaning and pushing back against him. This was turning her on as well. After fucking Amy for several minutes John pulled his dripping cock from Amy’s cunt and fed it to his wife.

Linda was going crazy. Her eyes were riveted to her husband’s glistening cock each time it pulled out and pushed back into her sister. She tried moving her thighs together to put some pressure on her pussy but it did little to help the tension building in her belly. John’s cock, loaded with cunt juice, was like an aphrodisiac just adding to her sexual frustration.

John fed Linda his cock again and then put it back up Amy’s cunt. Amy was also delirious with pleasure. A series of gasps and moans escaped from her throat as one convulsion after another gripped her body. She could feel juices streaming down her thighs. Several drops fell from John’s balls onto Linda’s face.

Linda squirmed in sexual agony. Watching her sister getting fucked by her husband’s cock was driving her crazy. She lifted her head until her face was only inches from his thrusting meat. The smell of sex was intoxicating. She could almost feel her husband spearing up into her own cunt the same way he was fucking her sister. She snaked out her tongue and licked his balls.

Amy screamed with another orgasm and then another. Linda eagerly licked up the cunt juice dripping down her husband’s balls. That was the last straw for John. Feeling his wife’s tongue licking him while he fucked her sister sent a river of cum streaming up his cock. He grunted and thrust hard. A powerful stream of hot cream exploded into Amy’s cunt.

Amy could feel the warm seed squirting into her pussy. She tilted her ass and pushed back against his spewing cock. She screamed as another orgasm gripped her body. He pumped more and more cum into her cunt while Amy clutched at the bed spread until her orgasm had subsided.

Linda was feeling dizzy. She watched her husband’s cock swell and could see it pumping cum into her sister from inches away. Cum and cunt juice oozed out of Amy’s pussy and dribbled down John’s cock and balls. Linda opened her mouth and put out her tongue to catch the drops dribbling off his balls.

Suddenly Linda stiffened and jerked uncontrollably. An orgasm exploded though her pussy and gushed into her panties. Linda had no idea a woman could reach her peak without even being touched down there, but there was no mistaking what had happened. It was a temporary relief though, and her pussy still felt empty. She needed something inside, something that would fill her.

John pulled his cock from Amy’s cunt. She lowered her cum filled pussy toward her sister’s face below. Linda raised her head and licked her sister’s sex tasting another woman for the first time. A mixture of cum and cunt juice flowed into her mouth. She savored the exotic taste and continued licking her sister.

Amy finally pulled away and went into the bathroom to pee. She saw Mark’s present sitting on the counter near the sink. She picked it up and examined it. There was no question about what it was… and it was a good one. But why had Mark given it to his future mother-in-law, she wondered? Something wasn’t right.

Amy picked up the vibrator and walked back into the bedroom. John was sitting against the headboard. Linda was on her knees sucking her husband’s cock with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound. Amy lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and slipped the vibrator into Linda’s pussy. When she turned it on Linda’s body jerked and a muffled scream escaped from around John’s cock.

“You guys have fun. I’ll go check on the kids.”

Chapter 14 — Out of Control

Beth was in the shower cleaning off the evidence of her sins and trying to figure out what had just happened, but she already knew. She had been fucked by two cocks… and she loved it. It was more than revenge. Her body was on fire thinking about it. She slipped a soapy finger into her asshole and pushed two more up her cunt. Yes, she thought, that’s the way she really wanted it.

Her mind wandered back to the night where she got really drunk at a frat party. It was shortly after she and Mark began dating. She was passed out on a couch when she realized someone was removing her jeans and panties. Her protest was weak at best. Then someone she had never met mounted her and buried his cock deep in her cunt.

Beth shoved a second finger up her ass and pumped her pussy with her other hand. She had repressed the night at the frat party, but the memories were now coming back. After the first guy filled her pussy with cum another quickly took his place and then another. She should have been ashamed, but instead she found herself screaming from multiple orgasms that ripped through her body.

Beth was dragged to the floor and positioned on her hands and knees. A big black cock slid between her lips. Behind her she felt a cock sliding into her pussy. After a while they switched places. The cock she was sucking pulled out and sprayed cum all over her face. Seconds later her pussy was flooded with cum. Two more cocks were shoved into her body.

Beth’s fingers were digging into her pussy and ass as she relived her sex filled night at the frat party. After several loads of cum were deposited in her pussy and mouth she felt her ass cheeks being spread and the tip of a hard cock press against her sphincter. Beth had never been ass fucked, but she had used her vibrator up there on several occasions.

She yelped when he punched through her tight opening, but in her drunkenness she quickly relaxed. He pushed deeper. Beth went back to sucking the cock dangling in her face. It didn’t take long before she could felt his creamy load squirt into her mouth. Moments later hot cum poured into her bowels.

Beth stepped out of the shower and ran into the bedroom. She noticed Amy coming out of her parents’ room just as Peter was walking down the hall. The two of them exchanged words and then Peter opened the door and disappeared into the room where Amy had just exited. Something was up, but it would have to wait. She had unfinished business.

Beth found her vibrator and returned to the bathroom. She turned it on, leaned back against the wall and stimulated her swollen clit. Moments later her legs began to shake. She collapsed onto the floor gasping and squirming with pleasure until the orgasm passed.

After recovering Beth loaded the vibrator with baby oil. She sat down on the lid of the toilet seat, pulled her legs up and slipped it into her asshole. After adjusting to its width she turned the on switch. The vibrations send shivers of pleasure through her body. She leaned forward until it was trapped against the toilet seat. Beth felt it push even deeper into her bowels.

She had been suppressing the memory from the frat party ever since it happened and now she realized why. Beth had loved it. She had never cum so much in her life. Beth crammed three fingers into her pussy and fucked herself. The memories from that night came into focus.

Beth remembered being dragged into a bedroom and lowered onto a cock. Moments later another cock was shoved up her ass. The pressure was incredible. Two more cocks showed up in her face. The guy fucking her ass traded places with one of the cocks she was sucking. She didn’t even think about where it had been. She gobbled it between her lips.

Beth could feel a huge explosion building in her belly. She continued to fuck her pussy with her fingers and rub her clit with her free hand. The vibrations in her ass made everything feel more intense. She tried to keep her mind focused on the night at the frat house if only she could hold on a little longer.

More cocks than she could count rotated between her pussy, ass and mouth. Drained, exhausted and barely conscious she finally dozed off with cum leaking from her pussy and ass and splattered across her face and hair and tits. She knew she had been gang-fucked by at least 20 different guys that night.

Beth was almost there. She closed her eyes and imagined a big cock being shoved down her throat while her pussy and ass were getting hammered. Then she imagined that Mark was watching her. She wanted him to see what a slut she was, to see the dirty whore he was about to marry. Her eyes locked on his in her fantasy showing him pure pleasure from the three cocks she was servicing.

Her fingers pounded her pussy faster and faster. She rubbed her clit hard and fast. The vibrations up her ass just added to the intensity. She could feel the pressure in her belly grow and grow until she could no longer hold back the impending explosion.

Beth arched her back and lifted her ass off the toilet seat. She pulled the fingers from her pussy and thrust her hips forward. A gush of pussy juice exploded from her cunt. She tried to hold back her scream but it was impossible. Cunt cream continued to ooze from her pussy and dibble down her ass. She kept rubbing her clit until a second orgasm hit.

Beth slowly came back to earth. She pulled the vibrator from her ass and showered. She thought about what had happened with Mark and Peter, the frat party and now in the shower. She wasn’t sure anymore that one cock for the rest of her life was not going to be enough for her.

Chapter 15 – Going for a Test Ride

Mark sat outside on the patio trying to sort out what had happened. He had just let Beth’s sister suck his cock, and that was unforgivable. He hoped that Peter and Lisa would keep their mouths shut like they had promised, but somehow he wasn’t so sure. On the other hand, he asked himself, why had he done it? Because she looked so much like Beth, that’s why.

Mark wondered if he had a secret fantasy of watching Beth getting fucked by another man. When she told him about that night at the frat party he pretended to be upset, but in truth he found himself masturbating on several occasions to visions of her getting fucked while passed out on the bed. At least that was the way she explained to him what had happened.

Amy walked out back and found Mark sitting alone. Two thoughts crossed her mind. First, maybe he could shed some light on the strange happenings around the house. And second, she wanted to find out for herself if he was really as hung as Lisa had described. It was time for a test drive.

“Mark, you look lonely. Do you mind if I join you?”

“Um… no Amy, not at all. I was just thinking, that’s all.”

“Well you have a lot to think about with your upcoming wedding. Beth is a beautiful girl… but then so is Lisa. How do you tell them apart? I often have a hard time myself.”

“Yeah, it can be confusing. Sometimes Lisa tries to play tricks on me. Anyway, Beth is pissed off at me right now and I can’t figure out why?”

“She said something to me about you and her mother… Linda. Is there something I can tell Beth that will make it better?”

Amy scooted closer and put her arm on the chair behind Mark. She could feel her left tit press into the side of his arm.

“Yeah, Beth mentioned that to me too, but it is crazy. I was just being nice to her mother, but she has this idea that her mother has… is… um… well likes me in a way that is inappropriate.”

Amy moved her fingers to the back of his neck and put her hand on his arm as if to console him.

“Well I could understand my sister being taken by such a handsome and sexy man like you, and she is attractive so I could understand how you might be tempted to act on any approach she might make.”

“But she hasn’t… we haven’t. How could Beth think that?”

“What about the gift you gave her? It’s not the kind of thing a young man normally gives a woman unless he wants her to think about sex. She showed it to me and even I was a little shocked.”

Mark was confused. This was the second time the gift had come up today. What was so unusual about a wine opener? Amy’s hand slid from his arm onto his thigh and then across the bulge in his pants. Mark looked over and saw her staring at him with playful eyes. He had to put a stop to this.

“Lisa said you were well endowed but I had to find out for myself. Just relax Mark and enjoy yourself. This will be our little secret, and you can be sure that your secret about Lisa is safe with me.”

Mark was stunned. How did she know about Lisa? Were there no secrets? Before he could react or respond Amy had his cock out of his pants and in her mouth. Her lips and tongue massaged and licked and sucked. He could feel it rapidly growing hard and knew if he didn’t stop now it would be too late.

“Um…look, Amy… uh… oh god… this… this isn’t right… oooohhh… please…”

Amy couldn’t believe how big he was getting. She wasn’t about to let this cock get away. Besides, his words were just that. He had made no attempt to push her away. She rolled her tongue just under the rim of his large knob and sucked on the sensitive head. Then she slid her lips down his shaft and took him deep.

Mark had never received a blowjob quite like this one, although Beth had outdone herself earlier. Amy had clearly sucked a lot of cocks in her life and knew what she was doing. Her mouth, lips and tongue quickly brought him to the brink of orgasm but she was careful not to let him finish.

Amy loved the huge vein streaked cock she was sucking. She loved the feel of the hot flesh sliding between her lips and filling her mouth. She explored every ridge and vein with her tongue. The few times he was about to cum she squeezed the base with her fingers and licked the small dribble of precum that oozed from the tip.

Amy knew she couldn’t swallow all of him, but she was determined to see how much of his hard meat she could stuff down her throat. On the first attempt she barely got half into her mouth. It wasn’t just the length. Mark also had the thickest cock she could remember. She opened her throat and pushed her tongue along the underside of his shaft until almost three-quarters had disappeared.

Mark was long past trying to resist. He moaned with pleasure. It was by far the best blowjob he ever had. No woman had ever taken him into her throat like that. She was so tight around his cock, and the muscles of her throat massaged his sensitive head. This time there was going to be no stopping. His balls shrunk and his cock swelled. His head began to spin.

Amy quickly pulled her mouth from his cock and squeezed the base as hard as she could. Mark felt his cum being forced back into his balls. It was agony. A dribble of cum drooled onto Amy’s tongue. She used the tip of her tongue to clean the tiny little slit at the top of his cock.

Before he could recover, Amy swung her leg over his lap and impaled her pussy on his hard meat. She felt it push deeper and deeper stretching her tight cunt until it bottomed out against her cervix. The feeling was incredible. She lifted up and slammed down on his length, then again and again and again. She could feel the pressure building. It wasn’t going to take long.

Mark was completely absorbed in what was happening to him. No woman had ever fucked him like this. Amy rocked her ass up and down his length with her knees on his thighs. Her wet pussy squeezed him. She knew just how to apply pressure in all the right places. His hands reached around and grabbed her creamy rounded ass cheeks.

Yes… fuck yes… oooohhhhhhh… fuck me… put your finger up my ass…”

Mark knew Beth liked to be touched there, but no one had ever asked him to put a finger inside. This woman was too much. His finger slipped into the crevice between her cheeks and found the tight nub of her sphincter. He rubbed while applying pressure and was surprised at how easily it slipped inside.

“Another… put another finger up my ass.”

Mark couldn’t believe what an incredible sex machine Beth’s aunt was. After a little manipulation he worked a second finger up her butt. This was just the stimulation that Amy needed. She slammed down hard on his cock just as Mark pushed both fingers up her ass all the way to the knuckle.

“Oh fuck… oh god… oh… oh… uuuuunnnnggghhh… aaaahhhhhhhhhh…”

Amy’s orgasm was an intense as any she could remember. Her body tensed and then exploded. Her fingernails dug into his scalp. She bit his neck to stifle her scream. Juices gushed from her pussy and drenched Mark’s cock and balls. She continued to ride him to a second incredible orgasm. His fingers pumped in and out of her ass sending her to new heights of pleasure.

Mark grabbed her hips and slammed his cock up into her cunt hard and fast. He could feel his own explosion building and knew this was going to be huge after his earlier attempts to cum in her mouth. As much as Amy loved the feel of his cock stuffed into her cunt, she wanted to taste him.

Amy dropped to her knees and barely got her lips around his knob when a powerful jet of cum erupted into her mouth. It streamed from his cock like a fire hose, splashing off the roof and across her tongue. A second explosion sent more cum gushing into her mouth until it was drooling from her lips. She swallowed as fast as she could but cum just kept pouring out of his cock.

Mark’s cock was drained. Amy continued to lick up cum and suck on his swollen meat. If she could get him hard again she would make him fuck her in the ass. Just then she looked up and saw Linda watching them from her bedroom window. She had watched the whole performance.

“We’ll have to continue this sometime soon, Mark. I want that beautiful cock of yours up my ass. And don’t worry… it’ll be our little secret.”

Chapter 16 – Double Trouble

Linda Franks just had to have him. She didn’t care that he was marrying her daughter. She had been thinking about him ever since he sent her the vibrator. Watching him fuck her sister Amy was the final straw. If Amy could fuck him then so could she.

Her pussy was still tingling from the double pounding she had received just minutes earlier. She had been sucking her husband’s cock when Peter entered the room. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet were bound. Amy had buried the vibrator up her cunt and it was sending waves of pleasure through her body.

“Oops… sorry. Wrong room.”

John Franks looked up and saw Peter. He knew that Lisa didn’t have boyfriends, only fuck toys, and that Peter was only there because Lisa had told her mother she had one to make her happy. Well, he thought, this was a different Linda Franks, and there was more than one way to keep her happy.

“Don’t go. I think we are going to need your help, isn’t that right dear?”

Linda not able to do more than mumble with her husband’s cock stuffed in her mouth. Peter hesitated but did not want to disobey Mr. Franks who could be quite forceful. He usually put the fear of god in the boys that visited the house. He insisted once again. Peter hesitantly entered the room. Mr. Franks pulled the vibrator out of his wife’s pussy.

“It’s all yours, son. Get those pants off and show her how a young cock feels.”

Peter wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He shrugged his shoulders thinking that Lisa’s relatives were all crazy. He gazed down at the swollen pussy puffing out from between Mrs. Franks’ thighs and quickly stripped. Seconds later his hard cock disappeared into the warmth of her body.

Linda felt Peter’s cock split her open and moaned around the cock in her mouth. It suddenly hit her that this was the first time a cock other than her husband’s had ever been inside her pussy. The thought excited her. He pushed deeper and deeper until his hard meat was completely buried. Then he fucked her.

Linda’s body was on fire. She had a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy, and was committing adultery right there in front of her husband. Her first orgasm hit hard and unexpectedly. She bucked and squirmed on the bed with her hands tied behind her back. Her husband’s cock fell from her mouth. Squeals of pleasure escaped from her throat.

“Peter, come over here and feed your cock to Mrs. Franks. I am sure she wants to taste her own pussy.”

They traded places. Peter squeezed in front of her and slipped his juicy manhood between her lips. The taste of her pussy was strong. Peter fucked her mouth in a steady rhythm until spit was drooling from her lips as she sucked and slurped on his meat.

John squatted behind his wife and guided his cock to her swollen peach peeking out from between her thighs. With her feet tied she couldn’t spread her legs. His cock split her open and slowly pushed deeper. In front of him he watched Peter fucking her face. His wife was a slut… and he loved it.

Linda had another orgasm and then another when John slid a finger into her ass. She was surprised out how good and how dirty it felt. He pushed a second finger up her ass and twisted them around inside. Linda was delirious with pleasure. While her husband was fingering her ass, Peter pushed his cock into her throat until her lips were pressed against his curly hair.

John pulled his fingers from her ass, spit on the tip of the vibrator and pressed it against her sphincter. Linda winced when he pushed it inside and tried to breath but Peter kept his cock deep in her throat. The vibrator pushed deeper and deeper. John flipped the switch just as Peter pulled his cock from her mouth. She let out a scream that was partly pleasure and partly pain.

John pulled out the vibrator and pressed the head of his cock against Linda’s tight orifice. He pushed and felt her open further until the swollen knob popped into her asshole. Linda screamed. Tears were running down her face.

“John… what are you doing?”

He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. His cock slid another inch up her ass. He pushed again and another inch disappeared

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass, dear. Peter, she’s talking too much. I think she needs something in her mouth.”

Peter rammed his cock between her lips and back down her throat. John pushed his cock deeper and deeper. Linda could feel the pain but also the excitement at being taken this way. Being tied only added to the feelings surging through her body. She loved being a complete slut.

John worked his cock all the way into her bowels, drooling spit down the crack of her ass to help with the lubrication. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in until she had adjusted to his size. Then he fucked her ass hard and fast. Peter was recklessly fucking her face and shoving his cock down her throat until she was desperate for air.

Linda was delirious with pleasure. She loved the feel of two cocks in her body, of forbidden acts being performed on her and being tied and helpless while it was all happening. John’s cock speared into her ass again and again while Peter continued to fuck her mouth. Pussy juice was running down her thighs from the excitement boiling inside.

The tightness of her virgin ass had John ready to explode. He picked up the pace and hammered her harder and faster jerking her head forward on each thrust. Linda felt his cock swell stretching her asshole even wider. He grunted. Seconds later she felt the something warm spreading through her bowels.

Peter pumped his cock in and out of her mouth watching spit and drool falling from her lips. She was completely helpless with her hands tied behind her back. He watched Mr. Franks fuck her ass and cum inside her. It was all too much. Peter grabbed her head and thrust hard. Cum exploded from his cock and filled her mouth until it was drooling from her lips.

John untied her hands and feet. Linda rolled onto her back and spread her legs so she could rub her pussy. Her fingers went faster and faster across her clit. She could feel cum leaking from her ass. The taste of Peter’s seed in her mouth and the sense of being completely humiliated were like an aphrodisiac. Linda’s body stiffened just before her pussy exploded.

After Peter and John left the room Linda went to the bathroom to clean herself. She glanced out the window and saw Amy fucking her future son-in-law. She should have been furious, but that wasn’t the feeling she had. She was jealous.

Chapter 17 – Musical Beds

After everyone was in bed Peter snuck into Lisa’s room. He looked over to make sure that Beth was asleep but didn’t realize that the two girls had switched beds earlier. He quietly slipped his naked body between the sheets of what he thought was Lisa’s bed. He slid up behind her wedging his cock into the crack of her ass and slipping a hand between her legs. He whispered into her ear.

“Hi Lisa. We need to be quiet so we don’t wake Beth.”

Beth was about to raise hell thinking that it was Mark who had snuck into her bed. She was still pissed at him for what she thought she heard him doing with her mom and was not ready to let him just fuck her as though nothing had happened. When she heard Peter’s voice and realized that he thought she was Lisa she changed her mind. As Aunt Amy said, revenge is the best medicine.

“I’ll try,” she whispered, “but you know me. I am a screamer.”

Beth tilted her ass back and reached between her legs to guide Peter’s hard cock into her pussy. She rubbed the swollen head along her slit until she felt it push against her entrance. She gasped as her pussy split open and he slid into her juicy cunt. Peter pushed deeper and slowly fucked her.

Lisa opened her eyes and realized that Beth was getting fucked in the other bed. She could hear moans between the little squeaks made by the bedsprings. She assumed it was Mark. Her pussy got immediately wet when she remembered the feel of his huge cock pounding her pussy earlier when she pretended to be Beth. Lisa’s hand slid across her belly and between her legs.

Peter fucked Beth to a quick orgasm. She got on her knees and he slammed his cock into her from behind. Lisa watched his profile in the moonlight coming through the window and was startled when she realized that it was Peter and not Mark fucking Beth, although she was quite sure Peter thought he was fucking Lisa. Well, well, she thought… her sister was becoming quite the little slut.

Lisa watched him plow into Beth again and again. She had a grip on the headboard and was squealing with each thrust. Lisa decided that it was time to join the party. She climbed out of her bed and quietly walked over to the one where Peter was fucking her sister. The two of them were so engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t notice her.

“Will you two hold it down? I’m trying to sleep. And Lisa, you should be ashamed of yourself. Mom and dad are just down the hall. What if they walk in? What would you say then?”

Peter, surprised by the disturbance, pulled his cock out of Beth’s pussy. It took Beth a second to realize what her sister had said. She was pretending to be Beth while Beth was pretending to be Lisa. This could get interesting, she thought, and decided to play along.

“I guess I would have to tell them that my boyfriend is fucking my pussy and that I am enjoying every minute of it. In fact I was just about to ask Peter to put it up my ass. Do you like it that way sis? Does Mark put it up your ass? Maybe he’d like to put it up my ass sometime.”

“You keep away from Mark, you little slut. What we do is none of your business. And how can you talk that way in front of your boyfriend?”

“Peter doesn’t care who I fuck and I don’t care who he fucks. I’d even let him fuck you. Peter, do you want to fuck my sister? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. Come on Beth, get up here.”

Beth grabbed Lisa and pulled her onto the bed. Lisa, still pretending to be Beth, put on a good show of trying to resist.

“Wha… what are you doing? Lisa, let go. This isn’t funny.”

Beth penned Lisa’s shoulders with her knees and pulled Lisa’s legs back exposing her pussy and ass to Peter who was kneeling in front of her. Peter looked a little uncertain about the whole situation. Lisa, pretending to be Beth, continued to object but quit struggling.

“Is… is he going to put that thing inside me. I don’t think I want him to.”

“Don’t worry sis. You know you are going to love it.”

Beth guided his swollen meat to Lisa’s waiting pussy. Peter still looked a little uncertain about fucking someone he thought was another guy’s fiancé.

“Go on Peter. Believe me, Beth loves a cock as much as I do, and not just from Mark. She’s just putting on a show. He can fuck you… right sis?”

“Um… well… I didn’t say he could, but if he does, well… just don’t tell Mark.”

Lisa moaned when Peter’s cock sunk deep into her cunt. Minutes late she had her first of several orgasms. Peter rolled onto his back. Lisa swung her legs over his head to let him lick the cunt cream oozing from her pussy. Beth mounted his cock and rode him. When she came they switched.

After several rounds, the two girls both kneeled on the edge of the bed while Peter took turns fucking them from behind. Then they flipped over onto their backs with their heads hanging over the edge. Peter took turns fucking their mouths. When he was ready he grabbed his cock and grunted, drenching their faces with cum. He quietly opened the door to return to his room.

“Beth, is this a new sister I just discovered? You were always such a goody two-shoes… at least that’s what I thought.”

“Well I’m kind of pissed at Mark. He was unfaithful to me. Anyway I decided to get even and… well yeah, I think my hormones have just become more active. I’m not sure I can be a one man girl for the rest of my life.”

“Well I have a confession to make as well. I pretended to be you and let Mark fuck me. God, you never told me what a huge cock he has. I’m pretty sure Amy fucked him too. At least I know she wanted to, and she usually gets what she wants. I hope you’re not mad.”

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