I am standing in the center of a large airy room. My statuesque body totally naked save a long silk scarf that is tied covering my eyes. No heels, no restraints, no collar; just green silk, the ends hanging down and tickling my ass.

I hear murmurs in the room. Hear ice clinking in glasses. I sense movement.

Someone is at my side, it’s my Master—Lou, “Don’t be nervous. No one will harm and if you feel threatened, use the safe word.” He assures me I’m safe as these are his colleagues and they have been made aware this is my first experience of this sort. We have only experimented with the dominance-submission for a short time and this is his way of showing the other Masters how well behaved and covetable I’m as a slave. I take a deep breath and he kisses me gently on my soft lips.

Soft, ruby red lips that contrast drastically against the pale plain of my skin.

I must look like a ghost standing here I think to myself. My lissome body like delicate china, my angled bob hair, thick dark auburn, my cunt is bare. Even my nipples are the darkest pink and hardly noticeable. The only splash of color is the painted red of my full lips.

As my Master leaves my side I try to remain calm. He has told me this is what he wants from me tonight and I want nothing more than to please him. Still, I’m not sure what to expect and believe there are maybe four or five men in the room other than my Master. My insides turn a bit as I await instructions.

I stand silent and unmoving for what seems and eternity. Finally, there is a voice which calls my name with an order, “Please turn around so that we may see both front and back.” I gracefully turn a slow spin, my arms resting freely at my sides, my head bent downward in subtle servitude.

Another voice comes from a different direction, this one familiar it’s my Master, “Assume the position.” I know what he expects. I get to my knees, spreading them apart so that my treasures may be seen, and clasp my hands in the small of my back, pushing my ample tits forward.

I can feel the cool, milky smoothness of silk pooled on my hands.

There are further murmurs from the crowd, more sounds of people partaking of their drinks. Again, I seem to wait forever as the circle around me admires what is being offered for their pleasure tonight.

“Come to me,” a warm, smooth voice requests.

I assume he wants me to crawl but I’m unsure and don’t want to displease him. “Beg for permission.” I ask using the phrase my Master approves.

“You may speak,” hearing my Master’s voice.

“Would you like me to crawl, Sir?” I ask of the unknown man. He laughs pleasantly and tells me there is no other way.

When I reach the man I realize he is sitting on the floor. I’m told to kneel in my position before him and I do so. Ice cold drops of water splash on my left nipple then my right before trickling down my abdomen and into folds of my cunt. Both nipples now stand erect, jutting out from the firm globes like little gumdrops. The man begins to pinch them lightly, sometimes pulling and twisting and sometime rubbing them in the palm of his hands. His hands move to the fleshy undersides and cup them, bringing my dark pink nipples to his mouth. He suckles at my tit like a baby while his hands now wander to my heart-shape ass, fondling and squeezing. “Open your mouth,” and then pulls my head down to his cock. I’m still partially in my position only now my ass in up in the air and my cunt fully exposed to the others. He is only half erect, “Make me hard.” I suck his semi-soft member into my mouth and glide along the shaft. After only a few sucks his cock is growing quite hard and I’m able to really please him, taking him almost all the way and teasing the swollen head. “Make me cum,” I double my efforts. My mouth is now sliding up and down his rod quickly as I suck him hard. I can hear him moaning and this makes my own desire rise. I take him deep in my throat and he cums almost immediately, releasing his seed into my mouth.

I hear sounds of approval from the others.

A new voice calls, “Crawl to me”. This gentleman too is sitting on the floor. He tells me to remain on all fours and I feel him moving behind me. He runs his hands down my back and over the curve of my ass. His fingers then find my soft entrance and he starts to finger me. He remarks to the others how wet I am and then asks, “Do you always get this hot when you suck man’s cock?”

“Yes Sir.” I gasp as his fingers start to work deeper into my cunt. He uses my slick juices and lubricates his cock and my anus.

“Do you like be fucked up the ass?”

Although it is not yet my most favorite pleasures I reply, “Yes Sir.” I feel him pressing at the entrance of my tight hole and my body tenses.

A booming voice rings out “Emer!” My Master is displeased. I know he wants me to relax so as to not make the other Masters feel uncomfortable; we have talked about this before the start of the evening. He calls me by my slave name, Emerald, to remind me I am to be used as this man wishes and, as my Master wills, I relax.

There has been no interruption for the man who is behind me. He has slid the head of his cock into my ass and is now pushing himself inside. I can feel the burning as I’m stretched to accommodate his girth, my Master does not often take me this way and so I am very tight. When finally the man has sunk himself to the hilt he sighs loudly. He starts now to slide himself in and out his hard cock still causing me quite a bit of torment. I want to cry, not from humiliation but from the searing pain, still I know my Master will punish me severely if I do so and I hold the tears at bay.

Suddenly there is someone in front of me, the tip of their cock placed against my lips. “Suck it.” I part my passionate red lips for him. I’m now being rocked by the man who is vigorously pumping his cock into my ass and he is grunting like an animal. The man before me is groaning as he buries his hands into my dark auburn hair and pulls my face to his groin forcing his cock into my throat. I hear the guy behind me give one final grunt as he shoots his load inside me and I’m thankful he is finished.

The man who is in front of me removes himself and leads me to the couch. “Stand up—turn around—sit down on my lap.”

As I sit down, his slick hardness enters me with little guidance. A tremor runs through me as I sit motionless perched on his cock relishing the feel of him inside. My legs are spread wide so that the other participants can view and delight in his penetration. His powerful hands grip my waist as he controls my body, raising me up and then bringing me down forcefully on him. His pleasure is glorious and my body quickly lets him know how much I appreciate him with a flow of sweet juices. His sighs and groans, as well as the tightness of his grasp, let me know he is enjoying me.

I feel a body move between our legs. Unexpected clamps are placed on my nipples and I jump from the surprise and pain but I do not make a sound. The hands continue to fondle my tits and the jolt from the clamps is quickly forgotten.

I realize I’m moaning a bit and that my breathing has gotten short. I could cum if given permission but the urge is not so overwhelming that I feel the need to ask for release so I simply savor the sensations.

The man between my legs had lowered himself and is now teasing me with his tongue and drinking in the combination of pre-cum and my excitement. I feel his tongue licking my puffy lips as he tries to keep rhythm with the cock inside me. He frenziedly shakes his head from side to side tonguing the base of the other man’s cock and licking at my clit while he strokes himself.

I’m feeling very close to orgasm now. “May I cum Masters?” I asked either man for my release—begging for it. But neither man answers my dire requests. I can feel my cunt tighten around the cock inside me and I concentrate on not allowing myself to go too far. Permission has not been granted.

Suddenly the man behind me jams me down onto his hardness and I can feel his cock jerking and twitching as he cums, buried deep in my warmth.

I want so badly to cum with him and I ask again, “Please Masters may I cum?” This time I’m flat out denied.

The man who is between our legs stands and kisses me, delivering a mouthful of semen into mine. I swallow it and suck his tongue to get what is left. He straightens his body so that his groin is level with my face and shoves his cock into my mouth. I suck him eagerly and hungrily, his cock tasting of sweat and pre-cum. It takes only a few minutes before he explodes in my mouth and as much as I try to swallow his cum a few thick streams of pearly white run down over my chin. He pulls his spurting member out and his last few shots land on my tits and stomach.

These two men are spent and yet another voice calls me, “Emerald—here.” I get on the floor and crawl to the sound, my head bent this time from the shame of not having swallowed all the cum as I have been taught. As I crawl I can feel the cum trickling from my freshly taken cunt down onto my thighs. When I reach the voice I come to the conclusion that this person is in a chair as his voice comes from above. He tells me to assume my position once again and I do so, presenting my cum covered chin to him red-faced.

There are whispers and I wonder what is happening. There is someone kneeling in front of me. Their hands brush the satiny hair off my cheeks and then smooth the silk scarf over my eyes. I hear water and then feel a warm, wet towel between my legs as the cum is cleaned from my thighs, ass and stomach. “Thank you, Sir.” I say truly grateful for being washed, but wishing that the cum would be cleaned from my chin. The towel is replaced by fingers. They probe gently into my cunt and it takes me only a moment to realize that this is a woman as I can feel long fingernails. Her tongue glides along the bright red of my lips and forces them apart. She moves closer, her tits rubbing against mine, and I kiss her back as her tongue is now poking in and out of my mouth, just as her fingers are sliding in and out of my cunt. She uses her tongue to lick the cum from my chin then moves to my nipples. Her nimble lips tease at the hard nubs sometimes sucking them into her mouth tasting the salty gift left there, sometimes clamping down tightly on the devices already in place. Her attention to both my tits and cunt are incredible and I can feel the stirrings of orgasm again.

“Lay back,” she tells me and I do so on the plush carpet; hoping I’m right by acting on her commands, not knowing if she is a dommes or not.

Her light form straddles my upper body and I can feel the heightened warmth of her womanhood against my aroused chest. She takes hold of one of my erect nipples and begins to stimulate her erect clit with it. I have been with only a few women and I have never encountered this. It turns me on immensely and my own clit begins to ache.

The woman begins to moan with pleasure as she rides my tit, her cunt growing hotter and beginning to flow with her excitement. Without warning she moves and queens me. I’m suffocating in her downy hair and sweet juices. I stick my tongue into her hot cunt and fuck her best I can, trying to use my nose to rub her clit and smelling her musky scent. She starts to climax and I nearly choke on her cum as it floods into my mouth. She is grinding frantically on my face, her breathing coming in sharp gasps and her voice rising higher to a near scream.

I’m glad I have made her cum so wonderfully but I’m now craving release. I didn’t realize until now that my legs are spread wide, my flower open and streaming with my desire. I hear a few of the men comment on how ready I’m for some cock. This stirs me even more and I hope one of them will oblige and take me there on the carpet. But it is the woman who puts herself between my legs and places her moist mouth over my aroused bud. I jerk at the intense pleasure and let out a emphatic sigh.

The gentleman who sits in the chair speaks gruffly telling the woman to perform well but not to make me cum. A disheartened groan escapes my lips and I know immediately there will be words from my Master.

“I will not hesitate to punish you here in front of everyone Emerald!” He storms. “If you should displease me once more you shall be whipped before all eyes here.”

There are some gasps as the men entertain the thought of my being whipped for disobedience, possibly thinking they might get to try their skill on me.

“Yes Sir, I beg your forgiveness.”

“You have not my forgiveness slave,” he replies harshly, “but you shall have the taste of my leather if you fail to govern yourself accordingly.”

“Yes Sir,” praying his scolding is over. It is.

Soon I can feel the delicate hands of the other woman as she massages my tits paying close attention to my nipples. “Take a deep breath,” she tells me and as I do she removes the clamps. The surge of pain is incredible but fairly brief with her mouth there to comfort me. She doesn’t stay long at my tits but goes back to work on my cunt and after a few moments her experienced tongue has me writhing and breathing heavily as her fingers explore my depths.

Sounds of people breathing raggedly lay on the air like smoke. I hear their passion and in my mind I picture them masturbating while they watch the performance played out in front of them. The thought of all those men stroking their handsome cocks while watching a woman taking oral pleasure in my womanhood me makes me tingle and grow even hotter.

I move my hips to her face and she bites tenderly at my swollen labia. I’m coming close to orgasm now and she knows it. She sucks hard on my clit and plunges her three fingers in and out rapidly driving me wild.

When she decides I’m too close and that she won’t be able to keep me from peaking if she continues, she stops. I’m breathing erratically and my chest is heaving as I draw air in desperately.

The coarse-voiced man commands the woman, “Get up and stand by my side,” making it clear that she is his slave. He then orders, “Emerald come here.”

Standing in front of him he seizes the firm rounded hemispheres of my ass and pulls me close to him. “Put your leg here.” I place one of my feet next to him on the chair. With my foot I can feel that he is clothed unlike the others. I feel his large callused hands on my tits, rough and marring, his nails clawing into the tender flesh. Traveling down my abdomen to my private folds he leaves a trail of scratches. His plump fingers push into my cunt and he begins to twist them while he slams into me. He is forcing his fingers deep and I feel that at any moment he will thrust his entire hand into my vagina. It is painful and the agony is almost too much to bear but he stops and then places some object at my entrance. It is blunt and cold, that is all I know. He shoves it in rudely then saws it in and out without regard to my discomfort. I can hear his breathing increasing until he is hardly able to breathe at all. I hear him demand of his slave to cum and from the sound of things she does.

Finally, he stops his crude treatment and removes the object from my abused canal. I brace myself for the feel of his semen on my belly or tits but there is none. He seems to have no further interest in me.

My uterus aches tremendously and I think about his poor slave and how poorly she must be treated. She has my sympathy.

The vulgar man relinquishes me to the rest of the group and I return to the center of the room waiting for further instructions. I’m feeling used and want nothing more than to retire for the evening but I’m called upon again.

When I reach the man he says, “Your mouth is very pleasing and my cock wants it around it again”. I think this is the first man whom I was with but cannot be totally sure. He is sincere in his comment and the kind tone of his words makes me less weary. I try to be as graceful as possible as I get to my knees and take his stiff member with my lips. I lick his shaft and head, making sure to sneak my tongue into the pee hole to get the pre-cum that is welling there. He whispers for me to use my hands as well and I massage his balls and thick base. As his body begins to move with the rhythm of my mouth I begin to stroke half his length while the other half I suck eagerly into my mouth. His pre-cum is really flowing and I sip it up relishing its salty taste.

Again, as had happened before, I feel someone behind me. I don’t tense up for fear of the whip, but in my mind I am afraid it will be the same man come to ravage my tight little ass.

Soft cock flesh soothes my sore cunt and the thick mushroom head rubs against my little cunt lips. I moan in yearning as the head slides across my sopping cunt.

I want that cock so badly that I’m really sucking ravenously on the one in front of me. The guy is groaning and murmuring unintelligible words as his cock fucks my mouth. He reaches down and moves my hand from his shaft, replacing it with his own and applying pressure to insure that he doesn’t cum yet.

From the other side of the room I can hear the poor slave woman being taken by the other men. I wondered if my Master is one of them and feel a pang of jealousy. Still, I think that if my Master is one of the men taking her she will at least have one good fuck considering the bastard of a Master she has.

I’m abruptly brought out of my thoughts by the sensation of hard cock snaking into my anxious hole. Hands on my waist pull me back forcing me onto the stiff cock. I moan loudly around the cock in my mouth and feel my legs growing weak. The cock in my cunt devours me and I again feel the rise of orgasm. He strokes in and out of me gently and I can feel his cum laden balls swinging back and forth between my legs as he moves, the wiry hair grazing the inside of my thighs. His hands reach around and massage my breasts, teasing the sore nipples and making smooth circles around the pink areolas. His tempo increases as does my pleasure. The thickness of him as he slides in and out is delightful and I’m doing what I can to concentrate on the cock before me.

The man in front of me can’t keep from cumming any longer and he pulls his cock from my mouth. Taking his member in hand he madly pumps his himself for a few seconds then cums. My mouth is agape, he shoots a batch of cum into my throat; the next of his thick cum spurts all over my face and into my hair and then as his stroking becomes more frenzied his cum spews everywhere haphazardly until finally he is drained.

Behind me the man is beginning to lose control himself as he again increases his speed until he is banging inside my hairless cunt with hard, quick strokes. Expectant shivers run up my spine as I realize I’m about to cum. I position myself so that my elbows are on the carpet and my ass is tipped upward, his cock now pumping fluently. Deeply, his thrusting becomes a grinding penetration and the base of his strong member and balls polish my clit bringing me to a level of pleasure that is pure ecstasy.

“Please Sir…” I plead to the man taking me. Having been brought to the brink of orgasm before and not allowed release I am certain I will not be able to maintain control this time. “I beg you…Please, let me cum Sir. Please…”

There is a brief moment of silence from the man, although there is no faltering of his thrusts, and I fear that again I will be refused.

“You may cum my slave.” My Master breathes lustily.

Now not only does my sexual arousal heighten but my heart races as well. “Oh Master.” I hiss out lovingly as I take comfort in knowing that my Master is here to satisfy me. I ride the plateau a few seconds more before allowing myself to break the barrier having held back for so long the orgasm tears through me like a raging tempest making my head swim in brief blackness. I manage to somehow keep from going under although the climax consumes my senses. I move easily beneath him held securely in his grip as he continues to fuck me like never before, our sweat drenched bodies delirious with sensation. My body convulses under his power and I hear my voice repeatedly calling out for my Master and god who are, at that moment and always, one and the same.

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