This is a true story of when I met a VIP, on a flight to Singapore on Thursday 28th October 2010. The names have been changed to protect their identities … if I told you, I would have to kill you.


I have been an airline flight attendant on international routes for eleven years. I now work only in first class, or business class, because of my experience, and, I say modestly, because of my appearance … yes, they like the best up at the front of the plane.

I am 5-9, a true blonde, my hair drops down over my shoulders, but when I am working, I have it up, in a bun. I am 34-24-35, fit and slim.

On this particular flight, I was asked to look after a VIP from Singapore, returning from Australia. He was a Singapore political minister – I can’t say anymore. He had his advisors, and three security people with him, all ex English army, very thorough. They were very pleasant once we took off … they made sure no one, from anywhere else on the flight came near him … even we had been screened.

I seemed to get on very well with him, even one of his bodyguards remarked about it, “I think he fancies you,” one of them said, “but who wouldn’t,” he continued.

I just smiled at him, ‘we get it all the time, guys hitting on us, it’s all part of the job.’

We had just finished serving lunches, I was asking him if he wanted any more tea, or coffee, he didn’t drink alcohol. “Luci, could you please sit down, I just want to thank you for looking after us so well. Even my friends said how helpful you have been, looking after all of us. I just want to ask you if you would like to come to a dinner dance tonight when we get to Singapore, as my guest?”

Right away, I thought he was hitting on me, but his wife was sitting there alongside him. “Yes Luci, we would love to have you there,” his wife said, “you can even bring a friend with you, if you want to. I can assure you, that you will be safe, you can have one of our bodyguards, if you wish. We will arrange for you to be picked up at your hotel, then taken back whenever you want to. I am certain that you will enjoy yourself, there will be lots of very important people there, you might be surprised, so please come,” she said.

I thought ‘Yes, why not, we are spending the night in Singapore, so I might as well go. I would only be sitting in my hotel room, watching a movie on the TV, so why not?’

I said, “Yes, I would love to, what time would you like me to be there?” Thinking of what I would have to wear, for I don’t take many clothes with me. I would have to go, and buy something more suitable for that type of place, I bet it’s all dinner jackets, and gowns.

“Would 7.30 be okay?” his wife asked.

On this flight, we get to the hotel by 5pm, so by the time I have found something to wear, shower, get ready, that only gives me 1½ hours, it would be cutting it fine.

“I don’t think I would be ready by then,” I said, explaining what I would have to do.

“Luci, I would like you to go to my dressmakers, they will find something for you. I will ring them, and Danny, one of my security guys, he knows where to go, so he can take you there. Then he can wait at the hotel, and bring you to the house.”

We landed at Singapore okay … just before I went to the Customs, I felt someone tap me on my shoulder. I looked around, it was Danny, “Don’t bother with them, come this way,” he said, guiding me past the Customs officers, “it’s all been arranged, so don’t worry.”

Our pilot came over, asking “What is going on?” which was good of him, looking out for his crew. So when we explained, he said “Okay Luci, but give me a call at the hotel before you go, just to make sure you are good.”

We walked out of the airport to a waiting, big 4-wheel drive Land Rover, with dark windows. People stopped to stare at us, because we had just came out of the VIP, entrance, where there were Police hanging around. Danny waited while the driver put my travel bag into the vehicle, then he opened the door for me to get in, telling the driver where we needed to go.

We pulled up outside a small shop, I looked at Danny, “Is this the place? I asked.

He laughed, “Yes, this is it, don’t be put off by it, she is Singapore’s top lady dresser, she will find you something to wear, don’t worry.”

He made me wait in the car while he went inside to let her know we were there. Then he came back out, “It’s all okay now,” he said, as the driver got out to open the door.

We rushed inside, “Hey, what’s the rush?” I asked.

“Sorry, but it’s just what I have to do, you are my responsibility, so I have to make sure you are okay. That’s why the driver looks after the vehicle, I look after you, can’t have you getting hurt, can we?” he said smiling. Then turning to the woman, who was standing there to greet us, he said, “This is Madame Li, she will look after you, I will be waiting here to take you to your hotel, then onto the house, to the big shindig. I think you will enjoy yourself there, lots of VIP’s. They will hit on you very quick, but there will be a few high-class girls there too. I bet when they find out you are not one, and a flight attendant as well, they will be like bees around a honey pot,” Danny said laughing. “But if they get to be too much, give me a shout, the boss said I have to look out for you, and we will straighten them out, so just relax and enjoy yourself, lots of great food, and anything you want to drink.”

Madame LI took me by the hand, “So you are going to the big ball tonight, I think you will be a big hit there,” she said smiling. “So you are a flight attendant?” I just nodded my head, for I still had my uniform on, I hadn’t had time to change, being rushed to her shop. She turned around to Danny, wagging her finger at him. “You wait here, we don’t want you to get all excited,” she said laughing.

Danny just smiled, and shook his head saying, “Well, that’s a bummer, I thought I might have a preview. I could have helped too, with the fitting, and given you a man’s point of view. Never mind, I will wait downstairs for you, okay?” We all burst out laughing, and I smiled at him.

Madame Li turned around to two of her girls, talking to them in Malay. She led me into this big room, with mirrors all around the walls down to the floor. “You have been a model before?” she asked me.

“Yes, but not much, just some lingerie modelling. They wanted more, but I didn’t want to do it.”

“Yes, all the time they want fuckee fuck,” she said “they no good, you come model for me, you just right.”

I laughed, “I don’t think my husband would like it, me living here.”

“No no, when I need you, you earn plenty of money, I look after you, you stay here in hotel, maybe bring your husband, you think?”

I shook my head, saying “Thanks Madame LI, but I am happy with my job. Maybe when I am here overnight, I will do it for you. Just let me know, I will help you as much as I can. Even if you want me at the weekends, I can bring my husband, and I don’t have to pay, we get free flights, and it can be a holiday for him.”

She started to laugh, “Ha, ha, ha, you do plenty jig a jig with your husband, you very sexy girl.”

Even though I am 34, I felt myself starting to blush, as she stood me in front of the mirror. “Okay, take off your dress please, and shoes, let’s see what we can do.”

The girls came in with dresses over their arms, “What sort of dress you like, Luci?” Madame Li asked, as I took off my dress. “Oh, you very nice girl,” she said, as I stood there in just my dark tights, and uplift bra, “very beautiful body, your husband have lots of fun with you.” She burst out laughing.

She stood in front of me, grinning, “Oh, oh very sexy lady, you have no underwear on. It’s okay, it’s our secret, I no tell anyone.”

I suddenly realised that I don’t wear panties when I am working, just tights. Once again, I felt myself starting to blush, as the girls said something to her, smiling.

“They ask if the all girls go like you,” pointing at my shaven pussy.

“I don’t know, maybe some, I think it is cleaner, also I find wearing no underwear is a lot more comfortable when I am working, more freedom, you know what I mean.”

She walked around me grinning, shaking her head, laughing to herself, “You very naughty girl, Luci.”

She asked me to take off my bra, which I did, “Oh Luci, Luci, very nice, you very nice, so firm breasts, no droop like me.” We burst out laughing, even the girls laughed at her joke, one of them saying “So big, so nice, so firm, how you keep them like that?”

“I do a lot of swimming,” I said, “I like to look after my body.” The girls could not keep their eyes off my body, whispering to themselves. I knew they were talking about me, I felt my body starting to respond, feeling my nipples tingling, and the feeling running down into my stomach, and lower.

We tried on a few dresses, but we kept coming back to a nice green dress, it only had two very thin straps over my shoulders, cut fairly low showing my cleavage off, just covering my nipples. I would have to be very careful bending over in it, my breasts might slip out. It was tight on my body, showing off my nice tight bum. With the shoes I was wearing – 3 inch heels – it went down past my knees, but had a split each side, up to mid thigh. I felt so nice in it, so sexy in it, so hot. I knew all the guys would hit on me, ‘I wish my husband could see me in it, he would love it, maybe I will buy it,’ I thought.

“Luci, that dress made for you, so sexy for you,” Li said, smoothing it around my bum, giving my bum a little pinch, and a pat, as she stood me in front of the mirrors. The two girls were talking excitedly, nodding their heads at me, whispering to each other.

“What are they saying, Madame LI?” I asked.

She laughed, “They say you will have plenty boy want to do jig a jig with you all the time.”

I looked at them smiling, “Yes, I have 60 boys, all waiting for me, when I get home.”

We all burst out laughing, Madame LI, saying “Luci, you very nice girl, very happy.”

Madame LI, told me to wait, she went outside as I stood there feeling so hot in my dress. I turned as the door opened, she had called Danny up, “Oh fuck Luci, you look so hot, you will kill them tonight,” he said as he walked around me, staring at my body, I could see the want in his eyes.

With him staring at me like that, I felt my body starting to tingle, I would have sworn you could see my nipples hardening, feeling some tingle in my pussy, thinking about the party tonight. I only wish my husband were here to see me, then take me to bed, I was starting to feel so hot, in this dress.

Madame Li kissed me, “Okay Luci, you go hotel, then we see you tonight, I wait for you, I want to walk in with you.” She started to laugh, “you get man very hard tonight, ha ha ha, they all want to jig a jig with you very much”.

“That’s for sure,” Danny said, “all the high class girls will be jealous of you, I bet,” as his hot eyes roamed my body. It felt as if he was undressing me, I felt so horny, knowing that I was doing this to a guy I had never met before. What will all the other guys think?

I thanked Madame LI and her girls as I got back into my uniform. I went to my bag thinking of giving them some money, Danny must have guessed what I was going to do, “Luci, don’t even think of it, they will be offended.”

Madame Li and the girls came out with me to the car, I went over to her girls taking their hands, leaning over to give both of them, a kiss on their cheeks, thanking them very much, saying, “Madame LI, I will make sure you get this dress back, okay.”

She just held my hand and said, “Its ok, you will do more for my business than any other model would do, when you wear that tonight. All man will want to jig a jig you in that dress,” she said laughing, “you very good model, now go.”

Danny took me back to the hotel. I booked in, with Danny insisting he come up to my room, and inspect it. The hotel guy placed my bag, and my new dress, on the bed, as Danny watched him. He quickly withdrew, then Danny looked into the bathroom. Coming out, he said “Its all clear.”

I laughed at him, shaking my head, smiling, asking “Do you do this with all your clients?”

“Yes and more, it’s part of my job, if something was to happen to you, I would lose all credibility here, and I can’t afford that,” he said.

I looked at him, “Okay, would you like a drink, or a coffee?” But looking at my watch, I realised that I would have to rush. “Danny, I need to shower, and then get ready.”

“It’s okay, I will sit here,” he said with a grin on his face.

“Oh, no you won’t, why don’t you go down to the lounge and wait for me there,” I replied laughing, “but hey, I have to give it to you for trying.”

“Bummer, I thought I might get to wash your back, or something,” he replied, giving me a big smile, “okay, call me when you are ready, I will be at reception okay, then wait here for me.”

I had a nice long shower, even though time was passing, wondering should I put my hair up, or leave it down over my shoulders. I thought down would be best, for Asians love true blonde girls, so I left it down. Slipping on my brief panties, then my new dress, I looked into the mirror, ‘Oh bugger, you could see my panty line, even though they were very brief.’

I looked into my overnight bag, looking for one of the two thongs I had brought with me, ‘Just as well,’ I thought, slipping off my panties. I slipped on my very brief thong, it was a nice light blue one, which was just a lace string going down between my bum cheeks, with lace strings going around my waist. Looking at it in the mirror, I thought ‘Why wear it at all?’ It barely covered my shaven pussy, also I had to be careful, for sometimes the string caught my clit, which was nice at certain times, more so when I am dancing.

Putting on my dress, ‘there that looks better, no panty line,’ pulling up my black hold up stockings, I put on my makeup, my perfume, (French perfume, BLV) which is very sexy, and lingering, but not overpowering. I perfumed my breasts, (did I mention no bra) the top of my legs, and my mound, which I had just shaven, and oiled, which was all nice, and smooth, not that I was expecting anything to happen, or was I?.

I rang reception, to tell Danny I was on my way down. Closing my door, I called the lift. It dinged open, and inside there were 3 guys, all smartly dressed, talking to each other, sounded as if they were English. I walked into the lift and turned to face the front, standing in front of them. I was on the 5th floor, I could sense them staring at me. Looking up, there was a small mirror, where I could see them, one of them was shaking his head, staring at me, while the other two were inhaling my perfume. “If you don’t mind me asking, what is that perfume you are wearing?” one asked.

I turned to look at him, “Why, do you like it?”

“Oh yes,” he replied, “it smells so clean, and sexy, I will have to get some for my wife.”

“It’s called BLV, for short, just ask for it, it’s a French perfume, it’s all I wear.”

“Well, it is very nice, do you mind if I ask where you are going?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really know, I have someone waiting to take me.” As soon as I said that, I realised they must have thought I was a high-class call girl. Thinking that, I felt a bit naughty, sexy, feeling tingles starting to run through my body, ‘Oh god,’ I thought ‘what if they ask how much I charge?’

With that, the lift dinged, and the doors opened. I walked out with a smile on my face, wondering if this is a how a high-class call girl feels? I could feel some excitement, wondering what my client would be like. ‘Hey, what am I thinking?’

Just then, before the guys could catch up to me, Danny was there. “Hey Luci, I was just coming to get you,” he said.

I thought for a minute that one of the guys was going to say something to Danny. Now, Danny is around 6-2, well built, you could tell he looked after himself, a very confident air around him. So I quickly took hold of his arm, giving him a quick kiss on his cheek, saying, “Sorry I was so long Dan, did you miss me?”

He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face; I tugged his arm, walking out to the car. When we got into the car, he said “What was all that about?”

“Well, you know those guys in the lift, they thought I was a high class call girl.”

With that, he burst out laughing saying, “I think you would be well out of their league.”

“Do you think so, you seem to know, so how much does a girl like me charge?” I asked curiously.

“Well, for you Luci, I think it would be around $5000 to $10,000 for the night.” He laughed at me, for my mouth must have fell open, I just could not believe him.

“You are joking,” I said.

“Luci, don’t sell yourself short, you would be worth every cent. Wait till the girls there see you, they will hate you, they will think there is a new girl on the block.” He burst out laughing, “oh God, I am dying to see their faces when you walk in, they will be so jealous, but to be honest Luci, you are gorgeous.”

We seemed to be driving for ages, I looked at Danny, he must have known what I was thinking, “We are nearly there.” At that moment, we pulled into the entrance of this huge house, more like a mansion. There were security guards on the gate, Danny lowered his window, letting the guys know who we were, but they still opened the boot, and one checked under the car with this big mirror on a stick.

“It’s okay Luci, we have to do this, there will be some very important people here tonight, you will be very surprised at who might be here. We don’t want any trouble, but you will be a hit. If you get into any trouble from any of them, just call one of the guys, then they will get in touch with me, and I will sort it out, okay.”

Just then, I heard a squeal. Looking around, I saw it was Madame LI, and her two girls. “About time you got here Luci,” she laughed, “now let’s show you off.” She grabbed hold of me, walking past the security guards, with Danny right behind us.

I felt a bit embarrassed the way she was treating me, ‘but I was wearing her dress, and this was a good way to be noticed, not that she needed it,’ I thought.

We walked into this huge room, there was a band playing soft background music, I looked around, seeing waiters bringing drinks, and plates of nibbles. Madam LI, took hold of two flutes of champagne, which I am not really fussy about, I am a Bacardi and Coke girl, but I thought I would have to look the part. As we walked into the crowd, I began to feel everyone’s eyes on me. I felt quite a thrill, feeling my body starting to tingle, seeing the men quite openly staring at me, even though some of them were with their wives, and girlfriends.

“See, you have everyone noticing you Luci,” Madame Li said, “I think lots of men here would like to fuckee fuck you,” she said laughingly, with her little Chinese accent, that she could put on when she wanted to.

As we were standing there making small talk, one of the Minister’s advisers came over to us, “Excuse me, but the minister would like to have a word with you.” He escorted me over to where he was.

Taking my hand, the Minister looked at me, “I knew you would stand out, Luci,” he said “do you know everyone is asking who you are? If you don’t mind, I took the liberty of telling them you are a friend of one of my friends from Australia, so to treat you with respect. So should you have any problems, let William know,” pointing at his adviser, “he will soon sort it out. But Luci you look stunning in that dress, even my wife is asking Madame LI, about it. Oh, by the way, let me introduce you to some people.”

He started to tell me their names, they were very high-up people, the names of whom I can’t mention here, but one stood out. He was from Sweden, he looked to be around his 50′s, very fit looking, about 6-2, slim, with a nice tan, and short cut hair, like army guys have. He had blonde hair, I could tell he was used to giving orders, then I found out, he was based in Singapore, working in one of the embassies.

We started to chat and Madame LI wandered away, smiling at me. Tom – not his real name – asked if I would like to get something to eat, there was a huge buffet laid out, every kind of food you could have wished for. I thought to myself, if some of the starving people around the world could see this, they would not believe it. I felt a bit sick, at all this food, and how much would be wasted.

“Yes, I know what you are thinking Luci,” Tom said “they seem to think they are entitled to it, it’s the same at all these type of functions.”

This made me look at Tom in a different light. We put some food onto our plates, then walking to a table alongside the huge dance floor, we sat down. We seemed to get on so well, I had drunk 2 flutes of champagne, and decided that was enough for me, for I don’t really like it.

Tom noticed my glass was empty, he signalled to one of the waiters. She came over, smiling at Tom, “Hi, how may I help?” she asked, while I noticed she gave me the quick look over.

So I just smiled at her, “Do you have a Bacardi and coke please, with a slice of lemon in it?” Tom looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I laughed, “Sorry, I am not one for wines, I get enough of wine on the planes to do me.”

“Make it 2,” Tom said, as he looked at me, “all the girls I meet at these functions all drink champagne, I think you are the first girl I have met to drink something like that.”

Quite a few people came over to us, but I was quite happy with Tom. He asked if I liked to dance, which I do, very much. My favourite is the salsa, they were playing a slow number, which I think they tend to do at these kind of functions.

He was a bit taller than me, even though with my 3 inch heels on, I reach 6 feet. He took hold of my hand, the other went around my waist, we were fairly close, I looked at him, he was smiling, “Hope you don’t mind, Luci” he said.

I looked up at him and smiled. For I knew he was trying to look down my dress, I had no bra strap, he wanted to see if I had one on. I could feel his hard lean body on me, he smelt nice and clean, whatever after shave he was wearing was not overpowering, it was nice, with a musky, sexy aroma.

I was starting to feel the effects of the Bacardi’s that I had drunk, for they don’t mess around with the Bacardi when they mix the drinks at functions, they were fairly strong. I was enjoying myself, knowing that lots of guys were looking at me, feeling their eyes following me, stripping me, wanting to make love to me, ‘Well, maybe just fuck me,’ wondering who I was.

Even some of the high-class call girls were watching me, ‘I bet I could make more money than you tonight’ I thought because I was confident that I looked fabulous, in this sexy dress. I could tell by the looks I was getting. I was tingling all over, I have never felt so good in myself.

Madame Li was right, ‘all the men want to fuckee fuck me,’ I thought, my body sending signals to my pussy, my nipples, as I felt the small tiny blonde hairs rise on my arms.

As we were dancing, I felt his leg try to go between mine, but the dress was a bit tight for that, I knew what he was trying to do, so I thought with a giggle, ‘Okay buster, I will play dumb.’

Every time we swirled around, with him placing his hands on my hips, I would let one of my legs go between his, pulling him back towards me. That made his middle rub onto my leg, I could feel him tense, wondering if I knew what was happening, for his cock would be on my thigh.

I giggled to myself, thinking, ‘Hey, I have been here before, all guys try to do that.’

I did it a few times, feeling him relax as we did it. The music stopped, then went straight into another slow one. He pulled me a bit closer, as I put my arms around his neck … that pulls a girl’s body onto the guy. He must have felt my nipples push onto his chest, as I heard a slight groan, as my hips swayed on his cock, teasing him.

I felt his hand slide down to my bum, as I swayed on it, starting to feel his cock pushing onto my stomach. It felt nice and hard on me, with my arms up around his shoulders, he must have felt my breasts, tight on him, my nipples were so hard, as I let my breasts push on him, in tune with the music, my whole body swaying on him.

The music stopped, I looked up at him, smiling, knowing he was hard. So I stood there as he left his hand on my bum, gently squeezing it, “Luci, that was the most sexy dance I have ever had,” he said, “I don’t think you know what you have done to me.”

“We had better sit down,” I said, “before someone sees you,” as I let my hands slide over his front, feeling his pelvis jerk.

We went and sat down, getting our drinks, which I noticed had been refilled. Tom said, “Will you excuse me for a minute, Luci?”

I smiled at him, “Yes of course, you can’t walk around like that, can you?”

We both burst out laughing, “Oh you little tease,” he said, trying to adjust himself, “I will not be long.”

I thought that with Tom gone, I would go to the bathroom, just to freshen up a bit. I walked down a corridor, then around another corner. Just as I went around the corner, I nearly bumped into this big guy, who I recognised immediately, he was an Australian football player.

“Hey,” he said, “where did you come from? I haven’t seen you before, is this your first time here?”

“Yes it is, I was asked by the minister if I would like to go.”

“Well, let me tell you he has fine taste, have you got a card you can let me have?” he asked, “so I can give you a call.”

I looked at him puzzled, “No, I don’t have any cards, and I am married.”

“So, you are doing a bit of moonlighting,” he said with a grin, “does your husband know what you do? Does it turn him on?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I replied as I went to walk around him.

He grabbed hold of my wrist, “Hey, don’t come that with me,” he said, “look, I have the money, what are your rates, what do you charge?”

“Hey, I think you have the wrong girl for that, I am not like that.”

“So I am not good enough for you,” he said, “so you are all high class.” I could tell he was going to get nasty, I tried to pull me wrist away.

“Let me go,” I said, but he pulled me to him, clamping his arm around me, in a bear hug, I could not move. He tried to kiss me, I hit him on his back, as I felt his hand start to touch me, feel me, squeezing my bum, feeling my breasts, as I tried to kick him.

“Take it easy, or you might get hurt,” he said.

I felt his hand start to slide up my skirt. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that’s nice, just stockings,” he said. I could feel him starting to get aroused, he was rubbing his middle onto me. I began shouting for help, as I felt his hand touch my thong covered pussy, trying to force a finger into my pussy.

I tried to knee him, as I kept shouting. Suddenly he let go, and gave out a big groan, letting go of me, as he slid down to the floor, onto his knees. I looked to see what had happened, there was Danny, and he put his arms around me, “Are you okay?” he asked, as other people came running to us.

William, the Minister’s man came to me, “What happened, Luci? he asked. I told him what he had tried to do, that he thought I was one of those money girls, and would not let me go.

William looked at Danny, and some of the other security guards, “Right, keep hold of him, I will arrange for a car to take him straight to the airport, and put him on the first plane back to Australia – not Qantas. This will be the last time he will be allowed in Singapore, I will inform the Australian ambassador now,” he said, taking hold of me.

He called one of the waiters over, “Luci, she will look after you, she is a nurse, go with her she will help you.”

“It’s okay, I am okay, just a bit shaken, but otherwise I am okay. Thank God for Danny being there,” I said.

She took me to a room, where she asked if I wanted a drink to help calm me down, “Hey, I am okay, I get used to annoying people in my job.”

She smiled with me, “Yes, I bet you do, but just take it easy, at least he did not get too far.”

We walked back to the ballroom, as Tom came over to me, “Are you okay?’ he asked.

“Yes, I am good, it’s just that I was not expecting it,” I explained, smiling.

“I am sorry, but I need to see this other guy, I will not be long,” he said.

As he walked away, another Australian VIP came over, and asked me if I was okay, telling me that they will make sure he is dealt with. Just as I was about to reply, this voice broke in “Well Luci, I think this is my turn to dance?”

I looked, it was the minister. He gave me his hand, as the other guy apologised to him. “Come Luci, dance with me, it will help you take your mind off what happened. Don’t worry about him, you will never see him again.”

So I got up, and he slipped his arm around my waist, ‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘that was quick.’ The music was playing a rumba, and I was surprised that I found him to be a good dancer. He moved very well, as I relaxed, with him talking to me. I felt the trouble slipping away, I started to enjoy myself.

The music ended, but we stood there waiting for the next dance to start. It was a slow one, he moved closer to me, saying “God Luci, you are so beautiful, I hope you don’t mind me saying that, and as for your perfume, it is so sexy.”

We danced, then I felt his hand slide down onto my bum, ‘What is it with guys, always wanting to feel lady’s bum’s.’ When we turned, I thought ‘okay, that was a slip,’ but then it happened again. I looked at him, smiling, for I could not really say anything, but I did not want him to think I was there for his pleasure.

The music ended, but the minister held my hand, with one hand on my hip, “Where are you going, Luci?’ he asked, “I want to be seen dancing with the most beautiful lady here.”

It was much the same type of song they played, so he pulled me in fairly close, “Luci, you are a very beautiful lady,” he said, pulling me closer, “I am so glad I met you, and you came to my function, what do you think of it?” he asked.

“It is very good, do you have these often?”

“Luci, whenever you come to Singapore, ring my office, and ask for me, then I will invite you to them. You never know who you might meet.”

It was another slow song, and at times we just stood there shuffling from one foot to the other, talking. He was joking at times, I felt his hand sliding down to my bum, then coming back up, I think he was testing me, to see how far he could go. I thought he was taking a chance, considering who he was, but then I wondered if he was trying to take my mind off what had happened?

We were so close, I started to feel something pushing into my stomach, ‘Oh god, is that his cock? And his wife is here.’

He slid one of his hands down onto my bum, slowly leaning back pushing his middle into me, I did not know what to do, I could not offend him, but at the same time that was enough.

The music ended, ‘thank god,’ but he took my hand, leading me to the open doors to the veranda, looking out to the sea. The breeze was so nice, and cooling. Leading me over to a couple of chairs, he asked me to sit down.

For some reason, I had an idea what he was going to ask, and the answer would definitely be no. I did not want to lose his favour, for he could cause trouble with my job, by complaining about me. But at the same time, I was not one of those girls. I don’t mind having a bit of fun, but on my terms.

“Luci, I want to ask you something, so please do not get upset. Luci, I want a girl like you, to take over my public relations. I know you have a degree in public relations, so I want someone who is very confident around people. You will be very well paid, you would be asked to organise all my functions, like this, and meet people on my behalf. But you will need to live here in Singapore. All your expenses will be paid, to move here, it’s a job as long as you want it, and your husband would be well looked after. I know it’s a lot, but would you please think about it, talk it over with your husband. If you don’t accept it, I will understand.”

Oh God, I could have fainted. Here was me, thinking he was going to hit on me, feeling his cock on me as we danced, but here he was, offering me the job of a lifetime. But I knew I could not take it, my husband would not want to leave all his mates, and his own business, and I knew deep down, I would not like to leave the lifestyle we have, with all my friends. I looked at him, “I feel very flattered, that you asked me, but I need to talk it over with my husband, I will do that over the weekend, is that okay with you?”

“Yes Luci, I did not expect you to say yes right away, take all week if you want. I hope it is yes, I think you could go a long way, doing this type of work, and think of all the people you would meet.”

As we finished talking about that, one of his advisers came out, “Minister, you are starting to be missed, you had better return.”

We both laughed together, “Now we are both in trouble,” the minister said, “you know what they will be thinking. Just as well my wife, and lots of other people, know what I was going to ask you.”

I felt myself starting to blush, so they are thinking I was letting the minister have me. He took my hand, “Luci, can I have one more dance with you, please?”

I smiled at him, “Let them think what they want, yes why not, but don’t get too close,” I said laughing.

He laughed with me, “Oh Luci, I did not think you had noticed, see what you do to me, I could not help it, it was your beautiful perfume.”

It was a slow song they were playing. He looked at me smiling, as he took me into his arms. He held me away a bit, but I thought mischievously to myself that I would let him have his thrill. After the job he had offered me, and having a few Bacardi’s more than I normally do, I was on a high, and felt attracted to him. Not in a sexual manner, but in a person you could have as a close friend. Even a father figure, someone you could talk to, trust what you said to him, ask for advice, or even help. He was the type of person who would be there for you, if he were your friend.

I wanted to show him I trusted him, and show that I valued him as a friend. I knew people were watching, so I would have to be very careful what I do, but we only had a short time, maybe just this one dance.

As we swung around, I stood in closer, feeling my stomach close to his. He looked at me, smiling, as we were both the same height, I knew he could feel my flat stomach on his, as I gave a bit more sway to my hips, rubbing on him. He looked at me, smiling, as I held him closer, and he whispered “Luci you are a tease, thank you.”

He must have felt my so hard nipples touching his chest, for he looked down into my cleavage, so I leaned forward a bit, knowing he would be able to see my breasts, having no bra on. He must have seen how hard my nipples were. I wanted him to kiss them, play with them, bite them gently. I was starting to get hot myself, my whole body was tingling, I was so high with the way the night was going.

I could feel him starting to push into me a bit more, as I pushed back, as I rolled my hips on his stomach, it was just as well there were lots of other dancers on the floor. I felt one of his hands slide down to my bum, I looked at him, smiling, as he held my bum, as I rolled my hips, and I started to feel something hard touching my stomach.

He looked at me with a pained expression, ‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘I hope he is not cumming in his pants.’

He held my bum hard, as he slowly started to stroke it. I knew what he was doing, what all guys do when they are dancing … feeling to see what underwear girls have on. His hand was going from my bum to my waist, as he tried to figure out what I had on. He must have thought I had nothing on, but I whispered to him “I have a little thong on, that’s all, but be careful people might be watching.”

I thought for a minute he was going to have a heart attack, he went all red, looking at me, and he said, “Oh God Luci, no more, no more please, I will not be able to go and sit down.” With that, he pushed his hard cock onto me.

I leaned over, and gave him a little kiss on his cheek, “Okay, let’s just dance till we have both got back to normal.”

We both burst out laughing, as he gave my bum one last feel, “Thank you Luci, you are so unbelievable, now you can understand why I want you on my staff.”

I looked at him, and was going to tell him it was impossible for me to work for him, as much as I would have liked to, when the music finished. I looked down at his middle, “Are we okay for you to go to your wife?” I asked with a big grin on my face.

“I think so,” he said, “as much as I would have liked to dance longer. I might have had an accident, then my wife might have got upset.” Once again, we both started to laugh, but if he only knew how moist I was. I could feel it in my pussy, my breasts and nipples were so hard. It was just as well that you can’t see how a girl feels sometimes.

We joined his wife, and friends, his wife patted a chair next to her, “So Luci, did he ask you to join him? I hope so, because I thought you would be good for him. I see you have got some life back in him, even now,” she said smiling, “Luci don’t worry, at the moment he has a lot of pressure on him, he needs someone he can talk to privately, no not what you are thinking.” Having said that, she laughed.

We sat there talking, and I more or less informed her, that I don’t think my husband would like me to accept the job. We have such a nice lifestyle now. While we were talking one of the waiters made sure we were not bothered, but at the same time kept our drinks full, and refreshed. I lost count of the amount of drinks I had, I realised that I needed some fresh air.

I stood up, as the minister came back with some other people. Wow, I could feel the alcohol I had been drinking. I looked at him, smiling, he just shook his head slowly smiling back at me, making sure that no one noticed the message that had just passed between us.

“Excuse me Luci,” I heard a voice say. I looked around, it was Tom, the guy who worked in the Swedish Embassy, “Luci, would you like to dance?”

I felt my face start to blush, and I needed to get some fresh air, “Yes why not,” I replied, as he held out his hand for me to take. The minister looked at me, gave me a little wink. I winked back at him, and we both smiled.

The dance was a slow samba, right away I knew he was a pretty good dancer, the way he held me, and took the lead, as he had done before.

The next one was my favourite, the Salsa. The Salsa is a pretty sexy dance, but it’s up to the couple just how sexy. I was a bit drunk, and still on a high from before. I was really enjoying myself, no ugly moments when guys hit on you, like what happens in disco’s, I felt so relaxed, as we danced.

I felt his hands touching my bum as we danced, more and more as we turned. I looked at him, starting to feel hot. Then, as he came around the back of me, holding my hips, I let my bum push onto him, swaying my hips across his middle, as I felt his hands start to slide up to my breasts. Just as they got there, I swung around, pushing my stomach onto his. He let his hands slide down onto my bum, as I swayed my hips in his hands. He was feeling my bum, through the silk of my dress, squeezing the cheeks as I swayed. I felt that I wanted my pussy to be touched, opened by a man, kissed, played with, I just wanted to cum.

I could see the guys watching us, seeing the lust in their eyes, knowing all the guys would love to be in Tom’s place, all wanting to touch me, caress me, fuck me.

The music stopped, we just stood there looking at each other, I could see that Tom was trying to hide his erection, I looked at him and smiled, “Guess you like that dance Tom?”

He still had his hand on my bum, as I rested one on his shoulder, “God Luci, you are such a tease, where did you learn to dance like that? I would love to see you really dancing, like a pole dancer, you would kill them.”

We were both sweating, I looked around wanting a drink, I saw the minister standing there with a big smile on his face, slowly shaking his head, I smiled back at him, knowing what he was thinking. I stuck my tongue out at him, and he laughed.

A waiter appeared with some drinks, “Could I have a nice big class of water?” I asked, as I also asked for the use of his napkin. Sweat was running down into my breasts, I was all wet all over.

Turning to Tom, I suggested, “Hey, would you like to go sit outside for a bit to cool down?” I could feel a nice breeze outside, and the beautiful smell of frangipani in the air, which is prevalent in Singapore.

There were all coloured lights outside, as we walked down onto the beach, there was even some benches, which they had put out for people to sit on. On one bench, there where towels laid out, for anyone who might want to go for a swim in the water.

We sat down, still catching our breath, feeling the beautiful night breeze, looking at ships’ lights in the dark, out at sea. Tom leaned forward, and pulled my head to him. I really did not want to do it, but I was so high, with all that had happened, and the beautiful Singapore night, was so erotic, so I just went with it.

Our lips met, kissing gently, as I felt the soft pressure of Tom’s tongue, gently pushing into my mouth. I felt an electric shock run through my body, the way he kissed, it was so nice, and most of all, gentle. I could taste the Bacardi on his tongue, as I opened my mouth to his tongue, feeling it rubbing on mine, as he started to suck on it. I held his head, wanting more, I felt one of his hands slide down to one of my breasts, holding it, feeling the fullness of it, as he gave it a gentle squeeze, letting his fingers go to the, oh so hard nipples.

I groaned into his mouth, with the pleasure roaring through my body, he was so gentle, letting his hand roam my body, from my breasts, to my hips, down to my thigh, then to my silken leg. Letting it slide up, as I let my legs open, as I felt his hand stroking the inside of my thigh, feeling the end of my silky stockings.

“Oh God Luci, Luci,” he whispered, kissing my neck, my ear, as I felt my whole body shiver. He slipped one of the thin straps off my shoulder, feeling the cool air caress my so hard nipples, and his mouth licked, then claimed the nipple with his mouth.

I was groaning into his mouth, holding his head so tight on my nipple, as he nibbled it, sucked it, as his hand reached the junction of my legs, touching me there. I felt my pussy fill with my juices, wanting to feel something there, but the way we were sitting I could not open my legs any further.

I was groaning with pleasure, as Tom took me to heights, just by sucking on my breasts, kissing my neck, kissing me. I put my hand down between us, and I felt his hard cock pushing onto my body. I started to rub it, over his slacks.

“Oh Luci, Luci, I want you so much,” he groaned, but the seat, and my tight skirt, made it nearly impossible to go any further. This seat was not made for fucking, even if I lifted it, I would not be able to sit on him.

I opened his belt, pulling down his zip, letting my hand go into his slacks. I took hold of his so hot throbbing cock, it felt so nice, hard, hot. It was not a huge cock, just around 6 inches, but that was plenty, huge cocks can be fairly uncomfortable. I sat up, getting him to stand at my side, as his slacks slid down around his ankles. I looked up at him, looking into his eyes, as I leaned forward, taking him into my mouth.

He jerked, as I sucked it, pushing back his foreskin with my mouth, licking the uncovered head, hearing him groan as he held my head, starting to slowly fuck into my mouth. I cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, letting my hand slide up to his bum, then sliding a finger in between the cheeks. Finding his anal opening, just gently running my finger around it, rimming it, feeling his bum clench, as I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could.

He leaned over me, moaning, groaning, as his hands held the back of my head, feeling one slide down to cup my breast, rolling the oh so hard nipple in his fingers. As his upper body fell across my head, he called out, “Oh God Luci, Luci, I’m going to cummmmmm, arggggghhhh, ohhhhhhh!” With that, I felt him burst into my mouth, all his hot white sperm hitting the back of my mouth. I pulled my mouth to the end of his cock, feeling it spit into my mouth, as I swallowed all his sperm, thinking ‘I can’t let any go on Madame Li’s dress.’

I put my hands around his so hard bum, pulling him into me, as he held my head, stopping me from bobbing my head on his cock, “Oh, oh God Luci, no more please, no more.”

As he leant down to kiss me, we both heard voices coming toward where we were sitting. I quickly pulled the top of my dress up, as Tom zipped himself up. I stood up straightening my dress, just as they came into view.

“Hi what a beautiful night,” they both said in unison.

“Yes it certainly is,” Tom replied smiling, “it’s a very relaxing night too,” as he looked at me.

Taking hold of my hand, we walked back to the house together, “Luci, would you like to come back to my place tonight?” he asked.

I did really want him, because I was feeling so hot – my nipples were still so hard, my pussy was so wet, and still tingling. I could still taste Tom’s sperm in my mouth, and I would have loved to spend the night with him.

“Tom, I am sorry but I can’t, I would truly love to, but I have to be up early, around 6am, to have brekkie, then get ready for the bus to pick us up for the airport. It’s 12.25 am now, I will have to say goodbye to the minister, then go. I will be back here next week, maybe then.”

“Can I at least take you to the hotel?” he asked.

I felt lousy, “Tom, I have really enjoyed tonight, I wish it had gone on further, but the minister has arranged for me to be taken back by one of his security guards.”

I pulled his head down to kiss him, and as we kissed, I could feel the want in my body for him, as once again his hands went to my bum, I pushed myself onto him, and I felt him starting to stir again. ‘Oh God, he is getting hard again, so quick,’ I thought, wondering how many times we might have made love tonight if I could have gone with him.

“Hey, we had better stop, before you get all horny,” I said laughing.

“Luci you would get a dead mummy hot,” he replied, as he gave me a pat on my bum, here is my card, if ever you need help call me, please.”

I gave his cock a quick squeeze, laughing at him, and then taking his hand we walked into the house. The crowd seemed to have thinned out a bit, as we walked over to the minister, and his wife.

“Minister, thanks for such a beautiful evening, I really loved it,” I said to him.

His wife stepped forward, “Luci, you are welcome here whenever you are in Singapore, and we are looking forward to meeting your lucky husband. We will expect to see you here often, just call us, and a car will pick you up. Don’t sit in that hotel by yourself, you can always come out, and dine with us, now don’t forget.”

She gave me a little kiss, as the minister took me by the shoulders, “I will expect to hear from you, don’t rush, call in, and see us next week, we will look forward to it,” and he gave me a kiss on both cheeks. “Thank you for coming, I can assure you that you will never have any kind of trouble next time, that was so rude of him.”

Just as he said that Danny came over. “Now Danny I want you to take good care of her, like you did earlier,” the Minister said, “make sure she gets to her room safely.”

I said my goodbye to everyone, telling Madame Li that I would make sure she got her dress.

“What for Luci, dress is yours?”

“I can’t keep it, it costs too much.”

She laughed, pulling me close to her, she said, “Don’t worry, minister pay for it, he wants to thank you, what he do to you? Or you do to him, you do jig a jig,” she said laughing.

“Nothing,” I replied blushing.

She just laughed, “Luci you no fool me, he make you plenty happy, you blush,” she said as she walked away laughing.

I looked to Danny, “What was that all about?” he asked.

I just laughed, thinking of what she had said, “It’s nothing, let’s go.”

We got back to the hotel, there were still quite a few people around, even the 3 guys who came down in the elevator with me. I was still feeling the effects of the drinks I had at the party, so I was still on a high. I was that keyed up, I felt as if I could go on all night, meeting all those VIP’s, knowing that most of them wanted me, and what had happened with Tom. ‘God, I could have made thousands there tonight,’ I thought with a smile.

“Hey Danny would you like to have a drink in the lounge with me, before we go up?”

He looked around, “Sure, if you want to, but just one.”

I saw the guys watching me, so I thought with a bit of devilment, that I would tease them, so I started to sway my hips more, lifting my heels a bit higher, so that my bum swayed more. I could see them staring at me, talking about me.

I could feel nearly all the guys in the lounge stripping me with their eyes, not that there was much to strip, because all I had on was my sexy dress, and a very small thong, which was so wet, with my juices, from wanting to be fucked. I was so horny, I knew I would not sleep tonight.

We had our drinks, with Danny refusing any more. I had wanted to dance, to tease all the guys watching me. My whole body was tingling, my nipples were so hard, sticking out, you could not miss them. I caught Danny looking at them, that seemed to get them even harder, they wanted to be kissed, held, sucked, ‘Oh God,’ I wanted to say ‘Danny fuck me.’

Danny leaned over to me smiling, “God Luci, you are turning all the guys on, I had better get you out of here before some guy causes trouble.”

I stood up, glancing around, feeling all the eyes on me, ‘I have never felt so wanted, this was new to me, and it must be the dress.’

We got up to my room, Danny said “Wait here till I make sure it’s okay.” He opened my door and quickly went in, closing it after him. After a couple of minutes he came out, “Okay Luci, its all clear, you are safe now.”

“Do you think he will come here?” I asked.

“He would have to be stupid if he did, but I guess he is now halfway back to Australia, with a security guard next to him, you don’t have to worry about him.”

He closed the door, looking at me, “Luci, when you come back to Singapore, I would love it if you gave me a call, and I will show you all around Singapore, if you would like that.”

I looked at him, “Danny, would you mind fixing me a Bacardi and coke please, and get one for yourself, I just want to get out of this dress, and change.”

Walking into the bathroom, closing the door, I looked at myself in the mirror, my make up was all over the place, I slipped off my dress, just standing there in black stockings, and my very small thong. I had a quick shower, put on a clean thong, my stockings, put on some lipstick, and cleaned my teeth, for I could still taste Tom’s sperm, in my mouth.

I sprayed my body with my perfume, taking a deep breath, ‘Okay kiddo, go for it.’

I walked out just as Danny turned around, I could see the surprise in his eyes, as he stood there holding 2 glasses, staring at me posing in my heels, stockings, and thong.

I just stood there letting him look at me, I had my back to the big mirror, so I knew he could see the bare cheeks of my bum, with the very thin lace string going down between my bum cheeks, into my so wet pussy. I could see his eyes going to the mirror, then me, I felt my body shiver, at what I had done, but at the same time I felt so wicked, after such a wild night.

Smiling at him, I said “Well, do you want some or what?” As I wriggled my bum, I opened my legs so that he could see my shaved pussy, with just this thin piece of silk desperately trying to cover my so wet pussy.

He put the drinks down, taking off his jacket as he walked over to me, “Oh fuck me Luci, yes, yes I want you.”

“Hey, you are supposed to fuck me,” I said laughing, as he grabbed hold of me, sliding his hands down to my bum.

“God, I have wanted to feel that ass of yours all night,” he said.

I could feel the excitement in him, as he pulled me close to kiss me. I felt his already hard cock, pushing onto my thong as he fucked into me, and he was like a little boy in the candy store.

“Hey Danny, slow down we have a few hours,” and I pushed him away.

“Sorry Luci, it’s just that I wanted you from the first time I saw you.”

“Well I am here now, and so are you.”

I made him stand still as I took off his shirt. I could see him looking into the mirror, watching what I was doing, as I unzipped him, sliding his slacks to the floor. I stood up, then bending at the waist, with my legs open a bit, I started to slip his shoes off. I heard him gasp, “Oh fuck Luci, you are so gorgeous,” I knew he could see he could see all of my bum, and my pussy, through the mirror, the way I was bent over. I took my time feeling his hands stroke my back, then feeling one slide down to my swollen breasts.

I moaned when his fingers found my so hard nipples, I felt a small orgasm rip through my pussy then. I was so turned on, I had never felt like this before in my life. I was so horny, and hot.

As I took off his shoes, then socks, making it slow, knowing he would appreciate it more if I went slowly. Hearing him moan, and gasp, as he looked at the mirror. I dropped to my knees, seeing his so hard cock sticking out. It was around 7 inches, with average thickness, ‘perfect’ I thought. I took it in my hand, slowly stroking it, seeing some pre-cum on the head. I licked it off, looking up to his eyes, letting him see it on my tongue, before I pulled it into my mouth, then kissing the head, and sucking the head.

He grabbed my head, groaning, “Oh fuck Luci Luci,” as I took all of him into my mouth, putting my hands around his bum, pulling him forward into my mouth, as he started to fuck my mouth with his cock.

I could feel him starting to cum already, with that throbbing a guy’s cock does when he is about to shoot. I stopped and looked up into his eyes, still with his cock in my mouth, just running my tongue over the head, watching his face, as I let him down a bit. I stood up, holding his cock, “Danny let’s get on the bed, it’s more comfortable there.”

We got on the bed, “Dan, let me pleasure you,” I said getting him to lie down. I knelt at the side of him, so that he could touch me, play with me, as I leant down licking his cock. Stroking it, as I sucked gently on his tightening balls, letting my breasts rub up and down his chest, feeling the hairs on his chest rubbing my so hard nipples. My body was on fire, I wanted to be fucked.

He was pushing his cock into my hand, he was so excited, holding onto the sheets, groaning, fucking into my hand, “Luci, Luci, oh God Luci.”

I knew I would have to let him cum, but I wanted it inside me, I wanted to feel him shoot all that hot sperm deep inside me, as I took his cock into my mouth. That must have sent him over the edge, for he let go of the sheets, pushing my head down onto his cock. I nearly gagged, for it was so sudden. I just had time to pull my mouth back up to the head as he burst into my mouth, it was hot, a bit salty, but I loved it.

There was just enough for me to manage swallowing it all, as I felt his fingers going to my pussy. I parted my knees so that he had access to my wet pussy, and hardening clit. As he touched, I gave a jump, it felt so nice. I just laid my head on his chest, letting him play with my pussy, feeling two fingers slide into me, as I started to hump them. I was nearly cumming myself.

Danny started to sit up, pulling my head to him, kissing me, pushing his tongue into my sperm tasting mouth. “Luci, Luci, you have tasted me, now I want to taste you.” With that, he pulled me to the edge of the bed, as he knelt down, putting my legs each side of his head, kissing my legs working his way to my apex. Not kissing my pussy, just the mound, as he let one of his fingers enter me.

I grabbed his head, pushing him onto my pussy, wanting Danny to bite my so hard clit, lick it, for I was nearly cumming. As I raised my hips up to his mouth, he licked my clit, “Oh fuck, fuck, Danny, Danny,” I screamed as my orgasm hit me, “oh, ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk.”

I could feel his tongue pushing into me, as he played with my clit with his finger, then pushing two fingers into me as his tongue claimed my clit. I was in heaven as my orgasm shot all through my body. It was what I had been waiting for all night.

I lay there with my legs open, holding onto the sheets, as Danny stood up, lifting my legs onto his shoulders. I looked down, there he was all hard again, ready to push his so nice cock into me. I held my arms up to him.

“Fuck me Danny, fuck me,” I said as I felt the head at my opening, “Danny, fuck me, just push it all in, I want it all inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me, I want all of you.”

As he held his cock at my opening, I pulled him down to me, kissing him, as I felt that cock enter me in one long push. I had never felt so much pleasure, mixed with a little pain, as he opened me up with his cock. “Oh, oh fuck, fuck Danny, Danny, I am cumming again, oh Dannyyyyyyyyyy,” as I wriggled around on his cock as he held it deep inside me, letting me feel his cock with my inner muscles. So hot, so hard, as my orgasm seemed to go from one to another. I had never climaxed so hard, not like this.

Then Danny started to slowly fuck me, hearing his cock fucking me, I was so wet with all my juices. I looked down between us, seeing all my white cream, spread all over his cock, as he quickened his fucking, holding his cock in me, as I fucked back onto it, ‘Oh God, I was in heaven.’ I was getting what I had wanted, since the Minister was dancing with me, letting me feel his hardness on me. It made me feel so sexy, so horny, having someone like that, wanting me, as I felt his cock rubbing on me, with his wife and others maybe watching.

I put my arms around Danny’s neck, hanging onto him, as he let my legs go off his shoulders. I wrapped them around his waist, fucking my pussy up to him, as I felt him hitting my bum with his balls. I hung onto him, as he pounded my pussy, I was getting well and truly fucked. He was so fit, seeing his hard stomach, looking at his cock, with all my cream on it, ploughing into me. At the same time, feeling it pushing into my tunnel, I loved it.

I started to feel Danny tensing, knowing what he was going to do, he was about to cum. He held his cock into me, “Cum for me Danny, cum for me, cum inside me, cum all inside me,” I whispered in his ear, as he once again resumed fucking me.

“Oh, oh, oh fuck, fuck Luci, Luci, I am cummingggggggg, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh, shitttttttt.”

I felt his cock growing bigger, as he got ready to burst inside me, throbbing, so hard. Just as I felt the first burst of his cock sending me over the edge again, “Oohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh Dannyyyyyyyyy, Dannyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” I screamed, “ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk.”

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