Author’s note: I considered breaking this story up into two separate chapters because of the length. But, I decided against it. It’s a bit of a marathon, so buckle yourself in and enjoy.


Amy’s alarm clock blared its annoying buzz at a quarter to six, waking her from a blissful post-coital sleep. She stretched her body over her brother and fumbled with the clock. After turning it off, she collapsed back into her pillow.

She and her brother were still nude from the incestuous fuck session they shared the night before. After a small bit of pillow talk, they drifted off to dream land in each other’s arms.

Amy stayed quiet for a few minutes, looking at her sleeping brother and thinking about the night’s events.

She wasn’t at all ashamed about what happened. She loved him dearly. There was nothing to regret. It was a decision that they both made and Luke even gave her the chance to back out before it happened. She smiled to herself as her fingertip trailed along his collarbone. She knew last night was just the beginning. They had a month together and would make the most of it, starting today.

Amy gently climbed up, straddled her brother, and lightly kissed all over his face as she whispered, “Wake up sleepy head. Wake up,” over and over until he stirred.

Luke blinked his tired eyes open and Amy sat up on his lap. He was greeted with her perfect naked form and her glorious breasts as he awoke.

“Hey, Squirt,” Luke greeted, with grogginess in his voice. He smiled as his cock began to stir already.

“Hey, you.” Amy grinned back. “Are you ready for another fun day?”

Her brother wrapped his arms around her and sat up, holding her close. Her generous bosom pressed against the top of his chest.

“You know I am. Are you really going to skip school today?”

His sister nodded with a smile painted on her lips. “Yes I am. Unless, you don’t want me to,” she teased him as she rocked lightly on his hardening shaft.

“What’s your plan to make it happen?” he asked as his mouth made its way to her tits, kissing and nibbling on her flesh.

Amy dropped her head back and whimpered at the sensations of his mouth on her before she spoke. Her fingers trailed through his soft short brown hair. “Well, I have to dress for school and leave at seven. I was thinking, maybe we tell Mom and Dad that you want to borrow my car today, so you will drop me off at school.”

“Sounds good to me,” Luke mumbled into her skin.

“They should both leave for work by eight. After that, we come back here and have our fun. Mom will get home around four, probably.” Amy moaned softly as his mouth found her sensitive nipple and he sucked it between his teeth.

Luke gripped her ass with one hand and squeezed it hard. He let go of her nipple to look up at her. “So, I get to fuck my baby sister for eight hours today. That sounds fantastic.” His member returned to full hard as she grinded on his lap.

Amy giggled. “Yes, I wonder how many times we will be able to cum. I bet it’ll be a record for the both of us.”

“We should keep tally marks on your body,” Luke said, and then bit her left nipple.

His sister sealed her lips and squealed as she writhed on his lap. She waited until he pulled back before speaking. “I love that idea. It will be like we are playing a game or something.” Amy gently tugged her brother’s head back by his hair, and then dropped a kiss on his lips. “I’m going to go hop in the shower. Are you going to go after me?”

“I wish I could go with you, but I guess that will have to wait,” Luke said, and then pecked her lips again.

“You’ll get that later.” Amy winked, and then slid out of his embrace.

Her feet touched the carpet and she bent over. Her mouth swallowed her brother’s erection completely. She mashed her pretty face down into his pelvis. Her slippery tongue pressed hard against his flesh. Amy sucked back up quickly, rocking her head side to side on the way.

“You’ll get that later too,” she giggled, and then scurried around the air mattress on the floor, making her way to the bathroom.

They mercifully ended their shenanigans before their parents awoke downstairs.

Luke shook his head. “You’re such a tease.”

“It’s only a tease if you didn’t get anything. You got plenty last night, and trust me, my dear brother, you’ll get way more than that,” she said and then closed the bathroom door.

Luke smiled as his head hit the pillows again. He heard Amy start the water for her shower. He was filled with excitement for the days and weeks that lay ahead.

Luke thought for a moment about getting breakfast. But, he couldn’t in such a state. He thought about spring training, and the fact that the Cubs were not likely to win the World Series for the near future. He was lying in Amy’s mostly dried, but still slightly damp staining juices.

Inside the bathroom, Amy shampooed and conditioned her long brown hair and she cleansed her body of the sex the night before. Amy scrubbed at the ink on her calf. It was where her brother had her admit that she wanted him to fuck her. It mostly came off, but there was still a trace of it left.

She wanted to be soft and smooth for him. She quickly shaved her legs, armpits, and her pussy bare. She finished her shower and wrapped herself in a pink bathrobe and her hair in a towel.

Amy opened the bathroom door and smiled at him. “It’s all yours in there.”

“Did you save me some hot water?” he teased her.

“Yes,” Amy replied, rolling her eyes. “I was only in there like fifteen minutes. Not my usual half an hour.”

Luke got up from her bed and collected the articles of clothes that were spread around the room. He tossed them in the hamper before meeting her in the bathroom.

Amy looked over at him as she brushed her teeth. She couldn’t stifle a giggle at the sight of his wobbling balls. Luke chuckled softly as her toothpaste frothed down her chin. He slid into the shower a moment later.

Amy rinsed out her mouth and then washed her face. She squatted down to get her blow dryer out the cabinet, and then plugged it in.

“Jeez, do you have anything that’s not girly in here?” Luke asked from behind the curtain.

“Hmm… well, I am a girl, so doesn’t that sort of explain itself?” Amy laughed as she towel dried her hair. “It’s not that bad, I don’t like flowery things, the soap smells like soap. You’re not an Axe man are you?”

“No, I’m an Old Spice guy,” Luke replied, soaping himself up.

“Well, you’re hard to please. We can stop by the store while we are waiting to come back home,” Amy chortled, and then began blow drying her hair.

“I just know what I like!” her brother protested loud enough for her to hear over the hair dryer.

“Can you even buy that stuff over there?” Amy asked and then flipped her head down, drying the underside of her hair.

“Yeah, but I just order it online. It’s easier that way.”

Amy laughed. “You’re needy.”

Luke pulled back the shower curtain, with his hair still full of shampoo. “Well, you’re a slut in bed.”

She straightened herself back up and looked into his blue eyes. She clicked off the dryer so he could hear her clearly. “I find that term endearing, so thank you, Luke. I am a slut in bed and you like me that way.” She grinned, nibbling her lip as she awaited his response.

“You got that right. I love you that way. I love how dirty you talk.” He smiled, and then closed the curtain and rinsed his hair.

Luke finished his shower as Amy dried her hair. Her brother toweled off and she parted her brunette mane for pigtail French braids.

Luke went back to her room and fished a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt out of his luggage. He was elated when he found his toothbrush. He went back to the bathroom, where his sister was still braiding her hair and playfully pushed her over before brushing his teeth.

“Some things never change, do they?” She sighed with her hands tied up in a braid.

Luke smiled through his whitening toothpaste.

Amy finished braiding, and then tied blue ribbons into the ends of her hair. They nearly perfectly matched the color of her eyes.

She left the bathroom and went to her closet. She pulled out all the necessary garments for her school uniform and laid them out on her bed.

Amy slipped into her silk, pink, high cut bikini panties and tied the sides in bows. The panties matched the ones she wore in one of the pictures her brother stumbled upon. She thought he would like the surprise. She quickly put her blue and green, plaid, knee length skirt on over it in case he came out of the bathroom before she was done getting ready.

Amy leaned forward, setting her large breasts into a matching pink, square cupped, silk bra. It had a pink ribbon weaved in along the cups. She tied a duplicate bow with ribbon between her tits that matched the ones on her hips. Her breasts were propped up even better than her tight young, gravity defying body held them.

Luke came out of the bathroom and Amy threw her white collared shirt on over herself before he could see. She turned back to him as she buttoned the top buttons.

“I didn’t tell you yesterday, but you make that uniform look amazing,” Luke said with a grin, stepping into a pair of gray boxer briefs.

“Really?” Amy smiled as she tied her blue and green striped tie. “It’s just what I have to wear every day. It doesn’t seem that special to me.”

“God yes. I want to fuck you while you wear it. I want to pull your skirt up and fuck you from behind,” Luke replied devilishly, and then put his jeans on.

His sister shivered. “I would very much love that.”

She pulled the dark blue sweater vest up over her head and smoothed it out on her stomach. Then, she found her rectangular framed glasses on the nightstand and slid them on her face.

Luke put his t-shirt on and watched as his sister sat on the bed and put her white knee highs on. Tassels dangled from the outside of her legs, just below her knees. He missed finding out what panties and bra she had on, but he liked the suspense of finding out soon enough. Amy slipped black Mary Janes onto her feet, and then made her bed.

Her brother’s eyes continued focusing on her as he rubbed through the scruff on his face. His mind was preoccupied but he made a mental note to buy razors at the store.

Amy finished making her bed, and then walked over to her brother. She dropped the last kiss on his lips that she would be able to give for the time being. She loved how his lips felt against hers. Her tongue gently glided over his lips and pushed into his mouth before she pulled away with a wicked smile, rejecting his lips that attempted to suckle her tongue.

“You’re a tease,” Luke groaned. He wanted to push her down on the bed and make love to her right now, or at least make out with her and feel her body underneath his hands.

“As I said, it’s not a tease if you get something later. Call it a cliffhanger.” Amy winked, and then headed out of her room.

Luke shook his head and sighed. He followed her downstairs.

Phil, his father, was sitting at the table reading the paper and drinking coffee. His mother, Kathryn, was busy starting the daily crossword and sinking her teeth into a toasted bagel.

He watched as Amy kissed her dad’s cheek as she said good morning with the lips that were wrapped around his erection the night before and just moments ago. Then, she did the same to her mother. It made his member twitch beneath his clothes. Luke also felt a twinge of frost in his stomach, finding it both erotic and too dirty for his own mind to comprehend.

His sister brushed by him at the entrance to the dining room and she smiled to herself. Then, she made a bowl of off-brand honey toasted oats at the counter.

Luke came up behind her as she poured the cereal. With their parents out of view in the dining room, he wrapped his arm around her stomach and grinded his crotch against her skirt covered ass. Amy bit her lip and rolled her hips back against him for several moments, feeling him grow again beneath his jeans. Her skirt gathered up around her bum as her brother dry humped her in the kitchen.

“In a little over an hour I’m going to fuck you right here,” Luke whispered in her ear.

His sister nuzzled her head against him as he lightly kissed her ear. She wanted so say something, she wanted to moan. It made her grow warm between her thighs doing this with their parents so close. Her brother’s soft kisses moved down to her neck and he licked beneath the collar of her shirt.

Luke backed away and left his sister breathing a little harder than normal.

She turned to him and they both shared a wicked grin before she spoke. “Do you want cereal?”

“Sure,” he replied casually. He reached down to adjust his package.

Amy watched him and she giggled before reaching in the cabinet for another bowl. They both brought their cereal to the dining room and sat down with their parents.

“What are your plans for the day, Luke?” his father asked.

Amy ate a spoonful of cereal as she squirmed in excitement. Hopefully, it wasn’t noticeable to anyone but her brother.

He finished chewing before answering. “I wanted to go around the city and maybe see if any of my old friends from high-school are around. Amy said I could borrow her car today.”

“Aren’t you just a doll to your big brother?” Kathryn asked with a smile.

“I do my best, Mom.” Amy replied and then took another spoonful.

“I’ll drop her off, go exploring, and then pick her up at school. You guys still get out at two-thirty, right?” Luke locked eyes with his sister across the table.

She nodded a response as the cereal crunched between her teeth.

Both Luke and Amy finished their breakfast. Luke took her bowl for her and rinsed it in the sink, and then put it in the dishwasher. Amy gathered up her book bag from the front room and put it over one shoulder.

She returned to the kitchen and squatted down to pet Penny. She kissed the yellow lab’s head, and then went to the dining room.

“I’ll see you later. I love you guys.” Amy said with a smile.

“Love you too, Amy,” her mother and father replied in unison.

Amy pulled her car keys from her backpack and handed them to Luke. They went out the front door and down the few stairs that led to the side walk. Luke tickled the palm of her hand as they made their way to her dark green Honda Accord that was parked on the street. The car was her mother’s, handed down to her when she was sixteen.

Luke clicked the remote and unlocked the doors for them. They slid in and both of them buckled their seatbelts.

Her brother looked over at her as he started up the car. “You should call Kristy, or text her. Tell her you’re ditching school to hang out with your brother all day, but to keep it a secret or something like that.”

“You’re right. Or else she might be wondering where I am. I always tell her if I’m sick,” Amy said and then pulled her phone from her bag. Her thumbs went to work typing a text message. “She will totally understand me skipping to be with you.”

Luke smiled as he drove down the familiar streets he grew up on. “You should tell her that you’re skipping to fuck me,” he chuckled.

Amy playfully punched his arm. “Oh yeah, that’ll go over great. Our cover will officially be blown.”

They shared an intense glance as she finished sending her text message. Kristy replied immediately.

“Damn she’s fast,” Luke said.

Amy chortled. “She said, ‘Awesome! Have fun! I’ll tell everyone you’re out sick. I’ll get you your homework. Give me a call later so we can meet up to get the prom flyers and tickets done.’”

“That’s if I can get you away from me long enough for you to meet up with her,” Luke said with a wink.

His hand found her knee and pushed her skirt up her thigh as he drove and she typed a quick reply to her best friend.

His sister opened her legs for him. “I think we may have to stop fucking some times while you’re here,” she giggled.

“I would be okay if we didn’t have to.” Luke grinned, letting his fingers trail up and down her inner thigh.

“Me too. Too bad Mom and Dad don’t have a vacation planned or anything.” Amy whimpered as her brother’s fingertips grazed over her silk panties before coming back down again.

“Well, we can’t win everything. You may have to skip school a few more times though.”

“I’ll see what I can do. I believe I can have three absences this semester and still be excused from finals.” Amy gently trailed her fingers along his forearm as he touched her.

Luke continued the same tease up and down her flesh, just barely touching her panties with each stroke before coming back down to her knee. “What am I going to do with you? My baby sister is volunteering to play hooky only to have her brother’s cock inside of her all day.”

Luke turned to her and grinned. He stopped at the light and kissed his sister’s soft lips. It was his chance to bait her. He pulled back just as his tongue entered into her mouth.

Amy bit her lip as he took off from the stop light. “You can bend me over your lap and spank me for being a naughty little girl,” she said softly in a very girly tone of voice.

Luke pushed the pads of his fingers into her slit through her thin silk panties, gathering her nectar on the fabric.

“Also, don’t forget about spring break. We should do something fun.”

“Now that sounds like a perfect plan.” Luke’s fingers traced up and down her pussy slit a few times beneath her panties, causing them to stain with her fluids. Then, his hand disappeared again.

Amy whimpered at his touch and her nipples swelled under her clothing. She wanted to just grab his hand and shove it in her panties, but she loved how he was teasing her and building her arousal.

“There is a pharmacy about two blocks away from the school. Do you want to stop in there?”

“Sounds good,” Luke replied.

The torturous tease continued until they arrived at the pharmacy. Amy decided to stay in the car and wait for him to return in case any of her classmates were inside.

Luke picked up shampoo, razors, shaving cream, Old Spice body wash, lube, and a special surprise for his sister from the same aisle.

He checked out and went back to the car. He put a bow on top of the gift and stuffed it back in the bag.

He dropped the bag in Amy’s lap and she noticed the razors immediately. “You’re going to shave? I love your scruff and I think you’d look so handsome with a beard. I love how it feels between my tits and against my thighs.”

“It’ll grow back, Squirt. But, maybe you’re right. I might let it grow out a bit. Also, keep looking in there, there’s a present for you,” he said with a wink.

Amy peeked in the bag again. “I see lube. I assume that’s for later. Good thing you got it because I don’t have any.”

“Keep looking,” Luke said as he left the parking lot.

Amy dug around, moving the shampoo bottle and body wash. She pulled out a vibrating cock ring inside a pink box with a green bow on top. “Oh, this looks like fun.”

Luke looked over and smiled. “What do you think?”

His sister read the box. “I’ve never used anything like this before. I’m guessing you put it on the base of your cock and it vibrates. Am I right?”

“You got it. It makes my cock keep the blood in it so I get really thick. Also, it will vibrate my cock inside of you, which feels good for the both of us. The little notch on there, you see in the picture, that’s where the vibrator is, and well, more pleasure for you.”

Amy shivered and rubbed her thighs together. “Oh my goodness! That sounds fucking fantastic!”

Luke and Amy shared a smile. They continued to drive around, back towards the house. They wasted time until a bit past eight o’clock.

It was Amy’s turn to tease him. Her hand rubbed along his thigh and scratched his balls through his jeans. She cupped his package, and then tickled down his leg.

Luke grew hard again as he drove. Her fingers curled around his cock against his thigh, gently stroking it. Then, she moved to his balls. Finally, back to his erection, taking her time switching back and forth.

“We need to call the school and tell them that I’m sick,” Amy said as she leaned over to his seat more and slipped her hand inside his jeans.

“Why? Do they really call your parents if you’re absent now?” he stammered as her fingertips glided over his shaft.

“Yeah they do. They also e-mail them.” Amy rolled her eyes. “You should call and be Dad.”

Luke raised a brow and looked over at her as he rolled to another stop. He shifted in his seat, giving her better access.

“Oh come on. I bet you did that shit all the time,” Amy chuckled, fondling his manhood.

“Well, actually no, it’s hard to be your own dad when you’re in high school. I did it for Leonard once though.”

“That’s doing it!” Amy protested. “Pull over in this neighborhood, just get it over with.”

Amy kept her hand in his pants as she found the number in her phone. Her fingers purposely fumbled around as Luke turned and parked on a side street.

“Alright, Luke you ready?”

“Yeah, okay,” Luke said, and then took the phone from her hand. “So, I shouldn’t say I’m spending a day inside you, should I?”

Amy’s cheeks flared bright pink and her hand squeezed his member before slipping away.

“Yes! Amy’s taking a fucking day,” she gasped. “She came down with a fever that only her brother can fix.”

Luke rolled his eyes and laughed. “You’re too cute.” He hit send on the call and let it ring against his ear.

Amy grinned as she sat up on her knees facing him from her seat. She looked over her shoulder for people walking by, and then took his hand and ran it over the curve of her breasts.

Luke looked into her eyes as his fingers squeezed her cleavage. He cleared his throat. “Hello. Yes this is Phillip Davenport. Amy Davenport is a senior, and this is her father.”

Amy pulled her sweater up a bit and pushed his hand beneath it. She bit her lip as her nipples swelled again. There was a short pause on the phone. Luke trailed his fingers along the outline of her bra through her blouse.

“Yes Ma’am. She’s going to be out today,” he continued, talking in a more baritone voice than usual. He pinched the cup of her bra and pulled her closer to him. He looked deep into his sisters lust filled eyes as he spoke to the health office secretary, “Amy has a stomach virus. She should be back on Monday.”

Amy rubbed her thighs together. She was scared to breathe for fear of moaning from the arousal bubbling over in her body. Her brother’s fingers snaked between the buttons of her shirt and tickled her cleavage.

“Thank you. What was your name again?” He cheerfully talked into the phone. “Yes, thank you Misses Carmichael. You have a great day too.”

Amy watched his thumb hang up the call and then pounced on him, kissing him fiercely. She let out her pent up moan into his mouth and her hand returned to his crotch. Then, she pulled away and settled back into her seat. She smiled and let out a gasp of air as she put her pigtails back in place on her shoulder.

Luke’s stiffened cock ached for her. “You naughty tease.”

“I have make you want me don’t I?” She giggled as he started the car back up.

“I already want you, Amy,” he said as he rejoined the main road back to the house. “I don’t think I’ll ever not want you after last night.”

They shared a grin and Amy’s hand returned to his thigh and traveled upward. Luke took time, taking detoured routes until they were near their neighborhood.

Finally, it was eight and Luke headed back to the house. When they arrived, both of their parents’ cars were gone.

They hurried to get out of the car and raced up to the door. Amy looked over next door, making sure the elderly neighbor, whose snow her family shovels, wasn’t looking out her window. She was nosy, but a sweet old lady. Amy always figured she had nothing better to do.

Luke opened the door and they almost fell inside, fighting to be the first one in. Amy won and giggled as he closed and locked the door.

Luke called out to just make sure no one was home. His voice echoed but Penny came running.

Amy kneeled down and gave her some doggie love, ruffling her ears and roughly petting her neck. “Don’t tell Mom and Dad about anything you see today.”

Penny gave her a big doggie grin in response as she got her fix of loving.

Amy popped back up and stepped in front of her brother. She lightly pinned him against the wall and kissed his ear. She spoke in a sultry whisper, “Where shall we start, big brother?”

Luke’s hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her body against him. “You pick this round,” he replied, turning his face to find her lips.

Amy smiled a bright smile and took his hand, leading him to her father’s recliner. It was burgundy leather, matching the rest of the living room set.

He took a seat and she climbed up onto his lap, spreading her knees over his thighs. Amy pressed her lips against him hard, starving to taste his sinful kiss again. Luke’s fingers sank into the flesh of her ass and hip, pulling her onto his body. He devoured her mouth, probing his tongue into her orifice, tasting it from every angle.

His sister’s hands slipped down his chest and under his shirt. It gathered at her wrist as her fingers felt the muscles in his body, slowly working up to his nipples. Luke shook his shirt off of his arms, dropping it behind the chair.

Amy leaned down on him as their tongues tangled together. The recliner rocked back almost horizontally. She jumped and squealed and Luke held her tighter. She giggled at herself for the reaction as the pads of her fingers circled his nipples.

“You’re still just a big scaredy cat aren’t you?” Luke asked between kisses.

Amy gasped and pulled back from him. “Hey! You’re still just a big bully aren’t you?” She pinched both of his hard nipples.

“I was never a bully, especially to you.” Luke’s hand pushed up her skirt. He took her panty clad butt cheek into his palm with a strong grip.

“Maybe not a bully,” Amy said as she lightly twisted his nipples. “But, you always teased me growing up.”

“Yeah, well that’s what big brothers do,” he winced louder than the pain really caused.

“Big brothers don’t fuck their baby sisters though,” she muttered as she slid down his lap. Her teeth latched onto his nipple. She bit down hard, but quickly let up the pressure and flicked his sensitive flesh with her tongue.

Luke groaned, “They would if they had a secret slut little sister like I do.” His cock ached to be released from its confinements, pressing hard against his pants.

Amy unlocked her teeth and dragged her wet tongue around his bumpy areola. “Secret slut. I like that term,” she mumbled onto his chest, and then suckled his other nipple between her lips.

He brother smacked her butt through her panties and she squealed.

“You’re my dirty little Squirt.” He spanked her with each word and she rocked against his lap. “Aren’t you, Amy?”

“Yes, I am,” she moaned. “Your baby sister is your toy.” Her tongue took a long lap over his chest, to his neck, and along his jaw.

“Yes, you are.” He squeezed her lush tush and pulled her lips to his by her pigtail.

Amy’s body slid back up and she hurried to unzip his jeans. She lifted up and pushed them down just enough to pull out his needy erection. Then, his sister settled back on his lap and wrapped her hand around his hot, hard flesh. Her lips never left his.

Her bother moaned into her agape mouth. He tugged at the soft fabric of her panties he still had yet to see. Amy’s hand was hidden between their bodies as she stroked him with slight pressure. He pushed and pulled her hips along his thighs. Amy’s fist gripped a shade harder as it came over his head and loosened as it came down.

“I’m going to make you cum so much in the next month. Your balls will never be full,” Amy mumbled between kisses. “How shall we start?”

Luke nuzzled his nose with hers as the kiss broke. “You pick.” He licked Amy’s pouty lips as his cock throbbed in her hand.

Amy rocked the recliner back upright, holding onto the armrests. She looked up at the ceiling for a moment, biting her lip, making it appear as if she was thinking. She already knew what she was going to do. She had been thinking about it all morning.

Luke’s hands loosened on her body as she slid down his thighs and over his knees. Her skirt fluttered down his legs until his sister sat up on her knees on the floor.

Amy kept a coy smile on her lips as she sat up and pulled Luke’s jeans and boxers down, humming a playful tune. He kicked his pants and shoes off and she pushed them to the side. His waiting erection hung in the air.

He watched with needy eyes as Amy pulled her sweater vest over her head. Her braids plopped back down onto her shoulders.

Amy pushed her glasses back on her nose after dropping her sweater behind her. “Do you want a naughty school girl to suck your cock?” she asked in a sweet girly tone.

Luke’s entire being trembled with anticipation. “Yes, yes I do,” he stuttered.

His sister giggled as she loosened her tie, letting it dangle off of her neck.

“Would you like to look at my pretty tits while I blow you?” Her voice stayed innocent as her fingers circled the buttons on her blouse.

Luke’s mouth went dry as he watched her show. His hands stayed on the armrest and his rigid cock throbbed. He licked his lips before speaking, “God yes.” His voice had become husky with lust.

Amy giggled into her shoulder, looking up at her brother’s face as she unbuttoned her shirt. His eyes took in a full view of her round globes of flesh, packaged perfectly by pink silk.

His sister stopped unbuttoning, with just a few left at the bottom of her shirt. She pulled the fabric back, framing her chest and the luxurious bow that hung from her cleavage.

“You really like my breasts don’t you, Luke?” Amy said as she leaned in towards his erection. She left butterfly kisses up his shaft.

“I love them Amy. I told you last night, I wasn’t lying. They are the most perfect set ever,” he moaned the last words as his sister’s tongue began slithering up his tool.

Amy’s left hand danced up his legs and she hooked her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock like their new play toy would do. She looked up at her brother with her tongue on his member as she applied more pressure.

“Thank you, big brother. I love your cock,” she mumbled as she kissed and tongued his hard flesh.

She squeezed just a bit harder around his base. His veins grew thicker under her care. Her brothers breathing sped up as he watched her tongue twirl around his cockhead. He could feel her hot mouth radiating onto his flesh as she opened wide, but not closing around his knob.

Amy looked up at him as she arched down further between his thighs. Speaking as she moved. “I also love your balls. I hope you like having them sucked,” Amy muttered as her lips met his sac, and then she pulled away to spit into her hand.

Luke grunted “Please, you naughty little school girl. Suck my cum filled balls.”

Amy’s saliva slicken palm clasped around his erection and slid along his length. “It’s all cum for me in here, isn’t it Luke?” she lapped at his sac between sweet filthy words.

Luke clenched his fingers against the leather as Amy sucked one of his balls into her mouth and she moaned against him. Her eyelashes batted up at him as she sent vibrations into his body. Her tongue circled in her mouth.

“All for my little sister,” he groaned proudly into the room.

Amy pulled her mouth off, and then latched it to the other. She suckled his orb, getting it slimy with her spit before speaking again. “I’m all yours. Your naughty school girl, little sister, and personal toy.”

Amy quickly moved up and clamped her lips around his angry blood filled head. Her tongue glided effortlessly against his flesh at first, but quickly showed her hunger.

“Fuck,” her brother groaned, taking in the sight of her propped up tits and mouth around the top of his cock. “My sexy toy. My little doll.”

Amy moaned a mumbled response onto his member as her center was flooded with heat. Her mother had called her a doll just over an hour prior. Her brother’s erection tickled the opening to her throat, before she twisted her head up and off.

She spit lewdly onto his shaft. Speaking quickly, she said, “Your fuck doll,” and then dove back down on him.

Luke let out a roar as his sister’s mouth engulfed him. She choked herself on his engorged shaft; rocking her neck and making herself gag. Her throat’s controlled convulsions gripped his organ.

Luke finally let out another breath. She reared back up. She gagged and coughed up more spittle from the back of her throat. She spit it onto his rod and it dangled from her lip, pooling on to her cleavage.

“Fuck,” he gasped. “Jesus.”

His sister giggled and angled his cock down by the ring of her fingers. She leaned in again, looking up at his eyes through her spectacles as she took her time. Amy gently gulped down his cock, luring it into her throat with her tongue. Inch by inch disappeared behind her pink lips as she gorged herself again. She let go of the base of his cock and pressed her nose into his pelvis.

Her brother’s thighs tensed up and she groaned onto his flesh. She loved giving fellatio. It was her addiction to practice techniques on her ex-boyfriend.

Luke’s mouth dropped open as she rocked herself onto his prick, arched down on her knees. He fucked her body through her loving mouth.

Amy pulled away again to give her throat a short rest. Spitting up and grinning to him. Not speaking, just watching his face as his spit lubed member slid in her squeezing fist. Amy watched his chest as he breathed irregularly.

He trembled under her care as she swallowed again. She kept her mouth wide open and the filthy wet sounds of her brother’s cock digging into her throat filled the air. He melted into the chair and became putty in his sister’s hands as she provided him with the best point of view porn star blow job he had ever seen, and it was right before his eyes. His fingers clawed at the leather armrests.

With his dick completely buried in her mouth and her nose pressed against his pelvis, Amy forced her tongue from her mouth and licked his sac. Luke let out a roar as she pushed his balls closer to her tongue. Her wet muscle rubbed against it as she grinded his member into her throat.

“How, how the fuck,” Luke gasped. “How the fuck do you do that?”

She raised her eyebrows several times and smiled with his length hidden in her mouth. She pulled her mouth back to the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around it. Then, gulped his entire shaft down her throat again, cramming it down as far as it could possibly go.

Amy spit, and then dropped down again. She put her hands on the armrests and rocked it, digging his cock into her hungry throat. Drool spilled from her lips and trailed to the floor.

“Fuck,” Luke groaned. “Amy, fuck.” He couldn’t make proper sentences as his member was devoured.

Amy pulled back and smiled as she spit. “I want my brother’s seed,” she whimpered, jerking him hard and fast.

Luke’s body was overwhelmed with sensations, which had driven through him like a tornado since she had begun her talent show.

All he could mutter was, “Uh huh,” as her hand found his balls again.

She tugged his balls lightly, and then massaged his flesh as her hand came back in. Amy dove back down his pole, her lips smearing her dripping saliva on the way. She greedily suctioned his throbbing organ.

Luke growled in his chest as rapidly approaching orgasmic release filled his being. His sister smashed her face into his pelvis and she sucked the life from him.

He growled and Amy pulled back, milking his seed with her fist and her suckling mouth, begging for it.

“God. Fuck,” Luke grunted as his seed shot into his sisters awaiting mouth. “Fuck Amy.”

She had a little taste, but ripped her mouth off. She dropped down and massaged out his thick ropes, painting her glasses and face. She kept her eyes open and white cream splattered onto her lenses. Her palm soothed all of his strong orgasm from his genitals. She rubbed her cum stained face against his shaft, smearing his hot spunk on her cheeks as his climax subsided. Some of his pearly seed dribbled down to her cleavage.

She pulled her glasses off and her face lit up from seeing the cum ribbons splattered over the lenses. She looked up at her brother as she began cleaning them with her tongue.

His body was still warm but his breathing had slowed. “You really love cum don’t you?” He admired his ropes of cum on her face and pooling a little in her dimples.

Amy giggled, “Very much so.” Her tongue lapped across the plastic. “Your cum is so yummy. I can’t get enough,” she said and then cleaned her face with her fingers.

“You’re one of a kind, Amy,” Luke said, watching her truly enjoy his seed.

Amy blushed and bit her lip as she nuzzled her cheek into her shoulder. “I hope you know how soiled my panties are, big brother,” she said with a wink.

Luke softening shaft twitched again at her words. His sister had the little girl and school girl acts down.

“We should check and see, shouldn’t we?” Amy asked slyly as she scooted back on her knees.

Luke nodded, taking eyefuls of his sister in her pigtails, cleavage on display framed by her shirt, and the striped tie hanging over her tits.

“Fuck, Amy you look so divinely hot,” he mumbled.

Still holding her gasses in one hand, she lifted her plaid skirt and looked down at her juices that had leaked into the pink silk. She held up her skirt and used her glasses to push the fabric into her pussy lips, soaking up more of her fluids.

Her brother noticed the bows on her hips. “I like those panties.” Remembering his love of his sister erotically posed for a photo wearing them.

“I thought you would,” she said giddily, and then dropped her skirt as she hopped up onto her feet. “We should continue our grand tour of the house,” she said with a happy grin, holding out her hand for her brother.

He took her hand. The gates to the taboo, depraved relationship with his sister had already been passed through. But now, it was certain they were just at the beginning of the long, winding road they were to share.

Amy led her brother through their family home, to the kitchen at the end of the hall. She put her cum stained glasses back on but they were too smeared. She set them on the counter an arm’s length away.

Amy lifted her bum up on the chilly granite counter tops with a gentle lift from her brother and spread her legs for him. Her uniform knee highs sill donned her legs. Her foot landed against the center dam of the sink as she opened herself for him. Luke devoured her lips as his hands raided her available body. Amy rested her hands on the counter, letting him have her.

Her forearm pushed against the coffeemaker across the counter. She quickly reached over and grabbed it before the cooled coffee pot fell out. They both laughed as she set it upright and out of the way. While she was thinking about items being in the way, she reached behind her and closed the blinds over the sink.

“Don’t want Misses Nowak getting a peek,” she giggled as her brother kissed her neck.

“Is she still always spying on the neighborhood?” Luke mumbled into her chest, leaving hungry kisses on the trail to her mounds of tit flesh.

“Yeah, but she’s a nice lady. If it’s the worst thing a crazy neighbor does, it doesn’t bother me,” she said as she lifted her school skirt, bunching it high on her hips. Then, she rested her hands back on the counter, surrendering to him.

Her brother finished unbuttoning her top as his tongue traced the valley of her cleavage. He pulled her blouse open and Luke’s fingers went to her back for the clasp of her bra.

Amy chuckled as he fumbled for a moment. “It’s on the front, silly pants”

Luke lifted his face from her decadent bosom. “I would have figured that out on my own.”

His fingers flew around and tugged the bow. The clasp lay underneath pressed against her flesh. He snapped it undone and her breasts were released from their confinements.

Amy gasped as her tits bounced out. Her brother’s lips found her nipple almost immediately as he pushed her bra straps down her shoulders to her elbows, where her shirt had gathered.

Amy watched with parted lips as he kissed her pebble like nipple, and then dragged his tongue to the other. His fingers tips gently brushed up and down her sticky panty covered sex. The bumps of Amy’s areola rose up as her nipples displayed her arousal. Her stomach trembled when the pads of his fingers flicked her silk covered clit.

Luke trailed his finger along her hairless folds as he tasted her flesh. He kissed along the bottom of her breasts and her hot juices soaked into her panties.

“Luke, you make me feel so good,” Amy whimpered.

He grinned up to her as he kissed down her tummy, and then French kissed her belly button.

Amy’s body was flooded with heat by the time he slipped his fingers beneath the crotch of her panties. His fingertips dipped into the creek inside her slit. He dragged two fingers vertically from her hole up to her excited clitoris. Amy trembled, whimpering as her brother teased and pleased her sloppy, wet genitals.

Luke kissed and nibbled his way to her left hip and tugged the waist of her skirt down to lick her hipbone. She squirmed as he tickled her with his tongue.

He probed just his fingertips into his sister’s cunt. His free hand flattened her skirt, smoothing it out so they could clearly see each other with Amy’s head resting against the cabinet.

“Tell me something, Squirt,” Luke mumbled as his kisses met her inner thigh.

“What?” she asked in a ragged breath.

Her brother’s tongue lapped up the crease of her thigh and hip, and then he looked up into her eyes. His fingers pressed into her inner flesh. Her mouth dropped open as her tight walls opened on his fingers.

“Tell me one of your dirtiest fantasies, and then I will remove your panties.” He withdrew his fingers, leaving her desperate tunnel.

Amy gasped in a pout from his withdrawal. Luke placed the damp crotch of her panties back over her mound before taking a generous lick between her thighs.

His sister shuddered, rocking her head against the cabinet and her fingers clenched on the counter. “I want to be watched,” she moaned, and then looked down at her brother.

“Go on,” he said into her hidden pussy. His mouth found her engorged nub.

“Like in a hotel or something,” Amy stuttered, gathering up the strength to be able to talk as her genitals received what they craved, “with someone watching from across the way.”

He flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue, greedily lapping at her as she spoke.

“I’m being fucked against a window and there’s a man who catches the sight. He watches as I’m used and pleased.”

Luke licked down to her cunt and kissed it hard through her panties. His tongue smeared against the silk and he sucked her arousal from the fabric, teasing himself as he was her.

“He gets turned on by what he’s seeing. I stare at his crotch, hoping to watch his arousal rise beneath his pants,” Amy moaned her words.

Her brother hooked his fingers into the edge of her panties and tugged them to the side, exposing her swollen lips in the bright sunlit room.

“I want to see him stroke his thick, throbbing shaft. For me,” she said between heavy breaths.

She watched Luke’s lips brushing against her slit and felt his breath on her.

“I want him to stand up in the nude for me, pleasuring himself in the open,” she groaned. Her brother’s tongue snaked into her folds. “I want him to watch me like it’s a movie just for him. I want to look in his eyes as I moan and his cock pulsates on the other side.”

“You’re a dirty little thing, Amy,” he said, and then collected more of her honey on her tongue.

“I know,” Amy whimpered. “I want to be the object of a stranger’s lust.”

His hands were hooked over her thighs from underneath and Luke spread her lips open with his fingers. Her womanhood blossomed before him.

“I want to see him cum for me. It would be hot if it splattered on the window.” Amy kept her eyes down as her brother licked the soft flesh of her inner folds.

He worked his way across in long hungry laps. His baby sister tasted like the sweetest of forbidden fruits. He fed himself on her, smearing his tongue into every crevice. He moaned into her, approving of her fantasy as his tongue prodded its way into her cunt.

“I want to know how much he enjoyed seeing me. Goodness, I want that so much,” she mumbled as her muscles trembled. “Then the next night, he’s there again. He’s waiting for me. And I give him a full show this time.”

Luke’s tongue pulled her nectar from her tunnel. He drank everything that didn’t smear around his mouth. His sister leaked for him.

“I strip for him and… you know same as the night before. But, knowing he’s watching me the entire time.” Her toes curled inside her shoes.

Luke darted his tongue into her several times, and then flattened out, licking up to her clitoris.

“Fuck, that feels so amazing,” Amy gasped as his wet muscle centered on her nerve filled mound.

He wiggled his tongue back and forth, making her legs tic. Then, he sucked her clit between his lips.

“Oh my goodness, Luke,” she moaned loudly. “You take such good care of your baby sister.” She clenched her fists and kept them flat on the surface of the counter.

Luke’s eyes were up as he pushed two fingers into her needy hole. He admired her flushed cheeks, fluttering eyelids, and trembling lips. He massaged her deep inside, smearing his digits into her walls. Amy’s nipples contracted on her chest as he found her spongy spot. Crimson sex flush had risen up across her chest.

“God Luke, you’re going to make me cum so hard. Fuck,” she almost screamed.

Luke fucked her with his fingers curled up inside of her body and her legs quaked as she panted.

“Oh my god, Luke. Goodness,” she reeled up, nearing climax, gasping for breath.

Her brother worked her insides with his fingers and her cunt drooled on his hand. He furiously sucked her erect clitoris, urging the orgasm from her.

“You baby sister is going to cum!” She wailed. “Fuck! Fuck!”

Amy’s eyes glazed over and her walls contracted hard on his fingers. He yanked them out and Amy’s legs tensed just before quaking violently. She went silent as her squirting orgasm flooded out of her body. It soaked him and drenched the floor.

Her eyes remained closed, her body reveling in the bliss her brother gave her. The kitchen reeked of her arousal. A small pond of her fluids was on the tile floor. Luke watched as he licked his lips, tasting the splash that hit his mouth. Amy’s breathing calmed as her entire body tingled.

“Was that good, Squirt?” Luke teased her.

“The best ever,” she mumbled, still bathing in her orgasmic afterglow.

Luke stood up, his cock had returned to hard but he hadn’t really noticed because he was so focused on her.

Luke reached over and found a felt tip pen and popped the cap open. On her right breast he wrote, “Amy” and did the same on her left, writing, “Luke.” He drew a line beneath.

She opened her eyes and looked down and smiled wide.

Her brother put a single tally mark beneath each name, marking their orgasms with a smirk on his face. Their game board was just above her nipples.

“Ready to go for another?” Luke asked.

“Absolutely!” Amy squealed.

Luke hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her off the counter. He pushed her against the edge where he was grinding against her before breakfast.

Amy lifted one leg up, resting her foot on the countertop. She spread herself open for her brother and presented her ass.

Luke stroked himself a few times as she positioned herself for him.

He reached up and tucked her skirt into the waistband, and then gave the silk bow on her right hip a tug. Her soaked panties fell open and slid down her left leg.

Amy looked over her shoulder at his face. Her shirt and bra gathered around her elbows constricting her arms slightly. Luke grabbed onto the makeshift rope against her back and he thrusted his thick spear into her slippery cunt.

She was extremely tight and he forced himself inside, piercing her with his steel shaft. Amy’s eyes closed as she let out a howl of pleasure. Her body mashed against the counter as he filled her completely.

“It feels so good being inside you again,” Luke groaned, pulling back and thrusting again hard and digging himself inside of her.

Amy moaned deeply and freely as he spread her walls around his rigid erection. Her heat hugged him as he crammed as much as he could into her hole.

He continued his heavy thrusts, making her stutter her words as she moaned, “Do you like how I feel around you?”

“Fuck yes. Your holes are home for my cock,” her brother moaned back, looking at his sister’s face contorting as she took his pounding.

“I like that,” Amy squeaked.

Luke gripped tighter onto her shirt, causing her hands to clasp together behind her. He held her as he sunk into her. His hard rams had worked her open for him. Amy’s tight walls gripped his organ as he pumped.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her off of the countertop. He kicked her legs together and bent her over. Luke’s hand found her super sensitive clit. She squirmed and writhed as he flicked her swollen nub fast, back and forth, underneath the hills of his closed fingers.

Her fluids soaked into his pubic hair and her legs wanted to give out. Luke held her up as she quickly met another orgasm nearing her. He held her up by her shirt while she grinded herself roughly onto his cock.

“Luke, you have to stop,” she pleaded.

He rocked his hips against her as she quivered. Her tunnel pulsed around his shaft. He yanked her body back against his chest. “Nope,” he grunted into her

Waves of pleasure trembled through her body as she rode another climax. She didn’t squirt, but Luke’s shaft flooded was with fresh hot nectar.

“That makes two,” he snarled.

He cupped his hand on her pussy as she whimpered, still fucking her tenderly, but roughly deep.

“Let’s go for three, whaddaya say, Squirt?”

Amy nodded and muttered, “Yes,” between heaving breaths.

His fingers on her clit resumed their dance. His other hand found her tits. He rubbed his flat palm back and forth, from nipple to nipple.

Amy’s head dropped back on his shoulder as she rode his cock. She took what she needed from his erection as his hands pleasured her buttons. He pinched and massaged her nipples, and toyed with her clitoris.

His sister kept her hands clasped behind her, offering her body to him completely. She was his toy, and gave him free reign to pleasure them both.

Amy shuddered again as he brought her up another quick peak.

He groaned into her ear, “Your cunt feels so fucking good when you cum.”

“Oh god,” she screamed, her voice echoing through the house, “Luke. Fucking hell. Oh my goodness.” Her unrestricted lioness roared in screams of ecstasy.

Her walls throbbed on his organ, squeezing tight as she shuddered. Luke had to pull out as she rode another wave. The sensations were too much for him. Her silken juices ran down her thighs as she quaked in his grip.

He held her and kissed her lips and cheeks softly. Amy’s eyelids fluttered as she melted into her brother.

He pushed her back against the counter, letting her recover as he caressed her flesh. He kissed her sweaty neck and shoulders. He dragged his tongue, enjoying her salty flavor.

“How are you holding up?” He whispered. He massaged his shaft with her slick, open womanhood.

“I’m very, very good,” Amy replied in a deep tone, a smile painting her lips.

“You ready for me to take your anal virginity, Squirt?” His lips and tongue dragged across her ear.

“Yes, extremely ready.” Amy nuzzled her hot cheek against his.

Luke turned his face and caught her lips. Their tongues snaked together as he kept his sister in his arms, bringing her back from the counter, and then turning her towards him.

The kiss broke and Amy smiled sweetly up to him. “I need to clean my mess,” she giggled.

Luke noticed the drying pool of her squirting cum on the tile and spanked her ass. “You’re my dirty little sister.”

Amy squeaked as she jumped in reaction. “You made me do it!”

Luke grinned and disappeared to the front room. He swiped the lube from the grocery bag.

Amy pulled her arms out of her shirt and bunched it in her arms. She got out two dish towels and squatted down, cleaning her stain from the floor.

Luke returned as she was rinsing her glasses in the sink. He smiled watching her clean up, covering up their tracks. She set her spectacles on a paper towel to dry.

She grabbed Luke’s hand and skipped to their parents’ bedroom. It wasn’t extremely large, but had a king sized bed and enough walking room between the dressers.

Amy hopped up onto the crisp white comforter on the bed. She beamed up to her brother, “How do you want me?”

He licked his lips, and responded after a moment’s thought. “On your hands and knees, in the middle.”

She pulled the comforter back. Then, his sister obediently crawled to the center of the mattress and settled on her hands and knees. Luke climbed up, and then moved over to her on his knees at her side.

He opened the lube and squeezed some onto his fingers looking down at her trusting face. He left the cap open and set it on her arched spine.

“Would this help?” Amy asked, and then dropped her shoulders to the bed. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks open.

Luke grinned and nodded. “Very much. You’re a smart cookie.”

“I know,” Amy said proudly, wiggling her spread bum in the air.

Luke looked down at her tight rosebud as his fingers smeared lube around it.

Amy squirmed. “It’s cold!” she squeaked.

“Relax kiddo. It’s going to be cold.” The pads of his fingers circled her winking hole. “Have you ever been touched back here?”

“No,” she replied in a gasp as one of his fingers poked into her tight rim. “It feels so naughty.”

“It’s going to get naughtier,” he said, gently pressing his finger in up to the first knuckle. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

“I know you will,” she moaned, focusing on the probing digit.

Luke worked his finger into her virgin anus, smearing lube onto her walls. He carefully pushed a second finger in. Amy let out a deep moan as she was stretched even more.

“Goodness, it feels so tight,” Amy muttered. Her toes curled in her shoes. “How can your cock fit in?”

“You’ll open up. It’ll slip right in when I get you lubed up.”

He withdrew his digits and squeezed another glob onto his fingertips. He then dropped it on her bud. Amy shuddered as he massaged the lubricant into her anus. His fingers slid inside and pressed into different angles on her hole, and then came back up, gathering more lube then back in.

Amy bit her lip as he tugged just slightly on her rim, taking his time to stretch her.

“You doing okay?” he asked when he noticed she had gone quiet.

“Mmhmm,” she mumbled. “I’m just enjoying it.”

Luke pulled his fingers completely out. He squeezed some lube onto his cock and stroked himself. Amy’s skirt was still folded into the waistband as he moved behind her.

“You ready for your brother’s cock in your ass?”

“Very, very much,” she whimpered. “I want it, pretty please.” Amy begged, and her hands pulled her cheeks apart even farther.

He rested his bulbous head against her entrance. Amy’s eyes were sealed shut and popped back open as she felt his flesh enter her and spread apart her ring.

“Oh, wow,” she gasped.

Her hot, soft, virginal walls engulfed him as he sank inside. Her anus drew him in and spread for him like a tight glove as he gently filled her. He didn’t stop until his length was completely sucked inside, surrounded by her tightness.

“How’s that?” He asked in a soft moan.

“It feels so dirty,” she groaned as she rocked back on him. “It hurts a little but it’s not awful.”

“I’m glad,” he said and, then pulled back. He didn’t pop out. Then, slowly slid back in, reveling in the sensations of her anal walls swallowing him.

Amy pushed her body up to meet his soft thrusts. Moans escaped her lips with every fill. Her lips and eyes crinkled as he picked up the pace a taste. His hands held her hips and pulled her ass onto his dick.

“You’re fucking my dirty hole, Luke,” Amy groaned. Her fingers dug into her fleshy cheeks.

“I am. I’m fucking my baby sister’s tight little asshole, and she likes it.”

“I do!” Amy squealed. “I love it. I’m your filthy little toy.”

Luke fucked her gently, slowly probing her ass with his erection, taking time for her to get used to the sensations. Amy groaned deeply as he filled her completely. Her walls squeezed his member as she shuddered. Her body trembled beneath him and her toes curled tight. She took deep breaths reminding herself to relax as the intensity grew.

“Are you still doing okay, Amy?” he asked with a heavy grunt.

“Yes,” she gasped. “Go harder, please.”

He picked up his pace until he was ramming his pelvis against her ass. They traded animalistic groans back and forth as he dug his organ into her bottom. He stretched her open with his tool and Amy’s body had relaxed.

Luke reached under her body and masturbated her as he drilled her ass. His fingers traded between pinching and rubbing her nerve filled nub.

Amy whimpered and cried out in pleasure as her brother’s hand working clit and his cock in her ass got her off. Her fluids leaked out of her, seeping down on her inner thighs. Her sphincter grasped onto Luke’s organ as she trembled.

Filthy words flew out of Amy’s mouth after she came down from the high.

“Rape my ass, Luke. Fucking give it to your filthy little sister,” she screamed.

“My sister is a nasty whore,” he grunted, pumping his cock into the depths of her snug anus.

“I’m your filthy whore. Your anal slut!” she wailed.

Luke smacked her ass as he drilled her bent body into their parents’ bed.

“You have all my holes. They are all yours to use.”

Both of their bodies were layered with sweat. Luke slowed down only to control himself, and then picked right back up, using her fleshy hole.

“Keep talking like that,” he urged her.

“My brother likes fucking my ass. It feels so nasty,” she panted. “I love you inside me. I love your cock in my ass.”

Luke grunted at her words as their bodies slammed together.

“You’re going to fuck me stupid aren’t you? You’re going to turn your nerdy sister into your bimbo fuckslut.”

“You are my fuckdoll,” he growled.

“I am. And your naughty school girl loves you shoving your cock into her ass,” she screamed, clinching her fingers into her cheeks. “Letting you ravage her body for your pleasure.”

Luke felt his orgasm building, but didn’t stop. He gave her everything he had, panting as his cock throbbed in his sister’s tight asshole.

“Cum in my ass,” Amy begged. “I’m your personal semen receptacle. Empty in me,” she hissed. “Empty your hot cum into your baby sisters’ dirty hole.”

Luke’s ears were on fire, hearing the words coming from her lips. No woman he had been with ever had a mouth that filthy.

“Give it to me,” she pleaded. “Soak my asshole with your seed. Coat it. Fill it up.”

Her brother grabbed her hips as a torrential orgasm took him over. His cock throbbed hard, spitting ribbons of seed into the depths of his sister’s ass.

Amy gasped feeling him shoot, “Oh thank you, that is what I needed.”

Luke was in a fog as his hips continued to buck, pumping every last bit of his load into her anus.

He finally pulled out and collapsed down on the bed. “Holy fuck,” he muttered in an exhale.

Amy uncurled her legs and fell onto the mattress on her stomach. She didn’t want any of his cream to ooze onto the comforter.

“Where did you get that mouth?” Luke asked, looking over at her and pushing sticky wisps of hair off of her face.

Amy giggled and shied into her folded arms, only letting him see her eyes. “It just came out.”

“It just came out?” Luke laughed.

Amy giggled again before lifting her head. “Well, I’ve talked dirty before. I like doing it. But just now, it’s never been like that.”

They smiled at each other as she rested her chin on her arm.

“I was on some dirty talk over load with you in my ass,” she muttered, and then bit her lip.

“Feel free to go into overload any time,” he said, and then opened his nook for her.

Amy scooted over and settled into his embrace face down. They rested for several minutes, on the verge of a nap but still conscious.

Amy kissed along his shoulder as she whispered, “Are you hungry? I could use some sex fuel.”

Luke held her face and kissed her. “You are amazing,” he mumbled against her supple lips.

They slid out of bed together and Amy looked back checking for stains and grabbing the tube of lubricant. Luke helped her pull the sheets off of the bed. She made a mental note to febreeze the comforter later.

Her brother took the dirty sheets to the washer. Then, Luke put on his boxers in the front room and his shirt too.

Amy grabbed the towels, her glasses, and clothing from the kitchen. Then, she hurried upstairs. Her brothers sticky cum leaked from her as she ran around the house.

Amy cleaned her glasses properly in her bathroom with lens cleaner. She slipped them on her face and looked at her freshly fucked form in the mirror. She looked and felt sticky, dirty, and fulfilled. She smiled to herself, seeing both of their handprints and on her butt and her messy braided pigtails.

She took off the remainder of her uniform in the bathroom. Then, she admired herself with one last glace before going back into her room.

Amy put on a fresh pair of panties. They were white, silk bikinis with baby blue polka dots and a blue bow below her belly button. Her brother’s seed soaked into the fabric as it met her flesh. She slipped a short, white silk robe over herself.

Luke had finished making them each a Turkey sandwich, complete with alfalfa sprouts, onions, and mayonnaise on wheat bread, by the time she returned. He handed her hers on a paper plate.

“Thank you,” she smiled, and then hopped back up on the counter where she was earlier. “You always make the best sandwiches.”

Luke leaned against the counter next to her as they ate. Amy kicked her heels against the cabinets.

“You make the best a lot of things,” he said, and then took a bite.

“The best, huh? I like being the best at things.” Amy smiled eagerly.

“I know you do, you little brown-noser,” Luke teased.

“Hey! Just because Misses Davis had you in fifth grade and you drove her mad, and then I came along and she adored me, doesn’t make me a brown-noser,” Amy protested as they ate.

“Oh, well, how about when you stayed inside during recess to fix the classroom library books in elementary school?”

“You’re such a meanie!” Amy pouted. “You were just jealous because my teachers always liked me and I was the favorite student.” She giggled a little, trying to keep up her act of being a snotty little girl.

“Yeah exactly, you did shit like that for them. Of course you’re going to be the favorite.” Luke chuckled, shaking his head, and then taking a mouthful of sandwich goodness.

“Whatever.” Amy rolled her eyes. “You were a bad kid, what else is there to say?”

“I wasn’t a bad kid. I was just a prankster, there are far worse things.”

Amy finished chewing, holding up her finger to reserve her turn in the conversation. She swallowed before speaking. “Fair enough. But, I guess it’s even now. I’m a bad little girl and you adore me for it.”

“Damn right I do.”

Amy grinned, and then they finished their lunch. She hopped down from the counter onto her bare feet. Amy threw away their plates and Luke got two pops from the fridge.

Amy picked up the pen from the counter and held it out to her brother. “Mark me before we lose count,” she grinned devilishly.

Luke rubbed his lips together and took a look at her before setting the sodas on the counter. He pushed the silk over her breasts out of the way. He took the pen and made three slashes under “Amy” and one under “Luke.”

“You’re going to win, women are so damn lucky,” Luke said.

“Why? Because we can just keep on going?” She asked as she watched the tally marks grow on the game board on her tits. “Also, it’s not a matter of wining. Just getting as many as we each can.”

“Yes, however,” he bent down to kiss her chest with a tender peck before closing her robe back up, “you’re the Energizer Bunny, Amy. You just keep going and going. I have to stop myself cause I don’t want to stop fucking you.”

“Hmm,” she tapped on his cheek gently. “So, if it were a true game, you would say that you need a handicapped score. I could figure out the curve on your exam.”

Luke couldn’t help but laugh at her, “You are such a dork.”

“And you love it. You love fucking a smart girl,” she quickly retorted.

“I do. You’re such an eager learner,” he whispered onto her finger as she traced his lips.

“Teach me Luke, I want to learn everything.”

“I will. You want to be the best at sex too don’t you?” Luke slipped the pen in the pocket of her robe.

Amy nodded fast and her braided pigtails bounced on her shoulders and their blue bows danced. She noticed Penny by the back door and scurried over to let her out.

“Don’t tell your doggie friends about this either,” she said to her as she ran out and onto the porch. She left the door open so she could come back in and to air the sex stench out a bit.

Luke came up behind her and swooped her up in his arms. He carried her over his shoulder. Amy squealed giddily and she grabbed the pop cans off of the counter as she passed them. Luke swatted at her silk covered bum as he carried her back to the lounge and she playfully kicked her feet in the air.

He set her down on the sofa, and then sat next to her. They snuggled up together; Amy’s legs over his lap and her body nestled against him. They kissed softly as they rested their bodies. They melted into each other’s lips, grazing their hands over the other’s form.

“Your cum is all sticky and gooey in my panties,” Amy mumbled against her brothers lips.

Her words sent a tic through his body and a thump of life in his softened cock. “Fuck, Amy, you have such a filthy mouth.” His arm was around her back, holding her to him and he squeezed her hip.

“You’re the one who keeps kissing it,” muttered between kisses.

Amy lifted herself for him as her brother’s hand reached her mound. His fingers ran over the sticky and drying mess on the other side between her flesh and the panties. He smeared it into her with his fingers.

Amy’s eyes went wide and she pulled back, looking up at Luke. “I like being messy.”

He pushed his fingers against her asshole, wiping away his seed with her panties. “I know you do, dirty little Squirt.”

He took his hand away quickly, and then hopped off the sofa and went back to the grocery bag. He pulled out Amy’s present and handed it to her as he plopped back on the sofa. Penny had wandered back in took her favorite spot in front of the couch. Amy stopped petting her as Luke gave her the little box.

“Is it time to play with this?” she beamed, pulling out the plastic encased pink cockring.

“Maybe,” Luke said, and then kissed her cheek. He pulled her back over his lap where she was before. “At least open it up and make sure it works.”

Amy tore the plastic off and looked it over. She rapidly found the small button and the rubber vibrated with life. She held it against the pads of her fingers. Its buzz wasn’t terribly strong, but more than enough to be satisfying.

“It works,” she said with a grin. Her robe had fallen open over her left breast.

Luke took it from her and circled her available nipple with the little bullet vibrator connected to the cockring. He circled her nipple ever so slowly, watching it grow harder. Amy squirmed and whimpered. He lightly dragged it back and forth over her pebble, and then up and down. She shuddered in his arms.

She spit into her hand and slipped it straight into the fly of his boxers. She wrapped her palm around his growing shaft, pulling him as he hardened.

Luke held the ring stretched around two fingers, trailing it over his sister’s breast. He followed her curves, and pushed her robe off of the other one. He attacked her nipple with the buzzing rubber bullet. Amy’s fist stroked him harder, and then moved down, giving his balls a tug. Then, back up to his shaft.

“I’d definitely say it works,” Luke groaned as his sister’s hand worked its magic, teasing his cockhead the way he loved.

Amy whimpered a response, trembling as he teased her breasts, lighting up her senses.

Luke tickled her in wavy lines up and down her stomach. He neared her pussy over her panties, but went back up before he touched it. Amy’s flesh rose up in goose bumps. Music sang from her lips as her brother played her body.

She gripped onto his erection as his touches made her quiver. It was the exact response he wanted. She raised her hips in fluid movement with his hand. She begged for him to touch between her legs without words.

Amy was breathing hard and her stomach trembled as he circled her tits with the little buzzer and then flew back down her abdomen. Finally, he gave it to her.

He pressed the bullet hard against her silk covered clit. Amy moaned and stiffened up, her hand clenched around his cock. He held it there as she writhed against it, getting herself off. Her panties stained with her fresh cum as her legs quaked. She had a shuddering orgasmic tremor running through her body.

He watched her face as she gasped a fresh breath. Her eyelids fluttering as he didn’t let up the pressure. Luke didn’t let her come down off of her peak. He wiggled it back and forth over her nub.

Her fist on his organ let up with her release, but pumped him as her legs quaked. Her entire body trembled as she groaned, dropping her head back.

A second orgasm flooded over her right away. Her body jerked and her nipples contracted. Unable to catch her breath, she muttered, “Oh my god,” several times over.

“Two,” Luke said as he lifted his fingers off of her, letting her overloaded clitoris rest for a mere moment. “More?”

He didn’t let her answer. He flicked her soppy panties over, displaying her engorged genital. He pressed the vibrator against it from the underside, directly onto it.

Amy could feel every buzz from the toy. Her body fed from it, bringing her to the brink again. She had back to back orgasms with a toy on her own, but never this intensely.

Luke smeared her fluids onto the rubber vibe, massaging it into her clit. Amy’s hand all but let go of his cock as she rode the rollercoaster her brother took her on.

She tensed up again. “Fuck. Fuck. Fucking,” she stammered, moaning out into the living room.

Her toes curled tight and her legs quaked hard, almost hurting. Another climactic wave rained down on her. Her brother held her tight against him, not letting her get away. His fingers didn’t stop. He dipped his fingers into her sloppy hole, soaking the ring and vibrator.

“Luke,” his sister gasped. “God, please, I can’t take it again.”

“One more, Squirt, you got it in you,” he held the buzzer against clit again, making quick circles on it. “You want the record don’t you?”

“Yes!” Amy screamed.

Her fingers clenched onto his thigh and the couch cushion. Her body gained a fresh sheen. Her muscles ticked with every flick. Then, Luke pressed it into her nub hard again. Every round was more intense. Her clit was on fire.

Amy mumbled, speaking in tongues as her hips thrashed. Luke forced another orgasm out of his baby sister. She quaked violently; every nerve in her body was inflamed as the intense rush of heat took her.

She came down and panted in his arms. Luke dipped the vibrator into the oozing pool of her cunt juices and it sloppily buzzed, stirring up her nectar.

Amy caught her breath and pushed her glasses back up on her sweaty face. “Well, I’m speechless.”

Luke grinned and turned it off. “That’s four.”

He took the pen from her pocket and uncapped it with his mouth. He marked on the game board. She giggled as the tip of the pen tickled her.

He capped the pen back up. “That’s eight total for you, Amy.”

Amy played coy and shied away into his chest.

“That’s eight orgasms so far you and one of them was a giant gushing squirt. You’re a little nympho. And you want more don’t you?”

Amy giggled and curled up across her brother’s lap. “I want as many as you’ll give me.”

Luke kissed her sweaty forehead. “Energizer Bunny,” he mumbled against her temple.

He held her still trembling body for several long moments. His sister nuzzled against him, rubbing his hard cock gently between her creamy thigh and palm.

“What’s next on the menu?” Amy muttered as her fingers grazed over up over his chest, and then came back down.

Her brother dropped sweet pecks across her forehead and along her hairline. “Well, it’s about one o’clock already. What do you think?”

His fingers tickled her breasts, dancing over the curves. Amy giggled and snuggled up even more to him as her soft hand lightly massaged his length. “Well, we don’t have to hit everything in one day, we have almost a month. I want to enjoy each spot.”

Luke grinned and pulled her in closer to him.

“Also, we have to air it out down here before mom gets home. So, maybe dining room, and then go shower together?”

“Sounds like a perfect plan,” he said, and then picked her up in his arms. He carried her to the dining room.

Amy wrapped her hands around his neck and closed the back door with her foot as they passed by it. She covered his cheek and jaw in kisses he carried her.

He gently dropped her on the corner of the table. Amy pushed away the table runner and scooted over the center of the edge, where her dad sat for meals. He left her for just a moment to put his parent’s sheets in the dryer.

When he returned, Amy had turned over onto her back with her head hanging of the table. Luke pushed his dad’s chair out of the way and stripped himself of his boxers and t-shirt.

“You have the best ideas,” he grinned as he stepped up to his sister’s open mouth.

Her robe was open across her body. Luke ran his hands over the large mounds on her chest as her mouth opened.

“Feed me,” Amy muttered, and then sealed her lips around his shaft.

She sucked her sex off of his flesh. It wasn’t the most pleasing taste in her mouth, but she didn’t mind. She massaged his stiffening organ as he pumped his hips gently against her face. He gave her more and more as he grew to fully erect.

Luke pinched her nipples, pulling on them as he sank into her throat. Amy squealed around his member, gagging herself. Her spit ran up her face and his balls suffocated her. She quickly lifted them off of her nose so she wouldn’t choke. She teased his sac with her fingers as he gently probed his cock deep into her available throat.

He pulled out to let her spit up on his cock and herself, making a stickier mess of her mouth each time. Then, her brother filled her oral void once again and she suckled his length into the depths of her throat.

Strings of Amy’s saliva hung off of her face as her brother molested her tits. Her heels rocked her body on top of the table. Luke growled as he used her throat, working himself up to the edge.

Luke pulled out, and Amy gasped for air as he rose up over her. He rubbed his spittle coated cock against her chest. Her brother loosely squeezed her tits together and slid his member between the hills. Luke relaxed, gently humping her chest, feeling her soft ivory flesh against him.

Amy caught her breath and cleared her loosened throat as he brother enjoyed her body. Luke slipped his fingers into her soppy wet panties and pulled them off of her. Amy lifted up her legs and he slid them off.

Her feet settled back on the polished cherry wood table as Luke stepped back. Amy sat up and pushed the centerpiece and the runner as far across the table as she could without it toppling over.

“I want you to lay down on here. Right where we have Thanksgiving dinner,” Amy said devilishly, and then pulled the cockring from her pocket before dropping her robe on the floor.

“That is oddly a sexy thing to say,” Luke chuckled.

He walked around and picked up the centerpiece, moving it to the buffet. Then, he lifted himself up onto the table and scooted back so his hips were in the center.

Amy grinned, and then lifted her leg to mount him. She settled her butt against his thighs. She stretched the pink rubber cockring and slid it carefully over his shaft and placed the ring around his base, leaving the vibration off for now.

She nibbled her lip as she watched it grow thicker, and even stronger. Her fingers lightly trailed along the length of his soft, veiny flesh. Amy was fascinated as his mushroom head became ruby red.

Amy moved up and lifted her hips over his. She looked down at her brother as she lowered her hot and sticky cunt down over his swollen shaft, sheathing him in her loose fucked hole.

She arched herself down, avoiding the chandelier. She supported herself with her hands above his shoulders as she grinded into him. Luke held her hips and lifted himself, pushing his rod into her tunnel, meeting her deep thrusts.

Whimpers and moans escaped her lips. He grunted against her face as her hips rolled with purpose. Luke held her tight, squishing her chest against his. His other hand gripped her fleshy ass and pulled her down on him. They shared deep guttural groans, pumping their loins into each other.

Luke’s erection was strong and powerful, filled with blood and rage. Amy sat up on his lap, ducking underneath the light fixture as she rose. She sat back on his pelvis, cramming his cock up into her.

The sun came in through the windows, even though the blinds were closed. The light washed over her, giving her sweaty form a glow. He watched the dance of her body and the passion on her face in the bright light. Her fingers rubbed her clit, and the other hand groped her breast. She groaned in ecstasy, bouncing on his prick.

Luke let her ride, enjoying the view he had. Her pelvis circled into him and her tits bounced on her chest. Her swollen pink nipples stood proudly on her breasts. He held her, but letting her lead, taking what she needed from him until she reached another orgasm.

Her cunt pulsed on his rigid erection, releasing the flood gates of another rush of her juices. She leaked onto his cock and balls as she shuddered and her teeth chattered. Her fluids soaked his pubic hair and leaked onto the table.

Amy’s eyes popped back open when he tugged her back down to him by her pigtails. Luke looked into her glazed over eyes as she grunted. He pounded up into her seeping hole.

“Does my baby sister want another load of cum inside of her,” he growled, shoving himself hard up into her.

He held her hips still. It was his turn to use her. He made her squeal, digging his spear against her cervix with every heavy thrust. His other hand held her pigtail, keeping her face close.

“I want it, Luke. I was your seed in me. Pump it into me,” Amy cried out. Her eyes were wide and breaths heaved.

“How bad?”

“So fucking badly. I want to feel it fill me up. Please Luke, fill up your cum bucket.”

Her words made him growl and he pushed her off. He quickly slid off the table and pulled Amy off after. He bent her over his chair and she propped her ass up behind her. She stood on her tippy toes. Her hands rested on the cushion.

He didn’t speak, and rammed himself back into her. His hands clasped around her pigtails, using them as handlebars, pulling her body onto his. He fucked her hard, slapping his pelvis aginst her ass.

“Fucking use me, Luke,” Amy squealed. “Use my body to make yourself cum.”

Luke grabbed onto her hip, forcefully taking her from behind, throwing his weight behind his thrusts.

“God yes. You’re fucking me so hard, I love it,” Amy screamed. Her tits swayed underneath her.

“I love my filthy cock slut, fuck doll, baby sister,” He roared.

She held onto the cushion, every one of the dirty names sent a wave of heat through her body. Her legs trembled. “I love you too. I want your cum inside me. Please fucking give it to me,” Amy wailed. “I’ve been a good little girl, I want my reward.”

Luke wrapped his forearm around her hips and pulled her back as close to his pelvis as possible. Roughly he dug himself inside of her as his her walls milked him. He buried his cock into the deepest crevice he could, spilling his seed as he growled.

Amy gasped, and rocked herself against him as he bucked, “It feels so good when you cum inside me.”

Luke kissed up her spine and across her shoulder blades as his organ throbbed with aftershocks. He slowly withdrew himself.

“Bye-bye penis,” Amy pouted.

Luke chuckled as he pulled the cockring off of himself.

“Feed me some of your cum, big brother,” Amy giggled, wiggling her ass.

He grinned, looking down at her. He crammed two fingers into her gaping hole and dug out his spunk. Amy’s face light up as he gathered his load.

Luke pulled out his fingers and Amy spun around. She looked up at him and opened her mouth. Her brother smeared their mixed juices onto her parted lips. Amy stuck out her tongue, but he pulled his fingers away and left a dollop on the tip of her nose.

Amy giggled and tried to reach it with her tongue, and then whimpered when she couldn’t get a taste.

Luke smeared short lines of the sticky fluid on both of her cheeks. His sister smiled wide. Then, she opened her mouth again and he stuck his fingers inside. Her lips sealed around his digits and sucked, swallowing every drop of his cum.

Luke pulled his fingers away, smiling down at her sweet face. “You ready for a shower?” he asked, tapping on her lips.

Amy kissed his fingers as she spoke, “Yes, if we have to.”

He stepped away from her, chuckling and grinning.

She picked up her robe and slid her arms inside. She tied it loosely, and then stuffed her soiled panties into the pocket. She retrieved the pen and held it out to her brother again. He marked one tally under each of their names. Then, he put on his boxers and t-shirt again.

“Will you open all the windows down here? And I will make sure everything is cleaned up,” Amy said as they left the dining room.

“Yeah, no problem.” He bent down and kissed her soft lips.

Amy grinned, and then went to the pantry to retrieve a few cleaning supplies. She grabbed pledge, febreeze, and air freshener, putting them out on the counter.

Amy cleaned the table, wiping away the smudges of their sweat and her leaked fluids. She set it back up, shinier than before their fuck. Then, she went to their parents’ bedroom and freshened up the comforter, spraying it liberally with febreeze.

Luke stopped to drop a kiss on her lips as they passed by each other, on his way to open the window and back door in the kitchen. Penny came running, and went outside.

Amy ran through the house with the air freshener, spraying it the whole time. She circled the front room, their parents’ room, through the kitchen and the dining room.

“Damn, Amy. Isn’t that enough? Mom’s going to think a spring blossom exploded in the house,” he said, gagging on the aerosol spray.

She laughed as she put everything away. “Well, dear brother. Which is better, spring blossom exploding or our sex aroma?”

“I’d say sex aroma. But, since this isn’t my apartment, I guess the latter will have to do.”

“It’ll all air out in the next hour,” Amy said with a wink.

Luke grabbed the bag from the pharmacy and put everything they used back in it before following Amy up the stairs. She went to the bathroom, did her business, and then started the water for their shower. She hopped in and Luke came in, using the toilet when she was behind the curtain.

“Luke you’re peeing!” Amy squealed as she let the hot water run over her.

“Well would you rather I do it in the shower?” he laughed.

“Well, no. But still, I’m right here.”

“Just don’t listen.”

Amy sighed and rubbed his dried cum into her skin as she rinsed herself, making it sticky again.

Luke joined her a moment later. They washed the other’s hair and bodies. Luke was careful not to rub against their tally marks on her tits, he just let the soap run over it. The second washing of her leg cleaned the rest of the ink from last night.

“I wish I could wear your cum all day,” Amy said as he cleaned her.

“I do too.” He kissed her as the hot water trickled down his back.

“Maybe one day,” she moaned his fingers found her sticky cunt.

He cleaned her cunt, smearing his fingers into her inner flesh. He pinned her against the corner of the tub and kissed her deeply. Her weak legs opened wide for him and she trembled on her toes.

He rinsed his hand in the water, and then found her rosebud. He pushed his fingers inside of her used hole and Amy squealed, holding tight onto his shoulders. He dragged his cum out of her, and then wiped it on her ass.

“I want you all clean for me later, nice and fresh to fuck,” he moaned into her mouth.

Amy whimpered as his fingers returned to her pussy. He manipulated her cunt with his probing fingers and his thumb on her over sensitive clit, until she orgasmed for him again. She screamed out, echoing the bathroom as she squirted into the tub, gushing around his fingers.

“Guess you had more saved up now,” Luke said with a grin. His fingertips brushed her slick swollen lips.

Amy quivered, holding onto him to keep from falling. “Apparently,” she muttered.

They finished their shower and dressed themselves. Amy wiggled into black and white polka dot boy shorts. Before she put on a bra, Luke made yet another mark on Amy’s side of the board, putting her total up to ten.

She put on a pair of jeans and a worn black Metallica shirt that was Luke’s many years ago.

He smiled upon seeing it. “I don’t think I ever looked that good in that shirt.”

Amy giggled as she towel dried her hair. “I have a lot of your old stuff. Guys’ shirts look cute on girls sometimes.”

“You’re right about that,” he said and then put on his jeans and t-shirt.

Amy plopped down on the bed and her wet hair draped over her pillows. Luke snuggled up next to her, breathing in her cleanliness.

“I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow,” she giggled as she curled her legs over his.

Luke nuzzled her nose. “Then I will have done my job.”

They rested in each other’s arms for almost an hour. They enjoyed the silence, listening to the others breathing. They gently caressed each other over their clothes while sharing soft kisses.

“Mom will be home soon,” Amy whispered. “I wish you could touch me like this all the time.”

“I do too,” he replied between kisses.

“We should get downstairs before she gets here,” Amy pouted. She gave her brother one last deep kiss, savoring it before pulling away.

They slid off of the bed and went down the steps. Their aromatic calling card had filtered out of the air.

Luke closed up all the windows while Amy checked her phone and replied to a text to Kristy. She thanked her for sending her the pages and problem numbers for their calculus homework.

They made their parent’s bed with sheets cleaned of their sex. Amy was a perfectionist about all things, including bed making. She made sure all the creases were in the proper spots and the length of the comforter was the same on both sides, before heading to the living room.

Amy plopped down on the sofa, and then tossed the ball for Penny as she texted with her friend. Luke returned with two cold glasses of water for them and sat down next to her.

“We went downtown today, by the way,” Amy said as her thumbs continued to fly on the phone screen.

“Oh did we?” Luke asked. He took over playing fetch with Penny. “What did we do today? Did we go see The Bean?”

“Yes, we saw The Bean,” she chuckled. Amy typed out a message rather quickly, and then continued speaking. “We also walked the Magnificent Mile, and then went to observation deck at the John Hancock. We stopped by the Water Tower as well. Touristy stuff.”

Her phone buzzed in her hand again as she took a sip of water.

“Wow, we had a busy day, Squirt,” he said with a grin, and then tossed Penny’s ball to the hallway.

“We fucking did.” Amy leaned over and kissed him. Then, she backed away into her corner of the sofa. “I have to get used to not touching you.”

Luke smiled, slinking back into the couch. Penny returned and jumped up between them. Luke pet her, giving her doggie cuddles.

Amy continued texting with Kristy, and Luke flipped on the television. He settled on ESPN. Their mother, Kathryn arrived home. Penny jumped off the sofa to greet her, but then promptly returned to Luke.

They both smiled as she walked by. “Hey Mom,” they almost said in unison.

“Hey kids, how was your day today?” She smiled to them, glancing through the mail. After pulling out the ads, she looked over at her children on the sofa.

“My day was fine, nothing special. Just school,” Amy said. “A girl in yearbook had a hissy fit today because of the size of her senior ad.”

Luke smiled inwardly, marveling at how easily she made that up and the calmness in his sister’s voice.

Their mother put the mail onto the coffee table, and then took a seat in her favorite chair.

“Her ad size? You’re talking about the space at the back of the book we bought and made a small layout for, right?” Kathryn asked.

“Yes. It was so stupid. She was flipping out, saying that her parents paid for more. So then, Misses Johnson went through all of them to find her parents’ check,” Amy told her lie casually. “It was a stupid mess that took up a lot of time in class.”

“Wow,” her mother chuckled. “That’s quite an event.”

Amy shrugged, grinning. “‘Tis my exciting life, Mother.”

“How about you, Luke?” his mom asked. “Were you able to get ahold of anyone?” She tucked a few stray wisps behind her ears that had fallen from her golden bun.

He hoped he was half as convincing as Amy. “No, the people I thought of like Chris and Ethan were working today. But, we are going to set up a night soon to have some beers.”

“Oh, well that will be fun.” She attentively chatted with her children.

“Yeah.” He patted penny’s ribs. “So, I just took a quick trip downtown, saw The Bean and had some coffee. Then, I picked Amy up.” He smiled to his mother. “How about yours?”

“Just fine.” She returned his smile, enjoying having both of her children across from her. “I loathe going in there, that’s why I work at home. Those people drive me up the wall. I’m not going to bore you guys with it all.”

They shared a laugh before relaxing into conversation. Amy started doing some homework, curled up on the sofa. Luke and his mother chatted and watched the early news.

He glanced over to Amy a few times throughout the hour. Images of her flew by in his vision when he looked at her. He saw her in lewd positions for him, her mouth agape as she screamed in pleasure, and holding her quivering body as he rode wave after wave of orgasmic delight. His extremely satisfied cock twitched at the memories.

Luke’s stomach rumbled for nourishment. “You know what sounds really great for dinner, Squirt?”

She looked up from her notebook, and then turned to him. “What?”

“Deep dish. I need some amazing Chicago pizza.”

“Ohhh, that does sound yummy,” Amy said with a smile. “Mom, do you want to go?”

“Your father will probably want to stay in. But, go ahead.” She looked over to them on the sofa. “Get a large and bring the leftovers home.”

“Definitely,” Luke said, and then patted Amy’s leg.

She smirked at her brother. “Do you want to get going now, before it gets too crowded?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Amy stuffed her homework back into her bag. Then, she hopped off the sofa. “Let me go get changed.”

“But, you’re already dressed,” Luke hollered as she flew up the stairs.

“I’m a girl, I change clothes a lot,” she yelled back, and then closed the door.

Amy looked through her closet, searching for a certain white dress. Once she found it, she laid it out over her bed and put lilac flats out on front of the outfit.

Amy straightened her brown locks, smoothing out any frizz from letting her hair air dry. She considered doing her makeup, but rarely ever wore it. She shook her head and decided against it, she was often told how blessed she was with her complexion. Amy put her glasses back on and finger brushed her long, thick chestnut mane.

She paused at her lingerie drawer. She looked back at the spaghetti strap dress. A strapless bra would be her best choice. Amy fished out a very light pink lace bra, and matching thong.

She stripped out of her clothes and dressed for what felt like a date with her brother.

She put on her sheer, daintily laced bra. Their names on the game board were visible just above the cups. She slipped into her thong, and settled the thin band over her hips.

Amy unzipped the back of her dress, and then stepped inside. The silk slip sewn inside the linen layer hugged her figure. The dress stopped at her knees and had flower eyelets cut out and patterned all over the garment. She set the spaghetti straps on her shoulders, and then tugged at the bows to make sure their looseness wouldn’t expose her chest. Amy slipped her feet into soft purple ballet flats, and then threw a coordinating cardigan over her bare shoulders.

Luke’s eyes glued to his sister as she glided down the steps. The dress wasn’t slutty or short, but his sister made it sexy. Her outfit was proper for Easter Service at church and Amy radiated in it.

“Jesus Christ,” Luke mumbled under his breath. He watched the very tasteful amount of cleavage her dress allowed bounce with curve of her chest.

She smiled at her brother. He stopped himself from telling her how stunning she looked.

“You look rather darling, Amy,” her mother beamed.

“Thanks. It’s just a little dress I found when Kristy and I were shopping last week,” Amy did a playful spin as she spoke.

“Good choice. You look very pretty in it,” Kathryn said smiling.

Luke nodded the same response as he drank her in with her eyes.

“Thanks Mom. Can we borrow your card tonight?” Amy asked as she picked up her purse.

“Sure sweetheart. Bring some garlic bread back too.” She dug through her purse, and then gave Amy her credit card.

“Sure thing,” Amy replied cheerfully. She took it and slipped the card into her wallet.

Luke rose up from the sofa. “Ready to go?” He picked up Amy’s car keys from the coffee table.

“Yup.” She gave her mom and kiss on the cheek. “See you in a little while.”

Luke and Amy went out the door and to her car. Amy waved at the neighbor kids she babysat down the street, playing catch in their yard.

They got in the car and joined the traffic on the road.

“You look gorgeous, Amy,” Luke said, breaking the silence.

She caressed the back of brother’s hand as he rested it on the gearshift. “Thank you,” Amy said softly.

“Stunningly gorgeous.” Luke grinned as he stopped at a light.

Amy curled her fingers under his palm as she blushed. “Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I wanted to look pretty for you.”

“You succeeded very well,” he said, and then quickly kissed her cheek before the traffic moved again.

They chatted about their day’s events and Luke teased her about her high number in their record keeping. Amy curled her fingers with his, holding his hand on the console as Luke drove to his preferred pizza place.

Amy picked up his hand and brought it to her mouth. Luke grinned, keeping his eyes on the traffic as she licked up and down his middle and index fingers. She opened her mouth and sucked them inside, swirling her tongue against his flesh.

“You’re such a bad girl,” Luke teased her as mimicked her cock sucking style on his fingers.

She pulled her mouth back and lapped her tongue between his digits. “I thought you liked me that way,” she said, and then kissed his sticky fingers.

“I do. I love you that way. I was just making a statement,” his organ throbbed as he spoke.

Amy suckled his fingers back between her smiling lips and continued teasing her brother until they arrived at the restaurant.

They went inside and took a table in the bar. The restaurant was filling up quickly with other diners. The stomach rumbling aroma of pizza pie filtered throughout the establishment. They took a seat next to each other at the corners of a checkered table top. Amy draped her cardigan off the back of her chair, exposing her bare shoulders except for the thin straps of her dress.

Luke ordered himself a hoppy dark lager and Amy a “diet whatever you have.” Their waitress was cheerful and promptly took their order of a meat overloaded deep dish pizza. Luke already knew what he wanted before they were leaving the house.

They talked casually, and fought to keep themselves from touching each other. They didn’t want to be seen, and you never know who is around the corner in a big city, or anywhere for that matter. Their parents were fairly popular people in the community and had friends all over. Their knees bumped underneath the table purposely several times.

“So, I was thinking about spring break,” Amy said as they waited the standard forty minutes for their meal.

“What about it?”

“Well, I would probably spend it normally with Kristy and Madison just shopping, getting our nails done, you know girl stuff. Also, I would be doing too much studying.”

Luke chuckled, and then took a sip of beer.

“I have a lot of money saved up from babysitting since I was fourteen. So, depending on when you have to leave,” Amy grinned before she continued, “we could take a trip together. That is if you wanted to of course.”

Luke returned the smile. He looked over her ivory shoulders, and then back up to her freckled face. “You know I would love to go on a trip with you.”

“I thought so.” She winked, and then sipped her pop. “When do you have to go back?”

“Not until March thirtieth.”

“That’s almost too perfect,” Amy beamed. “Where do you want to go?”

“Montreal?” Luke asked with a shrug. “It’s a two day’s drive, with hotel stops, and you can drink legally there.”

Amy’s bright smile light up her face as she nodded fast. “Perfect.”

“Are sure you don’t want to go somewhere far away and warm? Wear a bikini on the beach?” Luke smirked.

His sister lifted her foot and ran it slowly up his calf. “If we get a hotel with a pool, there will be plenty of bikinis,” Amy said, and then quickly withdrew her foot. “Besides, you’re right, a two day’s drive is good.”

Luke’s leg tingled from her touch.

“Also, we could,” she leaned in to whisper, “say things out loud and touch each other openly.”

“I like the way you think,” he replied softly, looking into her lust flamed eyes.

“And you call me a dork,” Amy giggled. She sat back up and sipped her cola.

Luke stopped himself from saying something filthy to his little sister as the waitress arrived with their monstrous pizza. Conversation returned to more suitable topics as they dined. They shared intense glances when their eyes would lock.

Luke noticed her shifting in her chair and rubbing her thighs together, he wondered what she could be thinking about. His mind was wandered to the spectacular blow job she gave him earlier.

They received the order of garlic bread for their parents and boxed up a large hunk of pizza. After paying and each taking turns in the restroom, they went to the door. The hostess thanked them for coming and Amy took a handful of peppermints from the bowl.

Amy held the pizza box on her lap as they left the parking lot. She leaned her head back against the head rest and looked over at her brother, grinning to herself as he drove. Amy reached over and followed the outline of his earlobe and the ridges of his cartilage with her fingertip.

“I want you to do things to me while we are in public when we take our little trip,” she said, trailing her fingers between his ear and neck.

“I can definitely make that happen,” Luke said with a devilish grin, glancing over at her, and then back to the road.

“I want you to make me cum in my panties while we are at dinner,” Amy said.

Her innocent voice rushed blood into Luke’s loins. His sister’s fingertips danced along his jawline and then back up to his ear as he listened.

“You will drive me wild with your hand and I will want to scream. It’ll be so intense for you to hear me in your ear, breathing hard and fighting back.”

Luke shuddered as his sister’s dirty words sank in and his cock throbbed back to life.

“Maybe there will be a man there, and you make me look in eyes while I cum.”

“Fuck, Amy,” he groaned.

Her hand ran down his chest, and then groped his package. “I think you need to pull over somewhere.”

“Right now?” Luke gasped. “Amy, this isn’t the best neighborhood.”

“That’s a good reason to stop here. No one we know will drive by.” She rubbed her hand against his hidden length. “I’m going to suck your cum out of you. It’s going to be a long time until Mom and Dad go to sleep.”

“You’re so bad.” Luke grinned.

He turned into the next residential division he could. Amy continued stroking him through his jeans, waiting patiently while he found a spot and parallel parked. Luke turned off the car and took the pizza box from her lap, placing it in the backseat.

Amy smiled at his courtesy as she undid her seatbelt. Luke clicked the doors locked, unbuckled the seatbelt, and then angled his seat back. His sister sat up on her knees and leaned over the console. She hurried, undoing his fly as her brother rested back, into the velour seat.

Amy licked her lips hungrily as she pulled out his erection. Her fist wrapped around his hard flesh as she kissed his lips softly.

“I want you to hold my head and use my mouth how you want it,” she mumbled between kisses.

Luke didn’t speak, and took her head in both of his hands. He pulled Amy’s hair into a ponytail and held it in his fist. He led her down to his lap.

Her mouth opened, willingly accepting his cock. Her lips sealed shut as she removed her hand and let it settle on his thigh. Luke bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, poking the tip against her throat. Amy relaxed her head and neck, giving him total control.

Luke closed his eyes and relaxed back into the seat. He groaned deeply, pushing his sister’s mouth down completely, and holding her face against his pelvis. Then, he pulled her back up. Her spittle dribbled out of her mouth as she messily sucked his cockhead.

Her brother led her mouth around his shaft like a puppet. He pushed her all the way down randomly, grinding her face into him, and watching her ass wiggle in front of the window. He let her spit and gag, and then returned to fucking her talented mouth.

Amy’s lips and cheeks grew soiled with her saliva, picking it up when he mashed her face into his pubic hair. Her throat convulsed, and she gagged. Luke was learning her reactions, and yanked her up when she needed it.

He used her drooling mouth, grunting and growling his praise as he used his sister like a toy. Amy’s cunt leaked into her panties, as her hips rocked naturally. Her hair cascaded from her brother’s fist as he manipulated her head. The windows of the car had fogged up in the cool night air.

“I love your fucking mouth” Luke moaned. His cock throbbed in her soft, slick orifice.

Amy was desperate to taste his seed again. She moaned onto his flesh as she sucked his rigid erection with her filthy mouth.

Luke bucked his hips as he growled. He held Amy’s head down, and pulled her back up so she could swallow his seed its fountain as he emptied. She drank every drop, feeling it trickle down her used throat.

Her brother sighed graciously as he left go of her hair. Amy slid back into her seat, taking one last gulp for dramatic effect. Then, she wiped her mouth with the extra napkins she kept in the arm rest.

Luke took a minute to recover and clear his mind enough to drive the rest of the way home. He laughed out loud to himself, realizing how crazy this was, and how much he loved it and Amy.

Amy savored the filmy taste in her mouth from his spunk as Luke drove them home. She squirmed in her seat, rubbing her warm pussy against it. Luke just grinned, watching her teasing herself. He wanted her in heat by the time they got their neck round in.

Luke leaned over and kissed Amy’s lips at the stop sign before their street. She smiled as he backed away. Amy flipped down the visor checking for any stains on her face before they got out of the car.

Luke and Amy dropped the pizza and bread off in the kitchen and said hello to her parents. When Amy gave her dad his daily evening kiss on the cheek, she sealed her lips tight. She didn’t want him to smell Luke’s cum on her breath. Her brother found it disturbingly arousing when she kissed their parents with the mouth that brought him immense pleasure.

They took Penny into the back yard and played fetch with her while their parents ate dinner. Luke answered his sister’s hundreds of questions about Germany and other places he had explored in Europe, while Penny ran excitedly through the grass chasing her slobbery tennis ball.

After exhausting the dog, they went back inside. Amy resumed her homework from earlier and reminded Luke to finish editing her paper. The family gathered in the front room. Their parents put on “Back to the Future” and took their respective chairs. Luke and Amy were settled on the sofa in their opposite corners and Penny snuggled up between them.

Amy worked diligently throughout the movie, wanting to finish as much as she could tonight. Even with Luke still here, she had to keep up with her AP classes and activities. Luke read over her lengthy essay and marked a few areas with his pen.

When he finished, he placed the stack of papers on the table, and then lounged back into the sofa. Amy smiled over at him before she went back to her homework. She checked that her parents were watching the television. Then, she slid her foot out from underneath her thigh, and as she moved, she casually pulled up her dress, giving Luke a better view from his angle.

Luke smiled, enjoying the sight of her curved bum, and her dress rumpled up above her ass. Amy brushed it back down, keeping her eyes on her notebook, after her brother got a peek.

Amy’s phone buzzed and she replied to her friend, scheduling a time for them to meet tomorrow, and then went back to scribbling. When she finished her calculus homework for the weekend, she put everything back in her bag.

“Luke, I’m tired. I think I’m going to go to bed. You can come up later if you want to stay and finish the movie,” Amy said breezily as she got up and smoothed out the back of her dress. “Just be quiet when you come in.”

“I’m still jet lagged, so sleeping sounds great. Also, I don’t want to bother you stumbling around your room if you’re already asleep.” Luke gave Penny one last ear ruffling before he got up.

Amy kissed her parents goodnight, and then headed upstairs. Luke followed her, wanting to smack her bouncing ass along the way.

They arrived in her room and locked the door behind them. Amy thought for a moment about the door in the bathroom and remembered seeing it locked before they left for dinner.

He picked up her face in his hands and planted a kiss on her lips. She whimpered into is his mouth as their tongues met. He pulled her to him greedily, grinding his pelvis against hers. Amy kicked off her shoes and wrapped her arms around him.

They were needy, desperate lovers feasting on the other’s mouth. Luke wrinkled the skirt of her dress in his hand until her found her asscheek and took a palm full. Amy’s hands flew under his shirt, eager to feel his abdomen and chest again.

Luke’s free hand unzipped her dress, expecting it to fall. Amy broke off the kiss and pointed to the bows on her shoulders. Her brother grinned and tugged on both of the strings at the same time. Her dress washed away, leaving her in just her bra and panties.

“Nice dress,” Luke muttered.

Amy stood proudly in front of him, biting her bottom lip.

Luke’s eyes trailed over the soft pink lace bra boosting up her generous breasts. Her swollen nipples were visible through the sheer pink material. Amy stayed still, letting him drink her in. He admired the little matching thong that delicately shielded her pussy.

“Damn, Squirt. I keep thinking you can’t get any hotter,” Luke said softly, licking his lips.

Amy grinned wide as she unhooked the back of her bra. She held onto the band and let her bare breasts slowly come into view. Amy dropped it on the floor, and then ran both of her hands over her tits. She pinched her nipples between the lengths of her fingers as her smoldering eyes watched her brother’s face.

“How long until they go to sleep?” Luke asked. His cock was throbbing in his jeans, ready to go again.

She glanced over at her clock on the nightstand as she groped her breasts. “It’ll be anywhere between a half an hour to an hour.” She took the pen from her desk and marked one slash under Luke’s name on her breast.

“I want you now,” he whispered. He took off his shirt and tossed to towards the hamper.

“Good things come to those who wait, big brother.” Amy kept her voice playful and soft as she sauntered over to her bed. She dropped the pen on her nightstand for use later.

Luke stepped out of his jeans while Amy pulled the comforter back and slid into bed in just her thong. Her brother followed her in his boxer briefs and clicked the television on to block out their voices.

Amy snuggled up on her side, resting her head on his arm. They shared smiles as he trailed his fingers along her curves beneath the covers. His hand returned from his soft teases and brought her mouth to his.

They softly kissed and touched each other, growing their arousal before their parents went to bed. Amy’s hand slipped into his boxers and then back out countless times. Her brother groped her tits, tugging on her nipples gently, making her squeak against his lips. Her pussy grew slicker with each tug.

“Did you have a good day?” Amy asked between kisses.

“I’ve had the best day,” Luke said, and then trailed his kisses across her cheek to her ear.

“Was your baby sister good to you?” Amy whispered, her hand found his erection again and clasped around it.

“She was outstanding,” Luke moaned softly in her ear.

“What about the naughty school girl? Did she take care of you?” Amy mumbled, nuzzling her hot cheek against his.

“Oh god yes, she gave me the best blow job I have ever had,” Luke said, and then nibbled her earlobe.

Amy shivered; she loved hearing his husky voice directly in her ear. “What about your anal slut? Did you like fucking her ass?”

Her brother pressed his mouth against her ear and groaned, “Fuck yes, I loved it. She was so tight and became such a filthy slut for me.”

Amy’s fist clenched around his strong shaft and squeezed it harder as she stroked him inside his boxers. Luke wrapped his fingers in her thong with the arm holding her to him. He pulled her panties up, pressing the fabric against her pussy. His cock was firm in her grip.

“I want to be your filthy slut all the time,” Amy whimpered.

“You are. You’re my filthy little Squirt. I can’t look at you without thinking of being inside you and covering you with my cum.”

“I like that, a lot,” she moaned softly.

His sister’s flesh was hot to the touch. Every time he touched her felt like the first time, he needed to have his hands on her constantly. Amy lifted her leg over his and pulled her hips closer to his. She pushed the waistband of his boxers down with her wrist as she continued her sensuous fist fuck.

“I’m going to be going mad at school when I’m away from you. It’s going to be so hard to concentrate with wet panties.”

“I want you like that. I want you to be aching for me while you’re away.” Luke tugged her earlobe with his teeth before suckling it between his lips.

“I will be. When I get home I’ll want to pounce on you.” Amy rubbed his cock against her soft, wet panties as she stroked him. “I may never sleep while you’re here.”

“We don’t need sleep,” Luke said as he dropped kisses all over the side of her face. “We can live off of sex.”

“If only that were true,” Amy giggled. “I would be set for life.”

Her brother tickled her hip, making her squirm. “Yes you would, Energizer Bunny.”

“That’s me,” Amy squealed from the tickles.

Luke put his finger over her lips, playfully whispering “Shhh, they are home now. You don’t want to get caught, do you?”

His sister kissed his fingertips, mumbling against them, “No, I want to keep our secret.”

“You love that it’s a secret don’t you?” Luke smiled. “You love that it’s taboo and wrong to be fucking your brother.”

Amy nodded. “I do. It’s so dirty, but I love it. You do too, you love fucking your secret slut nerdy little sister.”

“Fuck yes, I do. And, I’m not going to stop until I have to leave. I’m going to use her up,” he said with a devilish smirk, trailing his finger on her lips.

“What about when you go back, are you going to forget all about me?” Amy pouted, looking at him with wide puppy dog eyes.

“Hell no. You’re going to have to come visit one day,” he muttered, tracing her pursed lips.

Amy smiled wide. “I’d love to come visit,” she said and then kissed his lips gently. “Hopefully one day soon.”

They both went quiet as they heard commotion going downstairs, telling them that their parents were going to bed. Amy excitedly wiggled in bed, awaiting the final close of their door. Luke chuckled watching his giddy little sister.

“You love me,” Amy whispered.

“I do,” Luke said softly. Their parents’ door closed downstairs. “I love you.”

Amy grinned as she slid her panties off underneath the comforter. Luke pulled his boxers off as he watched her wiggling beneath the girly pink and white bedspread. Amy tossed her panties towards the hamper, and pushed Luke’s underwear off of him with her feet, stuffing it under the covers.

“How are you feeling down here?” Amy asked as she slid on top of him. Her womanhood had been soaked all day, and now needed more.

Luke felt his sister’s warm hand return to his erection as she lifted up in his lap. “I’m very happy. But, I need more from you.”

She held his cock to her slit, and gently humped her pussy against it. “I just don’t want you to be sore,” Amy said sweetly.

“If I’m sore, you will have passed your exam.” Luke grinned, reaching up and filling his palms with her breasts.

“Do I get an A+ if you’re sore?” Her juices smeared on his shaft as she teased both of their genitals.

“You get an A++ if I’m sore.”

“Oh, an A++!” Amy lifted her hips and led his tool to the opening of her well used cunt. She gently lowered herself down, popping only his cockhead into her dripping hole. “I hope I get some gold stars too.”

“Your board is full of creamy stars already.” He held her hips with one hand and pulled her body down onto him by his grip and a tug of her nipple.

Amy groaned as she was filled up with her brother’s pole, bottoming out inside of her. He pumped her squishy hole, rocking her pelvis onto his. Amy dropped down, catching herself with her hands on the pillow. She licked his lips, and then kissed his open mouth as their bodies joined together.

She curled her legs underneath his thighs, bringing them even closer. Luke gripped her fleshy bum, holding her tight to him as the breathed air from each other’s lungs.

He dug his organ against her cervix, making her squeal into his mouth from the pressure in her gut.

“I love you being so deep,” Amy moaned softly, clenching her fist in his hair. “It feels like we can’t be any closer.”

Luke withdrew his cock just a little, and then buried himself back in his sister’s body. “We can’t be,” he groaned.

Their bodies grinded together beneath the covers, sharing moans against each other’s mouths. They looked into their sibling’s eyes as he made love to the deepest realms of her inner flesh. Amy rested her forehead against his and her hair fluttered down, making a curtain for their lust.

“I want you to use me however you want,” she whimpered against his flushed cheek.

Her brother pinched hard on her nipple and squeezed her ass. “However I want? Do you want your ass fucked again, Amy?”

“Yes, please,” Amy squeaked. “I want to be your filthiest slut.”

He pushed his sister up on his lap and pulled down on her hips to make her roughly bounce on his pole. She rolled her hips down onto him, smearing his hard flesh against every angle of her canal. Her heat hugged him and her walls sucked his cock. She tightened her cunt as she pulled up. Then, she loosened her grip as she came back down.

Luke held her still, and then picked her up off of him and set her down on the bed. Amy slid her legs off of him so he could get up.

She watched Luke in the blue light of the television picking up the air mattress and pushing it up against the wall. The sheets and blanket fell to the floor as she pushed her glasses back up on her nose.

“What are you doing?” Amy asked curiously.

“You ask too many questions.” Luke grinned. He took the quilted blanket from the pile on the floor and spread it across the carpet. “I’m taking you how I want you.”

Amy smiled brightly and moved off of the bed. “How would that be?”

“Lay down on the floor, I’ll show you,” Luke said, stroking his sticky cock with one hand. He tossed pillows onto the comforter just in case they needed it.

Amy centered herself in the middle of the floor, looking up at her brother with wide, ready eyes. He dropped the lube and cockring down on the blanket, and then kneeled down next to her.

“Pull your legs back as far as you can,” he said gently.

His sister hooked her hands behind her knees, and pulled her legs back into her chest. Luke helped her, nudging her hips higher off the floor, seeing how limber his kid sister was. He stuffed the pillow beneath her lower back. Amy curled her arms around her calves, folding herself into a pretzel.

Luke admired the position she was in. He her body was almost folded in half and the dimples at the back of her thighs smiled to him. Her tits were squeezed together between her calves and arms. Her pussy was spread open, glimmering in the light with her silken fluids.

“Fuck,” Luke groaned.

Amy grinned and wiggled her toes. “Do I look pretty?”

“You look more than pretty.” He squeezed some lube onto his fingertips and smeared it onto her rose bud and his sister squeaked from the chill. “You look divine.”

She gasped as he gently popped two of his fingers into her backdoor. “Do I look slutty?”

“Fuck yes, perfectly slutty.” Her brother probed her hole carefully. The pads of his fingers smeared lube into every corner, slowly pumping in and out.

“I want to be perfect,” Amy whimpered as he steadily fingered her ass.

**The authors would like to thank Echo96 for he outstanding edits and suggestions in this forth chapter.**

Vicky sat on her bed reflecting on her Supreme Leadership. She felt that she had accomplished everything she wanted to. All the hours she had spent planning and thinking about what she would do had proved useful. Now it was almost over and who knew how long it would be before she won again. It felt like summer was ending and she would have to go back to school the next day. She wished it didn’t have to end so soon, or that she could stop time and stay indefinitely in the present.

Her stomach growled, bringing her hunger back with a vengeance. She stood up, put her light robe on and went toward the kitchen, hoping her brothers had dinner ready. She found Brant working hard to get everything prepared. Tim was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Tim… why isn’t he helping you?”

“He’s washing his sheets as you requested, Mistress.”

“Oh yeah… probably moving really slowly too.”

“Probably. Dinner should be ready soon,” Brant said.

She sat down; the table was already set. She enjoyed watching Brant working in the kitchen naked as he carried things to the table. His long flaccid cock swayed side to side as he worked. When he got close enough she reached out and grab it, freezing him where he stood.

“Does this have any life left in it, after all the use?” she asked, not letting go.

“I’m sure it will rise to the occasion when called upon, Mistress.”

“I hope so,” Vicky said, letting go of his shaft.

She felt it already plumping up when she let go and watched him continue to work. It rose about halfway before falling back limp with no further stimulation. She was confident he’d be up to the challenge again whenever she asked. Tim, on the other hand, may be too sore to be much use after what she had done to him as she got her revenge. As she thought about Tim he rounded the corner and joined them in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Her eyes went right to his penis. It was red and clearly sore. His balls looked worse. When he saw her sitting there, he paused, almost flinching from her presence.

“Come here, Tim,” she said.

He tried not to hesitate, walking over to her as quick as he could. He stood before her as she sat in the chair. Reaching out she gently touched his penis and sore testicles. He flinched at the slightest of touches.

“I did a number on you, didn’t I?”

“It’s fine, Mistress.”

“Sure it is… would it help if you were allowed to ejaculate?”

“I don’t know, Mistress.”

“After dinner you can decide if you would like to try.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Now help Brant finish with dinner so we can all eat.”

As he walked over to help she could tell he was in quite a bit of pain. She hoped relieving the pressure that was pent up, would help him but it might be too late for that and just take time. She was worried she might have ruined him for the rest of her time as Supreme Leader, leaving just one brother to fulfill her needs.

Dinner was soon ready and they all sat and enjoyed the meal Brant had prepared.


With Vicky’s statement to him, Tim felt his punishment had finally come to an end. He was being honest when he said he didn’t know if ejaculating would ease his suffering or only make it worse. Both of his balls throbbed and ached terribly as did deeper inside of him. He figured it was his prostate from her hour long milking of it. He was careful when he sat down, trying not to jostle or bump his balls on the chair. Even his cock felt raw and sore. He didn’t know if he wanted to even attempt to get it hard gain and try and cum. He just wanted to go to bed and try to forget about the pain.

Dinner wasn’t bad, Brant did his standby spaghetti and they all ate until full. As soon as dinner was over Vicky spoke up.

“Don’t clean up, boys. It can wait until later. So… Tim… have you decided if you want to try and cum or not?”

“In what manner will this be done, Mistress?” he asked her.

“It’s up to you. You may manually do it or you can have me help.”

“I would like to just try and get hard first, Mistress and decide then.”

“As you wish,” she said getting up from the table and undoing her robe, letting it drop on the chair so she was as naked as them.

She walked toward him and he was actually surprised to feel his penis move, slowly beginning to rise off his sore testicles as he viewed his stunning sister naked again. Even among his pain her hot little body was stunning and so tempting. He pulled his seat out from under the table. Vicky knelt down in front of him on the soft carpet. Brant remained seated and watched. Tim flinched as Vicky reached out and touched his slowly moving penis. It hurt when she touched it even lightly with her fingers. It continued to grow though even when she removed her hand out of fear.

“Is it too sore for me to touch?” she asked.

“It might be, Mistress.”

“What if I only use my mouth, nice and gently?”

“You could try,” Tim responded, the thought making his cock lurch despite the pain.

Tim watched his hot sister, who had just recently tortured him, slowly bend over and open her mouth. The sensation of her taking his head into her hot, wet mouth was a combination of wonderful pleasure mixed with a stinging burn. As she descended further onto his hardening shaft the sensation only increased. His shaft was sorer than his head from all her stroking. He did not complain because there was pleasure as well as a deep desire to finally cum. It surprised him how quickly his sore penis grew to full height inside her soft, creamy mouth. He could tell he had been forgiven. Vicky was being very gentle with her mouth and the results were highly stimulating. Pleasure overcame the soreness and pain as Vicky slowly eased up and down on his shaft using only her mouth. Tim felt no teeth, only soft lips and velvety, wet tongue, bathing his cock in slippery bliss.

Pain returned seconds later when the skin began to tighten on his sore nuts. He groaned as his testicles were pulled upward toward his shaft and Vicky stopped her sucking.

“Too sore even with just my mouth?”

“My dick is fine, but what made me groan were my balls rising. They are really sore.”

“Do you want me to continue?” she asked.

“Yes, please, I think the results will be worth it.”

She smiled up at him before opening her hot little mouth and taking his hard, red cock back in. She eased down the length of his shaft with her lips just lightly caressing his shaft. Tim ignored the rising of his painful balls, focusing on the exquisite sensations she was bringing forth on his penis. He had never had such a slow, gentle and time consuming blowjob before. She was extra careful, and mindful of anything that made him flinch in pain as she continued on her knees while he sat naked in the dining room chair. The deep desire to ejaculate was coming forth, overpowering any pain and doubts. The denial she had exhibited for hours had his body and mind focused on only one thing. Ejaculation.


Brant’s well-used cock was growing hard as he watched his naked sister pleasure his brother with her mouth. She was taking such care to not hurt him; it was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. She looked unbelievable on her knees, bent over slightly with a mouth full of cock. He watched her nipples harden on her perfect breasts as she worked up and down on Tim’s bright red cock. It looked sore as shit but somehow he was taking the pain with the pleasure. Brant’s dick was soon fully hard without any manual stimulation. He wanted to touch himself or better yet kneel behind Vicky and take her doggy style while she sucked Tim. This was of course not allowed without her say so, so he patiently waited and watched her work on Tim.

Brant’s cock was soon oozing a clear trail of pre-cum out of his slit and down the underside of his rigid cock. He wondered if moving or clearing his throat would get her attention, making it possible for him to join in. Just like his brother, the image of his incredible sister’s body sucking cock was like a drug he had to have. He tried clearing his throat, but she ignored him. He could tell her conscience and guilt was driving her to only think about Tim and making it right. Brant was forced to sit and watch as his cock throbbed between his legs, not even allowed to touch it himself.


Tim’s cock was red hot in her mouth. Vicky knew it was from the irritated skin and the amount of blood pulsing in his throbbing cock. She had to be ever so gentle or Tim would moan or flinch. She made sure to keep her teeth covered and only use her lips and tongue on his damaged tool. She didn’t care how long it took, she would bring him to a climax this way and hopefully the animosity toward each other would finally be over. Sucking Tim this slowly had her all worked up. She felt her nipples pucker the areolas around both as they rose off her firm perky breasts. Her sex moistened as the blood from arousal engorged her clitoris and lips.

She heard Brant clear his throat and move around in his chair to the side of her, but she ignored him. She was sure, even without looking, he was fully hard and wanting some attention as well. She was surprised he had tried anything with her being Supreme Leader, and she thought about punishing him but didn’t want to take Tim’s penis from her mouth in fear of losing any build up she was achieving at such a slow pace. She figured Brant only tried to get her attention because of the connection they had together, which had grown even further in the past days.

Pushing Brant out of her mind, she placed her hands on the sides of Tim’s chair and continued to twist her head back and forth slowly as she rose and fell on his cock. She dared not touch his balls even with her mouth, making sure not to go too deep onto him in fear of jostling them. Over and over, she took him into her mouth, slow and steady, not changing the pace or grip once she found the perfect combination he could handle.

She was pleased as his moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Her knees began to hurt from the carpet and she estimated over thirty minutes had gone by with her on her knees. She felt his shaft and head extend further in her mouth, signaling an end in sight and his climax imminent. She wanted to tell him to cum anytime he wanted, but that would mean she would have to take him out of her mouth. This would only delay his climax further. She continued, feeling her own arousal grow as the pending climax of her brother neared.


The pain in Tim’s balls was increasing as they were forced against his body in preparation for his orgasm. Deep inside his body, just behind his cock, his prostate throbbed as it too prepared for the convulsions that were moments away. His heart was pounding in his chest. Never had he been treated like this before, or worked up this slowly to a boil. He felt light and dizzy, almost not noticing the hard chair under him as his incredible sister continued her slow methodical blowjob, the like of which neither brother had ever had nor witnessed. The pressure that was building was enormous. The torture and denial, from the past hours, had caused what felt like a blockage inside his body. Pressure was building behind it and when it finally grew too strong, Tim figured the resulting explosion could possibly injure him further.

He didn’t know what to expect. As the moment neared he spoke to his Supreme Leader.

“Mistress, I’m going to cum.”

As he said the words he feared for a split second that she would stop and deny him once again, and that this was only more of the torture she had started earlier. When she continued, his fear melted away and the blockage finally gave way to what can only be described as atomic. It felt like a gallon of semen exploded from his loins all in one massive contraction. He expected Vicky to hurriedly come off his cock, drowning in his juices and gagging for air but it was just the opposite. She acted like he wasn’t even cumming, taking him even deeper before finally easing off his shaft as the next contraction hit Tim’s body.

This one was just as powerful and he was shocked when nothing left the head of his cock save a tiny glob of stark white semen that oozed slowly down his shaft. The milking she had performed had completely drained him of his semen. He was experiencing a mind-blowing dry climax as his body continued to convulse and contract, sending unspeakable pleasure through his body but ejecting very little to show for it.

This continued for almost a full forty-five seconds, longer than any normal orgasm he had experienced and with each contraction even less semen exited his cock, but it felt like it should have been spraying two feet with each contraction. She had stopped touching him and all of them watched his cock jerk and twitch for the next seconds. Tim squirmed and moaned on the hard chair, not believing his eyes as nothing came out of his climaxing cock.

Finally the contractions eased and the deep pain settled back onto his balls and cock. The release was extremely satisfying and he did feel better after finally being allowed to climax but there was still the nagging throb.

“Wow, that was interesting,” Vicky said when she could tell he was done.

She leaned forward and licked off the few white globs of semen that had been forced out, swallowing them.

“Really strange, nothing came out,” Brant said from the side.

“Think how I feel. It felt like no climax before, as if I should have sprayed the dinner table with cum.”

“Must have drained you the other way, but you still climaxed. How do you feel?”

“Better, thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, Tim… I hope we are good now.”

“We are, and I’m very happy to finally be good.”

“Me too,” Vicky said. “But after that, I’m horny as hell.”

She turned to Brant and his cock was rock hard. Tim watched her stand up; her knees were bright red with carpet indentations. She limped over to Brant, and Tim could tell her legs were asleep, but she wanted it and she wanted it bad. Tim sat back in his chair, trying not to move and watched Vicky climb right up onto Brant’s lap, grab his cock and feed it into her wet pink sex. She took his cock as deep as it would go in one fluid motion. Both of them moaned in harmony as Tim looked on.


Three thousand miles away, the sibling’s parents sat together in a hotel room, contemplating calling their kids to check in before they went to bed.

“Do you think they really care if we call,” the husband asked.

“No, probably not but I like to hear from them and make sure they are all right,” the wife responded.

The father stood up, unbuttoned his shirt to prepare for sleep. “I’m sure they are fine… they are all adults now after all. They should be moving out soon anyway. Just come to bed… we’ll see them tomorrow.”

Instead the mother found her phone. “It will only take a second.” She pressed the screen and the phone began to dial.


“Yes… Yes… harder! Give it to me!” Vicky screamed.

She was now on her back lying on the dining room table as Brant stood, thrusting his hard cock deep into his sister’s wet sex. Half of her ass was hanging off the table and her legs were bent at the knees and spread wide. The table rocked back and forth from the thrust and two glasses had already tipped over onto the table cloth. The two ignored the clanking and tinkling of the china, going at it hard when the phone in the kitchen began to ring.

“Tim, can you get that?” Vicky asked.

“Just let it ring,” Brant said, pounding his cock in deep once again.

“Could be Mom… she hasn’t called yet and you know she always does,” Tim said, getting slowly to his feet.

“Better get it then, she’ll freak out if we don’t answer,” Vicky returned.

“Keep it down then, it sounds like an earthquake is happening with you two going at it.”

Brant smiled, slammed Vicky hard one more time before slowing down and stopping. Tim shook his head and picked up the phone.

“Hello…Hey, Mom… how’s the trip?”

Vicky and Brant smiled at each other as they listened to the one sided conversation. Brant’s long cock was buried deeply inside of her still. She could feel it pulsing in her sensitive vagina and wished he would go back to fucking her because she was really close to climax before the damn phone rang.

Brant eased out and gently slid back in, so slowly that the table didn’t even move. Vicky enjoyed the different sensation of the slow moving cock. She felt her lips clinging to his shaft as it glided effortlessly back into her body. His hands moved forward and began pinching her nipples, making her want to cry out in pleasure but she held it in, biting her lip instead.

“We’re all fine, Mom… just relaxing and staying out of the heat.”

Vicky closed her eyes as Brant’s cock eased back out of her until all she could feel was his swollen head at the entrance to her sex. He shoved it in harder this time and the table rocked just slightly, making one of the tipped glasses roll into a plate. The noise made Brant and her laugh quietly as Tim continued the conversation with their mother.

“Yes, Mom… we’re keeping up on the house chores… Vicky is making sure of that.”

The glass hit the plate again, making a louder noise. Brant had thrust even harder. Vicky was gripping the table cloth and biting her lip firmer to try and stop herself from screaming. The taboo of getting pounded on the dining table by her brother while her mother was on the phone with her other brother was turning her on. She figured if they continued to talk much longer and if Brant maintained his new rhythm she would cum before Tim hung up.

The glass continued to roll into the plate, clanking in a steady rhythm to Brant’s thrusts. Vicky was so close. Her grip on the table cloth hurt her hands and her entire body had gone taunt and rigid in anticipation of the climax just seconds away. The blood pounded in her head, making it difficult to hear Tim over the clanking of the glass.

“Okay… Yes… Sounds good… we’ll see you tomorrow… bye,” Tim said just as the wave crashed over Vicky and pleasure surged through her body.

She tasted blood in her mouth, but ignored it as the heat and euphoria took over all her senses. Her body shook and her pussy contracted on the fast moving cock of Brant. He had sped up now that Tim had ended the call. Vicky released her lip and screamed in pleasure as another wave of bliss radiated from her sex to fill her body with pleasure. Her skin tingled, her legs shook and she rode the wave through to its finale before falling limp onto the table top.

“May I cum, Mistress?” Brant asked, not slowing his thrusts.

“If… you… must,” she breathed out.

This seemed to encourage her brother and his thrusts became even more ferocious until her sex was suddenly empty and ropes of hot semen were falling onto her breasts, stomach and legs. He hadn’t been emptied as sufficiently as his brother and painted her naked quivering body with a good amount of hot sticky semen.

“Well, Mom and Dad are having a good time. Nothing has changed in their return flight. They should be home around one tomorrow,” Tim said, coming up to stand next to the panting couple.

Vicky opened her eyes and looked up at him and then Brant. “Sounds good… My time is running short. You two clean up dinner and come find me in my room when you’re done.”

Using the table cloth, Vicky cleaned herself off, hopped down from the table, found her light robe and retired to her room.


“Did Mom say anything about the noise?” Brant asked, laughing about what he had just done with Vicky.

“No, I guess if she heard anything she didn’t say,” Tim responded, clearing the table with Brant.

“Bummer. I wanted to see what you would have said if she had.”

“Yeah, really funny, Bro. Oh that noise? Oh that’s just Brant fucking Vicky on the dining table. Don’t worry about it, Mom.” Tim said.

“Oh man, can you imagine what she would do? What Dad would do if he found out?”

“Let’s not be stupid again and find out. Don’t want to ruin a really good thing,” Tim said.

“I know… but you have to admit it was pretty funny.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So how’s the dick? Looks awfully sore.”

“It is, but climaxing helped, even though nothing came out.”

“Seems like you and Vicky are good now. Are you going to be able to do anything more though?” Brant asked.

“I doubt it. It’s raw and my balls ache. I’m thinking you’ll have to fulfill the Supreme Leader’s sexual needs until her reign is over.”

“Looking forward to it. Sorry about your cock. Should be fun night and morning.”

“Yeah, but as fun as it sounds my sore cock really doesn’t care.”


“Told you they were fine,” the father said.

“Yes, but it was good to make sure,” Vicky’s mother responded, putting her phone down.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, seeing a strange expression on her face.

“Nothing, I just heard a strange noise in the background when I was talking to Tim.”

“What did it sound like?”

“I don’t know really. Kind of a steady clank in perfect sequence.”

“Probably their music, that stuff is nothing but noise.”

“Yeah, maybe… it just reminded me of something.”

She began to undress before climbing into the bed next to her husband and snuggling up to him.

“What did it remind you of?” he asked.

“Well… if you’re up for it I’ll show you?” she said, reaching under the covers to grab her husband’s soft cock.

“Sex? That’s odd for you to think about that when talking to you kids on the phone.”

“I know, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

She gripped his shaft, wondering if she could manage to get him erect without the little blue pill. She did the best she could with his pajamas in the way but not much was happening. She helped her husband out of his pants and boxers, hoping the added sensation of skin to skin would help. An idea came to her mind and before she talked herself out of it she was under the sheets to pay a little special attention to her limp husband.

The twin boys get their size from their father. Vicky’s mother has never lacked in sensations with the width and length of her husband’s perfectly formed penis as long as it was hard. She could have sworn the noise she heard sounded just like someone having sex and her mind had wandered even talking to Tim. She was determined to have her husband hard and not have to wait for a pill to kick in. She opened her mouth and sucked his flaccid head into her hot wet mouth and felt it lurch. A good sign.

“Mmmm… you haven’t done this for a while,” he said just as she took the head of his cock into her mouth.

She didn’t respond, sucking hard before taking a few more inches into her mouth. She felt it begin to plump up, motivating her to suck harder and literally draw the blood into his extensive shaft. Before long she had his impressive member firm and throbbing. He always did love blowjobs.


Vicky sat up in bed against her headboard thinking about the last few days. Had she done everything she wanted to do because she had only seventeen hours before the game was over. Some of that time had to be spent sleeping even if she didn’t want to. Tim was as good as used up and she didn’t know how much Brant could do either. She remembered not too long ago when he was Supreme Leader and had fucked her so much that he spent the last day of his reign resting because he couldn’t get hard anymore. She wondered if the same thing would happen this time to him with his cock being the only one left to have.

He had done well just a few minutes ago. Vicky tried to add up the times he had cum this time compared to the time when he couldn’t continue. It was almost impossible to remember. All the games had run together to figure out an accurate count. She did remember it being pretty much nonstop though before his dick finally wouldn’t get hard again. The constant sex hadn’t affected her then because she was so used to it. She remembered feeling cocky and proud when she outlasted him, knowing she could have continued if he could have managed. Of course she didn’t rub it in then, not wanting to be punished by the Supreme Leader. Instead she left his room with a smile on her face as he tried in vain to bring his penis erect again. “Call me if you need anything, Master,” she had said and laughed silently all the way to her room. Brant hadn’t asked her for anything the rest of the game, probably out of embarrassment. Tim, on the other hand, had to do whatever he wanted.

Lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear her brothers come into her room until Brant cleared his throat.

“Dinner is cleaned up, Mistress. How may we serve you?”

“Come sit with me. One of you one either side,” she said, patting her bed next to her.

The brothers obeyed, taking their places in the bed. She had Brant on her right and Tim on her left, leaning up against her headboard. She put her hands on the leg closest to her and rubbed their muscled thighs. Neither of them showed any sign of arousal, both cocks were flaccid and wrinkled. Tim’s much more red then his twins.

“Let’s take this opportunity to talk about things we can’t when Mom and Dad are home. About the game or questions we have. Do you guys have any for me? Don’t be afraid, you can speak freely.”

There was silence for a time and then Tim asked, “Has playing this game with us made you more aggressive and sexual outside the house?”

“Good question… absolutely. I have sex on a regular basis and it’s usually me that instigates it.”

“Are any of the guys as good as us or as big?” Brant asked.

She could tell this subject kind of bugged him because of the connection they were cultivating. “No, I haven’t found a bigger dick then your two and the guys never last long enough. I’m lucky to cum once before they do.”

She saw the hint of a smile on Brant’s face from her reply. She wasn’t lying either. Her brothers had become well versed in making her orgasm and their stamina was years ahead of the boys her age because of the game. She loved when her parents left town, hungered for it. She hadn’t kept a steady boyfriend since the games had begun because she kept looking for one that could compete with her brothers. It got so bad between her parents trips that she almost snuck into Brant’s room a time or two while they were home.

“Okay, I have a question for you? Why don’t either of you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“Probably the same reason you don’t have a boyfriend,” Tim answered very quickly.

“Can’t find anyone that compares to you, Sis…. I mean, Mistress.” Brant added.

“Really? No one?”

“No one,” they both said at exactly the same time.

“Oh you guys are such the sweet talkers.”

“It’s true… were too accustomed to what you do that the others are boring and too much work.”

“So I’ve ruined you both?”

“Afraid so.”

“Great, and you’ve ruined me. So what do we do now?” she asked.

“Who said we have to do anything… why does something have to change?” Brant asked.

“Yeah, if anything it will be better now that you finally won,” Tim added.

“It doesn’t, not now… but we can’t do this forever you know.”

Neither brother commented. They apparently didn’t want to think about something so awful. Neither did she, so she forced it from her mind, determined to enjoy the last hours she had control over her two lovely brothers. They sat in silence for a time and no one asked any other questions.

Patting their legs, she finally said, “Well time’s wasting, so here’s what I need from you two. If you can make me cum…” she hesitated looking at the clock… “Five times before 2 A.M. you both can do whatever you want for the remainder of the game. Use what every means you must… I’ll tell you if I don’t like something.”

She threw off her sheets and scooted down onto her back between her two siblings and waited to see what they would do to her.


Brant was the first to move, leaning forward to lightly caress her naked right breast, tracing his finger around the firm round mound in a circle until he finished on her nipple. It grew erect quickly as he rubbed the pad of his index finger back and forth over it. Vicky moaned with pleasure as Brant continued with the nipple stimulation. His cock still had some life in it, rising slowly between his legs as he fondled Vicky’s amazing breast.

Brant looked away from his work to his brother who had yet to move. Tim was watching what Brant was doing and slightly cringing. Brant soon saw why when Tim’s sore penis started to move. His dick looked like raw hamburger and very painful. Brant knew if and when Tim started participating it would unavoidably become erect and probably hurt even worse.

Moving to his knees, Brant knelt on the side of the bed next to Vicky. Using both hands on her breasts, he brought her left nipple to the same erect state as the right. His cock grew to full strength and pulsed and bobbed over her as he played. Vicky continued to coo at his touch, getting more vocal when Brant pinched and gently twisted her erect nipples. His cock was soon oozing, the drip of clear pre-cum was about to run down the V in his head when he pinched it with his fingers and used the slippery juice to tease Vicky’s right breast. Before it dried he had another glob forming on his head.

Brant looked back at Tim. His sore cock was getting bigger even when Tim seemed to be fighting for it to stay soft. Seeing Vicky’s eyes closed, Brant made a motion with his head for Tim to start helping, after all time was passing and they had a lot of work to do before two. Reluctantly Tim joined Brant on his knees but on the opposite side of their sexy sister.


Tim knew if he touched her, his cock would grow hard even through the pain. It burned and every slight movement made the pain worse. As the blood filled his glands the skin became tight, pulling agonizingly with every heartbeat. He recognized it was futile to try and keep it soft, and he really wanted the day off tomorrow to recover. Fighting through the pain he reached forward and put his left hand on her ribs, moving down her tight abdomen. She had the most amazing body, tan, tight and perfect, virtually impossible not to get erect. Just touching her toned stomach with the wispy peach fuzz under her bellybutton got his cock painfully hard. He spent a few minutes just lightly touching her abdomen, legs and returning to her perfect stomach.

Her back arched as he slid his hand further down toward her shaved sex, over the two inches of hair she had left above her clit. She gasped audibly as his fingers found her clitoris hood and ever so softly brushed her outer lips down to the bottom of her sex. Tim watched Brant pinch off more of his pre-cum and add it to her nipples again, twisting and pulling at her flesh with both hands. Bringing his hand back up, Tim opened her fleshy curtains with his fingers, feeling her wetness beneath. Sliding over her vaginal opening and urethra, he found her little clit hiding under her folds but already plump with arousal. She moaned louder yet and pushed her body into his hand as he scissored her nubbin between two fingers.

“Yes! Oh shit… don’t stop… that’s perfect… don’t stop what you are doing either of you and I’ll cum!”

They obeyed their Supreme leader and with just their two sets of hands on breasts and sex, brought Vicky to her first orgasm as she had commanded. Tim’s sore cock throbbed and dripped pre-cum down his red shaft. He loved making Vicky climax, finding it one of, if not ‘the’ sexiest sights he had ever witnessed. Her body would shake and clench up tight everywhere as the waves pulsed through her body. The slow buildup of breast play and soft touch had culminated in what appeared to be a powerful climax. Her breathing was short and quick. Her chest heaved for air and her body vibrated from the bliss. He continued to pinch her clit between the middle of his fingers as he palmed her pussy while his brother tweaked her nipples to add to the climax.

She finally screamed in ecstasy and went limp all over, signaling for them to stop and let her recover.

“Oh my… well done, boys… That’s one. What else do you have in store for me?” she asked, finally opening her eyes to look at them.

She quickly noticed both of their erect dicks and smiled. “Oh wow, look at you two… and here I thought you were all used up.”

Tim was grateful when she reached up and grabbed Brant’s cock instead of his. He wished he wasn’t hurting so bad but also hoped she would leave his sore cock alone tonight. That was when he noticed the long dildo still on her nightstand. That would have to substitute for his cock, at least until he wasn’t raw anymore.

Carefully stepping off the bed, Tim walked around to her nightstand and picked up the toy, bringing it back to the bed. She smiled at him all the while stroking Brant’s impressive shaft.

“Is that going to be used in place of you?”

“Afraid so, Mistress, I’m much too sore.”

“Whatever you have to do, Toy.”

Tim looked at the clock. It had taken less than thirty minutes to make her cum one time. At this rate he and Brant would be free with time to spare.


Vicky was still tingling from the massive climax her brothers had coaxed out of her with just their hands. Brant’s cock felt nice and rigid in her hand, not as hard as she’d felt him before but hard enough. Tim’s dick would be useless to her but the long anal twist she had purchased would do just fine. She watched Tim climb back on her bed as she stroked Brant nice and slow. She was dripping wet and had no problem taking half the long toy when Tim slipped it between her legs, down over her clitoris and into her open, drenched sex. He pushed it in smoothly but not too fast until half of its length entered her. She moaned as the ribs widened as the toy went deeper, stimulating the sides of her sex as each rib passed into her.

With his other hand, Tim pulled her clit hood back and began to use his thumb to stimulate her erect nub as he worked the long toy in and out of her. It was soon coated in her juices, hitting her cervix each time as Tim thrust it deep. Brant leaned forward as she stroked his shaft and began playing with her breasts again, quickly bringing her nipples to taunt rocks. Warmth spread through her body from the pampering, rising from her toy stuffed sex to meet in the middle as the electricity surged through her breasts to her core. She basked in the sensations her brothers were inflicting and reveled in her Supreme Leadership, forgetting to stroke Brant’s cock and letting her hand fall to the bed as her pleasure began to build again.

She couldn’t think of much better than both her handsome brothers pampering her to orgasm one after another. This was what being Supreme Leader was all about.


When Vicky let go of Brant’s cock and he was no longer getting any stimulation from her he decided it was time to change things up. Letting go of her nipples, he crawled down the bed beneath her and while his brother sawed the toy in and out of her pussy, Brant lifted her legs, spreading them. He figured she would tell him if she didn’t like something so he didn’t bother to ask as he moved forward, placing his throbbing cock under the toy. Tim bent the long toy almost in half, allowing Brant to work his cock into position. It was difficult to see just where his cock head was with the long toy thrusting in and out of her with Tim’s hand connected to it, but Brant began to press in anyway, hoping he had found her tight little asshole. He felt pressure and heat but no give so he tried a little lower. Jackpot! Brant felt his head sink slowly into Vicky’s amazing ass. Plenty of lube, from her climax, helped and Brant eased almost all of his cock into her butt with no complaints from the Supreme Leader.

It was spectacular! Brant could feel the toy’s ribs pass over his cock as Tim thrust the toy in and pulled it out. With the toy bent so much it forced the shaft downward toward Brant’s cock and he felt every rib run the length of his cock inside his sister. Brant practically didn’t even have to move his own cock with the stimulation from the toy rubbing the top of his dick. Vicky was breathing faster now, her eyes were shut and little moans of pleasure escaped her lips each time Tim pressed the toy in or sped up on her clit.

Tight bliss covered Brant’s hard cock as he stared down at his sister’s incredible body with his cock deep inside of her ass. The visual was mesmerizing, watching the long anal twist enter and leave her sex over his throbbing cock. When he began to move opposite the toy the pleasure only increased. When Tim pulled the twist out, Brant slid his cock in, keeping the same speed as his brother’s toy play. Nothing but moans of ecstasy emulated from their sister as the two brothers fucked both holes over and over for several minutes.

The sensation was much different than when he and Tim double penetrate her with their cocks. For one there was much more movement since neither of them was pinned down and the ribs of the toy caused vibrations to run through Brant’s dick where when they are both penises it’s much more smooth. Brant’s excitement grew quickly from the sensations as well as the visual of the toy and his cock alternating inside of Vicky. It was awesome to watch and feel. Even Tim seemed to be enjoying it from the look of his very hard red cock.


Vicky had grown to love being double penetrated. Usually it was by both her brother’s cocks but now with one shaft being the ribbed toy it brought a whole new experience to her body. Tim’s movement of the toy vibrated her sex from the ribs passing into her. The sensations ran together with the cock filling her ass to the brink. The feeling of being full mixed with the intense sensations of her clit being stimulated all ran together until she was on the verge of another climax in a relatively short time. The games had taught them well. Her brothers were by far the best lovers she had ever had. With all the hours of practice, they knew her body almost as well as she did. They knew what she liked and disliked, how to touch her body, when to touch certain areas and when to leave them alone.

They knew she was done with breast play, just wanting the focus on her clit, sex and ass. They focused their energies there and before another five minutes passed Vicky was cumming again with her body stuffed full of cock and toy. Her insides convulsed on both objects, squeezing the cock tight in her ass as her pussy took to spasms and her entire body clenched systematically for over a minute it tight controlled pulses. She didn’t know if she would make it to five orgasms before she fell asleep exhausted. These last two were so intense and went so long, five might be impossible, not due to her brothers but due to her own weakness. She felt light as air, almost like she was floating over the bed in pure euphoric bliss. The shafts continued to enter and exit her body all during her orgasm.

A ringing sound buzzed in her ears and she might have lost consciousness for a time because the next thing she remembered was sensing herself empty and cold from the small sheen of perspiration covering her body. She opened her eyes and saw both her brother’s smiling faces as they looked down at her.

“Only three more to go, Mistress.”


Brant had pulled out of her ass early so not to put himself over the edge. Her ass was squeezing him so tightly during her climax it was all he could do not to shoot deep into her bowels. He went as long as he could but finally pulled out, pinching the head of his cock and watched Vicky shake and rock back and forth under her climatic pangs. Tim hadn’t let up on the toy or his flicking of her very red and large clitoris, keeping her orgasm strong and potent. She suddenly melted into the bed again, going limp and seemingly out. Tim pulled the toy out and stopped playing. The brothers both sat back and watched what she would do. Every so often her body would shudder. It took a good minute before she finally opened her eyes and looked up at them.

It rained all morning but cleared up as I was getting in the car. Traffic was light and I made good time. I soon crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge and was in New England not long afterwards.

I knew I’d have a lot of time to think on the drive. I also knew I’d probably fixate on the past year. That was all that was on my mind lately.

A year before I was on top of the world. I was thirty-seven and a tenured professor with a pretty wife and an amazing six year-old son. Then one day I came home and Greta was waiting for me in the living room. She told me our marriage was over. It was just like any cliché.

I staggered through the process of getting a divorce. There were lawyers, lawyer’s fees, and lots of tears. We sold the house and I found an apartment near campus. The divorce was finalized in February, my wife and son by then living in their own apartment clear across town.

Then my dad died.

I barely knew the man. He ran out on me and Mom when I was three, moving in with his girlfriend. They married, moved to Massachusetts, and had a kid a few years later. That’s my half-sister Stephanie.

Dad wasn’t involved in my upbringing beyond paying child support. I only saw him once or twice a year at the most. He paid for college, though, all the way through graduate school. His trucking business had prospered and he was a wealthy man. I had no desire to refuse the funds, either. I figured he owed me.

We exchanged Christmas Cards and saw each every few years, but that was all. He’d only met his grandson once. That’s why I was surprised when his death hit me so hard. Any remote chance we’d had of a real relationship someday was gone. Like my marriage.

The funeral was awkward. Everyone was from dad’s life in New England. Dad’s second wife passed away years earlier so the only person I knew was Stephanie, and she was practically a stranger.

I hadn’t seen Stephanie in four or five years. I knew she’d been to culinary school and was working as a personal chef, but not much else about her. I found myself noticing how cute she was, but pushed aside the thought. Even so, I kept glancing at her more than a brother should.

I got a call from her a few months later. She’d been handling Dad’s estate, keeping me informed the whole time. I knew I was inheriting a substantial sum, but had no idea how much.

I’d just gotten home on a Wednesday evening, looking around my miserable little bachelor pad. It was strewn with boxes I hadn’t gotten around to unpacking yet. I’d been living there for months and it looked like I moved in yesterday.

That’s when Stephanie called. She told me she Dad bought a cabin in Maine right before he died.

“A cabin? Really?”

“Yeah,” Stephanie said. “I came across the paperwork this afternoon. He paid cash and never said a word to me.”

“That’s odd.”

“Sure is,” she said. “So, listen, I have a bunch of papers for you to sign regarding Dad’s estate.”

“You want to send them to me?”

“I was going to head up to the cabin some weekend,” she said. “I thought you might want to see it, too, so we could decide what to do with it. While we’re there, you could sign the papers.”

“Yeah, okay. I can get away.”

We talked for a few minutes, deciding to head up that coming weekend. It was completely innocent, and I was happy for the chance to be somewhere else for a few days.

All I had was a pair of freshman sections to teach on Friday mornings, and then I was free for the day. I’d leave at noon and be at the cabin around dinnertime. Stephanie would join me on Saturday morning.


I reached Maine late that afternoon. My exit was a half hour up Route 95, though, so I still had some driving to do. I was relieved to get off the interstate and was soon driving through vast, rural stretches of pine forest.

The cabin was down the end of a narrow dirt road a few miles from a small town. It was perched on the shores of a narrow lake some miles long. There were a scattering of cabins on our side of the lake, the opposite shore within the boundary of a state park and thus untouched.

I parked and went inside. The caretaker Dad hired said he would leave the cabin unlocked for us and the keys on the kitchen table. That was Maine for you.

The cabin was gorgeous. I’d worried I might be in for a weekend of roughing-it, but found no danger of that. There were three bedrooms, two full baths, and a great room with a pair of huge windows facing the lake flanking a massive stone fireplace. It had every modern convenience, including a modern kitchen with granite countertops and what looked like very expensive appliances.

I went back out for some essentials. At a grocery store in the nearest town I bought a twelve pack of beer, milk, coffee, and Cheerios. I pulled into the drive-thru of a fast food place and got a burger and fries for dinner.

I settled right onto the couch and switched on the satellite TV. I found an NHL playoff game and watched it while I ate dinner and drank too many beers.


I woke with a start the next morning, my neck stiff from falling asleep on the couch. I made coffee and stood at the window looking out at the lake while I drank it.

The waters were dark, almost black. Towering pines lined the far shores as a pair of geese flew by. I wondered if it was possible to keep the cabin. My son would love it here. Maybe summers in Maine would give him back some of his childhood happiness.

Finishing the coffee, I went out for a run along the dirt road. I did a few miles at a good pace. Even during the darkest depths of the past year, I never let up on my daily runs. Running was my salvation, my daily peace and time for introspection.

I ate some Cheerios for breakfast when I got back and showered. I was toweling off when I heard Stephanie.

“Hello! Andrew?” she called.

“Uh, just a sec,” I answered. “I just got out of the shower.”

I dressed quickly, throwing on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. Stephanie was in the living room looking out over the lake.

She wore jeans and a dark blue sweater. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a long ponytail that reached all the way down to the middle of her back. I noticed her long legs and the way her jeans showed off her ass. I admonished myself for the thought, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

“Stephanie,” I said.

She turned around. More un-brotherly thoughts popped into my mind as I was reminded how pretty she was. She had very fine features, olive green eyes, and full lips. Her breasts were larger than average and suited her frame. She was trim but had the perfect amount of that feminine plumpness men so frequently lust for. She certainly wasn’t fat, but she had all the right curves and was soft to the touch.

We hugged and I smelled her fresh, clean scent. I felt a tingle of arousal followed by a pang of guilt. I told myself I would have to knock it off or it would be a long weekend.

We chatted for a few minutes about the cabin and the view. I kept looking at her face, marveling at her prettiness and feeling myself drawn in by her eyes. I wondered what her lips felt like, thinking what it would be like to kiss them and feel her tongue in my mouth.

I pushed my thoughts aside as best I could. I barely knew this woman, but she was still my sister. I told myself brothers shouldn’t be looking at their sisters that way and wondered what was wrong with me. Yet I couldn’t help myself.

She noticed the fast food wrapper and empty beer bottles on the coffee table.

“What’s this?” she said, raising an eyebrow.


She looked horrified.

“I think we’ve some grocery shopping to do.”

I drove us into the nearest town with a supermarket. We talked about Dad’s estate on the way. It seemed he’d left a lot of properties and assets, far more than I expected.

After taxes and lawyers my share came out to over ten million dollars.

I nearly drove off the road when Stephanie told me.

“Ten million?” I gasped.

“That’s what I said. You’re a rich man now, Andrew.”

“Ten million,” I repeated, absorbing the idea. “That’s a lot of money, even if Greta expects half.”

Stephanie did all the shopping at the supermarket. I just pushed the shopping cart and watched as a bewildering variety of ingredients went into it. She also selected several bottles of wine.

We grabbed lunch at little deli near the edge of town, a place Stephanie said the foodie websites recommended. We sat out front at a little table eating roast pork sandwiches topped with melted provolone and hot peppers. It might have been the best sandwich I’d ever had.

Stephanie started talking about her favorite eateries back in Boston.

“I don’t know much about fine dining,” I confessed. “Greta’s idea of gourmet is The Olive Garden.”

Stephanie winced.

“Did she cook, at least?”

“She could reheat Chinese food.”

“You poor thing.”

We hopped back in the car and headed back to the cabin.

“How’s that guy?” I asked her. “He was at the funeral. What’s his name?”

“Josh. He’s no longer in the picture.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, me too,” she said. “It hasn’t been easy lately. First Dad dies and then Josh breaks it off a few weeks after.”

“Well, a lady as cute as you won’t stay single for long,” I said.

“Aw, shucks,” she said, rolling her eyes playfully and pretending to be embarrassed.

Back at the cabin we put the groceries away and decided to take a walk. There was a trailhead a quarter mile down the dirt road. It led into the state park where the far side of the lake was crisscrossed with walking trails.

We walked for hours, talking about our lives. We’d fallen into an easy familiarity, and the talk flowed freely. Stephanie told me about Josh and how he left her for another woman.

“I feel so inferior to her, whoever she is.” She sighed. “I can’t get over the fact that he found her more suitable than me. Better.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned in close to me as we strolled along. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, to console her that way.

I felt a rush of excitement and reminded myself that this woman – this beautiful, interesting woman – was my sister. Nothing could come of these wayward thoughts except for anguish.

She straightened up after a minute and moved away again. She was still very close and our hands brushed against each other now and then as we walked.

The conversation turned towards my life. I told her about my surprised grief over Dad’s death and my divorce.

“So that’s where I’m at.” I shook my head. “I don’t know how my life got this way. I know self-pity is pointless, but I can’t seem to move on. I feel shattered.”

She nodded, deep in thought.


Stephanie headed right for the kitchen as soon as we got back.

“OK, let’s get cooking,” she announced. “Start slicing those onions.”

“Um. Slicing onions?”

“You’re hopeless,” she chided gently. “Let me show you.”

She unzipped her sweater and tossed it over the back of the nearest chair. Underneath she wore a white form-hugging tank top. Greta wore a B cup, but Stephanie’s tits were noticeably larger. She had to be a C, I decided. She looked incredible, her breasts stretching the fabric in the front of the tank top.

“Pick up that knife,” she told me. “Stand here.”

She stood behind me, reaching her arms around and holding the tops of my hands. I felt her breath on my neck as she showed me how to hold the knife and move it through the onion. I tried to concentrate on what she was saying, but her presence was distracting to say the least.

The cutting and dicing phase of making dinner was fun, Stephanie standing close by or leaning against me as she demonstrated proper technique for me. It was a pleasant sort of torture to feel her so near. A couple of times, our eyes met and I thought I saw a flash of something, but was sure I’d been mistaken. There couldn’t be a mutual attraction, could there? Even if there was, what could come of it? After all, aren’t there some lines not meant to be crossed?

When the prep work was done Stephanie had me step back as she started the actual cooking. I sat at the big island in the middle of the kitchen and watched her work. She tended four pans at once with casual ease, chatting with me the whole time about what she was doing.

“You should have your own cooking show,” I commented.

“Maybe I will someday,” she said. “Do me a favor, will you? Open the bottle of cabernet.”

I opened the wine and we shared a drink as she cooked. Now and then she trusted me to something, putting her hand on my shoulder and giving me tips. She also had me sample a few sauces in advance.

“Try this,” she’d say, holding up a spoon. Then she’d move the spoon towards my mouth and gently feed me.

I was starting to see she was also talented and funny in addition to being adorable. I told myself I was sick for feeling thinking of this way, but couldn’t seem to stop.

We sat down for dinner. The first course was a celery and artichoke salad topped with shavings of Pecorino Romano. Stephanie prepared one plate which we shared. She paired the salad with a light white wine and we leaned over the dish together, savoring the simple flavors and how they interacted.

Next up was a lobster cake delicately sautéed and drizzled with a coconut curry sauce. Stephanie served it on a bed of creamy polenta and we had another glass of wine.

“Normally it would be crab cake,” she explained. “But, hey, it’s Maine so I figured I would change it up.”

“Oh my god,” I gasped as I tasted my first forkful. “That’s incredible!”

Stephanie smiled, shrugging and giving me a “who me?” expression.

I stared at her, shaking my head in amazement.

“This is amazing,” I told her.

Next was a pasta course, rigatoni smothered in the most delightful meat sauce I’d ever sampled. Stephanie paired it with some Chianti, the bottle of white wine having been drained.

By this point we were laughing and having a good time. I kept complimenting her food and she touched my arm. Ours eyes met and then she turned away. It was as though she’d forgotten for a moment we weren’t just two single people sharing a meal.

The main course was sweet Italian sausages served with roasted fennel and olives. I sighed with pleasure as I sampled it. The flavors of all three ingredients came through clearly and worked in perfect harmony.

“You learned all this in culinary school?” I asked.

“That and a year of study in Italy,” she said.

The meal lasted at least an hour. By the time it was over, we were buzzed from the wine and joking in an easy manner.

We moved into the living room, our third bottle of wine in hand. I got a nice fire started by turning a valve and hitting a button in the fireplace.

“How rustic,” Stephanie joked

“Every modern convenience,” I said, returning to the couch.

Stephanie turned on the sound system in the corner and poured us another glass of wine. She sat down on the couch closer to me than was sisterly. We talked some more as we watched the fire and drank.

I kept trying to suppress the thoughts streaming through my head. I’d never wanted a woman so bad in all my life. There she was, too, mere inches away.

An upbeat song came on the radio.

“Oh, I love this one!” Stephanie said, jumping up.

She started dancing. Her hips rocked back and forth, her tits bouncing under her tank top. I started to sweat, filthy thoughts overloading my brain. This was too much.

The song ended and a slow, romantic ballad replaced it.

“Dance with me,” Stephanie said.

Gulping, I stood. I put one arm around her waist and the other on her shoulder and we began to sway softly. She pressed closer to me and I hoped she wouldn’t feel the growing bulge in my pants.

We danced, slow and sensual by the flickering firelight. She rested her head on my shoulder and we continued to rock. I was in agony. My mind raced, searching for justifications for what I wanted to happen. I firmly believed anything between fully consenting adults wasn’t wrong. Did that extend to incest?

Then Stephanie looked up at me. Her eyes were like two emeralds glowing in the firelight, her half-open mouth so inviting.

I’m still not sure who initiated the kiss. Maybe we both did. Our lips were suddenly together and we were kissing furiously.

She broke it off, pulling back.

“What are we doing?” she gasped. “We have to get a hold of ourselves.”

I started to speak. Then our eyes met again and Stephanie was back in my arms. Our tongues attacked each other’s mouths and I pulled her tight against me.

“Andrew,” she murmured. “This is so wrong. We shouldn’t.”

I looked her in the eyes.

“Stephanie,” I told her calmly. “We both know what we want to happen. There’s nothing wrong with this.”

Stephanie stared into my eyes and then nodded slowly.

We kissed again and I slid my hands down her back until they reached her ass. I felt her round butt and grabbed it eagerly. She moaned and pressed herself closer to me.

Stephanie pulled back slowly from my embrace, eyeing me with a devilish look. She pulled off her tank top and threw it aside. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at her breasts as she undid her bra and cast it aside. They were exceptional, round and full and topped by a pair of inviting pink nipples.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her again. She pulled off my shirt. She looked me over and caressed my chest and shoulders.

“Damn,” she said. “You keep in shape, in spite of the junk food binges.”

We stripped each other the rest of the way and collapsed onto the thick rug in front of the fireplace, our hands all over each other as we made out wildly. I was carried away by the sudden fury of it all, desiring only to ravish Stephanie with every ounce of lustful vigor I could muster.

I growled, kissing and biting her neck and moving down to her breasts. I took one into my mouth, licking the nipple tenderly and then nibbling it just enough to make her squeal. Then I sucked on it hard and she sighed happily.

I inched my way down her body, kissing her belly until I arrived at her pussy. She lifted her legs for me and I leaned in close.

The musty scent of pussy filled my nostrils and I sighed with anticipation. I love few things in life more than eating pussy.

I gave her pussy a long, slow lick and felt her shudder. I pushed her pussy lips aside and kissed her clit, sucking on it gently. She let out a little chirp of delight and I plunged right in. I began licking her clit rapidly, slurping up the taste of her juices. I licked it up and down and then from side to side, Stephanie gasping and groaning.

I slid my middle finger inside her, fingering her as I kept licking her clit.

Stephanie was gasping and breathing heavily. I started fingering her faster.

“I want you inside me,” she moaned. “Fuck me!”

I crawled back on top of her. Stephanie pulled me close and kissed me hard. She reached down and guided me inside her. I could scarcely wrap my mind around the reality of the moment. I was inside my sister’s pussy, and I was going to fuck her.

Stephanie’s eyes grew wide and she gasped.

“Oh, that’s it!” she moaned. “Now fuck me.”

I began fucking her nice and slow. I knew that was what she wanted. I’m not sure why, but we had some sort of perfect sexual chemistry right from the start. We could read each other’s cues and respond to them effortlessly.

We kept at it slowly, kissing the whole time. After a few minutes, I increased my tempo. She began to moan, bucking and thrusting underneath me. She lifted her legs up, wrapping them around my waist tightly.

I began fucking her faster. She responded, groaning and kissing me wildly. It was like she was trying to push her tongue all the way down my throat. I’d never seen a woman so aroused.

Author’s note: Oops, I did it again. Not for the first time, I fear I have buried the sexual content under a heap of scene-setting, backstory and chit-chat. If you want rapid gratification, look elsewhere. But if you do read on, and enjoy it, you might offer a little word of thanks to the real Angie (she is drawn from life) whose name is not really Angie, and who does something different for a living these days.


Dr Sandhu was polite and patient, as always, but she seemed tired. She took her glasses off and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Your brother’s condition is much as it was at your last visit, Miss Wheeler. His psychological condition, I mean. Physically, he is doing well. The wound to his wrist is healing well. He is eating, drinking and sleeping healthily. He looks after himself, washes and shaves – shaving under supervision, of course. He reads his books. He has shown no sign of repeating the self-harming behaviour. But he still has not spoken, nor shown any emotional expression at all. Not a tear, not a smile. He is in an emotionally frozen state, suspended between rage and grief. It has been four weeks now, as you know. I have had a therapist try to communicate with him, but there is no response at all. And I must say I am not prepared to discharge him from the clinic while he is in this state. He needs to talk. I need him to talk. Even a smile would be a start. And until that happens, we wait. I’m sorry, Miss Wheeler, I realise this must be dreadfully distressing for you.”

“It’s all right, Dr Sandhu,” said Helen. “I appreciate all you are doing for David.”

“Miss Wheeler, it is not strictly my place to say so, but I imagine that you are physically and emotionally exhausted. It is important that you look after yourself, and seek support if you need it.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Helen was, indeed, shattered by the events of a month ago and their aftermath. She thought back to the moment when her safe, comfortable world had been turned upside down.


Four weeks earlier

A normal Saturday evening in early summer. A knock at Helen’s door. Two young, uniformed police officers, a man and a woman. Hats off, serious faces. “May we come in, Miss Wheeler?” Sitting awkwardly on her sofa. “Miss Wheeler, we have some very grave news concerning your brother, Professor David Wheeler. Swiss police have identified two bodies recovered from the scene of a road traffic accident near Lausanne as those of your brother and his wife. I’m terribly sorry.”

Helen gave a short, high laugh. “But David’s in London! I saw him, at his home, at lunchtime today! His wife – Marie-Claude – oh God, yes, she is in Lausanne. A conference. Oh no … oh no, poor Marie-Claude … what has happened to her? But David’s in London. There must be a mistake.”

The female officer consulted some notes. “Marie-Claude Wheeler was identified by means of a Swiss passport which was on her person. The passenger in the car was carrying no identification. But his clothing, and what could be discerned of his appearance, matched descriptions of a man who had been staying with Mrs – Doctor – Wheeler, in a double hotel room booked by her for herself and her husband, during an academic conference. Mrs Wheeler had rented the car.”

Everything fell into place. Marie-Claude. Poor, dead, brilliant, beautiful, faithless, fatal Marie-Fucking-Claude. What have you done, thought, Helen, what have you done to my brother? Helen tried to explain to the police. “You see what’s happened, you must see … the man in the car, in the hotel, it wasn’t David … she was having an affair, passed the man off as David … oh Jesus, oh God … you will have to tell him. Please let me come with you, please. He is a … sensitive man. This will do him terrible damage.”

The ride in the police car to David’s house. You must give him the facts, Helen was telling them. He will not tolerate speculation, evasion or vagueness. Only facts, all the facts. Pulling up outside his house. David answering the door with his shy smile. The police giving him the facts. All the facts. His face turning bewildered, then blank. David saying, very calmly: “Gianluca. Gianluca Biasi. The man in the car. A postgraduate student of hers. I had suspected for some time that she was having an affair with him. Now I know. Thank you. Will you excuse me for a moment?” David going into the kitchen.

A moment’s silence, then the sound of a glass breaking. Helen and the police officers running into the kitchen. Helen hearing her own screams as if from a distance. Blood, blood everywhere, so much blood. David holding a shard of glass in his hand, his face expressionless. A sickening gash in his left wrist. The police officers’ first aid skills. Her own screams, still. The ambulance, the Accident and Emergency department. The duty psychiatrist. The referral to the private psychiatric clinic. Dr Sandhu, polite and patient.


“You see, Miss Wheeler, your brother is in a suspended state emotionally, but it is not a stable one. He vibrates inwardly, silently, between rage and grief, each straining against the other. It is vital that I find a way in; a channel of communication, a way of unlocking the tension. I have been trying to think laterally; outside the box, if you will forgive the trite expression. An idea has started to form, but it is unorthodox, and you may be offended by it.”

“To be honest, Doctor, I don’t know what could be worse than this waiting,” said Helen.

“I am thinking that David, at present, is surrounded on all sides by the terrible events of last month: the simultaneous discovery of his late wife’s infidelity and death; his own self-harm. He cannot see past them. I am wondering whether another powerful, unexpected experience – this time a positive one – might help.”

Nothing offensive so far, thought Helen. The doctor continued.

“And the other thing is this. One aspect we have not really looked at so far is the sexual dimension of this case. You may not readily think of your younger brother as a sexual being, but he is. Marriage is to a great degree sexual, and the infidelity was clearly sexual. Part of his loss is a loss of the sexual part of his life; and it has also been violated by his late wife’s affair. Miss Wheeler, would I be right in thinking that your brother was not confident in relating to women, and did not have many relationships before he met his late wife?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right, Doctor. He was a classic withdrawn, socially unskilled academic. He didn’t have girlfriends when he was growing up. I remember a couple of names from when he was at college, but never met them. I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had still been a virgin until he met Marie-Claude, which was when he was 25.”

Helen recalled the family Christmas dinner when David, shy, unworldly David, had, amazingly, introduced them all to his new (first?) girlfriend. Marie-Claude from Switzerland: a charismatic, blonde, staggeringly beautiful fellow doctoral student. The match was so ridiculously unlikely that it had to work. And for a long time, it did. Their careers flourished as opposite types of the brilliant, high-flying academic: he the ivory-tower recluse, she the cosmopolitan media darling.

“I thought so,” said Dr Sandhu. “So your brother’s sexual self, his sexual identity, was overwhelmingly invested in this one exceptional woman.”

“Yes, exactly, Doctor. And – how can I put this – she was just very sexy. Beautiful, of course – you’ve seen photos, I think – but there was something deeply sexual about her. I don’t mean slutty or blatant, just … as soon as she was in a room, people looked at her with desire. It was like she had her own spotlight following her around. She aroused something in pretty much anyone who met her.”

“What did she arouse in you, Miss Wheeler?”

Helen sighed. “I’m not sure. I liked her, enjoyed her company. I envied her: her beauty, her sex appeal, her charisma, her intellect. I thought about her a lot – that’s another thing she did, she dominated your thoughts. I was delighted at how she made David happy, and terrified of what might happen if it all went wrong. I don’t think I desired her sexually, at least in any way that I understood. I’m straight, Doctor, as far as I know.”

“Of course, of course. Thank you, Miss Wheeler, this is all very useful to know. So … yes … now … ah … please forgive what may seem to be prurient detail, but I think it is important. As you know, we have had your brother under discreet 24 hour observation since his admission here, initially every 15 minutes, then more recently every hour. It has become evident that … ah … David masturbates fairly frequently. Oh don’t worry, nothing untoward has happened – we are just good at detecting these things.”

Helen was too exhausted to be embarrassed by these intimate revalations about her brother. “It’s all right, Doctor, please go on.”

“Now I regard this as a very positive sign. It means that David’s libido is as healthy as his appetite for food or his need for sleep. And it is a form of release, which is exactly what he needs so much. And I think it may give us a way in. A channel which we need to explore and widen, if you will forgive a possibly indelicate turn of phrase, in this context.”

Helen let it pass.

“My idea is this. I genuinely believe that your brother would benefit, psychologically, from a … ah … sexual encounter. With a complete stranger who bears no physical resemblance to his late wife. A powerful, unexpected experience – and sexual. Not with any great emotional content. It could even be facilitated by … ah … a business transaction. But I am not prepared to let him leave the clinic, which makes things more difficult than one would like.”

Now Helen was amazed and, to her additional surprise, slightly excited. “Doctor, are you saying you … you want to bring a … what … an escort, a prostitute … into the clinic to see David?”

“You know, it is not as unusual as you might think, Miss Wheeler. There are more enlightened countries in Europe where hospitals and clinics quite routinely make arrangements for the sexual needs of long-term patients to be catered for. They regard it as inconsistent to serve the needs for food, drink and sleep while ignoring that other great driving force in life. Unfortunately, it would illegal here in Britain. I could not possibly suggest or condone it, openly. On the other hand, if somebody were to venture something of this nature … I would see no reason to stand in the way. I think you understand my meaning.”


In the days that followed that extraordinary conversation with Dr Sandhu, Helen entered a new world. She began looking for someone who could carry out Dr Sandhu’s incredible plan. Internet searches for escorts in London brought back hundreds of thousands of hits, most lurid, some shocking. Helen set herself a couple of parameters: the person would have to be British – her liberal feminist conscience was being challenged enough without bringing in the spectre of sex trafficking. And she would want to meet her first, for a sort of interview, although she had no clear idea of what she might ask, or what she would make of the answers. After an initial, rather haphazard sift she had a collection of phone numbers belonging to escort agencies and “massage” providers. When she called them, once she made it clear that she was not looking for work, and explained her unusual request, she usually got a polite hearing, and an equally polite refusal. She despaired at the extent to which the world of paid-for sex in London was dominated – nearly monopolised – by East European women. She learned the difference between “independent escorts” and “parlours” or “flats”. Between “incalls”, where the customer visited the flat, and “outcalls”, when the escort travelled to the customer. And she started to wonder if all this was really the right thing. You’re unbalanced by shock and exhaustion, Helen, she started to tell herself. This is mad. You should be seeking counselling yourself, not spending your evenings phoning fucking brothels.

And then she thought that her brother had not spoken or smiled for a month. And she did one more search.

She found a website that seemed to carry small ads for providers who did not have their own sites. And a misused apostrophe caught her eye: “English Rose’s. 100% British Girls.” She called the number, nobody picked up. It was late evening, and she already knew that some places closed surprisingly early. So the next day, in her lunch break, she tried again.

The woman who answered the phone had a strong London accent and her voice was harsh and nicotine-stained. Helen told her story, the words coming mechanically now. The woman paused. “Well, strictly speaking this is a working flat, love. We don’t normally do outcalls, even normal ones. But there’s a girl here who’s done a couple, might be interested. She’s seeing a customer at the moment. Do you want to call back in 20 minutes?” She hung up.

Helen felt a stark realisation that the woman whom she might buy for her brother was, at this very moment, having sex for money. And knew she would be finished in 20 minutes. This was real. Again her resolve wavered. And again she thought of David’s soft voice and shy smile, unheard and unseen by anyone for a month. She let 25 minutes pass, and called again. The same woman replied. “Oh yeah, I remember. Just a sec. Angie love, it’s that woman I was just telling you about.” Helen heard the sound of the phone being placed down, then picked up again. A new voice was on the line: younger, softer and more modulated than the first one. Still London, though less blatantly so, with a faint background note of Caribbean.

“Hi, my name’s Angie. Rosie told me what you said. Now, I’m not saying no, not yet at least, but I want to meet you in person before I decide.”

“Er … yes … yes of course … I would want that too … I … I work in central London … er … where would be good for you ….?” Helen stammered.

“OK, good. Do you know —– Road?” She named a busy main street in West London that Helen knew well, having gone out for a while with a guy who used to work near there.

“Yes … yes, I can get there.”

“OK.” Angie named a pub that Helen knew. “Meet me there at 5 o’clock. I won’t have all that much time cos of when my childminder finishes. Look for a black girl in a yellow shirt.” She hung up.


So it was that Helen found herself entering the pub, as agreed, just before five that same day. It was starting to fill up with the after-work crowd from the nearby offices. Suits, smartphones and loud, confident voices. The perfect place not to be noticed or overheard, in fact. Helen looked around. At a corner table sat a slim woman of Afro-Caribbean appearance, aged probably in her mid-20s, wearing a lemon-yellow, sleeveless cotton shirt. A glass of what looked like orange juice was on the table in front of her. Helen decided she needed something stronger and bought a gin and tonic at the bar. Her heart racing, she approached the woman.

“Angie? I’m Helen.”

“Hi Helen. So you went through with it. Nice to meet you.” Angie half rose, and held out a hand to greet Helen. Helen noticed how lean and toned the other woman’s arms were, and her long, slim fingers.

“Well,” said Angie as they both sat down. “You don’t look like a maniac, which is a good start.”

Helen tried not to show how closely she was scrutinising Angie. Angie was really very, very beautiful. Helen cringed inwardly as she found herself thinking of an Afro-Caribbean woman’s skin as “coffee-coloured”, but she could not come up with a better term. Her hair was pulled back from her high forehead into a short, stiff ponytail, accentuating her huge, darkly glittering eyes with their long, curling lashes. Her lips were full and sensual, parting readily in a wide smile. Her gaze was steady, and Helen had a strong sense of a fierce intelligence behind it. Her poise and movements were elegant and precise. To Helen’s surprise, she was reminded of Marie-Claude.

“Rosie told me what you’re looking for. Now at the moment I’m not ruling anything out. But … this brother of yours, he’s in like a mental hospital, right? I mean, first thing I think is, is it safe?”

“Well, it’s more a private clinic, really. He has his own room. You wouldn’t have contact with any other patients. And David … God knows he’s anything but dangerous … I’m sorry …” Tears started in Helen’s eyes. Angie placed a slim hand on her arm.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. I trust you. Actually I do. This is such a mad thing you’re doing that I sort of feel it must be OK. But I still don’t quite understand where the idea came from.”

So Helen told her the whole story. David, Marie-Claude, their marriage, the conference in Lausanne, the car crash, death, infidelity, David’s self-harm, his present condition, Dr Sandhu’s crazy idea. When she had finished, Angie looked steadily at her with those big, searching eyes, in silence, for a long, long time. Finally, she spoke.

“I’ll do it. We’ll need to work out some of the details, but I’ll do it. There are some basic rules. No compromises on these, right? You are responsible for getting me in and out safely. I want you in there with me when I see him, in case anything happens. If anything goes wrong, if we get caught, anything, then I’m gone and it’s all on you and this doctor person. As for what I do and don’t do: I never do ‘A’, watersports or hardsports. If you don’t already know what they are, you don’t need to. I never have sex without a condom. With a condom is fine. I may do ‘O’ – I mean oral – without a condom, to completion in the mouth, at my discretion. I am OK with uniforms, role play and light to medium spanking. I can give that or receive it. I won’t be tied up, or rather I only do that with regular customers I know well. Solo shows are fine, including toy shows. I do hand relief, obviously. Breast relief, too, although I’m not very big up top so they tend not to ask for that. But to be honest, if this is all in a hospital room and we’re trying not to be noticed, we’ll be a bit limited anyway. I’ll work out a price and let you know. Payment in cash, in full, on the day but in advance of me seeing him. OK?”

Helen gave a half-sob, half-laugh of relief, even though she was now committed to the biggest, craziest risk of her life. “Thank you. Angie … thank you”.

The atmosphere between them seemed to relax a little. Angie sipped at her drink. “So, am I what you expected when you started looking for an escort?” she said.

“I didn’t really know what to expect. You seem … nice. Honest, open. I like that. I think you understand this insane situation, the doctor’s and my even more insane idea. You seem kind.”

“The Tart With A Heart, eh?” Angie smiled. “Well, nobody sets out to be a prozzie, right?”

“I suppose not.”

“I assure you, darling, nobody does. It’s no young girl’s dream. But stuff happens, yeah? I was a chef, you know.”

“A chef?”

“Yep. I went to catering college. I was good. Still am, to be honest. I was just starting out when I had my little girl. Ellie. Her Dad fucked off – pardon my language – a month before she was born. I’ve never seen him since. Bastard. White English guy, by the way, in case you’re thinking this is yet another Jamaican babyfather story.”

“No, not at all …”

“No, of course, you wouldn’t jump to that conclusion. Cos you’re nice, middle class, socially aware, right-on, ‘Guardian’ reading, anti-sexist, anti-racist, all of that, right? Except you’ve just booked your brother a session with a black hooker who’s a a single mum.”

Helen looked down at the table in embarrassment and shame. Angie touched her arm again, smiling.

“Hey, it’s OK, just winding you up. You’re all right. Weird, but all right. Anyway, where was I …”

“Your little girl.”

“Oh yeah, so then it was just me and her. So I could still make a bit of money from the cooking, but there wasn’t a steady job with hours that suited the childcare. I still give cookery classes at a posh bistro near here. Saturday mornings. ‘Caribbean Flavours’, I call it. Very popular with bored, prosperous white ladies in search of something exotic. A bit like the guys who come to see me at Rosie’s, only with food instead of sex. I never let them know that I was born in London, and haven’t been to Jamaica since I was eleven.” She smiled broadly.

“But Ellie and I can’t live just off that,” she continued. “So I needed another way of making money. And what else did I have going for me? My looks and my body, right?”


“So,” continued Angie, “I’m a decent dancer, and I found some work stripping in a couple of the small strip bars round the City. Not the big, famous, table dance places you’ll have heard of. The small bars. Less pressurised. And that was OK. And then one of the girls I got to know did a bit of escorting. She introduced me to Rosie. Rosie’s OK – she seems pretty rough and scary, but she’s OK. So I started at the flat, just as a maid first of all.”

“Maid?” Helen had visions of some kind of period role-play, with Angie in a servant’s uniform.

“It means receptionist. It’s easy work but the money’s not great. You answer the phone, do the bookings, look after the cash, generally keep an eye on the place. And of course you’re there for the working girl if there’s any trouble. Which there usually isn’t, to be honest. Well, anyway, a couple of the girls had regular customers who liked a Maid Watching service.”

Helen just looked blank. She sensed that Angie was enjoying taking her on a tour of London’s secret side.

“Maid Watching. The guy pays extra for the maid to sit in the room and watch while the girl sees him. It’s surprisingly popular.”

Helen wondered at the euphemistic use of “sees”. Why not “has sex with”, or “fucks”, given the general tone of the conversation?

“So I did that when I could,” continued Angie. “And then there are guys who pay more again if the maid sits there topless. And even more for the maid to give hand relief as part of the service, if it fits with what the girl is doing. Finishing over the girl’s bum, for instance. And then one day the regular girl didn’t turn up, and the customers did. I called Rosie. She asked if I’d like to work that day – to see customers – if she came round and acted as maid. I’ve been doing two or three day shifts a week for about a year now. What with that, the cookery classes and a bit of stripping, it’s enough to look after Ellie. So, Helen – how do you feed yourself and your kids?”

Helen sighed. “I don’t have kids. I’m a civil servant. HR Manager. I don’t know what to say. You must despise me.”

“Not at all, darling. And you know why? Cos I can tell you don’t despise me. That’s good. That means something. We’re not that different, really. I’ll do anything to look after Ellie. You’ll do anything to look after your brother. You’re in a really bad place, I can see that. I know all about bad places, Helen.”

Angie looked at her watch. “Look, I’d better go. Let’s not exchange mobile numbers. You sort out the practical details with your doctor friend. Call the flat when you want to contact me. Rosie will help.” She stood to go and held out her hand. “It’s been nice meeting you, Helen. I mean it. I hope it all works out for you and your brother.”

They shook hands. Helen looked at Angie as she left the bar, as did everyone else there. Her own spotlight seemed to follow her. The affection that Helen felt for Angie was tempered by flashes of petty envy: at Angie’s ability to walk so elegantly in very high heels, which always made Helen look and feel precarious. At her slim legs, which were subtly flattered by her close-fitting white Capri pants. At her high, round, firm-looking buttocks, which the trousers flattered less subtly. Helen watched Angie’s perfect bottom shimmy out of view, finished her gin and tonic, and ordered another one.


It was a sunny afternoon when the taxi carrying Angie and Helen drew up outside the clinic. Helen was elated and terrified, high on adrenaline. Her hitherto unremarkable life had somehow turned into a suburban London remake of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. I am smuggling a prostitute into a psychiatric clinic, she told herself. How the fuck did I get here?

Some rather oblique conversations with Dr Sandhu, and some more direct phone calls with Angie, brokered by Rosie, had finalised the practicalities. The main problem had been about the timing. The clinic staff observed David at deliberately slightly irregular intervals, on average once every hour. The best chance was for them to get in while Dr Sandhu had all the staff accompanying her on her weekly round. If they were all with a patient at the other end of the building, the coast would be clear, hopefully for long enough. As for what they would actually do in the room – Angie said she had some ideas. She said that it was all about choosing exactly what, and what not, to wear. When she got into the taxi she had on a short, dark blue, flounced skirt and a light denim jacket, despite the warmth, over what looked like a white singlet or sun top. She was bare-legged and wore high heeled sandals. Her make-up was minimal and discreet. Helen realised that Angie was not in fact nearly as tall as she had thought, not much taller than Helen, in fact – initial impressions of a catwalk model’s stature had been deceptive, but Angie’s long legs, high heels and effortlessly elegant carriage gave an impression of height. In any case, she looked gorgeous, without being blatantly sexy. She carried a small handbag. Money changed hands in the taxi.

They approached the clinic’s reception desk, where Helen was well known. “Hello Miss Wheeler – here to visit your brother, I presume? And this is …?”

“Angela Headley,” said Angie, with a charming smile. “A friend of David’s, here to see him.” Helen remembered what “see” could mean in Angie’s world.

“You may go straight to his room, ladies,” said the receptionist.

Helen led the way up the stairs and to the end of a long corridor. They stopped outside the door of David’s room. “Angie,” whispered Helen, “do you really need me in there? Shouldn’t I keep watch out here?”

“No. You standing out here might attract attention. Hang on, let me check something …” Angie snatched a quick glance through the small glass observation panel that was let into the door. “OK – if I try to stay on the left side of the room and keep him there – that’s not the first thing you see when you look in. And that’s where the bed is. You stay a bit more in the middle, maybe in that armchair so you can watch this glass window thing. We can’t cover that with something, can we?”

“No. Very strict rule. If anyone notices anything covering the glass they’ll come straight into the room. It’s a bigger risk than leaving it uncovered.”

“OK. He looks nice, by the way.”


“I can see him sitting in the armchair. He looks nice. I like tall, slim men. And he has a sweet face.”

Helen peered through the glass into the plain, simply furnished room. David was sitting in the armchair in that familiar collapsed-marionette position of his, with his long, thin arms and legs folded awkwardly. He was reading a book. His face was devoid of expression. He was young-looking, with rather soft, bland features. An unlikely front for one of the world’s finest analytical minds. Or what was left of it.

“OK,” whispered Angie, “we gonna do this?”

Helen nodded.

“Watch and learn, Helen. This is gonna be a world first. I bet you don’t think it’s possible for a girl to do a full strip without taking any of her clothes off except her jacket, to music that nobody can hear.”

Before Helen could reply, Angie had knocked softly at the door and walked straight into the room. Helen rushed after her. “Hello David,” said Helen gently. “This is Angie. I’ve brought her to see you. I think it will be a nice treat for you.” Somehow she could not help speaking to the most intelligent man she had ever met as if he were a child.

“Hello David,” said Angie. She took her denim jacket off and hung it over the back of a wooden chair that stood in front of a small table under the window. Immediately it was clear to Helen why Angie had worn the jacket. She was wearing a tight, white sun top with spaghetti straps, and it was very obvious indeed that she was not wearing a bra. Although her breasts were on the small side, and firm, they were still large enough to jiggle with her every movement, and would have attracted a lot of attention on the journey and at reception.

The single bed was on the side of the room opposite the window. At its foot there were a few square feet of floor space in front of a basin. That corner of the room was not easily visible through the glass panel in the door. “David, darling, do you want to sit at the end of the bed for me?” Angie was friendly but businesslike. On duty. Without a word, David got up, put his book on the table and sat on the end of the bed. She placed her bag on the floor and took from it two iPod Shuffle MP3 players. “Helen, love, you sit in the armchair.” Helen obeyed, fascinated. Angie clipped one of the iPods to the hem of her own top, and reached over to clip the other to the loose t-shirt that David was wearing over sweatpants. She put her own earpieces in her ears. David did likewise. Angie leaned over to him: “Three … two … one … go!” She pressed the Play buttons of both iPods simultaneously, and the silent, clothed striptease began.

Helen had only ever seen strippers in the background of cop and gangster films, and had no idea what really to expect. Angie gyrated, stooped and stretched, guided by the inaudible music. She never took her eyes off David. Her movements were smooth, full of grace, effortless. A decent dancer, all right. She hooked her thumbs under the straps of her top, feinted pulling them down a couple of times, then did it for real, slipping the top down to her waist, to expose her small, plump, conical breasts. Her nipples were jet black, the areolae very wide. Her torso was lean but not skinny, her musculature delicate. There was a sheen on her skin. Helen could not believe that this woman, with her taut, lithe body and firm, prominent tits, could have borne and fed a child. Angie licked her fingers, played with her nipples. She squeezed her breasts close to David’s face. He followed her with his eyes but his expression did not change. Helen, on the other hand, to her own amazement, began to find herself becoming aroused.

Now Angie turned so her back was to David, pushed her bottom out, looked over her shoulder and lifted her skirt at the back. She was wearing nothing under it; her magnificent brown buttocks were fully exposed, and the cleft of her pussy was just visible below them. Helen saw a bulge start to form in David’s sweatpants. She shifted in her chair, squeezed her thighs together. Angie bent down low, steadying herself by holding on to the basin. She pulled her skirt right up, pushed her arse out provocatively, pornographically. Gave herself a light, sharp spank on one bum cheek, flashing her eyes at David as she looked over her shoulder at him. Helen realised that Angie was only wearing two items of clothing – the top and the skirt – and that both were now bunched round her waist, leaving her exposed above and below. The clothed striptease. Genius. Angie moved her feet further apart so that her cunt was clearly visible, from behind, to David’s gaze. She reached underneath herself and probed at her own slit with her slim fingers. Then another spank, harder this time. David was by now very obviously erect, although his face remained impassive. Helen was transfixed. Maid Watching, Angie had called it. Some guys pay extra.

Angie turned to face David and dropped into a deep squat, body upright, feet and knees wide apart. She held the front hem of her skirt up. Her tits and hairless pussy were fully exposed. Naked with all her clothes on. She tilted her pelvis up, reached down to finger herself again, probed deeper, pulled her cunt lips apart with her fingers. A flash of pink against her brown skin. She pushed a finger inside. Pulled it out, rubbed the fingertip on both nipples, licked it. She stood up, approached David with a stylised, hip-swaying catwalk gait, pushed her tits in his face again. She lifted one foot onto the bed next to him, skirt lifted, so her naked crotch was just below his face. She gyrated her hips, fingered herself again, licked her fingers, leaned forward and kissed David playfully on the forehead. Then unclipped both the iPods and placed them on the bed. Helen squeezed her thighs together, relished for a moment her own moist warmth.

Now Angie began to talk to David. A stream of pornographic patter, in a soft, fervent voice. Helen guessed it was all part of the act, and the words themselves in any other context would have seemed hackneyed and embarrassing, but Angie was so convincing that Helen could not help but be swept along.

“Mm, I can see you’re getting all horny for me, aren’t you, darling? What we gonna do about that, eh?” Angie gently pushed David in the chest; he did not resist, and fell back onto the bed. His erection formed a tent in his sweatpants. “Let’s get these off you, eh darling?” David did not resist as Angie pulled the jogging pants and his boxer shorts down past his knees. Helen looked at her younger brother’s erect penis, which jutted from his thin body. Not that she had all that much to compare it with, but it seemed to her to be quite large, noticeably thick and with a nice straight shaft, which for some reason she particularly appreciated. For a moment she wondered if she was losing her mind. And she did not care.

Angie carried on. “Ooh, you’ve got a nice one, babe, we’re gonna have fun with that, aren’t we?” Kneeling upright on the bed, she placed a slim hand on David’s balls. “I bet you’re all full of cum for me, sweetheart, eh? We’re gonna make you shoot a big load, yeah? But we’re gonna have some fun first.” She took his hand and placed it under her skirt. “You feel that, babe? That’s my wet little black pussy, that is. You feel how hot and wet she is? Feel how much she wants your cock, darling?” Angie reached into her handbag and took out a condom in its wrapper. “Let’s get this on you, babe.” Carefully she rolled it down the length of David’s shaft. She pulled her skirt up high, straddled him, held his cock in position and lowered herself down onto it with a satisfied sigh. “Oh yes, babe, ooh that feels nice inside me.” She began to rock gently on him, holding the skirt bunched up so her lower body stayed exposed. David reached up and cupped her breasts in his hands. “Mm, yes baby, you like my titties, yeah? You like my little black titties? You like how they jiggle when I fuck you?”

When Helen looked back on this day in later life, she could never explain to herself what happened next. What she did next. Keeping half an eye on the glass in the door, she unbuttoned her light cotton blouse. Angie looked across at her and winked. Helen slipped the straps of her bra down off her shoulders as far as they would go. She pulled down both the cups of her bra, and eased her large, heavy breasts out so they were completely exposed. There are guys who pay more again if the maid sits there topless. Angie smiled.

“Look, baby, look,” sad Angie to David as she rode him. “You’re such a lucky boy today. Your lovely sister’s got her tits out for you to look at.” David looked at Helen as he carried on touching Angie’s breasts. “She’s so kind to you, baby. She found a horny little black whore for you to fuck, and now she’s showing you her lovely tits. It’s your lucky day, baby. Angie’s little black tits and Helen’s big white ones, eh? I bet it was nice having such a sexy big sister. I bet you used to spy on her, try and get a good look at her big titties, didn’t you, baby? Well they’e here for you now. You can look at them while you fuck my hot little cunt.”

David was now gazing expressionlessly at Helen’s breasts. He moved his hands from Angie’s tits and held her buttocks as she rocked and ground on him. “Mmm, you like my big brown bum, sweetheart? My big round booty? You like black girls’ arses, yeah? The way we wiggle them so sexy? I’m a naughty girl, darling, you can give me a little spank if you like.”

It was David’s first active response. He gave Angie a sharp little slap on one buttock. “Ooh yes, yes. I’m such a bad girl, baby. I’m such a filthy little fucking slut, you wouldn’t believe. I need spanking, baby.” David continued to spank her in a slow, deliberate rhythm. Angie moaned theatrically, although quietly, not quite as lost in the moment as she was making out. Helen pushed her naked chest out. She desperately wanted to touch herself.

Angie said, “You know what, babe, I’ve got a special treat for you, yeah? I think you’d like to come in my mouth, wouldn’t you, babe? You’d like my big black lips round your cock till you to fill my mouth up with a big load of spunk?” Still no reply from David. Angie dismounted, easing his prick out of her. She peeled the condom off him, pulled a tissue from her bag and wrapped the condom in it. She kneeled next to him and guided the tip of his cock towards her lips.

Oral without a condom, to completion in the mouth, at her discretion.

Angie began to suck, softly. And what Helen did next … well, nobody could have expected that. She got out of the armchair and walked to the bed. From a position where she could still see the door, she bent rather awkwardly so as to lower her naked breasts towards her brother’s face. His mouth and her nipple found each other, and he began to suck, as well. The room was silent. Helen had a clear view of David’s cock sliding in and out of Angie’s mouth. Angie looked at Helen. Her beautiful eyes seemed to smile. David sucked on Helen’s large pink nipple in the same rhythm as Angie was sucking his cock, so that for an insane moment it seemed to Helen that Angie was somehow sucking on her breast all the way through David’s body. Now Helen could not stop herself. With none of Angie’s grace, she shifted so as to prop herself on the bed with one hand, keep her tit in David’s mouth, and with her free hand ruck up her own skirt and push her hand down inside her knickers. She was sopping wet. She frigged her clitoris, hard and fast. She needed this too much to be subtle or gentle now. Angie’s eyes were smiling even more. Helen felt herself tipping towards climax, breathed heavily, reminded herself not to yell out as she so often did. It hit her; her body tensed and twitched; her own juice flowed over her fingers. Her first orgasm since the car accident. David must have felt her climax through her body and it sent him over the edge too. He gave one last suck, then opened his mouth and breathed “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes.” His body shuddered and Helen saw his cock throb in Angie’s mouth, where her full lips were sealed around his glans. “Oh yes, yes …” he gasped again hoarsely.

David’s first words in a month were orgasmic gasps, with his sister’s nipple dangling in his mouth while he ejaculated into the mouth of a prostitute. He needs to talk, Dr Sandhu had said. She had thought outside the box. It had worked.

Angie withdrew her mouth from David’s still-swollen cock very carefully, keeping her lips sealed. She rolled her eyes comically and made great play of ostentatiously swallowing, then opened her mouth wide. “All gone, see? The best way of not leaving any trace.” She took a small bottle of mouthwash from her bag, rinsed, gargled and spat in the basin. “Guys, I’ve got tissues and wet wipes if you want them.” She pulled her top back up to cover her breasts, straightened her skirt, took a wet wipe, cleaned David’s cock. She offered the packet to Helen. “For your fingers, babe.” Helen, light-headed, cleaned her fingers, pulled her bra back up, buttoned her blouse. David pulled his trousers up, sat up, looked at Helen.

Amy turned on her phone screen and quickly opened the e-mail application. She held her hand inside of her locker and silently read a message from her brother, “I hope you don’t have too much homework tonight, because I have a special evening planned for you, my love. I’ll see your beautiful face at 2:30. I love you.”

A smile curled at the corners of her lips as Luke caused butterflies to flutter around in her stomach.

She saw Kristy stepping over out of the corner of her eye. She clicked the screen off, and then fished her physics book out of her locker.

“Are you ready to go physics and hear Mister Phillips’ boring voice for an hour?” the freckled redhead asked with a chuckle.

Amy tossed her head back and laughed. “Oh god yes! There is no other way I would like to end my day.” Her voice was filled with sarcasm.

She put her phone in her backpack, and then closed up her locker.

The pair began walking across the tile floor, side by side, dodging other uniformed students in the hallway. Amy tucked her book between her arm and chest. Both girls’ plaid skirts fluttered just above their knees.

“Too bad Mister McGaha can’t teach every class you have, huh?” Amy playfully chided her and elbowed her ribs.

Kristy’s cheeks turned pink. “Well, yeah. I can only dream.”

Amy giggled and shook her head, causing her chestnut ponytail to sway. “I think we need to upgrade him from crush to fantasy man.”

Kristy looked down at the floor as they walked. Her cheeks were getting hotter by the millisecond. She bit her lip and stayed quiet.

Amy saw her expression and gasped, “I knew it!”

Kristy’s mouth dropped open and she looked over at her best friend. “I didn’t say anything!” she protested.

Amy looked over into her wide brown eyes. She smiled. “I just know by the look on your face. It’s fine, it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone. What is it about him, anyway?”

Her friend’s face turned fifty different shades of red as she thought about their English teacher.

Amy looked over again and raised a brow. “Well?”

Kristy giggled at herself. “Besides the fact that he’s gorgeous and insanely intelligent, he could read the instructions on a shampoo bottle and make me swoon.”

Amy grinned and shrugged. “I guess he does have a good voice. Do you fantasize about him saying dirty things in your ear?”

Kristy blushed furiously and covered her hot cheeks with her hands. “Amy, you’re embarrassing me.”

The young women shook their heads at each other before going down the stairs. Amy filed in behind her friend and her breasts bounced against her book with each step. She jumped off the last stair, and then promptly returned to her friend’s side. Amy grinned wickedly as they continued walking to class.

“So,” Kristy drew out the word in an attempt to change the subject, “what are you doing tonight?”

“I think Luke and I are going to go out dinner. I’m not totally sure though,” Amy replied.

Kristy looked over at her. “Just you and Luke?”

Amy nodded slowly.

“You’ve been spending every waking moment you weren’t here with him. You even canceled your piano lessons for the month. Don’t you think that’s a lot of time to be spending with him?”

Amy’s gut turned. She hated keeping this from her, and even more so, lying to her tore her up inside. But, she had no other choice.

“Well, he’s only here for this month.” She spoke slowly, carefully picking her words. “He was gone for so long and who knows when he’ll be back again. I want to spend as much time with him as I can. I thought you understood that?”

“I do,” Kristy said with a sigh. “But, you’re even leaving me here all alone for spring break.”

Amy reached over and put her arm around her best friend’s shoulder, bringing them closer as they turned for the hall that the science labs were in. “You won’t be alone, Madison will be here with you. At least, you won’t have me telling you I have to study when you call to go out.”

Kristy put her head on Amy’s shoulder. “I guess I’m just jealous. I miss my best friend.”

“I’m right here,” Amy said with a grimace. “I promise, when he leaves, everything will be back to normal. I’ll even make it up to you.”

Kristy smiled softly, and then lifted her head from Amy’s shoulder. She looked into her blue eyes. “You better make it up to me.”

Amy winked. “You know I keep my promises. But, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you jealous or feel lonely.”

“It’s okay. I’ve just gotten used to having you all to myself over the years.”

The pair stopped outside of the classroom.

Amy looked down to her shorter friend and into her eyes. “You’re my best friend. I would never ignore you or push you into the background on purpose. I’m sorry I’ve spent so much time with Luke. I just missed him so much.”

Kristy nodded. “I know you did. I’m sorry I mentioned feeling this way. Now I feel bad.”

“Don’t feel bad. Please. I understand. And, as I said, I promise to make it up to you.” Amy opened her arms.

The friends shared a hug for a few moments before breaking apart.

They went into the large stark white classroom with lab tables behind the desks. Amy squinted her eyes as she readjusted to the harsh lighting.

Amy went to her seat in the middle of the room. She flattened her skirt against her bum before sliding into the desk. She pushed her black, rectangular framed glasses up on her nose. Kristy took a seat to her right.

The friends smiled to each other before pulling spiral notebooks and pens from their bags.

The rest of the students filed in the room over the next minute. Amy filled her time by doodling in the margin of her notebook. She drew several little hearts around the holes in the paper.

The white haired teacher took his place in the front of the classroom and began his lecture on electromagnetism. Mister Phillips was the eldest teacher in the school and way beyond the age to retire. He stayed because he loved his profession. His love for the subject matter and desire to always learn more kept most of his students interested. Even if he droned on in the most monotone voice imaginable.

A handful of students had their heads propped up by their fists, fighting sleep already. The rest sat up and paid attention, ready to take notes on either their laptops or notebooks. The student on the other side of Amy blinked repeatedly, forcing himself to focus as class began.

Amy straightened her posture and pulled the back of her navy blue sweater vest down. She crossed her legs and began taking notes with the rest of the class.

As the minutes wore on, her thoughts trailed elsewhere.

She recalled the conversation at breakfast with her parents and Luke about their trip to Montreal. They weren’t fond of her going to another country alone at first. But, they seemed to realize that her going with her brother, versus a random boy that they barely knew, wasn’t that bad of an idea.

With a little convincing on Amy’s part, they agreed. Phil and Kathryn also knew how much Amy had missed Luke. Also, after all of her hard work with school through the years, she deserved some fun. By the end of the conversation, her parents had even agreed to pay for the hotel room. Of course, the room would have two beds. Two beds could have its advantages.

Amy closed her eyes for a moment. Her teacher’s voice was background noise to her memories of the previous evening with Ethan. She squirmed in her seat and her panties collected her juices that leaked from her pussy. She thought about the overload of sensations that she received from two men working on her at once. She had never experienced anything close to that.

Her nipples started to swell as she remembered the look in Ethan’s eyes as her brother was fucking her. He was glazed over with lust and desire seeing incest happen before him. Amy wondered about the thoughts that were going through his mind during it. She would have to ask him someday.

She opened her eyes again before she grew too warm between her thighs. She quickly caught up on her notes and forced herself to pay attention.

That was until the next memory train ran through her mind. She had woken up in the middle of the night. Luke’s arms were around her and hers around him. She was wearing nothing but panties and didn’t recall anything after putting her head on his shoulder in the car. When she woke up, she felt so loved and cared for knowing that he must have carried her to bed and undressed her. She had never had that done for her. She smiled, feeling the same warm feelings that she had at three a.m.

After she had returned from the bathroom, she slid back into bed and Luke woke up as she nestled back into him. She asked him if he had brought her up to bed and he told her he did. She smiled so wide, told him thank you and that she loved him, kissed all over her face, and then fell back asleep in his embrace.

She didn’t know how much more her love for him could grow, but it managed to every day. Her heart was so full and constantly warm.

Amy looked down and realized she had been writing, “Luke and Amy,” “L+A” with a heart around it, and “I love Luke,” all down the margin of her notebook with purple ink. She smiled, but quickly turned to a blank page. She returned her attention to physics and twirled her ponytail in her fingers.

She was able to keep her focus until the last few minutes of class. Then, she began thinking about where Luke was planning on taking her that evening. She was thankful that she had a calculus test tomorrow, which she was already prepared for. Calculus homework took up the majority of her homework time. She decided that it would be worthless to guess what he had planned. He was always excellent with surprises and she would never guess it anyway.

Then, she mentally pictured her closet while she decided what to wear tonight. She had bought a dress not too long ago that she never had the opportunity to wear. She thought it may be a bit too fancy for tonight, but she didn’t care. She knew that Luke would love it. Though, the dress was a bit low cut and her parents had never seen it. She made a mental note to put her coat on before they could see.

Finally, the bell rang for the end of the school day.

Amy closed up her notebook, and then put it into backpack with her pen. Kristy did the same next to her. The pair rose up, threw their bags over their shoulders, and then made their way to the door. They waited until the large mass of students, who tried to all fit through the door at once, had passed through.

The friends walked side by side to their lockers. They shared friendly banter about Amy’s cousin’s upcoming wedding this weekend on the way.

When they turned into the hall their lockers were, Amy saw a girl picking up various items that had fallen out of her backpack. Pens, pencils, loose papers, and other items were scattered all over the floor. Kristy had stopped in the restroom and Amy went over to help her.

“Oh thank you!” the girl exclaimed as Amy squatted down on the floor.

“No problem,” Amy replied as she helped her gather papers. “This has happened to me before, it’s so annoying.”

“Stuff like this happens to me more often than I would like to admit,” the girl laughed. “My name is Anne, which means grace. I think my parents got that just a little wrong. I’m the clumsiest person you will ever meet.”

Amy had collected a handful of pens, and then handed them to her. “Well, I’m Amy,” she said with a smile. “It means, beloved. But, even I’m clumsy. I have a major fear of tripping across the stage at graduation.”

Anne smiled. “I have no doubt that will happen to me. I trip or bump into things, seriously, at least five times a day. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you.”

Amy helped her clean up the rest of the materials on the floor as Kristy came back from the restroom. Kristy picked up a stray pencil that had rolled across the hallway. Anne thanked both of them for their help, and then disappeared down the hall.

The friends went a few steps to their lockers. Amy opened up her backpack and put the books she needed for homework inside. She zipped it up, and then the young women went downstairs.

They both stopped to put their jackets on before stepping up to the doors. They went outside, and then shared a friendly hug.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Have fun at dinner,” Kristy said.

“I will.” Amy smiled softly.

Then, the friends parted ways. Kristy headed to the parking lot and Amy went to the side street.

Her feet moved fast and pattered against the sidewalk. Her skirt danced against her thighs as she began walking even faster. She gave a wide smile after turning a corner and seeing her brother leaning against her green Honda Accord.

Luke grinned and his heart sped up. He was ready to get the evening of surprises for her underway. In the meantime, he admired her elated expression and her large breasts swaying, even behind four layers of clothing. He opened his arms so she could jump into them.

Amy hugged him as tight as she could, crushing her chest against his. He kissed the top of her head and breathed in her womanly scent. Holding her in his arms made his being fill with warmth. It was a warmth that could only be brought on by from someone you loved as deeply as he did her.

She pulled away before holding onto him too long. Her blues eyes glittered as she smiled. Luke smiled, seeing her absolute love and devotion.

“How was school?” he asked.

“It was fine,” she retorted. “Well, that is until I got your last e-mail. Physics was agony. I swear the clock started moving backwards.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to drag out your day. But I’m sure it’ll be worth it.”

Amy stretched up onto the balls of her feet and dropped and a soft kiss on his cheek. “I am sure it will.”

“Oh, now that gives me a lot to live up to,” Luke teased, and then chewed his lip nervously.

She tapped his cheek as she spoke, “You never let me down, big brother.”

Her brother pulled a blindfold out of his pocket. He held it up to make sure she was okay with wearing it. She smiled and nodded avidly. Luke gently placed it over her eyes and the elastic over her head. He took her hand.

He stepped over and she followed him. He opened the passenger side door, placed her in front of it, and then took off the blindfold.

Amy’s face lit up as she saw and immediately picked up a bouquet of pink and white tulips off of her seat. She squealed giddily, “Luke! Tulips! My favorite!” She beamed and wrapped her arms around him again, one hand still holding the flowers.

He rubbed her back and planted kisses all over her cheek. He spoke once she had pulled away, “I take it you like them?” He grinned, showing his pearly whites.

She jumped up and down in place, beaming as she smelled the flowers. Her smile radiated. “I love them! And, I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Amy.” He kissed her lips gently. “Now, I think it’s time to get going, so we can get the evening underway as soon as possible,” he said with a wink.

She squealed with glee, and then slid into the car. She dropped her bag on the floorboard before buckling up. She held the flowers and kept her noise buried in them as Luke came around the other side. He buckled up, started the car, and then took her hand.

Classic rock music filled the car, softly coming in through the speakers. Amy continued breathing in the scent of the tulips and smiling after every breath until they were back on the main road back home.

She rested her head on the headrest, with her face turned to him. She held the tulips to her chest so she could still smell them. “You’re not going to tell me what we are doing tonight, are you?”

Luke shook his head. “Nope. If I did, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” He glanced over at her and smirked.

“No it wouldn’t. And I like surprises. You gave me the best one of my life last Thursday.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“The best surprise of your life was me coming to visit?” He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb.

“Are you crazy? Yes!” Amy squeezed his hand. “I was so insanely happy, don’t you remember?”

“Oh I remember,” Luke replied fondly. He remembered seeing her jump up and down in jubilation and not being able to contain her glee as she bounced on his lap while they hugged and talked on the sofa.

“And every day since then has gotten better.” She lifted their locked hands and kissed his knuckles. “There aren’t words to describe how happy you make me, and how happy I am that you came home.”

He rolled to a stop at a light. He extended a finger from their intertwined hands and nudged her jaw towards his. “Coming home to see you was the best decision I have ever made.”

“I completely agree,” she said just before their lips met.

The siblings’ eyes closed and their tongues slithered into the other’s mouth. Their muscles danced together, massaging the others’ and twirling together. Amy suckled his bottom lip before pulling away. She settled back against the headrest.

Luke gently accelerated, but hit the brake again as someone who seemed unaware that in Chicago there are cars parked on nearly every street, cut him off. He slowed down to let the other car in front of him, and then sped back up.

“Did you tell Mom we were going out tonight?” Amy asked, and then got another fill of the tulips’ scent.

“Yes,” he responded. “I didn’t tell her exactly what we were doing,” his tone was gently humorous, “in case she spoiled the surprise for you.” They shared a knowing smile, and then he continued, “But, it’s covered, don’t worry about it.”

He had told his mother that he was taking Amy out for an extremely belated birthday dinner. Before he moved, he took Amy out to dinner every year while he was in high-school and his first year of college.

“Would wearing a pretty dress be too much for tonight?” Amy stretched out her fingers and rubbed them along his upturned palm that rested on the console.

“Absolutely not. And even if it was, you could wear anything that you wanted.” He received kisses on his ear as he continued, “I love your pretty dresses.”

“I’m glad. I love looking pretty for you,” she whispered in his ear, and then nibbled his earlobe.

He grinned. “You always look beautiful. No matter what you’re wearing.”

“You’re too sweet to me.”

Luke drove them the rest of the way home. Amy kissed his lips at every stop light until they reached their neighborhood. She wondered for a moment what she would say about the flowers when her mother saw them. She quickly came up with an explanation that had nothing to do with Luke.

When the siblings arrived home, Penny greeted them at the door. They both took turns giving doggie love to the yellow lab, razzling her and getting cheek kisses.

“Hey mom,” they called in unison.

“Hey guys,” Kathryn shouted back.

Luke took a seat on the sofa and flipped on the television. Amy headed into the kitchen.

After letting Penny out, she looked in the cabinets for a vase. Her mother had quite a collection. Amy stretched up and pulled out a transparent pink vase. She filled it with water, and then placed the flowers in one by one, making a beautiful, colorful arrangement.

When she was finished, she went upstairs. She figured that she should tell her mom about them now, as any girl would, instead of waiting for her to see them.

Amy stepped into her mom’s office with a huge smile on her face. “Hey Mom, look what I got.”

Kathryn spun around in her chair and smiled upon seeing the flower arrangement in her daughter’s hands. “Who gave you those?” Her voice was cheerful.

“A boy at school,” Amy said casually. “I got them in yearbook.” She smelled them again and sighed happily. “They were sitting on the table and all the note said was that it was from a secret admirer.”

“A secret admirer? Any idea who that would be?” her mother asked with a grin. “Maybe, it’s someone that’s planning to ask you to prom.”

Amy shrugged and her lips stayed curled. “Maybe. Kristy and I narrowed it down to two guys. But, neither would confess to it.”

“Whoever it is will confess soon enough.” Kathryn rose from her chair to smell the tulips. “Your secret admirer is quite the romantic.”

Amy giggled and squealed, “I’m dying to find out.”

Her mother went back to work and Amy went to her room. She placed the vase on her dresser. She ran her fingers softly over the petals.

She stripped out of her uniform, and then put a pair of soft purple and white polka dot PJ pants on. She slipped into a lavender t-shirt, and then went back downstairs barefoot. She decided to be extra comfortable today while doing homework.

Luke watched her come down the stairs. He enjoyed seeing his sister in any clothing, even pajamas. Anything she wore always seemed to hug her body in all the right places.

Amy plopped down on the corner of the sofa. She dug through her backpack and placed everything she needed on the coffee table. She pulled out a couple of books, notebooks, and a pen. She reached down to pet Penny’s back before settling into the couch.

She stretched both of her legs out across the cushions. Her toes wiggled against Luke’s thigh.

He grinned. “How much homework do you have tonight, Squirt?”

Amy flipped through her art history book that was on her thighs. “Not too much. Just some reading. Maybe an hour’s worth, maybe a little more,” she replied, not looking up.

He reached down and brought her feet into his lap. Amy sank into the sofa and rested her back against the cushioned arm of the couch.

He gently began rubbing one of her feet. “Sounds good. Let me know when you have about a half an hour left.”

Amy nodded. “I will.” She held back a moan as his thumbs focused on the balls of her foot. “I also want to paint my nails before we go. Do I have enough time for that?”

His thumbs rubbed down the arch of her foot. He grinned when she covered her mouth to muffle a groan.

“We should, just don’t terribly long getting ready and we will be fine.” He winked.

Amy’s hand left her mouth, and then she picked up her pen. “Is my standard time okay, though?”

He looked over at her and into her matching sapphire eyes. “That’ll be just perfect.”

She blew him a kiss, and then began reading and taking notes along the way. She kept her ears open, ready to pick up the slightest noise from her mother upstairs as Luke rubbed her feet.

She lightly rubbed the foot he wasn’t massaging along his crotch. Her toes wiggled against his bulge, and then she slid her foot down and made his balls bounce within the confines of his clothing. Then, she came back up and grazed the top of her foot up and down his package.

Luke caught up on sports highlights while his sister did her homework and teased his genitals. He pushed her feet off his lap when he heard footsteps upstairs. Amy put them back when they both heard the squeak of the office chair as Kathryn sat back down.

Amy leaned over, putting her art history stuff on the table. She grabbed a spiral, and then opened it up. Then, quickly wrote out her group discussion topics and questions over “The Stranger,” for class tomorrow. She made a short outline of points she wanted to make, and then tossed the notebook to the table.

“Thirty minutes,” she giggled. She opened up her physics book and placed it on her lap.

She returned to reading and taking notes. Luke continued to massage her feet and calves for a few more minutes before getting up.

Luke gently picked up her feet off his lap, kissed her toes, and then placed them on the cushion. Amy smiled as he rose up and came over to drop another kiss on her forehead.

Amy arched her neck over the arm of the sofa to look up at him as he straightened his back. “You’re still not telling me where we’re going, are you?” she asked. She didn’t want to know, but she wanted to see if he would tell her.

Her brother shook his head and smirked. “Nope.” He kissed her lips softly. Then, he ran upstairs.

Amy stretched her head over the sofa to watch him, and then resumed her homework.

Upstairs, Luke went into Amy’s closet and pulled out several items from his suit travel bag. He laid them across the bed. Then, he went to his suitcase and found a few more garments, including shiny dark tan dress shoes with red laces. He put them on the floor in front of the bed.

He walked around the air mattress on the floor and stopped at the hamper in the corner. He stripped out of his clothes, and then went to shower.

Downstairs, Amy finished the rest of her homework rather quickly. She heard the water going from the upstairs bathroom. She figured if she was quick, it would be okay to go get nail polish from the bathroom cabinet. She put all of her books and spirals into her bag, and then headed upstairs.

She went into her room and noticed the pieces to Luke’s suit lying across her bed. She smiled at his fashion sense. She remembered that his first year of college he had a job selling suits and thoroughly enjoyed it. He continued to do so when he got to Germany, until he began teaching English. He had become quite a clothing connoisseur over those years.

She liked that he not only looked good in check and print styles, he liked wearing them. She ran her fingers over the dark and light blue check shirt and the plum purple silk tie that was lying across it.

She got caught up in a day dream, imagining herself holding onto his tie as he kissed her and her fingers flying down the buttons of his shirt. She shook herself out of it, and then went to the bathroom.

“I’m just grabbing some nail polish, don’t you dare come out of there,” Amy said as she stepped inside of the steamy room.

“You got it,” Luke chuckled from the other side of the curtain, rinsing the suds off his body.

She wanted to rip the curtain back and kiss him, but her mother was on the other side of the door. Instead, she quickly grabbed a soft mint green polish out of the cabinet, and then left just as fast.

She hurried back down the stairs, and then to the couch. She took off the polish that still hadn’t chipped. She always did her nails before it was too long because she hated for them to not be perfect. She took her time, filing her nails, and then painting them.

Luke finished his shower. He hopped out and roughly towel dried his hair. He dried off his body, and then examined the two day scruff on his face. He ran his fingers along his jaw. He chose not to shave because he knew how much Amy loved feeling it on her neck, breasts, and between her thighs. He also knew she loved to nuzzle her cheek on it and feel the prickles while he kissed her.

He returned to the lilac painted room and went to the bed. He stood in front of it and put on a pair of dark blue cotton boxer briefs on, and then a white undershirt. He put on navy blue slacks that matched the suit jacket. He buttoned up his blue check dress shirt, and then went back to his luggage.

He unzipped a corner pocket and looked through his small collection of cuff links. He found a set of navy blue, silk knot cuff links, and then put them on. Then, he put on white suspenders.

He went to the mirror on top of Amy’s dresser to watch himself as he on his tie. He expertly tied a half windsor knot. He smiled to himself, knowing his sister would be very pleased with his look for the evening. He slipped a silver tie bar across the tie and tucked it into the gap between two buttons of his shirt.

He returned to the bed and sat down. He slipped on a pair of striped black, dark and light blue socks, and then put on his polished shoes. He took out something small from her nightstand drawer that he had put there earlier, hidden in the back corner. Then, he put it in his pocket.

He placed a white linen pocket square with a black outline into the chest pocket of his jacket. He slid his arms into the navy jacket, and then buttoned up the two buttons.

Amy’s head turned as she heard his steps. The clothes looked even better on him than she imagined. She smiled, seeing him approach. Her heart sped up several beats. One of her fetishes had always been a man in a suit and he exceeded her expectations.

Everything about his ensemble was perfect. He had even combed his, usually slightly messy, brown hair into a side part.

“Wow, Luke, you’re so handsome,” she whispered as he stepped up to her.

He grinned. “Thanks, Squirt.”

She kept watching him while she blew on her drying nails and he came over and sat on the couch. As good as he looked, all she wanted to do was attack him and rip his clothes off. If she had her way, it would be a pity that he took so much time getting ready because he wouldn’t be wearing that suit for long.

Amy kept staring and her mouth watered. She had so much she wanted to say and do to him. She wanted to kneel before him, take his cock from his fly, and service him. She wanted climb on his lap with his slacks still on, ride him, and stain his pants with her fluids. Thoughts were running rapid in her mind.

“You okay?” Luke raised a brow, teasing her.

“Uh huh,” his sister replied, still awestruck.

It took her a minute before she scooted across the sofa. She whispered in his ear, “I want to do anything and everything to you right now. I want to devour you. My willpower is working over time.”

He smirked and kissed her cheek. “That time will come. But, for now, why don’t you go get ready?” He tickled her side.

Amy squirmed and giggled as he tickled her ribs. When he let up, she lightly touched the last fingernail she had painted. It didn’t smudge. “Okay, I’ll be back.”

She ran upstairs, stripped out of her clothes, and then hopped in the shower. She ran her hand over her pussy with the hot water cascading over her body. Looking at her brother, combined with her thoughts had made her slick. She massaged her clitoris for a few moments, but withdrew her hand before a moan escaped her lips.

Then, she continued her shower without any further masturbation. She was already aching for him and by the time they were able to fuck, she would be on fire.

She hopped out of the shower, fresh and smooth, and covered her nudity in a pink bathrobe. She towel dried her hair, and then squatted down in front of the sink. She pulled out her blow dryer and curling iron, and then placed them on the counter.

Amy went to her closet and found the dress she had decided to wear earlier. She pulled the strapless white dress off of a hanger, draped it over her arm, and then turned around to her shoe rack. She pulled out a pair of black, peep-toe, sling-back heels before returning to her room.

She dropped the items on her bed, and then went to her lingerie drawer. She tapped on her lips while looking through the items inside. She plucked out a pink and white, diagonally striped, silk bra and panty set. She unhooked the bra straps from the band, and then placed the straps back inside.

Amy went back to her bedside, dropped her robe, and then slid the silk bikini panties up her legs. She leaned forward as she hooked her bra for maximum cleavage effect. Then, she reached into the cups, propping them up even higher. She wanted her brother’s mouth to be watering all night long, just as hers already was.

She stepped into her dress, and then turned towards the mirror as she zipped it up. She ran her hands over her curves, over the floral black lace overlay that went from her hips to just beneath the curve of her breasts. The lace gave that area of the dress a corset effect. She smoothed out the fluffy skirt, causing the black lace hem to dance around her knees.

Then, she wiggled the top of the dress that started just above the cups of her bra. Her large tits nearly spilled out of the extremely low neckline. The light colored hickeys that’s Ethan had left on her skin last night just barely stayed out view. She silently thanked him for leaving them where he had.

She tied the black ribbon sash into a bow on the front of her waist. The ribbon draped down, just beyond where the lace ended.

Amy did a little spin before giving herself an approving nod and smile in the mirror. She lightly bounced in place and watched her cleavage jiggle. Soft giggles erupted from her mouth because she knew he’d love seeing her breasts on display as they were.

She took her light gray trench coat from the closet, and then tossed it on the bed.

Amy returned to the bathroom, blow dried her hair, and then curled her brunette mane into large loose ringlets. She did her eye makeup with a soft tinting of gray shadow and black liner before applying strawberry gloss to her plump lips. She cleaned her glasses with a lens cloth, and then slipped them back on her face.

She stuffed the gloss inside of her purse, and then stepped across her room to her dresser. She pulled the opal teardrop earrings and matching necklace from her jewelry box. She took a deep breath of the tulips as she put on the earrings that Luke had sent to her last October. Then, she put on the silver chain necklace. She backed up from the mirror for one last look over herself.

“Hope you like it, Luke,” she whispered with a grin, dragging the opal pendant back and forth on its chain.

She returned to her bed, sat down on the edge, and then slipped into her high heels. She wiggled her toes, liking the splash of color that her mint green painted toes provided against the black pumps.

She rose up from the bed, and then put on her jacket. She buttoned it up so her mother wouldn’t see how much her massive breasts were on display. Once she was properly covered up, she picked up her purse before going next door.

“Hey Mom, Luke and I are about to leave,” Amy said from the doorway.

Kathryn turned away from the desk and smiled at her daughter. “You guys have fun. Any idea when you’ll be home?”

Amy shook her head. “No, he’s being really secretive. But, don’t worry. I’ll be back in plenty of time to sleep before school.”

Her mother nodded. “See you in the morning, probably?”

“Looks that way. We’ll be quiet coming in. Tell Dad I love him,” Amy said as she stepped up to her mother. She dropped a kiss on her cheek. “Love you.”

“Love you too Amy. You guys have a good time.”

Amy turned on her heel and left the room.

Luke’s eyes turned to the goddess coming down the stairs. He rose up from the sofa to greet her at the bottom of the staircase. His eyes never left her as he stepped over.

Amy grinned slyly as she unbuttoned her coat with each step. His eyes went wide and his heart leapt into his throat as her glorious breasts came into view. He watched them bounce with each step and somehow manage not to fall out of the garment.

When she finished unbuttoning her coat, she held it open for him to take in the full view of her body as she went down the stairs.

His eyes trailed down to her waist, which seemed smaller than normal, due to the effect of the lace overlay. He loved her womanly hips and the flowing skirt fluttering against her legs.

He gulped and pulled on the collar of his shirt. Amy giggled seeing him do so. His eyes drank her in completely. She looked like a storybook princess.

Their eyes locked and held a smoldering gaze as she came down the last few steps.

“You’re breathtaking, Amy,” her brother whispered into her ear.

“Thank you, handsome,” she whispered back.

He placed his hand against the small of her back as she re-buttoned her jacket, and then tied the belt on her waist. He led her to the door. They both stopped to say bye to Penny before leaving.

Luke kept his hand on her back until they arrived at the car. He opened the door for her and she slid in. He waited for her to make sure the skirt of her dress was tucked beneath her legs before closing the door.

She dropped her purse on the floorboard and buckled her seatbelt while waiting for him to come around to the driver’s side. She smiled at him as he got in and started up the car. He took her hand after putting on his seat belt, and then began driving downtown.

Amy tightly intertwined her fingers with his. She couldn’t stop staring at him. “Luke, I think you’ve outdone me tonight. I’ve never seen you this handsome.”

He smiled and blushed lightly. “Thank you, sweetheart. But, I don’t think that’s possible. You look divine.” He glanced over at her to see her nibbling her lip. “That dress is amazing and it’s even better with you in it.”

His sister giggled and shied away into her shoulder. “You’re just the sweetest.”

“I try,” he said, and then lifted their locked hands. He kissed the back of her hand with several soft pecks.

“Have you given any thought about our trip after we talked to Mom and Dad this morning?” Amy asked as he settled their hands back on the console.

“Well, do you think you can skip school on the Friday before Spring Break?”

She chewed her lip for a moment. “Yes, probably. It’s mostly just a joke day anyway. Unless, I have tests, then of course, I have to go.”

Luke lightly braked for a CTA bus to come back into the flow of traffic. “Of course, I don’t want you to miss those. Either we leave that Friday morning or Saturday, it doesn’t change too much.”

“I think Friday should be fine. I still have those other two absences to work with,” she giggled, remembering last week when she skipped school to fuck him all day long.

“I still can’t believe my nerdy baby sister is offering to skip school.” He shook his head teasingly, and then turned his face to hers and winked. “Not that I mind at all.”

She playfully stuck out her tongue. “You better not mind.”

The siblings shared a chuckle.

“Alright, since it’s a two day drive to Montreal, we stop at Mackinac Island on Friday night?” her brother asked.

Her face light up. “Mackinac, no cell phone reception, televisions, cars, just carriage rides and being with each other, that sounds perfect,” she said with a bright smile.

Luke nodded with a grin. “I thought you would like that idea.”

“It sounds wonderful!” Amy cooed.

He entered the ramp for the highway towards The Loop. Traffic was moving, but slowly. He pattered his fingers on the steering wheel as his foot went back and forth between the accelerator and brake, almost constantly.

“So, what do you want to do in Montreal?” he asked.

“I’d love to go to the Symphony and some museums. But, you know me, I’m a nerd.”

He chuckled, “I love that you’re a nerd. That sounds great. Anything else?”

Amy played with the opal pendant of her necklace, pulling it back and forth on the chain. “Well, since I’ll be able to drink legally, we will have to go somewhere that has alcohol.”

“That’s a given.” Luke smiled. “Just don’t throw up on me. I bet you’re a lightweight,” he teased.

She playfully punched his bicep. “Hey! I may be inexperienced in that department, but I won’t get shitfaced drunk off of one drink.” She rubbed him where she had hit him. “Anyways, I’m sure you’ll be watching what I drink.”

“I will. I don’t want you getting sick.” He slammed on the brake when a taxi cut him off. He cursed under his breath. Once he accelerated again, he continued, “Plus, fucking a drunk girl isn’t as fun as people make it out to be.”

His sister laughed. “I can’t imagine it would be.”

“So, we have the symphony, museums, a bar or two, or three, what else do you want to do?”

“Hmm,” Amy muttered. “We can play it by ear, walk around and find things to do. And of course, fuck like rabbits,” she giggled.

“That’s a given,” he chuckled. “Also, I plan to fuck you in public too.”

A rush of heat flooded her between her thighs. Amy rubbed her thighs together as she squealed, “Oh! Yes please!”

Her brother looked over at her and smirked. “I take it you like that idea?”

“Oh yes! Very much,” she replied, and then leaned over to kiss his cheek. “What sort of places would we do it?”

Luke raised a brow and glanced over at her. “Do you really think I would tell you? I have to keep you on your toes,” he teased.

She playfully rolled her eyes and sighed. “You never tell me anything,” she pouted.

The conversation changed from planning to the trip to other topics for the rest of the ride. Amy knew how much attention he had to pay to the road with all of the traffic, so she kept herself from teasing him.

Finally, he exited the highway. After driving a few blocks, he found a decently priced parking garage. He and Amy got out of the car. He gave the keys to the valet, and then took her hand as they began walking.

The streets were bustling in the early evening. The beautiful tall buildings towered over them. There was the constant annoyance of car horns coming from impatient drivers in all directions. The El rattled down Wabash Avenue a few blocks away.

Amy stayed close to his side as they walked together. Her heels clicked against the concrete. He led her for a couple of blocks to a romantic Italian restaurant.

She smiled wide as they went to the door. Luke opened it for her.

His sister softly bowed her head as she passed through. “Thank you, kind sir,” she giggled

“You’re welcome ma’ lady,” Luke said with a grin as he bowed to her.

She waited for him to return to her side, and then held his hand. She loved being on a date with the love of her life.

The hostess took note of the reservation he had made earlier in the day, and then the siblings followed her to a small table in the corner with pink lilies for a centerpiece.

Amy took off her coat, and then draped it over the back of her chair. Luke pulled her chair out. She held her skirt against the back of her thighs as he pushed the chair in, and then she sat down. The white linen table cloth almost touched the floor and completely covered her legs.

Luke moved his chair from across from her to next to her, and then sat down himself. The hostess gave them the menus. She explained the wine list. Amy listened, learning about pairings, though she wouldn’t be drinking. Then, the hostess disappeared.

She placed her hand on top of his on the table and he wrapped his fingers around hers. They didn’t care about who could see them, after all, it was just holding hands. She smiled to him and he smiled back.

“This place is so fancy,” she said softly. She glanced down at the menu and gasped at the prices, “At least it’s not terribly expensive.” She knew there were restaurants that were five times more expensive downtown, and usually not worth the price.

Her brother squeezed her hand. “Don’t worry about the prices. You’re worth every penny. I would spend a thousand dollars a plate if it made you happy.”

Her heart melted. “Luke, you’re too good to me.”

“You’re better to me,” he said, and then gently kissed her cheek.

The waiter arrived and took them through a tour of the menu. After he finished his spiel he said, “How about a bottle of merlot or cabernet for the happy couple?”

The siblings smiled and replied, “No thank you,” in unison.

They both ordered diet pops. He looked a little annoyed that they weren’t ordering a bottle of wine, but he promptly returned. Luke ordered an appetizer of calamari. They still needed time to look over the menu and decide their entrées.

“Everything looks delicious,” she commented, still scanning over the descriptions.

“Do you want to share two things? Maybe it’ll make the decision easier.” He rubbed the back of her hand his with his thumb, one of his favorite acts of love to provide her.

“If you want to. I don’t want to interfere with your choice.”

“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to.”

They decided on seafood ravioli with a cream sauce and osobuco. The waiter returned with their drinks and took the rest of their order.

While they waited for the appetizer, Luke kissed her hand, and then set it on the table. His hand made its way underneath the table cloth. He found her knee, and then pushed her skirt up on her thighs. Amy giggled as he massaged her inner thigh, slowly working his way upwards. He neared her panties, and then came back down.

Her eyes quickly scanned the room, looking at the other diners. Most were couples enjoying a romantic evening together. She didn’t see any familiar faces.

She opened her legs further, silently begging him to her touch higher, but he didn’t give it to her. He could feel her heat bubbling behind her silk panties.

Amy kept her eyes locked on his as they became glazed with lust. She bit her lip to keep quiet as he lightly dragged one finger over her concealed slit. Her toes curled against the soles of her shoes. Then, he quickly pulled his hand away and grinned.

“You’re so mean,” she whimpered as she squirmed in her seat.

Luke grinned. “I’m never mean to you.”

“Well, no, but you’re teasing me,” his sister playfully pouted.

“Look who’s talking,” he chuckled, patting her thigh. “You tease me constantly. You’re doing it right now.”

She raised a chestnut brow. “How am I teasing you right now?”

Her brother purposely stared at her breasts and the dress that held them. Her nipples were just barely out of view behind the clothing. “That’s how,” he replied, not moving his eyes.

Amy looked down at her cleavage and giggled, causing it to jiggle. “I thought you liked me showing off for you.”

He raised his eyes to hers. “I do, but it’s a tease. I can’t touch or taste right now. It’s agony.”

“You’ll get to,” she said with a wink. “I want you to want me as bad as I want you right now.” She extended her arm, and then ran her fingers along his tie.

Her brother smiled warmly. “Amy, I want you every moment of every day.”

“And, I you.” She leaned over and kissed his warm cheek just before their appetizer arrived.

Luke’s hand continued its torturous tease up and down her thigh as they ate the crispy calamari. He only grazed her womanhood for brief moments. It was just long enough to make her squirm, and then it was back down to her knee.

Amy was aching for him and her panties were rapidly becoming soaked. He dragged his finger along her slit and pushed the silk into her. She mashed her teeth together to keep from letting out a moan as her cheeks became hotter.

They finished the calamari and stacked the plates in the corner of the table.

His sister reached underneath the table and found his hand. She looked down to make sure the table cloth was completely covering her, and then put her other hand underneath. She looked at his face as she pulled her panties over and pushed his hand up to her bare mound.

“Do you feel that?” Amy whispered.

He pushed one finger into her dripping cunt and nodded.

“It’s all for you. That’s what you do to me. I’m always like this for you,” she said softly.

Her brother grinned. “I like keeping you this way.” He sank his finger fully inside of her.

She closed her eyes tight and ground her teeth together.

Luke kissed her flushing cheek, and then whispered in her ear, “You should feel my cock. I’m so hard for you.”

She blinked her eyes open and nibbled her lip. She felt so naughty, doing such things in a busy restaurant.

Their table was in the corner and they felt like they were in their own little world. Also, as long as they weren’t obvious or loud, no one would be the wiser. The long table cloth aided their naughtiness, hiding what was going on beneath the table.

Amy’s hand wandered over. She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder as she stretched. She cupped his package through his slacks and was greeted with his firm bulge.

She smiled softly. “That feels nice.”

“Mmhmm,” he mumbled. He withdrew his finger, and then pushed it back inside of her slippery tunnel.

They continued fondling each other for a few minutes. Then, they both sat up and kept their hands to themselves when they saw their waiter coming back to the table.

He dropped off the dishes. They looked and smelled wonderful. The seafood ravioli was topped with shrimp and scallops and a tomato cream sauce. The ossobuco was perfectly smothered in sauce and served with grilled polenta.

He had forgotten to bring them extra plates so they could share. They asked for them again, and the siblings were left dying to dig in while they waited for him to return.

It felt like an eternity until he came back. He gave them the plates, and then they began feasting.

Amy tried the seafood ravioli first and had a food-gasm as the flavors sank into her taste buds. Luke did the same and had a similar reaction.

“Oh my god, this is so good,” she said once she had swallowed. “I bet Grandma knows how to make something similar to this.”

“You should ask her this weekend.”

“I think I will. I should also ask her for all of her recipes. She knows how to make the best tortellini.”

They chatted about their weekend ahead while they dined. They would be going to Iowa for their cousin’s wedding. Their parent’s said that they would be spending Friday and Saturday nights with a lot of family members at their grandmother’s farm house.

Amy dabbed her mouth with a napkin, and then had a sip of pop. She noticed the look in her brother’s eye that told her he was thinking about something. “What is it?”

“I just had a thought,” he replied. “I know it’ll be a long day on Saturday, but I think that we should go ahead and drive back home after the reception.”

“Are you sure? It’s a six hour drive.” Her voice was concerned. “You’ll be exhausted.”

“Well, we’ll see how it goes. But, I think we should. Mom and Dad will definitely be staying the night, and then we can have the house to ourselves on Sunday morning.”

She pursed her lips to one side. “That is a very good point. But, seriously, you know how easily I can fall asleep in cars. I don’t want you to drive us all the way back, just so we can have sex.”

“Fair enough. I won’t promise, but it’s something to keep in mind,” he said with a grin. “We still have a few places on our list to hit.”

Amy giggled. “Yes we do. If not Sunday, then I’m sure we will find other chances here and there.”

They continued their meal until they were pleasantly full and still had plenty of left overs. Amy asked the server for to-go boxes when they ordered tiramisu for dessert. He took their plates and boxed up the food for them.

“Amy, do you really want to get boxes? We’ll have to carry it around with us the rest of the night.”

She nodded. “I’m sure. We can’t let it go to waste. We’ll find a homeless person to give it to and make their day,” she said with a smile.

“That’s my sister, always thinking of others.” He dropped a kiss on her temple.

She nuzzled into him. “It’s the least we can do. I’m sure whoever it is will appreciate it.”

The waiter returned with the food boxed up and in a bag. He gave them their dessert and dropped off the bill. Amy asked him for some plastic silverware. He came back and placed it in the bag while they were devouring dessert. Luke had already put his card in the check presenter. The server took it and returned before they finished eating.

Neither of them wanted to take the last bite. They decided to split it into two smaller bites.

Luke left the waiter a twenty percent tip, even though he seemed annoyed with them half of the time. He and his sister were extremely nice and courteous to him, but he never seemed to smile. Not to mention, the eye roll they got when they didn’t order a bottle of wine. Luke figured he was just having one of those days and he always tipped at least twenty percent anyway.

When they were finished, Luke rose up from his chair first. He came over and pulled out her chair. He took her hand and helped her up from her seat, and then picked up her jacket and slid it onto her arms.

She kept a soft smile while he did such gentlemanly acts for her. She felt like a princess.

Luke picked up the food, and then held her hand as they left the restaurant.

“Thank you for such a lovely evening,” she said as they walked down the busy downtown street.

“It’s not over yet, my love.” He squeezed her hand.

She smiled wide as he led her a few blocks down the street. On the way, she saw a woman sitting up against a wall in ragged clothing. Amy stopped him from walking further.

“Hi,” Amy said as they approached the woman.

She looked up at the siblings. “Hello?” she questioned her greeting.

“This may sound strange, but we just finished dinner. We had some leftovers and thought you could make use out of them.” Amy smiled warmly.

The woman’s face lit up. “Really?” she gasped.

Amy nodded, keeping her smile. “There’s even some silverware in there. I hope you like Italian food.” She took the bag from Luke, and then handed it to her.

“Bless you, child.” The woman’s voice was more than gracious as she received the food. “Thank you.”

The siblings both smiled to her. “You’re welcome,” they said in unison.

They continued walking and both of their souls warmed up from the good deed. This wasn’t the first time she had given someone food like that. She knew that she would appreciate it more than they would ever know.

Before turning the corner, Amy looked back over her shoulder. She saw the woman sharing the food with someone else and smiling brightly. Amy smiled and felt joy in her heart from making the woman’s day.

They continued strolling for a couple of blocks until they reached the Willis Tower.

“Are we going to The Skydeck?” Amy asked with a cheerful voice. “I’ve never been to the one here.”

“You got it.” He kissed her lips quickly.

The pair headed for the doors hand in hand.

“I know it’s called the Willis Tower now, but it will always be Sears to me,” his sister commented.

“Me too. My brain won’t let me call it anything else.”

They went in the same portion of the revolving door. Amy giggled as he went behind her and pressed against her body while they pushed the door around. He put his hands on top of hers and she wiggled her ass against his crotch.

They stepped into the lobby and made their way to the automated ticket machine. Amy squeezed his hand and rubbed his arm with the other while he pushed the buttons on the screen. After receiving their tickets, they followed the signs and made their way to the elevators.

There was another couple ahead of them in line. They waited patiently for the express elevator to return to the ground floor. Amy took off her coat, and then draped it over her arm. Luke took it from her and she smiled at his courtesy.

The usher told them a few facts about the building while they waited. Such as, it is 1,451 feet tall, there are 108 floors, and it was completed in 1973 after three years of construction. The Skydeck opened in 1974, and on a clear day, you can see over fifty miles in all directions and four states.

“We picked a good day to come up here, wouldn’t you say?” Luke asked, kissing her temple.

“It was you that picked a great day,” his sister cooed.

The elevator door opened with a ding, and the two couples stepped inside. Amy smiled over to the other pair who appeared to be in their late thirties. Her brother stood against the wall and Amy rested her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, just under the curve of her bosom. The other couple followed suit.

The doors closed, and one of the fastest elevators in the world, began shooting them up at 1,600 feet per minute. Both women grabbed onto their men as their knees went weak from the pressure. Everyone felt like they were two inches shorter from the speed.

“This is how I imagine it feels on Jupiter,” Amy said, referring to comparative atmospheric pressure.

Everyone in the elevator chuckled.

“I feel like I’m being folded like laundry,” Luke commented.

“My stomach feels like it was left on the ground floor,” the woman added.

Suddenly the doors opened again on the 103rd floor. Everyone let out a gasp.

The two couples smiled at each other before Luke and Amy stepped out first. He took her hand again and they walked, trying to make their wobbly legs work again. It wasn’t an easy task as their bodies felt funny from being up so high.

They made their way to the windows that were straight across from the elevator door. The sun had already set and the buildings were lit with neon lights.

There weren’t a lot of people on the floor, just a handful of small groups of friends and couples roaming around and enjoying the scenery.

“Wow,” Amy gasped, standing as close to the window as possible. A rail pressed into her stomach. “This is amazing. It’s so pretty.”

Luke smiled, adoring her expression before taking a look out the window himself. “It’s not as pretty as you.”

His sister giggled, “Luke, you’re too sweet. If you get any sweeter, you’re going to start giving me cavities when you kiss me.”

He chuckled, “You’re too cute,” and then planted a kiss on her cheek.

“You know what we haven’t done since you’ve been back?” Amy turned her eyes from the window.

“What would that be?”

“Take a picture together,” she said with a smile, and then pulled her phone out of her purse.

He smiled. They both turned so their backs were towards the window. Amy held out her phone in front of them and Luke pressed his cheek against her temple. She snapped the picture while they both smiled brightly. When she was done, she examined the picture on the screen.

“That’ll do for now,” she said with a wink, and then leaned into his ear. “We will have to take more pictures later. More tantalizing ones,” she whispered.

When she pulled back, they shared a salacious grin. Luke nodded in agreement. Then, they continued walking.

They went to the next set of windows that faced east. They both looked out to see the buildings, and then the lake behind them.

Amy was focused, looking out the giant window. She was drinking in the glorious view. She looked out, and then down, seeing the bustling city below.

Luke reached into his suit pocket with his free hand. His left hand still held hers and he lifted it slightly. He grasped onto a small piece of cold metal inside of his pocket. Then, keeping his eyes forward, he reached over and slipped a silver ring onto her slender middle finger.

Amy looked down, feeling the ring on her finger. She smiled radiantly as she watched him push it down towards her knuckle. When he finished, she lifted her hand to see it close up. It was a silver band, printed with piano keys all of the way around the ring.

Her eyes lit up like a thousand sparkling diamonds on the ocean.

“Oh my goodness!” she beamed. “I love it!” She jumped up and down in place, admiring her new jewelry.

“You do?” he asked rhetorically. He loved her reaction. It was just what he wanted to see. A smile was painted on his face.

She glanced back and forth between her right hand and his eyes. She nodded avidly. “I love it and I love you for getting me something so perfect!” she squealed.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders. He held her around her waist and returned the warm embrace. His hand rubbed against the soft black lace of her dress. She pressed her lips to his and they shared a passionate kiss in front of the skyline of downtown, not caring for the moment who could see them

He wanted to get her something she could wear every day. He saw plenty of rings with hearts on them that he would have liked to get for her. But, it would be hard explaining to people that her brother had gotten her an item that screamed that it was from a lover. He also saw a lot of pieces with flowers, but that didn’t fit her personality and was way too girly and more for a young girl. They weren’t right for her. When he saw the ring with the piano keys, he instantly knew that it was the one.

When the lover’s embrace broke, Amy smiled up to him again. “I’m never going to take it off. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he replied, stroking her soft ivory cheek. “Look at the inside of the ring.”

She slipped the ring off of her finger, and then examined the inside of the band. It was engraved with a script font that took up the entire circumference. The print said, “You’ve always been mine. L.D.”

She was smiling so much that her cheeks hurt. “I thought it was perfect already, but now it’s even better. Just like you.” Happy tears were filling her eyes.

“You’re the perfect one, Amy. I’m just the lucky one to have someone like you.” He kissed her lips softly. “When you wear it, no matter how far apart we are, I will always be with you.”

She melted. Her heart danced and sang. Two tears trickled over her freckled cheeks. Luke arched down, and then kissed them away.

She was intoxicated with his love. She put her arm around his back, and then rested her head against him. Her right hand ran up and down his chest over his blue check shirt and plum tie. He put his arm around her and pulled her even closer to him. She closed her eyes and he kissed the top of her head. Time stopped for them in that moment.

As their bodies came apart, they noticed the couple from the elevator nearby taking photos of themselves.

“Go ask them if they will take one of us and we will do the same for them,” Luke said.

Amy nodded. They walked over to the couple.

“Do you guys want us to take a picture for you?” Amy asked.

They both smiled and nodded. The blonde woman replied, “That would be wonderful. Do you want us to take one of you?” She handed Amy the camera.

“That would be great, thanks,” Amy said with a smile.

She backed up a few feet while the couple posed next to each other in front of the windows. With the distance, the background of the lit up city behind them came in clearly behind the windows. She took a picture with them centered in the frame.

“How about a romantic one,” Amy suggested. “That background is too beautiful to waste.”

Luke softly ran his hand along her bare upper back. He was still all smiles from making his sister happy.

The couple smiled to each other. The woman giggled as her man took her in his arms, and then dipped her. Amy took a picture as they kissed. Then, she took another as they rose back up and their lips stayed together.

Amy gave the woman her camera back, and then gave the lady her phone as well. The man took Amy’s coat from Luke. The couples traded places, and Luke and Amy stood against the window.

Luke placed his arm around his sister, and she wrapped both of hers around him. She rested her forehead against his jaw. They were nestled as close together as could be while still facing the camera. The woman counted down from three, and then snapped a photo of the smiling sibling couple.

“Now you guys have to take some romantic ones too.” The woman winked.

They nodded with grins on their lips. The siblings turned to each other. Amy looked up into his eyes and placed her hands on his neck. Luke’s hands stayed around her waist. The woman quickly snapped a picture of them gazing into each other’s eyes, and then another as their lips met.

Luke lifted her off of the floor, and arched his back. Amy’s hands drifted to his shoulders and she held tightly onto him. The picture was taken with their lips locked together and Amy’s legs bent, giddily kicking in the air.

Her brother gently let her down and her feet landed on the floor. Amy felt her dress had been pulled down a bit from how he was holding her. She stayed against him and giggled as she pulled up the top of her dress a bit. She didn’t want to flash anyone.

Amy stepped over to get her phone back from the woman. “Thank you so much.” She smiled

“You are very welcome. Thank you for taking ours,” the woman replied.

Luke got Amy’s jacket back, and then held it on his arm.

The other two turned away, and then began walking. Luke and Amy overheard the woman as she said, “They are such a cute young couple.”

The siblings shared a warm smile before they continued exploring the floor.

Luke whispered in her ear, “If we could do as much PDA as we want to, we probably would make them sick.”

Amy giggled, “You’re right, we probably would.”

They stopped at the next set of windows. She opened up the pictures on her phone and they looked over them together. Amy had a radiant glow and Luke looked handsome in all of them. They looked so in love with each other and the background lit up the photos.

“I need to e-mail the kissing ones to myself cause I can’t keep them on my phone,” she commented. She ran her finger across the screen, looking through the three pictures that the woman took.

“E-mail them to me too, please,” he said, and then kissed her forehead.

Amy sent the pictures to herself, and then to him. She waited until the e-mail icon popped up, and then she checked to make sure she had done it properly and they were safe in her inbox. Then, she playfully waved at the pictures before deleting them.

“You’re too fucking adorable,” Luke mumbled against her cheek.

She smiled, and then they continued their tour of The SkyDeck.

Their next stop was the ledge. It was a box window that extended four-and-a-half feet from the main floor and was 1,353 feet above Wacker Drive and the Chicago River.

Luke stepped out onto the transparent floor first. He was still holding her hand and tugged on it. “Come on, Squirt.”

Amy shook her head. “I’m scared of heights.” She nibbled her lip, feeling silly that she said that when they were already so high up.

“You have nothing to be scared of, you’re with me.” His voice was tender and warm.

She nodded, and then stepped onto the ledge. She squeezed his hand as they both looked down to the city below.

“See, this isn’t so bad. Well, except that everyone down there can see up your skirt,” he teased.

She playfully rolled her eyes. “That’s very doubtful, considering they look like ants from up here.”

Luke chuckled, and then started jumping.

Amy screeched, “Stop that! Don’t freak me out!”

“What? It’s not like it’s going to break. I bet people do this all day,” he said as he continued to bounce in place.

She gritted her teeth and playfully sneered at him. “Well no, but it’s making it shake. It’s a little freaky already.”

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her supple lips. He spoke against her mouth, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

His sister smiled. “Remember, I can’t be scared with you.”

She brushed her lips against his, feeling his scruff against her mouth. Their tongues gracefully slid into each other’s mouths. Luke wrapped his arm around her waist, bringing her closer to him as their tongues twirled together. She broke off the kiss after several moments by suckling his bottom lip.

Amy had enough of the ledge, and they continued to last set of windows.

She leaned against the railing to look out at the view of the city and the miles of land that seemed to be a breathing, living thing. Luke draped her jacket over the railing, and then came up behind her. He kissed her shoulder as he ran his hands down her arms until they were on top of hers.

They stood together, admiring the scenery, for several silent moments. His cheek was pressed against hers.

“If we could do naughty things right now, what would you do to me?” she asked in a whisper.

“Hmm,” he muttered. “Well, I would start by pulling up your skirt and caress your amazing ass.”

“Then what?” She lightly rolled her hips, grinding her butt into his crotch.

“I would pull your panties down with one hand and the other would pull the front of your dress down so I could feel your tits.”

Amy was growing warm between her thighs and she whimpered softly.

His voice stayed soft as his cock began growing beneath his clothes. “My other hand would find your pussy and I’d take my time to tease you and get you very wet.”

“You know how wet I get for you,” she murmured. “I am getting there right now.”

“That’s my good slut.”

“Then, what would you do? Please tell me.”

“Once you were soaking wet around my fingers,” he paused to trail kisses around her earlobe, “I would slide my cock into your tight cunt.”

Amy bit her lip to fight back a moan. Fresh fluids leaked into her panties.

Luke ran his hands up and down her forearms, pressing his fingers into her flesh as he whispered, “I’d fuck you really slow until you were begging for me to go harder. You know how much I love hearing you beg.”

“I do,” she mumbled. “I love doing anything you want me to.” She quickly took a look around to make sure there weren’t any people very close by, and then nuzzled her warm cheek against his

“Then, once I was really pounding you and you were screaming with pleasure, I would suddenly pull out.”

She gasped, “Oh no, why would you do that?”

His breath was hot against her face as he spoke, “Because, I want my slutty baby sister to suck her juices off my cock.”

Amy squirmed and sealed her lips tight. She could feel his hard bulge rubbing against her bum.

“I’d look out to the city and admire this gorgeous view while an even more gorgeous thing was blowing me.”

“Where would you cum?” she asked with a quiet moan. She ground her clammy hands into the metal railing. Her knees almost gave out.

His hands settled over hers. He pressed his hips hard against her ass, grinding his concealed erection into her. “I would cum all over your tits, so when we finished, everyone could see how I marked you.”

“I’d love to wear your cum in public. I want to wear your seed as my brand, showing everyone who I belong to.”

Luke softly growled into her ear, “You’ll wear it in Montreal, my love, my slut.”

She squirmed with excitement. “I can’t wait.” She paused for a moment, and then whispered, “Actually, I would rather wait, the sooner we go on our trip, the sooner you have to leave.”

“That is true. But, we will have an amazing week together that will just be us together. No one else. No one to stop us from openly loving each other. No fear, no distractions, just you and me.” He squeezed her forearms, and then pulled away.

He picked up her jacket. He held it over his arm in front of his crotch to hide his erection.

Amy turned to him and smiled. Her panties were quite wet, but at least it wasn’t obvious to anyone besides her. She wanted him to know as well, though she was sure he already knew. She leaned up to his ear and muttered, “My panties are wet for you, big brother.”

They shared a wicked grin as she pulled back.

“That’s a good reason go to our next destination,” he said calmly.

She nodded, and then took his hand.

They made their way back to the elevators. On the way there, they saw the couple again. The men shared a knowing smile. They must have seen them at the windows and knew the arousal that they were building. Amy blushed when the woman grinned to her.

They got into the elevator. The doors closed, and then they were shot down just as fast as they came up. Less than a minute later, they arrived back on the ground floor.

The siblings said, “Goodnight,” to the usher before scurrying, hand in hand, through the lobby.

Amy’s heels and Luke’s dress shoes pattered on the marble floor. They hurried to the revolving doors, and then went in the same slot again. Luke grabbed her round ass with a firm grip, and then gave it a swat before they stepped back outside. Amy squealed playfully. She quickly put on her jacket and buttoned it up.

They smiled at each other and slowed down their pace as they began walking down the sidewalk. Amy unconsciously held her purse tighter under her arm. Luke put his arm around her waist and kept her close to his side.

“Where are we going now?” Amy asked with her head turned to him and batting her lashes.

Her brother chuckled and shook his head. “Do you really think I’m going to spoil the final surprise for the evening?”

She playfully sighed, letting out a heavy breath, causing stray wisps of hair to drift up from her face. “No, I guess not,” she said with a smile.

Luke smiled back, and then kissed her temple.

They took a few steps, and then waited for the pedestrian signal to change to “WALK.” She planted soft kisses along his scruffy jawline. Then, they crossed the cross walk.

Luke and Amy smiled to each other and he squeezed her hip as they strolled back to the parking garage. They enjoyed silence between them, just being together as they walked down the sidewalk. The siblings didn’t need words all of the time, they just needed each other.

The valet attendant retrieved their car. He held the door open for Amy, but Luke quickly took his place. She slid in, tucked in her dress, and then he closed the door. Luke tipped him, and then took his place in the driver’s seat.

Luke drove them down side roads for the final leg of their journey. His sister kept her hand in his and intertwined their fingers together. She watched her right hand trail up and down his arm and felt the soft material of his suit coat. She constantly smiled, seeing the ring on her finger slowly twirl as her hand moved.

She broke the silence once he had stopped at a light, “Luke, can I talk to you about something?”

He looked over at her. “Of course you can.”

She nibbled her lip for a second before speaking again, “Do you feel bad about lying to people, like Mom and Dad?”

“Define lying.”

She gathered her thoughts for a second. “Well, like today, I showed Mom the flowers you got me. I felt bad telling her they were from someone besides you.”

He nodded. The light turned green, and then he gently pressed down on the accelerator. His eyes turned back to the road and he continued listening.

“I know the consequences of telling them or anyone. I would never risk that, of course. I love you and being with you too much. I just…” she paused and looked out the window, her tone became softer, “I’m not used to being so secretive.”

“I understand.” Her brother’s voice was tender and he stroked his thumb against the back of her hand. “It’s not easy being in a relationship like we are. It’s going to be really painful at times.”

She turned her eyes back to his face. “It’s not fair. Our love is so pure and it feels like there is nothing that could be more right. The world views us so terribly and incest is such a dirty word. I know there have been cases about it in the past, like the Fritzl one, and that just reinforces the world’s idea of what we do. But, we aren’t like the people you read about. We aren’t hurting each other. We just want to be together and love each other.”

“I know,” he said softly.

“I love you more than I could have ever imagined, Luke. You’re everything to me and I’m not saying that I want this to stop, because I don’t. So please don’t think that.” She rested her head on his shoulder and let out a deep breath. “I just wanted to know if you were feeling the same things I was.”

He kissed the top of her head, her hair tickled his nose. “I am, Amy. And, I don’t want to stop either. I would walk through fire for you. If Mom and Dad, or anyone for that matter, ever found out, I would do anything to keep you. If the worst things happened, I would want to be with you again, and again, and again.”

Amy nuzzled into his arm. “I would want to be with you too. No matter what happened. Even if he were exiled and had to live on a desert island with nothing else but each other, if it meant that I was with you, I would do it.”

“I would too, without a second thought,” Luke said with a heavy exhale. He had been having the same thoughts she just confessed to.

Both of them felt the knot in the guts loosen. They knew that no matter what, they would be together and have each other. They completed each other, and nothing could ever change that.

There were a few silent moments except for the sounds of the city around them.

“I love you, Luke, I always will, no matter what,” Amy stated with a soft smile.

“I love you, for always, Amy,” he replied.

His sister closed her eyes and stayed nestled against him. She inhaled deeply, breathing in his masculine scent. Luke would take down the world for her, she knew that for as long as she could remember, but now, it meant even more. Her soul filled with warmth as she realized just how deeply he loved her.

“You’re my soul mate,” his sister whispered.

Her brother smiled, and then kissed her head. “You’re mine.”

He continued to drive for a few more miles until they arrived at a nondescript intersection in Bucktown. He turned off the car and she let go of his arm.

Amy looked out the windows in all directions, trying to figure out where they were and why. She asked quizzically, “Where are we?”

“At our final destination for the evening,” he replied simply, and then got out of the car.

He quickly came around to her side and helped her out. He took her purse from the floorboard, opened the trunk, and then dropped it inside. She kept a puzzled expression on her face, watching him grab a large, heavy blanket from her trunk that she kept back there in case of getting stuck in a snow storm.

He closed up the trunk. Without saying anything, he took her hand and they began walking a short distance down a side walk. He led her onto a grassy area.

“What are we doing?” Amy asked, still trying to figure out his plan.

“Each other,” he retorted with a grin.

Her face lit up and she shivered with excitement. “Oh!” she gasped with an open mouth.

They shared a devilish grin, and then picked up their walking speed. They arrived at a tall chain link fence. Amy’s perplexed expression returned, but she continued to let him lead her. Her ears were pricked, listening for noises coming from anyone who could be nearby. She also scanned the area and couldn’t see anyone in sight. Her nervousness dwindled.

Luke stopped when he found the hole in the fence he was waiting to see. It was a perfect size for one person to cross through. He had checked in the afternoon to make sure it was still here.

“Through there?” she questioned with a brow raised.

“Unless you plan on climbing a fence in a dress,” he teased.

Amy playfully rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue. She kept her hand in his as she passed through sideways so she wouldn’t risk her dress getting caught. He ducked down as he went through right after.

There were no lights in the open area, just scattered trees. There were a few apartment buildings around, but not too close. El tracks were nearby, and when the train came by, the lights on the front of lit up the field. The train screeched as it took a turn at a high speed.

“How did you find this place?” Amy asked as they walked up a hill.

“Ethan, Chris, Nathan, and I found it when we were high-school. We were just driving around one Saturday night and ended up here. The hole in the fence was already cut and we went exploring.”

Her heels sank into the ground a little. She walked on the balls of her feet to keep her shoes from getting dirty. “Your high-school experience was so much more interesting than mine,” she laughed.

“Maybe so, but I hope I’m helping you with that,” Luke said with a wink.

She squeezed his hand. “You definitely are.”

Several paces later, they arrived at a set of abandoned train tracks over a bridge. Amy watched as he spread the blanket out across a portion of them. Amy nibbled her lip as she looked over the edge of the bridge. The drop off scared her, but also excited her.

Her heart sped up a little and she looked over her shoulders to make sure there was no one else around. It was silent except for their breaths. She noticed the closest apartment building and several lights were on inside of the homes. It was far enough away that no one would be able to see them in the dark.

Her brother stood in the center of the black blanket. He extended his hand to her. She took it, and then stepped up to him.

He brought his sister to him by his arm around her waist. He noticed a hint of worry in her eyes. “Are you okay with this?”

She nodded, settling her hands on his shoulders. “Oh yes, very much so.” She smiled sweetly. “You’re about to take my public sex cherry.”

“We had sex at school, the other day,” he chuckled as he stroked her cheek. “That’s public sex.”

She giggled at herself. She shyly looked down, and then back into his matching blue eyes. “Well, yes. But this is open public. That was behind closed doors. Not quite the same.”

Luke smirked as he bent down a bit. “Fair enough.” He muttered against her mouth, “I’m happy to take your open public sex cherry.”

His lips met hers and they opened in perfect unison. Their tongues glided into each other’s mouths with effortless harmony. Their taste buds rubbed together as their tongues twirled together in a dance of passion. They kissed hungrily, showing their need for the other. They melted into the kiss and a shroud of love and lust rose up around the sibling lovers.

Amy’s hand glided down from his shoulder and down his tie. Her hand slipped between their bodies. She popped the two buttons of his coat undone. Her hand continued downwards until she reached his package. She grazed the back of her hand along his growing member beneath his slacks. Luke groaned into her mouth from her touch.

His fingers found the buttons of her coat. He undid them, and then nudged it off of her shoulders. She pulled her hand away from his crotch, and then her trench coat fell to the ground behind her. Her hand promptly returned to his bulge.

“You’re not cold are you?” Luke mumbled between kisses.

“No. You’re keeping me warm,” she giggled, and then kissed him hard, sucking his tongue behind her lips. Her other hand held his neck firmly.

He slid one hand over the curve of her ass, and then underneath her skirt. He greedily groped her silk covered flesh, pulling her even closer to him, crushing her arm between their bodies. With his other hand, he hooked his fingers into the top of her dress. He tugged it and her bra down. Her breasts bounced out, freed from their confinements.

The cool air made her nipples swell even harder. His warm palm covered one as he held her soft flesh. She whimpered into his mouth as her fingers searched for his belt. She continued feeling around for a moment. She realized he didn’t have one on.

“I planned ahead,” her brother said softly as his kisses began trailing across her cheek.

“What do you mean?”

His hand left her bosom. He quickly pulled his coat back, showing her his white suspenders.

“Oh! You’re so smart, I must be rubbing off on you,” she giggled.

Just as fast, his hand returned to her tit His jacket fell back against his check shirt. He palmed her lush breasts, feeling every inch of them.

Her fluids were leaking freely into her panties. She hurriedly undid his fly. His slacks stayed up as she pulled his organ from his boxers. She wrapped her fingers around his member. He grew to full strength as she stroked him.

Amy dropped down to her knees. She felt the gravel against her knees that was beneath the blanket. She smiled up to him as her fist jerked his dick.

Luke looked down to her and adored her perfectly manicured nails. He always loved seeing her touching him, but her hand looked extra pretty on his hard flesh.

She spoke in a sultry whisper, “Will you feed your baby sister your cock?”

Luke smiled, admiring the goddess on her knees in front of him. He ran his hand through her hair, making her wait to hear his inevitable response. Her eyes went wide and she pouted her lips. She looked beautiful in the moonlight.

“Please?” she begged softly. Her hand moved quicker along his length.

“You have to do something for me,” he said sternly, holding back a moan.

Without hesitation, she replied, “Anything for you, big brother.” Her eyes stayed locked on his.

“Pull up your dress and masturbate while you suck my cock.” He twirled his fingers in her mane.

Amy smiled brightly. “I can definitely do that.” Her hand left his erection.

Luke watched as she hiked her skirt up over her hips. He leaned back to get a quick glance of her stained pink and white panties as she pulled them down to her thighs. She kept her forearm pressed against her fluffy white skirt, holding it up, as her hand found her smooth, hot pussy.

“That’s my good slut. Open your mouth for me.” He wrapped his fingers in her hair and firmly held her head.

Her mouth obediently dropped open. She looked up at him, begging with her eyes for him to give her his cock and allow her to service him.

Her brother pushed his tool behind her lips. He was greeted with her wet, soft tongue. She sealed her lips around his thickness and suckled his flesh, swirling her tongue around his cockhead.

He let out a groan, looking down at his baby sister. He fed her more, inch by inch, slowly letting her have more of him. She gratefully took what he gave her. Her head stayed still as he pumped in and out of her hungry mouth.

Amy moaned onto his erection. His veins bulged against her tongue. She wanted more and wanted to shove her face into his pelvis. But, she needed to give him what he wanted, her being submissive to him, and letting him provide her with what he wanted to give.

She slid two fingers into her dripping hole. Her juices were slick and she pushed her digits inside of her up to her knuckles. She groped her breast with her other hand, and then tugged her nipple.

Luke held her in place as her tongue slithered around his organ. She wiggled and fluttered her wet muscle against him. The tip of his prick teased her throat. He knew she wanted it, deep-throating him was what she craved, but he withdrew himself. He enjoyed teasing her.

He pulled completely out, and then held the base of his cock. He rubbed his hard dick on her face, smearing her spit onto her cheeks.

“Please, Luke, I need it so bad. I need to you fuck my face,” she whimpered. “Please, please, please.”

He just grinned down to her. He released the grip he had of her hair, and then petted her head. “Not yet.”

Her fingers slid out of her cunt, and then to her erect clitoris. She loved being obedient to him and doing exactly what he wanted. She felt divinely slutty with him rubbing his organ against her face. The tip of his shaft nudged her glasses up and down on her nose.

Her mouth stayed open. She held out her tongue, desperate to taste any part of him that he was willing to give. He obliged her, allowing her access to his sac. She lapped at his orbs with her nose nestled against his pelvis. He stroked himself and his precum oozed onto her forehead.

She sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Her tongue wiggled against his fuzzy skin. She rubbed her engorged nub beneath the pads of her fingers, causing her to shiver. Her groans onto his flesh echoed into his being.

His breath became heavier. He took a fistful of her curly locks, and then yanked her head back, arching her neck. He looked down into her desperate, loving eyes.

“Beg me, Amy, beg me to shove my cock into your throat,” Luke growled.

The El rattled and screeched on the tracks, for a brief moment the lights from the train lit up the scene around them. He didn’t look up to see if there were any passengers who could get a glimpse of them. His attention was focused on her. He saw her clearly in the light for second, and then darkness returned.

“I need to feel your cock in my throat, big brother. I need to please you in the best way I know how,” her words came out fast. She slid two fingers back into her tunnel and pulled on her pink nipple. “Please, I love you so much. I need to give my mouth completely to you.”

He stroked himself less than inch from her mouth. Her mouth watered, starving for him.

She moaned every word, “God please! I don’t think you understand. I need to have all of you in my mouth more than anything in the world. Please, let me have it. Please feed me your cock and let me feast on you.”

“You’re a very good slut, baby sister.” He took his hand off of his organ, petted her face, and then shoved his entire length into her waiting mouth, straight down her throat. “My slut,” he groaned.

Amy moaned back onto her brother’s rigid flesh as it sank into her throat, telling him how happy she was that he gave her what she wanted. She dug her fingers inside of her cunt. Her fluids oozed out, over her ring and onto her hand as he held her head against his pelvis, grinding his dick into the depths of her throat.

She let him lead her, turning her head side to side. She gagged slightly at first, but quickly suppressed it. The sensations of her controlled convulsions sent vibrations and shivers down to his toes.

Her drool spilled out from the corners of her lips as he humped her face. Her spittle soaked into his open slacks.

He kept his eyes down to his sister as he fucked her face at varying speeds and depths. She lovingly gave him everything he wanted. Her wet muscle massaged his organ and swirled around it. He groaned with every breath, praising her oral ministrations.

She was starved for him, and he adored her for it. He felt like the most important person in the world, receiving this care from her as she worshiped him. He felt unworthy to deserve this from her. Her mouth felt like heaven. He could never get enough of it and she was always willing to give it to him.

He slowed down his thrusts into her throat, giving her a chance to catch her breath and spit when he pulled completely out.

She continued masturbating herself, digging out her cunt. She writhed as her oral needs were met.

Luke admired her beauty in the darkness, just the moon and distant lights was enough to give her a glow. His baby sister expressed her love through pleasuring him. He knew it and loved her for it.

Her mouth bobbed on his erection as he pulled it back and forth, taking what he wanted from her, but it was her who was the one was getting what she truly needed.

“You’re so good to me,” he grunted. “I love you.”

She smiled with his thick tool between her shiny, plump lips. “I love you too,” she mumbled around his member.

He pulled her mouth off of him, and then bent down to kiss her. He kissed her deeply, pressing his lips firmly against her slippery lips. It took her a moment to get her tongue to change from cock sucking motions to kissing ones.

He pulled away and they shared a smile.

“More please,” she whimpered.

“Let me taste your fingers first.”

She lifted her sticky hand from between her thighs. She held it up for him. He wrapped his lips around her fingers and moaned as he sucked her sweet nectar off of them. He licked the crevices between her fingers, and then kissed the palm of her hand.

He straightened his back. Her hand returned to her pussy and she lashed her clit with her fingers. Her mouth opened and his stiff organ hung it front of her. It tempted her to move, but she waited until he provided her with it.

He filled his sister’s oral void once more, but much slower this time. He sank his cock behind her lips, inch my inch, with his grip firmly holding her still. He slipped his erection into her loosened throat and growled in ecstasy as she took every bit.

He held her against him, and rocked his hips, digging his tool into the bottomless pit of her throat. He wanted to reach the end, and wished for a moment his cock was larger to see how much of it she could take. He admired her for her talents. She suppressed her gag reflex and groaned onto his cock as drool ran from the corners of her mouth.

“God, you’re incredible,” her brother groaned for her.

She wiggled as she swelled with pride. She loved giving head and it was very apparent in the way she tended to him.

Her slick fingers worked up and down her mound, between her clitoris and her cunt. She crammed her fingers into her, and then came back up to her nub, working it in tiny circles, and then back down again.

“I love how you suck my cock,” Luke growled. “I love how my baby sister tends to me like no one ever has.”

She started mumbling, he pulled her head back so she could speak properly. After she lewdly spit up several times, spit strings connected her lips to his cockhead as she moaned, “You deserve it, big brother. You deserve everything I give you.”

She shoved her face back down on his shaft without him pushing her. She wiggled her jaw and he held her still. Her tongue fluttered against him, and then pushed out to reach the top of his sac.

She kept her mouth open and the filthy sounds of throat fucking filled the calm air. Her brother howled into the darkness, expressing his love and devotion for her.

Amy ripped her hand away from her pussy for a moment when she felt herself about to climax. She was leaking, but wanted to save her orgasm for her brother. She cupped her mound and felt her heat seeping into her hand.

Luke pulled out of her mouth. While he caught his breath, she playfully wiggled her tongue in the air and giggled.

He pulled her head back further, arching her back. “Hold your beautiful tits for me, my precious slut. I am going to fuck them.”

His sister quickly spit down between her large breasts several times. She leaned back further for him, and then he rested his slippery shaft between her flesh globes. She smiled up to him as she pressed her tits around his cock, smothering him with her flesh.

He let go of her hair, and then settled his fingers on her erect nipples. He humped her beautiful chest, sliding his cock between her soft breasts.

“Do I look pretty with your cock between my tits?” Amy asked.

“Oh god yes,” he groaned. “They were made to be fucked.”

“What about with my dress pulled up and my panties around my thighs? Does that make me even prettier?” She dropped fresh spit onto his helm as it popped up, and then returned her eyes to his.

“Fuck yes. You look like a perfect slut,” he growled, picking up his pace.

“I am your perfect slut, aren’t I big brother?” she whimpered.

Luke dropped his head back and roared, “You’re beyond perfect.”

The zipper of his slacks scratched against her as he slammed his hips against her bouncing tits. She squeezed them together harder, and then loosened up. She made her breasts jiggle and rubbed his shaft in circles with them.

“Will you cum all over me? Please, Luke,” Amy begged.

He returned his face to hers. His eyes were glazed with lust. “Does my baby sister want to wear my cum?”

“God yes!” she screamed. “Paint me with your seed. I want it all over me!”

He pumped his shaft furiously between her tits that drowned him with flesh.

Her pleas continued, “Please, Luke, please use me as a rag to collect your seed.”

“You’re so fucking filthy,” he hissed.

“I am. I’m your filthy toy of a baby sister.” She dropped her head to spit again. “I need to feel used by you. I’m yours. You own every part of me. Mark me.”

Luke’s abdomen tensed up and his thighs quaked. He quickly withdrew his cock from between her tits at the last possible moment. He jerked himself hard and fast, looking down at her beautiful, smiling face.

His erection grew thicker in his hand and his knees felt like they were going to give out. He braced himself on her shoulder. His orgasm washed over him and came out through his cock. Thick ribbons of his seed splashed onto her tits. He growled as rope after rope coated her ivory flesh.

The El train passed by, lighting up the siblings just as Luke shot his cum onto her, giving the passengers a quick glimpse at their debauchery. Amy could clearly see his face for the brief moment and his lust clouded eyes.

His sister gasped, feeling his hot spunk hit her skin. He seemed to cum heavier than normal with much longer ropes. She was soaked with his cum, from her breasts, over her pretty dress, and even some on her thighs.

“You made a big mess,” she giggled, looking down at herself.

Her brother took a step back, panting heavily as he admired his handiwork. He watched his pearly load oozing over her nipples and dripping on her dress. “Amy, you’re so fucking gorgeous.”

She smiled wide as she ran her fingers through a puddle of cum. “Thank you, my love.” She brought her fingers to her mouth, and then licked them clean. She continued to clean her breasts until she had drank every drop of his essence.

Luke settled down onto the blanket, and then she cuddled up to him with her dress still bunched up and her panties around her thighs.

The siblings kissed lightly for several long moments, gently touching each other while their lips and tongues played.

The light from the El washed over them.

Amy lifted her face to see his. “Do you think the people on the train can see us?” She asked once the screeching had ended.

“Yes, but they’d have to be staring put the window at the right moment,” Luke replied, and then lifted up to kiss her neck.

She giggled as his scruff tickled her skin, “It goes by too fast for them to get a good look. Just a quick little tease.”

He chuckled and rested his head back on the blanket. He tucked a few curly strands behind her ears. “Yes, and I know how much you like to tease,” he said with a grin.

“I do. But,” she leaned back down against his mouth and spoke against his lips, “I love giving more.”

Her brother kissed her gently before muttering, “Can I give to you now?”

She kissed the tip of his nose, and then pulled back, nodding avidly.

Luke pawed at her thigh. “Come sit on my face, my beautiful sister.”

Amy loved how he was able to switch from dominant to tender.

“I absolutely will,” she beamed.

She smiled as she sat up. She took her panties off, and then dropped them on the blanket. She settled over his face, sitting up on her knees, facing his feet. She held her dress up around her waist.

His sister lowered herself down slowly. Her soaked womanhood neared his mouth. Her aroma flooded his nostrils.

Luke held out his tongue and the moment it touched her flesh, she shuddered and let out a deep moan.

Her clitoris was hard against his tongue. Amy whimpered and clenched onto her skirt as she rocked her hips against his face. His rough stubble rubbed against her smooth pussy lips and gave her an extra tingle.

She dropped her head back and closed her eyes, feeling him care for her needs. His hands reached up and found her lush breasts. The pads of his fingers caressed her sensitive nipples.

She rode his face. His wet muscle wiggled against her slick, pink flesh as she rolled her hips, taking what she wanted from him. Her arousal smeared onto his face. He hungrily slurped the fluids that leaked from her.

“That feels amazing,” Amy whimpered. “Thank you, big brother. Thank you for tending to my needs.”

“You have nothing to thank me for,” Luke moaned into her.

She shivered feeling his curled tongue poke into her cunt. He slithered his tongue inside of her tunnel, tasting her most intimate flesh.

His sister dropped forward and braced herself, clenching onto his suspenders. She rolled her hips, grinding her erect nub against his scruffy chin as his tongue darted around inside of her.

“Oh goodness, Luke!” she wailed. Her body quivered and her muscles tensed up.

Her brother pinched her nipples and tugged on them, pulling her harder onto his face.

Her breaths became ragged. She felt like she was using him, but she knew better. He was giving to her.

The train came by and her eyes opened. Her tunnel convulsed around his tongue as she became even hotter. She watched the windows quickly pass by. She was in the middle of such a lewd act and hoped that someone saw her.

His half erect cock was in front of her, begging her to touch it. She spit into her hand, and then closed her fist around his member. She stroked it to full strength as he worked her into a frenzy.

She was already on fire when she stopped herself earlier. She wouldn’t last much longer.

“Fingers, please,” Amy panted.

“Lift up,” he groaned into her. His tongue lapped at her pussy until he couldn’t reach it anymore.

Her brother’s hands left her tits. He held her hip with one hand, pressing his fingers into her. His other hand slid under her. He ran his digits over her swollen lips, and then slid two inside of her.

She cried out in pleasure. Her hand stroked his organ a shade firmer. She clenched her other fingers into her skirt, keeping it up high for him.

“Oh god, yes, you know just what I need!” she howled.

Her body started jerking as his fingers dug inside of her pulsating cunt. He found her spongy spot and stroked it with the pads of his curled digits.

“Oh, Luke, I love you so much,” she moaned with heavy breath.

She felt her flesh rise up with goose bumps. Waves of heat flooded her core and her cunt clenched onto his fingers. Her nipples swelled harder. Her hips bucked against his hand, begging him to get as deep as possible and to give her everything he could.

“You’re amazing, big brother, you always have been,” she groaned heavily as her fluids began to rush from her.

Luke yanked his fingers from her hole. He grabbed her other hip and pulled her down, latching his mouth to her cunt.

She squirted directly into his mouth. Her hot juices shot into his mouth and he chugged them as they overflowed from his mouth. He was desperate to drink as much of her as he could. What he couldn’t get ran down his face.

He licked up and down her slit as she violently quivered. He held tight onto her as she unconsciously rubbed her womanhood all over his face, soaking him with her fluids.

She gasped for air, trying to catch her breath. Her hand had continued pulling his erection, unknown to her. She always knew how to tend to him, even when she was in the middle of a dense orgasmic fog.

When her legs started kicking and she giggled from being over sensitive, he gently lifted her off of his face. She came to from the movement, and then settled on her knees next to him. Luke wiped her spilled fluids off of his cheeks with his hand, and then licked them.

She sat up on the back of her legs, and smiled over to him. Her locks swished through the air as she turned her face. She still held her dress above her hips and her breasts were on display. He admired the sight of her and smiled back as he licked his palm clean.

“How do want you me?” Amy asked, and then bit her lip.

He sat up, and then quickly kissed her. She licked her sex from his lips as he pulled away.

“On your hands and knees,” he stated.

She obediently dropped her skirt before settling on her hands. The gravel under the blanket poked into her palms. She moved her hands forward, and then curled her fingers over the crossbar, pressing the heels of her palms into the wood.

Luke positioned himself behind her. He stroked himself as he bent over, kissing her fleshy bum. She giggled and wiggled her ass. He stopped moving and let her show him where he wanted him to kiss her. His mouth met her crack and she leaned forward, seeing if he would keep kissing her.

His lips met her rosebud and she moaned deeply, “No one’s ever done that before.” His tongue circled the entrance to anus. A tremor went through her, feeling a new sensation.

He nudged his tongue into her rim, and then pulled back. “You like that?”

She turned her face over her shoulder so she could see him. “Yes, I think. I think I would like that.”

He straightened his posture, and then shoved his cock into her extremely tight cunt. “Another time, love. Right now I’m going to fuck you,” he groaned as her heat seeped into him.

She kept her face to him. Her curly brunette mane was draped over one shoulder. She pushed herself back onto his rod and he bottomed out inside of her.

“Oh god yes,” she moaned. “There’s nothing in the world like you filling me.”

“There’s nothing better than being inside of my baby sister,” he moaned back.

Her skirt hung from her waist and fluttered against the blanket as he began fucking her. He went slowly at first, digging his cock into the depths of her hot and slick inner flesh, working her open. She rolled her hips, grinding into him and smearing his cockhead into her walls.

He quickly loosened his tie. It felt like it was choking him. He popped the first button of his collar undone.

He filled his mitts with her ass, sinking his fingers into her flesh. He quickly picked up the pace of his thrusts until he was slamming into her, driving his erection into body. Her ass bounced on his pelvis.

“Fuck me hard, fuck me like a real slut,” Amy begged.

“You are a real slut,” he snarled on an inward thrust.

His cockhead slammed against her cervix and she let out a wild scream.

“Only real sluts take their brother’s cock on their hands and knees, on an abandoned railroad track, in the middle of an open field,” he hissed at her, and then swatted her ass hard.

She cried out, “Yes they do!”

She forced herself back onto him. She clenched onto the crossbar as she rocked her hips, rubbing his dick into the crevices of her dripping cunt.

“I love being your slut,” Amy moaned. “I love being your flesh to use whenever you please.”

Her brother’s palm lashed her flesh again causing her to screech. “Louder, Amy, say that louder.”

She took a gasp of air and then screamed as loud as she could, “I love being your slut!” Her voice echoed as did the strikes on her ass. “I love being yours! I love being your piece of flesh to fuck!”

He caressed the hot red spot on her skin for just moment and then spanked her again. Her body jerked and her walls clenched around his pistoning shaft.

“More, Luke, please,” Amy cried out. “Spank your filthy fuck toy. Use me how you want to. That’s all I need.”

Her brother whipped her with his hand repeatedly, never letting up. She fed off of the stinging strikes, screaming and begging for more. Her juices stained his pubic hair and soaked into the crotch of his slacks. Her pussy squelched as he fucked her. He pounded into her, giving them both what they needed.

She lowered her voice in case anyone was within earshot, remembering where they were. The last thing she wanted was for them to get caught, but that didn’t stop filthy words coming from her mouth.

Her eyes stayed on his. Her glasses had fallen from her nose. She quickly pushed them up, and then returned her hand to the ground. “You know I love it, don’t you? Please tell me you know I love being your whore.”

“I do,” he growled. He groped her reddened ass hard. He switched hands he spanked her with. Another flurry of strikes hit her bum as he spoke, “I know you love being mine. You love belonging to your big brother and letting him have anything he wants from you.”

“God, I do,” she groaned. “I want to always be your whore, your naughty girl, your toy, your filthy nasty baby sister.”

“You will be, Amy. You’re mine forever,” Luke roared. He gripped her flesh, digging his nails in, and then raised up, giving her the hardest lash yet with his open palm.

“Owwie!” she squealed from the tremor that shocked her heightened senses.

He continued spanking her, but not as hard as his last strike. “I want you to feel this while you sit at school tomorrow. I was you to remember what a filthy piece of fuckmeat you are.”

Her walls clenched onto his cock as he pulled out, begging him to come back in. The skin of her ass was burning hot, but she didn’t stop him. She loved what he was doing.

“I will, Luke,” his sister panted. “Not just tomorrow, I will always remember what I am to you.”

He spoke to her like she was a true whore. She was his whore, his slut, but he loved her. He called her nasty names because they both loved it. He knew that wasn’t all she was. However, in this moment, it was.

Their bodies slammed together with as much strength as they both could muster. Her fluids poured freely from her. The stench of sex was heavy around them. They both were sweaty, even in the brisk air.

Her tits swayed hard, hanging from her chest. Her hands clenched onto the crossbar and the gravel poked at her knees. She loved every second.

The spankings continued with an assortment of speed and force. He was constantly changing hands and each strike was a surprise.

“I love you, big brother. I love how you treat me like the wanton slut you know I am,” Amy screamed.

“I love you too. I love giving you what you crave,” her brother growled. “I give you want no one else can, don’t I?”

“Fuck yes!” Her voice echoed. She pulled it back before she spoke again. “No one else knows me like you do and no one else ever will.”

His balls slapped against her pussy as he dug his cock against her cervix. She squealed and her body jerked with each of his heavy thrusts.

She briefly wished that someone would catch them. Not someone who would call the cops. She wanted a voyeur. She wanted someone to see what was happening and enjoy it. If someone was watching them right now, she would be giving one hell of a show.

Her flesh was hot. If it were a few degrees colder, there would be steam rising from it. Her cheeks were painted crimson and beads of sweat trickled between her tits.

“I want my big brother to empty his seed inside his slutty sister,” Amy said between labored breaths.

Luke growled from his chest. His voice was husky with lust, “Beg for it, whore. Beg for my cum.”

Her lips quivered as she moaned her words, “Please, Luke. I need you to fill me with your cum. I need to know I’ve satisfied you. I need to know I’ve given you everything I can to pleasure you.”

He felt his orgasm bubbling up inside of him. “More, Amy,” he urged her for her dirty talk.

She squeezed her walls tight around her brother’s throbbing dick, milking him. Flesh slapped against flesh. He grabbed her ass with both hands. His nails dug into flesh and dragged against it, scratching her. Her screams of ecstasy hit a higher pitch than before.

“I’m only complete when your cum is inside of me,” his sister groaned. “Only then do I know how important I am to you. I need you to give it me. Please, big brother. I need to satisfy you.”

He crammed every inch of his erection inside of her constricting fuck hole with his heavy thrusts. Their bodies heaved into each other.

His hips bucked and his loins were filled with warmth that spread throughout his being. Volleys of his seed erupted from his cock, coating her inner flesh.

“Thank you, Luke. Thank you for giving me what I need,” Amy cried out as he filled her with his seed.

Her brother panted as his member twitched inside of her. His spunk oozed out around his cock and dripped down onto the blanket.

He caressed her cherry red bum as he kissed her shoulder blades. He cared for her and showed his love after roughly fucking her. His sister smiled, feeling his lips press into her skin.

Luke slowly withdrew himself, and then she dropped down onto the blanket. He sat back on his legs and grinned as she turned over onto her back.

She opened her legs wide and bit her lip as her hand found her mound. Her fingers dipped into her cunt and collected his seed. She watched his fond expression as she dug out his seed and fed herself from her fingers.

Her brother stroked her leg and smiled, seeing his sister lick their incestuous fluids from her hand. She was beautiful at all times, but this was one of his favorite sights.

Once she had collected all of his essence she could, she sat up and kissed him with cum stained lips. Her tongue slid into his mouth and he tasted himself on it. They kissed passionately for several moments before it was broken off in several tender pecks and licks.

Amy rested her forehead against her brother’s. “I guess it’s time to get home, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. But, I’m still not done with you yet.”

She giggled, “You’re never done with me.” She kissed his lips once more, and then backed away.

Luke stood up and zipped up his slacks. He offered her his hand and she took it. He helped her off of the ground. She picked up her panties, and then he steadied her as she slid her feet into them.

The heel of her shoe caught on the silk and she laughed, “That’s why you’re holding me.”

“I know you well,” he chuckled.

She pulled her panties up on her hips, and then smoothed her skirt. She pulled her bra up before the top of her dress.

She noticed the streak of white from his cum splatter across the black lace of her dress. Her lips curled into a grin. “I think I may need to take this to the cleaners,” she said, pointing out the stain.

Luke smiled proudly. “I may have to stain your clothes more often.”

She giggled, “Please do.”

“I’d love to,” he said, and then kissed her lips.

He picked up her jacket and offered to help her put it on. She slid her arms into it, but left it unbuttoned. Luke fixed his tie, and then picked up the blanket.

The siblings held hands as they strolled back down the hill towards the fence. She turned sideways as she passed through, and then Luke followed her. They shared smiles, but not words, as they headed back to the car.

Luke dropped the blanket into the trunk and retrieved her purse. Then, he opened the passenger side door for her. She slid in, and then he went around to the other side.

He ignited the engine after they both had buckled up. Her hand returned to his and their fingers locked together as he began driving them home.

Amy looked down at the ring on her finger. She spun it with her thumb and smiled. “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Luke.”

He glanced over at her and said, “Thank you for accompanying me.” Then, he returned his eyes to the road with a smile on his face.

She rested her head against the headrest so she could look at her handsome brother. “This is the best date I have ever had, with the best man in the world.”

Luke blushed. “That’s a pretty strong statement, sweetheart. I doubt that I’m the best man in the world.”

“You are to me,” she said with the smile that never left her face. She leaned over and dropped a kiss on his cheek, and then settled back against the headrest. “You are to me and that’s all that matters.”

His heart fluttered and he melted. His tone was genuine and warm as his words came out, “You’re the most amazing woman in the world to me, Amy.”

Luke drove them the rest of the way home. They listened to the radio and Amy sang along to her favorite Beatles song as it came through the speakers. They kissed at every red light and stop sign until they reached their street.

The house was dark as they approached it. Amy buttoned up her coat in case their parents were still awake, though she was sure that they weren’t. He opened the door, and then let her pass through first.

Penny barked from their parents’ room as they came inside.

“I’ll take care of her. Go upstairs, take off everything except your panties, and I’ll be right there,” he whispered into her ear.

She smiled and nodded before heading up the stairs.

She arrived in her room, and then went to bathroom. She took care of her business and checked that the door was locked. Then, she removed her clothes as she was told to. She put her cum stained dress in the closet and set it to the side, folded up, with a few other articles that needed to go to the dry cleaners. She took off her jewelry, except for her ring, and placed it in the jewelry box.

She took a deep breath of the tulips on her dresser before stepping around the air mattress.

Amy pulled the pink and white checkered comforter down to the foot of the bed, and then climbed in. Her head settled against the pillows and her hair draped over them. She patiently waited for him in the room that was only lit by the streetlights.

A couple of minutes later, Luke opened the door. He was holding something behind his back, but didn’t let her see it. She raised a brow curiously as he dropped it behind the foot of her bed.

She nibbled her lip and ran her hand over her stomach as she watched him begin to undress. He took off his coat, and then draped it over the desk chair. Her eyes were wide, lustfully drinking in every bit of him.

He took off his tie, and then stepped up to the bed. “Put your hands above your head,” his tone was firm, but not mean.

Amy did as she was asked, and then her brother tied a knot with his tie around one of the headboard rails. With the other end, he bound her wrists tightly together. He looped it twice, and then tied a knot. He left enough slack so he could turn her over if he wished.

She grinned as she tugged on her restraints. She was able to pull her hands down to chin. “Why all the extra length?” she asked softly.

“Because, I have plans for you,” he replied as he stepped back.

His sister squirmed in anticipation. He grinned at her, watching her wiggle around on the bed as he took off his shirt and suspenders. He stepped out of his shoes, and then took off his slacks and socks.

Luke went to the closet to drop his clothes into the dry cleaner pile, and then returned to her. He sat down on the edge of the bed in just his boxer briefs. His fingers trailed over her jaw. “You have toys, right?” He had assumed she did, but if she didn’t, he could easily come up with a different plan.

She nodded, nuzzling into his hand. Her eyes were wide as she wondered what he had in mind.

“Where are they?” Luke asked.

“In the closet, in the back corner where my long dresses are. There’s an orange shoebox back there. They are all in there.”

He nodded, kissed her forehead, and then rose up from the bed. He quickly turned the alarm clock around so she couldn’t see the time. As he passed the mattress on the floor, he rumpled the sheets onto one side of the bed.

He went to her closet, and knelt down next to be back wall. He held a number of flowing garments to the side, and then retrieved her toy box.

Her brother came back to bed and sat down next to her. He opened it up, dropping the lid to the floor before pulling out the various sex toys she owned.

She watched him as he examined them. He pulled out a pink rabbit vibrator, made an approving nod, and then set it on the bed. Next, he found a silver bullet vibrator with a cord attached to the handheld control.

“You have a nice variety of toys in here,” he said as he pulled out a standard length, dark purple plastic vibrator. He pressed a button on the end, and the toy turned on. He pressed another button and the vibrations pulsed.

His sister blushed and giggled, “Yeah, I do,” as he checked that one out.

He placed it onto the bed, and then pulled out the vibrating cockring he had purchased last week. He grinned. He had wondered where she had put it. He added it to the growing pile.

“I see you’re prepared, as always,” he stated, noticing the spare batteries in the box. He rocked the box, making them roll around.

She blushed harder. “I had one die on me in the middle of masturbating once. Let’s just say it’s not easy walking by Mom to get batteries without her asking questions.”

Luke laughed and shook his head. “You could have just waited.”

“What’s the fun in that?”

They shared a grin, and then he pulled out the last item from the box. It was baby blue and was a standard length, silicone dildo vibrator with a curved head and ridges below it.

He tested it out. He turned the knob at the end to turn it on as he spoke, “I think we should go buy some more toys before we go to Montreal.”

She grinned wickedly. “I love that idea.”

He smiled as he turned it off before setting it on the bed with the rest of the toys. He also found the lubricant in the box as well. Then, he looked over the variety and playfully stroked his jaw while muttering, “Hmm.”

She bit her lip as she watched his fingers run over all of the toys.

He picked up the silver bullet, and then tucked it in her pink and white panties, against her clit. The metal was cold against her flesh and she whimpered in anticipation. The cord extended from her panties and he held the control panel in his hand.

He watched her face as he turned the dial and the bullet buzzed with life. Her mouth dropped open in a gasp and her eyes went wide as he kept turning the dial to the highest setting.

“Oh goodness,” she moaned as the metal vibrated hard against her clit.

Her toes curled tight as he kept it on high, watching her squirm on top of the pink sheets. Her breaths quickly became short and her nipples swelled harder. She wrapped her fingers around the headboard rail and she whimpered, lifting her hips from the bed.

Her brother grinned as he quickly turned it off. She gasped for air, and then before she could get a hold of herself, he turned it back on high.

“I never put that one on high,” she groaned, rubbing her cheek into her extended arm. “It’s so strong.”

“Is that my problem?” He turned it down two levels for a quick moment, and then back up.

“No,” she squealed.

Her thighs quaked as her orgasm was rapidly approaching after just a couple of minutes. She sealed her eyes tight and screamed. Luke covered her mouth and her wails continued.

She was filled with heat. Her hips thrashed and her juices poured into her panties collecting on the silk.

She was left shuddering and panting. He didn’t allow her to come down and the vibrations seemed even stronger.

Luke turned the dial down a few notches before dropping the remote. He reached into her panties and held the vibe against her nub. She kept squirming, humping herself against the buzzer.

He took his hand away from her mouth and she continued to moan loudly. He ripped her panties down her legs, and then bunched them up in his hands.

“I need to keep you quiet. Even with earplugs in, Mom and Dad will be able to hear you screaming,” he growled, and then shoved her soiled panties into her open mouth. “You’re only going to get louder Amy. We can’t get caught.”

Her taste buds immediately rejected the fabric in her mouth. She gagged and spit them out.

Her brother glared at her. “I didn’t say you could do that,” he hissed as he picked up the garment off of her chest. He crammed it back into her mouth.

She clenched her teeth into the panties and closed her mouth. She forced herself to hold them inside. Just a piece of the silk hung out from between her lips.

“Good girl,” Luke said, tenderly stroking her cheek. Then, he grinned wickedly as her picked up the control again. He held the bullet against her erect clitoris as he turned the dial to high.

Amy screeched against her gag. Her eyes were wide and her sweaty forehead glistened. She kicked her heels on the bed and her hips turned, trying to move away from the intense vibrations on her sensitive genitalia. But, he didn’t let it budge. The strong buzzes sent shocks to her nerves.

Her neck arched and her eyes fluttered closed as she rubbed her head into the pillows. Her hips rose up from the bed. She knew he wasn’t going to let up on her and this was just the beginning. She gave in and another orgasmic rush came over her.

Her screams were muffled as she quivered uncontrollably. Luke grinned, enjoying the view of her shaking body. Her areolas became even smaller as her nipples contracted.

“You’re so beautiful when you orgasm,” he commented with admiration in his voice.

He left it on high to make her hyper sensitive sex organ go into over drive. Every muscle in her body tensed up. She wanted to beg him to stop, but she refused to do so.

After a few moments, he clicked the dial all the way down to off.

Her thighs rubbed together as she rocked on the mattress. Her fluids had started to make a puddle on the sheets and it was only going to get larger.

He gave her some time to calm down and rubbed her hot flesh along her stomach. “When you use your rabbit vibrator, does it make you squirt?”

She nodded. The strip of silk hanging from her mouth flapped against her lips.

Luke grinned, showing his pearly whites. He pulled the panties from her mouth, kissed her, and then shoved them back in.

Her nose curled in disgust. Her taste buds still didn’t like the fabric soaking up all the saliva in her mouth.

Her brother got up from the bed, and then went around to where he had left the items earlier. Amy lifted a brow seeing a red plastic cup and a roll of duct tape in his hands. He placed the cup on the on the bed before tearing a strip of the gray tape.

“I can’t risk you spitting your panties out again,” he said with a wicked tone. “But, it won’t be so bad,” he teased her. “You can scream all you want,” his tone became sinister, “and no one will hear you scream.”

She nodded, wide eyed.

He held the tape over her mouth. Amy pressed her lips together before he pressed the duct tape over her mouth. He smoothed it out, and then kissed her forehead.

He pulled back and smiled at her. Her curly hair had gotten messy and her cheeks were pink. There was something very sexy about the tape over her mouth that he liked seeing. He would never cause her intense pain, but he enjoyed being a dominant lover for her.

She liked being submissive to him and allowing him to bring her to new heights of sexual pleasure. She loved him for allowing her to give herself to him any way that he wanted.

Luke took his boxer briefs off before moving over between her open legs. He slid his hand under her butt and lifted her up from the mattress. He grabbed a pillow, put it under her, and then settled her back down on it.

She kept her eyes open, watching his every move. Her pulse raced.

He picked up the pink jelly rabbit vibrator. He pressed the on button and it buzzed with life. He pressed the base of the toy against her engorged clit. She moaned and squirmed instantly.

Then, he began pressing different combinations of buttons. One made the beads in the shaft spin, another made the penis-like head gyrate, and another set both in motion at once along with the clitoris stimulating bunny that extended from the dildo.

Amy giggled at his astonished facial expression.

“Seriously?” Luke chuckled as he continued to see how many different settings there where. “How many different things can one toy do?”

His sister mumbled against the tape, trying to tell him.

“Show me with your fingers,” he suggested. He pressed another button and the head of the toy made faster circles.

She took her hands off of the rail and extended them as far as she could reach. She held up one finger for a moment, and then stretched out five fingers of the other hand.

“Sixteen?” He laughed, shaking his head.

She nodded and giggled.

“Damn, you girls have all the fun.” He grinned.

Amy shrugged and her hips lightly rocked against the toy. She settled her hands on the pillow above her head. Luke could see her dimples, he knew she was smiling.

He had found the standard vibration setting. “Hope I don’t get too confused while I try to work this ridiculous contraption.” He laughed as he settled the length of it against her slit.

She whimpered as he rubbed it along her pussy lips. Then, the beads below the head started spinning against her clitoris. She moaned louder into the muffling tape.

“Close your eyes, it’s okay,” Luke said. His free hand caressed her creamy thigh. “Just enjoy this.”

She nodded, and then her eyes fluttered closed. She focused on her brother and what he was doing with her favorite toy. She felt him push the jelly shaft inside of her and she groaned as her walls opened up to take it.

The beads continued to turn, massaging and causing friction in her slick inner flesh. He slowly pumped the toy into her. The beads tickled her labia and he pulled it in and out and the ears of the bunny stimulated her clitoris.

Luke watched her nostrils flaring with each breath. He leaned over her, sliding his hand over her stomach and up to her bosom. He kneaded her breast and her hard nipple grazed against his palm.

Amy shivered and groaned as the head began gyrating inside of her tunnel, hitting her spongy spot on every rotation. Her muscles ticked every time it stimulated her most sensitive region.

Her brother slowly pumped the toy into her, pressing different combinations of buttons, watching her expression and reactions. He let one go for a minute, and then tried another, trying to find what she liked best. One made her hips roll side to side, another caused her to kick her feet, on another setting her chest lifted from the bed. He base of the shaft vibrated in his hand at varying strengths.

He hit a button, not sure what it did. It made the beads and head turn faster inside of her and the rabbit to vibrate harder against her clit.

She howled against the duct tape and her elbows shook in time with the tics on her legs. She shivered and struggled to breathe. Her fingers and toes clenched tight. Her feet dragged against the sheets, ripping them.

He had found her favorite setting. He grinned and left it where it was, he could tell by her reaction that she liked that one.

Amy felt Luke toy sliding in and out of her and a steady pace. She dug her heels into the bed and lifted her hips to meet the thrusts, digging it inside of her and grinding the bunny against her nub. Prickles of sweat popped up on her forehead as she cried out in pleasure.

She pulled on her restraints and wailed. Her breathing sped up even faster. She dug her head into the pillows and her legs trembled. She shook her head back and forth, and when she did, her sweaty face collected more strands of hair.

His sister had never had a toy used on her by someone else, and it was driving her mad having no control. She would turn it off and start it back up if she was using it, but he just continued to let the pleasure toy send unending sensations to her hyper sensitive nerves.

Her brother continued working the sex toy inside of her. He held it tightly around the base and the strong vibrations started to numb his hand. His rolled her nipple between the fingers of his other hand.

She screamed inaudible words into her gag over and over. She skin around her eyes crinkled as she sealed her eyes closed even tighter. Her body rocked and her chest heaved with the heavy breaths she inhaled from her flaring nostrils.

Luke’s hand left her tit and he quickly picked up the cup. He barely held onto the toy anymore, his sister was doing all of the work with her bucking hips, and he could tell that her walls were starting to convulse.

He scooted back a bit and prepared for her climax.

Her body was lashed by a thousand tentacles of pleasure as she worked herself up to the edge of bliss. Her nerves hit overload and then her muscles stiffened up completely.

Her walls gripped onto the toy and Luke felt it push back against his hand. He pulled it out a moment before a hard rush of female ejaculate squirted from her cunt.

He pressed the plastic cup up against her mound and her hot feminine fluids shot into it. She was lost in the drenching pleasure that her orgasm provided to notice what he was doing.

Tremors ran through her body as she rode out her climax. Every fiber in her being twitched and she struggled to catch her breath. Her arms pulled against the tie and her wrists came up, over the top of her rocking head.

Amy’s orgasmic haze cleared when she felt a hot liquid drip onto her breasts. She opened her eyes to see her brother pouring a small amount of her fluids onto her, and then lick it up.

He smirked and said, “Now this is a body shot,” and then he did the same to her other tit, and then a small streak down her tummy.

His sister giggled. She felt so loved, seeing him enjoy her nectar.

He sat up on his knees and smiled down to her flushed face. He swirled the juice in the cup as he spoke, “You gave me a lot drink, baby sister, everything you had.”

She watched with wide eyes as he drank from the cup. Her brother took small sips, savoring every drop of her juices.

Luke licked his lips when he had finished, and then let out a satisfied sigh.

He moved up the bed, and then sat down next to her. “Are you going to be quiet while I fuck you, cause I’d really love to hear your voice,” he said as his fingers stroked over the tape.

She nodded.

He carefully pulled up one corner of the gray tape, and peeled it off of her skin as softly as he could. He hadn’t been on long, so it didn’t hurt too badly. Her clammy skin helped as well. She didn’t make a peep as his tugged her flesh. He pulled the wet panties from her mouth, and then she stretched her jaw.

Her brother kissed her lips gently. “Thank you for being such a good girl,” he mumbled against her mouth before sitting up.

She smiled. “Anything for you, my love.”

He placed his hand on her hip and began turning her over. Amy knew what she wanted and aided in the effort. She got up onto her knees and arched her back down, settling her elbows onto the bed. Her bound wrists rested on the pillows.

She turned her head and watched him as he spread lubricant onto the purple dildo. Then, he moved behind her and smeared more lube onto her rosebud. She squirmed and giggled from the cold sensation. He gently probed her hole, and then withdrew his finger.

Luke stroked himself to hardness as he began working the toy into her asshole. He pressed the tip against her hole and then gently pushed it inside. He was careful and went slowly as her rim spread around the toy, and then sucked it inside.

She gasped as it sank inside of her. Her anal walls stretched to fit its girth. She pushed back onto it and let it fill her up.

“Tell me something, Squirt,” Luke said as he worked the dildo inside of her.

“What?” she asked in a heavy exhale. Her mouth stayed open and her jaw pressed into her shoulder. She kept her eyes on him.

“Do you want to fuck Ethan?”

Amy stayed quiet. She bit her lip and nodded. She felt guilty admitting it. She didn’t want him to feel that she wanted someone else more than him, because that was not true in the slightest.

“Say that you do,” he moaned, his rod had become firm in his hand. “It’s my fantasy to see you with someone else. But, I need to know if it’s something you want.”

“I do,” Amy whimpered. “I want to fuck someone else while you’re next to me, loving me for being the slut that I am.”

He fucked her ass gently with the toy. He left the vibrations off.

“But, it won’t be the same with anyone else. I love you. I won’t love them,” she stuttered her speech. Her oils leaked down her inner thighs. “With them it’ll just be sex, it won’t be like it is with you. I love you and even…” she paused to gasp as he filled her anus with the dildo. “Even when you’re fucking me insanely hard, we are still making love.”

Luke smiled. “I know that. But, you’ll enjoy it won’t you? You’ll enjoy fucking someone while I kiss your face and tell you how much I love you.”

He pulled the dildo from her, and then quickly smeared lube onto the silver bullet.

“That sounds so amazing. Really it does. To moan into your mouth while someone else is inside of me. I felt it a bit last night while Ethan was between my legs, but someone fucking me will be completely different.”

“I felt it too and I loved it. You were so hot while he was doing things to you and I was looking in your eyes. But, we want more don’t we, Amy?” He grinned devilishly as he slid the bullet into her ass.

He set the control panel on her back and the cord rested against in crack. He reached over for the cock ring, and then stretched it out before putting it on.

“We do. We want it all and to do it together,” she replied with a smile.

“Yes we do.”

Amy quickly dropped her head down to push her glasses up on her nose using the back of her hand. Then, she returned her eyes to his.

Her brother positioned himself at her entrance. He teased her for a moment, barely poking his head inside of her before sinking his rigid organ inside of her velvety cunt.

They moaned in unison as they were fully connected again. He held himself inside of her and she rolled her hips, rubbing his cock against her cervix. He was smothered with her heat and silken nectar as he ground his hips against her bum.

Luke reached down and turned the vibration of the cockring on. His member was rapidly becoming thicker and now vibrated inside of her.

“Oh wow,” she gasped.

“Just wait,” he groaned, gently thrusting into her heavenly pussy.

He turned the dial a couple of notches. The small vibe in her anus buzzed at a medium speed.

“Oh my god,” Amy moaned into her shoulder as her muscles twitched. “I told you it would get better.”

Luke held her hips and pulled her back into him as he increased his pace a bit. Her cunt was sloppy wet and sloshed her juices around his shaft. He took his time, as both of them were reveling in the sensations of the toys working their magic. He could feel the vibe in her ass through the membrane between her holes. She was in heaven, unable to focus on a single thing at once.

“Tell me something else, Amy,” he grunted.

“Anything,” she replied eagerly.

“Do you want me to be inside of you while another man is?” His hands ran over the bruised flesh of her ass.

She closed her eyes for a moment before she admitted her fantasy of being double penetrated. Her favorite porn scenes to watch were two guys and a girl.

“Do you, or not? And look at me while you answer.” His tone was firm.

She opened her eyes and they locked with his. “Yes,” she retorted in a heavy groan. Strands of her mane were plastered on her sticky face.

Her brother grinned, and then pounded into her for a few thrusts. He slowed back down. “Where would you want my cock to be?”

“In my ass,” she said, fighting back a wail. Her voice was shaky. “I don’t ever want anyone else back there. That’s your place and yours alone.”

He smiled wider as he growled heavily in his chest. “You know just what to say to me, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. You’re my big brother. I know you better than anyone else in the world.” Her mouth dropped open as he returned to drilling her. She screamed into her shoulder, sinking her teeth into her skin.

“You know that having two cocks inside of you is very, very filthy. That’s why you want it so bad, isn’t it?”

Her body jolted against his rough thrusts. She clenched her fingers into the pillow and forced herself to speak, “I do. But, I can only be that filthy with you. Only you know how to love me as a filthy slut.”

“Fuck yes, I do,” her brother roared.

“I can’t help it, Luke.” Her words were broken up, in time with his spear cramming into her. “I crave to be a nasty slut and only you know how to nurture me.”

“You’re right, only I can.” His fingers dug into her hips, pulling her harder against him. Her ass slapped against his pelvis. “I love you for who you are.”

“I love you too,” she muffled a scream in her arm.

Suddenly, he pulled out. Amy gasped as he roughly flipped her over onto her back.

Luke shoved his tool back inside of her and pulled her legs back, to get as deep as possible inside of her slippery tunnel. The vibes continued to buzz as he held her ankles in the air and fucked her as hard as he could.

Amy grabbed onto the headboard to keep it from squeaking too loud. Her massive breasts bounced on her chest with every thrust he gave her.

Her brother was intoxicated with lust for his slut, his sister. He stared deep into her eyes as he gave her everything he had. She squealed and whimpered, feeling the friction deep inside of her from his cockhead pounding against her cervix.

Luke buried himself inside of her and dropped down to kiss her. He ground his cock into her depths as her mouth opened for him. They both groaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues battled in a war of heavy passion. Their lips quickly got coated in saliva and smacked together. Amy’s back arched, pressing her erect nibbles into his chest as she rolled her hips, taking everything she could from him.

“So, since we have a few days, what do you say we share the cooking – I cook tonight and you cook tomorrow night?” I asked her as I opened the cabinets.

“OK – it’s a deal. But how will we know who is the better cook?” she replied, winking.

“I don’t think that matters – we’ll both have great meals and plus, we don’t have to compete on this! Let’s not add more stress to everything else going on,” I added.

“Yeah, you’re right…. so, can I least watch the master chef prepare his meal? It’s time for a cocktail and I could use some entertainment…besides, it’ll be less to pack!” She made her way over to the kitchen cabinet where the bottles were kept. As she bent over to look in the cabinet, I couldn’t help but notice her panties peaking out above her low-rise jeans.

“OK, wise ass… pour me one too… I cook best when I drink.” I started gathering the pots I would need.

She took out two glasses and picked out a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen cabinet. The bottle was half empty, and looked like it hadn’t been opened in 10 years. Luckily, there were plenty more bottles of varying size and shape just waiting to be drained. She poured me and her a generous portion. We raised our glasses and toasted.

“To Mom and Dad,” I said.

“Cheers,” she smiled a sad smile and took a drink. I let the whiskey fill my mouth and felt its warmth make its way from my tongue, to my throat and into my chest.

My sister and I were at our parents… our LATE parents… house down south. They had passed away a few months ago and because of complications with their estate, we weren’t able to settle their affairs until recently. I came down a week ago to start packing and cleaning up. My sister arrived this morning to help out. We spent the day going through all of their things, overwhelmed by the sheer number of their belongings. We had a couple of weeks before the house would be put on the market, but both had to get back to our lives up north soon. It was the end of a long day and we both needed a break.

I hadn’t spent much time with my sister since I graduated from college and moved out on my own – over 25 years ago. We had kept in touch and would visit each other occasionally but I wouldn’t have said we were close. I was looking forward to spending some quality time with her. We never had the chance to spend time together outside of the occasional holiday or visit and while we both had our own lives to tend to, I always felt that we had a stronger connection, but never got around to exploring it.

My sister was attractive – long brown hair, blue eyes, mid-40′s, slim build and athletic. She liked to run and keep in shape and never had any children. Looking at her in her white t-shirt and jeans, I started to think about what she looked like under those clothes. My cock started to swell in my jeans. I had always been attracted to my sister but since we hadn’t spent any quality time together, I could only imagine what it would be like with her. I thought that she felt the same way about me, but couldn’t be sure. Maybe this time together would give us the answer.

I started to prepare a simple meal of pasta and salad – there wasn’t much of a choice from the local market – while my sister drained her first glass. My glass was almost empty as well, the first one always going down quickly. She picked up the bottle and refilled her glass and then mine.

“So, tell me, what’s going on with you? Are you happy?” she asked.

“Sure, I have nothing to complain about, why?” I replied, wondering where her question was leading.

“Oh, nothing. I just want to make sure my big brother is doing OK.” She smiled a dreamy smile. I could see the stress of the day melt off of her shoulders and she slumped a bit on the stool.

“How about you, are you happy?” I asked. I knew my sister wouldn’t have asked me the question she did unless she wanted me to ask her the same question.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” she replied, not making eye contact.

“I’m just asking. I want to make sure my little sister is doing OK,” I smiled, mimicking her response to me earlier.

She smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine… “

Her eyes told a different story. I wasn’t sure of it was that quick first drink or just the lighting, but it looked like her eyes were watery. She turned her head so I couldn’t see her face.

“Hey, are you OK?” I put down the spoon I was holding and went over to her on the stool. “What’s wrong? You don’t look OK…” My smile disappeared and I put my arms on her shoulder.

“It’s nothing… you know maybe I’m just getting old – once you hit forty, you start to get sentimental about things.” A couple of tears ran down her cheek.

“What are you getting sentimental about? Is everything OK? How are things with Bob?” I asked.

Her husband Bob was 15 years older than her. My sister had met him years ago and while he was a nice guy, I always felt she could have done better in the looks department.

“He’s fine… It’s just being down here at mom and dad’s house, it makes me think about how short life really is. Makes me wonder about the choices I’ve made and what my life is like,” her voice cracked at the last few words.

“Hey, we all feel that way as we get older.” I poured both of us another whiskey and sat down next to her.

“You’ve done pretty well for yourself – you can’t look at the past – you have to look ahead.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s just that there’s not much ahead for me.” She took a deep sip and sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked, placing my hand on the small of her back and moving it slowly in circles.

“I mean, I love Bob and all, but we’re not very close. Our relationship has always been more….”, she struggled to find the word.

“More…?” I prodded.

“More cerebral than physical, if you know what I mean.” She looked at me, making sure I understood.

“Ah… I see… so it’s been awhile…” I nodded in understanding.

“Awhile?” she laughed. “It’s been years! We haven’t had… I mean… we haven’t been intimate in a long time… I mean, I feel kind of funny saying this to you, but certain areas of my life are not being fulfilled, know what I mean?”

“Yeah… I hear what you’re saying… but what can you do about it?” I replied. We both took another sip of our drinks.

She was silent for a minute and I could see she was struggling as to whether she should continue. “I almost had an affair a couple of years ago, but couldn’t go through with it,” she said. “There was someone who was interested in me but I really didn’t know him. I couldn’t risk my marriage for a fling. I need to trust the other person.” Her eyes started tearing up again – I put my arm around her shoulder and held her close. She buried her head into my shoulder.

“I’m sorry to hear this. I wish there was something I could do,” I said as I held her closer. Her body was so warm and I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. Maybe it was the whiskey.

I held her for another minute. She pulled her head from my shoulder and looked me in the eyes.

“Well….there is,” she sniffled. “I trust YOU. Completely.”

I looked at her. My breathing sped up and my whole body got warm and tingly. “I trust you too, but….what are you…”

She slowly, hesitantly brought her lips towards my face. I opened my mouth and felt her warm breath brush across my cheek. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her mouth to mine. My mind was racing. What was I doing? Does she know what she is doing?

Her tongue found my tongue and we both held each other so that neither of us could end the kiss that we both had longed for our whole lives.

After a minute, we both opened our eyes and looked at each other, our lips still glued to each other. I could tell she was smiling.

Our lips parted and we both exhaled.

“Wow….” I said. I couldn’t think of anything more to say at that point.

“Yeah… wow.” She smiled again.

“I hope…” I started.

“Please, let’s not think too much about this. I don’t think words are necessary,” she said.

She grabbed the back of my head, moved her mouth to mine and buried her tongue deep in my throat. After another minute, our lips parted, she grabbed my hand and got up from her stool, leading me upstairs. We got to the guest room and stood near the bed. She pulled me close, pushing her body against my rock hard cock. There was no hiding that I was ready for more. Her hands moved down my chest and she started to unbuckle my belt.

“Hey, are you sure…?” I said. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Um……I said no talking. Let’s just take this where it goes, OK?” she said. Her eyes were dreamy and she was smiling.

“OK,” I said.

After unbuckling my belt, she unbuttoned my jeans. As she pulled them down, the pressure from my cock against the fabric of the jeans was released and there was a huge bulge stretching my boxer briefs. There was a dark stain where my pre-cum had made a very large mark. She pushed me against the bed and got down on her knees. She licked her lips and moved her nose against the stain.

“Mmmmm… I have always wondered what you smelled like,” she said as she took a deep breath.

“Hey, I thought you said no talking?” I smiled.

She smiled. “OK wise ass…. no talking… just action.”

She pulled my briefs over my cock and it sprang out, a large drop of precum oozing and dripping onto the floor. She tried to catch it with her tongue but was too late. She then licked her lips again and opened her mouth. Her tongue flicked once at the tip of my cock. She tasted my cum and smiled. She opened her mouth again and took the whole head of my cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm…,” she said as I could feel her warm breath envelop my cock.

At this point, she was on autopilot. After a couple of more tastes, she took my whole cock in her mouth and kept licking and sucking. I had only dreamed of this ever happening, so I knew I wouldn’t last too long like this. However, there was no way I was going to stop her. I felt the cum building up in the base of my cock. I knew it was almost time. So did she. She sped up and when I knew I was ready to explode, I had to tell her.

“I’m going to…,” I struggled to talk as the orgasm built.

“Mmmmmm…,” she looked up at me her head slightly nodding.

“…cum…….!!!!” I finished.

I felt my cock draining spurt after spurt deep into her throat. I looked at her face. She looked so happy. There were tears in her eyes. She kept her mouth on my cock until every drop was gone.

She took my cock out of her mouth, stood up, and looked me in the eyes. She laid down next to me and gave me a deep kiss – I could taste my cum mixed with the smell of her saliva and started to get hard again.

She moved her mouth away, stood up and said, “Now it’s my turn”.

She pulled her t-shirt off, then quickly unbuttoned her bra, letting me see her B-cups for the first time. They were almost as I imagined – the nipples a little smaller than I pictured in my mind as well as through her shirts on those cold days years ago, but they were still as perky as I remembered.

“What are you smiling at?” she said with a smirk. “Like what you see?”

I nodded. “Very much…. I can’t wait to see the rest.”

With that she unbuttoned her jeans, shimmying them down her hips and stepping out of them, slowly, one leg at a time. Her panties were sexier than I imagined she would be wearing. Maybe she was expecting something to happen? Hmmmmm… I wondered. There was a wet spot where her juices had been leaking…. I could smell her and I bit my lip in anticipation of being able to taste her.

She pulled my shirt off and pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, moving her knees up to my head, so her wet panties were in my face. I pushed my nose into her crotch, letting it play with her lips, rubbing her clit ever so slightly.

“Ooooo, I like that… it is so sensitive down there,” she said.

“And wet…” I replied, as I hooked my fingers under her panties and started to pull them off.

She moaned, helping me to pull them off. Her pussy was dripping. I parted my lips and took her lips into my mouth, sucking the juices that were starting to flow even more.

“Mmmmm… don’t stop, that feels amazing.”

I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick her clit. I could tell by her response that it wouldn’t take much to set her into ecstasy. I flattened my tongue against her lips and started to move it back and forth, making sure to give her clit a healthy rubbing each time it passed over.

“Ahhhh… keep going….. oh, yeah….” she said.

I started to slightly increase the motion, her body started to tense. My eyes looked up – she was looking down at me with a face that said “Do not stop under any circumstances!”

Her hips stopped moving and I could feel the pressure from her entire body release onto my face. Her hips, ass, thighs and pussy went from being rock solid to liquid putty in a matter of seconds. She opened her mouth and for a couple of seconds nothing came out. Then..

“Oh my god!!…. wow….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” she shouted.

She pushed my head away slightly and her entire upper body collapsed onto me. My face and her pussy were dripping with her. She opened her mouth and devoured mine. She licked up her juices like a person who was obsessed.

She pulled her face from mine. “That was unbelievable… I never thought… I mean, wow… how could I have lived so long without….” Her eyes were focused on mine. She smiled. “I think this trip is going to take a lot longer than planned.”

I smiled and held her close. She looked at me and then said. “Now I need to feel your cock inside of me. I need you to fill me with your cum.”

“But…” I responded.

“But nothing, there’s nothing to worry about. I can’t get pregnant. I need you to fuck me NOW. We are nowhere near being done,” she had this focused look in her eye. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

She didn’t wait for a response, moving her hips down my torso and lowering her pussy to within an inch of my cock, which was rock hard again. A large drop of cum was oozing out of the tip.

She looked in my eyes and said, “We’re OK, right? Nothing against your will? Things are about to change and we’ll never going to be just brother and sister. You OK with that?”

I nodded…. “I like change…. this is like a dream come true.”

“Speaking of cumming, ’bout time I felt you cum inside of me,” she said as she lowered herself so that the outer lips of her pussy just touched my cock and then raised her hips a bit. The drop of cum that was there attached itself to her, forming a short strand of liquid between us.

Seeing this, I grabbed her ass and lowered her pussy so that just the head of my cock was inside of her. She was so warm and the walls of her pussy tightly clenched my cock and pulled it deeper into her. I could feel the cum being milked out of my cock and lubricating the already soaked walls of her pussy. As she pulled my cock deeper and deeper into her, I moved my hands up to her breasts and playfully pinched her nipples. She moaned…..

“Ohhh… that feels amazing.” By now, she had lowered herself fully onto my cock, which was buried inside of her. She let it stay there for a minute, while she clenched and unclenched the walls of her pussy around it. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“I think we fit pretty well together, what do you think?” she asked.

I nodded. “Too well…. I could get used to this.”

“Oh, you better – and we still have a lot more exploring to do. You’ll never be so used to this you’ll be bored – I’ll make sure of it,” she said.

She then slowly raised her hips to where only the head of my cock was still inside of her. Then she started moving up and down – the shaft of my cock was coated with her juices. The cum from my previous orgasm was leaking out of my shaft and mixing with her juices. My balls were coated in our combined lubrication.

As she straddled me and lifted herself up and down, she made sure that her clit was rubbing against the top of my shaft. Her body was starting to tense. Her breaths were getting quicker, more shallow. She closed her eyes and was in another world.

I started to raise my hips as she lowered hers, getting my cock deeper inside of her. I could feel the back wall of her pussy. She started to groan.

“Ohhhh… that feels amazing – don’t stop…. I think I’m about to……” she said.

At that point her body tensed even more and I could feel her juices surround my shaft.

“cummmmm……… Oh god!” she screamed.

She then grabbed my shoulders and stopped moving. I moved my hands to her ass and just massaged her cheeks as she melted on top of me. She lowered her chest so that she was laying on top of me. She opened her mouth and grabbed my lips and tongue with her lips and teeth.

“Wow…. that was amazing…. but you didn’t cum yet?” she asked.

I hadn’t – usually I like to make sure the other person cums and then I could cum in my favorite position – doggy style.

“Not yet, but very soon…… can you turn over?” I replied.

“Ohhhh, an ass man – I like that!” She rolled off of me and stuck her butt in the air. The lips of her pussy were swollen, pink and drenched. “Like what you see?”

“I think if I don’t get inside of you now, I’m going to cum all over the sheets,” I said.

“Well, hurry up – I need to feel your cum drench the inside of my pussy. There’s a fire in there that needs to be put out,” she smiled.

I moved behind her and put both of my hands on her ass, guiding my cock into her pussy. I noted that her ass was nicely puckered and knew it would only be a matter of time to explore there. As I moved my cock deeper into her, she moaned and then lowered herself onto the bed, so I was able to get deeper inside of her.

“Wow, I could feel how swollen your cock is,” she said. “I’m ready for you whenever you want.”

I was only able to thrust a few times before my balls swelled and I could feel the rush of cum moving up my shaft. I put myself deep inside of her and unleashed torrent after torrent of cum deep into her. I could feel it start to coat the side of my shaft and then drip out of her pussy and start to coat my balls.

I collapsed onto her and moved my head to her face – she looked up at me and smiled. Her back was soaked with sweat and mixed with the sweat on my chest.

“Wow, that was amazing – if I had known all these years what I had been missing, I would have jumped you a long time ago!” she said.

“Me too…. that was great,” I smiled dreamily.

“It made me hungry, though – is dinner ready?” she smiled.

“Well, I hope that having dessert before didn’t spoil your appetite!”

“I think we’ll be having a lot of dessert at all times of the day and night – think it might be the only dessert we’ll have where we burn calories!” she laughed.

We both smiled and knew this was only the beginning…


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