Although she had been doing it for past two months, still her limbs went weak, palms got sweaty and her heart rate shot up whenever she thought about it. Sitting in the living room, intently waiting to hear the click of the door closing, she rubbed her hands against the jeans, took two or three deep breaths, and thought how lucky she has been.

Eighteen-year-old Kathy was well aware that if caught it would not only ruin her relationship forever, it would also put her in an extremely bad situation, but her mind and body was concentrating on the door and not on repercussions. Finally, she heard the door close, and knew it was time. Wiping the sweat off her face with her T-shirt, she rubbed her palms against the jeans and tip-toed to the wall.

Slowly and quietly removing the poster hanging on the wall she peeped inside. It took Kathy’s eyes a second or two to adjust to the light, and then she saw a pair of smooth well-rounded thighs with water glistening over the soft skin. Kathy had seen those thighs many times in the past two months, but it was worth it every time. Moving her head a little, she enjoyed the view of the long legs, tight bums, flat stomach and voluptuous breasts. She was gorgeous, no doubt about that, thought Kathy.

After shampooing her thick long black hair, she took the soap and started rubbing it on her body. She began with her cleavage, then her pink nipples, her neck, her hairless armpits, her lovely back and then washed her shaved pussy, which was shining under the light and water.

When Kathy began watching her, she didn’t give her much time to enjoy because she always took showers in a hurry. But lately she was not only taking long showers, she was also swaying her hips and ass a lot and was also paying a lot of attention to her huge breasts and pussy, which meant Kathy was really able to enjoy the view.

Initially Kathy was only able to do watch her on weekends because she used to take shower in late mornings when Kathy was in school, but for the past few days she was taking showers in the evenings, which meant she was able to watch her naked body every day.

Kathy was on her knees, peeping inside the bathroom, and she was standing barefoot on the floor, with her body turned toward Kathy, and was drying herself with a towel. After drying her legs and thighs, she moved the towel toward her pussy and after rubbing the towel against it, slowly started to dry her voluptuous breasts, including her pink nipples.

Kathy knew the after drying herself up she would go to the attached room to change, so it was time to pull the curtain down, so to speak, therefore she readjusted the poster, tip-toed back to the living room and sat down in front of TV.

The next day was a Sunday, and Kathy was taking a shower in the morning when she felt as if somebody was watching her, so she looked around but there was nobody. But after two or three minutes, she again felt that somebody was there, so again looked around and saw what seemed like a pair of eyes looking at her from the same place she used to peep from.

She instantly froze and after keeping the soap down, walked toward the gap she had made in the wall and now she could clearly see two eyes peeping at her from the same spot. First, she thought she was imagining things, but when the eyes didn’t move or shift, even when she got closer to them, a chill ran through her whole body. She grabbed the towel, wrapped it around her as fast as she could and went to look behind the wall. When she reached there, she saw that the poster was in its place, but there was something written on it. She came closer and the second she read it, all her senses froze, heart started beating so fast that she could clearly and loudly hear it and her legs went weak.

For a second she thought she was in a dream or some nightmare, so she read it again and it was still there, written in bright red clear bold letters: “You thought only you can play games?” — Mom

A feeling of shame, fear and anger overtook her. She began feeling so weak that she had to sit down on a chair near the poster and began cursing herself for being so stupid. She was sitting there in that state of utter fear for well over ten minutes when somebody came from behind and put their hands on her eyes and closed them.

She tried to move the hands, but before she could she heard her say: “I know the peeping game much better than you. Don’t forget I’m your mother.”

Kathy had no idea what to say or do or even what to think, so she just sat there with her eyes tightly closed. Mother moved in front of her, told her to sit still and then she removed her hands from Kathy’s eyes.

Kathy took few seconds to open her eyes, primarily because she was too ashamed/afraid to look at her mom, but when she opened them, she saw Mother standing there in front of her with her hands on her hips, one leg in front of the other and her whole sensuous, full-figured body clearly visible in her cream night gown.

When she saw Kathy looking at her, she gave her beautiful smile, curling her full red lips.

“Honey, don’t be afraid, mommy is not angry at you. It’s not natural or OK for you to look at mommy when she’s in shower, but you were just curious to see how mommy looks, so I’m not angry. Now give mommy a kiss and a hug,” she said kneeling down and placing her hands on Kathy’s thighs.

But Kathy didn’t move and her gaze remained fixed on the floor, so she gave her a peck on her cheeks and hugged her. Then she sat down on the floor, near Kathy’s legs, and tried to make her comfortable with small talks, and when she was somewhat at ease, she asked her whether it was her idea to drill a hole in the wall or her brother Zach’s.

“I saw a man on TV drill a hole just like this one, so I also drilled one, but didn’t do it to watch you,” replied Kathy after remaining quiet for few seconds.

“I know, honey, you didn’t do it to watch me. And why did you hide it with a poster?”

“I was afraid that you might get angry for drilling a hole in the wall.”

“OK, I’m not angry at you, but answer all my questions honestly otherwise I’ll be?”

Kathy didn’t say anything, only nodded her head in agreement.

“Why did you start peeping?”

“One day you were humming some song and I wanted to hear it, so I put my ear near the hole and then accidentally saw you in the shower.”

Mom knew she hummed a lot in bathroom, plus she also understood that she couldn’t have made up the whole story sitting in this state, so she knew she was telling the truth.

“Does Zach know about the peeping?”

Kathy looked down at the floor and nodded.

“How did he know?”

“He caught me looking through it,” she whispered.

She took a deep breath, braced herself and asked whether he had seen her.

Kathy nodded her head.

“For how long have both of you been peeping?”

She just sat there with her head bowed.

Mom repeated the question again and this time sternly.

“Nearly two months.”

She was taken aback by the realization that both of them have been watching her naked for two months, but she didn’t allow her face to betray the surprise.

“Don’t worry, Kathy, mommy isn’t angry at you. Now go and put on some clothes,” she comforted her by kissing her flushed cheeks.

While talking to Kathy, Mom had realized something but wasn’t sure about it, so she called her childhood friend and while talking to her about her work, her children and other things, she slipped in the question.

She asked Jenny whether she would call her antics at school pranks or exhibitionism.

“Exhibitionism,” she replied replaying Mom’s antics in her mind.

“They were just pranks, not exhibitionism,” Mom tried to defend herself.

“Prank is when a girl takes off her bra once; exhibitionism is when she hardly wears it,” said Jenny.

“Pauline, you used to take off your bra in classroom, on the bus and even on the playground. You used to moon boys, you used to flash your breasts to cooks and gardeners at school, you even came to my house, in front of my father and brothers, in that cropped T-shirt without a bra. My father and brothers kept asking about you for months.”

“Did they?” Mom asked suddenly forgetting the peeping issue.

“Of course, they did. Both mother and I knew why they were so interested in you.”

“I guess that qualifies as exhibitionism,” admitted Mom.

“Not only that, you used to drop all your clothes at first chance of skinny-dipping. Don’t get me wrong, we all were impressed by your don’t-care attitude.”

“But I’ve changed.

“Of course, you’ve changed; now you’re a mother.”

“What if I again start exhibiting those tendencies?” wondered Mom faking a laugh.

“No, now you’ve changed.”

I took a deep breath and replied:

“Yes, now I’m not that Pauline,” answered Mom taking a deep breath.

After talking to her for five or six minutes more, Mom hung up the phone and lay down on the bed thinking that her desire to show her body was as alive inside her today as it was back then.

She was still on the bed when Zack came back after meeting his friends and went straight to his room. After five minutes, she knocked on his door and went to talk to him. He was smoking a cigarette which she took from him and took a long drag.

“Kathy has told me about the peep hole,” she said sitting down on a chair.

When he heard her, he adjusted his pillows, turned toward her and gave her a blank look. Mom knew he was a tough nut to crack, so she repeated herself.

“So?” replied nineteen-year-old Zack shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m not here to confirm anything; all I want is an honest answer to two questions that is all. If I don’t get an honest answer, you’ll be in big trouble. And, remember, Kathy has told me everything, so your answers should better match with hers.”

He flinched a little and raised his eyebrows.

“Have you seen Kathy in the shower and has she seen you?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” he replied in a calm voice after mulling over the question.

“I’ve, but just want to see whether you’re as honest as her?”

“Go and ask her,” he said taking the cigarette from her.

“Zack you’re making things difficult for yourself. I know you hadn’t drilled that hole, so I’m not holding you responsible. All I want to know is whether you guys have seen each other or not.

“Don’t know about her, but I might have.”

“She has admitted seeing you in the shower,” Mom said changing tack.

“Yes, she has, but we were just playing, nothing else,” he finally admitted.

Mom looked at him, got up and went back to her room. By now Mom was sure of two things. First, that she still loved showing her body and maybe that has passed on to her children. Second, if she gave Kathy and Zack enough it might help her in her more important plan.

In the morning, she went to them while they were having breakfast and told them that since they had been so honest, she wasn’t angry and if they behaved themselves and end all this peeping business they might get a bigger prize but only if they behaved themselves.

In the evening, just before dinner, she came to the living room and handed Kathy two boxes. In one of the boxes there was blue sleeveless top and red skirt and in the other was a green backless dress.

“Really, Mommy?” asked Kathy looking at Mom in surprise and giving her beautiful smile.

While Kathy was busy looking at her gifts, Zack was waiting for his. Mom took the third box from the table and gave it to him. He immediately opened it and saw a black T-shirt and coat.

“Now, go and wear them, let me see how both of you look.”

Kathy came back wearing them and the top was so tight that the shape of her young perky breasts was clearly visible and the skirt was revealing all the charms of her smooth thighs.

Zack’s muscular body was on full display in that T-shirt and the coat was making him look more handsome.

When they came back, Kathy asked her mother why she hadn’t bought something for herself.

“Who said I haven’t bought anything?” she replied going to her bedroom and coming back in a brown dress that had such a deep-neck that nearly all of her breasts were naked and slits that ran up to her panties.

When they saw her, they just couldn’t take their eyes off me, especially Zack.

“You guys are acting as if you’ve never seen me before,” she said walking toward them. “Stop staring at them,” Mom told Zack looking down at her boobs and smiling at him.

At the table, all three of them were in good mood and couldn’t stop looking at each other. After dinner, they sat down in front of TV, but instead of watching it we were more interested in watching each other, especially Kathy and Zack who were pretty shamelessly admiring each other’s bodies and Mom’s.

Zack, who was turning out to be as shameless as his mother, came for dinner wearing just a T-shirt and underwear, but she shooed him away.

Mom was making them slowly comfortable with their bodies, while all the time dangling the promise of better things to come.

Then the phone call came that she was expecting and had been preparing for. It was her ex-husband.

He asked her why Zack and Kathy weren’t going with him to the month-long holiday as planned. She replied that she had no idea why they were refusing to go with him, that he should ask them and, just to irritate him, added that maybe they don’t want to with him because of his new wife, Rachel.

That set him off and he started saying that he will take the kids with him no matter what happens, that she can’t stop him, etc.

After he was through with screaming, she put the phone down and applauded herself for executing the plan to stop the children going away with him on a holiday, which was just a first step to keep the children with her permanently.

When Kathy and Zack came home, they asked Mom whether they should go with Daddy and Rachel for holiday.

“It’s your choice. If you want to go, you can. By the way, I’m going to take a bath, so you guys decide whether you want to go with him or not.”

While Mom was taking bath, she called Kathy to come to bathroom as she needed her help.

“Honey, could you please rub soap on my back?” Mother requested her when she opened the bathroom door.

She hesitated for a minute, but when she again pleaded with her, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Mom was in tub and her body was partially hidden by foam and water, but when Kathy started rubbing the soap on Mother’s back, she lifted her body a little and now Kathy could clearly see everything, even the shaved pussy.

Kathy was rubbing her mom’s back and neck, but her clothes were getting wet, so Mother asked her to take them off, but she said she was fine. So, Mom turned around, her breasts were now near her daughter’s mouth, and said: “So, you had no problem in watching me, but now you are all shy? Come on, take them off, or they will get more wet. Take them off. I’ll keep my eyes closed.”

Mom closed her eyes, while Kathy took off her clothes and quickly got into water. But she wasn’t able to keep her modesty on for long because once she was in water Mother could clearly see everything of her body; including her round perky breasts, her pink nipples and also that her pussy was clean shaved like hers.

Mom saw Kathy looking at her vagina, so she asked her whether she started shaving herself after watching her in the shower.

“Yes,” whispered Kathy.

“Has Zack done anything?” asked Mom rubbing her toes on Kathy’s bare shoulders.


“He only watches and doesn’t do anything?”

“He has tried some stuff, like kissing, touching, etc. But I don’t let him.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t fancy him.”

“Whom do you fancy?”

But she kept quiet. Mom took the soap from her hand, asked her to turn around and began rubbing it all over Kathy’s neck and back. While they were rubbing and admiring each other’s bodies, Zack knocked and asked if he could come in. Both instantly shouted no. He again asked, saying that he just wanted to pee, but they again told him that he can’t come in, knowing fully well that peeing was the last thing on his mind.

They washed each other’s backs and although both of them wanted to stay like that, Mom got up, giving her daughter a good view of her pussy, and handed her a towel. Wrapping their wet bodies in towels, they went to bedroom where Zack was waiting for them. Mom could tell from his eyes and raised eyebrows that he was angry at not being part of the session, but she ignored his looks and told him to get out as they wanted to change. He sat there staring at them, but when he saw no response from either of them, he stormed out.

At night, Mom was in bed wearing a white deep-neck night gown and reading a book, when Kathy came in brown T-shirt and blue panties and asked her if she could sleep with her. When Mother said yes, she snuggled up against her, throwing one arm over her stomach and buried her head into her neck. Mom wanted to continue reading the book, but Kathy wanted to talk, so she kept it away and started talking to her. They talked about this and that and then the talks turned to boyfriends and although Mom prodded her but Kathy denied that she had any boyfriends.

Then Kathy turned her face toward Mom and asked her whether she was a good kisser. Her question caught her off guard, so she asked her why she wanted to know that. She replied because she wants to be a good kisser and would love it if somebody could teach her. Mom looked at her blue eyes, baby-like cheeks and taking her face in her hands kissed her soft lush lips. Placing her arms around Mom’s neck, Kathy locked her mouth with Mother’s full red lips and began kissing her and pushing her tongue as deep as she could.

After kissing Mom several times, she buried her face into Mother’s big breasts and kissed her cleavage. Then lifting her face, she looked at Mom’s brown eyes and slowly touched Mother’s pink nipples over the white gown with her lips and then moved her hand inside the gown, but Mom stopped her. Kathy went to sleep with one hand on Mother’s stomach and her naked thigh on her legs.

In the morning, Mom had a towel around her full-figured body and was going to take a shower when Kathy asked her if she could join her. Once in bath, both started rubbing each other’s bodies, kissing each other and were fooling around when Zach opened the door and walked straight in.

When they saw him enter so brazenly both shouted at him to go away, but he ignored them and joined them in the tub, although he did keep his underwear on. When Zack joined them, Kathy got up, with water and foam dripping from her naked body, and sat down behind Mom on the edge of the tub and began kissing and cupping Mother’s breasts right in front of Zack.

Zack was obviously enjoying the sight. He tried to shove his toe inside Mom’s pussy, but she blocked the entrance with her hand and that didn’t go well with him. Putting his hands in the water, he dragged Mother toward him and started kissing and fondling her boobs and nipples. While his hands were all over her body, Kathy’s were on her face and was kissing her passionately.

He again tried to finger Mom’s pussy, but she again stopped him, so he got up and took off his underwear. Cupping her left breast in his hand, he held his erect cock in his other hand just inches away from her mouth and began stroking it. Mother knew what he was doing, so she closed her eyes as Kathy held her face straight in front of Zack’s dick. Within seconds, Mom felt his warm cum all over her boobs, neck and face, including her lips.

After couple of seconds, Mom saw him standing under a shower and Kathy was holding his still erect cock and washing it. His cum was floating all over in the tub, so Mother washed his semen from her body, cleaned the tub and got ready.

At night Dad was leaving with his new wife and that night Kathy and Mom were in bed only in their night gowns and were talking about romance, etc., when Zack joined them, wearing only shorts. Without even saying hello or anything, he started kissing Mother’s lips. When Kathy saw Mom respond to his kisses, she pushed him aside and shoved her tongue deep inside Mother’s throat. Zack wasn’t going to take this lying down, so he turned his attention toward Mom’s big breasts and began squeezing, biting and kissing them.

Warning: this story contains mild pee play.


“Wow, you guys didn’t waste any time, did you?”

Hannah seemed a bit buzzed when she walked through the front door. Seeing Julia and I cuddled together on the couch under a blanket, she correctly assumed what had happened between us. Namely, that we had fucked. That must have been hours ago, since the sun was beginning to come up now.

Groggily, since we had both been asleep, I rubbed my eyes and slowly came to. It took me a moment to remember what had happened, but feeling my younger sister’s warm body beneath me was all it took. Only a few hours ago, I had fucked this gorgeous little beauty’s ass. The couch was a dried sticky mess between us where my cum had leaked out of her and pooled. We would have to clean that up before Mom and Dad got home at the end of the week.

Hannah stumbled inside and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a cocktail dress, and I could hear a car pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully she hadn’t driven herself, since apparently she had gone drinking with some friends.

“How was your night?” Julia asked, maybe trying to deflect the conversation from what we had done.

“Not as good as yours, I take it.” Hannah sat on the couch next to us, and noticed the large stain between us. She just smiled. “Damn, I missed all the fun.”

Julia stretched and kicked the blanket off of her. She glanced back at me and winked.

“We didn’t do anything, really,” she said, stretching the truth almost to the point of tearing it.

I just smiled. Hannah wasn’t buying it, but since I had actually been inside her pussy briefly not that long ago, she obviously couldn’t scold us.

“So he took your virginity?” she said, looking seriously at Julia.

Julia stood from the couch and casually rubbed at her pussy. “Nope, she’s still untouched.”

Hannah raised an eyebrow. “But…you were both…”

I just shrugged, and my smile wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried.

She nodded. “Oh, I see. You took her ass cherry then. Good job, I’m jealous.”

My morning wood was at full stiffness, and I wasn’t doing anything to hide that fact. Hannah stared openly at it, still a bit hazy from her partying. She sloppily reached over and grabbed it, and even though I was surprised, I didn’t budge.

“You need to wash this thing off then,” she said, tugging on it in mock masturbation. “How about a dip in the pool?”

I almost laughed at how obvious she was being, but then I realized that she probably wanted to fuck me. In fact, now that I had messed around with both my sisters, and we had the house to ourselves, they no doubt both would expect some sexual interaction with me. If I didn’t need to pee so bad, I might have made a move on her right then. But she was right. It had all started with the pool. We should keep that going.

“Ok, meet you out there after I pee,” I said.

She nodded, and stumbled her way through the kitchen to the back patio, leaving a trail of her clothes behind. She walked outside naked and waited on the ledge.

I glanced at Julia, getting a nice look at her naked body, and she seemed to enjoy letting me.

“I have to pee too, want to join me?” she asked, then turned without waiting for a response.

We both went to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. She held it until I was there too, and she lifted herself off the seat a bit so I could watch.

“Try to do it with me,” she said, showing a kinky side to her I never imagined existed.

“I don’t know if I can, I’m too hard.”

She could see that, and the look of lust in her eyes told me how aroused she was. This was going to be the best day of my life, I could tell.

“I don’t wanna gross you out or anything,” she said, standing up and moving off the toilet. “I’m not into sick stuff or anything, but I’ve always had this weird urge to pee on a guy.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. I wasn’t prepared for her to reveal something on that level. But it spoke to how open we were being with each other. I had opened a can of something by getting involved with her sexually.

She turned red. “It’s sick, huh?”

I shook my head. “No, no…I just can’t believe you said that. I don’t know what to say.”

“I know it’s gross.” She stepped into the shower. “You don’t have to do it. But we could just do it in here and then shower right after. I can have the shower running while we do it if you want.”

I watched my hot sister, trying to hold her bladder while I decided what to do, and seeing her in this completely open, sexual state really had my balls raging. I would do anything she wanted at this point, if it meant I could cum all over her sexy body at some point.

“Ok, I’ll do it.”

She seemed giddy, and she turned on the shower. I got in the stall with her, and we both just stood there in front of each other. Seeing each other naked was one thing, but relieving ourselves in front of each other, much less onto each other, was a completely different story.

“Ready?” she said, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers and tilting her pelvis up as far as she could.

“Where do I aim?” I asked.

Julia smiled devilishly. “Anywhere you want.”

I couldn’t hold it anymore, and neither could she, so when trickles of pee began to fall under her I also let loose. It didn’t take long for both of us to be at full stream.

I wasn’t the type to do anything humiliating or disgusting, so I had to hold my erection down a bit to keep from hitting her near her face. She, on the other hand, had to do the opposite so she could hit anything higher than the floor. My pee stream arched upwards and began splattering on her legs, and I kept raising it until I was splashing her stomach and tits with my pee.

She seemed delighted, and in return she arched her own stream higher so that it began splashing onto my arm and the hand that was holding my penis. Feeling her warmth touch my groin and splatter all over my crotch was surprisingly arousing. It was definitely the naughtiest thing I had ever done with a girl. And probably the most extreme I cared to do.

We both kept it up for a good minute, and the shower was washing it all off immediately after. By the time we were finished, we just stood there under the shower staring at each other. Julia was panting with arousal, and looked possessed. She lunged at me and started kissing me hard.

I pawed all over her body, and after a few minutes we broke it off. She grabbed the soap and handed it to me. I began lathering up her body, especially her tits and her ass. She purposely massaged soap into my pubic hair and used the suds to get my penis nice and frothy.

“Hot dog me,” she ordered, and spun around.

I obeyed her, and pressed my firm length between her buttocks. I slid myself up and down, fucking her ass cleavage. She seemed to enjoy it, and I thought about sticking back in her ass. But the soap would sting, so I refrained. Besides, I would be getting into that ass plenty from now on.

“We better go outside now,” I said, remembering Hannah waiting for us.

Julia didn’t let me go that easily. “I feel like I’m on fire! I’m a virgin, but I have had stuff up my pussy before. I want your dick in me, now!”

She leaned back against the shower wall, and I cautiously moved closer. She grabbed my dick and aimed it at her entrance. I moved slowly, but sure enough there was no resistance to my penetration. She groaned so sexily as I buried myself, and when I was all the way in, she hugged me tightly. Not just in a sexual way, but more in appreciation.

“Thank you,” she said, her face buried in my chest.

I had to hold myself back from fucking her in two, but I kept still and silent while she enjoyed the moment. It was nice, I had to admit. But I was aching to cum.

“Hannah will want some,” Julia said, looking up at me. “You’ve given me your load already, she needs it now.”

I nodded, and we slowly withdrew from each other. Her pussy clenched tightly onto me, not wanting to let my dick go. We both composed ourselves and went dripping wet through the house out to the pool.

Hannah was wading her legs in the water, patiently waiting for us. She smiled when she saw us.

“Hey, you got wet already,” she protested. “Not fair.”

Julia leaned down to her sister as she passed by her to get into the water. “You get him first.”

Hannah beamed, and as I approached, she still seemed buzzed. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t take advantage of her in this state, but she had wanted this already. There was no question.

“Wanna wrestle?” I asked, mirroring our initial encounter in the pool.

Julia floated on her back away from us, giving us space. She was being really cool about this. I would have to make her feel really special later.

“Of course,” Hannah said, and splashed her way into the water.

I dove in after her, and pretended to chase her. She squealed and led me on, all the while with Julia pretending to be oblivious. Our bodies touched and I felt that initial excitement of our forbidden encounter, and couldn’t wait to get inside of her.

“Shall I tackle you?” Hannah asked, strangely as if she needed my permission.

I leaned back against the ledge of the pool and let her approach me. She swam slowly over to me, and from the look in her eyes I could tell this wasn’t going to be a mock-violent movement. She carefully and methodically placed her body over mine and reached down for my penis. With no hesitation, she placed it at the entrance to her vagina and settled down onto me.

I groaned as I felt the second pussy this morning to accept my manhood. Hannah was thoroughly enjoying this, and her body movements and expressions weren’t toned down at all considering our sister could be watching. Julia was aimlessly floating on her back still, pretending not to see us. Honestly, I thought it would be sexy if she was.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Hannah began to move her hips, and we got a good motion going under the water. She began whimpering as I split her open, and her pussy was nice and tight around my cock. She was so wet, she must have been aroused for quite a while before we started.

As we began to speed things up and both of us were approaching climax, I felt Julia swim over to us. I glanced over at her in the midst of my approaching orgasm, and she smiled dreamily.

“Kiss me while you fill her up,” she said softly, and leaned in close to my face.

Hannah watched as I thrust sharply up into her, and I greedily sucked at Julia’s face. When she felt my explosion inside of her, she cried out and grabbed Julia’s shoulder while she came intensely. The three of us stayed like that for a good minute, Hannah and I cumming hard into each other and Julia and I kissing passionately. It felt so good to be experiencing both of them at the same time like that.

“Mmm, that was delightful,” Julia said, her eyes still closed.

Hannah drew in a deep breath. “That was pretty good.”

“I want more,” I said, still hard and buried in her.

Hannah smiled, and obediently she moved off of me so that Julia could take her place. She did, and I slipped easily into her soft opening as she propped herself up. I pawed at her tits and began to thrust up into her.

“Save some for my ass,” Hannah said, and then floated away blissfully while we went at it.

Julia and I were grunting as we smashed our bodies into each other, trying to outdo each other with the power we exerted. She was a wildcat, which really surprised me. I had always thought Hannah would be the one to do something kinky, but Julia had always been to proper and conservative. I guess that was out the window now.

“Do you want me to fuck Hannah in the ass…like I did with you?” I said between thrusts.

Julia looked savagely into my eyes as she dropped her hips down onto mine over and over. “I want you to fuck her ass, while I lick yours.”

I smiled, finding her new kinky nature amusing. What would she think of next?

We fucked for a good fifteen minutes, with Hannah swimming casually around us and finally settling herself on the ledge of the pool to masturbate her cum-filled pussy while she watched us. Julia had been climaxing wildly since about five minutes in, and was exhausting herself. I could tell she was getting tired.

“Maybe you should stroke off onto our faces,” Hannah suggested.

Julia smiled and nodded, and quickly hopped off of me to join her sister on the ledge. I got out of the pool and stood over them, beating my meat as they sat neatly alert watching. I wasn’t embarrassed at all to let them see me do this, in fact I felt proud that they both wanted me. I could feel the cum rising, but I wanted to postpone this as long as possible.

“You two should kiss,” I said, hoping they would go for it.

They instantly complied, as if they had wanted to and were waiting for my signal. When they began frenching deeply, I realized I couldn’t hold out like I wanted, and would soon explode again.

“Open you mouths!” I said, and bent forward to cum on them.

They both faced me with their mouths open, looking right up at my face. It was just like a porn movie, except so much sexier since these were my sisters! I groaned and began shooting off over them. I splashed thick cum across their faces, tagging their cheeks and splattering white across their tongues. I came so much I nearly fell over, it was so intense.

“Yes! Fucking yes!” Julia said, rubbing her pussy while Hannah eagerly leaned forward to suck on my dripping penis.

I watched her lick the cum off the tip, while Julia rubbed out a quick but sharp orgasm, and felt like things couldn’t get any sexier.

“How soon can you fuck us again?” Hannah asked, her cum-covered face glistening beautifully as she smiled up at me.

My cock twitched against her lips, and I sighed contentedly. “Maybe if you both lez out for me, I can do it quicker.”

Hannah winked at me, and then began licking the cum from Julia’s face. I watched my sisters clean each others’ faces, and then they began kissing again. This was going to be a great day!

“My lover.”

The words reverberate through my head. What have I done? Not only did I just fuck my sister, but I came in her too! I felt so dirty, but thinking back, I don’t think I could have stopped myself. It just felt too good.

Geo moaned on top of me, and I felt it all the way to my flaccid cock, still in her. My sister rolled off me, and I saw Dixie getting between her legs and sucking my cum out of her.

“Mmm, your brother’s cum tastes so good!” Dixie mewled.

A hand appeared before me, and I looked up to see Amber reaching down to me. I took her hand and stood, surprised when I got pulled into a deep kiss. Her hand dropped to my dick and started playing with it, and while it felt good, my little brain refused to respond.

Amber broke our kiss, and looked down disappointed. “Hmm, maybe we should give this guy a little break.”

“I’m sorry, I just–” She cuts me off by placing her fingers over my mouth.

“Come on. Let’s go get a drink.” I follow the redhead to the kitchen, where she pours me another drink. We sit in silence for a moment, the only noises we can hear are my sister cumming again for the umpteenth time.

I have no idea what to say, and my eyes lock on Amber’s pierced nipples. “Did that hurt to have it done?”

She looks down, then after placing her drink on the counter, she grabs both nipple rings, and begins to tug on them, distending her small breasts out a bit. The sight is quite erotic, and I feel a stirring down below, but still not enough to get me hard.

“Yeah, it hurt like hell, but was worth it. My nipples are super sensitive now. Sometimes I can get off just by playing with them.” She smiles at me for a moment, before asking, “So did I understand you correctly? You lost your virginity in there?”

I can only sheepishly nod my head. “And to your sister too. That’s kind of sick, but kinky too.” She must have seen the look on my face, as she quickly continued, “Don’t worry, cutie. I don’t judge. And with a cock as big as yours, I can see why she chose to do it. Your sister is pretty damn hot too. I wish I had a brother like you!”

Shocked by her words, I looked up into her eyes, and believed her. There was not a shred of deceit in them. “Thank you,” was all I could manage to say.

“Awe, you are just too cute!” Before I knew what was happening, she had my back up against the cold fridge and was kissing me passionately. My hands began to roam across her back, and finally I brought them down to her small buttocks. She moaned softly into my mouth as I squeezed her ass. Getting bold, I spun us around, pressing her to the fridge, and began kissing her neck. Grabbing tight to her ass, I lifted her up in my arms, and enjoyed the feeling of her legs wrapping around me. I was definitely getting hard again, but still wasn’t to full mast. I moved us over to the counter. I needed to give my beleaguered pecker some more time to recover, and I realized I hadn’t yet tasted this awesome woman’s honey pot.

I slowly began kissing down her collarbone, along the sides of her ribs, then journeyed under her pert breasts, and finally to her right nipple. I used my tongue to play with the ring while my hand groped her other breast. “Damn, you ARE good at that!” My free hand dipped down to her crotch, and I began playing with the piercing down there. As soon as I touched it, she screamed, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” Suddenly my hand was covered in a warm fluid.

I stepped back looking at my hand, thinking she had just peed on my. The smell was wrong, and even the texture. I looked back up to Amber, and she had a sheepish grin on her face. “You’re a squirter!” I accused.

“I’m so sorry. I know that turns some men off.” Before she could say another word, my face was buried between her legs. Everything about this sultry redhead turned me on. I tried to use the tricks Dixie had taught me, but her clit piercing kept interfering. I must have done something right though, as my mouth was soon flooded with her cum.

“Okay, okay. Stop.” Her words were breathy and soft. I pulled away, as she hopped down from the counter. She turned around and bent over slightly, sticking her petite rear at me. “I have an itch deep inside, that I think only that–” she nods at my cock, “– will scratch.”

I realized that I was nearly back to full mast, and stepped up to her. I slid my cock up and down her crack, until she reached between us, and positioned me at the entrance to her hole. I reach around her body, and grabbing both nipple rings, I pull her into me as I thrust forward. A loud scream rent the air, and her whole body seemed to clamp down. I was afraid I’d hurt her. “Holly fuck, that’s huge. Gimme just a moment to get used to it. Damn, but it feels like it is in my throat!” After a couple more moments, she slowly began to shift back and forth, even picking up the pace.

I let her do the moving, enjoying as she swiveled her hips while impaling herself on me.

“I guess we didn’t need to worry,” I hear from behind me. “Looks like Amber has everything well in hand… er… pussy.” I look back to see my sister and Dixie watching us from the doorway.

I was still tugging on Amber’s nipple rings, when suddenly her legs gave out, and she collapsed on the floor in an orgasmic mass. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she kept repeating as her eyes fluttered.

“Hmm,” said Dixie, “I haven’t seen her cum like that in a long time. I can’t wait to get this thing in me!” She grabbed a hold of my cock, and began pulling me along behind her. I was helpless but to obey. My sister followed, pinching my behind, and calling it cute. I would have been embarrassed, under other circumstances. Dixie led us back to one of the bedrooms, and judging by the picture on the mirror, it was hers.

“Finally, a bed. Little brother, are you ready for the main event?”

Main event? These women were insatiable!

Dixie spun me around, and shoved me back onto the bed. “It’s time I felt that monster in me!” she said as she straddled my hips, and with one deft movement, sank half of me in her. She was by far the tightest of the three, and it took her a few moments to get all of me in her.

Meanwhile Geo began to make out with her, while she reached around Dixie and fondled my balls. The sensation was phenomenal, and if I hadn’t already cum so much tonight, I probably would have been shooting my load again.

Geo began sucking on Dixie’s medium sized breasts, and I reached down to play with Dixie’s clit with my left, while my right hand began playing with Geo’s ass. My right hand wormed around and found my sister’s wet hole.

Dixie really began to rock her hips back and forth on my hand and cock, really getting into it. “Don’t stop, either of you! I’m getting so close. Fuck me! Holly shit, yeah, keep rubbing me right there! Oh, yes! Bite that nipple, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!”

Dixie collapsed forward on me, and I had to pull my arm out from between us. I reached around, and grabbing her ass, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. “Oh… My… Gawd…” she tried to say, and then locked her lips to mine. Our tongues fought a desperate battle with each other, and then I felt another tongue on my balls.

“Here’s where you all are!” I heard Amber say. “I woke up on the floor, and you all left me!”

Dixie broke off the kiss, and turned to look at Amber. “I… had to… Ah, fuck! Get… His cock… IN ME!” She finally finished as I continued thrusting up into her. Dixie’s eyes began to roll back into her head, and I knew she was about to cum again.

Suddenly she was pushed forward and off my cock, but it was soon replaced by different wetness. Looking around Dixie, I saw my sister furiously sucking on the tip of me penis. Dixie rolled off me, muttering, “No more. No more.”

“I think you owe me for leaving me,” Amber stated as she walked over to me, then quickly jumped on the bed and straddled my face. Only too happy to taste this squirting sex goddess, I began licking with as much enthusiasm as Geo was having on my cock.

Amber bent forward, and began assisting my sister with the best blowjob of the night. I pulled away from the succulent pussy long enough to warn them that I was about to cum. Two hands immediately gripped my cock, as both women screeched in unison. “Not yet, I want it in me!”

Amber got off me, and began facing off with my sister. “You already had a load. It’s my turn!”

“He is my brother. This load is mine. You can have the next load!” Geo retorted.

I could see that this could get ugly, so I quickly stepped in. “Ladies, I have an idea.” Both of them turned their glares on me, until I explained. I had my sister lay on her back, and amber climbed on top of her. I had them on the edge of the bed, and as I came up to them, I decided to put it in Amber first. I slid in easily. Luckily there had been a long enough break; I wasn’t on the verge of ejaculating again.

I pumped a few times, then pulled out, and slid into my sister. I still can’t believe that I am actually fucking my sister! I also realized that out of the three of them, my sister was the loosest, Dixie was the tightest, and Amber was the wildest.

I could see that Amber and Geo were making out, as I continued to switch between the two. It didn’t take long before I felt that familiar churning in my balls. I pulled out of my sister, slammed into Amber and let loose a couple spurts, then pulled and put it back in Geo for the rest of the load.

Depleted, and exhausted, I collapsed on the bed. Moments later, I was out cold.

* * *

A pounding noise reverberated through the room, waking me from pleasant dreams. Opening my eyes, I wonder who might be at the door. I soon realize that the pounding was coming from within my own skull, and I groan. Apparently I wasn’t alone, because my groan was echoed by other voices.

In shock, I look around and find three other women in my bed, one of them is… This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and oblivion takes me.

When I wake again, I am all alone. I begin to stumble out of the unfamiliar room, and am soon greeted by the gorgeous redheaded stripper from the night before. Amber was her name I think.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Take these, and drink this. It will help with your head.” She handed me a couple of Tylenol, and a red drink. I immediately swallow both, and begin to choke on the drink. It was alcoholic. “Bloody Maries will help every time.” She smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. “Hmm. Brush your teeth, and meet me in my bedroom. I still feel a little robbed from last night, and intend to get mine from you.” She grinned at me and headed down the hallway, leaving me with one question…

What happened last night?

I try to go over everything I can remember. I went to the strip club with some friends. Had a couple of private dances, one from my sister, which ended up really weird. A sister that I hadn’t seen in almost a year, after she stormed out of our very religious parent’s house. We then came back to Geo’s place, where I rode with Dixie and Amber. They convinced me to have a few drinks, and smoke some weed… Then everything gets really fuzzy. I vaguely recall some dancing, and then waking up with three naked women…

What the hell happened last night? I wonder again.

“I’m waiting.” I hear Amber yell from down the hallway. I suddenly remember the look in Amber’s eyes as she’d walked away from me, and quickly find the bathroom. I could still taste my morning breath, and I dug around for an available toothbrush, and luckily found one still in the wrapper. I brushed my teeth as thoroughly as I could, then began looking for Amber’s room.

I finally find her in the second to last room, and my jaw about hits the floor as I walk in. She is lying on her side, wearing a see-through negligee, and fishnet stalkings. Her red hair flowed down over her shoulders, and a small smile played on her face. I could just make out her nipple piercings under her top. If ever there was a more alluring woman, I had never seen her.

“Umm, hi!” I curse myself for my shyness. As far as I can remember, I am still a virgin… At least, I think I am.

Amber laughs lightly, but somehow I can’t take offense at it. “Suddenly shy again?”

“I hope I’m not being too rude, but… Umm… What happened last night?”

“What…? You don’t remember?” She searches my face, and must be able to sense I am telling the truth. “Wow, and I thought I had made a bigger impression on you.” She frowns slightly, but the frown turns into a sly grin only a moment later. “Come, sit by me, and I will show you.”

I awkwardly walk over to her bed, and sit where she indicated. The movement causes me to realize that I have a raging boner, that isn’t missed by either of us. Amber just smiles bigger, as she wraps her arms around me from behind, and begins to nibble on my neck. She works her way up to my ears, then whispers, “Geo and Dixie are out shopping right now. Will they ever be surprised when they get back! Until then, we have the place to ourselves.” She finishes with a nip at my earlobe.

She grabs my hand, and places it on her slender thigh. Her fishnet stalkings rub under my hand as I begin to move it up and down her leg. I feel oddly exposed, with Amber behind me. Her hand lightly touches my chin, and gently turns me to face her. Our lips meet in a slow tender kiss that somehow seems at odds with how I felt she normally is.

Our tongues mingle, and I snake my arm around her, and pull her into my lap. “Mmm, you’re strong,” she murmurs when she takes a breath. I rather doubt this, as she is so light, but my mind is distracted as she goes back to kissing me. Her arms wind around my neck, and her kisses become more passionate, more urgent. I allow my right hand to drop down her back, and begin caressing her behind. She moans softly in my throat, and then breaks the kiss. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” Without waiting for me to agree, she begins tugging at my shirt, and I gladly oblige. Just as I get it off, she is already pulling at my pants. I then begin to undress her, her stalkings looking like nothing more than wound up thread on the floor. Her negligee soon follows, and I am staring at a vision from my most erotic dreams. Her small, pierced breasts, pail flat stomach, a small patch of red pubic hair, and I can already see that her pussy is wet.

“Yum, somehow that looks even bigger this morning.” I realize that she was looking at me just as much as I was admiring her. I look down at my fully inflated cock, and can only smile at the compliment. She licks her lips hungrily, staring at my member, then looks up at me, saying “Lay back, cutie. I want to taste that meat.”

I happily acquiesce, and groan as I feel her soft red lips touch the tip of my penis. This must be what heaven feels like, I think, as her mouth surrounds my cock, and I can feel her tongue swirling around the head. Feeling like I owe her at least a little for the pleasure she is giving me, I ask her to bring her body around, so that I can return the favor.

As quick as that, I have her pussy smothering my mouth. A vague memory guides me as I begin to lick her lips, sucking gently, then swirling my tongue up to her clit ring. She moans around my cock adding extra sensations, and I begin to flick the piercing with the tip of my tongue. It only takes a few seconds of this before she starts bucking and screaming, “Oh, Gawd, yes! Keep that up. Lick it just like you did last night! Oh, fuck, I’m about to… To… CUM!” Suddenly my mouth was filled with fluid that tasted great. This woman was a squirter! She kept twitching on top of me, her hand having a kung-fu grip on my cock, for a few moments, then spun around. “I want that beast in me, NOW!” Again, without waiting for an answer, she reached back, positioned my cock, and slams herself back on it, impaling herself in one motion. The action must have triggered another orgasm, as she sat there motionless on me, except for her pussy milking my cock, and her eyes fluttering.

Recovering, she growled with an animalistic lust, and bit her bottom lip as she began to slowly rock back and forth on top of me. I placed my hands on her hips, and slowly began to move her faster and faster. She began grunting every time she thrust back and I thrust up. I could tell that she was getting close again, so I threw one arm behind her and pulled her chest down to my waiting mouth. I locked her left nipple ring between my teeth, and began to play with it like a dog with a chew toy, tugging back and forth. With one arm behind her back, and the other on her ass, I began to drive into her from below with abandon.

My ears began to ring as she screamed incoherently to another orgasm. She went limp in my arms, and I release her tit from my mouth. I roll us onto our sides, and notice that her eyes are closed, and she is breathing heavily. It only takes me a moment to come to the conclusion that she has passed out.

Feeling foolish, I start to pull out from her, when I feel a hand on my ass, and I see that she has recovered. “Where do you think you are going?” I try to stutter a reply about her being passed out, but she effectively silences me with a kiss. “By the feel of things,” she wiggles her ass, “You haven’t cum yet.” She thinks for a couple moments, and then a huge smile makes her eyes sparkle. “I have never cum like that, so often. I think you deserve a special treat.” In her usual style, she jumps out of bed, before I can say anything, and pulls a couple ‘somethings’ from her nightstand. A vibrator and lube.

Suddenly having nightmares about what she intends; I start backing away, only to be stopped by her light touch on my arm. “Relax, this is for me.”

She hands me the lubricant, and gets up on all fours. “Now make sure you put plenty of that on my asshole, and that wonderful cock of yours.” She reaches between her legs and puts the vibrator in her pussy, moaning as she slides it in and out. My cock had gone somewhat flaccid at the thought of what she might intend, but watching her now, it is brought back to full attention, even hurting a little at how hard it gets.

I quickly apply some lube to my cock, then put some on two of my fingers, and begin to rub her asshole. She moans again as I do this and I slip first one, then two fingers into her. I am only able to make it to the first knuckles, so I pull them out, and add more lube. Now I can work both fingers in, and soon I am pumping her ass with my fingers. “Ok, I think I should be good. Take it slow, just in case.”

I jumped onto my knees behind her, and she giggled at my enthusiasm. Placing the tip of my throbbing cock as the entrance to her sphincter, and slowly pressed forward. Only to end up sliding up her butt crack. I aimed again, and this time forced my cock down a little, and was rewarded with the feeling of her bung hole slipping around the head of my dick.

“Oh, Gawd, that’s big. Hold it right there, as I get used to it.” I held as still as I could, and after a moment, she began to slowly rock back and forth. Every time she moved back she took a little more of me deeper into her nether region. The feeling of her sphincter as it slowly slid up and down my cock was indescribable. She switched on the vibrator, and the sensations increased tenfold as her ass clamped down on me, and I felt the sliding vibrations through her rectum. “Okay, you should be good now. Fuck me, and fuck me hard.”

I started pumping, still taking it slow, afraid of hurting her. I also knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t figure out how I had lasted even this long.

“I said, fuck me HARD!” Amber’s demand brought me back to reality, and taking her request, began thrusting as hard as I could. Sweat began to bead on my back, and we were both moaning and grunting like a pair of wild animals. My hands were on her hips to steady myself, and provide something to grab as I repeatedly pounded into this petite redhead. She collapsed forward onto her pillows, and began moving the vibrator with enough force, I was afraid she was going to start a fire. For that matter, there was a fire burning in my balls, and I screamed, “I’m c-c-c-cumming!” as I shot my load deep into her bowels. This must have trigger another orgasm in her, as her ass clamped down hard on my cock, and even pulled me with her as she fell to her side and began twitching. Her convulsions felt great on my now overly sensitive cock, causing me to twitch also, which only prolonged her own orgasm.

I awoke the next morning in a panic. What had I done last night? I had molested my little sister, is what I’d done; the fact that she had seduced me into it, made little difference to my guilt. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was just after 6. Good, Lisa hasn’t left for school yet.

It took me a second to get out of bed, my arms being useless in their casts, and I tramped down the stairs to her room. There was light coming from under her door, so I used my knee to knock softly. I heard rustling noises, and the door opened shortly afterwards.

Lisa stood before me, her hair a half rustled mess of auburn tangles, no makeup, and in the same clothing she left my room in, which is to say, next to nothing. I could easily make out her slightly largish nipples through the worn fabric. She caught her breath at the sight of me.

“Listen Lisa, I am so sorry about last night. I didn’t mean for things to happen like that, and I hope that one day you will forgive me.” I said, before she had a chance to speak.

She looked at me for a few moments considering, before finally speaking. “No. I don’t think I will. Last night you gave me the best orgasm of my life, and if you think I am going to forget something like that, you’re wrong. I meant what I said. I expect you to take my virginity. Now if you don’t mind, I am trying to get ready for school.” She spoke so matter-of-factly, and with such determination that I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she turned around and shut the door in my face.

Bemused, but feeling a little better, I plodded upstairs and back to my room. I somehow managed to get myself under the blankets, and was soon back to sleep.

* * *

“Wake up, young man. I need to talk to you.”

My eyes popped open as I heard mom say these words. Somehow she had found out about Lisa and me. Did Lisa tell?

I struggled upright, and waited for her to continue. “I have to go run some errands this afternoon, and I am afraid I can’t take you with me. It will only be for a couple hours, do you think you can manage that long?”

I quickly hid a sigh of relief. What was she doing that she couldn’t take me? Maybe she had a boyfriend or something. Somehow that thought made me jealous, and I quickly had to tamp down the feeling. “Yeah, I should be fine that long.”

“Good. Now, I did the math, and you haven’t bathed since you’ve been home. You haven’t started to stink yet, but why start?” She laughed softly at her own little joke. “Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes, and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

I had to groan. Not only would I have to be naked in front of my mom again, but she was going to have to wash me all over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep my erection down.

Resigned to my fate (There was no way I was going to stink for the next few months!), I got up and waited for mom in the bathroom. Her auburn hair was tied back, and she wore somewhat tight fitting clothing that showed her figure off to great effect. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

She started the bathtub filling, and then turned to me. “Better go pee first. You don’t want to have to go, halfway through,” she said, the smile never leaving her lips. I waited while she pulled down my shorts, and when I tried to turn around she stopped me. “Don’t men prefer to pee standing up?” She asked.

“Yes, but I can’t hold it myself.” I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

“I’ll take care of that. Just face the toilet, and I’ll aim.” Knowing there was no arguing with her, I turned, and did as I was told. She placed her left hand on my hip, and brought her right arm around my body, grasping my penis right below the head, and aimed it for my feet.

“That’s too low, mom. Aim a little higher.”

“Okay, but you better not hit the back of the toilet. I don’t want to have to clean that up.” She lifted a little, and I slowly let my stream flow. Sure enough, it landed just inside the toilet, and Mom readjusted her aim. “No wonder you men always pee all over the place. This is harder than it looks.”

I wished my mom had chosen a different word than ‘harder’, as I could already feel my cock slowly start to grow in her grip. Luckily I was done before I was fully grown. She shook me a couple times, which felt nice, before I remembered who was doing it. Her hand seemed to linger just a moment longer, before she ordered me into the tub.

With her help, I slowly sat down in the almost too hot water. I couldn’t help hide a sigh of relief as the water began to envelop me. I usually shower, and had forgotten what a nice hot bath could feel like.

“Are you going to sit there all day, or are you going to give me your feet, so I can wash them?”

I opened my eyes, remembering my mom, and handed her my right foot. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts sat on the edge of the tub, as she sat on the floor and leaned in to grab my foot. Her hands were already soapy, and she began to slowly wash my foot. The washing soon turned into a foot massage, which I wasn’t going to complain about. Her fingers and thumbs dug into my feet, and a feeling of relaxation came over me. When she was done with that foot, she did the same with my left foot. She then moved up to my calves, doing the same for them as she had for my feet. My thighs soon followed, and I heard a moan, that I was embarrassed to realize had come from me. Mom’s hands felt like magic as she worked, and I was like putty in her hands.

“Hello. Looks like you really are enjoying this.” I look down, only to realize I had a raging boner, bobbing above the surface of the water.

“I’m so sorry, mom.” I pleaded, and realized I had been doing a lot of apologizing lately. “I didn’t mean to, it was just so relaxing, I didn’t even know it was happening, I swear!”

“Relax, hunny. The same thing used to happen to your dad, before he died. I would give him a good massage after a hard day of work, and afterwards we’d… Well, anyway, it’s alright. Let’s just get the rest of you clean, and then if you need me to, I can take care of that, too.” She winked at me, still wearing that beautiful smile, and I could feel my face turning beet red.

Mom moved behind me, and washed my hair, continuing the pattern of washing, followed by massage. She moved to my ears, and I never knew before how good an ear rub could feel. By the time she was done with my back I was once again lost in the feel of her fingers on my body. She had me lay back a little, and had to lean way in to get around my arms, to reach my chest. Her hands played across my pecks, and seemed to spend a little extra time on my nipples, which felt good, but again, I had never had this happen before. She finished with my abs, and ordered me to stand up, so she could get the final parts.

She had to help me stand, my muscles felt like Jell-O. I was once again forcefully reminded of my erection as it now proudly proclaimed itself in the air.

“Turn around,” Mom ordered, and I did as told, turning my back to her. Her hands began to roam my buttocks, and even slid between the cheeks as she massaged them. Finally her hands moved around to my front, but she didn’t have me turn around. Instead, her arms wrapped around my torso, and I could feel her body pressed against me from behind, as her hands slowly began to wash my most private of areas. She started slowly, softly cupping my balls, somehow rolling them around in her right hand. Her left hand grasped the base of my cock, and began to twist as she slowly moved up my turgid pole. It felt so good there was no way I was going to stop her, even though it WAS my mom. Her left hand finally reached the head of my penis, and she continued her twisting movement on it. I moaned loudly, unwilling and unwanting to hold it in. “That feels gooood!” I crooned. I heard a giggle behind me, and I smiled. Mom removed her left hand, but only for a second, as I felt it slip between my legs for better access. She really began to play with the underside of my crotch, and another loud moan escaped my lips.

I became aware of the feeling of her body sliding up and down my back, and her left hand started to move faster on my cock. I could feel her breasts, squeezed tightly between our bodies, and with the feeling of everything else, it amounted to too much. “I’m cumming, mom. Oh, Gawd, am I cumming!” I started shooting all over the back of the tub, and mom had to support my weight to keep me from collapsing.

As soon as I was recovered enough to support myself, mom let go, and started draining the tub. She turned on the faucet, and pulled the knob to start the sprayer. She used it to rinse off the remaining soap, and the back of the tub.

I turned to look at her, and noticed that I could clearly see her nipples through her wet shirt. They were hard! I had never noticed before, but they stuck out pretty far from the rest of her areola.

“All better, now?” I heard her ask, and looked up to realize I had been busted looking at her tits. The twinkle in her eyes told me I wasn’t in any trouble.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks mom. That was great!” Without thinking, I added. “I wish there were something I could do for you in return.”

“No, hunny. That would be wrong. I only do this to help you out. Besides, you already paid me with that wonderful date, yesterday!” Her smile brightened, and I couldn’t help but catch it at the memory of our ‘date’.

Mom dried me off, and when she was done drying my hair, I surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. She stood frozen for a second, and I feared I had screwed up, as her hand rose to touch where our lips met. Shock was in her eyes for only a moment, before the twinkle returned, and nothing was said as she finished drying me off. I didn’t know why I had kissed her, and I couldn’t pin it on any one thing. All I knew was that I was extremely grateful to have her for a mother.

Mom made brunch, and I was surprised to find how hungry I was. I devoured the food as quickly as she could feed it to me. Afterwards, I went back to my room, and painstakingly checked my email, while mom did chores around the house.

There was another one from Jenny, telling me how sorry she was for what happened, and please not to kick her out of the apartment. She was willing to do whatever it took, to make it up to me. I deleted it without replying.

I spent the next few hours just browsing the internet, mainly going where a mouse click could take me, so I could avoid trying to type, when mom entered to let me know she was getting ready to leave, and if there was anything I needed. I decided I had better go to the bathroom one last time, so I wouldn’t have to hold it while she was gone.

I found that I was no longer embarrassed to do this, and didn’t mind as mom held me and aimed. After she pulled my pants up, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and told me she would be back as soon as possible, but if not, Lisa would be back in a few hours anyway, and she had left our neighbor, John’s, number on the fridge. I bid her adieu, and went back to the computer.

I was only on for a couple minutes, when I heard a knock on the door. As I got to the door, I began to curse. I could see her through the glass on the door, standing there, her curly red hair draped around her shoulder, a miniskirt that was just a couple inches short of decent, and green eyes sparkling as she saw me too.

I had to bend my body at an awkward angle to open the door lever, and I stood glaring at her. I didn’t say a word, as she looked at my naked chest, and arm casts.

She was the one to finally break the silence. “Oh, baby! I am so sorry this happened to you! I tried to see you in the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, because I wasn’t kin.” I knew she lied by the way she blinked as she spoke. “Can we please talk? I am truly sorry for what I did, and just want you to forgive me.” Without waiting for me to answer, she ducked under my arms, and entered the front room.

Sighing, I closed the door, and turned to face her, still not saying anything. Walking up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, and looked deep into my eyes. I am a bit taller than her, and as I looked down, I could see the massive cleavage of her 38DD tits. The green in her eyes glinted as she whispered, “I will do ANYthing, to make it up to you.”

I arched an eyebrow at this statement, and then nearly jumped as her hands slid from my chest, to my shorts. I just stood there, as she bent over to pull them down, releasing my cock. Despite my anger at seeing her, the forwardness of her actions was having an effect on me, and I knew I was getting hard. That was one of the best things about Jenny; she was always horny, and always willing to please.

I looked down as I felt her lips engulf the head of my cock, and begin to bring it the rest of the way back to life.

She was truly talented when it came to sucking cock, and soon had me at full mast. She stood up, and bent over in front of me, pulling up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. This minx knew all my turn-ons! She backed up to me slowly, until my cock sat between her small butt cheeks. She wiggled her ass, groaning, and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to reach down and put it in, but that was something I simply wasn’t capable of doing. After a few moments of this, she finally looked back to see what was taking so long, and I almost had to laugh at the look of embarrassment that crossed her face.

She reached between her legs, grasped my cock at the base, and aimed for her glory. She slid back slowly, and I felt every delicious inch of this redhead’s pussy as it sucked and milked my cock deeper into its folds. I moaned, unable to hold back, and started moving my hips. This slut was so wet already, that I sank all 7 inches into her without a problem. Ahh, yes! Good ‘ole Jenny. The thought occurred to me that if she were taking care of me, I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassments of my sister and mom helping me do everything.

Then the image of Jenny on top of old Jones flashed through my mind, followed quickly by the look my sister had after her orgasm last night, and the pleasure my mom had during our date, and I quickly dismissed going back home with Jenny. In fact, the whole thing made me angry, and I stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, baby? I was just about to cum.” Jenny asked in a whiny voice, that I usually found cute, but this time it annoyed me. I looked down at where I was buried in her pussy, and nearly pulled out and told her to get the hell out, but something else occurred to me instead. Right above my cock was her tiny brown asshole. The one thing she never let me do was go back there.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” It was the first words I’d spoken to her since she had arrived, and I smiled as she looked at me with defiance.

“What? No! You know I won’t do that! Never.”

I started to slowly pull out. “Oh. Okay then. I just could have sworn I heard you say that you would do ANYthing to make it up to me, but if you’re sure.” I was now about a quarter of the way out.

“Anything but that, baby. You know I think it is disgusting. Please, I will do anything but that!” I could see the pleading in her eyes, and a small part of me (a VERY small part) almost pitied her.

As I talked, I continued to extricate myself. “No. I asked only one thing of you, and you won’t do it. I see what ‘anything’ means to you.” My tone was condescending, and I smiled as I saw the look of disbelief on her face. I have never treated her (much less any woman) like this, but she deserved it. This and so much more. I was now about halfway out of her.

“Baby, I love you! I know I screwed up, but please don’t ask that of me. Anything but THAT.”

“I either fuck you in the ass, or you get out, and I never see you again.” My tone was firm. I wasn’t budging… Well, except for my cock, which only had the head still in her warm wet pussy.

“Fine!” She squealed, and I could see that all resistance had left her. I slammed my cock home, and was greeted by her cumming on my cock. She loved to be rammed like that, and I knew all of HER turn-ons.

“I’ll even be nice about it. I’ll lie on the floor, and you can put it in at your own pace,” I told her, the condescending tone returning.

She just meekly nodded, and waited for me to lie down. I felt almost foolish, lying on my back, my arms stiffly raised in the air, but quickly forgot about that as Jenny removed her shirt and bra, freeing her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were large and hard as she squatted over me.

“Okay, baby. I will do this for you. Only for you, baby, because I love you so much.” She refused to look at me as she spoke, but I felt her hand grasp me penis, and aim for her ass. She slowly started to lower herself, and I was surprised to find that I went in so easily. It only took me a moment to realize what was happening.

“I said your ass, Jenny.” I was not letting her out of this one.

“I know. I promise I will, but I want to make sure you are lubed up enough, so that it doesn’t hurt too much.” She began to rock her hips, and I could feel myself buried deep inside her. She grabbed her left breast and began pinching her nipple with one hand, while reaching down to her clit with the other hand. Once again I saw through her ruse. She was doing everything she could to get me off, in the hopes that I would change my mind, and who could blame her if I came while she was trying to get me ‘lubed up’ enough?

Knowing her game I could defeat it. Anytime I thought I might start getting close, I just pictured her riding Jones like this, and the feeling went away immediately.

It didn’t take her long before she started cumming herself, shaking and shuddering on top of me. When she finished, she looked down at me, a small apologetic smile on her face.

“I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to make you cum too. I promise you can do me back there next time.” I couldn’t believe it. The woman actually thought I had cum!. Granted, I have never lasted through one of her orgasms like this before, but still…

“I’m sorry,” I told her. “I didn’t cum yet. By the feel of things, I am definitely ‘lubed up’ enough. Now either stick it in your ass, or get out. I’m not playing around.” I emphasized this with a thrust of my hips, like I was trying to throw her off me.

Fear entered her eyes, and I could tell that she understood I meant business.

“Okay, baby. I will.” I had never heard anyone so broken before. I reveled in it. She lifted up, and my cock slapped my belly with a wet splosh, as soon as it was free from her pussy. Oh, yes. I was definitely lubed up. She aimed me again, and this time as she lowered herself, there was no doubt which hole I was hitting. The resistance told me the truth.

Suddenly there was a pop, and her eyes were scrunched closed as she mouthed the word “owe”, over and over again. She had stopped as soon as the head had passed her sphincter, but I gave a slight lift to my hips to tell her to continue. She opened her eyes, and finally looked at me. I could see anger and maybe even hatred in their green depths, but I no longer cared. She was way too manipulative for me to ever stay with her. I wondered why I had never seen it before.

She started to lower herself, and I could see that there was still pain. I remained motionless as she moved, relishing the feel of her extremely tight asshole as it slid down my cum soaked cock. Finally, her ass rested on my crotch, and she stopped, trying to adjust to the feeling of me deep within her bowels.

I counted to ten, before ordering her to move. The look of anger in her eyes flashed again, but she did as she was told.

“Do you forgive me, baby? Now that you are finally fucking my ass?” Her meek tone jarred with the look in her eyes. Instead of answering, I just close my eyes, enjoying the feel of her.

I lay there for a few moments, eyes closed, as she rocked back and forth on me, until I started to notice a change. I opened my eyes, and saw that she had started to gyrate her hips, and was even biting her lower lip, eyes closed. An expression that told me she was starting to enjoy this. I started to rotate my hips in counterpoint to her, and her eyes flew open and locked on mine.

I spent the next week moving the girls and myself to the new house during the day, and implementing some changes at the club at night. The house was even bigger than I had thought, and even after getting everything inside, the place still looked pretty barren.

“Well, John. I truly hope you are happy here. I’d almost say this place was built just for you.” Betty says as she walks through the place. The way she says it seems a little odd to me, but I soon forget it as I watch her ass move in her business skirt. The girls are all in school for the fall semester, and Betty wanted to come by the house to make sure everything was in order.

“It’s perfect,” I tell her, and look up in time not to be caught looking at her ass. By the way she smiles at me, I’m not sure I got away with it: half mischievous, half surprised.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” She asks, her brown eyes sparkling.

YES! My brain yells, but my mouth forms different words. “Not unless you know a really good decorator. We’ve got a lot more room to fill.” Was that a look of disappointment in her eyes? “We are having a housewarming party tonight, and would love for you to come. And bring anyone you’d like.” I tack on as an afterthought. If she didn’t always seem so proper, I’d try to make a move on her. Sometimes it surprises me how far I’ve come from that shy boy that found my sister stripping so many months ago.

“Oh, I’m not attached, if that is what you’re asking.” Okay, this time there is no doubt about the smile in her eyes.

I decide to take a gamble, and step a little closer to her. She is almost as tall as me with her heels on, and her dark ebony skin is smooth in the early afternoon light filtering in through the windows. “No boyfriend, then? Hmm…”

Before I know quite what is happening, Betty has me pressed back against the counter, her large lips mashed to mine. This was NOT the prim and proper woman I had been dealing with for the last week, but I wasn’t about to complain. My arms wound around her frame, and pulled her tighter into me. Our kiss deepened as our bodies pressed hard against each other.

Betty took an unexpected step back, and placed her hand over her not inconsiderable chest. I was left flailing for balance. What happened? Did my breath stink? Did I make some false move?

“I’m sorry John. I’m not usually like this. I don’t just…” she looked up at me, and I saw her eyes dart to the undeniable bulge in my pants, before forcefully being taken back up to my face. “Just… I don’t… Awe, fuck it!” She said in a rush, and threw herself at me, kissing me like a woman starved.

Her attitude had me hornier than I had been in quite some time, as I broke off the kiss to start kissing down her dark neck. She moaned as my lips brushed down her sensitive neck, and one of her hands gripped the hair at the back of my neck. I felt her other hand drop and begin to squeeze my ass. I let my own hands drop to her skirt covered behind, and gave a squeeze of my own. Her ass filled both my hands and then some and I loved the way it felt as I pinched and groped.

“That’s it, baby. Grab my ass. I really shouldn’t be doing this. Oh, I like that! Oh yeah, nibble on my neck! Oh baby, you are gonna have me creaming before I get this skirt off me.” I found the zipper to her skirt, and moments later it was on the floor, soon followed by my own pants. I stepped back as Betty started to undo the buttons on her blouse, admiring how her white garter belt and panties contrasted with her dark chocolate skin. She shrugged her top off, and I stood there admiring her massive tits being held in by thin white lacy fabric that simply didn’t seem up to the task. It, too, soon joined the rest of the clothing on the floor.

Her tits were even bigger than I had thought. They must have been seriously compressed in her bra. I judged them to easily be double D’s if not triple D’s. They sagged on her chest under their immense weight, but they were still firm and round. Her nipples were a deep dark shade of brown, and poking straight out.

My body took over from my stunned mind, and I grabbed her, spinning us and pinning her to the counter. I kissed her madly as I mauled her breasts, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I had to get my lips on these monsters. Breaking the kiss, I pecked my way down her jaw line, licked along her neck, nibbled for a second on her collar bone, and finally reached the top of her firm mounds. I lifted her right nipple up to my mouth, and sucked in as much as would fit between my lips. Her moans echoed through the large kitchen.

My right hand dips down under her white frilly panties and I easily find her swollen clit. I am quite surprised at how wet she already is. Her panties are soaked, and it occurs to me that she must have been leaking from nearly the time she walked through the door.

She shoves me away, and I look up to her in disappointment. What did I do this time? I see her fighting inwardly with herself, and I wonder just what this sexy woman is thinking. Her eyes once again drop to my enraged cock, and I see all doubt fly from her mind. “Come with me,” she moans, and grabs my hand as she runs by, nearly pulling me from my feet. She leads me to my room, and sits me on my futon.

Dropping to her knees, I figure she is about to give me head, but instead she places her voluptuous breasts on both sides of my cock, and then spits on the head. She squeezes her tits around me and begins to bob her chest up and down, spitting occasionally to increase the lubrication. I can’t stop from moaning as her glorious mounds caress my dick, in a brand new sensation. I begin to move my hips, and can occasionally see my head pop out from her tight cleavage.

Betty notices this too, and drops her mouth down to suck in my head each time it pops out. This is starting to get to me. “Betty, I’m coming close…” I warn, and then feel her hand grip the base of my cock as she releases her tits. Her thumb digs into my urethra, blocking off any chance of cumming.

“Not yet, you’re not, Baby. I’m getting this beast inside of me first!” She releases my cock, and quickly hits the levers turning my futon into a bed. I collapse backwards as it falls, and Betty climbs on top of me, still wearing her white panties. Pulling the fabric at her crotch to the side, she grabs my penis and starts to rub my head against her protruding lips. I can’t stop myself from thrusting my hips up as she does this, but each time I only manage to hit her clit, or slide back between her luscious cheeks. “I still can’t believe I’m doing this,” I think I hear her mumble, then without warning, she stops rubbing, and drops onto my lap, sinking my whole length into her in one fell swoop. I groan as I feel her pussy muscles tightly around my shaft, and she screams at the feeling of being filled so fully, so suddenly.

For a couple seconds, she just sits there, not moving except for the occasional shudder. I can’t stop myself from tightening my muscles down there, making my cock twitch inside her. A low moan escapes her lips each time I do, and when she finally looks down at me, I can see the animalistic hunger in her dark brown eyes. “Fuck me.” she demands, and I am all too happy to comply. I start to move my pelvis, grasping her hips while I do. I watch in amazement as she grabs first one tit, then the other, and pulls them into her own mouth, sucking her own nipples, and moaning as she rides atop my deeply penetrating tool.

Soon her actions are frenzied, spurred on when I place my left hand at our juncture and start to press in on her clit… “Oh, baby, that feels good. I can feel you so deep. Mmm, oh, I love it. Yeah, pinch it! Pinch my clit!” She releases both of her nipples, and drops her face to mine, kissing me as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, and her cream seeps out around it.

I decide that it is about time I finally get to have mine, and I grab her ass, and start slamming into her from underneath. I can tell this is extending her orgasm, and it only takes a couple seconds, before my own is finally upon me. I slip out of her, and keep pumping against her ass cheeks, spraying my sperm onto her rump, back, and my legs. I moan into her mouth, our tongues still entwined as I empty the last of my seed on us.

Betty lifts her head, and looks down at me, then down between us. As if realizing what she has just done, she jumps up and covers herself. Her breasts are too large to cover, however, and end up just spilling over and around her arms. “I am so sorry,” She tells me, her back turned, and shoulders humped. “I would understand if you called my agency to complain, but please don’t. I can’t afford to lose my job. I don’t know what came over me.” The rest of her words are lost, as she buries her face in her hands, and I realize she is crying.

Uncertain how we went from some great sex, to her crying, I am at a loss for words. I try to put my arms around her to comfort her, but she jerks away from me. “Don’t touch me,” she demands. “I practically raped you! I have NEVER been like that before. I just… I just…”

The rest was lost in sobs, and this time she lets me pull her into my arms. Thinking back, she had kinda of raped me, but then again; ‘You can’t rape the willing,’ so the old saying went.

“You didn’t rape me,” I tell her when her sobs lighten enough that I am sure she can hear me. “Believe me, I WANTED to do it. I don’t regret it at all!”

She finally turns to look at me, and I can see hope in her tear stained eyes. “You…” She swallows, trying to work moisture back into her mouth. “You won’t tell?”

I laughed, not in derision, but in joy. “I won’t if you won’t!” I say, giving her my best wink. Her arms flung around me, and hugged me tight, as she kept murmuring into my chest, “Thank you, thank you, thank, you.”

Betty got herself cleaned up with a little help, and soon had her clothes back in order. “Thank you for pulling out,” she says while we are at the door, and I can see that she is back in her prim and proper mode, “I’m not on any contraceptives.”

“Yeah, I don’t need to get another girl pregnant right now,” I say, thinking of Amber. I don’t regret getting one of my girlfriends pregnant, and am actually looking forward to meeting my daughter, but would rather try to plan the next one. “So… You ARE planning on coming to the housewarming party tonight, right?”

I can see her armor crack for just a moment as uncertainty creeps in. “You still want me to?” When I nod the affirmative, the uncertainty turns to relief and joy. I can’t help but smile as I watch her walk to her car. She gave a little shake of her ass as she walks, then turns and smiles as she catches me grinning.

I jump in the shower, deciding that I probably reek of sex. As soon as I get soap on my face, the water suddenly turns off. “What the…?” I say, trying to keep the suds out of my mouth. The curtain rips back, and I realize I am not alone. One of the girls must have come home early from their college courses.

I feel a hand start to play with my cock, and despite only cumming a short while ago, the expert fingers soon have me rigid, as she slides her fingers up and down my rod.

“Guess who I am without looking, and you will get a special treat,” I hear a whisper, and it is just too quiet to make out the voice.

I immediately discount Dixie, as this isn’t something she would normally do. Or is it her, and she is expecting me to discount her?

Whoever it is steps into the tub with me, and I soon feel her warm mouth kissing the head of my tool. The lips part around the tip and with my eyes tightly closed to keep out the soap, the sensation seems to be increased. I can feel every breath, and every light touch as my cock sinks deeper into her mouth, her hand still lightly rubbing up and down my shaft. I moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive (And even more sensitive now!) rim of the head.

I figure it is not Amber, as she is usually wilder, and this is more teasing. Dixie and Geo are the teasers, liking to lengthen the fun.

Her free hand starts to slide up my chest, and her fingers twirl around my pecks and nipples. None of the girls have ever done this before, and I find it strangely erotic. I hear a muffled moan as my penis slides deeper into her throat. Amber likes to moan when giving me head.

I am completely confused on who it might be. She pulls back, and in that same insufferably quiet whisper asks, “Who am I?”

Thinking hard and fast, I give an answer. “Geo,” I say, hoping and praying I am right, not only for the treat, but not wanting to upset whoever it might be. I figure it has to be her, though. Dixie is too diligent in her classes to come home early, and the touches were just too soft and gentle to be Amber.

“Awe, what gave me away?” I hear the sweet sounds of my sister’s voice. The water turns back on, and I am finally able to rinse the soap from my face.

I open my eyes to see my beautiful, strawberry blonde, green eyed sister, naked in the shower with me.

“I even tried to trick you by moaning the way Amber does when she gives you head.” I can see that she is pouting a little at not winning the game, and I can only smile as I lean forward, and cupping face in my hands, pull her into a kiss. I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, and feel her melt as my tongue flicks her upper lips.

I pull away, smiling as I see her discomfort at the kiss ending abruptly. “There is no mistaking my sexy sister,” I lie, and brace myself against the back of the shower as she mauls me, kissing me passionately.

Our tongues wrap around each others as Geo presses her delightful body against mine. Bracing my feet, I place one hand on the back of her head, fingers laced in her hair, and the other slides down to her ass. I note that it is smaller than Betty’s, and can’t help but smile at the comparison. I wouldn’t trade my sister for the world.

Geo moans into our kiss, as I squeeze her rear, and my fingers play with her hair. Her hand slips between us, and she grips my cock, rubbing it as our kiss deepens. The hand on her ass slides around her hip, and towards her front. My fingers soon find her slit, and moments later start to apply pressure to her clit. “Umpf,” she grunts, breaking the kiss. She smiles at me with those dazzling green eyes of hers, and asks, “Are you ready for your treat, little brother?”

Instead of answering, I quickly slide my fingers back, and slip two into her cunny. She moans as I begin to move my fingers faster and faster. “Oh, fuck! I’m supposed to give you the treat, not… Oh, fuck, that feels good!” She says, and I know I am getting her close.

I lean in close to her ear and whisper, “Sis, everything about you is a treat for me.” Then I nibble on her earlobe, and as expected this sends her over the edge, and she cums in my hand. I have to use my spare hand to hold her up as her body convulses, squeezing the two fingers still inside her.

When she finally starts to come down, she looks up at me, and I can see a familiar fire burning behind that look. “You are gonna get your treat, damnit, if I have to force your cock into my ass!”

Now this WAS a treat! She hadn’t let me back there, since the Viagra incident. And while she claimed she had enjoyed it, she also resolutely denied me access again.

Geo quickly squirted some conditioner into her hands, then reaching behind her, shoved first one, then two fingers onto her own anus. I marveled at the show I was getting. A real treat indeed! Geo used her other hand, and started rubbing her clit while she slipped a third finger into her rear.

“Oh, damn, that feels good. Having my brother watch me, while I play with both my holes. Oh, this is turning me on more than I realized. I think I am gonna make myself cum!” My sister’s words send me over the edge of reason, and like a wild animal, I step up to her, and shove my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. She clamps down on me, and I could still see her three fingers frigging her asshole, and could tell that she was still rubbing her clit while I fucked into her from behind, hard and fast. If it hadn’t been for the sex with Betty earlier, I know I would have cum already, so lost in lust was I.

Geo’s pussy relaxed and she pulled forward off of me. “Now, little brother, that wasn’t the hole I had in mind.” She admonished.

With my mind still in its lust filled haze, I only nodded, and stepped forward again, this time aiming for the proffered hole. Geo spread her cheeks for me as I gripped the base of my penis. Between the conditioner she had used, and her own cum on my cock, my head slid right in. Her hands immediately stopped me from going any further though, and I heard a whimper of disappointment that I realized came from me. The haze lifted enough for me to realize that my sister was offering me something special, and that I shouldn’t mistreat it this time.

“Okay,” she told me, after an interminable amount of time had passed, “Just go slow. You’re bigger than I remember back there.”

I grabbed the conditioner bottle, and applied some as I slowly pressed into her. I took my time, though it took almost all of my willpower to do so. The feeling of her sphincter, tightly wound around my prick, and the fact that my sister was willingly giving this to me, was nearly overwhelming.

“I love you, Geo,” I said, unable to hold back the emotion.

“I love you too, John. Now are you going to fuck me with that prick, or stand there all day?”

I looked down to see that I had slid fully into her colon. Smiling, I slowly slid out, till only my head remained in her. Setting down the conditioner bottle, I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her back towards me. “Mmm, fuck, sis. Your ass is so tight! Thank you for this treat,” I told her as I slowly pulled back out.

“Enough talk. I said fuck me!”

Not wanting to upset Geo, I did as commanded, and slammed my full length back into her. She grunted as my pelvis slapped her ass, but I didn’t let up. Pulling out, and slamming back into her again. I used my hands on her hips to facilitate the movements, slamming into her harder and harder each time. Soon her grunts turned into screams of pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s it little brother! Fuck your sister’s tight ass. Make me cum while you’re sliding that massive dick of yours in me. Oh, Gawd, that feels… Ugh… I’m gonna…” She trailed off, and I gripped her sides, making sure she stayed on her feet, and instead of sliding into her, I began to move her up and down, matching the movements with opposite gyrations of my own.

Her tight hole clamped down on me as we moved, and her upper body shook as she came. When she had recovered, Geo wiggled her ass against me, and almost seemed disappointed. “You haven’t cum yet, little bro? Hmm…” She stands up, but does so in a way that I never leave her. Her ass is pressed to me, and her back arched, as she reaches back and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet, and I feel her tongue tracing around my lips, as she starts to gyrate her ass against me.

I release her hips, and place one hand on her breast, pinching her nipple, and the other goes to her pussy, rubbing her clit. This new position adds a whole new realm of pleasure, as I feel her colon compressing my member. I stick two fingers into her, and can feel my cock separated by a thin wall.

“Damn, John. Holy, shit that feels good. Keep that up, and you’re gonna have your big sister cumming all over you again.” Her lips press hard to mine, and she moans as our tongues intertwine. My hand is covered in her juices, and this time it is too much for me, as I empty my balls into her sexy rear.

Geo continues the kiss as she pulls away from me, and I can tell this kiss is less passionate, but more loving from its tenderness.

“Thank you John,” she murmurs, when the kiss ends.

At 35 I had been successful in life, in most areas of my life at least. I owned a successful business; I had money, good friends, two fantastic children and a big old house in private grounds. The one area of my life that needed work was my wife Lisa. For the last five years she has been getting more depressing to be around. My previously peppy little wife became a fat cynical bitch, our family life became a bit of a war zone and our sex life became almost nonexistent.

My sister, Sally, had a similar disappointment in her marriage; her husband just couldn’t compete with her. Sally always had a high sex drive and a very active and varied sex life before she got married. She is a very attractive woman and in very good shape, she takes great pride in her appearance and loves to dress to show it off. When her marriage finally failed she brought her family back to our home town to come and live with us. Our house was big enough to house all seven of us comfortably and I felt it would help Lisa with the work load and ease the pressure on our kids.

Sally and I were always close and having her staying with us was a help in a lot of ways. She had trained as an art teacher and loved kids, she was hard working but pretty relaxed and the children just loved her breezy nature. The house became a friendly home again, even Lisa put on a good face for a while. After the first ten days she reverted to type, though, and steadily got even worse. Sally and I had several heart to heart chats about the problem deep into the night.

One night I was working late in my study when Sally returned home from an evening out. She had been complaining for the past six weeks about her lack of sex life and was hoping to end up in bed with the guy that night. I was surprised to see her; I couldn’t imagine a sane single man not trying to bed her looking the way she did. She flopped down on the couch and sat and chatted with me. I poured us both some Jim Beam and we sat and put our worlds to rights for an hour. She looked drop-dead gorgeous and my eyes kept wondering down the length of her beautiful body, dressed in a black corset style top that showed off her ample breasts and black mini skirt, stockings and heels that made the best of her legs too. She was truly a vision and I was struggling to keep my mind on track.

We kept coming back to my problem, now our problem: my depressed cynical wife. Sally’s suggestions started to become more bizarre and funny as she drank more and I played along as I got drunk too, creating and laughing about all kinds of weird scenarios from giving her a horse whipping to tying her to the railway tracks.

Three refills of our glasses and hour later, Sally jumped up. “Let’s go and have some fun with The Sourpuss!”

“Whoa!” I said, seeing her pick up an old riding crop that sat in an umbrella stand near the door. “What are you going to do with that?”

“Just a prop! You really have no sense of theatre!” And with that she picked up the dogs choker chain and an old photo off the wall and headed for the door of the den. I followed along, bottle in hand, admiring the curve of her ass, wishing she wasn’t my sister. At the door she turned suddenly.

“I do appreciate your roaming eyes by the way, don’t ever stop it.” She said with a dirty grin. “You have always been my favorite admirer.” She stood on tiptoe and kissed me softly on the nose.

“Always happy to oblige.” I said with a nod and a wave of the bottle.

We went into the den, closing and locking the big oak door behind us, and stood in front of the TV. Slumped in an easy chair was Lisa in an ill-fitting shabby nightdress. She was out cold, an empty wine glass and bottle on the side table. The TV still played. Sally switched it off. Lisa didn’t move. Sally coughed. Lisa still didn’t move. I joined in with the fun and dropped an ice cube from my drink down her cleavage. That did the trick.

“Wakey, Wakey.” Said Sally with a cheeky grin.

Lisa looked surprised and shocked but couldn’t get any words out. She tried to extract the ice from her cleavage but was fumbling terribly. Sally reached out, grabbing the lacy scooped neckline of her night dress, and tore it violently away. A huge strip of material came away in her hand and sally reached forward and pulled out what was left of the rapidly melting ice cube. She popped it into Lisa’s open mouth.

“Fuck!, You are huge!” Sally said in disgust. “You look like Jabba the Hutt wallowing in your chair.”

Lisa tried to push her away but Sally grabbed her hands and slipped the loop of the chain over them. “Hold that!” She said, handing me the chain. I grabbed it, managing to look ferocious, although I’m not as good an actor as Sally.

“Cry out and I’ll punish you so hard you will have marks for a month. This is wake up time.” Sally grinned menacingly at Lisa, flicking her flabby tits gently with the crop. “For six weeks I’ve been sympathetically sitting by while I watch you wallowing in self pity. For fucks sake, Jamie has put up with it in increasing degrees for five years! Time to step up or get out! We’re going to help you with the ‘step up’ option, so that you won’t have to face the ‘get out’ one. Why? Because, deep, deep inside your fat ass is this little cutie who melted my big bothers heart and made me not just a little bi-curious!” Sally held the photo in front of Lisa’s face. It was one that Lisa had given me when we were engaged; she was lying by a pool in a bikini looking very fresh and sexy. She opened her mouth to speak.

“Not now, sweetie. No need for excuses. We just want to see some change in attitude.” Sally said tapping Lisa’s lips with the crop. “See, now we have the first lesson. It is called showing your husband appreciation for all he provides for you. Otherwise known as Blowjob 101.”

Behind Lisa’s head, a little uncertain of whether I agreed with this approach, I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor, my cock had been half hard all evening with my beautiful sister to gawk at but now with her doing the Domme thing and a blowjob on the horizon, I soon became hard. It was a bit tricky with one hand while I tried to control Lisa with the other. Sally tore another piece off the nightdress leaving her naked at least at the front.

I managed to get my cock out and then grabbed Lisa’s head with my free hand. She didn’t take much coercing. She didn’t like giving blowjobs but she did unwillingly from time to time. Her style wasn’t ever great and being forced to do it, she was worse. I held her head until she got into a rhythm but it was a lousy one. I handed the chain to Sally who grinned wide when I took hold of Lisa’s head with both hands and began to fuck her face. I got all the way in a few times, which was a huge turn on, feeling her throat gag on my cock. Then I let her loose to try by herself again.

She tried harder this time, her hot little mouth working away on my cock did feel good but I was still a long way from cumming. Sally messed around, not wanting to be out of the action, stroking the crop across Lisa’s big tits and tapping the nipples, then tearing the last remnants of the nightdress off and in the process freeing Lisa’s arms. Lisa lifted her head from my cock, gasping for breath, her jaw obviously aching from the unexpected workout.

Sally groaned. “Well you show promise; there aren’t many girls who could take that big of a cock all the way! Not very impressive, though! That has to be one of the weakest blowjobs I’ve ever witnessed. He’s not even as hard now as when you started!”

Embarrassed, Lisa looked down.

“Well, the least you could do is apologize!” Sally snapped. “Come on! Apologize to Jamie for that crappy blow job!”

Lisa looked like she didn’t know what to do, she might fight back, she might apologize, but she did neither.

“You ungrateful bitch!” Sally barked.

Lisa opened her mouth to reply but was caught completely off guard by Sal who shoved the side of her hand into Lisa’s mouth and then struck down hard with the riding crop. The crop came down in a vicious arc, ending in a stinging blow on Lisa’s thigh. Lisa jerked furiously but Sal kept her hand in her mouth for a few moments.

“That is what punishment feels like!” She purred into Lisa’s ear. “Welcome to your new life. If you disobey either of us again you will be punished again. Two strokes next time.”

There were tears streaming down Lisa’s face. The shame and pain were written all over her. A large welt grew on her thigh. This had to be one of the horniest things I had ever witnessed: My very sexily dressed sister totally dominating my naked wife.

“Now let’s see if you can do any better with the fairer sex. Come over here and lick my pussy.” She slipped the choker over Lisa’s head and backed up. She stood in front the sofa, tugging on the leash.

Lisa, defiantly, and in a bit of a panic, didn’t move. Quick as a flash, Sally cracked the crop down on Lisa’s other thigh, twice. The strokes were harder this time; I could see Sally pour some effort into them.

Lisa squealed. Fuck! This was getting me hard.

Sally tugged the leash again. This time, Lisa responded to the tug. She turned and rose.

“No need to get up. You can crawl this short distance. Crawl to me and take my skirt off.”

Now, this was most definitely the horniest thing I had ever seen. Naked, on a leash, my wife crawled to her fully dressed mistress. Then uncertain whether Sally was serious, she hesitated. She watched mesmerized as Sally slowly slipped down her own black and red lace panties, wad them up and shove them into her mouth.

“Delayed obedience is disobedience!” Sally crowed. “Three!” She leaned over my slow wife and swung, and three raw red welts grew quickly on the rounded soft white flesh of my wife’s ass.

Lisa’s cries where muffled by the makeshift gag. Her body reeled with the sudden pain. Lisa spat out the gag. “Please!” She wailed. “Please don’t do this!”

“Speak again and it will be four! Now do as you are told!” Sally ordered, seemingly indifferent to Lisa’s pleading.

Lisa stared up at her new mistress, unbelieving, but then seeing the crop twitch in Sally’s hand she darted into action. Kneeling before Sally, she unzipped and dropped the pretty black suede mini skirt to the floor allowing Sally to step out of it. Sally towered above her in high heels and stockings and a basque, perfect hair and sexy makeup, her almost perfectly shaved pussy framed nicely by the straps holding up the stockings. She was an amazing sight: the perfect dominatrix.

“Make this good sweetheart and all may be forgiven.” Sally purred. Then she reclined, with her legs spread, guiding Lisa to her pussy with a tug on the leash and a hand behind her head.

Lisa seemed to offer no resistance. Sally smiled as Lisa’s head bent forward. I just had a glimpse of her tongue lapping before she buried her face in Sally’s crotch. Sally moaned a deep groan of satisfaction. She guided Lisa’s head a little, and then gave a little gasp.

“OH! fuck!” She moaned, her eyes making contact with mine. “This is going to be good.”

I watched her writhe with increasing passion under Lisa’s ministrations. Her eyes closed and she began to moan and give directions and encouragement. Her hips were moving over Lisa’s face and she was beginning to gasp. She held Lisa firmly to her as she rode her face in pleasure. The whole scene was incredibly erotic; Sally looked so fabulously sexy, so absorbed in the moment, her face a torment of need and desire. I watched; consumed by the sight in front of me, my cock in my hand, rock hard.

Sally’s eyes opened and looked at me as she began to groan in orgasm. She took me in with lust filled greedy eyes. “Fuck her!” She hissed “Let me see you fuck her!”

I stood and walked towards her big fat upturned ass. My cock was rock hard and I ran it up and down the crease of her ass before using it to spread her pussy lips before slipping it back up the crease for Sally to see. Making a show of it for Sally.

“Yeah! Baby. In her ass!” Sally hissed in wild lust. “Fuck her fat ass for me. Fuck her stinky asshole so I can watch!”

I pulled back, a smug grin on my face. It had been an awfully long time since my cock had been in my wife’s ass. There was butter on the side table that she’d been eating with something. I greased my cock with some of it and smeared some more around her puckered little hole. Then I leaned forward again, pressed my cock against it and pushed. I heard Lisa whimper into Sally’s crotch, but a few years ago she used to enjoy a bit of anal. I just held her ass tight and kept up a steady pressure; there was plenty of grease to ease my way in. I slid in slow and deep, up to the hilt. It felt amazing, hot and tight and so fucking nasty. I looked at Sally all the way in. She started cumming watching me push and was gasping and panting wildly in orgasm, pulling at Lisa’s hair, out of control by the time I was buried deep.

“Oh yeah, Fuck her ass! Fuck her fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss, yesssssssssss yessssssssss!”

She grabbed Lisa with renewed heat. “Don’t stop licking me until he cums inside you, bitch!” She panted.

I pulled out partway then sank back in, the friction felt great. My sister’s dirty eyes on me felt pretty good too. I started a rhythm going fucking her in long deep strokes. Holding her tight by the hips I pushed in deep, time and time again, as deep as I could, pulling out until the tip of my cock was barely inside. I felt the muscles of her sphincter grab at me every time I pushed through their gates. Lisa started to grind back onto me.

Sally noticed and panted. “You like this don’t you, bitch?”

I heard Lisa’s muffled groan, then joined in. “You like my cock in your ass? You like it in deep like this? You like being fucked on your knees?” Each time I drove in with a stroke deep and hard, each time she bucked back to meet me. I slapped her big white ass hard each time, peppering it with big red hand prints.

I started fucking her faster and faster. Losing all self control, gripping her flabby love handles and pounding my cock into her over and over. Sally’s eyes widened and she began to moan again, rocking against Lisa’s face. Lisa slipped one hand down between her legs.

“Yes. Touch yourself bitch!” Sally hissed. “Cum with your hubby! Cum on his big hard cock!”

Fucking into the tight little hole I couldn’t hold off for long. I ploughed wildly in and out between her tightly clawing flesh, driving myself closer to my release. I watched Sally spiral over the edge again, her face contorted in a charge of sexual frenzy, clawing and grasping at Lisa as she bucked and shuddered her blissful release. Lisa cried out as her orgasm hit her almost perfectly in time with my own. I felt her begin to buck below me, her ass clenching tighter with each wave of her orgasm. It was all I could bear, I blew deep inside her, the jets of cum burning through my cock, the release so much more than I had had for years. White light in my mind, I just fucked in deep over and over, groaning and panting until the pleasure subsided.

I pulled out and patted her ass, the girl had done well!

Sally was on a roll. “Don’t go all weak now!” She said to me. “If we are going to get any real change, she has to step up all the way, herself!”

She pulled Lisa up on the chain. She was sweating and crying a little; panting and out of breath. She looked up with a little sad hope in her eyes.

“Clean him, slut. With your tongue!”

My heart could have broken for her at that moment. She looked astonished, not disgusted, just disbelief. She was stalled, not sure she could go on.

Sally leaned sideways and cracked the crop down hard on the side of Lisa’s big white fleshy ass in four hard strokes. Lisa let out a tremendous shriek. She heaved huge sobs of pain, then to my utter surprise she took my cock back into her mouth and suckled gently, lapping all over the length of it. That felt good; to have her so submissively cleaning me, to see her so subservient and ready to please. My cock began to harden as I looked down on her, watching her unkempt overweight form doing something she would never have dreamed of doing.

Sally watched, a smirk on her face, then when she saw my cock rising again she tugged at the chain. “Well done, slut! We have had enough of you for today! My brother and I have things to discuss.” Sally said sharply, dragging her off me by the chain. “Time for you to drag your sorry fat ass up to bed! But, tomorrow morning I am going to have a lie in. You will feed the children breakfast and pack them off to school. When they are gone you will either bring me a cup of coffee to my bedroom, naked, or you will prepare for an onslaught that you cannot begin to imagine. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, it is your choice, you have until tomorrow morning to decide….. Go!”

She left us, naked, carrying the tattered remains of her nightdress, the leash hanging down her back. We both watched her go and started smirking at each other, trying to contain our laughter, as she disappeared from view. We heard her climb the stairs and walk along the hall, gently she closed the door to her room.

“Fuck! That was fun!” Sally said, with a huge grin.

I poured us each a glass of Jim Beam, draining the bottle.

“Oh, the way she moaned into my pussy as you slid into her ass! Fuck, I’ll remember that ’til the day I die!” Sal giggled with glee. She was really buzzing with the power trip this had given her. “Then feeling every thrust you made transferred through her! Fuck, we have to do that again!”

“Have a drink to celebrate our success!” I said with a grin.

“God it was sooo easy. She barely resisted!” Sal said, clinking her glass against mine.

“The way she just crawled across the floor to you was so hot. She was completely beaten. You hot little dominatrix with your sub! Very, very hot!” I said with a catch in my voice. My cock was beginning to harden again at the thought.

“Mmmmmm!” She said, reveling in the memory, then catching sight of my hardening cock, she reached out and stroked the length of it. “Damn, you have a nice cock!” She purred, fondling it softly.

I felt her touch like a surge of electricity through me. Her caress was soft and gentle but the power of it coursed through me. My cock immediately soared to full length, my body aching for more.

“You want to celebrate properly?” I asked, running my fingers up her stocking clad thigh.

“Are you going to fuck me? You want to fuck your little sister?” She asked coyly over the top of her glass, still stroking the length of my hard cock.

“You are incredibly sexy, of course I want to fuck my sexy little sister.”

“Fuck, yeah! It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been fantasizing about you for years! Ever since I watched you jack off into my panties when we were 18! I wanted you to fuck me back then and I NEED you to fuck me now!”

She leaned back on the couch, still holding my cock, drawing me forwards. I moved over her as she lay down. She spread her legs and lifted her hips to meet mine. She guided my cock to her pussy, sliding it along the lips, she was wet and I slipped in easily. The guttural groan she gave as my hard cock sank into her was the sexiest sound in the world. She clutched at me urging me on, her eyes riveted to mine, her look drenched in desire and lust. In one sweep I sank in deep and rested there for a moment reveling in the feeling of her tight hot sex before I began to fuck her in long slow strokes.

Her eyes were locked on mine; she was moaning a continuous outpouring of pleasure. She kept whimpering “Yesssss, Ohhhhh Yessssss.” She pulled my face down to hers and lifted her lips to mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth and sought out mine toying and playing with me. Her hips lifted to my every stroke, her hands were all over me, clawing and pulling me down into and over her.

Brian had not expected his nineteenth birthday to be anything beyond the crappy days he had been having for several weeks. He was still not over his girlfriend, he was still lonely and still had no where to vent his frustrations or angst. He was right on when it came to work, which drudged by slowly as ever, leaving him plenty of time to think about his ex-girlfriend. Upon arriving home, Brian immediately turned on a video game, trying to drown out his frustrations in a fantasy world. He lived with his mom and older sister despite having a job because his pay check alone was not enough to cover the cost of rent. He got along pretty well with them and they all had their own space to be able to live together but stay out of each other’s way. His mom, Hellen, and his older sister, Holly, both arrived home later from their jobs and surprised Brian with carry out from his favorite restaurant. It was nice eating his favorite dish, but Brian still did not feel very celebratory. Thankfully Hellen and Holly knew this, Brian thought, as they were pretty low key and didn’t try to push him into feeling better.

“Are you ready to open a few presents?” Hellen asked calmly after they had all finished eating.

“Umm, yeah, I guess,” Brian said, smiling weakly.

“Let’s go into the living room then,” Hellen said, nodding to Holly, All three got up and sat down on the couch in the living room. There were a few presents on the table, which Brian opened one by one quietly. He thanked them for the shirt, watch, and video game they had gotten him. Then, Holly pulled out a thinly wrapped present that looked to be a cd.

“This is from the both of us,” she said with a small smile. “We love you Brian and want this to be a good birthday for you.”

“Babe, you are so amazing and we want you to know it, ok?” Hellen said as Holly handed him the present. He gave them both quizzical looks, then opened the package. As he guessed it was a cd, a burned one without a label.

“What is it?” Brian asked, feeling rather confused, looking at the cd.

“Its just a couple songs, but we have something to, well, show you,” Holly said evasively.

“Show me?” Brian repeated, feeling even more confused. “I don’t know if I’m really up for any of this,” he said.

“Just give me one song, then you can decide if you want more,” Holly said with a wide smile. Hellen giggled for several seconds, making Holly giggle too. She looked over at her mom with a serious glare.

“Ok,” Brian said, still feeling very confused “One song, sure, its all yours.” Holly’s face lit up.

“I promise you won’t regret it,” she said unwaveringly. Brian looked over at his mom, who wore a strange, almost hungry smile. She looked over at him and looked serious for a second.

“This is to show you how much we love you, ok? We don’t want you to ever forget it,” Hellen added before looking back at Holly.

Brian looked too, watching Holly get up and walk over to the stereo, putting the cd in. He noticed she was wearing a white t-shirt and cut off jeans, that now that he was paying attention were pretty damn short to be wearing. He thought his mom should have said something to Holly about wearing more appropriate clothing, and was about to speak up when the song started. It was a smooth, rhythmic rap song that had long beats and an almost hypnotic sound. Brian’s eyes widened as he watched Holly’s hips sway back and forth to the rhythm, slowly left to right, starting first wit her legs together then she spread them apart. As she did this she also leaned forward so more and more it was her ass that she was moving back and forth, bending her legs to the beat and occasionally rolling her ass a few times for good measure. She even ran her had along the top of her ass as if to say “yes this is what you should be watching. It was incredibly erotic, accenting her beautiful long legs and her nice round butt. Brian could hardly believe what he was watching and was about to speak when she slowly turned around.

“What was that?” Brian asked, mistaking his sister’s turning around for her being done. Holly’s face was enough for him to see he wasn’t going to get a response from her. She looked serious and sensual, like it was perfectly clear what she was doing. This disturbed Brian to the point he looked over at his mother. She also had her mouth open, but it was in a smile, an amazed and excited smile.

“Just watch Brian,” she said, not taking her eyes off her daughter. Brian looked back at his sister too.

She was swaying her hips still, and immediately ran her hand over her perky breasts and down her tummy, then onto her smooth leg. She moved a little of the long hair out of her face and then lifted her shirt up a few inches, showing off her tan, flat tummy. Then to Brian’s shock she pushed her hand down into her shorts, clearly onto her pussy, and pumped her hips towards her brother and mother for a few seconds. Her eyes were closed but she had a look of pure enjoyment written all over it. Brian’s body lit up with excitement, which he felt guilty and bad for feeling. He didn’t know what to do since he felt like his sister shouldn’t be doing this.He forced himself to speak.

“Holly…” he got out, his voice fading but not without his tone making it clear he was objecting to what she was doing.

“One song, you promised,” she said with such a silky, sultry tone, Brian couldn’t dare speak or even look away. Holly continued, pumping her hips a few more times before removing her hand from her shorts. She played with the edge of her shirt a little, pulling it up so more of her tummy came into view. She left the shirt there, continuing to sway her hips as she turned around, rolling and showing off her ass again. It looked even less covered since Brian could see her lower bare back as well as the upper reaches of her fantastic thighs. She ran her hand slowly over her ass, accenting her beautiful curves before turning back around. Playing with the shirt again, she pulled it up higher. Brian expected, when she pulled it back down a bit, that she was going to turn around again and show off her lovely ass. Instead he got a shock when she pulled the shirt up over her head, revealing a truly sexy tummy, two lovely perky breasts in a revealing pink bra. She was holding the white t-shirt above her head, looking incredibly hot, then turned around with it, her back bare except for the thin bra straps. She danced low to the ground and dropped the shirt out of her fingers, a simple yet another incredibly erotic moment.

As if anticipating Brian’s objection, his mother spoke. “Just one song Brian, for her to show you how much she loves you and doesn’t want you to be lonely.”

Brian hadn’t taken his eyes off his sister but his mother’s words made the voice of resistance die a swift death. He was completely entranced by Holly’s sensual dancing and could not utter a disagreement.

Holly had stood back up but was rolling her ass to the beat, and then pulled her long dark hair up before letting it fall back down. Brian couldn’t believe how sexy something like that was. This had to be the hottest thing he’d ever seen, and it was his sister, with his mom sitting next to him. He couldn’t wrap his head around it and just kept watching. Holly kept rolling her ass, swaying her hips back and forth to the music and bending her legs as she did so. After a little longer, she turned back around and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and pressing them together, then running her hand straight down into her shorts. Raising one hand above her head she bent her legs and rolled her hips to the beat, looking straight at Brian as she did so. As she ran the one hand down over her breasts to her shorts, she pulled out the other hand and began unbuttoning her shorts, then turned around. Leaning over, she hooked her tubs under the edge of the shorts sand slowly pulled them off her curvy, full ass, revealing a tight pair of polka dot underwear. She slowly lowered them to the floor, and stepped out of them to the beat, her brother with mouth open as he found himself staring at his sister’s sexy body in only her underwear. The magnitude of hotness that came when she spread her legs a little and began swaying and shaking her sweet, sexy ass was incredible. Brian’s eyes focused on the bit that was creeping up into her crack, and loved how her ass jiggled when she made a few snappy movements with her hips. He felt himself loving her gorgeous body, forgetting any thoughts of objecting, or else thinking of them with laughter in his head. He kept his eyes glued to Holly’s ass, remembering he had one song to enjoy every curve of her sexy frame without any consequence.

Holly pulled the edge of her underwear down an inch, at first making Brian hold his breath that she was taking it off. What she was really doing was showing that she had a thong on underneath, a pink thong that matched her bra. She then turned back around with her arms behind her back for a moment. She looked at Brian and smiled happily, who smiled back as he gazed at her sexy pink bra. Slowly she was swaying her hips to the music, and she pulled her hair back again, giving a clearer view of her sexy tits. Holly put her hands on her shoulders, slipped the bra straps off, and then pulled the bra away from her, tossing it to the floor and standing in front of her awe inspired brother and mother topless. It happened so fast that Brian’s brain had hardly registered her touching the straps, making him wonder how far she would tease with them, and then in a flash he was staring at her two perfect bare breasts. His mouth fell open and he felt like he was going to explode with joy. He took in every tiny curve, color and shape of her perky tits, not even blinking as she swayed her hips with a smile, running her hands over her breasts, cupping and squeezing her bare tits.

“I’m not looking away,” Brian said emphatically and suddenly, catching even himself off guard. His statement made both his mother and sister giggle.

“Good, you’re not supposed to,” his mother said, her voice full of pleasure and love.

Holly was back to her sexy, erotic look on her face as she turned around to the beat. Now topless, she pulled her hair over her shoulder so the entirety of her bare back was on display, spreading her legs and rolling her ass again. Then running her fingers from the front and around to the top of her underwear, she bent over and peeled them off to about halfway down her sexy round ass, her pink thong and crack coming into view. She was slow and deliberate, inching further and further until at last the underwear was over her ass and she wore just a thong. She stepped out of them and continued to shake her ass, giving quite a show as her finders raked slowly over her delicious ass. Brian’s eyes ate up everything and he had unawares adjusted himself so his hard dick was tenting his pants. This was not a concern though because to his great delight, his sister bent over again and ran her fingers around from the front, this time underneath the thong. She pulled it down about an inch, the top of her amazing crack now completely bare, and then she stopped, and turned around. She giggled, knowing that she was teasing even as she cupped her breast and pushed it up, letting her suck on her own bare tit. Her hips continued to sway as Brian’s eyes also focused briefly on how low the thong was, barely covering his sister’s pussy. Then, as she continued to rub one tit, Holly ran her other hand down underneath the thong and her fingers began to move back and forth, clearly rubbing her pussy. She was staring straight at her brother with a look of pure satisfaction.

“You can rub yourself if you want, just don’t come cause we have more to do with that hard cock of yours,” Holly said smiling.

Brian let out a gasp of surprise as his sister and mother giggled. Brian looked back at his mom, who surprised him almost as much as Holly had. She had her legs spread open with one hand on one of her large breasts and the other between her legs. She looked back at him and smiled.

“Your sister is sexy,” she said as her only explanation. Brian looked back at his sister, who was pumping her hips to the music as she continued to rub her pussy and squeeze her bare breast. Holly turned around again and bent over, shaking her ass for a second then putting her fingers under her thong, acting like she was going to pull it off. Then she stood back up, turned around and slipped her hand back onto her thong covered pussy.

“If you touch yourself, I’ll take the rest off,” she said as she lowered down to a squat, her legs wide apart and her thong so stretched her hand was doing more covering than the think pink fabric was. Holly smiled and bobbed up and down to the great even as she kept touching herself. Brian didn’t hesitate any longer as he slipped his hand in his pants and began stroking himself. Holly and Hellen laughed.

“Oh baby that was perfect!” Hellen said proudly. This all seemed to satisfy his sister, who stood up and turned around, facing her ass out once again. She dropped to the floor, bobbing her ass up and down again to the beat, both teasing her brother and mother and working up the guts to get completely naked. She stood up and walked right up to Brian, bending over in front of him and shaking her ass, her sexy end bobbing up and down, Taking a few steps over she did the same thing in front of her mother, who immediately put her hands on each of Holly’s sexy cheeks as her daughter swayed her hips. Brian watched in amazement as his mother generously squeezed her daughter’s ass.

“Can I do that?” he asked before he even realized he was speaking. Holly as back over in a flash, shaking her gorgeous ass up and down for her brother. Hardly believing he was doing it, Brian slowly put his hands on Holly’s curvy, smooth ass, and knew it was the best thing he’d ever felt. He squeezed and squeezed, not wanting to let go, and after what felt like a few seconds, Holly stepped forward and away, leaving them to watch again, both mother and son going back to touching themselves without even thinking about it. There was not to a lasting disappointment at Holly moving away form them, because as she leaned over and slipped her fingers under her thong once more, Brian became sure that she was going to take it off at last, and he would see her bare sexy ass.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, Holly pulled the thong down her ass, revealing her sexy bare crack more and more. At last, with one final tug, Holly had pulled her thong off, and was standing leaned over with her bare naked ass pointing right at her waiting brother and mother. She slipped her thong off and then immediately grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing every secret part of her sexy round ass. She even put one finger in her mouth and ran it up her bare naked crack. She swayed her bare naked ass back and forth a few times before running hands over her ass again and spreading her cheeks. She then turned around and lifted one foot up onto the couch between her brother’s legs, showing off her beautiful, tasty bare pussy, and began openly rubbing her fingers between her lips Brian could hardly believe that his mother and sister had encouraged him to watch Holly striptease completely naked, but he knew, as the song came to an end, if nothing else happened, this was the best birthday present he’d ever received.

To his everlasting pleasure, this was only the start.

Holly walked up to Brian, sat down on his lap, and began making out with him. Brian had no complaints now, happy to put his hands on his sister’s naked ass and leg, enjoying her passionate kissing. He ran his hand up her long sexy leg and onto her flat tummy, then cupping her breast he began squeezing, thrilled at how good it felt to touch a woman’s breast. He leaned forward and kissed Holly’s breasts, moving straight to her nipples where he sucked hard and licked eagerly. She sighed with pleasure, pressing her breasts forward into her brother’s face to give him better access. Brian pulled Holly forward, pushing his hard dick that was still under his shorts against his sister’s sexy athletic legs, and was stimulated even more. She had been sitting across his lap, but now she swung her leg over so she was riding him, one leg on heath side and close enough so she could rub her wet, hot pussy against his hard dick. She did so eagerly as they went back to making out and Brian ran his hands all over Holly’s naked body. With his hands on her ass, two wonderful handfuls of sweet sisterly booty, Holly leaned back so her amazing tits were perfect to suck on, which he did with great excitement. He took his time, enjoying himself as he traced the outlines of her nipples and ran his fingers lightly over her legs and down between them, and after many minutes Holly began pushing him forward. She grabbed the edge of his shorts and pulled them down, giving Brian the clue that she was wanting more, namely his dick inside of her.

Dan pulled his shorts and boxers off quickly, his hard cock popping out and ready for anything. Holly got off his lap and onto her knees, where she grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth, sucking hard and using her tongue to play with the tip of his cock. It was incredible to look down and see his sister sucking on his dick, and Brian almost came right there, but managed to speak up.

“I’m going to come,” he said breathing heavily.

“Not yet, you have to be inside of me silly,” Holly said excitedly, standing up and climbing onto her brother. She grabbed his dick and guided him in, sliding down onto her brother, pushing herself up and down on him immediately. Brian pumped his dick up into his sister, thrusting hard and soon releasing, pumping cum into his sweet and sexy sister’s body. His breathing was fast and he heaved his body deeper inside of her, making her come as well, both siblings riding each other hard. After a few minutes they both breathed easier, and smiled, looking into each other’s eyes with deep affection and love, and they started kissing, Brian still inside his sister.

“I’m sorry to break this up, but I’m going to need your sister,” Hellen said with a supportive laugh. Brian pulled out of Holly as she stood up, and he gave her ass loving squeezes while Hellen handed Holly a wash cloth to wipe her brother’s cum off as it seeped out of her vagina. Biran couldn’t believe what an amazing birthday it had turned into.

“Now don’t worry Brian, you’ll get her back, and you’ll have even more fun. I think we need to do something to get this guy working again,” his mother said, walking up to him and tenderly touching her son’s deflated dick. “And we know just the trick, don’t we Holly?”

“Oh yeah! I can’t wait!” Holly said excitedly, standing beautiful and naked in front of her brother and mother.

“We’ll be right back, but don’t go anywhere!” Hellen said as they left the room. Dan had to laugh, thinking that nothing could get him from that room unless it was death itself. He didn’t’ have to wait long, and soon heard a more upbeat, club song paying on the living room speakers. Holly ran in and jumped on the couch, wearing tiny black shorts and a zip up hoodie, and immediately began rocking her hips to the music, feeling up her tits. Hellen sauntered in, wearing a matching outfit, and got on the couch as well, stepping right up to her daughter and began pumping her hips back and forth as well, but she was looking seductively at her daughter and directing her actions towards her. She took Holly’s hand and turned around, and then bent over, shaking her ass. At the same time Holly moved in behind her mother and started grinding against her mom, putting her hands on her hips and pressing herself right against Hellen’s sexy ass.

Brian was in shock, his eyes wide and mouth hanging open, as they danced erotically in unison together, holding hands as they stood up and bumping and grinding still. Their hips swayed from side to side as they giggled and danced. They got lower and lower, their legs spreading open and still Holly had her pussy pressed right against Hellen’s ass. As they stood back up, Brian watched his mom playfully start to pull the zipper down, and he could just see her bra when she turned around. Holly however was facing him as she danced and unzipped, leaning over so her cleavage was on display, feeling between her legs. Hellen started to take the hoodie off, then they both turned to face each other. Brian gave a little gasp when his mom ran her hands over Holly’s chest, cupping her breasts as her daughter pulled her hoodie off. Brian’s mom had hers off too, and he watched as his sister and mother danced closer and closer, wearing only shorts and a bra, their bodies pressing together.

I’m Jim and my wife is Jill. If you read my earlier story you know that I was a very nerdy, geeky kid throughout school. Short, thick glasses, skinny, and painfully shy around girls. A late bloomer, at 18 in my high school senior year I started to put on significant height and a bit of weight. But my self image at the time didn’t recognize these improvements. I was still very shy and didn’t think of myself as particularly good looking.

While at our town’s community swimming pool I met Susan. She was 23 and every guy’s wet dream: blond, slim, B or C cups, very, very pretty. And she seduced me. She taught me everything about sex and I was a very apt pupil. Susan is married to Bob, a couple of years older than she is. Nice guy, handsome, a guy’s guy.

Bob was a very sharing kind of guy (to state the obvious), and the three of us did things together. Somehow Susan persuaded us to suck each other. This was not something either of us would have done on our own. Susan created such an extreme sexual environment that things happened. Bob even fucked me in the ass.

Doing those things felt good at the time. It was only later that I gave it more thought. I don’t think of myself as bisexual. And I’m certainly not gay, I liked messing with Susan too much. One thing I did like very much: Susan taught me to eat pussy after coming in her. The taste of our combined juices is so very sexy and Susan loved me doing something that other guys won’t.

I was 19 and then 20. Still somewhat shy, I was starting to appreciate that I was actually pretty good looking, had a nice body that was filling out a little, and a big cock.

Susan introduced me to her younger sister who was 18 and just starting college. Jill was blond, also very pretty, and 5 foot 8 tall. The next day we met at the Student Union between classes, sort of our first date. She was a little shy at first, as I was, but we quickly fell into a comfortable conversation. Nothing exotic, just normal questions about school, favorite music, and so forth. I asked her out for Friday night. We did pizza and watched some college football on TV at the Union.

I was enamored with Jill and felt I could easily fall in love. She seemed to like being with me. I introduced her to my roommate and a couple of my other friends. They were very polite but I saw their eyes popped out when they met Jill. She was more outgoing than I was and quickly became part of my small group of friends. She was a keeper. I just had to figure out how.

I soon found out from Susan that Jill felt the same way about me.

It was the second date before I kissed Jill. We were a chaste couple, not fooling around at all. Hugs and kisses, holding hands. I was still playing around with Susan so my sexual needs were taken care of. Jill knew I was friends with Susan and her husband. But not the details. It really started to bother me that I was keeping a big secret from Jill.

After two months it was clear I was in love with Jill and she with me. I told Susan that I wanted to end our sexual escapades and be exclusive with Jill. She said she completely understood. “I hoped you guys would get along. Don’t mess up.”

At our next date Jill had an announcement: “I went to the doctor today.”

“What, what for?”

“I got a prescription to go on the pill. I want you to make love to me.”

“Um, are you sure, are you ready?”

“I know that you are the guy for me. I want you to be my first and only.”

“Jill, I love you so much. If you really want to. When?”

“Well, you told me your roommate is visiting his parents this weekend. Right? So how about your room?”

“He’s leaving right after classes on Friday. That would work.”

Friday after classes we got pizza and beer at the local hangout. Then headed back to my place.

“You know, I’m a virgin.” I was very sure she was.

“You are going to show me what to do. Susan told me that you guys have been fooling around for quite a while. She said you had become quite skillful at satisfying her. Now it’s my turn.”

I was so glad my relationship with Susan was out in the open. “How long have you known?”

“Almost from the start I knew something was going on. After we began dating Susan told me everything. I was shocked but also fascinated. Who would guess that shy you had become quite the stud.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“Susan and I talked at length. I decided a guy needs to know what to do. Especially when a girl like me knows nothing. Now make love to me.”

She slowly undressed in front of me down to her panties. Her breasts were perfect. B cup with up tilted nipples. I reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts.

“Take your clothes off.” I quickly stripped down, my cock already jutting out from the excitement. Jill reached out and placed one hand on my cock and rubbed back and forth.

“So big. Susan said you were big, but I had no idea….” She put both hands on it. “Look, there’s still some left over. If I can get it in, we are going to have so much fun.”

“Pull your panties off. I want to see your pussy.”

Jill pulled her panties off and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs. “Well, how do I look? As good as Susan?”

“You have a beautiful pussy. And yes, better than Susan’s because you’re mine!”

I lay down between her legs and used my fingers to play. First one finger, then two, went up and down between her lips. Her pussy was glistening with juice as I slid a finger into her hole. I fucked her very slowly for a minute then pulled my finger out and replaced it with my tongue.

“So good. That feels … so …. good. Your tongue is magic.”

I applied everything I had learned with Susan to the task at hand. Jill was moving around on the bed as my tongue went into her hole. Then I ran my tongue up and down her slit, each excursion stopping to massage her clit.

“Please, Jim …. Please.” I tasted a burst of juices as she shuddered and came.

“Never … in … my … whole life…. Wow!…..You knew just what to do. Your face is covered with my juice. And you smell like my pussy. That was my first ever orgasm! Thank you, thank you!”

We cuddled together for a few minutes. “I love you, Jim.” “I love you too.” Jill reached down and played with my cock. A few strokes and it was hard again.

“I want you in me. Please fuck me. But go slow. You are so big.”

Her legs spread, Jill reached down and held her pussy lips apart. “I want your cock right there. Do it.”

Susan was the only girl I had fucked in my short sexual career. And she wasn’t a virgin. I didn’t want to hurt Jill and proceeded carefully. I positioned my cock head at her opening and pushed the head in. Then back out. I moved back and forth like this for a minute, then slid in a bit further. Each time deeper.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, just go real slow.”

I paused in my slow thrusting and reverted to using just the head of my cock. But my body wanted more and my cock slipped in deeper until it hit resistance.

“I think I’m up against your hymen.”

“Yes, I feel it. Do it. Do it quick.”

I backed out a little, then pushed inward. I felt her hymen give way. Jill let out a small cry. “Did I hurt you?”

“It’s ok. Don’t move for a moment …. OK, go ahead.”

I started some slow thrusts, watching her face for indications of discomfort. Her pussy was very snug and I was only about half way inside. I was afraid to go deeper so I used only half my cock to fuck her.

“Are you in all the way?”

“No, about half.”

“That’s enough for now.”

I started some rapid thrusts, trying not to do deeper. I pulled most of the way out and fucked Jill with only my cock head and first couple of inches. The feeling was exquisite. My cock head was slippery from her juices. Her pussy was very tight and gripped the head while her lips massaged the shaft. I couldn’t last much longer.

Jill, I’m … going to … come. I can’t hold back.”

“Do it, Jim, I want to feel you squirt in me.”

My cum burst into her. My body wanted to thrust deep. But I held back, I didn’t want to hurt her. My cock was still hard when I pulled it out. Jill reached down and stroked me with our combined juices on it.

“I came but you didn’t.”

“No, honey. Not this time. But there will be plenty more opportunities. Even later tonight.”

I was disappointed but decided a first time might be a little stressful. We watched TV and lay together on the sofa caressing each other. Our second time that evening was mutually very satisfying.

Our relationship continue to build. Our friends saw something special between us. It wasn’t much of a surprise when a couple of months later we announced our engagement. The next summer we married.

Susan and Bob invited us on a ten-day honeymoon cruise from Florida to California via the Canal. They paid and we had two adjoining suites. Possibly there were some ulterior motives behind this generosity? I had ended my sexual romps with them when Jill and I became serious. I wondered if there would be an attempt to restart the activities. Perhaps now with Jill?

We had a great time on the cruise, our very first. The suites were spacious, the food was good. Being newly married we spent a fair amount of time in our cabin. We also partied with Susan and Bob. They usually preferred to stay up late but we had other things in mind.

“Let’s go back to our cabin, Jill. I’m horny.” “I’m ready!”

That night the four of us, however, somehow ended up in their cabin.

“Let’s finish our drinks first then you guys can go have your fun,” Susan suggested.

Jill asked how she had seduced Jim. While Susan described my sexual education she rubbed her husband’s cock through his pants.

“I want this in me, Bob.” Jill watched for a minute and then reached over and felt the growing bulge in my pants. “Me too.”

Susan unzipped Bob’s pants and pulled out his cock. “He has a nice one, don’t you think, Jill?” She pulled down his pants and shorts partway and began stroking his cock. “I just love your cock, Bob. It gets so hard.”

My wife was looking intently at Bob’s cock. It was only the second one she had ever seen. It was big but she noted with satisfaction that mine was bigger.

“Jill, come join in. Get Jim’s cock out, play with it.”

She unzipped me and my cock sprang out of its confines. Emulating Susan she rubbed my cock and then went further. She put my cock into her mouth and started sucking.

“Jill, look at you! What happened to my shy, demure sister?”

Susan stood up. “Take your clothes off, Bob”, as she removed hers. “Fuck me. Show them how good we do it.” Jill pulled my cock out of her mouth and used just her hands while we watched Bob piston in and out.

“Do you want to?” “Yes!”

We tore off our clothes. Jill lay back on the sofa, one leg propped up on the sofa back, the other dangling towards the floor. In this position her pussy was wide open. She was wantonly putting her sex on display to all of us. She teased me by rubbing two fingers between her pussy lips. She fucked herself as she rotated her hips.

“Do you like my pussy, Jim? Do you want to fuck me? Will your cock fit? Want to try?”

I jumped between her legs and slid my hard cock halfway in on the first stroke. “Oh, that feels so good, honey. I just love your big cock. Fuck me. Go deep. Make me come.”

Susan and Bob finished up before us. They had an excellent view of my backside as I thrust my hips back and forth. Jill’s spread-eagle position on the sofa gave them a clear view of her pussy and my cock. My cock made a squishy sound as I thrust into her. As worked up as we both were it didn’t take long for us to climax. My cock glistened with foamy liquid when I pulled out.

Jill lay there for a minute, exhausted. Her lips were enlarged and her pussy gaped open. Cum dribbled out.

“Now eat me.”

I slid between her spread legs and lapped up our combined juices as they leaked out. Jill thrust her hips in a circular motion, pulling my face into her pussy. She shuddered and came a second time.

“Way to go, guys! Bob, next time we need our camera.”

We gathered up our clothes, went through the connecting door to our cabin, and called it a night.

A couple of nights later after dinner we again were relaxing in their cabin. Jill said she was very curious about the stuff Bob and I did.

“Oh, I can tell you. Those times were such a turn-on to watch. Neither really wanted to but I made them do it. I know they both enjoyed it but won’t admit it.”

Susan egged me on to give Jill a demonstration. “Come on Jim, show Jill.”

I ended my sexual doings with them some months ago before Jill and I were married. Doing something with Bob in front of my new wife might cause major problems.

“Well, Jim. You going to do it?”, Jill chimed in. “You’ve done it before. Now I want to see. Come on, just this one time.”

With Jill and Susan both prodding me on I eventually agreed. Susan told us both to strip. I knelt down in front of Bob and stroked his cock. A few drops of pre-cum leaked out from the slit in the head. I used the tip of my tongue to lick it. With encouragement from both girls I licked and sucked on Bob.

“That’s enough, Jim. I don’t want him to come yet. Now show Jill how you can take his cock in your ass.”

“Oh, this is so … erotic! Yes, Jim, let him fuck you.”

“Jim, get on your knees. Lift your butt. Jill, put some lotion on Bob’s cock. Now put some on Jim’s asshole. Push your finger in, get it lubed up real good. That’s it. OK, Bob, do it.”

I was bent over with head down and ass up.

“Take his cock, Jill. Put it in.”

Jill positioned the head and Bob pushed. The head popped in. He knew from prior times to go slow. Eventually all seven hard inches were buried in me. He fucked me hard and fast. I reached beneath me and played with my cock and quickly shot spurts of cum onto the carpet. Bob grabbed my hips, thrusting deeply. He held his cock deep in me and spurted several times. Pulling out everyone could see cum seeping from my open hole.

I got up, took Jill’s hand and we retired to our cabin. Cuddling together we talked about what just happened.

“Did you like doing it?”

“Yeah, it felt good in my ass. You lubed up his cock. Did you like touching him?”

“Only my second cock ever. Exciting. And when you sucked his cock I sort of wished he was putting it in my mouth.”

My cock started to recover and our evening ended with a vigorous fuck.

That was the only time on the cruise that Bob and I did things together. Jill said she satisfied her curiosity and was glad it happened.

Back home, we rented a tiny furnished apartment near school. Friends gave us various items to set up housekeeping. Being young and in love, stuff didn’t matter.

Our college classes keep us very busy but at least money is not a problem. I have a full-boat scholarship (a benefit of being a nerd/geek) so I didn’t need a part time job. Jill’s parents have money and are quite generous.

We are definitely home-bodies. We really don’t have much time to socialize, and besides, we spend lots of time in bed. We both love sex. My extensive sexual education opened up my sexual horizons. And Jill is very willing to learn.

Every day we make love no matter how busy our schedules. Mostly I’ll eat her pussy a little, Jill will lick my cock, and then I slide my cock into her. We’ve gotten pretty good about coming together.

Weekends we have more time and do more things. We start by taking a shower together, turn off the water and soap each other up. This takes ten minutes or so, since we explore every inch of each other. Jill has great boobs, I decided closer to B than C, not huge, but very perky with up-tilted nipples. Early on in our dating she shaved her public hair. I run my hand over her mound, slip a couple of fingers in her pussy, one in her ass, and finger fuck her.

Simultaneously Jill is stroking my soaped-up cock and playing with my balls. Jill had persuaded me to also shave down there, so we were equally slick. She said it made my cock seem even bigger without any hair around it. And no loose hairs when she went down on me. Made sense! But I do feel a little awkward in the swimming pool locker room. I’ve noticed a few guys checking out my equipment.

After a few minutes I turn Jill around and slip my cock between her legs. Not into her pussy but sliding along her pussy lips. But of course it doesn’t take too long before I change my angle and my cock slips in. We then fuck for just a minute or two before turning the water back on and cleaning up. I learned about how to have shower fun from Susan.

Next on our typical agenda: exploring Jill’s body with my hands, mouth, and tongue. I start by nibbling on her ear lobes, kissing my way down her neck. I spend some time on her breasts, kneading them with my hands. I take one of her nipples into my mouth and gently nibble with my teeth to make it enlarge. Next comes the other nipple. My hands are lightly rubbing her body, starting on the sides of her chest, then down outside of both legs, then back up the inside. For the moment I stay away from her pussy.

I continue to work my way downward, kissing and licking on her sides just above her hip bone. She seems to like that a lot. Meanwhile my hands have continued to roam and are again rubbing up and down her legs. Coming close to her pussy but not touching. Too soon.

Jill now spreads her legs to give me more room and I start licking the inside of her legs, getting ever closer to her honey pot. And then I’m there. My tongue works its way between her outer folds. Over the next few minutes my tongue and mouth will explore every inch of her pussy. Jill holds her lips open and I try to fuck her with my tongue, going in and out just like a cock.

Up till then I have stayed away from her clitoris, but now my tongue is sliding up and down between her lips, each time licking her button. Her clit has become large and engorge and I tongue it like it’s a little nipple. It’s usually about now that Jill climaxes. I love the burst of juices and am pleased that I have been able to satisfy my wife.

Jill will at this point go down on me, which feels great But my cock is likely already hard as a rock and I don’t want to shoot too soon. So she turns on her stomach and lifts her sexy bubble butt. We both like fucking this way since I’m able to get my deepest penetration. I rub the head of my cock up and down in her slit a few times and slip it in. My big cock spreads her lips wide. I start with some short strokes, just putting the head in, then back out. Gradually I go deeper with each stroke until I am fully in. I absolutely love how my cock looks going into her beautiful pussy.

After a number of deep but slow thrusts I pull almost out and do some of the short thrusts, just teasing her pussy. Then deep again. Jill likes me to vary the action this way. My cock is getting coated with a frothy milky white mixture.

Depending upon our mood we usually shift quickly to another position at least once. My favorite is Jill on top facing away from me. I like to watch her butt and my cock going in. Jill likes facing me. Either way is great. Most of the time we finish up back in the doggy position. I will go deep and then hold the position. Then back out less than half an inch, then back in. Jill has been experimenting on milking my cock with her muscles while I’m hold deep in her. I can only hold that position for a minute before my body wants to start stroking again. We finish up with a flurry of thrusting.

Sometimes that’s it for the evening. If we have more time, however, this is just the half way point.

I suppose when we are older one time will be enough but not at our ages. Jill’s sister taught me to eat her pussy after fucking her. This became a favorite for both of us. When Jill and I first became a number I was afraid to suggest doing this. I didn’t want her think I was some type of deviant. But Susan had already bragged to Jill about my skill so my new wife was quite ready.

Most of my stories are written for my wife’s reading pleasure. She sometimes is the character and others she is not. Most are written from an aspect that places her there or gives her the most realism that I can possibly give. I hope you enjoy.


Charity Ross was nothing if not efficient. She always seemed to find a way to balance her busy schedule around not only her own family, but also that of her two brothers. Even today as she should be enjoying her Friday evening with her husband, she found herself playing a motherly role in her younger brothers’ life.

Robert is a couple of years younger than her, far less mature or worldly and going through a nasty divorce.

His world was upside down and Charity felt it was her responsibility to be there for him. She’d spent countless hours over the last year listening and consoling him. She knew the day he married, it wouldn’t last, but he was so in love, he wouldn’t listen.

So, here she was, spending the night at his place so he wouldn’t feel so alone.

At least she was able to talk him into a glass of wine and a hot shower while she cooked dinner. After his shower they enjoyed the meal and he retired to the couch, while she cleaned up. Now she needed to wash the long day away and headed for a bath.

Charity admired herself in the full-length mirror. She’d taken very good care of her body and looked very nice for a woman nearing forty. She was blessed with beautiful, soft, olive colored skin and large natural breast. Her dark auburn hair flowed down her back and her face was that of a woman half her age.

She took pride in the little things to keep her body looking the way her husband liked. The white bikini lines that contrasted against her dark skin and the full thick bush were two of his favorites. Her dark nipples stood out from her white breast like Hershey kisses.

She suddenly yearned to be home in the arms of her man, but for now, a tub of hot water and a glass of wine would have to do.

Charity realized she must have fallen asleep. The water was no longer hot and Robert was knocking at the door asking if she was OK. She gathered herself, dried off and put a cozy robe on to cover her chilled body. Coming over on short notice meant having no change of clothes, but maybe she could get a tee from Robert before going to bed.

From the kitchen she grabbed another bottle of wine and went to the living room to sit with Robert.

What she found broke her heart. Robert was sitting on one end of the couch and he appeared to be crying. Charity sat very close and took his hand in hers. She hated that he was feeling so much pain.

She remembered when he was a little boy. He would cuddle next to their Mom with his head nestled to her chest or in her lap. She would caress his head until he fell asleep. Charity moved closer and pulled his head to her chest. She held him close for a while and his sobs began to ease. They didn’t talk, but both could feel the closeness.

Charity reached for her glass of wine and in doing so, her robe opened slightly; exposing her breast. She hoped Robert hadn’t noticed, but the cool air was making her nipples extremely hard. She felt Robert stir and then he was resting his cheek solidly against her naked breast. A strange feeling rushed through Charity. Her mind raced and her heartbeat quickened.

Was he aware of what he was doing? Was this OK? She had been mothering him and maybe this was natural, but she also felt other stirrings in her body. The yearning she’d felt for her husband just before her bath was back and she couldn’t escape it in a tub of hot water this time.

Robert snuggled closer. She could hear his breathing becoming heavy.

His left hand was now resting on her thigh and he was gently caressing her. Charity battled with her thoughts. Should she stop this now and risk her brother being embarrassed and maybe even more depressed?

She fought with the idea that he would only snuggle and fall to sleep or would he push things further?

She knew it was wrong, but her body betrayed her thoughts as she felt his tongue slowly swirling around her hard nipple. The sensation shot through her like a bolt of lightening and she jumped. Robert felt this and pressed firmly on her now exposed thigh. The warmth and firmness of his hand relaxed her and she felt calm, but very excited.

Charity decided she would allow Robert to enjoy himself as long as it stayed innocent.

She laughed at herself after thinking it, because she realized that innocence was long past broken and she wanted more.

She reached for the robe’s belt as Robert suckled her breast. She pulled gently until it was untied, then opened her it to completely expose her body to her brother.

Her body was on fire.

What were they doing? How could this happen? The only question left was how far they would go.

Would she allow her brother to have her completely?

Her mind was screaming “No”, but her body was screaming “Yes”.

Robert didn’t need any encouragement. He was hungry for love and attention.

Who really loved him more at this moment than his beautiful dark skinned sister?

He tasted her skin and rolled each nipple with his tongue. He gasped as his hand searched between her legs and found a very wet and hot pussy.

He was drawn to the aroma of his sisters’ sex. He kissed and licked his way from Charity’s nipples, over her sweet flat belly and directly to her silky thick black bush.

He felt like a little kid searching for a prize as he parted her hair and looked for her clit. It wasn’t hard to find. It stuck out like a miniature cock. He wrapped his lips around it like it was one.

Her body tensed and he knew she liked what he was doing. She relaxed and parted her legs to give him better access.

With this, he changed positions and kneeled on the floor in front of her. It was the first time they had made eye contact, but it was OK. They just smiled at each other and he lowered his head to continue what he started.

Charity knew there was no turning back. She pulled her knees up to her chest, totally exposing her deepest, most intimate areas to her brothers’ mouth. Robert was drilling her pussy with his tongue and her juices began running down the crack of her ass.

Robert, seeing her juices escaping, quickly ran his tongue the length of her ass crack and hungrily fed on them. He now took interest in her asshole and gently pushed his tongue deep inside to tongue fuck her.

Charity froze as she felt his tongue enter her ass.

Every muscle in her body began to quiver and she knew an explosion was not far off. She reached between her legs and pulled his face tighter into her ass. She was pushing against his tongue as hard as she could and still she couldn’t get enough.

Robert knew this too as he stood up and looked down at his sister.

God, she was beautiful!

He wanted her so bad and planned on taking what he desired. He removed his shirt, but was saving his best for last.

He wanted the whole effect when his sister saw his cock.

The Durman family men had been blessed with large equipment.

It wasn’t something that was talked about, but Robert and his older brother Ryan had shared many showers together growing up and when they were both older, they had witnessed their father in the gym shower after a workout.

Robert pulled his jeans down slowly, allowing the temptation to build. He knew Charity would react and he wanted it to be awesome.

He slowly pushed his jeans over his hips and Charity couldn’t resist the urge to wet her lips. Why was he taking so long? Just pull them off and let’s get busy fucking!

What she saw as his jeans cleared his hips made her gasp. He wasn’t yet hard, but she knew it was the largest cock she had seen. It was long and thick and his balls hung heavy and full below it.

Even semi hard, he was eight or nine inches long and as big around as her wrist. The fact that he was so slim made it appear even bigger. She wanted this cock and she wanted it now.

Robert knew he had impressed his sister and now it was time to take the next step. He grabbed his cock and slid the head over her wet pussy and ass crack. As it grew to full size he held it out proudly for her to see.

Although Robert had intentions of sliding his cock deep into his sister, Charity had other ideas and set to hungrily engulf her brothers’ cock in her mouth.

Moans escaped her throat as she tried to shove as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. She lost track of time as she licked and stroked his cock. She was in a trance that couldn’t be broken.

She licked its length, and then sucked both balls into her mouth, while at the same time sliding a wet finger deep in his ass.

She wanted to feel his cock to explode in her mouth, filling it with his hot salty cum.

She added another two fingers and felt his cock swell even more. His veins were filled with hot flowing blood and his balls were ready to deliver their load.

Robert couldn’t resist his sisters’ mouth and fingers and knew it was only a matter of moments before he gave her a full load.

He gripped the back of her head and pulled her hair.

His hips began to push deeper as he felt the first rush of cum exploding from his cock and into his sisters’ hot waiting mouth. His legs shook and he became dizzy as he shot load after load into her beautiful mouth.

Charity felt the first blast hit the back of her throat and was barely able to keep from gagging. It was a strong burst and it caught her off guard, but she was ready for the second, third and fourth blast and she didn’t waste a drop. She pushed her fingers as deep as they would go in his ass and stroked his cock until every drop was gone.

She allowed her brother to catch his breath and slowly slid her fingers from his ass.

She thought that may be the end of things, but Robert was far more man than she had expected.

That huge cock of his didn’t go down and she was now being pushed back onto the couch with her legs again pushed back to her chest.

She was now able to appreciate the full size of his rock hard cock. It twitched a little, but gave no sign of going away.

Robert knew this was way beyond any lines that should have been crossed, but things were already in motion and who was he to stop now, especially since his sister had not yet been satisfied.

He still had reservations about actually fucking her and it must have shown on his face, because Charity looked up and said, “I understand” and with that, she looked him deeply in his eyes as she spread her ass cheeks for him.

She knew her brother was struggling with having actual intercourse with her and there was only one-way to get around it. She would take her baby brothers beautiful cock in her ass.

As she looked him in the eyes, she smiled and offered herself to him.

Robert moistened himself with her juices and then placed the head of his cock against her tiny opening.

He didn’t take his eyes from hers as he slowly pushed past her virgin ring.

He paused a bit to allow her to adjust and then added inch after inch to her waiting hole.

He pushed the entire length of his cock deep into his sister, then gently reached down and pulled her to him.

He picked her up and held her while he stood. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and they made love this way for the next half hour.

Charity was as close to her brother at that moment than she had ever been, with their bodies pressed together and his cock buried deep in her ass.

She came, over and over again, and then finished with Roberts’ cock exploding its hot load deep in her ass.

The door was now open and they made love throughout the night.

Later, as they lay together, words were hard to come by. Neither knew what to say nor if there was anything that could be said.

They now shared a very special secret!

At least Charity THOUGHT it would be THEIR secret…

My name is Randy. I’m 19 years old and I live at home with my Mom and my sister. My parents got divorced 10 years ago and Dad lives overseas as a civilian employee of the federal government. It’s been just me, my sister, and my Mom for 10 years.

Mom is just 37 years old and she’s really good looking for a woman her age but she only recently started dating. She hasn’t brought anyone around for us to meet . . . yet. I think she was waiting until my sister and I had both reached 18. I don’t know why that’s so important but, apparently, it means something to her.

I’m a freshman at the local junior college and my sister is a senior in high school. Her name is Lisa and, since she reached her 18th birthday, she’s been a little bit depressed. I think it’s because she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Whatever the problem is, it’s not her looks. I think she’s hot. She’s about 5′ 2″ and probably weighs 110 pounds. She has shoulder-length light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She got our Mom’s good looks. Her face is real cute and she kinda looks like a young Kristen Bell. She’s not an athlete but her body is naturally toned. Obviously, she’s petite and her boobs are a 34A; I know because we take turns washing the laundry so I’ve seen handled plenty of her worn underwear.

Lisa has had boyfriends in the past. A few of them were serious boyfriends, like they dated for 6 months or more. I know she’s given hand jobs and blow jobs to her boyfriends; in the past few months, she started talking to me about guys and sex, like what do guys expect and are they content if they just get a hand job. I do know she had sex with the last boyfriend and that was just a few months ago. She didn’t tell me that but I overheard her talking to one of her friends about it. She said it was better than when he just felt her up and made her cum with his fingers but it wasn’t that spectacular. I don’t know how many times they did it; all I know is she’s not a virgin any more.

It was a Friday night early in November and the weather was cool but not cold. Mom had left for a date and, as she was leaving, she laughingly said, “don’t wait up for me.” I really didn’t want to hear that. Who wants to hear their Mom hinting around that she might be hooking up with some guy? Not me.

Lisa said she was going to her high school football game and she was out the door by 7:00 p.m. I hadn’t started dating since I broke up with my last girlfriend, so I figured I’d stay at home. It would give me a chance to have some private time in the hot tub. I don’t get the opportunity very often but getting in the hot tub naked and masturbating is a whole lot more enjoyable than jerking off in the shower.

It was plenty dark by 8:00 pm and I didn’t need to worry about the neighbors because of our privacy fence around the back yard, so I thought I would get an early start on my Jacuzzi jizz time. I went to my bedroom and got naked, then picked up a beach towel and headed out the back door. I put my towel on the edge of the tub and climbed in.

I sat in a corner seat that was deeper than the other seats, leaned back, and closed my eyes. I started fantasizing about my last girlfriend. Heather and I had done the deed 5 or 6 times and she had an incredible body. I don’t think she had much experience because her pussy was really tight and she never took the initiative on telling me what made her feel good. She reminded me of the joke about the girl filling out the medical history while waiting to see her gynecologist. “Q. Are you sexually active? A. No, I just lay there.” Anyway, I was trying to be patient with Heather but I think she just felt inadequate. So, she had a stupid excuse when she broke up with me. I liked her but it wasn’t like I was in love with her.

In my fantasy, I was eating her pussy and she was moaning like she was on fire, then I told her to get up so I could fuck her doggy style. There was something so hot about looking at her ass while I was fucking her pussy.

After a couple minutes of the fantasy, I was hard as a rock. I started stroking my meat, kinda easy at first but more vigorously as I kept going.

“Watcha doin’?” Lisa’s voice suddenly asked.

My eyes popped open in an instant. The hot tub light wasn’t on and it was dark so I don’t think she had a clear view of my manhood but, obviously, she knew what I had been doing. She was standing not more than 2 feet away from me.

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed. “How long’ve you been standing there.”

“Just long enough to figure out that you were feeling some kinda horny since you broke up with Heather,” she replied. “But don’t let me stop what you were doing.” She snickered as if she had just scored some major coup.

“Why, are you some sorta perv that wants to watch me? You can go fuck yourself!” I retorted.

“You’re the one that’s naked jerking off in the hot tub!” she defended herself. “I saw you out here and I was just coming out to talk. How was I supposed to know you were doing yourself?”

I wasn’t really that angry at Lisa. I was mad that she had snuck up on me and taken advantage of the situation but I was more embarrassed than anything else. Sure, we had talked about sex, and I knew she wasn’t a virgin anymore, but we certainly hadn’t ever seen each other naked or done anything sexual together. It wasn’t that I hadn’t ever thought about it; after all, Lisa looks pretty hot to me. In fact, recently, when it was my turn to do the laundry, I had sniffed her panties before I put them in the washer. Maybe that sounds kinda lame for a brother to sniff his sister’s panties, but she’s hot and I was horny. I had even masturbated into a pair of her panties a few weeks ago. But, I know where to draw the line and incest wasn’t something that I ever actually contemplated.

Lisa started crying. What a chick thing to do! But . . . it worked on me. All of a sudden, I felt like the world’s biggest shithead for making my sister cry.

I turned around in my seat and got up on my knees in the seat so I could face her directly. She couldn’t see below my waist and I could hold out my arms to offer her a hug. I put my arms around her and she cried on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to yell at you, but . . . a guy really doesn’t want his sister around when he’s trying to relieve some stress, if you know what I mean, and I thought you’d be gone ’til later.”

“I’m sorry, too,” she responded. “I had a real shitty night and then, when I saw you doing that, it just kinda took control of me. I mean, I’m not a weirdo who wants to have sex with her brother, but . . . you’re a guy . . . in fact a pretty good looking guy, and it’s been a while so . . . I understand stress, but I can’t relieve my stress like you can. And, watching you was getting me so hot that I just couldn’t make myself turn and walk away.”

A few more minutes of conversation revealed that she was upset because all of her friends were at the game with their boyfriends and they were going to parties later and she was all alone.

“So, I’m curious about what you mean about you can’t relieve your stress like I do? Do you mean that you haven’t ever . . .?”

“No, of course I’ve tried. It just . . . nothing ever happens. I mean, it feels good, but no, uh . . . you know what I mean. Anyway, it’s not like I’m frigid or something, I mean, the fireworks go off when I’m with a guy, but not when I’m alone. And . . . I can’t believe that I just told you that.”

“Have you ever tried it in the hot tub? I’ve only done it a couple of times but, it’s pretty intense for me. You know, if you turn on the jets, I’m sure there’s one of them that would rub you the right way.”

“I’m so fuckin’ horny, I need something,” she said exasperatedly. “Why don’t you get out and go inside and, if you promise not to peak, maybe I’ll try it.”

“Yeah, well, I never really finished what I had started so, if you don’t mind . . .,” I reminded her, hoping that she would leave me alone for a few minutes. We looked at each other in silence for a few moments.

“I have a confession,” Lisa offered. “I’ve always wanted to watch a guy get himself off, I mean I think it would be totally hot. So . . . go ahead! Don’t pay any attention to me.”

“Not so easy. You’ve already watched me. I’m not doin’ nothing unless you’re in here doin’ it, too! Go ahead, get naked and get in here and let me watch you.”

Lisa has never been one to back down from a dare and I think that is how she perceived my comments. She began to unbutton her blouse and it was quickly removed. Next, she unsnapped and unzipped her pants and they fell to the ground as she wiggled her hips.

Lisa was standing before me in just her bra and panties. She had her hands up over her chest, trying to cover her boobs.

“What are you trying to hide?” I asked.

“Well, I’m kinda self-conscious about having, you know, uh . . . well, I guess it’s obvious I’ve got small boobs,” she explained.

“So you think a guy doesn’t wanna see your boobs because they’re not real big? I don’t know where girls get that idea. Here’s a news flash for you: not all guys like big boobs. Yeah, some guys, that’s all they talk about but, most guys, give ‘em a nipple to suck on and they’re in heaven, doesn’t matter whether it’s a big boob or a little boob. Personally, I like cute little boobs and . . . if you weren’t my sister . . ..”

“If I wasn’t your sister, then what?” Lisa demanded in a somewhat seductive voice.

“Put your nipples somewhere close to my mouth and you’ll find out. I think you’re beautiful, you and your little boobs. Especially your little boobies!” I responded with a grin. “I’d love to suck on your titties!”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah, really!” I was feeling rather exasperated with her stupid questions. Lisa is such a pretty girl and it was almost like she was fishing for compliments. “If I had a girlfriend who looked like you, I’d stay so fuckin’ horny that I’d wanna fuck you twice a day in every hole. . . . There, are you happy? Now you know!”

“Randy, I didn’t know, and . . . I don’t know what to say. I’m flattered, like really, really, really flattered, because I think you’re a hot guy and . . . if you weren’t my brother, I’d let you fuck me twice a day in every hole!” She smiled as she made the last comment and I started laughing.

“Well, it’s too bad we’re related. Just my fuckin’ luck!” I complained. “And, by the way, you’re not the only one with any insecurities. I’m not exactly hung like a horse. My dick’s only 5½ inches long and I hear that girls really like guys with big dicks. So . . . you show me your little boobs and I’ll show you my little dick.” I turned on the hot tub light and then stood up on the floor of the hot tub, exposing my manliness to Lisa.

She stared at it for about 10 seconds. “It looks perfect to me,” she said. “I’ve heard some girls talk about guys with big units but, frankly, I’d be scared of a guy that had more than 6 inches. And, well, I’ve only done it with one guy and he definitely wasn’t hung like a horse, either, but as soon as he had 2 inches inside of me, he was hitting the right spot, so . . . I think anything more than 6 inches would be a waste. In fact, you look just perfect to me. I’d like to feel something like that inside me, but . . . well, we can’t have sex but we’re both horny and you’re already naked and hard and I’m wet and almost naked and I need to cum so bad it hurts, so . . . if you wanna watch, let’s do it!” she said.

As soon as she finished that statement, she reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. She let it fall to the ground and I was treated to the sight of her naked breasts. They were small, of course, because her bra size is 34A, but they were perfect. They stood straight out from her chest and were capped with areolae the size of quarters and nipples that looked like little pencil erasers. Her nipples were hard and I guessed that it wasn’t just the cool air that had her hard.

“They’re beautiful,” I said, then I paused before I continued “and so hard. Does that mean you’re kinda aroused?”

“Yeah, I’m looking at a hot naked guy, I’m almost naked, and I’m wet without even being in the hot tub yet, so what do you think?”

“I think you should drop your panties and get in the hot tub!” I replied.

She put her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and quickly slid them down below her knees. From there, they fell to the ground and she stepped out of them. Her pussy looked perfect. She didn’t have those protruding inner lips like a lot of girls have. All I could see was a simple slit with thin lips that got just a little bit bigger at the top of her pussy. She had shaved all of her pubic hair and her pussy was as bald as a newborn baby’s.

She climbed into the hot tub and settled into a seat.

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this,” she said.

“Me either, but there’s no backing out now. So, you already watched me some, so you start first,” I suggested. The hot tub light was still on and the jets weren’t running so I could see Lisa’s naked body and, of course, she could see mine.

“Yeah, well it still feels kinda weird with you watchin’,” she explained.

“Well, just close your eyes and I’ll be quiet and you can pretend that you’re alone,” I offered.

Lisa closed her eyes and laid her head back against a cushion in the corner seat. She brought her left hand up to her right boob and started playing with her nipple. I could see her right hand lowering down between her legs and the tip of her middle finger came to rest on her clit, or where I assumed her clit would be. She started moving her fingertip in circles.

“This feels good,” she said quietly.

She moved her feet from the floor of the hot tub up to the seat so that her crotch was fully exposed and wide open to my view. I’ve never seen anything go hot in my entire life. After a minute, she started pushing her middle finger inside her pussy, like she was trying to reach her G-spot.

“You look so fuckin’ hot,” I said. “If you weren’t my sister, I’d stick my dick in your pussy and fuck it ’til we both came.”

“Mmmmm. That sounds nice,” she said, “especially ’cause I don’t think this is gonna work. It’s just so different when it’s somebody else’s hand. Do you think you could . . .?”

“Stick my dick in your pussy?” I said as I finished her sentence.

“No, silly, could you give me a hand?” she finished.

I raised both hands and started applauding.

“Very fucking funny!” she said. “Now, get over here and give me your hand.”

I moved so that I could kneel in front of her. I placed both hands on the inside of her knees and slowly moved them towards her pussy. As my hands reached their destination, I raised my left hand until I found her boob. I took her nipple between my thumb and index finger and started rolling it back and forth.

Meanwhile, my right middle finger was moving up and down her slit, going over the slight protrusion that I knew was her clit. Each time that I found the magic button, I felt a wave of tension run through her body.

I know that some girls really get off on dirty talk. I had a feeling that Lisa might be one of those girls.

“If you weren’t my sister, I’d beg you to lick me and suck me and take me in your mouth and swallow my cum. I’d get between your legs and push my dick in your pussy and fuck you as hard as I could. And when your pussy couldn’t take any more, I’d roll you over and play with your other hole ’til you begged me to fuck you back there. I wanna cum in you so bad. I’ve never wanted anybody so much in my entire life!” I hoped that the dirty talk would help her to cum but everything I was saying was true.

I plunged my finger into her pussy and finger-fucked her cunt. She started moaning, “Oh . . . oh . . . oh.” The harder I finger-fucked her pussy, the louder her moaning became. “Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried.

My middle finger was deep in her cunt and my index finger was resting on her ass cheek. I started sliding my index finger towards her middle and soon my finger fell into her crack and I felt the puckered ridges of her anus.

“I’ve never . . . oh, fuck . . . you’re so nasty . . . don’t stop!” she panted in apparent delirium.

I leaned forward until my lips were just a few inches from hers. “Lisa, I want to cum inside you!” I declared. I then closed the gap until my lips touched hers. “I love you, Lisa!” This was the last thing I said before my tongue started probing her mouth. That is what sent her over the edge.

“Oh fuck . . . I’m cumming . . . cumming . . . so hard!”

As she came, her body tensed in waves. She placed her arms around my neck and hugged me, pulling my naked body against hers. Her hard nipples poked my chest. Her naked body was beautiful and I felt so proud to be the one who brought her sexual relief.

“Oh fuck,” she finally gasped. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life. That was so damned nasty . . . but so incredibly good. I’ve never had anybody touch me back there before. Holy fuck!”

“I’m glad you had a fine time,” I responded. “I hope you feel up to returning the favor.”

“You bet I do,” she answered. “How would you like to cum?”

“What do ya mean?” I asked.

“Well, you know, I heard what you said and I’d love to feel you in my, you know, vagina, but . . . it would probably feel great, but it might be a little weird, so . . . other than that one place, where else on, or in, my body would you like to cum?”

“I’m sure any of those places would feel great and . . . well, I only had anal sex once but that might be weird to do that the first time for you and me, so . . . how ’bout in your mouth?” I suggested.

“I don’t know if I’m very good at it but I kinda like doin’ it, especially in a 69, but that would be kinda difficult in the hot tub, so . . ..”

I interrupted her. “We don’t have to finish this in the hot tub. We can go in to my bedroom if you want to.”

“I’d love to!” was her immediate reply. She quickly stood and I watched as sheets of water cascaded down her nubile young form. No movie star had ever exuded more raw sex appeal than did my naked sister at that moment.

Despite everything that had been said so far, I really, really wanted to be inside Lisa. It wasn’t just about sex. In the closeness of what we had already shared this evening, I had started to realize that my feelings for her were more than just lust and more than just brother-sister affection. I wanted to look into her eyes as I filled her with my cum and I wanted to feel her nipples against my chest as she experienced the bliss of a shared orgasm. I wanted to know that I was the one she wanted.

She gathered up her clothes, I grabbed my towel, and we ran inside. We grabbed some more towels to dry off and then went to my bedroom. I have a queen size bed in my room and I had always thought of it as just a nice place to sleep. Now, it was the part of heaven upon which I hoped to make love with Lisa.

I intentionally left the lights on. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her naked body as I brought her to another orgasm. I flopped down, laying on my back with my legs hanging over the side of the bed.

Without any further prompting, Lisa dropped to her knees by the side of the bed. She kissed my left inner thigh and then my right inner thigh. She raised her hand and wrapped her fingers around my dick. I was already hard, of course, but the feel of her touch gave me an insistent feeling that this couldn’t stop until I ejaculated.

Next, I felt her tongue on the underside of my dick, first moving upward and then downward, followed my lapping licks of my balls. Then she licked up my shaft until her tongue was on the underside of my dickhead. I looked down as the end of my rod disappeared between her lips.

She began licking and sucking at the same time as she moved her lips up and down the last 2 inches of my dick. I couldn’t believe that my dick was in Lisa’s mouth. It felt so insanely hot that I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

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