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For Lily. Hope you’re safe wherever you’re at.

– Emma –

My body is aching pretty badly from walking for the past week down the interstate and I’d eaten the last of my food a few days ago, so the travel has been taking its toll on me. As my poor legs took me farther and farther down the seemingly endless path one painful step at a time, my thoughts turn to how easy it had been to come down this very road only three months ago, before the spread of the infection that caused the people it affected to die and later return as rotting cannibals–or simply Creeps. All I had to do was hitchhike for a couple days, it would be smooth sailing.

Things are much more different now, though. Where once I could just stick out my thumb and catch a ride with relatively friendly people, now I can only hope for the off chance that someone on the road will actually stop for a complete stranger. Even if someone does stop there’s always the question of payment, which I’ve either been unable or unwilling to provide. My hopes of making it to the next town are running dry with each passing minute, almost as dry as my throat is feeling now.

The Californian Sun is relentless today and didn’t have the courtesy to hide itself behind a cloud for the shortest length of time. Looking up away from my feet to check for any cars coming from behind me, my attention is drawn to the road sign ahead and I can feel my heart nearly skip a beat in my excitement. Shade at last! My joy is so great that I trip over myself trying to get underneath it despite my foot’s protest and plop down once I arrive. I immediately begin rummaging through my backpack for one of the few bottles of water I have left, and when I eventually find one I down it quicker than I have ever done in my entire life. The cool water passing by my lips feels glorious and I nearly choke in my haste to drink it. Savoring the last few drops of water, I let out a long sigh as I put the empty bottle on the ground beside me. There isn’t much else in the world that could compare to how I feel now after having rehydrated myself. For the briefest of moments I’m in a state of complete bliss, that is until my tummy, having had a taste of water, begins bringing back the incessant pain to remind me I haven’t eaten in what seems like years.

Placing a hand on my stomach to quell the ache, I lie down and reflect on home. This is the first time I’ve ever been outside of Oklahoma, I have rarely gone more than a couple cities past my small hometown until a few months ago, and now I may never get back. I was a fool to leave in the first place, I didn’t just leave my parents and the hateful jackasses behind; I left my friends, family and everything else I ever cared about. My entire life is back there, and it was all left behind when I decided to run. I just hope everything and everybody is still there when or if I get back, I’m not sure I’d be able to deal with it if everything is gone.

After resting for a good while and feeling a little better, my resolve is renewed and I sit back up to continue walking along the road. Before heading off, I realize that in the thrill of finding shade I had forgotten to read the road sign. I move to the other side and find that the next town is forty-five miles farther down the road. Fantastic, it’s probably going to take me the rest of today to get there. It occurs to me that I might need to spend the night on the road instead of entering the town. The Creeps living there, or what qualifies as living, will be walking about the town during the night, and I can’t risk searching for a safe place to sleep with them around.

Now ready to take off again, I resume my march down the interstate, and the familiar pain in my feet join my stomach’s after walking for about a quarter hour. Suddenly, I feel Nature’s call and so I venture off the path and squat behind a bush to make water. I know there’s not really a point in preserving my modesty when there’s nobody on the road, and so few people alive even, but it’s important to me to hold onto things from before the infection, even if it’s taking a leak in private. While relieving myself I look back at the road and my eyes go wide. There’s a car coming my way! I quickly finish my business and pull my shorts back up before running back to the road and extend my hand out. It’s moving at an agonizingly slow speed and my stomach feels like its knotting up as it gets near I close my eyes and hold my breath. Please stop, please stop, please stop.

A few moments later I realize there’s a voice speaking to me. “Hello? Do you need a ride?”

Opening my eyes, I see a raven-haired woman leaning out of the driver side window and my hands immediately slide into my pockets. “Um, yeah, could you please give me a ride to the next town over?” My head dropped dops and I shift my feet. “I have some rubbing alcohol leftover… or maybe a few aspirins?” Please let that be payment enough.

“I can’t take you into the town, but you can come with me to set up camp just outside” she says and gestures towards the car. “Come on over and hop in.”

“Thank you so much,” I blurt while unzipping my pack and walking toward the window to hand her the bottle of disinfectant. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

She gives me a big smile and says, “It’s not a problem, just hurry up and get in. It’ll be dark soon and we don’t want you being attacked by the Creeps, do we?”

I couldn’t believe my luck as I go over to the passenger side, I’m getting a ride and I’ll have a place to stay the night at. The smell of sweat hits my nostrils as I open the door which is enough to make me almost forget how hungry I am; the car is filled with old clothes, a variety of rusty tools and who knows what else. Thank god the windows are open, hopefully the wind will push the stench out.

She must have noticed the look on my face because she laughs and says, “Sorry about the odour, I’ve been camping outside the cities and the car serves as my mobile storage locker.” She flicks a finger at the multiple hanging air fresheners and frowns. “I guess these things aren’t working as well as I thought they were.”

We take off and a few seconds later she turns her head a little to look at me and keep an eye on the road. “So what’s your name, sweetie, and where are you headed? I’m Taylor.”

“My name’s Emma, and I’m trying to get back home.” I add with a frown, “California didn’t have what I was looking for.”

“I’ve heard that story before. The cure for the infection isn’t in California. Believe me, I’ve checked.”

And I’ve heard that before as well. Most people who traveled out west were investigating the rumors that a cure had been discovered and was being sold to whoever could afford it, but I knew better than to believe that. More often than not, a group of bandits would lure them into their hideouts with promises of a cure and subsequently rob them of everything they had. No, I traveled all this way out of desperation for something else.

“I wasn’t searching for the cure.”

She furrows her brow. “No? The cure is what draws practically everyone here. If not for that why did you come here, then?

I don’t want to tell her why I’m here but there’s no way out of her question I can think of, so I decide to give her the short version. “My brother… but he’s gone, so I’m going back home.”

Taylor turns her eyes away from me for a few seconds before looking back. “I’m sorry. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love, too.”

“Pete is not dead! He’s probably with the navy somewhere still, helping to fight the Creeps.” A curious look forms on her face and after a few moments I realize I might have overreacted to an innocent statement.

A couple minutes pass by with me staring out the window and neither of us speaking a word before Taylor breaks the silence to change the subject. “So where’s home for you, Emma? Somewhere in the south, right? You sound like an Okie to me. Your accent reminds me of a girlfriend I once had from before everything went to shit.”

Girlfriend? Did I hear that right? I could feel my face getting warm.

Taylor laughs. “Are you blushing because you’re embarrassed I nailed it or because of what I just said?”

My eyes dart to meet hers for a brief second before jumping away again, I didn’t notice what a pretty shade of green they were before… I think I might be blushing even more now. Damn my pale complexion. “Um, no. I mean yes. I mean, yeah, you nailed it, I’m an Okie.”

She gives me a quizzical look and says, “Relax, honey, it’s nothing to get worked up over. In fact, I think your accent is a little cute.”

I don’t know what to say and begin trying to think of a way to change the subject. Thankfully my belly does it for me with a loud and painful growl.

“Are you hungry? We’re getting near the rest stop I was planning on setting up camp at, and I’ve got a few things to eat in the back.” Taylor cranes her neck behind the seat. “…Somewhere.”

Relieved by the fortunate change in conversation and excited by the prospect of finally getting something, even whatever it is that’s buried beneath the pile of sweaty clothes and god knows what else, to eat I gush, “Oh my god, yes! I ran out of food days ago and haven’t eaten anything since.”

But my delight is quickly slashed down. Tilting my head down and rubbing my tummy I say, “But I don’t really have much left to trade for food.”

I’m fruitlessly digging through my backpack looking for something I can part with when I feel a hand brush back a lock of mocha hair from my moist eyes. “Don’t worry about that, Emma, I’m not going to let you starve just because you can’t pay me.”

Sniffling I ask, “Are you serious? I’ve been told that before only to find out later there’s a different kind of payment they want.”

Those mossy discs of hers widen and her mouth gapes open a little. “What? There’s no way I’d take advantage of you that way. And yes, I am serious. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I did let you starve because, and besides, I’ve got a promise to keep with an old friend.”

Hearing Taylor say that is truly surprising, there was a time when I would have that that was something anyone in the world would do. But if living away from home, especially since the Creep infection spread, has taught me anything it’s that people are selfish by nature and generally won’t go out of their way to help another person in need when it won’t benefit them in some way.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” My voice was shaking and I quickly leaned over to wrap my arms around her, burying my face into her shoulder. “I wish more people were like you.”

Taylor gently presses her mouth against my ear. “Shhh, sweetie, it’s all right.” She brushes the hair from my eyes and wipes a droplet of warm moisture away before hooking her arm around my body to hold me. “We’re almost there now, do you think you can wait for just a little bit longer?” I nod my head and allow myself to feel comforted in this woman’s strong arms as I close my eyes. The pain gnawing at my stomach doesn’t hurt as much with her holding me tight like this.

I can feel the car slow down a little and the soft rocking of the floor; we must be off the main road, it can’t be long now. My thoughts turn to my favorite meal my mom used to make me when I was feeling down: chicken fried steak, fried okra, and mac and cheese, all followed by a heavenly slice of pecan pie… I would give just about anything on Earth to have a home cooked meal like that one last time.

I must have drifted off because my eyelids slowly part and I see these brilliant green orbs looking right at me as Taylor nudges me awake. “We’re here, hun. Come and help me get the camp set up. The sooner we get this done the sooner we can eat.”

Not wanting to wait a second more than I had to I quickly get up and step outside. The fresh air is a welcome change from the confines of the car and I suck in a big breath of it to clear my mind. Looking around, I notice the sun is setting and the lightning bugs are coming out to light up the night. The setting sun is casting a lovely glow over the horizon and onto the many wildflowers that are growing around me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such a beautiful place, and I’m feeling pretty happy that I’ll be sleeping here in the open…especially since Taylor will be near me.

I walk around the car and find Taylor sitting on the ground fumbling with a duffle bag. She pulls out a grey tent case, and I notice the orange one beneath it.

Kneeling down in the grass beside her I ask, “What can I do to help? I’ve never set one of these up before.”

Her eyes catch mine and she raises her eyebrows. “You mean you’ve never been camping before? How does a country girl like you miss out on that?”

My gaze drops down from hers and I pick at a random blade of grass. “I’ve gone camping before. My brother or daddy always set the camp up is all.”

Taylor lets out a chuckle. “Well, it sounds like someone is going to be learning how to tonight, then.” Looking at me biting my fingernails she adds, “It’s not that difficult, don’t worry. I’ll tell you what to do.”

With that she unpacks the tent from the bag and lays all the parts out on the ground. Together we carefully put everything together and have it set up in no time. I’m glad she helped me do it, I may need to do this again in the future.

“Wow, it’s much bigger than I expected,” I say, “it looked so small in the bag.”

“Yeah, it’s certainly an upgrade from my older tent and is pretty easy to carry around. This one is made for two, you know?”

Our eyes meet and I bite my lower lip. “T-two?”

“Yes, you’re okay with that, right? I mean, I still have my older tent if you’re not, and I’d completely understand if you aren’t.”

I sigh inwardly, I thought we were going to be separated. “No, I’m fine. It’s just that… never mind.”

Taylor puts a hand on my shoulder. “You don’t have to worry about offending me, sweetie, I know it’s awkward for someone not like me to sleep with another woman in the same tent together. Here, you can even use this one. I’ll go set up the other for myself, okay?”

She turns to walk back towards the car.


She turns back around and gives me a puzzled look. My gaze immediately drops to my feet and I can feel myself blushing hard. “It’s fine, really. Please, forget I said anything.”

Still looking at me with the same expression she says, “Okay… let’s get inside, then. It’s getting dark.”

Following her inside and sitting on the floor I pull off my backpack and unroll my sleeping mat, resting my head against the pillow. Taylor pulls hers right next to mine and says, “I’m just going to get the rest of my stuff from the car. I’ll be sure to grab some food for us, too, okay?”

My belly rumbles loudly at the mention of food and I rub it with my hand; I’d forgotten how hungry I am after almost having to sleep away from Taylor. I nod my head in acknowledgement and watch her leave while reaching back inside my pack to get my sleeping clothes, a set of my favorite pink pajamas. I know it’s not the best clothing for the cold nights that follow the blistering heat, but they remind me of home and a time before my life was turned upside-down. Hurriedly removing my travel clothes before Taylor comes back, I slip out of my shorts and T-shirt to replace them with my lighter pajamas.

When Taylor comes back into the tent she has a big grin on her face and announces “I’ve got something I think you’ll like.”

She walks over to me and sets down her unzipped backpack which I start searching and pull out a bag of honey glazed pecans.

My face instantly lights up. “No way, I can’t believe you have these!”

“I forgot I had them, to be honest; I’ve never been much for nuts. I only remembered them when you started muttering something about pecan pies.”

Frantically opening up the bag of nuts I grab a couple and pop them into my mouth. I can’t remember the last time something tasted so sweet.

Taylor reaches for the bag she brought in and says, “Woah, slow down there cowgirl. Here, let me get you something to go down with that.” She lifts out a small jar filled with applesauce and twists open the lid. “I’ve always been a sucker for apples.” She pours some into a tin cup. “Try some, I made it myself.”

“You really made your own applesauce?”

Taylor’s chin tips up slightly. “Yeah, and I’ve got a bunch more in the car. It’s real easy to make, actually. All you need is a bunch of apples and a little know-how. The best part is that if it’s canned right it can last for a pretty long time.”

Raising the cup to my mouth and sampling a little, I’m surprised by its taste. It’s not as sweet and is thicker than what I’m used to, but not necessarily in a bad way. I notice her staring at me with those lovely eyes of hers and I begin feeling embarrassed under her gaze. “It’s good, isn’t it?”

Putting a few pecans into my mouth for an excuse to remain silent, I simply nod in response.

A couple handfuls of nuts and scoops of applesauce later, we start to lie down and bid each other goodnight. She is on her side facing my direction, and I don’t think I could do the same and get any sleep, so I curl up a little facing away from her.

It’s strange to me how it can be so hot during the day but get as cold as it is now at night. I can feel goosebumps form on my skin and I start shivering slightly, so I pull my blanket as tight as I can against myself and gently rub my arms. Taylor’s sudden whisper coming from behind causes me to jump.

“Emma, are you okay?” Taylor puts a hand on the back of my shoulder. “You’re freezing!”

“No, I’m f-fine, r-really.”

“No you’re not. Come here.” I feel her strong arms wrapping around me, turning me towards her and pulling me close. She’s holding me still and is burning a hole through my head with her stare–oh, those eyes….

“There, isn’t that much warmer?” My face is certainly getting warmer as I feel myself going red.

I try to hide from that gaze by turning my head into her shoulder. “It’s better, I guess. Thanks.”

Taylor slips an arm underneath the pillow we’re sharing while keeping her other draped across my side and after a long while says, “Emma, do you want to stay with me for a while longer? I know you want to get home but I’m planning on heading East after I finish gathering more supplies. It might take a while, but I don’t think you really have any other option.”

I definitely want to stay with her, I don’t think I ever want to leave but I can’t bring myself to say so. Instead, I try to act offended at her calling me incapable even though it’s probably true.

“What do you mean? I made it here before and it wasn’t that hard.”

She laughs. “This coming from the girl I found dying of hunger on the side of the road and baking in the sun. How did you even make it to California?”

“I hitchhiked when I ran–I mean left home to find my brother.”

Taylor’s mouth drops. “Wait. You’re a runaway, and from before the virus?”

I can feel tears welling up as I turn my head into her neck. With my voice shaking I admit, “Yes.” Droplets started running down my cheeks and I ask, “Will you really take me with you?”

She rubs my back soothingly. “Of course, sweetie, you don’t have to worry. Will you tell me why you ran away from your parents?”

Memories of my secret rush through my mind and how everyone reacted when they found out. I don’t want the same to happen with her, but she’s different. She’s like me. “I don’t know… I’ve only ever told two people and it didn’t turn out so well the last time.”

“You can trust me, Emma.” She cups my chin tenderly with her fingers and her eyes shift downwards to meet my teary ones. “I won’t betray you, no matter what it is.”

Kora sits on a street curb. Her slowly bruising face softly crying into her delicate and shaking hands. Before tonight, Joe has never hit her before. He’s called her names, put her down, and made her cry; but never has laid a hand on her except for this very Saturday night.

Originally, Kora thought she has struck gold finding Joe. Past relationships had never lasted more than a month, and consisted mostly of men pretending to fall in love with her to get sex and leaving her the next day. Kora allowed this because of her irrational fear that she will end up alone. Kora’s only 18 and has guys drooling over her. At 5’9″ she has beautiful long legs that men can’t get enough of. Her hair is long, black and thick. It’s straight unless she curls it. Which she rarely does. Girls are jealous of Kora’s hair. Her eyes are a grey-blue color that could hypnotize anybody who looks at her. Her lips are full, and her teeth are completely straight and white. Her skin is an ivory color, but depending on the day, it can also be olive. On this particular night her skin was ivory. Even though she was a model her confidence was very low.

“Of course you’re pretty, you’re a model. All models are pretty.” That’s what people always said to her.

If Kora had a nickel for every time she told someone “You don’t have to be pretty to be a model,” she would be rich.

Joe had been sweet at the beginning of their relationship. He wasn’t worried about getting married anytime soon. He’s only 22. About 4 months into the relationship they confessed their love for one another. It kind of went down hill from there. He started to drink. Kora thought it was cool that he drank at first, until he started to show up at her house every night, drunk. She would have to take care of him and nurse him every single night. Then the verbal abuse set in.

It was their 10-month anniversary and all Kora wanted was to have one fun night with him. They went to the restaurant that Joe’s parents owned. But of course Joe started to drink. Kora pulled him outside and started yelling at him. She was so sick of everything.

She told him that all she wanted was one fun night; but that he was such an asshole that he couldn’t even give her that. That’s when Joe snapped. He took his big hand and slapped her hard across the face with so much force that she had fallen to the ground. After seeing what he had done, he was so scared that he ran away.

So here we are now. Kora sobbing to herself. She feels a soft finger tap her shoulder. She wipes her eyes and turns around to see a woman. She looks like she’s in her late twenties. Her skin is tan and her eyes are brown. Her flowing black hair compliments her long face.

“Excuse me, are you okay?” She says to Kora. Kora purses her lips and her face turns bright red. Kora doesn’t like crying in front of people. She’s actually painfully shy. The woman sits down next to Kora.

“I’m Stacy.” She says. She puts her arm around Kora, but she flinches so she moves away.

“I’m Kora.” Kora says, trying to hold back tears.

“What just happened here?” Stacy asks her. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

Kora doesn’t understand. Why would a complete stranger care about her?

“Why do you care?” Kora asks. Right after she realizes how rude she sounds.

“Seeing a young woman getting smacked around by her boyfriend isn’t a very pleasant sight, Kora. It’s Kora, right? Beautiful name. I just wanted to help.” Stacy says.

Kora some how feels comfortable with Stacy. She seems sweet, and she’s really pretty. Kora tells her what happened. Stacy listens intently. Stacy already hates Joe listening to the story.

“Right now,” Kora says, sniffing. “Can you not say anything? I don’t want a lecture or anything right now.” Kora is used to her friends and family talking about how much Joe sucks and right now she doesn’t want to hear it.

Stacy’s first instinct is to tell Kora exactly what to do. She has a little daughter of her own and she would kill someone if they ever hurt her.

Kora has no idea, but Stacy is already wet looking at her. She’s thinking of all the things that her and her husband Phil would do to her. They aren’t looking for a complete slave, but someone who they can take care of, and who will be eager to please them. Stacy can see in Kora’s big doe eyes that she’s a submissive. Kora doesn’t know she’s a submissive herself.

Stacy and Phil have been looking for so long and have never found anyone perfect enough for them. Their ultimate fantasy is for her and their fantasy girl [they refer to her as FG] to both be on their knees. FG would suck Phil until he cums into her mouth and she would feed it to Stacy. Stacy can already picture Kora and her passionately kissing, sharing Phil’s salty cum between each other. And Stacy had always wanted a girl to eat her out.

“I won’t say anything, hunnie.” Is all Stacy says. “Why don’t you stay at my place tonight dear? My husband and daughter are out tonight, and I don’t think you should be alone.”

Against everything her mother and father have ever told her about strangers, Kora agrees. They both stand up. When they do, Kora notices that even though she’s tall, Stacy’s an inch taller. This makes Kora happy; she rarely meets girls taller than her.

As they walk to the car, Stacy is horny like crazy. She has so many ideas of what she wants to do with Kora when they get home. She wants to tell Phil but he’ll be gone for 2 weeks because of work. He would be mad if she did anything without him. And what about Kora? What if she isn’t bisexual? Ha, of course she is. Every girl has a bisexual side. But what if Kora gets scared? Stacy wouldn’t let her get away. She’s too beautiful. She’d figure out something if Kora didn’t want to be with her. Stacy makes up her mind. Kora will taste her pussy tonight.

My hands were shaking as I went to go open the front door.

Why I am I so fucking nervous?

Well the answer to the question was obvious. It’s not every day that a girl purposely seduces a man to come to her house and take her virginity. Yeah, I’d say that nervous is allowed in that situation. I honestly don’t even know how I ended up here. Well okay… I do know. About a week’s worth of sexually charged text messages that included a lot of secret confessions. At 22 it was about damn time too. I was tired of waiting. Waiting hadn’t done me any good ever. Waiting had only gotten into this mess. Had I done something sooner maybe something would have been different. Maybe it would have been ok. Or not, who knows. It was too late now. Fuck it, I had made up my mind!

I opened the door and he stood there looking oddly nervous himself. I don’t know why, he had no reason to fear me. Besides the obvious, but he seen my scars so what difference did it make now?

Fuck! Am I supposed to talk? What the fuck do I say?

He grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. It was a deep kiss, and yes I kissed back. How could I not? I missed that kiss more than anything. But it wasn’t mine to have anymore. But for this one day I wanted to at least pretend that it was. I kissed back as he pushed me away from the door and into the living room

“Oh hi there”, I stammered trying to sound seductive but failing miserably.

He had an odd gleam in his eye “Hey”. More kissing, more pushing, in the direction of my bedroom. I grabbed his right hand and lead him to the bedroom. I sat down on my bed, like an eager child begging for attention. Please love me, please love me. So stupid was I, to expect such a thing. Haven’t you learned that lesson yet? You can’t have what you want. If I couldn’t have that, at least I wanted this physical act. As I sat on the bed he hovered over me. I felt this breath on my neck. I instantly got chills. He pulled my dress down around my shoulders, exposing my bare breasts. He kissed me again, and then went right to work. He wasted no time, considering that I was probably short on it.

He took my left breast in his mouth, licking and sucking it gently. He then proceeded to the right one. I could feel my heart racing, and my underwear getting damp. In one swift motion he pulled my dress completely off me. He gazed for a moment before moving his hand to my underwear. Though the fabric he gently rubbed the damp spot that was steadily growing. He took my left nipple between his teeth and nibbled gently. That sent me over the edge, and I found myself gasping. After some more teasing and rubbing he pulled my underwear clear off. I was completely exposed. He took off his own clothing.

Now he started getting more forceful, which only turned me on more. He pushed me over on the bed and brought his fingers to my virgin territory. I was plenty wet, and he had no trouble pushing his fingers deep into me. I felt that familiar sensation of wanting more. He finger fucked me, and I couldn’t contain my moans anymore. Just as I was about to reach my breaking point, he pulled his fingers out of me and shoved them into my mouth. I taste I knew well, but could never get enough of.

He spun himself around and grabbed my wrist. “Sit on my face.” I had no words, I just did has he commanded. This was always my favorite part of our little games. Of course I would never admit that, it felt too dirty to say so. I worked myself to get into position but he stopped me. “No, face the other way.” I knew what he wanted. I spun myself around to face his cock. I had seen it before sure, and had even had the pleasure of touching a few times, but never with my mouth.

Oh God. I don’t know how to do its! What if I’m terrible at it? I’m probably terrible at it. He’s going to think I’m awful! What the fuck do I do!?

I had no more time to think about it, his tongue was already buried in my wetness. I felt my ability to move slowly draining away, I had to act. I gripped the base firmly and lowered my mouth onto it. It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. It tasted right. I did my best to imitate what I had seen from watching hours of porn. He forced my head down lower as his tongue went deeper. He licked my clit feverishly. My ability to move drained quickly. His tongue was feverishly exploring areas I didn’t even know I had. As he sucked on my clit I knew I was close. I felt my hips convulsing and the orgasm hit me like no other had before. I jerked and moaned and choked on his cock a little, an amateur move. Saliva dribbled down his shaft. I wanted to put his cock back in my mouth but he rolled me over and got on top of me. This was the part I had been most nervous about.

You are about to boldly go where no man has gone before… what can I say… I’m a nerd

He positioned himself over me and kissed me once more. I was already dripping wet, so he had no trouble slipping in. It was an odd sensation. Full, big, complete, and just right. He pinned me down and I felt insanely naughty. He shoved himself deeper into me and let out a small moan, his first for the whole encounter. I braced my hand on the headboard as he began to thrust deep into me. It was a jostling, and amazing feeling. I started letting out involuntary little screams. I felt my pussy contracting around him, pulling him in deeper. I wanted all of him in me.

Suddenly he flipped me over again and buried my head into a pillow. He propped my hips up and came in from behind. It was deeper and fuller this way, more animalistic. He thrust became harder and deeper and with each one my little screams turned into louder ones. Fireworks going off in my head. It felt like I was getting used, it felt fantastic. I had always been a dirty slut, but I had never let it out until now. I was a cock loving woman who wanted nothing more than to be fucked long and hard.

Another orgasm hit me, this time in waves. One after another, I felt my hips convulsing around him as my body involuntarily tried to meet his thrusts. The moisture from me increased and so did his speed. He was now pounding into harder than I ever thought possible. He breathing increased, and he let out a deep moan. I felt his cock throbbing inside me, and then it exploded. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. His cum dripped down off my pussy and onto the sheets. He pulled out of me and wiped his cock on my ass. A symbol of dominance or control or whatever, but I loved it.

Congratulations self…you’ve been officially fucked…

Finally, the crazy, horny, nymphomaniac beast within me had been fed.

What followed was awkwardness to putting on clothing and avoiding eye contact. I did look him in the eye once, but I couldn’t bring myself to say what I wanted to say. Instead it simply came out as, “Thank you.”

To be continued… I hope…

Snoring, the girl lay in the warm bed, limbs pointing in all directions. Her black hair was strewn all over the place in wild disarray. Yawning she woke up. Rubbing her eyes, she rose and shuffled towards the bathroom. Scratching her butt she glanced at herself as she passed the mirror.

She froze.

“What the…!?” Eyes widening, she grabbed her breasts. Momentary struck dumb she thought of the previous night and a memory clicked into place. Her features lit up with a gigawatt smile.

“Al right, I did it!” she squealed, jumping up and down and attempted a hula dance just for the heck of it. Returning his hands to his breasts he squeezed, scared that it will go away. When was the last time he got a chance to fondle a girls boobs? Like… forever! And to think, all that time he spent in developing the medication actually paid off. A guy has become a girl!

“O yes, Steve you truly are a genius.” he chuckled to himself.

Still abusing his breasts he looked at the rest of his body. The girl looking back at him was not a curvaceous sex goddess, but the handful tits and firm ass are good enough for what Steve has planned…

Leaving the breasts for later examination, he walked towards the package on his cabinet and ripped off the wrapping. Taking out the contents, he slips on a thong over his slender legs. The thong felt weird, like something should have been there but wasn’t.

Shrugging, he puts on the matching bra. Bummer. It seems as if it’s too big. Guess he was a little too optimistic; he will have to go without one. Slipping on the dark grey shirt and a black skirt, he turned to the mirror to see the result. The shirt does not fit him as well as he liked, but it will do. Perhaps later he can go do some mayor shopping.

“Well Steve, it’s time to get party started.” Packing the rest of the contents from the package into his bag, he saunters out of his apartment towards the public swimming pool. The swimming pool is only a few blocks from his house and he had no trouble on the way there. Although he got some glances from some men, he tried to ignore them.

He walked inside the reception area, nervously looking around. Did he look weird? Did anyone suspect him to be more then he appears? It was highly unlikely that someone would guess his secret, but he still felt the tension of the moment. Spotting Rebecca sitting behind the front desk, he walked towards her.

Rebecca was working at the front desk since the day he has joined the swimming lessons the previous year. She always seemed irritated if you disturb her from reading her book and not once gave him a smile, even if he tried to make a little joke. After some futile attempts with small talk, he gave up. Even he got the message load and clear. Buzz off.

“Hello, I would like to join the morning swimming lessons please,” he said, giving her a nervous smile.

A flash of irritation swept across her face. Her eyes were drawn upward from the book, slowing as his cleavage came into view and then continuing on to his face. Her eyes were searching his, sizing him up.

“Excuse me, could you repeat that?” she said.

“I’m here for the morning swimming lessons?” he said, his voice rising a little at the end from anxiety, making the statement almost sound like a question.

“Sure. Do you have a membership card?”

After rummaging around in his bag, he gave her his card. Taking it she looked at it and frowned. “This is not your card.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, this card is Steve Stephenson’s and you are clearly not him,” she explained, showing and tapping on the picture of the card. Fuck! He forgot that the card was from the time he was male.

“Well… er… that is my brother’s card and he gave it to me for today.”

“Well usually no member card, means no entrance, but I think I will make an exception for you. Just make sure that you eventually get one for yourself, or I might get into trouble.”

“Really!? Thanks, I owe you one!’

“Of cause.” She said, giving him a smile. A smile! How did he do that? Shaking his head in disbelief he walked towards the dressing rooms. His back turned, he did not see Rebecca licking her lips.

Stopping before the door to the women’s changing room his thoughts returned towards the plan he made. Since the time he became aware of girls he always wanted to see within the girls changing rooms. Fantasies of what happens in there always excited him. And now was the chance he was waiting for a very long time. His paradise awaits him.

Taking a deep breath he twisted the handle and walked into the room.


It looked like all the other women have already changed and gone towards the swimming pool. Sadly it seemed that his paradise has not yet come.

With a sigh he dropped his bag on the bench and took out his swimsuit. He climbed out of his clothes and slipped on his swimsuit. The swimsuit, a blue one-piece, clung into every crevice of his body, the rubbery fabric squeezing every bulge, pronouncing his form rather then hiding it. How women could feel comfortable walking around like that only they knew. Walking towards the swimming pool it almost felt like every eye was drawn towards his feminine body, his imagination going into overdrive.

Nearing the swimming pool he heard furious splashing as the other participants was going through the paces. Glancing around, he spotted the head trainer and went to her. The last few weeks he was under her tutelage and she was formidable. Toned muscles bulging against her attire, she was a retired swimmer that once took part in international competitions. Although she was pleasant when you talked to her in normal situations, she accepted no tardiness when near a pool.

As Steve approached Maria, she turned her head towards him and sized him up.

“Yes? Can I help you?” she said. Feeling uncomfortable under her gaze, he folded his arms under his breasts and shifted from foot to foot.

“I’m here to join the swimming lessons, ma’am.”

“Swimming lessons? You are late, the lessons for women has started half an hour ago.”

“Yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.”

“I take it that it is your first time joining these classes?”

“N… err… Yes ma’am.”

Rolling her eyes, she gestured towards a group of girls waiting a few feet away. “Join the group over there; they should be around the same age as you. If you wish to join these lessons then I expect punctuality from now on. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly ma’am.”

Before the instructor strips him of his hide, he hurried to the group for the days lessons. For the next two hours they were drilled into the right form of swimming. Every time someone finished a length the instructor explained to them what the person did wrong. If someone did a movement exceptionally well, the person was used as an example. Since Steve already had some experience he often had to play this role today.

Throughout the lesson he was kept so busy that he did not even have time to ogle at his fellow students. Worn out and feeling abused he joined the other girls as they went towards the changing rooms. The girls gaggled, some complaining about the excessive amount of lengths they had to swim, some pleased with their improved times. Unknown to the girls there was traitor within their midst’s, Steve started grinning. The excitement within him was rising with anticipation. It was almost time…

The group of girls entered the changing rooms and scattered towards their clothes that was deposited on the wooden benches. Most of the girls were athletic and with taunt thighs. Hardened by the icy water of the swimming pool the nipples poked through the thin materials. One girl reached behind her neck to untie her bikini top, another pulling the shoulder straps of her one-piece down the sides of her arms until her breasts sprung free. All around him girls started to undress, some giggling and some blushing.

“Gawwwd…” Steve gasped. His eyes devoured the offered flesh around him, the mind momentary paralyzed by the scene. His fantasy unfolded before him and it was better then he had hoped. The sheer taboo of what he was doing was driving him over the edge. His breath labored with excitement, blood rushing through his veins. Most of his experience of nude women was of pictures he found on the net, so a person could argue that he should be used by the sight. But who was he kidding… confronted by this huge amount of flesh will fizzle most men’s minds.

While staring around him his eyes caught a girl frowning at him. O shit!

His face flushed red; he quickly turned around and hurried to the showers keeping his head down. He hoped that she did not think too much of him. Perhaps he was a bit too blatant with his appreciation. Well it was just one little slip up. He just has to avoid making that mistake in the future.

He quickly stripped the swimsuit and stepped into the shower. Lathering his hands with soap he started washing the chloral residue from his body… and lo and behold that same girl stepped into the shower next to him. His hands momentarily froze as he waited for the bomb to drop.

Flicking her wetted brown hair from her face she looks at him and grins. “I’m Alice, nice to meet you. What’s your name?”

“What!?” What happened to the A-bomb that was about to explode?

“Your name silly, you know, what they use to call you?”

His jaw fell open while his mind tried to adapt to this situation. “I’m… errr… Claire.”

She threw him a half smile. “Nice to meet you Claire. Big Matilda sure is brutal, don’t you think?”

“Big who?”

“The instructor, Maria. We call her that, since… well, you know.”

“O yeah, that she is.” He hurriedly continues washing himself. He must get as fast as possible out of this girl’s firing range. Who knows when she will start mauling him?

“I’m impressed by your swimming earlier. Do you enjoy swimming?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Where did you swim before you came here? I don’t know of any places nearby.”

Steve’s face fell a bit. “Err… some other place.”

“Hmmm.” She thoughtfully tapped on her chin while scrutinizing him as he desperately tried to look innocent.

“You new in this area?” she asked, a smirk playing on the corners of her mouth.

“You could say that.”

“Well in that case, how about you come to my house? A new girl like you seems to be in a need of a girl friend.”

“What!? Your home!? With you!? Right now!?” he spluttered. What does a girl like this want with a guy… no scratch that, a girl like him? Does she have a hit squad waiting for him?

Alice gave him a wicked grin. “No not right now, after this shower. And why not?”

“But it’s so sudden!” he whispered heatedly, trying not to draw too much attention from the other girls in the area.

“Well I am an impulsive girl. You have time right, Claire?” she turned towards him and cocked a hip, flashing him a smile.

Quickly glancing at her he realized that he missed out on a prime delicacy earlier. She had a firm body which was toned with repeated exercise and her small ripe globes begged to be squeezed. “Well, y-yeah.” He stuttered, staring at scrumptious body before him.

“Good, then it is settled. And don’t just stand there. Scrub like you mean it!” she quipped, going back to scrubbing herself.

While foaming up his body, he kept glancing out of the corner of his eye towards Alice, following her hands. She lathered her soft body with slow gliding motions, covering it in soapy bubbles. Sometimes her hands seem to slow down to squeeze and rub every available inch, drawing out the moments just a tad too long. He wondered if she was teasing him, but that is not possible in the real world. Why would this girl tease him, he is a girl for Pete’s sake! He must be imagining it. But even so, he was enjoying the scene. Unfamiliar sensations were playing inside his body, an itch that he could not place.

Alice stopped washing herself and let the warm water rinse off the soap, making her body shine. Squeezing the last drops from her body she steps out of the shower towards a bench where all her casual clothes are draped. Quickly following suit, Steve headed out of the shower and began to change quickly, embarrassed being nude in front of all the girls. Even though he was now also a girl and there were physically no difference between him and them, it still felt wrong somehow.

“Could you give me a hand? My dress is awful to zip up on my own.” she called over to Steve.

Feeling like he was approaching a dangerous cat, he crept closer. He reached out a trembling finger and gripped the zipper, slowly closing her dress up.

“Right!” [He flinched from her sudden outburst.] “Come along; we have maaany things to discuss!” she said, skipping her way towards the exit. Muttering beneath his breath, he grabbed his bag and followed her.

They walked passed Rebecca on their way to exit. Alice waved at Rebecca and called out: “Bye Beccy! See you next time.”

Rebecca glanced up from her book, nodded at them and continued to read, a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. They stepped outside and walked to the parking lot. The car was an old… something. He was not a great car expert, but it was blue and seemed well looked after. They climbed in and drove towards her house while Alice listened to a pop song, tapping and humming in tune. Feeling uncomfortable by the lack of conversation between them he decided to start a conversation.

“Is this your car?”

“Yes, it sure is.”


Well, he was not greatest conversationalist and old habits die hard. But not to be undone by fate he cleared his throat and decided to try again.

“So you live around here?”

“Uh huh. Otherwise I wouldn’t go to that public swimming pool.”


Hopeless indeed.

Stopping in front of her house, they climbed out. Fumbling in the garden, Alice pulled out a key that was hidden beneath a rock and unlocked the door, ushering Steve inside.

“Where are your parents?” Steve said, looking left and right.

“They are both at work. They should be back around six.” Alice said, walking towards the kitchen with Steve following. She opened a fridge and bends down rummaged inside, showing off her taunt legs.

“Claire, do you want something to drink?”

“Err… water would be ok.”

Alice looked over her shoulder and cocked an eyebrow, “You sure? We have lemonade.”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t want to impose.”

Harrumphing she took two glasses, filled them both with lemonade and thrust one into his hand.

“You know, if a host offers you something, it would not be considered imposing at all if you would accept her offer.” she teased.

“Sorry. I did not mean it as an insult.”

“It’s fine. Just remember it for the future.”

“Ok. I’m really sorry though.”

“Like I said it’s fine. Come, let’s go to the lounge.”

They went towards the room next door. A few sofas were arranged in a semi-circle in the middle of the room towards a television set. On shelves next to the television set there was a whole selection of movies. Quickly glancing at the list it seemed that they have collected most of the top films produced in the last few years.

Stopping near the shelves, he looked nervously at the sofas and wondered on which one he should sit. He did not want to stoke her ire further by sitting on her favorite spot. Alice eyed him for a few moments and suddenly burst out laughing.

“You are hopeless! You can’t even decide where to sit! It would not surprise me if you never had any luck finding a man.” she gasped, struggling to get her breath.

He sheepishly stood there, not knowing what to say. Still laughing she pulled him down onto the sofa with her.

Eventually catching her breath, she turned towards him. “Well did you ever manage to get a man?”

“Err… no. I haven’t thought that far.” he muttered, sipping his lemonade. He was not gay and would never consider turning over to the dark side. He liked women too much. Not that he had any luck with women either, otherwise he would not have gone through all this trouble.

Giving him a knowing smile, she dropped the bomb. “Sooo, did you like the view at the swimming pool?”

“W-what do you mean?” Drats! He thought he got away with that.

“O don’t you dare try to hide it. I saw you staring at this!” she gestured at her body.

“Err…No no, it’s because I’m not used showering with other girls. I usually do it alone.”

“Reeaally?” she asked, clearly not believing him. “Well in that case we should help you get… acquainted with other girls.”

“Huh!? Acquainted?” he squirmed in his seat.

“Suuure. I promise you it would be fun.” she purred, putting her hand on his leg.

“B-but I’m a girl! You know that right?” his eyes darting left and right. He put his lemonade on the table, not sure what to do under her scrutiny.

“So? I don’t mind and I am sure you wouldn’t mind either. After that scene at the showers, I thought it would be fun to have a change of scenery.” She gave him a Cheshire grin and slowly slid her hand upwards. Her hand softly glided over his inner thigh, now and then squeezing, until she stopped it close to where his thighs meet. His breath has become ragged with excitement and fear, not sure if he should run or not.

“Do you want me to stop or go on?” Alice breathed into his ear.

That was some question.

Deathly afraid of women his whole life, he avoided them at all costs. That does not mean that he didn’t have an interest in women, it is because he just felt clueless. Clueless of why they do things in the manner they do, almost as if they communicated on a different level. Clueless of what they think of him.

When he saw a girl he liked, he would just hover around her, but never start a conversation. Feign indifference, scared of what she would do if she knew he liked her. In desperation he spend a lot of time creating this medicine, in order to learn how they see the world, but also to get his rocks off.

What was happening now was definitely not what he had planned at all. Looking at her now, he found her alluring. Here was someone who knew what she wanted and was prepared to chase it with whatever it took, so different from him.

“Y-you sure? I don’t have a lot of experience with… you know.” he stammered, his lower lip quivering.

Alice’s eyes softened a bit, before she gave him a brilliant smile. “Don’t worry Claire, I will teach you everything… in… great… detail.” Leaning forward, she pressed her lips against his. His back tensed upon the contact, but the tension gradually flowed from Steve, allowing her to continue. Alice’s lips quirked into a smile as they kissed, pleased that Steve was relenting.

Alice raised her hand on Steve’s leg and caressed his stomach, slowly moving upwards. He shivered under her touch, enjoying the intimacy. She reached Steve’s breasts and froze. Breaking the kiss and she cocked an eyebrow in question.

“No bra? Not what I was expecting…”

His face flushed beet red, not knowing what to say.

“Full of surprises hmmm? Well let’s see what… other surprises you are hiding.” Eyes twinkling with mischief, she reached around Steve and lifted his shirt. He hesitated at first; he raised him arms letting Alice remove his shirt. Tossing it aside she moved over Steve, straddling him and greedily mashed her lips against his, continuing where they left off. Her right hand squeezed and pinched his breast, each time sending subtle jolts of pleasure through his body.

The unfamiliar sensations that he felt at the showers returned, burning inside of him. The kiss and the fondling seem to stoke a fire that he couldn’t quite fully explain. One thing he could say is that his nether region felt increasingly… empty. The need to be gloriously filled pulsed from it, begging Steve for release. When he rubbed his legs together to somehow relieve the need, it had the opposite effect, the throbbing heat rising.

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