short story

It was a long and tiring journey across the high seas, but worth every minute when suddenly my eyes met yours at the airport terminal. I felt energized by the way your mouth forms a huge simile and rushing over to greet me with a giant huge. My body felt the warmth and desire when I wanted desperately to reach down and touch your tan face and surprise you with a longing kiss to your hungry lips. But I was afraid, afraid you would push me away and thinking that I was rushing things. So I just held your frail body close to mine to feel the heat from your wonderful soul.

During dinner at your favorite restaurant, I study the way you were looking at me from across the table. So full of life and passion that I nearly reach over to kiss softly your moist succulent lips. Your beauty was embedded in my head, my heart, and my incredible thoughts. We talked for what seem like hours until we grew tired of talking about our past relationships and fled on foot to the sandy white beach. Lying there in the warm white sand, under a palm tree where we discuss what our future holds. Walking hand in hand along the warm sand and occasionally gazing up at the stars above to watch each star twinkle.

Suddenly I felt these incredible and spontaneous vibes surfacing your lovely tan face. Secretly I felt your eyes spying on my body and mind to encourage me, wanting me to kiss your waiting lips that were resting quietly in place. Then after I got up the nerve, I slowly begin to caress your face and deliver a moist kiss to your soft sweet and gentle lips. Tasting your sweet innocent lips with more passion and feeling than with any other woman I have ever kissed. Holding one another in a tight embrace as we kiss some more, while our bare feet were in the shallow water.

Then after we grew tired of walking along the beach, we lay back down to study the love in one another’s eyes and the adventures we would share, while we study the glistening stars once again that makes me feel complete.

I wanted so much to make-love to you that I could almost feel and touch the way our eyes met as one. Sensing our hormones bouncing around inside our souls, as we kiss and heart went numb for a second or two. Realizing it wasn’t the time or place to get intimate and bare our souls once I seen that look in your bewildered eye.

So after we had rested in each other’s arms awhile, we rolled up our tight jeans and waded out to the spot where the moonbeam was shining down on. There we held each other close to our warm body and pressed softly our lips that sent shivers down my spine.

Once the rain came and poured down onto our bodies to cool us off, we then dove into the water with our clothes on around for awhile until it was nearly time for the sun to rise again.

We went back to your place to dry off and ate breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon, and glass of orange juice. Insisting that I was a growing boy that needs his nourishment in order to stay healthy and strong. Obeying her every word as I steal a kiss, biting her pretty neck from behind and with my arms wrapped around the front of her.

After we ate, you then showed me around town and where you grew up that I do envy you, for a peaceful neighborhood that was so familiar to me. Going window-shopping when I saw your eye captivated by a gown, long white dress in the window of a nearby shop that was filled with assorted wedding stuff. Knowing how beautiful you would look in such a garment that simply takes my breath away visioning.

Moving our feet from one store to another and finding us nearing yet another sandy beach that you insist upon taking me. It was nearly noon when we arrived, many fine people were swimming about the water and chasing one another in the sand to steal a kiss and quite possibly mate inside the trees that I see from a greater distance then I would have expected. Young and old were scattered about the sand, water, and atop the hill where grass was tall and the young were preying upon their mate. Wanting to announce my engagement to her tonight, at her place, at promptly 10:00pm. Listening to the young laughing and dancing around in the sand, while the fishermen were exiting the large boat, tired and thirsty that we saw through the tall timbers. Impressed by the way this lovely young woman sings her heart out in words that I didn’t understand.

Once we were tired of walking and the sun beating down onto our weak and weary souls, we took the bus back into town where this much younger lady was living. Resting in one another’s arms on the sofa to listen to songs sung by talented Filipino’s, that too has a great voice.

Suddenly I felt weak at the knees, wanting to tell her how I felt, but the words refuses to surface my straight lips. Perhaps I was moving too fast, frightened by what she might say, or simply to scared to tell her how much I love her.

Once again I found myself sleeping on the sofa alone and terrified that she might not want me at all. Fearing that she’d soon figure out that I might not be good for her or not wanting more children to feed and clothe. Tossing and turning as I listen to the sirens and people talking outside the apartment door. Wondering that they were talking about me, wanting to harm an American that walks their streets and eats from the market. Then when she thought I was asleep, her tender soft voice I could hear on the phone. Wondering what she was saying about me that I couldn’t begin to understand, perhaps I didn’t want to know.

After several hours had passed, the harsh language outside the door had ceased and the only thing I hear now through these thin walls were these fine folks, like she and me, making-love.

Slowly my eyes begins to close as I dream, pretending what it might be like if this gorgeous creat-ure of god was to ask me to sleep with her, in her soft bed.

Once the sun comes up after a restless night of sleeping. I awoke to the smell of sausage cooking over the hot stove. Resting assure, assuming that she wasn’t going to poison me with her cooking.

Learning quickly that she was indeed a great cook, chef of the oriental.

After we ate, we retreated to the swimming pool I the backyard where kids were splashing about and realizing that they weren’t any different than the kids in America. Noticing that the vegetation here in this Country was much like home, green. Wondering what religion she is or if it was against the law here to marry, despite our religion beliefs. But soon after we ate lunch alongside the tiny road, café, I had forgotten all about our beliefs and walked her to her place of work.

Wondering on the way back to her place that I would run into one or more of this gorgeous ladies past lovers or ex-husband.

After safely making it back to the small apartment with a view of the entire village, I suddenly be- gan to sense something was about to happen. Then two voices were speaking outside the door. One seemed older, while the other appears to be that of a very young girl that enters through the door. Pretty little thing with hair in pigtails that was just as surprised to see me as I was of her. Then suddenly she was scolding me, elderly woman with a few gray hairs, cursing me while the little girl ran swiftly into her room. Trying desperately to explain to the elderly woman that I wasn’t an intruder or here to rob the place. Then quickly an old man barges in, explaining to the woman that I was a friend of her daughters. Which was something I quickly pick-up on once this shouting had stopped.

After awhile of calming myself down. The little girl that was quite lovely and a bit shy steps out into the room to giggle and smile at me. She took to me like a giant magnet, as I took to her as though she was my own birth child. Playing with her small plastic dolls as we try to communicate by hands and gestures. Knowing this language wasn’t offered in school, which I would have enjoyed if given the chance. She looked like her mother, sexy and simply adorable to view with a naked eye.

Soon after we’d gotten to know each other, girl and me, the door pops open and the mother of this lovely girl walks in. Surprised that her daughter was actually sitting still while I read her a book that was in English. ‘The little engine that could.’

By the time we finished supper, my intuition was saying to me. ‘Tonight she will invite me to her room.’ Realizing that the little girl was just as intelligent as her pretty mother, appearing across the room from me wearing her tight jeans and tank-top, which was exposing just a little of her lovely bosoms. Wondering what she was thinking and if she really does want to ask me to sleep with her tonight.

Soon after her daughter was tucked in, fast asleep, I prepared myself for bed that was a bit lumpy but a place to sleep. Suddenly I hear this fascinating creature asking me in, to bed down with her in the dark. Insisting that I sleep without touching her or asking for something that just wouldn’t be right unless married. I slept close to her, wanting desperately to hold her against my warm built and kiss the side of her soft and warm neck.

We awoke the following morning as I begin to wonder what I will do for a job. Knowing the only thing here in this Country, town, were folks market places and business offices that I have no real experience or that type of skills. So I begin writing stories to try and earn an honest living, rather than selling drugs or selling my body for a few dollars. Figuring it wasn’t right for me to be unemployed and stay at home to do nothing. So I began writing about my life and how I want to live it even today, where I sat at the computer to begin my story and my job.

But every time I see this beautiful creature of god I want to hold her in my arms and kiss the lips that felt so warm and kind down at the beaches where we would lay and study ear star. Under-standing her more with each day that passes. Wanting to know how she really feels, how I would fit in her life and if she wants me to be a father figure for her daughter.

There wasn’t a day that passes that I didn’t think she couldn’t love me, or that I couldn’t love her despite the fact she doesn’t want me to hold her in bed. But I know in my heart there will come a time where I would. Hopefully I would be able to satisfy her sexually and morally.

Patients is one thing that I have and as long as we both shall live, I will always express my thanks to god that I will always love her and cherish the moments on this crazy old and sometimes cruel world.

I often think back at the times we chatted on the computer and vision what her soft sweet voice would sound like as we type away our feelings and what lies in our hearts. Sharing my passions, love, devotion, and honesty every time we sit down to type the next sentence. Then knowing the pictures she sent meant a lot to me and in time will be able to touch her face, kiss her lips, and whisper sweet words in her lovely ear. But for now, I can only dream of what we can soon have and what our tender hearts are saying to one another. Knowing the changes in my life will be of value and great pride with each step closer we become of being as one.

The Princess wondered around the ruins of the castle in a daze. Her family and people were gone. She was completely alone. What had happened here? She thought in a panic. What was she going to do? She had spent her life being taken care of but now there was no one here to take care of her. She awoke to a disaster. The castle was destroyed, rubble that used to be walls was littered every where and she could clearly see outside through the walls that were left. Smoke hung in the air. Not a single living thing appeared to her. Not a mouse, not a dog, nothing.

Just then a flapping noise drew the Princess’ attention to above. She gasped as she saw a great dragon circling above the castle. It’s large eyes focused on her as it let a fireball fly from its mouth. The fireball flew above the castle, not meant for the Princess, just meant to show her it’s power.

The Princess began to run aimlessly through the castle, trying to get away from the dragon but it seemed there was no where to hide. It’s large, dark eyes followed her every moment. It landed in front of the castle, then disappeared.

The Princess gapped wondering where it could have gone. Finally the sound of footsteps broke through her thoughts. As they came closer and closer the Princess’ good sense kicked in and she whirled to run. Too late. A hand snaked out and caught her by her long blond hair. She was roughly yanked backwards into a muscular leather covered chest. The wind was knocked out of her as she struggled to regain her balance.

“Hello, Princess.” a voice breathed into her ear. She shivered at the warm breath. She found herself in an iron grip, unable to turn around and see the face of her attacker.

“What do you want?” she stammered out.

Her attacker’s body shook as he laughed. “What I intend to have, dear Princess.” With that he spun her and threw her over his shoulder so fast that she was unable to get a look at him. She struggled to try to get free but her flowing gown hampered her movements.

Her capture took large strides towards the only area undamaged, the dungeon. Once the Princess realized where he was heading she struggled even hard to get away, but it was useless. He chuckled at her measly attempts to escape as he headed down the steps.

Once at the bottom of the steps he walked quickly to a wall that contained shackles. Before the Princess could blink she was on her feet with her arms and legs shackled to the wall. Only then did she finally get a look at him.

He was not unhandsome with chiseled features, strong jaw line, dark hair and flashing dark eyes. Eyes…the Princess gasped. She was staring into the eyes of the dragon!

“Your, your the dragon!” she shrieked.

“Yes, I am.” He replied in a gruff voice.

“Why did you do this? Where are my people?” She asked not fully comprehending her situation.

“As to why, that’s simple. To get what I want. Where are your people? I think you should probably be more concerned about yourself right now.” And with that he ripped her dress from her body.

Because she had been sleeping she had no undergarments on. She now stood before him completely naked with no way to shield her body.

He stood back to admire her. His eyes raked over her heaving breasts both tipped with dusky nipples, down to her slim waist, following the curves along her full hips. His eyes came to rest on the mass of blond curls between her legs. He slipped an eager finger into that mass stroking her lips and clit. Her mouth dropped in shock at what he was doing but soon she became aware of the sensation he was creating with his finger. A quite moan escaped her lips as juice flooded her pussy. She began to pant as the sensation spread throughout her body. He gave her a lopsided grin, then pushed his finger back towards her hole. He entered but stopped short blocked by her maidenhead. The Princess let out a cry of pain at the feeling.

He withdrew his finger, then licked it off. “Pure. Just the way I like my helpless maidens.” With that he dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs. He spread her lips wide and surrounded her clit with his mouth. The Princess threw back her head and cried out as his tongue brushed over her clit. His tongue moved faster and faster. Her body tensed up, her hands gripped the chains of the shackles as her legs trembled. Her orgasm slammed into her with such force all she could do was scream from the pleasure. Her screams of pleasure turned to a scream of pain as her capture quickly climbed to his feet and slammed his large cock into her virgin pussy easily breaking through her maidenhead. She squirmed trying to get away.

“Just hold still, Princess. The pain will stop in a moment. But the more you move the more it will hurt. Just relax.”

Taking a deep breath, she did as he said. Soon the pain vanished. He slowly moved inside her, allowing her to get used to his size. She shuddered as pleasure spread once again through her body. Her grabbed her hips and withdrew his cock until just the tip remained. Then he slid forward watching as her hungry pussy ate up his cock. He groaned at the tightness of her never before touched pussy. She gripped him like a velvet glove. He moved faster and faster. The Princess moaned with each stroke, thrusting her hips towards him in an attempt to take more of him inside her.

With a growl he yanked all the shackles from the wall. He turned and tossed the Princess to the floor, falling quickly on top of her. Her grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and plundered her willing body. He slammed forward to the hilt, his balls slapping hard against her wiggling ass. The Princess moan and groaned while raking his back with her now free hands. She urged him to go faster as her climax was close at hand. She arched her body as her climax exploded. Her pussy grabbed and pulled at his cock. His fingers bit into the tender flesh of her hips as he slammed into her. He groaned loudly as she throbbed around him. His cock erupted deep within her pussy, coating her insides with his thick white cream…….

The Princess awoke with a start in a bed soaked with her juices. Her eyes wide she looked around a bit disoriented.

“Good morning, Princess. Shall I get your breakfast? ” her handmaiden asked from the corner of the room.

“Yes, that would be fine. Thank you.”

Her handmaiden quickly scrambled from the room. The Princess climbed out of her large bed and made her way to the window. She propped her chin up on her hand and stared wistfully out of it wondering if and when her dragon would come…….

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