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What A Good Neighbor … Or A Whole New Meaning To S&M

Chapter 01

Introductions and How I Got Myself In To All This

Perhaps the best way to begin is to provide a bit of background. After my wife passed away unexpectedly in 2003, life seemed to just get in the way of being able to move forward. Three moves across country, a devastating financial upheaval when a business partner turned out to be a crook, more death in the immediate extended family, having to support those in the extended family that could not do otherwise for themselves – all in all, it just seemed that the cosmos was misaligned when it came to my life — especially my sex life!

At one point, it seemed to have turned around — I had met a woman; we were extremely compatible; planned a life together; but, life just got in the way AGAIN and nothing ever became of the opportunity. And as to a sex life, I had all but given up on that all together. Rosie Palm and her five sisters had even lost their attraction.

For the past few years, I devoted my life to work and minding my own business. Although I knew my neighbors on a first name basis, there was no common ground to become overly friendly with them — they were just neighbors. When one needed help, I would offer assistance, knowing most likely if the shoe were on the other foot I would not receive a similar courtesy. In short, I had become cynical of not just my life, but of everything in my life. Little did I know, that was about to change — AND HOW!

There was an odd family just three doors down. They seemed to keep to themselves even more than I did. Bill and I were on neighborly speaking terms. I had loaned him tools which he promptly returned. As well, I had helped him on various projects outside his home and helped him with his computer anytime it was “messed up” as he put it. But I say odd, as he kept his wife and two daughters sequestered away in the house.

I had only seen his wife early on Sunday mornings when the family would parade out to their car and then later in the afternoon when they returned. Always it was the same procession, Bill in the lead, followed by his wife, then his two daughters. Odd again was the dress of the women. Mother and daughters all wore long sleeved dresses that had high button collars and hems down around the ankles — rain or shine, be it 100 degrees or 40 degrees outside. As well, I could tell all three women had long hair, but it was pinned up atop and towards the back of their heads — always the same with each successive Sunday ritual procession.

I had bumped into Bill’s wife in the grocery store on several occasions, but she was always dressed similarly as on Sunday mornings, albeit more casual attire. She would not speak to me and held her head down avoiding eye contact. As I stated, this was an odd family, to say the least.

Now the daughters were a bit different, but not by much. They had been homeschooled all their lives, as Bill had informed me. I would see the two girls out for precisely two hours every Saturday afternoon. They would bicycle or roller blade down the street — back and forth — but no more than two blocks down the street past my house before they would return. However, if I were outside, they would at least smile and wave. On occasion, if I were in the driveway washing my car or out near the street mowing my lawn, they would stop and chat for a while. This is how I learned more about their family that helped fill in the blanks.

It turned out Bill was a fundamentalist preacher. As I recall, his church was something along the lines of a Pentecostal or Jehovah’s Witness type congregation. As such, he was a very strict disciplinarian and had strict rules around the house. Sandra, or Sandy as she preferred, was the most talkative. Her sister, Amanda, or Mandy, was friendly, but a bit on the shy side. I just chalked her shyness up to her sequestered upbringing. Sandy and Mandy were identical twins, and had just recently turned 19. They had finished all their homeschooling, had taken the state’s homeschool high school equivalency exam, had passed with flying colors, and were now attending the local community college for two years before transferring to one of the near by universities — that is, if their father would let them attend a school away from home.

Over the past few years, I had also witnessed the blossoming of two very beautiful young women. They each had gone from rather straight, tomboyish figures to knockout, dead gorgeous young women. Each girl had waist length strawberry blonde hair. Their breasts seemed to have exploded over night — transforming from mosquito bite sized pebbles to what appeared to be rather large handfuls. Whether a large C-cup or D-cup, makes no difference, their breasts were now in a word — AWESOME. As well, they each possessed a Scarlet O’Hara type tiny waist that flared out to dynamite muscular bubble butts. All that bicycling, roller blading and now flex skate boarding had paid off on their leg development as well — muscularly toned and well tapered — not a sign of baby fat anywhere to be seen.

Oh, back to their bubble butts. One can not exclaim enough accolades of such beautiful, young, tight and well tones butts. These two had the type of butts of which an ass man dreams each and every night — the type an ass man would have to flip a coin to decide if he wanted to sink his teeth into each marvelous globe or sink his throbbing cock in their puckered stars. Either way, to an ass man, it would be a win-win scenario no matter how the coin flip went.

And to confess, these two young women had caused me moments to pause each and every time we spoke. Even though those times were few and far between, I would have to concentrate on keeping my cock from bounding to full attention whenever we did speak. And yes, there had even been several occasions when I would awaken from a very vivid dream of these two beauties.

More recently, things had changed. I hadn’t seen Bill’s car for over two months. As well, the girls were outside more and more often. And praise the Lord above; the girls were wearing more contemporary clothes. Gone were the long sleeved, high neck blouses and baggy jeans. Here to stay were more and more revealing shirts and tops and, OH MY GOD, short denim shorts that barely contained their butts, and also gave the very definitive “camel toe” outlines of their pronounced clefts. Unfortunately, it was now time to concentrate even more to prevent a full raging hard-on while speaking to either girl.

Sandy had also made a change in her hair — now cut to shoulder length; while Mandy had only trimmed hers to mid back. To further add to the mystery, their mother, I learned her name was Miranda, had also taken a new turn. She was now venturing out into the yard and wearing shorts, along with cool cotton blouses or an occasional halter top (an event that did not go un-noticed as prior to this she was NEVER seen outside). However, upon close inspection, I was able to see exactly where the girls had attained their beauty. The two girls were the spitting image of their mother — long strawberry blonde hair, the same large breasts, a tiny waist, long well toned legs, and a simply irresistible ass. DAMN!

It was a Saturday — that glorious, unforgettable Saturday, when my life began to change for the better. It was not quite noon when the door bell startled me as I seldom had visitors. When I opened the door, I’m not sure if my eyes or my cock recognized Sandy first. There before me, Sandy was wearing a pair of those skin tight denim short shorts (shorter and tighter than any pair of Daisy Dukes I had ever seen), a sleeveless blouse that had the top three buttons either missing or unbuttoned, the shirt tails tied around her waist, and obviously no bra (nor any need for one as her breasts were definitely “pointers”, not “sitters”). It was tough to keep my jaw from hitting the floor — as well to prevent the sudden urge to drool all over myself. I managed to finally speak.

“Well hello Sandy. To what do I owe the honor of your presence on a Saturday afternoon?”

“Mr. J, you had helped Dad with that used computer he bought some time ago. Dad said you seemed to know a lot about computers. Could you take a look at it again? Mandy and I are taking a computer literacy course at the community college and our computer at home seems to have just died,” the blonde beauty requested.

“Not a problem Sandy. I’ll be glad to look at it if it’s OK with your Dad and Mom.”

Sandy’s smile turned to a rather sullen expression. After an elongated pause, she just opened up. It was as if somehow, the opportunity presented itself and she seized it to unload what had apparently been pent up inside her for some time. Maybe, as I was about to learn, it was her need for a male figure in her life.

“Our Dad doesn’t live here any more. He just up and moved out one day a few of months ago. Mom won’t say anything, but I know he left with another woman — his office manager at his church. It is all the gossip at church, which is why we don’t go any more.”

“Sandy, I am so sorry to hear that. If there is anything I can do to help you, your sister or your Mom, just let me know. I know it has to be tough on all three of you,” I offered innocently.

“We’ll be OK Mr. J. My Mom has her old teaching job at the high school. She was a teacher when she and our Dad met some 20 years ago. She’s back at the same high school where she taught before. As well, she is also cleaning homes evenings and weekends to bring in extra money. Mandy and I are working part time with Mom’s cleaning service and going to school full time. Mandy and I work jobs during the day around our class schedules and Mom does the evening and weekend jobs. So we are doing OK on our own. But there are just some things Mom, Mandy and I don’t know how to do. Like our damn computer.”

Sandy’s eyes grew wide as soon as she realized she had sworn. She looked up at me and I just smiled at her, which seemed to cause her anguish to subside and to be replaced with a wide smile.

“Mom is the one who sent me down to ask you. So I know it’s OK for you to come down and take a look at our computer. That is, if you’re agreeable. Mandy and I would be most appreciative.”

“OK, give me a minute to grab my shirt and my electronics tool bag. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll take a look and give it my best try to get you up and running again.”

“Thanks a lot Mr. J. Want me to wait?”

“Come on in. It will only take me a minute or two.”

‘Thanks Mr. J. It feels good in here — nice and cool. Mom has the thermostat turned up several degrees to cut down on our AC bill. We keep the windows open and use some fans to create a breeze. But it is still warm in the house. Hope you don’t mind being around half-dressed women.”

Sandy was smiling broadly — akin to the cat that ate the canary. She was also glancing at the crotch of my gym shorts. As much as I had concentrated, it was no use. I had a raging hard-on that was quite evident in my shorts. You just can’t hide 10 inches of hard cock very well in a skimpy pair of gym shorts. Turning, I went down the hall to grab a shirt and my sandals … and try to get my cock to subside a bit.

“Should I change shorts, Sandy, or will these be OK? Maybe your Mom won’t think these very appropriate.”

“Oh no, Mr. J. Those will be fine. No telling how warm it will get in the house today. You should be comfortable. And Mom will most likely be dressed just as cool, if not more so. Since Dad left, it’s like she is an entirely different person. Mandy and I aren’t sure who buys the more revealing clothes now, us or Mom.” Sandy openly giggled after her last remark.

In my bedroom, I just shook my head as I heard her giggling after her last remark. I kept telling myself, ‘Damn it man. She’s only 19 and you’re in your early 50s. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. Stay cool, calm and collected.’ Yeah right! I felt like throwing Sandy over the arm of my sofa and fucking her senseless. I fetched my shirt and sandals only to duck into the master bath to try and get my cock to cooperate. As well, I splashed some cool tap water on my face. Looking up, I saw an idiot with a shit-eating grin staring back at me in the mirror. Good grief! What am I getting myself into?

When I returned to the den, Sandy was half sitting on my loveseat, almost spread eagle with one leg nonchalantly draped over the arm of the loveseat, bouncing her dangling foot up and down as if in rhythm to some unheard music. Her shorts had ridden up and I could swear that short wisps of her strawberry blonde pubic hair were creeping out of the edge of her camel toe cleft. I couldn’t keep from staring openly at the V between her legs. As she looked up, she grinned widely again, causing me to almost be embarrassed at being caught — ALMOST.

“Um … OK Sandy. Ready when you are. Lead the way.”

“Let’s go then, as long as you’re sure you’re UP to it.”

Sandy made no pretense in either the way she emphasized the word “up” or in the way she looked directly at my crotch and then giggled before opening my front door and leading me down the three houses to hers. As she opened her front door, my jaw again almost dropped. There before me with an outstretched hand was her drop dead gorgeous Mom. And just as Sandy had intimated, her Mom was dressed in equally short, tight shorts and a similar blouse as Sandy was wearing, tied at the waist with all the other buttons undone. It was easy to see from her cleavage that she was not wearing a bra, and like her daughters, did not need one.

“Thank you for coming to our rescue. The girls have a mid-term project due for their computer lit class, and I have no idea of what to do. Oh my gosh, please excuse me. I’m Miranda. Even though we’ve bumped into one another, we’ve never been introduced. I know the girls and their father call you Mr. J. But that’s all I know,” she smiled, her hand reaching out to greet mine.

Shaking her soft hand, I replied casually, “Please, call me Doc. That goes for you and your daughters as well. I’ll take a look and see what I can do for the ailing computer. But just as I told Sandy, I can’t make any promises. Uh, aren’t you one short? Where’s Mandy?”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Mandy is in the shower trying to cool off a bit. The computer is in the girls’ bedroom. Unfortunately, that is also where Mandy is showering, so you will need to wait a few more minutes. Why don’t you sit here in the den, if that’s OK with you? The fan will keep us cool. Well, sort of. Would you like something to drink? We have iced tea, soda or water.”

“Anything will be fine; which ever is easiest for you.”

Sandy and Miranda both went into the kitchen. Damn! Two of the finest asses were swaying before me — both well defined, muscular, and so damn inviting. Damn it — have to realign my cock again! No use — the two returned before I could do anything. And both noticed! Their glances were not too obvious at first, but their smiles were. Miranda also had a bit of a blush creeping up her chest and along her neck when she realized I had caught her staring. The more she took notice of my situation, the broader the blush grew. Sandy soon began take notice to the point she was almost staring. I could swear she licked her lips, but that had to be my imagination playing tricks on me. Right? Miranda’s hand shook a bit as she finally handed me a glass of iced tea.

Just as Miranda and Sandy seated themselves across from me trying not to overtly stare at “my condition”, Mandy comes bounding into the room with a towel wrapped around her wet head — and that was all. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me sitting in the den, which caused her breasts to jiggle just right — at least just right for me. As well, when she came to a dead stop, her legs were spread wide enough to give me a complete view of her trimmed strawberry blonde bush and pouty outer labial lips. She had one of those deer in the headlights expressions. And I now had a raging hard-on from hell. I’m not sure of the four of us, who was more surprised – Mandy at me being seated in front of her, Miranda and Sandy at the size and girth of my now throbbing hard-on, or me at the lovely sight before me.

I immediately moved the cold glass of iced tea atop my hard cock and I swear I could hear steam coming from the glass!

Mandy finally snapped to her senses and bolted back to her bedroom. As if on cue, the three of us burst into awkward laughter at the situation.

‘Well, Doc. Welcome to the family. As you know, that was Mandy. I apologize for the abrupt introduction.”

“Not a problem. Things happen.”

“They sure do.” Miranda and Sandy laughed as they both were staring at the glass of iced tea atop my raging hard-on. The sweating glass of iced tea had just made my shorts wet and caused the outline of my hard cock to be even more pronounced.

I just shook my head in disbelief. What am I doing here? And what am I getting myself into?

Mandy finally reappeared, dressed, just barely; wearing rather translucent cotton sleeveless top and matching short shorts. She plopped down next to her Mom.

“What’s so funny? Were you guys laughing at me? How embarrassing! Someone could have said we had a house guest,” Mandy said with a pout, clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal.

“No, honey; we weren’t laughing at you. We were laughing at, how shall I say it, how you never know who or WHAT is going to pop up around here.”

Miranda and Sandy both smiled at that comment and once again, mother and daughter took a quick gaze at my “predicament”. Sandy nudged Mandy and nodded toward my direction. Mandy immediately took notice of the outline of my large, hard cock that was most visible through my now wet gym shorts. I grabbed my electronics tool bag and while holding it in front of me, I stood up. My legs felt like rubber and were beginning to quiver slightly.

“OK, show me where this sick computer resides. And then give me some time to analyze the situation,” I asked, attempting a way out of my awkward, yet stimulating, situation.

“Is he going to fix our computer, Sis?”

“That’s the idea, Mandy. Mom had me go ask Doc if he would help us out. So he brought his tools. And from the looks of it, I think he has all the right equipment.”

I did my best to conceal my slight gasp at the obvious innuendo, my cock twitching yet again against my will.

Mandy had a puzzled look on her face, but Sandy and their Mom were doing all they could to keep from bursting out laughing at the last comment. Mandy then started to giggle as she caught the play on words. Sandy took me by the arm and led me down the hall to their bedroom and pointed at the PC.

“OK, I can take it from here, Sandy. Oh, can you tell me, how do you turn this thing on?” I asked looking as confused as possible.

“Huh, I thought you said you knew all about computers!”

“Gotcha, I was just kidding; paybacks and all that.” I smiled.

Sandy returned to the den and I went to the computer and turned it on. After some quick trouble shooting, it was quite apparent the hard drive had met a cruel, untimely death.

All the while I was working on the computer, I could hear rather loud whispers and giggling coming from the den — three distinct voices indicating Miranda was just as involved as were her daughters.

I took a little extra time to compose myself — and to adjust my cock. Sandy was right, it did heat up here. After taking care of my immediate problem, I returned to reassemble the computer and pack away my tools — my other tools. After all was in order, or at least as much as possible when it came to my now only semi-hard cock, I returned to the den.

“Good news and not so good news ladies. The computer can be fixed. But not today, as I will have to get a new hard drive and install it. Then format the drive and re-install your Windows operating system and all your applications. All this will take some time. When is your project due for class, ladies?”

“OH NO! Our first draft is due Wednesday. We have more research to do online before then. We don’t have any time to spare,” a suddenly frantic Mandy openly fretted.

“Not a problem. If it’s OK with you Miranda, Sandy and Mandy are welcome to use my computer at home. I have pretty fast Internet access so they can get online easily. They are more than welcome to use it,” I offered with the double purpose of being helpful and being able to watch this eye candy live in my own home.

“Mom, can we please? This is an emergency!”

“Doc, if you really don’t mind. Your offer is most generous and it will save their hides for waiting until the last minute to start on their project. But, I insist on paying you in some way for the use of your computer,” she emphasized the latter with a smile that could have so many meanings.

“That’s not necessary, really. But, if it will make you feel better, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t take any money for the use of a computer that just sits there most of the time anyway. But, Sandy told me you three have a cleaning service. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I do. And the girls help me during the days when I’m teaching and they don’t have classes. What do you have in mind?”

“OK, for each hour they need to use the computer, they can spend an equal amount of time keeping my home clean. I’m a neat person, but things tend to get messy at times. Work tends to keep me from doing as much around the house as I would like or need. I would be most appreciative for the help. And their occasional company might help me not be the hermit that I regret I may have become.”

Miranda looked at her daughters who in turn were pleading with their mother with their expressions. As they had this nonverbal debate going on, I took my key chain and removed my spare key.

“Well, Doc, it seems you have a deal,” the beautiful mother agreed.

“Good. Here you go Miranda. You can decide who will be the keeper of the key. You and the girls are welcome at anytime. Just let yourself in. The computer is set up in the first bedroom on the right, as I use that room as an office. Hey, one of you can come back with me and I’ll show you where I keep my cleaning supplies and how to power up my computer. Look, I know you’re on a tight budget, so if you decide you want to just come down and relax in the A/C, that’s fine by me too. As well, I do have a hot tub and a pool in the back yard. You three are welcome to use it any time you wish. Just one rule though.”

“What’s that Doc?”

“No wild parties — unless I’m invited,” I joked, with just a hint of a devious smile.

We all laughed. Sandy and Mandy jumped up and hugged me in appreciation. Wrong thing to do!

Firm, braless breasts, pressed tightly against me. There was a sweet essence wafting from their hair. My semi-erect cock was no longer semi — it was full blown – AGAIN! I swear Sandy was intentionally rubbing against it as she hugged me. And her nipples felt like bullets pressing into my chest the longer she hugged me.

“I’ll go back with Doc if that’s OK, Mom. Is that OK with you, Mandy?”

Miranda cocked an eyebrow as she could see Sandy’s visibly erect nipples through her thin top. And she could see my now rock hard cock straining against my shorts. Then Miranda surprised me and began to smile.

“Guess you two better scoot. Sandy, make sure to take a complete inventory to make sure he has everything WE’LL need.”

Had to be my imagination again right? Did she just emphasize “WE”? Miranda had to be talking about the cleaning supplies they’ll need, right?

“Yeah Sis, make sure you check EVERYTHING. WE need to make sure WE don’t miss ANYTHING and that HE has EVERYTHING we’ll need,” Mandy said, confirming my suspicions and making my cock flinch again.

Oh – my – God! What am I getting myself into?

Chapter 2

The Proposition and Then Some

I was standing there not realizing I must have that “lost in a fog” expression on my face as I pondered the sexual undercurrent of all that had happened thus far. Before I could contemplate that train of thought any further, Sandy took the key from her Mom, grabbed my arm and we were out the door heading back to my house.

I allowed Sandy to walk in front of me so I could admire her ass. DAMN! She had a fine ass — just like her sister and her mom! The guy that ends up getting into her pussy and ass is going to be one of the luckiest guys on earth. Hell, the same can be said for Mandy or Miranda! DAMN! If I were only younger!

We no sooner entered my home than Sandy started walking around the house, checking out each room and closet.

“Hmm, this must be your bedroom? Nice big bed with lots of play room,” Sandy coyly announced, dripping with innuendo.

Did she just say “PLAY”? I nodded an affirmative and took my time watching Sandy’s ass as she paraded round the house. She then passed the back door and made note of the pool and hot tub, “Nice, very nice. Oooooooo, and it’s all fenced in for complete privacy! Sis and I could work on getting rid of our tan lines,” Sandy smiled as she looked directly into my eyes as she made the last comment.

When we were in the kitchen, I pointed out the adjacent laundry room and where I kept the cleaning supplies in the cabinets there. I decided in a moment of lust-filled weakness to press forward with some tit-for-tat teasing — just to see how far it might go. If I were going to end my days as a recluse, I might as well start today and see where things might go.

“Well, Sandy, do I have EVEYTHING you ladies will need?”

Immediately, Sandy spun around and pressed against me. Her left hand gently grasped my arm while her right hand slid down to my shorts and gripped my rock hard cock.

“I could see you had EVERYTHING I needed the first time you got a hard-on while we chatted on the street. Mandy’s kind of shy, but I know when she and I play with one another in our bedroom, your hard cock is all she talks about. So, YES, I think you have everything she needs as well. And today, my mom took notice while you were sitting in our den. And I could tell by the way she talked and giggled with Mandy and me while you worked on our computer, I know you have everything SHE needs. There’s just one question I have for you.”

My head was spinning as I tried to comprehend what this 19-year-old girl had just said to me. Was this the little tomboy roller blader of just 2-3 years ago? Looking at her body and now looking at how her eyes were locked on mine, not to mention feeling the tight grip she had on my cock, this was an entirely different person before me.

“What’s the question, Sandy? You have my COMPLETE and UNDIVIDED attention.”

“Will you make Mandy and me women? YOUR women?”

“HUH? What do you mean?”

Sandy looked up at me, took a deep breath and began to unload non-stop,

“Mandy and I want you to be the one to take our virginities. We’re tired of being treated like little girls. And these guys just out of high school at the community college seem to have no clue as to how to treat a girl — just grab and grope and then shoot all over themselves the first time they see a boob. And to tell the truth, Mandy and I are totally inexperienced — all we know has come from the Internet. So, we want you to TEACH us how to be women, how to become accomplished lovers. How did they say it in your day, a woman in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom? That’s EXACTLY what we want to learn from you. As Mandy put it to me the other night, we want you to make us your personal “whores in training”. Can you handle that? Trust me; you won’t regret a minute of it. Mandy and I are anxious to learn. Oh, and just so you’ll know, Mom put us both on the pill when we started community college, just in case, you know, that the day would come.”

“Wow, that’s a mouthful to comprehend. You know, there’s quite a bit of difference in our ages, Sandy. Wouldn’t you be better suited by someone younger?” I pointed out, even as my cock argued for me to shut the hell up.

“Doc, it’s not the difference in our ages that matter to Mandy and me. It’s your … how can I say it? It’s your sexiness, your experience, and the way you make Mandy and me feel when you just look at us.”

“You two think I’m sexy, huh? That’s quite a compliment from you or your sister. You two are absolutely gorgeous. And you two are also the two of the sexiest women I have seen, not to mention your mom. Are you sure you want this?”

“Oh I’m sure! Mandy and I have been discussing this and YOU for some time now. We want you to be the ONE! And we want THIS!” she stressed the last word by squeezing my cock even harder.

Before I could answer, Sandy slid her hand into my shorts and began to stroke my cock. As I gazed down and watched her hand action, her other hand started to slide down the waist band of my shorts. Soon she had my cock fully exposed. When she glanced down at her “handy work,” her eyes widened. Her fingers of one hand could not go around the girth. She then started to inch worm one joint of one finger up the length — starting at the base and slowly worked up the length to the tip of the crown. She then gazed up at me — a glassy, dream like expression in her eyes, her mouth slightly agape.

“Sandy, I am flattered that you and Mandy have asked this of me. You looked puzzled, so let me tell you what you’re in for should we agree to go further. That is at least 9-1/2 to 10 inches of hard cock, and as excited as you have me right now, it might be well over 10 inches. As well, it is at least 5-1/2 inches in girth at the base,” I began before continuing.

“IF we go forward with your proposal, you have to realize that you both will experience this cock in every way imaginable — EVERY way without exception – no if’s ands or buts — EVERY inch of it. As well, you will have my cum in every way imaginable. You and Mandy will learn to savor my cock and my cum. You both will end up craving my cock and my cum. Every orifice you have will be taken by my cock — every one of them — your mouths, your virgin pussies and your virgin asses. I will choose what, when, where and how often. Not only will you be my “whores in training” as you put it, you and your sister will evolve into MY cum-sluts. IF we proceed, there will be no turning back. Not now, not ever! You two WILL be MINE! Is that understood? You best think this over clearly for your sake and for the sake of your sister.”

Sandy’s jaw dropped slightly at how my demeanor had changed. No longer was I the nice older man down the street. Now I was a lust-filled dominant male that wants every virgin hole she and her sister have. The older man that would end up completely dominating them and turning them into my personal sex toys — his cum sluts. Perhaps more than she bargained for.

Tentatively Sandy looked up at me, her hand never releasing its hold on my cock, took another deep breath before she launched into a pleading litany.

“Y-y-y-yes sir. I want that and more. Mandy wants it too. We BOTH want that more than you can ever imagine. You have no idea how badly we both want it. Mandy and I have made one another orgasm while we played with one another and discussed all sorts of wild sex filled scenarios and fantasies — just so you’ll know, they were scenarios and fantasies all revolving around you. And from the way Mom almost drooled over seeing just the outline of your cock, I know in time she’ll probably want the same things, if she doesn’t already. We want you to teach us, to make us accomplished lovers, to make us your whores, to make us want to be nasty with you, to make us your cum-sluts, to make us your — well, sex slaves. PLEASE Doc, make us your whores and cum-sluts. Take all our virginities. I’ll have to help you with Mandy because I don’t think she ever thought about having her ass taken. She likes me to play with her ass, but something as big as your cock in there … well, she’ll need my help. But she’ll do it, I promise. We’ll both do it, whatever you choose, whenever you choose, wherever you choose and how ever often. But I want it all, and she will too. I know she will, she’s my twin.”

My head was spinning from the turn of events in my life. Two nubile virgins literally begging me to take their virginities, albeit one is begging via her sister. And, as an added plus, their mom might want the same things. DAMN! Wait, she stated she and Mandy played with one another. That shed a whole new light to be explored. As an evil grin began to spread across my face, I looked deeply into Sandy’s eyes and began my sexual inquisition.

“Hmmm, you said you and Mandy discussed all sorts of scenarios as you played with one another? Tell me, dear, just how do you and Mandy play? Be detailed and precise for me.”

Sandy was a little un-nerved as she realized she may have said too much, but she couldn’t stop now. She would not allow herself to stop now. I could see that her mind was racing, so I took the opportunity to spur her on just a tad more.

“Sandy, do you and Mandy touch one another? Perhaps here?” I allowed my finger tips to stroke across her hardened nipples and took notice of the goose bumps racing up and down her arms.

“Y-y-y-yes sir,” Sandy was finally able to meek out her haste reply.

“And how about here, do you touch one another here?” I allowed the backs of my fingers to slowly slide along her obvious camel-toe and just as slowly rotated them atop her clitoral bud.

“Ummmmm, yes sir,” Sandy barely quaked out her answer as her eyes began to slowly roll back under her lids.

Leaning forward so my lips were just a fraction of an inch from her ear, I began to whisper in her ear.

“Do you kiss one another? I mean really kiss one another in a sexual manner. Do you kiss one another’s nipples?”

Sandy could only nod as my finger tips continued encircling her hardening clitoral bud.

“Do you kiss one another here?” I pressed my finger tips more firmly against her clitoral bud.

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s-s, s-s-s-s-ometimes,” was all Sandy could manage.

“And what about when you play with one another’s ass, Sandy? Hmmmm? You said your sister likes you to play with her ass. How about you? Does Mandy play with your ass too? Tell me, Sandy, what do the two of you do when you play with one another’s ass?” Tell me and be detailed about it.”

Sandy’s body was trembling in arousal. The combination of just my fingertips, her hand wrapped firmly around my cock and the verbal teasing I was giving her was causing her to begin that climb up the orgasm mountain, waiting for the perfect moment to roll down the other side at full speed.

“We, we, we use our fingers, and, and, and other stuff.”

“What other STUFF, Sandy?”

“At first, we used our hair brush handles but we found a vibrator in mom’s dresser that she thought was hidden.”

“Did you use the vibrator in your pussies? Do you still have your hymens?”

“N –n-n-no. Just where your fingers are and, and, and, in, in, in …..”

“In what, Sandy, tell me,” I questioned sternly as I tweaked her clit between my thumb and forefinger.

“Oh God! In our butts. We used the vibrator in our butts,” Sandy exclaimed as I could tell she was so very close to cumming for me.

“Very good Sandy, very good.” As I leaned back away from her ear I could see Sandy’s chest rising and falling in an erratic manner. I knew it was time to push her to the limit — to the point of no return.

“Sandy, before I say yes, there will be rules — MY rules of the house. You need to know and COMPLETELY understand the rules before we both agree and before you commit your sister to the same rules.”

“Y-y-yes Doc. I never thought there would be rules. But we’ll do and agree to anything you ask of us. We REALLY want this! Please Doc say yes.”

“Sandy — rules first. Look up at me Sandy so I know you’re listening!”

“Yes Sir — I’m listening, just please don’t stop touching me — touching me there,” Sandy said almost pleading as she wantonly pressed her clit forward against my fingertips.

“Rule number one — later tonight you and Mandy are to shave off all your pubic hair — all of it — from your navel all the way back around your little puckered anal openings. Later on, I might allow some of it to grow back in a design I so choose. But for now, it all comes off and stays off.”

“Rule number two — tomorrow, you will both come here to do your computer class work first. Then AFTER you have completed your class work, you will then be expected to complete the “special homework” I will leave for you. You will need to call me on my cell phone after you finish your computer class work so I can give you the password to unlock the folder that will contain your other “special homework”. BUT, as soon as I get home from work, you are to both show me that you did as instructed and what you learned.”

“Rule number three — any time you or your sister come to my house, you will remove all your clothes as soon as you enter — you won’t need them again until you are ready to leave for home. And that goes, whether you are inside or going outside to use the pool or hot tub.”

“Rule number four — whatever I teach either one of you individually, you will teach the other when you get home. Practice together — remember practice makes perfect!”

“Rule number five — as my whores and cum-sluts, you will soon be taught NOT ONLY how to make love to a man as a totally uninhibited woman, BUT ALSO how to make love to other women as well — you said you and your sister play with one another already, so we will be taking that to the next level as well; and, I’ll teach you both.”

“Rule number six — you’re to only discuss what we do here with your sister and she with you.”

“Rule number seven — any time I offer either of you my cock or my cum, you will take it immediately without question. When I cum in your mouth, if you’re alone, you will swallow it all; if your sister is present, you will share it with her and you both will swallow what is given to you. When I cum on your tits or body, should you be here by yourself, you will wear it home to show to and share with your sister; if she is here, you will share it with her immediately. When I cum in your no longer virgin pussy or ass, you will again share it with your sister, whether you have to keep it inside you until you get home, or share it with her immediately if she is with us.”

“I will add some addenda to these rules as we progress. For now, these are the basic seven rules; but, they are set in stone, Sandy. So before we proceed, think carefully as you will be committing not only yourself to these rules, but also your sister. What say you? Do we proceed — all three of us?”

“I know for sure I want this and accept all your rules and any addendum you might feel necessary to add. Can — can — can I call Mandy to let her know what the rules are?” she stammered both nervous and excited.

“I have a better idea. What did I say Rule Number Three is?”

“That anytime we come to your house, we are to take off all our clothes.”

“So, what’s keeping you? You stated you accept the rules. Once you finish, then you may call Mandy. Explain to Mandy we are ready to begin AFTER she accepts all the same rules. She needs to be here to do so as I want complete assurance from her that she completely understands the rules and all the implications of those rules. You will tell her to prove her desire to move forward by following Rule Number Three as soon as she gets here — without question. BUT, after telling her that, ask to speak to your mom. Tell your mom I think it wise for Mandy to come down to take a quick course on my computer. It might take up to two hours or so to go over everything. Now, Rule Number Three — NOW, Sandy!”

I stood with my throbbing cock hanging over the top of my gym shorts that Sandy had pulled down. Sandy slowly released her grip on my cock. As she stared into my eyes, her hands gripped the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. MY GOD! What beautiful breasts she had — at least as large as her mom’s appeared to be. Sandy’s nipples were hard as bullets, almost an inch long. Her hands then slid to the waist band of her shorts. She nervously bit her lower lip and began to lower her shorts. Just as I thought, she hadn’t bothered to wear panties – My kind of girl! Sandy finally had them all the way down, stepped out of them, kicked them to the side and stood once again before me. I could see the wetness seeping from her virgin pussy. Without me saying a word, her hands returned to my cock and began to slowly slide along its length. I took the phone from my hip pocket and handed it to her.

“Call your sister. Get her here. Tell her of Rule Number Three and that she MUST comply as soon as she arrives without question — or it is off for both of you. Then talk to your mom to buy us at least a couple of hours, maybe three.”

After she dialed, I heard the phone begin to ring. I then leaned to her free ear and whispered.

“While you talk on the phone, I’m going to take my own inventory — an inventory of your body!”

Mandy answered, and as Sandy began to speak, my hands started to caress her body. Sandy inhaled sharply at my first touch. I moved behind her and allowed my cock to rest in the cleft of her ass cheeks as my arms wrapped around her and began to lightly caress her breasts.

‘Sis, is that you? Sandy, are you there?”

“Ummmmm yes it’s me. I’m here and so is Doc. He’s uhhhhh listening.”

“So, tell me, what did he say? Will he do it for us? I’ve been on pins and needles since you two left. And my pussy is soaking wet!”

“Oh sis, yes, he’ll do it for us. In fact he’s doing things to me right now.”

“OH MY GOD! What things? What’s he doing? Tell me, tell me.”

“He’s, he’s standing behind me. I’m completely naked. He’s not, but his HUGE cock is out of his shorts and is pressed against me between my ass cheeks. He’s caressing my breasts. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he’s tweaking my nipples like we do to each other sometimes. Oh sis, I think I’m in heaven.”

‘Damn you! Did you just call to rub it in?”

“Uhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh no, sis. This is an all or nothing kind of deal. We, and I emphasize, WE, have seven rules that we have to follow without question. If either of us decides no, then it’s no go for both of us. OH MY GOD he’s kissing and nibbling my neck and shoulders while he’s sliding his cock up and down the cleft of my ass cheeks. Ummmmmmm. Nice!”

“Damn, wish I were there.”

“That’s just it. He wants you here to go over the rules with you. He wants to make sure we both agree before we go any further. OH OH OH he’s playing with my clit. I’m going to cum. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’

“Damn that was quick. You did that quicker than any time we played. He wants me there? How soon?”

“Ugh ugh ugh wait wait wait just a minute. Oh, oh, oh his fingers have my clit. He’s driving me insane. OH MY GOD here it comes again. Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m still cummmmmiiiinnnng!”

Sandy had to catch her breath before continuing any further. Her body all but totally collapsed against me while my fingers gently toyed around her throbbing clit.

“Whew! That was intense! DAMN! Now, sis, now — he wants you here NOW. But, but you have to follow Rule Number Three as soon as you get here. Oh damn, he’s fingering the cleft of my pussy and rolling his thumb on my clit. He’s going to make me cum again.”

“Quick, what’s rule number three?”

“As soon as you enter, you have to remove all your clothes. That’s number three — every time we come here we have to take off our clothes as soon as we get here. OH GOD! OH GOD! This feels soooooo gooood.”

“Damn it, sis. You’re making me so wet. OK, Rule Number Three is OK, I’ll be there in a flash. How many more rules?”

“Oh damn, Mandy, I’m almost there again. His cock is all slick and sliding up and down. And it’s even bigger than we imagined — WAY bigger!”

“What about mom, won’t she be suspicious?


“Sandy, you OK?”

“Oh God yes, Mandy! I’m more than OK. Now put mom on the phone. Hurry, I can’t hold out again much longer.”

As Sandy waited for her Mom, I shucked my gym shorts and my shirt. When Sandy began to speak, I knelt in front of her and slowly ran my tongue along her slit. As my tongue parted those sweet petals, it was if a dam burst. Her sweet nectar started flowing like a river. Her juices were divine – nectar of the Gods. Sandy immediately inhaled sharply.

“Is anything wrong dear? What’s going on?”

“Nothing’s wrong Mom. I almost stepped on a bug in the garage. Doc asked if it was OK for Mandy to come down so he can show her how to log on and use his computer and Internet, and instruct us on how his house is to be arranged and how he wants it cleaned. Probably a couple of hours or so is all — maybe three.”

Sandy covered the mouthpiece of the phone as she began to tremble and openly gasp. I had her clit between my lips and was sucking the hard nubbin for all it’s worth. The damn thing had grown to the size of a large pencil eraser — almost looking like a miniature penis.

“Let me speak to Doc to make sure it’s OK with him AND that it’s his idea and that you two aren’t imposing on his kind nature. I won’t have you two girls taking advantage of his hospitality.”

Sandy was close. As she handed me the phone, she began to cum for me yet again. Using my free hand, I tried to capture all her sweet pussy nectar that I could while I tried to have a modicum of dignity as I spoke to Miranda.

“Hello, Miranda. Yeah, it was my idea and not the girls. I think it best for Mandy to be shown how to use things properly so she can do what’s necessary when I’m not here during the week. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours or so — or maybe up to three as Sandy said. Just want to be sure she can log on, get access to the Internet and not erase any of my files on the computer; and, make sure they know what is expected when they are in my house. That way the girls can get started tomorrow, or even later this afternoon or evening so they can make their deadline.”

“That’s probably a good idea. Mandy can be the klutz of the two at times. Or, she does things without thinking, as you witnessed this afternoon. I’ll send her right down.”

“Great Miranda. I’ll make sure Sandy doesn’t get too much of a head start before Mandy gets here.”

I ended the call. Sandy was still in the afterglow of having cum so many times in short succession. No better time than the present I thought. I took my pussy nectar coated hand and fed the first two sweet sticky fingers to Sandy one at a time. Sandy’s eyes were glassy, lust filled pools. I leaned forward and took the other two into my mouth and suckled every sweet droplet available. Then we kissed for the first time.

Sandy wrapped her legs around my waist, almost impaling her pussy on my cock. She felt the head slide along her labia and cooed into my mouth as we kissed. I cupped her ass cheeks and began playing with her nectar that was still flowing from her pussy. I slid my nectar coated fingers back to her puckered little star as we continued to kiss. Back and forth my fingers drew more and more nectar to lubricate her ass. As my tongue searched out hers, my finger began to tap at her puckered opening. With each tap, her little rosebud began to relax little by little; and, with each tap, Sandy cooed in unison.

The wet tip of my finger finally worked into Sandy’s ass. Her eyes grew large and she inhaled sharply. Then she began to gyrate her ass onto my finger. Soon I had the entire length of one finger in her ass. As we kissed, I rocked her pussy slit along my cock making sure the head stroked her clit. As Sandy began a low moan and her pussy began to flood yet again, I began slowly finger fucking her ass. Sandy was letting out little yelps with each stroke of my finger. She was now in her own little world of lust and pleasure, as she was oblivious to the light knock at the front door. Sandy was rocking harder and harder onto my finger, and moaning louder and louder. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Quickly, I turned my head toward the door.

“The door’s open Mandy. Come on in; and remember, Rule Number Three – NOW! Don’t think about it, just do it. Now, Mandy, NOW!”

Mandy came through the door and just froze. She was staring at Sandy’s and my naked bodies; and, at her sister slamming her ass down onto my finger. As Mandy slammed the door, her clothes came flying off. Mandy then rushed over for a close up view of what was happening. Mandy’s hand slammed down to her own pussy and I could tell she was still wet from the phone conversation. She was mesmerized by her sister’s ass bouncing up and down on my finger. Then she saw my cock gliding along the length of Sandy’s pussy slit.

“Oh — My — God, Sis, his cock IS huge. Are you going to take our virginities tonight? I don’t know if I can take all that cock right now. Damn, he has his finger buried in your ass! I’m jealous. You know how much I like it when you play with my ass. And here I thought you didn’t want anyone to even come near your ass. At least you never let me play with it the way you do mine. Damn, when he takes your ass with that cock of his, he’ll split you in two.”

“You’re babbling Mandy. Slow down and concentrate on what’s happening. Help me here, Mandy. Suck my fingers, get them really wet. WE have to get her ass ready if she’s going to lose her anal virginity this afternoon.”

Sandy was coherent enough to hear that one, as her eyes shot open wide. I pulled my finger out and Mandy didn’t blink an eye. She began to suck that finger plus two more, getting them really wet. Mandy’s eyes shot wider as she finally began to comprehend that I was going to take her sister’s anal virginity in the not too distant future. And, she was going to witness the deflowering.

“Yes my dear, one of you is going to lose at least ONE of your virginities this afternoon. Your first step to becoming MY whores — MY cum-sluts. And yes my dear sweet Sandy, it’s your ass first. And maybe your sister’s mouth as well. We’ll see. I’ll decide as I see fit; but, definitely your ass — and now!”

I pulled my fingers from Mandy’s mouth and inserted the same finger back into Sandy’s ass. Immediately, Sandy began to buck on the entire length. OK so far, now let’s try two. I began to work a second finger along side the first. At first there was a little resistance, so I stopped the invasion to allow Sandy’s ass to become accustomed to the size. Soon, the second finger slid all the way in. Sandy redoubled her efforts, thrusting even harder up and down on my fingers.

“Mandy, I’m going to need your help. I’ve been holding her like this for some time now. I need to change positions, and then you can help me take her anal virginity. Don’t look at me all stupid like. Yes, you’re going to help me. The same way Sandy will help me when I rip your ass in two the first time tomorrow –orrrrr maybe later today. That’s what you both want isn’t it, to be my whores, my cum-sluts. Sandy’s ass will be first. Your ass will be MINE no later than tomorrow, Mandy — maybe sooner. Now, go down to the last bedroom on the left and step inside. The first nightstand nearest the door, look in top drawer. There is a bottle of flavored lube. Bring it here NOW!”

Mandy scampered down the hall, glancing back to see the vision of her sister now taking three fingers up her ass. Mandy gasped, then giggled. Soon she was back with the lube. Mandy’s hand immediately went down to her pussy again to roll her clit between her thumb and fore finger.

“OK ladies, we’re moving to the sofa. Mandy, help me balance your sister as I carry my soon to be cum-loving, ass-whore to the sofa. See how her ass grinds down on all three of my fingers, Mandy. Soon enough your ass will be doing the same thing. You want that don’t you Sandy — and how about you Mandy?

“Oh God Yess — fuck meeeeee. Your fingers feel so hot. Spread me open. I want your huge cock to rip me in two. I want to feel you cum inside me. Take it. Take my ass. It’s yours. Make me your ass-whore. Take my anal virginity. My ass is yours. All of me is yours, just don’t stop, please don’t stop,” the intensely horny virgin begged.

Mandy’s jaw dropped hearing her sister scream out like that. She was becoming an ass-whore just like I said she would. Mandy also realized, soon she too would be my ass-whore as well. Her hand reached back between her legs and started to play with her ass, sliding a copious amount of her pussy nectar all around the puckered opening. I glanced over and smiled as Mandy slid her finger into her ass and started to mimic my thrusts into Sandy’s ass.

“OK Sandy, I’m going to remove my fingers and place you on the sofa. There we go. Now get up on your hands and knees for me and show Mandy and me your gaped open ass. Mandy, get over here and look at this. Your ass will soon look exactly like this before it takes my cock all the way to my balls. That’s it, play with your ass while you look. Get it ready because I changed my mind. You’re next! Today — not tomorrow!”

“Never put off taking a virginity until tomorrow if you can take it today. So today, I’ll have both you and your sister’s sweet asses. Grab the lube Mandy, but keep playing with yourself. Look back here Sandy, your sister has two fingers now pumping in and out of her ass. She wants to be my ass-whore just like you do. Isn’t that right, ass-whore?”

“OH GOD YES, DOC. Take my ass. I want your cock really bad.”

“Not yet my dear Sandy, your gape isn’t big enough just yet. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will. Need you really open to take my ALL of my cock all the way. You never answered Mandy, how about you?”

“Y_y-y-esss, I want it too. Today. The sooner the better. I want to be your ass-whore as much as sis does.”

Mandy watched as I spread lube all over my three fingers and then dribbled it around her sister’s gapped ass. Mandy smiled when Sandy jumped at the feel of the cool lube. I carefully coated the area around Sandy’s ass, and proceeded to lube her gapped hole as deep as my fingers could go. Once I knew Sandy was ready, I began to work my slick fingers back into her ass. At first there was resistance, so I stopped and allowed Sandy to catch her breath and once again become accustomed to being filled.

‘That’s it my little anal-whore. Relax. Push back like you’re trying to take a dump. That’s it; see how easily my two fingers slid back in. See that Mandy, see how your sister is rocking back against my fingers. Now watch, I’m adding a third finger. See how she is slowly opening back up for me as I slide and spread my fingers wider. And she likes it too from the wanton look on her face. You like it don’t you my little ass-whore? You like feeling my three fingers in your ass getting you ready for my cock, don’t you?”

“OH Yesssssssssss, I feel so full, so hot and so damn turned on. Fuck me with your fingers. Please, fuck me, get me ready for your cock.”

“No my dear, Mandy’s going to fuck your ass first. You never let her play with your ass as much as she has wanted, so now she’s going to get you really ready for my cock. And while she’s doing that, I’m going to explain the rules to Mandy. If she doesn’t agree to all the rules, then we stop right here and now.”

“OH GOD! Don’t you dare say no, Mandy. I’m too far gone to stop now. Don’t you dare say no,” the dominant sister demanded.

“Now, do as instructed Mandy. Lube up your fingers. That’s it, good girl. Now lay your fingers across the length of my cock. That’s it. See it takes four of your fingers to equal the width of my cock at its thickest point. So you need to eventually work all four fingers into your sister’s ass. Start with two, then three, then four and then really finger fuck her ass. As you do, keep spreading your fingers wider and wider to open her up for my cock. Make my-ass whore ready for my cock. Make her want my cock in her virgin ass — all the way in her virgin ass.”

Sandy jumped when she felt her sister’s fingers. She slowly rocked back and forth as Mandy worked two, then three and finally four fingers into her sister’s ass. Soon, the twins started to establish a rhythm of deeper and deeper penetrations. Sandy’s head began to roll back and forth in the same tempo. Guttural mews began to escape her lips.

As I leaned forward, my right hand began to gently stroke Sandy’s ass cheeks. I nibbled Mandy’s ear to get her attentions before I began to speak to her.

“Mandy, now listen to me while you get your sister ready. These are the rules — YOUR rules. You followed Rule 3 perfectly when you arrived. As to the rest, pay attention as I will only say them once, and once only.”

Mandy’s eyes were lust-filled pools as her gaze alternated from watching her sister’s ass open for her and watching me as I relayed each of the seven rules to her. With each rule, Mandy’s eyes grew bigger and the thrusting rhythm of her fingers began to increase. Both Sandy and Mandy were panting heavily by the time I finished.

“These rules are set in stone. I will at times feel it necessary to add addenda to these rules. But these are your cardinal seven rules. So think carefully before you answer, Mandy. Do you accept each and every rule without hesitation? You will be tested my dear before the day is over, as will your sister. What say you, Mandy? Do you accept these rules and wish to become my whore in training and MY cum-slut just like your sister?”

Mandy’s eyes once again had that deer in the headlights look. She had intently listened to each and every rule as she finger fucked her sister’s ass. As I stated each rule, her fingers had driven even deeper into Sandy’s ass and with more gusto. The words and physical excitement were really getting to Mandy as I could easily see her pussy was like a river – there was so much nectar flowing from it, rivulets ran down her thighs. And just like her twin, her clit had swollen to the size of a small eraser and was prominently poking out from under its protective hood.

“Y-y-y-yes, I agree, I accept, I’ll do it all, just as you say. Now can I watch you fuck my sister’s virgin ass?”

“That’s a good girl, MY good girl. Mandy look at how she’s really taking your finger fucking. You’ve done very well; she’s almost ready for the real thing. Come here, I have something for you.”

Mandy immediately turned to me, where I grabbed her and thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. As I did, I reached back and placed a finger between her ass cheeks, sliding down to her quivering puckered star and slipped it into her ass. Mandy hissed into my mouth but also pushed back on my finger only to feel a second finger joining in, then a third. Mandy was moaning and was losing control. Mandy panted and pouted as our kiss parted and even more so as my fingers left her quivering ass.

“OK Mandy, here’s the deal for now. Your virgin ass is next. So while I deflower Sandy’s ass, you should get your own ass ready. Hold out your fingers so I can lube them up for you. That’s it. Now you’re ready. Don’t you think your ass would enjoy these slick fingers while I take your sister’s ass? There you go my little ass-whore to be. Now mimic your sister’s thrusts as best you can. That’s it; work those fingers in just like you did Sandy — my twin ass-whores.”

I watched as Mandy began to slowly work her ass as she brazenly stared at her sister’s gaping ass. Inch by inch she had first two, then three and was now trying to work the fourth finger into her ass. I couldn’t help but smile as Mandy began to mimic her twin sister’s thrust. Mandy was squirming against her own invading fingers and apparently enjoying every inch of them.

“OK Sandy, your turn. Are you ready to become an ass-whore — MY ass-whore? Ready to lose that anal cherry to me?”

“OH DAMN YES. I’m so hot I feel like I’m going to explode. Fill my ass with your huge cock. Take my anal cherry. Make me your ass-whore. Anything you want, just fuck my ass. Fuck me hard and deep. Fill me with you hot cum. I’m yours Doc. Please take me now. Take my ass.”

Slowly, I positioned myself behind Sandy’s glorious ass. After applying another coat of lube to my cock, I placed the head of my cock between Sandy’s ass cheeks just below the gapped opening of her ass.

“See this Mandy? See how your sister’s ass is really gaped open for me? Your ass will soon be just as open and just as ready. I guess there’s no need in asking Sandy if she’s ready. OK Mandy, watch this, your sister is about to lose her anal cherry. Mandy, take your free hand, grab my cell phone off the end table and give it to me. We need to save this for later as well.”

Slowly, I inched forward until the head of my cock was resting on the gaped opening of Sandy’s ass. Holding the cell phone camera in one hand, at first I just teased my cock around the edges of Sandy’s gaped ass as I took a picture or two. Then I began a slow tease by just barely slipping the tip in, only to pull it out — again taking a few photos. Sandy was becoming extremely anxious. She wanted this in a big way. She reached back, grabbed my slick cock and positioned it at her gaped open ass. Then Sandy truly surprised me – in one deep backward thrust she took half my length into her ass with a very audible gasp.

Just as she began the backward thrust, I took several pictures of Sandy’s ass swallowing my cock. Her body froze all movement as Sandy realized her lust had caused her to take my cock in that deep. With deep breaths, Sandy slowly began to accept the length and width of my cock. Her inner muscles were rippling around my cock. With another gasp and one final push backward, Sandy had my entire cock in her ass.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I’ve got all his huge cock in my ass. I can feel his balls against my pussy and clit! OH MY GOD! I’ve never felt so full. Oh please, go slow, let me get used to this. I never knew I would feel so full. You were right, your cock is much bigger than Mandy’s fingers. But damn, it feels so wonderful. I’ve never experienced sensations like this. OH yeah, that’s it. Rock into me. OH Damn — I’m going to cum. OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES FUCK ME! TAKE MY ASS DAMN YOU! FUCK MY ASS! Oh God, Mandy, he did it, he took my anal cherry. Oh damn I’m cuming again! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I set the cell phone camera down, grabbed Sandy’s hips and slowly pulled all the way out only to slam back into her in one thrust. Over and over, I did the same thing. Each time, it just pushed Sandy to a new high. Each time I withdrew my cock, I could only marvel at the widening gape. Slowly I switched to a different tempo of hard half strokes so I could feel my swollen balls slapping against Sandy’s wet pussy and clit.

“OH Damn yes, Doc. Fuck my ass. Pound your new ass-whore. Hear that sis, I’m Doc’s new ass-whore and he’s fucking my ass hard and deep. Are you watching sis. My ass is no longer virgin territory. Now I want your cum, Doc. Fill me. Make me yours. Claim my ass. Take my ass DADDY! DO ME DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY!”

“Damn Sis, this is so damn HOT! His cock is pounding your ass. I can see his swollen balls slapping against your wet pussy. Oh damn, I’m going to cum too, Sis. Why did you get to go first? Oh oh oh. I’m cuuuuummmming toooooooo! YESSSSS FUCK HER ASS DADDDDDDYYYYYYY!”

Sandy and Mandy calling me Daddy mentally pushed me over the edge. I started slamming harder. I wanted to fill her up and I had very special plans for that cum. I could tell Sandy was close again. So with one hand grasping her hip, I slid the other around to seek out her clit. Damn it was almost the size of a peanut now. My fingers started to manipulate Sandy’s clit in tempo to my anal thrusts. All Sandy could do was yelp out in a semi coherent state.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Daddy. Do me Daddy. uhh huh uhh huh, take it take it take it – take my ass Daddy uhh huh uhh huh right there ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

As Sandy came, I moved into overdrive. Her ass was all mine now. Harder and harder I pummeled her ass, feeling my balls slap against Sandy’s frothy pussy. I turned my head momentarily to see Mandy grunting and groaning as she was driving her fingers deeper and deeper into her own ass, matching my thrusts into Sandy. As if on queue, the twins erupted in simultaneous mind blowing orgasms. Their mutual screams seemed to drive the other on to a new plateau. I was determined that Sandy would not be able to sit for a long time. As my thrusts became more animalistic, I could feel that all too familiar knot in the small of my back begin to build. Then like a bottle rocket, those electric sparks began to shoot up my spine. As my balls tensed, I began to shoot volley after volley of hot creamy cum into Sandy’s ass.

“YESSSSSS FILL ME DADDY! Mandy, he’s filing my ass with cum. Damn he’s filling me up. I can feel it — it’s so hot splashing into me. Oh yes YESSSSS FILL ME DADDY!”

With each volley of cum I drove deeper and deeper into Sandy’s ass. I wanted it deep for a reason. A reason both Sandy, and in particular Mandy, were soon to find out. As my orgasm began to subside, I pushed forward one last time and left my cock deep in Sandy’s ass. She reached back to cup my pussy juice covered balls and to feel where my cock was imbedded in her ass. As she traced the length to where it was buried in her ass, she gave another shudder and had a mini-orgasm. I remained in to the hilt and began to feel my cock slowly lose its hardness. As my cock softened, I stroked Sandy’s back and her ass cheeks. Knowing it was almost time, I nudged Mandy to drag her back down to earth.

“Mandy, get over here. Do you remember your rules? Didn’t you swear you accepted them and would abide by them at all times, just as your sister did?”

“Yes, I did and I will. I promise.”

“Such a good cum-slut to be. Now what are you supposed to do if I offer you my cock or my cum?

“I’m to accept it without hesitation.”

“That’s right. Now get over here next to me as I have something for you.”

Mandy scooted over to me, slowing the fingers she was driving into her ass. As soon as she was in position, with one hand I grabbed her by the neck and hair and held her head firmly. By twisting her head slightly, I angled her gaze to watch my cock slowly leave her sister’s just fucked ass. As soon as my cock was free, it was if a damn burst. I grabbed the camera phone again and began snapping photos. Cum began oozing in heavy amounts out of Sandy’s ass. It was running all over her pussy lips and over her clit. Once Sandy’s pussy and clit were coated enough to suit me, I gently pushed Mandy’s head to the sweet spot. Pausing there, I took another couple of photos.

“OK Mandy, I am offering you my cum, now lick it all up like a good cum-slut. You still want to be my ass-whore and cum-slut don’t you. Sandy, reach your hands back and spread your cheeks for your sister. Mandy’s also going to tongue my cum from your ass until you are completely clean.”

Mandy leaned forward tentatively at first, and then hesitated. So I leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Come on Mandy, show your sister that you’re going to be a better cum-slut than she is. I know you can do it and I’ll be really proud of you. See if you can make her cum for you by licking my cum off her clit and pussy lips. I bet you can. Just lick her pussy and clit like you want her to lick you when it’s your turn. Now do it for me, take my cum, lick it all off and make Sandy cum again for me, for US!”

That was all the extra encouragement Mandy needed. Her tongue snaked out and began to lathe over Sandy’s cum covered pussy lips. As her tongue worked up and down her sister, I took a few more close-up photos of her tongue licking up my cum from her sister’s pussy and clit. Sandy began to moan at the onslaught. Just as I had hoped, when Mandy zeroed in her tongue on Sandy’s cum covered clit, Sandy had another major orgasm. And just as I had hoped, in doing so, it caused her inner muscles to contract and there was a fountain of cum flowing from Sandy’s ass.

“Good girl Mandy. I knew you could do it. Now look at all that cum. It’s like her ass is a cum water fountain just for you — and your sister. Remember, you are to share what is given to you. Lap my cum from her, but don’t swallow — at least not yet. That’s it, run your tongue deep into her gaped no longer virgin ass. Get it all. Use your fingers on her clit and make her cum again. Let’s make sure you get it all out. That’s it, Sandy likes her sister licking my cum from her ass and her sister playing with her clit. Just like Sandy will do to you later today. That’s it, she’s cumming again. Get your mouth over her ass and catch that cum. Good girl. I think you’ve got it all. Now, share it with your sister and BOTH of you swallow it all my little cum-sluts.”

As they kissed, I guided Sandy’s hands back to join the fingers buried deep in Mandy’s ass. Then I whispered to Sandy, then to Mandy.

“That’s it baby, start getting her ready to loose her anal cherry. Now both of you, swallow all you have because you have some cock sucking to learn. You two are going to suck my cock until I’m hard, so I can take Mandy’s anal cherry. You’re both going to be my ass-whores and cum-sluts before you head home later.”

I watched with pride as the twins swapped my cum. Their kisses were hot and passionate. As they kissed, I slowly placed my hand atop Sandy’s hand as she worked her fingers into Mandy’s ass. Sandy needed no encouragement at all as she immediately started to work her fingers in and out of Mandy’s ass with more enthusiasm. Watching the two caused my cock start to rise slightly. Yes, I wanted Mandy’s ass, but I was going to need the girls’ help getting my cock ready for round two.

Basic math told me “52 into 19 times two” doesn’t work too well without some help. At that thought I smiled and gazed at the two 19-year-old twins before me. They were lost in a sea of lust.

“Wait a minute here! Did Sandy and Mandy really call me Daddy while I was taking Sandy’s ass?”

Chapter 3

It’s A “Two Fer” Afternoon

I slowly sat back contemplating the events of the afternoon thus far. Not only am I now out of my hermit like doldrums and celibate life, but I have two naked 19-year-old vixens writhing in front of me swapping my cum. DAMN! I couldn’t believe the abrupt change in my life. Now it was time for round two — after a little help from my new found friends.

“Goodness girls, you two seem to enjoy my cum. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more for the two of you — LOTS MORE! But, we need to talk a bit before we continue. When you two are quite through, come over here and sit on the floor in front of me.”

Mandy and Sandy slowly loosened their arms from around one another. Breaking their lingering kiss, they both licked their lips as they turned to me. Like proper little cum-sluts, they obeyed my wishes and sat in front of me. However, as Mandy sat back on her heels, her eyes bugged out and a smile crept across her face. I then noticed Sandy had sat similarly beside her and Sandy’s hand had slipped behind Mandy. Upon closer inspection I could see Sandy’s fingers sliding in and out of Mandy’s ass.

“It seems Sandy has overcome her previous reluctance to play with your ass, Mandy.”

Mandy smiled and nodded as Sandy blushed. But, Sandy continued with a renewed vigor. I sat back on the loveseat and allowed my legs to spread apart. The two girls began to stare at my semi erect cock. It still had a sheen from the ass fucking I had just given Sandy. In addition, there was a rather large dollop of cum still weeping from the tip.

“You two missed some of my cum. I see you both looking, but now is the time the two of you should be licking. Both of you, NOW! Lick, kiss and suck my cock. It’s your cock now, so worship it like good cum-sluts.”

Both girls looked at one another as if mentally asking what to do next.

“But your cock was just in my …..”

Sandy never completed her sentence. Mandy leaned forward sliding out her tongue and began to lap at the head of my cock. Once she retrieved the last dollop of cum, her eyes cut up to mine. I just nodded to her sister. Mandy leaned in and kissed Sandy to share the last of my cum. In short order, they were swapping the last of my cum between their tongues. Mandy was finally the one to break their kiss and turn toward me.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I never once thought my sis would be able to take all your cock in her ass. And when Sandy came all over my mouth when I was licking your cum from her, I could almost feel her orgasm inside me. But, when you had me share your cum with her, it just sent me over the top. My pussy is so wet and Sandy has my ass begging to be taken.”

“Sandy, why did you hesitate to take the cum from my cock that was offered to you? Yes, my cock had been in your ass, but you had just moments before readily accepted my cum that came out of your ass when your sister kissed you. That’s a bit hypocritical on your part don’t you think?”

“Yes, Sir, Dad … I mean Doc. Now that you put it that way, I just didn’t know what to think.”

“Well, you and I will work on that for sure. Remember your rules — any time I offer you my cock or my cum — you are to accept it WITHOUT hesitation. Which brings me to my next observation … you both called me Daddy there toward the end. What was that all about? Enlighten me.”

Both girls blushed and their heads hung for a minute. Mandy nudged Sandy as if imploring her to tell me. Sandy just looked at her sister then looked at me. She started to speak, but her mouth just moved, no words coming forth. I couldn’t help but grin and try to keep from laughing aloud. Sandy finally smiled and looked up at me.

“We both have fantasized about you being our sexy Daddy and teaching us how to be naughty daughters for you. We’ve played with one another at night in our bedroom making up fantasies about you being our sexy Daddy and would cum like crazy. We both kind of let that part slip as we were both so turned on. If it bothers you, we’ll try not to do that again.”

“Ladies, it is completely OK with me. In fact, I kind of like the idea of being your sexy, NASTY Daddy and teaching his nasty daughters to be his little cum-sluts. Do you want me to be your NASTY sexy Daddy?”

Sandy and Mandy looked at each other as their smiles grew wider and wider. Almost in unison they both screamed out.

“Oh Yes, Daddy!”

“OK, that’s settled then. Both of you lean over here, kiss and suck your nasty Daddy’s cock. You first Sandy. NOW!”

Sandy’s eyes looked up at me and grew wider. As she leaned forward her lips pursed. At first she just stared at the cock that had just taken her ass. It was her first true up close look. Sandy licked her lips and leaned in closer still. She wrapped her tiny hand as best she could around the still glistening semi-erect shaft and then kissed the tip. Her tongue then slid forward and she began to lick the head, sliding her tongue all around the corona. Then as if some sort of spell came over her, her lips parted, formed an “O” and she engulfed as much of my cock as she could.

“That’s a good girl Sandy. Be Daddy’s nasty little cum-slut. Suck Daddy’s cock. Suck the cock that just took your virgin ass. Make it hard so it can take your sister’s ass. Now Mandy, you need to be Daddy’s nasty cum-slut too. Lean over here and take turns. Sandy, let your sister have some of her Daddy’s cock. Make sure you two get it all. Lick from my balls all the way to the tip. Get every inch that was in Sandy’s virgin ass. And if you want to be really nasty girls for Daddy, you can take turns sucking Daddy’s balls and then licking around Daddy’s ass. Daddy likes his ass played with just as much as you two do.”

I just sat back and watched. Sandy and Mandy were taking turns licking up and down my shaft. Then they would take turns sucking the head of my cock into their hot little mouths. As one sucked the head, the other would lick down the shaft and suck my balls. With their eager mouths and tongues working in unison, my cock began to grow. As it did, their eyes grew bigger as well.

“Such nasty little girls I have. Look how you’re making Daddy’s cock get bigger. If you keep this up, Daddy will be ready to take Mandy’s ass in no time at all. Such good little girls you are … MY good little cum-sluts.”

The praise seemed to give them more inspiration, or perhaps it was a bit of sibling rivalry. In either case, the two girls worked at seeing who could take more and more of their “Daddy’s” cock. I watched and marveled at how well each was doing. Before long both girls could get about half of my cock in the mouths before they began to gag. Not bad for starters.

Then it was Mandy that surprised me. As Sandy was working more of my cock into her mouth, Mandy was licking down my shaft, then over my balls. Then WHAM — her tongue zeroed in on my ass. At first it was just a few tentative licks. But by the third pass, she began to press her tongue into my ass. She was definitely going to be my natural anal-slut. Needless to say, between their double efforts my cock was once again at its full 10 inches, possibly more.

“Such wanton and hungry girls, you’re both so hungry for Daddy’s cock. Look how hard you made it. It looks hard enough and big enough to take your sweet ass doesn’t it, Mandy?”

Both girls stared at how large my cock had grown. It was all nice and slick now from their saliva, not from the fuck juices and lube from Sandy’s ass. The two girls had cleaned all that off and replaced it with their own juices. Sandy looked at my cock, then at Mandy, then back to my cock, then back to Mandy, then back to my cock.

“Did he have ALL THAT up my ass? WOW! I’ve got to see it take your ass, sis. I mean, WOW! The thought of all that cock going into either of our asses is amazing. It makes me hot all over just thinking about it. And I’m going to get to see it. Go on Daddy; take Mandy’s ass like you did mine.”

“Yes indeed, Sandy. You did have all my cock in your virgin ass. Now that I’ve claimed it, your ass belongs to me. And now, my sweet nasty Mandy, I’m going to take your anal virginity and claim your ass as well. Sandy, you’ll need to help a little. As an added bonus Sandy, I also have an additional lesson for you based on your hesitation earlier. But that will come in due time. Now fetch that lube Mandy had earlier. Mandy, climb up on the sofa and get comfy on your hands and knees. That’s it; now turn a bit more so your ass points more toward me. Spread your legs a bit more. That’s a good girl. My, my, your pussy is soaking wet. And your little virgin ass is winking at me.”

I just couldn’t help myself. Such a sweet, delectable pussy and ass right there in front of me deserved a treat. I leaned forward and began to lick Mandy’s coated pussy lips. In doing so, Mandy began to moan and whimper. My tongue worked a magical path up and down her sweet lips until I finally landed on her clit. Mandy whelped out an elongated cooing sound as my tongue encircled her clit. Again my tongue traveled along her swollen lips and this time landed on her slightly gaped ass. As my tongue began to rim her ass, Mandy’s coo sounds became louder and louder. Her hips began to rock back against me as if begging for my tongue. Grabbing a cheek in both hands, I spread her wide and thrust my tongue into her ass. Mandy rocked her head up and unleashed an animalistic growl of pleasure. It was almost time to deflower the sweet ass in front of me, so I needed to get Sandy to work on her sister.

“Sandy, get over here with that lube. That’s it. Now just as your sister did, I want you to lay your fingers across the width of Daddy’s cock. See, it takes four of your fingers and just a little more to equal the width of Daddy’s cock. So, lube your fingers again and then your sweet sister’s ass. You need to do just like Mandy did to you and slowly work your fingers into her ass. That’s it, one at a time. Keep going till you can get all four into her virgin ass so Daddy can claim that ass as his. That’s it; you’re being such a good girl, Sandy. As you work each additional finger in, be sure to start spreading them apart to stretch your sister open. She has to be really open for Daddy’s hard cock.”

Whether it was my words that excited her, or Sandy’s actions, Mandy began to buck on Sandy’s fingers. Soon Sandy had three and now finally four fingers in her sister’s ass. Sandy reached her arm around Mandy’s waist to help hold her in position as she really began to finger fuck Mandy’s ass. And just as she had been instructed, Sandy was spreading her fingers as wide as possible to get Mandy’s ass ready. Now it appeared to have that nice, wide gape. So it was time for the real thing.

“That’s it Sandy, now slide your fingers out and lube Daddy’s cock. That’s a sweet strawberry flavored lube which I’m sure you’re going to learn to appreciate very shortly. Now, lay your head on your sister’s hip and watch closely. I want you to see what happened to your ass. Let me grab my cell phone camera and get this recorded for later.”

“OK, now grab hold of my cock and guide it to just the rim of your sister’s gaped ass so I can get the first picture. That’s it, now lean your head a bit closer so I can get you in the picture as well. Such a good girl.”

“Mandy, are you ready? Are you ready to give me your virgin ass and become Daddy’s anal-whore? Daddy’s little anal-slut?”

‘Yessssssssssss, Daddy. No more teasing please. Take it. Take my ass. Make my ass yours, Daddy.”

“You heard your sister, Sandy. Now guide Daddy’s cock in — slowly, very slowly, so I can get several pictures along the way. Did you feel that sort of POP when the head of Daddy’s cock finally stretched your muscular ring and slipped in? That’s it. Half way now Mandy, let me rest so you can get used to it. You’re being such a good girl, Mandy. Here we go, take more of Daddy’s cock. Oh my, Sandy, look she’s got almost all of it in her ass now”

Sandy had been staring in a trance like manner as she watched inch by inch of my cock slip into her sister’s ass. Her eyes bugged slightly at the site, and her mouth was agape. This was good, as it was time for her lesson regarding hesitation. I slowly began to slide my cock from Mandy’s ass till it was almost completely out. Then just as slowly I began the inward stroke until I felt my balls nuzzled tightly against Mandy’s pussy lips. Mandy bucked slightly back onto my cock and began to emit incoherent verbalizations.

“That’s it Mandy, you have ALL of Daddy’s big cock in your no longer virgin ass. Your ass belongs to Daddy now. But before I really fuck this sweet ass, your sister here is going to learn a new lesson about hesitation.”

Sandy still had her head resting on her sister’s hip watching every movement of my cock in Mandy’s ass. Grabbing my cell phone camera and holding in on one hand, I very gently grabbed Sandy’s hair with the other hand so I could pin her head to her sister’s hip. As my cock slid back, it slowly came more and more into view. Again, Sandy was mesmerized at how much length of my cock had penetrated her sister’s ass. And as before, when more cock came into view, her eyes bugged and her mouth opened slack jawed. However, this time, I allowed the head to pop free. When it did, I pushed the head of my cock to Sandy’s parted lips. Holding her hair, I began to feed my cock into her mouth. Her eyes bugged even more and her gaze went from the cock sliding into her mouth up to lock onto my eyes watching her. Instead of repulsion, this time she tried to smile around the cock sliding into her mouth. I took picture after picture of her taking my cock into her now wanton mouth. When I pulled my cock from her mouth, she smiled as if she had just won a special prize.

“Mandy, Daddy’s sorry for the delay. Your sister had to suck Daddy’s cock when it popped out of your ass. Now Sandy, guide it back in again. That’s it; you’re being such a good girl for Daddy. Keep your head right there, Sandy. You’ll repeat your lesson a few more times until I feel you’ve learned your lesson — no more hesitation, EVER. OK, Mandy, you ready for Daddy’s cock again? Tell me, Mandy, what does my little cum-slut want.”

“Yes, Dadddddyyyyyy. No more teasing. I want you. I want your cock to take my ass. Fuck my ass, Daddy, Fuck me, please.”

How could I resist such a sweet request? In one strong thrust, I slammed my cock all the way into Mandy’s ass. Her back arched and her head shot upward. But to my surprise, her hips bucked back into me. So, I took a long pull outward to only slam back into her wanton ass. Two more times, and with each deep thrust Mandy bucked back into me.

“Oh yessssss, Daddy. Take my ass. I’ve never felt so full. I’m full of Daddy’s huge cock. Sandy, I’m taking all of Daddy’s cock! Yessss, fuck me Daddy. Make me your anal-slut. My ass is yours, Daddy.”

Four more strong, deep thrusts this time and Mandy was mewing unrecognizable verbalizations. This time when I was deep within her ass, I ground my hips into her and flexed my cock, allowing it to pulse deep within her ass. Looking down, I saw the foamy ring that had collected around my shaft. Grinning, I pulled completely out of Mandy’s ass, and held my cock in front of Sandy’s lips. Without hesitation she took my cock as deep into her mouth as possible, further than she had at any time today. I felt her tongue swirling around the entire shaft. When I pulled it from her mouth, she beamed a bright smile toward me before taking hold of my shaft and guiding it to Mandy’s ass. I slammed into Mandy with all I had.

“Oh Damn, Daddy. That’s it, fuck me. Take my ass. Make me yours forever. Let me feel you spray your cum deep in my ass, Daddy. I want it. I want it oh so bad!”

“Then that’s what you’ll get my little anal-slut; the ass fucking of your life. Sandy, play with your sister’s pussy and clit. Make her cum for Daddy while he fucks her ass; just like Daddy fucked your ass, Sandy.”

Sandy kept her head on Mandy’s hip and watched as my cock slammed in and out of Mandy’s ass. She also snaked her hand down to play with her own clit and pussy while her other hand busied itself on Mandy’s clit and pussy. Both girls began to coo and mew as I fucked harder into Mandy’s ass. I could feel my balls slapping against Mandy’s soaked pussy lips and against Sandy’s wet, busy fingers. Sandy then brought her hand from her pussy lips and clit and placed the fingers up to my mouth. I eagerly sucked the nectar from each finger while still slamming Mandy’s ass. Then Sandy wet her fingers again and slid them into her own mouth to suckle the sweet nectar from them.

She alternated back and forth for a few more times. Then she surprised me again. After getting her fingers wet in her own pussy nectar, she wrapped them around my balls and began to work the juice into my ball sack, and then back around my ass. After she had my ass wet, she looked up at me with a wicked smile and slipped a finger into my ass. I smiled back at her and redoubled my efforts by slamming harder into Mandy’s ass.

“Oh, oh, oh , oh — Daddddddyyyyyy. That’s it, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your big cock Daddy. I’m, I’m, I’m cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnggggggg!”

“That’s a good little cum-slut, Mandy. Cum for Daddy, Mandy. Cum all over Daddy’s cock and your sister’s fingers. Cum for Daddy!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngg Daddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyy!”

Mandy’s ass gripped my cock as she came. Contraction followed contraction as if her ass was trying to milk my cock. Finally, Mandy slumped forward slightly after her orgasm began to subside, but I wasn’t through. I quickly pulled my cock from Mandy’s ass and slammed it into Sandy’s waiting mouth. Back and forth I stroked one deep stroke into Mandy’s ass, one into Sandy’s mouth. At the same time, Sandy was still fingering my ass, deeper and deeper as she grew bolder. The double sensation was beginning to get to me and I felt my balls begin to tighten. Sandy could sense it as well as she felt my ass tighten around her finger. Sandy looked up at me and smiled.

“I can feel it Mandy, Daddy’s about to fill your ass with cum. I have my finger up his ass while he’s fucking yours and I can feel him about to explode. Do it Daddy. Do it. Fill her ass with your cum. I’ll make you proud Daddy. I’ll lick it all out and share it with her. Do it Daddy. Cum for us Daddy.”

With encouragement like that, I wasn’t about to last much longer. I felt my cock start to swell and throb. As I slammed into Mandy one last time, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto my cock driving it as deep as possible. Rope after rope of hot cum erupted from my cock, filling her ass until it started to ooze around my shaft. Looking down I saw Sandy staring at my cock completely embedded in Mandy’s ass. She was also licking her lips as she saw my cum oozing around my cock. I pulled out completely allowing the last two jets of cum shoot all over Mandy’s swollen pussy lips and clit.

I didn’t have to tell Sandy what to do. She immediately went down on her sister’s pussy and clit licking my cum from them. Even after Mandy’s pussy lips and clit were clean, she continued to lick her sister. Mandy rose up slightly and began to quiver as another orgasm began to rip through her. As her orgasm hit her hard, the muscles in her ass contracted strongly, squeezing out the huge deposit of cum I had just left inside her. Like a pro, Sandy clamped her mouth around Mandy’s quivering ass and lapped the cum flowing from it. When Sandy was satisfied she had retrieved all my cum from Mandy’s ass, she rose up, turned to smile at me, then went around to kiss Mandy. The two girls wantonly shared my cum between them. Each girl had their hands running all over the other girl’s body; nipples, breasts, ass cheeks, pussy lips, clits, and even fingering one another’s ass. I just sat back and admired the lust filled display before me.

As the girls began to slow down, their kiss finally broke. Each girl smiled at me, then opened their mouths to show me the cum was all gone. Then as if they had been in training all their lives, the twins licked and smacked their lips. They could see my smile of appreciation and then they looked down at my semi-erect cock. It was still all shiny and foamy from fucking Mandy’s ass. With no encouragement or instruction from me, Sandy leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth as deep as she could. She then slowly pulled free and offered it to her sister. In turn, Mandy engulfed my cock and tried to take it into her throat to get all of it in her mouth. She choked at the attempt, but the effort was appreciated. Back and forth the girls went, sharing their “clean up” duties. They didn’t see me dial the phone. Looking down at the girls, I waited for the phone to be answered.

“Hello, Miranda. Yes, this is Doc. I just wanted to let you know the girls would be coming home soon. They are just about finished with their first lesson. You should be proud of your daughters. Not only are they beautiful but they are so truly eager to learn. I can see they take after their mother. I would be lucky and very proud to have daughters such as these.”

“Why thank you Doc. They can be a handful at times, I must admit. But they are really good girls. When they put their minds to it, there is nothing they can’t do or accomplish.”

“Say Miranda, I meant what I offered earlier. Anytime you or the girls need a break, come on down. Now that you have the key, you can relax over here in the A/C or use the pool or hot tub. The girls know they have to clean up any mess they make before they leave for home, and I’m sure I can expect the same from their mother.”

“Again, thank you Doc. I might just take you up on that offer. However, I don’t think I even own a swim suit. My husband, I mean EX-husband, would never allow us to wear a swim suit.”

“That’s OK Miranda. I don’t think I own one either. There is a complete privacy fence around my pool and hot tub, so clothing has always been optional at my house — in the pool or out.”

“Oh my, you’re making me blush, Doc. I don’t know about that. I have never done anything like that.”

“Well, Miranda, maybe it’s time you and the girls did do things like that. Just remember, the offer is always there, and you have the key.

“Tell the girls to finish up what they’re doing and to clean up after themselves. And I’ll expect them home in a bit.”

“Miranda, you have nothing to worry about. Sandy and Mandy are just now finishing cleaning up what little mess they made. Good talking with you and they should be home soon. Bye for now.”

Hanging up the phone, I couldn’t help but laugh at all the double entendres the conversation had. The girls never skipped a beat (or a lick in this instance). All the time I was on the phone with their mother, they continued to clean and worship my cock and balls. Both of the little minxes also took a couple of licks around my ass for good measure. Mandy was sitting back on her heels, her legs spread wide so I could easily view her swollen pussy lips and still distended clit. She then turned to her sister grinning and began to chastise me in a playful tone.

“LITTLE? Did you say LITTLE? I think you cum by the quart. And there is nothing LITTLE about your cock, Daddy. Isn’t that right Sandy?”

“No joke, sis. And, ‘WE’ didn’t make the mess, Daddy. You did when you filled our asses with your cum. Our NO LONGER VIRGIN asses, I might add. But we sure cleaned up the mess, didn’t we sis. Even all the sticky mess left on your cock and balls, Daddy.”

“OK, OK, you win. Yes, you cleaned up the mess I made. And you did it so well — helping me make the messes and cleaning up after them. Now you two need to freshen up a bit, get dressed and get home as I promised your mother you would be home shortly.”

“Damn, do we have to go? It’s still early. How about you Sandy, you feel like going home?”

“Mandy, Sandy, I know you would like to stay and continue your “education”, but I promised your mother. Besides, I need some time to plan your “education” for tomorrow. For you see, by tomorrow night, you neither one will be virgins in any manner of speaking. That is, if you still want to continue. Do you? Do you want to continue your “education” and become Daddy’s little cum-sluts? Daddy’s little whores? You want to belong to Daddy?”

“YESSS we do. Don’t ever think we don’t. Isn’t that right, Mandy? Oh wait, you were teasing us. Not fair teasing us like that Daddy. That isn’t nice.”

“I want it too girls. I want you to be Daddy’s little cum-sluts; Daddy’s little anal-whores. Now, remember what you’re supposed to do tonight; shower together and shave one another completely. And if you want, I think you should try to tease and play with one another again tonight, especially one another’s asses — your NO LONGER VIRGIN asses. You both need to keep your asses ready for Daddy’s cock as he might just want it when you least expect it. Now, time to get ready. When you’re ready, I’ll walk you home.”

“You don’t need to walk us home. It’s only three houses away and we’re big girls now; almost women. At least we will be after tomorrow. Isn’t that right, Mandy?”

“Ladies, a gentleman always walks his date to the door. In this case, Daddy will walk his two cum-sluts to the door. Now get a move on so we don’t keep your mom waiting.”

As the girls went to freshen up a bit and hopefully wash the smell of sex and cum away. I went to the other bathroom and did the same. Well, at first I intended to, but thought a moment. I seemed to remember that a woman’s sense of smell of certain things was more astute than a man’s. So instead of washing up, I merely threw on a fresh pair of shorts and a clean t-shirt. Why not see if I could just push it a bit?

Just thinking that Miranda might smell the sex and cum on my body caused my cock to begin to grow again. However, instead of fighting it, this time I even encouraged it. If I played my cards right, I could eventually have three horny women as my cum-sluts — mother and two daughters. Hmmm, in time, I bet I could get all three in the same compromising positions at the same time. Thoughts such as these did indeed have an effect on my cock as it was now almost three quarters fully erect.

As I stepped back into the family room, Sandy and Mandy were waiting for me. However, they soon saw the growing bulge in my running shorts. I merely smiled and they both shot back a knowing look. I think they knew I wanted their mother to notice. So I opened the door and allowed them to take the lead.

“I must confess girls; I truly enjoy walking behind you. Both of you have the most desirable asses. I could easily drop behind you, pull your shorts down and bury my tongue into both your asses right here in the middle of the street.”

“And we would let you, Daddy. But you’d have to fuck us again before it was all said and done.”

“Yes, I would Sandy. Is that so very bad of your Daddy? What do you think about that, Mandy?”

“Damn, I can barely walk now. It feels like someone shoved a baseball bat up my ass. I don’t think I could handle another ass fucking tonight. However, the ass tonguing might make it feel better. Do you want me to stop and drop my shorts?”

We all three laughed and I slid my arms through theirs as we walked side by side for the remaining distance to their front door. As we approached, Miranda must have been expecting us as she swung open the door. She was only wearing a very thin man’s t-shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks and stopped just below her pussy lips. As she stood in the doorway, the light from the room behind her made the t-shirt all but disappear completely. It was easy to see she had nothing on beneath the t-shirt.

“Well, isn’t this a sight; a true gentleman escorting his ladies home.”

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