sibling sex

Justin was 28 years old and had recently returned home from two tours in Iraq. Now discharged, he’d been looking for work but the economy sucked balls and no one was hiring. He had managed to line up some auto repair work on the side and that alone was keeping his few bills paid. With money being so tight though he’d been forced to move back into his parent’s house with his twenty four year old sister Reese.

He didn’t mind really. He was too broke to have a girlfriend and really wasn’t ready for a heavy relationship anyway, so living with his folks wasn’t crimping his style. The only real downer had been that Reese seemed a little put out to have him home.

Her petulant attitude surprised him because he had always gotten along well with her in the past. Justin finally decided that her resistance to him being there was due to her having to share the upstairs with him again. To his relief, once he’d shown that he respected her privacy, everything had been great.

Since their Mom’s accident had made it difficult for her to climb the stairs, Reese had found that she had entire second floor of the house to herself. These days their parents stayed in the downstairs guest suite.

Justin did plan on getting his own place soon and when that happened his sister could have the run of the place again. That was his plan anyway. So far his job search seemed like an exercise in futility. At the rate things were going she’d be the one out first. Reese did a lot of sales work online and never seemed to be short on cash.

It was a Friday night and he had gotten home a little late after doing some work on a neighbors’ car. He was tired, and after his shower he was looking forward to reading a bit before he went to bed. He stripped naked and set his laptop up the nightstand.

He hadn’t gotten laid since he left Baghdad and had been very horny of late. He opened his browser to an adult literature site for something a little spicy to read. Justin was checking out the new stories when he found “Doing my Sis!” on page 2.

Justin had secretly enjoyed incest stories while stroking his dick in the past. The entire taboo aspect excited him and this one was hot. As he scrolled down the page his hand worked his shaft to its full length.

In the story, the girl had seduced her brother and was fingering her pussy while sucking his enormous dick. By the time the girl finally took her brothers hot cum in her mouth and swallowed the whole wad, Justin was stroking his dick in a near frenzy. ‘Oh fuck, that’s so hot!’ he thought as he fantasized about what it would be like to have Reese sucking him off. He knew that would be fucking unbelievable!

The story went on and Justin struggled to hold his load at the end when the brother came in his sister’s pussy. His mind was filled with mental images of his sister Reese cumming all over his cock, and he briefly wished there was a way to make it happen.

After leaving a vote and comment thanking the writer for her work, he decided against another story. As good as they were, he was more in the mood for something a bit more real. He saw the various ads on the site and decided to check out some web cams.

Justin felt his pulse race as image after sexy image of nude girls filled his screen. He came upon the picture of a girl named Midnight Star. The current picture was a close up of her sexy ass and Justin decided he had to see the rest of the girl to whom such a shapely bottom belonged to. After quickly registering under the name Major Tom, he clicked on the link.

Almost instantly he was treated to a live shot of the models panty covered pussy. She was slowly rubbing her cooze through the satiny fabric and Justin stroked his cock back to life as he watched. Midnight Star must have seen his name appear and she began typing quickly. On the text screen next to the live image, her words appeared in bright green, indicating that it was the model herself speaking. ‘Hello Tom. Are you hard?’

Justin grinned; she was direct and to the point. This one is my kind of girl! he thought happily as he answered back. ‘I’m very hard. You look wet Star.’

‘I am. I’d love to suck your cock Tom!’ Star pulled her panties aside just a bit and slipped her finger inside her pussy. She pulled it out and showed the camera the glistening fluid coating her finger. ‘Would you like a private show Tom? You can watch me fuck myself as you cum.’

Justin was tempted but wanted to see her face before buying any time. He flexed his fingers and tapped out an answer on the keyboard. ‘Can I see your face? If you’re as pretty as you are sexy, I’m in!’

The camera pulled back and Justin’s world imploded on top of him. He was shocked and horrified to see that this sexy creature who had just dipped her finger in her pussy for him was his little sister! ‘Oh my fucking god’ he thought as the rush of excitement flooded his mind. ‘That’s Reese! She’s a web cam slut!

Justin felt a cold chill go through him and knew that he should have signed off right away but his cock had other ideas. It throbbed hotly in his hand and he just about blew his load all over his belly at the sight of her.

Meanwhile Reese had no idea what was happening right down the hall from her room. ‘Well Tom, what do you think? Am I pretty enough for you?’

Justin was too shocked to respond and sat there staring at the screen. Before he could think of what to say the screen went blank and displayed a message saying she was in a private show.

Justin mind raced with possibilities. ‘She’s in her room, right down the hall! Fuck, she must be getting herself off for some guy right now!’

Justin knew he shouldn’t but somehow he just couldn’t stop himself. Throwing on a robe he walked as quietly as he could down the hall until he was just outside his sister’s bedroom door.

He held his breath as he put his ear to the door and listened closely. He could hear some music playing but underneath it he heard the sound of Reese moaning loudly as if she were having an intense orgasm. ‘I can’t fucking believe it he thought excitedly. It’s her! I can watch her on my computer!’

Justin quickly went back to his room. He never even considered not going back to see her online. The possibility of actually watching her get naked and do god knew what in front of the camera was just too much for him to ignore.

While he waited for her to come back he pulled out his credit card and bought some credits for her private show. ‘I don’t know which of us is more screwed up,’ he thought. ‘Her for jilling off for pay, or me for wanting to watch!’ He was lying to himself though. He knew full well how screwed up he was for wanting to see her do it.

After a fairly short wait the image of Reese’s bedroom reappeared on the screen. With the cam panned back Justin recognized her room easily. On her night stand were a number of sex toys and a bottle of lube. For the moment Reese wasn’t in view of the cam and he supposed she was re-dressing out of its limited view.

A moment later Reese returned and sat on the bed with her back against her headboard. She was only wearing red panties and a very thin pink cotton top. Reese’s breasts were large and firm with protruding nipples that were so hard they threatened to push their way through the thin material. She gathered her auburn hair and pulled it back into a ponytail.

Justin typed on his keyboard. ‘Hi sexy. Did you cum hard?’

Reese smiled happily as she typed. ‘Yes, I did! I’m still really, really wet too! Are you still playing with your cock?’

Justin couldn’t believe how slutty his sister was acting.

‘Yes, but I’m not going to cum soon. I want to cum with you.’

Reese squeezed her boobs through her top. ‘Oh goody!’ she typed and then clapped her hands excitedly. ‘Do you have sound or a web cam? I’d love to watch you stroke you dick. Watching a guy cum gets me super hot.’

The request to cam caught him off guard. She’d shit if she knew this was him. He typed quickly and then unmuted his computer. ‘I can hear you but I can’t web cam back.’

Reese’s voice came through clearly and she seemed relieved to be free of her keyboard. Other guests were on the public board but Reese was focusing on Major Tom for the moment. “That’s better. Now I can use my hands for better things.”

Justin activated the private chat and Reese sat straight up, looking positively excited. “We’re going to have lots of fun Tom. Want to see my tities?”

Reese pulled her top over head before he could type an answer. She tugged roughly on her nipples, twisting them hard between her fingers.

Justin’s eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head. He had noticed in the past how pleasantly large and shapely his sisters breast were of course. The tight tops that she usually wore were obviously meant to display her wonderfully rounded cleavage and her choice in bras cupped them high and proud on her chest. Their size fit her body perfectly, highlighting a figure that could make any man weak with desire.

Now, bared nude to his view, he could see just how magnificent her boobs really were. They were full and spongy soft with upturned rosy pink nipples that made him want to suck on them all night long, or slide his penis between them and feel her satiny skin caressing his shaft until he came in thick drops all over her cleavage. ‘Great tits Star’ he wrote, knowing deep down how utterly lame a compliment those few words were for anything as beautiful as her breasts.

“Thanks Tom. I love to have a man suck on my nipples.” Reese pulled one up and licked it seductively.

A moment later she slipped her panties off of her long legs and began rubbing her shaven mound. Her wetness was obvious as little drops of dew coalesced on her fingers. Soon Justin could see small rivulets of moisture pooling in her gash as she swirled her fingers in her molten pussy. “Mmm, fuck that feels good” she whispered. “I love to play with my little kitty.”

Reese plunged two fingers into her little hole as deeply as they would go, stretching her channel enough to make her sigh in pleasure. When she withdrew them she licked each one slowly until all of her sweet nectar had been cleaned. “I love the taste of pussy, especially my own.”

‘Have you had sex with other girls before?’ he typed as his throat tightened in excitement. He had never even considered that she might be bisexual. For some reason the mere thought made him quake with desire.

“Of course, women turn me on a lot. I love to lick a nice sweet pussy.”

Justin jacked his cock as slowly as he could while he watched, but his sister’s secret admission coupled with her acting like a brazen slut right in front of him was testing his self control. Remembering the dildo’s he’d seen on her table he typed rapidly on the keyboard. ‘Do you have any toys?’

Reese reached out of view and pulled back a large lifelike penis and began sucking it like the real thing. He could her slurping noisily on it as she worked it down her throat. By the time she pulled it out of her mouth it was coated thickly in her saliva. “Watch this” she said and zoomed the cam in on her wet pussy.

Justin squeezed his balls and rubbed the head of his cock as he watched Reese fill her pussy with the plastic cock. Using one hand, she rapidly fucked herself with it while her other hand rubbed her clit hard and fast. Her hips rose and fell in time with her plunging motion, making herself squirm wildly on the bed.

He watched intently as her enflamed lips slid over the surface of the phallus as it disappeared into her, only to reappear glistening with her wetness. The wet sounds of her efforts came through clearly as did her quiet whimpers of pleasure.

Justin was fascinated by the close up but was dying to see her face as she experienced such powerful sensations. ‘Please pan back, I want to see all of you’ he wrote to quickly.

“Okay baby. I wish I could see you playing with your dick!”

‘I wish you could too’ he wrote as her entire sexy body came into view. You have no idea how much I wish you could! he didn’t add.

Reese was moving the cock in and out of herself as fast as she could and her fingers flew round and round over her clit. Her hips were rotating in fits as she did until she gasped “Ohh fuck baby I’m gonna to cum! Ahh yeah I’m coming for you baby! Ahhh!”

Justin watched in amazement as Reese exploded in orgasm. He was almost ready to cum too but he remembered something on her bio and resisted the urge. He had one more request left for his little sister.

When Reese was finished she slowly liked her juices off of the toy. Moaning happily as each sweet drop was collected by her tongue.

Justin was going crazy over her and his hand was having difficulty finding the keys. After what seemed like far too long his message was ready. ‘Can you fit that toy into your sexy ass for me?’

Reese looked at the camera with eyes that burned blue hot with lust. “I love that idea! My ass is soo sensitive right now!”

Rolling onto her knees she lubed the toy up then slowly, almost painfully pressed it into her asshole until she had it buried completely inside her back door. Her face was bright red with effort and her thighs shined with her wetness.

Justin let himself go and began seriously jerking his cock as Reese fucked her own ass. It was an incredible moment, one that he was sure he would never forget. Reese’s eyes were barely open as she moved the cock back and forth. She was moaning nonstop and her body flexed, twitching in what must have been a series of small orgasms.

He felt the pressure build in his gut. His balls drew up and he felt every nerve in his body fire in electric ecstasy. He growled, baring his teeth in animal ferocity. His hand flew up and down until, grunting loudly, Justin came hard. His jizz fired hotly and splashed like liquid fire all over his own stomach.

Justin felt totally spent. On his monitor he saw that Reese too had succumbed to her exertions and had collapsed on her bed, gently rubbing her sore bottom. ‘Thanks Star, that was a fantastic show’ he wrote just before his time expired.

The next morning Justin was still in shock from cyber fucking Reese. He waited impatiently for her to get up just so he could see her, as if somehow she would seem different in any way. As the morning passed he wandered about the house, impatiently waiting for Reese to appear.

He knew he was being ridicules. Reese stayed up late most nights and never got up early. Besides there was no way she could know who her Major Tom was so why would she react any differently then she would on any other day? Still he just had to see her!

Reese wandered down the stairs at about three pm still wearing her cotton P.J.’s. “Morning Reese” he said as she passed by him on her way to the kitchen. “You look like you had a late night last night.”

Reese poured a cup of ice coffee into her cup and sat down on the couch across from him. “Yeah I did” she answered without elaborating but a little smile crossed her face. You love doing it, don’t you! Justin guessed excitedly.

She had told the family she was in internet sales and Justin smiled inwardly now that he knew she was selling her ass and pussy to whomever wanted a look. He felt his cock stir as the thought crossed his mind.

Reese came in and sat on the couch. “Do you have any plans tonight? It’s Saturday Bro, you need to go out and find a nice girl to be with.”

“No date for me tonight, besides I’d rather just hit the sack early.” The lie rolled easily off of his tongue as he spoke it, knowing full well what he’d be doing later that night.

Unaware of his secret thoughts Reese nodded her head in reply. “Okay, I’m sure you’ll get back into the saddle soon.” Reese knew well his time in Iraq had been tough on him and she and his parents had been very understanding of his desire for peace and quiet.

“How about you Reese? How come you aren’t seeing anyone?”

Reese tilted her head as if considering the idea. “I’m too busy working. Most of my business is on the weekends these days. I don’t have time for a guy right now.”

Justin watched her closely; impressed with how easily she incorporated the truth into the lie she had woven about her work. He wondered idly if she’d gotten into internet porn for the money or because she actually got off on it. Remembering her orgasms the night before he thought he knew. There was no way she’d faked those.

Reese curled her legs up under her as she melted into her seat. Justin thought she looked incredible in her pajamas. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the rise of her breasts almost took his breath away. He wondered how he could have overlooked how beautiful she was.

Like him, she worked out at the gym daily and her body was exquisitely shaped. Her deep blue eyes lit up when she smiled and the way her ass moved when she walked was intoxicating to behold. Justin struggled not to stare but silently promised he’d be back at her online cam room later that night.

Justin found himself sneaking glances at his sister the rest of the afternoon. Memories of her writhing on her bed mixed with the domestic images of her in their everyday life and made his head ache and his body tingle as he attempted to sort them out. When Reese said she was going to the gym he had offered to go with her just to have an excuse for looking at her body. Watching her ass flex while she used the stair climber gave him so much wood he’d hit the shower just to calm down.

As the evening wore on Justin found himself thinking of ways to use his cam and microphone without giving away his secret. He knew he’d be taking a chance but hated typing and was dying to be able to talk to Reese while they played. In the end he decided that he would just keep his voice low and hoped that would be enough. He was betting that Reese would not be expecting her own brother to log on so he felt he could maintain the ruse.

The cam though was a different matter. He wouldn’t have even considered it but she had seemed very interested in seeing his cock. The truth was part of him really wanted her to see him stroking it while she performed. His chose to set the cam next to his bed so that she would be able to see him from about halfway down his chest. That way he would be able to keep his face off camera. I’m not even going to turn this thing on unless she asks he promised himself.

When the digits on his clock flicked to eleven pm Justin logged onto the web site. His heart was already beating a rumba in his chest when he located Midnight Star. The status said ‘chat for free’ and he eagerly clicked enter.

Reese appeared on screen on her hands and knees and her tight little ass in the air. She was wearing g-string panties that barely covered her pussy and failed miserably at covering anything else. Her breasts were hanging almost down to the sheets and were covered by a bikini top that held them like a hammock.

Her nails were painted bright red which he suddenly realized made it far easier to see where she put her fingers. When she lay on her side she raised her top knee, exposing her almost bare pussy to the men watching from god knew where. Reese scratched the nails on her right hand over her pussy and seemed to shiver as she passed over the small bulge of her clit.

Soon the bright green letters from Midnight star appeared. ‘Come on guys I’m soaking wet. Which one of you guys wants to fuck me!’

It was early in her show and the chat room had maybe twenty guys in it all typing furiously in usually vain attempts to get her attention. He saw phrases like ‘show me ur tits’ and ‘nice ass’ fly down the scroll line as they were replaced by more pointless and equally futile comments.

Reese seemed to be able to filter out most of those who posted such non-sense, but when his nick name flashed on the screen she wasted no time greeting him. Knowing he could hear her Reese’s sexy voice came over the speakers, she said out loud, “Major Tom! How are you baby? So nice to see you again.”

Justin was pleased to be remembered. He was sure she’d entertained several men with a private performance last night and was not expecting her to pick him out of the crowd so quickly. He began typing as quickly as he was able. ‘Hello Star. I couldn’t get you out of my mind.’

Reese blew a kiss at him and smiled broadly. “I knew you’d be back. We had way too much fun for it to be one and done!”

Justin was very pleased by her reaction. ‘Hey guess what, I’ve got a microphone now! We will be able to talk to each other!’

Reese clapped her hands rapidly again. It was a habit she’d had forever and it brought back the realization of just how taboo his actions were.

“Great Tom. I can listen when we are in private. It’s no good in open chat. So what do you think? Wanna make me be a bad girl tonight?”

‘You’re already a bad girl! I just want to have fun being bad with you!’

Reese laughed and clapped her hands again. Justin felt his penis begin to get hard. His hands were shaking as he clicked on the button that activated her private room.

As before, the image didn’t change but he knew that all of the other feeds had been cut. Reese was performing just for him now and he guessed that from what she’d done in front of the camera the night before, there were few if any rules as to what was considered acceptable behavior.

“Mmm hi Tom. I gotta say you really gave my little ass a work out last night. I’ve been wet all day thinking about what your cock would feel like. I bet you’d be able to fuck me senseless.”

Reese’s voice came through the system so clearly that he would have been able to tell it was his sister instantly. Justin was beginning to believe he was making a horrible mistake but couldn’t summon the strength to stop. He turned his mic on and hoped for the best.

“Thanks Star. You have no idea how much I want that. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen!” Justin tried to keep his voice a whisper but somehow talking to Reese like this made him crazy.

He loved his sister deeply and adding such a highly charged sexual element to the conversation was fucking with his head big time.

Reese untied her bikini top and let her tits bounce free. “Would you like to bite my nipples? I’d love it if you did.” She massaged each fleshy globe in her small hands as if she were pretending he was the one touching her.

Thank god! he thought. She doesn’t recognize my voice! With his confidence growing he turned on his web cam and connected it to the site. “Surprise Star! Since you said you wanted to watch me to I figured it would only be fair to give you the chance!” Justin stroked his dick for her until it was long and thick in his hand.

Reese laughed happily and clapped her hands. Justin was well aware how involuntary that reaction was in her. He knew she wasn’t just pretending; she really did get off on seeing him jerk off! Holy fucking shit she’s hot! He was beginning to really get into this with her.

Reese peered at the screen and rubbed her pussy as she watched him. “Wow Tom, that’s nice and big! I like it. It makes me wet to watch a guy jerk off.”

“I’m glad you do. Look how hard you’ve made me already.” Justin relaxed even more. Everything was going just as he hoped it would. Reese hadn’t even asked to see his face. He made himself comfortable for what he felt was going to be a long sexy ride. He poured some baby oil on his hand and began working it into his now throbbing cock.

Reese watched him as closely as he was watching her. She pulled her g-string off and began rubbing her clit with one hand while tweaking a nipple with another. She dug a finger deep into her channel and then brought it to her mouth, sucking her juices from it. “Mmm I love how I taste Tom. I wish you could lick my little pussy for me.”

“I’d love to baby, I really would. Almost as much as I’d love for you to suck my cock.”

Reese was soaking wet and got a small vibrator out. “This thing makes me cum hard Tom. I just love it.” With that she started circling her clit with the small buzzing toy.

Justin poured more oil on his hand and rubbed his palm over his cockhead as he watched his sister violently tease her clit. Her eyes were slits but still watched every stroke his hand made while her breathing got deeper and deeper. She touched her pussy delicately yet hard and her face wore a mask of pure erotic beauty as she buzzed herself with the toy.

Justin was going out of his mind at the scene. He felt his cock start to tingle and didn’t care if he came, knowing he was so hot he would have no trouble getting hard again. When Reese started bucking in orgasm his cock exploded and he felt his hot cum splash all over his hand.

“Oh fuck yeah Reese, that’s so goddamn hot!” Justin realized too late that he hadn’t disguised his voice. Worse still he had used her real name!

Reese’s was cumming hard too, but when she heard him cry out her eyes went wide in surprise. Justin watched in terror as she looked intently at the screen for a long moment while still lightly playing with her soaking wet pussy. Then her eyes lit up like sapphires and she threw her head back, laughing loudly. “Hol-ly shit I don’t fucking believe it!”

Justin was completly mortified. He almost closed his laptop but noticed that Reese was still rubbing her pussy. She bit her lip and sucked her finger clean again. “I loved watching you cum. That was quite a load.” Justin’s mind reeled as he listened. He couldn’t figure her out, she had to know it was him but she made no effort to cover herself. Fuck he thought she’s still rubbing her cunt!

Reese flipped over onto her stomach with her face filling his screen. She smiled wickedly and sucked her finger again as if making a point. “Hey I’m not pissed okay. I’m really kind of turned on. Look, if you want to watch me play with myself I can’t stop you. I could block you but you’d just get another account. Tell you what though, if you want to fuck me, and I mean really want to, why don’t you just come down the hall and do it?”

Justin hadn’t moved since he came. His body felt frozen in the fear that his life had just exploded, and going from that fear to listening to her actually offer to fuck him was more then he could take. Without thinking his hand went to his cock and he rubbed his cum into the shaft, forgetting for a moment she could see him doing it.

“What? You’re just going to jack off instead of fucking me? Get your ass in here!” Reese was understandably agitated but she sounded more playful than pissed. Justin jumped out of bed and grabbed his robe. He had no idea what was going to happen but it was too late to stop now.

Just before he closed his door he heard her voice come over the computer again. “Mmm nice ass Justin!”

Justin was almost freaking out by the time he got to Reese’s door and he hesitated before knocking. ‘What if she isn’t sure it was me’ he wondered or ‘what if she was just testing me to see how perverted I am?’ There were so many possibilities and most of them were not good.

She had said my name, hell she said come down the hall for chissakes! She had to know it was me! Justin made a concentrated effort to calm down. ‘Okay’ he thought, ‘let’s get this over with!’

He opened the door and saw a Reese laying on her back totally nude. She sat up when he came in and drew her knees up against her boobs. Then she rested her arms on her knees.

“That was pretty fucked up you know. I mean I understand how you must have felt last night when you found me online and why you watched my show. I figure you couldn’t help it but coming back tonight? I’m your SISTER Justin!” Her voice rose in anger as she spoke but there was something else there too.

Justin sat next to her and folded his hands in his lap. He had no idea what to say but having her gorgeous naked body next to him wasn’t helping. “Don’t you think you should put something on Reese?”

Reese slapped his shoulder, clearly upset. “You watched me stick a dildo up my ass Justin! What’s the point of me hiding my body from you now!?”

Justin felt like shit and tried not to look at her. He thought he heard her sob and looked up to see her starting to giggle. The giggles turned to laughs and the laughs grew infectious until she was in near hysterics. Pretty soon he was laughing with her at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

Once Reese had caught her breath she took his hand in hers. “Justin please, it’s all good. Don’t worry, I’m really not mad. I’m surprised maybe but to be honest I’ve had fantasies of this happening.”

Justin felt relief wash over him as if he had been absolved of some horrible sin. “You have? I would never have expected that.”

“I knew there was always going to be a chance someone would see me online. To be honest, I’m glad it was you, and I gotta say, watching you cum was really amazing.”

Justin had to admit it was one of the most exciting sexual experiences he’d ever had. “You were great sis, especially with that dong up your ass!”

“Oh I’ll show you who’s an ass Justin!” Reese playfully began tickling her him through his robe until it opened and exposed his semi hard cock. Reese suddenly froze as if she had lost track of her thoughts. She reached out tentatively and then pulled her hand back just short of his rising erection. “Uh do you mind, I mean I…? Reese swallowed noticeably. “I just want to touch it.”

Justin leaned back slowly and opened his robe. The cum on his cock had almost dried and as his erection grew he could feel the effects of its sticky residue. When Reese slipped her fingers around his shaft his cock lengthened and became fully hard.

Reese slowly jerked the skin of his shaft up and down a few times and then pushed him down on his back. “So about my question. What do you think?”

Justin loved the feel of her warm hand on him and took a second to rub one of her hardened nipples. “What question was that?”

Reese squeezed his shaft in her hand and smiled brightly.”Do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh hell yes Reese. I can’t wait!”

Reese got him to remove his robe and lay back on the bed. Kneeling down between his legs she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began pumping up and down. She spit on his cockhead to get it nice and slick and then rubbed the moisture over the purple crown.

“I can smell your cum Justin. You’ve got it all over you down here.” She inhaled deeply, enjoying his musky scent and then took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue and sucking the slimy residue off of his skin.

“I love the taste of your cum baby. Lucky thing too because now I’ll let you cum in my mouth.” Reese licked up and down his shaft wetly, searching for anymore of her tasty discovery. When she got to his balls she sucked one and then the other, driving Justin crazy with desire.

Reese pointed to her nightstand. “Hand me that bottle of lube, the clear one on the side.”

Justin saw three different types and had no idea why one or the other mattered but gave her the one she asked for.

“Why three kinds?” he asked as he handed his sister the bottle.

“Well the red one there is a heating lube that warms to the touch.” I like to use it on my toys when I get a little raw. The other one in the tube is a heavier anal lube. I always use that before a show.”

“Now this one…” Reese popped the top on the bottle and dribbled some over Justin’s cock. “Is a good all purpose lube that, among other things, is excellent for hand jobs.”

Reese interlocked her fingers around his dick and started stroking up and down, rotating her grip each time.

“Oh fuck, I see why you like it Reese. That feels amazing!” Justin felt her hands sliding over him so easily that it reminded him of the way pussy grips him. He marveled at her skill and the longer she did it the harder he became.

Reese held her mouth provocatively over the swelling head of his penis as if waiting for him to cum. Then she plunged her mouth downwards, engulfing his length. Before Justin knew it she had his long cock completely down her throat. She sucked hard and fucked him with her mouth a few more times before pulling up for breath.

“How are you holding up there Justin? I don’t want you cumming yet.”

Justin loved the way she was sucking him but after his first big orgasm all she had managed to accomplish was to get him going for round two. “You’re a great cocksucker, but it’s going to take a lot more before I lose it.”

Reese couldn’t remember ever being this excited or this aroused. Being there in her bedroom sucking her brother’s cock and knowing that she was about to let him fuck her had her heart beating a mile a minute. Even the first night she’d done her cam show didn’t have this strong an effect on her.

The butterflies in her belly and the moist heat between her legs had her in such a sexual frenzy that that her thighs almost trembled in anticipation of feeling his body between them. The feeling that she was about to do something that could never be undone almost took her breath away. It was the same way she felt the day she gave up her virginity and this time she was with someone she was certain loved her.

Reese couldn’t wait anymore. She crawled up over his hard muscled thighs until her demanding little snatch was right above his slippery cock. She took it in her hand and rubbed the head between her labia.

“This is going to feel so fucking good Justin! I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

When she lowered her body and felt his width push into her she groaned in delight. She was wet and ready and his cock was slick with lube and saliva so her channel offered no resistance as his entire length sliced deeply into her.

“Oh fuck I love a hard cock in my pussy…”

Reese slowly rocked her hips, enjoying the sensations that spread over her. He felt thick and hard inside her. Justin cupped her breasts in his large hands and twisted her nipples between his fingers. Reese placed her hands over his, holding them to her boobs. “Mmm that feels so good.”

“Damn you’re so sexy and beautiful Reese. When I saw you on the computer I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m glad you did.” Reese laid down on his chest and brought her lips to his. He kissed her hard, sucking on her lip. Open mouthed, their tongues played and flicked against each other as Justin grabbed her firm ass and drove his cock up an into her.

Reese felt the strength in his hands as he held her hips and his powerful thrusts made her purr like an insistent kitten as he drilled into her. She was losing control of herself and him and she suddenly realized where that would ultimately lead. Reese scratched her nails into his skin, eliciting a deep growl from him and breaking his grip on her hips.

Justin’s body was straining hard with a sheen of sweat making him seem to glow beneath her. Across his chest were several long red marks where her nails had dug in. “Ahhh goddamn Reese. You’re fuckin killing me!”

Reese sat back with his dick sheathed in her hungry channel. She squeezed her kegel muscles around his shaft until she was sure she could feel him throb inside her. “Are you complaining? Just tell me if you want me to stop.” Reese smiled wickedly and produced a small vibrator.

“You like watching me Justin? Look at the computer.” Reese indicated the monitor as the small toy began buzzing softly.

Justin turned toward the monitor and was shocked to see that the camera was still on! He could see her tight body sitting on him in clear detail. Holy shit she’s recording this! The thought shook him to the core but also turned him on immensely.

Between that shock and her pulsing pussy on his cock he grunted and flexed his hips as the first tingle of orgasm hit him. Reese dug her nails into his chest again, snapping him out of it.

She pointed the vibrator at him. “Hey Justin, don’t cum inside me okay? I’m not safe right now. Tell me when you get close!”

“Oh shit, why didn’t you say anything before?”

“Why didn’t you ask?”

Justin started to mumble something but stopped when Reese started buzzing her clit with the vibrator.

“Mmm I want to come on your cock.” Reese flashed her blue eyes brightly at him as the vibrations seared into her clit. The duel sensations of her brother’s cock throbbing inside her while she buzzed her abused clit sent shivers coursing through her.

Justin kept looking at her and the monitor, completely blown away by the whole situation. He could feel the vibrations at the base of his cock travel all the way to his balls and he hung on the edge of his control as he watched Reese masturbate on his dick.

Her auburn hair stuck to her sweat covered shoulders and her nipples were protruding thickly. He rolled them between his fingers as she diddled herself while her breathing grew in deep even breaths. “That’s it Reese, let it happen baby. Cum for me, cum all over my fat cock.”

Reese felt the contractions in her belly and her clit pulsed hotly. Her skin tingled with electricity while she rolled her hips around the iron spike that Justin’s cock had become. “Ooo fuuck I’m gonna…” and then her whole body heaved as her orgasm washed over her.

Justin rolled his sister on her back as she quivered in ecstasy, pulling his dick out of her before he spewed his load. He caressed her body lovingly for what seemed like forever as Reese caught her breath. “I’m never going to get tired of watching you cum Reese.”

Her eyes were just slits but her smile was broad. “You can sit in here and watch anytime you want.”

Justin pointed to the computer. “Aren’t you gonna get in trouble for putting this out there for free?”

Reese laughed. “Were logged off silly. That’s just a copy for us.”

Justin breathed a sigh of relief. “You had me worried for a minute. On the other hand doing you online could be fun too.”

“Mmm, you know couple shows can make good money. There’s just one thing you need to know first though.”

“And that is?”

Reese put her hand around his still hard organ. “You’re going to have to fuck my tight little ass!”

Justin’s mouth watered at the prospect. His sister had completely turned the tables on him and at that moment he felt like hot iron in her hand. “Get on your knees over here…”

Reese put a finger on his lips.”Hold on there big guy. You have to do this right or you’ll tear me in half with that big dick of yours. Sit over here at the side of the bed.”

Justin was growing tired of her taking the lead but figured she may have a point this time. “Okay I’m all yours.”

Reese dropped to her knees in front of him and sucked the spongy purple head into her mouth. Sliding her tongue under his shaft as she sucked, she enjoyed the flavor of her juices on his taunt skin. In a few moments he was as ridged as one of her toys.

Taking the tube of heavy lube she squirted about an inch over the top of his shaft.

“Oh that’s cold!” Justin complained.

“I know but you’re going to love this. Have you ever done a girl’s ass Justin?”

Justin blushed. He’d done two tours of combat and his sister still made him feel like an inexperienced seventeen year old. “No I haven’t, but I’m sure I can do it without hurting you.”

Reese began stroking his cock, smearing the lube over the head and coating the shaft. “I trust you. It’s just your big dick that has me nervous.”

Truthfully anal play had become a big part of her show so she knew she could take him back there. She just wanted to give him some proper lessons.

Once she had him nice and slick, she crawled up on her knees on the bed. Justin licked his lips at the sight of her ass wiggling at him. He came up behind her and gave her a slap on the behind.

“Ahh yeah, spank me like a slut Justin. Do whatever you want to me!”

Justin took the tube and added some lube to her rosebud. Reese squirmed delightfully as he pushed it in easily with his finger.

“Wow, you’re already so slick.”

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