sister in law

This is the second part of the series and I hope to continue with your blessings.


I am Sam, 36 and from an island in the Indian ocean. Lovely country, awesome weather and beaches which are rated as best in the world. One thing I didn’t mention yet were the ladies in this country. Being descendants from India, big breasts and wide hips are common. Dusky maidens with long dark hair capture the hearts of many Europeans that frequent this island.

I have already introduced my wife Shani 32 with D cups, and her sister Amali 32 C cups also known as Amy and finally my sister Mali who also had D cups. Read my first story to get a detailed description about the 3 ladies.

Our first encounter was very naughty and the next few days were busy for all of us and I preferred it that way after the awesome experience. Although we played so much that night, by morning, the air was thick with tension and we all decided to avoid talking about it. Most of the time we would get home late after dinner and that avoided any encounters and we were also bone tired by then or so I thought. It must have been late in the morning when I woke up suddenly a few days after the quantum leap all of us had made. I had slept for a good 10 hours and the house sounded empty. I woke up still groggy and wondered why the alarm didn’t go off. My sweet wife had turned it off and left a love note beside it.

“Honey, you need some sleep xxx”

I smiled at her note and proceeded to take a wash. I was in the shower for about 30 minutes and afterwards I was wide awake. I was so hungry that I went to the kitchen and made some sandwiches and gulped them down. Just then, I got a call from my client saying that he couldn’t make it for the appointment. I was free for the rest of the day. I was thinking of what I could do when I heard the door open. I rushed to the hall to see who it was to find my sister-in- law entering the house. She stopped at the door seeing me and we looked at each other for awhile and I could feel the memories rushing back. I was blushing again and the rise and fall of her breasts told me that she was thinking the same thing too. The SMS tone of my phone came to our rescue breaking the sudden chemical reaction that started to develop between us.

“No work today?”

“Nope, my client just called to cancel.”

“My photo shoot ended early today. The model was not in the mood!”

I laughed.

“Women and their moods!”

Although I didn’t mean to, I must have said it with force and frustration that had built up within the last few days. She blushed red and looked at me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I am sorry Amy, I didn’t mean that.”

She strode towards me and set her bags down and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, her breasts jiggling inside her tight t-shirt. She wore a loose flared skirt that ended just above her knee. I couldn’t help looking at her. I struggled to get my eyes back to her face after taking her lovely body in and it was difficult. The reaction was starting again. Her figure was awesome and the clothes she wore gently hid it to give any man a thought or two to try and find out more which was exactly what I was feeling right now. I wanted to slide my hands over her dress feeling every curve.

“I am sorry Amy, it’s just that after that day, you have been avoiding me.”

“So were you and Shani,” she countered looking down.

“Well it’s not everyday that a guy gets to have a threesome with his wife and her sister,” I said laughing.

She laughed too and my eyes went to her breasts that were shaking again and her eyes told me all I needed to know.

“Turn around mister!” she said with a hard voice but her eyes were gentle. I looked at her and then turned around. I wore a pair of shorts and t-shirt and nothing under and I realised that I was getting hard under them. I felt her behind me as she gently rested herself against my back. She encircled me with her arms caressing my tummy and going under my t-shirt. I was breaking out in millions of goose bumps. One hand traveled down and covered my not so small erection over the shorts.

“What have you been thinking about your innocent little sister-in-law?” Her voice was a seductive whisper in my ear. Blood flow was increasing to the badlands on my body. Her hand slid inside my shorts caressing my newly shaved pubic region making me shudder. She lifted my t-shirt taking it off completely. She placed little kisses all over my back and I felt her tongue come out a few times. Then to my delight, I felt her tongue licking my armpit. I lifted my arm to give her access to it anticipating the things that were going to happen to me in the next few minutes. She rubbed herself against me while licking my armpit and then moved to my back. Her tongue traveled slowly over my back biting and exploring my skin. Then I felt her kneel behind me.

“Spread your legs Mister!”

I blushed as I spread my legs. Before I knew it, she got my hands together and wrapped a belt around them effectively imprisoning my hands. She must have taken her belt off to do this. Although I had not tried bondage before, I felt a strange sense of helplessness and being at a woman’s mercy seemed quite arousing. She knelt behind me and started to lick the back of my right leg trailing a wet tongue slowly towards my bum. She bit my flesh along the way. These little love bites were enjoyable and arousing. Her attention was giving me goose bumps. She took her time tracing both my legs. I tried to reach down with what little movement I had left in my hands, but she pushed them away. She pushed me towards the wall making me lean against it. She knelt again and started to lick the back of my thigh moving towards my butt. The shorts were loose enough for her to slide her hands in. She cupped my cheeks rubbing them in circles giving each cheek a nice massage. It felt divine. Then she took one hand out and lifted the shorts and I could feel her trying to part my cheeks. I shuddered at the thought that crossed my mind.

Her hands were touching me as if for the first time, curious and deeply interested in making me feel good. I was in heaven. She cupped my balls and caressed them, sending waves of pleasure all over my body. One hand snaked to the front of my shorts and she felt my hard cock. The touch was long enough to take my breathing to the next level but short enough to make me feel a little frustrated. But I let her take her time. We would not be disturbed for a long time. I knew Shani was out the whole day, although it didn’t really matter. But I felt guilty being with her sister all the same. My thoughts were again disrupted deliciously as I felt her looking for my opening. She had wet her fingers with her saliva. I spread my legs some more to allow her access. I wanted her to rim me. She first exposed one cheek by pushing the loose material of my shorts up and licked it all over biting it every few seconds. I was getting restless.

“Oh god, Amy, you are killing me. I want you so much.” This was all I could think of saying. My legs shook from the attention. She was taking her sweet time. It was like an hour in my mind when she finally licked the crack and moved down to my ass hole. I moaned, my legs almost buckling under the probing tongue as she explored all around it. My cock was so hard that it almost hurt being crushed against the wall. She moaned into my ass as she tasted me. After a while she got up and pushed me towards the couch. Then she got me on my knees and made me bend over and rest my torso on the couch while my hands were still tied behind me.

She then pushed the shorts down and started to lick my butt all over again. Her tongue traced my crack right from the top to the ass hole. Her tongue was long and wet leaving a trail of moist saliva snaking lower and lower. After what seemed like eternity, her tongue reached my puckered opening and although I wished it to linger there, it went on to my perineum and I was surprised at how good it felt. She retraced her path and this time she lingered around my ass hole a bit more, wetting it. Her tongue pushed gently at the reluctant opening. Her relentless pressure helped me relax a bit more and it was awesome to find her probing tongue half inside me. My cock was rock hard and aching. For once I wished that Shani was home to suck it while Amy licked me. I wanted to fill her mouth with my hard cock.

She kept tonguing me slowly. I moaned into the cushion, saying her name over and over. Then she used one finger and entered the now moist opening. Her finger was not as nice as her tongue but I was not in a position to complain since she used it to lick my balls. She fondled my cock with her other hand squeezing gently and I was going crazy. I couldn’t stop moaning out loud now. Her tongue was making me go crazy. Her finger expertly fucked my anus. She bent under and pulled my cock to her mouth sucking the tip. I think she found it difficult to do this upside down because she then turned me around after taking the belt off my hands and tied my hands again and placed them on my tummy.

“What do you think of my mood now?”


I lay down watching her. She took off her t-shirt and then her bra. I was now sitting on the couch, my eyes following every movement of her lovely tits. She came close but pushed me back when I tried to lick them. I loved being dominated in this way. She was in full control. Her breasts were close enough for me to see how aroused they were. There were little goose bumps around her nipple. There was a bit of puffiness around the nipple. Her womanly fragrance was driving me crazy. Finally, she moved close enough to smother me with them pushing my face between them. Her hands went behind my head and held me against her warmth. I took a deep breath loving her fragrance which was partly her perfume, partly the smell that you get on a woman when she is aroused.

I tilted my head to get at her nipples. Like she did with my ass, I took my own time licked all around her breasts not getting to her nipples. I raised my hands that were tied and rubbed the moist crotch of her panties with both my thumbs under her skirt. She went wild and pushed her breast into my mouth. I sucked as much of it as I could into my mouth biting gently she floated more towards me. When she muttered and reached down to free my hands, I knew I got through to her and made her want my attention.

After my hands were freed, I was in a mighty hurry to get inside her panties. There were drenched and I could feel her slimy lips as I pressed the crotch area. I slid my finger easily through the elastic band and rubbed her dripping slit. She moved to my mouth and started to kiss me hard pushing against my hand. I pulled her up so that she stood on the couch with her legs on either side of me and made her lower herself onto my face. She lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties for me before doing so. I lapped up her dripping juices and pushed one finger into her tight ass hole. She rocked on my face moaning my name. I used most of my tongue to lick her moist opening. She was juicy and very wet. I felt her dripping even more as her wetness mingled with my saliva started to trickle down the sides of my mouth. I inserted another finger into her vagina whilst the other was in her ass. She humped slowly against them doing all the work.

“I need you in me Sam!” Her voice was shaking.

I made her climb down and she lowered herself onto my cock still holding up the skirt around her waist. She was tight and I pushed my cock in slowly into her wet opening feeling it pass the first ridge. She groaned and grabbed my face kissing it hard feeling my cock go in. I started to move slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. Her mouth was covering mine and our tongues were battling each other trying to dominate, neither giving up. Her breasts were smashed against my heaving chest. I felt one minor orgasm hit her but I knew there was more to come. I slid out of her amidst her protests. Then I undressed her completely and made her lie down on the carpet wanting to taste her pussy. Her body looked fantastic and helpless lying there under my gaze. I knelt between her legs reaching her with my tongue. She rose up to meet my mouth and I licked her wet slit pushing my thumb into her ass hole. She groaned as my tongue moved over her clit down to her vagina and then come back up again. I licked her over and over and then moved back up as she pulled me to her breasts. Her nipples were long and hard. I teased them with my tongue running it over the hard peak. Then we kissed even more deeply. I took some time to lick her ears and she screamed as I explored it wetting the inside of it.

“I want to suck your hard cock, baby!”

I moved to her mouth and then pushed my cock into her open mouth going all the way in. Her mouth was moist and warm and she lifted her head allowing her to take most of it in. I slid in and out of her mouth feeling her tongue guide me. She pushed it out and kept sucking the head making wet noises. I looked into her eyes that were half sleepy, half horny.

I slipped out of her mouth turned around and covered her face with my ass almost smothering her. Her hungry mouth sought my ass hole pushing her tongue deep as I fingered her pussy getting into the famous 69 position, teasing her clit with my tongue. Her hands were all over my butt as she ground her tongue against my opening. She did this for a while and I reached under her and rubbed her own ass hole while licking her clit.

“Oh gosh Sam, I want you to fuck me and make me cum hard!” She said taking her mouth off my ass for a few seconds. I would have done anything for her at that point. I moved off her and got between her legs seeking her opening. I slid into her again feeling her expand and then fit me like a tight glove. I kissed her as I moved faster and faster, sweat pouring off my body to join with her own sweat. She moaned into my mouth. I wanted to merge into her body. The feelings between us were intense. I moved faster and faster feeling her orgasm approach and she reached it before I did, almost biting a piece off my shoulder. She lay there groaning still holding onto my shoulder with her teeth. Finally, she let go and I slid out of her and pushed my cock into her mouth. I was so close to cumming and I held her head by her hair lightly pulling on it while I pushed my cock in and out. I felt my cum rush out the moment the orgasm hit me like a freight train. I pumped her mouth full of cum that gushed out. It poured out of her mouth but she didn’t let me pull out my cock. She sucked the juice out of my cock and I loved every suck. A minute later I pulled out of her mouth while she wiped the cum off her mouth licking her fingers. It was so hot to see her doing that. When she was sure that most of the cum was gone she kissed me.

“I am sorry to have ignored you the last few days Sam. I wanted you again but I didn’t know how you felt about it.”

“I wanted you too, Amy. It was a crazy few days not knowing what you felt about what happened earlier.”

“Hope sis wouldn’t be mad that we did it without her.”

“I hope so too.”

We lay like that for about an hour talking about many things. Then she joined me in the shower with the excuse to soap me and we ended up on the floor of the shower in another delicious 69. We decided to tell Shani about the encounter when she got home.

“Well, hello there!” said my sister-in-law Kim as she greeted me at the front door to her and John’s house. They had asked me over for the weekend to help John build a deck on the back of their house.

Kim wasn’t a classical beauty but there was something about her. She was short, only 4 feet 11 and a half inches tall, but you better not forget that half inch or she would take your head off. She had been a cheerleader so she had a tight athletic body. I really liked watching her walk and wiggle that tight little ass of hers. She wore her dishwater blonde hair at shoulder length but it framed her piercing blue eyes that cut through you like a laser beam when she looked at you. Right below those eyes were a button nose and a wide mouth filled with lots of white teeth. Perky firm B cup tits sat on her chest with large nipples that really poked at the cloth of her blouse when it was cold. I was thankful that they kept the heat turned down low to save money so her chest gave me a show every time I went over there. Finishing off the package was a wasp waist and a flat stomach that didn’t look like she had given birth to two kids. All of this was carried along by a set of shapely legs. Oh and that ass, have I mentioned that great tight ass of hers?

“Hi Kim!” I said, “His highness in the family room?”

“He sure is” said Kim.

As I walked down the hallway to the family room I thought about how my wife, John’s sister, had told me not to talk about the couple’s marriage. Cindy had told me that John had said he and Kim were having problems and were thinking about spending time apart for a while.

“Hey there sport!” John greeted me when I entered the family room, “Want a beer?

“Sure” I said, “Never turn down free beer.”

“Well, you will earn it this weekend.” said John, “That deck is going to be a lot of work.”

I sipped on a cold Corona as I sat on the family room couch and watched the ball game on John’s flat screen. I suddenly noticed that it was only the three of us.

“Where’s the kids?” I asked.

“I thought they would be in the way and slow us down.” said John, “So they are staying over at a friend’s house this weekend.”

“So Kim’s going to help us build the deck?” I questioned.

“No way” laughed Kim, “I am here to supervise!”

It was cold as usual and Kim’s big nipples were poking at her blouse. They really put on a show as she laughed and the hard nipples rubbed up and down against the smooth silk of her blouse. I could feel my cock start to stiffen and hoped neither Kim or John noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. Being John’s sister she has dark brown hair and eyes just like he does. Like her mother, she has a curvy voluptuous body with a large rack and wide hips. The only thing about Cindy is that she is not very adventurous in the bedroom. Suck a little, or sixty-nine a little, some missionary or cowgirl and it’s all over. As a result our sex life if fine but a little predictable.

Maybe that’s why I am drawn to Kim. Besides that petite cute girl appeal, Kim had that wide mouth and tight little ass. Along with that wide mouth came a very big tongue. I dreamed more than once of her licking my prick with that big tongue and then sucking me with that mouth. I also dreamed of putting my hands on and cock into that perfect little ass of hers. Fantasies, just fantasies.

We watched the end of the game and the news. All three of us got up to get ready for bed.

“You’ll be in the guest room.” Kim said in reply to my questioning look.

Just then the phone rang and John answered. John talked for a while and all he seemed to be saying was Yes. He hung up the phone and Kim glared at him with a face like a thundercloud.

“Well!” Kim spat out, “You have to go in, right?”

“It’s my job.” said John, “I am on call. I have to go in for an emergency.”

“It’s good SOMEONE will be here tonight.” said Kim, “At least I will have company during the storm!”

The forecast we had just seen on the evening news had said we had a good chance of severe thunderstorms tonight. Kim marched out of the room and upstairs so hard John and I could hear her all the way up to their bedroom. Then we heard the bedroom door slam shut.

“Kim’s scared of storms.” said John, “I am glad you will be here tonight. This sounds serious so I may not be home until early in the morning.”

John took off to the garage and I heard his car pull out of the driveway. Suddenly I was standing along in the family room and feeling a little sheepish, like I had just seen something I should never have seen. I walked upstairs to the guest room. It was small with only a twin bed, but it was serviceable. I took off my clothes, turned out the light, and went to bed. It had been a long week for me too and in a minute I was asleep.

Suddenly I was awake but it was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I realized that someone was standing beside the bed. Suddenly there was a crash of thunder and a lightening bold lit up the room. I could see Kim standing next to the bed dressed in only a see through with baby doll nighty top trembling.

“Can you keep me company?” said Kim in a scared little girl voice.

“Sure” I said still only half awake.

“Come to my room.” said Kim, “We both won’t fit in this little bed here in the guest room.”

Still groggy and now aware that there was an almost constant room of thunder and frequent flashes of lightening I followed Kim to her and John’s bedroom. Kim got into the right side of the bed and pulled up the covers. I got into the left and pulled the covers onto my own body. Kim was laying with her back to me when a crash of thunder that sounded very loud and very close made her jump.

“Can you hold me?” Kim said.

I slid over to her and put my arm around her trembling body. I was suddenly aware that as was normal for me when I sleep, I was totally naked. I felt her trembling body against mine since the sheer nighty she wore was the closest thing to having nothing on at all. Her body was cool but she was making me hot. The decision was made, this was my only chance. I slid my arm up so that I could put a hand on one of those cute little tits of hers. I could feel the firm little mound through the sheer nighty and I started to slowly rub the firm little boob. Her nipple started to get hard and so I concentrated on rubbing it making it harder still.

I slid my left arm under Kim’s neck and using a move I had learned with Cindy, right down the front of her nighty. Now my left hand was massaging her naked left tit under the nighty. Kim didn’t protest and in fact moved her arms to give me better access to her nice little jugs. Both nipples were getting hard so leaving my left hand to work her naked boobs, I slid my right hand down to her thighs. I stroked and caressed Kim’s thighs and pulled my body close to hers. My cock was now pressed up against that great ass.

On each stroke of her shapely thighs I lengthened my caress. Each time my hand pushed a little farther down her thighs and a little farther up towards her crotch. The stroking motion pushed the flimsy nighty out of the way and suddenly I was stroking her pubic mound. Kim’s bush was surprisingly soft and downy. I dropped the pretext of massaging her thighs and concentrated on her cunt instead. I rubbed the mound in slow circles and then pushed two of my fingers between the lips.

“Ohhh!” moaned Kim. She suddenly turned her head towards mine and kissed me firmly on the mouth.

I was now stroking and gently twisting her hard large nipples with my left hand while the fingers of my right hand burrowed their way into her very wet quim. I rubbed the hood of her clit in gentle circles causing Kim to push her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was large and its wet probing of my mouth felt great. I pushed my lips tight onto hers to enjoy as much as I could of her enticing tongue that was wiggling in my mouth.

Suddenly Kim twisted away from me and jumped out of the bed.

“Shit” I thought, “At least it was good while it lasted.”

But to my surprise Kim pulled the sheer nighty up and off her tight little body. She grabbed the bed clothes and threw them back and out of the way. She jumped back into bed but now facing me. Kim wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine hard while snaking that big tongue deep into my mouth.

I put my left hand onto the back of her head and pulled her to me trying to get as much of that tongue as possible. I put my right hand on that great little butt and started to rub and squeeze those tight ass cheeks.

Kim broke off her assault on my mouth to get some air and I pushed her onto her back. My mouth sucked in her entire right tit while my tongue went to work on her hard nipple. Kim started to make cooing noises as I switched from her right breast to the left. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and stroked it in encouragement of the treatment I was giving her ripe boobs. All this time my right hand was now burrowing into her cunt stroking her clit.

Now I worked down her flat stomach with my mouth licking and sucking all the way until I came to her cuntal mound. I realized that Kim was a true blonde as her twat was covered in soft blonde fur. My tongue now burrowed in between her cunt lips and found that hood covered clit. My tongue worked gently but quickly on her hood drawing a moan from Kim and causing her to arch her back with pleasure.

Now was the time. I rotated my body around so that my head was in Kim’s crotch while my feet were by her head. I rolled onto my back while pulling her little body onto all fours above me. I continued to lick her clit and I slid my left hand along her body until it found her left tit and that hard nipple. I added stroking and gently twisting that nipple to my licking of Kim’s clit.

Kim knelt on all fours above me and moaned with pleasure but made no effort to return the favor although my hard erect cock throbbed only inches from her face. I decided to encourage her and reached forward with my right hand. I grasped her right check and pulled her head down to my aching pecker. To my surprise her lips opened and my dick slid right into that hot mouth of hers. I continued to push her head down and my cock slid deeper into her mouth until the head of my prick came up against her throat. I then pushed her head up until only my cockhead was in her mouth and then pulled her down again. It was like masturbating with her mouth. Over and over again I slid Kim’s sucking mouth up and down on my throbbing manhood.

I pulled my mouth off her clit and said, “Lick my cock with that big beautiful tongue Kim!”

That seemed to be what she needed. Suddenly Kim’s head was bobbing up and down on my fuck rod while that tongue of hers licked my aching prick. Now that she was going on her own I drew my right hand back and put two fingers at the opening of her cunt. I slow pushed them forward into her pussy finding the channel hot, wet, and oily. My fingers slid into her pussy easily. I started sliding them in and out of her silky smooth cunt which encouraged her to bob up and down on my throbbing organ faster too. We both were fast approaching that moment of climax as we started to move faster and faster with our mutual oral stimulations.

I noticed that her little brown puckered anus was pulsing with the movement of my fingers. “I’ve got nothing to lose.” I thought and placed one of my fingers from my right hand that was not shoved in her wet cunt at the edge of her anus. I pushed the finger in contact with the puckered orifice and rubbed her shitter with my finger. Suddenly I found her lips were around the base of my cock! I am not porn star big but I am a good size and no woman had ever put my whole pecker down her throat before. I was so surprised that I pushed my finger into Kim’s asshole up to the second knuckle. She responded by sucking the entire length of my prick with not only her mouth but her throat too! We both started to orgasm and as we did I licked the head of her clit for all I was worth while screwing my finger around in her asshole in a circular motion. Both of our bodies shook with uncontrollable spasms of pleasure jerking and twitching like we were being electrocuted.

Then as suddenly as it started, our mutual bone rattling orgasm was over. Kim pulled her head up and off my man meat and rested there on all fours while panting like a dog. I dropped my head down from sucking on her pussy and pulled my fingers out or her cunt and ass. I was exhausted but also surprised to find that my prick was still as hard as when we started.

I pushed Kim over onto her back. She knew what was coming and spread her little legs showing me that tight blonde cunt. I scooted over to her and placed my still hard fuck rod at the entrance to her pleasure tunnel. I slowly pushed my purple pulsing cockhead into her vagina. It slid in easily and I found that even after two kids Kim had a tight pussy. It was tight, and wet, but lubed like someone had poured it full of K-Y jelly. I found myself gasping with the pleasure of entering her in spite of myself.

“Feels real good, huh?” said Kim.

“Wow babe, you got one great cunt there.” I replied.

I rammed the rest of my dick into her juicy quim until I was balls deep in the best pussy I ever had my cock in. Kim wrapped her legs around my back and grabbed my shoulders with her hands.

“Fuck me hard!” Kim moaned.

Never disagree with a lady. I started to pound my big rod into her cunt. We fucked like rabbits in that position for a while. I pulled her legs off my back and placed her feet up on my shoulders. I pushed forward bending Kim almost in half. The limber little bitch bent without protest and her ass pulled up off the bed giving me a better angle at which to pound her twat. Now we really went to town. I bent over and kissed her on that wide mouth again. Her big tongue snaked into my mouth and as she tongued the shit out of me I pounded the shit out of her. And suddenly we both came hard again, shaking and quaking with lightning bolts of pleasure racking our bodies.

I lay on top of Kim and I enjoyed the feeling of my dick in that sweet tight cunt even though we were no longer fucking.

“Can you let my legs go?” said Kim, “I think they’re starting to cramp.”

I leaned up a bit so she could slide her legs out from between our bodies but my pecker remained in her warm sweet velvety quim.

“Do you like to stay in after a screw” asked Kim.

“You bet!” I answered, “I like the feeling of my cock in a pussy even though it’s not hard anymore. And your pussy is really nice and tight.”

“Do you like putting your penis in other places?” Kim asked, “I mean you have been in my mouth and my vagina.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Are you asking if I would like to fuck your ass?” I said quizzically, “Because I sure I would like to fuck that tight ass of yours. I’d like to fuck it real hard but that takes having lube.”

“Well, I have a whole tube of K-Y jelly in my nightstand.” said Kim.

“OK, I’m in, in more ways than one” I chuckled. I could hardly believe my cute little sister-in-law was asking me to fuck that gorgeous ass of hers. It was a dream come true.

I rolled over off of Kim and felt a little regret having to leave that tight cunt. Kim rolled over and opened a drawer in the nightstand next to her side of the bed. She pulled out a large tube of K-Y jelly and a hand towel.

“Just one problem baby doll. Mr. Happy is not quite ready to do this” I told Kim.

Kim leaned close to me and her voice dropped to a low sultry tone as she said, “I know how to make Mr. Happy happy.”

Just hearing her tone made my cock twitch. Kim knelt at my feet and grasped my cock with her left hand. Holding my prick up she then used that big tongue of hers to lick the full length of the underside if my dick from the balls to the head. Once she got to my cockhead she used that tongue to lick around the whole head paying special attention to the flare at the bottom. I was getting aroused and my pecker was starting to inflate once again. Kim then slid the end of my cock deep into her mouth and looked straight up at me. What a sight! Those piercing blue eyes locked onto mine as Kim’s head bobbed up and down on my rod with that great little ass in the background. I was hard in an instant. Kim kept sucking me for a little while to make sure I was hard and then pulled her mouth off my now rock hard prick.

“I told you I could make Mr. Happy happy” she said with a “I’m pleased with myself” tone in her voice. Kim reached over and grabbed the tube of K-Y. She squeezed a fair amount out right on the head of my cock. The cold gel made me twitch a little. Then Kim rubbed the gel all over my prick. The sensation of her hands slathering the cold gel all over my dick felt great. Kim stopped rubbing once my tool was covered with an even thick coat of K-Y. She put the tube on the nightstand and cleaned her hands off with the hand towel. Then Kim lay down on her stomach with her legs spread and her knees pulled up slightly so her tight ass cheeks stuck up in the air.

“I’m ready” she said.

So was I. I knelt behind her and spread those cheeks with my hands. I saw that little asshole of hers waiting for my cock. I put my cockhead against her anus and pushed gently. The flared purple bulb slipped in her shitter so easily I was shocked. Kim had obviously been butt fucked before. I kept pushing and the whole length of my prick disappeared right up her ass! Kim moaned gently with the pleasure of having a hard pecker up her poop chute. I lay there for a while enjoying the long desired pleasure of having my entire dick embedded in my sister-in-law’s tight butt.

“Ohhh!” moaned Kim, “That is one big penis. Be gentle, OK?”

I started to slowing withdraw the length of my prick from her tight ass until just the head remained inside her butt. Then I slowly slid my cock back in until I was balls deep in her shitter. I kept the slow motion going for a few minutes until Kim urged me to speed up. I took my hands off her buttocks and put them on the bed on either side of her body so I could get a stronger push. I started to get a faster motion going, now pistoning my prick in and out of her poop chute.

Kim raised her head and moaned, “Faster and harder. Really give it to me!”

I started to really pound Kim’s tight butt now. My pelvis bouncing off her ass sounded like a machine gun. I took my hands and put them under Kim’s body so I could grab those ripe little boobies. I used my middle fingers to clamp down on her hard nipples. Now when my cock banged into her poop chute her body was pushed forward but her nipples had nowhere to go. The little nubbins stretched as a result causing Kim to moan and groan even harder as I fucked the shit out of her ass. We were both climbing that hill to a real hard climax. I took my right hand and shoved it down further burrowing my fingers into Kim’s dripping wet cunt. I found her now hard clit and was surprised to find that she was more aroused now than when I had fucked her pussy. I used my thumb and forefinger to clamp down on the hood on either side of Kim’s clit. Now her clit was getting the same treatment her nipple was. I lost all control of my hips and was suddenly fucking her butt so fast I almost couldn’t believe it. Kim raised her head off the bed again but this time she literally howled as she came. I could see all of Kim’s muscles contracting so hard it almost looked like she had no skin. Kim’s anus grabbed my prick hard and milked it with a strength I wouldn’t have believed possible. I came shooting load after load of cum up my sister-in-law’s great ass.

I lost track of all time as the two of us shook and howled in pleasure. Suddenly it was all over and I found myself lying above Kim, both of our bodies slick with sweat. Man, I couldn’t remember the last time I worked so hard at sex that I ended up all sweaty. We were both panting trying to get air back into our lungs. It felt like I had just run a 5K. Just like when we had fucked before, I lay there enjoying the sensation of having my prick in Kim’s ass.

It was a difficult decision for Cindy to accept Ron’s proposal, but once she said yes she never looked back. Ron was spending most nights at her apartment these days, and Cindy was getting used to sharing her space. It was nice to have someone around to talk to, and Ron was really thoughtful. And of course the sex was good. She doubted she would ever have been able to find a better match. Any doubts she harbored she chalked up to cold feet and figured they would go away after the wedding. The wedding was only a month away.

Her schedule at work had been crazy since they enlarged her territory and she was working longer hours. She started her day at 5:30 and usually got home around 2:30. By the time she finished placing all her orders on-line, it was usually around 4:00. They were long days with absolutely no time built in for personal errands or phone calls. So getting everything ready for the wedding seemed a monumental task. They had only planned a very simple affair, but Cindy was surprised at how many decisions and errands had to be done. Fortunately Ron tried to help as much as he could, but he worked long hours himself.

“Maybe we should just go back to Hawaii, quit our jobs and live at the Hyatt until our credit cards stop working,” Cindy joked one night as they snuggled on the couch after dinner.

“Not a bad idea. What do you think about going back to Hawaii for our honeymoon?” Ron asked.

Cindy perked up at that suggestion. “I think that’s a fabulous idea. Is it too late to get decent airfare?”

“I don’t know. I’ll check right now if you’re up for it.”

“I’d love to go back, that was the best trip I’ve ever taken,” Debby said.

So Ron went to check airfare. Meanwhile Cindy’s phone rang. It was Debby, so she turned down the TV and settled in to talk to her sister.

“Hi Debby. What have you and Al been up to?”

“Same old. How about you two?”

“We were just talking about our honeymoon. Ron’s checking airfare to see if we can go back to Hawaii. We really enjoyed our trip there.”

“That sounds great. How are the arrangements coming for the wedding?”

“Well, there aren’t that many arrangements, but it’s hard to get them done when I’m slammed at work all day every day. I don’t even have time to make any phone calls during the workday.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” asked Debby.

“Maybe. I’ll email or text you if I think of something that you could handle for me. I really appreciate that.”

They chatted for a while, then hung up. Ron had found some reasonable flights and put them on hold. They had a few hours to call back and confirm, and Cindy told him to go for it. Then she went to get ready for bed. They lay together in bed talking for a while, then Ron started snuggling against Cindy. He played with her tits under her nightie. Cindy could feel his hard cock against her. She reached down and held it as Ron placed his lips on hers and kissed her deeply. “Come on top of me, Cindy baby,” Ron said. Female dominant was Ron’s favorite position. He loved Cindy’s large breasts, and watching them hanging down in front of his eyes while Cindy humped his dick made him delirious with pleasure. Cindy got a towel, some lotion and a vibrator out of the nightstand and took off her panties. She raised her arms and let Ron remove her nightie as she straddled his torso. Cindy squeezed some k-y jelly out of the tube and rubbed it on Ron’s dick.

“ummmmMMMM,” Ron moaned as Cindy gave his hard dick a couple of long pulls.

“Oooh, I guess I’d better catch up with you,” Cindy said, as she released his stiff rod.

She lifted her butt and put Ron’s dick against her opening, then eased herself onto him. The feeling of Ron’s hard staff sliding into her felt so good. It felt like she was completely filled up. She switched on her tiny little bullet style vibrator and put it against her clit. Her mind was instantly filled with a cloud of sexual pleasure. Ron pulled and tugged on Cindy’s titties, while he pinched the nipples gently between his fingers. The rhythmic pulling of her titties and the pressure on her nipples made her intensely aroused. She supported herself with one arm on Ron’s chest as she held the vibrator in the other. Ron grunted and bucked wildly under Cindy. His balls were tingling and he felt the warm, pleasurable feeling on the channel along the underside of his penis when his sperm flowed through it, deep into Cindy’s pussy. When Ron finished squirting, Cindy rolled over on her side with him still inside her, filling her up. Ron continued to play with her tits. His dick was still fairly hard, so he continued to pump it rhythmically into Cindy. Now that she didn’t have to support her weight, she was able to concentrate on the sensations flooding her pussy as the vibrator found its mark. Ron locked his lips over one of her titties and flicked her nipple as fast as he could with his tongue. Cindy’s orgasm surprised her, she didn’t feel it coming until it exploded and she involuntarily grunted loudly, “Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Ummm, Ummm.”

She finally turned off the vibrator and dropped it. Ron held her close to him for a few minutes. Then Cindy grabbed the towel and wiped them off.

Later that week, Cindy got a text from Al asking if they could meet somewhere to talk. Cindy texted back, “Working out of my apartment this PM, you can come by any time after 3.”

“C U then,” Al texted back.

Al gave her a big bear hug and a kiss on the lips when Cindy let him in.

“How have you been, Cindy?” Al asked.

“I’ve been OK,” Cindy said. “What about you?” she said, leading him to the couch. It wasn’t like Al to take off during the day, and he looked upset.

“Things have been kind of tough at home lately. Debby’s really upset, and I don’t know what I’ve done or how to fix it. I was hoping that maybe she might have told you something.”

“She hasn’t told me anything. What do you think is going on?”

“I don’t know. She started sleeping in your room. She wouldn’t even talk to me about it, so I have no idea what’s wrong. Sunday night she kicked me out of the house. I’m going out of my fucking mind, Cindy.” Al looked like he was going to start crying.

“I’m so sorry, Al. I know how much Debby means to you. What can I do to help?”

“I don’t know,” Al said. “Last night she talked about divorce for the first time since we married.”

“She can’t mean that,” Cindy said.

“I don’t know. Maybe you can talk sense into her.”

“Where have you been staying?”

“The Drury Inn by the office.”

As they got up to leave, Al grabbed Cindy and hugged her, saying, “Thanks for being there for me, Cindy, I appreciate it.” He hugged her and buried his face in her hair. “God, I miss you,” he said. Cindy felt weak in the knees as Al wrapped his muscular arms around her. “I miss you too,” she said. “I’ll talk to Debby.”

“Don’t say anything to Ron. Debby and I agree that we’ll be in your wedding as planned. We don’t want to put a damper on the ceremony.”

Cindy had never felt so depressed. Al and Debby had always been her role models. Their marriage seemed invincible and she loved them more than anyone in the world. Al and Debby had always had the best marriage she knew of and now they were struggling.

Cindy called Debby to talk, but she didn’t let her know that Al had talked to her. Debby told her they had separated.

“How are you holding up, Debby?” Cindy asked.

“I’m OK. But I’m not looking forward to my first weekend alone in the house, I can tell you.”

“Why don’t you let Al move back in while you talk things through?”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Nothing’s going to change.”

“What can I do to help?”

“Can you stay with me this weekend, Cindy? I don’t want to be alone this weekend. Would it be too much of an inconvenience? I don’t want to mess things up with Ron.”

“Not at all, I’d be happy to. I’ll come over Friday after work. Hang in there, and call me if you need to.”

Ron wasn’t very understanding, and Cindy had promised not to tell Ron that Al and Debby had separated.

“I don’t understand why I can’t be with you this weekend,” he complained when Cindy told him.

“My sister wants to spend some time with me. It’s just for one weekend. I’ll give you a call Monday.”

Ron grumbled about it, but finally said, “OK. Goodnight. I love you,” and hung up the phone.

Cindy called Al and told him the weekend plans. “I’ll have plenty of time to talk to Debby this weekend. If you want, I’ll come by your hotel when I leave Sunday night and let you know what I find out. I don’t want to see you guys break up, that would be a horrible mistake.”

“I know it would be. Maybe you can convince Debby of that.”

“OK, I’ll see you Sunday night. Bye, Al. I love you.”

“Goodbye, Cindy. Thank you so much.”

Debby seemed to be very happy to see Cindy.

“You can’t imagine how much it means to me to have you here. I’m so sorry that everything’s imploding at the time when everything should be about you and Ron. I know it’s unfair. You finally have a chance to have everything you want, and Al’s gotta screw it up.”

“Tell me when these problems started and why,” Cindy said. “I want you to tell me everything.”

“I don’t know, Cindy, it just seems like I’m just here for him when he wants to screw and that’s it.”

“You know, when I lived here I didn’t see any problems in your relationship. Did things change?”

“I don’t think so. I guess the cracks were there, but when you were here we were all so happy it covered them up. “

“So Al’s behavior hasn’t changed since I moved out?”

“No, not really.”

“Were you unhappy together before I moved in? Did you ever have marital problems then?”

“Not really. I guess it’s just something that’s built up over time.”

“Has anything changed in your life, Debby? At work? Your health? Is there any change in your behavior?”

“No, other than my marriage everything else is good.”

“Well, let’s forget all that for tonight and have some fun. I’m ready to forget everything myself. We’ll go to Dee Dee’s and have a nice meal. Then after a good night’s sleep, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

“What do you mean, you’re ready to forget everything yourself?” Debby asked. “Trouble in paradise?”

“No, it’s just that I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend in your beautiful house with no demands of any kind. That’s almost like a vacation.”

“Is Ron too demanding?”

“Ron’s very needy. He’s insecure and needs to have me with him all the time or he worries. And when I’m with him, he hovers over me. You know what I mean?”

“No, I wouldn’t know a thing about that,” Debby said. “That wouldn’t describe Al at all. He could leave me alone forever, except when he wants sex.”

“Well, constant attention isn’t much fun either,” Cindy said. “Maybe we should switch for a while. I guess both of us would find out there’s no such thing as perfect, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

After dinner, the girls went back home and soaked in the hot tub for a while, sipping a glass of wine. I forgot how beautiful your house is, Debby.”

“Yeah, I’ll miss it, but I don’t see how I can keep it,” Debby said.

“Please don’t talk that way, Debby. It makes me very sad. You and Al are going to get through this, you aren’t going to sell the house. OK?”

“OK,” Debby said. “You’re a great sister. I’ve been missing you so much since you moved out. Any ideas where you and Ron are going to live?”

“I don’t know. Short term, we’ll finish out the lease on my apartment. Ron only has two months left on his lease, so he won’t lose much money there. My apartment is too small for us long term, so we’ll figure out something when my lease runs out.”

After they got out, they started getting ready for bed. Cindy always went to bed early, even on weekends. Her body clock ran early because she had to get up so early for work on weekdays.

“Will you spend the night with me in my room tonight, Cindy,” Debby asked.

“Sure I will, Sis,” she answered. There was plenty of room for both of them in the luxurious king size bed.

The next morning they lounged around out by the pool in their PJ’s, drinking coffee and talking until mid-morning. The lawn crew arrived to do the yard, so they decided to get cleaned up and ready for the day. They went down to La Jolla for lunch and a took a long stroll along the beaches and through the shops. By the time they got home it was mid afternoon. Debby made a pitcher of margaritas and they sat outside by the pool, sipping margaritas and talking.

“This is sure nice of you to give up your weekend to keep me company,” Debby said.

“This is absolute paradise,” Cindy said, sipping her margarita and relaxing in Debby’s beautiful back yard. “No demands, no pressures, no men.”

“Here’s to ‘no men’,” Debby said, raising her glass.

“No men,” Cindy said.

“What about Ron?” Debby asked.

“Who?” Cindy said jokingly.

After they’d had a couple of margaritas each, Debby made another small batch. By the time they finished them, Debby got up to go in and pee.

“You’re a little wobbly,” Cindy said. “You OK?”

“Never felt better. But I guess we’d better think about getting something to eat soon, or we’re going to get sloshed.” It was already 6:00 and they hadn’t even thought about what to have for dinner.

“Why don’t we just order some Chinese delivery and not have to deal with cooking or cleaning,” Cindy said.

“Excellent idea, sis.”

The food came around 7:00, by which time the girls had already had a couple of glasses of wine. After they ate, they decided to go into the hot tub. There was a little chill to the air as the sun started to go down. They dropped their bathrobes and eased into the hot water with nothing on. They had long since gotten used to soaking nude in front of each other.

“This is when it would be nice to have Al around,” Cindy said.

“No men,” Debby said, raising her wine glass. “OK?”

“No men,” Cindy said, raising her glass. But she wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Debby.

“We can get the hand held wand, if you want.

That’s more reliable than a man.”

“It doesn’t feel as good when I don’t have a man inside me,” Cindy said. “It’s only second best.” Even though Cindy had come a long way in opening up sexually, she still didn’t masturbate much when she was alone. She preferred the feeling of being filled up with a cock while she masturbated her clit to orgasm.

After about thirty minutes, the girls had to get out to pee. They dried off and put their bathrobes back on, then went in the house. Debby turned off the hot tub from the remote control inside. They opened another bottle of wine and poured themselves a glass, then started the gas fireplace inside. They sat together in front of the fire in their bathrobes, drinking wine and watching the fire.

“Wanta watch a movie?” Cindy asked.

“Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“I haven’t watched any of our videos since I moved. I’d like to watch them for a while, if that’s OK.”

“I guess so,” Debby said. “I haven’t watched them in a while either.”

Cindy knew where Debby kept them hidden, so she grabbed one and put it in the DVD player. “When was the last time you had sex,” Cindy asked.

“Probably about a month or so,” Debby said. Al had only been a little less than a week, so that must have been a pretty tough three weeks for both of them before he moved out.

Cindy sat back down next to Debby as they watched the videos, skipping through the slow parts to get to the good parts. They giggled and critiqued their “performance” on the videos, as well as Al’s body parts and his funny noises when he climaxed. Cindy got up to get the wine bottle and refill their glasses. Since they had skipped through to the “good parts” on the videos, it was already over, and Cindy started to put on another one.

“I think I wanta lie down”, Debby slurred.

“Are you feeling OK?’ Cindy asked.

“Yeah, but I don’t think I’d better not drink anymore.” She giggled and said, “I mean I think I don’t better drink anymore. Uh. Well, you know what I mean.”

Cindy turned off the TV and took the DVD into Debby’s bedroom. Debby took off her bathrobe and got into bed while Cindy turned on the TV and loaded the DVD. Then she took off her bathrobe and climbed into the bed. The sheets hadn’t warmed up yet, so she moved over next to Debby.

The girls piled pillows behind them and sat up watching the videos. They let them play full length, not bothering to skip around on them.

“Better?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah. I’m OK.” Debby said.

On the screen, Al was lying on his back while Cindy squatted on top of him. Al pulled her breasts into his mouth as Cindy humped his dick long and slow. When it appeared that Al was nearing orgasm, Cindy brought their crotches all the way together and just sat there for a minute until his urgency dissipated, then she started stroking his cock again with her pussy. She did that several times, bringing Al to the edge, then backing off. His face grimaced each time and he moaned. Finally she took him too close to the edge, and even though she stopped pumping up and down on his dick, it was too late. With a loud grunt, he began bucking and spilled his load in her. As soon as Cindy realized he was going to cum, she resumed her stroking, milking every last drop from him.

The next video was an oldie but a goodie. It was one of the first that Cindy had ever watched when she accidentally stumbled onto Al’s movie making software on his computer. It was a video of Al giving Cindy an erotic massage.

“This is one of the first videos I ever saw of you two, when I accidentally found them on your computer in the guest room,” Cindy told Debby. “It’s always been one of my favorites. I think it’s very erotic.”

“Yeah, it’s a good one,” Debby agreed.

As the girls watched and got more aroused, they snuggled closer together. Debby had her hand in her crotch, covering her mound. As Al pulled Debby toward the end of the massage table and put her in position to begin giving her oral sex, Cindy said, “Yum, this is my favorite part. Watching Al lick you over and over again, and watching the expressions on your face, until you finally cum.”

They were both dripping wet by now. Debby reached into the drawer and pulled out some lotion and two vibrators. “You want one?” she asked. “I’ve gotta have one, I hope you aren’t embarrassed. It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah, I’ll take one too. I wish I had a big dick inside me, though.”

Debby reached back into the drawer and took out a dildo. “Here, this might help,” she said, handing it to Cindy.

“Wow, life size,” Debby laughed. The dildo was shaped exactly like a dick, with the veins and everything. It was made of a soft gel like material, but firm. So just like a real dick, it was soft and hard at the same time. “It even feels like a dick.”

The girls were warming up quickly now, and kicked off the covers. Debby opened the lubricant and put a little on the end of her vibrator. Then she turned it on and slowly moved it up and down her slit. As she worked herself into a state of arousal, her pussy lips became engorged with blood, opening them up to her ministrations with the vibrator.

Cindy spread a lot of lotion on the dildo and sat up next to Debby and started gently working the dildo into Debby’s pussy. Debby spread her legs further, giving Cindy better access. She gently moved it in and out, getting a little deeper each time.

“Turn it on,” Debby said. Cindy turned the base on the bottom of the dildo and it started vibrating inside Debby. Cindy lay down next to Debby and snuggled against her, holding the dildo in place in her pussy as she nuzzled one of her titties with her mouth. She gently nibbled on the nipple and flicked it with her tongue. Debby started moaning softly.

“Umm, ummm, ummm.”

Debby pulled Cindy’s head toward her with her free hand. They locked lips and kissed deeply while Cindy held the vibrating dildo deep inside her and Debby tickled her clit with the other vibrator. Debby was getting close. Her hips were bucking and her body was shaking. She didn’t release Cindy’s kiss. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Cindy put her free arm under Debby’s body and pulled her closer to her. She cupped her small breast and tweaked the nipple, which was long and hard.

Debby’s body shivered as she had an intense orgasm. Cindy kept her lips locked onto Debby’s, muffling her cries.

“Mmff, Mmmff, mmm, mmmm, mmmmm.”

Finally Cindy released her lips from Debby and turned off the vibrator. She left it hanging in her pussy. She snuggled up behind Debby and held her tightly, cupping both breasts with her hands. She nuzzled the nape of her neck and gently nibbled on her ear.

“You sweet, precious thing,” Cindy said. “I’m so sorry you’re hurting. I love you.”

Debby started crying softly. “You’re everything to me, Cindy. You’re all I’ve got anymore.”

“That’s not true. Al loves you as much as he ever has. Things will work out for both of you,” Cindy said.

“That was incredible,” Debby said. “But it was different somehow than it’s ever been. I don’t know if it was because it was with you, but I don’t think so. Something felt weird, almost like my insides fluttered.”

Cindy laughed and said, “My insides always flutter.”

“No, it was different this time somehow.” Then she let it drop.

The video had changed to a new one. Al had a girl on each side of him, and before the video was over, each girl was going to be mounted by Al while the other girl used a vibrator to bring them to orgasm . This was another of Cindy’s favorites. Hell, they were all hot.

Debby turned over and snuggled face to face with Cindy, kissing her on the lips. She ran her hand down the side of Cindy’s body, caressing her. She stroked her buttocks, then brought her hand around and cupped Cindy’s pussy, giving it a little squeeze. She brought her hand back up her side and rubbed her breast. She snuggled against Cindy as Cindy lay on her back, and Debby turned on the dildo and started gently working it into Cindy as she watched the video. Cindy took the other vibrator and began using it on her clit. Debby sucked one of Cindy’s tits into her mouth, flicking the nipple over and over again. Cindy’s mind was flooded with pleasure from all over her body. Her sensitive nipples were being teased, sucked and licked, while her pussy was filled to capacity. Vibrations were emanating from inside and outside her pussy.

She was already fully aroused by the videos and by the incredible sight of her sister writhing in orgasm, and now she was being assaulted by a flood of sensations on her pussy and her nipples. The sensations seemed to cover her entire body. They had only just started working on Cindy, but she already knew that she was near her limit. In less than two minutes she shuddered in orgasm. “Ummmm, UMMM, UNNGGG,” she moaned loudly, clutching Debby’s hair as she was pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy and licking Cindy’s nipple.

When Cindy had regained her normal breathing, they lay in each other’s arms silently, occasionally kissing or nuzzling each other’s face. They had no inclination to get dressed or break their embrace. Nor for that matter did they wish to talk. It was like they were reluctant to break the spell of their lovemaking. They lay together for a long time caressing and hugging, then went to sleep nude.

Even the next morning, they didn’t talk about it, as though analyzing or discussing it would ruin what they had experienced together. They weren’t self-conscious about it; they talked normally, as though nothing had happened. But there was a special tenderness that wasn’t there before.

About two, Cindy announced that she needed to leave.

“I’ve got to do laundry and ironing and get ready for work tomorrow. I’ll have to get up early,” Cindy said.

Debby looked really dejected, so Cindy said, “Hey Debs, how about if I spend the night with you a couple of times this week? Would you like that?”

“Would I? You bet. But what about Ron?”

“Don’t worry about Ron. I’ll spend as much time with you as I can until you and Al get back together. Right now I gotta go. Hang in there, OK?”

Debby hugged Cindy and said, “I love you. Thanks for staying with me this weekend.”

“I love you too, sis. Bye-Bye.”

Cindy called Al on the way to his hotel and told him she’d stop by to talk. He didn’t expect her so early, but couldn’t wait to see her to find out what she had learned from Debby.

Answering the knock on his door, he opened the door and let Cindy in. They hugged each other like neither wanted to let go.

“Oh, Cindy, it’s so good to see you.” They kissed before letting each other go, and sat down at the table in Al’s room.

“So how did it go this weekend,” Al said. “Did you find out what’s wrong with Debby?”

“There’s nothing wrong with Debby,” Cindy said. “I’m not trying to find out what’s wrong with her, I’m trying to make her understand how much you love her. For whatever reason, she doesn’t know how you feel anymore. I know she still loves you, though, and there’s nobody else. So it’s just a matter of time before she comes around. Are you sure that there’s nothing you can think of that might have caused her to feel like she does?”

“Absolutely not, it seems like it came out of the clear blue sky.”

“When did it start?”

“I don’t know. I think around the time you moved out. It got worse when you and Ron broke up; I can remember having our first really big fight around that time; when was that, about three or four months ago? And then the grand finale was about a month ago; that’s when she first started talking about divorce.”

As he said this, tears welled up in his eyes. “Cindy, you’ve gotta help me, I can’t lose Debby. I love her so much.”

Cindy got up and put her arms around Al’s head and caressed his hair. Al put his arms around Cindy’s waist and cried softly. “Al, it’ll be alright, I promise,” she said, putting her lips on Al’s hair and kissing him. He smelled so great, just like Cindy remembered. She was flooded with emotions; a great sadness for both Al and Debby, love for her sister and love and desire for Al. She had never gotten over losing Al, who she was more attracted to than anyone she had ever met. She had only pretended to be over him, since it had seemed obvious Al and Debby wanted her to move out. She had tried to convince herself she was over him. Now, holding him like this, she could no nothing to deny her feelings. She wanted Al badly; the only question was whether she could resist in order to be true to her sister.

She sat on Al’s lap and kissed him on the lips, first softly, then harder. Her hands held his face, then moved down to his arms, then back to his face. Al was surprised and returned the kiss tentatively, but Cindy kept kissing him.

She put her cheek against his, and said, “Al, Al, I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself. I want you.”

Al pushed her away and said, “Cindy, this is wrong on so many levels. What about Ron?”

Cindy got up and took her shirt off, then unsnapped her bra and threw it on the bed. She slid her workout capris and panties down at the same time, and stood there naked in front of Al. She wrapped her arms around Al’s head and put her tit against his mouth. He sucked the nipple into his mouth.

“Umm,” Cindy moaned, as she swayed in Al’s arms with her eyes closed. “Take me, Al, please.”

Al could only stand so much. He hadn’t had sex in a long time, and he deeply loved his sissy. She was there wanting him and naked. He knew it was wrong, but he had his breaking point.

Standing up, he took off his pants. His dick sprang to attention, and Cindy dropped to her knees to give it attention. She cupped his balls in her hand and started licking up and down the underside of Al’s dick, then took it into her mouth. By now Al had a raging hard on. Cindy rested her head on her folded arms on the table, arched her back and lifted her butt in the air with her legs spread, offering herself to Al. Al positioned his dick against the opening to her pussy and started working it in. The only lubricant he had was the slobber left from Cindy’s oral sex, so it was extremely tight. Al worked the head in slowly. Once he got in past the head, he tried to squeeze the ultra-sensitive area below the head into Cindy. He reached under her and took her breasts in his hand, playing with the nipples. He was so horny that he was unable to even work the entire length of his shaft into her before he started feeling the impending climax. He felt as though his balls were being pulled through his dick into Cindy. He had a massive ejaculation, pumping wad after wad of cum into her.

“AWWG, AWWG, AWWG, AWWG,” Al shouted as he pounded his dick as hard as he could into Cindy. He was totally unaware of what he was doing, or the noises he was making. Cindy had heard and seen Al like this only once before, the day after she’d moved into his house when he hadn’t had sex for a week and the girls had spent hours teasing him. He was like a wild animal, unable to control his carnal impulses. She loved seeing him like this, and she really loved making him like this. When he had spent himself in her and come back to his senses a little, he felt remorseful.

“What have I done. I’m so sorry, Cindy.”

“I’m not,” she said, giving him a kiss on the nipple. “Now I want you to get dressed and take me downtown. Will you?”

“I guess so. Why?”

“I just want to go downtown and walk around the waterfront. Then I want you to take me to dinner at The Fish Market. OK?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun. But I don’t know what got into me, I’m sorry.”

Cindy had a feeling that Al needed to get out of that little hotel room and have some fun almost as badly as he had needed to have sex. And she was right. He brightened up as soon as they got out into the sunshine and got some exercise walking around downtown. By dinnertime, they had worked up a hearty appetite and were looking forward to enjoying one of their favorite restaurants in town.

When they got back to the hotel, Cindy asked if she could come in for a while. As soon as they got in, Cindy took off her clothes and got into Al’s bed. “Come lay with me for a while, please,” she said. Al took off his clothes and climbed in. They lay snuggling and kissing.

“I love you, Al. Please don’t ever stop holding me.”

“But what about…”

Cindy put her finger on Al’s lips and stopped him from finishing his sentence.

“Promise me, Al. You’ll never stop holding me.”

“I promise, Cindy. I love you.”

They kissed some more, and Cindy played with Al’s dick until it started to come back to life. She was able to fit his entire semi-erect dick in her mouth and lick it with her tongue. Once it gained its full erection, she got out of bed and got Al’s shave gel. “Sometimes you have to improvise,” she said with a smile. She put a little of the gel on her hand and rubbed it into Al’s dick. She continued rubbing as Al lay back with his eyes closed, moaning in pleasure. Then Cindy threw one leg over Al and straddled him. She leaned forward and kissed him while she worked Al’s cock into her pussy. Once it was in she took long slow strokes, up and down on his dick. Al held both tits, one in each hand, and let the nipples peek through his fingers so he could gently squeeze them. Cindy began pumping his dick harder and harder. Because he had already been relieved earlier, he was able to last a long time. He helped Cindy off of him and lay her down on her side, mounting her from behind. He put his mouth on the nape of her neck and kissed her face and neck as he penetrated her deeply and kneaded her breast and nipple in his hand.

Cindy reached down and started drawing circles around her clit with her fingers. Al pounded her pussy over and over with his hard dick. The pleasure from his kneading of her nipple and from her fingers on her clit began to culminate. She felt intense pressure in her pussy, then a release of warmth throughout her body as she climaxed. She didn’t even notice Al spilling his sperm inside her, as she was overcome with her own orgasm. They collapsed onto the bed, Al holding her tightly. They lay there for a while, then Cindy got up. After she cleaned up a little and dressed, she said, “I’ve got to go. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how it’s going with Debby. You will be back in your own bed with Debby soon, I promise.”

“Thanks, Cindy. For everything.”

They kissed and Cindy left. On the drive home, she called Ron.

“I know we haven’t seen each other, Ron, but I can’t tonight. I’ve got to do laundry and ironing and get ready for work tomorrow, and I have to get up really early. It’s already eight o’clock. I’ll call you tomorrow, OK?”

“Call me? Why can’t I just see you tomorrow?”

“Maybe. I’ll call you.”

The next day she met Ron for a quick lunch while she was making her rounds.

“Debby really needs me, Ron. Al and Debby made me promise not to say anything to anybody, so I can’t tell you why. She’s the only family I have. I’m going to stay with her for a few days or so. She really needs me.”

“What about me?” Ron asked.

“You can get by without me for a week or two.”

“What about the wedding?”

“Ron, I think we need to postpone it for a while. Al and Debby won’t be able to come, and I can’t get married without my sister.”

“Postpone the wedding? For how long?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry, sweetie. I’ll let everyone we invited know.”

Suddenly, for the first time, Cindy realized there would be no new date scheduled. Ron realized it as well.

“Goodbye, Cindy,” Ron said. He put twenty-five dollars onto the table to pay for the meal and tip and turned to leave.

“Wait, Ron,” Cindy said. He stopped and turned back. “Ron, somebody soon is going to appreciate you like you deserve to be. I want you to take this back and give it to them, or see if you can get some money back for it. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” With that, she slipped off her engagement ring and put it in Ron’s hand. He walked away sadly. Cindy got up and went back to work.

Cindy brought more of her stuff to Debby’s house on Tuesday night, so she wouldn’t have to drive back and forth to her apartment to get more clothes.

“Cindy, I really appreciate you being there for me like this, but I feel guilty about taking you away from Ron. You don’t have to stay with me anymore.”

Cindy gave Debby a hug and a kiss and said, “I want to, sis. OK?”

“Sure, I appreciate the company. How’s your week going?”

“Like shit. Yours?”


“Good, we can cry on each other’s shoulders. Let’s go for a jog before it gets dark, I need to de-stress.”


They slipped into their jogging clothes and went out for an hour. By the time they had cooled down and showered, it was past dinnertime. “Let’s go out somewhere fun for dinner,” Cindy suggested.

“OK,” Debby said. “What are you going to wear?”

“I think I’ll wear jeans,” Cindy said.

“OK, I’ll wear my skinny jeans,” Debby said.

Cindy put on her jeans and a nice top. Debby came out of her closet dressed in a pair of capris.

“I thought you were going to wear jeans,” Cindy said.

“They must have shrunk up too much. They aren’t comfortable.”

When they got home, Cindy said, “I’m going to sleep in my bed so I don’t wake you when I get up early.”

“OK, goodnight sweetie,” Debby said, giving her a hug. “And thanks again for staying with me. It makes me feel a lot better.”

“Me too,” Cindy said.

On Thursday, Cindy told Debby that she needed to stay at her apartment that night because her first appointment was near there early the next morning. She drove straight to Al’s hotel and spent the night with him.

“When is Debby going to talk to me?” Al asked over dinner. “She won’t answer the phone when I call and she doesn’t return my messages or emails.”

“Soon,” Cindy said.

Back in Al’s room, Cindy started undressing Al. “God, I love you. You’re gorgeous,” she said. Al grabbed her and kissed her as he tore at her clothing. They fell into bed and hugged each other. Al’s hard erection pushed against Cindy’s stomach. She had come prepared this time, and put some lubricant on his cock before he started sliding it into her. She turned on her vibrator and began playing with her clit as Al rocked back and forth in her pussy. After he had spent his load, he kept pumping while she finished herself off with the vibrator.

“Should I feel guilty?” Al asked. “This feels so right but has to be wrong.”

“I hope not,” Cindy said. “Because I’m not planning on stopping.”

“What about Ron?”

She didn’t answer him. After Cindy had put her jammies on, Al held her until he heard the rhythmic soft breathing indicating she was asleep. He didn’t know what to think. He still loved Debby and didn’t want to lose her, but he couldn’t bear to think of losing Cindy again either. However, he definitely didn’t like to think that he was going to cause her to split up from Ron and lose her chance at having her own family. Before she left the next day, they made arrangements to meet on Saturday for lunch at a cafe near Al’s hotel.

Al had a table when Cindy arrived with Debby.

“What’s this?” Debby asked as she spotted Al.

“We’re going to have a talk,” Cindy said.

“Debby,” Al said, startled. “It’s great to see you, thanks for coming.”

Debby didn’t say anything, she just stood there.

“Sit down,” Cindy said. “I want to talk to you two.”

Debby sat next to Al, and Cindy sat across the table from them.

“This is hard for me, so please let me finish without interrupting me, OK?” she said to the two of them.

“A lot of this is my fault. I’ve never been very assertive, and I should have been. Al, you never talked to me about what I want, or if you did you didn’t listen very hard. Ron is the same way. He figures if he wants something badly enough, it’ll make up for me not wanting it. I didn’t want to move out on my own, I didn’t want to start seeing someone new, and I didn’t want my own family apart from you two.”

“I also have a confession to make. I’ve been sleeping with your partner while you’ve been separated. I don’t feel bad about doing so, but I should have told you.”

Cindy was wearing sunglasses, so Al thought she was looking at Debby, and Debby thought she was looking at Al. Al looked down at the table, afraid that Debby was going to be even more furious with him for sleeping with Cindy. Debby looked down, embarrassed that Al was being told that she had slept with her sister.

“There’s more. I don’t intend to stop. I’m not sure I could stop if I wanted to. But what you two have to decide is where we go from here. I love both of you a lot, and I don’t want to lose either of you. But if you two decide you can’t live together, I’m going to see whichever of you want me to. If you both want me to, I’ll see both of you. If neither of you do, I’ll go my own way. My preference is to all live together.”

“Al, there’s one thing you should know before you guys make your plans. I think you’re going to be a daddy soon.”

Debby sat stunned, feeling like a thunderbolt had struck her. “Of course,” she thought. “All the crying I’ve been doing lately, and the mixed up hormones causing me to be a monster. The jeans that don’t fit anymore. The flip flops inside when I have an orgasm. The missed periods.”

“Debby, why didn’t you tell me,” Al said as he grabbed Debby’s hands and looked in her eyes.

Debby was unable to form a thought. “But I use birth control,” she said.

“Well, you must have missed a dose one day,” Cindy said.

“How did you know?” Debby asked.

“I’ve never seen you like this, and then when you mentioned that your period was messed up and your jeans didn’t fit, it just seemed obvious. On top of that, your emotions have been so weird. I’ve never known you to fight with Al like this. I’ve hardly ever seen you cry, and now you cry all the time over little things.”

Cindy said, “I’m going to leave you two to discuss things. I want you to take as much time as you need. Don’t call me for a couple of days at least. I want you to be really sure. I’ll be at my apartment. I’ve called off the wedding, and I’m not seeing Ron anymore. You both know how to get in touch with me to discuss our future. Goodbye.” She hugged and kissed both of them, then left.

Chapter 07 – Nick

Thank you Krissta for editing.


My wife and I have a great relationship, even after several years. The lust is still alive and flourishing; the conversations remain wonderful; the time spent together still of great quality. And with all that, I did slip one day, and betrayed her. Still, to this day, she does not know, but her sister is quite aware, for it was her that this betrayal was with.

A few months ago, I was sitting in my office relaxing on my computer. The kids were at school, and the wife was at work. I valued this peaceful quiet time when it arose, cherishing the silence of my household. I was spending this day surfing the net, letting the clicking of my mouse and keyboard mesmerize me, and living for this moment.

I spun in my chair quickly, slightly startled when my front door opened. I looked out my office doorway, and remained quiet until I could see the intruder that had entered my home. Slowly I reached for the bat that I kept by my desk and stood.

I relaxed my grip and sat back down as the voice of Heather, my wife’s sister, hit my ears. “Hello? Nick, are you here?”

As I set the bat back down I answered, “I’m in my office, Heather, but Jill isn’t here.”

Wonderful. Heather was here and I had to deal with her. Her and I never really saw eye to eye about much, and dealing with her usually made my head hurt. I figured I would see what she needed and, hopefully, she would be on her way soon.

As Heather spoke, I could hear her getting closer, her high heel shoes hitting my nice polished hardwood floor.

“Jill said I could barrow her suitcase, and told me you would be here, so I could just come pick it up. Didn’t she let you know I was coming?”

I leaned back in my chair, still watching my doorway, great, another item for her to take and never return, or if she did return it, it would be ruined beyond repair.

“No, she didn’t tell me. I do think I know where it is though.”

She stepped into my office with a hand on her hip and an irritated sigh, as if we are to work around her schedule.

“Well,” she said, stopping in mid sentence. Her eyes looking past me, and she huffed. “Well, I see what you do when she isn’t here”

I crunched my brows as she stared at me accusingly “Okay, what do you mean? I’m looking up information on teenage behavior. Figured I mind as well inform myself, seeing my kids are about to become them.”

Heather rolled her eyes at me, and scoffed. “Yeah, you are looking up teen something, nice pictures, did I interrupt your me time?”

I shook my head, what the hell, cant a man just look for information without being accused of something. “Really, Heather? I’m just looking up information on the computer, that’s all.”

She took a few steps closer and pointed to my screen. “And how fast did your pants go back on when I came in?”

“What?” I turned and looked to my screen. And there it was, a plethora of pictures of women in sexual positions. I cursed the internet for its need to show smut with every search and turned back to Heather.

“This isn’t what it looks like, I was looking for information, not porn.”

She winked at me and smiled, “Sure Nick, whatever you say.”

I scoffed and stood up. “I’ll go get that suitcase for you, its upstairs, Ill be just a second.”

I hurried out of the room, not quite sure if I was irritated that she thought I was playing with myself, or embarrassed by what was on my screen. Either way I needed to get the suitcase and give it to her so I could be rid of her. I had a lot planned for me today and just wanted to be left alone.

I found the suitcase and headed back down the stairs, expecting to see her by the door. However she wasn’t there, and I realized that she may be harder to get rid of then I thought. I set the suitcase by the door and headed back to my office. My jaw dropped when I stepped inside.

Heather was sitting in my chair, and scrolling through pictures of women in various sexual acts, her left arm appeared to be in front of her, and it looked like her hand was between her legs. I coughed to announce my re-entry to the room.

She didn’t turn to look at me, but stopped scrolling with a picture of a man licking a girl out. She sighed quietly. “Jill says you are great at that you know?”

I shook my head, what the hell? Jill and her talk about our sex life? “That’s great Heather. The suitcase is by the door.”

“Mmhmm.” It was barely audible and she scrolled some more.

I ran my fingers through my hair. I didn’t care for her, but I didn’t want to sound rude, I just wanted her to leave.

“It’s all set, sitting by the door, it doesn’t weigh much.”

She stopped scrolling on a picture of a woman sitting on a table, the man was inside her, and his mouth was on her breast, “That would be nice, wouldn’t it, Nick. I bet he is giving it to her good and hard. I don’t remember the last time I got it like that.”

“Okay. Well, that’s too bad, looks like fun. Um, so, is there anything else you need?”

She shook her head and began to scroll again. I couldn’t believe it. What was going on? Here she was in my house, looking at porn, and ignoring my obvious need for her to leave.

She stopped on a picture of a girl sucking on a man. “Now that is fun. I know Jill doesn’t swallow, but I do. I love swallowing, tastes great.”

I shifted. This was getting way to weird.

“Nope, she doesn’t, and I know you do. That’s great. Anyway, its starting to get late. Don’t you need to get some stuff done?”

She began scrolling more.

“Nope, I have some time.” She stopped on a picture of a girl touching herself, the panties were pulled to the side and you could see she was shaved. “Now, there you go, just like me, shaved bare. More sensation that way. The funny thing is, that I have a pair of panties just like that on today.” She laughed and began scrolling again.

“Really? You look at this stuff often Heather? I would think you wouldn’t like this kind of stuff.” Hell, I knew she wasn’t going to leave, maybe if I humored her for a bit she would get sick of me.

“Oh fuck yes, Nick. I have a few sites I frequently look at, lots of video’s too. I have not been laid in a while, so, of course, I have to masturbate.”

I was thrown way back, I never even thought about talking to her like this, never even thought she would think of porn. I took a breath, trying to think of a way out of this conversation, but she continued.

“Come on Nick, it’s not like you don’t look at this and pull on your crank. Everyone masturbates, its nice to have visuals to help. I’m willing to bet that you’re hard right now.” She laughed and turned the chair to face me, “Aren’t you?”

I shook my head, but felt my face flush a bit, of course I was a little stiff, they were sexy pictures, but I was not about to admit it.

“No, Heather, I am not. My sex life is good without needing porn, thanks.”

She smiled to me. “Really?”

I nodded in a reply and she moved the chair closer to me. She reached her hand out and pressed it onto my jeans. “You seem pretty hard to me.”

I stood, frozen in place as she slowly stoked my dick through my pants, I didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to do. She continued to take control though, as her other hand quickly unfastened my pants as she continued to stroke me. “I think you are pretty hard, Nick. So hard, that I think your little friend needs to come out and play.”

My words were slurred and I stuttered. “Heather, I am Jill’s husband, your brother -in-law.”

She smiled as she rolled my pants down my legs and kissed me through my underwear. “So we better keep this a secret. I mean, I cant leave you like this can I?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes you can, you can leave me just like this, and I am good with it.”

She smiled up to me and pulled my underwear from me. She wrapped her fingers around my dick and began stroking me, then moved her mouth to my balls and licked at them. “Oh Nick, don’t be silly, this will be fine.”

I held my breath for a moment as she opened her mouth and slid it over the tip of my dick, then released it and licked down the shaft. “And I’ll swallow you, Nick. I’ll take you in my mouth after I have you inside me. You want that, don’t you, Nick. You have always wanted to fuck me, we both know it. Jill knows it. Everyone knows it.”

I shook my head slowly in fleeting defiance, and she giggled, as she licked back up my shaft and flicked her tongue over the tip. “Oh yes, Nick, we all know. And I want you to fuck me Nick, I want you to fuck me hard and fast.”

I stood still as she moved up my body and kissed my lips lightly. Her fingers slid down her own body and she unfastened her own pants and slid out of them, “See Nick, my panties are the same as that girls, and I can do what she did to entice you a bit.”

She kissed my mouth, then stepped back from me. She smiled and quickly removed her shirt, ran her fingers over her own breasts, then removed her bra exposing them for me. She licked two of her fingers then rolled them over a nipple.

“You like that Nick?” She giggled, then sat back down in my chair with her legs spread.

Surprisingly, her panties were the same, tiny, silky red panties, with little fabric covering her pussy and ass, and connected by a thin strap around her hips. She smiled as she saw my eyes taking in her panties.

“Watch this, Nick.” Her hand moved quickly to the panties and she pulled the fabric to the side showing me her shaved pussy, she moaned softly as the fabric teased her, then her other hand slid down her body and she began sliding her fingers over herself. She moaned again as she pressed her finger against her lips, and began dipping the tip of a finger in and out of herself.

I watched her as she fingered herself and felt my own hand grabbing a hold of my dick and I slowly stroked myself for her. She smiled at me and reached up to me.

“I’m really wet, Nick. Come fuck me.”

I knelt down and moved closer to her. She withdrew her fingers and placed them on my dick, pulling me closer, then she pressed her pussy to me.

“Come on, Nick, fuck me!”

She demanded, and I obeyed, sliding myself deep inside her with one hard thrust. She moaned loudly and smiled to me.

“That’s it, Nick, fuck me hard.”

She bucked against me and I began to move my hips, pulling out of her and sliding myself back in roughly. I lowered my mouth and sucked on her nipple, rolling my tongue around it, then setting my teeth on it and biting softly. Her moans were getting louder, crossing into screams of joyful pain, and it drove me on, making me push harder and faster into her.

Her hips bucked against me and her screams made her words more separated then had she just spoken them. “Oh yes, Nick, make me cum, Nick, I’m going to cum! Keep fucking me!”

I moved my hips faster and harder then I had ever thought I would be able to. I felt her mouth on my shoulder and felt her pussy pulsating on my dick as she came on me, her body was shaking and her breath was lost in a soundless scream of delight.

He body shook fiercely for some time as I continued to give her all I had, continued to pound myself into her throughout her orgasm. Her moans became pants of joy and she looked down to me.

“Now I want your cum in my mouth, Nick. I need it as bad as you.”

Again I felt myself obeying to her desires and I stopped my thrusting, pulling myself out of her, I laid upon my back. She moved quickly over me, taking my dick in her mouth and bobbing her head quickly. Her hand moved to my balls, caressing them, as the other moved to my dick, following and leading her mouth as it moved up and down me.

Her tongue seemed to move like a tornado over my shaft as her head moved faster on me. I could feel my orgasm building and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure. She must have felt me drawing close and squeezed my balls lightly as she dropped her mouth on me, taking me in deep and swirled her tongue.

I released my breaths with heavy grunts as I felt my sperm burst into her mouth in thick heavy streams of ecstasy. She kept her tongue rolling around me as I came, leaving me unable to catch my breath as she swallowed me.

Her lips began to move up and down my dick as my orgasm subsided, draining me. She withdrew her mouth and licked the tip as she looked up to me, “Now that was great, Nick. We should solve all of our problems this way.” She smiled and ran her tongue up my dick. “Would be a lot better, and far more satisfying.”

She moved up to her knees and adjusted her panties. “Next time don’t make me work so hard for it, though. I would like it if you would just come take me.” She smiled and began dressing, “And I can obey as well, from time to time. But you can too, you did well.”

I watched her as she left the room, and stayed upon the floor as I heard the front door open and close. I collected my thoughts and dressed myself, did I really just fuck my sister-in-law? There was no question I did. And oddly enough, I was looking forward to the next time.

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