AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story includes both bi-female, threesome, group, and bi-male scenes. If you do not like or have an aversion to two men doing anything together, skip this story, or just read until the second male arrives. It wont leap into it suddenly, you’ll know its coming.


I don’t focus well during school classes. Today was even worse. After having sex for the first time with my adopted legal guardian last night, I spent the entire day thinking about what had happened, applying that experience to Kari, my current crush. She’s also my date for prom tomorrow night, so the last thing I wanted to do was tell her what had happened. I don’t have class with her this quarter, thankfully.

Usually it was a downer that we only had that one class together, but today I was relieved. I wasn’t sure I wanted to face her. When I was waiting for my first period class to start I got a text message from her that she had a doctor’s appointment during lunch period, so I knew I wouldn’t have to face her then. By the end of the day I wasn’t worried about it anymore. The initial fear had past and I knew as long as I didn’t talk about it, then no one knew and it wouldn’t come up. We weren’t really dating, but anytime you start an excuse with, “Technically, dot, dot, dot,” it’s still not going to end well. I would tell her once I got to know her better and could guess how she would react. Having decided that, the rest of the day was a breeze.

When my gym class ended at 3pm I got in my car and went home. I noticed Kate’s car in the driveway which was unusual. Her normal Friday hours put her working until 7 or 8pm in town at her boutique. When I walked in the front door I heard her talking in the living room, and when I went past on my way upstairs to my room, I saw her talking to her best friend, Sarah.

Sarah was like Kate, they both grew up in foster care, bouncing around like I did, and they were both close enough to each other that they remained friends for their entire teenage lives. She was petite, very petite, and much shorter than Kate and a year younger at 31 years old. She was around 5’0 give or take an inch. She had shapely hips but up top she was lacking compared to Kate, and only had small C cup breasts. While Kate was a brunette with a natural curl in her long hair, Sarah was a golden blonde, with straight as a rule hair that was cut just below her jaw line. She had pale blue eyes, not nearly as noticeable as Kate’s, and a flat ass. She was not a head turner when it came to her body, but her face was exceptionally cute. If you weren’t picky about bodies, then you would have no hesitation saying yes to her.

I noticed their conversation shift into whispers when they heard me come in, and immediately I was nervous. What had Kate told her?! I tried to act casual, and waved as I went upstairs to my bedroom. I heard a giggle escape from Sarah and I was glad the wall of the stairway hid my red face. I threw my bag onto my floor and collapsed onto my bed. I was completely embarrassed, and I felt like I had made a huge mistake the night before. I should have pushed Kate away, but I was too excited to say no. After lying on the bed for a few minutes I decided I needed a shower. I had the reek of gym class on me so I stripped down to my boxers and went to the shared upstairs bathroom.

Jim and Kate did not have a master bath in the house when they bought it, so one thing they splurged on was fixing up the upstairs bathroom into a luxury spa. They absorbed the small office next to it and gutted the entire room. They put in a huge Jacuzzi bathtub big enough for four people, his-and-hers countertop, and both a toilet and a bidet. The bidet was weird at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times, you won’t go back. There was also a small shower stall, but the Jacuzzi tub had wrap around nozzles in the wall, plus a waterfall-like faucet overhead. A drain trough built into the floor surrounding the tub allowed them to skip the walls around the tub leaving it open.

I skipped the tub today and used the small glass walled shower stall. I turned the water on letting it steam up as I gathered a towel from the small closet and set it on the counter. I threw my boxers onto the floor and admired myself in the mirror before climbing into the shower. The water was hot on my skin, the way I liked it. The glass of the stall had completely steamed up, and I just stood under the spray for a few minutes. I had just started lathering up with soap when I heard the door open.

“I’m in here,” I hollered, “You can use the bathroom downstairs.”

“Oh, okay.” I heard Sarah say. The door clicked shut and I went back to washing. I had scrubbed all the important parts and was letting the water rinse the lather away when the glass shower door opened. I jumped and spun and found myself face to face with a completely naked Sarah. She smiled at me and her perky breasts ended in large hard nipples. I couldn’t help but let my gaze go lower and I saw she was completely shaved, no pubic hair at all. She came into the stall and pushed me against the wall, closing the door behind her.

“I’ve heard you had some after school tutoring last night.” She told me. My mouth hung open, not knowing what to say. “Consider me another one of your tutors.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up, forcing me to catch her and hold on to her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her bare pussy rubbed against my enlarging cock and her hard nipples raked across my wet chest as she firmly kissed me. I pulled back, a hundred thoughts going through my mind, and uncertainty about which to listen to.

“I can’t I’ve got a date with Kari.” I managed, but even I didn’t believe it.

She narrowed her eyes seductively, “Are you two dating?” she asked. I shook my head weakly. “So it’s just a first date?” she confirmed. I nodded.

“Then this is okay,” she told me, and she reached up, put her hand on the back of my head, and yanked me toward her planting her lips on mine. I kissed back, letting my tongue explore her mouth as she explored mine. I slowly turned around, putting her back against the wall of the shower stall. Holding her up with my body I lowered a little and started sucking on her magnificent tits. I could feel the hardness of her nipples, and she cooed as I sucked and licked them, splitting my time between each. She pushed me back and lowered herself back onto the floor of the stall and knelt down. My cock was hard and she took hold of it and teased it, licking just the last centimeter with her tongue and lips, letting my desire build. Instead of taking its length into her mouth she kissed down the shaft and then down to my balls.

She sucked one in, rolling it around with her tongue and she sucked, and slowly stroked the length of my cock with her hand. She had her other hand on my thigh caressing it. She switched balls, sucking the other one, and going back and forth between them. After a moment of that she let her tongue lick from the bottom of my balls all the way up my cock to the tip and then gobbled it, taking most of it into her mouth. I fell back against the glass wall, closing my eyes as she sucked. I put my hand on the back of her head, letting it rest there and after a moment she pulled back, just lightly teasing the head of my cock again. I looked down, frustrated she had practically stopped.

“Next lesson,” she said, “Learning when girls want you to take charge.” I was confused, and she took my hands and put one on the back of her head, and made my other take a handful of her hair. “If you want more, take more.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, and she went back to merely teasing my cock. I tried to pull her into it, but I didn’t want to hurt her, and she easily resisted my timid pulls. “No, you’re just making suggestions at what you want me to do.” She shook her head, “I want you to MAKE ME do it.” She told me.

I gripped her hair tighter and really yanked her onto my cock; shoving her head and pushing her down, making her take the entire 7 inches of my hard cock. She pulled back and I shoved her down again, and she moaned as she went down, sucking eagerly. After a few seconds she pulled off of it. “That’s more like it.” She continued to suck me and I heard the door open. I nearly panicked, but Sarah kept going, her wet blonde hair sticking to her head and my hands. The door opened and Sarah stood and disappeared out of the cloud of steam.

I stepped out of the shower stall wiping the water from my eyes and saw that Sarah was kissing Kate hard on the lips. She was naked, her large tits pressing against Sarah’s, their legs gliding together rubbing and intertwining. I hadn’t thought it possible but my cock got even harder. As Sarah stepped away I saw Kate had a huge cock strapped to her hips. Leather straps wound their way around her hips like a funny pair of underwear. The cock was a natural skin tone white, and past the harness it changed shape into a long slender piece which disappeared into the crevices of her legs.

Kate saw me looking at it and explained, “It’s a strap on. It lets me fuck Sarah while the anal and vaginal plugs vibrate so I get off too.” Sarah turned and grabbed me by the arm pulling me into the hallway as Kate followed with her dong bouncing as she went. Sarah led me into Jim and Kate’s bedroom with a massive King size bed in the middle. She pushed be back onto the bed and climbed over me. I saw Kate reach into a dresser drawer and pull out a small bottle. She dribbled something onto the dong and then stroked it, smearing it around. She came to the bed and grabbed my hard cock, smearing the lube on it, then dribbled some more from the bottle and smeared that in until my cock was slick with it.

“I think Sarah’s pussy is plenty wet.” I told her. Both Kate and Sarah laughed.

“I’m sure it is,” Kate said, “but that’s not where you’re playing today.”

Sarah pushed me back against the covers of the bed and turned around. My cock waved in the air and she squatted over it and then slowly lowered herself onto it, letting it slowly penetrate her anus. I panicked, I was worried she was going to hurt herself and as soon as I felt her tight hole squeezing my cock I decided to shut the hell up about it.

She slid down my cock until she was all the way down. To test it she leaned back and braced with her arms pushing herself up and down on my cock, which slid easily in her ass. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed the mounds of her breasts as I slowly ground my hips letting my cock ride her ass. I could feel her tight around my cock, and felt each movement as my cock slipped up and down inside.

“Oh, yes!” she cried out. I felt something else with her and looked around her to see Kate kneeling in front of us both, pushing the dong into Sarah’s pussy. She thrust in and out and I just laid there feeling her thrusts rubbing against my cock in Sarah. Each thrust pushed Sarah up and back down, and I realized that we could both lie back and take it. I took the opportunity to tease Sarah’s nipples and kissed her neck and shoulders. She moaned and screamed as with both penetrated her. A few minutes later she cried out in orgasm, her ass clenching tight against my cock, pushing me over the edge and shooting my load into her. I felt Kate pull out of her and Sarah collapsed onto me, panting and repeating, “Oh my god!” again and again.

Kate smiled and climbed over by me. I was intimidated as the glistening dong bounced up and down in my face. Kate grabbed my hair, it hurt a little but I was more curious about her intentions, and she thrust the dong into my mouth making me suck off Sarah’s cum. After a few gentle thrusts she pulled it out and let go of my head. She reached around her waist and undid the clasps to the harness and let it pull out of her, trailing strings of cum from her pussy. Sarah climbed off of me and took it from her, sucking Kate’s cum off the vibrator part of the dong and then throwing it aside.

Sarah swung around and sat on my stomach as Kate moved around past my head. I was focused on Sarah, who was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples when Kate climbed over me and stuck her pussy right in my mouth, her cum already dripping onto my lips. She leaned forward and started kissing Sarah and I greedily sucked her juices up. Sarah leaned down and sucked Kate’s tits. After a couple minutes Sarah climbed up and disappeared. I thought we were done, but Kate didn’t move, and just tweaked my nipples as I licked and sucked her pussy. A moment later Sarah returned and I felt her aggressively wiping my cock with a warm soapy towel. After she had scrubbed it clean she wiped it again with a soft wet clean towel.

“Never forget to clean your cock after anal play,” she told me. Kate leaned forward and took my still flaccid cock into her mouth, sucking and licking while I ate her out. Sarah climbed up next to me, snatched my hand from around Kate and forced my hand on her pussy. I didn’t hesitate to stick my fingers into her and she started gyrating back and forth in time to my thrusts. It hadn’t taken long for my cock to get hard again, and Sarah climbed down and took turns with Kate as they both sucked my cock and balls.

Not one to keep her toys to herself, Kate rolled to her side allowing Sarah to position her pussy over my mouth. I quickly started eating her out while she sucked me. She tasted slightly different from Kate; neither bad nor good. She was just different, less sweet, slightly salty but not overly so. I sucked up as much of her juices as I could, sucking on her swelling labia and clit, and sticking my tongue into her hole and swirling it around as she moaned on my cock. When she came again I sucked in her cum and it oozed from her pussy. She became extremely sensitive, and slid away from me. When I glanced over I saw Kate and pulled out a dildo, and was ramming it into her pussy while trading my cock with Sarah. I felt that now familiar sensation of building toward orgasm and still Kate and Sarah sucked. Just before I came Kate let go of my cock letting Sarah come down on it and I shot my load into her mouth. She sat up and I watched her move toward Kate and she dribbled my cum from her mouth into Kate’s. Something about it was so hot I felt like I could cum again. Thankfully I didn’t. And together they collapsed next to me, all of us panting. We cuddled together for a few minutes, and I fell asleep, exhausted from gym, and then the marathon sex with Kate and Sarah.

I woke up hearing the front door close and Jim yelling that he was home. I looked around and panicked, lying on Jim’s bed naked, with his wife naked at my side, and her best friend at the other. I heard him climbing up the stairs and I tried to wrestle out from underneath Kate and Sarah. I swore it felt as if they were holding me down but they were passed out. I start struggling more, getting my arm out from underneath Kate, and then from Sarah, my limp cock flopping around. I was free, and turned to see Jim standing in the door, still dressed in his suit, bag in hand. He dropped it to the floor, mouth agape.

“What the fuck?!” he yelled. I scrambled backward, toward the head of the bed. He came toward the edge of the bed on the left, so I scrambled to the right, climbing over Sarah, my cock flopping on her face, but I hardly noticed. Again he yelled, “What the fuck!?”

“Jim, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, it just happened, and I was naked, and they were naked, and they started kissing me, and sucking me-” I rambled, panicked, and then froze as all three of them, Jim, Kate and Sarah started laughing.

I was extremely confused. “Do you think I’d have fucked you last night if Jim and I hadn’t talked about it before?” Kate asked.

I had no answer for her. “Or do you think she’d have fucked you with Sarah today if she hadn’t called me this morning and told me about last night?” Jim added.

Again, I was completely blank. I swore my mind must have rebooted, Blue Screen of Death in my head. They laughed again, and Kate got on her knees, level with Jim and gave him a big welcome-home kiss. Sarah climbed over the bed next to them and joined in the hug, adding in her kiss as Jim squeezed her tit and then gave her ass a loud slap as she turned away.

I fell onto the bed, in shock and relief. I still wasn’t sure if I was in the right, or still wrong, but I wasn’t dead yet so it didn’t matter. Sarah climbed over, wrapping her legs around me and laying her head on my shoulder, looking at Jim and Kate. Jim walked to their walk in closet, taking his tie off, and hanging his suit jacket up. I saw him lift his leg up, flipping off his shoe, and then the other. I turned back to Sarah who started kissing my neck softly and I kissed her back.

Kate snuggled next to me on my right, and whispered in my ear, “We’re swingers.” She told me.

“I don’t know what that means,” I admitted. The two women giggled at my ignorance.

“It means we have sex with other people. It’s not something we broadcast, obviously, or we’d have never gotten to foster you, let alone adopt you, but we think what we do to get off is none of anyone else’s business. We’ve had entire orgies downstairs when you’ve been gone doing stuff on the weekends.” She told me.

Jim came out of the closet, completely nude with his huge cock flopping around. It was clearly a little larger than mine, I felt intimidated, but Sarah put her finger on my mouth, “Don’t get upset,” she said, reading my thoughts, “His is bigger, but yours is still much bigger than average. Don’t worry about it.” I let it go. Jim climbed up onto the bed and sidled up to Kate who reached down and started stroking his limp enormous cock. He quickly got hard and Kate spread her legs, letting him push into her lying on their sides with Kate facing Sarah and I. He fucked her for a few minutes as they traded looks, both moaning and grunting while Sarah just laid on me, snuggling.

“You’ve pretty much seen the basics.” Sarah told me. “There’s more,” she paused, choosing her words, “specialized fetishes, but we don’t really do most of them.”

I nodded, distracted by Jim thrusting into Kate. He was larger than me in physical size in addition to his cock, more muscular, but not what I would consider a Muscle Man. He didn’t work out, instead he rode his bike, or climbed, or anything else that he felt like doing outside. His new ambition was kayaking rapids, which he had hoped to learn to do during the summer.

“If you want another experience we can help with that,” Sarah went on, “But it’s completely optional, and not everyone is into it.” I nodded, curious.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, just like Kate and I are women and we play together, Jim sometimes plays with guys too. It’s called Bisexuality. We have our preference, Jim will take a girl over a guy, and Kate and I will always prefer boyfriends but we will play with girls if there’s no cocks around or if we’re playing in a group.”

“Okay,” I said, unsurely. She rubbed my chest, and I looked back at Kate and Jim.

“If you want, and you don’t have to, Jim will play with you.” She told me.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. I had never considered it. It didn’t put me off, but it really didn’t make me wild either. “I don’t know,” I told them, “I’m curious, but I don’t really have any feelings about it, one way or the other.” I admitted.

Sarah and Kate nodded and Jim shrugged. “It’s not for everyone.” He told me.

“I guess I won’t know until I try it,” I admitted. Jim glanced at Sarah and then at Kate who both nodded understandingly.

“Well he’s here right now,” she said, “Do you want to or do you want to wait?”

I couldn’t decide, I imagined Jim sucking my cock, and fucking his ass, but it wasn’t driving me wild. I thought about the reverse, sucking his cock, or him in my ass. I also remembered Kate sticking the soaking Dong in my mouth, and I hadn’t minded then. I didn’t think I wanted it, but when I looked down my cock was firming up slightly. I figured experimentation wouldn’t hurt and so I agreed.

Destiny lets the hot water beat down on her as her finger tips lightly caress a breast. Her firm, tight nipples perked to her touch. Slowly her fingers circle an erect nipple. The other hand travels down her lean, toned stomach. She hesitates for a moment. It has been some time since she has actually touched herself like this. Quickly she pushes the thought aside.

Her fingers touch everywhere, slipping over her throbbing clit. She lets out a soft whimper, feeling the pleasure rush up into her stomach. Her other hand pinches a perked nipple then twists it gently. Her fingers move a little faster and she moans as the feeling in her stomach intensifies. Her hips jerk, coming upward to meet her fingers. She rubs desperately to feel that release.

Soon she reaches that point to where her clit can’t take anymore abuse. She slips her fingers into her hot, wet pussy. Her juices quickly cover her fingers and down her thighs to mix with the falling water. Her palm rubs her clit as she pumps her fingers in and out, reaching deep. As she continues to play with her breasts, her moans get louder and more urgent.

Then like an explosion, she feels her muscles twitch and spasm, threatening to make her fall. She lets out a long moan, shivering as the orgasm overtakes her. She continues to rub lightly, trying to make the feeling last as long as she can.

When the intense pleasure fades, she settles against the glass wall, catching her breath. After a few long minutes she cuts off the water and steps out. By the time she dries off and steps out into the room, her boyfriend is standing at the doorway. “I heard some sounds, are you okay?” he asks.

Destiny lets out a breath and says, “I was, but I think I could use your help.”

“With what?” he asks.

“I want to do something different. I feel relaxed enough to try it.” She smiles at him and tosses the towel to the floor, then climbs onto the bed onto her hands and knees. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Her boyfriend smiles as he takes off his clothes. He had attempted to o it before, but Destiny could never get past his cockhead entering her. He is not about to let this pass.

As he slides onto the bed, Destiny brings her hand to her pussy and rubs her clit. Her boyfriend presses his cock against her asshole and slowly pushes. His cockhead pops in and she lets out a huge sigh, tossing her head back. He grabs her slender hips, driving into her, filling her with his cock. Her moans urge him to keep going and he slowly starts thrusting his hips back and forth.

He continues pushing his cock in and out of her for a few long minutes before Destiny moans loudly, “Go a little faster!”

He complies and begins thrusting his hips harder into her. “Ohh, that’s it,” she groans.

He pumps her faster and harder as her ass loosens up to his cock. He watches his cock disappear into her tight ass as it clenches against his cock with every thrust. The sight makes him harder and his cock to fill her even more.

“Oh my god,” she squeals.

He can feel her asshole clench around his cock even tighter as she cums. Her body spasms and twitches sending him to over the edge.

“Oh fuck!” he moans.

He drives his hips forward hard, causing Destiny to throw her head back once more and nearly scream. His cock swells as his balls tighten before letting loose a torrent of cum into her lithe body. He feels his cock throb several times with a load of hot cum shooting out each time.

Destiny is almost frantic as her pussy walls squeezes and release, squeeze and release. Her body shakes as another orgasm, bigger than before rushes through her. Her pussy juices rush out to coat her thighs.

He pulls his still throbbing cock from her ass. A string of sticky cum pulls from her ass to his cockhead as he pulls away. He breathes a sigh and Destiny spins around, letting his hot cum dribble from her ass. She grabs his cock, taking it into her mouth, driving it deep to the back of her throat before pulling it out.

“Mmm, that’s good,” she says. She extends her tongue, wrapping it around his shaft as she moves her head down toward the base and back up, licking all hers and his juices from it. She looks up at him as she releases her grip of his cock and says, “We’re going to have to do that more often.”

Author’s Note: This is the first part of what could be a seven or eight part series. Chapter two is being written, and three is in the planning stages (sort of). The first three chapters all take place on the same day. After that, there are the rest of the girls to play with. I consider this to be an Erotic Coupling series, with one fantastical element.

These girls will feature in another series. I also have ideas for a couple of unrelated stories knocking on my brain and trying to get out.

This is my first submission, and I’m going to try working without an editor. Constructive comments are appreciated. If any editors think that I do need help, let me know. Thanks for reading.

In case you’re curious, “Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location.(Wikipedia)” In other words, the ability to be somewhere that you’re not.


I have no clue how it happened. No lightning, or lab accident, or any of the other sci-fi cliches. It just happened one day. Maybe it was the flip side of being ‘invisible’ through all of middle and high school. Maybe it had something to do with the recovery from my near suicidal depression of two years ago.

I don’t know and I don’t really care anymore. What I do know, is that it changed my life. This is how it started.


“Okay, everybody! Good practice. Remember that tomorrow is the last practice before the game with Wilson High on Saturday. So, focus, eat smart and get enough rest! I want you all at your best. Silverstrike hasn’t lost to Wilson in the last ten years, and I don’t plan to start now! And remember, no sex tomorrow, 24 hours to game time.

“Hit the showers, guys. Talbot, with me in my office.”

Coach Williams jogged to his office with me keeping pace, ten feet behind. I’m Greg Talbot. 18 year old brainiac senior at Silverstrike High School. I keep in good shape by running and swimming, but there’s no swim team or track team. All anyone cares about in our affluent, mid-sized high school is football. So, my attachment to school sports is as Coach Williams’ assistant.

Just to make it clear, I’m not the equipment manager. Andrew does that. I deal with stats and logistics, keeping the team running so Coach can focus on the players. I’ve been doing this since the start of junior year, and Coach likes my work. But the main reason for volunteering for this was so I could be closer to the cheerleaders. Eight of the most beautiful women alive, all seniors, and all stunning. None of them know I’m alive.

I saw them gathering their gear as I headed to Coach’s office. I’d known all of them for years, some since childhood. We’d shared classes, but they barely saw me at all. Look, I’m five-eleven, brown hair, blue-gray eyes, lean build, dress well, and I don’t fit the stereotype of the high school nerd at all. I like science fiction, but I’m not a fanboy. But nobody sees beyond the glasses (wire frame, no tape) or GPA (4.0).

My meeting with Coach lasted only a few minutes, just making sure that there was nothing we were forgetting with two days before Saturday’s game. We’d do this again on Friday, but everything was prepped. The only real variable was how late Steve would be. It could be anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes or more. Coach and I had moved call from 20 minutes before we planned to leave back to 45 minutes early. We still had been forced to hold the bus once. We put up with this because he was our best receiver, with hands like glue. He never dropped the ball once he laid a finger on it.

After the meeting, I indulged in my usual pastime. I found a bench in a secluded corner near the locker rooms and imagined what it was like in the showers. Not the team’s shower of course, but the squad’s. Head cheerleader Eva, the dark eyed Arabian Princess. Beautiful honey blond Julie, who I’d had a crush on since we were sophs. The ‘twins’ from separate families, Robin and Rachel, the subjects of my first and second wet dreams respectively. Helen of the milk chocolate skin, and tiny Japanese Kim. Martial artist Ginger, and curly haired Diane who had trouble smiling.

I knew them all, knew their stories. I knew that (surprisingly for the Los Angeles area) none of them dyed their hair, even redheaded Robin. None of them had implants or plastic surgery of any kind. They didn’t need it. What I didn’t know is what they looked like naked. I knew their breast sizes, but what did their nipples look (or taste) like? Given their regular pool parties (cheerleaders only invited) and skimpy suits, I was sure that none of them had a full bush. But who had a landing strip, a small tuft, shaved or waxed?

I fell into my favorite fantasy, watching them wash themselves and each other in my mind. Not overtly sexual, but playfully. While it was rumored that they all played with each other (they all did, but only I knew it for sure), the only ones who were openly bisexual were Robin and Rachel. They had a habit of sharing boyfriends. They had shed their virginities side by side after an away game, then swapped partners, then shared them.

So I imagined the water and soap running down their smooth curves, while I got harder and thicker. Where I was sitting, I couldn’t touch my cock. I’d do that at home, as usual. I’m not a virgin, thanks to a fellow camp counselor who saw me at the pool, and was surprised, and pleased, when she saw my cock. Maybe I’ll tell that story later. But at home, my only partner is my hand.

After a moment, I realized that I was seeing the ladies differently than I was used to imagining them. I could hear the water, and smell the different body washes and shampoos. I looked down but I didn’t see myself. I realized that I was seeing clearly, even though my glasses were not on my face. I could feel the water on my skin, and saw it splash off me as I stood three feet from Julie DiMarco.

I turned my gaze to the other cheerleaders. All wonderful specimens of Southern California teenage women. One look showed they conformed to my theory for pubes. None of the redheads or blonds were shaved clean, all had kept at least a small patch to prove their hair color was natural to their lovers. Only Kim and Ginger had smooth mounds. I could have stared at them for hours, but I turned back to Julie to memorize her.

Five feet-six inches of blue eyed, honey blond beauty. Her 36C breasts were just as wonderful bare as I had imagined, with dusky rose nipples half an inch long that I ached to suck. Her mound was bare except for a small triangular patch, the precise shade as on her head, just at the top of her lips. All the others were amazing as well, but having my fantasy girl so close had me harder and thicker than I can ever remember being. I had to know if she felt as good as she looked, so I reached out my hand.

Like silk. I feather stroked my fingers down her arm, then pulled back. She didn’t seem to notice, so I got bolder and ran my hand over her ass. An incredible mix of firm and soft. I couldn’t stop myself and touched her breast. Julie’s hand whipped up and grabbed my wrist.

“Who are you?” she snapped. “I can’t see you, but I’ve got your wrist and I felt your hand on me.”

I made my voice deeper and rougher to disguise it, “Just one of your many admirers, Julie.” Most of the squad rushed to cover themselves. To my surprise, Ginger made no move to hide her tits or pussy.

“How do you know my name? Who are you, anyway?”

“Who at this school doesn’t know the names and faces of our cheerleading squad. Besides, I’ve had a silent crush on you for years.” While I was talking, I was trying to make my captive right wrist insubstantial. As I felt it pass through her hand, I grabbed her arm with my left hand, and continued, “As for who I am, I seem to be a ghost. Call me Casper or Topper perhaps, but not Beetlejuice or Slimer.”

I let go of Julie saying, “Please don’t be afraid of me. I mean no harm to any of you. My being here is the dream of most of the males at this school. I have no idea how I got this lucky. Forgive me for touching you Julie, but I needed to know if your skin was as soft as it looks. It is.

“Seeing all of you nude surpasses any fantasies that I’ve had over the years. And I have fantasized about each of you over the years. But I’m not alone there.

“You all know me, even though I seem to be invisible to you. I am in at least one class with each of you this year, but you never look at or speak to me. I have known some of you since childhood, but I get no more regard than the benches in the locker room. Actually, according to the team, the benches have seen much more action. Each of you has had at least one locker room encounter.”

At the denials from some of the ladies, “I don’t just go by hearsay. I’ve seen some of you myself. Robin, Rachel, I walked in on the two of you sharing Nick last year. Wasn’t he dating Ginger at the time?”

Ginger spoke up, “Yes he was, but the swap was okayed. I had a night with their boyfriends Terry and James in exchange. He didn’t cheat on me. He knew I’d hurt him if he did.”

I went on, “You would be amazed at what you, and other people say around me, since I don’t appear on your radar. For example Eva, I enjoyed your description of your first anal sex two years ago. I’m glad Bob was gentle with you. Julie, I’m sorry that Jerry isn’t the lover you’d hoped for. Robin, I like the plan to get your dad out of his shell since your mom died. Naked cheerleader pool parties are a good first step. And Diane, I’m overjoyed to see you smile again, after the ‘incident’ two summers ago.” (Diane had gone to a party just after her 16th birthday and been roofied, gang-raped and dumped in the park. Enough said.)

“But you’re not the only ones who overlook me. The team looks through me as well, so they talk as if nobody’s listening.. Julie, are you aware that Jerry’s cheating on you?”

She sighed, “I thought he might be. Who is it?”

“That tiny blond cheerleader at Bradley High, Sonia’s her name. We played there three weeks ago and he’s been playing with her ever since. Jerry’s bragging about her to the team. Do you want to know what he’s saying? It’s rude and not complimentary. I don’t want to hurt you more than I already have.” At Julie’s resigned nod, “He’s saying that her cunt is tighter than your ass. I’m sorry. You might also want to look at his phone. He’s got nude and hardcore pics of her on it. I’ve seen them.”

Walking across the shower, “I’m not saying any of this to worry you. I’m not going to try to blackmail any of you. I just want you to be aware of who’s around you. I have watched some of you look around to see if the room was empty, and pass over me before telling secrets. I’m tired of it.” By this point, all of the ladies had stopped trying to cover themselves.

Looking at Robin and Rachel, “Robin, I’m glad the scar isn’t too bad from when you fell out of the tree when you were seven. It’s a good thing Rachel was there to help you get home.” I saw Robin’s eyes go wide as she remembered who really had carried her home after sending Rachel ahead to tell Robin’s mom. “May I come talk to you two tonight. Say, ten o’clock?”

“Sure, ‘Casper’,” Robin smirked. “Same dress code as now?

“If you’d like. I can think of few things more pleasant than seeing any of you nude. You’ll be at Rachel’s place tonight, right?” At both girls look of surprise, “The two of you have spent less than fourteen nights apart in the last year. You’re closer than real sisters. Your schedule is easy to figure out.”

Walking back to Julie, “I’ve come this far, I might as well ask for the moon. Julie, may I kiss you?”

She didn’t stop to think about it, “Yes ‘Casper’, you may. But can you become visible at all before I do? Talking to the air is a little creepy, and I’d like to see where you are. You don’t have to show us your face, because you’re not ready to tell us who you are. Will you ever?”

“You’re right, I will tell you all later. Some of you may have a clue already. But visibility? I don’t know. I haven’t tried out this ghost body yet. I was in the shower for less than a minute before I touched you. I’ll give it a try.”

I focused on myself, the way I had when I ghosted my wrist. As I raised my hands in front of me, I saw them grow misty, like a room filling with smoke. I stopped when I looked like frosted glass, ” How’s this?”

“Much better,” Julie ran her eyes over me, widening when she got to my hard cock. “Wow, you look terrific. You’re in great shape. I can’t believe we haven’t noticed you before, just because of your body. Come get your kiss.”

I stepped into her open arms, and wrapped mine around her, pressing my cock into her belly. I bent my head to her, pressing my lips to hers. Gently at first, then harder. When I felt Julie’s tongue at my lips, I sent mine to play with it. I looked into her cornflower blue eyes and saw them slowly close in pleasure. I tightened my arms into a firm embrace.

Some unknown amount of time later, our lips parted and her eyes fluttered open. “You didn’t have to stop,” she whispered. “That was wonderful. Please hold me.”

“With pleasure, Julie. Is it bothering you, where I’m pressing into your stomach?”

“Not at all, your cock’s just bigger than I’m used to.” She reached down to wrap her hand around me, “How big is it? It feels like a Red Bull can. It’s as hard as one, too”

“That’s about right. I’m just over eight inches long, and seven inches around the shaft. As to why I’m so hard, I’m surrounded by eight of the most beautiful women in the world, and I’ve just kissed you. I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t cum yet.”

“I’ve never seen a cock that big, outside of porn,” said Ginger.

“Then you’ve never slept with Lamar,” replied Helen. Lamar was one of our front four, and looked like a stereotypical African warrior. “He’s about nine inches long, but not as thick as Casper.”

“I’ll help you with that beautiful cock,” said Diane quietly, surprising us all. “Since my rape, I’ve been looking for a lover, someone who would be gentle and understanding. Not a guy just after a piece of ass from a damaged girl. I was a virgin before that night. I still think of myself as one. But I’ll suck you off, if you’d like.”

I carefully disengaged from Julie to walk over and put my hands on Diane’s shoulders, “I am amazed at how far you’ve come since I found you, unconscious and naked in the park on my run that August morning. I was crying when I called 911, but I didn’t say who I was. I ran when the police arrived, but I covered you with my shirt, and I held your hand until they came.

“I missed your beautiful smile after that until April, when I came around the corner and found that Eva had made you laugh. I’m not sure which of you looked more surprised.” I looked square into her eyes and dropped my hands to her waist, “I’ll take you up on that another time, if you don’t mind. When I can hold you and kiss you and treat you like a princess. You may still have some jagged edges to smooth.”

I leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips, “This is not me saying ‘no’, just ‘not now’. And I would be honored if you would consider me to become your first lover, Diane. That is purely your decision.” I suddenly had trouble breathing, her embrace was so tight. She had tears in her eyes as she let go with a whispered, “Thank you.”

I looked away from Diane to discover that we had been circled by the other seven in a non-contact group hug. Kim and Eva were also near tears. Robin looked at me with emerald eyes that said, “I know who you are,” but remained silent. Rachel also looked like she knew.

Julie grabbed me and held me tight, “We’d all wondered who found her and called it in. Now we know, sort of. Thank you for rescuing our friend.”

She smiled at me, “But for now, let’s get back to what we were doing, I would like another kiss please, but somewhere else.” She led me out of the showers, into the locker room, and laid down on a bench, “Do you eat pussy as well as you kiss?”

“I had a very good teacher. She insisted on hours of practice all summer.” I kissed Julie gently on the lips, then again on her throat, “She was very pleased with my progress.” I was between those wondrous breasts, “I aced my oral examinations.” I took her left nipple into my mouth. Half an inch long, not quite that thick, rougher than the rest of her breast, and heavenly on my tongue. She arched her back, pushing herself into my mouth. I sucked on it like I was trying to get milk, before catching it gently with my teeth.

Julie’s breathing grew ragged as I nibbled gently for a moment, then let go to shower kisses around her silver-dollar sized aureole. I shifted to her right breast to repeat my actions. I was close enough to hear her heart racing as I sucked on both nipples at once.

I left her breasts sooner than I would have liked to continue southward to my ultimate goal. I could smell the spicy scent of Julie’s arousal as I kissed my way down her torso. I slid my tongue into her navel as if it was her pussy, and heard my crush’s breath catch in her throat. I then kissed wetly down the smooth skin covering firm muscle. Reaching her mound, I kissed and nibbled at the tiny patch of hair.

“Dammit, Casper! Stop teasing me!” Julie moaned.

I smiled as I knelt between her thighs, and gazed upon the gates of paradise. Julie’s pussy lips were waxed smooth, and dripping with fragrant juices. As I leaned closer, the aroma made my head spin. I pressed my lips to the crease where her thigh met her lips, first on the left, then the right. Then I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, gathering her tangy nectar as I went.

“You are delicious, my sweet,” I said after swallowing my sample. I then dove in with a vengeance, licking, nipping, sucking every inch, but staying away from her clit. Within a minute, Julie’s hands were on my head. As if I was going anywhere. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

Her moans were quiet, as if she was afraid of being overheard. I then focused my efforts on her pearl. I was tempted to spell out ‘My name is Greg’ with my tongue. I got as far as M-Y, when I realized the mystery could be more fun.

Her body tensed as I slid a finger into her, curling the tip to massage her G-spot. In two more minutes, she arched her back and clamped her thighs around my head while she came explosively, flooding my mouth with sweetness. It’s a good thing I can hold my breath for almost three minutes, because I was running out of air before she relaxed.

“I’ve never had a guy eat me that well,” she sighed. “And some of the girls here could learn something too. Do I know this teacher of yours? I need to thank her. A lot.”

“No, Debby’s up in Northern Cal. We were both counselors at the camp I was at this summer.”

“Well if you talk to her, give her my thanks.”

“I will. Are you done, or would you like more. I have some tricks I haven’t used yet.”

“One night, I want to see if you can wear me out with an hour or more of your tongue. I think there may be other volunteers for that in the room. But now I want your cock inside me.”

“Your command is my wish, milady,” and I crawled up her body, keeping my eyes on hers. I guess my eyes had become more visible, because Julie murmured, “I like blue eyes.”

“I’m glad,” but as I reached down to guide myself into her, I found another hand holding my shaft already. I looked into Eva’s black eyes. She leaned in to kiss me, then Julie on the lips. Kisses that were promises of much more. Without a word, she guided the head of my cock into Julie’s sodden folds.

I slowly pushed into my blond goddess, feeling her open around me. I paused once my head was fully inside her, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she panted. ” Just go slow. You’re thicker than anyone else I’ve been with.”

It was getting late for a weeknight and the crowd at the hotel bar started to thin out a little bit. However, out of the corner of my eye, I could see three attractive ladies nearby. They were sitting at a high-top table and were not in a hurry to leave. It appeared that they were just out on the town having a nice conversation, which was punctuated by frequent laughter. They didn’t seem to be over-served necessarily, but whatever they were drinking had definitely loosened them up.

One of these ladies, a pretty brunette, looked at me a time or two. She smiled when I caught her glance, but then she quickly rejoined her friends in conversation. I was trying to decide if she noticed anything out of the ordinary coming from our direction. All at once, the three of them looked over at us. The brunette was certainly close enough to have seen Lisa in action if she was paying attention, and it now appeared that indeed she was.

Meanwhile, Hank didn’t seem to know what to do next. He stood at our table looking at Lisa expectantly, awaiting further instructions. Maybe he thought she was planning to reward him for his discretion right then and there.

“There is no charge for the water,” Hank announced.

“Good,” Lisa said. “That’s very civilized.”

More silence. I enjoyed the awkwardness of it all. Yet, I wondered if I should step in, because this was bound to get interesting if he didn’t fumble.

“Hank,” Lisa asked. “Are you working tomorrow night?”

“No,” Hank replied. “I have class. I’m in the MBA program at Northwestern.”

“Too bad,” Lisa pouted.

“No, it’s a top-rated school,” he laughed.

Hank fully understood that Northwestern was not what she was referring to. Nevertheless, he seemed a little too timid to walk through the wide open door. I was surprised, since he seemed so confident just a short while ago. He had Lisa’s underwear in his pocket – literally – and she was eyeing him coyly, waiting for the next move.

With nothing to lose on my end, I decided to help him close the deal. Since she was neither my wife nor my girlfriend, I was liberated. Free to go along for the ride without the normal feelings of jealousy or possessiveness that come with this territory.

“Hank, what time is your class finished? Maybe we could meet you afterwards for a drink,” I suggested.

“That would be awesome,” he said. “I am done around 10 pm.”

“Great. Give us your phone number and also be thinking about a cool place to go. We have a group dinner to attend, but it will be over by then,” I continued.

Cleverly, Hank said to Lisa “give me your number and I will just call you from my phone and you can save it that way.”

He listened carefully as she called out her “digits” and then proceeded to dial her up.

“Got it,” she said as her phone rang. “We will see you tomorrow.”

With that, Lisa and I got up to leave. Back at the elevator, she wasted no time giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you. This has been an interesting evening,” she said. “It will be tough to concentrate tomorrow during the sales meeting. They are so boring. It’s always the same old same old.”

“Well, not if you start giving away your panties as you did tonight. That would help,” I suggested.

Other guests came up behind us just as the elevator doors opened. Lisa’s room was only two floors down, so we arrived at her door rather quickly. I stood back and quietly admired her body as she looked through her purse for her key card. With a swipe, she led me in.

Her room was a nice two-room suite, with a seating area and television just inside the door. There was a large bedroom off to the right. Lisa threw her jacket over a chair and pulled her top up and over her head. Next, she kicked off her shoes. Turning around to face me, Lisa was wearing a smile, a very sheer bra and her jeans. They happened to be tight, lightly faded blue, and invitingly low-rise. The cut of the jeans showed off her abs perfectly. Years of hard work in the gym were on display and I complimented her honestly on how impressive her figure was.

“Oh, my fastball barely reaches 89 these days!” she laughed.

“Wow. That’s a solid baseball reference even if you are full of shit,” I replied. “You are now officially irresistible.”

Regarding the task at hand, I zeroed in on Lisa’s erect nipples which were now urgently straining her bra. She noticed my gaze and moved towards me just as I took a step closer to her.

“And, before you ask, these are not real. ” she said, squishing her boobs together comically to create a huge amount of cleavage. “But, they are an investment.”

“A gentleman never asks, but you got your money’s worth,” I concurred.

Lisa squeezed my hand and said, “I am dying to take a quick shower, care to join me?”

“Lead the way,” I answered. And with that, we moved towards the bathroom, peeling our clothes off as we went.

Lisa turned the water on and adjusted the knobs. I moved in behind her and began rubbing my cock lewdly along the crack of her ass.

“Hello. Somebody took their Viagra today,” Lisa laughed.

“Never tried it,” I said. “But I will make sure to ask my doctor for a sample next time I go for an appointment. It’s hard to decide if a “four-hour erection” is a good thing or not. We will have to find out.”

We stepped into the shower and I grabbed the soap. Lisa stood in front of me, facing the water and getting used to its temperature. She let out a prolonged, “Ahhh.,” as I began soaping up her back. I knelt down and soaped up her legs. My eyeballs were level with her ass. I took extra time to rub my soapy hands all over her pert posterior. Amazingly taut and round, her ass was fantastic to behold. I took notice of her tiny tan lines as well and I had a clear understanding of just how small her bikini bottoms must be. Whisking Lisa away for a weekend in Miami in the near future suddenly became a critical action item.

Continuing to kneel down, I reached between her legs and found Lisa’s pussy. I entered her with my thumb and, with my fingers, stroked her miniscule “Dorito chip” of pubic hair.

Lisa squealed with delight as I thumb-banged her. She braced herself against the wall as I touched her clit with my index finger. I turned her around to face me and buried my tongue in her belly button, lightly gripping her ass with my free hand.

“Don’t you dare stop what you are doing,” Lisa demanded.

She grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and pushed my head down between her legs, spreading them wider as she did so to give my tongue easy access to her waiting clit. I found it easily and earned a pronounced “Yess” from her. With my tongue, I slowly began forming the letters of the alphabet on her clit as warm water from the shower cascaded down her stomach and drenched my face. With my thumb still inside her pussy, I took my middle finger and began probing her ass with it. I explored her opening and pushed my finger in only as far as the first knuckle when Lisa began to weaken in the knees.

“I-can’t-take-this-much-longer. Oh my God. Please. Yes. Yes. Yes. What are you doing to me? Fuck. Oh my God,” she cried.

At this point, I had reached the letter S with my tongue on her clit. Lisa began to breath quickly and she stood up on her tiptoes. She moaned loudly and had a rippling orgasm, cumming explosively. She bucked and quivered against my grip and her wet, soapy skin made it difficult to hang on. Lisa hands were now pushing my head away from between her legs, but I ignored her and kept going. Another wave hit her. I pushed my middle finger into her ass further, up to the second knuckle. It was too tight to go any further.

“Ohhhh. Please. Ohhhh. We’ve got to stop. Please. Ohhhh,” Lisa panted. “Seriously, I can’t take it.”

Accepting her wishes, I stood up and let her catch her breath. Lisa looked at me with a smirk.

“Ok. Wow, Mister” she exhaled. “I was seeing stars there for a minute.”

As Lisa cooled down, we switched places in the shower. I reached for the soap again and turned around to face the water, with her behind me. I started to soap my arms, but she took the soap from my hand and continued what I had started. Lisa began with my back but she quickly moved beyond that. She reached around from behind and worked her way down my body, starting with my chest.

Lisa reached my cock and began to stroke it very slowly. I closed my eyes and surrendered to her touch. Stroking a little faster now, she turned me around to face her. Her eyes met mine and we kissed, groping each other with our tongues while she continued to jerk me off.

Lisa firmed up her grip on my shaft and kissed me again. I was rock-hard and knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. She bent over and took me in her mouth, engulfing my cock and swirling her tongue around rapidly. With one hand on my cock, Lisa took my balls in her other hand. They tightened immediately from her touch and I got even harder, which didn’t seem possible.

Lisa stood back up, reached for more soap, and resumed jerking me off. She kept her other hand on my balls, rubbing them softly. Without warning, Lisa moved her hand from my balls to my ass and probed my opening with her index finger. She kept her eyes on my cock and aimed it at her belly button. At that moment, I shot a rope onto Lisa’s stomach. Two more large spurts followed; spasms coming from deep within me. Lisa was wide-eyed, clinically investigating her handiwork while continuing to stroke my cock as I went soft in her hand.

“That was long overdue, wasn’t it? It’s been hours since we were in that taxi,” Lisa said.

To be continued.

Chapter 5—Later in the week!

If you’ve been reading these true stories about M Chan you’ll know that she’s an extremely sex, horny, and free spirited older Japanese lady that loves to suck her boytoy’s cocks and drink their cum. Loves to have her nipples played with while getting her pussy stuffed by a nice hard cock or big thick dildo. And can squirt loads of pussy juice all over herself and her lovers, sometimes while there’s a big hard cock sliding in and out of her very tight little asshole.

In the last installment of M Chan’s adventures with me I had her masturbate herself with a big black dildo while driving her around our city, and then fucking her in the ass outside next to one of the school’s that I taught at.

To continue my story of trying to bring as much pleasure to M Chan as I can dream of, I decided to meet her later in the week, while my family were still traveling in Korea.

We were emailing each other back and forth trying to decide which day and time were best for the both of us and also where we should get together and maybe what we should do with each other.

M Chan told me that she wanted something in her ass and something in her pussy at the same time and that if she could she would like to suck a big hard cock and drink it’s hot sticky cum just as she started squirting. I still wasn’t comfortable bringing in any other guy that I knew into my little sex party with M because most of my friends were married and I didn’t want my relationship with M Chan to get out.

I asked M if maybe one of her other boytoys would be interested in joining us and making it a threesome or foursome, but she said that they were uncomfortable with the idea of her fucking someone they didn’t know while they were present. M Chan thought that they might be embarrassed, or uncomfortable because their penises were smaller then most foreigners.

I knew that we had enough toys between us that if we couldn’t get a real man in on our fun we could still fill M Chan’s holes and have her squirt and drink hot thick cum at the same time.

I had meetings all day thru until Thursday and M Chan was teaching classes at night up until 10:00pm, but had Thursday off so we set out next meeting up for the afternoon of that day.

I told you previously how M Chan always has a beautiful clean shaven pussy with a tiny little clit, so I decided to surprise her and do something that I and my wife have come to love ever since. I usually have my hair on my head shaved to about 3mm, which I do myself with trimmers.

On Thursday morning I took my trimmers and shaved all the pubic hair around my cock off down to 1mm. I then used my razor and shaved my balls and the area back to and around my asshole clean and smooth. At first it felt funny, but then as I thought more about it my cock started to grow.

I threw some things into my sex bag and headed out to M Chan’s Fuck Palace to see where our adventures would lead us. I had no plans as per say, I just knew that I had all afternoon and night to suck and fuck my sexy little ballerina slut.

Talking dirty and calling M Chan a slut, bitch, and other dirty names had now become part of our great fucking sessions, because M Chan told me that she loved it and that she really got turned on by me using this language and also spanking her ass. I have to admit I liked it also because it was something that my wife would never permit me to do when we made love.

I called M Chan on my cell phone. “Hey Sexy, are you getting ready for me?” I asked. “I should be there in about ten minutes.”

“I’ve got things laid out for us. Do you want to take a shower with me when you get here? I’d love for you to slide your soapy fingers in and out of my ass while I suck you cock, my horny boytoy!” M Chan purred to me over the phone making my cock jump inside my pants.

“That sounds like fun my sexy little slut, but first I want you to get yourself naked and start masturbating that hot little pussy for me. When I come in the door I want to see you cumming.” I ordered her.

“That sounds sexy, I’ll probably have my first orgasm before you get here. I hope you don’t mind.” M Chan replied.

“See you in a little while, my sexy bitch.”

I pulled into M Chan’s dance studio’s parking lot across from a small train stop close by and stopped my car. I got out and made my way to the front door which I knew she hadn’t locked, that was my task after I entered. I then made my way to the change room off to the right.

I quietly opened the sliding door and walked in. The sight before me made my cock instantly hard. There was M lying on a “Hello Kitty” blanket on the floor wearing a purple and black grater belt with a black bow in the middle below her belly button and fishnet type stockings that had a flower print on them. Around her neck was a sting of white pearls. Her ruby red lips were moaning softly as she masturbated.

She had her eyes tightly closed as she was massaging her little clit with a Thrive Handy Massager. She must have had it on the high power position because of the noise it was making and the fact that her ass was bouncing off the floor.

She also didn’t hear me enter the room, so I quietly started taking pictures with my I-phone camera. After the first shot M Chan opened her eyes a little and slowly took notice of me.

“This is so fucking powerful. My pussy is on fire, I’m so close to cumming.” M Chan moaned.

I could see that she was enjoying herself, her nipples were so hard and pointy. The look on her face was pure ecstasy, and the juices were flowing out of her open pussy lips and running down over her little brown asshole which was opening and closing very quickly.

“Put your big hard penis in my mouth, Jkun. I want to cum with your fucking cock in my mouth.” M begged.

I quickly removed my pants and underwear then knelt over M Chan’s head facing towards the action going on at her pussy and slide my very hard cock down into her hot wet mouth until my balls were resting on M’s nose.

M Chan was using her throat muscles to suck my cock while at the same time her ass was bouncing higher and higher off the floor. I reached over my sexy little slut’s body and grabbed her right ankle and pulled her ass up even more off the floor almost bending her back over towards me.

I grabbed M’s left nipple and started to gently pull it up and down. I then tucked M’s right foot under my armpit and freed up my right hand which I slowly started getting moist from all the juices coming out of her wet pussy. When my fingers were coated with all her wet slippery cum I slowly started to insert two of my fingers into M’s tight asshole. As I got my fingers all the way in I slowly started to open and close them to stretch M’s splinter. When I knew she was ready I really started to fuck M’s butt, hard and fast.

“Fuck my ass…Fuck my asshole hard…Oh Jesus, fuck my ass with those big fingers of yours.” M Chan groaned as she released my cock from her mouth, still jacking my cock with her tiny hand while the other held the massager hard against her clit.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m cummming!…I’m fucking cummminng…ah…There! Fuck my asshole harder…pull my nipple, that’s it…Oh FUCK!” M Chan screamed as she let the massager drop to the floor and started to quickly rub her little clit. At the same time I felt her asshole start to spasm M Chan’s pussy started shooting stream after stream of clear pussy juice all over the walls and us. I slowly let her tightening ass squeeze my fingers out of her little brown hole.

She squirted and shook for almost a minute before finally she regained control of herself, that’s when she released my cock from a death grip that she was holding it with the whole time she was cumming.

“Fuck that was good. I love the way your fingers were fucking in and out of my hole while that massager was driving me over the edge. My clit is still all tingly and my pussy feels so wet.” M Chan whispered as she came back to her senses.

“I wish you had shot your hot sticky load all over me while I was cumming, that would have been so hot.” M Chan said as she rolled over onto her knees and elbows reaching out for my hard cock. “I really want to drink your cum, my sexy stud.”

“Look at that big hard cock, I love the way you shaved off all the hair. Now I’ll be able to watch as it slides into my pussy and ass. Do you want me to get on and ride you for a while?” M Chan asked excitedly as she studied my balls and the area back to my asshole.

“How about that shower you told me about?” I asked as I stood up forcing M to rise to her knees in front of my very hard cock.

M sucked one of my balls into her hot mouth and then started to slowly lick up the underside of my dick until she got her red lips around the crown of my cock.

“Uuummmmm…” she purred as she swallowed my cock down her throat. When she had me all in her mouth, she started to lick out her tongue and lick my smooth hairless balls. Then she very slowly started to slide back up my cock, letting it pop out of her mouth and smacking back into my stomach.

“Do you want me to make you cum like this first? I know I would love to have a drink of your tasty cum right now.” M Chan teased me from her knees.

“Let’s get in the shower, bitch. I want to make this last.” I told her as I stripped the rest of my clothes off and headed to her small office where her shower is located.

When I looked back I watched as M Chan slide a finger into her wet pussy and covered it with her juice, then she put it in her mouth and started to suck the finger clean. She had the wickedest smile on her lips as she bounced after me towards the office, unhooking her grater belt and taking off her stockings.

“Last night, my photographer fucked me in the ass in the shower.” M Chan said as she leaned over and adjusted the temperature of the water from the shower head, pushing her ass cheeks back onto my hard cock. “Is that what you’re going to do with me tonight?”

“No, Baby. I want to watch as my hot cum shots all over your sexy red lips. I have other things in mind for us in here tonight.” I said as I reached over her to grab the bar of soap.

I lathered up my hands with lots of soap and then reached around to squeeze and pull M Chan’s hanging tits and nipples. I knew this would get her hot and hornier in no time.

“Play with my tits, Jkun. That’s it pull my nipples. Harder, Baby…pull my nipples harder. That’s it. Oh…Jkun this feels so good.” M Chan moaned as she started rubbing her wet pussy lips up and down the underside of my erect cock.

I released her left tit and started to massage M’s back down towards her bouncing ass. As M left go a moan, I slapped her ass cheek with my free hand.

“Yes, that’s it. Slap my ass. Do it again, my sexy boy.” M Chan moaned again.

I released my other hand from her tit and grabbed the back of M’s neck, keeping her bent over. I turned her around so that I could shove my cock into her hot mouth. Then I whacked her on the ass again and again, harder then I usually do leaving my hand print on her perfectly white skin.

“Yes…OH GOD Yes…Spank me…Slap my ass! Oh…Ummm…!” M Chan groaned as she started to swallow my cock back down her tight throat.

Just has she got to the bottom of my cock and started to lick my balls, I slipped two of my soapy fingers into her hot little asshole.

“Ahhh…Ohhh…Ah…Ummmmm!” M moaned around my cock deep in her throat almost making my shot my load into her belly. I put my fingers into M’s hair with my free hand and slowly pulled her mouth up off my swelling cock.

“Come here my horny little bitch. I want to hold you and kiss that sexy mouth of yours.” I said as I released my fingers from her tight ass and pulled her up into my arms.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into her mouth, slowly sliding her tongue in around my tongue. We tongue danced for a little while, then I started rubbing her hard nipples again.

“Can I try something, Jkun?” M asked with this wicked look in her eyes.

“Sure, Baby. So long as we both enjoy it.” I replied.

“Turn around and put your hands up on the wall above your head. Then move your feet back a little so that your ass is sticking out a little bit.” M Chan ordered me as she grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up her hands. “Okay if you don’t like what I’m doing just tell me to stop?”

First my sexy little slut started to massage my shoulders and back, slowly working her way down my body. Then she used one hand to rub around my ass cheeks and the other hand, she reached around and grabbed my cock.

She then started to give me a very soft and slow hand job, while playing her fingers around my asshole until I started to move my hips back and forth fucking her tiny soapy hand. Next she squeezed two of her tiny fingers into my asshole until she was buried as deep as she could get them.

“Jesus this feels good!” I moaned as I started to fuck my ass back onto her fingers and then forward into her hand. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer doing this. That’s when M Chan leaned around and started sucking my left nipple into her hot little mouth, gently biting and licking it.

“You’re going to make me shoot my load if you keep doing this, my beautiful little slut!” I groaned as I started to really fuck myself on her fingers.

“Go ahead, Sweetie. You can shot your first load here if you really want to.” M Chan said as she looked up into my eyes. I leaned down and slide my tongue into her sexy mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I didn’t want to waste my first big load of cum like this.

“STOP…OH FUCK M, STOP! Let’s get out of here. I want to see you drink my first load after I fuck that tight wet little pussy of yours.” I moaned as I released myself from M Chan’s sexy playing hands.

We jumped out of her shower and grabbed a couple of towels, quickly drying our bodies before heading back to the dressing room.

But as I passed through the reception area of M’s studio she grabbed my hand.

“Here, fuck my pussy here! You sit on that wicker bench and I’ll get on top off you and ride your big hard cock until you’re ready to shot your cum all over my face.” M said as she pulled me towards a low wicker bench that was about 45cms (18ins.) off the ground and about 35cms (13ins.) wide with a cream colored cushion on it.

I sat down as M ran to grab her sex bag which contained condoms, oils, and some of her toys. As she raced back to me she tossed me a black condom with lots of big bumpy knobs on it and placed the bag on the bench next to us. I ripped open the condom package and rolled it onto my very hard cock. Japanese condoms tend to be smaller then North America ones so there’s not much left over when they reach the bottom of my hard cock.

M put her hands around the back of my head and both her feet up on the bench on either side of my hips.

“Let me fuck you like this. Don’t move, just let my do all the work and fuck myself on that big cock of yours, Jkun.” M ordered me as she reached between our bodies and lined the head of my cock up with her very tight opening.

As M slowly lowered herself down my cock, I couldn’t believe how wet and hot her pussy was. She felt like she was on fire. I grabbed her ankles in my hands as she put her hands around the back of my head again when she bottomed out on my hard cock.

“I’m going to fuck myself good and hard on this beautiful cock of yours. When you’re ready push me on the floor and shoot your hot sticky cum all over my face.” M Chan moaned as she started to rise up my cock using her leg muscles and pulling with her arms on my neck.

“Jesus you’re tight M. Fuck yourself like crazy, Baby, I love this position.” I moaned as M started to slowly pick up speed and really fuck my cock in and out of her wet pussy. She was pounding up and down on my cock covering my balls and shaft in her pussy cum. My balls actually looked like they were covered in a sticky milk like cream.

M Chan fucked herself in this position for about five minutes, but then started to slow down. I guessed that her legs were getting tired, so I reached my hands under her sexy ass and grabbed her ass cheeks in the palms of my hands lifting her legs up over my arms just above my elbows. This forced her feet off the bench and my cock to sink deeply into her wet tight pussy.

“Fuck me, Jkun. Your cock is soooo deep in my pussy. Fuck me hard and fast, Honey. FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME! MY PUSSY IS CUMMMMING SO HARD. Your big hard cock has my little pussy filled so full.” M Chan started screaming as her head fell back and her breathing got faster.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” M was repeating over and over as I felt her cunt muscles tightly squeezing my cock as it slammed in and out of her box. I knew that if I touched her clit now she would lose control.

I looked to my right and noticed M’s sex bag and on top was one of her vibrating eggs. I reached over and grabbed the egg quickly, turning it on to full power and then dropped it down between our bodies so that every time I pulled M towards me the egg would buzz on her little clit.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” M Chan cried as I nailed my cock in and out of her pussy waiting for the moment that I knew she would start squirting her hot juice all over me.

“Come on bitch, squirt! Shot that pussy cream all over us. You love my cock driving in that hole of yours and that vibrator hitting your clit, don’t you my horny slut?” I teased her on towards what I knew was going to be a big cum for her.

“AHHHHHHHHHH! HERE IT CUMMMMMMS!” M shouted as her pussy unload a huge amount of juice, shooting up between our bodies and covering us in her hot wet cum. M’s eyes were rolled back in her head and her body was shaking so hard that I was afraid I was going to lose her out of my grip and drop her on her back on the floor.

“Did you enjoy that my hot little kitten? Are you ready for some more?” I asked M Chan as she started to go back down from her climax.

“Oh my god! Give me a minute, I’m still cumming a little and I need a minute to clear my head. That was so good. Thank you my sexy stud.” M whispered as she moved towards me and made my cock disappear into her wet pussy again.

M Chan snuggled close and start searching for my tongue when her mouth covered mine. Sliding our tongues back and forth over each other felt so sexy and good, especially with my hard cock still buried deep in her cunt.

When I knew that M was ready to continue I stood lifting her in my arms with my cock still in her wet box. As I walked around the reception area I fucked M with every step I took.

“Mmmmm…this is nice. Your cock feels so big and deep in my pussy. Fuck me slowly, Jkun.” M Chan whispered in my ear as she wrapped to arms around my neck.

I walked around in circles in the reception area of M’s studio slowly fucking her up and down on my big hard cock. I knew I wasn’t far from shooting my load, but I wanted to do it with M Chan cumming at the same time as me.

I walked over to the big window that looks out over M’s studio parking lot and the nearby road. I knew that lots of cars and people would be passing by and that M would have a great view of everyone.

“Look at everyone passing by M, do you think they know that you are watching them with a big fat cock in you wet little pussy? Do you think they can see you, my horny bitch fucking like a slut in the middle of the day with everyone walking by so close to you?” I teased M Chan as I fucked my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

I knew M was close to cumming when I slipped a finger into her tight little assshole.

“Fuck me hard Jkun…I don’t care who sees me or who hears me…I’m a fucking horny slut bitch that’s going to cum real hard for everyone to see and hear.” M Chan screamed out loud as she used her legs muscles to start fucking herself on my cock hard and fast.

It was just one of those days that felt like it kept going and going and going and by the end of the day I was ready to just collapse in my bed and sleep for hours but first I needed a shower. I closed the door to my room, put my coat away, slipped off my shoes and started to get undressed. I slipped off my jeans first and then my blouse until I was standing in front of the mirror in just my bra and underwear. I undid the clasp of my bra and threw it with the rest of my clothes as I headed to the bathroom to start my shower I felt that familiar tug at my nipples as they hardened in the cold air. As my nipples hardened I felt that clench deep in my stomach as my juices started flowing.

I turned on the shower and let it heat up while I walk back into my room to grab a towel and take off my thong. As I entered my room I stood in front of my mirror for a moment admiring my firm, round breasts, and now hard nipples. Starring at my reflection in the mirror I raised my hands to my neck and slowly let them travel to my shoulders and then over my breasts, I shudder as my warm hands cup my breasts and I take each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and slowly roll them in between before giving them a a tug and letting my hands travel down to my stomach. My hands travel over my torso and down to my hips as I slightly dig my fingers in, pressing, right inside my hip bones. I moan softly and let one hand slide down over my panties as the other travels back up to tug on my nipple. I can feel my wetness through my underwear as my fingers rub my slit and my thumb circles my clit softly pressing down, I let out another moan as I feel my panties become increasingly wetter and give my nipple one last tug before I slide my underwear off, grab my towel, and head off to the shower.

Walking down the hall naked I take my time and enjoy the cool air hitting my bouncing breasts, nipples, and throbbing clit. I reach my hand down to tease the growing wetness between my legs as my pussy grows wetter with every step I take. I reach the bathroom, close the door, and drop my towel on the ground before stepping into the warm stream of water. I turn my back to the shower head and tilt my head back as I let the water cascade over my head, down my breasts, and across my stomach trailing off just before it reaches my clit. I’m growing hornier by the second as the water washes over me and it’s not long before I once again take my nipples in between my thumb and forefinger and begin rolling them agonizingly slow, teasing myself, and letting the pleasure build within me. I reach for the bottle of soap and pour a little in my hands and rub them together before continuing my assault on my nipples. I close my eyes as I tug harder and harder on each nipple and moan softly as my fingernails dig in biting my soft and now slippery breasts. I can’t ignore my throbbing clit and the wetness between my legs that I know isn’t just because of the water washing over me.

I can feel my breathing quickening as my hands slide easily over my stomach and my thumb finds my clit and begins slowly circling. I moan once again as I begin applying more pressure to my exposed clit, my pussy is throbbing, begging for me to touch it. I position the shower head just so and lay down in the bathtub with my legs spread open wide so I have perfect access to my wet pussy and the water is flowing over my clit. I cannot position myself fast enough as my hand travels between my legs and I easily slide one finger into my dripping pussy, I can instantly feel the wetness come from inside me and covering my thighs as I slowly begin to finger myself. As I slowly draw my finger in and out of my pussy I once again begin teasing my nipples and clit and close my eyes as the pleasure starts to wash over me. I easily insert a second finger into my pussy and begin moving my fingers in and out faster and faster as my breathing picks up. I slide down the tub farther so water is now easily flowing down my clit, across my pussy, and teasing my asshole. As the water hits my puckered hole I draw in my breath and pump my fingers in and out of me faster, my wetness growing with each thrust of my fingers. I curl my fingers up towards my belly button deliciously hitting my g-spot and sending shivers down my body, I feel my nipples harden even more although I didn’t think it possible.

Slowly I draw my fingers out of my pussy and reach my hand outside the shower to the caddy next to it. I open the bottom drawer and quickly find my waterproof vibrator.

I turn around so that I am now on my knees and the shower head is sending warm water down my back, between my butt crack, and over my begging asshole. I spread my legs wider, push out my ass, and grab onto the side of the tub as I turn on my vibrator and begin teasing my clit. I can feel the pressure of an orgasm building the longer the vibrator lingers on my clitoris but I’m not ready to come yet, I have some exploring I want to do. I slide the tip down my dripping wet slit and easily slide it into my throbbing pussy. I grab the side of the tub with both hands as I let the pleasure of the large vibrator inside me come over me before reaching my hand outside the shower once more.

After talking to a friend recently I found myself fantasizing about anal sex and the thought of exploring my ass while pleasing myself. One night last week I found myself on my back masturbating with my legs spread wide, I could feel the cool air rushing over my asshole and as my pussy grew wetter a combination of juices and lube trickled down to my virgin hole. I slowly withdrew my fingers from my pussy and let my index finger slowly circle my hole as curiosity got the best of me, lubricating it and teasing it, when I felt I was relaxed enough I applied pressure to my finger until it finally slipped into my tight hole I winched as my puckered hole tried to accommodate my finger tip. I sat there for a while letting my ass get used to the intruder, when I was used to the feeling of having the tip of my finger in my ass I slowly pushed harder until my entire finger was in my ass. I came so hard from fingering my ass that night that I quickly got online and ordered myself some anal beads, a small anal vibrator, and a butt plug. They had just arrived this morning and I was anxious to try one of my new toys out and this shower seemed like the perfect place.

Looking at my new toys I nervously selected my pretty pink anal beads because they were the smallest of my new toys and I hadn’t had anything in my ass since my finger last week. I decided to place a small amount of lube on the beads before inserting them into my ass to make inserting them easier. I re-positioned myself on my knees and placed my head on the floor of the tub so that my ass was up in the air and my tight hole was exposed. The vibrator in my pussy felt deliciously filling in this position and I tapped on the base of it sending waves of pleasure up into my stomach. I slowly reached around and began massaging my plump ass calming my nerves for what was to come. I let my fingers slowly tease my asshole and once I was thoroughly relaxed I positioned the first small bead at the entrance of my hole. After taking a few deep breaths I pressed firmly on the bead until I felt myself relax and slowly the first bead slid into my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt and I could already tell that I would love these beads. Slowly I pushed the beads so that the next one was against my hole, it was slightly larger than the first but smaller than my finger and it slid in easily behind the first. Soon I had fit the first three beads inside me, as I slid the fourth bead into me slowly I could feel my breathing increasing as I knew that the next bead would be much larger than my finger. I reached one hand forward and began massaging my clit trying to relax, by the time I was ready to take the next bead into my ass I was panting from all the different sensations that I was subjecting my body to. I placed my finger on the next bead, closed my eyes, and focused on the vibrating deep in my quivering pussy. I pushed my finger hard against the bead until I felt my hole loosening to accommodate the next bead, I had to push harder against this bead than the previous ones because it was much larger than my finger I was panting when the bead finally slipped into my tight hole and I felt my asshole tightening as it tried to accommodate the large bead.

Finally I had gotten all the beads in my ass and my pussy was dripping with juices as my ass got used to the feeling of being stretched and tortured by the beads that were now deep inside me. I loved having my ass full like this and was surprised at the sensations created by the beads that were not present when I had used my finger. I gently tugged on the end of the beads and teased my now slightly sore hole letting them deliciously move around inside me.

Once I had all the beads deep in my ass I reached between my legs and slowly pulled out my vibrator, and I slid it back making sure to push it towards the back of my pussy so with each thrust it was hitting the beads that were now deep in my tight hole. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced and I felt my orgasm building as I thrust my vibrator in and out faster and faster until I felt that familiar pull in my stomach.

I slammed my vibrator deep in my pussy, reached my hand back towards my ass and slowly pulled the beads out, before I even got the second bead out my orgasm hit and it increased with each bead that I pulled out, my pussy quivering around the vibrator deep within me and my asshole tightening with each wave of pleasure that hit. As amazing as the beads felt slipping in past my tight hole they felt even betting being pulled out as the beads slid along the inside of my ass before slowly popping out of my quivering hole.

Once I had pulled the beads out I felt my asshole slowly puckering back up as my orgasm subsided I was already longing to have my ass full once more. I pulled my vibrator from my dripping pussy and could see my cum covering my toy. I placed it on the floor next to the beads and let the water wash my juices off as I laid in the shower, completely spent from that orgasm. I closed my eyes and let the water pour over me as I fantasized about testing the limits of my ass hole with my vibrator and butt plug later on in the week. I couldn’t wait to have my ass filled once more and my hole stretched around my new toys.

Motel service par excellence!

NC-18 — No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

“Excuse me, sir. I understand you might be looking for a two-hole punch?”

That’s what she said when I answered the door.

I was in the motel I was staying at during a business trip out west. The flights in had been OK — nothing special. No late flights to complain about, no bizarre seatmates. Just a nice seven and a half hours of flight time in those comfortable and spacious coach seats (haven’t found the “sarcasm” font yet — and it wouldn’t carry over to the site anyway).

When I checked in, the young lady at the desk, Kelsey, was very polite and professional. I tried to be the same way, but it was difficult as she was quite a little cutie. About five-five. Some people (idiots) would say she was maybe a little heavy. I’d say curvy with a very strong chance of nicely huggable. Blond, with a short but feminine haircut. Delicate little ring in the piercing on one side of her nose.

I managed to get checked in without flirting with her and dragged my stuff up to the room.

The following morning I met my fellow travelers in the small eating area for their buffet-style breakfast and noticed the desk was manned (literally). We finished our breakfast and headed out into the wilderness to take care of the reason for the trip.

After a long day, we returned to the motel that night and took advantage of the manager’s reception — another small buffet-style meal served in the same area. We’d stayed in the same motel several times when conducting business in the area so we were quite familiar with the place and it had almost started to feel like “home” — but just barely “almost”.

That night the desk was being attended by another beautiful young lady by the name of Carlie. She was about five-ten and looked to be fairly fit. Light brunette hair. Since I’d already checked in, I had limited contact with her and managed to keep from flirting with her as well.

The next night, the young lady at the desk was Alexandra. She was the one that caught my eye.

I don’t have a “type”. At least not appearance-wise. But there was something about her that drew me. And that made me cautious.

Not scared. But definitely cautious. You can’t ever be too cautious in my line of work.

She was about five-seven and had dark brown hair — really dark brown hair — almost black. Not the kind that comes out of a bottle, just a really, really dark shade of brown. Shoulder length with bangs cut straight across the front with a little under-curl.

It appeared she had a tight figure, almost a runner’s body, from the few short glances I had taken at her from near the desk and from the service window near the little “convenience supplies” section. Coincidentally, when they were busy at the desk, that window gave some stunning shots of some really nice backsides.

From my seat with my back in the corner of the eating area that afternoon, I could look up and see her as she first glanced our way and then took longer and longer looks our way.

I watched out the tops or the corners of my eyes without making direct eye contact to see who it was she was paying attention to, but it was difficult to make it out from that far away. As we sat and ate, all the members of our small party got up to get seconds or drinks except me, and the glances kept coming toward our table.

After a short while I decided to grab something else to drink myself. As I moved through the room I kept my face pointing toward the buffet area but watched her, again out of the corners of my eyes, as she tracked my progress. Interesting.

I got my drink, went back, sat and finished our discussion, then went up to my room.

Over the next few days I made it a point to talk to Kelsey and Carlie every time I passed the desk, with a “good afternoon” or a “have a nice night”. I didn’t avoid or intentionally exclude Alexandra, she just didn’t seem to be working as often.

But she was working every few days and every time she did and I happened to be eating down there her eyes were almost always focused in that back corner. A few times she seemed startled to find a customer standing across from her and then she appeared to have to think about what she needed to say. Also interesting.

A week and a half into the trip I was working on some reports as part of the project and decided to print copies of them and put them into a folder to keep organized, so I saved them to a data-stick, carried it to the business center, pulled them up and printed them.

I stopped at the desk and asked if she had a two-hole punch I could borrow for a minute or three. Carlie looked around the desk and even went into the back office, but when she came back out she said she couldn’t find one. She was sure they had one, but she just couldn’t find it at the moment. I asked if she by chance had a one-hole punch as I could just mark the holes and punch them individually. She looked again and wasn’t able to find one of those either.

I told her I’d try back again later.

The next night as I came through the lobby, Kelsey got my attention and told me they had found the two-hole punch. After dinner I went up to the room, got the reports, took them downstairs and punched the necessary holes. I thanked her and gave her the hole punch back.

A few nights later, I noticed Alexandra working the desk as I passed through and made it a point to say, “Hey, Alexandra. How’s your day going?”

She started, then smiled shyly at me and said, “It’s going OK so far.”

I paused and said, “Just OK? Not fantastic? Or super? Or outstanding? Just OK? Sure hope it gets better for you,” then continued on to the buffet.

She kept looking my way as I ate, but this time she smiled every time she looked my way. When I finished eating I took a right past the convenience supplies window and looked in as I did. Of course I looked in.

And she was bent slightly over the desk pushing her butt out a bit — which was cool. What was cooler was that she smiled even bigger when she saw me check her out as I went past since she was looking over her shoulder.

I ran out to the car to grab something then, instead of coming in the door at that end of the building, I walked quickly to the front door and came inside. As I walked past the desk I said, “Hey, Alexandra. How’s your day going?”

She stood up from where she was leaning behind the desk with a confused look on her face, turned and looked over her shoulder at the convenience supplies window, then back at me as she smiled still with that confused look on her face and said, “It’s going OK so far.”

I said, “Just OK? Not fantastic? Or super? Or outstanding? Just OK? Sure hope it gets better for you.”

As I walked away I heard her say something to herself. It sounded like she said, “It’s going to,” but when I glanced back as I turned the corner she was looking down at something on the desk.

I went back to my room, watched TV for a while, then turned it off and went to sleep.

I had actually already woken back up (thanks to still being on east-coast time while working on the west coast) and was trying to decide whether to get out of bed or not when I heard a soft knock on my door.

I slid out of bed and moved toward the door, checking to see how many shadows were showing through the gap under it, then approached it from the side and leaned across to glance through the fish-eye lens.

I started to relax when I realized it was “only” Alexandra. Then I tensed again wondering why she was here at this time of the morning.

While I was still considering the situation I saw her shadow move away from the door and I started to go back to bed.

But then I heard that same soft knock.

Since I hadn’t moved very far, I opened the door about a foot almost as soon as her knuckles left the door the last time.

She looked up, startled at how quickly the door had opened.

“Can I help you, Alexandra?” I asked.

She actually looked down at her chest to see if she was still wearing her nametag before looking back up.

“I know your name, Alexandra. I don’t need a nametag to remember it.”

“Oh,” she said in a soft voice. Then she stood there hesitantly.

I leaned into the door frame to get a little closer to her and asked again, “Can I help you, Alexandra?”

I could see her trying to remember the line she had planned to say. “Excuse me, sir. I understand you might be looking for a two-hole punch?”

“Well thanks, Alexandra, but I got one from Kelsie a few nights ago.”

Her eyes flicked down to the floor and I could have sworn she muttered, “Shit,” under her breath, but then she looked back up at me and gave me a shy little smile and said, “Are you sure I can’t help you with anything?”

“What did you have in mind, Alexandra?”

“Oh, Carlie and Kelsey said you were looking for a two- or even a one-hole punch and, well, I have a hole or two that you might be interested in punching — as long as you punch gently?”

“Well, Alexandra, I think you might have gotten the wrong idea.” Her face fell. “Or is it possible that Kelsey and Carlie were playing a joke on you and made my request sound different than what it actually was? I really was only looking for something to punch holes in some paperwork.”

Her face flared with color and I definitely heard her mumble, “Shit,” under her breath this time. I knew I had heard it because I had slowly been closing the already-short distance between us.

“Sorry to have bothered you,” she muttered and started to turn away from the door.

“But since you’re here and I’m awake already, why don’t you come in? You’re shift is over and someone else has the desk now, right?”

“Yes,” she smiled that shy smile back up at me. “I told the guy who replaced me that I was going to use the bathroom and hid in there for a while until I knew he had gone back to the back office then used the stairs so he wouldn’t hear the elevator.”

“Well, then. It appears you do have something in mind. C’mon in,” and I opened the door more widely.

She ducked under the arm I was using to hold the door open and slipped inside.

I leaned slightly out into the hallway and looked both directions, then stepped away from the door and closed it and flipped the deadbolt.

When I turned to look at her, she was standing at the foot of the bed with her right hand holding her left elbow so her right forearm was across her body.

I recognized it as a defensive gesture and turned right back to the door and opened it.

She looked at me in confusion as I held it open.

“You…you…you’re kicking me out?”

“I’m not kicking you out, but I’m giving you the opportunity to leave. I’m not completely sure — and, more importantly, I don’t think you’re completely sure — you should be here.”

“No! I want to be here!! I’m just nervous because I’m afraid I might do something wrong. I’ve been watching you every night I’ve worked and you intrigue the hell out of me. I can’t keep my eyes off you when you’re around. I love the way you walk around like you control everything around you and the way you sit and manage to pay attention to everything and everyone around you. I’ve come up to your room every night since I first saw you and never had the courage to knock until tonight.”

“So why are you so nervous?”

“Um… I… Oh, WOW!!”

Believe it or not, she was either so shy or so distracted it had taken her this long to realize I was standing there naked.


I stood there with my hands on my hips and stared at her as my cock began to swell.

“Oh, my, god! You are even more beautiful than I had imagined!” she said. Then she reached down, grabbed the waist of her blouse and pulled it off over her head, revealing her naked B-cup breasts and their erect nipples.

She tossed it to the side as she kicked her shoes over on top of the blouse, then unbuttoned her slacks and wiggled her hips as she shimmied them down her legs.

She stepped on the edge of one sock and pulled her foot out of it, then switched feet and repeated the move.

She kicked the pile of slacks and socks over to join her shoes and blouse. Then she stood back up, folded her hands in front of her crotch with her fingers interlaced, and just stood there.

I closed the door and continued to stare at her until she pulled her hands to her sides, hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them to the ground as she slowly bent at the waist. This caused her hair to fall forward to shadow her face.

Instead of standing back up, she held her panties on the ground with her hands and pulled her feet out, then kept her hands on her panties as she knelt with her knees spread wide to either side of her forearms and her back arched slightly to better present her breasts. The position also presented a peek at her neatly trimmed pussy between her forearms.

Once she was settled, she lifted her panties in both hands on outstretched arms to me, almost as an offering with her head still bowed.

I considered her for a moment or two more, trying to figure out what was going on in her head.

I was pretty sure I had figured it out, and found out I was right when quietly stepped closer, hooked a finger and took them from her.

As I took her panties she dropped her hands to her thighs with her palms up and her fingers curled only slightly. I lifted her panties and felt their wetness as I audibly inhaled her scent.

I stared down at her another moment longer, then let my voice get husky and low as I rumbled, “Your offering is acceptable.”

I watched a cute little shiver start at her shoulders and work its way down to the flare of her hips. Then I stepped slightly closer and used the end of my cock to gently part the curtain of hair across her face.

I waited until she leaned just the tiniest bit forward to place her tongue under the head of my cock.

And I waited some more to see what she would do.

We stayed there, as still as statues, for almost a minute before her head bobbed as she swallowed once without pulling her tongue from my cock or closing her mouth. A minute might not seem like a long time, but try not swallowing for a full minute — especially when you have something delicious on your tongue.

Then her tongue started to gently stroke that tender patch of skin under the head.

She wasn’t licking like pull, release, make contact again and repeat like she was licking a lollipop. She was sliding her soft, wet tongue slowly forward and backward across the underside of my head while her hot, shaky breath gave the rest of it caresses of another sort.

As I knew she was going to have to try to swallow with her mouth open again I began to slowly inch my feet forward without having to shift my balance from side to side to let her know what I was doing. At the same time I was pulling my hips back slightly.

As I felt the amount of saliva in her mouth build up, I slowly slid the head of my cock farther forward until I felt her lips close around it.

Her convulsive swallow was followed by a groan. Which was followed by a grunt as she realized she had taken some of her own hair into her mouth. I had been waiting for it and as soon as her hand began to move, I growled, “No-o-o-o!”

Her hand stilled on her thigh and I reached out with both hands and pulled her hair back away from her face and behind her head. I gathered it together like a pony-tail and held it gently in one hand.

Then, to her consternation, I went still again.

She slowly began to move again, using the roof of her mouth and her tongue to milk the head of my cock, using first slow motions while maintaining suction then gradually picking up speed, but still with only the head in her mouth.

Then she stopped.

And started again, slowly building speed. As she did, she began to slowly pull her head back and I followed with my cock.

When she had reached that fastest speed again she pushed forward, trying to get my whole cock in her mouth. But just as I felt my head hit the back of her throat I tightened my grasp on her pony-tail and pulled back on it as I pulled my hips back.

She groaned as I did and tried to take more of my cock in. I let her try, but didn’t let her get the whole thing in.

I wasn’t teasing her. I just didn’t want her gagging on me. Not because I’m a “nice guy”, but because I had no idea what she’d eaten or drank lately and had no desire to find out.

I pulled her head back until she was again supporting the head of my cock with her tongue. She paused, then turned her head slightly to the side, wrapped her tongue under my cock and slid her mouth and tongue all the way down it to my balls. When she got there, she released her tongue from my cock and gently licked my sack slowly several times before giving it a cute little kiss.

Then she used her nose to nuzzle my cock up and over her nose as she dragged her tongue across my sack as she began to lick my balls on that side as well. Then she wrapped her tongue back around my cock and dragged her mouth back up to the head.

I allowed her to continue to move her mouth over my cock that way over and over until I was about to cum, then pulled her back by the pony-tail until only my head was in her mouth.

She figured out what was about to happen because she clamped her lips around the ridge of my head and began to work her tongue on the underside of my head until I blew my load into her mouth, growling loudly as I did.

I tried to keep my hips still, but was unable to. But I did release her pony-tail and her head followed my cock as she continued to suck until my orgasm was complete, then she continued to work her tongue over my softening cock as she pulled and sucked every last drop out of it.

I squatted down in front of her and reached out to gently part the curtain of her hair with my fingertips. I smiled into her eyes as I slid my hands down across her face, down her neck, across her shoulders, then down her arms until I finally grasped her upper arms in my hands, stood as I lifted her, and lightly tossed her onto the bed.

She started to scoot back toward me and I pointed at her and growled, “STAY!!”

I ducked into the bathroom and waited in there until I could piss, then came back out.

As I had expected, she had frozen exactly as she was when I had growled at her. And no, she hadn’t moved and then gone back to the same position. She had not moved at all. Well, except for the way her breasts were moving because of the heavy breathing she was doing.

And her nipples were making some very interesting circles in the air.

I grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the foot of the bed. When her ass was about to slide off the foot of the bed I pushed her feet down. Because she tensed unconsciously, her torso rocked upward.

As it did, I dropped (lowered myself quickly, actually) to my knees, shoving her knees outward as I did.

She realized I was right in front of her and started to reach her hands out to touch me, but I grabbed them and pushed them behind her back until her wrists were crossed. Then I grabbed them in one hand, squeezed a little, leaned in and growled, “Keep them there until or unless I tell you to move them. OK?”

She nodded and I moved my hands up to the sides of her face as I leaned in to kiss her. She started to lean forward herself and I growled. She froze and I began to gently kiss her face. I kissed her cheek just to one side of her mouth. Then I pulled back and kissed just to the other side of her mouth. I pulled back again and looked at her until her eyes flicked up to mine. When they did, they froze there as I leaned in toward her only to pull up at the last second and kiss her on the tip of her nose before pulling back again.

I was the one to break eye contact this time as I stared at her mouth, licked my lips and growled. I made eye contact, leaned in again, tilted her head to one side and… Stopped about a half inch short of her lips.

As soon as she started to lean forward I growled again.

I tilted her head the other way and leaned slightly forward and stopped again. And growled again as she started to lean in.

She froze again.

This time when I leaned in I kissed her softly and gently on the lips.

I kissed her slowly and gently until her mouth opened, then alternated my kisses between her upper and lower lips, back and forth until I felt the tip of her tongue reach out to caress my lips.

As soon as I felt it I froze and growled.

She finally got the idea and stayed still as I leaned in to kiss her.

This time it was my tongue that reached out to gently caress the inside of her upper lip — and she stayed still.

I used the tip to caress the inside of her lower lip and she stayed still.

I tilted her head farther to the side to allow me greater access to her mouth and began to kiss her fully and wholly.

I pulled back from her mouth long to growl, “Release,” and her tongue responded to mine, twining around it and stroking it like she had licked my cock earlier.

We kissed for a few minutes and eventually she got to the point of having both her lips wrapped around my tongue and slowly sliding them back and forth on it like she was giving my tongue a blowjob while flicking her tongue all around the tip.

I finally broke contact and pulled her face away from mine.

She whimpered but stayed still.

I stood up, dragging the tip of my cock across one thigh, then back and forth across her stomach.

I adjusted my position and got the tip of my cock into position to gently prod the bottom of her right breast, then dragged it across to prod the bottom of her left one. Her head lowered as she watched the path of my cock trailing across her warm flesh.

Then I stepped back.

I stood and regarded her for a moment waiting to see if she was going to look up.

When she didn’t, I said, “Raise your arms over your head,” then I watched to see what she did.

As they climbed to full extension, I watched as her forearms slid across each other until her wrists were crossed. They paused there for a second before her hands twisted and she interlaced her fingers with both of her palms facing me. She held that position for a few seconds, then went back to having her wrists crossed and she stopped there.

I waited another minute or so to see if she moved and she didn’t. As I waited, I observed how she had arched her back as her arms rose to press her breasts outward while still keeping her head down.

I knelt and placed a hand on either hip. She jumped a little and I realized she had closed her eyes.

I slowly slid my hands down the tops of her thighs, across her knees and down the fronts of her shins to her ankles.

When my hands reached her ankles I stopped and slowly wrapped my hands around her ankles and squeezed slightly. Her moan told me she was appreciating the pressure.

I released her ankles and slid my hands behind her calves from the inside, with the backs of my hands touching her skin.

As my hands rose up the backs of her calves, they eventually came up beneath her knees and continued on to lift her thighs off the bed.

She maintained perfect posture as she was slowly tilted backward until her back came to rest on the comforter.

Once she was in that position, I slid my hands back down to her ankles and pulled them down until her calves came to rest on my shoulders.

Then as I leaned forward I used my grip on her calves to cross her ankles in the middle of my back below my neck.

I eased forward slightly and breathed in the delicate smell of her wet pussy, held my breath for a moment, then softly blew a narrow stream of air over her swollen lips. My face was far enough away that the stream of air had time to cool so that, instead of a nice warm flow of air, she got a cool tickle.

She whimpered and her heels twitched on my back.

I did it again and got the same whimper and twitch.

The third time she started to dig her heels in, but stopped instantly as I growled.

The next time I got my face closer and instead of blowing cool air on her, I just allowed a long slow exhale to warm her back up.

Then I paused and watched her face between those delectable breasts. Just as she started to lift her head to see what I was doing I leaned in that last little bit and dragged my tongue up her wet slit.

She arched her back and moaned, but not before I saw her head snap back down onto the covers.

I took advantage of the opportunity to slide my hands and arms up the side of her torso to palm her breasts, with my palm on the undersides, my thumb and little finger on either side of her pert little breasts and her erect nipples trapped between my middle and ring fingers.

I licked her slowly then.

I gently contracted both hands, both squeezing her entire breasts and slightly pinching the nipples.

I licked the gap between her inner and outer lips on her left side.

I squeezed again.

I licked the gap between her inner and outer lips on her right side.

I licked straight up the middle of her sex then paused with my tongue just short of touching her clit and waited.

And waited.

I slowly dragged the tip of my tongue from side to side on her lips, but without moving it closer to her swollen clit.

She didn’t even twitch her legs this time.

I slowly licked up the middle of her slit again and again as I heard her breathing deepen.

I watched as her lower back began to arch up off the bed.

I slowly began to carry my licks closer and closer to her clit.

When I figured the time was right, I planted my mouth on her pussy around her clit.

I pulled a gentle suction on her clit, eliciting another moan, then reached out with the tip of my tongue and began to slowly circle it around her clit.

I didn’t do anything when her hips started moving against my mouth. Not because I didn’t care, but because I had plans.

I circled her little clit with my tongue as her hips gyrated more and more vigorously.

I waited until her heels twitched up against my back.

Then I growled. But this time it wasn’t just a growl.

I slightly increased the suction, placed the flat of my tongue on the underside of her clit and wiggled it very slightly, almost vibrating it, and let the growl carry the vibrations of my chest neck and head directly into her groin.

At the same time I squeezed her nipples hard between my fingers and then just held the fuck on.

Her entire body rolled like a wave as her hips lifted against my mouth then dropped, then the small of her back raised off the bed and dropped, then her breasts pressed into my hands and fell back before I saw her chin lift and then fall.

Those undulations increased in speed and distance as I kept up the suction, the lick and the growl until she answered with a growl of her own that turned into a howl as her orgasm crashed over her.

I continued to suck and lick and growl on her little clit until her ankles released and she put her heels on my shoulders and gently pushed.

I pulled back and waited as her heels fell back to my back and watched as her body slowly quieted.

I waited to see what she was going to do.

And waited.

She wasn’t moving at all.

But then I noticed she was.

Her cute little pussy was contracting and relaxing.

Not like it did during her orgasm, but slowly and deliberately, like she was trying to pull something in.

And hey, who am I to deny a lady?

I reached up and pulled her feet gently from my shoulders and back toward her then reached behind me to the TV stand and pulled a condom from where I’d placed it on my way back from pissing.

I quickly tore the packet open, took it out and rolled it down my cock.

I grabbed her ankles again and lifted them until her legs were straight and used them as a guide as I dragged my cockhead down to the opening of her cunt.

When I got there, I slowly slid the tip of my cock inside that warm, wet tunnel and discovered this girl had some endurance.

As I slowly slid my cock slowly farther and farther inside, she kept up those contractions and I was glad I had that condom on. If I’d have been bareback, I’d have come for sure already.

As it was, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to make it.

I finally slid all the way to the hilt then started to drag myself back out of her.

But it was difficult, as those contractions seemed to be trying to pull me back in, or at least trying to keep me from pulling out.

OK, something else was moving. Her lips had turned up in a very satisfied little smile.

I slowly began to increase the pace of my thrusts and she tried to keep pace with her contractions until she couldn’t or my pace grew too fast, then it was just a relax-as-I-slid-in and clench-as-I-drew-out motion.

I kept that up for a few more minutes before my knees and back started getting sore.

At that point I grabbed her ankles and pulled them down and around until her calves were resting on my lower back.

I snapped my fingers and her eyes popped open and I motioned over her head as I said, “Wrists!”

She lifted them off the bed and toward me without uncrossing them and I grabbed her forearms and pulled her torso up off the bed until I could hook her arms over my neck.

Once I had her in position, I wrapped my arms around the small of her back, pushed slightly on the bottom of the bed with my knees and managed to stand.

But I didn’t stay standing for long. I quickly turned around and sat on the bed myself, supporting her ass with my thighs.

She arched her back then, and used her crossed wrists to pull my head forward toward her tits. I growled and made her freeze.

Yeah, like fuck I did.

I lowered my face to her breasts and began to slowly lick up the bottom of one breast as her cunt continued those rhythmic contractions on my cock.

As I licked slowly up the bottom of that breast I matched the vertical motion with a combination of a clench of my thighs and a push off the ground with my toes, slightly lifting her ass and letting my cock slide out of her slowly clenching pussy.

Then, when my tongue slid slowly off her nipple and her little tit would fall, I’d let my feet fall and her tight little body would drop onto my cock.

I was able to keep that up for a while before my calves cramped.

When I first started to groan Alexandra pulled back, looked me in the eyes and groaned, “NO! Please don’t cum yet!”

“One, you don’t tell me what to do!” I growled at her. “And two, I’m not – both of my calves just cramped!”

She did let her wrists uncross then and uncoiled her legs from around my waist as her hands moved down my neck and across my shoulders, then she pushed me back until I was resting on the bed.

She rocked a little to one side and bent her leg on the opposite side before rocking to the other side and did the same thing.

She left her hands on my shoulders as she started to rock up and down on my cock, still using the clench-and-release motion.

She got about three rocks into that when her knee slipped off the bottom of the bed.

“Can you scoot up?” she asked.

I used my shoulders and elbows to slowly work my way up the bed and she slowly used her knees to crawl her way up with me.

The combination of my hips moving back and forth and her hips swiveling was almost enough to set me off, but we stopped just in time.

Apparently she realized that because she paused both the bouncing and the clenching.

She just sat there looking into my eyes and I was enjoying watching the things I saw flickering in those eyes.

I lifted my hands to her breasts and placed them where they had been when she was on her back and began to once again gently squeeze them.

After about ten or fifteen squeezes, she picked up the rhythm with that tight little cunt and we just stayed there, both squeezing and relaxing.

Eventually she started to rock up and down on my cock again and the pace of our squeezing and her rocking began to pick up until her hips were slamming down on my thighs.

I was watching her face and eyes and the little smiles on her lips were definitely being reflected in her eyes.

She was banging her body harder and harder on me when her eyes went wide and her hands flew from my shoulders to her own thighs and she knelt perfectly upright. I let go of her breasts and put my hands on her hips.

She knelt there and her body rocked very slightly side-to-side and forward and backward in an almost hypnotic motion . The thought crossed my mind that the only two things I had ever seen move like that before were a praying mantis or a cobra at a snake-charming demonstration.

As I watched, her eyes slowly began to roll back into her head and I was just starting to wonder if she was having a fit of some kind when she took a deep breath in and when she let it out, it came out with an, “oh…My…GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!”

She quivered there for another few seconds before she dropped her hands back to my shoulders and looked into my eyes as she breathed hard.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

She gave me a sly smile from under that curtain of hair and said, “I just became a THREE-hole punch!!”

“OK… So are you OK?”

“Oh, fuuuck yeeeaaaaah!! I had heard all kinds of stories about how it was going to hurt, or burn or sting or something, but that last time I came up just a little too far your cock slipped out of my cunt and when I wiggled a little to try to get it back in it was lined up on my pussy, but when I dropped it slid back and shot straight up my ass!”

I could feel her start to slowly rock her hips from side-to-side, then front-to-back, before she slowly began to slide her body back up and down on my cock.

I pulled my knees up, planted my feet and began to slightly push up into her to match the downward thrust of her hips.

After a bunch of mutual thrusts Alexandra lifted her hands from my shoulders and rested her ass cheeks and lower back against my thighs.

I raised my hands back to her breasts and began to squeeze them again.

Her hands slid off her thighs and into her crotch.

I reached up and pulled a pillow down and under my head so I could watch what she was doing.

She was using the two middle fingers of her left hand to rub in the folds of her pussy lips as she used the tips of the two middle fingers of her right hand to rub on either side of her clit.

We rocked that way a few more moments and then her two middle fingers curled farther until they slid up inside her pussy. Her pointer and little finger trailed the inside of her thighs until they suddenly clenched together and I could feel them clamped to the sides of my cock.

“Ooooohhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiit!! I can feel my asshole stretched around your fucking cock every time it comes dooooownnnnn!! That is so fucking hooottttttttt!!!”

Then it occurred to me that I had to get her back in the zone, so I released my grasp on her breasts and her eyes flew open.

“Don’t worry. I got this,” I said.

She rocked a few more times and then her eyes flew open again as I grasped just her nipples tightly between the sides of my forefingers below and my thumbs above and I pulled down on her nipples hard. This “forced” her ass down onto my cock.

I held her there for a second or six, then slowly pulled upward on her nipples.

She stayed down with my cock buried up her ass until she “had” to rise with the pressure, then she stayed at the top of the stroke with just the head of my cock still in her ass as I “forced” her back down, listening to her moan as she was slowly impaled on my cock and her own fingers again.

I slowly began to increase the pace of my tugging on her nipples as her body rose and fell.

As the speed of her vertical movement increased, so did the speed of her fingertips flying across her clit.

I watched her closely and at just the right time I dragged her down, squeezed her nipples just a little bit harder and twisted them just slightly as I growled “Cum for me!!”

And she did.

Her body rocked back and forth, she shook, her abdominal muscles clenched and released and I could feel her little asshole squeezing and releasing on my prick.

When she finally quieted, she pulled her fingers from her cunt, put her hands on my shoulders, then slowly lowered herself until her breasts were pressed into my chest.

She began to kiss along the left side of my jaw-line until she got to the tip of my chin, then she pushed herself up a little off my cock to kiss me on the lips.

Our tongues intertwined as we kissed — and her hips rocked just a little to-and-fro as she moaned her pleasure.

I reached up and grabbed her head and held it still as I stiffened my tongue and used my grasp on her head to pull her mouth down onto my tongue as her asshole slid that short distance up my cock, then pushed her back down as my tongue slid from her mouth and her moan intensified.

I rocked her that way, with her ass being filled as my tongue slipped from her mouth, then her lips being spread by my tongue as my cock slipped out of her ass for a few more minutes, staring her in the eyes as I did, until she shuddered her way through another orgasm.

As she started to clench up I pulled my tongue from her mouth since I didn’t want her to bite it and she began to mutter, “Oh, shit! Oh fuck! Fuck my tight little asshole! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

This time she didn’t “quiet”, she “collapsed”.

We lay there like that as my cock slowly softened until it slid from her ass.

Finally I nudged her and got her to shift sideways until I could get my arms under her knees and back and I scooted to the foot of the bed until I could get my feet on the floor.

Once they were down I surged upward and carried her into the bathroom. I lowered her legs to the floor and reached in to turn the shower on.

As we waited for the water to warm up, she snuggled into me, one cute little tit pressed into my chest and the other into the left side of my torso, tucked her face into the hollow of my neck and began to kiss me softly on the neck.

Once the water had warmed up we stepped into the shower and I slid the door shut.

Then I re-opened it as I slid the condom from my cock, leaned around the corner and tossed it into the trash can.

I held her against my left side as I grabbed the soap began to lather it against her back.

I put the soap back so I could use both hands and began to slowly massage it into her back. As I massaged it up her back, she pulled her face back from my neck to get her hair wet, then pulled it around to the right side of her neck.

As I rubbed my soapy hands over her back she put her arms around my back and snuggled in again.

When my hands drifted down her back to her ass cheeks, she parted her legs and carefully slid her left thigh between my legs and the right one on the outside of my left thigh. I obliged her and dropped my right leg back a bit.

I soaped her ass cheeks and was going to move back up her back when she pushed her pussy hard into my thigh.

I went back to soaping her butt cheeks and as I soaped them, I began to cup them in my palms and squeeze gently.

With each squeeze, she thrust her puss against my thigh. Then she stopped and pulled away from my thigh. I thought something had made her uncomfortable and stilled my hands on her ass.

Then she began to clench her cheeks and wiggle. It only took me a short half second to figure that one out and my right hand slowly slid down her crack.

As my fingertips grazed the little rose-bud of her asshole she groaned and again thrust her pussy against my thigh, then started rocking up and down against it.

I circled the outside with the tip of my middle finger, around and around, faster and faster and her thrusts against my thigh kept up with my pace.

Then I stopped the swirl and held the tip of that finger right in the center and jiggled it just a little.

Kristen was having the most delicious dream. She felt like she was floating on the ocean, rising and falling with the waves. Overhead, bright blue, cloudless skies seemed to go on forever. The sun was warm. In fact, it was downright hot. She could feel the heat rising in her body, and she reveled in the feeling it gave her.

The waves seemed to be carrying her toward the shore, which wasn’t too surprising. That’s what waves did, after all, but as she came closer and closer to the beach, the waves seemed to grow in intensity. The peaks became higher and higher, and she tried to guess which wave would be the one that carried her to the burning sand.

Upward the waves carried her, so high now that she started to become somewhat anxious, but the water was warm, and she felt its wetness all over, and it felt amazingly good, so she gave in to the feeling.

The thing about dreams is that they rarely have continuity, and rarely do they reach fruition. The falling man wakes up before he hits the ground; the student sleeps through the final exam for the class she hasn’t attended all semester, they always end with us waking up wondering where we are.

As Kristen drew closer and closer to the shore, rising higher and higher on the waves, she was no different. Just as she thought she was about to hit the beach, she awoke from the dream with a start, and in that instant, three thoughts ran through her head. The questions that occurred to her happened at the speed of thought, which is to say, almost instantaneously and almost at the same time, but in order, they were:

1.”Where am I?”

2.”What is that sensation I’m feeling?”

3.”Oh my God! Am I’m cumming?”

Before she was fully awake, the wave that had been building within her body dashed her body upon the shore, where she felt herself writhing and gasping like the two lovers in “From Here to Eternity.”

It was then that her brain connected the dots.

First, she knew where she was: She was in Rachel’s bed.

Second, she now knew what that sensation had been: It was Rachel’s tongue on her clit.

And that second realization certainly explained that wave that was washing over her.

Kristen opened her eyes and looked down her naked body to see Rachel looking up at her from between her legs. Her face was shiny with Kristen’s juices, and she was grinning like the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Good morning, Beautiful,” Rachel said. “I’m sorry I woke you, but I just couldn’t wait anymore.”

Kristen laughed.

“Don’t apologize! I’d like to wake up like that every morning. In fact, could I leave an 8 a.m. wake-up call for tomorrow too!”

The two women broke into laughter, and Rachel crawled up Kristen’s body to snuggle next to her. She leaned in to kiss her, but Kristen turned her head away.

Rachel was momentarily hurt until Kristen said, “Wait until I brush my teeth! Yuck, I have morning breath.”

“Yeah, well my breath smells like tuna,” Rachel joked.

“Eeewww!” Kristen said, playfully swatting Rachel on her behind. “I hate it when guys say we taste like tuna!”

“I’m just joking!” Rachel replied laughing. “You don’t taste anything like tuna.”

“Good,” Kristen said, “I was about to get a complex. Now let me up. I have to tinkle.”

“OK, you go tinkle, and I’m going to make us some breakfast. I’m starved, and if you recall, we left our dinner sitting uneaten on the table last night.”

“Last night,” Kristen thought. “God, it seemed so long ago. And to think, that in just a little more than 24 hours, her whole life had changed dramatically.”

It all began when Kristen couldn’t sleep the previous night, and it had ended with Rachel’s face buried between her legs, culminating in the first lesbian experience for both women. The reality of what had happened hadn’t even begun to sink in, but Kristen knew her life had changed — for the better she hoped — but she knew there would be consequences to deal with.

Rachel could see the look of concern flash across her best friend’s face, and knew what she must be thinking.

“Hey … I love you. Get yourself cleaned up a little and join me in the kitchen. I know we need to talk. Everything will be OK. OK?”

Kristen smiled sheepishly at Rachel. “Am I that easy to read?”

“Yes,” Rachel said simply.

“OK. I’ll be there in a minute,” Kristen said.

Rachel turned to go, but Kristen stopped her.

“Rachel …”


“I love you too,” Kristen said looking directly into her eyes.

To Kristen, the smile that came over Rachel’s face was as pleasing as the orgasm she had just experienced.

Rachel turned for the kitchen before Kristen could see the tears forming in her eyes. She had never had a man tell her that he loved her; at least, not in the simple way Kristen had just said it. She hoped that Mark would feel the same way about her someday.

When Kristen joined Rachel in the kitchen, the gourmet chef was whipping up a breakfast strata with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted red bell peppers. She had cut up fresh fruit and put out some bagels and low-fat crème cheese. A large glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice awaited Kristen, and she gulped it down as if she hadn’t had a drink in weeks.

“God, what did you do to me last night,” she gasped after downing the juice.

“As I recall, it was you doing the doing last night,” Rachel giggled. “That’s probably why you’re so thirsty.”

The thought of what Kristen had done to Rachel last night, and vice-versa this morning, brought renewed wetness between Kristen’s thighs.

“God, maybe we’d better talk about something else; otherwise, I’m going to take you back to bed, and we’ll waste another meal,” she teased.

“Hey, eat all you want, I’ll cook more,” Rachel said mischievously, lifting up the front of her short silky negligee, revealing her nakedness below.

Kristen groaned.

“You’re so bad,” she said, slipping into Rachel’s arms.

“I recall you wanting to kiss me a little while ago. Is that offer still on the table?” Kristen asked.

Rachel rose up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to Kristen’s, pulling her head close and opening her mouth. Kristen’s tongue met Rachel’s, and they teased each other that way as Kristen allowed her hands to drop to Rachel’s ass. She lifted the short nightie so that she could run her hands over her new lover’s ass. She gripped a cheek in each hand and then ran her index finger down the crack of Rachel’s ass, eliciting a groan of appreciation that transferred from Rachel’s mouth to Kristen’s.

The two broke apart and Rachel went back to cooking, but the grin on her face seemed permanently etched there. It made Kristen smile, and she could tell that she had the same glow.

They remained silent for a time, both lost in their own thoughts about what had happened and what it might mean.

Rachel was the first to speak.

“Kristen? I know that what has happened changes a lot of things and that it will take a while for us to process.

“I think there are some things that should be said right away, though.”

“OK,” Kristen said a little nervously. She wasn’t sure what Rachel was going to say. Hell, she wasn’t even sure what she wanted to hear.

“First,” Rachel said, “I know that you are married to Jason, and I would never try to break that up.”

A flood of relief washed over Kristen, but it was quickly replaced by anxiety about Jason, and the fact that she had essentially cheated on him. Sure, it had been with a woman, but Kristen didn’t fool herself into thinking that it was anything less than unfaithfulness.

“Second, I love you, and I never want to do anything to hurt you.”

“Third, I want to be your lover only if it doesn’t mean violating the first two statements.”

Rachel saw a tear form in Kristen’s eye, and she panicked.

“Kristen, I’m sorry! Did I say something wrong? Oh God, I’ve already hurt you. Please talk to me.”

But Kristen just walked over to Rachel and took her in her arms and held her, stroking the shorter woman’s long auburn hair.

“Rachel, Rachel, thank you! Thank you! You’ve just said everything I was thinking. I was so worried that you would ask me to give up Jason, and I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

“Oh babe, I know what Jason means to you. I know how deeply you love him. Hell, I love him for the way he loves you. I also don’t believe that love is a limited resource. We have an infinite capacity to give and receive it, and I just want to be part of the group that gives and receives love from you.”

They kissed tenderly and hugged again.

“I hate to bring it up,” Rachel said, “but what about Jason? What are you going to tell him?”

“God, I don’t know!” Kristen said. “I don’t even know if I should tell him. Are you going to tell Mark?” Kristen asked. Mark had been Rachel’s boyfriend for several months, and they were getting pretty serious. In fact, it was Rachel’s recounting of a steamy sexual encounter with Mark that ultimately allowed her to get into Kristen’s pants.

“Unless you don’t want me to, I will. Hell, if I know Mark, it will totally turn him on. But, I know it’s different for us. We aren’t married. We aren’t even engaged.”

“Half of me expects Jason to react the same way,” Kristen said hopefully. “God knows we’ve fantasized about me being with a woman enough, but sometimes fantasy runs smack dab into the wall of reality, especially when it happens behind the other’s back.”

The strata came out of the oven, and the two women wolfed down the food — their physical appetite seemingly matching their sexual appetite — insatiable.

“Do you really think Jason will be mad,” Rachel asked.

“Do you want to know the truth?” Kristen asked. “I think Jason is going to be jealous, but not because I had sex with you, but because he didn’t get to join in,” she laughed.

“Men!” Rachel said, “They’re so predictable.”

“Hey, I can’t really blame him,” Kristen said. “I wanted to fuck you. Why wouldn’t he?”

“Well, since we’re having true confession time,” Rachel said, “Mark and I have fantasized about the four of us getting together for a little “after-hours” fun. I won’t tell you what he’d like to do to you,” she said cryptically.

“Oh?” Kristen said, shifting in her seat to massage the tingling she was starting to feel in her pussy. “And, what exactly, would Mr. Barron like to do to me?” she asked.

“Well, let’s just say it involves his big office desk and your tight little backside.”

“Hmmm. Well, you can tell him that little hole is off limits to everyone, including my husband.”

“Too bad. He’ll be disappointed, and honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing,” Rachel said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Are you saying you …?

“Ummmm, could beeeee,” Rachel replied, mimicking Jon Lovitz’ Saturday Night Live routine.

“Oh my!” Rachel said. “Girl, we’re going to have to talk, but right now I want to take a shower with you. All this talk has made me seriously horny, and you’re a very dirty girl in need of a good washing.”

The two walked hand in hand to the bathroom and Rachel reached in to start the shower. Kristen came up behind her, grasping the hem of the silky nightie and pulled it up over her head. Rachel raised her arms, twisting in Kristen’s arms to kiss her.

Rachel’s hands went to the sash barely holding Kristen’s robe together, and loosened the knot. She slipped her hands inside the robe to grasp Kristen’s ass. Their breasts pressed together, and each woman could feel the other’s nipples grazing across her chest.

Rachel led her into the shower and guided her under the spray. Picking up the shampoo, she lathered her hands and began washing Kristen’s short blond hair. The suds streamed down her body, some detouring around her large breasts, others following the curve of her surgically enhanced mounds to her engorged nipples, hanging there briefly before gravity overcame friction, and the bubbles plunged to the shower floor.

Kristen turned her back to Rachel so she could wash her hair, and although Rachel tried her best to focus on the task at hand, she couldn’t help but allow her hands to slide down to Kristen’s breasts, enjoying the slickness that allowed her to roam freely over her gorgeous tits.

Kristen sighed and leaned back against Rachel, feeling Rachel’s own breasts slipping and sliding across her back, her nipples feeling like fingers massaging her lats.

As Kristen rinsed her hair, Rachel dropped to her knees in the shower and arched her head up to gain access to Kristen’s sex. Her tongue probed her lips as the water cascaded down Kristen’s body. Kristen moaned in pleasure and grabbed hold of Rachel’s head so that she could move against the pleasing tongue. Kristen’s knees bent slightly, and she arched her pelvis out so that Rachel could probe deeper and deeper. She rode Rachel’s tongue like it was a Disneyland attraction.

“This is definitely an e-ticket ride!” she thought.

Rachel slid her right hand between Kristen’s legs and used her fingertips to part her lips. Finding Kristen’s opening, she gently probed it with her middle finger, sliding it deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her tongue continued to circle Kristen’s clit as she finger-fucked her lover.

Kristen’s knees were getting weak, and she was afraid she was going to lose her balance and fall in the shower, but Rachel helped hold her up with her other hand.

Kristen’s riding became more fervent now as Rachel brought her closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. Rachel curled the finger inside Kristen toward her pubic bone, manipulating that hidden spot and driving Kristen over the edge. Kristen’s hands slapped against the shower walls to steady herself, and Rachel’s hands grasped her hips to keep her from falling as her tongue continued to trip across Kristen’s clit. As Kristen’s body ceased its convulsions, Rachel lapped at her slit, slurping noisily the fruit of her labors.

“No more! Kristen gasped. “I can’t take any more!” she fought to get her breath, realizing that in a little more than 24 hours, she had cum five (or was it six) times. Her pussy tingled, and as she rubbed her hand over herself, she realized she was a little sore too.

“That’s what you get for being such a horny little slut,” she told herself.

Rachel arose from her knees, grabbing the fluffy and soaping it up so that she could complete her cleansing of Kristen. She managed to be good and only allowed her hands to dilly and dally slightly during the process, finishing with a quick kiss on each of Kristen’s nipples.

“There, all better,” she said smiling.

Kristen had to agree. She could get used to showers like this.

“My turn,” Kristen said.

“My body is yours to do with as you will,” Rachel giggled.

Kristen began with Rachel’s long hair, massaging her scalp and running her fingers through her long auburn strands. As the shampoo dripped from Rachel’s hair, it ran down her back and over her tight buttocks. Kristen moved up closer to her, rubbing her nearly hairless pubic mound around Rachel’s ass. Her hands slid down to cup the woman’s butt cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, allowing the suds to run down her crevice. She used the finger of her right hand to trace the path of the suds through that crevice, and Rachel jumped as the nail grazed her anus.

Kristen turned her around and began soaping her body, taking the opportunity to pull Rachel close into a passionate kiss. She loved the way their slippery breasts rubbed against each other.

Done with Rachel’s front, Kristen spun her around again to do her back.

“Damn, you look good from behind, woman!” Kristen told Rachel.

Rachel shook her butt at Kristen saucily. “So, are you saying you like my booty?”

Smack! Kristen’s hand landed on one of those curvaceous soap-covered buns, eliciting a gasp from Rachel.

Before Rachel could recover, Kristen had her hand between Rachel’s thighs and was running her finger through her short curly hair. Rachel put her hands against the wall of the shower and spread her legs to give Kristen free rein of her pussy.

Rachel was already wet, Kristen could tell, and she wasted no time slipping a finger all the way up inside her. She pumped it in and out several times hard, drawing groans from Rachel as the finger pummeled her.

Kristen leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “You love being taken from behind, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Rachel gasped.

“You know what I’m going to do?”

“No … what?” each of Rachel’s words were forced out of her with each inward thrust of Kristen’s finger.

“I’m going to go online and buy us a toy.”

“What … kind … of … toy?” she asked excitedly.

“The kind I can strap on!” Kristen said. “I want to fuck you the way Mark fucked you last night.”

“Oh … yes!” Rachel cried.

“And you know what else?” Kristen asked, her thumb now circling Rachel’s asshole, which was still slick with soap.

“Ughh! … What?” Rachel asked.

“I might even use it on this tight little hole since you seem to like it so much.” With that, Kristen eased her thumb up Rachel’s ass so that she had a finger buried in each hole.

Rachel moaned, the slight discomfort outweighed by the excruciating pleasure she was receiving at Kristen’s hand.

“So, you like it up your ass, don’t you, you dirty little girl?”

“Ugh … Yeah! Do it! … Do it too me! … Fuck me hard!”

Kristen slid her fingers in and out of Rachel with blinding speed. The sound of her hand slapping against Rachel filled the shower. Rachel braced herself against the wall, moaning incoherently as Kristen ravaged her.

“You like it rough, don’t you little slut? Cum for me baby! Cum all over my hand! Let me feel you squeeze my fingers!”

Rachel squeezed her thighs together as she came hard. Both holes constricted around the Kristen’s fingers, and Kristen felt the woman’s hot juices flowing down her hand. It was much hotter than the shower water.

“Ohhhhh! … Oh my God! … Ughhh!” Rachel was almost delirious from the orgasm as Kristen continued to slip her fingers in and out of both orifices, but more gently now. She nuzzled Rachel’s neck.

“God that was hot!” she said, and Rachel just nodded, unable to form coherent words.

Kristen pulled her finger from Rachel’s cunt, leaving the thumb up her ass.

“I think your asshole and I are going to become very close,” she whispered, and Rachel shuddered at the thought. Kristen pulled her thumb out, and Rachel’s ass gaped briefly at the emptiness she now felt.

The two lovers could have probably stayed that way all day but the hot water was running out, threatening to douse the fire they both felt. They quickly rinsed and shut off the water. Kristen wrapped the still-trembling Rachel in a big towel and dried her before drying herself.

The two had just stepped out of the shower when Kristen’s cell phone rang.

She glanced at the caller ID. It was Jason.

Her heart fluttered. What would she tell him?

“Hello?” she answered.

To be continued.

This is part 3 of a brother/sister incest story. I strongly suggest you read parts 1 and 2 before consuming this part. If you have already done so then welcome back and enjoy. A big thanks to Loansum for editing.


I could only just smile at this point as I lay naked in my parent’s bed. My spent cock was coated with both my cum and the moisture from my own sister’s tight pussy.

“Was this all really happening,” was the only thought running through my head.

I laid there in a post orgasmic daze as I watched my sister Ashley’s hot little ass confidently sauntering from the bedside to the master bathroom. What an ass it was too, if she hadn’t already made me cum four times today I’m sure I would have been rock hard at this point. But my cock needed a break.

Ashley turned and smiled at me as she reached the bathroom door.

“Don’t make me wait too long big bro,” she said in a voice that dripped with seduction and lust.

I just smiled at her, unable to form full words right now. I was so relaxed and calm. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist her invitation but I was going to take a second to reflect on the last week or so.

My mind flashed over the event that seemingly started all of this. It was my sister leaving a voicemail on my phone while she was masturbating. At the time I thought it was meant for her boyfriend. It turned out that it was meant for me the whole time. Then she played coy the rest of the week until our parents went out of town. The next thing I knew I was invited for a live viewing of what I heard in the voicemail. Well after that it didn’t take long for me to be deep inside her tight little pussy. After filling her up with a load of cum and then cumming all over her tits she let me rest for a while. If that wasn’t enough I woke up to find the house empty with several pieces of lingerie hinting at the fun to come that night. By the time she got home I was ready for her again and she didn’t disappoint by presenting herself to me in some of the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen. After another round of amazing sex I find myself where I am now.

As I lay on the bed I looked once again at the picture of my parents. Did my sister just admit to fucking them or was she kidding? I really don’t know at this point’ Yet the more I looked at my mom’s picture, wearing a little red bikini, I realized if it was true then there was no way I was going to miss out on that opportunity.

I was then stirred out of my erotic reflections by the sound of running water. Realizing I was missing the chance to shower with my hot little sister I climbed out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. The sight that greeted me was something out of my wildest fantasies. There was Ashley in the shower. The glass was partially steamed up and she had the shower wand in her hand running the water over her tight smooth pussy. With her head was tilted back, her breasts were prominently on display as her chest heaved with each moan.

“Fuck this girl is insatiable,” was all I could think of at this point. This only brought a smile to my face because her equally horny brother was more than happy to take care of her.

I just stood there leaning against the bathroom window watching my sister please herself in the shower. My cock was slowly trying to come back to life but I was in no hurry to get off. I wanted to appreciate this goddess that I had the pleasure of sharing a house with and now a bed.

I watched for a few more minutes until Ashley looked, saw me and smiled.

“Come on you little voyeur and get in here,” she said. A big smile crossed my face.

I walked toward the shower, stepped in and was instantly hit with the heat of the water. Within seconds my sister was on me. Our bodies met and were immediately intertwined. Our lips were pressed tightly together and we kissed passionately, enjoying the feeling of being pressed against one another. Our hands began exploring each other.

It felt like we were like that for hours. We kissed deeply and passionately. My hands were sliding down her smooth back, cupping her firm ass and feeling her fit body in my palms. One of her hands was running through my hair while her other found its way between my legs; massaging my cock back to life. Not to be outdone my fingers moved smoothly to her swollen pussy lips. I trailed my fingers slowly along her slit, eliciting a moan into my mouth. I easily slid my finger into her tight cunt and started to slowly finger her.

“Ohhhh fuck Brad, that feels so good,” she moaned as our kiss broke.

I started to kiss down Ashley’s neck as I brought a second finger to her pussy; sliding it into her. My palm at the same time grinding down into her clit was driving her wild. Her moans echoed in the small shower stall. I kissed my way down her neck to her full firm breasts. My other hand came up and cupped her left breast while my lips wrapped around her right nipple. My fingers were pinching one nipple while I sucked on the other. Ashley’s body was writhing against my finger the whole time; I had apparently found the right spot. Holding her nipple between my lips I ran my tongue back and forth over the hardness. She was enjoying the feel on my tongue.

I then started to slowly sink down to my knees as the hot water was streaming over our bodies. I softly kissed Ashley’s thighs. I was worshiping this sexy girl; wanting to please her any way I could. My fingers continued to slide smoothly in and out of her tight pussy. My lips inched closer and closer along her thighs to her pussy. As my lips reached her pussy I extracted my fingers while at the same time taking her clit. I was running my tongue in a tight circle around it, pushing it left and right. This drove her wild and she ran her hands through my hair, pushing me tight into her pussy. Her moans were muffled by her thighs pressing my ears.

My tongue snaked down and I spread her pussy lips out with the tip of my tongue before plunging deep into her hot little hole. I took in the flavor of her sweet little pussy, washed clean by the shower head just minutes before. My hands slid up the back of her legs and once again cupped that sweet little ass, pulling her pussy tight to my face. I began tongue fucking her vigorously; her moans urging me on.

I kept up the energy with my tongue and brought one hand up, pressing my thumb tight to her clit. I was quickly rewarded with several loud moans before her body started to jerk against me as a strong orgasm hit her. My mouth was flooded with the sweetest juice I’ve ever tasted and I made sure to drink up as much as I could. I kept my mouth sealed tight to her pussy until the last wave of her orgasm passed.

I rose up, smiled and kissed her firmly again; her juices all over my lips. We kissed passionately with our bodies pressed together as her hand once again found my manhood. It was now fully back to life. Ashley slid her soft hand up and down my throbbing cock and smiled at me.

“Mmmm, I like him. He likes to play a lot.”

“He just likes to play with his sexy sister,” I laughed as I responded.

Placing my hands on her hips I turned her slowly around and pulled her tight to me. Then grinding her firm ass back into my rock hard cock Ashley let out a low moan.

She slowly bent forward knowing exactly what I wanted. She was presenting her sexy ass and pussy to me. There was only one place my cock wanted to go. I moved behind her aiming my cock at her swollen pouty pussy lips. Ashley spread her legs almost instinctively opening herself to me. My cock was sliding along her pussy lips. The head speared her pussy and spread her out around me.

Slowly I sunk deep into her tight pussy, letting out a low groan as I slid into her. I sunk farther and farther forward until my hips met her ass. I held myself there and just enjoyed the tight feeling around my throbbing cock. At the same time I wrapped my arms around Ashley’s body, cupping her full tits in my palms and feeling their full weight. The whole time she ground her hips back into me, moaning as I filled her tight aroused pussy.

“Ohhh fuck, bro. You feel so good,” Ashley moaned out. I was in heaven at this point and never wanted to leave.

After enjoying being deep inside Ashley’s tight pussy, I then started to withdraw my cock. This brought a whimpered protest from my sister. Without saying a word I dragged my cock back till only the fat swollen head was inside her. I then thrust forward, sliding deep into her again. We both moaned out loud, enjoying the amazing feeling of our bodies merging together.

I began sliding my hips back and forth, fucking her in long deep strokes. Ashley was bracing herself against the shower wall as I grabbed her hips tight, rocking my body deep in and out of her snug little pussy. Over and over my hips slammed into her ass, as I fucked her deep and hard. Our collective moans filling the bathroom while the hot water crashed over our bodies.

This hard deep fucking was getting to us both. We moaned louder and louder as we sped towards yet another orgasm. Over and over our bodies slammed together, fucking hard and deep and using up all of our leftover sexual energy. Our moans were reaching a new pitch as my cock erupted, exploding once again deep into my sister’s pussy. Her pussy flexed around me at the same time as another orgasm took over her body. Our flesh was spent and I just held myself deep inside Ashley. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her body against me. As I kissed her neck softly, she let out a contented sigh.

“Mmmmm, my big brother is so good to me.”

I slowly dragged myself out of her, pulling a gush of cum with my exiting cock. Our bodies stayed tight together as we enjoyed the feeling of the hot water over our spent bodies. Eventually we climbed out of the shower and dried each other off. We were enjoying the touching and being together.

Ashley then took my hand, dropped her towel.

“Come to bed brother.”

I smile knowing I couldn’t deny her anything. I follow her closely as she led me to our parents large bed. I felt like I was in a dream, watching Ashley lay back the sheets and slide underneath’ She invited me to join her with her eyes and beautiful naked body. Climbing under the sheets Ashley cuddled up tight to me and laid her head on my chest with a contented smile on her face.

My arm around her held her naked body to mine. Ashley then looked up at me with a seductive smile.

“Wait until the surprise I have for you tomorrow.” I smiled in reply.

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait.” My body quickly gave way to exhaustion and we fell asleep. My sexy sister was tight in my arms.

The tile floor was cold beneth her bare feet as she walked into the open bathroom in her first-floor bedroom. Hannah’s straight chestnut brown hair reached the curve of her back, the tips softly grazing above her perfectly lifted ass as it swayed with each step.

She loved being nude around her house. The feeling of the air against her bare skin turned her on and made her pink nipples harden.

Hannah looked into the mirror, admiring her reflection. She worked hard for her body. It wasnt ripped or boney, but a nice flat tummy and lean muscles show how much she accomplished.


Across the street there was a frontyard bonfire going on. They had one every week, all they did was drink, tell dirty jokes, and was a little loud every now and then but tonight they were quieter than usual. The tall man sat facing Hannah’s house in their cirle and watched her through the open window. He smiled in delight, his cock growing harder.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” the man with the shaved head barked seriously then laughed. He’s obviously drunk.

The tall man laughed and pointed to Hannah’s window.

“I’m not looking at you, dumb shit. Look at that. In the window. The girl with the brown hair. She’s completely naked!”

They all turned around and wooed.

“Hey shut the fuck up! She might notice and close the window!”

She still didn’t turn to them and he sighed in relief.

Each of the 7 guys turned thier chairs completely to watch her, all of thier cocks growing with each movement she made.


Turning horizontal the to mirror, she ran her hands up her sides and brushed her fingers over her breasts before walking a few steps in front of her to the glass shower. She stepped in, closed the door firmly, and adjusted the water temperature before pulling the lever. The warm water shot out at her and she turned to get her long hair wet along with the rest of her body.

After she was clean, she stepped out and looked for her towel.

“Where the hell did I put it?”

She looked on the rack on the other side of the shower and all around the bathroom. Then finally turning to see she left it hanging on her dresser handles.

She left puddles on the carpet and tile as she went to grab it, she knew and she hated when that happened. The towel was thrown onto the tile and she scooted her feet to mop it up then moving to the dampest spots in the carpet. On all fours, naked, and still soaking wet, she dabbed the spots out of the carpet.

Hannah spread her legs wider to feel the air on her newly shaved pussy. ‘Might as well enjoy cleaning up water’ she thought to herself as she pressed one hand on the towel to the floor and reached another underneth to lightly run her fingertips on her sensitive lips. Her short, manicured nails trailing behind was a great sensation to her sensitive skin.

As she kept moving to different spots, the more she pet her pussy. Her fingers didn’t go between the lips just yet, she loved to feel herself get so wet that she leaked before actually playing with herself.

Her pussy fluttered and grew hotter until she couldn’t resist anymore. She sat up on her knees and trailed a finger over her clit and to her tight opening. Her finger rubbed her slit slowly until finally pushing it in. She moaned quietly as she fingered herself, her other hand trailing up her side to massage her tit and play with her hardened nipple.

She bit her lip as she added another finger, and got both lubed up before rubbing her swollen clit lightly. The speed in her fingers increased as she mixed techniques, cirlcling in one direction a certain amount of times, stopping to stroke it a little, then circling it the opposite way. As with her speed increasing, so did her breathing and moaning.

She didn’t want to come so soon and stopped to stand up, dig through her second drawer in her dresser, pulled out a delux G-spot stimulator with clit massager, jelly lubricant, a thin 7inch anal vibrator.


“What’s she doing?”

“I dont know, I think she’s going to touch herself, dumbass.”

They all laughed and tryed not to bring alot of attention to thier hardening dicks. A few started silently rubbing the outside of thier jeans as they all kept their hungry eyes upon Hannah’s beautiful body.


She clammbered onto her bed and sat in the same position with open legs before rubbing her pink swollen pussy and slapping it lightly, sliding the stimulator into her tight entrance. She whimpered in pleasure as she made sure she got it in all the way and turned it on, feeling the vibrations run through her whole body.

She leaned her head back and gasped as she let it pleasure her. Fucking herself in very small thrusts with the stimulator and always making sure it never came off her clit. Her moans getting longer and louder.

She felt her orgasm comming quickly and held it back as she lubed up her anal vibrator, getting it nice and slick as she stroked the it on all 7 inches. As soon as her arse and the vibe were lubed, she bent over and used her elbow to prop herself up as she slid it into her ass slowly.

She let out a loud cry as she felt the cold, slicked chrome vibe making its way in, feeling it rub against the stimulator with every thrust that she fucked her little ass with. After flicking the small switch on, the strong vibrations filled her entire rectum and crawled up her spine. She kept it in deep as she closed her eyes and faced forward. Becoming short-breathed as she started fucking her ass again.


“Oh shit..”

3 men started jerking as the girl pleasured herself.

The rest squeezed and rubbed thier cocks from the outside, eventually reaching into thier pants or pulling out thier erect manhoods.

They never took thier eyes off that window as the beauty pleasured herself.


“Oh my god.. I’m so close! So so close! Oooooh Gooood!!” She screamed.

Her thieghs and arm shook, her ass cheeks jiggled slightly with each thrust, and her clit throbbed and twitched as she got ready to climax.

“Ooooh God! OH fuck! Mmmmmmmm~!” she shouted in extreme pleasure. “Aaah I’m gonna.. Fuuuuuck!”

Her legs spazzed, muscles tightened, her ass thrust outward and her head was thrown back as she orgasmed. The juices soaked nearly the entire stimulator and dripping down her inner thieghs and onto the bed. She gripped the sheets below her in a tight fist as she came non-stop for a good 2 minutes.

Two minutes that seemed like an eternity. It started with a bang, stars swirling around in her mind and running all over her skin. The tingling pleasure consumed her. She didn’t have her sweet liquids running out constantly, but the feeling of that wonderful climax triggered two smaller orgasms. Her throat was numb and she saw nothing until it was over, one gasp deep gasp brought her back. Reality was comming back. She felt the air around her, the bed beneth her, and the vibrations still running through her body.


All the men were pleasing themselves furiously, thier hands barely visable they moved so fast.

No body spoke. All you could hear was the fire shrinking, the low rock music playing from the garage, and Hannah screaming through her window as she came hard.

You could tell they all tryed to keep silent but only a few could hold back the noise as they spurt their seed onto the ground or, in some cases, themselves.

Still, no one said a word the whole time she came. During those minutes until she stopped, the others released.

They all had big smiles on thier faces as they tucked away thier softening manhoods.


Finally she relaxed, let go of the sheets and took out the stimulator but kept the vibe in her ass. She let her top half fall onto the bed as she heaved. That was the biggest orgasm she ever had without a man and she felt proud of herself as she rested there.

She sat up after she cooled down and took out the vibrator, crawling off the bed to go walk over and clean her toys in the sink and dry them with the towel. Putting her toys back in the drawer, throwing the towel into the hamper, and taking the comfortor off her bed and shoving it on top of the towel.

“I’ll get that tomarrow.. Now I just need to.. Oh fuck!”

She stared at the open window and beyond to the men watching her. She froze. Her cheeks a dark red and goosebumps formed all over on her naked body

“Thanks for the show, babe!” They all laughed as the appluaded her. Embarassment was the only thing she felt besides her pussy fluttering again. She grabbed the thin sheet on the bed and covered herself and kept staring at them with wide eyes.

“Perverts!” she shouted out the window and shut the blinds quickly. She looked down and sat down to think. She kind of liked it..

“What am I thinking?! How could I possibly like this? Oh god..” And then she got a quick idea, stood up with the blanket around her and opened her blinds. They all shouted, wooed, and whistled. She smiled shyly, her cheeks flushing again.

“Come over next week! If you want a show, I’ll give you a show!” She shouted playfully and shut her window and blinds.

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