A husband wants to know where all the white women in his conservative suburban town really go at night (NOT knitting circles and gin rummy!)


Rick’s wife Dina goes out nights and doesn’t come back until late – looking disheveled. She says she’s going to crochet and knitting circles or Tupperware parties or girl movie night or scrapbooking or Oprah book club night. But she always comes back so late and always seems so beat and exhausted, never even saying a word to him, just collapsing asleep. And she often stinks really bad, not taking a shower until the morning after sleeping in a while.

One night he follows her to see what’s really going on. She drives through the bad area of town and parks on the street. She walks down a block and down an alley. He doesn’t want to be seen, so he stays back and watches from a distance with his binoculars. As he waits he sees lots of other women from his neighborhood – his kids’ teacher, Miss Applebottom, their Church organist, the librarian, the cheerleading squad, his wife’s sister, their babysitter, etc., etc. He thinks maybe she’s telling the truth, after all, it is all women, but why drive so far out of the way to such a risky place?

He falls asleep in the car and is woken up in the morning by a basketball bouncing off his windshield. He’s harassed by a bunch of black guys and drives off. Looking down the alley, he sees nothing down there at all.

One day he accidentally finds rumpled up, stained slutty clothes stuffed in her bag she brings with her, instead of yarn and needles. He confronts her and asks what’s really going on.

She gives in and says, okay, she’ll tell him the truth. But she can’t describe it to him, she has to show it to him for him to understand. He says “let’s go”. She says it’s only open at night and there’s one other catch – only women are allowed in. But, she says, he’s always been a slim, kind of feminine guy, just an inch or two shorter than her and clean-shaven. She says they could take the day to go out and buy him some clothes and he could pass as a woman.

They spend the day shopping for clothes, she makes him try on really slutty stuff, g-strings and crotchless panties, picks out a wig for him, does him in really tacky make-up, pumps, a push-up bra, etc.

That night they head out. She takes him down the back alley, but they don’t go into any of the buildings. Then they turn the corner and he’s shocked at what he sees. Tons of anonymous black guys lined up in the alley doing all sorts of horrendous things to all the white women from his neighborhood that he saw before.

One woman recognizes Rick’s wife and walks over. To Rick’s horror, he recognizes her as Peggy, his boss from the bank he works at! He wants to run and hide, certain he’ll be recognized, but his wife holds him there. Peggy walks over, kisses Dina and asks who the new girl is that’s with her, sizing Rick up lewdly. Dina lies and says Rick (or, as she calls him, “Rachel”) is her friend from out of town and that it’s her first time. Peggy smiles and says he’s a lucky girl and calls Luke over, the ringmaster.

Dina explains to Rick that this is what the ladies call “Mandingo Row” – the black guys call it “Nigga Alley”. White women come here to be used and abused in anonymous, dirty, back alley sex. Luke comes over and Dina tells him that this is her “cousin” visiting from out of town and that “she likes it rough”. She pushes Rick to his knees and makes him suck Luke’s cock until he cums down his throat.

“Good, you may begin by repaying my hospitality. I want you to clear the table and rinse the china. You may then put everything in the dishwasher. When you are finished, I will continue your training.”

I obeyed at once, being very careful with the china. I wondered where Megan was while I was doing my domestic chores. The answer to that came a minute later. I was startled by first a flash then the unmistakable sound of a Polaroid camera ejecting a picture.

“Why did you do that,” I exclaimed? Remembering my prior instructions, I hastily added, “I meant to say why did you do that Mistress?”

“First, I am proud of you for remembering the proper form of address for your Mistress,” she replied. “As to your question, I took a picture of you simply because I felt like it. You must learn to never question me. Since you appear to be finished here, you will come with me. I’m afraid I will have to discipline you for your arrogance.”

Megan turned on her heel and motioned me to follow. She led me back upstairs, but not to our bedroom. Instead, she continued down the hall to the guest room. Using a key hanging from a ribbon at her waist, she opened the door and ushered me in. Megan had been busy. It was now one obviously intended for a girl. The bed was similar to Megan’s in that it had a wrought iron frame work and canopy. The bedspread was pink satin with a matching ruffled flounce.

As I surveyed her work, she spoke, “As you can see, I have installed a lock on the door. It will remain locked unless I decide otherwise. This is to be your room. This is where you will sleep unless I decide to allow you into your Mistress’s bed. It is now time for you to get ready for bed. You will strip off all your clothes and place them in the hamper. You will find the hamper in the closet. While you are there, I want you to select another nightie for yourself. As I’m sure you’re aware, a proper lady always wears something pretty to bed.”

I followed her orders, stripping my pretty lingerie. I looked in the closet and found two nighties there, one in pink the other in pale blue. They were both a frilly baby doll design with matching ruffled panties. I chose the blue one. As I pulled it over my head, I couldn’t help but marvel at how good it felt to be caressed by the soft nylon of the nightie. My nipples actually got hard as the sheer bodice cascaded over my chest. This was nothing compared to what happened when I slipped the panties up my legs. As they settled over my groin, my penis was teased by the slippery fabric, impelling it to erection. The panties were so sheer, there was no way I was going to be able to conceal my excitement from Megan. “Oh well,” I thought. There was nothing I could do about that and went back to the bedroom for her approval of my choice.

“I told you to merely select your nightie” she chided. “I said nothing about your putting it on. I suppose I should have known this would happen. What you have done is prove just how much you like wearing panties. I’ve turned you into such an eager little tramp, you act without permission. “Come here,” she ordered. “Let me see what it is that’s making such a nasty bulge in your pretty blue panties.”

I walked over to her and stood with my hands at my sides. She reached out and using just one manicured nail, traced the outline of my erection through the panties. “Would you look at the size of your clit?!’ she exclaimed. “Whatever am I to do with you? There is no way I can just put you to bed like this. You wouldn’t wait for the door to close before you started to play with yourself. I’m afraid I’ll have to take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. I want you to go and lie on the bed, you know the position, so hurry up.”

I did as I was told and as before found myself with my arms and legs secured to the bed posts, again using four leather cuffs with lengths of nylon rope attached. When she was satisfied that I was completely helpless, Megan looked down at me and smiled at my predicament. “Now I can sleep securely in the knowledge that my new sissy slave won’t be able to get herself into trouble.”

She reached into my panties and wrapped her hand around my erection. “If I left you to your own devices, you’d start to play with yourself, doing something like this,” she teased as she began to slowly masturbate me. My whole body spasmed, aching with desire. “Look at this,” she said softly. “Look at how badly my sissy wants to come. Well, not tonight my pet, that is to be your punishment for not addressing me properly. In fact, you may as well come to understand that the only time you will be allowed any sort of physical release is when I deem it appropriate. That will happen only when I am satisfied that you are behaving properly and have truly earned the privilege. There will be times like now when it amuses me to tease and torment you without allowing you release. I have found this to me a wonderful discipline device. By the time I’m done with you tonight you’ll always remember the proper way to speak to me.”

She continued her stroking, asking in a husky whisper, “Don’t you wish you had been a good girl? Don’t you wish I’d tighten my grip and stroke you faster and faster until you filled your panties with your juices?”

“Yes Mistress,” I panted. ” Please Mistress, give me some relief, I’m very sorry, I’ll never speak to you in that manner again.”

“Not tonight my pet, perhaps in the morning if you are especially good, I’ll let you climax. For now though, I’m afraid I’ll have to continue your torment until I’m satisfied that you have truly learned a lesson.”

True to her word, she continued. Each time she felt me getting close to the precipice, she either slowed or stopped stroking me completely. My hips would buck involuntarily, striving to get release from my heightened arousal. This went on for several minutes before she removed her hand and pulled my panties back in place.

“Don’t go away,” she teased as she went into her room, returning with a pair of black lace panties and her Polaroid camera. “First, I’m going to take a few more pictures of your submission to me,” she said as she took several shots of my helpless situation. “My possession of these pictures will ensure that you don’t have any second thoughts about obeying me. Can you imagine the thrill the secretaries at your office would get out of these if I posted them in the ladies room?” I imagine they’d be quite jealous. I doubt any of them have a lingerie collection as vast as the one I have in mind for you.”

Megan waited a few minutes for the prints to develop before showing them to me. There was not a doubt in my mind that these pictures could ruin my career. They clearly showed me in tight bondage while wearing pretty lingerie. One shot in particular, showed my cock straining against my panties, proving how much I enjoyed my imprisonment. “Just one more pose and I’ll leave you to your dreams,” she continued. “I want you to be reminded of me while you sleep tonight,”she said pulling the black panties over my head. Once they were on, she arranged them so the crotch area was directly over my nose and mouth. Then, using a common safety pin, she took all the slack out of the waistband and secured them at my neck. I was now trapped inside her panties, forced to inhale a combination of her own sweet musk and the perfume she wore.

“I hope you appreciate these. I wore them at the office today and they are full of my scent. Now each breath you take will be a reminder of your Mistress and her sweet pussy. Unfortunately, that is as close as you’ll get. You have misbehaved and as much as it pains me, I have to instill some discipline.”

After taking more pictures of me, she turned and walked to the door, calling over her shoulder as she went, “Sweet dreams little sissy, I’m tired and have to get some rest. You must be tired as well and you’ll need your beauty sleep. I have a big weekend planned for you.”

The door was then closed and I heard the distinct sound of the lock being thrown. My erection continued to throb, causing me great discomfort. How, I wondered could something normally so pleasurable be so uncomfortable? I tested my bonds, hoping Megan had left enough slack for me to get to my aching tool. Of course there wasn’t any to be had. I reconciled myself to the fact that I would just have to try and go to sleep, that I was now alone, trapped until Megan decided to release me. Needless to say, sleep came very hard. The panty hood ensured that with every breath, I was filled with her essence. My erection was still there as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of Mistress’s voice, “Come on, sleepy head, it’s time for you to get up.” I opened my eyes and through the thin nylon of my panty hood, I saw Megan standing next to the bed. She was dressed, if you want to call it that in a pink half-cup bra with a matching garter belt and seamed stockings.

“I told you I was going to put you on an exercise regimen,” she said as she undid the safety pin holding my hood in place. She continued speaking as she pulled her panties off my head, “We may as well begin now. Your tummy needs to be tightened and I can’t think of a better way than with a few sit-ups. These are going to be very special sit-ups. You are going to have the privilege of servicing your Mistress while you exercise.”

I wondered what she meant by that. How was I going to do sit-ups and pleasure her at the same time? My question was answered in short order.

Reaching into the drawer of the night stand, she retrieved two items. The first was a sturdy leather collar with several rings attached. Megan placed it around my neck and secured it with a small padlock. She then untied the rope holding my wrists to the headboard and reattached them to the collar. Next, she picked up what appeared to be a dildo with two latex straps. Placing the base of the dildo against my chin, she stretched the straps over my head. One went around my neck, the other over my ears to the back of my head. When she was finished, I had a six-inch latex cock growing out of my chin.

“Now my pretty, you are going to please me while you tighten your tummy,” she said as she straddled my face, while facing my feet. She lowered herself until the head of the dildo was just at the entrance to her pussy. “Now I want you to stroke it in and out of my pussy very slowly,” she ordered. “At the top of each stroke, you are to lick my ass, swirling your tongue around my rosebud.”

I hesitated for just a few seconds, not sure what she meant. This prompted Megan to reach into my panties and lightly squeeze my balls. “Get to work sissy, I don’t have all day!”

I immediately complied, using my stomach muscles to raise my head, driving the dildo deep inside her love tunnel. As she had dictated, I used my tongue to bathe her ass, swirling it around and trying to stick it inside. In order to do this, I had to hold myself in position with just my abdominal muscles, putting considerable strain on them. By about the fifth repetition of this, Megan began to breathe heavily, bathing me with her juices. Before long, Megan gasped, “All right my pet, rest for a minute. I want to change position so your talented tongue can be put to better use.”

I stopped at once, grateful for the chance to rest. Megan repositioned herself so her pussy was facing me and after a short interval, again lowered herself to the dildo. “All right, I’m sure you know what I want at that top of each stroke,” she whispered. “Give me some pleasure and I just might let you up.”

I repeated my prior performance, the only difference being this time I used my tongue on her clit. Her body began to tremble as the onset of her climax approached. I used this to my advantage, holding myself with the dildo deep inside her while I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. This was more than my Mistress could stand. Her orgasm overtook her and she screamed her pleasure. “OH YES MY PANTY PET, SUCK ME, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM.”

She ground her clit against my mouth, filling it with her pleasure honey. Her climax would begin to abate then another wave of pleasure would shoot through her, until at last she collapsed, resting against the headboard.

It took several minutes for Megan to regain her composure. Only when her respiration began to return to normal did she lift herself from the dildo. She sat next to my still bound form and while stroking my cheek said, “That was incredible my pet. The feeling of being penetrated and attended to orally at the same time pushed me to heights I’ve never reached before. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to use this toy and I can assure you, it won’t be the last.”

She unlocked the collar and removed the cuffs. “I want you to take a bath now. I have it prepared and to make sure you don’t do anything naughty, I will accompany you.”

With that statement all hopes of being allowed to relieve the pressure in my groin vanished. Megan was apparently intent on keeping me at a high state of arousal for the foreseeable future. I stood and undressed, placing my baby doll nighty in the closet hamper. I followed Mistress Megan into the bathroom where a tub was already filled with hot, scented water.

“Get in, sissy we don’t have all day,” she ordered.

I did as I was told, slowly immersing myself in the water. I began to wash, using the sponge handed to me by Mistress Megan. She next gave me a pink razor saying, “Now shave yourself all over. I don’t want to see any regrowth from last nights shaving. I know I did it for you last night but I want you to learn how to do this for yourself.”

Again, I followed her instructions, now without even so much as a second thought. While I shaved, I marveled at how much my life had changed in just a few short hours. This time yesterday, I was a typical single male, looking only for my own pleasure. I recognized the fact that now everything had changed. I was now just the play toy of a beautiful woman, trapped forever in her web of silk, satin and lace. What was even more interesting and in fact more to the point was that I was enjoying it! I found myself looking forward to the events to come. The questions I asked myself included; What would Mistress Megan dress me in when my bath was over? What color would she choose? Would I be allowed to wear a corset? All these thoughts and more occupied my mind as I finished the last of my shaving.

My reverie was interrupted by Megan’s next command. “All right my pet, it’s time to get out of that tub. We don’t want our pretty skin to get all wrinkled do we?”

I rose and stepped into the soft bath sheet she held and stood docilely as she patted me dry. “Come with me,” she said, leading me back into what I had begun to think of as “my room.” Once there, she had me sit, still wrapped in the towel at the vanity.

“You have such pretty features, I think a little enhancement would really bring out your natural beauty,” she purred.

With that, she set about giving my face a more feminine appearance. She plucked my eyebrows, applied mascara and eyeliner. Next, came the foundation and a little blush for my cheeks. The last thing applied was the lipstick, a bright crimson. She stood back, admiring her handiwork in the vanity mirror. “There’s just one thing missing,” she mused. “You need a more lady like hairstyle. You are such a lucky girl, I have just the thing.”

She left the room for just a moment, returning with a large round box. “Close your eyes my pet, I have a surprise for you.”

I closed my eyes in anticipation of what she had in store for me. I was sure by the size and form of the box that it would be a wig. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt Megan placed it on my head. She fussed with it for a moment, combing it into place. “All right, you may open your eyes now,” she instructed.

I opened my eyes and gazed at the creature in the mirror. The image was of a striking woman, one with shoulder length auburn hair. There was one thing that struck me immediately and I had to ask, “Mistress, the color is an exact match for my own hair and coloring. Is that a coincidence?”

“Of course not, my pet, I bought this several weeks ago in anticipation of this very moment. Once I was sure I wanted to turn you into my pantyslave, I took a chance that I could make this happen.” She reached down, trailing her fingers down my chest to the top of the towel. “Stand up now pet, it’s time to get you dressed.”

I followed her to the armoire where she opened several drawers. In each was an array of panties, bras, stockings and garter belts. There had to be at least a dozen sets there, all color coordinated. “Hmmm,” she mused as she inspected them. “Which color would be most appropriate for your first full day as my panty pet? Let’s see, since you are almost newly arisen to the realm of panties, I think pink will be perfect, yes a nice sissy pink for you today.”

She handed me a complete set of lacy, pink lingerie, indicating that I was to put it on. I took the stockings and rolling them first, pulled each in turn up my legs. Next of course, came the garter belt. This was quickly followed by the bra and panties. The bra was under-wired with push up pads sewn into the cups. Once in place, I once again had the illusion of small breasts. The panties were French cut, with lavish lace at the leg openings and side panels. I walked to the vanity so I could inspect myself in the mirror.

From behind me I heard Mistress Megan issue yet another order, “Go to the closet my pet, there’s a dress that will be perfect. You will also find a pair of white pumps that should fit you.”

In the closet I found the dress and shoes she had referred to. The dress was a white jersey knit, the kind that would cling to the body. The shoes were also pink with a white satin bow at the instep. I pulled the dress over my head and pulled it into place. The hem came only to the tops of my stockings. When I slipped the shoes on, the problem became even more pronounced, clearly showing the garter tabs.

Megan had come up behind me and her laughing voice interrupted my struggles to get the hem lower. “I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to look like such a tramp while wearing a virginal white dress. What a pity you can’t show yourself off to the world like that. You’d give a eunuch a hard on with that outfit! Wait a minute! Why not? You look quite convincing. If I hadn’t dressed you myself, I would never know there’s a cock in those panties. I think we’re going to take you out like that. I had intended to take you shopping anyway, so we may as well make the best of it.”

“Please, Mistress, don’t make me do that,” I cried. What if we meet someone I know, or worse yet someone we work with?”

“Not to worry, my pet. I know of an absolutely fabulous shopping mall that’s about a two-hour drive from here. There will be little chance of us running into anyone we know there. Besides,” she continued as she handed me a pair of wrap around sunglasses, “these will serve to disguise you further. Enough of your back talk, be a good girl and do as you’re told and perhaps your Mistress will give you a special treat when we get back. Come along now, we have some shopping to do.”

With that said she turned on her heel and headed for the front door. “We’ll take your car, my pet. That way your hands will be occupied and you won’t be able to get into any mischief the way you could if I were to drive.”

She stood at the side of the car and watched with amusement as I attempted to get in the driver’s seat. “Not that way silly,” she taunted. “The way your dress rode up, I could clearly see your pretty white panties. No lady would ever allow that. Get out of the car and I’ll show you the proper way to enter a car while wearing a dress.”

Mutely, I obeyed and watched as Megan showed me the proper procedure. She sat on the seat, facing out with her legs together. Megan then kept her knees together and holding the hem of her dress down, pivoted on the seat, swinging her legs into the car. “Now, you will demonstrate for me,” she said as she reversed the process to get out.

This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!

Here’s the last recap for you loyal readers out there (I apologize for the delay, life got hard, unfortunately, not the fun kind), Got your cocks out? Good, because let me tell you, this one’s gonna be a ride! Two weeks ago, I went on vacation from work, got stood up on a date, and the following day a package arrived at my apartment containing a pair of black panties with a pink heart. From there, I was compelled to suck dick, take it up the ass, and then my body started to shift to a woman’s body, well except for my cock, the only masculine thing left. I met another girl in a similar situation who helped me through the hardest change, then the other night, I had a three some with a woman and her boyfriend. But alas, this vacations almost over, and work looms ahead.

It’s now 6am in the morning, and Roy Barker is dead, in his place is Rachel, and I have work. I have to return to Roy’s job, Roy’s life, but I’m no longer him. I’m not the quiet submissive lanky man that used to be pushed around by corporate America, I was a woman, mostly, and I was a sexy beast that only craved to please. How am I to return to the dull life, and more importantly, what’re my coworkers going to think?

My phone rang then, 6am and someone was calling me. “Hello?” I answered, questioning who would want to call me at such a time.

“Roy, it’s Gary, listen, I know you’ve had a long vacation, so let me make today a little easier, sleep in a bit, come in at ten instead of eight.”

I tried to muster as masculine of a voice as I could, “Okay, Gary. I appreciate the time.”

“Don’t worry about it, when you get in, just head up to my office, I want to talk to you about what you’ve missed at the office.”

“Thanks sir, I will see you around ten then.”

I hung up and looked up at the ceiling. There was no way I was going to hide this body, double D tits are not easily hidden, nor do I want them to be. I’m proud of these breasts. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my penis was hard and stiff. I reached my hand down into my panties and released my morning wood. It stood straight up high, I rolled my hand over its seven inches as its pleasure rolled through my body. What is it about morning wood that feels so amazing? I moaned as I climaxed and then licked up the cum. I had not only grown accustomed to its taste, but I craved it.

I got up and decided to use my morning to figure out what I was going to do. I figure worst case scenario, I would be let go from my job and be a laughing stock, but I could get a new job and no one would know of my previous life, maybe if I’m lucky, no one will remember me and I could just say I’m new. Over breakfast, I figured I would go in, dressed as sexy as I could be, and maybe I could get myself a promotion for sucking enough cock.

I was stressing myself out over this. I took a long hot shower, letting the water roll off my back and down my slender legs. Body hair still didn’t grow anywhere but the heart shape pubes. I felt the smooth skin and remembered the few women I had the fortune of fucking when I was a guy. Maybe I could find myself a beautiful lesbian woman, and we could run off to an island. I could bury my face deep inside her muff and lick her clit for hours as she grinds her crotch into my face and moans and purrs. My penis was stiff again. I relieved it quickly this time and began to get dressed.

I slipped on a pair of dark stockings and attached it to the garter belt. I put a grey business skirt on, short of course, I have to show off these legs. A black bra under a white blouse, making sure to leave a few of the top buttons left open to reveal my ample cleavage. I put my hair up in a bun and wore a pair of fake glasses to complete the look. I was so generically sexy, but I loved it. A pair of hills completely the ensemble and I left for work, not sure where the time went.

The office looked the same as usual, the bland cold grey and beige walls and potted plants that should just be fake. I walked past the desk, attracting views from coworkers left and right. I caught women’s jealous eyes, and means naughty eyes. I pictured all the men undressing me, and fantasizing about my abundant bosom bouncing in their face as they fucked me. They had no idea of what was between my legs, but at this point, I did not care.

I knocked on Gary’s door and heard him call me in.

“Hello Gary.” I said.

He looked up at me, eyed me up and down, “Do I know you, miss?”

I stuttered a little, “Its-Its Roy, Gary.” Gary was a tall businessman, about fifty years old, his hair salt and peppered.

His mouth dropped, “Roy? Must have been some vacation.” He said, still in shock.

“Yeah, it’s been a crazy two weeks.”

“I can tell that.” He sat in silence for awhile, I could see him shuffle in his seat, and knew that something was growing in his pants. “Are you completely?”

“I still have the manly bits, if that’s what you’re hinting at.”

He seemed a little bummed but not discouraged. “What brought upon such a change?”

“I don’t know, I found a pair of panties, and soon after I was turned into this.”

“Well,” He thought for a moment, “We are an equal opportunity employer, Roy-”

“Rachel” I corrected

“Rachel, so we can’t fire you for personal changes, your job is, well your job.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I was worried.” I leaned forward a little, revealing more cleavage for his view.

“I-I could not fire you for personal choices, but some people might ask questions, ya know?”

I smiled a little, “Well, maybe there’s another position you’d rather see me in.”

“Oh, I can think of many.”

I stood up and walked over and sat in front of him on his desk. He placed one of his hands on my legs, and moved it up and down, gently rubbing. I purred at his touch. Now, I was horny too. I moved off the desk and sat in his lap, wrapping my hands around his head and started to gently kiss his neck. His one arm wrapped around my waist, as his other moved to cup one of my breast. He massaged it gently at first, but soon was putting more strength into it. I began to move my kisses closer to his mouth until we locked lips. His tongue swirled in mine.

We parted kisses, and I slid onto my knees, and began to unfasten his belt buckle. I could feel his stiff cock underneath the grey business suit. It begged to be freed. I reached in and pulled it out. It was stiff as a board, but the skin was soft as I started to work my hand up and down the thick shaft. It must have only been about seven and a half inches, not much bigger than mine, but it was thicker, that’s for sure. I kissed the head, and worked my tongue up the shaft. As I was about to stick the entire thing in my mouth, his phone range.

“Drat” he said, “Hold on one sec, hun, I have to take this.”

I felt disappointed at the turn of events. Here I was getting all worked up and excited, and it has to halt.

He spoke to the other person, “Alright, I’ll be done in a minute. You know, you’re timing his horrible, I just got one of my employees back from vacation and we were just catching up.”

He hung up the phone and stood up, fixing his pants, “I’m sorry, Rachel but we’ll have to postpone this. I’ll be back in fifteen.”

“You better be,” I purred, “you’ve got me excited.” He hurried out of the office, and I sat there on a floor for a few minutes rubbing my cock through my skirt. “When did I become such a pervert” I asked myself, but then I remembered the panties and smiled.

I got off the floor and sat in his big leather chair and spun around once or twice in it, before deciding to be naughty and look around his office. I opened the drawers in his desk, besides some papers, pens, and folders, I found a flask, took a swig of the scotch inside, found a box of cigars with the metal casing, and thought of naughty things I could do with it. Then I opened the bottom drawer, inside were a bunch of files, and one with a green label with a white clover on it.

I paused for a second and remembered Michelle. Her panties were green with a white clover on them. I took out the file and read. It was detailing Michelle before the change, where she got stood up on a date, and the next morning she received her pair of panties, and then there for photos of her, hidden photos taken of her from all over her house and out and about. The pictures went all the way until she met me, then they stopped the same time Michelle disappeared from my life.

There were several more files, and I finally came to another one. Black label, pink heart.

“Roy Barker, social outcast, little to no friends, family far away. Perfect candidate for MP 2.3.”

It detailed my change, including encounters that I don’t remember. It seems I had been a busy girl those first few days before my encounter with Mark in the schoolgirl outfit. Including Gary. I put the folder away and now I knew he was behind this. Hidden cameras in my house, using me without my permission, but the question of why bogged my mind.

I heard someone coming closer to the office and I made sure to clean up my mess quickly, and sat behind the desk in the chair, my legs resting up on the desk. Gary walked in and smiled at me. “Hello Rachel, I apologize for that, now where were we?”

I smiled, rolled the chair out from behind the desk and spread my legs, “I do believe that you were about to suck my cock.” I lifted my skirt to reveal the bulge in my panties.

He chuckled, “My dear, I do believe it was the other way around.”

“Nope.” I said, licking my lips, “My clitty needs a lick, and it’s looking at you.”

He moved over to me and kneeled down, “That’s a good boy, give me a lick.” This guy was getting nothing from me, and I had overheard one day that one of the girls that worked here said he was into being dominated. He pulled out my erect cock from behind the magic panties, for I had worn them today.

“Those are nice panties,” he said as he pulled out my cock.

“Thanks, they’re my… favorite pair.” I said, “Now stop chatting and suck my dick, you little cocksucker.”

He dove in, wrapping his lips around my cock, I could feel his tongue work over my erect member, and I began to moan. I could get use to this dominating thing, I thought. He bobbed his head up and down, driving my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, I could feel it hitting the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag.

“You’re good at this.”

He hummed an acknowledgement never removing my cock from his mouth. He finally pulled off, licked up and down my shaft, pleasing my member. He twirled his tongue over my head, and then dove back in. I could feel his tongue rubbing my shaft as he moved up and down, finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I began to shoot loads and loads of cum into his mouth, and he swallowed every ounce of it.

He stood up and fixed his tie quietly. He seemed almost ashamed of himself.

“You seemed to enjoy that.” I said as I got out of his chair and adjusted my outfit.

He looked over to me, and then started to undo his belt, “It’s my turn now, you’re going to finish what you started.”

“Not yet,” I said putting hand over his lips, “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight after work, and I’ll give you all the satisfaction you want,” I started to walk out, “Anyway, they’ll start to ask questions out there if I don’t leave here soon.”

He stood there in silence as I left. I left the office building and went back to my house. I had too many emotions in me right now. I knew the person who had done this to me, and I was angry that this happened. But I enjoyed who I was now. I was confident, sexy, and could have any mate I wanted.

I wanted to try to reach out to Michelle, tell her all about it, but there was a feeling that she already knew. That that may have been the reason she left, she helped me and she could get more, or get free, or I don’t know. I was confused and looking for an outlet. I couldn’t relax, I sat in my recliner just trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Then it hit me. I smiled. This was going to be a very exciting night. I went up to my closet and took off the office regalia I had on. I found myself one of my sexiest lingerie corsets: black with red strings and frills and a matching pair of panties.

I left the store quickly and met with a few older acquaintances for some help with my revenge. I got home, stripped to jus the corset and panties, and noticed that he should be here soon if he was leaving directly from work. I found a bottle of red wine and dropped a pill I had gotten off a friend into his glass. I filled the chalice and watched the pill fizz away right before a knock on the door.

I ran to the door and put on a giddy demeanor. Behind it was Gary, still in his suit and painted with a grin that he was going to have a fun night. “Gary! It’s such a pleasure to see you, I hope you don’t mind that I’m not dressed yet.”

“My dear,” he stuttered, “It-it’s not a problem at all, you look gorgeous.”

“As do you, you horny old man.” I showed him into my apartment and handed him his wine.

“I see you spared no expense at romancing your boss.” He spoke before drinking from the wine.

I let out a devious smile, “Why, I don’t think you know what kind of night your in for.”

He took another sip, then looked up at me curiously.

“Take another drink, and take a seat on the couch.”

He did as commanded. I already noticed that his actions were starting to slow. “I’m feeling very tired my dear, maybe some coffee to perk me up.”

“I think I know just the thing,” I whispered before he passed out.

Gary woke up, he had no idea how much time had passed. He tried to move his arms, but they were handcuffed to the bed. He looked down and saw all his clothes were gone, all that was on him was a pair of black panties with a pink heart.

“Isn’t it kinky?” I said from the doorway, wearing just a robe.

“Get-get these panties off me!”

“Why, don’t you think it’s sexy to wear a girls panties?” I said, playing dumb.”

“Just not this pair!”

“Afraid of becoming a girl?”

“No-no, wait.” Realization struck him. “You know.”

“I snooped around your office, I’m sorry I’m such a naughty girl.”

“I-you can’t! Don’t do this to me! How long have they been on? How long have I been out?”

“A few hours, I think, I lost track of time. Tell me, how would you like a hard dick up your ass?”

He stuttered, “I don’t don’t fuck give me your hard cock!” He looked scared of what he shouted, “No no no, don’t do this.”

“I think it’s too late, old man.” I sat down next to him on the bed. “What do you want right now.”

“You to set me free so you can fuck my ass raw.”

“That’s a good sissy.”

“You like my cock?”

“I want to worship it.”

“So tell me, because you have to give me information before I can grant your wish.”

“I’ll tell you anything, mistress! Please just give me your cock.” He was begging now.

“Why? Why did you do this to me?”

He paused, “Science, and because I can’t help myself, I love turning men into woman, the transformation gets me so hard.”

“Harder than my cock makes you.”

“Not anymore mistress, I want to serve your cock.”

“What happened to Michelle?”

“She…she helped you, so I gave her the final piece.”

“Piece? Explain yourself sissy, or I won’t fuck you.”

“I-I make them help in the transition, then I give them a new pair of panties that finishes the transformation, they can become fully female.”

“Where’s my pair?”

“In the safe behind my office, the combination is 42-23-17-40.”

“My, my, you’re a good sissy.” I undid his handcuffs and discarded my robe, leaving me naked lying next to him.

Like a good sissy, he sat up and instantly wrapped his mouth around my dick. I could feel his lips and tongue work their magic. He was going with much more fervor now, his head bobbing up and down much faster, and my dick sliding further down his throat with each thrust. Oh, he would be such a wonderful slut. When he had my dick lubed up with his saliva, he got up and bent forward, producing his ass for me. I pulled the cursed panties down and put my erect cock up against his tight asshole.

“Ever been fucked before, slut?” I called.

“No Mistress, I was always afraid!”

“Are you afraid now?”

“Yes Mistress! Very afraid!”

“But you want it?”

“I do! Please mistress, fuck me, fuck me like a good slut!”

How could I say no? I pushed my head in, slowly. I could feel his tight ass quench around it, but he eventually eased and I was able to slide it in further. Slowly I pushed my shaft deeper and deeper until I was right up against him. “How does my cock feel slut?”

“It’s perfect mistress!”

I began to thrust slowly. Pulling my cock almost out, then pushing it in. The suction and tightness made it so hard to contain myself, but I kept myself from filling him up, it wasn’t time yet. I started to thrust a bit harder, but he was still giving too much resistance. I pulled my cock all the way out from his ass.

“Mistress, don’t stop!”

“I’m not finished yet, slave.” I pulled a bottle of lube off my night stand and applied it generously to my cock and his ass. I positioned myself again and this time my cock went in with no resistance. He yelped a bit of pain, but didn’t protest. He was going to make a nice slut. I started to thrust harder and harder now. He began to moan louder and louder, I couldn’t believe that such a strong boss could be reduced to such a sissy. He was loving it, and I was so turned on. I began to pull my cock all the way out, then slamming it back in. I wanted to destroy his ass. The anger that was withheld was coming out, as I thrust harder and harder, I could feel his muscles quench and tighten around my cock, and it just made me thrust harder. He couldn’t stand the pleasure and pain, he looked back and I saw tears.

“Am I going to hard for you sissy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well you were a naughty boy.”

“I was, but I want to be a good sissy.”

“Then take my cock and the pain that comes with it.”

He accepted my command, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer, a few more good thrust and I felt his cock explode within his ass. I shot load after load into him, and as I pulled my cock out, the warm semen started to seep from his ass.

“That was a good sissy. Now go run along home, and I never want to see you again.

“Yes mistress, thank you.”

He quickly put on his dress shirt and pants, and fled my home, still wearing the magic panties. I got dressed and put on something casual and drove back to my old job. In his office, I found the safe he spoke of and unlocked it. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart, and a note.

“You’ve received this because you helped another get through the transition. You’re reward is full femininity. Wear these, and you will be a complete woman.”

Do I want this? Do I want to get rid of all that’s left of Roy? Is it time for Rachel to take over?

I smiled and took the panties home. I think it was time to bury all that was left of Roy.

The End

I shiver and shift my weight, the straps bite into my flesh in all the familiar places. As I move the frame rattles. He likes it to have a little give so that it makes noise when he gets vigorous.

I’m waiting. He’ll keep me waiting. I hope it isn’t too long.

I’m on all 4′s, strapped firmly in place. I’m wearing the school uniform that he likes, my bum up in the air, quivering in my ‘innocent’ white panties. The uniform belonged to his daughter before she left home, now it’s mine. Sometimes he makes me walk the streets in it, and although I’m convincing as a woman, I don’t look like a schoolgirl… I look like a slut.

Suddenly I feel the quality of the light change. I shift about, trying to peer through my blindfold, see if he’s in with me.

Footsteps approaching. Taking their time.

“Hmmmm hey baby… You look so pretty like that” His voice is deep and strong. He reaches out and I feel his fingers lightly dance over my panties, teasing where the fabric stretches over my smooth opening. I try and wiggle back against him, but he pulls his fingers away.

“Hmmm… Keen aren’t you slut?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

He walks around, gently trailing his fingers up my body, sending electric crackles lighting up my pleasure centres.

“Kept you waiting long enough haven’t I?” He asks.

“Yes sir” I reply.

From his voice I can tell he’s directly in front of me. I try and peer through my blindfold again, but it’s for nothing. I just see dark. He chuckles.

“I don’t want you to see baby… I want you to taste”

I hear the sound of a zip and a scent of musk hits me. I lick my lips, getting them moistened and ready.

“Good girl… Here it comes…” he says.

I feel the tip of his cock brush against my lips. It is already slick with precum and I feel a jolt of pride that I’ve already got him so horny. I push my tongue out to its full extent, tasting the saltiness of the slit. He taps it against my tongue and I feel the warm weight.

“lick me” he commands and I set to work, swirling my tongue around and around the rapidly thickening head. If I could see now it would be getting shiny and slick, raising upwards to meet my lips.

“Ok… Open wide bitch” he commands, the words thrilling me as much as they did the first time. I lick my lips again and stretch my jaw as wide as it will go, bracing myself.

He slides it into my oh-so-willing mouth, my tongue gently swirling the underside of my cock, already huge but still not fully hard. With the skill of a genuine cocksman he pulls back just before hitting my gagging point, giving me time to adjust but keeping the head in my mouth.

“Mmmmm Babygirl… Don’t you just get better at this every day?” he sighs. I wiggle my bum to show I’m pleased with the compliment and he laughs.

“ok… Suck it good baby, ‘cos here it comes” he says, voice now thick with lust.

He pulls back, saliva rushing into my mouth, replacing it. Then he thrusts, this time going beyond my gag point and filling my throat. I swallow, trying to keep from choking too much. He moans.

“I’m going to fuck your face so hard… You look so sexy trapped like that, a big black cock forcing it’s way down your fucking throat” his voice is virtually a grunt now. He’s picking up pace, sliding in and out of me, using my throat for his pleasure.

I can feel my panties getting sticky with my own precum, but cannot reach down to touch myself. I can only wiggle, enjoying the friction on my cock and the tightness of the panties on my desperate hole.

“Mmmm Baby… I’m gonna have to let my dudes use this mouth sometime…” He says and I shiver all over. I’ve seen his ‘Dudes’. huge guys, fireman who work in the same station. What would they do to a bound little sissygirl like me?

Suddenly he stopped.

“Damn… I’m gonna have to stop… Don’t wanna be coming down your throat when I still got that tight little ass to destroy.” he said with a shaky laugh, drawing his cock out of my body. I try and grip it with my lips, reluctant to let it go, whilst equally keen to have it pushing against my eager hole.

“You ready to get bred bitch” he didn’t say it as a question, but I nodded as best I could through the restraints.

Without sight all my senses are super charged, my skin crackling with sensitivity. I sense him walking around, behind me. He pauses and sighs.

“Damn baby… That is such a fine ass… No bitch ever had finer” he says and I give him an appreciative wiggle.

His fingers trace up and down the thin white fabric that covers my hole, leaving electric trails of sensation. He hooks his fingers into my panties and pulls them down slowly.

Suddenly his hands leave, returning with a stinging slap that jolts my whole body. I let out a muffled yelp. Again and again the stinging blows rain down on me.

“Nothing better than seeing a little white Ass turn red” he says.

Suddenly I feel his moist tip touching my tight hole, he moves it up and down slicking me with his precum. I try and push backwards, back arched and practically purring.

“now… Please sir… daddy… Now” I say, my voice a whimper.

“Better use a little lube… Don’t wanna damage it… Too much” he says, laughing darkly.

I feel cold fluid drip between my cheeks and then he’s back, pressing against my entrance. I grip tight an brace myself, no matter how many times we do this, how relaxed I get, you can never ‘Get Used’ to this.

My whole body tightens as he starts to work it into me, slowly at first, he makes soothing noises. Then just as suddenly I relax, my body accepts this huge invader and opens up to him. He draws back and I gasp, suddenly empty.

“Ready now bitch” He says, not making it a question.

“Please Daddy… Fuck me hard” I gasp.

He surges forward, filling me completely and forcing me forwards against the restraints, knocking a girlish scream from me. The frame clatters but holds, as it always does… Although one day I’m sure the violence of his fucking will simply disintegrate it. I can feel his wiry hair scrape against the smooth skin of my buttocks.

“You love that hard cock don’t you?” he asks, but I can make no noise save shallow gasps and pitiful mewling sounds.

He’s pulling back and thrusting, my most intimate passage stretched and on fire. There’s so much of him that I can’t speak, my eyes are useless so all my senses are united in one, concentrating on my insides and where he’s opening me wide

He speeds up now, Taking his pleasure, ‘owning’ me. I buck back against him as much as I can through the restraints. He’s roaring now, his thighs slapping against my butt with the sound of a thunderclap.

“That’s it bitch… Ah… Ah… Take that fucking cock… Go on slut… Try and tighten against me” he commands and I obey, tensing those intimate muscles against his slick length. It doesn’t slow him in the slightest, but he moans satisfaction.

“oh yes.. That’s it… That’s it bitch… Grip me with that hot cunt… Suck the cum out of me” he snarls.

I try and grip against his thrusts, he batters away at my hole. I can feel his cock throbbing in the familiar way.

“Do you want my cum, slut?” he gasps.

“yes sir… Please” I say, my voice nearly a shriek.

“Beg me then cunt” he demands, not slowing… Pounding at me like a machine.

“please daddy… Please sir… Fill me with your hot cum… Fill me up… Breed me like the sissy cunt I am…” I plead.

His hands grip my waist like a vice and he thrusts forward, forcing as much of himself into me as he can. My hole shrieks electric sensations and my body jerks as he pumps cum, cock swelling with each spurt… 1 pump, 2, 3, 4… Finally he slows…his voice is ragged. He slumps forward against me. I can feel his hard, sweaty body press against my back.

“hmmm baby… Nobody takes cock better then you” he says and kisses the back of my neck. I say nothing, concentrating on massaging the last of his cum out with my tightening muscles.

Eventually he pulls out, his spent cock slipping out with a quiet pop. I can feel his cum inside me, and running down my legs. I can feel his eyes on me, admiring his handywork.

“Mmmm that’s beautiful babygirl…” he says, and something in his voice tells me he’s leaving again. He might come back later and let me out, he might fuck me again first… Or even take me out on ‘The lead’… But that’s for later.

I thank him quietly and he puts a kiss on my buttcheek, followed by a light slap.

Without a word he leaves the room, snapping the light off as he goes.

It had been three weeks or so since I had spent the weekend with Master John and Mistress Kayla at their secluded cabin. They had dropped me off at my car, where they had kidnapped me, on Sunday evening. They both told me how much they had enjoyed using me for the weekend, and they hoped I’d continue serving them. Kayla told me she was going to give me a few weeks to think about everything that had gone on. I told her I didn’t need that much time to think it over. She just smiled, and told me that she and John didn’t want me rushing into anything. I had made it home and collapsed in my bed. I was a zombie at work the next day. It had taken me most of that next week to physically recover.

During that week, I e-mailed them telling them how much I had treasured the time with the two of them. I was discouraged that I hadn’t received any replies. I called, and left a few messages for them, again with no reply. Finally, on Saturday, more than a week after, I received the following e-mail:


I told you I wanted you to take some time to think about things. Writing Master John and I on a daily basis is not “taking time”. It’s also not following instructions…and you know how we both hate disobedience :(

I know you are excited…I know that you feel you’ve found something to replace Jacqui, and how badly you need that. Master and I both enjoyed playing with you and making you OURS. We want that to continue, for the long term. We want you to be sure of what you’re doing and what you want. We want to be sure you’re not just an infatuated little slut ;) . I don’t want to find you at a party serving someone else – unless we tell you too!:)

Master John and I want a commitment from you – to serve us as we see fit. This isn’t something to step lightly into – you MUST take your time making this decision. I will let you know when we’re ready to hear it.



I couldn’t tell if they were angry with me, disappointed, upset, or what. It was a rather long weekend, spent home alone as I tried to sort through my feelings. Monday rolled around again, and though I thought of the two of them often, I wasn’t dwelling on it. That next weekend I spent with friends, whitewater rafting in West Virginia. During the long ride back, I thought about John and Kayla, and how I wanted to be with them. Both of them reminded me of Mistress Jacqui. Like her, they both seemed to know how far to push me – to expand my limits without exceeding them.

On Thursday, I was sitting at my desk at work. We use Instant Messenger to communicate in the company, since we’ve got some pretty far flung offices, so I wasn’t all that startled when it chimed. I looked up:

MK68: Been thinking?

It was Kayla’s screename:

Festen: Yes.

MK68: Have you made a decision?

Festen: YES

MK68: ;P I want you here at 6 PM tomorrow night. I will e-mail you directions to our home.

Their home was a beautiful brownstone in the city. Miraculously, I was able to find a spot on the street. I literally bounded up the steps and rang the bell. Shortly, the door opened.

“David, you slut! Back for more?” Master John boomed, as he opened the door. “Come in, Kayla’s expecting you.”

“Thank you, Master,” I replied quietly, as I entered their home.

“Follow me,” Master John said, walking up the stairs. “I have another pet to go see. A female slut, much like yourself. Kayla’s going to take care of you tonight.” He laughed as he opened the door to the bathroom, “Boy, is she going to take care of you.” Master John moved aside so I could step past him. “Strip, and fold your clothes neatly. Then kneel next to the tub, head on the floor and await your Mistress.”

He closed the door, and I could hear it lock from the outside. I quickly stripped. As usual, my cock was already hard and dripping pre-cum. My heartbeat was beating a little bit fast. I looked around the room. It was large for a bathroom, with a beautiful marble floor. There was a pedestal sink and a whirlpool tub, along with the toilet. There was another door leading out besides the one I had come in, going, I guessed, to a bedroom. I knelt there on the cool tile, awaiting my fate.

After a few minutes, the door I had come in from opened and Mistress Kayla breezed in, striding over to stand in front of me, as I stared at her feet, encased in red leather heels. She crouched down, and I could feel first her warm breath on my neck, then her hands, as she affixed a thin collar around my neck. “I’m so glad you’ve decided to give yourself to me,” she whispered in my ear, and I could hear the happiness in her voice.

“I’m glad you want me,” I replied.

“We’ll see,” was all she said. “Lean over the tub, ass in the air” she ordered. I could hear her running water in the sink. “I’m glad you’ve been keeping up with your shaving. It’s one less thing we’ll have to do. Tonight I’m going to change slave David into slut Darcy.” She shut the water off, and turned, an enema bag in her hand, which she proceeded to hang on the shower rod. “Oh, I already know you’re a slut, I just want you to be a more feminine one tonight.” She began to grease up my ass, preparing it for the enema nozzle. “First though, I want to make sure you’re clean. Inside and out.” I squirmed as she slowly inserted the nozzle inside of me. She reached up, I heard a click, and then the fluid started running into me, distending my stomach.

“Now, while we’re waiting for that to do its work, I believe I need to remind you of your place.” Before I had a chance to ask what she meant, she brought a paddle down upon my ass. I gasped at the burning pain. “Jesus Christ, Darcy, but your ass is pale. Gotta’ put some color in those cheeks.” She quickly did that. Within a few moments I could tell from the heat that my butt must be nice and red. She stopped for a moment, just long enough to remove the enema nozzle. With an admonishment not to spill a drop, she went back to paddling me.

The paddling quickly became unbearable. My ass was burning, and the pressure and cramping in my bowels wasn’t helping matters any. I was sweating profusely, nearly crying, when she finally allowed me up, and helped me to the toilet. She told me I could release my enema, and then I was to clean up and quickly take a shower. “When you’re done, go through this door,” she indicated the one that hadn’t been used yet, “and meet me in the guest bedroom.”

After relieving myself, I stepped into the shower. I turned the hot water tap, but nothing came out. It was a quick shower, and I was a shivering mess when I was done. Why is it that the cold makes your nipples stand out, but shrivels your penis to nothing?

Mistress Kayla remarked on this when I entered the guest room. “You must want me to turn you into a girl. Look at you!” she laughed. “I can’t see your cock, and your nipples must be an inch long!” She had me stand before her, as she quickly attached a harness to my cock, which went around my waist and pulled it back underneath me and between the cheeks of my ass. If it would even allow me to get hard, which I doubted, it would be very painful. “This is exactly why Master John and I keep the hot water off in that bathroom,” she grinned. “Now, let’s get you dressed.”

Mistress Kayla had already laid my clothes out on the bed. First on was a pair of black lace panties. Having my cock pulled back left them with a very smooth front. “I’d usually have you wear a g-string, but I don’t want there to be any tell-tale bulges.” Next was the matching bra. Mistress Kayla filled the cups with breast forms, made of silicone “So they’ll sort of feel real,” Inside the each form was a nipple clamp, and she took great delight in attaching them to my engorged nipples. I gasped, and she laughed “Get used to it honey! You’re going to be wearing those all night long.” Then she nuzzled along my neck and whispered in my ear “Still glad I want you?”

“Yes, Mistress Kayla,” I answered.

“Good.” Next she handed me a pair of thigh high stockings and watched as I rolled them up my hairless legs. This was followed by a black leather miniskirt, similar to hers, and a shear white blouse, through which you could easily see the bra. To finish off my ensemble, she handed me a pair of black patent leather Mary Janes, with a 4″ platform heel. “I usually have my sluts wear stilettos, but after watching you totter around on the pair we had you wear at the cottage, I figured I give you a break…for now.”

Mistress Kayla motioned for me to sit down on the edge of the bed. “Now let’s make you up.”

First Mistress Kayla placed a long brunette wig on my head. The hair color was remarkably similar to my own, and it all blended well together, leaving me with hair that fell halfway down my back. She then went to work on my hands, attaching fake nail tips to my fingers, and painting them a dark red. Lastly was my face.

Mistress stepped away, looked at me for a minute, and then grinned deviously, “What a slut! You look perfect…Darcy.” She reached over to the dresser, grabbed a mirror and held it up in front of me.

I breathed deeply. She had turned me into the perfect whore. I could easily pass for a beautiful…well…fuck doll. My lips were deep red, and I had long lashes. I looked like a complete tart. I also hadn’t realized how deeply the neckline of my blouse plunged. Mistress had me stand up, and I got another shock at how short the miniskirt was. You could see the elastic top of the thigh highs.

“Oh, we are going to have so much fun, girl,” Kayla said, giggling. Then she turned serious “Sit down for a minute, Darcy.”

I did, and she sat next to me, putting her hand on my knee. “I think you’re very pretty. I want to take you out and show you off to the world. Are you okay with that?”

I was nervous, and I wasn’t sure. “Where are we going to go?” I asked, quietly, looking down at the floor.

Mistress Kayla took my chin in her hand, and raised my face to her, “A club outside of town. Nowhere you’d be recognized,” she chuckled, “Not that you’d be recognized, baby.” I took a moment to think, “I promise nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.” I swallowed hard, and then nodded my head. “Great! Darcy and Kayla out on the town.”


It was a dance club outside of town. It wasn’t crowded when we got there, but it got that way fast. There was a bar downstairs, then a DJ and dance floor on the second floor. Mistress Kayla and I chose a table that overlooked the stairway leading up from the bar.

“This is a great seat, Darc,” she said to me, “everyone coming up the stairs is going to get a great look at your panties,” she started laughing as I turned bright red. “You are such a slut,” she added.

I slowly got into the atmosphere of the evening. I enjoyed being the center of attention, and I certainly was. I was flirting shamelessly – licking my lips, silently mouthing “Hi,” to strange men, crossing and uncrossing my legs as guys made their way up the stairs, making sure I flashed them a look at my panties. Mistress Kayla and I danced, and I made sure to suggestively wiggle my ass. I was acting like a complete whore…and loving it. Kayla kept rubbing my ass, or whispering in my ear how much fun she was having.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I said, getting up from my chair.

Kayla leaned over, “Remember to use the ladies room. Not that you’re a lady…bitch.”

I returned several minutes later, and there was a well built young man sitting in my chair. He and Kayla were laughing heartily. She looked up, put her hand around my waist. “Darcy, this is James. He’s been watching you all night.”

He was cute. Obviously in his mid-20′s, 6′ tall, very lean and tight, with fine, sandy blond hair. I could see the bulge straining his pants. He reached out to shake my hand, “Kayla says you’re pretty wild.”

“Does she?” I replied, smiling at him, wondering where this was going.

“Oh, yeah. I told him you’d love to give him a blow job.”

I stared at her for a moment. Quickly, I considered my options. I could walk out, but would I lose Kayla? If she was going to do this to me, did I even want to be with her? Even deeper inside though was this – James was cute, and I did want to blow him. I was terribly excited, and my cock was trying to grow, but because of its confinement, couldn’t. I looked down at Kayla, and could see she was excited to. “Sure,” I replied, and I thought James’ grin was going to split his face.

“Great,” he croaked (was he more nervous than I was?), “I’ve got a van outside.”

We followed him out. Kayla held me back a little so she could talk to me, while James sprinted ahead “I didn’t know if you were going to do it.” She told me.

“Do you want me not to, Mistress?” I asked quietly.

“Oh, no. I want you to. You’ve got me so wet, it’s dripping down my legs.” She grinned at me. “I told him what kind of relationship we have.” I started to say something, but she cut me off, “I told him we were lezzies, don’t worry. I told him he couldn’t touch you, he was simply getting a blow job and I was going to be there to make sure everything went okay.” We had gotten to the van, and James had opened the side door and was motioning us inside. “Remember Darcy, sluts swallow,” Mistress Kayla whispered in my ear.

The van was like something out of the early seventies. The back half was taken up with a bed, and James arranged himself on the edge. Kayla sat on one of the captain’s chairs, and rotated it around so she was facing James. I kneeled on the floor between them.

James reached down to his zipper, “Should I…?”

“No, Darcy wants to open your zipper and pull that big cock out, don’t you honey?”

I nodded, and reached up, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. James went commando – no underwear – so his hard cock popped right out at me. I began to stroke it with one hand, while I worked his pants down around his ankles with the other hand. It was warm and pulsing, maybe 6″ long and 2 or 2 ½” around, not quite as big or thick as Master John’s. Once I had his pants down, I began licking up and down the shaft. James sighed and lay back on the bed, his legs hanging over the edge.

I felt Mistress Kayla’s hand sliding up my leg and under my skirt, rubbing along my bare ass. My cock kept trying to expand, but couldn’t. I began licking around James’ balls, sucking first one, then the other into my mouth. He was young, and, having been there once myself, I knew once I closed my mouth over his cock, he wasn’t going to last long. I wanted to make sure he had a good time.

Mistress Kayla had reached into her handbag and pulled out a “pocket rocket” vibrator. She told me later that she was so wet, that she used her own pussy juice to lubricate it. I felt her sliding it down the crack of my ass, and as I slowly lowered my mouth over James’ cock, she slowly slid it into my ass. I felt the buzzing deep inside as she turned it on low.

James himself was starting to get into it now. “Oh, yeah, suck it bitch, suck it good,” he was moaning, hands in my hair, guiding my mouth up and down his shaft. “Fuck her with that vibe, fuck her pussy,” he said to Kayla. He was moaning, thrusting his cock deep into my throat, while pulling down on my head, trying to stuff himself all the way into my stomach.

“Blow him Darcy,” Kayla said quietly and steadily, while she pistoned the vibrator in and out of my ass, “make him cum. Make him cum with you. ” I knew what she wanted, and I began moaning around James’ cock, faking an impending orgasm.

This set him off, and I felt his balls tighten and his cock swell. “Yeah!” he yelled “Fuck yeah! Slut’s gonna’ make me cum!” With that, he emptied his balls in my mouth. I swallowed it all down, and kept sucking him, making sure I got every drop, and I moaned out my fake orgasm.

Mistress Kayla slid the vibe out of my ass. When I knew he was done, I moved my mouth off of him, licked my lips, and smiled like a Cheshire Cat. “Thanks, James,” I said in a very sultry voice, “that was great.”

He collapsed back on the bed. “Yeah, you too,” was all he could manage. Kayla and I let ourselves out of the van, walked back to her SUV and got in. Mistress Kayla started it up, then leaned over, grabbed me by the head and kissed me long and deep. “That was great.” She had changed out of her skirt before we left and was wearing this dress with buttons all the way up the front. She unbuttoned every one up to her belly button, leaving the bottom half of her body bare. There was already a wet spot on the seat. She grabbed my head, and shoved it into her crotch. “Eat.” Was all she said, as she put the car in drive, and started home.

Cum was coming out of her in copious amounts as I attacked her pussy and clit. I don’t know how she made it home. We pulled into the driveway, she put the car in park, then stiffened and came hard, flooding my face. She held my face to her crotch as she came down. “One last thing,” she said, “Open up,” and let loose a stream of her golden nectar, which I hungrily swallowed down.

She pulled my head away, and laid her head back against the headrest. “God. You have a great fucking mouth.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I smiled back at her.

After a few minutes, she buttoned up her dress, and opened up the door. “Come on, slut. I’m not finished with you yet.” I got out of the car as she came around the front and took my hand. We walked up the steps, hand in hand, and entered the house. We faintly heard a slapping sound, and muffled moaning. Kayla chuckled softly. “I guess we weren’t the only ones having fun tonight. Sounds like John brought his little slut home as well.” We walked up the stairs, and as we approached the door to the guest bedroom, the sounds became louder. Mistress Kayla opened the door and quietly walked in.

Master John was standing off to the side of a naked woman, whipping her back with a flogger. Her long auburn hair was sweat matted. A large red ball gag split her lips and drool was trickling out of the corner of her mouth. She was tied atop a Sybian, which was buzzing and thrusting away. She was writhing and trying to lift herself up, but she had been tied in such a way the she couldn’t move. Master John had also bound her large breasts with rope, turning them red and swollen. Clips were attached to her nipples. A large puddle had formed underneath her.

“Well, hello there,” he said as Kayla walked forward and began flicking the clamps. “Kayla, meet Gail. Gail, meet Mistress Kayla.” All Gail could do was moan. “Did you and Darcy have fun?”

“Oh, yes,” Kayla answered absently, “She’s quite the cock sucking little slut.”

“Believe me baby, I know,” he replied, snapping the flogger at Gail, drawing a squeal from her, and smiling at me.

“Gail, honey, do you need to cum?” Kayla asked, sweetly. Gail moaned, and nodded her head.

“She’s already cum seven times since I brought her home. And once in the car. And she squirts like you wouldn’t believe.”

Kayla looked down at the puddle on the floor. “Oh, I can believe it. She’s going to clean all this up, right?”

“With her tongue.”

Kayla reached over and pressed down on Gail’s shoulders. Within ten seconds, she was screaming and shaking and trying to move off the Sybian, but Kayla just held her there. “That’s it. Cum for your Mistress.” All of the sudden a gush of fluid erupted from Gail’s pussy, adding to the puddle on the hardwood floor. She stiffened, and a high keening wail came from her, then she went limp, leaning her head against Kayla’s stomach. “Oh, that was so nice.” She held Gail for a moment, and then turned to John. “I’m going to take Darcy into the bedroom and explain to her how things are going to be. Are you going to be long?”

“Another couple of hours.”

With that, Mistress Kayla got up and led me into the Master bedroom. It was a normal room, with a king sized bed, a chest of drawers and a dresser, as well as an armoire. She told me to stand in the center of the room, and as I looked around, I noticed there were eye hooks in the ceiling above me. “Did you enjoy watching that?” Mistress Kayla walked to the chest and began retrieving things from the drawers.

This is the beginning of how I turned into a sissy boi. Part 1.

It all started about 2 years ago when I barely turned 18. I’m Chris, a typical kid, goes to school everyday, etc.. I’m blonde with a small and baby smooth body type. We lived in a house that was part of 5 house complex and had a shared pool, jacuzzi and sauna with the other four families. Well it was 3 because one house was vacant for as long as I remember. Until one summer, a family with a son Luke, moved in. His cousin Rob was helping them unpack; he didn’t live with them and I barely saw him there. He looked about 30 years old.

For most of the summer, I had the pool all to myself because all of the old neighbors went away on vacation and the new kid stayed inside all the time. I used to lay around by the pool in my tight shorts, try to take in as much sun as possible.

One day my parents were going to get groceries and asked me if I want to come with them. I said no because I wanted to sit by the pool and jack off for a bit.

When they left, I thought to myself I should swim for a bit, then rub myself in the showers by the pool. This was ok because my parents were out and the neighbours don’t have a view of the pool showers.

So I went in the pool for a few minutes but the water was a bit cold. But at the same time it got me so hard and horny. I don’t know why but it made my balls shrink and my dick jump up in my shorts. So I get out of the pool and practically run to the shower stalls so I can warm up and stroke my dick.

As soon as I reach the shower, I turn up the hot water and sit on the floor with my back against the wall. I slide my hand in my shorts and rub my dick as I let the water fall right between my legs. As Im rubbing my balls with one hand and feeling my balls with another, I start touching my hole for the very first time. It felt good. So good that I reached to my lips and sucked on my finger. It turned me on so much. I slid my hand back right down to my hole and put my finger slightly in. I felt so naughty with the hot water running down my body and on my hard dick.

By that time I wasn’t sitting anymore. I was laying on my back with my legs spread as far as I can. I noticed that my shorts were keeping me from easily reaching down my ass. I thought I should go inside my house so I can get in my own shower, lock the door and get naked, but I was too exited and horny so I said fuck it. I took off my shorts right there. I was naked on the floor of the shower, my finger in my ass while jacking off.

It was only about 20 seconds of me getting naked and playing with myself that I look up and see Rob, my 30 year old neighbour standing in front of me. He must’ve came quietly and the running water can hide the noise pretty good. He’s tall, tan, very sexy and a bit hairy. But at the time I did not know his age because we never talked. So I froze. Literally. I just laid there with my legs spread, a hand down my ass and the other holding my dick.

Suddenly he talks. “Don’t stop lil boy, keep going. You look really hot.” I don’t know why but that turned me on like crazy. I was thinking in my head “Well I consider myself pretty good looking, blonde, skinny and smooth!”, but still, it was so hot hearing it from someone else. At the same time I was shocked and surprised by him being there so I sat up to reach for my shorts.

He quickly steps on my shorts, stops the water and says “Come on kid, you know you want to keep going!”. And I wanted to. I wanted to so bad that my dick got hard again. He noticed it and laughed “I knew you were a slutty boy the moment I saw you. And you look girly too with that smooth skin of yours”. Just by hearing those words I felt my hand slowly stroking my dick again. For some reason I was so tuned on by being called slutty and girly. Without warning he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. It was the first time I see another one’s dick this big. It was cut, thick, shaved and much, much bigger than mine. It’s now right in my face, inches from eyes.

“Ever sucked cock you little fag?” he asks.

I look away and say “No” in a low and shy voice.

“There’s always a first time boi”. He holds my head and turns it around so i’m facing his cock again. He pulls me closer until my lips are touching the tip of his dick.

“Kiss it” he says.


“Come on it doesn’t bite’” he answers.

I had no idea was I was doing at the time so I give it a little peck on the head and moved back. It was so soft and smooth and felt like nothing before.

“Good job, slut” he says, “Now use your tongue”.

I come closer and stick my tongue out and touch his pee slot. I liked the way it tasted. I felt dirty and I loved it. So I quickly lick it a couple more times then move away.

He grabs the back of my head and pushes his dick rubbing it all over my face. As he’s slapping his cock on my cheeks, I reach down to feel my hole.

He smiles and says “We’ll get there soon boi.”

He knew I was enjoying it. He pulls my head closer to his cock so that it opens my lips and forces the tip to land on my tongue. It was my first time doing this so I didn’t know what to do. I licked it while holding it between my lips.

“Just open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out son” he says,

So I did. There I was, sitting naked on the shower floor with my legs spread and a cock in my mouth, and I loved it. He pushes his cock as deep as he can until I almost gagged.

“Watch your teeth kid.” said Rob. This was kind of like a ‘break in’. He wanted me to get used to it quickly.

As my mouth is now filled with saliva, he starts going in and out of my open mouth while my tongue is sticking out. He’d stop for a few seconds to let me breathe then starts to face fuck me again. This went on for a few minutes until he bent down, his cock still in my mouth, and put his left hand on my dick and balls. I move my hands away to let him feel me and let out a soft “Mmmmmm”.

“You like that don’t you, you dirty fucking slut?” he whispers while almost gagging me.

I can only agree “Mmhmmm” because his cock is buried down my throat. I am as hard as I ever was now as he’s touching all over my smooth cock and balls, stroking me a few times. He takes his hand to his mouth and spits on his index then places it right back down my crotch. He spreads my legs even further apart and rubs his wet finger on my virgin hole. It sends chills down my spine and I start sucking him like crazy.

“You’re doing a very good job for your first time” he says, “keep sucking cutie”. I look up, smile at him and continue feeding on his cock.

Suddenly he asks “Ever had anything in this tight hole lil boi?”, so I shake my head with his cock in my mouth. He tells me i’m a liar because my finger was in it when he came in.

I pull his cock out of my mouth and in a very low and girly voice I say “Sorry. My finger”.

“That’s right fagg, and now you’re going to have mine in it” he says.

“But your hand is big!” I shouted. “It will hurt!”

“Maybe at first, but you’ll love it” he replies, “Look at you, you’re a cock loving slut!”

He was right. He completely had me in his control. I was sucking him like no tomorrow and I wasn’t going to stop. He slowly and gently pushes his finger into my hole. I can feel it stretching me bit by bit even though he barely got his finger tip in. As soon as it starts to hurt he takes it out and pulls me to my feet. He turns me around so i’m facing the wall, my ass to him.

“Bend over, put your hands on the wall” he commands. I do as told. “Stick your ass up, I want to see that smooth hole you got”.

Again, I obey. I was so submissive to him. I felt so dirty and naughty standing naked in a shower stall while some man was using me like a doll, a girly slutty doll. Now both his hands are on my ass, touching and feeling all over my body. I feel his right hand slide between my cheeks and start to caress my hole. By now, I’m melting in his arms and just want to suck his cock again. He bends down so that my ass is in his face and pulls me to him. I can feel him kissing and licking my ass. He then spreads my cheeks and teases my pink virgin hole with his tongue.

“Fuck you’re so so soft and tight boi” he moans.

“Oooouh” was all i can whisper.

“Yea you like your virgin hole licked don’t you slut?” he asks. As soon as I moan “Yy-y-yeaah”, he pushes his tongue into my hole so that it’s barely in. This sent me over the top.

He tongued my hole for about a minute or so before he spit on it and started rubbing it with his finger. In one move he put some pressure and I felt his finger half way in my ass. It slid in easily from the spit but it hurt like hell. He pulls it out slowly then pushes it back in until it was going in and out of my ass like butter. At that time, I came without even touching myself. But it wasn’t about me, i felt the need to please him like he did me. So i turn around, drop to me knees and take all of his cock in my mouth. I felt like a pro now sucking he dick and he very much liked it.

He’d moan things like “Yea that’s it, suck my cock bitch” and “Fuck, i love virgin boys that suck like little girls”.

He was now moving faster with his thrusts and I was about to choke a couple of times from his big dick but I was loving it.

“Ahh, I’m gona cum if you keep going slut”, so I took it as a sign to keep going.

Suddenly he yells “Ohhh fuck i’m gona cum, fuck you’re such bad girl!” and instantly I feel thick sticky stuff in the back of my throat.

I try to move back but he held my head with his cock in my mouth, so all I could do was swallow what I can from his cum. Some of it was dripping from my lips down on my chin and to my knees.

I lick my lips clean and rub the cum that fell on my knees all over my cock and balls while looking at him.

He smiles down at me “I wanted to fuck you Chris..ssy, your tight virgin ass is so hot! Next time I wanna cum, it’s gona be in your hole, get it slut?” He then adds “And you better shave, it will feel much better with your hole & balls completely smooth”.

I shamelessly nodded. He put his pants back up and left the shower. I turned on the hot water and started to clean myself up, looking forward to seeing Rob again, wondering what it would feel like to have his cock in my tight virgin asshole.

To be continued.

Cierra smiled to herself as she walked down the road towards her house. The normally carefree high school senior had an unusual sense of purpose in her stride that afternoon. Free of school until Monday and her parents away for the next week she had plenty of time to carry out the plan which she had been formulating for the last few weeks. The unsuspecting subject of that plan lay struggling upstairs in her bedroom, tied spread eagle to her bed by pantyhose and other lingerie. Tied into his mouth was a pair of panties worn for two days by Cierra, into which she had released some of her pee before placing them, gusset down, on his tongue, and over his genital area was a disposable diaper. Beneath the diaper, which having been in place since Cierra left for school that morning was by now quite wet, was the object that was causing the captive man to struggle so much: a large vibrating plug, the one which he had bought for her as a “present for prom night” with the intention that it would finally get him some anal sex to brag about in the locker room. Cierra had made sure to remind herself of the boasts he had made to his friends when she forced it into his virgin hole as a final act of humiliation before setting off to class. The battery had worn down over the course of the day, but the vibrations continued at a lower level, reminding him of his almost total subjugation. How different it was from the fantasy he had had of tying Cierra down and having his way with her! He shook as he heard her coming up the stairs and wondered in frightened curiosity at the bag which she carried in her hand when she finally entered the room. She met his gaze evenly. No longer the sweet airhead of his imaginings, her face hardened to reveal the intelligence she had kept from him while she waited for the opportunity to realize her fantasy of having a male, a jock, completely at her mercy.

“Hi, Mikey,” she said calmly as he stared up wide eyed at her. Despite all she had subjected him to so far he still thought her beautiful; her pert nose, the light hair, her smartly rounded thighs and breasts and her mouth which could smile so sweetly and innocently that he would never trust again. She noticed his looks and laughed. “You still can’t stop wanting me can you? You need to learn that the only penetration that’s going to happen around here anymore is the kind that you’re already getting used to. The only contact you can have with my pussy or my anus is the kind that I choose, and don’t think I want your cock anywhere near either of them. As a special treat if you behave well I might let you worship them with your face, but for now sucking on my juices will be as close as you get.”

Mikey could only whimper in response to her cutting comments. The previous night he thought that they were finally going to have full penetrative sex. She had dropped hints about her parents being away and said that he should be prepared to spend the whole weekend here, which meant that he would certainly not be missed until Monday. He shuddered at the thought of being kept here until then at her mercy. All he could remember of the previous evening was taking a sip of his drink, sitting on the couch beside her and hoping that the alcohol he had been encouraging her to drink all night would soon have an effect and he could finally relieve his aching balls. The next thing he knew it was morning and he was lying in the bed which he had tried so hard to enter, tied down and with a salty tasting piece of cloth in his mouth. As he became more aware of his surroundings he could feel a strange sensation in his anus, and he saw Cierra leaving the room. She must have just inserted it and the vibrations were dragging him out of his sleep. He felt something warm around his loins, and when he looked down he saw what seemed familiar from a distant part of his childhood…

“Mikey!” Julia snapped him out of his panic-induced reverie with a shout. “I want you always to pay attention. You may have just earned yourself some punishment for drifting off like that. Now I am going to release you mouth. You must be very thirsty from the drugs and from not having any water today so I’m going to let you drink, but no moaning or crying or arguing, or I’ll head into the bathroom now and freshen these up with some fresh pee and put them straight back into your mouth and leave them there for a while! Understood?”

He nodded frantically and she loosened the cord holding the soiled underwear to his face. The panties slipped out of his sore mouth easily and lay around his neck, as she held a glass of water to his lips. When she had ensured he had drunk at least three glasses she retied the panties and sat back. “Now you’re rehydrated and more,” she said, glancing at his diaper and smiling what he would have previously thought of as her dainty smile “I’m going to tell you something about what you’re doing here.

I knew you had your filthy plans for me last night. Your supposedly “secret” conversations about what you wanted to do to me and how you wanted to do it, even the way you planned to record our time together and show it to your friends.” He started, and she smiled. “I went through your bag when you were ‘asleep.’ That video camera is going to come it quite handy in making sure that not only will you be my sissy slave this weekend, you will be mine every weekend from now on.” She giggles sweetly as he struggled against his bonds. “so you know what a sissy is do you?”, she said, stroking his diaper gently with her girlish pink fingernails, “a sissy is a boy who is dressed up and humiliated and made to please me. That’s the only definition that you’ll ever need. And you might be wondering about the diaper you’re wearing. I think that since the things you wanted to do to me with that prick of yours were so very naughty, I think you should have it kept in a diaper like the little bitch I’m going to make you into. I see you’ve already wet your diaper. That’s good, but you’ll do it many more times before I’m satisfied. But I will make a deal with you. If you progress sufficiently in you training and you are submitting to me in the way I need then I may allow you some freedom.”

Mikey squirmed in his bonds. He could not believe his situation. His mouth abused and filled with the taste of the pussy he had once longed for edged with pee which his saliva lubricated and forced him to swallow, his cock encased in a diaper and soaked in his own piss, and his poor little rosebud held open and apart by the softy vibrating plug. Thinking about it made him struggle more, and Cierra must have seen something in his eye as she looked at him and giggled.

“I hope you like how your little hole feels with that plug in it. Don’t worry, it’s there for a purpose.” The expression on his face told her that this remark had hit home. “Now I think it’s time we got on with your training.”

He lay back unable to move or speak as she picked up her bag and began laying out some items she had obviously purchased that day onto the table beside the bed. He almost cried when he saw that the bag contained more diapers, strong ropes and cuffs, and a large dildo attached to some sort of harness. She saw him looking at it in fear. “Don’t worry, Sissy Simon, you won’t feel this in your punishment hole until you’re ready. I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news for you to find out that that will be in a few weeks. For now, you’ll be accepting your new toy into a different opening.”

With that she removed that panty/pee gag from his mouth and replaced it with the dildo, which she strapped round his head. It protruded a fair way into his mouth, but the majority of it was outside. She busied herself attaching the cuffs to his wrists and ankles, and tied them to the opposite side of the bed to the limb they were attached to. He realized slowly that once she untied the pantyhose which now pinned and spread him on the bed she would only have to tighten those ropes to leave him lying face down instead of up, his bottom totally exposed to the punishment she had promised him.

“Before I turn you over, Sissy Mikey, I think I need to demonstrate how useless you cock is to me. With a flourish the normally sexually reserved girl removed her panties with one hand and flung them across the room. She turned, facing his feet, and backed up towards his bound face. He was mesmerized and despite himself began to grow erect. She could see the bulge in his diapers and laughed before putting the dildo’s tip at the opening of her cave. She pushed it a little way in, and then in one go sat down all the way. He smell assaulted him, and his nose was pressed right up against her bottom hole. She wiggled it. “I do like being stimulated on my asshole,” she said, beginning to rise up again. As she settled into a gentle motion of up and down over the hapless Mikey’s face she began to talk to him. “I don’t care that your little wee is getting hard, I have your face dildo for now; soon I’ll have your tongue to please me in both my holes.” she rubbed at the front of the diaper, and Mikey realized that despite the torture going on in his rosebud, the laughter and humiliation he was receiving from Cierra and the emasculating sensation of being diapered, he was as turned on by her as he had ever been. Looking at her diving labia being penetrated he began to raise and lower his head in an effort to match her strokes, and to massage her back hole with his nose. He was smelling her ass and being dominated down to the level of a sissy by her, but he could not help but enjoy it. Through the fog of her own sexual arousal, Cierra noted with approval the change in his responses, he was already customizing himself to the role of a submissive. She could relax and enjoy herself now, but whether or not he held up to the next part of his training would be the real test of his psyche.

She began to bounce harder and higher on top of his by now bruised mouth, pleasuring herself by looking at his diapered and submissive state. As she came, she saw him humping at the soggy mass of the diaper, trying to match her strokes on his face. After she had come down and recovered from her cum, she slid off him. Her natural juices were running down the dildo into his mouth and onto his face, and he felt humiliated and desperate.

“I hope you enjoyed the view there, Sissy Mikey, because that’s all your going to see of anything for a while,” and she abruptly untied his lingerie bonds and pulled tight the leather bondage equipment. He lay on his front, terrified by what might come next. She adjusted some straps and he felt that his ankles were clipped to a line at the bottom of the bed, allowing then to be held still at any angle. The purpose of this was revealed by her next command.

“Up,” she ordered and slapped his stomach. He lifted himself and felt her slide a pillow, then two more, under his belly. His feet were secured and his ankles crossed, leaving his knees bend wide and his bottom in the air. He could now feel the vibrator move into a 45degree angle to the floor and realized that not only was he in prime position for a spanking but that his hole was also available for whatever Cierra wanted. As it happened, there was something that Cierra wanted for his hole, but not what he expected.

She left the room, and came back with another bag. Behind the ever more frightened sissy she put on a pair of latex gloves and took out another diaper and a banana. She untaped his soggy used diaper and it fell to the floor.

“You might be expecting a spanking,” she said, “but I have other plans first. I have decided to lessen your punishment, although you may find it worse. I will give you the choice. Would you like a whipping now on your bare buttocks, or would you prefer to have that diaper up close to your face? You may answer me with the plug. I’ll hold it, and I want you to squeeze it with your bottom muscles once for a whipping and twice for having the pissy diaper up to your face.”

She moved close up behind him and grasped the plug with her latex covered hand. He knew he couldn’t face the pain, so he would have to swallow his pride and answer her in the way she wanted. He squeezed with all his might, but as he was mustering up his reserves for another squeeze she cried out- “Well Sissy, it seems you are made of stronger stuff. You’ll take the whipping will you? Good, because even though I was planning to take great pleasure in bringing you down and humiliating you for your disgusting thoughts, I liked to think that there was a real man in there to bring down!”

He knew what she was trying to make him do and he hated her for it, but he squeezed his anus again.

“Oh Sissy”, she said, “I was wrong about you. You are just a little sissy wimp who would rather have a pissy soiled diaper right under your nose for who knows how long than take a little beating. Well in a way I’m happier about what I’m going to do with you..”

She pulled the diaper away from his body, opened it to the dripping wet, cold side and lifted his head from the pillow. Before lowering him onto his smelly fate she removed the dildo gag. “I’m going to let you taste it too, sissy. You can try and keep it out all you like but some will get in there.” she laughed, and at that point Mikey felt he might cry, but the surprise of Cierra’s next move put a stop to his thoughts, as she pulling out the plug suddenly from his exposed bottom. She took out some gel and rubbed it on her fingers and then soothed his hot anus with the cool and slick substance, slipping one of her gloved fingers neatly inside. “Don’t get any ideas Sissy, this is not for your pleasure, this is part of your training. So far you have been passive only, but now you have the opportunity to demonstrate that you can be a good sissy and avoid further punishment by doing a little task with your bottom.” He heard her laugh as she said “you can even do it lying down!”

“What we are going to do, Sissy, is play a game.” She laid out a fresh diaper on the bed beneath him on the pillows which supported his midsection. “That’s to catch any pee that comes out, but I’m leaving your bottom open for our game. Turn your head to the side.” He pulled his face out from the soaked shame of his diaper and saw her holding a peeled banana and a tube of lube. “Open,” she commanded, and as he opened his abused mouth he felt her squirt the gel inside his mouth and then put the banana up against his lips. “If you hadn’t already guessed, Sissy, this is going in your tiny hole next, so you’d better suck it for me and get it nice a lubricated.” The banana was already going soft in the warmth and lubricated depth of Mikey’s mouth as he desperately tries to please her. She noted with a flick of the eyes that he had already learned the basic lesson of submissive sissy behavior- that the first duty is to please Mistress. Once the banana was truly lubed up, she returned to his anus and explained the rules of the game over his shoulder.

“Sissy, you have wet your diaper today for me, but now I want you to submit further and learn what the total submission of messing your diaper means. I know that you might hold off from doing this, so I have devised a way of encouraging the right sort of attitude with this game. That plug should have gone some way towards relaxing your little hole today, and this is going to help you do it more. You’re going to receive this banana into your sissy pussy, and let it stay there. If you squeeze your little hole’s muscles just once, the banana will break in half and I’ll know you disobeyed me. If you push it out, I’ll punish you more, and if you can keep it there for half an hour I might let you have a little cum, on my terms of course. You’d like that wouldn’t you, sissy? Yes? Well you’d better get ready.”

Simon tried his best to relax as he felt the banana tip on his rosebud. It was wider than the plug, but he made a massive effort to relax his bottom and the fruit slipped in slowly. “Just to get us started, Sissy, I’m going to push it in to the tip, and you’re going to push it back out halfway, but no more.”

Mikey felt her fingers on his bottom as she pushed it further in. “Okay, sissy, now!” she said and he pushed very gently back on the soft fruit. “Good, sissy, she said, just think of it as a natural to let it slide out from your anus, just let your control go, you’re not pushing it or even caring, it’s just hanging there as a reminder of your dirty mind and behavior.” The banana was now lodged exactly half in and half out. Julia’s eyes were bright with excitement as she revealed the final part of the plan to Simon.

“I hope you can keep it there sissy, since if you do break the rules of our little game and squeeze, the bit that goes into your hole will stay there and we’ll start again with another banana. So if you don’t want your hole to get too full then you’d better be careful.”

Knowing that he would struggle Cierra settled back to watch his quivering bottom attempt to hold the fruit. Mikey was finding it hard. Many years of toilet training as well as the effects of the day’s plug were screaming at him to clench his muscles or expel the intruder. It was a losing battle. Cierra watched as the banana was neatly sawed in half by Simon’s bottom and one half dropped on to the diaper that lay beneath him. She began peeling another one almost immediately. “Oh, Sissy, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you what happens to the other half of the banana, the one that has been all the way up inside your bottom and has now fallen out onto the diaper I put underneath you- you’re going to eat it!”

Cierra watched Mikey’s reactions carefully. If he baulked at this task, she would have to train him a lot harder than she had hoped. Mikey felt low and humiliated, but he couldn’t deny that the stimulation his anus was receiving was erotic. He looked back to see that Cierra had removed another item from the bag, a riding crop. Mikey realized he was going to end up eating that banana whether he liked it or not, and wearily opened his mouth. Cierra, although she didn’t let on, was ecstatic. He had finally understood her dominance. The next few bananas would go in nicely. But before that, she had to see to this one. She took the next fruit, together with the excreted piece, over to Simon’s face. His mouth was already open in supplication. She squirted more lube into his mouth and explained “Sissy, you will have the next one in while you swallow this one, to remind you where you need to succeed this time.” He sucked on and lubed the fresh banana, which she pulled out gently with her gloved fingers. The piece she lay on the soiled diaper in front of his lips. “Sissy, you must eat this piece in the way I command you to. You will suck the banana through your lips as I push this fresh one which has just left your mouth up into your anus, if you last long enough this time, Sissy, they might meet!”

She pushed and felt his anus open and accept the new intruder as at the other end his mouth accepted the soft and lubricated fruit, entering his body at both ends. He concentrated on swallowing the banana slowly to please her. At the same time she was pushing on the other end, and as his throat muscles contracted to accept the fruit, so did those at the other end, and the whole second banana was sucked up inside him.

“Oh dear, Sissy, you are greedy. Let’s hope you’re as keen for the next one,” said Cierra, as without warning she pushed a third fruit up, up, and all the way inside his now uncomfortably full anus. She quickly taped up his diaper having achieved her aim- to humiliate her erstwhile jock boyfriend and fill him up with bulk which he would need to expel soon.

Mikey only now realized her plan- to force him to mess into his diapers helplessly in front of her. If he only knew how much worse it would be.

She came back to the bed and fiddled with the restraints. Once she had completed what she was doing she pulled hard on the ropes and Mikey felt himself turning over for the second time that evening. But this time as he lay on his back, the pillows were still underneath him, and as Cierra pulled again, his legs were brought up over his head leaving his diapered crotch high in the air.

Living alone since the age of 18, he could not hide his true feelings to be a girl; was so effeminate. As time went by, dressing up at home was not enough. He longed to go out as a girl; only then would he be free.

Despite these longings, a strict conforming to the norm was adhered to, and even though now living independently, a veil was cast over ‘Emma’; but an inner yearning burned within and would ensure the release of that alter ego. That release would also be ironic, as it would lead to a life of submissive slavery. A pair of soft printed cotton panties and the girly attire, previously secreted away from his sister’s wardrobe kept surfacing amongst other masculine clothes; the urge to put them on was just too great. The girly feel of the panties took control; the sparse clothing was a little ragged now, more items were required; how to acquire them?

It was one of those large stores all set out on one floor, with male and female items converging in the middle. A large and haughty Manageress watched with intent as a somewhat delicate looking male hovered on the periphery; eyes obviously wandering to view the attire of the opposite gender. She had seen this person in the store on prior occasions, and noticed the attraction to feminine items; he could be a candidate for the syndicate of friends who employed her in a shady life beyond the store. A wicked grin stretched her red lips as the candidate plucked up the courage to move over to the female section. The buxom woman strutted over on patent stilettos, her positive walk oozing feminine authority. He was just looking at a pair of silky gold panties with matching corset and garter belts when the formidable woman descended upon him, positioning herself as to trap him between racks of feminine items.

“Looking for something for a wife or girlfriend are we?” He first went cold and felt like a criminal, or schoolboy caught by the headmistress, doing something he shouldn’t. He gasped as the smiling woman’s breasts heaved in her tight white silk blouse; the smile almost a sneer, his cock stirred a little as the woman’s air of authority emanated her natural dominance. He tried to reply but his voice broke in the wake of her supreme presence; he thought about leaving, but she sensed this and gripped his hand; his cock stiffened as he felt her take control of him. She spoke softly but firmly now.

“I’ll bet she’s about the same shape and size as you, isn’t she?” The voice was telling him, not asking him. Her grip tightened as she stood tall, feet close together her tight calves clad in black stockings. He almost whimpered his response.

“Yes… she is.” The formidable woman turned slightly and nodded to two equally dominant looking female store assistants who had been watching, their arms crossed in matronly fashion; they winked at her and disappeared as if to order. His captor resumed her grip.

“Why don’t we go and try some things on; I’ll tell you how they’d look on a woman, you needn’t be embarrassed, I’ve had lots of men try things this way.” Before he could respond she was pulling silky items from the displays with her free hand. He glanced around; there was no-one else about. His cock buzzed as he saw that this woman would have it no other way; what the hell, no-one else wold know. She picked up the garments he’d nodded approval to and ushered him forward.

“Let’s go to the cubicles now.” He watched her large but firm arse wiggle in the tight black skirt; her legs and heels not helping him disguise his now full erection. She passed articles to him before he drew the curtain and stepped away, so as to make him thing she could not see him strip. She smiled victoriously as she peeped through a hidden vantage point behind the cubicle; the sweet printed cotton panties which he took off and hurriedly hid beneath his jeans gave the game away completely, and confirmed her hunch. Not only that, he had a delicate shape too; he would make a fine sissy for a dominant male. As he gingerly tried on the alluring underwear she came back and pulled the curtain. He blushed red as she stood with her arms crossed surveying him.

“Oh, they look really nice on you, so I’m sure ‘she’ will appreciate them.” Her sarcastic emphasis on the ‘she’ was not lost on him, but he continued to play the game; this had been a real thrill.

“Err… yes, I like… I mean, she will like them.” The buxom woman cast her net.

“If you come back tomorrow, I’ll have some very special things for you — half price.” He nodded in the affirmative as he pulled the curtain and changed back. He could not believe his luck; neither could the woman as she gave him the package and bid him farewell till tomorrow. As soon as she left she took out her cellphone.

“Be here tomorrow Kurt, I have one for you.”

The lush feel of the silky panties was overwhelming; even after his spent balls were drained for the fourth time there was no sating his urge to return to the store and that woman who had controlled him so easily. The reflection in the mirror was so ‘Emma’; the vision so strikingly effeminate, enhanced by the luxurious lingerie. Tomorrow could not come soon enough.

It was with little trepidation that he entered the store again the following day; there, this time dressed entirely in black, was the buxom matronly woman, oozing dominance. The figure sent a shiver down his spine as she sneered victoriously at the return of this feeble male; he wondered about the significance of her being dressed in black, little did he know it was to signify the funeral of his old persona forever. Once again the two equally dominant looking assistants looked him up and down with sheer contempt, before smiling knowingly at the formidable woman and disappearing elsewhere. His cock immediately stiffened as the woman took his hand; somehow taking complete command of him with the deftest of touches, leading him away to a large cubicle at the rear of the store. She smiled and rubbed her legs together urgently as she watched his eyes light up at the sight of lacy, silky white lingerie and black stockings laid out for him. He was so overwhelmed by the sight he took no notice of there being another door to the rear of the cubicle.

The feel of the sheer stockings on his legs had his cock rigid; he slid the cool silky panties on to hide his excitement. The woman rubbed her bulging and aroused pussy as she peeped in at her prize as two large and shady figures passed her, going to the rear of the cubicle. As he stood in the cubicle, erect and excited at the look and feel of the white silk, the dominant woman whisked the curtain to one side and stood smiling menacingly at her new sissy-to-be.

“Are you ready to begin your journey?” She sneered as he gave a look of complete bewilderment as the door opened behind him and two large males entered; both wore veil-like masks over the lower halves of their faces, one carried lengths of silky cord, the other carried a large wad of cotton wool in a soft cloth. A strange antiseptic odour came from the wad and permeated the room. He froze in fear as he was grabbed by the man with the cords. As the man with the wad lifted his arm, the woman intervened with a wicked smile.

“Wait, that stuff smells so foul; I want our sissy to have sweet dreams as she is taken away.” He struggled and trembled in fear as he was held secure by the big man. Both males chuckled as the dominant woman put her hand up her tight skirt and slipped her silken black panties down her formidable stocking clad thighs and calves. She deftly flipped the panties up to her hand from her sleek black stiletto and approached the sissy; a wet patch evident around the crotch. Though sacred beyond belief, his erection stiffened as he was held firm by the burly man, and the smiling woman wrapped the black panties about his head, ensuring the soiled gusset was over his nose. His captors laughed as the woman stroked his stiff cock through the white silk, as he took in the rich womanly scent through the black silk; the aroma of her mature pussy intoxicating, blending with the spicy tang of a mature and dominant woman’s perfumed anus.

“Sweet dreams sissy, I’ll see you again on the other side.” The last thing he heard was her wicked laugh and the clack of her stilettos as she left; his cock pulsed with a mixture of fear wonder, as he was held even firmer while the wad was applied to the silk. His head swam as the divine scent of the woman who had captured him blended with the strange antiseptic smell from the wad. The black silk got blacker as the woman’s wicked laugh seemed to return and haunt him; a fizz bubbled up his sissy legs and body as the darkness came; when he awoke he would be Emma forever.

I had already taken a shower today, but this was a shower with my vibrator. A big, blue jelly, with segmented sides and three speeds. Romance.

So I turned the water on hot, lit a candle, turned the light and the fan off. I let the room fill with steam, which carelessly caressed my aroused, tingling body. I stepped in and my skin flushed under the hot water, running in rivulets across my soft, shaven body. My cock arched forward, ever so imperceptibly.

Meanwhile, my mind raged with lust, a whirlwind of lustful thoughts, tearing my mind apart like a pack of craven wolves. Both hands went immediately to my waist. My right reached for my slowly awakening cock. I reached for the soap dish, rolled it twice in my hand, and grabbed my thickening member, still floppy. What a sexy thing! How I would love to put it in my mouth!

My left lingered towards my backsides, tracing a gentle, focusing line down the upper arched curve of my boy bubble butt – down into the soft, clean curves and undulations of my ass. Finally, my fingertip came to a stop at my puckered boypussy, slowing to millimeters, tracing the smooth outline of each delicate pucker. Amorously, my cock grew to fill my right hand, freshly lathered with almond-scented soap.

My whirlwind of thought swirled more fiercely now. Pictures of me, undressing with a stranger, touching, lusting for a fuck – or my round rump, in silken panties, thrust in the air as my mouth gorged hungrily on a lipgloss-sloppy cock – or laying in a bathtub with no water, just boys galore, floating around me, jerking onto my skin, offering the plum-heads of their cocks to me as though I were the guest at a Roman banquet. Such plums, I would eat them all.

I remember very clearly the picture of just one such plump head-of-cock that was being offered to me in my fantasy, as my dildo slipped inside my tight ass, helped by a glistening glob of KY jelly. I gasped, girlishly, as I felt that star shooting into my center, the soft whispering kiss of each rounded segment of fake cock passing my asshole. All the way in, until I was compressed. My right hand now vigorously stroking away, soapy, racing forward. Thinking of some pussy, somewhere… and at the same time, thinking of my own cunt, right there, getting fucked.

As my left hand worked that gelatinous vibrating penis in and out of my pussy, alternating the speed of both penetration and vibration, the water washed the soap from my hand. I reached to push the shower head aside. I grabbed the bar of soap and re-lubed, and began to attack my penis again more ferociously.

I bent over, to feel like a girl, feel that living hot flesh inside me. How I want it! My toes girl, the water beats down near me, the feel of my rippling, soapy cock in my hand. I want nothing more than to have a cock in my mouth. My cock. A stranger’s cock. Anyone’s cock. God I want that fucking cock! As I stroke and fuck myself, something is rising within me. Being fucked like a girl, I have never felt so empowered.

Bent over, bent over. my mouth is open. It waits for my cum. The dildo is buzzing like an enormous dragonfly, fucking me. I melt for it. I wish I’d put on bright pink lipstick. My hand strokes the cock it knows so well. The shower is solid steam, I can barely see my cock, a foot from my mouth. But I know it is there. I want it badly. I want cum. I want come. The stars enter my eyes, and the dildo stops, fully inside of my ass. I know nothing around me, but the feeling of my cock exploding, deeply. The feeling of come, come, come, on my lips and in my mouth, on my chest, running down my nipple, hot, electric.

If the cock in my ass were real, it would be depositing its sweetness in my deepest recesses right now. I wish it were true. My mind races with millisecond fantasies of walking around with another man’s come inside of me. Like his little girl. This drives me further with lust, and I lick my lips to taste the spunk that has landed there. I taste the tide, I taste myself – but I taste a million other boys too, all at once.

I am a boy’s dream.

“I was thinking of having Tom over again soon,” Linda sipped her coffee over her morning paper. “If that’s alright with you Alex?”

Alex was still reeling from the events of the previous weekend. Had it really happened? He had such a good time at the hotel he thought it would save his love life with his wife, give him a new fantasy, but instead this? Humiliated, beaten down like a dog by his own wife.

“You said only once,” Alex felt his body shake, the pain in his bottom still fresh in his mind. “Only once.”

“That was when I thought you had cheated only once honey,” Linda smiled. “Now that you’ve come clean, we have a lot more only onces to go. How many do you think? Thirty? Forty? Did you lose count?”

Alex dropped his chin to his chest. He couldn’t do this again. He couldn’t let her treat him this way. It wasn’t just his home life that was affected, he couldn’t work. He was a manager whose balls were taken away from him, and it showed. Things were falling apart around him.

“I think we need to talk to a lawyer,” he said, barely above a whisper. “I won’t be treated like this.”

“Okay,” Linda laughed, “you should hurry on to work, that’s going to be mostly my paycheck you’re not earning right now. I’ll call the lawyer.”

Alex paused. She was right. How many times had he cheated? Why did he tell her? He thought it would be best to come clean, to tell her about his past so he didn’t repeat the same mistakes again. All the right intentions, all the wrong consequences.

“Alright,” Alex started slowly, “you can have Tom over. Just not like it was before. You do what you want, but not me.”

“Honey,” Linda stood up and touched Alex’s arm, “it’s okay, it’s really not about you, it’s for me. You want to do it for me don’t you?”

She leaned over and kissed his cheek, gently reaching her hand down and squeezing his slightly stiff shaft through his slacks. This was turning him on or was it her? He was sick thinking about it.

Linda talked about inviting Tom over for days. At the dinner table in front of the girls, in bed as they were going to sleep. It was tormenting Alex and she was driving that torment deeper and deeper.

She would go down on him and then tell him how sexy he was sucking Tom’s cock, how sexy he’ll be doing it again just as he shot his load into her mouth. Filling his mind with visions of humiliation with every orgasm she gave him.

Finally, Linda arranged to have Tom over.

“Where’s the meat?” Tom looked around the living room as Linda greeted him with a hug.

“Work, he’ll be home in a few minutes,” Linda took his coat and threw it on the couch. They both drifted off to the kitchen.

Before they could sit down they heard Alex.

“We’re in here honey!” Linda called out. “The kitchen.”

“We” the words stuck in Alex’s throat. In a way it was almost a relief though. Now the torment would end. Linda wouldn’t be able to hold the things he was going to do, the things he had to do, over his head because the deeds would be done. It would finally be over.

Alex tried to prepare himself as he walked into the kitchen. Was this worth it? To save his face he would use his body? He could feel himself trembling.

“Hello,” Alex nodded to Tom politely. He could feel his anus squeeze at the sight of him. Memories of being forced, being used, still fresh in his mind. He hated Tom but if he so much as showed it, she won. He couldn’t let her win.

Tom shook his head and smiled, slowly unbuttoning his pants. Fumbling around inside he produced his already stiffening cock.

“Come here,” Tom nodded at Alex, “I’ve been waiting for this all week.”

Linda walked beside Alex and gently pushed his shoulders until Alex got down on his knees in front of the cock.

It was so big, Alex thought. He had always thought of himself as a decent sized man, but Tom’s cock, the width and length, made him feel inferior.

“Suck it honey,” Alex felt Linda’s hand running through his hair, “put it your mouth like you did before.”

There it was, the humiliation, the feeling of lost control. She was in charge. He tried to swallow the lump out of this throat as he stared at Tom’s cock, his head being pushed closer and closer.

“Shit, I can’t take it,” Tom said as he slammed grasped Alex’s neck, “suck me.”

Tom pulled Alex’s head over his cock and rammed it inside. Alex gagged. The cock tearing into his throat. Alex started sucking like a baby. Tom was strong, a lot stronger than he was. There was no fighting him.

The cock filled his mouth. He couldn’t get it out, Tom’s hands making sure he was firmly latched on.

“Anyone seen dad?” a young woman’s voice called out from the foyer.

Alex tried to snap up. His daughter was home? He was sucking a man’s cock in the kitchen and his daughter was home looking for him? He felt like throwing up.

Linda quickly walked to the kitchen door and stood in the jam, blocking the entrance.

“Have you seen dad?” a perky young blond looked up at her mom.

“You remember Tom right?” Linda nodded her head towards Tom, who’s back was towards the door, keeping Alex out of view.

“Yeah, hi,” the girl nodded disinterested, “I need dad to write a check for my tuition or they’ll kick me out of school. He was supposed to do it last weekend but I guess he forgot.”

“Honey, he’s got his hands full right now,” Linda touched her daughter’s shoulders, “I’ll get you a check tomorrow.”

“Okay, I guess,” the girl walked away worried. “I hope they don’t kick me out of tonight’s class.”

“Me too honey,” Linda called back.

Alex was sickened. The thought of his innocent daughter being so close to him while he was doing this, like this, was revolting. He started to cry.

He had never cried as an adult before last weekend. At least not that he could remember. Now his head was sliding up and down on a man’s cock, being used like he once used so many others he was crying all the time it seemed.

He felt the first salty juices enter his mouth and soon his entire being was filled with Tom’s seed. The never ending stream of warmth oozing down his throat, filling his belly. Finally Tom let his grip on Alex’s neck soften, then release, his cock softening in Alex’s mouth.

Linda rubbed the back of her husband head, handing him warm moist towel. Alex started to wipe his face.

“Honey,” Linda rubbed his hair, “that’s for him, at least first. Clean him up.”

Linda had done this for him so many times. It was so sexy when she did it. She would get a warm wet towel and slowly wipe the sex off his body. While it wasn’t a turn on, it felt so loving, so good.

He gently rubbed the towel over Tom’s sticky flaccid shaft. It wasn’t the same when he was doing it to someone he thought, it feels like a chore, not love. He looked up at Tom’s eyes, his smile, he was enjoying it though.

“Amanda and Amy are going to be out until at least 10 for school,” Linda helped Alex stand up, “We have the run of the house tonight.”

Linda led them all to the living room and motioned for Tom to sit on the sofa.

“I had an idea,” Linda cleared off the coffee table. “Alex.”

She pointed to the cold slate coffee table. Alex didn’t know what she meant. He sat down on the coffee table and faced Tom.

“With your clothes off,” Linda pulled his moist shirt over his head. “You better be undressed when I get back.”

Linda shuffled away leaving Alex and Tom in the living room.

Alex was mortified. Here he was again, undressing in front of someone he barely knew, but knew too well. He unsnapped his pants and slowly pushed them to the floor. His soft cock shrinking up against his body, feeling small, afraid.

“Like a little boy,” Tom reached out and touched Alex shaft. “So cute.”

Alex felt his balls and cock stirring in Tom’s hands. It wasn’t right, he thought to himself, he can’t get turned on by this. The humiliation of being used was sickening, the humiliation of being turned on was worse.

His cock twitched, Tom’s hands gently squeezing him.

Alex was relieved when his wife came back into the room carrying a handful of his ties.

“On his back or his belly do you think?” Linda looked at Tom for a response.

Alex felt the lump return to his throat. They were going to tie him up in his living room? He couldn’t be untied fast enough if someone came home they’d see him. The front door was in plain view.

“I think his back,” Tom smiled.

They both stood up and positioned Alex, the cold slate sending shivers through his body, his arms and legs uncomfortably pulled to each side.

“You look so sexy honey, I wish I had done this before,” she reach down and touched his cock, stiffening it instantly. How her hands knew how to touch him, turn him on. Why had he cheated on her, he thought, looking up into her beautiful brown eyes, she was so sexy.

“I think we should shave him,” Tom laughed, “that little cock might look bigger if we did that?”

“Or he might look like a ten year old little boy,” Linda countered, smiling, “I’ll go get a razor.”

Alex jumped as Tom smeared the cool gel all over his manhood, he arms aching at his side. He didn’t dare complain. Linda scraped the razor across his hips.

It took a while, the razor constantly needing to be cleaned out, but Linda managed not only to shave off all of his pubic hair, but she did his pits, chest and thighs.

“Maybe later, we’ll do the backside,” Tom smiled, “I didn’t know how sexy this would look.”

Tom reached his hand down around Alex’s cock and started touching it.

“Oh my god, that is so soft,” Tom reached between Alex’s legs, pressing for his opening, his other hand stiffening Alex’s cock.

“He likes it,” Linda looked down at him. “He likes it a lot.”

Alex turned his head away. He was flushed and embarrassed. His cock getting harder and harder. Tom’s finger felt for his anus, pressing against his him, working inside of him. He shuddered. Tom slowed, then stopped touching him.

“How about you?” Tom looked at Linda.

Linda smiled. She knew what she wanted to do. She had wanted to do it a long time ago but he always insisted that it was too hard. Too uncomfortable for him. She pulled her panties off and lifted up her skirt and positioned herself behind Alex’s head.

“Oh honey,” she moaned as she lowered her head over his face, “eat me.”

Alex’s cock stiffened and shot to attention. He couldn’t stand eating her, and then like this. Her sitting on his face, it was demeaning, but now he was excited. His tongue searched for her sex, for her openings, sliding in and out. Now he wanted to eat her, he was eager.

Tom pulled his pants off and moved next to Linda, her gasps getting louder and louder. She pressed her full weight down onto Alex’s face and pulled Tom’s cock into her mouth. Harder and harder she pushed her sex onto Alex’s face while pulling Tom’s cock in and out of her mouth.

Alex couldn’t breathe, he was surrounded by her. Her thighs dug into his cheeks and neck, squeezing his head deeper and deeper between her legs. Her smell, her juices, dripping into his skin, his nose, his mouth. Her essence was everywhere.

“Not yet,” Tom moaned, “not now, I want him. I want my little boy.”

Linda couldn’t wait, she felt her body explode in one rhythmic wave after another, he juices spraying out across Alex face. She crushed her body harder and harder against him until, exhausted, she fell forward and collapsed on his chest, her legs still spread over his face.

“Oh my god that was good,” she moaned.

Alex tried to catch his breath, the smell of his wife surrounding him, her wet sex still dripping on his face. He felt so dirty and used. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He was letting her do this. He felt the ache in his arms. How he wanted to be untied, to run away, or did he. He didn’t know anymore. The sex was tormenting him. He could feel his seed welling up inside of him even though his soul said no, his body said yes.

“My turn,” Tom moved around and slid his body between Alex’s tied and parted legs.

“Last time I pretended you were a little girl,” Tom reached down and rubbed Alex’s soft freshly shaven balls, “toady you’re my little boy.”

Alex was mortified. He couldn’t see Tom, his wife’s thighs and sex still pressed against his face, but he could feel him. The heat of his shaft nearing him, touching his thighs, burrowing inside of him, searching for an opening. Alex gasped as Tom pressed his cock against his opening, his cock shuddering to stiffness.

“What a little slut,” Linda smiled, touching the hardening cock, “he likes to be fucked Tom.”

Alex jerked as much from the stinging words as the pop he felt between his legs as Tom entered inside of him and pushed deeper and deeper. Alex’s stiff shaft slowly deflating.

“He doesn’t stay hard when you fuck him?” Linda looked up at Tom but she could tell by the look in his eyes she wasn’t going to get a response.

Tom pushed himself deeper and deeper into Alex. Alex could feel him, his cock so big, pulling him apart.

“It’s so exciting, I can feel you inside of him,” Linda rubbed her hands over Alex’s belly, “I can feel each thrust, it’s so sexy.”

With that she lowered her head hard onto Alex’s face. Alex could feel her swelling again, her heat rubbing against his nose, tongue, his face. He tried to kiss, but the constant pounding of Tom’s cock shaking him, moving him back and forth. He couldn’t keep still.

Linda pulled Alex’s soft cock into her mouth. At first it felt terrible, Alex shifted as best he could to get it out. He didn’t want to be excited.

“My little boy feels so good,” Tom’s tempo picked up, Alex could feel him get harder and harder inside of him, stiffening. He could feel Tom’s pent up passion ready to explode.

Linda started suckling on Alex’s soft shaft like a baby on a breast. Alex reeled, it made parts of his inside flutter, until finally, against his will, his cock hardened.

“I’m going to come,” Tom moaned, “I’m goingto come in your ass little boy.”

Alex let out scream that was muffled by Linda’s body. He tried to shake his head no, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t be heard. He moaned, his own cock stiffening closer and closer to orgasm.

He felt Tom’s cock jerking inside of him, Tom was coming. Then his own warm fluids burst out into his wifes mouth. He was coming too. He couldn’t hold back, his body shaking, still filled with Tom’s twitching cock. He rocked back and forth, Linda’s wet sex smashed against his face, in her own throes of excitement.

Finally they collapsed.

“Mom! Dad!” a perky young blond opened the front door, “What is going on!”

Alex felt the bile come up in his throat as Tom slowly pulled his softening cock from between his legs.

“Is it ten already? Honey,” Linda covered herself, “close the door.”

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