This story is a bit of a departure for me, it is on the longer side and heavier on the romance. Enjoy!

* Part 1 *

I sat on the front steps, waiting for her to come home. It wasn’t like Melody to be so late, but I wasn’t too worried. Maybe her date was going really well, for once. Besides, it was a cool night and I was exhausted from playing basketball with the guys. I wouldn’t normally wait up so long, but for some reason I felt like I should. She was getting older, as was I of course, and that meant she would be experiencing more…things.

Finally, as I was finding my eyelids getting heavy, I saw headlights coming around the corner down the street. The car slowed as it approached our driveway, but rather than pulling into it the car just parked there. I doubted they could see me since it was so dark, so this was a perfect hiding spot to observe what was happening. Sure enough, the prick didn’t even get out and open her door for her, or walk her to the front door. The passenger door opened after only a few moments, and my kid sister stepped out of the car looking disappointed. She said something to her date before closing the car door and walking away. The guy didn’t hesitate to speed away after that.

“Rough one, huh?” I said, startling her.

She gasped a bit, then smiled. But I could tell she was just forcing it.

“Eh, not the worst date ever,” she replied. She tossed her purse aside and sat next to me on the steps.

I just stared at her for a moment, as the night breeze wafted her perfume across to me. She smelled great anyway, so I didn’t understand why she bothered with the stuff. She was pretty, there was no doubt. Guys loved talking to her and asking her out. She chose carefully but didn’t shy away from dating. It was the typical senior year mentality, I guess. Date as much as you can now, so you can be experienced in college. I did my fair share too, though right now I wasn’t seeing anyone.

“He didn’t seem like a gentleman,” I said, gauging her reaction.

She shrugged and sighed. “So few of them are anymore.”

That was it, I guess. That was all she was going to tell me. I didn’t pry, and she didn’t offer. That was fine. Her dating life was her business, and I usually didn’t share many details of my own with her. But, whatever she would ask me I would gladly answer. We had literally no secrets. From our parents, yes. Our friends, sure. But between us, we shared everything.

“My twin sense is tingling,” I said, not able to contain my concern. That little display I had witnessed with her exiting the car seemed telling.


She rolled her eyes, and tossed her long dark blonde hair back over her shoulder. It was funny how my hair was dark brown but hers wasn’t, considering we were born only three minutes apart. I had beaten her out of the womb to become the firstborn, a fact I never let her forget growing up. She definitely had a little sister complex, always running to me as a little girl whenever she fell off her bike or cut herself. In reality we were more like equals, but those three minutes seemed to dominate between us. I was the older brother, and she was my kid sister.

Back in those days, she had been a shrimpy little thing. Then she turned gangly and awkward. I was the same of course, being her twin. She was the female me and I was the male her. I was the taller of the two now though, and a bit broader of course. She stayed a skinny thing, more refined and graceful, while I had bulked up with sports and wrestling. She was the typical cheerleader type, although she never became one surprisingly. Something about how vapid they all were. Instead she opted for track and gymnastics, both of which she seemed to excel at. They gave her a body that guys drooled over, and that I would have to be blind not to notice.

She glanced over at me, hesitating to offer any details for some reason. That wasn’t like her. She may not tell me everything, but it was on or off, go or no go, tell or shut up. There was no hesitation or reluctance with us. We shared most everything with each other. Even if it was uncomfortable or awkward, it didn’t make us hold back. Seeing the look in her beautiful green eyes was disconcerting.

“Spill it, Mel,” I said after a few moments, leaning back on the steps like I was settling in for story time.

She shook her head, but she was smiling. “You don’t want to hear about this, trust me.”

She relaxed a bit, but couldn’t sprawl out on the steps with me in her dress. It was a cute little summery number, showing off her legs. She had a bit of a tan from all the summers spent at the lake growing up. She wasn’t dark-skinned, but she was definitely not pale. At least, where I could see. She leaned up against the siding and looked up at the sky.

“Am I crazy for not wanting to lose my cherry so soon?” came her sudden question.

I just blinked, and then my eyes went wide. I hadn’t expected such a blunt and personal question, I suppose. We had talked about sex before, and I knew a few years back that she was still a virgin. I guess I just assumed either she chose not to tell me when she started having sex, or maybe she thought I didn’t want to hear about it. She knew when I had lost my virginity, though. I told her all about it, and she had seemed interested at the time. After a couple of years going by without her reciprocating the tale of her first time, I just assumed she didn’t bother to tell me about it.

“You still have it?” I asked, coming back to my senses.

She nodded. “I would’ve told you, dummy. Unless you don’t want to know.”

I shook my head. “No, it’s not that. I guess…I just thought after all this time…”

She sighed again. “I know, it should’ve happened by now, right? Well, it hasn’t. And I guess I’m worried that I don’t seem to care. I’m not in a hurry to give it up like all the other girls. Is that weird? Is there something wrong with me?”

“Nah,” I said, waving the thought away. “I mean, you do have those feelings, right? Sexual…desires and stuff?”

She just looked at me, as if that was the stupidest question I ever asked. “Duh.”

I shrugged. “Hey, I’m just trying to help without making things awkward.”

She stared off into nothing. “Nothing’s more awkward than sitting there with a cute guy and not wanting to…do stuff, you know?”

I waited, but she didn’t say anything more. “What kind of stuff do you think you should be doing on a first date?”

She flashed an embarrassed smile at me, and blushed. “Come on. You know.”

I honestly wasn’t sure what she was referring to, and I was kind of enjoying making her squirm.

“No, I don’t. Tell me.”

She rolled her eyes and looked exasperated. “Don’t make me say it. Stuff.”

I eyed her carefully. “He wanted you to taste his sausage?”

She laughed. “Um, sure.”

“Really? Geez, I never asked for a blowjob on the first date. I don’t know if I ever had to ask for one before. That kind of thing just happens on its own.”

“Yeah well…” She seemed to get uncomfortable again. “Not with me, apparently.”

“So what? The guy wasn’t special enough to you to do that. Not a big deal. And if that’s all he wanted then fuck him.”

She nodded. “And fuck all the people he’s gonna tell, including some guys I would probably want to go out with. Now I’ll never get asked out again.”

I just shook my head. “It’s called thinning the herd. You don’t want to hang around guys who only date girls willing to suck their tiny dicks on a first date.”

She seemed to smile, a bit devilishly like she was remembering something naughty. I thought that was odd, but ignored it and stood.

“Come on, let’s go inside. Mom’s already asleep but I’ll make you some hot chocolate.”

That was her favorite, right before bed. Ever since we were kids our grandma had done that for us during visits. I, of course, added a secret ingredient that made it better. But she could never guess what it was.

We sat in the kitchen talking more, not about sex or dates but just idle stuff. I guess I shouldn’t have been so protective of Mel, staying up for her and comforting her like a parent would do. But ever since Dad died when we were nine, she seemed to draw close to me as the only male influence in her life. No grandpas on either side still alive, no uncles, just me. Everything she learned about boys she got from me. I had to be a good example. Mom was…well, Mom. A bit wrapped up in trying to support us and raise us at the same time. It was hard, so I picked up the slack. And Mel always did what I said. To a fault. She would obey me if I told her to jump off a cliff. I couldn’t betray that trust.

After getting her to laugh a bit, we finally headed off to bed. Her room was across from mine, and our mother slept downstairs in the master bedroom. Our house wasn’t huge, but we had the top level entirely to ourselves, including our own bathroom that we shared.

“Night, Mikey,” Mel said, turning as she started to close her bedroom door. “Thanks.”

“For what?” I asked.

She shrugged. “For being there. I really needed it tonight.”

“Are you gonna tell me what happened on that date or not?” I asked, seeing that something was bothering her more than she was letting on.

She just stared back at me for a moment. “Will you come hold me?”

The question might have seemed strange to anyone but the two of us, but actually it was quite common for me to do that. It wasn’t a sexual thing, not really. It had to do with Dad being gone and me being the only man in her life. Sometimes, even as a young adult, she needed to feel someone big and strong holding her tight, making her feel safe and secure.

I nodded. “Sure. Just let me shower first.”

She smiled, and she left her door cracked open for me as she disappeared into her room.

As I washed the sweat from my body, I idly thought about Mel lying in her bed, waiting for me. Maybe she would just fall asleep and not even realize when I came into her room and sidled up onto the bed beside her. Sometimes she pretended to be asleep but I could tell by her breathing when she was faking it. Sometimes, on especially bad nights, she didn’t even put up the pretense that she was asleep. She wouldn’t even say anything, she would just wait for me to appear next to her. Once or twice before, I had seen her cry while we cuddled. I never asked her why, though I could probably guess. I would just hold her and let her know that everything was alright.

Most of the time, like tonight, she was in a good mood but just wanted to feel needed. She had that weakness, most likely Dad being gone. She was insecure, with almost everything except for me. She knew I loved her, and that I would accept her no matter what. But when it came to grades, friends, Mom, whatever, she always second-guessed herself. On nights when she was especially hard on herself, I wouldn’t wait for her to ask. I would take it upon myself to hold her while she fell asleep.

I toweled off and clicked the bathroom light off. In the dark of the hallway, I walked quietly to her door and opened it all the way. I closed it behind me though. It was generally understood that if Mom ever happened to walk in and find us cuddling, it would be very awkward to explain how innocent it really was. Of course, maybe part of that was due to the fact that we weren’t entirely innocent in our cuddling.

I hadn’t bothered to put anything on since my shower. I was completely naked as I entered Mel’s room. Her lights were off, so it was still dark except for the small bit of moonlight streaming in through her windows. I could see the outline of her body under the covers of her bed. I approached and she pulled them aside just enough for me to sneak under and lay next to her.

I snuggled right up to her backside, feeling her thin panties against my thighs. I wrapped my arm around her and rested my palm on her stomach as I pressed myself into her. Though it was mostly a comforting gesture, she always wriggled her backside up against me to get as close as possible. My penis, half erect from all the movement and certainly from her ass rubbing against it, pressed right up against her panties. I was fairly big so it was impossible to miss, but it was mostly underneath her, angled downward where it wouldn’t disturb anything if it continued to grow. And it usually did, especially when my hand would brush up underneath her bare breasts.

The panties were the only item she was wearing, and for some reason that had been established ever since we started doing this “hold me” stuff. Even though I was naked, she kept her panties on. I had always slept naked, ever since I could remember. She, apparently, slept with her panties on. I tried to keep my hands off her boobs, but if I unintentionally ended up touching them she never said or did anything to protest. I could have grabbed them if I wanted to, and she would probably let me. But this wasn’t a sexual thing between us. We knew that. My erections were unavoidable under the circumstances, namely how I was spooning a cute girl with a great body. She understood that much, from what I had told her about guys and penises. But I never crossed the line of doing anything sexual with her.

Mel was still wriggling, trying to get herself situated, but seemed unable to find the right position. Her ass moving against my crotch got me fully hard now, but it was an unspoken thing between us. Actually, I believed that feeling my penis against her, in its excited state, was part of why she responded so well to these cuddle sessions. And again, it wasn’t necessarily sexual, not blatantly so. Feeling a man hold her, want her, and even desire her, was part of the security she was getting out of this. It didn’t matter that it was her brother doing it. It was reassuring, to know that she could make a man feel that way.

“Can I?” she said after a few moments of writhing around.

“Ok.” I knew what she meant.

Her small fingers reached around to delicately grasp my penis, just enough to move it up and place it flatly against her backside. She let go of it and wriggled her ass again, and this time seemed satisfied. I held her tight against me, feeling her tits resting on my forearm, and we lay together like that peacefully.

“I love you, Mikey,” she whispered.

“Love you too, Mel,” I whispered back.

We lay like that for a few hours, until she was fast asleep. I left a trail of precum on her lower back from the intimate excitement I had involuntarily felt, and very gently eased myself away from her so I could go to my own bed to get some sleep.

I was still rock hard, straining in fact, as I lay in my own bed. With a concern that was still brotherly in nature, paternal even, I thought about what could possibly have been troubling Mel. I jerked myself off while I did so, and even though I was thinking of my sister when I came heavily onto my stomach and chest, it still felt oddly non-sexual to be doing so. I felt a physical relief from the orgasm, but emotionally it hadn’t satisfied me. I needed to find out what was bothering her.

* Part 2 *

Graduation came, and Mel and I both said goodbye to that chapter of our lives. I was glad it was over, even though I loved all my extracurricular activities. Mel seemed glad to be done with the whole high school scene, probably due to whatever issue she was facing that she wouldn’t tell me. Even after two more nights of holding her over the course of the last few weeks, she didn’t offer to explain it to me. I didn’t ask either. I wanted to, but I bit my lip and figured she would tell me when the time was right.

Mom took us out to a nice big dinner to celebrate, and simultaneously used the event to announce that she was going to spend the summer in Canada with her sister. She had been getting close to retirement at her accounting firm, and had to use up all her saved vacation or else she would lose it. Our aunt was divorced and alone, so Mom would often go to visit her. Just never for so long. This meant we had the house to ourselves for almost three months.

Of course, she made us swear to be good and keep it clean. I mowed the lawn and did all the yard work anyway, but Mel would have to do some of the cooking. And we would have to do grocery shopping and stuff like that, and take care of any problems that arose while Mom was gone. She was using her trip as an excuse to help us become adults and train us and some other bullshit. But it didn’t matter, because I knew we could handle it.

Deep down, I hoped that maybe Mel would open up to me while we were alone. I worried that she was dealing with some big problem she was too afraid to tell even me. But I knew everything about her, stuff she didn’t even know I knew. Like, her bra size and how much she weighs and how I can always tell she’s horny by the way she chews at her lip. I even knew her favorite movie and favorite food, and that one time she tried to smoke when she was 14 and threw up all over herself, lying to Mom and saying it was the school meatloaf. I made her promise to never smoke again, and she didn’t need much convincing after that.

“Do you…wanna have a party or anything?” I asked, when Mel and I drove back from the airport after dropping Mom off.

She shook her head. “Nah, but you can if you want. You probably want to have some guys over. I can disappear.”

Truthfully, I did intend to have a few guy nights over the next couple of months. But I didn’t necessarily want to party at Mel’s expense.

“Why don’t you hang around?” I offered. “I can introduce you to some nice guys, and a few I forbid you from dating.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I don’t think so. I may be hard up for a date, but being set up by my brother smacks of desperation.”

We drove in silence for a bit, about fifteen minutes from home. I really wanted to find out why she was so down on herself lately. It was so hard not to just flat out ask her, but I knew she would shut down if I did. She hadn’t offered it yet, so I wouldn’t be able to force it out of her.

“What I said the other night,” I began, figuring I would come up with something if I just got the ball rolling. “About you having sexual desires and stuff.”

Mel frowned. “Mikey, come on.”

“I just…I didn’t mean anything by it.” I cleared my throat. “I didn’t mean to imply that there was something wrong with you. I just wanted you to know that.”

She was quiet for a moment, and I could tell she felt awkward. That made me feel awkward too.

“It’s fine,” she said finally. “Maybe there is something wrong with me.”

“No, there’s not.”

She shook her head. “It’s just so hard for me to open up to a guy, you know?”

Hey, my plan was working! She was talking now.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I can’t…oh god, nevermind.” She closed up as suddenly as she had opened.

Damn it. “You can tell me.”

“It’s sooo embarrassing…” She was really troubled about something.

“Are you worried about sex?” I asked, rather blatantly but hoping it would help.

She looked at me for a few moments, then returned her eyes to the road. “Maybe.”

I cleared my throat. “Um, well I know it’s not because of…ahem…you know…”

“What?” she pressed.

“Well, I mean, you seem to have all the right parts,” I said sheepishly, “and everything appears to be in order.”

When I chanced to look over at her, she was staring at me with the widest eyes and strangest grin. Then she burst out laughing, apparently enjoying how awkward I was being.

“You think…” She had to catch her breath. “…You think I can’t have sex physically? Is that it?”

“I don’t know,” I said in protest. “Come on, Mel. You won’t tell me what it is, so I have to guess.”

She shook her head, still laughing but now in a sad kind of way. “It’s not me, ok? I’m not the problem. It’s them.”

I was confused. “Who?”

“Them! Guys. Any guy.”

“What are you saying, that you’re a lesbian?”

She slapped me on the arm. “No, you idiot! I’m saying, whenever a guy touches me or I see his dick, I just want to run away and hide. And it’s NOT because I only like girls. It’s just…I don’t know why exactly.”

“What about me?” I asked, innocently even though it probably wasn’t entirely. “Do I make you feel that way?”

She seemed frustrated now. “No, that’s just it! That’s why it doesn’t make any sense. I’m so mad at myself because I…I can’t explain it. I really liked Derek, and Greg, and David. But when they got close to me, and especially when Derek flashed his cock at me, I just couldn’t handle it. I had to get out of there.”

“Ah, so that’s why Derek drove off like that.” And why he couldn’t get out of the car to walk Mel to the door, without the neighbors seeing his ding dong hanging out of his jeans.

“Exactly.” She sighed, looking almost to the point of tears. “I just can’t stand other guys touching me.”

“‘Other’ guys?” I asked, picking up on her use of the word. “Other than who?”

She glanced at me, as if she had revealed something she shouldn’t. But it was too late to take it back.

“Other than you, stupid. You’re the only one I actually enjoy being with.”

“That’s different,” I said, perhaps not getting the full grasp of what she was saying. “We’re family.”

“Yeah, but…I shouldn’t…I mean, I can’t stand the thought of touching or sucking or even fucking some other guy’s dick. But…”

I just wasn’t getting it. I must have been an idiot after all.

“But what?” I pressed.

“Well, it’s just different with you.” She was struggling for words, or maybe she was trying not to say the wrong thing. “I could picture it with you. I hate all those other guys’ bodies, but I love-”

Whoa, that was it. That was the moment I realized finally what she was saying. It was a good thing no other cars were around me, because I kind of lost focus of what I was doing for about three seconds. I had to veer back into my lane once I was in my own body again.

I couldn’t respond, no matter how much I wanted to. I knew I needed to say something, to reassure her that everything was okay and she hadn’t just made a fool of herself by admitting that she…well, apparently “loved” my body. Is that what I just heard?

She had clasped her mouth shut before another word escaped from her lips, and we drove for about a minute in silence. I shifted in my seat, finding the car suddenly confining. I’m sure it was even more awkward for Mel, considering she was the one who had blurted out this strange fact.

“Um, I…”

“Don’t even bother,” Mel said, interrupting my already broken chain of thought.

As we finished the drive home, not a single word was spoken after that. I wasn’t sure exactly what Mel had just admitted, but I knew it was something that wasn’t normal. I think she just admitted that she was attracted to me, and even though I wanted to tell her that I was okay with that, and I found her attractive too, I just couldn’t quite say it out loud. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel it. I just couldn’t process it right now.

So, needless to say, that first night was extremely uncomfortable. Mel disappeared into her room immediately and didn’t emerge for the rest of the evening. I ordered a pizza, and figured she would come out of her room and have some, maybe give me a sheepish look of embarrassment and then go right back upstairs. But she never left her room. I felt really bad for her, and wanted to talk to her more. I was afraid that if I tried right now, while it was still confusing and new, that I would just mess it up even more.

But this summer would be excruciatingly awkward if we didn’t address what had just happened. And the more I thought about it, the more I came to appreciate that it wasn’t really weird to say that you found your sibling attractive. That didn’t mean you were attracted TO them necessarily. After all, if I found that weird, then shouldn’t she find it weird that I got hard against her ass whenever we lay next to each other in her bed?

I watched TV until well into the early morning, hoping she would eventually come out at least to use the bathroom. If she did, I didn’t hear it. Poor girl, I thought. Her big brother needed to come up with something to console his kid sister, and soon.

I shut the TV off finally and stripped out of my clothes, walking upstairs completely naked. I shut off all the lights in the house along the way, and quietly crept to Mel’s door. I didn’t bother to knock, and didn’t say anything as I opened it and left it open, since there was no chance we would be caught.

I saw her lying there on her bed, in the moonlight just before. She was wrapped tightly in her covers, and for a moment I thought she was fast asleep. That didn’t matter, but I would try not to wake her up if that was even possible. I tiptoed across her floor and came to the bed, already half erect for some reason. My mind was elsewhere though as I carefully lifted her covers and softly set myself into position next to her. She was naked except for her panties, like usual.

“They can tell there’s something wrong with me,” she said suddenly, softly as if she needed to be quiet.

“Who?” I asked, pausing before I got closer to her.

“All the guys I’ve dated,” she replied, not moving a muscle or turning to face me. “Once they figure out I won’t touch them, they’re not attracted to me anymore.”

Finally, she turned her head to face me, and I saw just a glint of wetness in her eyes from the moonlight.

“Am I attractive, Mikey?” she asked, in a most pitiful and pleading tone. “Will anyone ever want to have sex with me if I’m like this?”

She broke my heart when I heard the pain in her voice. I still didn’t really understand what she was going through, but I knew it was killing her. Maybe it stemmed from our father dying, or maybe it had something to do with me. Maybe there really was something not quite right with her, but that didn’t matter one bit. Right now, she needed to know that someone wanted her, physically as much as mentally and emotionally.

I didn’t say anything, I only reached beneath the covers and gently hooked my finger in the waistband of her panties. She was surprised, shocked even, but completely willing as I gently pulled her panties down over her hips and past her knees. I discarded them onto the floor, leaving us both completely naked next to each other. Her wide eyes just stared at me, waiting to see what I was doing and completely submitting to anything I did.

I moved myself up behind her, like I always did, and held her body close against mine. I pressed my erect penis into her backside, flat against her like she preferred, and wrapped my arm around her midsection. This time, my hand didn’t hesitate to find her breast and cup it, pulling her against me as I squeezed it and ground my pelvis into her ass. My dick nestled right between her bare buttocks. This was the first time we had ever done anything this blatantly sexual, but I could feel her body melt into me. She even let a small moan escape her throat.

We just stayed like that, for the entire night. No movement, no instinctive thrusting or grinding, no pawing at her boobs. Only a single kiss on the back of her neck before I laid my head on her pillow and closed my eyes. Her hand came up to rest on mine at her breast, telling me she accepted this new arrangement. I hoped with all my heart that she knew she was attractive, not just to me though at this moment predominantly so.

From her breathing, I could tell she didn’t fall asleep right away. She was enjoying the feel of being held like this, similar to all of the other times but with an added layer of intimacy. I ignored the fact that my bare penis was touching her bare ass, maybe her butthole even. If I allowed myself to think about that, I wouldn’t be able to just lay here peacefully with my beautiful sister who needed to feel me close to her. I could always jerk off later, like I almost always did after I held her. Only this time, I wouldn’t be leaving her to return to my own bed. I would stay here with her all night. I didn’t have to worry that we would be caught. We could savor this feeling, this emotional medicine that Mel needed.

Eventually I drifted off and slept soundly. I hazily recall feeling her wriggle her ass against my boner at some point in the night, but otherwise we slept well into the late morning.

* Part 3 *

I must’ve been totally exhausted, maybe from the late night and all of the worrying before that, but when I woke up I was alone in Mel’s bed. I hadn’t felt her unfasten herself from my clutches and leave the bed, and that surprised me since we had slept so intimately close. I was quickly aware of just how aroused I was from it all. I felt like I had been blue-balled or something beyond simple morning wood. But I was in Mel’s bed, so I wouldn’t just jerk off right here. In fact, I was more interested in where she was at the moment than I was in relieving myself.

Once I stepped out into the hallway, I could smell bacon. She was cooking breakfast! I don’t recall her ever doing that for me, and I found it very sweet. But, I decided to get dressed and piss first before heading downstairs to thank her.

She was unusually chipper this morning, even plunking a little peck on my cheek as she set an omelette in front of me. I just stared in wonder at her as she smiled and skipped back into the kitchen to make herself one too. She was wearing the panties I had peeled off of her last night, and a tight little tank top. That was it, nothing else. Seeing her body displayed so openly to me was really arousing, and I even found her bare feet on the kitchen floor kind of sexy. I forced myself to ignore all of those thoughts, and thoroughly enjoyed breakfast with my kid sister.

Remarkably, we didn’t talk about what had happened last night. And she didn’t bring up any other stuff with guys not wanting her or being attracted to her. Maybe my brilliant idea to spoon her naked butt had fixed it all. Or, maybe she was just feeling better and didn’t want to spoil the mood. Whatever the reason, she was in a great mood and was very talkative.

“What about you?” she finally said, after about ten minutes of chatting on about herself. “I don’t even think I know who you’re dating right now.”

“That’s because I’m not seeing anyone,” I replied, scraping the last bits of egg from my plate. “I’d tell you, you know that.”

She shrugged. “I guess so. Why not though? There’s plenty of girls you could be seeing.”

“Maybe, but I just wanted to graduate first before getting attached again. You know how it is when a guy you’re dating moves to a different school. Things just kind of fall apart after that. I didn’t want that to happen after graduation.”

“Hmm.” Mel seemed to think about that for a moment, but was only pretending. “That sounds like a pretty crappy reason not to date anyone.”

What could I say to that? It was a crappy reason. No, it was a shitty reason. But truth be told, I had been concerned about Mel for more than just these past few weeks. I had seen the signs that something was not quite right, and I decided to devote my full attention to her rather than to some dumb slut who I would just waste my money on and maybe, MAYBE get a blowjob or two. Best case scenario, finger her or maybe even stick it in her. Or, I could find out what was wrong with my one and only sister and help her out. Lately, I had been choosing Mel over lots of other things.

And it wasn’t just girls. The other night when I had been waiting on the steps for her to come home from her date, it was the first time in months that I had gone to play basketball with the guys. They were always trying to get me out of the house, to see a movie or hang out or even go to parties. I used to love doing that stuff, but it was starting to feel less and less important as of late.

And the reason for that was Mel. Maybe it was the fact that we were twins, three minutes apart, or maybe it was the bonding that came as a result of our frequent cuddle sessions. Maybe it was something else entirely, like the approaching end of school and thus my own transition into adulthood. But for some reason all I could think about lately was her. Most of it was worrying about her, and I knew it was way beyond what a brother should have bothered with. After all, we had a mother to worry about us. And I didn’t expect Mel to have that same worry for me. I could take care of myself. And I knew she was self sufficient too. But I still worried. I fretted, even.

Why? Why would I possibly care this much about my sister? I kept wondering that, even as I worried about her. I should be thinking about girls, and pussy, and money, and college. Not spending all my mental energy with Mel bouncing around in my head. It was unhealthy. At least it was unusual.

She just sat there at the table next to me, leaning on her elbows and inadvertently pressing her tits together into some noticeable cleavage. I couldn’t help but notice, but she didn’t seem to. She was practically fidgeting, waiting for my response. She was having a good time, I could tell. But seeing her like this, scantily clad and completely intent on me, was making my own issue stand out more.

I loved Mel. It was a simple statement, but carried so much weight that it hurt. I wouldn’t say that I was in love with her, since that was wrong. But it was something akin to that. If I ever happened to think about life without her, like if she came home late and I worried that she got into a car accident, my stomach would cinch into a knot that wouldn’t release until I saw her again. If she ever went out with a guy that I knew was a jerk, then the thought of him doing anything bad to her made me want to punch through the walls.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. And seeing her like this, so sexy and so energetic, made it more obvious that ever. She was a sexual person, like myself and everyone else. But that aspect of her life was what made me so depressed lately. Thinking about her having sex, fucking other guys and letting them inside of her, made me want to jump off a bridge. I just couldn’t handle it. I attributed it to my fatherly role in the family now. Any father wouldn’t want to picture his little girl taking a dick, and that was what it felt like. I couldn’t bear to let Mel, my little Mel, defile herself with some other guy.

Other guy. Saying it in my head was like turning on a light switch. I was mad at the thought of Mel fucking OTHER guys. I didn’t want her to refrain from sex and the enjoyment it brought. But I definitely wanted her to refrain from doing it with anyone else. Anyone, other than me.

My god, it was like a punch in the gut. I wanted to fuck my own sister. My twin, the other half of myself, who I wanted to protect and care for. I had fooled myself into thinking that we weren’t fooling around when I held her, when I let my arousal become known to her. She had played along, but what if she knew all this time? What if she was only humoring me by letting me do that with her? What if she was actually repulsed by me, but felt helpless to fight me off? God, that would be horrible! It felt like I was practically raping her.

All of a sudden I couldn’t stand to sit here with her anymore. I’m sure it was rude, and not beyond her notice, when I just stood up and took my plate into the kitchen. I rinsed it and then walked off without saying anything. She might have called after me, but I was too focused on getting up to my room to get dressed and then getting out of the house.

When I came back downstairs to leave, she wasn’t around. Maybe she had gone to change too, so I hurried to get the keys to one of our two cars and left. I drove into the city, not sure what I planned to do. I got a text from Mel about a half hour after I had left, maybe when she realized I was gone.

Hey, you ok?

I didn’t respond, mostly because that was dangerous while I was driving but also because I didn’t know how to answer. Was I ok? Probably not. Once I stopped the car and got out, at some department store or strip mall or something that I hadn’t really paid attention to, I just stared at the message. I realized I was overreacting to the situation.

If she was repulsed by me, if I had in any remote fashion raped her, then why would she make me breakfast and be so happy this morning? Why would she still love me after all these years of holding each other every so often? I breathed a sigh of relief, but in my mind I knew there was still an unresolved question. Did I love my sister? Not in a brotherly way, but in a romantic way. I couldn’t say so definitively, and that bothered me.

I love you.

That was the next text I got, and it surprised me. I don’t think she had ever texted that to me before, even though she had said it plenty of times. I was quick to text back.

Love you too. Sorry just felt weird talking about that stuff.

She wasn’t one to have a lengthy conversation that wasn’t in person, so I didn’t get a response. I walked around the store and couldn’t have been more oblivious to anything around me. My head was in the clouds, and my heart was in my stomach.

When I went home later, it was already dinner time. The other car was in the driveway, so I knew Mel was home. We were supposed to go grocery shopping today, before I ditched her. I wondered if she had gone already and would be making something to eat.

When I stepped inside, I could smell food. Since when was she such a culinary aficionado? I had never seen her cook more than a piece of toast. Here she was making breakfast AND dinner?

The tension between us seemed to melt away, as did the plastic she tried to microwave. It was quite the commotion as we managed to put out the small fire she had accidentally started. Even though it brought back all of those worried feelings from earlier, once the fire was out and we were standing before a disfigured black mass of tupperware and canned food, I had to admit it was a funny situation. Fortunately, Mel agreed.

We were both laughing hysterically within seconds, and it went on for about five minutes straight. She was in tears and holding her sides, and I just shook my head finally as I tried to clean up her mess. We threw it all out. But, I confirmed something else from before.

“You went shopping?” I asked, finally figuring out that we had not had all this food earlier.

She wiped at her eyes, and nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Wow.” I was surprised, but also I felt bad now that I had abandoned her earlier.

“Yeah, I’m actually quite capable. In some areas.”

I fanned the smoke away as I scooped everything into the garbage. “Yeah, sorry again about that. Should we go get something?”

“I bought frozen pizzas,” Mel offered. “You, obviously, have to be the one who heats them up.”

We sat out on the back patio and ate our pizzas, and chatted idly. The sky was beginning to turn grey, and it looked like it was about to rain. Our house was at the end of a cul de sac, so our backyard was mostly private. There was an undeveloped field on the other side of our fence, and the closest neighbor was too far away to see us. It was one of the reasons we liked eating out here, especially if Mom wasn’t home. We could cuss as loud as we wanted or talk about stuff openly without fear of being heard.

“It’s gonna rain,” Mel said, and just as she did I felt a few small drops hit my arms.

“Ah crap,” I said, and hurried to scarf down the last two bites of my pizza.

Mel just sat there and looked up at the sky, feeling the rain drops hit her face. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of my old swim trunks that she used for lounging around the house. I laughed at how wet she was getting, although I was getting just as wet the longer we stayed out here. It was starting to really come down now.

“Let’s go inside,” I said, but she didn’t budge.

“It’s so warm out,” she replied. “Don’t you like being in the rain when it’s not freezing cold? It’s wonderful!”

I watched as her hair started to get wet, and of course her white t-shirt began to cling to her body. I hadn’t realized it earlier, but she didn’t have a bra on underneath. Seeing her breasts become visible as the shirt got wet reminded me of why I had run out of the house earlier. I didn’t like the feeling I was getting again. I didn’t want to be aroused by the sight of her.

“Come on,” she said, standing up and walking out into the grass.

I watched her as she spun around in circles, her arms stretched out and her face aimed at the clouds. Water was streaming down her now, soaking her from head to toe. I was nearly as wet already, so I gave up and joined her, stretching my arms out and facing the clouds along with her.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” I jabbed at her, though my eyes were closed at the moment.

“Oops,” she said, but didn’t move to cover herself. “Guess I forgot. Oh well.”

We both enjoyed the rain now, and I actually forgot about her breasts for the time being. We were totally soaked from head to toe now. I was still wearing tennis shoes, which were squishy now. I hated the feel of wet socks, so I kicked off my shoes and peeled them off my feet.

“Woohoo!” Mel shouted. “Take it off!”

I threw one of my socks at her, making a loud slapping sound as it hit her arm. But when I looked at her now, her shirt was totally worthless. I could see everything underneath it, as if she was topless. I must have been staring, because she followed my eyes and then she got this devilish smile.

“Enjoying the show?” she said.

“Good thing the neighbors can’t see you,” I said, not pretending I hadn’t been looking.

Before I knew what was happening, she yanked the t-shirt over her head and threw it at my face. I heard her scream playfully, and suddenly she was running off into the yard. I felt like we were just kids again, playing with the hose and running around in our swimsuits while the sprinkler doused us. I tossed her shirt aside and ran after her.

She shrieked as I closed in, and she tried to dart away. Of course, the grass was soaking wet too so it was slippery. She couldn’t change course quick enough, and she nearly fell backward. Fortunately, I was right there about to catch her, and she fell into my arms. She stared up at me, and I was staring back at an upside down Mel with her tits bouncing free and dripping wet. She smiled and tried to escape again, but this time I held her.

I don’t really know why I did it. I should’ve let her go, and just kept playing with her. But something about the rain made me react differently than I otherwise would have. Maybe it was the sensuality of seeing her naked breasts beading with rain. Maybe it was the chase, the physical exertion that got my adrenalin going. Whatever it was, it made me want to hold her down and…and…

“Mikey,” she said. It was a simple statement, calm and soft.

I realized I wasn’t in my right mind, and I quickly let her go. But she didn’t exactly spring to her feet and run away. In fact, she just turned back to me and stood there. I was staring at her face now, even though her breasts were totally on display unabashedly. She made no attempt to cover up, and seemed to be waiting for me to do something. But what? Scold her? Turn and run back into the house, away from her?

I did neither of those things. Instead, I peeled my own shirt off. Her face told me she was surprised I did that, but she wasn’t complaining. She stepped toward me, and we were about two feet apart now, still just staring at each other.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said, without really thinking.

She frowned. “Do what?”

“I can’t take it. This constant teasing. It’s driving me crazy. You’re all I think about. I worry about you constantly. I can’t stand to think that you’re with some other guy when you go out on a date. I can’t keep a girlfriend because she’s not you.”

Mel was truly caught off guard. She didn’t know what to say. I felt so foolish saying those things to her, and yet it was very liberating. Our relationship may never be repaired after this, but at least I had said what I felt. She stepped forward another foot, and glanced down from my eyes to ponder what I had said. She stared at my chest, and although I’m sure it was just my imagination, she seemed to be admiring it.

“I’m sorry, Mikey,” she said finally. She stepped six inches closer, and reached her hand for me, touching my shoulder with just her fingertips.

“Me too,” I replied.

The rain wasn’t letting up at all, in fact it was getting even worse. Lightning and thunder followed, and it looked like a major storm was coming. But it didn’t seem to matter at the moment. We were both dripping sheets of water off our bodies, and it must have looked quite silly that we were both topless, just staring at each other like idiots. Mel traced her finger down from my shoulder to my chest, and I distinctly saw her bite her lip.

Shit, that was what did it. I knew what that meant. Suddenly the last six inches between us was gone and our bodies were pressed together. She had tilted her head up and I had lowered mine, and we were kissing. Not just kissing, but frantically touching each other. We made out fiercely, our tongues all over each other, kissing mouths and necks and chins and everything we could. Mel pulled her shorts down and clawed at them until they were past her knees, and then she kicked them off. I undid my belt and before I could pull my own shorts off, she was doing it for me. My penis would have hit her in the face if she had stayed down there. But our faces could barely be away from each others’ without sucking on the other person’s lips.

At some point I finally realized my dick was mashed up against her stomach, which was slick from the rain. A particularly strong bolt of lightning caught my attention long enough to break the heat of the moment. I saw that I was holding Mel’s naked body against my naked body, and in a moment of panic I let her go and stepped back. She didn’t want to let me go, but only moaned a weak protest as I broke away from her.

We just stood there like that for a good long moment, staring at the other person’s naked body. Her nipples were hard now, just like my cock which protruded obscenely from my groin. I could see her pussy, which was shaved bare except for a small little patch just above her clit. What had just happened? All of a sudden we had just connected like that, physically and emotionally, in a strong moment of passion. I had never felt that kind of heat with a girl before. I could have kept kissing her until I spewed all over her stomach and mine. I wasn’t close to an orgasm right now, but I could sense that it hadn’t been far off during that moment.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Mel said, and her words were crushing to me.

“I know,” I admitted, but my erection said differently.

“It’s too late though,” she said, and I wasn’t sure what she meant.


“You’re just gonna jerk off now, thinking about me. You’re going to be picturing me, like this, while you do it. Maybe you’ll even imagine me doing things-”

“Stop,” I interrupted. “Don’t say it.”

“Why not?” she asked casually, finding a strange kind of confidence in this conversation. Or maybe it was power, over me. “You’ve never thought about me before? Like that?”

I couldn’t lie to her, even in this moment. “I have.”

“What about when you hold me?” She closed the gap between us again, bringing our wet bodies together. “When you feel your big hard cock against my butt. When I press it up against you and rub it up and down.”

I didn’t say anything, I just watched her turn into this sexual, depraved thing I didn’t know existed underneath her skin. Her delicious, dripping wet skin…

“Every single time,” she said, and I felt the tip of my penis touch her stomach once again, “you leave me there to sleep afterward, you go back to your bed and masturbate. Don’t you?”

I nodded, unable to speak. My knees felt weak as I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and squeeze gently. It pulsed in her grip, and her small hand around it made it feel massive right then. I could see hunger in her eyes, and her jaw jutted outward just slightly. Again, she bit her lip.

“This time,” she said, slow and calculating, emphasizing each word, “you do it with me or not at all.”

With that, she let go of my cock and dashed off inside. I was left standing in the rain with an aching erection, which I’m sure was leaking precum that might have been lost in the water running over my body. I thought maybe Mel had went inside to hide from me, or otherwise escape this situation, or hell even to go up to her room and prepare for whatever she had in store for us tonight. But instead, she appeared at the patio door again with a towel.

We both dried ourselves off, and before I knew it Mel had dressed again. She had thrown on a pair of pajama pants and a different tank top. Without so much as another word, she went off into the living room and I heard the TV turn on. I went upstairs to throw on another pair of shorts, and thought about staying in my room. This whole situation was very bizarre, and it occurred to me that maybe Mel regretted what had just happened. I almost didn’t go back downstairs, but something drew me to her again.

We sat there watching TV, and even though I kept stealing glances over at my kid sister in her tight sexy top and equally sexy pajama pants, she didn’t sneak even so much as a glance at me the rest of the night. I was sure at this point that she was mad at me, or was choosing to ignore me now. It was very surreal, to think that only an hour or so ago we had been pawing at each others’ bodies like animals in heat.

The room went black just then as the power went out.

“Shit,” I heard Mel say, and she fumbled through the dark to find her way out of the living room.

“I’ll check the breakers,” I said, and made my way downstairs.

When I got back upstairs after seeing that it wasn’t just a tripped circuit, my eyes had finally adjusted to the dark and I saw that Mel was gone. Probably off to bed, without so much as a word to me. Why had she turned so mean all of a sudden? I went upstairs and disappeared into my own room. Fine, I thought, two can play at this game.

* Part 4 *

I sat in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. I was worried sick that I had ruined my relationship with Mel, and she would never forgive me. Had I forced myself onto her outside in the rain? Regardless of that fact, we had crossed more than a few lines. Some of those had been crossed years ago, when I started holding her at night. I realized now that maybe that had been a mistake, and I had somehow ruined her for all other men. Was it my fault that she wasn’t sexually attracted to other guys?

I figured, in the morning I would just confront Mel and lay it all out. Either we pretend that none of this ever happened, or I find a way to move out and I stay away from her forever. It broke my heart to even think about that, but if that was what it took for her to ever be happy again then I would gladly do it. Still, my stomach was in the worst knot ever.

To my surprise, I heard my bedroom door creak open. I turned to see Mel entering my bedroom. For some odd reason, she closed the door behind her even though it was just the two of us.

“Mel?” I said, squinting through the darkness to see her. There wasn’t moonlight pouring into my room like there had been in hers. It was almost pitch black in here.

“You didn’t come hold me,” she said, walking over to me.

I couldn’t see her very well, just the outline of her shape. She must have known, because she searched for my hand in the dark and once she had hold of it, she brought it closer to her. I felt her press it against her body, and I felt soft skin. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do, until I felt the small protrusion of her nipple against my palm. I almost whipped my hand away from her, but the utter shock of the situation stopped me.

Once she was satisfied that I knew what I was feeling, she moved my hand lower across her stomach and further down until I felt her belly button. She went slower now, but continued to draw my touch even further down until I felt a small tuft of hair. I swallowed, knowing what I was about to touch. What had never been touched by another man before, as far as I knew. I wasn’t sure Mel was ready for this.

But she persisted, and pressed my hand over her mound. She sighed raggedly, but the second I touched her private place her hand released mine and she stopped controlling me. I left my hand there for just a moment, but drew it back.

“I just wanted you to know,” she said, and then suddenly she was climbing onto the bed next to me.

She had wanted me to know she was naked, as if that information was necessary for something. She cuddled up next to me, like I would do to her, and wrapped her arm around my side. She rested her hand on my abdomen, stretching her fingers to touch as much of my body as possible. My penis wasn’t hard yet, but it was easily within her reach if she so desired.

“Why didn’t you close the door?” I asked once she had settled.

“Don’t want to get in the habit of forgetting,” she answered.

That simple answer seemed to say a lot. I was always the one to open her door late at night, and close it behind me. She had never had to worry about that before. Now, she would be the one to visit me late in the night. At least some of the time, apparently.

“Why didn’t you come hold me?” she asked.

I shrugged. “I thought you might hate me now.”

She tightened her hold on me. “Never.”

“But, before…downstairs…”

“I was confused,” she said. “I still want to be your kid sister.”

“You will always be my kid sister.”

“Then why didn’t you come hold me?”

I turned to face her, although we could barely see the other person right now.

“Because I can’t stop myself anymore,” I answered plainly. “I don’t know what I would do if I held you like that. All these years, I let you feel my arousal because I thought maybe it helped you in some way, to feel good about yourself and know that a man, even a stupid young teenager, loves you and desires you. But now, it’s different.”

“But, why?” she asked, like a child being denied candy. “Why does it have to be different? I’ll forget about before, outside. I’ll forget we ever kissed. I’ll pretend that I’m not in love with you.”

“You can’t,” I said, finding it hard to speak past the lump in my throat. “Because I don’t think I can pretend either.”

“You don’t have to jerk off with me,” she said, somewhat out of the blue. “I shouldn’t have demanded that of you. Just, don’t stop holding me. I can’t bear the thought of you never doing that again.”

Suddenly, I was on top of her and kissing her. Feeling her naked body underneath me, weak and helpless, made my dick lurch and straighten. It jabbed at her hip, and she instinctively spread her legs without even knowing what she was doing. But I couldn’t just take her virginity like this, without warning. Instead I pressed it down beneath her butt and let it slide up between her buns as I sank my weight down on top of her. I greedily sucked at her tongue, drawing it up into my mouth. Feeling her breasts mashed against me was nice, but feeling her hands on my back, accepting me and holding onto me, made my head spin.

We held each other like that for a good long while, with her pussy pressed into my groin just above my shaft and my dick nestled firmly inside of her buttocks. I could feel the heat of her butthole on it, and for some reason that was so arousing I was afraid I would cum like that.

“Mikey…” she breathed into my ear. “Will you please fuck me?”

It was the words I was dying to hear. I kissed her sweet mouth again and used our combined saliva to wet my penis. I gently set the tip at her entrance, which felt hot and wet already. I couldn’t see as much as I wanted to, but that made every other sensation all the more vivid.

“It’s gonna hurt,” I said as gently as I could.

“I know.”

I slid myself into her, feeling the resistance of a tight virgin pussy taking its first penetration. God, did she even masturbate? It felt like nothing had ever been in there before. I knew she used tampons at least. She groaned a bit, but still took it like a champ. I was halfway inside of her body when I felt myself approach the edge. Dammit!

“Please don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“I’m gonna cum,” I explained.

She grabbed my neck and pulled, suddenly lit on fire at hearing this. I plunged forward unexpectedly, and suddenly I was in her pussy to the hilt. She cried out, and I saw stars. The friction of her walls was just too much, and I exploded. I could barely manage the thought in the back of my mind that she was on the pill. I even knew when she had started taking them.

“Oh god!” she said, and clamped down on me hard.

Again, the stars came. The first jet of semen had rushed forth from my cock to splash across her womb with a powerful force, but the second had been somewhat interrupted by her tight little pussy clamping onto me. That only made the third spurt even heavier, and more intense. I grunted on that one. It felt so good to cum inside of her, and knowing it was Mel, my own kid sister, my twin who I shared our mother’s womb with, made it better than just the physical sensation. The emotional release was just as powerful, if not more so.

I filled her little crevice full of my sperm. When I tried to drag my penis from her clutching depths, her heels on my hips stopped me. She wasn’t letting me go. I kissed her gently.

“Don’t go,” she said between kisses.

“Where would I go?” I asked.

“You always leave,” she said, remarkably calm after such a heated and no doubt painful experience.

“I have to.”

“I can’t stand when you leave.” She sounded sad almost. “I always hope you’ll secretly try to fuck me in my sleep.”

I smiled. “Really?”

She nodded, and I could barely see the gesture. “I know you like my ass. I used to wish you’d play with it, maybe even try to stick your penis inside of it.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that.” My dick lurched inside of Mel’s tight cunt.

“I’m not sure it would even fit,” she said, sighing contentedly as I stayed lodged firmly inside of her. “Just sleep here tonight, please.”

“Ok, I will.”

Eventually I had to withdraw from Mel’s tight little body, but we quickly got into spooning position and she was eager to guide my dick back into her dripping wet pussy from behind. I stayed hard for much of the night, and we both fell asleep like that.

* Part 5 *

The next day was very enjoyable, I must say. Two horny kids with the house to themselves, with the added thrill of doing something they knew was wrong. Mel performed her first real blowjob on me, and I ate her pussy dry. It was wonderful, just playing with each others’ bodies with no boundaries and no denial. I even ate her asshole, and stuck a finger in it.

But by lunch, we were both starving and oversexed. I came in Mel’s mouth, which was very exciting by of course she made quite a mess of the load. I did fuck her tight pussy again, but didn’t cum in her. I just needed to feel her body again, and be one with her. She had countless orgasms though, throughout the morning.

We sat naked in the living room, eating bowls of cereal to temporarily satisfy our hunger. But we both felt like getting out of the house and doing something. So we decided to shower together and head out to the mall.

“So, how do you feel?” I asked as we sat in the food court munching on pizza.

“What do you mean?” she asked with a mouth full of food.

“You know, now that you’re not a virgin?”

Ryan pulled up to the house around midnight, and just sat in his car for a moment. He checked his phone to double-check the address from the text he had received. This was definitely the place. No lights on anywhere that he could see, and completely quiet. There were cars around, from neighbors and such, but one of them belonged to the person he was meeting here.

He had found out about this place from a friend from college, who himself had found out by accident. It was owned by some old guy with money, and he had left the country for six months and left his nephew in charge of the place in the meantime. The first night there, the nephew had thrown a huge party and got busted for drug possession. Not the nephew was in jail for who knows how long, and the place was totally empty and left unlocked. There was even tons of beer left in the fridge from the party that had ended abruptly.

Of course, no one was stupid enough to advertise this place. It was like a temporary secret hideout, and none of the neighbors would suspect one or two or three people entering the house once in awhile. They would think they were housesitters for the old guy who was away. It was the perfect party house, kept in check of course.

The friend who had revealed that secret to Ryan had begun cautiously inviting girls to it to score. He had kept the number to only a few, and of course they would no doubt tell a few of their friends. Really, only a handful of stupid girls would risk going, and of those it would only be the easy ones since the goal was obviously sex. This “friend” of Ryan was a pretty stupid guy, and this had been the most intelligent thing he had ever done.

Ryan turned his car off and finally got out. He almost forgot to grab something from the passenger seat, and ducked back in to snatch it. It was a mask, part of a dinky halloween costume from years ago. It was from some superhero getup he had worn once, but the mask still fit and it covered his nose and eyes. Perfect for remaining anonymous. That was one of the rules for this place, although it was up to each person to obey. It did make things more fun too, knowing that you didn’t know who you were hooking up with, and it may been a girl from school even.

Ryan walked around back, where he could see a porch light on, the only light on the property that appeared to be lit. It was a pretty nice house, and the best part was the pool in the back with a great enclosed hot tub area. That was where most of the hookups took place. It was private enough that the neighbors wouldn’t really see anything, and yet there was that element of exhibitionism that made the sex exciting. That was how Ryan felt, anyway.

So the way it worked was, the “friend” would give out your number anonymously to a few girls, who would either agree to meet up on a blind date, or would give the number to someone else. If you were given the number first, you had that option. If you got the number secondhand, you had to accept and meet up no matter what. It was a fun game that they had made, and if you wanted to keep playing you were motivated to get a number first so you could text the person, whom you could ask two questions only before deciding.

Ryan wasn’t stupid enough to give out his real number to just anyone, though. He used a forwarding service on his cell phone, so he could receive messages on his phone that were sent to a fake number. When he sent messages back, it would appear to come from the fake number too. That way no one he was hooking up with would have his real number.

Of course, you also had to make sure that everyone was at least 18 years old. All it would take was one stupid mistake to end the game for good. Ryan was 20 but he knew some girls would say they were older than they were. Most of the time even if they said they were seniors in high school, he would stay clear.

In this case, the girl who had texted him had asked him if he was tall, and how kinky he was. He had answered plainly, “Yes” and “Very”. He wasn’t allowed to ask any questions himself, unless he was given the number. In this case, being his first time doing this, he had expected more sexual questions like, how big was it, or was he good at eating pussy.

Making sure his mask was in place, Ryan walked to the pool and looked around. He didn’t see anyone there, and she had said she would be waiting for him. He peered into the enclosed hot tub area, and could see someone sitting in the tub. He started to take his clothes off, and when he was down to his boxers, he opened the door and walked in, closing it behind him.

The girl turned when she heard him, and smiled. She was wearing a mask too, one of those masquerade deals with the feathers that stuck out the sides. It was effective, because Ryan had no idea who she was. But he could immediately tell that she was completely naked, or at least topless. The water jets were bubbling all around her in the hot tub. The smile must have meant she was happy with his appearance, and he had never received complaints before about his tall athletic frame and his broad chest.

“Hey,” she said, her voice a bit unsure.

“Uh, hi,” he replied, approaching the hot tub. “No names, right?”

She nodded. “Yup, that’s the rule.” She tapped her mask at her temple. “Just remember my mask if we meet up again.”

Ryan hadn’t heard of any rules regarding repeat hookups, but that was a good idea.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” he said, but he tried to display confidence and hooked his thumbs into his waistband, pulling his boxers down and free of his legs.

The girl smiled again, seeing his penis. “That’s ok. I’ve only done it once.”

Ryan kicked his boxers aside and stepped into the hot tub, slowly sinking into the hot bubbling water. He sat directly across from the girl. Her long dishwater blonde hair wasn’t wet yet, just barely touching the water below her shoulders. She stared back at him, still smiling.

“Should we talk first?” he asked.

She shrugged. “Yeah, maybe that would be better than just straight fucking. Unless that’s what you want out of this. Which would be ok too.”

Ryan felt strangely intimidated by the situation, even though he would normally love the idea of just sex without conversation. But in this instance, he felt like he should know at least something about this girl.

“You asked if I was kinky,” he said.

She laughed. “Yeah, I didn’t really know what to ask you. But you might as well tell me what kinks you have. Then I’ll know whether or not to run screaming.”

He smirked. “Well, I don’t do anything weird or gross.”

“Weird or gross are relative. Maybe you’re into necrophilia, and that’s not gross to you.”

He laughed. “Well, it is so don’t worry.”

There was a short silence.

“Well?” she insisted.

“Um, well I guess I like all the normal stuff. Nothing extreme.”

“So…what is too extreme?” she insisted.

“I don’t know, tell me what you think.”

She pondered for a moment before answering. “Do you like anal?”

Ryan felt nervous to answer, but at this point it couldn’t make the situation any more awkward.


She nodded. “Ok, good. That’s not too extreme for me. I’m not an expert by any means, but that’s a start.”

Sweet! he thought. Maybe I’ll get some anal action tonight…

“Do you masturbate a lot?” Ryan ventured, figuring he might as well be blunt with his questions like she was being.

“Not a lot, maybe a few times a week,” she answered without hesitation.

“That seems like a lot for a girl.”

“Nah, I used to do it everyday. Now I just do it when I’m not getting any.”

“You hookup every week?” he asked.

She shrugged. “Not every week, but at least a couple of times a month. What about you?”

“Usually once a week about.”

“When was the last time you got laid?” she asked, moving through the water closer to him.

Ryan felt nervous again as she came to sit next to him. He could feel her hip touching his.

“Two days ago.”

“Tell me about it,” the girl said, and her hand reached across his leg and touched his cock.

He hesitated, but this was what he was here for after all. He allowed her to fondle him as he spoke. He was already hard anyway, and he could tell by her grasp that she was testing his size and thickness. He wasn’t concerned about it disappointing her at all, to put it mildly.

“It was someone from school. We were flirting and I asked her over to my place, and she sucked me off before we fucked. It was great, she tasted really good and she was completely shaved. I came a lot the first time, and she swallowed it all. Then I shot off onto her tits when we fucked.”

The girl was actively stroking him now, giving him a handjob under the water while he spoke.

“Sounds hot,” she said. “I had sex two weeks ago, it wasn’t that great but he did make sure I came. Do you make sure your partners cum?”

Ryan nodded. “Of course. I prefer to make girls squirt.”

She smiled devilishly. “I see, you must be good at fucking then.”

“I’m good with my tongue.”

The girl moved even closer and reached her leg over him, straddling her hips over his. When she lifted just a bit out of the water, her tits finally came into view. Ryan was pleased to see she was a generous C cup, with small nipples that looked delicious. When she was positioned just right over him, she sank down, guiding his penis into her as she sat right on him. He sunk deep into her, and when he was all the way in she just stayed like that.

“Mmm, you feel good,” she said.

“You’re really tight,” Ryan said, gritting his teeth.

“Let’s talk like this, ok?”

He nodded. “What else do you want to know?”

He could feel her clenching around him. God, her pussy was so tight! She had great muscle control down there. Her tits were mashed up against him, and her face was inches from his.

“Tell me what you want to do to me,” she answered.

Feeling his confidence surge now that he was inside of her, he reached around and grabbed her butt with both hands, letting his fingers explore while he spoke.

“I want to lay you back and spread your legs,” he began, his fingertip grazing over her butthole as she gasped. “I want to lick you from ass to cunt and back again, and suck on that sensitive bit of flesh between your holes. I want to bury my cock deep into your ass and fuck you there while you squirt all over me.”

She was grinding on him now, her eyes closing as she enjoyed his thickness deep inside of her. His finger teasing her ass was exciting too, but she was still afraid of letting someone so big enter her there.

“Can I suck your cock now?” she said, opening her eyes.

Ryan nodded. She drew her hips up off him, and he pulled his penis from her slick hole. He moved up to sit on the ledge of the hot tub, and his erection was right at her face. She grabbed it firmly, but moved down to lick at his balls first. He moaned and leaned his head back, but only for a moment since he wanted to watch and enjoy the show.

She sucked at his ballsack, pulling at it with her lips and swirling her tongue around it, and then venturing lower until she was just below his balls. He groaned when she did that, licking at the space between his balls and his ass.

“You like that?” she said seductively.

He nodded. “Yes, I do very much.”

“Ever had your ass licked?”

He groaned again, deeper, and she didn’t wait for an answer. He felt her tongue go even further down, until it touched his asshole. He had only had it done once, by a really wild girlfriend. He loved it, and this girl was even better at it. She didn’t just flick the tip of her tongue across it, she lapped at it and sucked at it, and she even stuck her tongue up inside his ass. When she finally pulled away to begin sucking his shaft, her fingers continued to play at his ass, grazing across his hole and pressing against it. The sensation was wonderful as her tongue danced around his cock.

“I can taste myself on you,” she said, smiling.

Ryan smiled down at her in a pleasured haze. “You like tasting yourself?”

She nodded, and right as she took his length all the way down her throat, her finger found it’s way up his ass. The combination was too much for him, and he started to cum.

“Oh god, I’m…” He couldn’t even manage the words.

She quickly withdrew her face from him lap, and gently jerked him off just above her face. Her finger still stroking the inside of his anus, Ryan grunted loudly as he began to cum all over her face. He shot load after load of his seed onto her mask, most of it dripping down her cheeks and eventually falling onto her tits. He was almost whimpering as she firmly pressed her finger upward on his prostate, massaging the cum out of him. Her other hand was grasped firmly around his dick, squeezing it all out.

He relaxed finally with a sigh, and she pulled her finger slowly from his ass, laughing softly. She had really enjoyed doing that, he thought.

“That was amazing!” he said, staring at her cum-covered face.

“Yeah? I’m glad you liked it. Ready to do me now?”

He nodded, and they traded places, her sitting on the edge of the tub now. She spread her legs obscenely for him, showing her reddened pussy lips with a small patch of hair above her clit. She was perfectly smooth everywhere else, though. Ignoring her pussy at first, Ryan went straight for her ass with his tongue.

She jumped and squealed in delight as she felt his mouth reach her genitals, and when his tongue started massaging her butt, she purred and melted into his face. He held her legs apart as he began to nurse on her, wetly kissing her pussy and lashing his tongue from her asshole up to her clit and back down again. Over and over he did that, making her drip with excitement.

She moaned the loudest when he would slurp on her butt though. He would flick her clit with his tongue first for a few moments, and then quickly go down to her anus and just munch on it. Just like he had said earlier, he would spread her thighs and lock his lips onto her taint, and just suck on it, with his bottom lip on her asshole and his top lip in her pussy. It felt great, and she had to hold back from climaxing too soon, or else this wonderful experience would be over.

When he shoved his tongue up her ass and began rubbing her clit with his thumb, it was finally too much for her. She whined as her orgasm began to build, and the feeling of his tongue up her ass made it just too exciting to hold back. She grunted loudly and her hips bucked, and suddenly she was seeing stars as her pussy exploded. Ryan slurped at her throughout the entire climax, and at some point his tongue was replaced with his finger and he was stroking her anus from the inside as he sucked on her clit.

She finally pushed his face away from her, and she nearly fell over the edge of the hot tub as she clenched her legs together and shook from the intensity. But he pulled her right back and he was at her ass again, licking and sucking. His hand was pawing at her tits, and finally she tore her eyes open to look down at him licking her. His tongue had found her clit again, and was lashing at it mercilessly. That cum feeling was building again already, and she could tell it was different somehow.

His finger was in her ass again, filling her to his knuckle. He was pressing upward against her pussy now, and the combination of the pressure against her G spot plus the intense clit flicking made her cry out again, and this time she could feel something happening while she came.

Looking down in surprise, she felt a stream of clear liquid escape her pussy. Oh my god, I’m peeing! she thought, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he was actively trying to make it happen. Was she squirting? Was this what it felt like? Wow, it was so good, she hadn’t ever thought it could be so wonderful.

Ryan managed to coax two jets of clear squirt from her, and then he let her relax. But while she relaxed, he had a plan. He went back to her ass again and began sucking on it, getting it nice and wet. She moaned, appreciating the calmness that he was allowing her. Obviously he would be putting his dick in her now, and she wasn’t sure she was ready. She needed just a moment to gather herself.

But before long, the nice warm feeling on her ass stopped and he was grabbing her hips and moving her closer to him. She was helpless beneath him as he held her thighs apart and his penis was resting on top of her pussy. They stared at each other for a moment, and she just watched as he spit heavily, more than she knew he would need, onto his fingers. He rubbed his saliva onto his dick and positioned it at her entrance. He rubbed it up and down, stroking both her pussy lips and her ass. He spit again, rubbing more. Why was he so worried about lube? she wondered. She had to be dripping by now.

When his cock rested right up against her ass, she realized why. He wasn’t going to fuck her pussy, he was going to fuck her ass! Her mind seemed to be sounding warnings, but her body wouldn’t respond. She felt herself getting excited about submitting to him like this, totally and completely. She wasn’t even worried about him going too fast, she wanted him to use her body and be as rough as he wanted.

He began to push, and she found herself craning her neck forward so she could watch. His slick penis began to enter her, and her tight anus clenched around his tip as he invaded her body like this. She had been so relaxed from the two orgasms and the squirting and the excessive ass munching, her ass seemed to be accepting him completely.

She felt her butt stretch to accommodate his size, and when he was halfway in she finally looked up at him. He had been staring at her the whole time, watching her reaction. They locked eyes for a moment, and then she nodded to him with an expression that must have looked like an innocent schoolgirl asking for a piece of candy. He groaned, and slid all the way inside of her.

Her head fell back, and her hand found its way to her pussy and began to rub. She masturbated herself quite obscenely, spreading her lips and circling her clit, all while he fucked her ass. She had never felt such a sensation before, being filled so full in her ass and yet loving every minute of it. She came after only a few minutes of it, crying out loudly in desperate pleasure, and when his cock would slide all the way in and hit her at just the right upward angle, her walls would pressed against her G spot and she would squirt a small stream out onto his stomach.

They kept doing that for as long as they could, and she kept squirting onto him like that too. Finally, Ryan couldn’t take anymore and he filled her ass with his second load of cum, pumping all he had into her bowels. She kept rubbing her clit, harder than she ever had before, and finally her squirt was just a constant stream of hot liquid spraying his chest and stomach while he emptied himself into her body.

They both collapsed, exhausted finally. He stayed in her butt for a moment, but slid out as he softened. They were panting hard, staring at each other. Her cunt kept convulsing as the waves of pleasure were washing over her. Her hand wasn’t moving anymore, but it stayed on her pussy where it had been assaulting it.

“Fuck,” she said, reaching down to her ass to feel his cum leaking out. “That was incredible.”

Ryan nodded. “You were the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

For some reason, in the heat of the moment, he was tempted to remove his mask. He desperately wanted to know who this girl was so he could keep fucking her. But he had her number, and he could always arrange to meet her again.

“We need to do this again,” she said, reading his mind. She relaxed into the hot water and enjoyed the smell of sex in the hot tub.

“Totally,” he agreed. “Do we keep wearing our masks? Or are we going to do this for real?”

She smiled. “You’re not falling in love already, are you?”

The fire engine came hurtling around the corner, bells clanging, horn blaring heading straight for him. It didn’t seem to matter where he moved, it couldn’t miss him. Then it was too late….

Sitting bolt upright Mike reached out and switched off the alarm clock. Sweat beading on his brow, his breathing erratic, ‘Christ’ he thought, ‘same bloody nightmare, different bloody hangover’

He rubbed his face and then got out of bed, dropping his clothes on the floor as he made his way to the bathroom. He switched on the shower and stepped in letting the cold water run over his head before it warmed up. He soaped himself, letting his mind wander over what he could remember of the previous night, even as he sobered up he couldn’t remember any more. What had he done? Did he insult anyone? He wasn’t sick, or he didn’t think he was. ‘God I just cant remember much after Bill Brannon bought me that pint.’

He dried himself and got dressed then headed for the kitchen. “Morning.” Mel said smiling, “No you didn’t throw up, yes you did wake me and no you didn’t swear. Well not much anyway”

Mike looked through slitted eye’s, she was dressed in her nighty and dressing gown as usual, looking more than her 25 years. “Oh, ok, I’m sorry Mel.” Mike said.

“You cant keep doing this Mike.” Mel said softly, “Your going to hurt yourself. Do you remember anything?”

“Do I ever?” he asked, “Did I make my own way to bed?” he looked at Mel, the answer was clear on her face, once again she had got him to bed.

He felt a bit guilty, Mel was his youngest sister, she had been on her own with the two kid’s for the last three years, so the last thing she needed was him coming into her home drunk night after night. That’s what her husband used to do to her. “I’m sorry Mel” he said, “I don’t mean to….”

“Forget it Mike” she said, “I know your finding it hard right now, but you should try and drink a little less, ok?”

She knew he wouldn’t, and probably couldn’t right now. Since Cindy left him he couldn’t get a grip on anything, even his job, which had been his life and the cause of his marriage break up, gave him no pleasure anymore.

He grabbed a piece of toast, “I’m off then” he said, “see you later.”

“Bye!” she said.

She watched him leave, wondering if he would ever return to the loving caring fun person he used to be. He had always been there for her. Even though he was eighteen years older than her he still looked after her like she was his baby sister. ‘Well’ she thought, ‘he changed my nappies and even fed me, he was always more of a parent than our real parent’s were.’

All through her life Mike had been her only real support, whenever she broke up with a boyfriend he would be there offering his shoulder. When Mike found out that John, her husband, had been beating her and the kid’s up he beat hell out of him and threw him out of the house. She went wild after that, bedding any man that she met. Mike said that she had become a whore, except she did it for nothing. He cleaned her up and now she was repaying him. She would be the strong one for as long as he needed her.

‘Mind you’ she thought, as she walked into his room ‘He’s gonna have to stop throwing his washing everywhere.’ It was one of the few thing’s that annoyed her. She always done her washing over night so that it was ready for the drier in the morning, now she was washing twice a day. But over all she was glad of the company, even if he was drunk most of the time. After two month’s she was used to having him around.

It wasn’t till he arrived that she realised just how lonely she had been these last few years. After Mike had sorted her out she had stayed away from men, she knew that being a single woman with kid’s made her a prime target, especially for those men who just wanted to fuck her and leave her, she’d been through that once and now she didn’t trust any of them. Not that she hadn’t been tempted because she had, not that she didn’t sometimes need sex because she did, but so far she had managed without any male interference and that’s how she intended to keep it, they were just too much trouble. But it would have been nice now and again just to cuddle up in bed with someone.

Travelling on the bus had to be one of the most boring way’s to travel, Mike thought, nobody ever spoke or even acknowledged you, he had used this same route for eight years, met the same people day after day and they never done more than nod there head. Mike’s problem these day’s was that it gave him too much time to think, too much time to hate and too much time to admit that Cindy would never come back, would never be his again. How could he suffer the pain day after day, why did he go on. He smiled to himself, the answer, he knew, was simple. ‘Because that’s what you do, you go on.’

Once Mel had taken the kid’s to school and done her house work she had the day to herself, she made some coffee and sat on the patio taking in the spring sunshine while it lasted.

“Cooeee.” It was Linda from next door. Linda was in her fifties, she was a nice lady but seemed to want to smother Mel with motherly affection, probably because she only had a son, Lee, and she only saw once a week if she was lucky. That was her only company since her husband died last year. “Thought I could smell coffee.” she said.

Mel gave her a smile, “Would you like some?” she asked

“Oh please. I haven’t stopped this morning.”

“Why, what have you been up to then, not that Eric is it?” Eric was a local widower who had taken a fancy to Linda, he kept ringing her up or sending her flower’s.

“No, silly girl.” she said, with a flush, “It’s Lee’s birthday next week and his wife has arranged to take the kid’s to Portugal for a few week’s, she fly’s out tomorrow and wont be back till after Lee’s birthday, for a rest she say’s but I think they may be having problem’s. You’ve met Lee haven’t you, cause you have, well his wife is one of those women who goes off on long trips to sulk, thank god really co’s I couldn’t put up with her. How are Ben and Becky”

The sudden halt in the torrent of word’s caught Mel by surprise, “Uh…uh I’m fine, they’re fine….yes were all fine. So your having a party then?”

“Oh yes, well I thought I should let you know, and I rather thought you would like to come as well, cheeky really because I was hoping you might give me a hand to get it all ready, if you could that is I know your busy, what with the children and your brother and everything.”

“Of course I will, and yes I would love to come it’s been ages since I’ve been to a party.”

“Oh good, well Lee will be here tomorrow, maybe we should get together and see what he would like, I mean I’m a bit old for arranging parties really but you are about the same age aren’t you so you should know what he would like. That’s sorted then see you tomorrow evening about eight.” and with that she flew out almost as fast as she flew in, coffee untouched.

Mel smiled, she sometimes wondered how the woman ever got anything done, she just never stopped talking, or even stopped come to that, she was always going here or there, and usually at the speed of sound.

As usual Mike rushed home after work, gulped down his meal, changed and went round the corner to the pub. Mel often thought that if the pub was further away he would get lost on his way home, or maybe he just wouldn’t go so often. But really deep down she doubted it would make any difference.

Mel settled the kids to bed and then changed into her night clothes and sat in front of the TV as usual, this had been her routine before Mike arrived and there wasn’t really any reason to change it, the only difference was he would come home steaming drunk and collapse on his bed, or the settee if he couldn’t make the bedroom. Invariably she would be asleep in front of the TV when he arrived home, she found it difficult to go to bed until she knew he was safe, silly really.

The rattling of key’s on the door woke her, she knew it was Mike fumbling for the right key, he hadn’t got it right yet so why did he bother. She opened the door and Mike collapsed into her arm’s. He was soaked. It was pouring with rain outside and the wind was making it seem even worse. She led Mike to the settee and lay him down, going back to close the door, by which time she too was wet.

‘Well you cant go to bed in those clothes you’ll catch your death’ she said to herself. She shook him and tried to wake him up but nothing stirred, she didn’t think it would, once he was asleep nothing would wake him, she had tried many time’s before when he first moved in. There was nothing else to do but undress him herself, she undid the button’s on his shirt and with a tug managed to got one arm out, she decided that the best way would be one side at a time so she undid his belt and zipper and moving to the end of the settee pulled at the legs until they slipped off. Suddenly she got a little embarrassed, undressing her brother seemed to be wrong somehow. ‘Don’t be stupid’ she said to herself, ‘he cant go to bed like that.’ She dropped the trousers on the floor and managed to turn him onto his face so that she could remove his other arm from the shirt. Now dressed only in his boxer’s she managed to pull him to his feet, staring straight ahead she led him to his room and dropped him on his bed, pulling his feet up and throwing the cover over him she close the door.

She sat on the settee for a moment to catch her breath, she couldn’t help but think about the last time she had seen a man naked. And then she remembered that he wasn’t there when she woke up the following morning, and neither was her money. She grabbed up the clothes and put them in the washer with the other bit’s. ‘well at least I only have one wash to do now’ she thought, ‘that makes life a bit easier.’

She went to bed and put Mike’s nakedness out of her mind. She had a troubled sleep, which was unusual for Mel but she put it down to the humid weather rather than the pulsing feeling between her legs.

Mike woke up the following morning, hit by the same old fire engine as usual. He was surprised to find himself undressed. ‘Oh shit’ he thought, ‘I must have puked up, I hope it was outside, Mel will kill me otherwise.’ He showered as usual and slowly made his way to the kitchen.

“Morning Mike.” Mel said, “Sleep well?”

“Err….yes….but” he stammered, “My clothes….did I….”

“No Mike, you didn’t puke, you didn’t swear but you were soaking wet from the rain so I had to undress you, don’t worry I didn’t look.” she said, and wondered why the hell she added the last bit. “The clothes are washed and in the drier so don’t worry it’s made life a little easier for me. Coffee?”

“Yes please.” Mike said quietly, “Sorry Mel.”

“Mike please stop saying sorry ok. I know you have problems right now and like I said it did make life a little easier for me co’s I only have the one wash today not two.”

Mike gulped his coffee, grabbed his toast and made a quick exit. Mel believed he did that everyday so he didn’t have to face her, too embarrassed Mel supposed.

She had a strange day. No matter how much she tried she couldn’t get the thought or feel of naked male flesh out of her head. ‘God it’s been ages since I did it, maybe I better fuck the bloody milkman or something.’

Just as she was leaving to collect the kid’s from school, “Cooeee, don’t forget tonight, eight sharp on the patio so you can watch the kid’s ok?”

Mel smiled, “Yes don’t worry I haven’t forgotten.” she lied.

Mike got home at his usual time and as usual rushed straight off down the pub. Mel got Ben and Becky ready for bed and then let them play in the garden which was clearly visible from Linda’s patio. When she got to Linda’s Lee was already there. She had met him before, he was a couple of years older than Mel, well off and a bit of a smoothy, without being sycophantic about it. Mel always got the feeling that being faithful to his wife would be very difficult for him to do, but he had never made a pass at her so she didn’t really know.

“There we are my dear, Vodka and lemon.” Linda said putting the drink in front of Mel. Mel didn’t drink vodka and lemon, in fact Mel didn’t drink anything anymore, but she knew that Linda would insist so she accepted the drink with no intention of drinking it. “So what do you think then Mel, what should we do for his thirtieth birthday party?”

“Mum please!” Lee said, “Don’t tell everyone.”

“Don’t worry Lee” Mel said, “Your secret is safe with me.”

That seemed to break the ice and the next couple of hour’s they discussed music and food and load’s of other subject’s, in fact Linda was quite left out of it. “Damn.” Mel said, suddenly, “I have to put the kid’s to bed, it’s late.”

“Ok” Linda said, “You put them to bed and I will get you another drink.” and off she went.

It was only then that Mel realised that she had actually been drinking, her glass was empty, but she didn’t know how many she had drunk, only that she felt a little heady. She put the kid’s to bed and splashed water on her face, then she went back to Linda’s, her drink was waiting for her, as was Lee. She took her seat and sipped at her drink.

A while later Linda came out and said, “Well you two seem to know what your doing so I am off to bed, you can tell me all the details tomorrow Mel ok, g’night.” and she disappeared before Mel could say anything.

“She really doe’s annoy me when she doe’s that” Lee said, “It’s so embarrassing at time’s don’t you think?”

Mel smiled, “Well yes,” she said, “she doe’s seem to do it rather a lot, suddenly disappear I mean.”

“She’s always done it.” Lee said, “I remember sometimes my dad would be having a conversation with her and all of sudden she wasn’t there, poor dad wouldn’t know she had gone and ended up talking to himself for ages.”

They both laughed at the picture. Lee was a good conversationalist, and Mel felt comfortable with him, it had been so long since she had really talked to anybody on a subject other than children that time just flew by. Lee had brought the vodka bottle to the table and just kept filling Mel’s glass.

After a while she started to feel a little dizzy. “I think I better go home.” she said, “It’s been a long time since I had a drink, I think I might have overdone it slightly.”

“Oh do you have to go so soon” Lee said, anxiously, “It’s only half twelve.”

“Yes I think I should, I have to be up for the kid’s in the morning, I have really enjoyed myself though, really.”

“Well if you must, but I insist on walking you to your door.”

Mel laughed, “But it’s only next door, silly.”

“A gentleman , madam, never allows a lady to walk home on her own, I insist.”

“In that case, I thank you kind sir.” she said, and looped her arm through his, which was just as well because she wasn’t that sure she could make even that short a distance without support.

They walked through the adjoining gate and stopped outside Mel’s back door, she turned to thank him, but caught the look in his eye, she froze as his head lowered, his lips closing on hers, she pursed her lip’s, she could feel him close, hear his breathing, her own breathing was coming in short gasp’s, her mind was screaming, but screaming what? His lips brushed hers, he drew her to him, she responded, kissing him in return, her body urging her on, wanting more, needing more. “No!” she cried, pushing him gently back, “No, I cant.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean that to happen. Forgive me.”

“Don’t be silly” Mel said, nervously, “There’s nothing to forgive, I have to go, the kid’s.”

“Of course, you….you will be at the party wont you?”

“Of course I will, I’m not doing all that work and letting you have all the fun. I’ll be there don’t worry.”

“Great, if I don’t see you before I will see you then, ok, g’night”

“G’night Lee, sleep tight”

” I doubt that.” he said, as he walked away.

Mel stepped into her kitchen and leaned with her back to the door, ‘Christ that was close.’ she thought, ‘what the fuck were you trying to do.’

She took a deep breath which only made her head spin even more, ‘Jeez, I’m half fuckin pissed.’ She staggered around the kitchen making coffee and took it into the lounge, giggling now and then at the thought of what could have happened. She hadn’t felt that wet for ages, she was still tingling even now.

As she flopped onto the settee she heard the rattle of key’s at the door. She opened it before Mike woke the kids and as usual he fell into her arms.

“Fu’in woman, she’sh a fuk’n slag, di’ everthin i did, gave her enthin she evr want” he slurred.

She managed to get him to his room and lay him on the bed, she stood looking at him asleep, peaceful, dressed. Her heart started pounding, ‘Don’t be stupid, it makes sense to wash them tonight’ she thought and rapidly started to undress him. Much rougher than the previous night, but still he didn’t wake up, first his shirt and then his trousers. She stood starting at him, heart pounding, breathing heavy. “Fuck!.” she cried, “What the fuck am I thinking, that’s bloody Lee’s fault.” she grabbed his clothes and ran from the room.

She threw the clothes in the washer adding her own to the wash, she dived naked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run cold she stood under the spray, gasping for breath, slowly getting herself under control. She dried off and made herself another cup of coffee. ‘He was nice though.’ she thought, ‘nice kisser, good looking.’

“And fucking married.” she said aloud. She turned the TV on and tried to wash Lee from her mind, an hour later, convinced that she was tired she went to bed.

Sleep would not come, no matter how many times she tossed and turned she stayed wide awake, every time she closed her eye’s Lee was kissing her, and she was wet. “Bastard.” she said quietly, “bastard, fucking bastard.” as her hand slid over her body, one hand brushing her nipple and the other running over her belly, down between her leg’s, her tightly closed legs. She pulled up her nightdress so that she could feel her warmth, so she could feel her breast’s. The nightdress dropped to the floor as her hand found her clit, pulling her breast to her lip’s she licked her erect nipple, with a tear in her eye she slowly masturbated her swollen bud, legs spread wide now, her head screaming at her, ‘you don’t need this’ and her body screaming ‘oh it feels good, it feels so good.’

Slowly she gave way to her need, it had been so long, she couldn’t remember the last time, her body ached. Her finger was doing it’s job, the hand’s never forgot did they, how to please, ‘ohhh, yes so much pleasure,’ she thought ‘hmmm. ahhh oh yes I need it I want it, ohh it’s so good’. She could feel the swell of her orgasm growing, like a marble in her stomach, growing and growing, a tennis ball and still it grew, she was begging for it now, deep in her mind she screamed for release, a soccer ball now and still it was growing, it was huge it was coming it’s coming ‘ohhh yes at last.’ Mel stuffed the pillow into her mouth, she knew she would wake the kid’s, the feeling was too much, after so long it was so powerful it overtook her, swelling up from the pit of her stomach and out between her legs, her hand going like a piston was still too slow, she used both hands to keep up with it biting on the pillow, tears running a river down her face, a blinding light crashing through her head, and then peacefully floating over the land, high in the clouds, peace, perfect beautiful peace.

She woke with a start, switching the alarm off she realised she was still naked, ‘Oh fuck, it wasn’t a dream’ she thought. She quickly got dressed and went about her morning chores, forcing herself to keep it from her mind. When Mike came out of his room she was too embarrassed to say anything.

“You ok Sis!” Mike said, “Did…..”

“Just drink your coffee Mike and can we please stop this same old sorry crap every morning” she said angrily. Mike looked at her, shocked, it was the first time she had raised her voice at him since he moved in. “I’m sorry Mike, don’t take it personal, I just had a bad night ok.”

Taking his toast he pecked her on the cheek, “Ok Sis but if you need to talk you know where I am ok, see you later” and off he went to work.

Why did he do that, he hadn’t done that for years, ‘don’t be stupid it was just a peck.’ She busied herself as long as she could but she knew she would have to face up to what had happened sooner or later. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat in the garden. So! What had happened? She finger fucked herself, so what? it wasn’t the first time, she laughed at herself, and if last night was anything to go by it certainly wouldn’t be the last. But why after all this time, ‘Stupid cow’ she thought, “You aint kissed a man in all this time either, makes sense doesn’t it.’


That’s all I need Mel thought, “Hi Linda, how’s you?” she asked, hiding her annoyance.

“Well you two were getting on famously last night, I know Lee was in a good mood this morning, he said he will be back tonight to finish the arrangements for the party, so drink’s at 8 ok dear gotta dash thing’s to do bye.”

“God that woman annoys me” Mel said, under her breath, “suppose I don’t want to ‘drink at 8,’ But Mel knew she did, in fact the thought was already getting her excited, ‘Stupid woman.’ she thought, ‘Anyone would think it was a date, a first date even, silly bitch”

She busied her self for the rest of the day, her mind kept going back to the kiss, would he try it again what would she do.

‘Oh forget it he’s married,’

‘Yeah but he’s not happy is he?’

‘No but he is still married, I don’t want to wreck that do I?’

‘What, with a silly kiss, that wouldn’t wreck a strong marriage would it, not a little kiss’

Her mind was like that for the rest of the day, a continual niggling argument with herself, while she sorted out her clothes, while she showered, right up until she went out of her gate to Linda’s patio, right till the moment she saw Lee’s huge smile.

“I wasn’t sure you would come.” he said quietly.

“Why not,” she said sharply, “We have a party to sort out don’t we?”

“Yes of course we do.”

Linda came out with a tray of drink’s, vodka again for Mel, “You look stunning my dear,” Linda said, “don’t you think Lee, really nice.”

Mel flushed a little, not used to compliment’s on her dress sense, but then she did dress rather mumsy most, well, all the time really, “Thank you,” she said, “Just one of my old dresses, I wasn’t sure it would still fit.” She knew that it fitted perfectly, a short summer cotton dress, cool yet pretty.

Linda started going over the conversation from the previous night, taking note’s this time. Mel and Lee added bit’s here and there but mostly just looked at each other, or away from each other in embarrassment.

After an hour Mel said, “I better put the kid’s to bed, wont be a minute.” She got up and called the kid’s, taking them up to there rooms and giving them the usual goodnight kiss.

She came down stairs and as she entered the kitchen Lee was waiting for her. She gasped, “You made me jump.” she said

“Sorry, mum wanted to know if you have any lemon for the vodka,” he said, “or something else to mix with it.”

She moved towards the fridge, “Yes I keep some lemon for the kid’s.” she brushed passed him, his hand moved to her waist, she stopped and turned.

Suddenly there was an explosion of passion, passionate kisses, passionate hand’s and passionate breathing.

“Cooeee, did you find any”

They sprang apart, stifling their laughter and quickly straightening themselves up they went back round Linda’s. For the next hour they did there best to talk party,. But a little innuendo here and double entendre there said a whole lot more of what the underlying feeling was.

Mel couldn’t believe what had happened in the kitchen, she just lost it at his touch, the feeling’s that washed over her were just enormously strong, and even now she knew she was going to fuck him, her pussy was throbbing like a fucking piston pumping out her juices, her pant’s were soaked, she even thought that she could smell her own musky odour she was so high.

Eventually Linda said, “Well I think that’s it, I’m off to bed, don’t keep Mel up too late Lee she has to get the kid’s up in the morning, g’night” and off she went.

Mel sat opposite Lee, they just looked at each other for a few moment’s. “Can I get you another drink?” Lee asked quietly.

“No.” Mel said, “You can follow me home and fuck me.” She stood up and almost ran home, Lee was close behind her, as she closed her back door his arms enveloped her, kissing passionately it took two seconds to drop his trousers and one second to drop her pants, he lifted her onto the kitchen table and rammed into her eager wet pussy, amongst cries of passion and some of pain, it took him five second’s to fill her pussy with his juice.

She was devastated, not even close, she felt like she had been used, the same humiliation she used to feel with John, she felt her anger starting to rise, but she knew she had to stay calm, maybe next time, maybe he would make it next time. “I….I think that was Ben, quickly you better go in case he comes down.” she lied. She joined in his laughter as he tripped over his trousers and kissed him at the door, closing it behind him. She walked slowly into the lounge, fell on the settee and cried like a baby.

Shortly after, she heard the rattle of key’s on the front door, wiping her eye’s she went to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. Mike was scrambling about on all four’s trying to pick his key’s up off the floor. She grabbed his arm and in her anger, half carried half dragged him to his room. She pulled him onto his bed and started to undress him, it wasn’t until she saw the bulge in his boxers that she fully realised what she had done. She was mesmerised by the bulge, it was twitching, pulsing, erect, he lay there, still, asleep, totally unaware of her presence, she sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath, eye’s fixed on his erection, hand creeping forward, just to see it, just to look at it.

‘It would be so easy’ she thought, ‘so easy.’

“God!” she said, “How desperate can I get.” She jumped up and ran from the room, grabbing his clothes as she went. She knew she was in for a bad night, she knew that she would need to relieve herself again, she felt ashamed, she had been without any form of sex for a long time, it had occasionally entered her head but she had been able to pass it off, now she just seemed so desperate.

She had a bad night, a seriously bad night, even her self ministration’s didn’t help, she felt like she had been awake all night but she knew she had at least dozed for a while. She got up when the alarm went and prepared breakfast, she made small talk with Mike who seemed totally unaffected by his constant dinking. She took the kid’s to school and sat in her kitchen drinking coffee, still restless.

The doorbell rang making her jump, she opened the door to find the mail order delivery guy, bare chested and wearing short’s, holding a package for her. He was a regular visitor as she bought the kid’s clothes from the catalogue. “Morning misses, how’s you then, lovely day innit.” he said with a smile.

Putting on a false smile she said, “Morning Brian. Yes it’s been quite nice, I see your dressed for the heat it must get quite hot in that van all day.” Too late she realised that she was looking at his crotch. Embarrassed she took the parcel and dropped it behind her as he passed her the form to sign.

“Yes!” he said, in his usual tone, “They tried to stop us wearing short’s but we had a go at them so they said it was ok. You can get really sweaty in this weather.”

Mel had become flustered. A picture of his semi naked, sweating body in the back of a van kept flashing into her head. “Thanks Brian,” she said, handing back the paper, “See yah.” and she shut the door, leaning against it breathing deeply. ‘I gotta do something about this’ she thought. She went up to her bedroom and started looking through her drawers. Half way through the second set she found it, at first she wouldn’t touch it, just looked, then slowly she reached her hand out and took hold of an old friend, she twisted the bottom, silence. “Fuck!” she shouted, “Shit fuck bastard.”


‘Oh fuckin wonderful.’ she thought, ‘just what I fucking needed.’ She thrust the vibrator under her pillow, “Coming.” she shouted, calmly.

Linda was standing at the back door. “I’ve put the kettle on love,” she said “how are you today, Lee said he will be away for a couple of day’s and to call him if we need any help with the party. You alright Mel. You look a little flushed?”

“No, I’m fine.” she replied, “Spring cleaning, that’s all.” Mel made the coffee while Linda waffled on about the arrangements for the party.

‘ Couple of day’s.’ Mel thought, ‘couple of fuckin days, what the fuck am I supposed to do now.’ Her mind wandered off into the frustration’s of a man less life.


Mel blinked back to reality, Linda’s coffee was almost gone.

“Sorry Linda I was mile’s away.”

“So can I leave that with you then?”

“Leave what?”

“The music and the cake’s silly” Linda said with a laugh

“Oh….oh yes no problem, I should be able to manage that ok.”

Linda finished her coffee and said, “Well I better be off, load’s to do before the weekend. Bye” and off she went.

Mel ran upstairs pulling the vibe from under her pillow, she rattled it and banged it, but it was dead. She opened the bottom and tipped the batteries out, they were all rusted up. ‘Down the shop’s then’ she thought and grabbing her key’s she drove to her local shop, bought some batteries and dashed back home, locking all door’s. She was back in her bedroom in less than ten minutes. She put the batteries in and switched it on, nothing, she banged it against her palm, it stirred, slowly at first then picking up till it reached top speed. She closed her eye’s and held it against her cheek, slowly moving it over her breast’s and down toward her wet pulsing pussy. Before she got there she switched it off. ‘No,’ she thought, ‘I’m going to enjoy this.’

She went to the bathroom and turned the bath tap’s on, putting the vibe on the sink she slowly stripped off her clothes, once the bath was full she slipped into it, steaming hot. The vibe was in front of her but out of immediate reach, she looked at it longingly as she soaped her body, letting her finger’s point the way to her eager hole.

By the time she got out she was shaking with anticipation, using all her will power she dried herself slowly, then, naked and with the vibrator in her hand she lay on her bed, leg’s spread wide, feeling the cool air brushing her quim.

She switched the vibe on, running it over her cheek’s to her breast’s, her other hand snaking down between her leg’s. The vibe went from one side to the other, brushing each erect nipple in turn, Mel had a huge smile of anticipation on her face, she was eager, she needed it now. She moved the vibe down to her sodden pussy lip’s, brushed them, twitching at the sensation’s that ran through her, then she slowly pushed it in, “Arrrggghhh.” she sighed as it went in, she pulled it out slightly and then back in, all the way, her free hand played with her nipples, her knee’s came up and the vibe went in even deeper, brushing her erect throbbing bud. She could feel it rising, she laughed, “Come on babe, come and get me take me.” she mumbled as she stroked her clit.

The rising feeling of orgasm got stronger and she became even more eager, even impatient, using both hand’s she started thrusting the vibe in harder and faster, a picture of Lee fucking her on the kitchen table, thrusting and banging into her, “Oh yes babe, do it give me it babe make me come oh yes oh yes.” and her orgasm hit her like a steam train, still she thrust the vibe in deeper and deeper harder and harder, “Fuck me you bastard fuck me hard.” Lee was fucking her, she could feel him ramming into her, he done it right this time, “yes oh yes babe oh yes….”

Suddenly at the very apex of her orgasm the picture blurred, “no don’t go babe, come back oh yes come and do it babe.” the point of no return was upon her, eye’s tight shut, ramming the vibe in as far as it would go, a lecherous smile on her lip’s, the picture started to clear, “Oh yes babe fuck me, fuck me hard.” the face became clear “Oh yes you got me babe.” the face became, Mike, “Oh fuck…. No….not….” but she couldn’t stop, her momentum kept the vibe ramming into her eager wet throbbing pussy, the orgasm and the need were in control.

“Nooooooooooo.” she cried, curling up into a ball, the vibe still working, “No no nooo” the orgasm still sending her body into spasm, “noooo” as she cried into the pillow, flood’s of tears and racking cries replacing the racking orgasm. “no no no” she couldn’t stop saying it, she couldn’t stop crying. But worst of all she couldn’t stop her aching body from wanting more.

She didn’t know how long she lay there, but she knew she had to move, it would soon be time to pick the kid’s up, it would soon be time to get on with her life, if that was possible. She went downstairs and was surprised to see that it was only two o’clock, an hour to go before school closes. She splashed water in her face and took a cup of coffee out into the garden, just walking around looking at the flower’s, letting the warm breeze waft over her, trying to get some calm back into her life.

She couldn’t pick her spirit’s up all evening, the kid’s came home, played, had dinner and went to bed, Mike came home had dinner and went to the pub. She was left alone with her thought’s and her longing’s, trying to figure out what the fuck was going on with her head. She showered and got ready for bed as usual and then she rummaged around in the kitchen and found a half drunk bottle of Bacardi, she mixed it with what was left of the kid’s coke and poured herself a tall glass, lounging on the settee letting her mind roam free, trying to untangle the last few day’s without the interference of a judgemental attitude.

It didn’t work, no matter how much she drank she couldn’t escape the fact that Mike was her brother, so why couldn’t she get him out of her sexual thought’s, why did his image sneak into her mind at that critical moment. Because he was the only man in her whole life who had ever treated her with respect and kindness? The only one who ever cared about her? The only one who, she felt, had ever loved her, or shown her love? Which was it? ‘Oh fuck, this is all too fuckin heavy for me’ she thought and poured the last of the Bacardi into the glass.

Mike managed to get the door open for once, but fell flat on his face as it swung open. The noise made Mel jump as she woke up and saw him face down, the door wide open. She closed the door and looked at him, afraid. Eventually she plucked up the courage to drag him to his room, determined not to undress him. She lay him on the bed and left him there, returning to the remains of her drink. She went up to bed but she knew she wouldn’t sleep, she knew that her body would need help to relax enough to sleep, but no matter what she did she couldn’t get Mike out of her head.

Her body was aching, but it wouldn’t respond to her stimuli, she curled up and shut her eye’s tightly, determined to stay in her room, determined not to go downstairs to his room. Finally, totally exhausted, she fell into a restless sleep.

When she woke she was angry with everyone, she barked at the kid’s and positively growled at Mike, who beat a quick escape to work. Realising that she was taking thing’s out on Becky and Ben she made sure she said nice word’s and gave them a kiss before letting them into school. ‘I can’t do that’ she thought, ‘it’s not there fault poor thing’s.’ She determined to keep herself busy and her mind off sex and Lee. She had loads of baking to do for the party and threw herself into it, keeping herself busy but also, she hoped, making herself tired. By the end of the afternoon she had made enough cake’s and biscuit’s to feed an army.

The evening went as usual and once Mike had gone out and the kid’s were in bed she started looking through her music collection.

Mel had a large collection of music, John had been a DJ when he was young and had left his collection when he got thrown out. Mel’s problem was most of them had memories attached. Some from John’s gig’s and other’s more personal. She became melancholy, even depressed. ‘Fuck this’ she thought.

She dived next door and knocked on the window. Linda came out dressed for bed, “Hello dear, nothing wrong is there” she said

“No Linda” Mel said with a smile, “I just need to dash to the shop, you couldn’t sit the kid’s for a minute could you?”

“Of course dear” Linda said, “No problem.”

Mel dashed back and grabbed her car key’s. Ten minute’s later she was back. “Thanks Linda, sorry it was so late”

“Anytime dear you know that, g’night” and she left.

Mel had her shower and got ready for bed, when she came downstairs she opened the bag and pulled out a large bottle of vodka and a bottle of lemon, pouring herself a large glass she drank half of it and then sat on the settee with the TV on, not watching it, just for the noise.

By the time Mike rattled at the door an hour later, half the bottle had gone. Mel staggered to the door as it opened and Mike fell in, catching him before he fell she held him against the wall as she pushed the door closed. He half fell and half staggered to the settee where he lay down, feet on the floor and fell instantly asleep.

“Fuggin pith head” Mel slurred, staggering about the settee pulling at his clothes. She managed to get him undressed and then lifted him by the arm, she staggered with him to his room and as they approached the bed he fell, she managed to get him to the bed, his back hitting the mattress but his feet staying on the floored pulling her on top of him.

“Fuggin prick.” she slurred falling between his legs. As she tried to get up she realised that her face was resting against his crotch, slowly she turned her face to gaze at the bulge in his pant’s, throbbing and twitching, only an inch from her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, she could smell him, she couldn’t move away, she tried but every time she went to stand up the bulge would twitch, she was getting wet and the voice in her head was screaming ‘No, no, no’ constantly fighting the urge’s that were rising in her, constantly fighting the need she had.

She closed her eye’s and took a deep breath, slowly she lowered her head resting her cheek on his erection, she could feel the movement on her face, feel his strength and his manhood. Lost in the heady perfume of her own desires she slowly lift her hand to her face then moved her head so that she could see his erection, she lowered her hand, resting it on his hardness. She closed her eye’s and built a picture of Lee, it was Lee’s erection that she ran her hand’s over, it was Lee who was breathing in rhythmic sleep, it was Lee’s erection that she gripped in her hand and rubbed gently, breathing in the odour of his sexual arousal. He was firm, not too long but thick and sturdy.

She opened her eye’s ” Oh shit!” she said, “What the fuck am I doing.” Even as she said it she couldn’t stop. With a huge effort she willed her hand to let it go, she stood up and ran from the room in tears leaving her brother half on and half off the bed throwing herself on the settee.

After a while she grabbed her drink and finished it, “It was the drink,” she said, “That’s what it was, the drink.” she said that to herself all the way up stairs and as she got into bed. She said it as her hand’s ran over her body and as she again brought herself to orgasm with the vibrator, she said it as she reached her climax and the picture of his erection burned into her. She dreamt it as she tried to sleep, and she was still dreaming it when she woke.

She said nothing during breakfast, waiting for him to say something, he had to know, why didn’t he say something.

“Oh sis” he said, as he headed for the door “You have that party tonight so I wont be home for dinner, I’ll grab something at the pub ok? Have fun, bye.”

‘Was that it?’ she thought, ‘He didn’t even fuckin know.’

“I could have fucking shagged you and you wouldn’t fuckin know” she shouted, and then remembered the kid’s were still eating. “Sorry kid’s just mummy having another of those day’s.” They smiled and carried on eating there corn flakes.

By 3pm all the cake’s and music were round Linda’s, Becky and Ben were with her parent’s for the weekend and Mel was still in turmoil over the previous night. She knew she had to put it out of her mind so she thought of all the thing’s she was going to do to Lee to release her frustration.

By half past seven that evening she was dressed, ready and hot. She had found another of her not so new dresses, this one was what she once called her pick-me-up dress, it was designed to advertise her ware’s and as she used to put it, ‘if you wannit come and get it.’ While her attitude’s had changed the dress was still the same and it made her feel really horny wearing it again after so long, and extremely pleased that it still fit.

She had got some drink’s in for later when she brought Lee back for the shag of his life and set them out on the table, then she made her way next door. She was surprised how excited she was, it had been a long time since she went anywhere let alone had a date and here she had both right next door. This was going to be a great night.

As she walked in Linda gave her a big hug, “Oh you done so much work,” she said, walking her to the bar, “the cake’s are lovely and Lee has been stuck in that corner since he arrived looking at the cd’s you brought round, it’s going to be a wonderful party so have a lot of fun, vodka and lemon there we are.”

Mel smile and took the drink, she took a mouthful as she walked over to Lee. “What do you think?” she asked.

Lee looked at her, “Stunning.” he said, “You look wonderful.”

“Not me silly” she said with a laugh, “the music.”

“Oh yeah! Sorry” he said laughing, “You got some great stuff here, it will do us for the whole night no problem.”

With over forty guest’s at the party Lee was kept pretty busy, but Mel was more than able to let him know her plan’s. Every time they got a moment together she would run her hand’s over him, leg’s back bum erection, just so that he knew what was in store and he reciprocated. Mel went round chatting, had some dances and a lot to drink.

By midnight Linda had gone to bed and was sleeping soundly when Mel went up to check on her. By one in the morning some of the guest’s started to leave and by two, Mel and Lee were in a corner of the garden. She had his zip undone and his erection deep in her mouth. “Oh Mel” he moaned, “Oh god, you got a mouth like a hoover.” his hand was on her head and he was thrusting deeper down her throat, not quite how she had imagined, she was supposed to be in charge not him, but near enough, at least she had started her plan.

She could taste his precum and knew he was close, she withdrew him from her mouth and stood up as he complained, “Oh babe so close, so close.”

His hand’s went under her dress and gripped the top of her panties, without any resistance he pulled them to the floor. “Oh yes!” she said, “Eat me, lick me make me come.”

But that wasn’t his intention, he pinned her to a tree, she could feel his throbbing erection brushing against her throbbing moist pussy lips. Half wanting him to do it and half not she leaned against him, giving him no help. “Someone’s coming” she said urgently.

“Lee! Lee! You out here, it’s the phone” a voice called.

“Fuck!” Lee said angrily, “Wait here, I’ll be right back keep it wet for me.”

Mel was a little shocked, not that he left but by the tone in his voice, like she was his, like it was an order. She shook the feeling off and leaving her pant’s where they fell she followed him to the house, waiting by the back door.

When Lee returned he said, “They’ve all gone, it’s just you and me now.” He took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately pressing her to the wall, lifting her off her feet to his level, she threw her arm’s round his neck and her legs round his waist. She could feel his hand’s undoing his zip and then she felt his erection throbbing at the entrance to her pulsing quim. ‘Oh yes’ she thought, ‘this first and then we can play all night, all night’

She felt him slide in, her eye’s closed, enjoying every little sensation, ‘This is what she wanted, Lee to fuck her and fuck her hard not anyone else’ she thought to herself. As he started to push in and out she could feel all the pent up frustration rising in her stomach, she new it was going to be strong, with each thrust he brought her closer, brought relief nearer, he was going faster now, he knew what she wanted and was going to give it to her he was going to please her this time, she knew it, she just knew it, oh yes soon now, very soon.

And then with a slight moan and a shudder it was over, he had spat his juice into her, he had again left her without anything, wanting to scream and close to tears, ‘but the night is young’ she thought, ‘ we have all night’

Lee straightened himself up and took Mel by the hand, “God your good babe,” he said heading for her house, “It’s never felt like that before.”

Mel opened the back door with shaking hand’s, partly through frustration and partly through anticipation. She stepped in and turned round, Lee stayed outside, “Come in then.” she said.

“I cant babe, sorry,” he said, “that was Lena on the phone, my wife, she’s back from Portugal already, a birthday surprise apparently, she is on her way back to my place I have to go”

“You fucking bastard,” Mel screamed, “You knew that and yet you still….”

“Well I didn’t want to leave you high babe, I knew you hot for it.”

“Well you did leave me high, and not for the first time you fucking prick.” she shouted, out of control now, “Well fuck off back to your stupid wife I don’t fucking need you, go on fuck off.” and with that she slammed the back door in his face.

“I’ll call you babe, ok” she heard him say as he walked away.

Her body was shaking with a mixture of anger and frustration, tears streaming down her face, pacing up and down, she poured herself a very large drink and downed it all, mumbling and muttering to herself.

She heard the rattle of key’s at the door, “That’s all I need, another drunken prick.” she said heading for the door. Mike staggered through before she got there and fell into her arms, she managed to get the door closed and dragged him into his room, throwing him on the bed, “Don’t you ever wake up fuck you?”

She angrily started to undress him, taking no care as to whether or not he woke up, mumbling profanities all the time and tearing his shirt in the process, she undid his zip and yanked at his trousers, pulling them and him towards the edge of the bed, another pull and his feet were on the floor and his trousers were in her hands, his short’s at his ankle’s, he was totally naked.

She stood staring at it, throbbing and large, seemingly enormous to her frustrated mind, she dropped his trousers and grabbed his leg’s pulling him back onto the bed.. She had to leave, she knew that, but just a little touch, like last night, nothing more just a touch.

She moved to the bed and lay next to him, just a touch she kept saying, she curled her body to his and ran her hand over his chest, slowly downwards over his stomach to his throbbing erection, she gasped as she saw it in her hand, her pussy pulsing, her heart beat pounding with forbidden excitement. This was a whole lot different to last night, then should could only feel his strength, now she could see it, play with it, see his juices oozing from the swollen head. She pushed him flat on his back and moved down, just for a closer look. She took a deep breath, smelling the scent from his erection moving it closer so she could touch it to her cheek and feel it’s warmth.

She looked closer and closer until she could taste him, lick him and slide him into her mouth, deep she took him and then out again, still he didn’t wake. ‘It’s a waste’ she thought, ‘such a wonderful hard throbbing dick need’s a warm inviting cunt to wrap around it.’ Slowly, all the time mumbling to herself, she straddled him, taking him in her hand she slowly guided him to her waiting hole, her pulsing desperate frustrated cunt hole, and she dropped down slowly onto his throbbing pole.

As she felt it go in she took a deep breath, surely he will wake, but no, still he slept, with every move she watched. He filled her up, a perfect fit. She knew he wouldn’t wake, she could feel it, as she could feel the tears running down her face, but she couldn’t stop now, she was close too close, she wanted to pound his manhood into her as hard as she could, but he mustn’t wake, he mustn’t.

She moved in a steady rhythm and slowly she felt the build up in her stomach, her face was soaked with tears but she looked like a lusting whore desperate for a fuck. It was coming, “Oh yes” she moaned quietly, “oh god yes.” as it hit her she bit her tongue so as not to cry out, making the orgasm even harder to contain, the pain, almost unbearable and then she let go with a huge quiet sigh, “Aaaaaaaarrggghhhh.” it went on and on forever, she smiled she cried she slowly fucked her brother to achieve her own satisfaction.

“Forbidden or not your one hell of a fuck Mike” she said as her orgasm passed. Still shaking with the power of her orgasm she dismounted, took him into her mouth and cleaned her juices off his still erect manhood, “Jeez, I bet it would stay like that all night.”

As much as she would have like to fuck him some more she didn’t, with a huge smile on her face she went to bed and curled up with her hand’s on her throbbing satisfied pussy and fell asleep.

“Oh fuck, oh my god,” she said, as she woke up “what the fuck have I done?”

As she stepped out of bed she laughed, “You fucked your brother you dirty bitch.”

“Yeah and he done a better job asleep than that fucking Lee did awake.”

By the time breakfast was ready the only worry she had was ‘Did Mike know anything’

By the time Mike went to pub she knew that not only did he not know, but that she was going to fuck him again, and again, and again. She made coffee and sat in the garden, she was in a great mood.


‘So much for the mood’ she thought. “Morning Linda, how’s the clean up going?”

“Oh it wasn’t too bad someone had done most of it.” she said, “I don’t suppose you have any idea whose these are do you, I know there not mine.”

Mel turned to see Linda holding a skimpy pair of panties, “Oh!” she said, “I wondered where they went.” and took them “Your Lee is a bit of a devil isn’t he Linda, always joking and fooling around.”

“You mean…. you….he….” she stammered

“Linda!” Mel screeched, “How could you, he’s a married man, no he took them off the line and showed them round the party last night, I was so embarrassed.”

Linda burst out laughing, more with relief than anything else, “Yes he can be a bit embarrassing sometimes but I’m so glad you two got on, he quite like’s you.”

“Yes I know” Mel said, “he went home last night didn’t he?”

“Yes he rang this morning, Lena came home early to surprise him, wasn’t that nice.”

“Yes, shame he couldn’t finish what he started though, left all the cleaning for you didn’t he.”

“Yes well that’s children for you. Right I’m off, catch you later.”

For the next week Mel fucked her brother many time’s, even daring to do it twice in one night. Although she was getting up tired in the morning’s she would have a lay down in the afternoon, planning how her evening would go. Slowly over that week she changed, nothing major, just little thing’s. Not wearing her dressing gown in the morning’s for breakfast, getting the kid’s up after Mike had gone to work. Even her day wear changed, now she dressed more like a woman and less like a mother. Just like any other woman trying to attract her man.

Friday morning and Mel heard the familiar call “Coooeee”

“Morning Linda, coffee’s made.”

“Oh no dear no time, Lee’s coming round later for dinner, just to say thanks for the party, said he will drop in and see you about ten, gotta dash bye.”

‘Oh is he now?’ Mel thought, and laughed at the hideous plan that had jumped into her head.

At ten o’clock Mel was sitting in the garden taking in the warm spring air, dressed in a summer button down dress with most of the buttons undone, no bra and no pant’s. She was going to make him suffer as much as she could. She heard the gate open and Lee saw her sitting in the garden, he took the seat opposite her and immediately saw her naked pussy and her almost visible tit’s.

“What do you want Lee?” she said.

“Er….er…. Well just to say sorry really.”

“Sorry that you fucked me and ran?”

“Well yes, it wasn’t very gallant but I had been drinking a lot.”

All the time his eye’s were roaming her body, trying hard to see her tit’s, too hard

“Want to see it all Lee” she said undoing the rest of the buttons and letting the dress fall open, “Is that better for you.”

“Well….you have a great body Mel, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the obvious attraction we have for each other don’t you think.”

Mel’s hand’s were slowly moving down, over her mound, a finger slipping into her wet pussy. “What attraction is that then Lee?”

“Well the other night and before, we were good weren’t we, it was great for me and I know you wanted it as well.”

Mel could see he was hard now, uncomfortable while restricted in his trousers. “You could have had me Lee, anytime you wanted, anything you wanted, cunt mouth arse anything, all I needed was to be fucked properly and I would have given you it all, whenever you wanted it. You failed miserably, now fuck off and don’t ever come near my house again, go on fuck off.” All this was said in a quiet even voice as her finger’s continued to work on her swollen clit, if he stayed much longer he would see her orgasm, but he didn’t, he got up and left.

The fire engine was gone now. Replace by a more pleasant yet much more painful dream. Cindy was back, torturing him in his sleep and yet he grasped at the moment’s with her, wanting them to last forever. He wasn’t sure when it started, it had been a slow creeping up, a sneak attack. She was using him, using him for her own sexual pleasure, giving nothing yet taking it all, but he didn’t care. Knowing that she wanted him was enough.

Cindy took him into her mouth, tasting him, wanting him. He knew what would follow and he was determined that he would be a part of it this time. As she mounted him he moved his hand’s to her leg’s, a matter of an inch but it was contact. He had always loved her being on top, he loved the motion of her breast’s as she thrust down on him, her look of sheer lust drove him wild. He could feel his juices rising, he could see her orgasm etched on her face and then her screams ringing in his ears, then she was gone, replaced by the ring of his alarm clock.

Covered in sweat and breathing heavily he stopped the alarm. Looking at his erection he could swear that the sex was real, yet he was alone as he knew he would be.

Mike showered and went for breakfast. “Morning Mike.” Mel said.

“Morning Mel, how’s you,”

“Same as ever, did you sleep well?”

“The usual nightmare.” He lied. Mike had noticed that Mel was getting more relaxed about her dress these day’s, not that he minded her being in a nightdress but maybe she should cover up a bit more. ‘Mind you’ he thought, ‘Even her day dress had changed, maybe she’s met someone.’

He grabbed his toast and headed for the door, “Catch you later”

As Mike waited for the bus he let his mind wander over his dream. It had only happened a couple of time’s, maybe three, but it all seemed so real. The first time he woke up and his dick was as sore as hell, he must have been rubbing it or something while he slept which made it all the more real. But why, why had it started now, he had to admit he was shocked the first time but over the last couple of night’s he had realised that there was very little feeling involved, she never said anything in the dream, and really he thought that she was just having sex. But surely if it was his dream he should get some sort of satisfaction from it, or maybe he was just punishing himself. As he stepped on the bus he left his dream behind.

As Mike walked out the door, Mel breathed a sigh of relief. He had moved his hand, while she was fucking him he had moved his hand onto her leg. The movement was so unexpected that it had made her jump, but the hand had stopped there so she carried on, too near to her orgasm to stop and too sure that he wouldn’t wake up. But what if he had? ‘Nooo’ she thought, ‘he wouldn’t wake up, I’m safe enough as long as he comes home drunk.’

Mike had a good day at work, the first time for ages that Jim, his boss had said he’d done a good job. “Getting back to your old self.” Jim had said. That had made Mike feel good about himself, feeling that maybe he was getting over the worst of the split, maybe the dream was helping him more than he realised, helping to show Cindy for what she really was, a user.

He had a spring in his step all the way home, as he walked the last mile from the bus stop, jacket over his arm, taking in the sun he felt good. As he walked in through the door Ben came running up to him. “Uncle Mike uncle Mike,” he shouted excitedly, “look what mum’s bought, a huge swimming pool, will you swim with me uncle Mike, go on please.”

“Ben leave your uncle alone,” Mel said, “you know he always goes out in the evening.”

Mel had her bikini on and Mike couldn’t help but look at his young sister through a man’s eye’s, ‘She’s a good looking woman’ he thought, ‘I do hope she has found someone.’

“So where’s this pool then Ben” he said, “Is it big enough for me to get in.”

“Oh yes uncle.” Becky said, “It’s gynormous’

Mike went into the garden and found a that Mel had bought one of those blow up pool’s, a big one, seven foot by five at least. “Well,” he said, “It’s big enough for me, give me a minute and I will race you in.”

Mike got changed into his swimming short’s and spent the next hour playing in the pool with the children. Mel sat on her lounger taking in the sun. She watched through slitted eye’s with mixed feeling’s. Was he going out tonight or would he stay in, would he forget the pub for once, if he did she knew that she would have to forgo her nightly sex with him. She was torn between her need’s and his need to get back to his normal self. For the first time since Cindy had left, Mel didn’t want the old Mike back, not yet, not now.

Mel didn’t need to worry, Mike got dressed, ate his dinner and went off to the pub as usual. She put the kid’s to bed and had her shower. Once she had decided that Mike was hers, so to speak, she went out and bought a load of new clothes, some day wear and some sexy night wear, just for him, to keep him happy. Tonight she was dressed in a nightdress, transparent and very short, no need to take it off when he fuck’s her. Once she was ready she sat in front of the TV with her bottle of vodka, which had also become a regular thing, and waited for him to come home to her, wanting her.

Mike was getting quite good at finding the right key these day’s, but once the door was open he just couldn’t keep his feet and again Mel was there to catch him. The moment she heard the key she was on her feet, her stomach tightening and her pussy started to throb and dampen. She quickly got him into his room with much drunken giggling and stripped him off, as usual as soon as his head touched the pillow he was asleep, his erection pointing skyward. She couldn’t understand why he always came home erect and to be honest she didn’t really care as long as he was.

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